North Carolina Newspapers

    ; KZV JIX'"Y cask.
Tins ceul'-ited rliTlmn it It e r occupying the nt
KiMiti "i of Omgress for ii'-arly nix wevk, has nt
U-en referred In a Committee to iovcstigitte
nil tito frets cirrumstnncea, and rejMirt to the
J j')-"'. The f illowmg ia thrj rrsolut ion adopted :
,-j;,,.tiiit, Tfnt nil papers or etlier testimony in po
.K iteiuii iif ur ii'iin r..iilrn1 of (hit JloiMfiju reia
luu to tliii ne efrcliun In Aw Jx'rw.'y ftjr KepreMita
live in il Coniiress of the Uuited States be re-
(erred to the Committee ut Elections, with iniruction
to inquire snd report who are entitled Ui occupy, as
' iiiemlH r ui liiut ii,ue, the live contented wiu from
that .State. 1
The Committee to whom wa referred th sub
jocifc ciiisisla of Mr. Campbell of S. C; F. K.
Uivev v( V. ; Mr. Filnmre. of N. Y.; 'm.
Medilfyf Oaio : Geo. W. Crab, of A!a. ; A. V.!
Brown, of Teun. ; C. Fi-dwr, of N. C, J F. Sum h, i
t( Cun, ; J. M. It ti, of Vn. j
It remain, now to bo neon which five wilt ob'ain '
their seats; for at lliu decision of the question
depend Rlug- on I fie facta of the caiwy of
course the five wilf bo f iistaiwd who linve lliif ma- j
joriiy of the yotea;r-If tlie five Democratic men j
. gut Iheir mat, what;- excuee enn thorn make who
Have oppoted tlioir ailmiosion, detained the Houae ;
ua Ibia qoeation for noarly ix weeks, trampled nil
I he rigliia of the peoplo, and aet nl di finnce tbeir
mil anil wMies We nro usionn m aee.
' Tbo finul vole to refer stood thuai Vena 176,
Tbo Nufih Carolina voltJ as f.,I.
Uw: : ,
; ill the aflirinative, vizi to refer the whoo"ub.
-- jeet -to fho Ci)iiiiiiiiteb" Vr I'Tleciiona.XMenara. By.
nuin, Fuller, Co.: inr, Hill, poberrv, Montgomerv,
tJraham, Mr Kay,
In the negative, Messra. Siauly, Lewi Wil.
limn, Rayner. ' ' - , .
Abttnt,htn. Uiuvkins, nnd Sbeppar..
Abolition I'elUion$r-' e jierceive ly the Pro
ceeding! d" (ingrttsllml John Q. Adiima itegaiX
- made the n-fKMitory of all ttnrAtyolittriiT Putiriona
aent to Corigre, and from tba'avidity wiih which
be aeiisw every opportmiiiy tupreaent hie yieweyi
"Wo iiibfect, we pronumH he will occupy a good por
tion of the time in Cmigreaa, by his movements and
upveches on this subject. , '
wu,YV'hJi-v pity 4bai"fli)0j-whBnce'fHl tw high
est nlTicein the Oovctnnient j one, whose wiadom
and t!arning are scarcely eicelled m' the emtntry,'
alumld no, ii) hii old age, yield himself tin at an
fristnirticm in ibe hand of a 'pmf, o"ilf ilihe
AboliliAiiista hive sbown tiiemnelvee to be, i One
Mould Ripposs from the course lit tins pursued on
1 Lis uhji!Cl j) hat. be Jm1 fmsxsd 4bfottyH ut if lite
tovc;i nj;es dcacribnd by Slmkupeare, and is now in
bia seventh, viz. " Keond childhood." If, instead
if minjflinit in political strife and lliecmne of the
Alxilition, he lind retired, in imitntionof hisprcde.
(Cjsnr.lo the abadi.-l of 'private tifi;,' and amiined
lii;nst:lf in writing bia own history, or cultivating by
Jim writing. Xho. inor.ilA and looming of the aje in.
which h, baonv wonM it hire beon for bia
fime aid hi country' . . .
Iia labors m tins wny would have been of more
service lo in ihl.iiid o'l J Iim emn'ry tbart nl bis
. , I - t . I i I
thy .arches Bti.J VioJeuJ. ravW ,m 1 1,0 ll!-'
j ct of
Ab li tion.
M, ' Jnir lie oca a rsori-t. In the debate which re-
' renUy (o ik place ur tiff IW U-'fVintativea;iljr
;n I againut a'riklng out of the! rules of the ILiuae, the
' n'ra wee mo-le ol voting for oflicera, Mr. Pro(E a lcad-
jng ftJnal whig member fro:n In liana, niJ
' He did not know bow he gt.ould vote on this ques
tion; Ift wis in fivorofthe risv rw principle ot vo
tine. and in icer Ae tn-nnte nf hit Stair i Imt if be
-- iaw ft woiild DeDetiVBii r-TY here m any -srsy- he-
flioWmoyamrBlty tm gw thr.aaflortyafwc
:-rTku turns, AHi JMlmlpm MJMj9.dtstmLmsi.m
who have consumed more than two weeks ol tlie twv
&SMKfea titee .m icytng lo
j fie whig members from New Jersey who held the G.
vernor a ceriincale; because hKemth, u you reject
them, said be, you atifl) the voice of the Peoplt.
