North Carolina Newspapers

f ?iti n"
HAVE jiiHt receivd from New York and Pitilidel
phia, in extenniv twinix-nt of
DlV (joodn. Hard!-, Tinware, Crock.
ery.UIUM'KKlE.S.Drijgaund Mu
dtcmes, Dye-Slutl, Pniiit and
' Oil. Boots and Pho,
Sadilh-ry, &c., die.
fa short, their Stock coin,!- tlmoit every article
n.-i--i bv the Farmer, Mechanic, or thu t'luktotiabhm
of the ton or country. .
, A & They will aell low for catsh, or lo punctual
cYalereon tun?; or in exchange lor Country Produce.
Concord, My V4th, 1S9. tt
JOHN C. PALMER, hesanotm-r
new supply of gold.end silver
-r - Lever vvatchef,
plain English and French, do., gold
Fob Chain-end Keys Brrsrt Puis,
Pinter Knit, iler Butter Knives,
IVncllr. (patent sod plain,) Tooth-
ItuaXXEOeiM Pick. Fob Chain, Woectncle and
Also, very I3ii and large assortment of Raanra,
pocket and pen-kniva,by diftvrent Maimf-cliirer, with
other srticlesunually kept by Jewclers,ell of which will
be euld very low for eeaa, or imly eix month credit, al
ter which twie, intwest will be chariied..
Work done faithfully and punctually.
"Salisbury. May it, IXM. . - f .
Moms Multicaulis
fruit trees;
'lHEubKiibi-r inlurnis the public, that he b for
X aal, at hie Nurwnie in Davidson County, l.rj,(XM)
tree of Uie Moru tiullicaulia, (and eli a large nimi-
1 bur of roofd layer or cuttiig of the aaine, of the etit-4
.Mil year growth :) tnee are superior to cuuings wuu.
uutmotaUt imDaifal from. Ilia prices shall be the
market price of tlie article m the North, and ileewhere. I
lie alto ha a Urge etuck of Fruit Tine, Conaiatwg of
f tipple, P ars,
J'lachcg. Plums.
bing eleetrniM of the brut Aincricaa and European
fruit, all of which are gralu-d or inoculated, and in
t - ; : ; - 1 will dlir Twee m fod i.aflJJraMKHH
'r. 40IK iWJ ml leu, (if
' iMnount of order will jnatify it,) which I will chare
the. uauel price of hauling. It will be well for thorn
win wiah lo obtaiii irer, to get the Catalogue of the
,urcfie, which contain priemi, and will be ent gnti
i ftH eitflrtisrtftfwttl"
: tHine will b pnmipuy ettMtded to.
' ir,rf is IjltnitKlt. N. C. '
Jx:ngl.Hi, N. C, Kept. , lJ3tf. . 6m.
Cn;ss-&' Boger
HAVE on Uiid and nffi-r fir ale the li.llowing arti
cle cheap tiif ah or time Ui pmiolii il dealer :
Fine invisible green, blue and black Cloth; '
Bulla kustin'Diitered, ery haiHlmwie r-'
Black and dmb Dute for Summer wm
8 piece Kentucky Jean; KXtdo. brown DomeatK;
It) do Bed- I'ickinv; . 2.(KH) lbn.8j.uii tUton,S.F,
4i lb, blue cottn Yarn; lb. Turkey JUd i
" IA kcra naila, snorted !
4 ZeiliiiiMiirtoiiirt-" tn.ii
j , . aiiiitli Bellow-; '
1 At r-von' Ai-i la nnnhed Rirtu Viirula ; 3 rlt
net Aimr iMtingjjiojiroiiij
or acreao wire, ttc. fc.,iia'
Sugar, Coflee, Molaw, French and Chanipiign tlnn
dy. Win of ditlrnl kind; Holland Om, die, it
July (l, lfW. - If
irrM ft rf 1 1 tj ii "I n Ft 1 1 n
HAVE ou band, and intend kmping a aupply of the!
beat Anchor Stamn Uoltlnsr Cloths,
tt rj. J-reaHw jm j lat, the. Ml444i4JBBmipiisarid 'ri'jr'tijj rt ill'
Wove Wire lot Screen, Hitlers, be., kept eonatant-
ly on hand. HALL 01 JOHNSON,
Fayetteville, May 17, ' , If
Ilrafh Tract.
