North Carolina Newspapers

cy m nalioii lo dissolution, save ttie teinicncv ol
their ciuteti to overlook or disregard (hose great
nw.ral prmopW, which are at mi lite Unit), .and
bulwark of society. Where tlnrse ire uiiknowu
r unapohej, there indeed rotteni!!. will iwoiier or
lit er pervade it tructuie, till it totters to it ir-
rroanbU; downfall. (. stand upon the s.te of
f.sloec or Palmy ra, of Thebes or ol Carthage, an!
l II us why dewtiaiion ilf broodiiii; in Linrlits-ss
Ujiuil their ruins, li it merely that decity is wr.l
tin upon I In! most durable achievement of human
Art? Bit iiuny a column null ritfta amid the
wreck ol fallen grandeur, which although scathed,
a tuay be, by the temjieatcf ages, is yet sufncieut.
ly perfect to doinorwtrate, that bad trie care of ruao
continued to watch over it, it migi.t for ajr yet to
os have bid defiance to the eleuiepts. No it it
not to the fact that man and hnr works are perisha
ble that we are to attribute the ad catastrophe uf
UMitxm. New generations succnenvely spring op.
as it were, from the dust of their father, and wu-
Mir tti4 fttiuWd Brhii nr ttlllHtrt
the labor of thoae 1
Li. I,.JL, ihm. If latnmau'a rfIHre.
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" 6" "7 ! : . ' T I : .t . - i
iihi nature of iu i"P w.ikb cowci mo. ,tn Di.ieIac(1JI1 ,wm thl. wwuv-uitttrr-a- ,
fellow men and of Ihe maimer IB hiclV he to lta, auie, and taat Ue aamt: ar riiMfli: ier tr '
aiuneer the hih purpoaet of hi enitetice--it in tu ihe Uoune, mud tiw Coroaulw iwvf imm: muumimtbb
ihis thtit we are lomacribe the ovtrthio if tm-'l other pafwra aati ilucwmmtn an retauati tw
which fofwahorl porVula have iuceewively ted lctioit. Beodiic hdor Uiew, mmm.-t '--a-(lotend
on Ue piinmcle of glory. To tki$ mint d p ifmm Cmg"-'
- ha attributed, that thfirrrtizenabfcatne th aiave M'- CaararxL vciidaid: itwa tT
flfaIuSuie of uheriritiim: and ol tlat uvhH de4of
I laiftff vinw. Aod i it at all eiirpriin, iW, I
U4 ich a popttluiiun, poltiiral buod ahouU hare
cfi rent jiKier, ana their power ana ttJur
h.r patrt away forever. In later limea, vea
nVkn il.a frem,.rv nf :h i.rmMuil e ration from!
th ,Mit eaoie, we bate mm lUo f incipiea ol
airiiml K:iiohv act Liiie ami a oitCiim. uiader the 1
witlieririifinfluettueof liifidelity auid Athtisni, si-
tittel by UiAiiin
i Si rues and c Uiou of threatened ,
- duuwtuiBV - ., ' V. ''. '-' :
Cutwlulr w'a lasaent t!i practical materialism
-' of t!is'a(;e, aud ifvpoi lu point out ita iaauictous
' . aMayaqiioncea, hrt hs nit drop the trihjVct here.
Let m fur a luonuH.r chiiBe our rmud ) Srnl
aider the reaulbt which would eowie, wer
a pn)K-r mioiition, tlin'lnut the enmOiuiniy, be
towil tijton moral seioooa. ' t3rp oe, 4ben, that
wverf meinber- of society should tuf?y welt hw
moral ntitorv, and should attulo a thorough koowl
- ,Jg of his worar inierU and f tatronsf-and no--pa
that ear men of eoiomADig genius, who
. Mould by tbetr wriffiign the eharaiHer of the sge,
f W9rlf piHicaw-d of the Spirit exhibited by the
, ir fcidnrtri-.h!i'nywiy, ! slinit t;veieny the
rubor cause, ti I can be numbered among thosw) who
hse gir arrtir to -virtue, nod roofirterx to
1 truth"- Aad sopo that slt 'Ui iitatitutionaNf
wciUrs uf man, as 2 moral being. Can it be doubt
ed that, under ich "cireumstrtoce, ocinty would
aHsuwe a more elevafod and a hSr.oier aiiptict f We
know, indeed; that nodogree knowledge, and no
exterrmt uiC'ience, m of itself authcieut to com-
- pnaerlhw teirhsjrwnf tairan pi B'it 1ef'
sucb state of things as has been supposed vr la
stly ai.4ytnd I bo Wrsrujof I ffsven souU be
its stirw attendant. Tbi should we see mairyiaiig
. to- the true dinlry of Ms ntiiisf lind imowjiiiil
nukire ; and thmwing off that fte.tfR-cttl dignity
of whks he now so vainly boit (TliA;-, imttead
'of'mi;jgUi'iC through hfe of unavailing totl,and
almost uomttiate l misery, tussd ioeeiswitly on
lb) bilpwa uf interests and paaatdh, we should sot
hia ittaiuii'g that "priEaof virtue v' . ,
. Whaaeiithinj esrthly jive or can devtriiy1,'
Th mra caho sniwdnne, and the heartfelt joy. '
"Then tow'wouTJ those'huljfn fires' 4Ti(5e out break
iii have so bdetf burled 'national existence in
. tibliWonv be quin:!ied forever r and ttie poet would
tux binder, find uccaaluuj.
