North Carolina Newspapers

    On Xt. Nay! f'k1 ,0 vAe f tellers, tfid sHood, j
I This Vote sxeitwd great seiMution iu the lltae,
it being the first tot whet the Whigs had the
majority. The eft:! lb' ",. waa to auataia
(1,0 ,( of ye!rtrday, tint Mr. H'Wg resolution,
il);KJ,j R laid upon b IjtMe. J "t 1
The next qutption that came up ; was. upon the
ight uf Mr. tycrigg.of New jersey, in vote.
jit commiiwioa was read, arid th law of New
jgfgey, and the evidence in pail connected with
the fact iu the case, when the. vote was taken up
on Mr. Aycrigg's right to a wat. Teller were
dc-maitoVd, and the result was to fcjror 117,
iul him 123. ' Four of the Whiff member
from N JVrsey voting in hie favor, and threw, of
the Administration claimant againt hint. fto the
House derided that Mr. Aycrigg's vote thoutd out
bo counted.
The House was very quiet when Mr. Adama
gave the decittiou, and all eye were upon him
when be said, "The Chair consider Ibe vute
unconetitiitional "(laughter end exr.Memeiti)
but in consideration ol the fact that the ma un
ity bave reversed hie decision, he feelt bound to
itute that Mr. Aycrigg vote cannot be counted
The meeting then decided, 1 22 to 116, that Mr.
Maxwell' vote should not be counted, and a de
(W'tmniedTOTeJyrfrrlhJwed of-i simitar result ttf
regard to other member. The last vote waa 1 10
to 1 17 against .allowing the New Jersey Wbijf
member lo vote.
The next quoatirm on which a vote waa taken
waa whether Mr. Ingertoll ahould be allowed to
Mr. Ingeraoll attempted 'o apeak, but was call
ti to order.
Mr. Peck of N. Y. told him if he had a speech
to make, he had better go to the Rotunda and
make it j be did not .belong here.
The vote waa then taken upon Mr. IngereoH
right to a vote, and decided tgaint Afr. lngereoll'a
right, oo member voting against it, and not one lor
it. After thi vote had been taken, Mr. Adama in the
chair stated the position of the question before
the House. They bad decided upon Mr. Nay-
lore rtgntiovote. tlis own decision, that Mr.
Nay lor had a right to vole, waa sustained.
Mr. Wise then again brought forward his res
olution that the New Jersey member should be
enrolled and take pact in the organization,
1 The ayes and noes on this quetKion Tirere tlwo
ealled-a breathless silence aliitoat perrtding the
Hall during the time of- reading the names of tbe
w member. The vote wa
In favour of Mr. Wise' resolution 115
Aiainstit - - 119
-tcX-bo Ne Jersey asembar stiw aet vete,"reT
Mr. Randolph, whose seat is oncontested. Mr.
Naylor voted. ' "-2Z...-.
,.. uneijf 0f Biiuth" tSroTIna,' tFen rnovei liin
important re!ution, the eflpct of "which wa ihar
the Clerk should call the: name of all the menK
- bera who) seats are uncontested, and that the
members thus called shall be a quorum to settle
the claim of members that Mr. NsyW seat
shall not be included in the contested seats, and
-that tbe-qOTraiTraJrdwde
tions before.' proceeding to the election of a Speak
er. . The ayes and nay a were demanded tipoaMr.
Hhett resolution, which was decided affirmatively.
The vote upon Mr. R hell's rewluiion the U4
clause of it referring to Mr. Nay lor' right to
vote, was '
"'"AyWiaMyr&r. ; "" "-
Mr. Campbell, of South Carolina, has submitted
impi1ant:pronriti Hw;hntedt:
Hpeaher and Clerk, Tor the purpose ftt- reeeivtn;
.iha M aeaage, Ma.Ji Qsr I'm Speaker ia appointed,
and the Hiulie lempoTJirily organiiad ir loe pur.
poses named, the contented seats are to be settled,
find then new officer appointed.. Mr. C thinks
this the only wsy to get the House out of difficulty.
Mr. Graves said that the proposition of ilie c
tteman from South Carolrr Mrr Campbell) was
in substance that off red b? the gentleman from
Virginia, (Mr. Wise;) and he saw no aneeaeitT
for the House acting upon it Looking at it in
that point of view, and that alone, he moved Ibe
-previous question
Mr. Hubbard said the right toj jjfivWon cannot
. he doubled j i tm ht '&amHj&&$8tii!li!ei
MfrWiWT)biH!rved that' lie pi earned tbyyeife1
tJemaafrora Soiith Carolina (Mr. Campbell) bad a
right to make biaT motion Tii ; his "owtf wan"-r"-a-
The question was then taken, when there ap
peared Aye 102, noes 116. .
The second braticb of the resolution being t'leo
'. read . .
A motion was made to adjourn carried.
VmDm. 12,1809.
A message from the President of the United States
wis receiveil, which being ol aa bxecuuve enaracier,
The Senate went into so Executive session, sod, af
terwards, Adjourned.
The question pending was on tbe "motion of Mr.
Cimpbell. of 8. C., to reconsider tbe vote on lbs second
branch of Mr. Rliett's resolution.