GrplIK above TRACT of LAND adverlised in anoJier
il part of this paper, is ttill .
F 0 It SALE,
and any on wishing to purchase can, by paying two or
three hundred dollar down, have the cliauce to pay Ui
balance on any reasonable Inn.
-- -r - ; B. AUSTIN, Agent,
Salisbury, July S, 1-39. '-..... , if
MM .
flMlE Hubacriber have I
I meot of bniwa and colored WRAPPING ptpet ;
together with Large quantity of PASTE BOARD,
which they offer (t wholesale or retsil. -
n June 7. 1SW.. - - - tf"
IFIHi 311213;
fROM 75,000 to 100,000 ol the
" OCT Apply i tint 11!ICC -
t f ft ft i IIIIK Nulxcriber has on hand.
. .-- ..- . an,!
I ff Ha b st his Shop,
it W"d M'Byewg
December 6, 1839.
A RR new receiving at their isd Stand, al Stirewalt's
i Mill, in Cabanua, a aew and fresh supply of
(Sprint; and hummrr Csooda,
f The following srticles are among the latest arrival:
i 1.700 1b of Sutfar, do. - Coihe, ; , : ,
' ('.; lIJ j. 5 hhda. Mohwaea. ,., e ;.f,;
50 bushels Suit, i -
Wines, Cngniae Brsady, Dye Stuns, Powder, ic,
U at which will be sold low file rJi. r In punctual
dealer en Time. J.aB W1NECOFF dt CO. i
Jdy let. iro. . ..; i 0Z Stly . 'i
m m a
'pilE SubcrifT lak On mclliod nf informing tlie
Piiblic, tliat he "till continue to carry ou tlie ba
ainesa of
as fmh t hi Orsnil Zitj, seven tiii?c South of"
Hulisbiirv. near the .'Id Charleston nmd, where he le
able to aupply all order kr MILLSTU.XE3 of the
beat grit, and on tlie liorUi notico.
tut Sale, at the lowest priced,
J. HOUI-SIIOUSEIl, Stone-Ciitter.
Ralwbury, Oct. 2Th, 1S'J. f. '
N. B. Order fir any of the aboee wiwieht erti
clee, directed to me at Salmhury, will be punctual! at
ended to. i JL IL
OTRAYED or etolen from the Subscriber, the
lf of November, ari '
op a torrel roen color, 14 band high, td rfT,
hnrfmudtntlf X ooacITlTd oTXI neck
made by the oilier, one no hi back and a tolera
ble larae whre not in bia fiirehead hi right e
out, hi nmne ni:atly (rimmed, and a tolerable long .
tttil.' -" '(.'' ; " - ' .
A liberal reward will be gieen (t the Pom.Tj
delivered to me, at Potle Dam, in Davidana Court,
ly, r tny one hearing of aaid Puney will eotdVr a
fir by giving information by letter or otherwiae,
directed a above.
Poll Dem, Davulson county, N. C,
Decembers, leS'J.
, ' '""' V'' TO TBI '
" Jail of Davidson County,
ON the :M)'h November last, a oegro man, who call
hi name
Jim: v7""
- . i ,
Jie i about 35 yeaia of age, ft feet 10 or 11 inche
hiir'i Jrtoul made, haa duwBhw t had- wr a. em
coat and pant, and cotton Velvet vert: eav he wa
niirchaned in Franklin County, N. C, by Ihmtin &
Yancy, and oe hi war South, waa permadnl to leave Jiia
maaler, by ome whits man, who after eorne day r"
mm.hign'to twrllBTetor'1rift' what'
JIM expecfd; Jim therefore, left him, and immediate
ly eurrenuered hionell to a white man, . 1 ne owner
i requested to come forward, prove property, pay
charge, and lake him away.
. , : . t w Ata. ,iior,.i ..
fexmgtm, N. -C, Dweetnaet 6, 183A-;r.'t--.-rr-H
I II AVE fr Sale, a large' Dumber of Multkmutit
Tre$, of a large ixe, anil well matured, having
benn in my pnewuMon tliree year, arf such are
preferable to Northern tres, aa they are acclimated,
and wirranled fenwnvl wilt sell by the treeor bud.
a will Milt parctiam-r. Cihould a number be wasted tn
neighborhood, an aa lo warrant the trouble, I will de ,
liver tiiein, if the dmtahce ia not too great
Peraon wiahir g lo rtiae tree, or to enter into the
ilk btfaineat will find il lo their inlerest to give tne a
call, or written order will reenve prompt attention.
