North Carolina Newspapers

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hi. liu.i, hoi rBORimrKD' ay it to Tna statm, abi Ieskrvkd ToTHSsitrKs u:recrivii.v,o ro rue none. .4c.J.ife rte fmr;'imo. Articlt X,
Editors and Proprietor.
..... ivioic jvo. i&n.y
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:v.. v terms ., r.,
Tu -Western Carolinian ta pnblu-hed every Fbi
r, at Two Dollar per annum il paid in advance, cif
ro Dollar and F.fty Cents if not paid before the ex
piration uf three monlha. ' '
Mo MPr wiflbe discontinued uniil ill arrearages
paid. unless at the diacrtninn of the Editors; and
ttilure to notify the'iiditnrt of wbh to discontinue
i tv end of je, wall be considered a new en
gagement. Advertitemeat will bt ttvipicuously tm) eerrectlv
inaarted, at on dollar per wjOi (of 340 rmt, or Jif
temiaeeof thiatixed type) for the firtt insertion,
- and & ta each Contieuance.N, Court end Judicial
adverticcoHMila will ba charged 33 pi, cent more Ilian
the, above prices, A deduction of SSjf'-peT cent from
Ucil" prices iiHT tie inaieto yt-arly adveriier.
Advertisements sent in for publication, must have the
number ot timet marked on tlirm, or they will be inser
ted till forbid, and chargnd for accordingly. "
. letters addressed to the Ed i tori on bustneeB mast lie
putt Mii,or they will not be sltended to . N
new aupplv of eold and titter
i '.. V5" p'sw English snd French, da. gold
P l-TK 1 1 Fob Chains and Key. Brest IW
ili- HI" FingrT Ktngs,siiver Butter Knives,
j 1 t.lrs Pencil, (patent and plain,) Tuoth-
nrnawwHinut tinena, rob (.bunt, Hpnctaclet and
Thimbles, tJtetjl and Gilt Fob Clinim tnd Key.
Alao, very fine and Urge tMirtmetlt ol Ralore,
pocket and pen-kniea, by ditierent Manufactiirera, with
otberarticleauaually kept by Jewelera,tll of which will
be mid rery low for eoaA, at only nx montlia credit, al
ter which time, intereat will be cluriied.
Work done ftitlifiilly and punctually. '
Haliabqry. May 2, IS19. If
Jhf V iUS. ITer Watchea,
"n lawlf it '" 'L 1
t , Great Western Stage Line,
, "T1IE above line it now in full operation, and ar
' rivm at.aiiJ deiwrta Ironi aliabury at followe :
Ie Saltan on Monday, Thuradny a, and
aiurday at 0 o'clock,-A. M. ! and arrives at
JUhiilwet lv at 8 o'clock, P. M."
Retirrnmjr, Inavea Aahvillenn Mthdaya, Thurs
day, nnd S iiHfrtiv, or 5 o'clock, A. M. and ar-
"riwt al Salisbury next ini al 8 Vclurk, P. M. ;
' . A. BFNCINI, v
.. N.U. Faflar leaving Rrtloi jjh,' N. C.,,for
ushrillo, Toiuicaiwo, Will find no delay whatever
- atthit route, ' 'A.' H. at K. W, L.
SmMturji-H;- tV"K"T 1 4r tf
rrTHE travellins eom nunilv Sre retpectfullv inlorm.
A ed Uat the tjubwriber ia running his line di-
Trwn Ralefgh by wty rfFittsb6r,w Athboro' wrp.i, requested lo come forward, prove properly, pay
Saliaburr. ia small Nortltern made Coachea nf tha nrat
order; tcaving lUIeigh oa Moodayi and 'Diorsday'a at
It) X M . arnvina in Haliabtwa next daya at 10 V. M.
I fcearrtiflfelwboTyiieaytaiid Ftidaira at A."M.?
I arnvinir in Ks'eiB nest dataal 1UK. Al.
" HtrtiorwHare gpodlijJrJvejcA.tkMlajJy.
X B. seals secured at the ftlanaton Hotel.
!TIorni Tl!il!iranli. I rtiil Trrca Ac.
rMlE SulwcriU-r inlorms the public, that he haa (tr
V tale, at hie Nuraerms in Uavidijon iMHinty, 15,(M)()
tTHSnftbe Sorut Multicaulia, (and also a large num
bet id nnfd la vera or cuUim'i of the saipe, ot tiit cur
' ft'Dl yuar'a growth :) tUeaa are Mioerior to cultinifa with
out rouu to pnipita Irmn, Ilia prices sha.ll be the
market urica of the article in tha North, and elsewhere.
