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lVho wants betted Evidence
I WOULD refer the renting public to the numerous
voluutary letters published recently in this. paper
d1 is 'he Good Samaritan, relative to the happy and
beneficial effect of the administration of , .
Those woo have perused the lettbra above referred to
will abserv that io almost every case they attest the
' fact, th no inconvenience
aience of any sort attends the la-
nes, in, but that the.
ing thoir operation, is universally
- . . .
king of these medicine,
' natient. without feeling
left in stronger and belter, etate of health than wag
loorieiiced previous lo beinir afflicted withdisease;
.., and in all cases of acute suffering, great relief -to ob
Mined in j,fggJaiirn,,ind r.urs-aigHieraHyeffected
in two or three deya. . - ,-. S
. Io cases of. FEVER ef every description, and all
bilious a flection, it it anivBcessay fur m to gay aught.
a I believe the LIFE MEDICINES are now univer
sally admitted to betht must speedy and effectual cure
extant ia all diaeasesof that cits. V
- The LIFE MEDICINES are alto a moat excellent
relief in .affections of the Liver and Bowels, aa haa
been proved ia hundreds bf case where patients have
come forward and requested that their experience in
taking them might be published fur the benefit of oilier.
'in tlicir operatioa io, such ease, they restore the tone
' of die Stomach, atrengthwi the digestive organ, and
invigorate the general functions of the whole body, and
. thus become lo both exe (for they are perfectly
? adapted to each) an invaluable mean of preventing
disease ana restoring health. ", t' i
In affection of the head, whether accompanied witli
pain and giddjueaa, or marked by the grievous calami
ty of impaired "mental energy"; in palpitation of ihe
heart, gatuleuce, kw of appetite and atrengtb, and the
multiplied symptoms of disordered digestion,, THE
LIFE MKDICiNEd will be found to puaew tlie moat
etlutorv etTicacv. , v--.',1 " "
Constitution rahxelTweaoreiiVeo.' IhliienTIr
i womfrt, are under the immediate influence of THE
LIFE MEDICINES 01d oueh, aithaoas,and con
cuuiDtive habiu areueoon relieved and speedily teured.
Poverty of blood, and emaciated limb wilt ere Jong
meet the happiest change; the' chill watery fluid wilt
with flesh: firm and heaithir." T "
Nervous disorder of every kind, and froia batevw
ibttis so rising, Hy oetoie ine eiiect oi lilt, urii mi
DICIMSS, and all tnat train ot sinmnjfs, anxieties, ana
Uemour which so dreadtullv afjet the weak, tlio e-
denUry.and the dolicate, wilt in a short time be siid
ffi44liyhjifalisja,1ia ery.fegW.heUk
For weskivoHB. deficiency ot natural strength, and
relaxalioo of the vessels, by too frcnueot indulgence of
th passions, tout medicine ia a eate. certain, ana ja
1. " 1.1 i..v-..Tr Mi "-"V-
Tbose who tikve long resided in hot climaloa, and
are languidand relaxed in their whole ystem,- may
take THE. LIFE MEDICINES with the happiest et-
frets; and nefsons removins' lo" the Southern States or
West Indies caflnot store a more imporUnt article of
Jioallh and lite i. - " ' '
The folio iiiir cases are emonir the most recent
cure effected, and gratefully acknowledged bj Ihe
Case of Joob C. Hunt, New.Windaor, Oranga
- Comity, N. Y.-rA dreadful tumor destroyed nearly the
whole of his 6ce, . and jaw. Eperieaced quick
relict from the use of the Lifu Medicine, ana in lesi
ihan tl.rn immihs wn entire v cured. Cse reported
with wood aiigravjm in a. new pamphlet now in
Case if ThTurcefl", nJ W yrars of age-Was
tllicted Vi year with swell ngs in tn leg wa en rutvA bv tnkinor 12 oil U IU 3 Week, i
Case of Joan Daultoo, Aberdeen, Ohio-rheumatism
five years ia entirely cured-rrhatuaeiLihe 1.1 FE ME-
Case of Lewi Aastin periodical sick beadache--al
Case of Adon Ames cured of a most inveterate and
obolinata dvsueDsia. andeciieraT debility.
Case of Aduh Adams Windsorhjcrhe.Tialisn
gTavbTTiTeTantioiia, and" general nervous debility.
had been couSnad seven earaM. cd rau ner
m bytifefcgbnii WofMrinJtctto
i-isut cstraowiaary suro- sno io now
. mlMMSmimm 3 bcrhuaband Jhubell
Adams. .. ,
; Case ot Mrs. Badger, wife of Joseph Badger nearly
. similar to above-result ihe saute.
