North Carolina Newspapers

    lion Wuiii lie Government. Ilarnv.n infused eon
:Wr4 V.wt ty tUU act Ud W. disgraced, m -!
lit eyes of tho nation, and in a leiter on (lie sub
ir , iavrrA vote of th 8efm!8 of the lTrii-I "
1 . , frmit rir Haiivnorr fust;"'
7" C.I.NNOT till LUXTO fKWIUb.N .. fe, .. ..m-hed to mv nan e A DI.SCRACK.
I. Ims-su tie it not o iiten', lor tho want of W1(C, tm convinced that no time or efforts d
fjui-iiB iirali. :iul qialirks-tiona to fill the! mlm ai to abla to efface, and which will cause
oiTie. In tiim re-fs-rt' Ins friends claim fir him yf, w rwe Ull0 t,e cheeks of my children.
no merit. Hw w.ts vowily eijc!ed on the ground j, There is a canker which lie at the root of,
i hi aetulibttiij, and M m cutofcloration of any J nj, 0pln;,,m. , i a Federalist in all kit prtnci
jiiliiM:tmi lie pjjurwe-J fr lite station. Mr. I pfc whatever ha may havo assumed to be in in
Wiwtfrr nirti'l it-rj.reied Hw general feeling ,.Kr f ii, H denies the right of Ihe Slate
(itmrnz ,h ' ! 4t least) towards him, who he t (l) inlern0-B jn (heir sovereign capacity, whenever
- id ll.rrw w the miy ofjiis friturls,. tiey ,hlfltl h,.ir ,mt i,nporlairt right are awaited;
awf rheVuiB and 4:niim of bus fm. j by tlw General Government.' According to hia
J. GntfrrtMi ta the Ahditi. candid tie. la diictriiie, (,ty have no remedy jji hotrQjn hand.
aJiiiUutt to V fact of bis receiving the support of ,1,;,, wtlh ,he ?l.,j.rttijljts'ff 'u- that theii on-
AinOttum (try and the Abolition party, he ha y jrcs it to appeal to the Federal Judiciary
Wn.'ifhe wiWH t lh preint rniel, a member wh0 m,y right ibem, if they see fit though from
1 u AiMiii.Mi ?Viy, and has, moreover, pub- dueorpi, whieh more or fess runs thro '
beiy .led himVlt in favor of placing lh fir- , (jrpariments 0f the Federal Government, it it",
piuw rmrtttr 44' tlie Viwiry to the hand of tfieje Ktl(ny 10 evp'wtcd that a Fedurnl Jutle would
tkiBiiic for tb pirp.iiVot pirclwiing and liber-. decj,j0 ;grtinrt hia own - In enrryingut the
t Uiux ih Ja4 ! ..-iMriiwUarrprtorn.
0. H4jFedralitffjhe "Ilnijrtvof Tnrrr ,Bml., i(ii,,t ihn Mliirhteet modifintion. od
, ttunp ; id. when.eitMfgwJ Hv Jovm Randolph with ! itrjt' T (h amhuritatiire expoaition of Gen. Jack
being aa open ami lealoua mifwjorter 4 the er-dition ; m ((), ,rm lex, tt( ,n8 ConntitutiiiR, nd Mr.N
law mud Iiack!kaiW AdmitMSu-ation of old John j Wrtwter'a apnechoa a the bet exponent 4jf iljt
lie lniiliil n. . f Itirincin ea of our UoV(?mmeil.
llHrnnon will not receive enougn oi
4 i in tavor 4 Iiifrnal IiWiroveinent by
l!ta General GfMrerninent, maintaiinnjf ttmt n
gm ptmaenw lh puwer to make rWb and ca
nal wrthin thn rnretive Stal'-, and V' vn4d jn
tlsmrt m opprwiiioft to every Stat RigW awni
berttt'that btxiy. , "" '
, X. He a.ivCTite hih Tariff, protectivXTi
WLamt iMr only , but evn to the Uting of ia
of the remrie of. Jif.' In IS1" aal y
- fe nitHii wite ttautte,,b opjniini all reluctioiV,
2(1. Gen.
vote next fall to eloct liim. IV-mc "supported by
the Mm meif' who. uportfcd Jnhn Q. Adamr,
Henry Clay and other federalist, lie will ahare a
hkrt fate. .
Fr-n the Peiullrto (S. C.) Mturngtr. ,
One of the create! oltjecliona 4 the Whij( par.
y, with Mr. t'ln y ai their head, to the elevation if
, Uen. Jack ton to the Treaidcncy wua, that lua pre-
h, r .ir nr,.l ui Jin luai. caiii ih(v fliin.ii iteoition reeled mIv " hi military renown. In
41 hi abanidii mi thf tufct by declaring IhoJ ' tlHs eoncurred with them at the time, and mil
" b wUi mr tmt lh teet t Norfolk und- Ihiilk the oltction valid. Mr. Clny, txilorojii
r"iiarioi lowered with ", than- coiwent Jo a
. moaiineation or a jrpeiilol' tlm Tariff lawa."
ft. ii b i 'fir; f ' Natiimal Hmik, wish
" Branche peitetmriitg every part of the country
an itMiiititinti utikmiwn t;ih Cftewtiluiion of tb
t ruled rt;itii. and, a exprncoce bit proved, dan
jprnu Ui the; litiertie' and prrjudicial to in in.
til'MB of ttre petf 1. . V-.' "T'-j-i
T.. Whan member of the fJHuo legislature, he
' wacl m far if wiling whitrnieo into aervituiie
btrdeiit 4 waitfirein eifecl connutr wubiih"
.. biarlt xwSailn'' priiwMpleiu The famed blue law
tfiate i vfnvrin j Vi remove under tlie plcthal
7" ' 7"ib-cot i fijlailnu, einHainedJ similar provision..
