North Carolina Newspapers

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upmi the S'imi.Hl of t) I-J.,'e. She ;i tin: miun; ,
trruijj ipMtf Ub k!h-.I .hi iuiiiJIi-iI bug lit mil in
rfeat ructi'ih- principle ' if lift, Vhiih w"iV"en by it
mighty autliontv to illuminate awl iwpir the im
mortal ami which, like I Inn, is ihn snme "yes
terday, to-day-anJ forever." Whoa the moi.lil
' 1ia long heaped on all the (Tide .f wealth
and talent, kunli"l' and authority vho i-irili
ikI heaven ifSeir shall 1ive,-Kir'"r3yf TlUtt-
upon the dm of Nature' foiir.-rilpy remand ascend
(ii hit source, bar heaven and her hom-i the b
m of the ll.jly und eternal God !
CiENE ft A L 1 N T i: LL l fi N C K,
Lmtrit account from the Vhrrukcet. Tlie Oz
ark, Miiwouri, Standard, rtHitaina account from
J'ayetteville to tha lUtli Uetuher, from which A
appear that tha commaoding ofTicera at Fort Gib
aoa and Fort VVayne have- iweied order upon the
"keeper of the military atore at Fayettevilte for an
i additinnal aupply of arma and ammunition, viz. for
Fort Gibson. 133 ratukeiai Fort Wayne. 100
inualiel and bayonet; 100 cartridge boaea and j
bells, 100 bayonet acabbardi and belt, 10,000 ;
inunrici eatridjfe. iu.o.hi niie cairui)e., ana out have aeen even, the w IK pre. to rew or . i
-rmtaherflwtr-rl htrtmtdard obaervsj., we wi.trrfailtmgthP Krenhig &aTf,irlmmjthat-drt
to create na wtvxefrj atcitenieut, frit c
iiifuriD'ttion at we ri-vmve it. The maiii-r maybe
fttlled wiihoot any aeriuua difficulty, but we are
.compelled to , I lilt all the inforinatiuti we have
received favor tho contrary opinion" There ae
2t,0(?0 Iiaa wjrrhirjiipo lha frontier, and it i
tinpfiwhle to forelidl wTmt will be the effect of
the 6m Wow which may be airuck. - I the event
of M-iioa anwif the trthea, the Iowa t.f tha .'i-
vernrtmot np.xi the frontier would ho totally tuadar
'iiio to the proleutioi) of I ho citut-n, and the
- iniliiia ntuat be tiokuU to a the ationjj aria of
defence.--- .-- . - ,
Muturul IfjiU FurtaiiuSr. 8ialJin, an
American mivsKi iar, writing from Fort Vanc'tu
ver, beyond the R cky ' M'Mintaina drmcri'ie thia
plienomemai. which h? pasted three dt ya' journey
( from Fort If ill. The fountain hit several open
in;', miiu vf which is about K)leoo fret in diameter,
wr.h nn diwrnvered bottom, Aliout twi lve feet be
la the turf ice are two fare globe, on either ide
. of thi ojwoinj, whence Ihi eirerveacei!e aeenii
to rie. A tone cant in, after a few minute vio-
" JiHitty agitata thawhole fountaiir. - Awrttter of the
. op'Mhtiv's uhout.finr l.iche in diatn''ter, i through
an elevated rock, from which the water aptiut at
ail it properiic, i eu'ial to any artificial fountain,
:.. i a ..i.iri, r .1. ,.:,.
nd uoitH'imtly foaming ind nirkling. h itfta
t ted to be very aluhnou. " v ,
' S ' t . --... .
"CaatJa jtMKmp'ifla. The b-jiikaf UppejCaH-,-,'adi
have rosiJind tiiecie payniniii under an act
' . out lvigliah ailver at rate compared with our
:iirrewy of one ahillin for twenty-five cent.
Thia ainimnt to a db laomimt of Canada curren:
fey tTlhejie Htfift" ofHii ir Iwiirvirriefialte
incaiure wa adnptel, we are (old, for the purpoae
-r- " of J mcnriirg tho bank from Deirtj c.tlleii on for
7 ,f apecie.'t'id an to Vfip ilia Sour at home, f "IT may
luw) that effect fc a time, but ultimately it will
i hw all that lmiJen.:y, aid apeoie will kwve Caiia
fi jwst a frly a if mi debjwmeui Jjjd jik'Ju
. jilac.?.Y'y."J ia. of Vauerce.
w" " " . l.-tei '
' , i'dlli'nwi Jer,' mi Taelay, waa at lu plantation, at
he Ibjrh Hh'wta-stf-the ietawba,-he txttteed a ne-
(i "f.,liivr Bii a hor," itdirritnifTiPu
"vter wetMHMt -M r-isitleM w4ir wasenaied amwthir
wrong, and on liindin queathmejl him, and from
' r. In hesitation, ami othtif app,!arance, immediately
, urnvtied him, and b'uht him to Linc dntofi J ml.