FjUoii Hiate and buried greates.H f y
, And a this a nier linagiiinrf state of nnattaio
ablo nerfectioti T No it is what-we ournelve
a nulurt " y i" 1 'ii""1 mini". T urn n frra-
nkM jrf'MHjid pi, luteal liibrtcs of former eges. -
let jjuline pinion on this aolject b" cl
Ut iliine liol'i'ira, noV it po'uiil ir, who"'' I
t!mW wli'uno aim it is in make sjs aeouainted with
-frTeefthwywithhe4r sua1!"-'! to,..wssf tesiiuiniir wigaaaiVva
abject of our cxiateuce ; in a worJ, tut us feel as
we onblthe hnpnrtance of underntnnding and s;
" ' o'viair the BriuJiDlc of Moral Science, and we
--TOM wtntrhiwr In-rmT-trhrntctrrnnrlv.
tion, and prospects, uf which we can now, with dif.
lunilty, fria a just cnnceptMn. r He cannot pene
Into the future ; but " teriipus omnia reclii'lit."
And if ever Ihe time aliaH arrive, w lmn sut h a
stanr of thing aa hat been, supposed shall eaUi
am on j o, we may then wttrrtruth pply to our
selvea the rangtmge of the poet K - - -1
V ' A brsaka on the travrlW fainf and stty " - "
TV bright six! thernlmj eff.ilrrace of inorrt, "
.. 8odknss and aViubt ars novf rhni(r sway,
- Aiht:t waroaia ia eoiijocturs drlnrn, -'J -
See trstlu It, an.l owrcy, In triumph dosrending,
' And uatuw stl giuwiny in KJcu'a first bloom.
. , On ilis c ill chsua of Joalli, smiles and ruses r
- bleiiilin.',
' And bwutv iinmnrtil awakes tYnnt tli bvub.
mi .-ui-u- 1 . ..-". 1 1..11
Look Here! ' t
- m r
nf Presaly Uay hia poawiwions in Ran
doloh conniy, iorlh Caroliua, cooaia
' rinof thvit:.X.:-. 'litZ'Z."-
C - 1 at fij.
Vou'dlJervUy lulirra, lha publio generally, that
" they wi'l t(Lr fiY salii, ui li highest " Sidl'tf
lYeJnnd-if lit March arxi, (if iMt other-
wis disposed of be for that day.) ONE Tit ACT
OF. LINO, contsining- J fi O Acres, situated
- ' abMj fifieen milet vfit of Astiborat.-h, directly
-' " I' gt-Ms'P -1 i....r...vrr...,1 H-tir-A 1-
Salwbury . N. C on il ts an excellent stand lor
store, (with a Vsjt Wi cuHtonert hir cuhiiient
la it) and an exejfient stand for a llm-f nf F.o.t-
, . taaswnenl, waU (Mid H.hixm, Stabltv, Ae.. About
" '$ V3'3 OflWrebf Tnrwd1 tjo mttTrrti tjUj'
time will be given for t ie reinautd r. " .
...... mawt those who wish to boy, to rJl a'td
examine Ut tbennwlw.. Any peru wishing fur.
thtsr mformstioa will on Frntiklin Holli
valt, who will, be f.mnd on aiid premiums at anv dav.
tTando'ph c., Feb. 2-J, JS40. , 37 ts
on. M-A"yr.i: itiij.iw, .
1 ESPECTFULLY otTerahis prof-i,lervic te
Au citisvna fif Hilishory. and Ihe surnismdinr
country. Ids office is ta Mr. West's new brice.-be.itd-ma,
aearly oputw.ta I. sV V. Murphy ' skiro.
tsaliAory, N C. Aiif-M Isij. V tf.
"niJIS intalusble -Medicin -is for sale by the
subscriber, at Mtlledgeville, Mnnttnwrv eo.,
N:C. W. E. RI RAGE. ,
February 21, Kf. - ;
.c-J tract l-4uirfcleU XlituUij-u.
Of Mr. Cample U, of Smtllt troiiu, t tm Iiutm
- - bf ll'yretfd'.ailtitu, Titrmy '-.3&'.. ' ".
"The J-rtikta inHiiitfsl,'t'at,li Uik 0:iiea m.
mitt waa the timUTtuiti r-?Kir!ti' trai, f imi...w
,if Election hv Mr. Camisjell, mtirauui ,aj:r lm-
j!Iou I" prmit tiiit Cunmit.lw In prtin- '
nil punt me di.ue;wtnca it deem-it atcaeni ito-
taie tue ion-' tg.ititit. u! tu J entry xtsush. .ie-
The question W,i;iur, mifm tin Jiswneksai
lirit tinder consuk;ralki, .. Uti: auuihsig; 'Xts .tii
JnHoaua Ut auMwil tlir propwrtiiait lta iMti-CuwwiUek.
bf -tutboriUfie UMt CmiiuitCei Jw tMAa:l 'tar
evidence tliry bad culiecteo In reltti b t Urvuau
" Ma. CamfsbU. aul, fae aati keen ummxmi a;
CoowtiHee tu acrrnt tt prnmotioit ' iie iJiiiaeuiJB
frrnn TeitneawRe, ( Wr. Ovc J.iwi.;"" -
Mr. Cvt Johmo Uieo oflCTi ip fc3Sflpclt
lution a aubstnute tor ok kiriaer wkmimmmiii :
Rrmtlmd, That all the waaehaMi(l -awaww ?
the Cununittee of LiactjHMi, to -re uun m ttn tv -p
;7 election, be reported to ttnailaaw an-"
Iaas waritfc . autoriaint nf I ii itt fair Iflfl rVMtllMl'
! received a majority f all tlw
.sow wrpriw t4itm. that tiic.
Tewieawie, (Mr.Juhoawi), wtnai he hati fcrii
ametiduieiit u the Ueeuioltuu Tepotttti icam 'ft
Comotittee of EtwcUofw, aud when tint! BBnalitaani!
bad just Wu aennHrd aa ai&MMaItauii
Reol Jtion. (luHild IHtwahift in JMWUOli, awe! r
t rorsnioBwliou T thie lioaae 4fr.fMeauaaii
- ' (saxeottHily dilinrent irwui Mm sum: ihn ami Mtr.
preaeuted. nSurelv the geattauafi m auSmut: u
pieaaa. i. . liret tuuke a aTopaatusii mat aui ium-
paper in the pn''"mii ol Ant-1 iimi l tw . Wi .-wa-tiun
to the Nrw Jersey taast, avaetitai rets' '-jt
Hot to rt nwsn ta, should be pnti ; anal tm nawr
i bis tiroptwittua aeeepMi ly thc.t 'aamnswjsa ai
nxMlibcalMm oT tM www llBniotmat, tnati -Jw rmtSmi
itr rrport of the usmof these ariift rTeecveekl
the greatont Koniber of ftfi, trresweeim f .rrw-
gulsittiee in tin.- conduct f ihe wkctaou, sri-JSjiile-gality
to' otes. 1 ' ' '
' Mr. jUtjelt tiiitl the p'aillesBati amiraifltnsaTfaww
preaeulixt, caJhi(g for Uie miriwii af ' tiww- .Isaski
received the greatest tuiiiitmr oi atek.snai::t! at.
cuntbeut upon hiw Briefly toauwa.wiiii'Uw
tfmiri) iir.1ii Hihmm Iht' Wfltra: whv 1
toe out! ihh. ere iiim, reporuiu mi
earns ; and in doiiis ao. be woohl -i4icavi;iicoe
wn-vubmni .ma 4Jctan . mc& aacm,JtmaMmi
in the puasessiua ul the Uuusc,sm veet:BTriisaTyj
tq this eKplanation. " " ' "1'
. Pievious to eutoriozr intu an exanfirrwuai' Tt9
1ctliT(rf)f ai1iiiiitled lriHi cuowtietiTutai ,
fitttee sduptbd certain OTtiain w tax satsaMwl
ihj sctiou, which, io hsv judvMevU, iiMaMei; ttas
truejirioripieii &. evidence epplicuUr ;to te trcaa
of ihhf case. These resoldl itiw wgrt jrsxihWsMe.,
a fvllWa ; .That tue cred"Biaijt, f LtsAovsPMSE
oTNew "Jersey are primafucit -evuieuotrtOSlftamn,
who bo',jl)eni are entitled to !heir-ew,vliS'-hrT
eorractnvw'ine out Uoum1, uimbi Upjn aiinsiai
all (he emes ftolied svere net owuotetl.'ta((,
tee wiinltl proceed to iiNuiresrhihsrineeTeil'taT'
greatest tiuniberaf votes. ,Tl'hat si! vstartieeet vtti
bv suthorixed ofli'wra. actior xi4eaesnsMv lavtnti
law, were prim fadtt kgal ; iatt MasjUei
that pluralities had bs abiaiwaj M tmiasamasssia.
uf illogal xrotna, and itycauibi wsTBerwiiai.l .ssi itm
Uallol-hox, the tHumitteesroukl
si to tlie truth td these aheautans, anal ,
ho bad rreeistsj the greali rmmmii ;gyai
rules, yoltal iu cssifursuity aviUiar Csxwtisassawwf
the United rttates and thelLawe eXJ2frvsri!
were,-thereiUre, duly ekrcteii.aud'eaii'itit!
hiy. as jufuubenjif One lloust er4ifrwMisw .-
" 'iT1 "
g mini cs-.iiiu.uic i-em use janwaxiasKk-
nai ncwon, were nmen r&aXku4jgm
I1!' u,ui. luiietsie sasuiM,
on bv the eu'b'rnen fruiuTeniiiiasei to Troet: t'ai
(Ui House too tiuiittte ol Uiose vi. Trcik-ui. ai
loritv fit in llw mill Mollnfi vrrjfriti s'
tilt totf.
, A ftoi the adopUon uT lot Hi
appearing inconclusive, nuuerisw-trrriiaiMusieai 1 s:
the cajw, a to who nei reeeivwd w sausaim-; tat
l(Zl mans, ihe (.aimnntiss.U
jf the fswiies;-rtgreed --aHtw suidttniual
the pmnuremen' of tttstimunv
ine time allowed was lungerihssi HciL.iwtt'
was mmossiiry lutiyr thai, m a snesaasTw.' :ass
Committee, he vraa diiynuiml to raiuha: u raai
agreed ttpnn hy a tnejorrrr of Ike lkan-ssei.K.
