North Carolina Newspapers

    -THK f-OWegs WOT BLKTrp TO THE TRlTEl) TATl III rriH
"frmmo!f,toB esiinimTTo sr
rrToWATE, ,.,VED T0 th. ,r .wrvEw, oa to t Wn-.-W,f. to He &jA
rtich X,
D. AUSTIN & C. F. FISllElt,
Editor and Proprietors.
SALISBURY, N. O, FEBRUARY . 21,. 1840.
(Whole Wo. lOilO.)
Wlio want brtlcr Uviitcnrc f
IWOL'LD refer the reeling public to lite numerous
voluntary letter published recently in ifcm paper
and in the Good Samaritan, relative to tlte happy and
beneficial tlfrtti of the administration of ,v .
Those who have perused tbe letters above referred b,
will obeerre that mi almost evory.ease they aeM the
feet, that no inconvenience of auy aort attend Um- u-.
king of these medicine, in ordinary cases, but that the
patient, without feeling their operation, m un.verselly
K'tl in a stronger and better state of health than mat
experienced previous to twin afflicted with diseaae ;
and in ill ce ot acute u tiering, great relief m ob
uined in a few hours, and a cure t generally effected
in two or three day. .,, ...
In case ot FLVER of every description, and all
bilious affection, it it unnecessary fur me to say aught,
an I believe the LIFE MKDICINti are soar univer
sally admitted 'o be the mutt speedy and cflecuml cure
cxtaqt in all diseases of that class.
The Lire, Mt.VWIMX are also a moat excellent
I liof in affection of ll Liver anaVfiowek, as baa
bean proved in Hundreds of cases where patient have
eiWe.,tbrwaVd and requested that tlieir experience in
Ukmg them might be published fur the benefit ot others.
tn their operation in aucb caaea, they feature the tone
of Hih Hlomach, strengthen two digestive organs, and
invigorate the general function of the whole body, ami
Ihui become both- sexes (for thejr are perfectly
adaptnd to each" an invaluable weans ot preventing
liiseane and rettorinjj, hceltb,
in affections of theVad. whether accompanied with
iin npd giddiness, or marked by the grivm cahtim
ty erf" impaired mental energy ; ,n palpitiUioos of the
heart, fiatulance, loaa of apposite and tirencth, and the
multiplied symptom of disordered HliBfwtmn, Till;
LIFE MEDICINES will be found to p. tin; most
. 0uUry efficacy, . - "w.
Couututioo relaxed, weak, or delayed, in men or
women, ire under the immediate inilsence of THE
JLIf E MEDiqjNES,,. Old eoagh; aeoin
nnpue uauii are aooo relieved ana speis.ilyUTea.
I'jrerty of hlooJ, and emaciated limbs will tire long
meet the happiest change; the" chill watery fluta", will
injeoma rich and balsamic, and the' limb be cowared
With Uh, jirm and healthy. .
Nervous disorder of every kmd,-nd from wnatevoK
UiLl.M3,and all that train of iukin:rt, anxieties, and
itemoura which so dreadtully affoct the weak, the a-ut-nbiry,
and tlie delicate," will in a aliort tune be euc-
i ewoaJ 'ayeweTlbtBeB;tna (Wj iregc dftteiilfhT"
ror weaaiunij, aencieficy ot naturaUtitrength, and
cliixation of the veaaela, by too frequent Indulgence of
iiie pj.iiioni, thia medicine ia. eafe, certain, and., itt-i
vi:iiule remedy. y . 1
i tone who have lonjTwtded. in hot shtniteaand
nre languid and relaxed in their whole ayatem, nmy
t.ii TilK HFE MEWCLVEH wtth -the.tuppieat t-
i cU; and persons removine to tlie Southern blalaa or
im Indies canirol store a more importaut article of
leillp and lite. w
IV following casea arc among Uie moss recent
ctimi effected, and grateluljy acknowledged by the
j'fHoua heuelitted : ... .
1 sse ot Jacob L Hunt. Near Windsor, Orange
t hinly, N. Y. A dreadful tumor destroyed nearly the
wijiV of Ins face, Ooae and jaw. Experienced quick
r"iet trom the nse of the Lite Medicinua, and in lean
i:in three inuntha waa entirety cured. 4Case reported.
witti a wool engraving in a -new pamphlet bow id
--W-of-Thoa.-Ptrrce11. vcrfr.: Wmt W aje was
ft:rtert In years with awell. nga in his legs was en
i. to)Jwd..'tafca4intiaMi.. . naaa " ' "'" '
huae ot Juan Daulton, Aberdeen, Uhio TlieiimaUera.
nix yeard is entirely cured hu uaod the 1.11L Alt-
KH'l.Nba tor Worrns id children and louna uicui a
I siverema)'- remedy. ,
Cum) ofXewia Anstin periodical sick headache ai-
ways relieved by a small dose no entirely tree from n.
lane of Adon Amea -cured ot a inoat uvclerate and
Use oL Adah Adams, W umIkot, Utun rlteormttmra,
I ;rvel, liver attectiona, and general nervous debility,
I had been cnu lined seven yearn waa rawed trom bit I
tMfw tc'nV-t7iii'S'f 1 1 iTTn -"n il'S a-ii i- -if "liii ii'iiai "T"
rmt'extraorditiary ttiW-ilwTs :uow a verylieaTiliyt"
h i. I robudl woman attusted by her husband Kiiubol
I Ailtm.