' We h ive aiuce heard lb at Mr. Jbt A.' Foiyth,
' a respectable eitiaou of Iredell County, wa paaa-
" """"" tii throuah'the cttiry m tli way" UPAfalmma
', with thia and teveral othu iiegrna, ami on Sunday
i ' tii jlit hist win hmliillv inunlured while in his tern
asleep, hitviuit ln brain d'ashnd out with an ato
-.-Tstaj-nagrsr l'etli tnf tha h'rsvf anil -made
Ii n!id. r ru n all ttiv circunnlancrs unj tn con-
, ' ' ' j v Micved to be tho murderer. , :
. ' y ' t '. M ieh crfdit is dM to Mr. Fa'lenwnler for hia
-' 5t' . . spirited conducU Werttrn Whig Banner.
J,, ' ' ' ' " ' . ' '' ' '"' ' -alessss f -
'Electricity in tic Djloureus.M. Migendie
. . lias obtained lite huppieat n-sult from tb a noli
" cation of electricity, in auctions uf the senses, p ir-
tiuuliirly in that 'acute diseite turmcd the lie dol-
" oiireu. Ha cnusiti tho electric .current to piss
over the nerve. by moan of nnedlea lfp)Htma,
pldcodat grca'ar or laaa interval, In wune in.
atancea a atngla appltcaiioQ is said Inhav3 btien auf.
fjoieni( and, tu una case of dna lful auflaring, in
- which tho patient had long bon (nrcod, JYoih the
w. pun of jioaktv to express Ins dsir by writing,
ail auhcalious to lli'f nnrv entirely rennWi'd .a
'-. milady ol';hreo vourstinriU Mi,-, ci'r Xw Era.
' " '" jr '- . - -
Tha S amese Twins have bjHht a Ctrio iu
Wiiko county, N. CV anJ are goinj to farming.
There are. time branches in the farming line iu
which they eamtut hut excel. Hietii corn and
- potatoes, ir instance, those who koavr anything
n'jfut tne business will rosily perceive, can be done
! J'y JL f0 lrtra v''''i,vJ'ha'U ,t;ii,.aiaie,ue
biJe ot the lull wjiLt Coz is making the other:
aiJ a Y.Wio a iff 'Tit" rtVf eh iiiii Hi ha uifsr fi oni
vrigtii to lufi uod Itft to rlgni, any oim can under-
aiaiHi inaLiuomnBiuu oy Miwra ta-tnai nmmeiv-
jill he-sj4HK4-tfl witr r-i,ritH
Tho tirat Molhodist Churcli in America was
erected in 1771), iu John si wet. New York, and is
eiill iM-ciipiedJiy iiat bKly.'. At Jhat 'period there
'wereaWmil 1,K' Mrth.vls- the .United i''--.
At the present swnineni lluiy number U,ward f
srwa hnndred thiiMmnd meiubera, , The number
' A . . . ...... . .
ot minister exceeds, vvw, , onJ local oriuch.
j era 5,000..
-TheTJewjjia Journal stya-" llie triM tif fjeit-
, -. ry Jon"s, who, it will be rectdW-ied, was demanded
- by ! Governor of tha 8ute-l'r0in8.i(h tlarolina.i
ana wno was supposr i t, t, engaged iu the nur-
dor uf Jew pouter, named Elias Isaacs, whit was
' " found murdered and concealed in a hollow lot near
J Cliuton, Noveuibor, came on at Junes tfape-f-
,- tior Court last wek, and alb-r an inveatigHtion of
tutee days, wa luinul guilty, but reconiMieuded to
,s the mercy of the court. The evidonra being en
tirely circumstantial, ho waa sentenced to impruon.
nwnt in the Siaja IVuitetitiary for and during thp
t terra of hi natuiul lihV . ' ,
,,,. A TmnHtrrnt Wulch. watch haa been pre
eftiied Iu ihe ''Academy .f Seienea nt Pnri. cua,
srtroeted" oTvery cuni.os ntaterinls,ihe puU being
principally formed id" tsk crystal. U was insdp
by M. RuUllier, and is s.unil in. size.' Tim ii't--mil
wurks are viiildo ; ! IcitLeil wIilvU
winch tarry Tti "ti.ih.fji lire ri;:k crystal, ihe other--wheel
of metal, to prevent sKci-Jcuts from lh
brciikihg of the springs.. All tiie, screws ar fixed
in eryslulaud all the api turn mi ih rubies.
The escapement i of MtppWc, the balance wheel
of r-xr!; Crystal, and itsaprinffsd" golJ. The reg
DtaiTf "of ThhTwatch at a TTmeV)rri attfUiuteiL.
hv the maker to the feeble exiahiiin of lh rock
crista! on ihe LIjiir.7Ii.-('f,"A;t:,Th5l')fei:titl''n
of the whole shews to what a perfection the art of
en it in 2 tirccloiia stuue ha beeo curried ou iu mo
dern time.