What hypocr'iBy I " '
.ii ... . ,r . -
Ptnn. Senator The Iogialature of Pennaylva-
" hia. fin Tueadav.'Jan. the 14 n, made choice of
lfonjej' Slurypnt ,tlje presort 'Treasttref nl the.
State, as Senator of Ihe Uniled Suites, for the e n
suing six years.
.Vole stood, lor Mr. Sturgeon, (Pem.) 87 j Clia.
Ojle,(Whig.) 20 Richard Ridlto, (Whig,) 17. ?
We are requested to 'publish (ho following rjf
tract from the Inancipator, which paper ii is
aiid holds two sets of opinions in regard to the
" Hero of Tippecanoe," one for the Abolitionists of
the North ; and the other for the Southern higs.
. Aeai tin Emnciptir .
Many hive aiipprised that it might be expedient fir
I!k Kxecntive IVMnmittee to- internwate General liar- i
...VHWi.aow thatbeisthe rccognMed eandidaUJor lbs'
I'residency, witb so-ne pmepert eTeleaiuw. to the aho-i-
I it ion of alaverr. But
where is the use t It is trn, we
reioice in ine reiRcnon m onij wj, um 'nwn hi h i r . ... i , L j .
laveh.nind s defeifdi-T-of slavery, O.n. ll.rr.J . .eJ.TJe regatd the plajisn Independe
-V.; Bn-T-flot -rmone tbink-h-nrary to inlccf - prme.p.-es, equil and ,uH w it. nporatun.-and a al.
rogate Mr. Van Buren. Why t Bectuse bis prinnpb. tf chick upon the r.nn .us cxpmsions of Bmking nisli-
-re Inown wWm ftvor t the tswhrnef ef-the ietion. , n'T-tl'ULTrri i r.lj
ii . n ... nrM. rf IIirrioB I . I Here Ir, A vfry, of Iturke, arose an I addressed
. r if rv I . .. l. . .
; inv lea,l lle lslhe msa of bis party, and that pirt v-l-
Uve sbnwa the sbwluteness of tlieir suberviency, by
Dom natiitg a slaveholder, a pflcnliarly birned devotee
4 slavers on the sams ticket witb Gen. Ilirrw.n, and
now by eVicting a willilyinit alsvehobler, Irom sUc-
IifeesroiJ-riioiaTTorTpesier i
But we submit, farther, that ueami; srrji aj
nmirmfcs t- sloaav well an,-wa y bis oeeo. w
'.. i .-i.'.... a., i .i.. r.iT ......,. ! ikA-lLM-biM.
r...,, . ..hw-..., "7"
lerwreemea... .,.,..,. .. , ...
...i(L.OTm!ier 13a j-hnaitetre
ritorv. he waa I'reaident of a cmventioo of Ihe peop e
rd tint Territory held at Vincehnes, and tr mud ted
to Conirress a memotial ofthe Onvemiw. praying that
the sixth article of the "Ordinancs of W which era.
bibilad slavery there, mitral 6e ssijwtsVs. f8ee Am.
State papers, Wl) 1 1 is fftma to mtke Indiana s
. slave Slate were prosecuted lor years while be was
Governor of that territory. 1 " , '
In 11!), Feb 1ft, Gen. Harrison voted ss s member
of the House of Representatives, '? a clsne pr
hibiting the further introduction of ilavury in M su i;
and again, a clausn fir the further emancipation (at
2-')) of slaves bora williia that Sute. -Two days sfier.
wards, he yotod affstas a claue prohibiting the future
. . , . A L . ." f lttm.
iniro tucllon ot slavery imo ninnwi ! ; ua
future emancipation of slaves born in A kanaa.
So basely did he how to slavcrr, evtn Ohio was
. sharked. Ha waa indignantly yjected at the next
eoetrreasional election in 1"3 J. Ths Natial Inlelli
.Uencer ot ITjctobet 2H, 122, siys: lt Is confirmed to
, tUt Mr. Gl,y 11 f.JlT!0lJ j G;.nit.,m tl Q(h
Harrison. A friend in torn, ua wb,c wo are ,.rry l
" ' h" '!'! J pmicuLiiy OI, account of to Unit pnuope of the Coniituiinn
which aectire to the p,.-. of tio S, u ih,r pre-ex-
:,n it1:" J1 rms -. n.".-.,,
osimal t jr the South t , r,,f,i i ,l(11 havers ,,,,
H'JhMlHdbm.itlnopp.rtna'ity u-.ctin public
M m tddre Irom hi public) finds in Virnini. In
ys, be sounJ t the cur. the m,,,. ol
lvf ry, . '
Under thwe circumstincin, gh uit tb A c ncun
t.oniliolit!OT.itbmmluirf?ir) iho two pinion
ml their euui !iiti M tuinlinif pn-curly on the name
jfrosind-thtt'of uulimilJ ijixor.i,.ncy ta the domin
ion of the Slivomcy, h w tru-, (Jn. IkrnW p..r.
mI ilt-moairtnilMJiiii ro lew recent thn Mr. Via B.i
rcn'i. Dot thf ar' much truiifrw, fiir Vta jurcn
, helped to wind Ruin Km ' to the 0. S. ifeniiie Xa op--we
ilatrry ia Miemri, and he hi nnvur atteinpiud
t exten t iluw to nynm where it mi already ihot-
. Hboil. And f'rih'ir; tiiKil.Nn'.iislrntiimnnf lha 1 lamina
piny aro mont recent ihan tiiaw o the other. An I if
it m fti that we iiioald gwe the old General a chance
to repent ot ht pr-Uery,.we reply, that it beloeato
the mm who repent, to exhibit hm own repenUoce.