Ife alai haa a iarga stock "of Fruit Trecx. coiuitting of
J - Peaches, Plums,
BVan. rt i J . . saassafc
r uitcrries, yc,
heinf selections of the bet American snd F.iiropifsn
ftiiita, all of which are gralted or iuocuUted, tud in
beallhy, growin condition. ,
1 aulldoUr- frs i seed eofMlilion, at any
able distance frout IxiiiiL'ton, say 73 or 100 miles, (if
'Vuawuiit at waVrs wiU justify U.) f"f bicb I will Uiarirc
the oaaat price of hauling. It will be well for llioae
whs with to obtain trees, to et the Catalogue of the
Nuneries, which contains prices, tnd will be sent gratis
to ail applicant the Duetage being paid. Coinuiuuica.
.... ttona will be promptly sttended to. . ..
Direct ( Ltxmelon, N. C. '
VuVAVc NoUtc.
Tm Snbarriber, ia eonfiaiity to recent instructions
teeemid frwa the North Carolina Gold Mine Coro-
Bany.ukes thi method to inlornt Ihose lnuerested, that
Retainer iu amm kxind iresptMing upon ine iuiiow-
nt; I rieta Land, btrlonging- to saw uwnpsny, siiut
-IM-ia HawiJoa County, will be prosecuted socordinj
tetbaatrict lottctof the Law.
- JOHN WARD, Agent.
A-wil 1.
an, An, ill 1 - ;
Tract, Xo l-ronoiininr- 8 acres, lyir g oa the ha
. mils branch. .
: K v S eonuimng W teres, ry in J oa the w
. tofaaf IU Flat Hwawa.
. " 3-o-coBtaminf 3.H00 acnw, lyiea M Ijck
em-k. l'lsttfwirf'tad sdkiii J5im,
. 4-oiMUinia( 1.(WmI, !if oa Flat 8aap
ti wniiiuiBf .WU tyiag oa uck .cms.
7 containing l,4l.lytnjon Flat rtwmap.
. . B onUMif tMSSiyinf ea I .us creci
. tt aontsiauiAT Ivwa on Lick trerk.
' " 1U aonummr 1.MI7 seres, lying oa Lick
creek and Flat 8wnnn.
f ' f oonUininir. 1.3TA Ivmg oh Licl ereek
12 eaoUioing 117, located on lonr milt
Branch snd Jacob creek, adjoining the Lead mine.
Wv Police
i &H' . ffi TIME SiiWriber has oa hand.
fcta. -J,. ' a J. and Kale, at bis Stio
in Saliabury three brat rata RmU ItairoiM.
t-DeermW 0,1830.. y V- ,
cw jatgaus.
IAKKS reat leasure, l if inform Ins friend
an.t ....I lk.. ..!!. ! 1.1 .i .
ne ns receive I direct Irotn Uisrleston, 8. C,
frtih typplg of Fiuifi and Groceries,
srcit as "V"
HERRING, '.' ' v
WINES, LIQUORS amo SEGABS, all of ibe
beat qualitiea, and of the lateat imjxirtatioo.
N. U.-.The above articles can be sold tt-ry low
for Catk. : . ' "- " .
Salisbury, Nov. 29,' 1939. ' tf. '
Xenr Winlrr Fashion for 1 840.
no u c aiunia jwuf-
RESPECTFULLY iiUlirms Ins frteiios and the
publi'rv that h still carries on the T A ILOR.
ING BUSINESS at his old stand ion tnainstreei,
next door to tye Apothocarjr Store. lie is ever
ready to execute the orders of his customers in- a
atyle and manner dot aurpasscd by any workman
In the western part of t Ue Slate. He ia in the re
tular receipt of the latest Londiai and New-York
FASHIONS, and prepared to accommodate the
tastes of the lashionable at all times.
fr Cutting Riirments of alf iiwls altcmtiMl lo
promptly ; and (he latest r aaliioiia.rjrninlied at all
times to couutry tailor, and instructions ft i von in
cutting.. Salisbury, Jahi;t 1840. .
rV aWonnv: Wucs
w iiuie nuDscriucr lecpt eooauntiy on hand, a gener.
al anortmast rf..-.i :.i ,n ,
1 V.I ... .
CirGentlmaea'a wear, eucn wCvf, PtnUlutxu, t3y
t out, or gooq ; . .