Double TongucingTh defence of him who
when sued for cracking a borrowed kettle, y .
that the kettle was cracked before he got
condla; IhnX it wa whole when he returned it, ei
thirdtu. that ha never had it at all. 1 oo bur
lewne illualnition, bur prccily naraltef loth
defence aet op through ita pranea by tha Great
Regulator. We hive .lately given the irwtatice ftf
a lit)i paper, (we torp;t wnicn iiwi now; u v-
v contradiction ttaelf from day to day but on the
face of one and tha aame hecU Pince then we
give IheirMitritrated to Hie independent course ot me new .
York Hankethouffh ei
evorviuce the Philadelphia
atMiiemioa the Star had been urinnir them to fot.
low the lead of the Regnlatur, aeeking ! rule
them Into bankruptcy. Again in the Star received
two day ago there if a jittapoiUon of two edito-,
riala cutting each other' throata, but it ia con
tradiction which ij party brethren will be carfu
ot to etpose. The k'mling article charjrei the
nleutHon and all it coiM-ouiiiant evil aolely to.
our want of a National Bank and tha very neat ed.
itorial aay thai it ii likely before the teaiit pack,
rt irache England, the Bank of Knjrlahd will have
adipended too. Now if o, will the Bunk of Eng
land, itnelf the national Bank, be forced to aunpend
becauM there ia no National R ink in E iulaixl,
or because trt have no National Bank t The
crack iu (he kettle will never be tinkered thia way. -Charleston
Death of a tall character. The beautiful ti
radii, imported from Africa by Mr. ' WcUh, "
Wcckt tk Co., at an iinmenao expenee, tome two
year aince, and which wa for a lima on eihibi
Im.hi "in thia crty7neJ ir ewarkliirriJay laat.
it waa probably the tfj'-ct of the mM weather
which cauwl tho aiiimar death. JV.J', Courier
Fuurtreit Hundred Ruehelt to the AerrMr.
Joseph I). Coe, of thi city, ha raised thia aeaion,
tram we- quarter -aeej-aw- nonan -potatoea,
weighing 18 -pouiwl, which he tella u,
after an accurate ineaaurament of the ground oc
ftfptedv t M itiwtatr rf l"a40-fniehela t therWi-
IH cut hi aeed into bve tubera. and the pnaiuce
i ennui to 2'M bushel of pot it toe i to one buxhel
tiLiH!od,l lie-Jar geat .pitnloo pruduced.weMjaa.
uixhii two-, piainii. 1 ue vine grew eieyan teei
three inche.--jreflr' Dotty Adcertittr. - . -
- j-
Moatta Nov I. '
Since our laat there have been a numlafr 4 ar
rivals, from Northern porta, mot of Ihera bring-
iui( i fn how.of ppnjen. Among' Miem we
outice a irmtrber of tarpelersj ajidaihex ttruzib-
fbrooghf "hare,''prfbhly(- witii jIjipetatHinla;
employnienf in bnildinir u the burnt dislncU.
Judiins from what we aee and hoar of prvpura
ihoiiffhwthont detractmr from their xfiTn,-
preluranco is ot valueto men or equal Kill who
have been domesticated among us, and borne their
share uf the limit, burden, peril and sufferings of '
i no lam, uisioiii aummor. I ncre m, we uenon
room for more then out resident Inboreraj but we
cannot forbear putting in this word to ask for the
hrst attention to the wants and merits of .our own
in.)hanic,to ,Um awa
Gtable emiiloyment ia more miceasary- now than it
Teaitwtrtr lprBnhtw-tnroatirOTirirm7njm?.:
nate ceinrtemity
The-tMyacrewirm to mtr
abroad, by tea and bud, would make us much
more cbNrful, wero we not afraid that the season
i not yet su.Ticiouily advanced to make It safe for
abaontw to -rut urn -certaiBly not. 4r wiacclinm. 1
ted strangers to come in for the first time,. ,,1 he
yelldW fovor ia Jnr frnrnbeing extinct nav, id-'
some recent cases it ha shown uncoiinnop ;tiru.'
Icnce. " OUT citizeus Unig acclimated who had
Into hut temporarily away, have been seixed wiih
the epidemic on a short visit to the city, and one
or two of thia ekisa have- died within a few days
past. ' Strangers should wail f surer intelligence
of tha restoration "of health. - A change in the
weather; which haa been Jor some time uncom
monly dry and sultry at noonday, with chilly
night and culd morning,, might .enable ii in a
week or two confidetiily to invito our friends buck,
and cheerfully welcome them when here. .But"'
until we have rain with float, we shall be obliged
to continue thoso cautious, , v ... , ,
The annexed stalemcnt will .exhibit tho inter.,
mriils in (lie Cvrreuooding imailhsuf ihis aud tha
two previous year. The seaaoa of l(J37r it will
be remembered, was one in which the yellow fe
ver prevnihsl with. much iualignaiH-y, e.speoially4n
the months of October, when the city had become
more aVnDljf 'ephl, and larBf Teeesjiisiw t Wr"
hiimteri were mailiT' byTarrival "or'ii'ranirs.-
The summer of lSUSwaa on of general good
hoolllul'iJir jWjcriod of n'mpl V-davaou.4 S37-the
oeatna averaged e traction river rsjr per diem,
while in tho some period jn lSH they wen tea
than. one and three-fourths. The daily average ihut
year for the aame time, is abotil seven' and one
lonlh. ' The interment in the moiilh of JjIv were
4t.;", ' ; I :'. . I .,.
tym'ARATlVl' RCI'OUl' yi'1 imUMKNTit ,
Intlie moothaif , iM!). 1133. 1937.
