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Tdifors and Proprietors.
(Whole .. lOrU.)
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Viio wants belter Kvidrnce?
1 WOULD refer the reading public hi Hie numerous
voluntary letters published recently in thi paper
a0il in the Good Samaritan, relative to the happy and
beneficial effect iif the administration of
Ttws who have perused the letters above referred to
W,I1 observe that in !iivt every case the aui Uie
licit that no inconvenience of any aurt attends the la
king of these medicine, in ordinary cue, but that Uie
patient, withoat fueling their" operalHm, is universally
'" left ia stronger aud better tst of health the a wa
expurwiiced preffott U being afflicted who diseaise;
aud ill ill case, acuta suricrmg, great relief m ok.
tamed in few ami rv m J a cure la generally effected
iot or three dys
In esse of FEVER of every description, and Dj
bilioitf detuona, it is Umioeesssry for me to any aught, I
i I believe Uie LIFE JtElM'INEii are now nmter-l
mllv admitted o be the tiiwt speedy and effectual care1
extant in all disease ut that clans.
The liFE MEDICINES are also a most excellent
n.ln'f in lfcelion of the Liver a ltd Bowels, aa du
been prored in hundred of ehere patienla hare j
come lorward and requested tint their experience in
taking Uinm might be publtslied fiTthe benetit of other.
" In their operation in uch canes, they restore Uie lone
of the rHuiaachi atrenpthn the digeive organ, and
invigorate the general functiooaof the whole body, and
thus become to botli sexes (lor tlicy are perfectly
adapted In each) ri invaluable meant of preventing
-'Kwar rod resuTinr; tifiatth. ""V; T
' littnlfectimn ol the bead, whether accompanied with
. pin and giddiness, or urn r lied by ilia grievous calami
ty of impaired mental energy; in palpitations' of the
hiwrt, flatulence; Lw of appetite and strength, and the
"multiplied symptom of disordered digestion, THE
LIFE MEDICINES will be found to noweaa the iost
sstnturr efficacy. ,
CunntitutintM relaxed, weak, or dfcayodTin men'or
- wtmieitj- are -under th- immediate tnftnene- of -TH E
LIFE MEDICINES. Old cough, antliina, aod coo
miiopiivt liahiia are aoon relieved and ipeeddy cured.
J'overty of blond, and emaciated limba will ere long
meet lite liappieat change; the chill watery fluid, will, firm aiUl healthy.. . ...
'"" N'erviiui diaorderi of, every kind, and from whatever
caua earming, fly before the etfectoof THE LIFE I1E
DICLNK8, and all Urnt train of ninkings, ansietiea, and
( troniour' which ao dreadlullr affect the weak, the ms
tVxied by cheerfulnew, and every presage of health.
tor .WMknegft, dehcieocy ot natural strength, and
rebiXation of the veinnl, bj too frequent indulgence nfT
n tnra meotcnie laT -sarc, cenam, ajw iu
vt 1 11 able reinedv.
Tl.oxe wlw have long resided in hot climate, and
are languid and relaxed in their whole system, may
take THK J.1FB MEDICINES with the happiest et.
recV; and person removing to the Southern (State or
Wi-at indies cannot store a inore important article of
health ami lite. , .
'(be fsillnwing'vcei! are among 'the roost recen
turts cfiiicuK, airH gratefully acknowledged by the
jinsons benefitted :-
f''it Jacob Ct -Hont, New Windsor, Orange
" ohniy, S. V. -A drt,'4(lful tumor destroyed nearly the
whole of his fnce, none and jaw. -'Experienced quick
i "licl Inuu Uie use of thi Life Medicines, and in lew
;ii :n tlireo month w sh entirely cured, (ise reported,
vtiHi a wool engraving in a new (wmphlet now in
.re5s.) ,' ;
a'Hcteil IS )! with itwell ng Wi In legs was en
t.rely curod ly tking-4d pill 111 oweek.
Case of Joan Dsulton, Aberdeen, tyhio rheumatism
fno year is entirely cured ha nsJ the LIFE ME
JtJCWES for W orm in children and. found them a
Mvereign remedy.
Case of Lewis Aurtin periodical sick haadsche al
wava rplievu1 by a small dose no entirely free trom it
' -v)ef-Adow Anre 'itfHivst thveferate unf
obtKiHHl dyspeMMj, snd general debility.
Case of Adah Adams. Wiodaor. Ohio rheumatimn,
Travel, liver atlectiona, and general nervnu debility,
r had bum f.imbnsd sevea ytaiw- was fiul Irani 1
MaX hsi Xikiha one box of pills Ittd bolUe;.of taller
.l.iotwt fJOrautdinary cure-h o atery-aoaiuiy-.