- iioivAtririnijii:ixii
nESrECTFULLY inform bia fnenoa and Ibn
puhlic, fhnl h dill came on the TAILOR.
INU BUSINESS at hi old stand on mainatre,
next-door In the Apothecary Store. He is ever
ready lo execute the order of hi customer in a
tyle and manner not surpassed by any workman
in the western part of I lie State. He ia in the re
gular receipt of I he latest London and New-York
FASHIONS, and prepared to accommodate tb
tastes of i he laahioimble at all times.
I WILL Sell at In Court House in Salisbury,
.-.ou ih lt day -of-January nexti-two likely nV"
groe. - . ...
belonging to the heir of iltiam Baden, dee'd.
Term made known on the day of Sale.
Commtmiouer. "
November 20, 1839. - t.
BAGUISU, rqpjsu, aad grucemes,
AO lbs. Cotton Bagging, 41 ti) 41 inches,
SO coil lblo Rope,
: keg Nails, " ' ' '
441 bags Coffee,
HliW. Sugar,
' 1.000 lb. IiMf do. '
UKI lb. Hnring ttteet,
53 pr. Eilipti Springe, . '
, . 500 lbs Bl-ler Steel,
IU BotUosTonie-Mitrrgr- .
'JO laive Coterin Hideav
MlO lbs. Sole Leather.
.JIM kWk-li"
Balibur. laept OT. Witt L
';;;, NOTICE. """-
I WILL hire, at the Court IIoue, in the fowa
uf Salisbury, on Hi 1st of January next, for
the term of mi year, from 15 to SO N eg roe, be
I'Wging to Ih E-tat of W.'C. Love, deceased.
I erni made known on the day of Hire.
K.-"v. L.TJTtTf7Tjja ramn.
8litHiry, Dec. 18, 1P39.
,, .... WXTETY. -
A MEETING of the a hove U4y will b beldjt
HmrrH'lW!nrrnrttrrtii CooiityT'oa "f ralay, Um
127th d v of tha.moBth. cnmmnncin at II o'chk. A:
T- if I ...,. .... ' . .
M. 11 M exnected tlmt the meeune will ee aitdraasrd
by the Rev'da. Mesr. Penick, Scheck, Roth ruck,
Johnson, and other. , ,
By Order of the Society, 'r
Caharrua (x) , N. C, Dec lil. 1ST9. j '
ATAIR of YOUNG well broke
' TER for Sale be -
Saliatiury, Dec. 13, le30.
To tlio
W fc.. kjaa W
rim isaij-
J'IMIK. SulwcriW wTer (or aale tlie "J"
i A, valuable hmd IB LlUdilU t'UUlrtJ :
eontattung 302 acre. King no the Catawba Riv
er at (tule b-k Battir ruml.
A Tract of 1 3 2 acre adjotnmg the above.
A'Tract f 2Hti acre ailj-euiog the) lU
y, A Tract kowt a the -
eontaimng 709 acrea, wbicii will be auU M par-
! eel tu auil Durrhaaera.
I ne outMcrirjrr navmg orommnro
laoO way be bad um wrv liVral term, with a
crrdit id uaf, tm, aaJ ihrre trr.
Any one drainos lo pvrcha aitd wiwUing In t
amine any the Uad, will be shown Ibein by ap
ply in to Dr. S. X: Jomtwi who reewfea m the
oeisboorhood, and wba will inform tbeulof further
particular in relaltoa to term.
Salisbury, N. C, No. 9, 1939. tt
. . . '
HAVING lcatnJ itinwir m Itie 7Wa of Salis
4rry, iff-r hi jprulreanmil aenice) to trb
ClIitKn of Kdwaa, and the BjmDtng count it.
lie may be loond al Oil. Loss a Hurst, wbere
he u prrparnd lo perform any and every
N. B. ' EsauunatioM made without cbarge -
materials and work warranted ta all case.
8lubury, Nov. 8, IS39. tT.