Mr. Cimpbcll rose snd stated, that as the Hoose had
on verterdav relnwd to reconsider the first branch ot
Mr. RlieU's resolution, be wonld now withdraw the
motion lo reconsider Ibe second brsach of the resolution.
' The Chairannounced that the gentleman from Sooth
Carol ins had withdrawn bis motion to reconsider. '
v Mr. Wise. Then I presume the resolution which
lhe House has passed fill bs put in operation, snd that
Write Clerk (hen eemnwaeod at Pesuisyltaaia, where
he bad left off o the br4 day the ron. and ealled
-the UUoCaof UharoiLxiiUrtly.UilCrUgll.Qijnnieat
stely upon his concluding the call, 4
Mr. Randolph cf New Jersey roue snd said : the list
of member having been called, I bold in any Usod a
piper, which I ask to be read by the Clerk
Here several genUemen eoquTred tbe cVarader of
the paper, snd requested Mr. Randolph lo give a state
ment of its contenU before jt was read,
Ir. Randolph replied snd staled, il the Cfeil would
give him back tbe paper, be would read it himself,
that, said he, would be the best way to give the gen
tlemen the information they desired.
After some, further remarks by the members aad
the Chair, Mr. Randolph was permitted taread tba pa
pelf relewef tei mbWi vrtalgt by
Aycrigg, Ilabted, Maxwell, Htrotber, and orke, the
excluded members from New Jersey, protesting against
the action of tba House, by which they were excluded
from votinf oa questions previous A an esamiaatioa of!
their rase, and concluded by moving that the protest
be entered on tba Journals of tba House.
, . Mr. Mercer moved the prenioo question ea that
tion, nd called tbe yea and bsya. I
Tba motion being sereaded,.R waa carried in the :
sflirmstive Ayes 107, noes 87. J
. The question wastakefl on tbe main que ion, which
was to enter the pro'eet on the Journals, and was deci.
dfd irt tlie negative Yeas 114, nays 117. ? h
The Chair then strted litat tbe first part of the
nt The-trenilemttr from Booth Dsrmiaa, omteh
Ul (Lry sKaJ by Ut Uutuc, bad beca canied inUt
eSct it ,. U I, .
ffirt ttie tx .i.j 1 ;r iUe
the fi.Iiuao.? , u, : n,d u
' nteiahee are e.."-i, aitl fcCwv t
t. . ' u til
Nsylur ceptef5 u ti - iimHE ai "
t-r nart u tiw nw.! . ...
Csroltna: . "
a Sv-lftril MihinM
awsmwn t af,
mt, 1W sw. Wjrt rf mn
J?" r"1 s' " '
tbisguor front tbe i,e,a-.v,.tri,m(4, .aj,,, e,
'leanrt thereoo.
t'poa thsi vewtlatiw. , .llntam mlm
.oved 'and mcmM. and ti mmm wa. e -
di-Tbe yeasepoati. ,. t
nays S4, m the TmmWttna w atUm..
.. . ..... ....
the nre.t. 4 a.
- " . - -
.!.-. ki a. i- ,t Jl JL Zrr.r I. 1
seated by tW. ':Ta.Usj.jMI aeimtWi abtac at
would . ewwder tW etojtnvmfWrsi i ws acv
auaded that thee fcad WsTai,
Ibe matter. ' Tbe smkeea frm. !C.J .i-i
lield the CowW. - J...
theyjEiaieaed. The aattsmnm omne eW
seaUpanxi ewidearit) aa smew riixi cSsif a-.;
ceived a aaajonty saftbeskm 7n "ami it msnm-'
tended thsd theirs is lb ! ytntsna ara evameav
unless it caa be shewa ttutt bat asayney watt aiatfii- j
up of tle votes of adama, as (tmAratlmi f if f th
other aida. Mr.T. tibem mum mm toarnwa thnt rt
:' would be impassible la Ja gesoe etfiwe putty;,'
wit boot bearing all tW ' nvassKac t&st aaizha be
deemed wecessaTy bf Wb paeusa; anil niiid th
House had aa power, ia it pmanHt
moa and eesrmej the wnnxtflaiioe n t
. .
knew sot baw the Boose ares aa aaffl. lot & W
aeea ewooxrb ta kttosr that tlie 4mm!tm yvwifufas
-the natttre of snaa sras ftarnr SutLutj ; sml atufiet
the influeaiee f that te4istg, W Imd smmi i&mixNl
principlea af tba &iattilaa imnaM Wav Be
deemed it highly tvemaasary tMat tSkas 'cmsmaictew,
ahould act ameW tba aajtmrnM-xlltiaB as an aasJb ;
btit a no atb ooutd Var tilUHriTt laaT tK'HF
that purpoae, hirb be wt atiWcMii elW nnuat-.