M.;fohuat jaomaaauetca a tcr husoand j5uom
Case ot .Mrs. Badger, wile ot Joeepli BaJger nearly
similar to arivu result the ssuie.
l ie ot tfusan G.KxIarant, a young unmarried wo
man jMioject mill health several year a small Course
bi Uie. Liiu jliiJicnuj .entirely restored, tier 1 now
)ile and healthy, '
cough and symptom ot conumpiion cureo id rour
weeks. Her sister cured of a severe attack ot lniuun
. matorv rheumatism in onr vnk!
:ase of S. Gilvrn cured of a severe atuca ot cr-;
let fever in a tew day by the Life Medicine. 1
Case of Harriet Twogood, Salina, N. Y. w in a!
very low stale of health vear aud a halt did not ex
pect to recover. Mis T. is now able to walk bout ami .
rapidly recovering both health and strength. J
Case of Bcnjamip J. Tucker evte ca of Fv r ;
and pue--cured in a verj hprt apace ofiimc.. Ife,
rectiwis (Tillowed sirictiy. I
Case of Amos Davis affection (of the liver after (
trymg doctors' reniodie in rin for a long time, wti
ccred by the Life Medicine withiut trouble.
Extraordinary case ol Lvmso Pratt, who wa afflict-
ed with Phthisic 20 year-effected perfect Cure ut
nour by the use ot the IJfe Medictne.
Thousands ot persons friicUid in like masnor, have, !
ly a judicious
1 imliciou use of MOFFAfS LIFE PtLLS aad.
BIT I'ERA been restored W IV, enjnymcnt:
of til Uie comforts of life. The Jtitten 'j pIomoI to 1-
j Mlotllitt'iej Mall, geotfy 'aVtringe f b" brcyoTtb to-1 "
iiscii, and give that proper tenuity wnicn a goou oiw
tion reiiiiirea. As notimi-j can be better adapted Ul
' neTp and iiou'rieh" The" cWisUlirfwwr lieie""s"pjthWi
hsire generally acknowledged to be peculiarly eftc-
twm tttlbwaJd'waaUiigi IbV'irulO" at-',
uoo, deprewi. of piriU, trembling or stiakipg of u j
hands and limb?, obstinate co ighs, shortness ol brwatb,
W codMiuipuva habit. . i
The Lite Medicine posses wonderful efficacy in all j
acrvousdisorJers. fits, headache. WMkuewea, heaviness ,
.yj!onnriiiilaiiriU,di ofiiHli.coiiriiu-dlooiilil.l
tndennrnf iha mtnd. Hmn sihI melancholy, and all
kiad of hysteric Complaint are gradually removed by
their use. In sickness of the tomsch, flatulencies, or i
rttruclions,tbey are sste and powerful, and aaa puri-
nnheWood they bavehot thejr etlB tbotvortd!
Moflstt "Guod SamariUn," a cojy of which eceom-j
aatnerthe medicine : a conv can a I way be obtained of'
mrei'Afttta who luva the tdiciat fi aabv.-i
French, German, and Spanish directions csn beob-j
"nod on.applicaiion at tlie office, 375 Broadway. J
All DustmiJ luiirawill receive uninwdiale attention I
Prepared and ..Id by WILLIAM B. -MOFFAT, 875
"dwa, New York. A liberal dedueiio made to
taose who purchase ta rll again. , i
Aeenl,The Life Meilicoc may also be badef any j
UMava TVVe!"r7JXl1
iJnited State an the Canad.. Ask lor Mofut Lite ,
Ii . . . . - -av ....-... 1 . .
mi and Phen s Bitters : and be wire that t tac wmuw ,
Job Moffat signature is upoa the label ol each but-
" Bitter of box of Fill.
Tl efrere Jtfedtcinc may be kid of Cren ef
Roger, mf thi$ low, A g ett for IAe Proprietor.
, ; 1 TERMS
fit THK kUTgRS caiOLIXIA. '
The Weatera Caroliouw w published every Fa.
tl, at Two Udlara per annum if paid in dvaucf, or
Two Dollar and Fifty Cent if out paid before toa e
pinilioo of tbn nmntb.
No paper 1,1 he discontinued omil all arrearage
' r paUl, unit- at theducntjon of the Editor; nd
failure ( itify the EJtlor of a w4 to discontinue
o otb beiore the end of a year, wiJ be coMbiik.
ej a a nt iMiifSjp'ineiiL .;. ,
Vderiictneau will be eoBif icumw?v and correctly
irwerted at one diUr per aiire ( if imi , mt (tt ff.
