North Carolina Newspapers

Editor and Proprietor. )
.. NO. XLHi; OF VOL. XX.
(Whole Io. 1033.)
SALISBURY, N. C, APRIL 10, 1840.
TERMS , . . .
Tie Western Carolinian it published every Fai-
., tW3 Dollars per annum it' paid io' advance, or
TVo Dollar end Fifty Cent if Dot paid before lit ea-
i-tioo of three month. . -
No npf be discontinued until H arrearages
. . h. unless at the discretion or the hditors ; and
More oO'V 1114 Uitor T wish to discontinue
, gasxB before tlia end of a year, will be. consider.
H M a new ogBgOmenC r . . '
advertisement wl" conspicuously and correctly
Lncd tt one dollar per square (of $10 ems, or fif-
. .. f iI.a -i-nn tha nrot inciArfmn
j 25 certt for each continuance, t Courtand Judicial
-jvertisetnenl will be chsigod 2-' per cent more than
ti above price A deduction -of ,t:) per cent from
ths regular price will be made to yearly advertiser.
Advertisement cent in for publication, mnst have the
numbs r of time marked on them, or they will be inner.
Idll forbid, an4 charge for accordingly. . ;
Letters addressed to the Editors on busmen must be
port pt'tor they will nut be attended to. . x;
KKW vJlJTOitttflt.C
JOHN C. PALMER.lias another
new supply of cold and silver
Lever Watches,"
plain English and French, do., cold
Pub Chains and Key, Breast P;ns,
Fmjer Ring, eilver Butler Knives,
Pencil, (patrnt. and plainj loolb
Picks, Fob Chains, Spectacles-snd
ThimblearSUel sod Gilt Fob Chains tnd Key. , v
Also, a very flno nd lorjfo assortment of Razors',
,jyjcketand pen-knives, by different Manufacturers, with
; her articles usually kept by Jewelers, ail of which wilt
be suld very low for ewA,or only sis months c rod it, al
ter which timer interest will bo elm reed. '
Work done faithfully and punctually, '
' Sliburv. May 2. 1b!,4--:- A - tf-.
To TratieVtr.g. . .
fpiIE travelling Community are respectfully inform
m- CO mat ine nuuNioer w now ruining nut iiiik ui
rect from Raleijli by way of Pjttsboro' and Ashboro' to
fklistiury", in sirialt K'orthenr made Goseh of tlt first
' order; luaving Rsleiph on Mondays and ThomlHVs at
lu A. M., arriving in Salisbury next days at 10 P, M.
leaving Balisbury on TuenUysand Fridaya al2 A. M., Jta'aigh next in UlU ' ' '
His horses are good, and drivers particularly careful
i nd accommodating. , . , ." JOEL Mcl.IN,
' . "Fek' 12, 1839, v. J . ,. . .'- i, 11
N. B. Seats secured at the Manaion lintel. . '
Just Reed. & for Sale, IVholemlo orRcM!,
4J!LKcga SAileUga7rted sima, ' ., 7 . '
, 10 Hogsheads Suijar, ' " . ' ' -""
: 15. do.w Molasses,
25( Racks Salt. . . ' " " :
' 10 iXvxen (Jwman grasB sythrr,
6 iini English ifraiti du.,
.W Barrels nuperlise flrxir,'
I VII hiMwIi Im Willi.
; " "
1 By -J "--A " J. MCRPI1V."
S),li,bury,-Msfch 87, MQAtf-
TOTICE. All thoae indebtod to theEslste of Jn
"TurncruTOT.rerilWf Ky 'nM'&m&m
r.r, frwT7r
quested to come forward a,nd moke Immediate payment,
m no longer indulgence can be-giyenl All hoe hav
ing claim against saijf Entatn, are renuested to present
them, duly authenticated, within thdjiino prescribed
-to kw, or thie notKe-Wtii-W nl4iw-lr of their re.
S. TURN Kit, -;
RTiwaiTCburiry; t", April tv, KW." fTst
from lhe86vtkQnfnwfW''C
fPiIE Subscriber ha rrceived I !ffieit')ply of Naili
l from the,abntfe Company equali if not uuermr,
to Northern make, and ha made arrangement for s
regular supply i whiih will bn ld. wltnlrtite or retail,
-o-rewnsWewns.- MKM:ir-HH4W S
Salubnry. N. C Mnrcl) 07, H W. ;s - w."
Iron from the! Killed fountain
: ,4 . , iron .
11lE,Subscribfrs hate made arrangement with the
above Company, for tlie regular supply of (
. surEnion iron, "
which is well adapted to Wagon, and Carriage Work,
Home Shoeing, &c.whicl will be Hd on reasonable
terms, . '.i. . . J.& W. ktiatFliy.