Case of Susan Guodarent, a young unmarried wo
man aubjeel to ill health several year a small course
of the Life Medicinos entirely restored lier w now
.-liala uVtwUh.- - t-
.Thomas. . daughter of Eli Thomas-
cough and symptoms of consumption cured in four
weeks. Her sister cured of a severe attack of mfkm.
r.wtory rheumatism in me tpttkj, : J .
Cane of H. Colvin cured of a severe attack ,of. scar
let fever in a tew daya by tho Life Medicines: -
Case of Harriot Twogood, Salina, N. Y. waa ia a
yery low state of health a year and s halt did not ex
pect to recovery Miss T. now able to walk about and
u rapidjy recovering both health and streagla.
Cane of Benjamin JTucker sever ease of Fever
snd Ague--cured in a very short space of time. Hi
fjf fijllowed strictly. 1 . 1
Caae of Amos Davis affection of the liver after
trying doctors remedies in vain for a long time, was
cured by the Lite Medicine without trouble. '
- Extraordinary case of Lyman Pratt, who was afflict-
. ed with PliUiisic 'JO years affected a perfect cur ui
21 kinwa ku ika noi nl' th'a Medicine.
Thousands of' persons afHicted in like
by a judicious uaaof MOFFAT'S LIF
iilTTElUkeen Kstured to
line manner, into,
the enjoyment
' o( all thft.comfortaaHifu.a. TUe.BiUers sre plssssnltoly- gaa his mother and daddy has got adesj
tbe taste sad smell, gently astrmg the fibres of del k, du to day, besides picking the mill
niach, and give tint proper tensity wtnen a goos uis
ion requires, ai nouiinz n """r"
-ht jsa jiourL::th
. i- -i kAihinn?
more renerally actmowledired to D peculiarly niu-
twos in sll inwaid wastfhgs, loss of sppetiie.jsdigss
tioo, deprumin of spirits, irembling or shaking of the
hands and limbs, obstinate coughs, shortness ot breath,
or consumptive habit. , r - - '" '. ,.
Th Life Madiciaos passes wonderful efficacy in all
nei WU8 UlHbl Ut'f It, m,tteliHeB68, wMllBUWe-j, tltwrtness-
and lownessof apiriU,dimnssof aight,eonfueed tbouirbu,
wandering of tlie mind, yapors and mslaocholy, and all
Kinds of bystens comnlaiota are gradually rciuuvcu
obstructions, they are sate and powerful, and ass puri
fier ot tlie blood, they bare aol lhair Kjual in the world I
v For additional particulars of th above med icines, see
Mf.ffi.i,..r:.i i.m..,!.!, ' a eoovof which accom
panies the medicine ; a copy can always t obtained of
ihe different Agentswho have th medicine for ssle.
w , a uk Jl.l.iiAni pan b ok.
franco, uerman, ana apin"i - 1
Uined oe appJicalioo at the office, 875 Broadway. ,
All postpaid letter will rciviwinediat.Mttentoii
PrspweJand sold by WILLIAM B. MOFFAT, 375
Broadway, New York. . A liberal deduciwu made te
those who purchase te sell sgsia. ' .
Agenrt-Th Life Msdicncs may slso be had ct sny
of tu priocipai Druigisuw every town thrphmiUtH'
Unit lit. (inadaa. Ak for Moflat a Life
Piilaaad Phenix Bitters; and be wra, MX . ' mllw
of John MotlWi's signature m upoa th Ubel of each bot
tle of Bitters or box of Pills. : f
Tae afwee Mcdidnei mt9 it kwi Crtu
Boyrr,V ihi$ town, Agenttfor Proprietor.
- . SeliAuryJaa. 8, 1910. :
The Western Carolinian i publiahed every Fai
dt, at Two IXJllan per annum if paid in advance, or
"Two Dollar and Fifty Cent if not paid before the ex
piration of three month. , 5
No paper-will be discontinued until all arrearage
are paid, anlese at itiedissreuon 01 ine miiot ; na a
to ""t,f? Nitore ef
" ton th of '
' ed " . engement. , x
A a Iab4 J mill km MnAIUi
the Editor ef a wish to discontinue
year, will be consider-
Advertisement will be conspicuously and correctly
inserted, at one dollar oer square (of 340 cm, or ft-
teek linn of thi aised type) for the first insertion,
awteeots firacb eontinusnce.-CoiTrrand Judicial
adverlieement will be charged 25 per ceM more than
' the above price. A deduction of 33 per cent from
the regular price will be mado to yearly advertiser.