Caw ot Mr. Btdger, wife of Joseph Badger nearly
'iiDiiir to abovo result the same.
Case ol Musan Goodarant, a young unmarried. W0-
vm Hiihiecl to ill healihwveral year asniallcoorae
f the Life Medicuiea entirely restorW her is bow
inle and healthy.
ol Miss riioma daughter or fcli 1 liomaa
'ili and symptom ot CiHuumptiofl cured iu luur
I toekd. Her sister cured of a severe attack of mflaiit-
!' v rhtumaliMii ik one wttk I
(ate of 8. Colt in cured of a severe attscV of ecar
st tever in a tew day by the Life Medicine
Use rf Harriet Twocood. Saline. N. Y. waa in a
'v I., state' of health a year and a halt did nut ex
j'ftt to recover. Mies T. is now able to walk about ami
rabidly recovering both health and streiiL'th.
t'ase of Bciijsmio JfTucker severe case of Fever
'd Ajue cured in very ahort apace of time. !
MUiae fiillowed sirictly. " .
Amos iiivii aOection ot the liver alter
7inj doctors' remedies in vain for a Ions tune, was
i:red by Uie Life Medicine without trouble.
Eilntordittarv ease oi I.vman 1'rati. who wasafilict-
H with Phthisic 20 year affected perfect cure tu
-i iiour oy uie use ot tbe Lite Meoicinea ol kuiiu .rtliitHd in lika manner, have.
Jhy I jadicMua usf M OFF ATS LIFE 4'ILLS ami
V Mt.VlX BITTEIW, been reshan.'d to the enjoyroeut
i sn ihecon.f irts of life. Jbe Bitter are pleaaani V
' taste and smell, gently astrioge the fibre of theete
'.nd give UnL propief tomty -svbwh agwMi-disee--
quires, a eoUiing can newer aoapwo to
'Vud aourisb the eonstiuition. so tlieie is asthmg
1 e generally acknowledged to be peculiarly effioa
l m til inwaid waatinga, loss of ppetite, indigea
depreasiu of spirit, trembling or sinking of the
' sod limbs, obntmate cuugba, ahorlness ol breath,
"nwimptive habit. -x ... 17.
! Lit Medicine oomes wonderful efficacy in all
r,foutdiaurdef,i.. heedcheaWMmffltr.m?tt
i ZT tliemiod, yaporaand mehinchuly.and all
; w nysteric complaint are gradually removed 6y
"'r in sicknemi of the atiHuach. flimlencies. or
I Uiihi.hi lii'aml mil ilnl. and ana nuw
' isf lwn1 P"tlc'u1rsnt'thboT medicines, eee
rn"l "Good 8tmntan."-a mm of which accom-
I .meJidrwr ccHtif can alwiiy be ntitamed of
I ' "lflnt Anta who hava the duediciiie for Sale.
"rench. German .tut UmhuIi lrtwluin can be ub-
d w apolicaitna .1 ih nlfic. ST.'i Broadway. '
AH postpaid letter will receive immediateattention
PrPredandaoldby WILLIAM B. MOFFAT,873
IJ,wiy, New Vutk. A libers! deducuoa made to
Pi who purchase u ell again.
i i h Life Medicine may also be tisa or ny
1 principal Drairmaia in aver tswn tlimurhout the
F'ted Stale tod tlie Canada. Ask for Woflafa Life
d Pbenii Bitter; and be sure that tec eimilie
L T a Moru, xgnsture ts upon toe label oi eaca bo-
- "uenoraoxof Pill.
iW Mtiicxna nay be KaJtf Crew 4
'?tr of ihif torn, Agentt for tht Propruimr.
Btnsoury, jaa, a,
Tte T.VMlm. 'CJtmtiman, m OM4rrd' rrory Fai
I'av. at I!'wiiiuliim.tnpiiiiuaiii .braatd ia Mvanee, ur
'I'wu Didtim nw T.iHy tCaai;.!! itu mui Ueriira tn ex-prraiwt,ortlrr-r
mimtnt. .:
Ko piuw r .lsminiiM4:Vnm; at! armaramv
re pniii, mi low t ttMntlaamtuw ttNt Billow; acai a
6 tailure to nuii itMriJuiitm o a. wm, to ducoattnoe
mtt utmra ltn rim'mtmmr,Ml be oousisWr.
ed sw a anwHsiiqtreotiriu. m , ..
i;aiemefltoiiilJig. ,mn,mriv and'correetly
nmerVI, am Jiolttr aauarn (taf jlU or Jf
tem Jmm nf iUi amJ !t-W-fe iba first irtwrtioa,
aiid X) iii tiTTBM-n. jnmimikuooL. Cjrttidludicl
advertiiiieitu- m ,l. .rtiaripa. 5 ;vr cant mons Ua
'tlmabnwjprtBes. .ouui,! 33 ?rr cent from
tiie uim pTte ,ili taaTBdtF- nr. rmily admtuero.