Salisbury, December fiJSS'J. ,4 ., 1 Orn. . , '
To Jouriieynifii.roacIi-MakrrB.v
fnHB Snlwcrilier ltivedi'iTOpmnttojwo.
. gO'iCJo'iirieytneo Oaicli-iuaker, wfjo can come
well recommended (or habilsof shriety and industry.
Theirbuine will be to makeand repair Cnache, etc.,
fcf which, fif they suit) be will pay liberal wages.
Lexington,, Oc"Uor it; is:!9." " " "." ,f
INFORMS the public that lie hss removeil from bis
fbrmer stand, to his nc huildinn on the public
piare, in the Town of Mocksville, where he will ton
His House is roomy tnd ooinmodibns; attached to
which are lix comfortable Olllcee fat gentlemen of the
Bar. all convenient to the Court Houoe. The ubseri-
bcr pledge himself io the most diligent exertion, to
i;v aaiiiitclioii lii sucli bh Hi aV tall on blm,
We, Bar and Stables are provided in the bet manner
that the country will afford, and hi ervant are faith
ful and prompt. - ' - . . '
THE Subacribcr bavinr porchased Uii
Esubliihmeut and fltsnf it tw a style
for Uie accoo-modst-rm of Travellers and
Boarders. jsBOWprepated fat their recep
tion. - Hia TABLE will alwiyl ha furnmbed -
With the best the market con afibrd;
his BAR with a' cood supply of. choice Liquors ; Ills'
HKDS .l,.tl .!.,.. k. L.j 1m fin. nrJpr i Sl.d HIS Ktl-
Wes (which an wer. ..tenMve'i are wsll supplied with
Provender ef the first quality, nd attended by good L thoso wlw purchase to sell gio- ' " ' l
aad faithful ItnailM.- ' '. - ' " . v a i.Tl. I.if Medieinea may al-obe had of ny
Hi hopes by strict itfcntion to the husmeff, in per-
n, to sits .ti.r.i'i'uMi m all who mar favor liltn with
their natron , Aiul h nnlv ssks a cult and trial.'
o-- - - . -
LfXimrtnn. IS C. . P.K 91. 119. ' . 14
PROM r,000 to 100,000 of Uie Morns Multicsulis
a suitings. Apply at ' ru
" ' .AVlto wants better litideticef
' f WOULD refer the reading public to the numerous
i-voluntary letters published recently in this paper
and in the Good tiainantan, relative to the happy and
... beneficial effects of the administration of
' Those who have perused. tlie letters above referred to
will observe that in almost every caso they attest the
... fact, that uo iucoiivtjuitnca of ony sort atlends th.e ta
king of thesa miHlicincs, in ordinary cases, but that the
, patient, without fueling their operation, is universally
left in a stronger and better state of health than was
' experienced previous to beini; atHicted with disease :
and in all cases of acute suffering, great relief is ob
tained in a few houra, and t care is generally effected
iu two. or throe days. ., ' ' .'
Iq cases of FLVER of ever description, and all
bilious.i rTections, it is unnecessary for me to say augbt, I
'as I believe' the LIFE MEDICINES are nowoniver
' sally admitted o be the most speedy and effectual cure
extsnt in all diseases of that class. ' I
The LIFE MEUICLNES are also a moat excellent
relief in alTcctions of the Liver and Bowels, has
beon proved In hundreds of cases where patients have
. come forward and -requested that their experience in
: .taking them might be published fur tho benefit of others.
' In their operation in such casns, they restore the tone
. of the Stomach, ntrcngthn the digestive organs, and
, invigorate Hie general functions of the whole body, and
'"thus become to both sexes (for they are perfectly
adapted to each) sn invslunble mean of preventing
disease and restoring health.
' - in nlTiictions of the head, whether accompanied with
"" pain aria giddiness, 'or marked by the grievous calami
" ty of impaired lenta energy fin palpitations of the
1 heart, flatulence, loss of aptietilo and strength, and the
multiplied symptom of disordered digestion THE
l.lrt; JKl)l'.:iiM',3 will no round to possess the most-
salutary efficacy. ' , 1' .
" , Constitutions relaxed, west, or decayed, in men or
women. r under the immediate influence of THE
LIFE MEDICINES, Old cough, Jims, and con-
suinpiive naoits are soon rouevoa snu spoeouy cureo.
PpyertV 'iltloind ernaciated limbs wjlere jonir
"""meet tile MppiMielnKeTl)ie ctTiBvralcrTBuil' will
-beeome rich and- balsamic, aud lbe limbs, be covered
with flesh, firm and healthy. f
iU :Scrraua (Jisordcrs of jevery kihi, an'! from whatever
eausearVing, fly before the etD'Cti of TUB LIFE ME
DIClNKS.jind all tliat trlfn of sinkings, anxieties, and
' treinours which so dresdlullv affect the weak, the se-
MJicnUf,Aiii lint delicate,. wUJ ja shurt4imsbe suc
, cfHwied by liK;rfulncfw, and every presage of health.