August, r ". i" -' 41 - v 414 '
. Hepiemhff, r;U 8JU 93
October, . - t?nw 07 2:)1
Gigantic Ubrtljt. Ah umbrella of extraor
dinary dimaiwioiia 01 feet ineircumfoence, gaily
fringed, and standing 11 f,-et high, has. been ex
hibiled at Briatol. England. It was made for one
of the African Kings, and ia to bo sent out by the
first ship.. It is said thit this mouslrous umbrella -ia
for !ho,purp.ii of acroenin( th King from the
uo, when in consultation with his Ministers.
American Oficerg Ahroad. Among thedistin.
guished foreigners now in France, are three caval.
ry IJeytenaiU oTour aruiy whu have effli. In Ua.
ropo t aitifdy their pndession.The ParirTiHTra.
pondmit of (he Courier and F.nqnircr asvs; Tin-y
pcre iinruuucea to inus rpirippe hy ijnjj.
- C.
were courteously a iJ kindly received were iw
e.Jl.tlie',!iUri;uiid J.t,.-1 with the kin". l'",,'n
and royal family j and were moreover dunn; their
uliiy, accoinul'UU:d with horses (root the royal
stables, which enabled them to witness all ll "
spcctiiros, maiia-tmcs and review. They are at
present at the cavalry school of Sawnus", prosccu
ling their inquiries! , j
ii i u vox v r: s t i o
Thia body aMembted in Kateit'h, on Tuewiay
the 12th inM., and waa'iiraiiized by the aipoiul.
meii! of Guv. Jabu Oweu, uf Bladen county, Pre
aident.and ilea. S. P. I'attoraon, of VVilkea, and
Henry Watkina M.Her, Esq., of Wake, Secretaries.
We extract from the Raleigh Register, the kd-
TueiJay, JVw. 12.TS33.
The Preaideiit havlnir announced that tin Con
vention waa duly organized, on moli n ul Col.
Long, of Hahl'ux, the Couniie of the Slate were
called, for the ournoae of ascertaining what coun
liea were,repreetiied, and the irkuie of ,the Dele
.VVj wkijiadaidlu!ai,
Tr W T -"7T-M Th
.. A . . ,7 "
Waddiil.JiW M. Waddill.
ator.rWilli!n Elliaon
JWdtifc Thornaa C. Smith. ; .
Chatham liiah Burnett, Baxter Clog
Choican. KobVt I. l'aine.
nooi i.iame. i. , '
iTmT. R,ibert C. Belden, John C. Pear,
rd W. harge, Duncan Bute, J,,' C.
cm. tidward
fttMLi.... - - A.
Oatwell. Warner IV. Lewie, Jamea Mebnnfl.
II. Lewis, Jamea Me
Dunlin. C. J. liill.Vu. IV Urady, John t.
). Hill,B. T. Grady, J(
tiarlea Brurijmcll, Cha. L.
Rh,idea. ,
Da mdton. Cha rle Brummcll, Chaa. L. Paine.
Davie. Caawell Harbin.
Mgeeamb. Rich'd. W. Batllo, Jnn. F, Hughe.
Fraidt tn .Nalh. K. 1 uuataU, Joa. A. nna.
ker. Buni. Punier. lUvid Tltomaai
tr'arei Willie t. Keddick, W. JL. Baacr, Jeaee
. . . ........
WjgiiM, B. Goodman, Rufu K. Spaed'
Granville R. B. Gilliam, Wm. M'. Sneed, Ja.
A. Ruaaell, II. W. Jonet, Jrey Harna. Wm. T.
Hargrove, Wm. A. Johnaon. .V-". " J
Guilford. ao. C MemleuhaH, Jaa. MvNatry,
Rlph Gorrell, Peter Adama, Wm. 11 Bnttshi.
Halifatr Wmf Lr bonjpy- Y "
Hertford Keimlh Kay oer, John Lv 1 ay lor.
Iredell. Joaeph P. Grid welt. v ; " V
JiecKltnourg:!ntMm rr manner,
.Wonowiere.-rrrancia lxce ureen uavia.
Sam'l. H. Chriatmn. V
Moore. Charlea Chalmera, . C. Bruce, Uon-J
aid Street. .?'.V- :
iVwtnBpfortiAbaloffli B. thrToiaJ."
Tucker, 8. B. Spruifl. ; -
, tuW.-Daniel L. RuHsell, Qwen Hngein.
tf ranges w ttr. ibme&ximitmpit mrtr.'
Carrigan. - s - , -
" Randolph John B.'Tmyi-- tTT
Richmond, Jhn y.lnwhmiV'tiii.
bcrtmi. - . ,. ;' 1
Rowan. Juntua Sneed. " ' w
JSoca-ingaum. Robert U. Watt, John M. Raa.