, Advertisements sent ia for publication, must haveth
number of time marked on them, or they will be inser
5 ted till forbid, ni charged for accordingly.' vi ' "
Letter addressed to the Lditor on businca musi He
oil fMitJ, or they will not be attended to.
Poetical Department.
HLtaa mtcirr rMU at pndum a-ravm.'
' ' v' V i a. a cox.
Loose, loose th sail ! a gentle gale
(Js blwing from the ehore; -
' And sunset's glow it sheen doth throw
Oweeco water oer. ... x-. , '
f Away we glide aye, fur away, i
The rippled tide aboon ; ;" .
We leave the beach at parting day,
; To aaii beneath the moon. '
And off we sweep the glassy deep
If glitt'ring 'nealb our prore; ;
,i And eye as gay aa starlight's .
f33 ' Are g'ancing from the alkire. - '
' Those eyes stiall be our cynosure,
"-Uttttt ardSourtittfetkiH T?"?"!?
5 . IZ.For brightly beams their sparkle pure, "
--tA: charm awttne-ga)e.T.v
. . , Ob, wiftly then we'll hack gi
- When gaily o'er the stream,
" The soft starlight is dancing bright,
Ai.l uliii.oa I fiu nalu tiinnll klVin ' n.i.
,,And what though round us twilight dark
, v Be gatli'riog sa we rosm
'uIl When Alary sufiles to bless our bark
" The fairy of the foam !"
" Owsscn lake; nirAuburnrNevT York. 1s one of
the most beautiful of tlie many lake that adore the
'western oountrv : but it is much ncglectud by the
traveller, because itdoc not happen to be in bi imoia-
diate way. ' . " , -: -
M 1 A C E L L A U E O U B .
In the i untlulatihif reirions of Litchfield countf
and in (lie town of Torrington, Connecticut, about
tea years ago, on Saba-day morning, Deacon
Pickle Picklebv was slowly tiding, double-jaded,
tii ih meliri house:! rroil distant Irooi his farttt
and mill. His spouse being seated on the pillion
behind him, and no other being near him, he took
uo ihe thread of discourse on family affairs, which
had been broken off, when he commenced shaving
ifviffifclatuf deyte.stMgjr
- kalkilate our son Jabe wont never stay to
hum a sinele minmtsrter ne comes w sjfp ; non
ot a despot rovin notion ever since he saw that
ua thul
officer Tooring mannXsfop WMr hlouse,
1, a :ju,u mJmliak 'tatis auo.iitaikyA. asss
" LAW niO I Mr. ricaieoy, nt mn umuuu.
Yole )lleir. and make a minister on him."
Thst would never a done in the world, was
'IhrfeptyT''! xmildnt- hfford-if withxiuMaJuag looj
much toll, end that is wicked, and Ihey would find
meouf." - ' 1 -3
" Wal. Mr Pickleby. said the good woman
I" the Lord's jsvill be done, and we must pray that
every thing shall lum oujhhir Jheoe.,Hiiie
Chiid dont turn poUytukun bis soul rosy be saved.
"There waa along pause in Ihe conversation,
while tbe bid plough nag toiled up a stony pathway
oirgod forward now and tbea with aa admonition
to this effect " got iip, you old tripe, you. need'ut
ba looking back arter your colt, forhe must lam
to dew without you, sooner or later." -v y. ,
I dew ihiuk Deacon Pickleby. resumed the
matron, " that this ere mare is louder-footed, and
must be shod afore loog." , "
- fUriainlv. as suiM aa I can get a blacksmith
-T- todewWtak'ryertWpay,,,-i
deacon. M Thf time are pesky hard." '
II was onlv I few days after the conversation
.k,,. Mrnrtled. that the Dale-visnired youth refer
A m in the discourse bet weea Dt-acoo Pickleby
and bis wife came into the bouse while the old peo.
t. .r mi hreakfaat. with a stuU tu nana, wnico
tu. had iint cut in ihe erchard.--"-i--"
Come. Jabea, sit dowa ;.we nsve ooeq wamiHr.