ArivwrlMBQwu mt iBKnr;uiiceuuiB, jauat hare the
nunibwr rr! tnitoi' inw tint.' m !Ua,,.n-iif aral b tomr-
i-UHSKirarLa Hiiui bua
fM ysW.'sattNiwswU.Miai-aiUinatat '.tat
. : aiiiacal 1 ttrtnarnf ' -
'liHic mxiihit m .tiiif- te'aknira araiusa.'
3 Tt5);.,UT ir:llM;.Ti,ilai WVH.
v.ji in iik, ttomiH 'wnmir Jv
. Jiili u ttr irr.vvr'iiir, tarraSL''
.. .... , , u J,.IJ17U
V'keii by iiMi.uuur !Oi!i"tii!m ia!a. '
'liraeontitr ;m-tiMi.iit!i'ring aam!.
mi niiimn. n ji -ii-mra.c:
"TuTieg emiwi-rniiul!lrtiiUirla;
Anil .when hi l 'tut vivt
,M W J. 4.. .. ... -
...17(i,jiaii wm .m i ! in
Oi mantotaTK.ana vr-iil .i;f 'iii. ,
( .AiuJ'rratibiw. tua'. U :xn S-ijl,
S3 woiileT ft" tnerri "ixnwi'i bvt ' . T
3ia.'rttfc.lif m uuurtt nymt u llraren,,
An irniutuih tujt -wnwr .
iS.v dl'mfiu smb. it.uki: i aav . .
.jSlik' (lues hu. iiaT'.mjt x '
Ut.tHU. llkl r'tTm. Mil .!! In im.l
. w ji.w .
" - Ami -Wltett-atwtrra! nr Jislwrne lKltfttt.""
V ' A vtrni) f f rauMtKttMrmi man greet,,
. - JarnatruavrHatlsmhuoB
3 wodjer fl !lua''Wr
Awwtanaf Jmi
' here want : wmrftina' tti
;Q, vOTh"hn rmiir Uiiiaahara (pveaii.
. iLiit'mi knsv ratniu 'iiniliiia
JVud dnen anav iuTarmuwl froaa Hearas,
, if llaaveiiTOpirrri ataiMherhoat.
A Fkiruan7ifc3l0anw K.
V orceMier nuiniv, usav.fl eiimmoMtSbUi . be- ahaent- oa
a niHMiimum ttout. C)ma- hii m tiroei, havinjf; jul
TpluruiaJ .frum um oT tint axcureKia he (cmod has
CTnjTerpfttim-i.nuH -rfrrial.iiiMir TnimuTr'fc'nki-
BrrfJTw'iin.rrKtiiLvUutui wrnatt wmuksrtuii tbinee he I
hii-m.:m 3trrtutul;;mmi;aititm wondens he
wid lie iuul aeun ownMRma- great) musuituta an
large., tlml mum oT limui woaiiE wnigh si pnumi!
The peuih! were 'IwitiisuimiwiueavveJieu. ! Yea,!'
cummuttti J'Hrsuu "rTl-iauijniirtivrthT ere oitaa
known tu zinihiup uiittnr tnmaod' bawaj."
.Jie.itisHAi, aim tf .das ?)!. eillnA mm
litm, Itjlliiig himiliart maw off ttre: brethrm were
r . . m.
much -acetiiUilijMJ m (tin Ittu dne he rnld ilm i.v I
- iliae" muisuiiaeah ui Yuri. ate
were targe., !tutt rmniwiri! llleroj wmid weirh a
onud ! lir rrnmnedj ttla- inimasei; " i do
really "tiiink lluU at jajnatt many. utT tttmii would
weigh a 'Hlui;', "Uui;roiia1tmieav ttia Deacon,
-1'7t-iwend:Tririv wvwiJtfJ aHinBTun cat tlie tree
and fawrfc ! " VbVell mnfmm enrwai aa to
tlwir cHimbtrrj rrp mrtie-riisi Cttarn jeeai.tbem do
that hvnuhw,llauuii!'r,,vJ yaB,w' Wll,
how could tiim olinii.'wa ttierrnse end: nor elimb
no the Jwrk.1 " Tut Qeaaaiai wn uT eoursa aost.
jilueaed. , . - , ,.-
The Jlwrriimi Ttmeleibr fiiilamrtg amasdott
d the aunMCUBUi ZijpsasjiuTWrr - - -
, A ertauinm ijesaHn, winwsevsmityr ba hero
State, to roulte irJarflhw iT"tiarrrf: eiearnenep,
wiwsn freqireiltty ipo' ti M :0 irteraBiu pim.