Stokei. Albert F. Nelson, Isaac L'.'Gibaon,
Caleb 11. Matthew. ' .
, Smrp: Columbu B. Fianklin. -' .;
Wake. John II. BryaiCJuhu Uhmsmi, Uoffh
,McUumi. ltaif 8. 'CrriaHv;"l,linatin Bubee,
Adaiw GlUnka lJUV Miller, Stephen Mephen-
Warren John B. William, Richnrd Davison.
'th-Mut iiaaussMU f- a atutraotv..".
From tke 30tA Seaurorwl District tf JT C.
John,Owen. . .' ;.
Mr. SriwI, of CTrnnville, with a view of expe
diting the business of the Convention, moved that
a Committee of 13 Delegates, one from each Con
greaamnal District in the Stale be appointed by the
Chair, to take into Consideration, tlie purpoaea for
I which the Convention had assembled, and la report
to the Convention, at it silling T(V.'ffiortowV"5UCtr
., .MrJcfi'ircfl lieartilv: apnroveiu'f Jtjfao wopoaj-.
hut tnought that a larger Committee, two
from each Congreswionnl District, would better ac
comphsh the puqioso desired. Unanimity and
concert of action was alUrrrportant, and a Report
trum Lirga .Committee, which, without being.ioo
cumbrous, would present a miniature picture-of (he
Convention, would, hs tuouirbt, be nioeived with
more iiniri!ssive Circe, and would more accurate
ly embody Ihe public seutimeiit. He Imped, there
tore, the gentleman would accept hit suggestion a
a modification) the motion.
Nt. Sneed had no great choice about the mat
ter, but rather preferred the number first nwuiliuii.
ed, unless the Convention thought differently,
Mr. Mebane aud Mr. Daoiton hoped tho motion
for a larger ComtoitteeX would not be pressi'd, as a
smaller one would more certainly expedite busi
ness and produce less embarrassment of action.
, Mr. McQueen aaid, be wiiUd not pre the mo
lion, his object being simplyx to secure,; a he
thought, for the recommendations of tho Commit
tee, greater respect.
, The question now recurring on Mr. Sooed'a mo
tion, it waa unanimously earned.
.' The President elated that he-wouIdhe greatly
relieved W-Wigl, if he-HMegntei vfrom Ihe
several District would Confer amonjf themselves.
vyommiues. . -
-On motion of Col. Long, the Convention tma
I rarraa of 15 niimilcs fyrthw-Bstrwiae t !
pi rat ion of winch, th Convention having' beenlv
again called to order, the Presi Junl announced the
following. V t,. v ' :t
.First District, i Rufus K. Stsed.
c I , 11. 1- ' . "
"T " . i i L.. 'J''''ifli
I nirii
do. -do.'
In. -
illiam Ellison.
'N.' Washington,- '
Richard B. Hill, J
Wilham MSueed,.
. . t .Huch McQmsrn, ' -
V f ll l ii
.Ninth r
Tehlh '
" Eleventh '
Twelfth .
v.. .qrnueuiian, . .
Cha. Briimmellu"
M. W. Alexander,
Saml. F. Palleraon, , -C.
B. Frankliii. .
Thirteenth do.
, Mr. J. It. Brian rose and remarked, rtat he
noticed in Ihe Hail with great pleasure, a distjm
guished Citiien, and a Maunch Whig he alluded
to Col. Anubkw Joy wb, of Halriax, Speaker of
the State 8oont v, He movtij that he be snvited to
tako a wot in the Convention, not, of course, as a
Delegate, but as a"ff7etfll of the Council, knowing
what great advaut ,ge Wta to be derived from hi
exjierience and palriotiam. ' " ' ', t ,t,
The nwrtion was carried by acclamation, and the
Prrsidcm In Jlfit C6ri.y&!riWnk; Vntytr
Mr. Jfiae aaid, in all deliberate lashc. cer
tain RuN wrre eronttal for tho prettrrstion of
ri ' . . I at....; f.rft Ir.l.l tn
nn.fMT iltfPfirJ'Il. 1.0 KI0VUJV i iv.w.v,
I!.. I. .",.f M, '. r f.r' ll.P'lTlllllC'll nt IU'! ll.liM-
f Cillllili iliS be a I by Hie
4 f ri'Cil Ira.
Uoiivenniiu. -
On nu.tion of Mr. Ddviiwi.,' of Wifrreu, the
Ciuvf-iitii.o adj Mirned until to narrow morning,
half pant tiiuo u'elo k.' I. '
IIV lmiiJiiytJop.
The I'reaident having called tlie CuoVCfilion to
Mr Suerd. from the General Committee, roae,
and atated that he ape:ired on its behalf to wy, it
would be impractMyiblo for them to report muore
half pait 12 o'clock, . lie asked jKirmwion theri
fore for tha Committeu to remuiu in aeton until
then.- (J ranted.