Mr. T. here read bis rewJlutmn, mJUBhgm
RemJ real. That tbe aaasimlaaa iwtmi mm lb
J!ew rsxfbrosv, Mfc junm
sous and paper, ana ta asaear wmtaesaes; am
the aajsmVefa af. aail eoomake he 8araatlle
Mr. Ttckens bsing aditasaei tbs snr...aMi I
move Ibis reaoiviea m aa a aMlmmi t ai att
lerud by srrv OMiteagwe. 1 atoasne, iKftMr awscawi
ing inta a liscattwi sf Ibe ajpaasaa to seaAa aery
bm-fly f he avamiaa atbarb I some anaatil. If tbw
House cboases,ta widagvi.riMaasfeitiss
tuittea ia this case, I 4esBtw (kst ear womm afnual
eommittea bH
anJ ia th abtCtaci aj;
ra mt f Ism
1 desire fb-srWetiaa aa MOiidiael to te sKapf
question, wba ace rsmrsj asawflrsWn Bbe
Stite sf New Jersey T" I agsee aa ikae aeee af
many sf tbe remarks saf eaf caTtmgsa aa wmsttMA
totbefoiilimBw-oraiplylllitev Ian-
derstead tbw UMtM 3am fa mmi -1 muff I
agsiusl -1 be rewluyim " iW smtJeaata fowa Tr-
jrsolutina) saf toy swBnagwe, f. I. fur tbje serf
diffisuliies ia which eve a wane!; ami I
resolultoa of aba isabnama inma Tarmaa fie- ate
ber reamra, aal that eras, I aV'aaami 4dema
asude of proceeding ttaaa twe wee rsortenaatoej by
it If I bad bemaiMameaNOejmalbsaw.
olutiaa of the gesUeoMaa frtua Tergaaaa mm the feat :
day of oar sneetsag, I SHeaSI lame ettsml aa tiutt
Srmativ.' I tboaebx IbM tinwst ninftnis kWat
New Jeraev a bs bril tba cfssni.--.aara af laat tS-a-
veraor of (bear Stale snes eatclnl to tasbe
that tbe eeateatitur casaaaaasbaisi fcafBta- ksSb. -1
"tlhjiT'P'ai THrt''lWaf,,a'WWl4f flra,W'pVr'a'fWWJ?'
i)w-,K eoe 1. auL. a .-a ma..' 1 1
Uiouf bt it due le tbe ctmtftry. s star si
tificates f b esaetssae4 iHMeabim-J mm
v J I sb i
a triuatntiaM nastr.fluabrij a'A-Aa RtaxaS nzttjaiaw!
ia dtfll-wwit meum mt tba ImaluamsafiJ k tail
kea digress cutarse- Tlsfj las EaautU faupaf
to take a course diStermt frsns 3imr 1 agoanaeal
wf, aad ww are was, asarabwl aa dbdSsx&MSW waey ba
tlacredttabielaaa Aaeaisaai Csatpreisa. ll atlrw
that tbe House ha abwu tbuajfbt fewoatraalmnf
Airaard, ia aa iuSta-ma! saaaanr, oemami aM-nasieiy
Connected wab tbe case; hat at as aatataaa,
whether that is sat cuMnpmtnii wC-aBWi amatt br
Cuuaututiua; aad I oaaocati Xkii si Uaasc Im
rii:bt ta deride tbe wawtttsi oa I
a 1
aeaatwa. if lbev taaacrbt amnor. I ul
cbiase of tbe Cisaaiiiiliiai-,wiiiW satbadb i&as ttmaa
has the f"wer ta acl aa tias aaiftctL .
Ecb lipase abal he lbs jt aT cbc efe
tions, returns, aud ejaak&amaas at' als aaaish
bera.". . ',
It wt3 be twreeiwei taxi ite mmmmtm, aa
litis tdatMe, snakes tbtsw aMiaci smiptcB oa wbaeh
tht Hoose t saititiui to smrsan.
swv, an their
It may steesde (bat aaaesaawr as fraawm4,aml tta
aH, switr ua
Suopostv yoa jn4ce.f
wbasa awder tawuay-IUm -aacs tMtT at. a. r-z
(iW VVVUI Jasaa, saw ia - - - - jf .
decidalbal mmxm&erm aaaaflei to rue wnseaav.
. hn. aakistraffM ooAa. anal sat L
ot ba lenny ebwted, tmat tba Bfcpiea7
made aa of pewms w - to fria a swosk. ss
"ths nr. urt-it if Tv" "
now fact ieadmrae. UmoftsBtaei aw M pa
pert, sad admfflei by tbe g stausmta sWaa Jaawt
Saraev tbtmaselvea, that arjry of wwrns -f
' the aewia'4af Xesr Icratf ft gj!rt arll-r
memW thaa tbtiae cbuamrg rtmar aw amfw:
' the certificate of tbe Gtwwwnr. ' Tai fet w:
that was. that that mMjmnj wms aaameea ajm-t
asj votes. Tarn atdanssiaa. brsadaaw, ss trm;
aptba arwde wsesetwa. ttb AwaW ab-s skey j
were wot leTi emeaf WaGaaUMa? TW1
'v . ..I. c. M.. Ammm fjat smanHteaaa.'
vieras ow "3 z .
snd challenge a rrp'y : ftat tbww st sm aSiter af
S'.st aa!brity a bavesnr, os tk euat sons rn
UralitT of m-vm, mi Oaf ai aaane a tbataea asweatoit la ttm pmmrvatem m "'
Urn ballot baaea. Ta snsy ctoVoai mm a a ibarrr. Tba pcapwhima I my sbmm m 1- Taa
. M 4, ion m tbe Suae" Vargw ! batt tisa , tbas H-maa .the mim and wnhauva jarum T w
- LiMui-miei I awmati f r ss Itnr "..;- w;llitia, retwraa, and troahftcaifwa iffctmiwi
r .. w . . i.a :.m m aaiwa asembsTs: . That no iate ofTiMm Sntve ttbt
"J' r-; ,. , ..... ....
tpiaMtiask . . s ,
Mr. rtcbea, ia eawmam aa. . ,.