Jew reiuurk ui a,piwiniiabiuauanrv.aavat: ienglttiie
naueeure the-uinatnio, (lia-awn part yw Tis uu
r alprlaj toliauTuiUuiiwiih wwkrjrain,n
-we a dacaiiBiBT tat mtmrm itiing'Oat! etnamoa
and a -no kaa atmatiM etauni ttn ttm
f lial MitvujIUf kimltLC MtB (til Mkim. In
be a man i
. .-.trtl mnti inli.--rn nM r'
or jihe..iiat aT du iliuuav efi hewvr ramr1
declared that teenjUJ ia-ili,wswaaf me Bbbbw
w,. 4f -the iimUhiiiaui il turn (UfTTrmf ttmrttia-
I " 1. t
1.. !. taaaitlaait am 4lui tlVlWvleara' Bail iKa, J
1 . f
be a usan dJ wmrmmi sm, lan y-iirr," lhe
reply eree tnirjuulaiuIVy ipaarrJi," Mh. speaker, Tdev
mand Ibeww anil asawoHitnat irneaUotk
t iB'IiIrH, !ftvhTm,Il.!
" 1 -
-Hiiiihiw tJ' Ttua ejlt'. j
TbTZTit. Jur,., 35nnert oTRr.Io. W
Turk, - enrrenwr -,! e,f Dana.- W0b.ptt V'lTl.U Tr
. ...,.lr
lit iiaiipwuTD mnuiai.erTuo. nm
as to fracture :Ue ,juw,aint; ftmw i
auarnmt. .iiro.iih.eart wJencar""
u 1. 1
the eix . front teethmi rtip- Mdk Wpii
,'iinch of 4ue aeoJiu escil; :if-- I
'meiit avem anperawti amt rliimv,x iun
annul an
e imr
. .iv,-i tlie
new iaw jJirar.tiv iBtfiatl Bx Ui oiar.V
ex. Little
blnod waas iual m litre mnrnrtlnai. 'n' tw.i arte.
l. .M !!.,! i Mall
mwvm, .-Mumi .iw lilt, i - "
. ..i - i t . . - .- t vn . ?
. , t" . ., Li . r m-T. i
-tegumenta ee at Jmaync ttf"?iBr auil 3nrre or ,
delorrmte. a ham'tfcr mrwum.nt ;he lied '
Journal, lurve fflmai ,tt imn,,,:
- - T:
' I
a "VMI mknlii iimm i.i 11 ml ill 'T.vr tt.'nf n.m.9
m ... . . r "i',iiii ssMfsssyJiwnniRip""" wmunwij it edula act be axercid witrKHitL
Jantmry, Iw a arrjre stntmni- fat. Sltdnmam, Iteannj eVwa the Uitest fabric thai human fidom
O r b a I U ' ' . .
OlU ioa. ITy M Wafteraaa, f TVeaesare, m
tie ihjtci nf Almlitim Prtitim, MitrtJ ia tht
; Htm st of RitprtmmlmMet, j4nary 1ft, 1S10lx
Mb. Spukm : Dilenng I do from por.
twai of my ool league upon thiaauhject, 1 feel that
it w my duty to au mm of the reaaow which
iurliHe my coura, I did hope, that oa the
ewnting and iuipwtant queatu no 'ttnder con.
aaderatwo. it wouk ba my good (urtuitt to battle,
arm to arm and atoulder to shouliter, with all the
Hepreaentatives trom Tenneeeeav it ia to ma a
pourca of dep tiortiricauoo that any Koutivero
man eboutd bewtate a moment ia regard to the
proper dwpomiioa of Abolition petitions, much baa
J Mk
uig iWO the banda of ihoae anierfht. r.n.,i!
DUiawiniuniiBWk in . I
TUa reaolutiona otKired by a gentle (nan from Lot.
""" L-w'- uattfji.j propowiig to receiva and r
tor to a eommrttee all nie morula and petitiutia re.
laiing to the abolition of alavery in thia District,
in tba Territories, or in the Statae, concede every
thing that Abolitionist are coolenoiug for at this
time, and 1 must be permitted to eipraae my
Kreat aMoniabment at tlie source from which itori
g'nateA. Cormug a hn doea from aria of Ibe
htrgfiat aUv holding State in the L'moa, I regard
tlie move aa extremely anioriunaie i but not more
1 a Ibafl rba aeakaia ud able support which it hu
reowyea trom. otne of my colktagiiea end other
at lh earn political party, who hail from lh
SutitFu. Sir. arc nut that votes nf a.Hr 11 J.ii..
rat m the Uooae-recorded upon the jourmil in 6or
of au-porMting Omi rule 0 the parpuM a.hmtmg it !
Did akrt th dutmgdiaiieor geiii Miwi.
chusetta, Vfr. AaiAK when a atmilar propowtion
wa4-iug,iwlby oneU'my colleague, (Mr Bxt,"j
arise to hi place and declare that tr rai allied
urtd! Weltvdo the Abotitiomete know that the
ob oy OTgraea-inai the rampart of the Consti
tution cannot be torn dqw ia day nor a week ;
and that if iJiey can gnu a single point at a lime,
tti. nmy 1 hrinbic'ced WWailicBiwI'aiaye.'
7 JJ .P.r,c of Cofrtmbw aloe, but in
ine several atal and at the aavme lirue sunder
fthe eWda that btntl tfrether thw cloriooa Union.