ii .aiwii i i nn.iii it . .ai W-w wal aaaBamiWM
well made and fasliumable. lie w alto prepared to cut,
and make clothin? la the atoat fatkionmbU mnd dmrablt
rya, and Warranted to fit. Ha, alao, keeps a (rood at-
sortment of CkMha, Caaimeree tnd Vestingt ot Uit first
qualities, selected by hiineeff ia the New York Market,
til of waiea he wil sell low for Cash. '
.,.N. B. lie sull continues-to teaeb the art of Cutting
garments on the mmt approved pUnaof ttm beat I'sikx
in !jew York snd Philadelphia.
; 03" Cutting for customers done oa the shortest no-tic-i
and or Jen from a dwtance attended In with !e-
spalh. OO" His shop-Will be found in Mr. Cows n't
-Jargt brick bnildmg.-.--BK?(ir r.-rKALET,
8inburf;31ay ;i
0T1O the jail of 'Davidson County, on (he 30th of No-
' U TeiiitxY laat, i negro man Bo cans bis name JI M.
He is about35 yeais of age, 6 feet 10 or 11 inches
high, stoat made, has s down look I bad en a Kerais
coat and panta, and cot too velvet, vest : says be waa
purcbsaed in Franklin County, N. C. bv Ifowtin Si
Ysney,and oa bis way South, wss persuaded to leave bte
ry by aoma whit v maw, wto-ner aome eay-er
two, travel a dift!rent direction from what
JIM expects ; Jim therefore, left him, and immediate
ly surrendered biawcll to a. whita inan. . . i lxt--ower
charge, and take bua away.
. W. WOMACK, Jailor.
-Jiitoti, J. CnJTember
I I AVE on bawl, tnd intend keeping a supply of lbs
1 1 best Anchor Rlimn Rdltlnw niotha
comprising all tba various Nut. used in tins region ot
country Where sll who wit Uie srticle can be sop
-plied in quantities to suit purchssers, tnd on fctaonible
aw i siioa f M ' t - ., , U
Wove Wire for Screens, Sifter, Jce., kept constant
ly oo Innd. x HA LL & JOl INSON, ,
- Fayetteville, May 17, 1939. . tf
i . 1- .- ' - -
' PI1E SubacriKer llvinr seven miles sooth of Palis-
A bury, intends keeping constantly on band, Mar-
LI I I . UI.U - - '- C
that he can execute iuj orrttTBsfliije, on lbs
shorh-st notice. : , v ( , . ,
, '. . ALSO . , .. .
He is ready to execute any anrk which mav be called
GRAVLN'G, 4U, and as aaturet thncn who tnty favor
bint with their work, that unless well done according
to contract, lie has no pay.
A complete large Uairy I mogh tor sale, cut ot Hoc
for the nurnoae of oreacrvinff mok cooL App'J to the
Subscriber. "'
November I. 1H9. tf. , ,
Cotton Ficldnff-
WHOSE who with to have their Ce'fea Pickri and
1 PmritJ m thf boat aotMble nisnner, and oa the
thortest notice, will do weif IweeUee tha Uabaeriber,
who ill bimaelf attend Deraonslly lo the ku.ioeus. ills
.nutted on the Wilkeaburu' road, (Howard's Plants-
in. 4 milee north weM of Sal.abnrv.-sod is ia rx.
cellmt order, for receiting, PICKISO and MCtf-
J. COTTO.Y. k '
Plieters and Merchants who will enteost their CoU
November 29. 1WL
f ROM tha Subarnber, oo tha 6th
inatant, near Greenborough, a large
enrrol horse, 13 or 16 hands high, with a white
streak in his forehesd, 13 yeara old next Spring,
. and has been docked. Said bores vs been work
ed regulsr, eonseqoenlly shows lha marka of bar-
. neM. Any information eoneeming said horse, di
rected to rue at Letinji'w, N. Carolina, or to my
houae, S mites Kant of Lexington, will be think-
fully received, and Isirly compensate it
ikenn LOPP.
J PccemnVrJJT. lfW.; ; , 4. 1
Thia document is entirely too long for our co
lumn, but its importHiice demands that a view as
jeomnlelM aa nmuiUfv ha laLun rf itm
, ' . 1 . VI'UIUIIIM
. . I- . . . .
i no expwiouurce oi ine past yenr, and estimates
of revenue end expenditure for'tha next, we trans
cribe in full.