For weakness, deficiency of natural strength, end
rlnxation nf tha- vcssRlsrby too frequent indulgence ot
' the passions, th i medicine is sale, eortaiu,'aud In-
valuable remedy. - '.. , . ' . '
. Those who have Jong resided in hot climates, knd
ere lanffiiid end relaxed-tntfieir-wfioleystemj-aiJI
take THE LIFE MEDICINES with the happiest ef
fects; and persons rcmovinjr to the Southern Ktate or
West Indies cannot store ' i' inoro imiorUut article of
. health and lite. " , . ' .
' The following cases are -among the most recent
cures efTucted,.and eratefully acknowledced. by the
eeraons benelitted-i - - V..:
Case of Jncob C. Hunt;' New Windsor,' Orange
County, N. Y, A dreadful tumor destroyed nearly the
"" whole of his fuce, nise and law.' Experienced quick
- TPtieflniiir the use of the Life Medicines, ind in lee
than threfmnnthe was entaroly cared. Csse rep9rted,
with a wooJ engraving tn a new pamphlet now in
v- pre,-, I . -"' - - T-sr
Case of Tho. Purcell, sen'r., 81 year of tge wa
afflicted 18 years with swell ngs in hi fegh-wa en
tirely cured oy taKmg puu in a ween.
Q,m 0f J0n Dnultoa, Aberdeen, Ohio rheumatism
five years is" en't itc'I'y cured has used' the LIFE" M &
" D1CINES fiir Worms in. children end round them
" anvereian remedv. ' ' ' i- i" ' .
Case ofliwis Austin periodical lick headache 1-
wavs relieved by a small dose now entirely free from it
Cswof-Adon- A ipcb enred-of trmrt mreterate ind
Cs.of A jail Adyns.. Windsor, Ohio-
Ciwof Adah Adams. Windsor. Ohio rheumatism.
gravel, "liver affections, and general nervoui debility,
had JbucmcuuSued seven year, wa raispd Jrorn het
'""a most extraordinary cure she is now a very healthy
and .robust woman attested by her husband Shubel
'Adam, " - . r
Case of Mrs. Badger, wife ot Joeph Badger nearly
similar to above result lhe aaine. - , -'.
. XUm of-iJiJaii;,CBiodaanUA J0UDUtnma!7'MH9r,,
man subject to ill health severs! years a email course
nf the Lift) Me1)einc entirely restored her is now
halo and healthy.'
Cas of Mis Thomas, daughter of Eli Thomas
tough and symptom of - consumption cured in four
week Her sior cured of a severe attack of inflauj
Diory rhcunutism in one iff ek! " . - . "
Case of M. Colvincored of severe attack of cr
" let fever in a few days by the Life Medicine.
Case of Harriet Twogood, Sslina, N. Y. wa lo a
- very low state of health a year and a half did not es-
peel to recover. Mm T. t now able" to walk about and
is rapidly recovering both health and trength.t y... .
v . Csse of, Benjamin J, Tucker severe case of Fevet
. and AsT'ie -cured in a very short spsxe of lime. li--rectioni
followed strictly. - " . - - -,
tiseof Amoe Ds vis affection of the liver-afbr
trying doctors' romedie in vain for a long time, wa
, cured by the Life Medicine without trouble. -,
" Extraordinary case ef Lymsn Prstt, who wasafllict
rxf with-Phthisic 2tt years effected perfect cure in
24 hours by the use of, the Life Medicine.
.Taousndatperonafflirted iti like manner; iarp.
by a judicious use' of MOFFAPS LIFE PILLS and
PHENIX B1TTERS been restored to the enjoyment
of f 11 the comfort ofjifr, The Bitter re plesjant to
the taste and smell, gently infringe the fibre of thrfst'.m! oiva that erooer teosilv which s irnod dieee-
A s nothinaxan .be better adapted to
helpand nourish- the o.sstiUitiun,Aaliiao ja notbingl.
niore generally acKnowieagoa to ob pecuiwrij;
ciousin all inwaid wasting, Iofs of appetite, indiges
tion depression of spirit, trembling or shaking of the
hails'and lim,K olnlinate coughs, shortness of breath,
or doniMinipliV habrti,
Tia f.ifg Merjjctnet powr9 wrni-lerf'rl efiieaey inall
andlowne8sofsptrlMllun0flnnvuM,l' ll;l,
nderiogof tho mind, yspnrs and melancnoiy.sna an
kinds of hysteric complaints are gradually removea wy
-Qjeir'oseV. lii sickness of the siointiclC flstuffncles.'or
obstruction, they are sale and powerful, apd as a purl
fier of lbs Wood, they have ndttheii equal in the world I
" For additional particulars of the above medicines, sea
"TMoflki's "Good Satntritan,": rtiy'''f"'h'c.', ,.ec,Tn;
ihA mAas-tirinn : chut l-h iiidbid wv -...-
. tfi'e' different Ajenta who have lhe isetticino m ie. ,
, French 'riermsnraiid Spapih dircctiotia m be ob
tamed pn appiicaiipn at we, ,w -v
All ooatpa
id letter will rcaetve in-menui" .iii.i
nd sold by WILLIAM B. MOFFAT, 3-3
IJ .