In . . ' ' s. "
mrL would rattier theae coonpiratora againat the
perpetuity of tin Republic, and the nta aqd
iraocjuiuiy o h citizen should prate about griey.
ancea, whieb, if they exist at ll, camra eflbct
them, to tbe end of time, than to acknowledge, by
my vote, that 1 am bound to receive, refer, and
treat wilft common reaped their petition, which
sse me to violate the LnatitiUioa of my country
which I have solemnly a worn to aopport. If we
are ti have peace upon auch terra ooly, I, for one,
am against peaeav Cut save we ao aooa forgotten
the past 1 . Due not every gentleman upon this
floor recollect, that. the same argument waa used
ioo, m invor oi io reierence ot tneee peti
ttxaia to a wnmittee iftafc Ihenv a now, it 'was
contended that atirh reference would J taamoati"!? "
. L .
izin tbe public mind
and stay inr air further agitatioa of tha aubject on
iiie pan ot' the Abolitiooiau 1 . Dndor thia delueive
hope, auca a committee, waa raiataj, en the motion
of a distinguished gentleman from South Carolina,
1r, riuckney.j I bat committee went to work.
and made aa able report against the prayer of the
petitionera, and what waa tbe effect I VVa-the
voice or AuoJilioe' huhedT Did ifiey rinaullnig aiKi
wiiameu peutiooa cease to peer uUo thia House
JVese the ngr jd fingr of the flwllh n w
mow mpeaeffT-Lei your Joufnal Tfor fhtfTist
mree years anewer. Seseioa alter eeasioe) are w
called upon to repel to, ir assault againel our do
meatier institution, our heme, and our fireeidca.
Instead of allaying, aa it waa alleged would be (he
casavitba iiKre ther exerteav- rihalt -we
tlien, resort to an expenroent, which had already
e signally-failed T To do ao would be nothing hut
dowortsht madness. Better, far better, le at ami
firm like menend give way oa oa part of tbe
gmeno. ii wo once commence retreating, they
will nerer cease their demand, until they have
accomplished their unhallowed purposes. But the
Abolitionists and their a;x!)iiia contend that to
refuse acting on these petu ii is a notation of
that article ia tbe Constitution, which prohibits
Congress fiom paaatag any law abridging the
"right of tbe people peaceably to assemble, and
to petition tbe Wove rn incut for a redresi of griev
amses. Tlia I deny. - Have we passed any (aw,
or are we called upoe to pea any law, abridging
this ru;ht Surely 4oU Tbe people are at liber
ty tor " peaceably assemble at any time, and t
ueiuioa Dues an swbiect i hot when it i ereaented
l here by aa honorable member, by the rules of the
1 It t L 1.1. . . .
aumml WIicn WJ aaopiau lor our governmeoi,
someul, are we not prepared to ay whether It
fl ould juetify -a ia rftct.
"4T t ooeer By way of lUuetrauoe, anppne
temef . Mesaatdwraaaa, er any ether bute,
at lataa aaiJrBaTaanmaka atrwi as in raAMfina suie aaiaaaraaai le
' " ,j V
vim i wr tuiwii. vj m giTw unio, wimiu ll aw. m
demai of the right of petiuea sot ia receive and
reter them F Agnin : aoppoaa the hotheaded South
toe eeeerahle ex-Preeident,
I" sarnaa tha way,
""S- "P ,b tee4.rf V
.uuW him ia mum. mU- mt
- "."" : " , .
wvwjui nr. itw gemiemaa aimeeii aanut, mat mis
w au aoaee ot ine nni oi petitioa ; Of in Ota
rr that ww weald not be bwrnd to receive
tend coeHier it T Gentlewien declare if we will
only receive and refer Abolition petitions it is all
thee wish ; the Home eta then pot lh broad
of condemnation upon them a soon as they
Seen 6eelartino resolve themselves uv
that la .efue te receive and refer their
. -
,, , . , .
."I'LJSl f;.w,,,w
j una wnzfc "i wur n . i ine
.obTecta they have .0 view, by a prompt and oeci
aire vote at the threshold. Let u ear to them
. . . I - - ... I . i. . .1. . . I
', erer rt!,nr1' " spreading havoc and ruin, whore
there is now peace and prvperitja,., :
Mr. flpeaker, by refusing to rocoive these pr-ti-tioha
allerwe have heard ttieir contents stated by
the miroducer, or by raying them on the tnblu
withouKany further action upon ihem, we avoid
debate eii tii distracting suhjoct. Sir, every de.
bate here ittay kindle the fiies of insurrection tu
the Siutlu. Let me aak how caa debate be pre
, vented, f we receive aud refe ihem to a Commit,
toe t The moment that rofureoce i .inndo, "a
tnembelr rie in hi place, hold up a'resolutiwi in
hi hinds, and demand it adoption. ' What it t.
Il ia a resolution intruding the committee lo it.
port in favor W Ihe prafer of tbeAboIitionikt.
, He ha the Jloor; bo other "member ciin geriiin
order to move the previous question t and ho pro
coed for hours, if not days to plead tlie'CHuw of
theae incendiaries. Every word lie utters, Ihrouh
the secret agency of the Abolitionists, finds itn wuy
to the ears of the alaye popul.itkm of the South,;
end may excite them to reMlion and inaasucre.
But. air, auppote you succeed in applying Hie pre.
viod question at the cloao of this speech Cajinol
. , tnotlier membclf, and another, and ao on, until the
whole number is exhausted; bring forward reeolo.