It hv ef thi Hied type) Car the 6ru tuert'wa,
and 3- e-iiu (ir each cwitmiMace... Courtand Judicial
a.lifertj..rnu will be ehaiged 25 pr cent isura tltaa
the abenre priceiu A deductx c4 SSj per cent from
tli regular price tit be atade t yearly advertisers.
Adiertfeaaeot rnt W asr pubjicaiMw, tau have the
nuinfafr el t'eie mirt.ii t wm. n4hr,M .
ti til! torbO. and clarad f rr,im ,1. - .
Letter aadrewd to the Editor on buxneui cuuK bt
fw r"' w iT ui Be atK-a to .
For tiral Vrprtiaent.
uki osjitt ratal t tfainta aratML.
t'"' Never too aJ noUung so bad
A getting Guniliar with turn ;
Treat hir today in a ca lalier way, ;
And he'll et:k o'Jief auarutr to-iaorrow.
Long you'd not weep, would you but peep '
Ai the bright ide of every trisl ;
Fort une, you'U bed, is often tuost kiml,
. IVbea chilling your hope with denial '
iJtWjN 4 ij ci try away , -,t, ',"
1 w own lirUe bortlien ol aorra w ; .
Or you may mn half of the blm
1 bat come 1a the Up of to-oiorrow.
Whin hope i wrecked, pause iaml reduct,
.J Jftor OCtamuiifd Irene d'ner? -
lt it be to, hereafter voi'll know " "'
;;, ilow to utoer into the bubor of "laJnea. '
'';:-. ""';'; , at auw c.B. WaTMaUa.
Oh ! dread hot the shadow that Cooiptaa the now.
1 neve u iwv a perwa to sorrow,
Thf dsrknen'may hover awhile o'er hj hraw.
oncui joy may uwpejue It lo-nivjf row
f Thiol, thmk, a ye gaae o'er tba-water of life.
. 1 bougn Uie wave mav be troubled and ehuL .
Th'nk, think ye can ee,'mid the tux moil and sti.fe,
The lighUn the buimele ti!L " '
; The flower may fade that wenerisFw y thT "
And frieaisiiiay forget 'wt were ever, '
Afid heart that we loved for their kmdii arid truth,
Have taught every ood liiik' V acver. ' "
But flowers ma blossom again froratha earili, ''v
- And rapture oar boanms may-hrut, .. '
If we ee 'mid tfi ftbiebond, the fcdiiig and dearth, '
The light in the binnacle stilL s jl.
Then dread not Uie clouds, tho' thej gather in oigjt,
80 long as one spark I 1 given, t .
Perping forth like sunbeam of beauty and light,
evwsw'OBf-the-bright -mal of IreaTCTr.'"'' "
But steer b the glimmer, tho' faint it ppeaV,
It I meant every heart pulse 10 thrill. ' .
Ni darkness apil us, while steady and clear, :
1 ue iigiil a in toe ainnacle stitu
-sTliJveVrliii tWr"1wai'tcl'l,i.1!c7r
" B'lt hath aonte little nower
To brighten up it solitude,
And scent the evening hour.
By gnef and sorrow down.
"TJiitRjth'airrwTnerVtrVof the pA
--- w-Mmr nm twt MJ. trwa. -
lliiw dilHdent the besnx have grown,
In fcet they're perfect churls ;
- Boeh shameful coldness
Tliey never ieeie the Girlt!
I?rntt1e9 ()T6 deriRM) pljn;
In of thee cold elves;
Tkey now, (oh, tfitme npoo you own !)
With oorvets Mjueeze UewlvCTl
Ii the 8pnn; when the manure w conveyed in
conveyed in-
to tlie field, it hoild be ploughed in, immediately,,
and spread no taster than becime nemwary ,-r
plotighing; because at thi season the warmth of
the aun produce a rapid fermeutatioa, the most
valuable or liquid part of the manure escape ia the
Joevojsraat- iaotlen expressed, by evapora-
SbouU a bip.-aiauurAt fbi aooaun b
covered with earth two feet deep, in a abort period
the whole mis of earth would be enriched by tbe
Ir a: TtTtvifr fmirrthe fernvnt'd and tha
qoaoiiLv . wii!d IheKebj b gatty iccreaseoV,'
To uuTneithet frtwh nor rotted ruanure b tbe ae.
on of planting potalor i)d corn, at a general
nrctice is biudiciou. but hf the. nnantity of
frrsh, unfermented manure, id the hill, well mixed
in the soil, would l5il probahly more out ri meat
than d;wible the q-iaptiry of c! i rrtten mttaare,
Manure being the life of t farm, every exer:ioo
should be osed lo increase the quantity of all kinds.