I Tinwdway. New York. A liberal deJiu-Uoa mail lo
r t!; pnnci,) Hru-rjirts in every mwn thronghoiit tri
; -,.:. 1 u,.ln. mrj ,il0 c.n.H... Ak for Monat's Life
. 1. 11 1 tijvi . ... ... j - ... -' r -
1.11. ll.r,iT l.illflMr and basiirn tnai a Tac suiiinc
.of John Moffst's rignatorn is upon thelnlwlof each bot
-f nr hnt of I'illa. :
lyj ui mil"- - t
Theohoee MeJicinti mny It hanrf Crtti if
I .liier;r fwr Agenlf for the Proprietor.
I U ! '..fSaH.Wy, Jtn. 3, JSlO -,
- ; ' - - 1 '-' : -7
UAVE just received from New York arid Philadel
phia, an Extensive assortment of
Winter Goods.
Dry Goods, Hardware, Tinware, Crock.,
, v ery, GROCERIES, Drugs end I Me.
; dicyes, Dye-Stud, Paint ocy v
Oil, Bool and 8hoee, -"''"i: ,
' i . Sudtllrry, &c., &c. ' 7 ;
Iu short, their Stock comprises almost every article
needed by the Farmer, lUtehmiet or the FhionaUt$
of the town of country. ' ." v ' , : .
H. B. They will sell low for cash, or to punctual
dealers on time j or in exchange for country Produce.
Concord, Jan. 17th, 16W. - V U
OTnilE Subscriber having located himself in the town
iX of Concord, Would now offer hi services to the
Public, as an - j,,., i.
OrnnmentAl nnd Sign Painter.
Ue flatters himself that hi long experience in the above
Business, and the specimen of work he ha executed
in hi line, will be uihleient recommendation. '
- lie will also attend to toy all made or) him in the
end is confidoot be can give eatisfketioo to all who may
employ him. . :
The Public i respectfully requested to call and en
courage him, he is determined to execute all work
committed to him in tlie best possible manner. .
OCT Also, Painting and Trimrmns' tiodaol iii
riagei, done with neauies ud despatch. :
-:---:-r:r"x.:h--i.-:W: RAiNEY.
1 1 AVE on hand, and intend keeping a supply of the
best Anchor Stamp BolUng Cloths,
comprising all the various Nos. used in this region ot
country. Where ail who wian me ricie can oe sup.
plied in quantities to so it durchaaer, and on reasonable
terms.!! . - " - -iuo-;v
Wove VVire for Screens, Sifters, sc., kept constant
ly on hand.- . HALL ft JOHNStlW,V:-i
foot o bai obstv
FiyetlevilW, Msy 17, 1UX
tf -
Cotton Picking,
t rWOSE who wish to have their Co(n ftcxrd and
1- Packed in the beat possible manner, and on the
shortest notice, will do well td call oa the Bubsoriber,
who will himself attend personally to the business, His
is situated on the Wilkesboro' road, (Howard's Planta
tmn.l 4 miles north west 'or Halmbiiry, and m in ex-
client order, for receiving, PIC KIM O and PACK
Planters and Merchants who will entrust their Cot
ton to hi special charge, ahall not go away dissatisfied.
-f1- rVi...h.L .! ' ,fiIA . ...,.,.-.
r I ilia ottoscnoer iirmgsnren Tnne uramoi nane-1
Bum imcwwiiwMiif .
wij any umnui ajimvrs vy.voij iui T
hortestnotice. 7-. .-.;.'-;, ; ,.
He is resdv tn execute in work which mv be called
GRAVING, Su3., and ha assures those who may favor
tQ contract, be has no pajr. w
A complete large Dairy Trough for le cut of Rock,
for the purpose of preserving milk cool. . Apply to the
Subscriber. ' -. ' ' '
. .' -r- ENOCH E. rilll.LIPS.
November 1U 119. if.
rilHK SUBSCRIBER living near Lexington, David-
on County, take this method to inform the Pub
lie that he will enter into contract with any Person, or
persona, either in Davidson, Rowan, or Cabarrus Coun
ties, who wish houses, factonss, or any other- kind of
buildings erected of Brick, to build them as cheap, as
durable, ind in a good style ss any workman in Una
country, - v r
He will also, mould and bura the Brick, if wanted.