RrtfMtt and intent for ia9, txcUt'at'nf Tiu$l tni
' te PnM OJlct. ; ,
Tle balance in the Treasury on the 1st of January.
18.1'J, which could be OQnsitleoed available for eene-
ral purjioies, wsa
The receipts from customs, the drat
three anartenv aa appearing on the
: Rcfieter's books, are . ' , ... $193,599 50
This includes about two millions snd ...... ?
thrce-fimrtlis, collected last year in , , . ,
Treaaury Notes, but not carried on , ''
.: his hooka till 18JJ9. From ttus causa .? ! .
the sctutl receipts ia this year, will,- " '. ':
to that extent, appear larger llith
Receipts from Isnds the first three
quarters, including alao torrie coll
, tied laat year ia Treasury Notes f 7
Miaccllsiieous receipts, 1
Estimated receipts b the fourth quar
ter from sll those sources . "
Receipts on some ot the rVbts sgainat
Banks not avtilirble oa 1st Jsnutfy,
1KI9, but since psid,
Frwn the third issue of Treasury
, Nole binder the act of March 9,
i63&v :
5,4I7.2S(1 31
V V-:...
5,700,000 001
ij2,m oo
3,W70 21
Ag-jrejule means,
Expenditure, for l$39, rxrhuivt of ike Port Office
Civil, foreign, snd miscellaiieous,-
Military, for the first three qusrters,
Naval, tor l lie firtt three quarteia, :
Estimate for alU durmir the fourth
10,781.709 21
4,713,701 57
&,GOO,(00 0(1
unded debt for year, . r '. ,
4 . 14,0oS IH
24.709 007 09
brat tbiee aUartera. interest as we II
as principal, , , 9,M,7j9 83
I lin includes two millioni and three
fourtlis paid in for duties snd )snda laat
year, but not earned on the Register t
books till lecJ9. From tb caiiae the
expenditure on that accoont will e
fvmr larger by that amount Dun tbey
actually have been within those quar
ter. .. .
Entimalnd amount of notes rodcci
in Uie fourth qusrter,' . Ilii0,Oi"J 00
, ...Agirreirste payments; v. . ,
,001,421 t2
. -i'i
Leaving an available baUnee of money
in ibe Treasury en tne amor ink
ceuibcr, 1339, o( ?..-.-..t.,"..,r
r lM34 93
EtlimaUvf the Recfiptt mni Etpeniituut for 1640.
For reasons hereafter lo Be explained, the re
ceipts into the Treasury, the ensuing year, cannot
b estimated so higtr at in ledlf.
From the best inrbrmition posaeseod by this Do
partment, it is eomjiutcd iha,!, .j.Jie frBKfiT8?.,a,-o'.
Ilieni, avaiinoio lur puuiic purpoaea, will uoi excecu
i p,uuu,uvu, via v-irom- - . r"
Cuatoms, ; . , ,.'' ''tX $i5,ono,ooo 00
lands, , s,rm,m oo
M mewl la neons,
Add to these the bsliinwBvtinalilBintr"
a'nhticable'U)"oihpr''Dori")i:s. wtiich
avill-W m lb Trea ...
-eury owHie brat of January,-tew, Ii0,w -tw
The eflicient means in that year will
then amount in thje aggregate, to
IfCongreaashould makaappropnations
, to the extent deaired by tlie diflerent i
liepartmenta, tba expenditures for, . :
1S40, independent ot the redemption -'
of Treasury Notes, sre etunet st 20,000,000 00
Incloding sll the Treasury Notes lobe '
-redeemed, the aggregate expendi
ture would be about
22,750,000 00 -
This would leave s deficit ia the Trea
sury at tha clots of tba year,
amounting to
But there will be due from the United
Ktates Bank in September next, oa
ita fourth bond, aboart -
The principal now due on the Trea
surer's d-'pnailea in other Beaks,
2,533,015 00
2jyj0,fi78 00
wJiich suspended .specie pay
in l37, la
Shmild all Ibesa claim be collected ia
140, they would preveat t ieficien.
cy, tnd Wave aa available kaltnca
in tba Tratury of nearly
1,119,904 00
It ia not, however,' considered prudent la Hy
exclusively on tha collection of thews debts. ,
" Oiie mode, llien7of HSviaifng any difuculiy frm
that rirctimstsnce, will be lo reduce the sggrreate
yyppfjjjpy poaipoouig some and
leteening others, so that the meant probably avad
able, will be sufficient lo meet atl callt upon the
Trexaury, and leave ia it an average balance (A
about two millions.