Iispwail Hetohtr wishes ; ami atrhaxri Wntellisiss, -ly
tempted as a cbutoe al jitnmau rras.- nan waai 1 a.
prelumaary jtsport, to an main imawatiitiwii, !
auch, teat imotiy as) eras wr tbe xwwittvxajT
upon aoch waoid nave iaten T"rm: -f.i-m-days,
under the power to aeorl 4orMeasat',va
pers, he did not, upon thD-wbufoUfcittk x!sjkW
fereace in Opinion as to time, aa tiuosBa iau
ficauou iur him to abocuW 1h tkuumo midum?
had at first taken, to make isn
this aubjeci, aud tha .Muairt sMWuki m
j sirnfi ff tirltxtum.
v Ijouc. hawvesmt-iSai as toe tiaan al I iaw 1 id '
ed whet Iter it was autoh imigwr thawrta
cupied in debute by that Ilsase trpai a wrWraaaK
ry report made "by a diviiied 5ttsTsTlwteHsit' ' stWI ''Jv
timasi inwifTnisiil to asnauiiaii tsae w"iwSLa.wV
who imd eotuawd -sjatHirity -el , s)sTtsst;
could be eamly ahusrn,) aal sm to wrso rcee xnrrt
tuucted. au that, 111 reality , thii arnunes;
tins tiun .may b the xnoaas i w,HP4saang; t:
final doc ision of tns nubpKt. ii r-wa
(eontitruwd Mr. C Ythat bad the xsasm
a dtviihsd report, cjyesngHshott al' tar sarm nsl
this eUwlioH, we abotltd have wsttwawiiaiainwisa:
iT ll 1..1 imaiMi 1 .1 1 im "Ii a inn -
t ! hbaranoiw in the ewrry rwrt.oT tiia.
not imprubably, after long atalwxeltui
tits uhjct waaud again haw vsisjis'i H'U
f Cnimittoe wnb
i't svuas wliu.h
jtt 'i,
if ihe aaaeadrwt .proposed k t- j; ratsaaua jnaw,
Tennns wa abauU is artnnt an ibs
There was but woaof laai rm
111 ts jssji
mtttee to haee wuraued. The one aaas. '
made a prnlimiuary -rrport, as :tsi:ai.-'suai'..wK-eupy
the contesled neat anul twe eketsat, as s"
cided on lis wmnta; tna sitwwr .-whwv
report until after full oad Uavvai4nvvaa(jaiaX.
or auch facts onokl lie iasl awsawe .toe 'liiaaw a
would enable rt lucume toaswUriusrk swi1 isssl
eonclosirm upon the eWhsu.
Had thecnswrMriwasursssjsatastxiaua view
limited tn CJ.Ilerlinji retoTwa, tttc: sM'-wa-'smon
CiHinieJ "by Ibe tiovwntur smsU JTm ifjawstii.ts.
the t-Wnig -atp aod reporting wrsm im vitavsit ai
majority of votes m mm.mtim -sir hi i isia , j iwm
abort lima, swrhsfw a tangle eWy.wraahl 1faav4
need ; but ach avwrr wwlisi fassstmlsktvs. Uaa
prevQit csaleet, he cueaww,sjasjgi aveaa' bsx jp-
( 'ru 44 t-ived the inquiry of who, emler the
! CatwiU of th Lulled -jutes and the ! of
' W .Ld-sv,JssMt. !U.duL. idixted. jw1'!!,
t , . VI ' V.. ...U 1118 IfJUt!
No'ipratieiuan not even the g
tour wtwiauved t!,ii atuetidwent'
' .1 ..? s uf qooliiiml voter only, eipreaseo
i t coiity iiti law, that commute an elecfioo-
, tf Ite rned by the coiumUtee m ,
I iaR4 ro fBBt wub I bo .imjrooaliuo ol toe House,
mm Vrj a foil aitare of that dwapprobaHoo
.mm re uhi iwto When tha c imuiittee waa
. .i.-. .1. ...L,iui
;b ngutaA, it stood eight to one in favor oft
; tmmktaumry report a true iude of th IIoum by
'j ntrtt it haai tfen createdfour geotlemen mem-
Iwrv-u tb eooMBUtt, bsui ta Uvor of a report
' ,iauo it creueouak, tuch bad already, by no ve-
j fV t itvai expretwiaa uf opinioa oa the part of
i !M Uwaaev bee ivpuimrea, lour being apoaeq
ft rrtmet uaoa tha csaxainaiioa of tli tetimoay
I'Mur , wow had racetved majority of otea.
Ciaww. id ail to raenitKtra of tb committee, was
tiaawd tlrooa tha fin t go into lb merila of the
naetitm: mot whether tut roi. or lor evil, tu
: laiterr uuuna ha at laat received the amiictioa of
that nmaovrty, and ta that which baa beea adopted.
Hub the- eonuuliM deternuued upon a preliminary
reourt the- ahttracf, which U night easily have
rnutiav JP woaM hava ieaored to good iaith to
imm covrrcd uatita tew Aod although I did
ia :tet ittvwlf eailed o in, committee to eipresa
arf. n7taav' th baata oa which auch report
w ....... - -r. .