LNG located bimaelf m SIbory,
teapeeUally teader km profemeal er-
vice to it cititeaa, aad tho of the oTTOaading coon
try. Il office Hat the roo kinaerly ccpM by Dr.
VL M. Buuchelle, where) kt may a tunad at all lima
eaeept when abeeat oa emff tuoal daUea.
fcaliabury. May X, U
rrnlE Subacriher Utaur eea miles eaotb of Balia.
ble aad Uraaila Mab eajraa ly br
wo that be caa ezecote ay order m tibal Line, on the
burteat notica,
tie ii reade to execnte which mse be called
S. k SCtLPl UaU
GRAVING, etc, aad be eaaare tbuat who may favor
liha, with ihetf wura, that asJcm well don according
to contract, he ha no aa. i
A aoeawleu large Davy Trong kr mle, eat of Rock,
for the pvrpOee ei areatrving milk 0L.Apply lo the
November 1, 19. . tt .
To Owners ot MVVVs.
rpHR HoWcnsrr aaaa untMrJKal SfoUUtot
Mais, by which, mill millet.
hi ik .... i mj KmJW . h aa an
a 10 aeep.nvttts.sMjr pr tdliag the me4. ocy waav'
aefv :. Jjpe.jnamee at-con'AjMd by the Hpmdle as J-.
.yrrt'imKv' no
rubtaiiig of the atiinen - -. - - ,
1 tamk, by tkm tansroard Spiadla, the earn water
awU-de a leaat e than, snot sasus m.and the el
of aupenuc ejoalitsv--
Aay person wadurjr to aa one of these Spindles."
amy obtain on er anre, by aaakiag applicstioa, (wrtb
ia a abort 1mm) to the Subscribe at MocksvOle, Us tie
CO.N.C i tbmk the senfasbie east writ not exceed
:) lor th PbumK and Sptadle ready tir aoe.
The kJ lowing ptnama Us my Patent Mill Spindl
in aoeeesstnl eoeratM : Col. W. F. Kelbr. Thtm. Fus-
ter, Joaeph Hall aad 8am Foster of Davio County;
Gilureth Dtcbaon and David J. iUmsoor of Lincola;
vnsrie unmw er Rowan ; Addaam Moore of David
son, and Wtlliaai Dnsa of Sanry, aU of whom am kigk-
r, meaaan wiia n penormsnca. .
1 iteiiiiiw fa yyaL' '
- arttstif.'. f i na 'iw- -axaT"
Wcw; Bargains
r.Ioii3. Roncchc,
risiITPa -l . te . .
ft a trm jit;, IV mninn IK inMOS
acm! MMtiuta.M ,1- ..1. 1 , ....
be haa received direct from Ctakmtoa. & a
rcaa mtpfig of riuita end Groceries, .
iceaj aa -FRFH
atae - - - t
beat quahtiea, and id the latest imporutionw
Pt. B. The above article caa be sold vert low
lur um. , -
r r. . . . - -
Salisbury, Nov. 39, 1839.
pUS SCIMC8IBElfU.ig near LeiingUm. Datid-
sua uwaiy, uin uus aaeta- to mhirm th Pub
lic that he. srul nntet. mi aiaairsct svwk any Pervm, q
pems, either m Danthnt, Ktaa.ur UbaisaoLmam;
Ua, wm wnej tmamTacWiea. nr any mhee kmd as
.itnmgs-ree wa Pfga, to aaua ., aaehaaxy a
durable, aad an a joud myl aa aay workman m Um
country. .
He will also, monld aad bora tb Brick, if wanted.
H trnst that hi long experience m '
ill entitle ksm to a slur al pablic patrons je. '
reier genuessen m JM OC j
' Buaiuean u Bie reu e"Aro7- aai ilwt ,
Br prard Qerk' emc in "ilMmrr aa anrrimar.. .d
If. B. Thaso wsdrr-gvrnrk aVma. will aWoaw leave
wtird t In e&ef im Wester. Carol isms, aad m
" pjoany aitcmae an. v
, "-:Roiikf coi
fhys ,priia,13-- if
IrB fVom the King. .TXoaniain
! ' 1R0X COMPAXT. 1
HXIZ Subitcrihera have made arraegrmest CA tbe
above Company, for the regular aapply of
which vrefl adapted to Wagee, and Carriagw Wmk.