- You must jump round spry and dtl cnors
. .i,. .pm . child, and some oork, ootetorsaud
" pickles,' and apple s ifl doacou haa just asked
. kl ..... . ... Jk
Mother," eaid the young mm, and hi oiee
was tremuloua, I shunt do any more chores here.
"What on eirihisthe matter wun ir uo7
ro.rt P,rHhv. hviri!? down hi knife sod
fork, and raising his spectacle to give his fading
vision, unobstructed play upon the now glowing lea
Iiim at hia son.
ir iw nf -am. fa ther.--W tUS Ttiiuyj
going to seek my ta-tune J that stick shall slmg
my bundle of clothe ovpr my shoulder with, for
I have 'got a loog journey before me, a nd I cut ins
..t.i. r. ,Um .m.t tree I olanlisdj it wtll
f SIICS IIMH m "fr ' : . ?
t like an old friend." - . ' '
u iin ih hiir' bible here, mamy, i
id the
; descoo, -audfot us see if the boy is right.
. .u. A ..nU had but one child, it wss
L.-i . r.A ,.M. m a black leaf, his birth
chronicled dowond it appeared ibal he was
j.. . . . .... ..j.,,? nt im: - ' r
. u H..rnt vou hotter sts? at home, Jabex,
the kindhearlcd olJ mat J r ' y
third of the profits of the mill, if you will
snd tend tu it." '.."
Now child,' said the afFictiooate mother, "
hsd'nt ought to leave daddy end bs in our old
m -ill wont vou " , . - .
"I would do anything in reason ssid Ihe
-: -v.; '
i" .,.'.--'. ,'
here but there i not enough for all of us. I may
get rich twoy west where every body i going."
After much and earnest argument pro and con,
the old people became reconciled by stero neces
sity, ana the careful mother left her tea untamed
to fly and sputter about the bouse, to collect the
ahirta and darn the stocking of Jabcjr that ha
might depart on the following Wroing. It was
a sleepless night which the good old folk passed
previous lo the morning of the parting.
' Wbeg the wanderer was ready to leave his pa
ternal home and had slung his bundle over bis
hnnlilnr hit toothur, wipmt sswy-s-fcHtHg-tmr,
and compressing her skmny lips gave tutu a part
ine kiss. r
Deacon Fickleby insisted that he should ride the
young horse aa far as the first turnpike gate, and
he would accompany him, on the old nag, to bring
back the half broken animal referred to.
At the great turnpike barricade, the deacon pro
nouhced his parting benediction as follows t
' My son, I have endeavored lo breed you up ia
the out u re and admonition of the Lord take hoed
that you doiit stray into by and forbidden paths ;
duw aa you would be done by, eschew evil compa
ny, cider, brandy, wickod.wimmin, flip and black
strap, and shave ill, never gamblo nor act sinful,
and the Lord have mercy on you, . Come back as
ouick as ever you got rich, and write your main-
my letter jest as oiten aa you can get a cnancei
to send it without coding anything. Good by, Ja-1 ""
bez, and try and bold up your head, and keep the
tarve with human crittern, and folks in gtneral.
It would be tedious snd fatiguing to follow Jabet
ickleby Ibrouclulliba iinuosif ks of his iourney
to the great west j but his arrival in a log vijlage
should not be passed over without notice. Having
toiled putwurd with pudestrinq independence, utitil
within lea miles of tho place of destination, our
hero laid aside his worn and soiled garments at a
suifprepared to take passage Bud end hi journey
toralle impressions on those be. designed , lo tane
r-r . ... . ,
up hik abode among, in a atrange land. , ' '
v hen tlie stage coacn nrew up in irom i iw
story dou.Wa.log aliiuEa4alMiUe, Stjuira Gau.
shaw, a colonel ot militia, came out, wnu ui uat
lilted a little to Jeeward, and wttlt a domestic ae
gar in his mouth, accosted the at range gontleuiau,
Mr. Jabea rickieny, it) laminar lerms. - -
. Stranger, walk in f let me lake your aiddle
bags i this way sir, into the bar room t take a eheer
and ait down. Fine seasonable weather, stranger ;
tnu are travollina I allow.!.'
iiavinv answereu in tire uirnwiiw,ii u.w.-.
landlord of the Painter Inu proceeded lo inquire
!.- .1 ..1...I... -
llitu lira purutuioi. ,
You ar from old Vjrginny, I 'allow 1
l1No, .L am Dot," says Jabea, M I came, from
down east, uear Hartford, in tho State of ateady
habits.". i
Well, stranger," wss the reply," you ar not
to blnme for being bom in Yankee land ; all sorts
of people are. welcome.inour dtfiginstand je?;n
lerly like Ihe Yankees, they ar so slick ia a heap
of fixent about borsq mills and carding machines.