Gmtpoft, toot, abe, lime, g pie burnt, day, or
mA brick, aolveriaed, decotnpnscd rcgctaUe ub-
iaocaft,aaaxa U Jcettiajt
will all increase ihe quantity of manure, and lend
to fortilize the aoil. ' Ne are inorawt, tlw
ootl..' Ne are inorawt, t
"ucb aTi Uketl
IforaTne vb""", 'itn tu t"T je'eJ' -
am nuantitv of autnatent to .iilauta. Oa farms it
ought never be kt. The yards for twine, ooghl
alwayo lo be egcjuiated, er be ia the firm of a be-
sin, 00 that thi manure 111 richnes aexi 10 tae raw,
j inouu a- DrTed in a "moirt tate. Tbo name
"renrh arie lo the barnyard 6 catUe, eacept,
he ,rt hafe , and dry tnar
. be cattJaoccationany-.VoHS'ra
"- , 4 . . ',. .
- Tisat plmighing deep is of tbe utmost importance
to tnake bind- productive, no one (oho ia e"gd
fareier) will deny -rYel bow decora ble ia k tot ace
ao many of our firmer, in Head otplotifkiog their
land, persist in Ihe old rutno'i practice of merely
1 v 4It .tL
alarming it. S.ula of t'ue best quality may be very
hortly inipiA'erielted by ahallow ploughing : hihr
on the other hand, those of an isfenor quality may
he matenally improrrd by judicioua ploughM.
Why, it may le 4ed, art) ao and bo ao
mexhaustiSly i'rtiteaAcr being dfai.trd (hie aim
pie reason i, because they are powered of ail
of cotiftoVrable Thet) why oot plough
k-p, in order to tucrew the depth of Ibe hI of
uplaud. LaaJ which vt beeu ptoughed ahal
low, on receiving iha firt deep pkwgbmg, wiH
generady fail w some meair in producing 4 gvmd
crop, in eoosHuenc of lurntog op the clay. Tim
ha dwJieartroed anme that bate made trial of it,
to a to abandon it immediately again. But the
action of Uie sun, aod atinu-plteia) on the upturned
clay, will contribute gieatly toVa fertili2ton.
Tui being ploughed down, aud ibeY-noer ui fare
turned op again, with the addition
""'". wjl give land deep soil and
proper ma
er it fcr-
tile arid productive.
But few person are aware of the dentbio which
the fibrou root of graa dWend into the Vmurni.
It bat been discovered with very few exceptiuna,
'that they reach ta the bottom of ml, however
deep; conar nil nlly plant arowinr is a deeoVoil
i will be much belter protected agaitwt tha. cTectipf
I drought than tho growing in a shallow oil. t
j would augest; thereiore, that band in ordinary I
i caw1, he ptooghe4 not lea tlian eight incite deep.
I Will it not La much better to uilt-r partially, in
on crop, and thereby to hat afterward a .mam.
I fold increase ; than to be alweys toiling, with very
tmpeneci return tor our labor t" . Ltiimel. -
hiirrofr wuiyiTmdraVv-TOhoat feur crf
suffering aoy las in crops, by an increase of 2 or 3
inchef every annual ploughing, until the srth be
slirrwu and pulr nied 10 the depth of 10 or 12 inches.
Indian corn planted in such a awa of knserwd earth,
waM 'Wc4eer?er?bT"vfd!rf ' 'otoa'W.f'.'MPTiSe"'!
sponge, 3 would ah-wb a vast quantity of rain water,
and become a reservoir to tp?'y th want of that and
of all other pla-ita. .tfi.'Irr, fj. Silk Culturist.
, " ., BEE MOTH.
Mr. Jaroe Tbaieber7 author of the American
Orcbardtstr &tc n 1 eooimosncahoa to the
Near, England Fanner, tay t " I will embrace
thia opportunity to communicate (or the benefit of
the Cultivator, what I believe to be an infallible
remedy agaiaat the bee cnotb, wkten- baa proved
so destructive to Lee throughout our country of
lata year. I be remedy is nmpie and easily p
plied. It consMts merely in covering; the 'floor
board on wtiicn tne hive Hand, with common
earth about aa inch thick. A hive aet on earth
will never be infested wtih worm ; fur the bee moth
will Dot depneite her egg where the earth will
com) in contact. She naturally resorts to a diy
board a tier element. . I he remedy ha been em
ployed by a numlier of persona in thia vicinity fir
everal year, with the most complete success.
sCLPHuk a ?e VatTveTfrou insects
Sulphur' is recommended by Dr. Mease, in the
Domewtie Encyclopedia, a a preservative from in
ectjLTbejriHmeriditoi t endorjed by tlie
Editor of the Cultivator in bit last number. He
, dated that dusted upon grape, m the grape-house,
mctttcacHni in toe Apcn groood, tm the sulphur
is washed or blown off. v I-or many ycart, we have
lost noat of our early Labbagea by a maggot;
?wsJ!fiP xaa-alwt awnor rraBo.lty
mixing wlphur with the groat in which the root
of the plant- are'dipped" b1bre pahlTn'g',"tne' eviT
f wwy preieutcq'rt'nl ir laC tiUuU are
plunged deep in the grout, ao as to enal the base
or toe icx reniyTneyefe- prwwteo vrewyao.'