Hots Shows;, whidk wdl be (old en rvwomUe
re . . J. aV, W JbURPllV. ,
Saliabary, December rsIU. rjrn,
W atTaiU tor saU ete.
I fbn'AT'S VKCKT BI.F. LIU". I'll. I AND
ill'llhM 111 1' 1 t-lUS. 'f Vuniroeamli'n
in hicbtlic.;Ujlirated Life fittf ond flu nix liultri
are hclJ, w Ui4aclonly demonstrated by tlie incrwa- :
itijr demand lor Uieiu in every male ai.o ecuon ui in?
uhjo. and b the voluntarv lestunoniala to iheu re
markable efficacy "which are every wher"olTered. " If
not htm troma dot-ply gratilyingconhilem. inaiuiey
re'lfi nw-rt ul elii!.iva and. mwt unable good
among ha!Hictedttjllorreatiirc,tbn froin interest
ed eaiiidera,kiii, that the rroprtetoc of the prtt-einu
aently succemtul ineJicino ladfwrou of keeping Uiein
eooatantiy before the public eye, -The aale of every ad-,
ditional box and buttle ia guaranlrie uwt aoiu permoa
will be relieved from a grtaiier or leaa degree ul eutfrr- ;
inf. and be improved in general health; lor in no cat
of auhVring froto dmeiuieran tliey be taken ia vain.
Toe Propriebf ha never known or been mloruioa oj an
UNftnce in wnico tlieynave tailed to do good. In the
moat obatinate eases ol chroma discaie. aucn a curonic
dyapepeia, torpid liver, rlieumaiiwn, sathina, nervous
and biliou heed-ache, coaliveDtnis piles, general debili
ty, scrofulous swellings and ulcers, scurvy, salt rneum
and all other chronic affectidna of the ergana and mem
brane, they efloCt cure with a rapidity and permanen
cy which tew person would thenreticallv believe, but
16 tttucn thousand nave ewineu iroin mppr Fclr
ence. la cold aod cjugiia, which, if neglected, super.. .
induo- the most fatal disease of the lungs, ami maeeo
tho VMcera in general, these medicines, if takea but
to three or lour day, sever fail. Taken it night, they
ao ptomou tba inseosibto oerspwauon,and so relieve
the system of febrile action snd fwulent jibetrucUoUlj.
s to pVuduce i i most delighu'ui iei se of convalescence
in the morninr; and though Uie uxuai sympion.s a
cold should partially return during the day, the repeti-
two oT a suitable ooae at the next boaroi bed-tune win
almost invsnaMy ettect permanent relief; wrtliout fur-
Iber aid. Their effect upon tevereot a more scuieanq .
violent kind is not lew sure and speedy if taken m pro
portionsble quantity ; sod person retiring to bed with
mOammalory syniptouisor themtaitauirniing iiou, win
awske wutt the gratifying consciousnem that Uie fierce
enemy has been overthrown, and can easily be subdued.
In the same way, visceral turgeaence, tnougn long ra
tabladied, and visceral inflainmstiona, however critical,
will yield the former to small and the latter to Urge
dose of the Lift tiU$: and ao also hysterics I sfleo
Uoos ypocondriocistn, reMleesness, and very owny
other varieties of the fieurotical elamof dieeases,yield ,
to the efficacy of the fhrnix UUter$. t all directions
tor the oee of these medicines, and showing their dis
tinctive applicability to diS'erent complaints, accompany
a; and the caa be obtained, wholesale and retail.
at 375 Broadway, where Bunihrou certificate of their
unparalleled success are al way open to inspection.
For additional narticularaof thd-above medicines, see
Motial'e Good tiAMiamN," a copy of which accom
panies the medicine; a tupy can s)ao be obuined ol
the dtflerent Agents who have Uie medicines jfur sale. .
I ranch, German, and Hpa.iiah direclViha can be ob
tained on application at the office, 875 Broadway.
-All Boat paid tetters wulfeeeive-immeuiftte attention,
" Premred iid sold by W ulum' tt Mtfsi, 75 Srosd-"
way, N. Y. A liberal deduction made to tho who
purchase to aell sgain. . ' .