-flJM l Jl rxymneoo 1 -
practice ol maev scsmsa, a
"I t at-! :-:t uf I.-
"li ll- IU..UI
111" HI II.
aaul tint! wm a luw f tit ;l Mir n '
r:iViii!i 2 a C'rtiinma ( lu !.. !
r-MMT T n Liw .ltJ place" uf llw"t..,..i...Ii.. I
it miti.m a re m,l of iti iir,u(nr. J
Pictmw CHilm.KtL. IiliiUtiic or. n' 1
fr" of tlwt ""iiiVoun fr.a Vj..- 1 .Bii,.;!
"rw " 7 !"
it-w tius M itw of Vjrjtma
,. " .
" 1-' " " i'M U"MH miHMmli i
( miw Hi- OR,i. WW. 114 ( thai te tlie DuUml 1
' mr if I am pn-d ln hlm,Bi
j r. Was nubk a brmf e,ilnisaiiin, !tiimt. '
ai ", rlS. -P"r did aw
' 4 he tt,mr .
! te J ;
f nt' r,Kkln resume.!. The pmpo-,,,,, J nw ;
uf the tuantrrniKta. tbe snie and 4xitliiw m rmm
'unnrrrntKtSi, tbe de and rxctmtwe jinlns!
. " ffaie auiluirl iiiltof.
nillle BUllKrrlfw ;niHf.
to purge tba polls, after Ibe tua how banu !
M boaea, or fi 4hm W
t jrwaai, wm aave, n vno pmasn. a in tlte Mihk- ,
.1 .,r t . . v , .!
i TT Treprsr T;
TTTT'. T. . T """-
" seqwsata fi tba snust srameroue ilirantiii
i ,w MPHBSa be tlaaiarffiyi:
of the CoaatiuitMn, m a :
eat iwitlRm) MMTTWW-)
fe aaaabttervs w. reSecting opaa tbta asbMMvitmti,
. skiftglj diaplaya tbe wtwlom td" :lliose mim
finmeri tb w metrameflt. Suotmaa a uo.rtwiw am i
Wivmt that tba Cmatitittiaa gave to nbe Sm
rtwrea tba pitwet afaulging of tbe Mlunsta!'
raw Kapecsaeataiiveal Tins Mmm mmM be !;
saireey at" tam av that cimflicttng parry ita vmw
ato- . It wan aaaentiaJ to tbe pmsorvatitm aar ittti!
aaeiry audi sndepedeace, thai tt simuid pmaess Mitt-i
ta st Cmstitutinn, (ttfjulinig;
af tb eiexttoua, seturna, and -apaaliftaatiana mf ill
"" ejambem. Tan cantMt cat ttsur theiiuiiR anrJ
af tue Cnomiutuoa. 3 .iluimlli
avtuWsraail that tba qneatiosi baa buna amtang !iw
any gumiHsaaa here, that tna 2tata mutuurtttes df
Nra JWney have tbe tight ta purge 4l (pulls T
er that aiaetiima art eeex. . It butng athititied tfhitt
tiiey hav snt that right, I eaatend tiutt we limvr
tb tisHtt t judge ef the retwena d tlm Btenibm
itiii2laWiaey; thai we caa doit aW:iid tbui
tm afomg so we are utf btHm to ga im alitor pu.,
tumtota Soaching tba aiacuuste amtl mm e .WiiUir
prepared ld sow 1 da aot maaa txsssl nvnt-1
m mm OMwrnir fur mviq gwnm umtwtith
Ji . t ' . il
mnmm wbtf tfitf1 ndt'rfeotitveV auumVstt
that pahs. Be asay bava auppuaed that 'beniwdo
ng biat duty, and eav base iiHibed aptm bimsnii ia
'MifriBlilHtfnnBt ''VsMltsliftHair'sf fthtm-V WLflaURMI' 4alaMrtraIMal ,
1 mmmnvuivt wmw TItatTT "sat tfw WFramUf- ''WtHttiHBlii
bf tha alwrh af tba ammttea. Snh-'bmFmm -'mmi
eartificaea ta ana set af mtiemeiu amd mnw
me amy W eatiiled to tWutmJ-M& Hitt
aenpnmtam I saeasi ta. aVmomttram am 1hw flimr
tba tbavw ss as autfanrtry ia New- Juimy mnrrrwe
Wnth entas Into sad dacrda xba ngaUif at!
soaea arm tba? have bma aVpnmtad m im ttailldt
liHaa TaaHMSse,aad tbss B ar4MVyam ikv
X t .
t-.i 1
Biaaae.-!'? tba ehwimrsi, Tutmma, and uurifiatttin
mfmm membera.- vTrtbnat that airawssttm ml tthe
Canatirufiia, where ja war -sadttimiidnxmel Eim
si a gsmbiama mamamm that am an mot unrniito-
fenratfly argamnad, aad that Ibewtum, mm aamdlo
antitan. Allow asa, err, la aay thst tlmve ii aumr
cmt&BHtNft aw tbm sabweU Tba CwtlitutuRi
yaar ; airf imr meett., -a mmmm
apfHttii a dl&eent abry. Wbfet iia CJlmtffTiiasI
Aivft St-rbwaiaauW aea eTaBTtitt r'naTtDili,
dUiraaf Staaaa, aud saaombla bar mry your :
tha CawtiXiattNo duvets... UmrueutBa aurmoae 'wml
mm satsst ktka fh aatb before are mmm -Amide njrttHi
tbw anwr smw beCr aa; but 1bss the hmt? I
asul frfct- to that anaat af tba CcaatitirUmi wibimti
peaaevkbea tba aatb t hn takes, it oa tia Sttmae
smcaV: Tba Senatwra aad Rt preaauurtisms beftm?
aaimtianeat, aad th aaembemof the arwrtral wm.
Igiadalwreav and ai Cxorutiee and Jailmatl mm j
-Sterna, shall ba basmd ba aatb ar afjirmatiim te aim i
pact -aasa Canrtifmiim."---! W CuasllUilo j
jnwcrixic:. xmr tuu v st nc-it
tof that we anatt .ta.pM ttapiRUtaai
'f af rheaesaimi! Tba law af jdtywom ttnm
Asssai-twr tba aatb ta turn, and 4h3 be abUlj
- thwiadmiatisir it ta tba. seat af tit rubore.
f Ibaber, wear body memvpmmtt
to amodwawtM ebwtiooa, nttrrne, mma muauiica
Cvsaaof awr waasfmbeva, and that waw -tma .do oi
hefltea taking the aatb. '.Sir, I Ihmk iwmiU) Ibr
aimamiimiit, tbwagb wa has tbe rtgtat ojo tosai,tti
eotair a tbas Bnaa wa tba C-bsctMSW ami ijualifina
lausw af tbaee New Jiaraef aaembera-: but am tor
at&ee qocataMa that af ttaa returna saw mm mm
tml oipeuiat la eater iata H, but .it tie bigtiiy mm
MsbaMtbal saaasjnaddaVosk -ftmpmmAtolba-asM
(lKni' that VcJUaad r. B. abuuw bethe jutltra,;
ami eaetuMtve iwiaea. afthe twtawaa mf abaae tm
ben anatbeeav WaabJ tbeve be ismf dtE&niir
aaatt . Tbw wbom sbSealty erwra frum rtbmw iba
inf SCX jiraaa staa! of onejwlg. I... ..
' la it-Savins that prnp.suaM, 1 bare awmd oumW
aa aawaeqiaeiiew ef the dictalea f m mam juiig j
sarnsf, aast wtrtt a ew ta tthwmm tbe difimtihms un
which tba House a involved. 1 bnuisre ttratt dut
ipiitieiaea who bar pmduesai exmiheatea are ami
.entitfejst tobsrawraa, wad 1 wm pfepwvasl totrntm
J tatawbt wa were icunipeimii Hn
i 1 - y
aad have aot be wiflueooedby ijartiyithll
ar tba dtctatesaf a emseaxs, 5..-,.-.- -
fir. after portraying m fureiUe langiage
v oa aowaaa; ww r"y T. .- '-7
1 beaw law atewMg -CjaaMtlmi
aetanm as uta ana turn a.. "-
iwtbw Kispeesmtmbves at tna pwwpte opurB at,
lrtww betat aad mmmt tbaar - warn -udmam-
strarw. It waa time, ba said, tbm they abasnd aw-.
deem tba ILmae from a base aaibswramm? dlmi
saawster gl, party, aad to bauk with asMigaisma?
ksra snriwducM re rewriutMa, mr. a:
tmoed. to aeat tba caa bcfura tba House. , lj
MMtaas that ww are, by th Omstitiitiim, 'ttiea ;
ehaave jtad-wsd tba vrnwra af aaw ema aawubwr,
ii aa I'ma-m etml twrisdieUott on Biw'
. . , . - y
State, twermw, or LegHdafuee 5, wad, m mxtti.
aasnmf Uaeaa pntwipiaa, i mairtmia-iue ijmnnuwiPjj
a. aai. iBto MSMiaVvmtiasi tba1epilPy.if a
mntM ,flar tH- tmaa w dtmoatted ntrVitUii,
-- - - - . a
irha a. s v ti femfssr t mi;
yl'lPsl ; WH1 I Wn 1MM VIIB aWrw lf'awr u
. ,
I !( ! sfltnft .Mr. Iiiyf rstill's
rimmiiiv uf llie v. were
iMinitu'iit, n)lir; mill, tli.Hi.-ti
ff ;'U 'II ,Mtl
4," M 'It lu.
tr 'fi! r, iiiiu.,,i,j tlini
tins itmiunlv was the result
ar.iiwti mm tiiBimicH had no right to throw out
... 1.. .1 .1 . .i
' "' "T m"r urm innmuirrt
u. ,1. . .1. - .1
U? till iluu VViimt Ilia qiH'Mtma, howfvr-r.