He trusts tliat hi long experience in
will entitle hrm to a share of p ihlio patronage.
lie would refer ventlemen w i-liing work done in his
Line of Business, to the female Academy and the haw L
fire protf Clerk s office in Sniirtuty.M specimens of
hi work.'- i - V"- ' ' V---" '' '.'
' N. B. " Those wishing work done, will p!eae leave
word at the o.Tice of the Western Carolinian, and it
shall be punctually attended tor - '
r . ' ' . - s - .. nnnvnT
tf -
Dwn April W, 1939.-
. ; !Vb': Owners oI MVUs.
rpHE Subscriber ha an imprnvrd patent Spindlftor
1 t,IU hu m-liii-h. a mill will iln much better than
- j w't) ,, ..; f.rrm of Hplnd!i'. It is so constructed ;
.J(0 ke-pfpom healing or killing tho meal in any man-
The ruunor is so cou fined by the Spindle a l-
w,v, i0 preserve IU balance, and ot course there I no
rubblntr of fhe stones.
I think, by mm-nnprnvfir ppmntei'Tnfrseme'wswr
ill do at ieM one-lhird more business, and Uie meal
of luoermr nualitv. .. y J , . -
. 'Any pen-m Wishing to use one of the Spindles,
nay obtain one or more, hy making application, ( wnn
in a short time) to tho Subscriber st Mocksville, Davie
Co. IS. C. I think the probable cost will not oxeced
tor the Patent and Boindle ready for ns.
The billowing persons have my Patent Mill Spindle
in micccasfol operation : Col. W. F. Kelly, Tho. Fos
ter, Joseph jail and "-iarn'i, roster of JJavie txmnty
Gilbretb Dickson and David J. Ramsoar. of Lincoln;
Charles Griffith of Rowan ; Addimn Moore of David,
son, a ad William Dos of Surry, all of whom are kigk
fy pleased with it performance.'
Oclober25,lRnn. , - tf "
Twin CoVlbti SccAr
Vimall quantity of the above SEED, raised hf Mr.
William Thomas, formerly of Davidson County, is
left tor Sale at this Office, at $2 00 per hundred.
!.' ; ' V; f ,
' -. f, '
To thb " Slit ate or thb Ukitku 8tits : I
transmit 'to (he Senate, herewith, copies of ullicial
note which have passed between the Secretary of
: state and the l?ritmh Minister, since my last Mes
sage, on tho subject of the Resolution of the 1 7 tli
iof Jaiiuary.J.. ,51, VAN UVUE.N'
v: Wellington, March 20,1940.
Fox to Mr. Foriyih,
' WsHiNoro, March 13, 1840.
The unoeraigned, her Britannic Majesty's Envoy Ex
traordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, has been in
structed by hi Government to -make the following
communication to the Secretary of Stale of the United
States, in reference to the boundary negotiation, and
the affair of the disputed territory. . - . -'
, Her Majesty' .Government have had under .their
consideration tlie official bote addressed to tlie under
signed by the Secretary of State t the United States,
on tlie 24th of hurt Dee., in reply to a note from the un
dersigned ol the 2d of Nov. preceding, la which the un
designed protested, in the name of ,Jis Government,
against the extensive system or aggression purnued by
the people of the Bute ot Maine within the disputed
territory, to the prejudice of Ilia rishts ot Great Ilritisn,
" ind in manifest violation of Hi provisions! reiiuents
entered iiuo ociween ino suinoniiea w uie two coun
tries at the beginning of the last year.
Her Majesty' Government have also had their at
tention directed to the public oiCMMge transmitted by
lhe (uivernor otMaina to the Lccislaluro of the iSutn.
on tiie 3d of January of the present year,
Upon a consideration of the statements contained in
f these two official document, her Majesty'sGoverninent
,. regret to Boo that the principal scis of encroachment
which were denounced awl complained of on the part
of Great Britian, so far from being either disproved, or
discontinued, or satisfactorily explained by the authori
ties of tlie Stale ot Main, are, on the contrary, peraist-
. ol in, and publicly avowed.
(tructed tlie undersigned once more formally to protest I
r against those act of encroachment and aggression,
llor Alajeely'e uovernuignt claim and expect from
- the good faith of the OoveTtiment of theUaitefl Stales,
that the people of Maine shall replace tliemauive in
the situation in which they stood before the sgreeinent
, of last Vear were signed that they shall therefore- re
tire from th talley f the Aroostook that they shall
, occupy that valley in a temporary manner, only lor the
purpose, as agreed upon, of preventing depredations;
and Dial they shall. not, construct fortifications, nor
. make roada or .permanent eUIcmontcc
Until this be done by the peoplo- of the State .of.