ft is believed, 41 ir 'ressons ertmie ra jd heeeaftir,
thai such a reduction is poaubla vhout eenlial
injury lo any useful libject, and that thia balance is
tba smallest wbitJt is adequate to secure prompti
tude and good faith in public payments, so heavy
in amount as ours, ao unexpected at times in tba
a'aA or ttiera, ami to .
territory, Jf ibe appropriations are oof ihus re-
duced, it will be wiae to provide teasonalily in soma
other wsy for lbs) amounts of Ibe conlingent doft-
cC0Cy , aud of such a balance. V ' " " "
partmenis, at to the sums of money proper for
each, and which constitute the oasis ol tne eeii.
mates submitted to Congress, the new appropria-
tima required f r the next year wilt equal the
sum of $19,290,000 S3
Vn i . - ,
Civd foreign iutorcourse and miaeet- . 4
tsaeous . $4,MIA44 19
Military services, pen- .
aiona,iC, . 8,213,fUO 74
Naval temoe, .... 3,0bi.6l3 01
Beside fbese, the permanent appropriations,
which, by existing laws and llie modification of
them recommended, first become r.hargsabbv on
the .Treaaury In 1840 ; amount lo fl,56 0O0.
iTb'y jare, in the War 11,236,000 j
in the Navy, 8310 000; and puUio il-U,10,tl(l ).
The pri'iciul on Treaaury note f-iUing dje mill
be about $,700,000 more. Tn apjir-tiaiimis
already ma le and chsrg-al.le, Inch will remain
uncalled for at Ibe end Of the ,re.iit jcar, are
eitimated, by flip di;1rem departments, tl Ihu fur
tlicr stun of f 11,87,371, t'uwgh that is conHt r
ed by the undersigned as likely la be tbiui two
millions loo small. Of these, they confute I'ni
nearly $9,270,793 will be lequimd, ia or ler to ac
complish the o!ij'cla rooteippbited I f tliem. t i
proposed to apply-S3.OI4.7U to tba services of
the ensuing year without re appropriation, and tin
residue of about $S41,8u3,not bring required tn
LjMi;t Ja..attttflin ia4o.4btjIWiIri Ota y etentW there, nrto n?rt; tn ti he:
' surplus fund. iMberefore lUlws, if all the neW rwd of peacr, to llie spemlihriH snd atiicitl.iT ooliev
I . .-it . J r.- .M ak. .1.. . .1. t .. .... . " '
1 1 j ' JI ' J"" IHir.l. I Vl IWI .1" , WfC W II l.tTT
charge upon the Treasury in 1840 eiclueive of the
Treasury notes outstanding, will amount at leatt
to :i 1,1 52,1 08. of which, as previously ubserve4,
it is computed tliat. tJ-'O.OOO.UOti will be extended
within lint year dr ordinary purpMes, or Iwo
millions and three fnirihs moro, including ibe 're
demption of Tiwry ooie. Fimo these s"t
meats, it mut be perceived Ibal our coadtiinn. in
relation lo the oVpwie nf aw tner instalmenl ttl
public money with the Sta'ea, remains much the
same aa at the rbwo of Ibe year 163!. Crnstv
queiuly, the views then expresaed by the Depart
ment have continued to govern il enorsa. .'
Tlie ex p-wis during lbs year, ending
8epL 30, 1S3U, sre computed to bava
Hoen.. . ... , aViVUOa.Oftl
ImporU, r"i 7 lj;A"vM
T.iei furmir are greater lima those n IS 19, bv
89,872,30; the latter exceed lite iup.rts 4" thai
lime by li92,350. From theae lartt the See
retary draws tine very aouul coocl!ii.m ia reler
ence lo I he caunti of Ibe comaierrial eiubarraa-
aimi IWWI' ttHIWtWlnt
1'roin lb" same cause tos in part, be aminit.-
tlie constuVralile reduciiori n the amount nf duties
lor the year 1640, which isviMereuble on tlie fa
ble above, period oi exrtaistve 'importation aid
cim'cqueof prMS'irebnng; pieuy eruo to be fuL
lowed by a roreesp-aiding dniiiuuiiio vt imp-irt,
and Ibis he illustrates by reference la.eerl pe
rtoda m 4at iuatiitTw
promise Act will also diminish the duties about
$300,000.. . , , ,. .