uuiut up Hi. b Himily decided between the two
nuiloinmti h1I mwi , and decide according to
Ulti-euiiiMiua hviiirx me ; but I prole against the
letlWol! rtl olHcerauf ih Si ma of Penney Ivauia
ttt itllfe ol! tjiM h'inr.!y ,,f vole aili-r I hey bave
timHiLluptHHltHi in itm ballot know, stud
ITit. Bliiu deliuacy uf the ptwiiitin I occupy I
Hiiuw ttlRtutiH aoHrse ' jv sdopted tmiv be una
tuuihmniitd;, and perhapta eenwirvd but I would
Mitt swan lim proudm jewel on a UHutarclt'a brow,
it! Honuhii mir wae unshackbiuV There is no
wmtimml! E avoepnielatined. m. Itm eloaet, that I
wtlU: nor pmttlaim l ttte wirld. 1 am prepared ttu quastnmi traiikly; boldly fearlessly ;
aaiit! I atm wmIUhbt ft into it imwi
.Hh. K. Hunt mad the following rewluiiito :
tUmiim,. riiatt the abmmitw to be raised on the
n...- n . -1. u 1. ., r .
."".r -am wmiiinm 10 llie question
&tfl(M tu lite muirt"f eleeiiuhs 6 ilia Tw
Jin nmun uimi jpiw notice mat ne wouij move a
mntmisdtimiHm af uW voja ordririir the appointment
tilf (Bimmittw. in ease a reconsuiuratwn aboutd be or
itHmtlot! Mh. Rimtl'a mNnluiiuB.
. tOltiinimua'iHt Mrt Wise,; ' '
; Ufa' GUhuw atljuurnnd. '
asst.. m . ... ., . . i . -- "
- sxias
FSr&Sty Vtavvlng December 20, 1839.
(CFWe-ara-ituXhunairti tu announce Col. Ru:m
,M lUttHiV aw at iiLuuiulala fur ilia nlliia nf
SuunO! uiliUtwwi. County.
-- OWw araatitbiinxadtu announce Johr 11. Ilia-
"-- tamlidata fue m-elacUon fcr tbe office
Mir Lfininir iw? tSTiitaaaa tr. k.anau .a il.. Ka
airaiitnif irff Hummn CiiuntK at itm oxt filtfctiofls.
lsisatsa ' ---.-Tr -
. i . . ..
Tha ounlWudi aJsctma. (kya Sew Jursey baa, la a
s grmafi iansmine obsuiteujti ait tils ' proceedings of Con
M u m statu uC disnriiraaaw.-No Speaker elect.
ilrf.()iiaupainuid i'-w Mussaga recaived, nd
. ' aatumlly suggesta itself to all
sBi)iiniig imuua,. why ail this ootinwion and delat 1
j n .
. JiiiJJicaa. awmau, judge-br a careful examine two; of
Um- wliuitt ftiswrj uf th aubject, witk wa other view
Otam ttvarriiw ac w jiu ounclustue, it is, nr substance, ;
aw ttulowst Juraey aleeta ber roembar of Cosv I
lmw e6' grmurat uokut At ths bat electam Ibr this i
gnrmssa, marc war twa aste of eandidatea before t!,
liajittttrttl Wbamttha othar for tbe imroo.
"""t""15 "ei oniawsb side. Tbe election took - wara mrar am Teauu um ansor b
.aaatliaMatt; aaatsatafs but Iva of uVOemnemiie earn subcnplion Lb n0t(.jN0b j.rt njoeily
aTifiamiieiae aa of the entire failure of tba acheme. Tba limits
Horn BHD to Wm wjIuw Rut. when tba returns were of this address will not permit u to explata tlie nit;
aaaiBtiiaslfc it waa fcaad. that the suiataaaia from two cumatance that bava Drought about tbi crisis;
aiTttUt nromnuu were miming, or withheld, by which! but it doe moat certainly exist, aitd our st-Utrw
mumusaw- IMliigw bad Mrrty af all tba vote re
tttBMaii;, ilj towsmefb tbeaa two preeincta bad been re-
GUtiuaiisudl oramtad! a they aught to bave been, the
Itoaawmta 1 iiid hwaabadaaittsranddecalad sasiuntv
' 'fl!ifewmuvb.ingWbiWghiseartiticslo
ttue wtllijf nsTMnrate sithmigTr
sitssi .tmmxselre:"-
uiiirnini'ortilcta.od tfieotherpsrty claim theirs,
"ixsUK-tbelmiiar' majority oTma'ptapK'ctor
nmail ttyj the deeretary of State, Uia recording officer
anal untum diaac aimumaUnca of the ease, the House
- ham imm ajttsamht' who-etialMutva Tbelr seats, Tt being
tthr jjidgp otT the sieetutua,. returns, and qualincatkms
of lUfcimtmlaamaooordiilg tu the Cooatitulion.
mx-stataslioa oaWeroeessinB, if party feelings
small asrtw mfTuauea warn not hr Uie way; it seem n
owittaaimtflw aould ba aa queatioa about Uie matter, no
af tui aJlM! tba oaaeae Uia Lawyer mid to the Farmer.