Certainty, there are Docircuniitancea in the can winch
warrant the iligb'eittpreamnptitMia in favor of bis re
peninnce. lt him or biafnendf, it they
wnerein iiik vicwt now ditljr ftom Iw ddiona in
."'819, andlta. And in default of tbia, let the
friends of humin righta come at once to the eonviethm.
that the ent they hattf epotied la by Divine I'rovi
denet?, entrusted to thnir own piitrdiantihip, and thut lor
it wircem or ta ihire tli-tr count ry a ud p wterity will hold
them rejpoiiiibln.
U'e extract tTie following article on the Aboli.
liouiata, from a loiter, addressed to ihe editors of
this piper, by a friend, now residing in Cambridge,
- Maasa The writer is a young contlernaiT of fine
talentu, and a cloae obiervcr of piling cvmita.
Oiica.iionally, our readers may expect to be
amuwd by sketches frtNn bia pen.
The Aboliltonieta are divided into two pirliea, ind
they wage the war again each other, with aa much
mncor, a they wago it agin the South. The one
pirty are f cutting our thr(i outriglit, the other for
(doing it more secretly. Tliey heartily emcnr in the
- end, birtuot hr tlir mtO. By Tbe w iy,: the South
b&ve nothing to expect from Uie North on the lubjinst
of slavery, Tb- who hive tot Abolition on their
tongues bve it in 'heir heart. VVheuonr citizens are
jroblwd of their property th'jy applaud and protect the
villains who have commuted the oumga Tbey ry it
,T'ni itrdfof citmly I nd" n 7f tf" to "ffeti iter iip
these robbera to the punMiment which ihey so richly
nierK. Tby sy no Htate i bound to deliver op s fu-
gitiverom justiee, if to that State his crime appear
ii y uib d.uib hi wnicn u w cammiueu, mat u w an
act of pbila nth ropy, rather than crime, to free slave
from bondage. The aothorituit of Main liavarefiiiiwl
to deliver e'to the antlwitiee of Goorgia, Philbro-ik
nn.Ke!ora tr.frotlllhal
" State, ant hive ptien freqoeolly demiii led by Georgia,
and thoy oflt.-r aa an excuse for this violation of public
lailti, that worgtd mag h-inf ntem,
Them AboliUmiiHts are chuckliiiir at the nomination
- of Hwrison for tfw Preailencf,- -tout m6reof thaianoh
Mr.Tu1'"nat'lge ia re cycled to thn United States
Sinate, from the Slab of NVw York, fur the next
, tix year.
Msmas. Entroas :" Allow a' ftubxcriber lo reqiiM of
you, as Ihe cimtuctora ot an in'ep.-ndnl republican
I'rcMLto p'lbl'ib the lollowinz eondented sketch of the
prnenediiigi of the DMniocraiicKepnblieaiVlale Uighl
Gmv 'niiiw, which amembled in llaleigh m the 8ih
fillip ll'll rrllllB IU1 u'lftlVI Ul VU UMIO,
; M tU) ,M . . ,
Jii lge Rom'M'a M."SiNnsRa, tin etminee of tlie
Conven'ion, was fir mvni reir a citisn of 8 1 luxury,
and ia wen known and highly teem8d br the paople
in lyaUoa.of. the State. lie to among the what
talented, at well air one of i"b?"rnir'icfivfe ahif ijeeful
of our ptftlie men poessmed of an elevated character,1
sad mo estimable aieial aimlities. -A a Jeooa, no
un in thn Hint hm ginned a more enviable reputa
tion, with th p-nple as well aa with the profitiwn
alt pirtiei c incurring in the ontmant, ilint he waa
among tl,eabbiat,lhe bert, and mtwt pipular Judges we
ever hd on tlie Superior Cairt banch. ... : ; .
Wit h tnck a eta lot iheni-eiawiidaierU Democratic
State RitiU Republicans of North Carolina cannot
. . ... t, . i;, , ,, . v., , ,.i j t. i ,r i
- iuag exporitf io m public terwneaa, and- a blandness
of manners Jud;n Hitisosaa wiaild do honor to the
oTme,-aod give character to the State, at buns and
abroad. - A 8tti lUoara Rirvsucas.
Ab-xit 141 Delegates were to attendance mi (he Gn-
- vent ion, repreaentmg- a tinj-irrty of threoontiWot be
Stale. Gen. Louis D. Wilson, ol Edgecombe county,
wasehoen President; Gibrinl If times ot New Han
.otTer, and llenry' Fitti'brWaw
liinnard E. Thompson of Lincoln, and Jaiaes C. Ujty
binnt Fsyelteiille, Secretaries,., . ,
A Committee of HH, two from eaeh Congressional
- district, was sppninted to recOnunend measures for the
' Convention to set on.'
. At the meeting of the Converrtiret next dy, Stk
Jiauary) this Committee asked leave to report tlie fol
lowing resolutions, vis:
tletohtd, Th it this Convention will proceed to nom
inate a candidate fm" G ivernor of this Slate.
Rrvtlvfd, That in voting for a candidate (or Govern
or, this Convention will vote sis mee, and byCoun
tisa, according to their representation in the llonee ot
Commons."" - -
-. Kesofsetf, That Mastis Vsa Dines, in the sdmini-
tration of the high trusts committefl to nun, ntth rigid
- y sdhereH to U great principles ot tne uepuo.icaa
Psny. and hath violated tnengn.s oi ine i e-ip.e.
