North Carolina Newspapers

n AUSTIN & C. F. rliSIli
(Whole A o., 1017.)
J. 4 v -
Editor and Proprietor.
SaVisWn Vcmac Academy
: dr-dv.
VS.. ev -' VNV "N ,
Tm Truvtei oj me aautoury t tmuic jicaaemy
I NFORM the public, that thia lntitutiotf"wiU" be
A OpCnUU OU ,"", tw ..... v.... .-
thttr intention m pliicethia Seminary on permanent
tBjrespectalk bair; atul no care will be wanting oo
tlirprt, to render it, in every rented, worthy of the
ennftdce of the ftilan.lit of cductwn, morality and re.
liewn, ho seek for their daughters place where in
lellecttwkand moral culture combined, will prepare
tliein to ochnpy with usefulness and dignity, the sphere
to which they may be called.
'IVy are ium milking all suitable eflint to secure
for Teachers, a and Lady of high qnaliBce
Meanwntle. 'hey have cneaped Mies Emma J.
tUita, a young Lady, in whose literary qualifications
and capacity tor audi a eiiualion, they have perfect
confidence ; and who hat hitherto taught muaic in this,
lad other Summaries,' with entire sHtifcfaction. Aasoon
aa the other Teachers f re obtained, aim, uabcb will j
again devote herself exclusively to tho musical depart i
-cot - ' " ' ' 1
"for beginner per session of5 month, 00
, pity inu iitviury, , , ,
TV tlxwe, with the higher bratichct iu Li-
leinry Uepartnieut,
iliwc ou the Piano or Guitar ' ' 00
i--- A '
Or.n iiental Noedle-work, and lhemaking of wax
. r. will be alao Uiught, if demrcu, t aju each.,
Uy yrdei of tlie Truateea.
&.t:sbnrv. SpdL '27. 1K5U. U.
-r -
BrpilE Sprinir Sc-naion of Mr.
. end Mr.. BUR WELL'S
choid fr Youna Ladiea, will
nifn on Mmxlay, the 6th of
TUe touree of atudy em
brace oil the (tranche of a
education, the Latin and French
l'arenta and Guardians are referred for tmrticu-
Inra to either of .the Wlowinj gentlemen : ,
Hon. F. NASIl, )
; . Dr. J AS. WEUB, Hillaborough.
J i m -if
yood hiigliith education,
i and Guardians
Rnard can be had in the most respectable fomi
lies, and parents wikhing to ptaoe their daughters
at school, can hear of boarding houses on applica
tion lo us.
Muaic, Drawing and Painting will be taught by
a well qualified and experienced teacher.
Terms a heretofore. , -
English studies, t!7
Latin, "
; ; Mtiaie, -""
Drawing and Painting,
valued at il?5. the pro-
petty of the Hubecriber, and ts-
Sn torn John ilina' Hotel,
the town of Concord, Cabar-
rua enunt. n Saliintiv. lht)
. ' . I
, TKJrfl ol N ov ember, out ot the
room n
Brt in the ranin of offi
ces south of the iluteL Dt-
trriptinn Cold face, entirely Bcured, with unusually
small Kold hands, near the points f which there are
small round hides, opens and wilia on the back. At
tached t-whiVwbrn tent; was -fmnr0ilara.CtIhT
made of braid, with a Cold Key with steel pipe, ten
extra jewels ttie number not Venllectcd. Any per-1
son finding said Watch, and lodfioffvit at Concord.
tialitibury, Charlotte, Lincolnton, or, any of the neigh-1
coring villages, win oe iineranr rewsroeo lor ine nine.
u. ai. r.uit.i.
Vou Sec A.
A small quantity of the above 8 RED. raised by Mr
illiaro Thmnas, fiumerly of Uividnon County, to
left for Sale at this Office, st 0U par hundred.
November 1. KtO. v - tf.
LAM . )
For Sale by -
Salisbury, Dec. 80, 1M39. . tf.
pointed tellers, and he main question was ordered
to be put .ayes 110, noes 48. ,
Mr. Wor'.htngtoo staled that three of the Sen
Jersey neinber had voted on this Yfuentmn.
lr. Dmean now appM-an-d in the llnuae. "
Mr. Smith, of ;Mniiie, roee and stated, that tin;
geiitleniMniroin Ohio Mr. Duncan wa now in hi
eat, hi idhe asked wlwllier he should out now be
pt'rniilted to proceed. ' '
( LoOd cries of order I" crder P' " order !"