K&ouldr b iaade, if natla at alt, I do nut heanate
tfraav- that hail a nrdiminanr report been deter
tsawrni iwav aod it hwal been left t me to decide
iMtmn aiioeiKurXbsi tiovernor's credentials and
us- i3wty of voteavae uidicated by the poll book,
L mmi no havw bewiatad a moment to have pre
ttrmi thw ttutsn But tu deeiduig, not on a que.
.tSMKif retnma-ual, but of election, who esa doubt
. - ' f '1 ! 1 ... (.. ,k..
tDBti it is tn Vfaee-ot quuuaeu Toiers ouiy iu
hftawWi bar rsaaaetedr It could never have baen
thw. ixsasnsaMi id ibast JJuuse to hiott the power of
tbw'Jatnuttee of Elections to the collection of re-tssnsv-t
thw. asttw. adding up of he voles. .To
liaem ts tht cneasstttee lb right iy inquire into
irrepilirittcs, or frauwV or illegitlitws,"wouId be in
tidbeti t deprive thw lloust of its eoovtitutionaJ
;ne't) juiuf 'itswiectias) of ita SAembers, and
to jxroatrate the- efecttve franchise at the (uetstool
4 ssery pity and. uu principled manager of an
Wliao that enannitten was first ecgraized, he
, ui was of its nsambera wra fa vrtrtte to a
wwhhmhi w icfjiwi, c WW u ll'n. .nnf
'uii'reiiait by iba exciusum of rive-sixta of the
. 7
reeneeMtMM at w Jennr rrrfnts natt,aniiit
cefTfentsjJt 'z&df DerhaDt" ofotracted tnvwit !
t . r
tfcasb ww l il, ha rt in our power tn lay betore
jm HTussarah Garui aa would snaula it toeasae to
t, laait iav a iuAj
j Srj, (ai dr. CL, I admit to ite fullest ex
. rent thwsxeslndeot' this injustiew mjiHtice thai
j i.naniit ba mmtggpnAett by any hagoage in which
Weeaa oKitiufeaCaat iniustice thai I would must
t''aiFiiijfy swiiit; Oiow'Hr the exclusii'eH irwteaf of
I bsB 3xKSbhrtwakaost an entire State tor weeks
I itaai naaeahs, wcrw applicable only to a single dis
trict twrasiD'e- huur. But is it not manifest to
j ivry ymlgiisin, that, with tha difiereaee of enin
i isw :ta4 souia us thw Huuss, if the committee had
isnst a utvidad refmrt opos the qtmatina of r-tnrns
j isjir, th weissi whtch have already taken place in
j MkM-haUt wunid liave beea acted over again; that
issoa Uuesatae tsstunoay, with very immaterial ad
Mat una. jitueS tha llusw hasalreadw bad before it.
tm mmm ohasgs wuuld have ben rung, and per-
laew- taw Haaus hase- ipm Seelioew to make any
seiai as l wfto-wsjw tutHled to seeis f In the
iaawsi.tiau tut invesftigittiua of the election would
iiawet beets mpsnded,. and the final decision upon
lUvraattUdehnetL '
1 lathy tepveasuua; araa when they am not so, thev
1 H,. J- privireces. But true
.mti nrrun im toMtiOMmilei
: ,trtr, zm U. woui k whether the advantages
i!iJsVavrirw jwitjidU
! tluaetitexKwifanchkaw, can be preservea by adaut-
' i - -f:f nifi tn mmq r in thiM IfiuliMt- srkn claim
Bseci, out of doubtful rtaimaiits,
iwa-pipjer' OlTstialTir
: i-mtOJiecseff tw t hi onnstirst tonal nghl oi deciding
; sna 1 aaspenpie nave eieeiewi . inswi mei wouw
lae.iemriu.iMs of hbwrry, ssbversive of the Consti
aeauav ou A eii, M hniat as grest as toe exclo-
i .s ar pisnvw oe. ln Ktpiejentattvew iroor a
j tTKts-tasiJ s rrajswabW dottbt iw removed as to
. 'snaiWav taay wvrsvJuly eloetsdV Better it ia thai
iaw iw tbepenelwof any part aenbtr part of this
I TT.iaMiamuit be a4eest&r a short tin ia this ha
tMiaitfiM it should b9 falsely renveted by those
wnmanui thew cbaan fepreseutaiivee.
! Uiium th prmcipb here advanced, and which
i tsaw asMor tw hw startling, this iiouss
Maiakasce)t: ia Us orj-Hiizatior; invariably acted.
. TLav piiswi m is ttuai wuea jut election is involved
j tat. ft sauna hie duwbt except ur case of a sitting
1 1 as. nam, aujSrpmt investigation to remove the
! ibiirhri ananli preewdw the) nght uf membershio.
j iu til. hawthaa prnsetpto basw cajriad, that iohtaav
csw-afw laiassriias us or ease, ot contested elec
tMesK wtten, it bemg fuuod impracticable to decide
uh) oisHttyw certars)y.waa.wa. uuly. sioctod, ths
st has) basaidachuwd vacant, aad so remained 00-
tu .siwirauswwsejctisa.. No bwger ago than the
! las Cavxresst taw iJtata of Mississippi waa- wit hoot
;triUBWriiarvefbrBrjry' ia
1 i-nojwiyiansa ut a ovctMua aeclann tn seats-
n-asaW. TTs cam valuer cwawle ration ia a very aoav
ttnsa-iriwettao, isva peeislv parallel to tf. - The
1 esat Letenet and Moore, m thw Twenty -third
j tisTess4)wiesaaisrwr to it, in all us futures,
j thaw asty osttar, and aiSrd a prweedent directly aa
! pmaa ast thacoorsw pwrsaee) by the exinuntttee.