TTiw CuwutututBi give to Uia psopla tba right of
athaasiictnmrmambamof Congmaa, ami ia our opinion,
waWvargem trie- msjprtty of the pepulr vote, wbether
Mar Isa VXlngaa Dtanaarae, aaghl to bemtitled to the
aw!, and any alba pnooipla auea raeognised nd
auitOTHdl. wll rttnnmy me- very- aaaenea of our free in
atttuiiuaw, Thuas Sea member who banal arwa re
tmningltleie-saalBvsnd wbuse elaims bave thrown con
gaawa anaUlisawier ia tba whale proceedings of C'ongreaa,
mayj lanuraugfit we know, wStra, but SepauVJicaa they
sawmtf oesmmmily amem they attempt to hold their
ita sipaaac a dmxled1 will of the fteainea of New
JbrasK. fsxty pmpwlioa and poluioal excitement may
wlHmiauali maaaa take np the qusstiM and cursrully
ajcnrnimwull ilia gmnnda of dispute, s jwljTnent, yes,
Hirmtmnid: aomitmiusuiia will bs pronounced by eve.
iiaiuLiiapuZsxngiiUiiririiiighiiuttliu Vmtnd Slates.
,VK wail mmttmbsr, snd no doubt it ia recollected by
siltfle HiHirra that were made by Uia Administration
IpHTtvCb itlrust (Smeml MwwUmd in the lioue.
HlHeVEbiipa dflnuuncad it ; our Represenlstive, Mr.
Eiewhaif, made an able speech sgainst it, aud the issult
nw. the Has attempt revolulionixed Uie Mountain
tftaawut.. laiiMt iiismls Ilia nssa nuw Uilura ual-iVby.
tUtpaarmr party, ealling themselves Whige, are now at
tawiipuurto diifc what they thee (three yeare ago) con
fHHomrU. hp fcawitg so Congress, Je mua, mUam tbe
memiwott Sww Jmwsy aaaav- by a asjimy of tbair
ajMmewtai batt.tsmmiia partisan Governor, &
au.aotLxKJitigMl mt:
Tissw tfemr ara aot eaiy wrong ia prtneiple, bat
wmqtmjamanoatettdssMchr. m ba net, aa wa trust it
wiU, at the tmwmiul uf Cungmsa, "
i. ... -. 1
Tla gSwaaisni'a JtVsaam. Tbts b the third lima
w ntimK(t tu pieasnrw ot bsing sbla to lay before
siis imiiisr ffreaadsnl'a Massage, but w are now
inum Uisn ever floavmced, tlist so long sa the New
JJsiwy pua)oa can as matie dubatsble, or a question of
dirtier as mtaetU. wa tull aot have th appurtuoity of
ouinif n. . . .
Ti VtMsthmt eaoaot eommunieata tba Memsge uu
txE ftis Eiiuaa onramsed.. When thie wilt be, we
asms. tbrntaL We are in bupes, however, to be able
SJft-tiHwtaptiiijiW to oi.r tt.s.'ui.i.tvui , r )..s
occupying soniuch of our .p.ipor nt i t'.f
proceedings of-Coujrrt'wi. nreiw 11.,: i;i ,B '
enarscter, and with vwuug, that r cwU ma
Icretice tu t ie art .( 'm,. t'. ! i. ,.,1 ... v ... .1.
t -,,-r i,.uiii .
rn k. .k.i n, 11 , .......
I ' " " .'. ivi 4'iumiT.'vv tutu Lite
Cotituntcd seats d tb Jtrwy uieiuUrs wi-re still pent
ing sua that 110 GiliiiUf sc-tkHt coultl be -xp-c!l ti
days lo eutne. So ksur as nisitrrs are ll.o. aiiuated ia
tin, tjouso, w atay bk ia va.a fc ue rrcatuatfi
Tlie Northern Wail of last,t brou"!.! intr lluaca
from Washings City up to tbe Utb Mat, Is tba
publiJd lhsli.v,(M h.) we fcelthe'
House had proceeded to ball. f.wSpw.krt Tbrj imi
iitada sit trwis without suc.p, .! 4 Mt
Lewis Wilhsms o N.wth CaliB,ibelurbor1illi.
ing was poetpuncd until iloaday ai tlSAjt Tba
House then siljourned.
The Its Housings stud thus!"
it 't
Jolin W. JuiH-a, 113 113 110
John Bell, . K12 K 1
wm. IV DkwBori:""" 1 1 1 1 "Ifw
rV W. Pw ken, - - tr 7
Dmob, IL Lewut,
it. ai. t. tluotor,
Levi Lineo'o,
Faytttnillf aad H'rifera JJW ftuad. Bub. via
lwwondtlieaddiofUie(nmiasio(emmtWcrt' !
it Rowan, on the above important aobjncv Wc Mm.
mend IU perusftl to each and every citiaea of tin Cimt .
ty, who lias at heart the interest af thai frost and '
important enlerprize. .
To Ti CitniM ttr Uovax Corrrt Tba
undersigned, having been iomied (JomuumiiwrTs
tu receive Subscriptioti to the Stock 4 the Fj
otteville and W estera Rail-Road Comrmay, stader
the amended Act. of Assembly passed at tba bat -Session
of that body, tabs this ccaia ta aoaba
to you a simple atatement of fa-is, and a arga
upon you ome coosnlerations which w think im
portant. .