If scattered upon toe row, ia young L-aubagr and
Etadisbe; before or after they re taken tip, it pro
bably would be etneaciou ia protecting both tile
top and root. Sne England Farmer -
r - Tram tie Vnrgn nF. r 1
TonomT ta in tne mmriR ol everv one. 11
preached by all, aad prct""d by mr, we were
going to y, hot we will change the expreaaion,
and ay, that it r practised by only a few of the at
onirutode. sow encg!d in the active purauiu of
life. The mrrchant who bat soffered by indis
cnnuoAtjeJy crediimg - t-Two, lHtkv a4-Hrry,
hi ware aad roerchan'Jie, meet bins where yoo
may, complain of the extravagaoee of hi neigh
bors, and their want of what he r ltsrmineor in
future to nracttse. a
proper, nay rigid c ojr. -
pju, a 1 HjJ be beo tesoestrtvaganl himself
in tbe dacpotitioo of hi mercbandixe. bad he been
content wuh the eetling of fewer good, and been
aatMified with a certain though "a maller profit on
tbe aamei ret rent hroeot in hi household probably
vnud bare been necjessaryT" and the" practice
nf o rigid eoenomy- would wot bare been pew?
by him at tbe corner of the street. At it a, by
hi extravagant exrcsi to do bhcx, he baa
ta rtun tEcmsslret, aod w dawxao,
has well nigh rw'ae" hinweir, JToaoch 1 aa individ
04 wo would say , that by the eaercite of rcoaosay,
ui.ited with persevering industry, fortune, notwtth
ttnding the barbie of Ibejimea, ia jet witbia
your reach. IWpond not, bet practise what yon
preach, and a kind Providence will certainly amile
lesaoa for your good. lie wise and protit by it.
Tbe Pajntrr also talks abnul rrwwiay. 'He ha
veritored largelT in parchasmg opoo ertdit, bind
tod oegroee. - ofeiMent with eamvatmj t Hsw
of iolrkW'frnrn' lbrty
to fifty bands, he most venture into speculation, and
mpm trimwlfo Joad. of fclwjmHyJnto. I
T .f wbioh bouid have frig bter-d him from hi
purpose; but be ha bono roe tired of thriving in a
mail may ; ia not content with Ihe appellation of a
thriving farmer ; and imM need gratify his amhi-
tion to botume flatter, lie ventures, and w etf.
The costly rhte, tho arsiririfig hock, th rich ma
deira, united with rashvnnable furoitore, fine borer,
splendid ceachea, "Jfrat rate ererteso," nd bad
crop, have made htm a preacher. He is ruined,
and lecture opnti rtmomy. e nope that ne will
practise it. If oot enervated loo much by kixuri-
ou Imnr, he, m its rtercne, ma yet attaio
eorottencT. Let him not b4 beyond thi, for
true bappioesa ia seldom .found tlie coaipanico of
those w bo mdre tban a competency puaoeaa.
. The MotJiaoit cnrf,Pflxl. Jle. wo, talk of
tli b.irJ n-as of the tunes, and recommend rnww
aay- Well, Isulv ha lie bwn hardly used f The
world to bun hilli ever been tuikinj I HrJ kiitcks
from hi bwtt when an apprentice, low wages when
a journey aaan carpenter, blnckmiitih, or bricklayer,
be yet contrived (o navo a little fro fa hi hard
earning, anJ wm'oo. the road to pKjTtty ; but
he bos advanced on the ladder of tunooe'cveii yv
a step higher, aud i now a nmstur workman. A
builder of house iun-ir, with hi dpenVut jmir
tiey men, 'apprentice, cVc. -- Eiger to monopolize'
the buHine of the town, he ha made mnhy un
fortunate contrnct. lie has lost money in putting
up the Jail, fie ha been worsted in t-recttngNihe
Uuurt tluuje. llie wgea(ol journeymen nave .