. - K eqwgmk.fcs,th,. piiht, .mt t!nwi
- . alkiliah luv? ry.iwL ui ihiivwrttv '-"'
. at th mtaveflulding Staler thar m an cohiiitul'umal
atneetHm to if. 1 I'The enuae of emuncipatMHi,"
I - Mid he inr his 4ih of J'lly ortttinn at Cheviot, Olim,
fcMlVvaMi4mjejf mmr my nrrr,"-atitf iililci7
thiit by Wfi'jiu uminriukiii of the work by Con- j
gwaa, ww'mijjht lvtt fiirward to ,a .dftyv.n,itrj
- oisrtniit; rbKen SHth American' ami would not
l(t(itiliici tinnn a (Jive.";;, With the eonirnt of the
rfavemilifinj; States.! tVi with their emewnt lifooe,
all the other State lmulJ be taxed. And there u
"no ewaaitulidnal tdijection to thtt"i ' "' "
9. Gnu ml Harrmoo firnt wpiircd nnto'riefy a
mwiMam lor uie rreiii?iiey t i im i intcu
m by tlie llouite of Keprcat'fitativea in 1
aaoigned iiis reason for preltrriiirf Mr. Adam to
Gen. JiiHaon, and hi appreheuawaof I ho danger
of fleeting military thioAaiu wnn the moat prom
inent. In i-, while another election wat end.
iiig,he delivVreJa upeeth ' at lialtunore, from
which ve makan extract below. , Whother Gen.
iackmii adiuiniMruiioo elfecled clmnge in hi
opinion on thjt auoject, or wbethe.i the reverial of
hn tHiitiment i attrutahl to otner cru, we
have iit tndertijod frotn ba aaid
publicly. Nobody jprelinda, a Inr aJjJhiive
fTftWt Wim: f) Tji'ffi -iwry
-iwlifK'rtho1 fir eivily jpiveronient. " llin
elniirm to the Presidency red solely on hia militu
y -ehiwven mid"iihHmjgh "fafiii,''iWn''uiI"
iWe ttptieff f i rtpinied by some tf 7aiher7iuivo.
cal, yet hia fm-wU cIhiiii f r him tit Jiatitriion of ;
r.i i I u e....n.. i
ini; to weaken the forte of ' Mr. Clay' i'iriiw.r 4b -
jectiij.,"ty''wyinti, tlint. thjir cauunlate ih not
much ol a ueneral.ljero . M..lhe.exjrtc vl
C,$:iliiimretv(ii:h it ---N.-.-
" Uegurdlena of all iuipntaliona, and prnundof--(ho
opportunity of free .and unreal ramml intercourito
with all my (ellnw-citizen, if it wer physicnllyX
pniihte and cometib(e with my official dune, I '
would viit every Sltito go to every town and bnm. ,
etf address every mnn in the Union, and rntrrut
(hem, by their' love of country, by their love of lib-'
erty, f ithe a-ilie of (hcmaelvesjniKl their poaterity
I rum ike A'urA Zurtiinian.
MIS R. E I'll KJtJT ATI t JTC'Tt ' Rf tlXTf !1 ).'"
We karo that the Federal. tthifcT candidutu ..r
I the ollice of Governor, at the late meeting in Or
I .n.-e. charaed the SJecretary of the Treasury with
neglect of duty, in not promptly ioing lRal ?ro
cex against Bwartwout and I'rice, who are dolaul-
ter to the Ueneral tjovernmeul., iu cuar
onlv Drove how iunoraut uome men are, who would
lam be thought to be rrar men. , i no lonuwiHg
letiHr from IL D. Giluin to the Secretary of the
Treawry, dated at iNew York, November 13,
nail the falae coin to the counter.
We rejoice to have it in our power Ihua pfompt
ly w refute thia charge, ami if any of the federal
preaae should pronounce thit Utter a forgery, we
refer them to Cuogrewional Document No. 13, tet
ter No. 14, p. 23.
c Nsw Yom, Ndv. 13, 1839.
-Sill : Yesterday we received a duly certified
tranacript of the account of Mr. Swartwout, a fi
nally atated by the accounting ollicer, allowing
balance due from him. a late collector of the rev.
enue for the port of New Yorkof 1, 374,119 05.
In pursuance of the proviaion of the act ol'15ih
May. ISiO. 1 forthwith iasued a wasant of di
trea apainat the anid Samuel Swartwout, and Brn
lamin Birdaull, Charlea I Liviniston, and Man.
. .... . . .. .t. .! :l
gle!l. yuacKontx!!, tnu, suretie in ins ouicmi
bond vf Mr. Swartwout, which waa forwarded from
the ollice of the Firal ComiHroller of the I reawi-
ry. The warrant of dintrew, with a copy of the
a'-ro int. wa delivered to the Marhal witheut do
lay, In make i levy on the entaio of Mr. Swartwout
and hia nurctieiiti thia dmtrict. . .