' r Mtwv rtnttiwt sritmi imnerfrf t .nAniL
lr; Iwtaftsrupow tbsr WMjority of vwtaa, as indca
j to .asttta-pnil bBoksw Neither of thsa geatlefnea
; w3daaiodto a sent in the orgsjusaUon of the
.llniH.;Mid tha subject aa teferccd to tb Cw.
I'-avrtrs-.s K'eetw.s. The urajoi
smrf Lartetsrr eftmed a seal was clear aod nndta-
puaeti. ajrSwwarieilr-U iw tbe first paraijrapb of Ihe
'v'1 cr"Mee ; sad yet, instead of being
as as n tea to as swat an ansa as nut tact was Ver
liiisil. thw ctaauruttee) paasad a. resolution post
nas tbs trial, and allowing time tn obtain addi
rtawal ttsttaasay to try the election on its merits.
(.Hn Chsea mad frwna. a vniuava en contested
l inetaaau.), Tlmsvw-e see thai notwuhstarshng Mr.
Lsechwr cbwsisW dswtinetry an the groand of an ae
towbrdsd ssapivTty uf votes, tast cnmmiliee, ia-
t .k 1 . L . 1 . ..
mtram . isuxbm iiuiqx losvnw aw aotnMted to a
set, taawaxht 4
bewt apoa tbem ta mvestiJtbat had rakeo !.vr previous Io the reference of
0N ths ballot bn
Pis result of the trial
h It temoald io not ad nutting either
bnt as sWutrmg tb seat vacant, and
sswnt thw election, bnck to the people.
, Mr. Camai ii wwaki be uneandid m aim not to
as "!-' , !aa; k fcU votaw apprvbcnsion of a
iinular reo!t in the prosit and this cum'kI
eraiKO hd ncb weight with him to ttie
Afocv of tie pjtiiiiiet of Una cua fr ad.h-
JThat ihs 4eiJile of Xuw Jersey hid,' ma W i 1
uUumiallr in coutrmitr with law, be
r 4 -
had do doubt ; aod no honorable wan, no patriot,
.Lxttmiii tS Mijwr Drincinle. would ndeavor
r r rf
, . . hi ,
JOlic uu r- -
in makin? tlte election: and if either tot of
claimaoia, for ael&sh, base, or uoworthy purposes.
Mild atilk the voice of that people, "airly eipreased,
iImjv moat be regarded aa traitor to Ihe Cooatitu.
tion a eoemK to toe noerue ot inw pwuiw
recreant to the principle of honor. Conduct to base
could not fail to be unmasked; aod they who, for j
elfih purpoaea, would attempt it, mt amk abash
ed aod. coof.iunded noder the indignant acorn of
that people wboae liberties they woo Id have tio.
luted, aod whose right they would aacnfice.1.
He bad beard it sugSeeted thai such aa attempt
might be anade; but he believed it not; for eurvly
geotlemea aslected ai candidates by the rival par
tie of that gallant old State, aa individual to repre
sent them in the national councils, cannot con
template a desigw so flagrant o contemptible.
The Uood of the RevoluHoo, o freely shed upon
her battle Selds, would rise io judgment agaiiiat
such a prostitution on the part of thus) who have
been selected, H as the instruments to tear down,'
... . . . . ,. i.,...:. mku-h
- P-- -F - ZT.-
it made, its accompluthmeot is rendered difficult,
if not impossible, from the followmgomnrteratioo.
It is well known that parties in that State are tho
roughly organized so much so, that it is known
to what party almost every individual belongs; and
for one, I repudiate the idea that the mere fact
of proving an illegal vote, should be allowed
to operate in favor of the part to which the indi
vidual giving it, belong, la other words, the
mere proving that an illegal voter voted, must ;
leave a presumption that be voted for the party to
which he belongs. However much, in tome res
pects, ao overweening devotion to party is to be
deprecated, the spirit of pirty has, in many, res
pects, a beneficial tendency and among them
that k excites wstcbfuloeas, and acta aa a guard
against attempted frands, should soch be attempted,
in the conducting of an election. V
: He bad heard U staled as an objection, that lb
ejrecrastinatwn of thTvtnaloitrhetartt)f the43omr-
ttittee of Elections, would be, indeed, that it was,
wwvwv;i pi -tyxmi4 IrUta Vt7 WaPC.. , sf-f W ajpwmrtw aaav
poonWity of suc'i a : result, an far aa ha waa con-i
.vs.4 knasl a k,w ka awBkl ffV. StMAt4 lhs
cenau, ba scoou take ir upon Maualf4a say, that
there wai-evidence before the committee, received
by it, a eoenpetent. though its sufficiency ha not
A e passed upon, showing thai lbs) Cavenor
jeredentials were based oa imperfect returns, and,
that the geotlemsa who claim, in opposition to
these credentials, received a majority of the votes
polled. If the cumtuiuee had supposed that its
duties were limited to the mere act of correcting
the retanr, tar to tlw adding up of vote polled, and
reporting who bad received a majority, without in
quiring into illegalities or iVregularities, that duty
might have been performed, perloips, in a single
day. But that this was not the in'jentioo of the
House, be thought was manifest from the following
consKMratiun, to wnicn be would call toe attention
of gfttilemesi generally, and particolariy the alters ,
tioo of the gentleman from Tennessee, who bad of
fered lbs' amendment. It b this: wmuTtaneoosly
with the reference of the papers on this eubiect.