Maine, and a ioag as that pmiple shell persist in the J
present system 'or aggression, her Majesty's Govern
" tnent will fuel it their duly to make such-military ar-
rangemenU aa may be required tor the protection of
? her Majesty's right. And her Majesty's Government
deem it right lo declare tliat if the result of the. u nj us
"tillable proceedings of the-State of Ma mo should -b
'collision between bur Majesty' troops end the peoplo
of that State, the responsibility of all the consequence!
mat may enaue therefrom, be they what llicy my, will
, rest with the people and Government of the United
States. -.:"' ; " ' ' ' ' v
' The undersiriged lias been' jnMructedlo add totlils
cominunlcslion, that her Majesty sU.ivernmunt are no
ly wailuig for the detailed rsport -ot the British com
missionecs recently employed to survey the disputed
'territory, wnwn report, it was Believed, would be com
pleted ajid delivered to her. Majesty's Government by
the end of the present month, in order to traushiit to
5 jkPoWWt.SHiy.iled. 8Mas 'a,, Wlji'.tn, jtheir,"
last proposal upon uie sunject oi tno rjounusry nugoiia
lion... . v j'-,-" ' ,.','. '. '' ' 5
'. The undersigned avails hinwlf of this ocrasion to re
- new to the Secretary of State of tho United State the
, , - , - JJ, S, FOX'
" t .
Forty Ik to Mr. Fox. ' .-'y
lrBri"rr or !r-Vi,"
' . WAaiiiPHifos, March 25, lftlfrpr
The undersigned, Secretary of State of tho United
states, acknowledges to hav received Mr Fox com
municstion of tbsl3th inaiant, in reforence to the boon-
dsry n- iiation snd the affairs of the disputed territory,-
Toy infbrmatioo given in fhe elosing part of it.
that a roply -to Ihs Jsst proposition uf tlte liuiud. AltU
upon tie subject of the boundary may be expected in
a siiort time, is highly gratifying to the President, who
baa, however, gives direction to the undersigned, in
miking this acknowledgment, to accompany it with the
expression of bis profound regret that Mr. Fox's note
is in no other respect satisfactory. 4
After tha arrangements which. In the beginning of
last year, were entered mto on tha part ot the
two Government, with regard to lhe occupation of the
disputed territory, tho President had indulged the hope
that the causes of irritation which bad grown out ol
this branch of (be subject would have been removed.
Relying on lhe disposition of Maine to cooperate with
the Federal G nmeajt in all that could lead to a spe
cifio adjustment of tha principal juoKt:on, the Prcsi.
dent lelt eonAJent that in determination to manum
order and peace on the border would be fully carried
out. . He looked upon ll apprehensions of dwign by
lb pernio of Maine to take p Mansion of the territory,
! a without adequate foundation; deeming it improb.
w utai oa me eve ot an amicable adjustment of lhe :
question, any portino of Uie American people would,
w mom ca ssaaa awtwnot otyet yoopard the suecess
at Uie negoUatioB ind endangor the peace oflhe coun
try. A troublesome, irritating snd comparatively un
important, because subordinate, subject, being thus dis
posed of, the President hoped that the parties would be
left free st onee to discuss snd finally edjusWhe prin
cipal question, la this he has bwrt disappointed.
While the proceedings of her -MajeMyV-Governmcnv
at home, have been attended, with onlooked for delays,
its attention haa been diverted from the great subject
in controversy by repeated complaints, imputinir to a
portion of the people. of lhe United Slates designs to
vi'.'nie the enniemsnbf of their Uorernm-nt 1 deSVns
wh irh have neyer hferi entertained, and a-hirh Mr
knows would receive no countensuco from' this Gov-
eminent - - - ,
It 11 to b6 regret'ed that it Uii late hour, so much
misapprehension still exists on the sid of the Briiiah
-Government as to tha object rid. cAvioua tpuaning o(
tha existing arrangements respecting the disputed SnrT
ritory. The ill success which appear, lo have attended
the alSirts of tho nndersipned toennverj-thrnutrli Mr.
-vlLi.i..i .:....'. e . . -
ruvuiuei ni.jmiv vu ernineni, more correct impres
sion respecting them, calls tisr a recurrence to the sub
iect. and a brief review of the corrcKiondi.'iice whieh
has mwn out of It. mey tend to reriHive the erronerma
view which prevail, as to the manner irr which the
terms of Uie arrangement referred to have been obser
ved. - ... ,' - : i j,
Ai Mr. Fox had 410 authority lo make any agreement
respecting Uie exorciae of juiisdiction over the disnu-
tad territory, that between him and the-alnderstgned, of
mm iiHu xcDruarytio.w, bad lor it object anna pro
visional arrangement for tha restoration and nie-erva-
Iton of peace in the territory. To accomplish Uii ob
ject, it provided that her Msiectv'a officer should not
seek to axpcl. by military force, the armed parly which
had been sent by Maine into the district bordering on
tne riestook rivers and that, oa tha otter hinrf. th
Government of Maine would voluntarily, and without
needless delsy, withdraw bevoud the bounds of the dia.