I reckon you have got a leetle sprinkle of patent
riirhts : or matt he, vou.mout Jiave. ..rfcw luck
-W- - rV W r
imingftll , T
'?.ii Jbet,I m M"I for
school district ( do you want lo hire a master in
. .
I I. ..
. ril,n jn. mv Imnev." mid Snuire Gum
sll !' u jTtlJ . "ch, oud or etillachooir
g ja the strati-
or, " but loud schools are .ekera, in iuty oountry
'guess "Ihey1 Ki'S'ni orf;1o''haveraiy,"theMchiWreo
msHCB--etica--a- fuse,- they-caa't- hertheitisetvvjs
""TTotf t Mr jhtt tirdo wit ittthe- rrght trait-," W
my landlord, " we have finished daubiog the slick
est kind of a cabin, 10' by 23 fuel, and ail wa want
ia a master ; the Lord kuows we have got a right
smart snrinkle of children. Tske a little licker,
stTTOger.l'ttlhank-yww tott me-yoUrhihl,ar
III introduce you lo my omen. '
Jsbes Pickleby gave Ibo inquisitive landlord hia
address, but declined taking any of the long green
which was pressed on him with western franxnei
and welt. meant hospitality.1 ' . '
You are right, Mr. Fickleby," sail squire uunv
thaw. for tlie truck make young people mighty
kaotankeroua; but I caoiako ajiower of blue ruing
and never fate me." ...' ,
SfluiraGumshsw availed himself of the voiun.
MrthiiigJWbrch the atrival nf-thajuail coa-4
caused in the village, and kindly introduceeHne
imnnHf io Iwentv of hut oeiahbore. He sssurea
them that although he waa a full blooded Yankee,
he had a heap of school master leanung, immai
single patent right in his saddlebag.
' Before the village visiters loft Ihe tavcjro, it was
agreed that a publio snetttinf should be celled, by
sdvertismetit in the Back Wooda Buster,' the
weeklv Danerl which was iuedjerrl
When little negro girl, in a clean sprou an
nounced supper, Squire Gumshaw whispered to Ja-
" s Now akin your eye, stranger, for all sorts of
chickin fixings, and flour doings, for mr omao
rat slow, when she spreads herself on Chnstmss
faiitadliuai and the way she mass couee is cruoi,
none of your three grain to the gallon truck, but
fourth proof, it will bear tip an fgg L ,
At Ihe town ineeling, which waTCTnea lor in
purpose of electing a schoolmaster, a cendidute
stood forth, his owa advocate for employment.
His acquirements being .inferior t those of Jabea
plaver. or shooting dramatis star would observe,
he obtained an engigement. Hie competitor
mild not acknowledge the propriety of the trans-
acti-jp, and insisted that bis own band wss made
unsteady by the spree he bad just gone through ;
and as for cyphering,' said he, Yankess beat all
creation, any how it can be fixed.
- With the steady and laudable purpose of echiev.
ing greatness, Jabez Pickleby entered with spirit
bis duties of schoolmaster, and io few
months gained so much in the estimati of his
employers, '.hat tueir Hearts overnoweu wn gr.-
r.,i amniinns. wnue nis miniia ihumiihito m "
it was not contont to limit hi exertions lo the
i.l,m. where he poveftled the juvenile commu
niit He devoted hi leisure hours to the study
I of Ihe law j and in k tittle more than two years, in
ex-untfy where it is not unusual to find ready.
W ndardu elothin, .
.; " ".'? . .
, . .. . ' ' . '
hop, he entered upon the practice of his profession
with eminent aucce,. ' ..
; One other bold and efficient measure Jabm Pic
kloby contrived to adopt, and that waa the prrta
Iratim ot matrimony. In the compass of three
year after his arrival in Paintervillo, ho was joined
in the holy bonds of wedlock with-Mis. Fawn
Greenbrier, and a plantation of seventeen negroes.