there, waa referred, by the House, to the commit
tee a mas of deposilioov uxpeoraiaF the valuliJw
of! (kf tUclio fuld ai Mrtoia UmjAipmi Ike
Ufality tf swswroaj rvtet thai had ben rtetivrtt
Will any gentleman say that it waa not the duty -
of the committee to have examined these deposi
tions, tbna referred; previous tf makinff" their" re-
noTTi i TiereTy scr or TfnKininio inese aepoot-
lions impeaching the legality of votes, waa in its
self the etmmemctmimt of s iasesrigartssi tale lie
asV wauld it not.
feet mockery to nave aaade a partial, and stopped
short of a thorough, investigation? The very ref-
votes, produced a necessity of examination before
fOuorlwg.aod was -swiisl !" 'i
tie lljase,'tkdt UeXaUat boitt Aomtd tircsli-
Ui. i. " f -
But it may be said that the parties should have
been ready fur trial. This be admitted, was a
strong argument, and in most cases where due no
tice of oonteet had been given, would be regarded
by htm asrondoww. (hit this was btotj uuutir-
at case.' Neither party admit that they are the
eontrstnrs; and all know that neither was the sit-,
mg members. This was an obstacle to timely
preparation; and the gentlemen who aked an ex
tension of time for the procurement of additional
testimony, alledged that it waa not practicable for
tbem to be prepared when Ibis case was token up.
Taking this circumstance in eonnectmn with (he
fact that there ia no regulation on tho pari of Con. "
rest for taking testimony in contested eloctiuns,
and that there waa no law in Now Jersey at that
lime applicable to this case, the committee deter
mined to postpone the decision of the question of
altuaato right aolil a day certain;, the parties em
ploying tho interval in the preparation of Ibeir tes
timony, aad lbs corawuttee expressly reserving the
right to report the beta, with its opintorrv thereon,
k an.invrattgation into the ballot box was, at-all
times, an unpleasant and ungrateful task ; and he
was m surprised that high spirited gentlemen
sheafd object twtisveisuig the cutnitty to aeirrch
out illegal votes. But tho importance of preserv
ing pumy in elections, oyendes all private eonsid
erstiwoa. -The ballot-bor hes at the-t ndatioo of
our nvsttutle. Preserve it jxire, sod you pre.
serve the Government itself. Ii nsuff r the
para tpirit if American liberty which is breathed
throughout the ballot bos to becootamiosted Ly an
annlgnriMtewv with preign pnncipi-a. ' Du nut ai. .
MH liwswj sjrTJ So Uof ackuowleje our UMlitu-
twos, but who owe their allegianoe to other Gov.
ernment, ta corrupt the sources of our own hws
at the very tuundatit.n. He dd wot wish to be an-
derstood af making any allusion to either of the
patties 111 thw praWin taserfbratthoojlT tttT htr Vf
these had, to tha beet ot his recollection, node al
legation of tMegsl votes, yet in thin; an- in most ;
other easee ol hiebrv excited elect ioo. it is not im-,'
..-J.M fki .1 k... k : j r '
hOt,. . rT - V -
' He eaaUJ ewimerato many evils sjtenrhnt on the
iavestigalrn of tb ballot box, especially when the
balbn ie by secret Voting ; but all these objections
sink int insignirVanen, when compared with tb
kick and svrnianeiit imporlanc of preserving our
elections pur; , -. , ...-t.; -Ha
woakl her morale allude lu a rin-nmainr.
ran rase, ae wdKativ of tbe sense of the House
aUhat time, a to what should be the cmine of tb
committee. T Ihe vwanlutio proposing the re.
t fence, ther waa ta arneodoaent offered instruct,
ing tha comnuue, in substance, to make a report
at to who should occupy seats until ihe eUclioa
I w (leciiU d on its merits. The m(nr ,.f ,t
i . "I llif! fakf.
- ' me mend
'I lilt n
as a niiHiiin:if on. ins iiouediiJ n
mibil Ka rikiutlilliikll rtn!rl a i' I
'fcwr it
lusiructuig tJie .eomtuitiKe to innniie i1(f
ho were " entitled to
'cupy it fiieihU-rjof',, 1
Uoute, the five contested eat."
Ohaerving by the cluck that the thne i.
eipired, allowed by the rule for the cons1d,.u,K1':
ol reports irora committee, he would no' del,; .
the House longer than to expren hi that,U L
the attention with which he had been heard .Jtf.
exprea bit conviction thai they whose claim,,
founded in juntice, have but little to atmiJ!
iuim e " iiKoouj-niiun oa inie aubinct bi
will ultimately take their acat in lliia Hull ik.' .
challenged Representative of the freemen of n
1 :
Cotton, per lb.
' . 3-
43 tM
8a '
. a
i4 sir
4)t U
8 a 10
Flour, per bbl.
Braudy, apple,
do poach,
Molaaaea, '
50 1 70 (
Chicken, per do.