Mr Duncan. I put a question of order lo the
Chair. - - .... Y .
I)ecemler 6t1839,
w r
10 w
15 00
t5 00
ia oo
: 4t.
UF.RPECTFULLY otTershis professiooalcervices lo
the citizens of Siliabury, and the aurroundintf
country, ilia olhce is in Mr. West s new brick-butid-
ing, nesrly opposite J. & W. Murphy's store.
daliabury, IN. U., Aognst 3U, lWoU. tf.
1 I1U uuu
U'OULl) i..fim the publie, that they soli carry, on
the TanutHe Jlunna; and in connection with
intllK Subscribers take pleastire in announcing to
' I lublie.UiaiJUieUl!UiAT.-WESTEttNlrUws
h duH JUna tm SaUUur via Ute Cuwk un,
IiMoloton. Uotfefordtn.ta AshvilJe, N.Cwill cooir
kMi ninnintr oif the Urd inRtant
kMoay, 8 o clock, V w. -
Uaiea Ashville for Halmbury, at 5 o'clock, A M.,
M&arlaya, T.uowlaja, am! ThursUaya, arrive at Suite
Vie text day, B oVIoek,' P. M.
rrul COACHES caonol be aurnaiwd by any line ip the
h.i. Ii Mneets the DAll.Y LINE at Sal
ry r the Noh."Atwtll'it1t-ihtf titte to
i Uvi R.leiifh. N. C. for the WeH will
fiud Hum Him nearmt Route by M iniles, and decidedly
the cheapest And tor fine road, romsnlic scenery,
Birtioularly the Cap over the Blue Riilge, it ia not ex-
celled by any other in IS. C
i R. V. LONG
iO.lLju.rv Km. 1, VX if
iw n 'Thi. Line, intersects the Line at Lincoln
-mu 1rrOrwivrHer2vI
""Lirirewonw-Hprtngsr 'T. ,T r 1- :
TTTrNorth Canilitia Sutidiird. Aiul-Kma
. . f I I C J U...
accounts to this Oifice.
it the BOOT and SHOE MAKING at their lan Yard,
on the 2nd hquare, East ot the .Court-House j where
they have on hand a quantity of excellent SolLeether
snd Blurting, llarnes nriuie, anu vpper iiwr.wii'
..n.i Uii,... r. fi h.inknM iiut llorye Collars.
Also a ii r ire suodiv or ouoidi "
quality; Gentlemen's, Ladies', and Cbildren'a SHOES,
of i superior qUalilJr ; iod large atock of ousrse Shoes,
nf a auuerior uualitv.
-A weWve prowniWrtlsWOfS
hesitstion in wsrranting our work to be as well done ss
, any in the Bute, which we will sell low for Cask, or
on time to punctual dealers. -Onlm
Imm distance nunctiiallv attended to.
Also, a first rate nair ot toot Wee, and a seU of
second banded Lailt .(or sale.
...i T.Ktmft Si' Ctt A M W.RS.
B.' Hides will be ''uEei'ia' :eicl'iaBS''tor'i'W6rli
done in the above business.
a & c.
December 13, 1839.
' Tvttday. Dectmber 10, 1
Mr. Allen, from the committee appointed to
wait unon the President, reported that they Jiad
performed that duty ; and the President informed
them lltat he bad communications of an Executive
character lo make.
Mr. Linn gave notice thai, at the earlieal day
in which it would be in order to do so, ha would
ask leave lo bring in a bill for the occupation of
il Orairon Torrit.irv. ..
A message was received from the Pieeident of
the United Slatea. v
The Senate went into Executive business,
A ad then adjourned. '
At 13 o'clock, by the House clock, the Chair
L calied the tiouse to orUer, ami slalea tlial tire que
OrnilE Subscriber having locatTiff himself in the town
il of Voneord. would no offer hie services to the
Public, as an ; , i.,i;.. and Mrii Painter.
He flatters himself that his long experience in the above
Business, and the apecimens ot work be has executed
n his line, will be a sufficient recommendation.