After his marriage, the adventurer aerved two
aeamon in th legislature, and auboquehtly made
long stride into Congress. :
Whco old Deacon I'ickleby wa advised of thi
and ottored a prayer f thanksgiving with fervent
and pious emotion) alter which h oevotea an en
lira day hi inditing the following letter to Iheauc
cesaful asniraut. Hi wife sat 'at hia aU all Ihe
lime, knitting with spasmodic Torea on a pair of
blue lumbe wool stockings whicttflia designed aa
a present for the; Congreaemnn.' , ,.
. To th Ipaoralk Jabe Pickkbj. ; -
Dirrtrut Son i By the blessio nf providence,
you be despotly proere in the world. You,- piior
old daddy, when he was a boy had but little skulin,
but good moral instruction was oiutcil out lo him.
I was tnuffht to "train un a child in tlie?. way he
I goT.nd did it, but 1 never expected to eee '
. r. i 1 1 ' i i j..s "f
i the Federal kongresa. Jabea.niy eoii.doul
d and tilled up, fi there Vdo knowing
him in
be proud and lilted up,
wnat you may come ,.lu,i I om have near a mi 01
Aaron Burr and Benedict Arnold. Your mother's
rumtty patns are Better aim i nnve pui a www
.er whuol into tlie mill. Soth riiels has msriled
Nabby Doblis; he had too dew it to avoid costv
There ha beeer fine crop pf gardon sass inj
buckwheat this year,
I nnwl udmonish you agin temptation in tlie Fa
derirl city. They dew tell that it is a Babvhttof
i.Ure. and that koncretta-inea never mind pains
strao. or somethin stronger, every oay.oi nwir
lives, ,at)l-go.ia:.tbenre,riS.:i
l)w for me rev's sake. Jauez. esciicw evil compa
ny. I bought a new eclskin queue ae soon aa 1
heard you was married'and guine tu kongren, for
I ttalkiUted vou would brio? vour rich mauin hum
'new curtains to the spare bed m jhe parlour anJ
aauirmed ribbins. all around among' 'em, She has
cot tew strinirs of blue and while birds' eggs hang-
-ing under the luking glass, tnd the brnas: andiron
akowered uo o that vou can see your face in urn.
When tou ait tu thVFederal cityi'de" fry r fti
give eometiia tu the widders and orhna of soldiers
and sailors, that foul again the Brit tons. , I have
got your grandfather's .three cornered scraper, blue
ensi and bull facing, and hia tew edged sword, and
vtm can have 'em tu wear In kongresa- Your
mother has darned up all. Ihe moth holes .in the
coat, so that she Ihinka it look jest aa new aa it
did when leftenant Pickleby wore it f tt the battle
of white Plaina. . '
I shall send you by male, a oevrir of blu
mixed stockings, ana a pair of knit "euspendere
thatare kindar easy for oollv-tisbin tu sfltiinri
about io. Your mother would send you a riot of
picklos and a cheese but tbe stage driver says it is
agin the Iaw. . , "' -
Read your bible, Jabez, sttirlrthe !nws of Moawi;
f and don't w pee l-Tmy-w 'w 1 1rrifl-thehft-rcmr.
mnndments tu, and Ihe 'leventu lisewise ; ana aom
Sell the birtb riirhl of ihs'ysnkee nation for a Dies
of pottage t end Ihe day may ktttn-ivh?tr you-wili
liniatccaf .1 vtojtepJift
S nimrt n nmrfl nnv
New York session, wishma to be excused serving
, op. ajury,.ouarcd. si aa .eju:ua,.iui nmw -
see wiibout glasses five yards from his owa. nose,
and as there was oo' law to cornel him to wear
sldsses: he considered he had a sufficiont excuse,
as he could not five an enlightened verdict without
seeing tne tsoos ana ooserrrrrg me maniwt m
. i l . I
witnesses. Ine court thought mis excuse entirely
invalid, as the gentleman then had hie spectacles
on. and without inconvenience could keep them
on during ibe several trials and k to there being
do law to compel him to wear spectacles in court,
it might also with equal propriety be urged that
there, was no law lo compel a juror to wear his
clothes in court. Being compelled to aorve, he
put hia gluBtca in his pocket, and sat during the
trial Without thum, and then attempted to raise an
objection Jo Ihe verdict Jiecatise bs xould not-eee
The court, however, rebuked him for depriving
himself of the means of discharging his duly satis
factorily aa he huq sworn to do, and the gentleman
aat down .bashed. Phil. Ledger, ,
A MixippfehcntioH. 'o recollect once being
ver7 much amused at the relation of the following
'aincduie. from the line of a very amiable, and
.withal a verr modest widow, lady in New Jvrsey
Boon alter e ausoana pata ine oi o h
loavinc her hia solo legatee, a claim was brought
.' ... .i a. l. -e
-against the estate by hi brother, and a'procm
wss served upon -bar by ihe shoriff of the county,
"who happened to be a widower, of midille age.