. lions of tbe like kind, and in Ibat way keep up an
everlating debate in thia llmic, and an everlast.
;ing "disturbance out of it . Thi must ,be the in:
, evitable result of reeeteinr end rtferrittg such pa-
ty per to a committee. Unlike my two colleagues,
.Ueirs.GR?(TK and fcrtL, 1 neyer can content
to such a recoplion and reference. It must land
to interminable diacuwuim ; and diecuseion here,f
1 learl Will leaa lO the miwt direful FiHiaelmenei..
The gutleinnn from the city of New Yoik, Mr.
.LpaitwJ ha dBcUrcdthal; thahatileof Abidttimr.-
im must be fought at the North. Must hefiiught
at tbe Nortbi audi by wlionvif L- The political
party (Whig) to which be is attached? If to,
have solemn apprehension" that our rights will be
P?" !l "t . hfl i Jv - 1 4HJ'v.'yy-y'i.. . ; If
Sir, wer tlicy 'flailing thq battle of the8outh",
' when they were suppponing a notorious Abolition,
it Mr Bradish for Lieutenant Governor of New
Yrk, whee.tbey gweM
snnd votca in'ths city, and near one hundred and
fiAy thousand in Iho Stutet. Were they ngliling
the battles of the gguili, jvlicn they were rallying
around the black standard of an Abolitionist Tor
Governor of Pennsylvania in 1831 1 ' I mean Jn.
epb. Kitnen who received lhe full Whie yote in
that State and will any member present denv it 1
ir i. i ' .
i , hi iiirq speak, i Hold in tny hand a tne
v sage which he delivered to the Legislature. f)n.
T!-.-..! a 0 I te a a .
iojo, ana wouia asK leave to read a short
exVact from it. After speaking of the base bow-
ing otjhe kneo to the dark spirit of slavery ,M he
Midi - ' ; '
IJpnonlKMI to lbs ailmuwion into the tlninn nf nnur
lav boldingSUU) and opposition to sJawre i'm Mr
"" ' iHnmei. in vry Dearth and abode of the
national honor, nav ever been and are tha rliri.lJ
i doCtrjnesof eny slate. Mxrt us, lei low cilixenn, stand by
- .and ntanuin them eastirurlrinrlr sndfOrteslv.,, ""
or you f;; But sir, the roicejf the ballot boxes in
tones of thunder declared; that ihi message con.
tnined (oul slandor upon the sound Republican
principles ol . Pennsylvania. Ritnsrmm and Abol.
ttionism were overthrown, and the banoer of lh
mocracy again waved ita broad fold over that an
cient Commonwealth,. . .
Were tbey firhting the battles of the South at
j iHvmv-nirrnninrg vonvcntror'wiiert they noun
. naled a candidate for the Preaidency who is in fa
i??: :-Pff?rnf .e- wrphit revenue io7ihe
- evweneipetioa'Tit etmirtWIy" MH'f liim :
"8ho"',' ' tiur is no wy by which (hs
, uu.nuiini ca .mi in Canaan emeoi
' Horn, I answer, that it ha Inns- been an nhixi
n y www ui awwuf rtetnue appro.
Were they fishtinj the battles of the South whan
tney elected abolitionists Governor and Lieutenant
'.Governor of Vermont! 8ir. 1 recret to sev. that I
have seen the snes of these men trumpeted even
in my ewa state, by the Whig newspapers, as a
whig victory. " Vermont erect I " ," Vermont ev
er true to hef principle I and like joyful excla
awtione have frequently graced thoir column, on
hearing of a whig abolition triumph in that State.
ileaveu em Democracy from all such triumphal
a ine nniu oi umo, t unuorsisnu, there was
line of sholitiauit from the Ohio River lo the
-k HiJfhojidrd. the !a ve ofKentuck y lpescape
Into Canada. So fr iweiit were the eompleintt on
thia score, that tho Legislature of Kentucky sent
commiasioners to the Lejiskiure of Ohio, asking
toem topee a iaw punishing in future all such kid'
nappe r. Accordingly, such a law was promptly
enacted, in conformity with the wiahe of Kentuc
ky and tbe principles of emmon hone!. I be.
lieve it was termed the Fieilive Act."- But mark
yot in the House of Representative' thcre' wfirt
twety-jlhree votes against the bil, all of whom icen
ef7good and true.". In the Senate, fourteen
jrotea wreest eMtrwf-rt, rand not A Democrat va$
of fki umbtr.' Now; f would ask if these thirty.'
eeven whigf were fighting, tha. battlesef thoSoutitt
Were the Whig party fighting the battle el tlie
a . l. 1 i i
Kiuutn, wircn miy were paawnir;, and endeavoring
w pas, Aooiition reeoiutioru in the Lerialslnre
avr M a a m M "
ot rxew lora, Massachusetts, ronntylvania, Ver
mont, Connecticut, and several other State T f '
cut fighting the battles nf the Home, when in hi
very brat massage he thundered his denunciations
against bout hern institution! f
. Wt hit Whig Excellonoy, Goveraeyrleward.
ef- 'Yet;'ftgmvg- the-hetttci oTlfh rSwlii
when he recently refused tbe demand of the Rov
emor of Virginia for three foj-itive from iuetice.