He will also attend to any call made on bin in (b?
aiaut im sVnftrisnt hsU stl cHvas bUbi imfuni Zntt tit aU fetlaA mftV
employ him.. - r. - I wa eutiued to tne wjofjipon
The Pewiew twowriiuitfTeqawtea To enoa en I tisving cmiciihhhi uis rrnwras ua a wmi
eouraire him. as he is detettrined to execut all ork 1 M r. Duncan not anoaring itt hia seat,
comiiutled' fo him in the best possible msnner. I f,T, Wise rose and said, if the geutleman from
CO- Also, fainting snd rniiumng all kinds of Cat -1 nt.. f Vtr. I), .n1 was in the House, be w.hjIo
riagwA wthwtmwtnddrtch. 1 not bo wht he was about to do : but if the gen-
lei'SB was not rnilw-Houar'benvouM
the previiius duestton.
lion peudiiig was upon the appeal takeu by Mi.
Vsiiderpoel from the decision ol 'Do luatr, w tuci
deciiHou wasvbai Measra. Aycrigg, HuhMed, act
of New Jersejh, were eiitttled to Vwle.
Tlie Chair announced that Mr. liuncan unio,
3. & o. s. Traaaisxt.
Cotton Ficldng.
Moffat's Pills and Bitters.
BITTERS, so celebrated, and so tnuco used by
the stHicti-d m every part of lb country, is now re
oiwnt aud fur salo hv Ibe Subscribers.
Tilesrrs. SraiiMia &. baxMaLB, id toncord, . V., are
also Agents for tbe saw-.
i. S. See advertisement April 4, 39. ti
Medicines, Dye.
Snutb, Tobacco, Sp.
;X &tatvh foatsv- Pee
snd W rapping Paper,
I 'a per and faints, wa
laea. Port Sherry,
and Claret Wines, French,
Stuff, Paints, Otis,
Clga rs,Cs ndlea,Rice,
bmfi JVnbeai--ta'
Quills, Ink, Drawing
deira, Teoeriffe, Ma-
Chsmpsiim, Mueektl
Peach and Apple Brandy,
I LiMid and rencated cries of " order I" " order 1"
orders - - - - '
V TU. ...tlftM titan Ms.a..u,kM tt,A
nn uuwiium anon WUI I VU fll 1110 lliaiH lUann ie
The Chair then stated the main Question in sub-
stance ta followa t Upon a motion to lay the reso
lution of the gentleman from Virginia on the Isblo,
the vote waa about being taken by tellers. One of
the tellers inquired who were entitled jo vote from .
New Jeraey, and the Chair had decided that those
members holding the Governor's certificate were
entitled to vote. From this deciaioo an appeal to
the House bad been taken by the gentleman from
New fork. 1 he question now was, " Shall the
decision of the Chair aland as the judgment of the
House I
The House then devidedi Messrs. Worthing-
ton and Taliaferro acting as tellers; and-rtie vote
waa ayes 108, noes 114. ..:
So the decision of the Chair was reversed.
Mr. Worthington stated that there were four Y
members voting who hold tlie Governor's certifi
cate. '..',
A number of peraone called out, How tonnr-
were voting who hold the cerlifViatss of the Sec
retary of State and Mr. Curtis auaweied M four "
M r. Smith of Maine. It is oo matter. Itdou't
change the result.
The Chair then stated that it would be fbr the
meeting lo decide who should be called as oiettbers
from Ihe State of New Jersey... .
Mr. Rtien inquired ol the Chair if the ques- rliit mit iuii..hiiui. K.; T;n'.T-i'rt'r
...T. .vww. w. . v. i iwt I J VJI I ,IWUU 41, UI
to lay 1m eswlttt
gima on the table T .---
The Chair stated that it would be the question V
there waa no oilier question in the way ; but tbe
qfMrtun.asrxVroHMilbe rented IrouTtlie
State of New Jersey, Ihe deciiion of the Oisir
having been reveraod. " -- - - - -
Mr. Rhett aaked if the question was not prt-
cisely this: A motion had been made by himsolf
to lay the resolution or the gentleman from V ir. '
ginia on the table. Upon a division on thnt ages-'
woj 4h Cbalfbad decided that the members from
New Jersey having the Governor's jeenikaia ,
From that decmioa an sp-
al amortment of
the Subscriber keeps constantly on band, a gener-
mortment of
for Gentlemen s wear, sucl
Fii"6mi, Paptalooru, and
Mr. Dromaroole elated that there wai a differ
nee in Ihe time between the House clock and
the gentle men's limopieeee, and lie bo.wd bis col
knnuea would wail a lew minutes to see if the
Mr-Wine thought perhaps Inat the absence ol
the ffentlemaa from Ohio wai intern ionsl, "with a t were to' be counted,
view of nermlttiojr .the oueslion to be Ukeni .but I pealbad,been liiken t Abfl.flousei and tbe Un-
-it nr'jrentlemen wouMiurorm him fhat ltta
i .,..'J.H .1 11 L I I I . r . L. II II . l l . .. .