' The President desired any additional Meg Oe,
who might be iu attendance aince the last sitting,
to make it known i whereupon Mr- C. C. Slowe,
of New Hanover, appeared and took hiaaeat,
Mr MacRae rose for information. No provi
ion bad been made, he aaid, preacribing the man.;;
ner in which the Convention ahall vottf, in the
eveul of tiie ilye and Soet being demanded on any
qiwwtioiu He thought the moat .couvenient, jut
and enuitahle mode, wa lo Vive to each county the
saTne-rrutirbenif ymra trwa Tirrtled-to-Membera
in llieTI.iuie or CoiiiVnM
the following Resolution : y
Retained, That each C.mnty, repreaented in
thi Conveulioo, shall, be entitled to the aame num.
her of otea,"in the event of the Jye and iVora
being demanded, aa it ia entitled to Member in the
llouae of Common. ,
Mr. Daeiton waa oppoaed to the Resolution.
The member of the Convention, he said, were all
a portion of the Whig -family, and -ought to vote
on all questinos, ha thought, per capita. The Re
solution would neither bo au equitable or suitable
ono, becaune many counties were not represented
at all. If every county in the Slate ware rcjire
eented, the caae would be dilTerent. ' -'
The Resolution was not adopted. -'
Mr. 8pruU moved that the Convention take
recea until 12 o'clock. Agreed to.
. lSoVroe.'"
The Convention ' re aiwemhled,' when Isaiah
Spencer, of Orange, and T. R. Dabnam, of Wake,
appeared and took their acaia.
Mr. Mtliueen, Jrom the -Uencral-Comni itteev
made a detailed Report on the matters referred
to them- Jt conclude will the-' following Reo--
1 i.. tu, v...,...,. t..v.n wifk n
!Nlt-ep and lively sense of the eminent pract'cal vi
Ijrvur, sound KepuDiicnn principle,' unuieniianeu
iiuUIic and private virtues, ardent palnotim, and
iectded ahilitie of - .
of the County 'lJi;''lf,l'm..OT...
we do accordingly recommend him to our fellow
cititona, ai a fit succewwr to our present eulighteu-
eij C hu'f-MapstrateV Governor .DudlkIt.
Rtio7ici,Thai in consideration, of the pure
patriotism, distinguished public services, and aplou
dui abilities of .
: HENRTCHY, 67 Kenlucky,":" ' "
t!ii Convention yiekls to him a decided preference
for the next Prenidvntial .Term of'lhe United
j State. ; trod shculdhjrjfe;)'aiifeteaV'riy 3!i lLu-ri.
II...... a r....1 S' rr.KA.,r '
the nominaljon a cordial and undivided support. '
3. Retained, further, "thai whilst ihi Conven-
lion is willinif to c" to any Vssonable extent in -
sancfioningf such "t nomination For the Presidency'
h tha uuton, aa may . uereaiiere(uanae iroux me
Naliimal CvuviUiu4t.w
riaburg, yet we deem it due to the object fur
which thia Convention baa assembled, to recoio.
mend to our Delogate in thai Convention to adopt
all honorable means which mav serve to secure
the nomination of Mr. Clay by that body.
4. Retolted, That in consequence of the supe. -rior
talents of , - . '
.4-A.m .,.;.ir;.r; -i,.-..ii;r.rr." r"iu'
uu Hum iii. uigu vn.iiiin.iuii w 1 1 i mi i i . iiiv 1
lutiemd and ettmuMi eervtcaw-WrUrh ha bsacotKrv-r
buted to the important principle fur which we are
contending, we pledge ourselves, in the event of
hia being nominated by the Harritburg Conven
tion, to yield to the recommendation a cordial and
auijnated sopporj. , '
5. Redoed, That and - be annointrd
Delegates to represent the State at large in the
Hirrisl)irg Cimi vent ion; and, in case of their ina
bility, or fi'ilure, 10 attend aud be ap
pointed alternate.
6. Resolved, That it be recommended to Ihe
Whigs of thn several Counties composing the E
lectoral Districts id this State, to meet in their res
pective Counties, to confer with the Delegates
from the other Counties eomposing said Districts,
in relation to .the appointment of an Elector for
snid District ; and that the name of such person aa
they majf agree upon, be forwarded to Ihe Central
Committee, tu be placed on tha Whig Electoral
Ticket, . - - -----
7. - Resolved, "Dial it be recommended by the
Convention, to the Wfaigs of the ditTwrent Counties
in this State, la tncol at soma convenient period,
for the pnrpue of spp iiming Coinuiitliej,figil--aivce
lor the said CouuUe. .. . - ., .
8 KcJoDetl.That the Whig Central Commit-
fox G iverpor.