Being unused at that time to tlie forme of law
though ia Ihe protracted law sun wnicn louoweo
she had ample opportunity of acquiring experi
ence he was much alarmed and meeting, just
lr ih derMrtiire-of ihe etteritl, with a ffmsle
friend, she exclaimed with much sgitsiion
VV bal
do you think t Sheriff Princo has been aftar me 1"
Well," said the considerate Isdy, with perfect
leoolness, " be is a very fine tnnti." " Hut he says
Well, I hsve long suspected he wss attached to
you, my dear. M lsut,you dont understand he
aavs I must go lo court " " Oh," lhafa quite an
other afltir, my child : don't you go so far as that ; it
is bis place to come to court you 1
- Wa do not know who writ" the following pa
rody, but ha evidently writes with " considerable
feeling jT , -
Full many a bead of brightest gloss serene,
Tbe clear transparent waves of whiskey bear ;
Full many a m. i lie drunk unseen, -
' And wastes his vigor ia Uia eiiduight air '
:" " Can you ten me, my sont what a jury, of Jn.
-attest lit L "'"'" ' '. ''- '
I A jury of inquest are a body of men what sots
Anwn en a dead man to find out whether he are
dead fur sartin,urara only plsyiog jKWttm.
- -..r---v-
It Is the boast of the present age, that it ia dnio.
guished beyond any that has preceded, aa aege
of scieuti fic 1 adeed, might wee rvd-
it the self-compUcent exultations whick are break
ing forth around us from almost every organ of
publio sentiineol, we imist be led to the eooehmoa
that we r'lly want hut little of having reached the
utmW limit if liiuuaa knowleJje; and that at so
distant period, wolull be able lo.sit dowa aalis
fied.aiMl " - : X."'" '
I'naniiousTif eurselvta, and enty wsab, . ,, '
As dutiou sons, our fikr$ were mora '
It i uadouUedly true, that io certain depart
mcQts of science, whose importance to fuciety can-
not be denied, great proucMiiey has actually been
made. But it is equally certain, lhal,otbr brun
ches of at least equal importanca, have been, and ;'
still are, most eurpruNpgly neglected. - ,1 here u a
stroni tendency ia the publio snind to t an a
(klse sUodard of utility ; 10 regard nothing as truly
valuable, which does not tend directly to repknish
the store bouse, or tiis cofUr". - And, shaine oo the
spirit of the agel llii trst haa been spplied to so-'
ence. Whatevet bat an immediata bearing upon '
Hie etternal circumMftiiccs ine pnystcai ctxidiiiou
mankind, is studied with an
' n iV-
an iuleo4y of interest,
" Labour all dieir Jays, and labour bard,- " . '
.And dyin, sigh how liul they have daee." j
v But all beyond llii ia retarded as of little worth. '
The study of the powers of nwo more especially , ,
ofhi moral- powers-oT ttie reisiioriswhich 19
suf'.Biii in tlie universe of being; in a word, of the t
nature, tlie eiHlowment's, and the dtttiny of the an,
seen niind, hi nrgtccted, as of no praclical impor . -tanee.
ilow sArange, bow passing strsnje, tuatv:'.T":
suflkient to defect their tkllacy It would seem
but, reawMMUle toxfct fat uwtv, wedet sstch tamp
cutrntances, would rvseuwea grueiiing oevoiion
to mere physical pursuits and pleasures 5 and promp
ted by the H thirst, of htsmmorUl nature, would
pinoss to stuay trie nature ; , i inw, sno m su
mire her loveliness' to study jM. reUl.ofi of hia
being, and lo cultivate a wnepoodtng character.
But the pievailing Deflect of moral science, aside
from its irrationality, is fraught with the nvnst per-
nicious consequenres.
Quote ut its stieucam etiis
r. , . .- . ...
li is proposeu IO IHHKV. , , . V'j ,
And io tbe brat place, w tnaintaiu tnat ex
erts a most degrading infvtjtet peaorify,7
f-l. ... J C.i;. . .S Hi.nL ... i.iiIJax
become asnmilated lo llieir pursuit- n hat tnea
must thq. character of that community become,
wnere ine vaiue oi every . pursuii is sneasurea ,
the paltry standard of mereenary interest !, where
the highest wisdom tsto know the road to wealth,""
and the moat perfect rectitude to walk in-it with
undeviatinir step : where mae neglecta the study
of bis ttoblest powers seeks oof to anderstand the ,
nature and the claims of yirtue-bs( oo eye to die- "
cera and oo taste to relish the besuty of moral
truth. Who does not see Ibst under such circum
stance, society must oeceewarity degenerate that '
it must UKimalely sssome a ehararter ofcotrt, ear
chlatmgfbaf ro-nimJtu stTfiiJiiit-.' If Ts'aJied
would you mke every member of society mad 4
with metaphysica.'and bewildered with echolastio
specuhrtrons f-N orborwe would have every masr
perfectly his'TanlnT'Triej scaw ot rK'tn aiu
aniious mainly to act worthy of himself. W ith a
society .whoa twessdsw ymiifidi
tne weal aiate c riato couiu uear no cominrmun.
CurarrpproxiraitToo lo stich jK-rrciloo" is aosu
lutcly hupckasr-whihi the opiik AtL lL f rsssnl age
prevails. . , ; .yl .J . m' :
The degradation of society-, howeser, is net the
grextett evil attendant on .toe neglect of moral '
science. It causes almost aa iocs leu la we sfisuaav - ,
tto f-ili )ipjtxec- For,- aVr slf, Treamvn t eT
denied, that lie whose views sever rsve above mens
physical pursuits and pleasures, caa rstver be a
truly happy ma a. . He know otily thef poor eoV
joy merits of a sordid earthly mind; and society.
composed of men or such a character, is tA only -
based , but must unavoidably be wretched. 11m
wise of other limes, on this subject, at least seen
to have apprehensions far more just thaa those
which prevail at the present day. , Toe pbiloeo- ;
pliers of the Academic srhoul, for xsnrt4e, svidVot- - x
ly regarded the study d oserst screoce s of aft1-; ;
pursuits the moat exalting lo haniaa karwtcr, and " -
the most eoodociv id husnso hapftw-s. Tbey 1 .""
saw the great mass of mankind totally irwnot of .
the. true relations of their bring. 1 bey saw -
them blinded, by this ignorance, mistaking the 1
true nature ot uappine, ana tne mean oi i ai
tainment, and under Ihe chafing liifliinf 4
hrtlincss, and enslaved oy ocoaain passiotM, aisg- :
ging out t . miserable ejrjHtoncav dnokinjr only at
the .unsatisfying . strrsn ol seasual pksasurs
They saw further, tliat ootLing could oSevate theei
fom such degradation, but a ftoewiee-ge ot tbe ;
principle and oWicatinoa of yirlue, oi their tjwo-
' 1 il '.'- 4J" 1 '.v .-;.- : " r'.i ' r-
sptriiu&j naturw, bikj too oigu caauiiiuus m incir
eXMteace Hence they applied themselve with
Ibe roost laodaWe devotion to the study of these
interesting topics. With only the aid of reason,
tt was indeed aa u one ehmihl attempt to scan the -
heavens wun unasautea vismjb. i sa irwtr attain.
menis were suITtctoui fully to doruooMmleTLe cor.
rectness of their views of the diguiy and utility
of lite " Divina Philosophia." lis rauck, then,
of the real welfare of society is sacrificed at the .
present' day-by wtatTosy, perhapr arrH3trrfjcn-
lr, be deioiiiia&ted the Btaieruilisai ol the age -
How much might the tide of human happiness be
augmented f, with the assistance of thai moral
telescope with which heaven haa furnished us, tho
doctrines of moral science were folly dVvelopcd,
and understood and applied throughout society.
. From what haa oW been said, it will be seen
hat the prevailinydispositioa to woJerralue mor
al science, so far aa respects ourselves, throws a
shade over the future prospects of our country. '
We love- to think or our national existence and
prosperity aa perpetuaU, Other nations have done
the same, and yet where are they t And here w
may discover the worm which has sapped the
foundations of many a political fabric, and laid "
their pride- and honor ru tho dost. , Here we may
sue what Is the c&u.-, which those who. are igno
rant of its nature are wont to dVoormnate the " ten.
deucy of nations to oV-ny." There is DO Iin.
. . ..
" ' '' '"' 'I ' "
V -' " .
i j
x- '
- - -v-
i ,

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