tleman Iron Uino wisnou 10 anurnaa ia nousv, ns mu h ma iiihik wuuiu iioi come oaca to ine
would wait with pleasure. In order that the gen. original motion to lay on IheJable.
tleman might have aa opportunity to come in, he Mr. 'Wise asked if, whenjhe House bad exefu-
simm i. mva, ioiiuh, - . --rr- . nnnea io ituat w ,u. ,u no i ueu oue set oi eemiemen irora niv jersev irom
Gin, Mooongahsla sad old Whiskey, i and JN. M f niinulee, or. if gentlemen requested it, otiiii. it bad not excluded all Irom that State from
fcrkJE TO-TC Ju hewooWwithdr.wjhm.
Taihirflrtdi :Jug,Ci8ks;rbcM Books ntfMaps:ripe,l'"ove 11 anerwarda. mg the Uovernor a eertilicale from voting. Now
A a ar a . s t I M V am ,Caa ihhiii bjblj4I aT I nsa sastk n 1 1 A fTa as ft 1 tsAJVa a I B. I hi a a S aL m .ai a . . . I
Iron ind Cocnpnim Alortare, ana reie-s vinaie r. mii hi' -..-.wMII iua iuicwiwu in annenirn io pcrmii move
Wick, Blackiiiffi Lee a, Ucen't, uyoivf. adootbooa fima, u n wma un iuiwhuu w hwt wwwifmTmnm ooiainf ine eeninctte 01 tne aecretary ol
IIunn..- Uls. I "..-m Khnn HsMatfaIIh'sV t I !" I a a swkmsal ia Wf AllaP IIUI aVaWIMIllain IIAm I Mtailaa In Mnla T
uuvjaatiawji iiuureuiaivi j ws.-vs . ssw sv vwm
Ohio had finished hu apeech, so thai there might Ji0,n no," ao," from several AdmioUra
be do opportunity to reply to htm ; first to permit ttoo members.
the gentleman lo make a speech, and then move ill ' Mr. Droomgoole said ell dimculty might now
lo prevent its being answered 1 . J be avoided, by going on as the Clerk had proposed
Mr. Wise. I tell the honorable gentleman that I in tna nret instance, without counting any of th
I fater4!6.moviUewe
v that I ret the chance. : l Mf. Wise. Thif Wl theeciaioo of lbaCJerk
Mr;' JelSileVTto t"
Hoooer'a. Scott's. Cook's. Bbon, Bechwith's, Peters',
Monal a, Evans', Brand rem s, rnetps ruia, nooca s
and Swaim's Panacea, Moore and Anderson s Cough I
Uroos. Soutf Boxes. Spices. Pepper Sauce, Rowand a
Tome Mixtore. Back Gamon Boards, Matches, Balm ot
Columbia fbr bald heeds. Elixir of Opium, Swaim's
Vermifujre, and a thousand other articles tuat rece.ved
and fbr sale eheam al the Apothecary sign, ey
S, Xk Of. V.
Salisbury, June 7kl19v
"well made and fashionable. He is also prepsred to cut
sud mVe clothing in Ihe mo' fiuhiimubl end iurmblt
iiyle, and warrai.le.1 to nt tie, also, Beeps a gooo as
sortment of Cloths, Csssiinerea and Veslinffs of the first
qualities, selected by himself in the New Aork Market
II of which lie will sell low for Cssh.
N. B. He still continues to teach the art of Culling
etrmentaon the nxwt approved plana of the beat Tailors
--in- New er-en r Orteaeipma.-
.... as l . 1 .