-charred with- havinf "stolen -and carried away
from tha State of V irgmi a negro stave, the pro
nerty ef a eitiienjf the borough nf Norlolk I
Waa he afraid of eflending hit Abolition friends,
who published a circular immediately before the
New York election, In 1839, lo the Ami-slavery
electors "of thaj State, urging; them to cast their
votes for hint and against Governor Msrey, Ihe
Democratic candidate I Here it is. Let the South
make tbetr own comments. . .
To Ik AnlitOnery Elttiort of tht Slat of X York.
W ssk the privileire of brethren to set ath brieflirr
but frankly, tht reona which constrains to cast ourj
votee Kir man u. iMwars lor tinvernor.
. u. Bwant ia the eiJuL.. r il. w f l
.nfnooVol mTiJ
bin right of petition, and u nohly aserts the freedom
a I l . . . . . a
atitucnu. x , - - k '
in aeanie; pi ine psrtyraleo, that mstain Julm Q. Adv -am
aad illiam; w a, psr,y whwe fiwt lrc
liboral and tolerant. 7 . - .v.
Nr. wtrd a th candidate of the narty whirb. :
in purlaat Lerislitiire, passed reeilutions i agmimt tho
aduueiion o( feM into the Union; apaint PaRuu'a
gg reHution in fiyor of the right of pot itwn ; and
a rttm oC rtii'g tnal by jury to persoiu claimed
a fugiiiyeaUvo. Instead ot tlie denunciations and re. '
vjltjigi i with wluchour petitions wer treated M year
fi'l- u,r''nC with pensl onactmimu,
lAeWAg. received nd tsealod peiubn and remon.
trance with tiiat repeat and conutv due i ik . -
a Wr. Seward iafliefandufsteof tlie paity ih.tjn.'1 '
peset tha re-oNiciiooofa Preeideuf --who .i.,l.
to yeto i any; bill abolikjiu; sl.vry In, tl J),trir of . '
Columbia. U -f - - . :. ' V . s
, wr. eward ii the caodidatenprHaro' hjGovertior
aiarcy.who, in bia mesaipes in rh.,. i... ' '
msnilestsd, io rentimenl and aympithy, tho bitterest
hoatility to our Ci use: tint ui .a il, ,.n-- . '
of a public meeting, whila he .. r...... i ...i.
.Btate, rocommendnd tbe passage of laws authoruinj a
violation of Uie mails, and inflictini.Biiii.aiid neMltiea
truth " - oisBcniineiing inieigeatp and
.The re-election of Gov." Marct would oVervftr
towards the re-elecUon nf Martm Van BitTen,' '-Jim '
measure tod policy ara ao Wtil i, n, .... . r t.. .
j Ann, Dually, because our knowledge of Mr Kevy ird
load lis to condide in the general soiindiiem and iutcirri. '
ta n Ilia rtrinatnlna t.' - : . I
yr.i. ' p . "u T,BW Weg"!t qutkaot - . .
Sub-1 ran miry, a National Bank, or tT.o currency, ol mi- - ' -: - ' k
eorjmporhince,coiaiiared with the ermtt ai.l.i.t r i. ' .
ream fAerl end believing that Uk
Wewerd, and the defostnf Goyerhdf Warcy, v, ill fcn . '. "
i ii "wvcsoseoi ntTial emanputm,y,a 3'
shall vote fiir huh ouraelve, and recommend our AMU ,. V.'.1
uun inemis to ao tne same. .:-...' .
. JEFFEIlHt). MAVELI, - ' -. . V ' '
Pret Albany Young MeuVAntivwyAicietv- .'-",'"
;--'.; r.r. PALVIM PEPPER, Jrf ;
JOHN WI1.H(,m- ---- j
"TV''f "7tK.i:y..l7r1:l?-7"r'" 3
i -;Ht.: first Vic President.- . . ' J
: -- WILLIAM l.insfW T'.'1'- 4
One a tire Etecefiw Cgnnbitte' Yj,-
. - ",Trt 'teny nti-Kivery Hbcioiy. -.v . ' i".L . -
e , ;.NOHMA.rRANaV-.r''VT-vi'- e -
Cbatrtnta of the Executive Committee of Vdan ' ' ' I
Wen' AltanfAot'i :laery H.ichT(v; TZ ' r !
V .J !""" "ai " , , Cri.a ri Bi a nvi, - V : ; ' ' "1
J. MotMiaa.- - ' tlvin Uiin. -
Jahim E.
i usvici DiLisvriL e. r. i(i-. it..
- . ... . .