By tip Act of 1836-7, tba Slate of North Ca
rolina agreed to subscribe I wo ril'ibs of tbe mm oa.
ceasary to complete ilia Rail-Road fr. Fvta
" "!5?,,fJ b(' ,ha Narrow if tl YasV
kin River, pwviW jodi idit. Is would auhacriUttia
other iliree-fitths. Tlte peraoo tatoteated m
proceed ing rapidly to avail tbemsr-lvea what "
then thought to be a moat lihrraf act d"il.
cioie, anu 11m prospects u aucoess aorttued arnat
encoursgtng when tba sudden tbanga ia the aiaaai
that overwhelmed all other kind of ttusinrsa ..
crushed also this great project. Thinga remaweg
th thiridiiic6urg.ng1itat uutiT IsaflTfiier, be
another appeal wa made to the L"giliiitir is e
Wlf the eitiaeiw f trm Wst, -and that horJr--
. :..c t .1... tf 1- " . .
wa luiuniKHi, mai 11 saaarr Jijim 4 tba -wamw
t" should be subscribed ,by tba Slate, individuals;
J.woubJ Mmrmil$ nm Um swimtadtr, AlVcraaadi
ct"'ioi od difficulty, tlie Act paaaad as aUd
ort i the State, by tha Act agrees to
aiisKaBilaa iaaaM dC)L. ai. - af. .... .... ... a.
aubtcribaAwUf -tbeCamtal tStock. pnxj&J -individual
will take the remaiiKler. Vi,6rf ti,,.
Law, the people of FayetlevilJe hare cum nteixHI
a very spirited action, and bava raised oa the Car
Fear, a majority of the sum wanted. Sametbm
less than two hundred thousand dollars, tansi-.
must ba raised by the. ptsopl .0 the IVm Mcu
we can reckon on the certam succras uf tlua mat
ami, Jong desired work, of infernal iitiprnvrax-US-
!IM V (M musf 0 BUde. It. Iliiwevtsr.
citiiens are called upon to met upon at.
I be property-boloer in th country, ar
I t" . r war .
oeepiy loieresiM ta una work ; they wut& gain
whether th Stork yield a xtividend or ami: they
will gam cm th Increased value of tlteir bad and
it producliona.. Wa bare no idea that tha fW
will be unprofiisbls i the State bs too anoch
fj!?"H!2 t .tbjtaboalsl..
rje cerrstnir -ttie- fart. nn th t j-
--- iia
ttoaa is, ot aJway, ima baa iraasailiaf a oa
Agricultural Scheme. , Too ar to be
are to ba smhhIv
benefitted I you ought therefor to take am this
subscription and fill it at once. Saw 9 smms nW
ar required each, and many faobtie ar
presented even for meeting these email soma. Wta
you, t he rrog lacked cnoa of Rowaat, aat eaaxsa
forward and ssve your awa treat Scheme srom
failur and your owo great iuicrosl Crwsa biunb
ruinf . - - V . ' "
VV ar aot enthusiasts. We have mmU ornisid-
ered what ws say, and wa know we tmeak truHw
It will ba a waling reproach lor voa ta ban back
at a eriei tike tbw.
Your respectfully.
D. A. DAVIS, .Comat'n.
K. W. UtNtJ,
Ralisbury, Dec 20, 1639.
iv. a. wvtittnuiii n. xx
RE.SPBCTKULLY mfnfm the citisens ofmWy
and its vicmiiy, that b bsa tea aa ofitrs at tba
Msnsion Hotel, Sir tbe purpose nf prsetmng IVrvras,
SoaeEst, in sll its various brancliea, n lim ot ti."
prnved and scientiSi! princip1e,'ix. AWiar, "Jar-
jnag-,- Eittrwrtinfi f sssrrraf' Trrrt M t, Ciili
Sjtng, flair, tf-e. -,
Ha isa regular gradual af Medicine, and bores by
attention and aatuidity in tba line of his jtrofumuai, la
receive t share of poblie pstrmwr.
S. B. He is ia posseasio of a- mataraat, ost oalr
innocent and easitv annlied. but tar
aerwr to ear
thine that ever yet has bee d
tsooverad Ihr itiyrtag.
aartttulsrls ta tori
pnsed snd tooth otherwise much dtseaand, aad would
parttcwlsrly reeommend it ta all berate ba'mg tiietr
laeth exlrctl, which otnerwaa might be moi by
hsving them plugged.
' I'. M. Ladies wsited 00 tt their private reaiueaof '
Ileeamber Sttt, KHk 3l
orvaaa voa
1 TpHESTOIUI HOUSE formerly occupy Vy
Jtnl II himself, situated ia th very aautr f bus.
nesa, immeduuely abeva Mr. Geo. W. Browab Vrs
fsr one, two, er three yearn Much mirbt be mid aa
fitvor of this stand, but the aubscribat deesMi it same-"
eessary to my mora tbaa ft possesses adtwotege bath
a to location and arrangement mt infarto to any aca
sr ia theplsee. KI.MCHK.1 ELLKitT,
ft5" Those who ar iodebted to tbe tsubsenbar, ri-"
tber by not ar aceounl, ara rsspsetfally, aad orttntly
reqneated to call and max payment at the aarlmt
pomible dsy. . K. E.
Balisoury, Daw, 30, 1SCQ fc.
;.. I
... I

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