Iilh Kb wno wwh to have their twioa 'icxre sou
Pvkr4 in thr bt it '"possible niannor, and on the
awriet notice, will do well to call on the Subscriber,
if.n.wl iM-ninallv to the businuM. liw
i; i t
antnated on the Wdkenboro road, (Howard's Plant
Uw.i 4 imlea mirth weal of Salwborv, and ia in ex-eetlt-nt
order, for receiving, V1CK1SU and PACA'
I.VO ( Ol'I'O.V. ... . .
tM.n.r. i,il Merrhanta who will entrust their Cot-
L. b, h,. .nw-i.l rhariFr. ahalt not m)SWBV duMtU-ried.
, fc-, - ,-..,
It N.
November 29, 1SH9.
fpHK Subscriber having purtnasee this
I Eaisblialiment and Blted it in a style
fv-r- Culling for customers done on the sborieet no-
.ml nnirr from a distance attended to witti ce-
.r-th rrr- Hia six will be found in Mr. Cowan's
Urge brick building. ' BENJ. F. FRALEr.
Salh.bury, May a, im - H
Heath Tract.
"V 'PHK HEATH THAU, coouming six
1. hundred Acres of Land, situated about
is miles East of Lexington, Davidson Co.
.. ih inad leadios from Lexiogton to
Faveueviiie is now offered fbr Sale.
are about 1110 acres unproved, and 500 in
C the accommodstion of Travellers and
i P.roeiMiieworeHied fU tbeirrecep.
-wt- His TABLE -will always be fbrnistied-
WUh the best the market can afford;
-KlrS shiitrirTiy"belepi-TnTineorer , iw
W (which re.very.fjileu-rfi:).sre well supplied ith
rrovea ler ot lliu iiral quality, sou i e
ad faithful hoktlert. . '
lie bopea, by strict attention to the business, in per
VU give sattsfcetion to all who may favor htm with
their patmoage. Aitd be only aaki a call and trial.
Wood and Timber.
Tbe Tract is located in a very
. ' P.3SIC2T,
and is peculiarly adapted to farming. It haa on it
-m. . wliint. and a eoud Meadow. And inde-
,Syfeiid4hevaowgea, (he erospect-for
THE Sobserrber.Tn coiifm iniiy to TecwnTtnitrfletloni 1
leceived from the North Carolina Gold Mine Com
pany, tikes this method to inform those interested, that
hereafter all persons found trespaasing upon the follow-
ns- Tracts of Land, belonffinff to sbm company, siius-
led in Dsvidsoa County, wilt be prosecuted according
to the strict letter of the Law.
JOtllM waku, Agent.
Davidson, April 19, 1830. It.
J5 LA'ND'31
Tract, No 1 conuining Sc acres, lying oo th four
mile branch.
2 containing 993 acres, lying oo tbe we
ters of tbe Flat Swamp.
u t n(ir.uiir 9 Hi Ml um. Ivins ea Lick
creek. Flat Swamp, and Vadkin River.
Ov 4 containing 1 ArA lying oa Flat Swamp
6 conuining rtB7, lying on Lick creek.
7 containing 1.4l'2,iyingon Flat Swmap.
- . 8 conUioing B, lying oo Likb ereaa
0 nintaininff 601. Ivins on Lick creek.
- 10 containing 1397 acres, lying oa Lick
creek and Flat Swamp. ' '
12. enntainmir. IXA Wmg OB Lick creek. !
1J eontainine 1-317. located oa frmr mile
branch snd Jacob creek, adjoining tbe UM Bine. .
.qOostioa, for, if tbe etrtletminta allowed to make I tempt to prog re as we may, tbia ghost of diaor
a sowhjjlhopporlni before us, and we will then
"ply to il. " . 1 have lo decide who shall vole. y
Mr. Wise hoped the Chair would pause a few! The Chair would here remark to therentlemau
momenta until gentlemen's watchea come up to tbe I Irom South Carolina, Mr. Rhett, that it would
la it in order to move a call
House time,
Mr. Drooigoole
of the House
Mr. Wise. There ia ao House lo call
Deemgeelet iMhereie nrrttowrgenTte-'
mea ought to be solemnly called upon to be here
to form a House. -
-twtniflon, N. C, Feb. 41, 1SWDT
O'oW, is unquesiionable. aa one or two
cold vi:i.5,.