In order o perfect the lien in the mariner tHe
act require, the Marliul liaa already caused the
levies be hits made, with the dute,.to be recorded
in the hThsb of the clerkof the diatnet court, for
thia district, and will continue so to do ai addition
al property may be aacerlairiiid. -
Although the partie are rnaident in thil dis
trict, yot aa the act of Congrewcontenipliite the
iaaue of difll-rent warrant wlierelhe eatate In
tended to be taken ami nold i tituated in different
ilistriclg, I have iaeued onn t'l the Marabal of Ma
ryland, and another to the Marahal of New Jer
sey, and I nnve unecteu tne mom ngiu sciuiinv io
aacerlaift Aie property that can be levied on. f he
only account of any In either State that I have
been able to obtain, i that embraced in the two
mortgagea to the United Btutei, relbrrecrtu in my
lat report ; but it is auppoaed there may be other
Jf8pcty''r7" feW4TirKfile'miiMe incorpo-
rated br uriincorporaled. At all ventj Tnore
lull description of that, and all. other will boob-
tnitwn -8trd-mbracedin tho'rttnrt' tthd' record of
the tisvy, so H to T make the security of the Uni
atlf-exposod a" mere hollow disagreeable reverbe
ration m the empty stomach of otTicu acekuij.""
I he Whips are to reform the Government, in priMil
of winch They prim nine hundred and ninety iiil.e
version of the battle of Tippecanoe, the greut glo
ry of which was,,lha,t Harrison with 1200 men did
not get wholly defeated by 4(10 Indians. Now, in
fofmer times, bolore tne ua soi uuiul-biioii, .
we used to " Uurrall lor Jacnaon, uiers wua in
deed a vaht deal of noise, but then what a gener-
ous cause there was for it 1 1 here was the coo ,
cession of nations to hi military genius, and plain
histury had rnied hint' to the companionship of
mmi ihat never die the Mi place where the few..:
of every nation who have done really great things
- . f - . L 111 t ..J
stand together a spectacle tor ine wormi u
when we gathered round the fresh planted u hick- -ory
tree" there waa in its turdy and enduring
trenglh, covered with the rich and inurrouring
foliage, a aentiment full of the might and dignity
and sweetness of liberty I , What have the Wbig
got? A barrel tj aour cider" on tap" in front ofa
log cabin ! They boast .that they have actually ; '
spent nights io drinking the nasty stufl", to prove
their enthusiasm I Tin deficiency cf taste runs '
through all the A?higxtaga eflectv Some dyT
since, a company of boatinen on the Ohio caught
an eagle (nt least they called it so) and determined
to make a grand occasion by presenting it to Gen.
Ilarrison iu front of the aforesaid cider barrel and.
cabin. A concourse was got up; the eagle aa
put on a wooden dish and rained on a pole ; speech-
es were made and the General apostrophised the
eagle as emblematical of Whig predominance, but
in the very glorification crisis of the ceremony, the
creature took occasion to behave much more like
a voona- buzzard than lheMbird of Jove" never
was such an ami climax. It may indued be doubt
ed whether it was not a real buzzard. The blun
iter wat not greater than mistaking Gen. Harrison
for a hero. i-. --;'' - '"
The Governor of Mississippi tttord 13 of the
acts passed by both branches of the Legislature of
that State during its lati session.
An Impostor!
f E most sincerely regret, that case of hypocri
v ' sy so often occur among the clerical ranka
and we hope the M wolf in sheep'a clothing," named
in the following letter, from Mr. Mayhew, will re
ceive Iiis just deserts for imposing urton the com.
-4iMMtityrP ass-Mivi -along, brw her ' tym;-tlTHfl,h(r
inay he held up to universal contempt, and thus save
many from becoming his dupes.
"Nbw YomV Occembcn7;Ys'39.a,!
8ik : Altbough l arh not "beisonally acquainted
through rtt (Viti1n:sl ntl Marina of Pennsylvania.
Ilti aviKv hiMMll t?olitet Anti-.fliisoo tn thel m (tie name of their venoratrd anceotors, in the
e'.,'WJ3JiavriiiLJormd his prrjtulieet i;.ii it
maMBiry. for beck a hWcan re(uenib"r.n ; The
iht t6jlkhelive44- fh utility of ihir tnsrritut im
no ni" qijeltin j. hnf llit attempt U- press-swh
liiiibshef into service foT party purpoties and persu-
n-d amhiiMinvean n!y .be rrjtnrded' with public
i.ti i wnmv t-a -irrsTrTTf
. Id. G;n. (lurnsuii i in fnvnr of distrimiting the
ir-icoo:ls fnmi tlwf .snlts.-of the .national tlonmiu
aimmg thw tnlen, or, in other words, is in trvor of
ru.ting liio witnln pnoHe tn pay the debts which
li-nf tit Hi )w atatii b is emitrm-U
tile iintirwv
Itsr w)iutevr bwithdraw from the Tren
iry h fliev; pr'fliat- Httwlehnoll ftfuaT
hp, HI 4TNHH tne unavtrittable expetKiilures l the
iiv4tiinenf. '
ting ''p:iH!r cumincv ay-ttein, wlwch hat efl(!jii'if.