I Natl,
do ii
Salt, per bushel," 1J7I
Corn, per buahel, 40 a
Brandy, peach, 4S a 50 r laxseed, , - j ia
do apple,
n . mt i j
If -i
8a 9
Bacon, '
Oat, ;
Salt, bushel.
60 tW
17 a 22
Coffee, . -i
.12 a 131
. - 40
Tslbw, , n,
Whiskey, . 30J5
CIIERAW, 8 C. FEBRUARY 21, l?4tt ' A
, Aa 8 Lard, , .-. . 1 ,151
1 1 a 12 Molasses, 40 1 M '
10 a 12J Oats, V 60M
' 5Wa2 Rice, (1(10 Ibt,) ' $5!
' 12 1 15 Suijarr yt- 10 H
$175a 5; Salt, (aek) $3 25 a 3 M
Flour,, ... ,
Feathers, -.
) 1 tallow, -
Salisbury FcnialFAcatieniy ,
pilE Trustees uf the Salisbury Female Acaiieny
ihfbrrnlhe Public, thai this (iMtitutiou it o
under Jthe ca re OIiU t-Mn A, J. B a ea, y iw,
ladyn wfioe IiterR
r 1 - .1.. 1 ' r . . . T
, wr iukii a snuation luey nave perioci conhuraef r
and who has hitherto taught M usio ia this imI otk- v
er sriuiuarina wnn entire satisiactiAn. '
Tern of Tuition. For beginners, per ewica 1
'. of five months, ' ' Z ' . ' t : IS Do
tor the Kudimenls, with urammarGepL-,
i " ."rgiphT,To3 Hiatott,. y f 'v. 10 00
The above, with the higher fprancbet irj hS
literary ditpartrneiit, s 50
Music, on the Piano and Guitar, 2580
Painting, v- a ,. .. , ... ' 10 00
V Oruaroental Needlework, and the makinr Wii
1 Flowers will also be tnuaht. if desired, at t5 each.
N. It. Tbe French Language it also taucbl, to
those who desire it, by a gentleman who is 1 on-
tive of Franco. By Order of tho Trustee.
r T. L. COWAN, Cbairmap.
February 29, 1840. . 27 r .
4 MEETING of the citizens of Rowan coun'y
is reHpectfully' solicited: 011 Tuesday of March
ISuDcrior Court, at 13 M.. at the Courthonia8.
itiefunjoci 01 ine ray.etieviue and n eaters a.
Rnady After which, books of subscription will
1 oe opened ana an opportunity ottered u "ejjsi
rrofic fnlT"n It Hlfl In til IB TCQI CIHOrpriOOt
FebruaVy 21, 1640. - 3w
. -t ... 1. , . -a
? Buck Corner oj jiing f CeorgtJH.
TUE Proprietor of t be above HCV
TKL, (fornierty of ihe Cbarlotullih
.leLN.C.,) . iDformJiisfiieiH.ins.'
others, that he ie fullv ore pared loa
commodate all who may call opmi him, awl will
oo nis Deal 10 pieaae tnein. Jk it. BUI
Charleston, Feb. 28, 1 840. . 27-3
If AS removed his Office to 1XV !
-11 of tha Otfic Row of the Maiuioa
j Hotel, lately occupied by Dr. B. Aus1in.v. '
rattuary 1, 1940." V
S HSSSM .. -
MaTWs svi . a s aJsiMat m)U
H AS Located himaelf at Col. David
Ramsey's, Oakley Grove, Iredell cout-F ,
ly, N. C, and respectfully tenders br"
sen raet to the public in the varioui dt-1
l""" HJL.
CoiAie and CC ! The Subscriber htrirf
on band a Urge supply of Mahogany aad other waterf .
sis, sad in bis eaiplny aeveral guod Vrkmea,lt prrpt-,
red irnrmke-to-TDrdoralt kinds of Csfiinrt nd fUir
work, from the plainest walnut job to the finest sans
I pan work. Tha iis nuiM-nuliis will hs Dw) 1
(all orders Sir work.- Prices moderate.: All t'f
I produce, plank, and scantling bken in exchange I
furaitnre. K. ELLIOTT.
A CARD The undersigned having pertnaneatlr
I esta Wished himself tn Mr. Elliott s employ, wouw
thankfbl for orders for inabngany work, and prumsss
tosi sii wnra none w Mm vhtll not ee swrpasw -
wwsiiisiiMi.p; j sny oincr wnatevcr.
Jan. 8L lia ft
Lerer Watchee,
plam English and French, so, fi
Fob Cbsins and Keys. Breast Pat,
Finger Rings, silver Butter Muws
W Pencils, (patent aad plsm,)io
Picks, Fob Chains, Bpeclaclei tst
Thimbles. Steel and Rilt Fob Chaina and Keva
Alsoy a verv ine and larirs awortoient of Riaora
pocket and pen-knives, by different Manufacturer, wilt .
other articles oauallv kept bv Jewelers, all of wbietvnu
be sold very low for csslt, or only six months credit, ti
ter which tiatejnierest will be chanted.
work done faithfully end punctually. -
Saliaborv, May a. 1:. tf
Twin CoUon BccA.
A small quantity of lbs above FEED, raised hj M
William Thomas, formerly of Davidson Coniity.f '
left for Hale at Una Office, at $2 00 per hundred. -
yS. "I OlUi jCJPAtM ErU'i? n''l
i ..i .
. flovanjbeff Itt, ISM. ,.

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