Jisse already- baMaw'openaaVaaA-aanta vary it ere e-
traded from them. . . .. , , ,-mn -5"
tu ...i..k..i.l Conrad GM iUM, is situated a fe
Kuhdml vards south of it ; slid sccording to the direc
tion of the Veins of that, they must necessarily
. ,k.,rh nail of lliie Trsct
t7 " . .... ths nremim or eet a
in I niiis-'"! ""' lrtn
wTTCV ...
To JoararrinMi C'each-.TlaLera.
. a . . I
rpiIE Subscriber will give steady employment to iwo
a. muid Joornevmen Uoach-mUera, wbe csa come
.u MMflMnMutad fbr habits of sobriety and industry. I
Their business will be to ma ke and rope ir Coaches, lie.,
fbr which, (if they soil) b iwiu pJ
Lexwgtc,-October It. 1839.- s t
be impossible for him to put Ihe question upon lav
ing the resolution of the gentleman from Virginia
00 the table, until it waa determined by the House
who should vote (W 4he-loose-tn-
decide for themselves who should be called t but. -
raid be, Mc Stat 0 Arts Vrrsra rdnitot bt it.
prtvea or a reBrearatUaos) oa Mis Moor, and it
Mr. Mercer said bis own impression waa mat tkall not be, as lone as da4 t thit chair.
no injustice would be done to the gentleman frtmil Hera there waa some little applause from Ihe
Ohio by moving tne previous question, aa mere 1 galleries.!
would be a doaen other queslnms lo come up upon Mr. W isa. I move lae previous question on' v
which lb gentleman couki nmsn nis epeecD. 1 tne oecimon 01 the unair.
The Chair staled the course f proceeding on a I Mr. 1 homas of Maryland eugtostee; a mode of
call ol the House, namelv 1 The., roll was called proceeding without dimculty. Wa bueht to en
over, and the absenteeo noted j and in the present I deavor to get along without dimculty, antil il could
ease, if tbe roll waa to be called," the original be no longer avoided, and then it would be liau
auestioo of difhcultv would arise aa lo who should enough to decide upon this question. Let the vote
. ' It. .l .1. : 1 " -l . . 1 .
be called. I oe laaeo on ine reoiion 10 isy on ine isoie, ny wt
Mr. Dromgoole. Then this will bring the I lera j and il the Ucl of any portion of the rrmnihsrs
llou to the question, which Ihe House itself must from New Jersey voting should not change the re
eventually decide, as lo who are ita members.
Mr. Chian then rose, and, walking tnwarda Ihe
Clerk's table, said there bad been a great deal
difficulty in determining who were really members
of this House, whicl had determined mm as 10 me
bWj$lWb"ftoied7: " wr, JsbhiM r.
: - Mnn wiahinv loconuact iot uwiwh
on Dr.Atin. Sal.sourj y i ajdr. a UUvr
to the 8-b.riber, Trenton Peat foMjX.
-TA ;im tSJ - tf
INTllRMS the public that ho has removed from his
former stand, to his new buildings on the public
ware, in thu Town nf Mne ksvillf. where he Will Con-
Mw Uouae is roomy sod commodious i attached is j
-"".h rs aia eomioruuie vm sVM'"-""-" '
"tall convenient to the Court House. . The subscriM
W pledges hiimwlf 10 the most diligent exertions, to!
five aatwfaction to auch aa may call on him. His Ta-j
K Bar and Stable are rmivided in the beet manner.
the country will anord, ami his setvantsare fkith-l
hd and sronipu , , ' I
. . . j f 104ft at
WILL be sold, on me i 7 Tl
the Store ol Tboraaa V Jaa. Cowan, Wood
Grove, Rowan ooonty, three negroes, one old
one By shoot sixteen years old,bclonging to the heira
r W.lLm Youmr. dee'd, aold for distrmetioa among
said heirs. . , , ., ,
ftr Terme mane krmwn on the day or oa,.
w mattukw 1 STEELE. Goardmn.
JVt'M) Foundry.
Ill AVE lately eompleted and put iaoperatioa a large
Iron riniaaVv al my mill oa tlie BouuVYsdkn river
formerly Pearsons) in Davie county ; where we are
nr.n.nJ tn make alf kinds oTcaslmga, suck ss the
gins, grwt ana saw milts, uirssmng macumt-s w
m,lla, plumer blocks, gudgeons, troa ahafta, pulliea,
.Imm. drivins wheels, and. in abort, every thing elss
that is usually made at iron rouooneo. "
prepared tor Taretnff stun, ax; ana r nntsmng m
m 1 in nna.11 sinasai nravtunvrr hi win i.