Uj, ssn e.vtiib isuus'iit, pi'tiucBif ititr'ius"re.
W4unw i-trade- rviiIuaMrBXiewlinif to everl
nameifthehnmnn fhnvityTdt'rTrtvjnTeresied in the
filfilmeiit of the trust committed to their hands
by aH the peslc!ory which we have ..won bvall
thai fWalfs us as a 'nation if we nre true and faith
ful in gratitude to Hun who has hitherto so signal.
J&$icd uifc
leuiplnie the precipice whleh yawns w lure ual
If, indeed, wc havo incurred the Divine displeasure, .
and it bn necessary (d chastise this people with the
iron rod of .'vengeance, I would humbly prostrate .
myself before Hun, and implore Ilia mercy tn vis..:
fvoreW4 -wHnWJlUrWilh-i'n
LKNCE, with FAMlNE wtth-nny SCOURGE. "
other than military rule, or a blmq and heedless
t hi w i a
ted Siates more compile than under the w.rlgsge. '" ou 1 f a y w, prcetv. jne oojeci m
n. iw. aA h ih Mhi .. my leiter, you will excuse the liberty I take in ad-
eaosini the m.t careful carck.liwlss.aAx.luf.l
Hie psen,fd,Kovenrig whether "there are any bal . bv ne Mieof fcno L. l-enw.ckiow
moneya or stocks belonging to Mr. Swartwout of ' this nty, (former a Baptist preacher, and fa-
ubicUjai Lave not been Urctnfow informed.--So whulf known to the cttizenaol Monroe County
far it doc not appear that there are j and the gen- he " Rnemi Importer, u manufaclunng a
eral impression seems to be,' that he is hot posses- 'medicine and selling u Ux tnnMatchless Bimattve,
ed of any such property. the most f perceive, you areMhe geuernl Agent,
remarkable circunstancea in this case, that so 1iU "av? every ren,un o beltqve, ,r, that Mr. Fen-
il .l..u,M .,.. mm I u rnmnln. nut nf irh .! wick is an onppiictpled man, as h was, not. long
,. rl 1 . , . ... , , . . . . . -
umunl of money. . . i aince, oeposen irom me ministry, ror taamg m y
The return of Mr Swartwout by the Steamship warrantable libcrtie with member of hi church,.
stiU l.s.ked Tor. She has Dot yet arrived, but nereiure, in. enemy w imvery,ieriausii. i
hourly expected. ; that, he should be speedily exposed Jest many of
WW rerwrt; Mirotf-To-yoii the circurri- my e0WCll,s', h0",d 08 elrttded by him cut
stances which rendered it a work of extreme difii- wl ",0,r " V'l,".D,,:,:'Ji.,orI,'
- I'1 , ,'-.-,, . r'.
V i
. . . "
Vrl Jay Worulnjg, '. A pi ifa; 1 8 10.
Candidate for Sheriff, in JWuT
fttr We are authorises) to "aiiiiwiac CotrViio."
M. SMITH a candidate for re-election to (lis offio,f
Sherjtf df Jkvidson counts. r...;v---Ti .
I deem
iljllrf..consct8utrou duty" f every man, tn expei "
villainy and vice, wherever and whenever he meeis
at IliMirlas ' mi t rnt rtaf AnnaiLieal trr mitA
numULmMmmtovm w nVlVnuimfnexf week
I have a daughter, who, thank God, has been raised
from a waiting skeleton to perfect healths-and
system by which the honey was abstracted, and l,,m, lo. Dv ,ne "nPle 'w,,ns 01 UH,nR one ' a"
Ika JnRi- nliouM till lu.n .lu.l.i al.l.,1 I B IIUII Ol 1116 Till I C 1 1 1 S OnilHIIVC, WHICH lOOUUIIl
ir. 1U,. w irid fmm ,, inr.,rmH.,n nr Mr. 2.VJ Broadway, of C. 8. Francis, your airent lhi jmjierfcjwrjw
Oudenand Mr. rhilipe. coiifiVnied bv theMajmoa-a- ' Aboltiimitst of Miissachuaotts, in connection with
iltTnrorThrrnipmitoraiid portion ofTTiiuWhij,' party" there, "were using
cully and dHny to trace the details of tbia long con.
tinned defilchtwn. Since the return ot Mr. Under
wood vesterdavVand his ability f now that the slate-
incjiLof.lUa.acc'iait is BnmplyieiltiMtovote hiat-
lent urn exclusively to this branched the case, con-
lers hie progress bus been inane. 1 he general
ctateheotrvw-which-ha wrinduced- me tn art-."
ever, feel wtisfied that we shalfba able to trace out drM voa thx unceremoniously, and hoping that
. j . It lias been gravely swrled t)iaj'jhejeoj)rjrn(j
ibcl3ath1?ahtS niort thin the BanTorirww tfir-penp)e, rfnd
a." ilut c-'i''tijf, iid. Mi'jiiI 'tU rl-n ff the
' U Hi vote while ajnwnber of Congress show
turn. tuv'istv favored every prnrlijtiit!-exs-iiihiure
of the politic money, and to have oppeied every
.wJlultiai ii itft i mi' atai m-tt t-tUfm Mve vupjtnrtnt
the eonndidatHMi uf power iq Congress at the sac
nflceof the nchl of thw States, "
t'l. Ilia i m favor of that attribute of monarchvv
mnntraaing stamlinir'army faial whilst a'me:ii'.