Hww'wwiw-f. "
cxiwea "" ". "
the the view an4 4eelaa-f 4ha
' S ate Riiihti Party j dnclaring their approval of
Ibe principal mans ires awt eenerat polic ot the
present Admioistratien. We hope lo obtain a
Corf pf hts forcri f"t p?hl','ti"n,J
,t,mj.,j That it is inesodienl and unenstitution
. arNaUonsI Btnht and tint the proeeed-
, ... ... a,. n.., ilui ii
waaiw - . " :
i dancetwM) I entr avmilicat aai civil inttruranna .
j os,,. ,k aawrntas sir eotilte tieerty
mtnde a strict eoostrtion ef ths Constitution of the
... . .. - ..1.- . ...... i-
:. Unite States. '..'...1 , ,., v ' - - ( -JJ-tn'rerf,
That we spurn the sppraicher of AWt,
t;M hihr it aonear in tbo borrowed rarb of reli
gious fnaticisinpr, the mora imposing form of political
Rritlvfd, Thit wa concur in the propoailien to bold
' , Rational D -mocratie Reoublicae Htate Riithts Con
vention, lor t'e purpose nominating emlidales fof
al. a. l)akaaJitlrif.ty flfc Vies Prenidencv. .
HIV I Tfn,tl,i..-, . . . .. ,1
Tut the "onvenlwa appoint tw dele
gates to reprewat the State in said C mvn.iiion, aiid
' that tkev recommend tha aponn'ment of delesrates
irom the different Conjrreseonal Districts in tbe btste.
ti..J Th.i Hi P.-eatdont of this Cmventton sp-
por.t a Commiite of Thirteen to adJress tbo Peopia,
st such time ss they miy nuns proper. .
On motio't, each Res daiion waa tHibmillcd ae
ptrately, and unanimously sdojrto-1.
0.1 tits ie,tmz 'f il.-) .st' v a R;it,.., Mr,
' "b'uin, ctf CjoiU iLiiiJ, a !JiBed ttiu Vtmr
ttl ruiiHiilrf.ili'ti b'dijtb
' An'cWtioii fof iHMiiinaiinji a candflsite' for Ua
vrmr wm ttien bttlJ, b" it ntnmanid that tbt
UOtiULUM. SUN IiU8 jreTei1SJ.,be
iM iiiiiiMa Vitle of lli C.iiikiiii.i'i.
Th Conumtli-e of 1:1, iiiniii,1 ia piif(niw ,,fmm
t' the lUvjzoiiiif rtmilotioiiit, l. publish an A l.lro-s to
the p.'oj.lti in rt'jrird to the iiouiihu.oii, ia coiiijmw J ol
the following Ui'iillLiiun, ia:
W illii.n It. (lay wood,
Jl irk,
JVr tin m (ilon.
It nvan.
('iiinliurland. -Kockinliaiii.
K Igi'conibe.
fciUtkna, '
JMiciiatn tiiiko,
V'm. V. Averv.
J noes C. Dobbin,
H. C. IVitcbard,
John L II :niirson,
t'ad. Jones, Jr.
1 Thomas X, Cameron,
I) iv id S. Hold,
,'1'hoinas Ibintin);,
Wesb-y V, You.ig,
It. Ii McNair,
George r. Wilson..
On iiiolion of J. C. Dibbin. the President nnd
Vice Presidents, were added to the above Commit.
toe. , v '
A Committee of three hivmf been ann .intnt in in.
lorin Judge Siunders of hia'noiiiinatiun, announced the
following communication from bun ; winch was read,
and orderod to be eutered on the journals of Ibtf Con-
reniion, Via: . . . ' :. , ' t
To Dr. Tlwmu N. Caineron, F. A. Thornton, and R.
C. Pntcbard, Committee,
. . . Ralkioii, Jan. 0, 1S40.
G RstTLEMRM t In compliuoce with your request,
I Malm to reply lotharemduitonof the Democrat
ic Republican Slate Rights Convention, handed to
me tins morning. I certainly fuel highly honored
in being selected as the' Democratic Candidate for
Governor, under circumstances o fl ittering to my
fadings, by a body so resectable and intelligent
as that of I ha Convention, under whose authority
you have acted. Whilst I h id no wih again to
enter into the stirring and exciting scenes of a po-
niiCHi cauvasi, i do not leal mysclt at liberty to de
cliue a nomination procecdkig from such e s xirce,
Sanctioned as I have reason to bjlievo by at least
that portion of my fellow-citizens, whose wishes I
am under such strong obligation to obey.
It ii now up ward of twAtty-five years aincot
first mingled in tbo active politics of the duy
then a young man, the resident iif a County whose
ttiliiilui auti-liavo aalnirod . wil h such steady wnenitn
Hy to the principles of the republican party 1 1 es
poused with seal and ardor, the cause in which I
found the country then engsged in the maintenance
of. the, riihlsaud honorjuf Ibe eation, .ThuyraiiifldL
in llio iKiimil ol lMmiicrucy and Inught to reepeel
the virtue and intelligence of the tenple, I early
imbibed those doctrines of political faith, whtch ile
iy lo the Federal Government the exercise of
powers not delegiedr and holds mviolnt the
served Rights of the Slates. With these con vie
lioni it has been my object on alt political questions
both to vote and act; with that onrtv. who-te nnm
innbW t Miev'el1MlWt"ri1Hktpk, 'if the
Lunslitution, as well as the emMtujeuta wtshea and
feelings of the great body of the .'people. I have
chose, thus to act with men of my own poliiical
views, believing it the surest means of advancing
such measures and principles as I moit approved.