Aortal The Life Medicines may also be had of the
principal druggists m every town tlirougliont Uie Uni
ted htatea ami tho Canada. Aak fbr Moflat's Life
PUwaed Fbmi Bnu; aod b or that a hie simile
f Jon Momi aigiulure ai upon Ui label of each but
tin of mers.or boxof rill."" ""
TUB vvEdl. and particutarly those who have
the Ltt E MUViUMM in treatment of t t-
It but a verv abort Una since these Medicine have
been mtroaoced into Utn Feer and Ague l)itricu,aod
Mm nroorwlur flsllatra huuaett that during that permd,
wherever they have bewa ased accordtog to Uie d tree
Uoos, they nave don more Iowa rue exterminating the
dasrase, tbaa all other remedies and prescriptions corn
btnetl ft is a cummna excuse moof reif"l prs..
mm qmilki r rrrtrodiiced, Ui Ujeyt.
wt cur dweaseti niiareTn ibe haMt ia) cn
Wnetmg mcarabte. Ssedtcal experiejics is cpDUaunUe
ajotef sievf owl nf the-fet of th incurable diaessea,
aad Mr. Modal Iwa Uw Jiappineaatd onodentty
nouncing that -evet aad Ague is now to bo auded to
the ttumoer of eomplaiut which modern, f hill hftii rmn
anSrsit " - - ' '
Bjllt. I Ml.
h Fever aod Aguette lii 3feJctae1vit ooiy give
quicker relief than any other remedy, but, if persevered
in, eJect oermnneiil car; so that if Um patient i
only ordinarily careful, and reaorU directly to hwmedt.
cum upon me nr symptom ot tendency to a, new at-
hwk. il an, tlinti h. ..U.I.o- ! . i
tack, it mav alwav be warded off Taeacansinniiekill
would be of infintlelv more conaoouence to Uie suffer.
er than Um value of the remedy to remove th disease
laerumnenUy would confer i benefit opun hi in Which
iaaMi wm wawvM arf sot canniy Manaaro. lal
these Madicrnea wdl edect what w here claimed fcr
them, th Proprietor baa the testimony of .11 ecmw
en,aw mvm&iwmiM Um
tnm mnf M sa r.X I... ..t S . J . . .
IL. I ', t . "
tttcuu aj. wc ji s tomtuea utem ina tney spare
a pais in communicating their experience, and dis
eemmating Uiw highly mteresting intnrmsiion, now that
the season fi Fejret.aad Agae haw arrived:
it m not lor the mere purpose of dupusing of few
hnndred package of tb Life Medicines, that lbs pro
pneox rnske this appoaL - The demand fbr hi Mcde'
cinea at already greater than he can conveniently sup.
ply; and even were it insufficient to shord bun busi
ness, be would conceive himself supremely selfUh, il
km pleasure was not greater at tba bene tit conferred
anon tb u Bering part f Um eomroumty by aa increase
m hi ml, uan at bis owa pecuniary piofit
The Life Medminea, if properly used aod persevered
am, recommend themaelve; still it is necesmry that the
puVic should kaow that such medicinoaexist,and hence
Um propriety of adteitiring them, it ia hoped, th-re-fcr.
that th proprietor will not be accused ot egoism
when beany that ther ia no medicine or mode of treat
meet axUat, far fVver and gue, ao a ppmpri te, thoroogh
aad positive in ita happy eil'ecu as AlogV Lift Pitt$
ad i'kenix BiittT, .
Fir,fcr!,wr r"ienlBra of the above metlicin see
Moffat t aoe SAjaAMTaa, a copy of which accomp.
aaBS the medicme. A copy may also be obtained of th
different Agents who have Uie medicines for mle.
tfCT French, German, and Spanish directions caa be
ebuined on applies two at the office, 375 Broadway. '
SO- All fust pmtd letter will receive immeoiate
utAT?"- b' WLLIAV B. MOF
r AT, S73 Broadwer. N. Y. A liber! dniunu.
wuMa,a, psreaasew sett agatri;
A.afwtt.Jii-. Medmima."n 4a f?wbin ia of Co1
principal druggist in every Iowa thmorlwut the United
Suie and the tadar-Ak fhr Mrl.r.-1 IK. t.iT..
't. . . "; ,M he Moiihjot
John Mnffiii wgnMore w opun the label of each bottle
of butera,er hua of mlla, " ;
n rem and Ague at a moat obstinate duteaae, and ia
c'onaie, rreenetotly ruaiats every
"Z-gff nf rnrn. saaattt income very HUrel
l mats a i si aat i . j . . . . . .