. ... V
lieirnf tcrt-r giv his vole f, r a staiidlhg army
f twirot ihonsiirHf nirn. " "" "' y
.3 LL. Ha evuMted tithsa)ar wf every tj'i-ilifica.
rum it -tti! and a diplomatist during lu
:jiiuwhhi to t'oMtmiii.i, by his letter to itnlivar, die.
vfjiin" fti him the emife ihiii r In tm pursued wrhnr
aJinimajraJU'ii ul the (vwmnient an interference
w!krn, lwn aittnptinl by fleuet in our Govern-
menaauaed hnn lo bt wairned from the Count rv.
and' whtnltv in the preMVit disastrous results, Gi
Uitmsoifc, baruly CHped snssmation-.the; lute
nxta.u.ntit merrlin.iis sr pWed t rrarfut risqTm.rel States Jliink has a morlgspe of his whole
therefore the Infer have no riht 4o coinplaiu if lie
Janka do not redeem theirpmmies to pay. -Whal '
do nor renders ay fo lhi, I anphod to hemelvea
V4MMU44-nf 1 p.shr f f lW'-fWrrre'"6r the rii'
plead guilty In $he charge of owing the banks what
they cannot piy, or indeed if owing tho .banks nt
all f A very snail nuititier we are qnije certain.
and we hsve nraiMajshetheranj.
who nwpnip muss sue.u mrse a mourns, are gener
ally either the director uf those institutions men
in 'olTif to whose inlWnce the banks look for mm.
port tn the stand tbey have taken against payinj
thcif .debts or, ruckles sperulainrs, wh,-with
large possessions, and the appearance of wealth, '
mortgage every, tiling to tlie banks, jnd ultiinalely.,
Iiave tl i r honest but lex cunping ererhiors in the
lurrb. An Instance of the latter kind occurred
lately in the person of aMr. 8teJnlrBerjfVir-:
ginia, a cattle speculator, whTTTiaa been ensrnjred
in a very exiensivetrade, in Baltimore and I'lnlu-'
delphi'v " Sometime last year his' aeent or clerk
dimppeared very atrsneetv, but nobody seemed to'
have any suspicion of his employer, - A hort timn
since M r.jSnhrger wspt Vc(Zt.ft.i4 it ccuialhe,
tration of the actual' amount of sense there is in
nave tn none on tneir sine, saiu one nt incnito
us the other day "they are the movement parly
they will certainly triumph. It strikes us that
hey have always, had the noise 4m their side and
r ' . "... .4 U. .... ..I : t . ' 1 . . . .".
monrttna uie vuuei cv.nes su'ijeeieti m iiiHinm.-ut
li'iaanh. Timetyiiiterfereuce prt-yentcd moi so
Ciuiavwuissimve.' -. ' -
ration fi.r thu olfice nfl'remil-Dt of this Keooblic,
amf anninri't that his diiirs will b tHipplied by the
Tttlrmreotrh men Who will b caJled uito his coon.
. cils; or, in other wiwds, that the olBre of Pri(leniJ
of the tnitrd States will toarwd out, Ge. Hir
Uiir nxMiev. -, We see an article a! froth a Lou
isiana naner, stating that thij a;-nt recently passed
pn,trtjs JeJU44th-a veirr-et. tin niahJT'
ol the ptopi have been benehttej hy the bank C,
enmmndation to this mnnt
The following artielefrom, the Vkkiihurn Seiili
nrt, shows how matters are managed in Alabama
and Miatiasinni, and is quite to the point : .,
" Ae tki Prot U skis yi. and tre riW n? the
novin2 tti nonor. an I ioohiuum.Is, ami I Peonle. M TUe is another armimrnf which bank
lumry mvKr wnoww twn moi wirewd V Uin-ct Idireetor impiidentlv advance when they are en
. lit iiiilM-ciUiy- will I hw ihe President tiiAcl.; Jt Ui krwttM for fihhin-v rci-itry " f! ii Ti appmrn
nii.s pi'iiuop's' ihwt ii i mm numu i.!Tic ol i fr0Wi a'l their acts, that have yet seen the light,
tlerlt of tiamilton Cuwoty t'.sirt. , j , thai it is h. few. eoni(lhrativelv speaking, who oh.
lft. TJie election of Gen. Harrison would civ
aicwsslewry trvpei.ripiesi.t war J"toVVH r
HWttt inr 0L 4M4. jmvemmftn priar.iolrs r.
piuj.UtMl at Us or4aniaitnw, and which Jrfkiwnsv, wud. tiwr wnrthf coniriafrii hay wg,
-- . ...... . hw it "4ft-. -sltfSW- "SVt4'i41 ISSi' w
.Trjiaie-.iiTy' wntMno-U . w- .