Tnis "ruto "of net inn Tod'Tne loths support iif Mr.
Va-t Huron at the last Presidential election, and
like thousmds of others I doubt not, with as disin
tere'stud nioltves as those who-protss an great a
horror, at sharing in the " sjioilsof the viclor."
Nof do I hesitate to avow my intention to support
him in the cmninz contest, in preference to the in
dividual who has tamo selected as his opponent.' I
sliaH sunnirtjiifiijt
he lias discharged the important trust confided to
his hands and bocaitse be stands vltdtrd to main
lain unimpaired the property and Institutions n Ibe
South, against the mad schemes ol the abolitionists,
1t ' W 'ax " eTai I ly ! p ae"ai Taals a tl
eupport him, for hit linn and manly adherence to
ihe plan of so Independent Treasury that great
measure of deliverance, wSich has been so bitterly
denounced, because it proposes to give to Ihe Gov
eminent thd same right which is secured to every
cuizm.under; the Cuntitu(i;n,..of dem jading Jii
dueam gmVf sad -ilvandjiieay0,, K Jieks lo
.S!iOD.,3top,cy fro.n the us a well aa fmm lbs
Hra s"bMtvrf p
linll support him, because he is opposed to the
power of es'ablishing an Unite! States Bank, and
to (ho right of appropriating the public ovi wv to
ubjiMsts not authorized by the loitnution and be
caose he is committed lo the pormaoenl roduction
of ibe Rsvsuue of the General Governmoot lo the
measure of its expenditure, arid the reduction of its
rxpdttiiretrriW nocrwirjrwanTg; SactT'rTocK
pies and measuresv if properly sustained, raumrt
fail as I persuade myself, to add strength to our
free institutions, to render, Ihe people q tiet and
prosperour, and gi3tad litirinl accurityji the Un
ion itself. ;
Having thus candidly assigned lha reasons fr
my support j it can hirdly ba noccsnary to slate ibe
grounds of my objections to Ihe opposing candidale,
If it Ihe Convention by which Gem Hirrin wis
noninated, not a single man fiom a slave-holding 1
State had lha temerity to tote for him, l caw
bo expected lhal our people shall do sn The ery
fact, lhat he ts allied with, and supported by, a '
northern party, who upon all occasion base martt
tested the most decided hostility to Ihe interest of
ihe South, cmwtitule in my view a nple ground!
r "i !:' i..r . j i.j .. i.t
lor mioosiiion 10 ma eiocnoo. aim i i w nn wo
accuaed of indulging in imprtier sectional feelings
S i far from it, as a Southern man, I am aa ready
1i.ackiuiwbJgejiwf AibUgatioiiaxa.Jba-1
I -i- T,..f Trr- .it -U i
from tlie burdeiW of an odious Tariff, at fur tlie pa
tnoitc VaiMwUb which ihe v have met thecriuu
inal designs of lha abdiliouists. ; " k" ';
I have b tm tbo frank in the avowal ef mvf onto
ion in regard to the l'rwi bmtul candidates, not
that I deemed it ao all important, but that our op
ponents seem to consider if, as the side test of iner
tU arittlhTeforw iij not gyros" to wbj-ct mylf tr
Iho cliarae of concealment. Let me not however
be imderaiood as eompinimnj of Ibis lest, nor as
objecting to it application, either lo tnyef or
friends bttt as simply adverting to it as a .ground
wnai tnny are an reaay to pniciioa. . i w u i-bhu-h
have escatiedlho recolieciion of erery one, that the
election of President " will ha tranvpired,'-bfore
Ihe O wmroor elect shall be called on lo enter up
on the duties of hiaofli.!. Whoever may be Pre
idont, I should hold roysulj alike bound as a ciiia-m
and a magistrate to the support of measures called
for by lbs public good ; and in opp aw such a might
operate to lb prejudice of lb country, or lis in
volved the exercise of power not delegated to;
the United States, bul rettrved to the Statu or to
the ptople."
I desire to stand belo-e (he freemen of the State,
nit as Ihe humble politieal partiiin, but on till
higher grounds. Ass North Carolinian, ardently
attached to my native State, proud of her republi
can character, and! of th at patriotic fuclifj, which
' ' r tiiiik'.J t'l"! tifvot.ou ,! i.i r ijc t:i ti.a
free io-!itiiiiniHol ihe (!ui.try, Inii!'e. bv Ihese
h -;h cnniiileratnme, 1 am.a fi in. to tb-tt kyatem'
'ofWinte policy, wliu h h ili k-u;l to the gradual de.
vcltip ii sot ol her resources. ,'rtmiMiig. ,y
.....I jU'Uci.'.tuaand ecutiit,uii;l4itU!uauutt.uDk't.iiuejtt,.l
aucd works of litiernal . Improvement, a ah.all tw
aimiioiM by'wiibmr' t'leuitins a'
State di-bt, or ruinuii4 totolhowo r,.icirav'ig.iiii p-o
yvn, wbicli must en I in failure, mid produce that
e nharris-tmeut, which the laro imi' b'edae ot
our vister Suites, amounting lo an aunn il lax ol
more than left Millions In a" pwent so serious
ly involved them. For hubmi Ima that food dJ.