- 4 have employed Jaeea WjiisiaBiJBa,' fbrmetly of
Baltimore, a very annul Hacninas, 10 superimena
and manage my esublishtnent. Mr. Wsynsaborg has
worked all hsi lira in esumisnmenia. a um i"u,ir
-t-t.n-ru abed for his skill as a Nachimsi, ana miii- He win akn snake ealceiationa w waier-
wheels, mill-gearingr&e; aad when the wchitvery ia
obUined from us, he will attend to putting It up. Our
iwMi ara those of similar establisnmeniB si ws nwio.
fgj- Orders addressed either to Jacob Waynesborg
or myself '.t Salisbury, will be prompt W
- VIlAaViKaV luiaassas
Bslirbory, Msy 2. laift. '
1AI beddria mT"band th "authority "by which I
eome hero lo represent be'people of iny State.
That authority I now present to the Chair, and de
mand lo be enrolled as a member from the State
of Louisiana and I further propose, in ihe dis
charge of mv dutv aa a Representative, to give in
me vole for Speaker of the tlmiM. If the tote U
. i ,aa.a j nrv
he lat)nt, tnew ii my Daunt. naimma aiiiit'-v;
suit, let the decision of the question be atioounccd
without raising this question ; but if, by their votes,
Ihe result is changed, then it will be time enough
to bring up this question as lo who ahnll vote.
lie inrew this out as a 'gj'f 'I'.'B. 1.(1 J he Iimta. ...-jinatH
jnt. vi caiteiJotiraftrmr warr oToroceeil-
Tngs. The Chair had made his docwioo, and be .
December W, la39.
ticket Ttf ria (1 I vote for John Bell of Ten- w - No, air. I understood the Chair lo
nr mn. I m decision aa lo who should vote, and upon
thai decision I moved the previous question. .
.The C1!" then. again .sJated the que ion
(Mr. W.)had moved the previous question upon iU
Then ha demanded lh4t tbe. regular order of pro.
ceedtnge might be observed. --. t ,
Mr. Biiggs. ()n what question does the gentle
man move Ihe previous question T
The Chair said the gontleman had moved Ibe
hy un Ilia Ukbl'.r
t OME sole, stout Negro, mea, for the onsoing year.
"J for whom liberal-wages win so givea.
Applyto " 1 w- WCRTUY..
Salisbury, DeeempewO. VO. , , . 4t ;
-;V-- :'.":'3
Mr J)romgoole. Has not the gentleman's name
beeq enrolled before! ,
"'"Mr. Chinn." No: if baa neither been enrolled
. noralle4 by the Clerk. ""-r1'
" Mr. Wiee. It ia bow past twelve o'clock by the
Administration time, and that must be right, , I,
Itheroforevnow move the previous question.
A eall of the House waa demanded by several
1 - N ..... .
Mntlemctl. '
The Chair stated that the roll of members bad
not been completed ; therefore, a mil nf the Hoaie
could ant be made,
'Tellers were then called for, and Mesars. Car
ter of Tennesvee, and Griffin, were appointed tell
era by the Chair. .
. The ILiuae then divided, and the previous ques
tion wee seconded ayea 1 10, noea 72.
nt) had stated it before, and coneleded hy swing
that the llooeo bed reversed his decision f bnr ft""
had not determined who ahould be counted from
New Jersey, and be could not put the question rrr
lay oa the table until Ihe question aa to who .!nm?d
vote from New Jersey should first be decided. -
Messrs. Rriggs, Tillinghasl, and Wise, all roan
and addressed Ihe Chair. Half the members t)f
the House ware standing un. - - -
Mr. Sergeant rose and said there were ao many
members on the floor, and so much rmie in I ho
hall, that it waa impossible fbr gentlemen to lell
what waa dmng. He hoped members would laker
their seats. " '. -
M. ftriAM I k.n MM M rut mtmttmA Ui imnUninn.
The question then recurred on the question, .as to the question oetore tna House. A motion
" fihail tbe main que si 190 be bow pat T" - had been made to lay the resolution of the gentle.
V Meavr. Wortbington an4 Taliaferro were ap-lman front Virginia oa the table. . Oa tbet question

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