A" IT. Tha udke in every department of the Giv
' wemmeut would be filfttd with prod ste p4iiicians
and deuiHinH(u, now ImmiiuI ttigetber as UmJer nf
a psrtvv bv no other tit thsn their ambitiosi for
puwwr part? numbering, to be sure, many men
tif worth, but eh'huly mal us of tlw variou fie.
tin: ol tii eoumry Federalists, A hflhiiisWs,
. .. a.ti"iales Am M Mons. tisrk-j"Wersi, ejieeulators,
and disamonntwd politicians, 4j ... (
Xi. t..utrM itself tuts pronounced the men pa
vn-y sr Gwu ILrrr-w. WHn a resolution was opposition In the protectiv policy a policy
-M toiirw lb- SiMsstwe Hinted State, dirertin sesms to us to be the only true policy of iht
ii. a ft.-- " war , 1 u ... .... . . '
tsined sc-rommfxlmiatuJitnm themtn tliewliole
snsshil to bat struck in hNior of Gen. H irriann and
ainsv Shelby, a motint t ttrilct eta tbtt nam ofl
Jsv Harrison waa d'-cvdVI in th aflirmslive
sitwnsuM ln onsspii vocal to ha mistaken, that his
assrvicw wsm n4 entitled to this maik of appro!.
. .. ...".-
of the State was loaned to mm gamltcrs. In this
P'a'n the rejiort nf the Cotnmfssioners shows that
in 2a WU whieh veey rtsmmeft.TTT "birnliirec.
tors were hiflrbted nearly five mi'lions, much more
than the circulation of the same bank. ' This ex.
animation did not even embrace the Union bank,
the PI inter's bank or branches, thw Urandon bank,
the Agrictiltursl bank, which are well known to
have been eonduetcd in the fmilesl manner." ft,
' Tribute of na Oiprsirnj The Bostoa Cowrirr
snyi:'1 Tlie journal which Support the AHniinistra-
twn, so mr as we are acquainted with them, we be.
line, without a single exception, are decidedlv in
nflhe coon-
try. 0 at delighted to hear such praise of
our (riends, the Democrats, from so honest and well
informed a Federalist at the Courier, Inng may
the Administration jnurnabj cotitiuue io vo rHind a
falih.-rrAneJrstn Miirrury. ..... i. .
IK wieiwr "i iiiinwiiuiiuuiis uCflu OQ K
fourth page, will be found a cnpiial article for thug.
hard tunes, entitled " creditor and debtor." Tne
reader la'alsn referred to our first ptije fqr ome 1
interesting items, under the lie) of ' aeleetiwai:
;v .- : e ..-'.;.. .'f ..;
': ' J011M M. MOUEIIEAD '----f-ry
. Thi gniitleman, we understand, in a speech b
fore the .freomeo of Davidson county on Tuesday
last, travelled out of bis way to assail and viltify
this paper and its Senior Editor in a most leurri. '
loiia aud wanton irt'inncr, Mr. Morehead'i reaaoni "
for this attuck ou us are best known it himself-
but we ar not conscious of ever having dune bim V
a personul injury, and since' he Im been io tlw 1 !
Geld, tho federal candidate for Governor, w bavt '
(rented hirn willithi, utmost courtesy, as our col.
umns will bear teitiinony a eourtesy'which.if
seems, he ia ho) : cajwbJe. of upprechitiiie. H l
tre understand Mr. nlorehead accused ai. ;n
connection with the whole llepublicah press of '
the State, ol 'having Assailed Aim, .and as haW
ing accused him of being an AbolitioniitJ lMtL
Moroheud hat certainly .not read (ho Western Car. '
olinian, or he would have been compelled, lirsz.V
fucedaa he is,to Imv bluBheion ntakieg uh('
to sucti a charge against air. .Mure head Hitht
inost distant manner nor havo wf, as et, ktld
Ujt 4 puWio aoraHhy the ieadittg "ffiiittreal rif fi oeri
alisin which ar iinricttirns in Mr.' MiffehraiT "
political creed.'Wtjede had intended lo'btv
remained nasstveiy iilent. in thfl contest bBtsms
Mr inorenenrj -BtitrjiKigir fraunners, through per
sonal motives; merely expressing our preferenc
for the layer, who is tjie jepublicah xandidate--; - J
But w cannot, and will not, remain silent and rtif.'
fer Mr..Morehesd to rtmjf trttr-npnn tii, i and (sir
press, hia scurrilous imputations and falae iccuia. '
lions. Having himself (bus become the assailant, '
j Mr. Morehead cannot complain if wc hereafter it-
lend ourselves and our cause with such arguments
and facts as we have at hand, regardless of the
frowusjoi" rjnso jrenj.. a..mau.Jui. i-idetly
fancies himself (o lie.
P.J?. Siijce the above waa in type, we have re4-'
ceived Irom a Irienrrin Dovidson.a cotninunicatiun
on the subject of Mr. Morehcad's speech, wbirh
. ... .... n-. JMWviiMl-J!'tS'ggV:'l",
limes, amounts, ana miMit's, in wnirn. me various l - i - - - r . . i. , , .
sums of monev were rosnectivelv taken. M ' S'WOT rf pctfu
. T . t J. PMAYHEWj , 1 cation ot anmMincing.tliaftliese .e..vrtioiM
".r.vw"" , , -llD GILPIN. IDDavwlllndj : - ' icism and fuder.ilism, have triumphed e
Hon. Levi Woodbury, Secretary of the Treasury
Boston, Maasj '
Jk J?aMv Jouicsthtvhearery why Wnbtsit to
start for your city, will hand you this letier, and, if
you desire, he will give you -a mote detailed ac-
ihi mnf nf fori lll 1 Irinn ll lrsllt,l Ka SVmastai Ixlas inm ma
Weare waiting patiently lor the. practical ill" tJoop,,. : J. I. M.