icalnd to Ihe improvement of the mtnil.and sustain
iug that system of school education, which shall
promise the greatest practical benofit lo Ihe poor
and necesiitoii. Of cautiously avoiding all obliga
tions to the federal government, but at the same
time yielding a willing acknowledgment ot what
may ho its due, as well as lo tint of mir si er
Aatea, by the contitmiounl compact. , Of demand
iug the faithful observance of law, as well bv bo
dies coroomte, aa by individuals. Of encourage
iug with a liberal apirit indiyiual enterprise, but
withholding exclusive privilegua, except up hi obvi
oua and palpable demands of the public good. Of
linldiug all charteredejnstitutiona to their undorta
kings, as ths price of privilege granted. Of re
quiring irom all public functionaries, ft Wity ia pub
ho '.rust, a id fro n fie reprexiotulive a due n a teoi
to the public will. Of preserving iff ondwpuled pu
rity Ilia freedom of elactions, and yielding a prompt
anhmiasion lo the will of a majority, that, great
principle of a representative government and a ;l
ously eniimiragoing whatever shall render the peo
ple of thn State contented and prosperous, bcr char,
acler respected an J her iimitution flouriahinj, ao
id an1 nermanent. "
Allow me in conclude n, to tender to you individ
ually, the homage of my respect, for the polite
manner in which you have discharged lha duly as
signed you, and to return to ths Convention my
profound acknowledgements for tha kind partiality
which influenced their selection-
Willi sineere-tespict and esteem,
! Your friend and fellow -ciliv-tn,
. Hiving bn invito J to take a seat in ilia Convea
tion, the Nominee, at Ibatr request, addressed tlie mem
bers in an eloquent and impressive manner, ia regird
to nia msi pinucai niaiory, ma oovoiion 10 inmocraiic
i i . i I,
priuciptis, snd h w veneration -Rir- the -will of the-people;
which called forth repeated bursts of applause,
Col. Michiel lhke of Lincoln, also made an im
promptu addreis to the Convention, Aill of patriotic
fr'ntimnta, and jiilrspc.fsM-W'.IWa'Xwlk1!
wit snJ liu nor.
It was resolved, that 1KIU copies of the proceedings
of this Convention, together with copies of the
Address of the Committee ot thirteen, bo printed and
cireolated tlnwlrhoot the diirrent eountiesof the Slate.
Wrmt-liraWvfWirranTa-tjnnM O.lleo
ry ot Fayetteville; were sppointod Siste Delegates to
the proposed National Doiipocratie Ktite Righta Repub
lican (invention, to be held In Bilu oore en the 3th
day et . May aaxtui-.-,- mhmvum&m4taew?ittr t
roe Tea wasrtaa exaousisa.
0'it 0 Iheir ourn maulht iWl Ihey be ecifuMndeJ,
Maaeaa. Kbitjks: '..It it with much Juatbing, thai
- sty ot the Southern whigsarrmidelo go fbrold Gaa.
Ilarrisoo sa t'ir mminue for the Presidency; indeed,
had not the leaders resorted to a system of political
"ersin-ningl!' not one rat hundred eould ever have
' been Induced, to swallow sack a candidate;- In-afoot ef
x tins, we will refer lo tksir ewa sWIeraviaes, raavtous
to ths nominUion. . They lisajivl 00 better opinion
ot him thaa the Republicans now hire r tbov - imkod
up vi bun as a vain old' mm, totally unnnalifi d for so
exalted sad rasp msi bis a poat as Chief Magistrate of
-'ixtaen mintons oriVeemesrTbeyl inked opiMt tim,"
in a rational aoint of view, as a good eitnwa ia (Min
is a useful min, in hit appropriate ipkent But b
lievimr. witb Dr. Frsnkho. tliat " roe eao't make a
wbiatie of a pig's tail," thy viewed it ts preposterous
lo attempt to- mifce a President t the vailed coates
' out of such a "scant ptUern " as "old granny Harri
m," by which term thiy wore the in tba habit of
ciriraoteruing mm.
Tbe Raleigh Register, sets th chief M Harrison "
, organ'in the State, on tbe I iiii Feb., 113i, in speaking
of Clay, Veb4er, and IUmi-i,-in eoniiectraa with
the Presidency, rem irked. Hist H it ia undenisMe, that
st thi prssant juncture Mr, day is ths favorite of the
oily one of tit inroe wnossa eon awi net ewcwrai
M So tar aa a concentration of public sentiment, on
the part of the Whigs, is desired in North Carolina,
ao no-niniuofl by a Coaventba is neeesssry. There is
no difference of opinion antonr them, ss to who ought
lo bo nomintted. W.iilsl lltstf Clav is spa red to ths
country, they wish not to wacder in sure of enoiaer
candidate. As often as lbs subj of or toe eext t ro-
duocy is spoxan or, Jim earns is me nrst to ttinii
TrrOTirt ilnr PirrlmYhiH," Hie Brsl tij be breaihed
from the Patriot's liiM. Thsre is no other citiaan of
the United State, who can call forth ao enthusiasm
like kirn none other, who, like htm, esn unite tba
Wbigs of lbs S-taibam, Eastern, Middle and Wee' era
States, au 1 1 :s I tha.n on lo a sure and gtorioui victory.