.... r-, 7 ssireme aegtiity which the
mseasa induces, ntten givere Itw-herehmnicjtoto.
ptaanta. Marab miaamsts, or the effluvia arising from
atsgnsnt water, is Uie meat treiiiient exciUng cause ul
that dmste; aod one of ita rreal nm-ulutriti.. ,.
ceptibi!ity o jenewnl n..hghrcauWh'
? r Pff f,le"c f " easterly w ind-even with
''HvlaTt f 'th' nf !lf j t' "nrvjtirtsar wtu
thm,Feerand Agoe difem hnm nmatotli, fc,,,
m wt.ll knuwa. that alter aa ordmsry f-ver has once
ecrarrad. and been removed, tbe person a fleeted is not
so laWe to a fresh attack a one who wu not sosflect
en. 1 be eircuinsuncea render it extremely difficult
to effect a frrswmritr rsre Fever snd Ague, thoueh
" " psimu sit uie um being aj a verv nn
TERS hat been thoroughly tested.ind nrofed to be
E??r?dZ?'eml of Fever and Ague. Hon
dred of bar Wlow-eitiaen. ta the Weat, hate votunta.
rdy coma forward to amore Mr. Moflkt that the Life
AWn-nr. .re theonly metlicine. thai will ,h,n,ugk,l
ttkei a removal of thn moat tedioui aod direebi
U) llil ricli .
eing pirtion i4' our ci
nirymtn Im eut ,,4 f'
lu.otf. anil ConUUeul ol viliiiiiiiir a Ci,iin.i....... .
luxuriance nl Uie ao.l; or wiiocarritd to H,e on ,
of our settlement the mercantile or uitiiuca ,'"'"
rit-nce won in tne crowil-d cities and toavua o? i:,t' ''
er Sut'e,"baveeither returned ith ahattered eon,)' I
lion nd dejirenned apirita, or .they reawut hi trtrn I
hoineis dragging out a weary lile ; at lai, lo amk i
der euuie tlmuase Ui Wlncu tltey are predlpua?4
terror ul the U ot, tlie i-'t ttr end Agut. . 'J bti,,
sre blasted their busiucxi energies utvirt jj "f
El Dorado become a desert, sud the Word, uad ,T?
ear, i broken to lheahope.
' To these imlmduala, Mr. Mofliit would my f
the Lift AtedicintM, snd you will yet anttpat t,l
most sanguine expectatioiia, for lltey ill etiUu.i.
store you to healtli." k " '
Fever and Ague w a complaint which roquirea l,
met at its flint approach, and couibatted at evert
tieldom taut of itaelt, it reduce the Strength, so
pair the function of Uie organ, so that upuo the taw
testation of disease. Nature w unable, pnaasisted,
it the inroad. The Lite Medicines, whea takea au
ly according to directions will cure it, aod gi
weak and trembling vnUin of disease, new health,?
and strengtn. .
For yii particular of tlie modem trratmeM, U
reader n reterred to the Goon KAauaiTax, eon, j
which accompanies Uie medtciue, A copy may ht ,2
lamed of the diderent agents who bate Uie aieAc
for sale. r1
FrwIJrnmnrtniWfiwTrin .
tamed on application at l.e office, 375 Broadwst.
All (KH paid letter will receive immediate n,tj
Sold wholesale and retail by William B. Mufli,j
Bnstdway, N. Y. A liberal deduction made le UL
who purcliate to sell again. '
Arafi The Life Medicine mav almha ki "Ti
principal Druggist in every town thrnoghoiit the fsk
ted rltatna and the Canada. Aak for Wutlat'a Lit. p,iu
1 ,w 11 . . I I . -
anc 1 nenm ouiers, snu m surv inai a rac ainultd
John Moffat' signature is upon the label of each boUk
of Bitter, or boa of Pill. : . :
aaatassnaasnmBsnrs - v.
The abore Mediclnea maybe hud of
Mesirt. Crew 6t Boger, in this Towa.
who are Agent for the tame.
Salisbury; N. C :July 2.