Retdeed fvriher, That the said Cimmittoe
! I . . . ...
oe aiso reqiiestea to pre paie and publish a - proper
Address to tlie oeoille. ntl 11m all imnirlant aiili..t
of the next Presidenlisl KUwtinn at ilia IT. Ki.i
i loSResalved, That our present pure, patriotic
ainl I sjnli;htened I Exeeulivo, finv. piiHIey; by the
ahiliiv, puritv. impartiality and Reouhlican aimoli
city of hia Adininist ration, haa growe extensively
in the affections and cntifiileocoof the Whig party,
since bis appointment lo his present elevated trukT."
and. t hat -lbi.CvveHn-, 4n belmlf iif-ihe-Vhigr-
JbrtNtghout the-State tf; North Xrotina;; liercby
mnuer 10 mm tne nomage ot ttiuir warmest ret
pect tnd gratitude. N ;t -J
The question bemij stated by the Chair to be on
the adoption of the Repjrti $ , . ' . . - '
. Several gentlemen ruse andm vle their ol section
to certain Resolutiiaiacrsilainedinthe Repirt, and
after some debate, and tme or tw amendment be.
ing offered and eeepted, tha Re was utrnnj
mously adopted, and tho C a vem ion adj sarned un
til 4 o'clock. " - -.
"t" ". :,.'-:" i.;'? :i 'V.: ".:
"'.v Fouro'cUk.pM.
Joseph W. Scott, a Delegate from Caharrui.W
nred and tonk his .
rnrA"lt(M.Js hiiie
n motion of. Mr. Caldarll, a Committee of'
fiva persons were annotated by the Ch lir, to com.
rnmiieatcjo Mf. Morebead his nouiiuation by the
teffV renncsiel to jirrjlnr and jinhljalr wnahteaiToii njed and sei.t up, h..errr, and nt
ddfeasTir 'iis'r.Ml4onaulout', the asJipliT of'lhe
Slate, on the subiect of the aiiuroacIu'nV Eiecii.m. The bock and bead atava. In the oeaa auaftts!
If. .f.V,
,iii"ii a j :
Ui a.
; H.I IH
1 iTi
r ' i i ;l.
j wwn in ii'-ui ii, ii
itjn of W
- -,.. ..
t.. ii- 1 1
1 Iitt. m.i "f rfi -Va .H L
"" 'iliL.
m 1 ul II r
Mr. Kavner. froiii the II m : . ' ' ' , icu uic viii uniiiuiiiMl, rep-MlcJ ( ft
to rill the blank in the saute, wm, ,t(1
Go. Owex ami Jail Mraisc, "'
solution wa read and sdojited. t i
3 On iiwtiun tfrTT4Ufa CeVtrJr I
uuttea were auih iruid l fiU any tclv -mav
(x-ciir bv kii kiii' ml,...: ''"V
..p. i .I,. I,....!
i... . . "'"I",
7 -, j - .iiii:,Wfl; . ;
Delegat'-s to the National Coovemiun.'
Mr. I'uie ni ived a ra iM,kraii.iorffv.
It.utolulion. and called f,.r tin, ...!. . .
haviuir b-ri done by the Clerk, a fiii.i,.
which Messri, Pume, Bryant, I)avi M'
anJ Miller look part.
Mr. Rivner alludl to the reroTii.
the Ceutr
tral Comtiuttw, thu Coflvenirr
Uelgte to,
it ..i. 11
I L.l.......u ll sf?
from those UislnctaXin which Drn,2i n-
urvarwiflf, hna ini,i. a n w ... .
mg what vacancies ensted, be moved
Clerk call over the Districts, Thi,
.f;l. i..m .A .. r. j .i .
i aa
uiiiiv imit, '. warn I.MIUSJ mat
had been nrtdo Sa ell tlie I.rict4, Um v
Vt"Whihs-lrKt i3orrvTOl.j i
aasemble h thsjporpMe. ( rba, Wluwio, U.
names of tho D-ie-ate : W(
Fir'tt Diitru U Charlea R.- Kiii,i '
William Cherry. Third.--jjj
Fourth. noappointmeiit flrta. IV p 10,
Sixth Win. 11. Battle. Scttnthi
htw. Eighth. H-snry ' W. Mdler Ximh-j
N. M, K-iano. . leatk, Dr. Isaac Bams.
enth ul. Fbo. A. Allisnn. 'TwelfiLm
k v n.-..i.. ia.-. .t . !vws.
ther.- 1 , r , f
Haii. Ptifrrmnn p.ia anil ..'ifl .1... r. .1-
ing state ot Ihiug; there wa a keary oUiikh
due from the W bys of North Caruhaa, Mk
Whigs and Cooervativea of New York, aWfc
gallant stand they had taken in the causa afar
common country. He themfiire pmeusbd litkl
tion of the following Reaolulioo. - .