As (oar as x ad Aere to him our em) it iaA ' ''.
if mi a4aags sin for mnnher, lt dinrnp'itm of
esr yirfy ai, perhtpt, th iiiw imar-we.
Now, Messrs. E lit-as, I presuma th iUrruoo
ites" in North Carolina will not attempt to invalidale
this nrophetie testi ntny; fbr, let it be borne ia nvrtd,
, it wia deliberately and voluntarily uttered by their
ewa principal witness ie th Suite the orscle of thur
eoliticl faith, th Register'' of their sayingi tnd do.
ings, than which, (as remarki the Silisbury Wstcb-
mia of last week) " there is no paper in uie state mat
we ai'e kdiet tn." - .......
Norn. Iwiwevtr, ne visions em to hsre e naa oaf
"Their drosmt: i llcmat Cus. the ditinguisbe.f clwm-
pion of lli-ir put jr and principle, Iras been dropped,
t rpTTpiliate the favor tnd secare the eo-operstioa ot
. ... . i . . . a. .1...
the two misers 'ilf-st ructions mat ever oieirracea onr
JfrsT baltot ukim in tbe Gmvenlion t Hameborir. Mr,
Chf w fat'fl for.,by i decided majority ol all Ihe
m -mbers preaent; but by the pdnical chicane end
trickery of (hose fact ion, they managed la loss him
"overboard, end tu threat Harrison Jiremnef IS the no
minee of llitb dy.- And to eip the cli.nai of Uieir
I npudence, these Abolitionist tnd Anti-masonic Dele
gates opanly iniltJ tlieir S mthorn swwisies in the
r1 I.. - 10.. .,:nfli;M ..C itm mS tlari-l.
.,1 IKIlt M HI W, ,,,W HHMMW M, . i-
turZoiT IbirilijliTiVinteT th UOmlBXTlnT, by Wiy Of
exu'tinf over the defeat ot Mr. Clay, and rejoicing in
the success oT Iftsir can,lnlate.
N lW, tha Whigs of Ihe Kith Coofressiotal Diatrict
- VMmld doubtless Uk to koow, from Ikeu r:irewnla.
...tit tllaabur.whtfUier Ae fxpfxis liialopoi .at.
aucb aa insult much less, to sensor! tlie canJilsts
thus Peal d epni Ibe jrxny by the jugglery of such po
litical kasvessstb Blades, the Tna lms Steveosesi .
Yes, they rntist ba very aaxfnes to know, whether "the
memW'' ftini tbe old tenth baa th most distant idea
thst the rank ami fil of bit party can, by tny system
of political tsctica, (e tinrht to Cice shout, to wheel
into line. &S-, it the btddinir of Iheir leaders, and
there, cheek by Jowl with Abditkmists tnd Acti-lst-
ms- tauiely to snh nit to tlie humiliating service of
fisrtiUng as th afies, and mingling their battie-criea
with the viilture-arreama, of Uieso wretched Ikoatiesi
No H baknee atineL." an account of his wditical stew-
srdiliip, has yet been rendered to tbe of this
District, by tlieir representative" lo the conventicle
tt Htrriwburf ; and thoy mut bo almost tired of wait.
inr to know whst As has to ssv fa- bimself what itood
snd auMantial reasons At can' give, why the Whisofi
tb South, by virtue of ths eompiot turned tna fstaea
it ami c.'tve.'iUi !. .i
ri8.l" team, an I t,- c
' iui.i'" with tiie cm-
, I t
.t tur'.t
As I
vm-,1,111 J.j ft i i,
Disi'HCsisM; rir;:; is ilvi.v.;u.'. ""
- A (is br.inrttmt m Wiliixi-t'ii i'cr at t
o'clock, A. M. mar tUeCi uri II -, h;cb u
cotiHuimd. e learn l,y a pawog..-r in tbo Ji.'o
I B'ht, that Ihe two niot tit'jvnaot r)nti,,r
b'iiouVaod the value of pmnrrfVere cciij.ej.
i with the exception of the t'i;e leaf JUuk antiwa
!" three, other boil.luTi. -aliirh weri iirer-m:J It
ine great ettorts iiiadc, in consequence of grt.l iv
wardi ofl red by the owners.
Tlie two
aquares burnt, were thoae Xvirtti Cast
and 'North Uet .f the t'-.wrt H , i!w Uur
extending to the river and nrighat on which a
lae Custom II mwe and Cm Vr Hi.k. Ti.o
former, that on which Iteoiou'a Hotel n.J
son's Store were situ.iled.
We have no room for funlrr farticulars. as we
stop , the prMS to give Ibis hav and caltjHort
notice. jViwa Vtiftdiaiitn, l'k Jaa. i s'
Tha St. Augustine IbnUof the 5Jiotanl rajs:
' Gen. Taylor, we b-arn, has comoraccdl
rations ia Middle Fwrifa. Ila adrancee frons
rallahiasee eastward in three rolnrnn. Oa tlie "
S4d, the column advancing towards IXaiao'e 1
Bay after marching twenty miles, nent a narl caf
the bngnag train back, winch was iotcjeepted by ,
tlie loJiana, and (lie teamtee killed. Titer i
evidence that ths lud.ana have crossed the Suaaa- ' --
ne." 1
Tbo TsllaUassee Floridian of tbe 2:h 1t. sarat ,.
" On Saturdar niiiht last, the dwelbm of Mai. . .