- - . ...
& conaiderabie reduction ia ine 'amount ol fe-1
ceipts from Ibe Public .Lands js alo atiticipited.
The scarcity of money, the aiiraciioa of aa iat
rnense amounl of labnr froia aen"' ," Pbi
the moli-Jo or State lmprivemrnts,and tha fact,
tljat a conaiJaralile mrtion of .the sales of the past
year are to be attributed to the leinporsry' ell.r.t
ot Ihq graduation law, are given at tlie ressoq uf
llie low estimate of the reveuue froiiKtbis qusrter.
The operation f Ibe Slate debts, demanding an
f - annual paTtnent nut tsf'th countnr nt 19 or 13
millions for interest, and ibe stste improvements
.1 (' employing armies of laburauia in coMMuiiiiig tatbar
Jhm raiwug.cjnsjre.4K)jiej not asBMufbrr. and
powerful cause of the anticipnted decTioe in intporta.
Efdtmatum vf tke ttltmatrt s le e-rprnJuitrtt mnd
of km Jvrther rtductum tm Meat, -Tha
estimstee of expenditure' for ordinary pur
poses in 1649 are in tlie aztfregajeaboul five mil
lions' lees tfino wbst it is romputed will ba spent
ia 1839. This great reduction has been pmpoard.
. altboucU Uie.oxpjeoaesjrf lS31- wiil be wuiia it
millions less than those of 1839, and those of ie.H
- were somewliaj less than the expenses of the pre
vious year.
i,Doubl is exprested irf lbs "rPTl JrJ?,(!ef.
Tm'si. .irr;duftitoa.migbtJiol well go oa aiid lb
wiHmrT'wxBrTrdiTnres '(trifle tJrt
miniahed to 10 or 17 mtoVnia. ' A tax of t dollar
1 ood quarter Aheadl U Jtwt indrr.d it great burtbiVa
compared with Ibe amount paid in other count rant.
put the people in this couutry are bestdes oblignd
to support their State Govcmrre rH, and finally
is not a question with them how much taxation
;they ran. bear, but with how little- all tjiejw and
valuable enda of a rrpublicaa G-emmTit can be
attained. , The expeodiiuree of 17 or 19 niilliod
a year would oot o .w be greater ia pniiiion lo
the population sni wealth f Ihecn-mtry, iban that
of Ibe first right yeara of I he Cnufedoracy, but
even this, it ia well observed, is no teat, unit as it
can ba shown from the items themselves that aucb
expenditure is neceaaary. The increase in the el
penset of the G ivernmenl from its origin, haa been
very unequal, sometiiSKe remaioing nearly alaliow
sry fir several yesri, and then sud lenly branching
out to new objects or aa increaacd ou'Jay on old
The expenditures nominally Connected with for
Sign intercourse have increawd l.'aat. Tlie civil
and miscellaneous c liar res continue comparatively
moderate. But aeveral uf our bnavirst burdens.
aucb u tha a .ry, the pensions, Indian disburse
ments, and a class constating of light bouara, forii-
ficatioaa, road end Joifteoaw oK-wi m (mrboes and
rivers have aagaMHi'd vert brgeiy iie llie first
eight yeava e twiia'iw'iilrjniiiefn
have increased mora I ban 61 y folj.
The arguments by which these several branches
of expenditure were Mstified at their origta or mm
larifement, are briefly reeuuutrd and comparisons
are made jof their. relative increase at diuermt
limes, from whence tba Secretary proceeds lo toe
projier aubjects for the exercie of er.iony and
the opportunities which will oecur Fr '"niiingx
"pense. Ws q xila the paaage at iertjjih I
' "But ainre the laat date, thai elsa of expendi
- AfcAA AaJAM, dflSxBbAaaAaWiBtajaBaBHMBWBSaBKsWSBiatabdBtBtBai
ytwjsr -mMfwjiw I VI f s,'e a sisi j nai iuj a i
not over five millions and a half in either 1437.
1639, or prubibly 1939, while our pmulation has
advanced eij;h(y-ifir per cent or tnoro than double j
thst rale. All can thus peeeaiv) where, wheit,;
and in what, iji greatM"! Lvi .uccurxad,
lbs i hrTiicViife reaaoris, bother suifieienl or wber -
wise, aseigned fr several of them, and the ample j united ; Bud eilhr is mora llisn threefold ns great
opporttimty wbeth etH tr ftrteer retrench -fa ly enllertora and recetTWt, and smeral millions
merits, i far as ihe public interests are snppoeed j more than by them, not only from 1789 to 1837,
by Con grei lo require them, in any or all of these j but (Kim 1749 down lo llie present moment,
large bunlent on lle publie Treavory. . j a s s a -a .