Retolted, as the opinior isf thsj Coareabs
that whether or not the Whigvand Casama&e
of New York have gained a victory ia rka rtc
election w that Stale, tbey are eauue4vtiaa
IlirUnT lk.1 kMlltn.. . .. . . .. I ... .. . '
" - . - Mm. lun m IIm-
H.UI vl nr.... viM4,fl SMtVUgUVUl IQB laHes
the noble aud firm aland 'tbey have takea,.--.
iiiv uuwaiBiunuM iiucricrsiucw H reRejuai
and iiifljCTrCc, bold! v aiid.Daiblushuigiy
The Qiiestiua oo th adjnioo of thn lukx
waa decided iu the affirmative by accla.wa '
Mr. Mac de presented the (olios teg 1
tion, which was uniti(Bvusly adored :
Rctoleed. That thia Cotiveaition le&W
.11 ... . f .... .1 ,
ir'iiii in iiw vuuitiHKn mw use ot mum
during jUMjk
Mr, Mae Roe presented' the f lowing ttas
tion, which was unaihioouolr carried i i , '
rjsWsvThatllM ThaoJu uf (his "vtk
uJ are hereby teudcred to Ibeir SccreUrau
the ablo sod faithful manner in which iIkt a
discharged the djtic ul their app-aatineaL ;
- -Ott motinnof Mr. SpruitU - - '
Rented Thai, 1he WW pipers ef ris ha
be requested to give Hiilicily thruu tVires I
W7"jus Trac proixiMkiias mm ssiaientH). ;
,, Jia .iither fcumiesj rapUoingta k vwunttH
Geii PattRrsootrose and .aid, that at tat Uraf
the Convention 4iad draws to s ckaa, Va wsski
read a Rauution which hnd been bsi eaiUa-
ble by a meoiher of the oodr s'MrvTJa-bes.V !
jvas at follaas: ,.--.-.,l 1
Resolved. That the thank of thia Coaveifcl
atr dae-and are uereby ttmidereti te the Hob. ix I
Uwen lor tlie able, dignified aad impartial saatai I
in which be baa disc barged the duties of the CW f
J he question having been put upisi Ms Lfx ,
it wa uuauimouMly ouctdeJ in tbe amrnuum
The motion having beeo made, that this Ca
vention adjourn ae fia, tho Pre4ieat, t
Owen arose, addressed the Cooventioa inaaw
but-armfHat-mTwrl.-anrl arrhnJ th.C
ViHiliuu aritiuriuut aiilK..i
r- . ' J
Extracta fnvi a Letter to tbe EJitenai
V Western t.r.,
Nobfoiji, (Va.) Nov. 1 Itk, 1
"The United States Ship' TaaiaZia ad
here hiit evtming, in ti days I root Petjaacusa, at I
ing aatled thence oa the moroui of l. '
ultimo. -V : - 1
u Havina taken a westerly breea after kW
tha. Port, the ship ran down aud auda rat Li
of Cubs, nearly abreast of Havana, ea the otf
day out. But toe wind having I haa taaatcst tf
eastward, it bec'ue necessary toahswLai lata
tentii w of touching at Maiamusi awfthtaaf sa
kept away for the cha nod kuowa as ike -F
Gulf," between tbe Bahama Bank tod tWr
da Reel, that being ike usual track ex taatfe
bound uorthward from Havana, &. ' ' ?
" The wind continuing adverse, and a! Lass
creasing to a gale; the Vatvdaliaaras tit V
M bealmg " through ibis chaiavl aa eVfiaik,
at liines so dangerous to navigate. ' Ahheax
old craft rides tiut a storm aa gracefutl.i aa
budV yt w himpcatuoaa was the wrathfr.U
earned away her main topaad yard, aasi faasf
maat beck and bead staya. '- A spare yard
etopiiets - clapjied .oau lheaa f! aa ihatti M
did n4 long1 remaiu cripptVsJ io her saihnf F
" hen it is constdered that the VaaiU"
condemned ship aesit home to be rraailit
been prunoutsoetl ronVa-aiisj wuemtortht, kf ?
rieuced oOiuer and amp wrighta, altac a IB1 i
survey at Peualcvla ) it iimmI bs ruasxdiJ j
rs.Ll'T 'I 1 '1 i ' . .s-
ievy, nis otucurs aud erew, are e-.. -much
credit for ihe nautical skill, the i-
a-id patient etidurancestf expire eoJUiifsei
played in working the ship throagh Iht 1
channel, uodtr such adwise titreiiJiaBW-
jMilmtreTirmorj nf-lxwirvvr hiving
aboard tioiif ike " asck biy " of lb aa-
eU of the West Isdia Squadron, and froaj ra
vy Hospital t IVuawaola, the great ksri
working the alilp d.-v.4red up a compiv
small number of ab'-e-b.Jied and tflWuve '
These perfbrmef their all y with aa alacnrj
etliotency deaervuig uf great pri- VsssW
tnig the advantage uf eammee aveans over V
vlianctM. even wiih iL.r theuseaf lheSe
even of the "coH," haueg eekkua bra j
necessary onlaaird tlie Yaudala iw Caj- r
baa had command ef her. c i .
lEveu after gettmg ch tr of the Bahama '
thv ship experienced a succession of tq'rJ '
and Contrary wnd4,'..mtributilig u'l'f "'
lengthen her p ias-igef- Indvd, vhe had s -
fair wind after l.rsinjj nht 'sf Cutm.
. "The Vanalu ha been tu rl '. 4 J "
of (hi Purt, crumg u the West a
i ty- i sj.
Pnr t4 h.t ' 1& ivr'1i .stt
""Sl 1 . Jl " - I
' - : a " - -

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