To Trazdlcri
Y BK-traveHing-commun it y Ti Ni resprcUully kdorm
. cu uivt tuv tnittviiun pa uuw running BM UattF
rr-ct from Raleigh b way of Pittsboro' and Adibaro' a
Salisbury, ia small NorUicrn made Coaches of the tnt
I order,; Jeiying Hkvgh on , Uoodsys and Thorsdstt
1U A. w , arriving ia Neiiaoury next daya at 10 P. E
Leaving 8alit4ury on Tuesday and Fridays alS A. h
arriving in Ka'eigh next data at 10 P. M.
Ilia horse sre good, and drivers particularly earthi
and acoominodatwg. JOEL McLEAX,
re, ia, isa. . a Hotsj.
or Tna
- FROM and aBer the 1st of D, cember proxiasl
I will be publisbed in Wasliinirtitn cm. a daily l.
rt, under the above title: affmlini loihn PsonbA
at large; die first opportunity offjred of obiaiiunt
e 11' i: - , . . . "
ratn i ninr,iun a commat report ul I be man
farcical doiug transacted liere, and In the ciiixa
"'The cfiaretriJ thwah.Vr J.all h. it.,. Ui.
YrnJeiU, (not rtkles,) in I be rrxwl extended H.
of fhelefini-tbee-htTirbPin convinced that a
independence olonn which cna secure fo tb tesv
PJpe,r.f'rJJbeniud lalmn it should etg V.W
and that v without it, ean tever raWrr ferrjr
oiwrul end. . .
A a Ctilliful REroaTint," poliijc, and lb
moveirtents of political men. will b boldly dw
cueeed I and in poinl of variety, humor, and piuennW
ne m new matter, thn Onxntr shall
,'I be narnavsed b an mfwr nahar nf mml tiiiaMk
I eion for it ahall be our pride to record with dm
patch, and in a pleasing atyfcj, A
l 'ti..j..l,i. ; ,
1 The device ijuaiot, nd follies ever oe. .
('hers .who Imve cuiigiaU-d
nw.jntim-eH'yHy wl'MI.m ttdi
I I r I I I . - : ' .
The " Reimitkb and Ousters " will be orimJ
in the neatest style, upon good paper-alawnl-rW
mmal etfeot penny "paperi, arid sold by the C
rier at Ostt Cknt prr duett eon, or Six Cxt
hhiaiTedVFivtBoLLAas. A M
OO" For the accommodation of I bote ia tat
country, who prefei it, a tbi-weeklt editioa f
the paper, containing alt tbe reeding matter of tta '
daily, may be had al the very low price of Tata
lovmum per annum, mailed lo order. Tb In
weekly per month, fifty cent.
Address, (postage paid,)
- -"-- ; Washington city. "
N. B. No oroer fir the nener hr mail win bt
atlerHed lo, unles accompanied by lb cash, or
0,NE DOLLAR 1 1 " '
The pulilwliers nf thn Renf mJ If..
Dailw Omniln$.n in Washiiisian riiv. dMinaf
ne- fnwfde at faT;' f
i iit .
""".V tronr1 h,oh PTn,'"n,J0-
- tr hTinncaftlnf mterestine ineident-
correct aa well a entertaining and amusing p
nf " P?'hfi i ai nlau 4u facilitate the eirrs
lationid alni y indrprndtnt paper, offi r lb txi
wn ntr Repttrter and OrrHtibus,M aa aU , U
Hie unpiecedenled low price of One Dollar! Th
Unw. fuf Cwtr wmihe, fr fr. n-Jkr'..:
L AlwsvinaJvaiH-e.O f"lPp Cenf
(tt To l)AUr$ cash remitted wit! f-y
on, copr dtirinr the whtde ion, which i
pcte-1 to ciHUMinn eight or ryne rmmth ; iud T
Doilart caah will nay C Mf eimit? duimr.Jht.
...y ' W r" W
Money may be remitted be member of C
' ' ' " v : ' Waahington eify-
Deeemherfl, 1838. ;
Wilor generally will confer a farnr whWh
will be gladly reciprncated, and be entitled Ui a
exebange, by giving the above few rrsispicnrs"
intertiocis, and fbrwntding- their re-pective paper
F A m. -
i or o Head oisnp
M which fa-r price will be eivr
a 3 .. 05" Apply at th -Kw
Wa)irfM Went, ffr JJjjjju-JM

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