As some encouragement to hope for a eoniinoed J On a careful review of tbes data it mut be obvi
reduction ia several of ihem without injury lo any ous that in the absence of any pensl prchibition lo
of the imimrtant estaMiaho-eots of the country, il -nae Ihe ptiblie money for piivaie purfmee, and of
niay be observed that portHMis of Ihese iierns of e-, other al-ite securities agsitiat miacomluct, the
pense, and several smaller ones, mut cease forev-, increased bes during some of the terms mentioned
er with the temporary ceaon for them, sivl oth-j must have happened mora from Ilia strong lempta.
era will not, when once comph-ied require raoenral ii-sis lo iniause the money, combined Willi ihe cs
toon, if ever, 8orh are mtneroua spncul dona- lamiiiea iiicident In war, extraordinary expanainnB
tines and grants, durable public huiyinga uf all snd coolracli-ma ia the currency, and great apecu
kimls.dy docKt, improvetnotitf at navy yarJ. f-rts latmoi and couvuImoos in trade, tlmn frotq any pe-
ar-wnaU mwl arms, rouila ami harbors Cfiiistrurted,'
lvtructiuM in nvers rinovbJ.'ihn t.anufrfriure of
wetijhis ,m?nire!. the amvey f ih6 const,
much oft fie removal of.ibe loJinis, the i-xlinKuih.
miit ol Indian , ri.i moj nt m ex(sm;,
sinns, . uplej.sut .s is the tsk of redul'tion,
it mi) n't Ihhsj.hw myeasiry logy f.iritier, anil di.
miiiHii a jrnnral rftvru'a w.ile r wiierwiae,
the roniH.'niiioii in nil tifliocra, imiiI and military,
enecmive, j n!n ii and levHilivo. It j, n-ly
much belter to do tlii, ui'a llie oi!lic exiLi-n
cms may require and juaiice sauojicm, limn lo rt-
poee the J rrasory In binkrnpiry, by Coniimiitig to
mike approorinliomi beyond llie enrtiiin'meana urn.
nf efftling xierivsnenl loans lo defray oriliiiaro et-
penditues. Peaee is the lime tn pay lather th-ui
incur itebia, and it woulJ be aise for uny imti m
even In hoar. I during pence rather than in borrow
largely, and thus encuniber Will mora those e ner-
T -bv
gies4nd resnttrces which are imlurally crippled
war. but wtiose vigor Is so conducive to its nurrpu."
permanent aalegirsrd under fluciualiooa in receipts
and eipeiMlilurea," Tlie el complained of ariaea
I "Mil the great inequalities in the receipts of dilll-r.
ant years and ili(I-renl portions of I he veer, from
fluctuate ma in trade, I he iij,lcn expnnsitms and con.
t recti ins f ill.currriicyM'iilure uf crops, Ae,
Ths eipeitditurea loo by reaaoo nf unfoiseen cm
Hiigenciee are frequently thrown in very uneiiquuj.
aitHii fa on dtOl'reut prrioda nf (lie year, adling ia
ii iiwiainHneiiu ui iua otner rua. i u sti.
tain itself against tltese complicated difTu-ultiiis the
Treasury baa ao r source, and the Legislation of
Congress ia earnestly invoked for that objoct. The
remedy propused by llie Secretary mky be seen in
ine i '?l'"'n3 i
means lo make prompt payment, under all con. . ' ;
lingenrii, and Ihua pmbicing the yery violitlioH
of good faith en much to be depiecisied, will not lie -. ,;,;''. ,', ;
iieresKsry toaaaken ilsgiisriiianslotheiirgeiiliin.. , .
portanre of some sucb remcdisl proviaions; a pica- '
ufirHlntt: wbichi w.-tbw shsps of sw 'tweainwrit '
or larjie blaoea on hand, or authority given to,
poslpiMie eertiim claea if aptiroiirialiim, when (ho
revenue piovck inaulTicienf (or flie whole, or some
power to borrow money, or iue,in interest, when 1
oecex4ry,drafitnrexciiequi bills, no financisl svir
en many riuimeneoctMiniry nis oein.or canbe, . - .
long aduiiiiMered with anfely and liorn " t " "
int-wi vari'niv u3g'.nuuiia,a provinent mno
lo be formed wbea any occasional or nccnlentul -
surplus happens lo be in the Trt-ssury sen ma Hint
to which .Mr. nmnHMiry m t inclines. -,.