4"" ,miu,r any irrned force Ihcn wifhin fhem. P.e-
sides this, the arrangcnieiit had other objects Uie dis
piTtiioir ot iKilorHius tniMiwrs, and the protection ot
publii property from depredation. In case future no
ressil) stutuhl ansa Kir fins, the operation was to be
conducted by concert, jointly or perateiv, according
ta agreement between the Government of Maine and
New Jlrnnwick,
In this Inst mentioned respect, the agreement looked
toroine furtlmr arrfintjemfnl between Ala ino and Jow. .
Brunswick. Through' tlie agency of General. Scott,
one was agreed to, cm the Ski and '25th of March fol
lowing, by which Sir John Harvey hound muiselt not
to seek, without renewed instruction to that effect .
from his Government, Jo take military possession of the
Territory, or to rcpfl from it by military force the
armed civil posse, or the troop of Maine, i On the part
of Maine, it ws agreed by her Governor that no at
tempt should be msde, without renewed instruction
from the Legislature, to disturb by arm the province
of New Brunswick in the possession of tne Madawaska
settlements; or interrupt the usual comniunicatioii be-
tweea that and the upper province, As oposeessiot
and jurisdiction, they were to remain unchanged, each''
party holding, in fact, pussexsion of part oUho diaputod t
Territory, but jrch denying the right of the other to
do so. Withoul tliat un'rKtanding, Maine was,' with- "
6ut unnecessary delay, to withdraw her military force,
leaving only, under a land agent, a small civil posse,
armed or unarmed, lo protoct Jhe Umber recentyf cut. ....
and la prevent further depredations. .
,4n the complaints of infrsctions of the agreements of (
tlie Stale or Maine, addrmwed to the undersigned, Mr." '
Fux has assumed two positions, which are Dot author
ised by the terms of those agreements! 1st, admitting
Utr !( lit i Msme t mamutt a eivrt posse m the-eis-
putcd territory for the purpose staled in the agree- ,
mcnt, be doe so with the rontricUon that the action of
tlio pnssq wai tfl be oonftnerr within certain limits; and '
2d, by making the advance of the Maine posse into
the .valley of the UpperSt Johns, the ground ot hi , .
complaint ot encroaenment npun tne Mauawasha set. .
tlement, he amnmes to extend' tha limit of that sottla ''
mcnt beyond those it occupied at tha date of the agree-
Jrj eitljef dTBlcc'
positions. . .' . , , . -. .
In the nrst place, ootiiinj i round in the agreement
subneribed to by Governor Fairfield and Sir John Har
vey, defining any timtta m the thsprtted temtory wrth.-
in which Uie operation of the civil posse ofMeine
were to be circumscribed. Tha task of preserving the 4
limber recently cut, and or preyentnijr, nirther dopre
datiohs wtkirt the' ditjtultd territory, was assigned lo
the State of Maine after her military force alumld have
been withdrawn from if ; ind it was to be accomplished
bv a civil noise, armed or unarmed, which waa tn eon-
tinne in the territory, and to operate in every part of it'.'.... .
where its sgoncy might be required to protect the tim- " .
ber already Out, snd prevent furUier depredations, with
out any ioiitation whatf ver, or any restrictions, except
such as might bo construed into an attempt lo disturb, ..
by arma the Province of New Brunswick in her poeaea. -aion
of the Madawska settlement, or interrupt tho umi
I comtnuhieation between the Provinces. It isthu in
the exercise of sTi gitimatrright, and Irt the conscien
tious dincliarge of sn obligation hnnoeed 'upon her by a i
Sureinn compact, that Uie State of Maine has dbnelhose'
whioh fiave given rise to complaints ftr which. no. '
adequate cause is perooivcd. The endereigncd i-crt .
confident, thst when lhp-e acta shsH.baye.lwva Wusid.J...
ered by hor Majesty s Government at home, aa ex-: ,
plained in hi note to Mr. Fox, of lhe 24th Dus last,"
and in connection with the foregoing reuiarku, they ' ""
will no longer be viewed as calculated to excite the
apprehension of her Msjorty's Government that th
faith of existing arrangements ii to to broken, on tha.