J. S. Taylor, about ail miles from SJoaticen-i, waa
attacked by Indians and burnt to tUe grooud. Tae
lamily made iheir escape.
' fVsat Ik Alhwf Afn. JM'iait.
It appears that thn atorm ef 8iterdy ani Fast
dsy, which raged all ar-r.inJ as, wasen-a swxe se
vere si' the west than ia thisncuwly, and eastward.
A letter from Autsana written Satviay evening ears j
We were ytaited by aa almost tnqran4n4ed
snow storm, which emnnienced nu'y oa I'nlsy
eveoing, and taUl-fws sal h amaUated einlwieer -
(-Sunday, 8, P, M ) . It it d.inVvJt to t-tl wiih pre
cision to what dojiih lbs enow ba tslVn, a f ar
tha last 24 hours, tb wind bat been atrotig 'f roast
tito..aMitutttMl.,aai cmisuq issailly.
drilte,1. ,: ..
" Tin roads am now literally isjmtssabta. or al "
sll events, oiily with ttiegrh 4 exerliooaavdf rc.
" At this moment w are without tnaitt frees the
bast aioce yesterdw ir-m, (cttT- etperw Mft.)
and from the West aince Friday eight. It oVlcv-i.
rruin the UifortMlKtn I have, I ass mdwrrd to
believe that this storm is aa aeaere Wi, al pro
bably liiiJT severe, than Ei-4 uf iina blst-e '" '
Vaais Atbsay Wy AJvrrltmr.
Setttrt Ce. Tte Yesr has "fpeoHl rieJ." n
cnld weather. - 1 tie I liermuoicter at lb A Mar
academy gives Ilia 'following recurd
.. jMiiarg lf-..
AtO A. M. r 4 degree below im
It " . 1 abrre
6 P. M. I below
At 6 A. M. .
11 -
1 1 degrees bel?w gr.
4 h aa
1 above
At Hillstonftt 7 Ai'jl. est thf 1st iW, t5
thermomeuir alood at 14 below tu. At I'nca
on the tame day at 8 A. M. it arm IS tslow.
Yesterday moraing at 6 ki M. th taenstwswtrr
at Shaker Village ( VYatervlirt) auarked St) orert
below aer. --'------, "fc--ri-Siir t-u n
Congrct. Tb synopsis of the priceediei of
Congress, prepared for Ibis aeek's piper, it oeces
tartly ciosded tait by tb great fmm of other aoat-
In our or it, we win eoc'eivor lo snaks smeoda.
.tt!!i?ia?ggagaj'tiBii!i;''-, l.j. l 11 i
vJaXtl-l JajJatavQCKaytjyv..; 1- a(iv a-j.'-,i1n;.Usn t.- l-mi. -
Kq., Air. JUIi.X tlf Z,aA?t, ir, So Miss atAKl
la thit Couaty, ea the 7ih iataat,by Allen Rose,
Esq, Mr, ADAM SI'litErVALT to Miaa JUDllll .
C. StlUUBEttlNGER. , .,
..... " Dow with lb foolish asaa, wt ssy,.
Who will not yield to woeua's swsy ;
- - Who changes from hstsingeswiisy' ' ' ...
fiUr of perrect WiSfc3iicfc'"""
" In tins Con sty, on l Ptk iqsuat, by Abel CWsa.
Rsq, Mr. JO. IN lUrtlN lo ansa SARAH ltK
RIHEft In Lexlnrtnn, on the tth intae, by the Re. J
A. Rankm, Mr. JAM 4 P. fcHMaOY to Ms
la Davidson Cotmtr, en Sueifav e:rtt, th 13 a
slant, Mr. UEORGiJ CLUDrXM kUtokioa OUli-
USA GiUMtX j , . . -. -
At LowIou.y ibe 30th a1tat Pt.Gwfes Oiasxis.
Ilsoover hqnare, Gesi J. P. IlKXDEhVaj.X, Mm-.
ler from Texts, to Mas FRA.V.K-4, daafbtrvas' jAe
Cox, Krq , of Philad.djdos, 5
lo tiiis County, oa the I9k rest, r. HOCil
Pill LUPS, w tbetUrd. year ef bw sje. T
has loft a targe family, aad eeiM rwnis as
his kiss. "i i"-' "' '-!'. -m
r1ilh Subscriber would inform iheir fritvds !
the public in jjeneral, that tVy have smiered
into Co parlnetsbip in Ihe M errant, le bosio'iai, tl-
def the firm of -
. . ... .
j"" eioteit eennltoMsneeaifaiiM rtrnm
ally extend', to tbe former c mrera sf Msrbaet
Brown they hope by alienima to business, a good
stork of GO HIJ and at low (trie, le snerit. a con-
linnanee of the Move. - -- ,-. ,
- 'fllCHiKlVBROW.V,-
Janusry 21, lPl'l. 3'.
I. 8. Th'ise iodobied to ihe forever aieern of
Michael Brown, (which a at disuiedn Ibe 12 b
inst.,) will please call and ouU the tame, wib
Thomas W, S(srrow, abo is f-SIy au?bised 14
grant discbarjree.
Jan. l3f.
ON 13 IIUNDRFO G iLLON i of fr-h c-i-b
ss Castor Oil.
.(O" Apply lo
c. b, tv c k. wiirn r.R-
Balisbufy, Jan. 24, 14. . . - tf.
r 1 yyCyf i.s-w.'aiias.lii

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