7c mdaatr of kfwg the Public Money, rii
" Ihi proprr guards again kisses.- A " , . . ;
During the j)r'eiit year, the jwlilie money Jaa ---
been kept in ttitv following manner.' Wlu-ro aiiiin. i ..
ble lUnlts cliuld Isi iiblaltied, in cotif. rnniy In the l v
act of June 23, ItiftfJ, il lis boen placed in Ilium.'
ia general drpoaite. 'iVhcn swh could mil be nb ''
laiued mm! the- aoiounls were likely- tc be -peima""""
nantly large, or were Dot anllerted by any public
officer, tha money haa bfeapUced in Banks, in
siecial depiMite, eitlier in the modified firm, as ex.
plained la year, or nmfer pariihulsr stipulstiona
in writing." In oilier juuaa. altera was smn'.l in
smvmiit, or likely In be watiiml ymnVHiately for
public use. it hat remained wil Jhnacliiig.-.
rt ffllrawn fir." Only two banks sre nowamnloy.
ed a general depositories, under the ncl of June,
isaa , ' " "' - ' '
Thia system, which has been pursued. Is consid.
frrdHN-bet, which i prnciiisiile'uiiit!,r..fxjiiiii2N , ... .
lnw fwrt. -mthmit fiirrhe tetiidiitiniC'lil.tAlkin.Mu(. -
Miiner tnia nor any other system can lie snre. lo V
regard to s-ifety he) greatest, ilsnger is in the m9,KMaaa.L-
! tvue Khm puWie mneey for prrvatwpqrposes, "
aa apprara from the fact thai the great loanes have
happened at times alien thwleumtsiui'i wss crest.
et. Tho only wsy lo avoid this danger is Id nnrkn
Banks the rtrluai) agents isT tho Government in. -!
Cil1itiH(;' Itee ping,' ond diNUutiii(:, il puliT.c iiioii.
ey, with of course, the privilege uf umngil silh
out real rami, and I bua pulling the Government in
abcdule depenlaica on ibe good Conduct of llie-M
maiitiitioo. To llus plan Ihsrs are iuiirsble
objVctioos, mid it only remains, by efP-ctive legts. .,
ialMMi, to ei.forre ihe safe keeping of llie publio
mmiey by imlividual agents Ol ibe rnmpsrstive "
aalely uf llie diflerMiit clusaes uf sgenls heretofore
employed, and ihe vsrinus sources of low lo tho
Government, the following interesting statistics sre
Kivea: -. . . ,,... '
JThe largest amount of bw from each class, witb-
in ine per kmi aescriDno, has b-en ny o'ptiiie odi-
cers, eonwating of banks and inclu linj, as Ihe res
olution requires, Ibe depreciation on wwh of Ibeir -notes
as were taken for public dues. The lot by
Ibis clsas, al Ibe lowest estimate, has exceeded six
millions and a bslf of dollars; and adopting a com.
putation made by a Committee nf the H-MJeof Rep.
resentatrTea, in 1932,' would fqost Ibirij five mil.""
liooa.' The next Urget amount uf los, as aarer
fawrd and coii.putcd by the "proer "bureaus, bss""
been by disbursing officers, snd lit been a little
under five lutlliooa. Arid the least luea his been
by collecting officers, not mnch pxeMliiig two mil.
bonaTbe aggregate of all lliese lus-e, Inking
the loweal eatimste fr Itatiki, Issboul thirteen mil-
lion-, tod a half. Il; in connexion with this tulijocf,
were roosidoind the kmes in Collecting Ihe revenue
lbyjhru'-pnyment of bood fur dulicauo-wliklt
credit was given to merchants, something over scv. -'
J eo snd a half millions of dollars ifitiH lie id;d in.
million. The proportionate bwms by thorn rla
ea have been thus: Thosa by tbe Banks snd by"
the duty boml ammint lo more than two thirds of
lha hobs. Tne linsea, either by the Banks stons
i orjha liiavaaiils hotwleebme h 7 re riei 'n TffH rty s S
1 ffreat aa by both disbursing nnd colleelinir nllicers
... -J .'-

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