increased. Brick, mortae, I11110, and other nmtev of a new eountrr. YVe Jkav Irtojwsusiy toemer
rial have uhtrpeHedly also increnned in price, sxiccation alladed to tWinect.asWevwiraiornd to
"Every thing ha taken a bad turn.' RiMidorod de. check thi specie U tHntgratmaa kt, extviih
perate he venture further still. ' W hat is the eon- atanding thcae ctWl we bebeva'lb aamorr of
eipienret, lie iuined, and with the Merchant eroigraiitaof tbts tl now rowtaetly arm tog, ia
and Planter, he baa uecome a preacher of Econo j greatk-r thaa it ba beea at any ptevKK periuX
my. ; Truly do we pity hi situation, and wish him To thie foung vaem who bate a'reajdy arrived u
every surcese, in hi exertion to rise again. Let our euurttr aad are nil vueapkvL we wuutd
him take heed to practio what he preadiet, and
all will yet be well with htrn
Not only doth tlie Merchant, the Tlanter, and
the Mechanic limdly prata about economy in our
ttreets, but the Lawyer, the Physician, the specu
lator. Ihn Bunker, the Nuln Shaver. Iha Retailer.
Ktha Gambler, gentlemen of eery profewion and
failing, ana gentlemen 01 nc proiusaion or caning
ill, all, all, appear to be rlotermmed to Veniliip at
the shrine of economy, alone, iu the future. Ne-;
ver have we whneed an unBiiimou a feeling pre
vailing before in any coroinuuiiy, upon any tubject.
iaj-wpaatluu ae-bM4oti..iaecetetltx. caT.
every nuvn exercising rigto economy, appear to oe
acquiesced. In by all. It is iu truth the only hope.
, Nothing else can, (Ave many from absolute nun.
extravagancejind practise economy. It will be
well Tor ua, and fitter lor those who are to supply
our plare when we have all quit thi Binge of. ac.
" lion. -The talent Hiat has been ronimittod to our
.terv-are atturf inroyo, or the afrWlotin-f wtt
dune thou good and ruitlilul ervatilM will not be
appliod unto ua at the Vreat, the accounting dar.
Economy in future thall dm our wBtch-wnrdjVv
vnii practise economy, vqwiu preaco economy.
Economy i a virtue. It may m ko a man to be
rich ; it can never make a man to be poor. ,
' Tram lh New York Journal oKCommerce,
ItcideiUMof the Lexington. -The olloaing ato
ncs show on "how small a circumstance our live
orne time depend : V '
When the PhiladeTpbia morning boat arrived
on Monday, the 13th, one of the gnllemert passen
ger called a hack, and 11 greed with the driver to
take him to Eighth street.: Another gentleman
being about loget in, the former, admonished Win
driver that he mimt not rJg tag about the eity, btvt
driver, H I will take you first ; it will not be out of
the way f or thi gentleman." r When the hack
had gone 00 tome distance, the two gentlemen fell
into a conversation, and the accond one stated tbnt
he was oa hit wry to IV, ml on, and wa then going
to the Providence boat. 1 0 th?.rrovidcnce boat.
from the .very next pier to th Providence butt, and
here thi rascal of hack man ia taking you i jour
pe .oLthree miletvaiid vou will eerramlr be tow
-,4ate.,y8wh wat the faetvbut Hie gemleniitr tmH
.Wdupof!.. ysVJM!ifl.Could.Dol.Mlp
pay for-fr irxr, -and- be-made-1oo-lata- tew deaitor
the Lexington hid gone when the hack returned,
" tlid llie iiiiiiv life was iiaveir. --Tojaory ibowi
the advantage ot being cheated, and ia calculated,
not to make ua approve of fraud, but to rejoice
that thore-ia a Providence which can bring ao
mush good out of so vexation ao eviL
- Ouaoi. ur eitiamw who wiw-wy-micrrm to' go-
to Boston in the Boat of Monday evening, wa, by
a aerie of apparently untoward circumststire,
prevented from finiahifig hi buaineaa at-i'biladnb
phia in lime lo return here on 8tiurray, and aa be
could not einscitiiiely travel on Bumfar, he re
mained at IhiMelphia until Monday. Hi Boa-
tun trip was accordingly deferred, and thua his life
wa saved. 1 his show the ttdvantay of kueping
Ihe Sabbetltf : .
Another gentleman had innde hi arrangement
on the Hiturdny prcvio-ui, to take the boat on M.m
diy for Stonington. But learning that a creditor
who held a demand against him, wnf watching hi
omtortnnity to catch him, and reflecting that tha
boat was tbe plae at which he would be aura to
bo found, he dctermiucd on taking the Net Haven
route, and ao hi life was saved. 1 his ahow Ihe
advantage nf being in debt. Iet Do maq complain
of hi fnt m thia respcer- Dnubtlrss there ire ma
-ny 4nor.eaae ia which omo,. Jiltle -Jcuxrenci,
aeeminglt nnmeaning, prevented perann from be
ing oh board. Oh i that it had pk ased'the gNd
"B"mi; wbr guidee mir dttny,toha ve -nrmed all
fcet away from the Lexington, .00 that dayy
From the Text TtUgraph. "
Among tbe thousand of emigrant that are bow
constantly arriving in our eonnry, we amice with
reirret too larre Dortum of vounir lawver. nhv.
riou nntversitie of the United rotate. These
young men come lo our shores lured by Ihe bnght
est prospect and burning with high hope. 'They
have heard Txm described at an .El Doraoo,
vrfiete wtg1pnVirw
venturer who ha li! to eek her fertile proine,
gjqilLJlraJioghljuaihioo of iinimrwwiptod
prosperity. But a la I whal bitter disapp'imtmerrt
oflen await them! ihey here lnl indeed a
country unurpised for beauty and fertility, and
abounding in tgricultural wealth; but. all Uu
aOifd tbem no encptiragemeri. llicy wander
uronu -.-- 1 ""J maun nno:r
amid tne reniie nmoa ot uostien. hat 1 14 the
ftrmer a paradise, i to them a. oVacrt. The oc
cupation which afford, them the mean oftttpport,
are here either neglected or ire already overbur
thened tod rendered eterite by compel itioo. Often
have we eeen young "men of thi claas, who have
been Ditrtured in the lap of luxury, aad, who, pre.
t vioos to the period of their (emigration, had never
. known the ating of want, but had been constantly
fhterd inrl tjstaincd by wmtthy ami indulgent pn-
rents, here bosrad by dmpHntnm4, B&hng ua '
der the nw myvt poverty, eaabtttered leoLid by
the recollection f f rttarr aod bngkter day rf hap
pines ud if ca. tkur cwintry s )tire too -new
and it popui'atica toa srorse awd widely if.
fused to aflurd many ay ansa to 10J4 vi'Im tt of iSij , The anptilaUno anal retttired ia Tea
a at present, t that dVnved from H lanain diaw
trict of the l:aed ratra, aud But frusn the rittea .
and larger town. Those wblstauote and public 1
tertu re thert f we, that tettl to Kg e v-rgraau frotn
the large citio of , that enaalrt, V injury, iy t.
fifing to our vHorr, a cfam C audivvduiaE laal era
wholly usdattsd aitbe by bUt ar dopnaitioii, to
encounter and CAJur the mvttw and kaidshino
say, rtKo lima ia idle exvcutkm, anc luiter
any longer' tw rer toas: r fcaseeo at owe to
lrm u l,pperutry " '
ilia Wwe. friing; lraiapr in laal tee
tion will noiitta wtfh cttwVr,elhi3wvt -irkaome
bay be (bcbaneio thkaww orcwpatioa,
it wilt rttaara a e)vtr aod awdkape be th
mean ul eemnng U aiesvaca to atSsmce.
A ftir urf lmt$ty Tung JLVavIiwWry
Mbut'ittkt ake (raiesa'tt be regar. good,
ia gained W viiag ry-t fent atarts. -Ter
otd ibe C iraMtxsa of kaaV..of irregitaii:y, ea.
deavor to r WT0" fited idmreataaMr fta,' r.
frreoce bota to yotrr eedwary aiWwtiuM aad your
arvertora a hm piui ym thw bsi aWw Sat yoar
self, add tbe virtwe fa rsstaa'itt. 'Ou aatf of
ihpe Mple ya aoeei aa Kav aaaceWae idea er
lias impmlauat nauee. ! bar a pv
lorm iiteir pan very lentxwd or.twwj
ponrtual, IbeT care m4 Is9r tlr Leey tbe tv .
.gagemca.t, atsi jCbe psjasciwi get wbswd of ji
them. Many ceanfta thai ibtr are prevented
from being punctual by ibe sshtptsctty ef IbeiVj -engagemcttte.
Bat lb, in atwal icataa:, ia a
oVluMoa all aei may be nrtts fo tbe. talent
whrcb t tweeswary te gaaa tkem a rrpuUtt-xi fur -teprrilfisiy-s
It i aatcmttniftg wbal a aa wmt V ia the way
of alndy aad sKctiptttMi, il "..fce proceed according
to tnt thod, and Awe M mHam katself to b over
come by the oral apaweee al eat ao wakb in-.
doieooa ta opt t agtTa. TV wosUl gmrralty
eateem aad pay ceatrt to tore of real tjaabrvtating
punctuality oaut wtegrrfy A J at love to fan
upon aueb ndinoutls, wall kwowtog tbey are sal
ia doing ao- Roswe mea area to be afraid of erWt
ihing the babitof pcoctoadity, k . Wd bo
Tucy carxwdcr it Wssntib Ibe eieoitat of a great ' "!
nnn, or c ooe wb ifemL he kat a ru"-l la do t
be 'pk-aaea, to be pamdwaL Ta laoro great -
weakueaa-id" crarler 4ii'eere tf tmf and - L 7 r-
oaerweewng aeJf-eseoa. It euy be rcaoatked,
.1... .11
lJeteeo, have beeo Wanvttied be tbttr oe -toilrt
v. " W Miiogtoa wo a 'Macfial bat t so in r. '
lllackstooe, x V bra tbn bm4 sewstfi uid.iwiuaL- - - - -
1 a -e. a 0 . a a, m '
omveroa ct ceicmteo teciirea, 00 wae never
iiowtrri tSTi
mmutti. aoA lie could ooaot-iauV-BosI tnrone
I iMfM oattirnsiiiia. dusotin t saths Tvrtow.
Punctoatity ia payipg debr. settling account,
aloe, - If perr4e oo-aVi "art see aad jotry oader-
aland how JugUy tbesrebwractera tre ratacd ia tvs
ciety by nonrtoahfy sa tbes wattrrsw tie auukf X-
exert every focohy and (trace, every asm lo be
PL ' .!??L,S!B!1L
overelimeDy pert etrwseo to iboir ceoecsioccfc . -
Make punctoaliTy a babst; U tcruU ia every '
lliHig. If yoo orentuao to im ot a cettaua hour,
be oa the Aoor at tb vrvy eawwoi: f yoo de- ' '
lermiaeto do any partscsdor tkstg betr yeor
brek!at,oe aure t do iu If je bve to meet -a
circle of fntwd er 0 nciety, be tbero ot the ap- ' '
poirrted ttftw.' Some aaea a apt la be very hardy -
iiatteding aaawbega atoticssasr, e peeailry rf"
they btv any thsftg to da, l!v-y ibrik there at ,"
great dignity to Wwg wojted ,, kst it a a reryv
mistakea rdeo ; for afcaKsagb aa asaambfy will bo .'id lo ae ywo after baaiaag oadad 0000 lies for
yon, they wo 14 asv bees arsarb asoro pteasad ta
lave eeea yoo ot year past at iha appesatoa time. -
Indiwtry, peneveranre, rmarttsiUty aad ioregrify
are all greatly advanced ly a habit of early rv
aing A yoong araa away lrra rjoy otjscci ft '"
utiguagco tscroly by rnakwz a proper ate at tho .
iJo. lrwwof Hyfit aa o tm r ,aoo.r
mui rowig 1 pethap ay o-two n.ionoa; rvu a ve
ry vulgar babst - Ihm-two at at tWg wed enro'li
for. otc1ic aJ laKitye, hi .aa .aau to be.
adopted feytti fctjW clause of aociety. Bu4
thos -srbo rtwnk-or stljpv; IW EotAteg aT tho
biographic rt emtoent aaroj or btvo petwacd tbofa
with iitile atteetioa. It n ttshsfsjtabio that fcr
men ever lived to a great sA tVwor un rvr
bee tie diM(goibe rt tlteir ahalrisnt, vtha ware
i4 0 lite- thM ef enT'T""y. ' If yiwfMi ,f
ot cnurse yoo caaoot get oknact year boacnes b3 a
late bow, oad tbeo ory aasf, gwo wreojt'Wruegh-'
out tbe day. Or. Fra'aJse ty, tau be aaa
rise late, toay tnsi tU iSjt, ' I 0 2 au ivate or-
avers, u that he nrver kj-w a la cae to '
grcotae aod tuasnt tva by a be4 of a aaornv
ti-g. : Inured, iVwisy "lo cw-Jiise'Iy 5.i, tbajt '
ho who i i tne atferi of aauty twog ia bat youth,
will be nrncfc vjmwo UWv t l.o to old og. more
likely to be a ditiagtat aad ooefal asaa a to.
ciety, aad more hke'j to pas a pirasaat and fafJ5iew.
fu hfe, lhaa be who ake a prarasrw of ryme ia
tjed tlU B lilt avonr 61 U 1 . .51.
Crm7. Cot Oaooa iato tbua teeo; betweaa
and over titea pot arowa wat r. W bra tw aoar
dissolved, a laspogasul of syrup ai3 ptWueo al
most wrtanUooou relief. ' Tbaa timpia aad &c
lual rrmedy lor thi tUstreaamg ataLady taouU bo
known to all hivirg tbe core of oi rhiTJr.
i -
- if,
v '
' if

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