North Carolina Newspapers

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i'he Secret. We were al i long to divine the mo-
la IjiiPji Mi 't! fj":eclv"Pin 'i fr and- the
other republican presses of llie Stale, charging tliat
ihey were secretly supported by I lie General Go
' vrrHiiit'Ut. Mr. Man-bead laid it down aa an invd
r'tiill rule, we understand, that whenever any man,
or tit of men, designed to do ail evil deed, they
always tc-ok care to charge jut auch a design upon
'I. af keapew oinm the innocent, the real jA.
. . . " i- i . r
fendera were en2nSel m the aoeomphshment of
their wsiil'i. "0 are aiiliiiif tu titktt up Mr
MoicluvuJ'a axiom, ami to try kim by it. 5sx" r,
UA certain Mr. .Zsvely, wuu .Djnnerly Edited a
Federal Whig puperat GreerolKiro', under the im
mediate .eyet if not under the control,' of Mr
Moorbead, waa lately ipatalled aa " aneociatcd edi-'
- lor" of ihf Fat etteville Observer, but he had hard
ly got warm in his chair, be lore he issued a Proa
, peel us to publish a federal paper in Raleigh and
ia the ahort space of tlx -dHyf issued iheirat
nuii.ber, to the utter astiaiuihinent .of evea the
htgs of Rdleiyh, who theniselvea CfMild not ac-
ut for tli steam like velocity; of such move-
inchtv 'Tbc followingfroiij ilieKnluigb Standard,
cxplaittahie matter: v . ' .' r, ,.''.
K hltZ jvely (recent!y an editor' at Greensboro',
the reaidenccNrf Mr. Morehead,) has established a press
ioKaleish; wliKh waa so quickly (tone after being
talked ot, tbat do due could dice Uiat the editor had
much mure than timrf-enooh to write the" Prwpectus.
It ie customary ta HBae The prospectus of a paper ser-
erai months previous to puttjicaUon, for Uie purpose of
obtaining auiMcribcrs. e .X
i-.iTJw peeepeetua of the 6n Wi Iwued on Uie
tJHUi of tVb W ), and the lirA ila,mber sppoared 4th
of March, 1110. Now let thisqueaifoo be put to every
euui of common sense, whether or not, witlim the suaee
of sil days, the editor could btye pioc u red ,su bw; ri bers
eouugh to support his paper or even to jushty him ia
cmehciri?. "ThoUnawer must bo irreistibly4n the
i.ejritive. It folio a, then, that there must be a stocret
liole, t sugir f 'ird. mlo which the editor, mdukey-lik,
is psmtued lo tlirast bis dirty -paw." Coming Is he
doe from Grventuuro', (Uiougb Bui directly,) w it not
very likely that Mr. M. knows something of this secret
hole! Is it not tueaaery proUible, that this silitot has
mne to Ralegh lor tbe sole purpose of advancing the
claims of Jdr, Alorehead! . Ana aa the birth ot-tbis pa
por was raUier nmnatore, and tiieretore talculstod to
to divert public attention, should make charges of cor-
riutmn,madant, upon the Editor Ol the "Standard,"
" Ifie Utlier riliio-s iu the State who have
-.WMse.-! AWaotinat ttittsbornotrn, 1 r; Ta. ld reiweo
tn co; moon Ibnhers at Orange as the " ignorant class,"
he will find that the people geoerally have sense enough
Xorlk Easter Homrularj. On our first pase
win oe iimiiw me correspondence, alluued to in ou
lat, between MrVFoBsrrif.Sticreiary ofState.'aml
- Wrr Forrtti BntushTTilwiater at Wailirngtoo.
iir i .i .
, - "o win ouiyi;iiiar concerning, tnie correspoiui
ance, thaf we consider It at least batokeaing, en the
" furt of the ttrifish AjinUteri any thing but a diapo.
sitirxi ti aeitle peaceubly tliislong standing control
i JVC.; f:Z- . " !.v" . '
. fl The foHoyirtg Hesulutionrrccenily pnased by tlie
T I legislature n M iine, ano) the remarks of Mr. liuc-
-1iannn and .Miv Benton, hiadoin the United States
. