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jnate. luar lltat the apostate -T'iluada !,.
be thu honored (or hitreachcry fo hisold frien ' -.
Every effjrt, consistent with, parliamentary rules,
wu consequently resorted to by the Democratic
members to defeat Mr. . Tallmadge'a eluction, put
finding that the whig and abolition majority had
decreed that Mi. Tsllmndge must and iWJ 6e
elected, Mr. Cbatfiei.d, a Democratic mcmhoi,
in order, to ridicule and burlusqaa the dogged de
termination, of the whig and abolition majority to
elect a polecat apostate, moved to substitute the
name of Gemet Smim, for that of Nathamcl
P. Tam-xadu. Thie wa done by Mr, Chatfield
on Hi own retpiiiibitity, without concert wiib any
other member; Ynd, of course, this ao litar mo
tion, made in derision of the coalition miiority,
. could oot have constituted Mr. Smith "lit candi.
date" of the Democratic party. Indeed., auch an
implication i prepoaterou I ;
Aud more than all U11V Mr. Gerret Smith, like
nearly all the prominent Abolitionist in that State,
i, and ever has been, an unchanged federal w'jig
is, and ever has been, an onhiitigated opponent of
the Democratic party ; and used as much influence,
i: nd doubtless expended more money, (ban any other
- individual in tint State, in furtherance of the elec
lion of Mr. ISradith, the avowed Abolitionist
whig Lieuloiiant Governor? The Democratic par
ty vote for such a politician as GerVet Smith, a
blue-light federal whig 1 ' The thing ia fcnpossible !
'fbe Republicans would sooner have 'Vm their
right hands o(T," than to tiave seIectedAini, or
any other federal whig abolitionist, as their can
didate. ' ' - - . : .:
Bui should the EJitor of the " Recorder (r of
the Raleigh Register) not have seen the detai
proceedings of the New York Legislature in qua
tion, we would refer them to the remarks made in
Congress On this subject by Mr. Prentiss, who re
present the District where Mr. Chat field lives.
From these remarks, the Editors must be atified,
(unless determined noMo be "convinced against
their wilia,") that their charges against the Repub
. .1- K 1 .. r f . . . . '
iiciiii punv in me lvew iora legislature are en
iireiy g rououles.
The Recisler." however, is ion watv to mulia
stubs hy inuendoy .
Report oh thi Atnmption of the State Ddts.
The Report of the Select Committee appointed by
- tti Senate under M rr Bentofi ResbJuVions" on the
Adsurnption question, appear in the Globe of Feb,
The doctrines pLtbis.Jiepwt jnuat,meet-ih
cordis) approbation, of every genuine republican j
while they hrve received, and will coStinueTb"re
ceivo the mnidejiXojipouboo.ronilib&
party. The unconstitutionality, inexpediency and
rairk injmrtire of this" scheme of the federalists to
saddle the whole country with a heayy national
debt, the evil consequence of the imprudence of a
few of the States, is most conclusively established
in the Report. .The Report and Resolutions have
lieen sustained in debate by Messrs. Calhoun, Ben
ion, Grundy, Wright, Hubbard, Brown, and Clay
f Alabama, all Republican; while Messrs. Mer
nek, Southard, Critleiiden, fhelps, Henderson and
even Prextun of South Carolina, alt trkigt, oppose
Tliciq. This shows to what party the People must
MNCrioe in w dangerous measure, 1 he Keport con
eludes with the following Resolutions.
I. Rbiotittd, That the assumption, directly or imli
fitve twei). or niT be. conlrtcted bv the Statu tor lo
cal objects or State purposes, would bo unjust, both to
the tallies and k the people.
Ritotvtd, That such anumptirm would be titjjhly
inexpedient, and dangerous to the Union of the States.'
a Reiolvrd, That such assumption would bo wholly
unaiithor-Ked by,indjn y igl ji Uun of,b'ei lonstil ul
i""Tr.-rTtM'r(.'rr r'...;...i.'. : . n .i l
locu and purposes lor Which the Federal Union was
- tormed
-i- jReseertrist to set apart the ; PuuliC'TanOi, or
the revenues arising therefrom, for the before men
tioned purposes, would be equally unjust, inexpedient,
onij uticouatituljoiiaL.';
A hill passed its second rending in the Pennsyl
vania House of Representative, on the 28th ult..
- -tTcumpcllirc'SUiMplion dfsnccToy nnlily ilie
Ixinka of that Stale. It wa ordered to be Iran-
cribed for a third reading; and it waa though1
would become a law : . - .
The following ia a brief skotchol the bill a it pAeed
Ms second reading, via; ' . , .
lhebauluue required iarauro-the- psymenHt
guld and silver for all their liabilities, whether notes or
dupoailes. on the 15th dsy of February, 1440. -
& If they do not do so, any perioo aggrioyed, may
make complaint btTore a judge ol the court, aud the
judge slisll appoint the tenia judicial day thereafter for
a hearing of Uie parties, and it w made the duty of the
deputy Attorney General of tha County, to prosecute
llieceie. And' it the it charged are subsuniiatod
hv competent witaeas . ? wiinenw the judge (ball
within two days Inform the governor of the fact, and it
tlien becomes thedttty of the govern or on receiving such
information forthwith to issue his proclamation, declar
ing the charter null and void t.w all purposes except to
' tuthi its contracts previously entered into, and to ena
ble the trustees to collect all money due said bauk.
..The fieearwiw Wfefthev- required to erqwrnt three pro
per persons (called commissioners) to lake chare ot
the bank ao forfeitintr it charter. and tha said commis-
sioner are required to make oalh and give autfirient
. security before entering upo lb dut les of llietr ofTice.
TBe duty of the said commissioners skill be lo collect
the debt?) due Jo ths bank; and pay over semi-monthly
sra rale amonrat the creditors, all the money tint may
cotue into their hands, and they are required to make a
Mil settlement at the end of three years. The note
holders are lo be nwid fir: the itrn,1fnr aer.mul': thft
stockholders last.
3. The Trustees are prohibited either directly or in
directly from purchaaing the noteaor obligation of any
bank whose arEtirs are in their hand.
4 The pffii-et ana" directora.of Jha backs sis eqttir4.
to hind over the buoka and papers lo ihe trustees.
5. The aherilfor coroner is to serve the notice on
nana and receive oompenaaboa Uie re tor out w tneeooo-
ly treasury. . " '
9. The judges are liable to impeachment for
neglect ol the duties aforesaid and any other
spoken of la the bill, for neirlect or refusal ot duty sub
ject to a fine of not les than $-KI0 and not pre iter
4)110, and imprisonment tor .a term not greater
o years, and not leal than on muniD, at in aiicr"
tion of the court. ... . '
7. The Act m not to be construed into legalising
ne suspenMon by ths banks. .
8. Tbe ttocretsry of Uie commonwealth is to publish
the Act in four daily paper in lb city, and two at the
seal oi government. f
Wherever tbe Republican party baa had t ma
jority in a Legislature, abolition and fraudulent
banking have found no favor. Tn Ohio, where
R 'puUtcin giilncj tiio aynd!ncy, lost year, the ,
Legiblatura adopted early measure to compel the 1
. Bank of that State, (which had followed ths exam
ple oT the mammoth concern at Philadelphia, and
other bank in that city and at the oiith of it, in
suspending payment in October last,) to comply
with their obligations, by redeeming their issues
in specie. Thi prompt action of the Republican
Legislature, had its desired effect i and nearly all
the bank in that Sinto, we learn, either now do,
or toon will, pay their note on presentation. And
the legislature eemj noway disposed tomuke a
half way job of their work of reform : they are now
directing their, effort towards breaking up the
fraudulent Voit JS'ot system, as will be seen by
"the article below. ,. .f T- -
It will also be perceived, that tlie Ohio Repub
licans are lashing the &1I spirit of abolitionUm in
to quiescence, within their, border. Will the
Harrison whig Legislature in the non-slavehold-
tng States, go and do likewise t " XW know of J
no instance, thus far, where they have done so
WJjat deter theraT Are they afraid of losing the
votes of the abolitionists r "
Ohm the House ol Roprnienutivea
bfOhio, a resolution has been adopted, instructing the
Commitlee on Bank, and the Currency to report to the
' House a bill, making it an offence piiiiibblq by con
finement in the Penitentiary l anv length of time not
, exeeedinj 7, nor less thin 8 years, ft ths diieciors or
4 officers of any banking institution within the State to
issue, for circulation, within ths Slate or elsewhere,
- post notes or bill, payable en time, The same corn-
mi Itce were at ths same time directed to. cuquire iuto
. the expediency of making all post notes previously m-
sued, payable on demand, in gold and ailver, at the
Counters of the banks issuing them.
, A resolution stating that slavory is an institution re
cognized by the conntitution, wis pi used by a large ma
jorrty. Another resolution on the same aubicct decla
red the "UnlawhiL unwise, and unconstitutional inter
fercneeof the fanmical abolitionists of the North, with
me domestic instiiutioM of the boutliern Slates," was
igmy criminal. , - ,
raoa tbc koith caoumah, or rr.a 6.
'o His Excellency Martin Van Buren. Gnl. Wm,
II. Harrison, lion. It M. baunders, and John M. Wore
head,l'o. : :, ' ' ;; ., i
Are you, or are yon not. opposed to the-Abolition
Slavery-in ihe Untied Slates, in any and every shape,
form or fashion, ?ilJ!lJpl!iL,2il5SJ?J tlSJRl95 .n Jt-
emscives, oesire - ' -c -
To this question, I. respeetfutiV request, that as soon
alter the receipt or this as may suit your convenience.
j yon will respectively roturn an answer by letter ad-
m ureanca 10 me mis pineo, wiui pennwsiun u) puuilsli
: fha Mmff in tliia'nnrmp. '
---It is drsiTcd thai' your fetter firsrstaWUiiuMtion
as above propounded ; and it you answer in the amrma
. live, that you wrilcMmmediatoly after the question
. '' To tin qtwkltoa 1 snswssv, 1 css w On sbe eontrsryrW
yeur answer in the negative, I request that you will
write immediately afWth tjuoslion To tins ques
tion 1 answer Ao."- t ' -r,i . . .
wr.iU v At
'U, .Yourfc&c, -snL - H. IV HOLMES.
As ourapolngy for addresmcg the above inquiry, we
V beg leave to state, that the eubject is-onsof vital im
"portance to slaveholder; and we.desire that there shall
be no half-way ground occupied in regard to it, by any
. msir Who It a candidate for the'highest offices in tiie
Stile or-the' Union. We call on bur subssriber to
sustain as with their names and infhionce, in enforcing
the enquiry above propiswd. Ws will appose Ihe elec
tion of either ot the gentlemen to whomthe above let
ter is addressed, provided he shall either, answer the
question there propounded in the negative, or unrea
sonably evade the enquiry. Wp call on ail Editor
in North Carolina to signify their sssent to this Test;
. and this we do la save further in It -shed in the. Sooth
about abolitionism. ' What say you alt, gentlemen 1 i
vour tett most cordially, and hope to see no dodo.
In lost week' Carolinian, we briefly ttated tbe
fact, that the election of United State Senator had
been postponed indefinitely by the Virginia Icgisla-
' u rU n2JLJl2!f dJULllS. -6.!S-b.0toj? 4 papers, jjie
otailojhepredingqf thaJwdv jaJheir
fruitless attempts lo make choice of a Senator. It I
5Sem tXoy oiiioue3 time fc&lhdurmgiWmf
. . . I
days, voting twice on the hrst dsy, tour time on
the second, and five time on the third, thee.
"v'eraTtu1TolingOiaving resulted in no choice, a
will be seen by the following' table :- -' '- -'
- 1st 2d 3d 4th !Hh 6th ?ih 8th Oth 10th 11th
Mason, HHI HI HI 81 8ft 79 80 61 . 81
.iJlirea. K 83 ftm 32 g4
6 - r - fr - - 4
J.J.Allen, . ; - ' (13 76 79 80 80
Scattering, i 3 8 3 3 ' 3 . '
Messrs. IlajJy.Crau'.ird.'aiid Smith of Glouces
ter, could not be induced, in any contingency, to
Vol lor Mr. Rive, having pledged themselves du
ring the election to go (gainst him on the ground
oFhhiTjeTng ao " Wbig,,rltiiougb they declared
their 'readiness to vote for any really whig candi.
, date that might be nominated. Under these cir
cumstances, Judge John J. Allen, an, unequivocal
Harrison W'hij, wa put in nomination. , But here,
again, it was found that there were five Conser
vative n more "impracticable " than,' the three
refractory Whigs, for they would vote lor no one
but Mr. Rives having been erected from Demo
cratic counties, and the fesrof their constituents
doterring them from otlng" for Whig " tliey
contending tbat Mr. Rives was etilf a Democrat L
XolniJefinit twmernent of the election cone
quently took place, by a vole of 23 to fi in tbe Se
nate', and 67 to W iajhejlowas "A.
Much crimrnaiion and recrimination was iudul-
sed in during the debate, between the " Whig
and " Conservatives," as toN' who killed cock ro
bin" a to which of the two division of tho Her
- rison whig (the vepuM'" nvmrwr were acg -
ted of all blame)-waa most culpable in defeating
In election, and leaving Virginia with but halfja
nmrMeniation in the United States Senate. "
-i, fan CsW tbe RM
. quirer, nd to iticbmona nig, to enow in ieei-
the there irt regard to this most novel at at of par
tie in the Leeislature of tlie ''Old Domiuion."-
Every day developement, however, of public sen
. timent, re -assures u that a most decided majority
of the PeopU of that Commonwealth are thorough
ly imbued wilh Jeflnrsooiao Republican principle
and are consequently opposed, to Harrison, and
opposed to tbe fraudulent banking ytcm. . v
,. raett tb iicno kKjeiasa, vaa. 1.
After speaking of the indefinite postponement of lb
election, tits Enquirer remarks r .
Tho, for the seeond time, b presented tit extra
ordinary spectacl of Virginia's attempting la vain la
make Senator. . w wouM avoid an nasty asnuscia
tions sll impsMioned dissertations on the es uses which
Jiavjose4uyirginia to b siripjied of balf aer rprv
scnlation in the Senate uf the L. Stati. Th People
II demand to know upon ,kse shoulders this reapon
ibility rcntsj and the are rutuled Uan aiwer.....Ve.
lay Uikt invest ij-ii lion over lua rnoie ftvorablo opportu
nity. We mutf tuke li lie tu review the field of Uulo.
One proposition seems to ba certs in; Uit if lhoo gen-
tiemon who wero elected as I Vl.-jntei of ths Kepub
licsn party had thrown their whole force inlolho scale.
John V. Mason could bavs been sleeted. As it ws the
prediction which we put forth butt week has been veri
fied. A!amm or Nobody "and Nobody has carried
ie out.
" ror one, since the Representatives of the People
Would have it so, we are rmut willing to appeal u Cat
ser. The election roes berk to Ihe ramie and we
riumphantly meet that issue. The Stale is ssvd the
burthen of having an oppiwtion Senator fcntened upon
her for snyc.iw, and miDrepresenling her wishes and
principlec The People must sol these things straight
They must settle this matter at their polls. They, we
nave, not me smallest doubt, wilt mm right the ship.
Ws will meet our opponents there. The People base
tha most abiding confidence in the success of our cause.
The Deinocrata Will meet the friend of Harrison and
bis allies at the polls in April, and at Uie poll in No
vemberend we do not entertain doubt of a glorious
victory. Two Senstors ot ths U. Suites are to be elec
ted next winter. A President and Vice President are
to receive our votes in the Fall. Let every Republic
can now do bis duty. He will see how his rights have
oeen menaced, and the interests ol the Mute betrayed,
Will he .have, too, a politician liks W'm. 11. Harrison
elected President of the U. Ststes 1. We have receiv
ed the most eheehnir accounts' from all Darts ot the
State, and w were never more confident of 'carrying
uie eiaie in tne nprmg ana in the r ail. X
- '4- sbok thb amnaoNB whio. rra. 1. X
M At 9 o'clock last meliL the election of Senator was
indefinitely postponed, alter a tvialoi three dars. The
House, in the first nlsse, proposed to postpone antil It
o'clock to-day. Ths Senate amended the resolution by
eubniitutinir indefinite DostDonement lh8 House dim-
greed ,' the Senate Misled, and the House receded by
a vote ol 07 to m. - The vote In both House ws a
mixed one sonio ol each party voting for il, under the
conviction mat no election could be made, and the mil
verpal senw ot wearuies, exhaustion and disgust.
X hua is the melencboly and ilworeamxini! specta
cle presented to the world lor the second time, of Vir
ginia'i boing unable to elect a representative of her
sovereignty in lliefodcmlKoiidto of her legislatures
being unable to discharge a high and paraiiiMtnt con
stiiutionsl duty. .. Virginia, the taut of whom it could
have been expected, is the lint to give Uio example ol
metpient anarchy and diKnri!ani7Ation.. '- '
u We repudito the llliberalily ot atlemptiliS to de
volve upon the Administration party, the responsibility
of detesting an eleclion.JV'otlAeMA.iaJl fault lt
them bear the consequences wlm have produced Uiein.
The Georgia. Joufnat of the 1st instant, remarks
a follow; v, -i- '." ' . y t ' '
.The Louisville JiMirnii I use the fiillnwing hngoager
Tbe MillodsevUle, (Goo.) Journal ia, ao far as wa
knew the only opposutun pa per m llCflion,lUtwsn
plainsof the nomination of General Harrison.' How
strsnge, yet bow impotent, is the sound of that solitary
' He fcT,a'iMfe'M'kttcW' Mr. Louisville Journal H
Then, indeed, all we have to say, is, that upon this sub
ject, you know very littles Ths M solitary Aim" was
prceededj anti.Teapuaded to, by every oppuuUoa press in
Ueorgia, save one.
: Casualty. Killed, dn the Gth instant, by the fall of
tree, rrrt:a J.vkblv, son of Lbristoplier Lyerly liv
ing neiir this place, aired about 1? years. He was on
his return trom r ayeltevilie when the accident took
place. ' - '
llin company had taken tip camp lor the night near
Little River; in Montgomery County, and in the act of
fellipg some trees tor firewood, one fell on him and
killed him instantly. ' '- -
" JaJirnnte, Jan. 31, Mr.-GruoJv made a report, from
the Committee to which a former report bad been re
committed, against the assumption of (he Stale Debts,
and concluded witheerteifl Resolutions. -(These Keiwla-
tions will be foand in a preceding column.) The Re
port and Resolutions were advocated by Mr. Grundy:
lo the Haute, the Resolutions introduced h Mr.
Blsck of Georgia, under which tbe House elected its
Public Printer on yes'crday, were tsken up lor execu
tion Tbey areas follower-- , '
i Rrtoloti, Thstthe lioune proceed instsnter to Ihe
election of a Printer, and ihaW. apoo.aa.Jiiu.elfic'jott
-ifca'f.ii.ii.1;i'.'."t.. '" ........ i
.111 iVg IVftlll piaUO, .UllllllUkCQ VI IITO HIVHIII,
be eleoted sts-wwrjynh6 TIoUHe,To consider ana in-
vostigate tha
price oue;hl to
subicct ol the public printiiiir, and report
witina ten-rs aAw.ibe-siectioni-what
to b paid as a just and reasonable couien-
formed. bAy,mgdugaAyaUeirr
tity, quality, and due execution of Uie work.
Ketnlved further, l liat ihe fruiter aha II be elected
with the express understanding Uiat lie ia to well and
truly do and execute all the printing ordered from and
after bis election upon the Wins, in Uie matiner,and at
- f the ratewand prices wtririrwall be prescribed by thia
I loose, n pott the reception of the report of Uie said com
mitlee ot Investigation : and thaV siid eommittue be in
structed to enquire end report open the propriety and
expediency of entirely seperstinir the palrotuire or the
Government from tlie newspaper or public press of the
country ; and that mid report, when made, ihall be the
anecial order of Uie day. and have precedence over all
(-ether business until thcwbjoctsbtlt be Dirtily disposed
The CommiUoc.',a elected, is cotnivmcd 'of Mr.
filick, of Georgia, Mr. Davia, of Indiana, Mr. Prentiss,
of New. York, Mr, (jarland.of Louminni, and Evans,
of Maine. Tlie House Hjoumed to Mondny. ,'
In Senate, Feb. 3, The diy'was taken up in Hie
presentation ot Petitions, memorials, &c, and Jho di.
euiduin nt the amumption ol the Bute iJews.
The Home done no business of consequence but bal
loting for a Chaplain, whie h risilied in the election of
tbe Rev. Mr "Bites, Preibyiorlah. . . k
In Senate. Feb. 4. The dav was occupied in present
ing Petitions and Memorials, hearing the Report of
Uoipfliitliee. and discussing lh Assumption question.
In the Hmu. message wu received trom Uie
President, tiwiwmHtmasiatcmentSTrf the Becretsryot
the Treasury, in regard to tbe construction put upon
certain poriuni of llw Revenue law by Ui Judicwl
irittunaia. ,- v , r : ... ' ,
Wrr W. -JhoiiphOC from the Committee en
itarv AfTairs. reported a bill to rain 1600 men to serve
strains! th Florida Indians: which waa res twice, and
on Mr.T'.a motion, referred to Ihe Committee ot the
Who' House os the sUtq of Union, and ordered to be
nrintnf. w
. . j. ' .. m ... ..I
Ternloriea, mad renort in relatioo to the dimcul-
lies between ths Bute of Missouri and the Tern lory of
Iowa. accemBsmed by a Ulu enUlled "Aa act to es
tablish the Northern boundary lmeofihe Stat at U
tats ot the Union, aad ordered la be printed.
In Nenate, Feb. fx Mr. Benton from tlie committee
on Military Affairs, reported, bill providing for the en
listment or lXJ med ur Uie deienc w t lorwa ;
which was read and ordered to a second reading.
The Roeort of the Committee oa the Assumption ot
tiis-Kials debts was further diseossed In a able Speech
bv Mr. Calhoun, ka favor of Its doctrine, end Uie osu-
sl Borrrber, with thirty tbour4 additional copies, or
dered lose printed. -
- la tbe Uout, it being Petition day, a larg onmiier
of oetitiona, memorial, u. wer Dresented ; and a ci II
wu made by Mr. Randolph et New Jersey,' upon ths
speaker, to know if hs bail sot received certain Reso
lutions and remooatrsnc from th Governor aod L
gislsture ot New Jersey, protesting (gainst Uie cotrse
of th Hoos oa Ui contested leciioa from that Stale.
Ths speaker replied, Uitt ba had received such paper
from Uie majority or theIgislilur ana me uovernor,
but. at it waa directed bun in his individual capacity,
and not aa speaker of rJ 1 louse, bo- would not present
(t to llio ilouie ; anu that he bad aiso received a apr
from the minor Af of the New Jerey IgiiUtiireon the
State subject, sdareMied tohim.sshpeskerot the Hatine,
which ha would, when he thought propor, laj before it.
' ... ,..... -"
The Committee on Election have determined to
make no report at present on the New Jersey case.
Four members were in 'favor of giving the seats to
the returned mcmlr; and fnirto the other claim
ants. Mr. Campbell (the Chairman) was opposed
to the admission of either set until the whole case
wa inventigated.--Kif hmontl Whig of Feb. (K
A bill to compel ihe Bnnks to resume specie pay.
ment on the 15ih-instant, has passed ihe limine
of the Pennsylvania Legislature The cons.
quiMices are expected to be diswstrous In the trade
of Philadelphia, and quite oppressive on the sfple
of the Btate ii. ' .
IlftcullM Council. Thta body convened yea-
terday, in obodienc to a call from Hi Excellency,
the Governor. J'resent, Johiwtnti Husbee, Chair
man. Dr. Willie Perry, Isaac T. Avery,,ThnMia
McGehee and J, P. Leak. Col. Cadw'd. Jones
and C. P, Mallett were re appointed Members ol
tne lioard or internal Improvements. 1 he ap
pointment of a Judge tioe R. M. Saunders, re
signed, will, we understand, bo made to-day. lla.
high Rfgitter of Feb. IV , p..
CcW At,' On Tuesday evening last,
Resolution, was adopted in the Senate to make
MurfreCNborough the Scat of Government of the
Slate tf Tennessee ; and on Wednesday the House
of Representative concurred therein. Tlx Reso
lution wa pawed by a majority of one in each
branch of the Legislature. iUMrrresWo1 (Tea.)
TUgraph of Ftb. 1. . - ; v i '
T Tariff. --A reduction of duties,' equal to
one-tenth of the'excese over 20 per cent, on the
value, aa it existed on the 21 of March, 1832, Ux,k
place Jan. 1. . Tbi i the fourth similar reduction
that has in ken place under the compronYiae Act of
1832, making lour-tenths in all, of tho excess over
20 per cent, on ihe value.'; Of the remaining ".
coss," euio-hulf iomesoll oti the 1st Jan. 1842 ; and
-the remainder, ix mon'.li Hierafter.TSo that on
and after the 1st of July, 1842, should the existing
' Tariff Law remain unaltered, no article of import
will boar a higher dutv than twenty percent, on
' th value Raleigh Reenter.
t:c;:;tcnjtei:v in wkdijuck tt
In this County, on the Oih infant, bf Ihe Ret. J. II.
-Mdern)r,-WrTMO,WA-tr ORAHAM W Miss
In Davie County.on theflih irrMadt.Tty the Rev. WmJ
- LINB CRUMP, daughter of Roland Crump, Euq.
"v In Mecklenburg County, on the '2l uliiino, by Cof.
John. .Hlomx, Gsav Mv, JUtl M. M A 9.V to- Mist
CAROUNE REEO. ' , . " - - :
' la Dsvidnon county, recently, near the Conrad Hill,
;by Philip lIedrick Ei Mr. ROWiRT JJCAttlXTr-
lo miss MAKIA M i fctvM, uoiis'itor ol ueorcs Alyers,
Ei- All in favor of Internal Iiiiprovement. and Uald
Mining. . .,
. In CbaKu.cmty, en the Ctb instant, Mr. PETER
STIRKH, of Davidson count, to Miss BARN-
' HART, of Cabarru. '.v . " t
' In Oavidwn county, On the Bth. instant, by J. Cosa,
HATCHER, . " -
In Montiramdrv ehuntv.e.t the residence of Weslev
Uflm. by J. M. VVorih; Ej , Mr. JOHN HALL, Jr.,
tuMiss REBECCA HARKISO.V, of Davidson county.
In this County, on the 8th ulu, Mr. WILLIAM F.
In Mecklenburg County, on the ifOth ultimo, Mr.
ELAM MOORK, In the 4llth year of hia age.
- In this County, on the 7th iiuUnL Mrs. HARfiA.
RET THOM ASON, wife of William Thomsson, aged
about US-years." Alra J hnrpaann was formany year
llonslMteiit' member of the Presbyterian Church,
worthy member of society, and died deeply lamented
by an airectioniiteJiuibanil mil five uns. anil a wide
rSc rrf 1riehda-T Comm. - V - -
In Montgomery County, on the 3rd initaot, Mr.
FRANKLIN EDWARDS, aged 50 yean.
In Davidson County, on the 7th inatant, Mrs. CAR
RICK, aged about 80 year. - - - ' ; t'
'SIlhiu t, N, C, Ff.b. 12, 1640.
i4ffentton. Officer ef the 64l Rrgimcnt f-
"rOU are commanded to parade at the Court-
-Aiiiio ihffowinr's
- A-.. .t.i." i nrirur u.t. J.i.i, i tf
aubiTlernsrWilh Side Arm, for Drill.,
and, on hnday, ihe ZOthat o'clock, A. M.,
with your respective companies, armed and equip!
at the law directs, tor review and imwectionv
By order of Mujo Unn'l. B. M. I Jiiey, of the
dlbjlj vision of North-Carolina-Miliiiair
R. W. LONG, Col. Comdl., -.
.; 64th Regiment N. C. Militia.
J. M, Brow, Adj't. ? . -
X3:ttzot?.t. :V.
JflSKI'll I.l-.I. S anirnfHmnnta hmr nrA.
rented him from making his annual vi,it intoM
thi part of the Si.ito as early a intended
llV him.
. ' '
Hi employer may depend on seeing liitn in I few
Person in the country leaving written order
t the Ollice of the Charlotte Journal or lh West,
em Carolinian, or at Ford' Tavern in Concord,
will bo viited nt their residence without addi
tional eipense.; - Camden, Feb. 1-3 w
More- Good-TliinKS-i
j -"nESPECTFULLY Inform trta customer and
- Alr4h Bsjbli genallyi that-be- r twsr rwwiTrrTg
and opening, at hia establishment in Salisbury,.
8plendid Assortment of every tblng desirable m
his line Of buaioess-Mimong which will be found
lltoons, v '. $1
ji'ine ippies,
r I
.MackareL Malaga Ura pea,
Chsess, ' - Hyson Tea.
All kind of Cracker, web Powder and Shot, .
as butler, sweet ana gin- inuoa mumuru,
Ancbois, " . . Rnglish Walnut,
First rate Oysters, 1 f-ocoalut
Ciaeernna, Ckrves, Frpper. Figs,
illaalc Kills,
Hnaaish Cigsis-best.
Albany Ale, , ..
diewing and smoking To
Newark Uider.
fesence of Cinnamon,'
bacco, t.
Surcb, v '
Rnsp, -i : .
' Molaasea, . ,
ltrowa and Loaf Sugar,
roflbe, -J - J
, Almonds, ' . .. ,j "-
: llranirM.
. . Mint, ...
m 1 r'i... .
Alt khuil i CiwAitlm.
I All bind of Wines, '
All kind of Liqiiora, V
lAll of th beet qsalily nd
latest tmporUlMioii
iTogrther with a great variety of other Groceries
toe tedious to mention, ana which nv wm wu w
trylov foreaah. . 1 ;
Moos. Roueche return Li thank for ill liberal
"patronage heretofore received, and aolicittitocotinu.
: ance..---, Feb. 14, 1840.-25.
V- ' . . . . - V V - - "
?pilF. Merchant and public in general art ifi
iormed that the Lexington'... Manufacturing
CiimiMtuy have now their Power Loom in auccess- (
ful oiierqiino, and are nuiking ' "
of a very aurior quality, which they are sellings
very low. J. U. lAIKftS, Agent..
LexiiiKion, N.CEeb. 14, 1940. 3t.
VOTICH. To Ihose who apply immediately, 1
will sell a part of my splendid crop of Morn
Mullicauli Trnes, at the very low price of kalfa
cenl by the bud. Froni experiments made in all
part of the country, no doubt can remain, to those
who will examine the auhject, of the practicability
and immense profits of the silk culture. Repeated
trial have fairly shown, that more than the tree!
will cost can be realised the first year by making
silk from the leaves they will produce. As the
best judge (ex confident that the prices of Tree
will rise thie spring, and continue up for another a
year, the present may be regarded a the most fa. .
vorcd opportunity to purchaser, and the term
i her tide red a the lowest we have known. My
tree are genuine and in sound condition ; arid lit
the luxuriance of their growth many who saw them
last somnierMn testify. , l" ,
-Application made at tbis place, or at my plan-
ion ui Lincoln couniy, win lie attemied in.
Itavidson College, Feb. 14, lMtk
NOTICE The uhscriber having, at February
A ' Term, 1840, of Rowan, County Court, quali
fied a Executor 6f the last Will and Testament
of William F. Anderson, deceased, hereby give
notice to all person indebted to said doceasedVea
late, to mnke immediate payment ; and those hold? .
ing claim against the artme, are required to pre- V
sent them, legally vouched within the limit of the, ,
law, lor payment, or thi notice will be plqad a
oar in ineir recovery. - . . ...
; RO. N. FLEMING, Etr.
February 14, 140,- ; 23-8
TNFORMATIOM AVANTED. Any lhfiirma. ? r - r
tion relative to the heir of Mr. Thoma BaL , '
lard, who formerly lived near Prince Anne, Bom- , , -
erset co'y., Eastern-shore, Maryland, will be glad- . :
ly received, lie removed, about 1775, to Wind- " ,
or, N..C, intl there married. Hi descendant I '
wriwiiving-tnthr- rn''that 8tate, Sot Caroliiw,-if-- f
Oecfgieyor Kentucky. Anv comu.tintcatiori res- ' r
lims; trHMnrarMre-1 'Cf D
rtcktown, Calvert co., Md., will be glmlly received ' i 4
aad promptly atlendod to.
VAS oreivvrf.-rtwwibswiba
" the night of tho 8tb inatant, a bay MARE, T t
one man SADDLE, and two BRIDLES one a .
teoaffle tirt the other eurV with to iingaXfTlie''
thier i Iwlieved lo have gone in the flirsctioo of
Statesville. .The mare stolen j about 14 hands
high, 4 or 15 Veara old, Lend more than i com-
mon in her piitcr-joiuts, and trot and paced fine-'
ly under the tnddle. 1 hs sttrrup of lh' saddle
are bras plated. I will give a handsome reward
for the apprehension of the thief and the dull very
of taid mare, aadilln and bridles to me, or for any in
formation that will, enable me lo ret 'my property .
again. - v HIRAM T.; SLOAN.
Mount Mourne,. Iredoll, co., ) ,.. "' ,'r, 1
Fb. 14, 1840. U i "
ITTILL' be Sold, at the late residence of Mr.
Margaret Butnor deceaad, en Thursday the
6th of r March next, all th property belonging to
the estalq of .anjd deRed,
Seven or eight head of Cattle : .
- " ' a'
Some Siee, and a large Stock qf llogt ; m
ONE WAGON and (3KARING; and A '
. . WIND MILL 1 4 --i-
A quantitf of orn, Wlirnf. Oti;
"'-'Z- 7j-iVUsi jr and rodder ; :
And. a variety of other ailiclu loo numeroue to
mention here"., ' ' . " r- j- '
1' Term- qf Sale -Twelve month credit, purcba,
er giving bond and approved securely.
'. Rale to conlinuo from daV to day until all the
nropcrtw4 eold. -
Admr. '
Rowan CO., Feb. 4. 1840.
!"'' anbscribcr oner lor ie, at ou cenia per
i iiiouHHim, Tory lurun uuuiiiiij ui tinn-wv i
I t i-..n I i ir i i . 1
Eggs, carefully raised by herself and in a good
stale of preservation.
Salisbury, Jan. 17, 1840. r r,'- - s '
If AS removed his OiTice to iMo.'l,
4 of the Office Row of the Mansion
Hotel, lately occupied by" Dr. B. Austin. r
, January IT, 1840.- ' . "
int. m:jmilh aIixia.,
ESrCC fTTLLY ofTursni profeaskwal services to
xm, ths citixenv e S Jrtrtiary, an th surrounding
eoumry. Jlis omc m in Mr. West new brick-buil.
mg, nearly opposite J. . t. Murphy'a store. , ,
haiisbnry, rj. U., August an, IN, ; tr.
s"M' HAS Located himself at Cl. Datid
V 'fjf Rmey'a, Oakley Urov, Iredell coun-
jt N; C., andreiipeclfMltxJtcttdMCJusl
""""'sorvioe tol he "public in the various ds-
paiimenta of hi profeation.
'January 10, 1840.
v TfOHN C. PALMER, hnother
v new supply or rd ana uvr
Lcrer Watchei, .
lain English and French, da, gold
'ob Chain and Keys, B rra at pins.
Finger Rings, silver Butter Knives,
Pencils, (pslent and plain,) Tooth.
Pick, Fob Chains, Spectacle aad
Thimblee, Blcol and Gill Fob Chain and Keys.
Alio, a very fine and large assortment of Rsaors,
pocket and pen-knives, by diltrrent Manufkctiirers, with
other articles osually kept by Jewelers, all of winch will
be sold very low tor eA, or only six months srsdit, al
ter which time, interest will bs tlnrred.
Work done faithfully and punclually. : , ' -Faliibory,
May 2, IrSJJK 1
i ft u nm
imi i
- .

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