Our remlers will recollect, that in a leiter from .
correspondontal Washington city, published in
great exertions for (he repeal of the Inw of that
i.uf uuial-.
"fymrtTif XXtirTeilnn SirreHry.
!Kr REVi:itE.u i uros rou ! i .
LOOKOUT! Lx)k ouill.hmk out for an IN.
FAMOUS KN AVE, by the name of ENOS
L." FEN WICK, "I New York, who waa formerlv a
that the misfortune to. them waa, that their noise BAPTIST PREACHER, and belter known' to
was that of an infinite number of blunderbusses th citizens of Monroe Lountv as the REVER-
going off inw midair, with neither target nor bul- END IMTOSTOlt "the soulless VILLI AN, who
lets remarkable, be,ide the smoke, for only one was dismissed from the pulpit, sometime since, for
effect, that they are very apt to "kick the owners improper conduct, is now rendering himself still
over, mere arejiojvjraiwpiringa-ma local ttieciiJuore lnimnousDy.JwiCKeaiyjiueuinung 4 imposo
lions which by no mean indicate the triumphant not merely upon the Church, but upon the WHOLE
march of llarrisonism. , I be Male eduction in iN. I CUvlML.M II.-." . ,
Hampshire ha iust taken place. The result shows A few months ago, this Scoundrel wrote to the
the Democratic party more powerful than ever. subscriber at Boston, and wished to be appointed
Tha eitv of Concord, which has heretofore been an agent for the sale of the Match!? Sanative.
stionclv Vhiguavo. A-CuumleritU niitrqy fir j.Tlia.Generid.AgenVJint knowing, hw-. depraved f
the Dcmocratio GovermrTheWhii Juilwsd character, gave iuro. an agency, andurwarded -
pretended (hat tlioy made no serious effort; but I him a quantity oT the medicine. This lie soon
they had a regularly nominated candidate, and it sold, aud remitted the money, and ordered Hnot Il
ls poor evidence nf their reliance on t heir own braes, er Jot, which was sent jbuut uoe..niimth4riicv-H
i n ma ui -omm ciauinni antes uic numinailiNi ill I i v byuiu any susnicnai as to mo arugn ol his an
ti.: :4 .:.i i:.i. . . . i- .. .
rin.ii pimuTTiiii.i ..uiiuioaio, mry uiu uo ultra la ipiymv ir iwocy, or iu conceal niS " H0ta I
bring to the test their pretensions to "rrreat iraini."J FooLZ lia made- a Bartiaf-remhtsneni tf Tt.i "iil-a'M
every where their ' all the world going for jM of tha last .lot,, only ten days ago.' Yesterday,
Tip "and the universal H enthusiasm oftlie Whigs.? with utter AsroiijAmest, the General Agent learnt
Id tha very first battle according to their own ac I that this Rererend Deceiver is now impiously man
counts, they run like dastards. Call you this whig ufneturirg with his own unkoly kandi a worthies
enthusisifiB T : 1 h have also shewed more of the medicine, a tnvriovi Sanative, which hn is rm.
same kind of nniumtiim ioflthel ptacea. -Tb char. I idovieg swindlinn nedlflr Io Hklin sm-n llm mililii f1
lereleetinn nf ilia city br 1'eli'oit Ima just taken j as the Genuine Original.' . . "
place. 1 he v big candidate for Mayor was elec- MtO" V the people ot America will only bear
ed by 4ijoeiir.;"A7!ar agoh had a nvajotity Airf,in mind, there ta not even 1 putmhtftty of their
of mom than 50t. this tmia.chWringmdi. Iieinj d.iped, by this unprineijdeei rilhnn - The "
ORtiliafar HaniswfttTh iocs) elect inns in the fact is this : Q3r SiPtdltr or Iruielting ApenV
Stat of New York also Indicate, as far a we have ever bren trnfl'trd in thit country ta $eti the
'".rl!.Vns.wrne..suigular asMwiftff .sjr p tn$ irvUk"luiigper$imioUon
the"Wfiitf to ris two feet in haudbill and go commit(m.-jr ' Again, every Agent of tha 4nt) -
down three at the poll.. Satiativn, is appoint by Hm Oenent Agent, and
But the worst sign we have nhservid that the rcei,"w the medicine directly from (As Deposit.
Whig have got np a Convention of Young Men, rj i Boiton. , . ";
to meet in Baltimore., We consider thi as a eon- " buy' the Sanative, (and alinoct
firmed ay inborn (of desperation a death rattle every body doea buy it ) remember the above fartt,
the last vehement effort of a dving candle to blaze. Kn' ,nev ",,T ,ur obtaiuing lh Genuine Or.
Fbey had just uch a Convention in 1S3'J, and there iginal VompoumL , " r
were as many change for Clay then atbrire teJ-N. IL EveryA gent nf the Mstchle. San.
trrllirrisonnow. Philosophically spesking, there ative, is eornrttly desired to' give n immediate
Siay be something in this doctrine of the great- atr, by having this article inserted one month
st noise for the greatest number." but the niaiska in all the naner ill their loam. kmt ,!,.. ik.