pan 01 uie u mica ouioSr-
k q egvt 0 Jne.scoBti.poiijuni assuraea
Fox,, that the advance of tlio Maine posse along tha "
valley of the Roslonk to the mouth of Fish River, knd
into the valley of the Upper Ht Johns, is st variance , 1
with the terma and spirit of the acrcementa the tin- . r
dermgned muerobsetvg.lhat IT at variance 'with "ahy'or ,
their provwions, it could only be with these which se '
abH-bttt Majesty 't Province of New Brhnswick at-aiimt
anyatiempt todrstrtrtrttw posnoss-nn orthe MadaWattf"
spttlomont, and to Interrupt the oil omnmtm-rsi-on
The agreement eould only have reference to the Mads
waska settlements as confined within their actual
limits at the lime it wa subneribed; The undersigned, '
in his not of Ui 24th of December last, ststed tha '
reasons why the mo'uth'of Fish Riyer and the nortion
Of the ValleV of the SL Johns Ihrnuoh whirh it n.. - '
oouM-i. oa fVpr.Anse f-e eonssleii-dus rmhnrtetf "1 (f7"
the Alsdawaska settlements. Were the United Slates '
to admit the prelension set up on Uie part ofereat!' '.
Britain, to give to the M-idawaxka settlements s
of consUucuve eyidenoe that i,.i(ht, at this lime, suit
the the purposes of her Majesty's colonial authorities,
those settlement might soon be made, with like justice,
to embrace any porUnns of the dismited lernloi-v : anrf
the right given to the Province rrf New Brunswick to
occupy thorn temporarily, and for a eneci! nurno"
might, by Inferenco ouite a plnmiblo, give tha juris. ,
diction exercised by her Majesty's sutl-orflie an ex
tent wnicn woiiin render Uie prosonl stale of the ques. .
tion, so Ion 2 as it Could be maintained, enuivalnnt i.t
decision on the merits of 1he svhole controversy in fs-
vor 01 ureet Urit.iu.- irthe small settlement of Made.
waakaon thq north siddof tho St. Johns means tho
whole valley of thai river -if a boom arrow tha Pi.h
river, and a station of a small ooas on the uuli
of the Ht. Johns at the month of Fiaii riner iaa die--tnrbance
of that settlement, which is twenty-five miles .
bslowVwiUtio the meaning of the agreement, it ii diffj. -cult
la conceive that there are any limitations to the
aretewMonaof Vr Mjsy fc-vefBment un.leyirrcf--'";
how'Uic 'State of M line could exercise the preventiysj
power With regard lo trespassers, which wss, on her
part, the great object of the temporary arrangement.
The moyernenl of Britiph troops, lately witneaaed in '
Uie deputed fi-rritory, and the croc t ion' of military
worki for their protection ind iccommodaf ion. of u t.irh
authentie infiirmalion.-tecentlyTeceiTed irrho Depart-'
ment of Stain, has been communicated to Mr. Fox, iui-
part a still graver aspect to the maUorimmndiai!. '
dor consideration.' The fact of thoso miliurv
lions established beyond a doubt, left dnexplainod, or
unwtiaflietorily accounted n,r. by Mr. Fox's note ot the
the part of the United States
colonial agents, as Inconsistent with amnmCo..,.
whose main ohjnct waa trrdivest S fluestion. alnsulc auf. 1
tkiently perplexed and complicate.!, from sleh embsr
in-Tin- mm wiiu which ins proeeedmrs or the
uiiu-ii .uuKrrnit-w rwnrrorniM io snrmnnd rt, .
II, as Mr. Fob must sdmit, th ol.iecla of the lata .
agreements were lhe remoyal of all nnjitary jnrce aud.
m preservation or wo pftcrty I mm lurther spolil. .
tiuns leaving the poawwim, and junsdietion aa they '
stood kfore the Slate of Maine found itself compcllej
to act agaitM Uie Uepiers tthc Presiileiit cannrt but "
Jonsiiler tbsl lhe conduct of the American local author-
itic. strongly and most tavorably contrarts with Uiatof '
lhe colonial authorities of her Majesty's Government
wuua me one promptly withdrawing Us military f,r, .
his conBnod itself lo Uie ue of the small rt-M-ne. .rm...l
agreed epon, Ind has duu ro ct not ner'ry to '" '
Uie eccotnplnhmoHt of the convetitiinal ohi-rts, every , '
meapire ts ken or indicated by the other patly, is' es,L.n.
usiij miliary in iw cimnnrr, ana can be jnstifie-1 on
ly by a well founded apprehension that hostilities mUrt
em-i,,----" - -- --
With such fpellpg and ponvictkms, the President
could not see, without pauil'ul surprise, the attempt of
Mr, fox, under instmctiofis fmm his Governnmnl, to
give to the existing stale of thing character not wsr
ranted by tie friendly, din ition ef tho United Statsj
i - -Iffi-'" ' .V '-'v
r . ; .. -'.,..,;
" " ' '. ' i '. . . -.- ' '
iTrtrP?psw a
' f v '"
- .

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