Mcu.uaii, y, v. K..WtTeo!t.,
como-now, ,Tie, rjpeaker; lo the journal of the
nouse or. Reprcaentntives foMlie Inst seseimi.of1
Congress, sjtd wilt show by the yeas and nnj how
certain members yotcd upon a rewilutimi, ag.iintl
lM right ef Congress to abolish slavery in the
District of Columbia andjn Ihe Territortrsf with
ajvfet.tii it abolition in the States. , Duthefore
I proceed, I would make a aiiigle remnrk'in regard '
'!' thw.t JheaevitjsesNitmrad- f Mrr-iHitt
omiouncea by the gentlemsn from NowYotkV
(MrGatftoitirJ wlidrgrniiiir7i"th being in.
fltieiioed alone y the strong tie of pany and parly
drill. 8ir, judging l,i motives from In acts, he
was governed fv-e imicli-higher-conniderirtion a
doaire lo stand fast teethe (JutiHliiulion, though lio V
might fall in Ihe eonlliol. -Instead of meritiii llt
censure, he deaorvo lhe?irratiiuile of ihnh,,l
f niturylu lua uvius, aad..Iehalf.f a
11I11.M a.. 1.. . 1. : .. . 1. ..
. Bfx TbL&ngrwaJiia'noight-ted4W J
direCUV Wllieh ll riniuj Ai A. ,1- . ..J .L-. .1
- anu III. I ins IKIf - -
ihi 01 Miaauiijeci or slavery in the District ot Uili .
umhis, or ihe Territories a a mean, anil woh . "'
ef disturbing or overthrowing aht insiitution in the.
several oiaies, is sgainst the true spirit sud meaningT
of thn Constitution, an inlringcrmml of the rights of
the Ktates irr.ied, and a breach of the public faith
upon, which they entered l ito a eonfofleraty. ' -Roi4
lamere, Thst all a'temDis on the n.rt f
Congress to tholib Slavery in the District of Colum-
bia, or Uie Territories, or lo prohibit the removal of. .
slave from But to Bute, or lo discriminate between "
Ihe institution of one portion of the coi.lederacy tnd 1 '
anotlier, wilk tkt njoi tfurnmij, are In vwlation of v
the Constitution, destructive nf tha fim.'a nent.l nrin. N
. wuuor nun my nearttiit thnnk. ..... .-...
Would la Iluvea we hnd rrmre ucn ''nPu'frTuniria rZZ
I find, upon examination, thnt fiflv two Hepre. ' ' 'I
scntauvea voted against the second of Iho follow. '
ing- reeolmion.- J shall read them Both, hecauw " - "
tbe latter refer lo the first r ;- ' . ... . v , , Ti
Ctpte on-v.1ltch The-oWiofThrS Htaiei rost,Tiiid t. ' '''
yood the jurisdiction of .Omgrees., ir.l. f.
ut of the nay-two vote that wre riven araintt .
the last resolution, forty-eigh were Whigs, em. . '"
bracing nearly the entire Whig strength Tr-ra the
nnn-slaveholdinir Statet in thia House at ih.i ilm.
( give their oames, and the States which they .
speclively represented : j - "
.JfsBaVAaVkTMe 'Atf JV.hw OomeV Adm -Wai -
thsniel B. ftmirn, Gg..rge N. Hnja, Williim Jl ,(UU ' , .
honn, CIeb.Cunliiiig, Bichtrd Fletcher, Geiyjre Grin. iT IjnenlnrJi
and lywtrrlltm)sti!t':::. :.:'5ts-JK -iirA.;?'
eiaiiwlif It'Airi. Wward Dtrlinirtnn. Rdtvant
fl. i A. .I'hnin.a Ml.... 41 m ll-f . .
Charles Nayloi, and Divid Potts. Ir. ' c
rVrasnnl lV'ai-s. IleinVn Allen. lh..r. Evnii
Uiland flail, and William Blsrie.
Aeie York Wiy.-John Edwards, (Con. MiTKH'
riimore, iienry A roster. (t;oo.l Abrshim P.
(Con.) Kiehard P. Marvin. Charlna FvMndieHf ,rrther
4'r Peek, lvid Ruaejll. Mtik 11.' Kifil lV. llllant ha?
Pubis, and Harvey Putnam. ,
Ohio Wklgi.Ume Alesander. jr, JWiiia R. OiJ.
dings, Patrick 0. Good, Btinpaoe Mssnn, and Calvary
Morn. i ' ' . ...
llalted, John P. B. il well, and Charles U. Miration.
Indian lVairs. George If, Dijno. Willani Herod,
imj Jsme Ruriden. s ,''.'-'
-Mattif; Waga. Oearg e TEvanivf Joseph" a NoresT
and Ml ward Robinson, s k,
' KhoJo hind H'ait. Robert D. Cranston, and Jo
sepi L.,Tillinghst. . .. : y ;
, Might I not, Mr. Speaker, again ask the jpntle.
man from New York, if these Whig leader were
fighting the battles of the South, when they were
declaringby their votes I I have shown, that
tbey believe Congress bat the power to Icsialsta
on the subject of slavery in the District and iu the
Territories, to the end that it my be overthrown
in the several Statea ? Sir, should ever the nrac
tieal administration 0 jhe Government imfurtu.
nately jpl Into the hand of men holdin? to ruch
principles, I awfully fear tftat tbe days nf (bis Re.
puMic are oumhered.
Mr. 8peaker, il is "certainly an alarming sinta
of afiaira, if it has bfcom oceceaa.ry for one of the
,4 1, . M .- -
. J s
V 1
. .. ...
v . .
u ' - " ''.'' ' V . . '

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