1 of Ihe Whigs i to huve supposed that it meant the General Agent may be rtrfoiii that the public are
fi. . t """ui omning ai ail. pm on tne roos; uui toy tne impost, he Will kind-
Within three months there have been written (Jair !v thank all his Agents" to forward him a ropy of
vrr lbs
sober at'nso of the Legislature iuCJLiaacliiitsUl
Ilie last IVtersburg Sttthtutnn s!v s '
" The Legislsture ot Msssachusi tla has. hv a wits .
of 16 to 104, permitted tho intefmarriitg.; of yvhitew. t '
and black - The vole waa very n.sirlv fwrtv ime- j '.
.iedf.dliis34iWwtn . .
ject, and nearly all the Democrat ajuinst.jl." . i-
H Thw Asithern people may here see the tend.
cy and ultimtitutn of Aboliti.s., aided by (he v
Northern Whigs f Ts'this the party which, bti
cauie they .iil umler ihe veueralOil Mine of Wbii, '
the Southern people are to itoalesce with, in sup-,.
port ofa candidate for the Prcsilcnry t Well di, i
the patriotic Editor ot the Potnrshurg StatesmaB
exclaim:," , " ' " ' " .
enwrTylharohrctrd so strcnTlrm 1
die iKsninatHNi ot Mr Varf Buren, becuo he was a '
luliaUiUiu of a non slaveholding State. This istb ei
parly, that showed so much Isjly horror al ths btrt
mention of a northern 1'iet.ident. To be born north of '
tho t'ototnac, was then a crime that could not be atoneJ,-
"I S.l'lojipeiit wsdvocatinjr tlw purest dootrisfsw-
IK;uiocracy. We are conrideut tliat in the. southera.
Slates there ire no Abolitionists ; and would it bt pro
lent for the South (o unit witb the Northern anliei
for the purpose of elevating to the Presidency s msa "
whw i -nof-ohly an" inhabitaot of a Free State, but
whose nomination wis boasted f es-svtrirtmpli over -
the slaveholder!. The Southern Whigspretend tom',.3.
bghtnf the nlcdga of "Mr. Van Buren. to veto an bill
that might pass, for tha abolition of slavery ia the I'-
.ni " ..n a ? h '
i.. ui vviuiiiuia. ovj prricr B Hian woo win - 3
pIcdlT himself to use the Veto to protect our rights
agsjnst any invasion that a majority of Congress nnf .
see fit tn make upon them. .....
"Orrittress i laid by some of Ihe Whi r psyvs '--
mi, llnrrmm't Di'llii? t Vii.'miaii aa if tliat CutlU .
atone for iinbsciliiy-or woiijj .fifliiMa his is?P"rtr"""T
in. atpib- t "Wintfiess. Is not this an objection,
rather than a recmieiMlsii, . IUs not the tjen"' i
in getting "rid .of Vsiriiu polities and Vtrsriais a-' -
ffur,,, given us gtuuod to nuepcct at ia -UiatJmu -f
heart waa not with us. j
!lTbi5..Ma5aciiUsetUall4ii-'v hoeo 4 icea-i-
loyetlier the discordant materials of the federal party. ,
Tbey play" a strong game old Tip keep dark hi
friends in the north legalise AiualgamatNM ; his friends
in ine ssoum cry oul against abolition.- Where na
tional Bank is popular, aching is cssicr than to prove,
that the Gen. is in favor of a Bank--,On the etbef -hsnd,
wherda Batjk is unpopular, it is full as easy U
prove him lobe iu greatest for. With the Interna!
Improvement men he shows himself an Internal bn
pmvement man- with the oppose of them, who m"'
Violently opposed W Internal Improvement lhan.0t ' ,
"In short, he is all thing to all men, that by Hyt-.
weans he may gi m snme votes."
rest, he
ber of i
the l"
the exo
ihed I
mm on
that th
Now, ii
such a
like bin
to prc
hie mei
fc But, I
;r Exu
the Re
Ut Got
these j
might t
Lie a y
si tempi
(lis H i
sing tin
are dot
per wh
lilion C
be used
, tlie peo
tiint Mi
''ling fiii
by the
the St ii
that in.
sent it i
. author.
means '
(hem k
trcDs, f.i
ul l0llti
siul of
iitiral tr
, tllltCHU (
H e I.
till' CDUI
tu'iil ge
ik 1 1 em
Tm; ta
mollis o
li:l It mi
t rsp"
be Niippl
i . e son
vlioso I
br cl
lull..! .
We sr
to do hi
upon Ui
'nil the
Ficaie i
C. Ri,
of hw
; lives T of Harrison, with an indefinite prospect of mm n nam been said, Harrison has
a many lives as a cat." and t her im amie .
v. a n .l . i " . .
on mi t a taisa aoi4, a trick
i worthies foor
I . :.. J . ..."
racu ppcr soTOriwn in, soon) n$ paunble.
-.. w. ..! S. ROW LAND, -General
Americsn Agent, Depository N. 1B9,
IkxviO, 1339.- , "- Wuhington St., Boston.
Death of (;ternor Wolf The Eaton (Ps.)
Si-n-inel statca, that Gov. Wolf died very suddenly
on his way to the Custom Hnuso. II fell a M
he reached the Custom-IIouse door, sod ""l f"
few inoTtienta-after H i-aid to hv ben fr
fcetly well when be left his boarding bouwe. , !
' Ml Willi
f interns
l a,
'veil i
y w

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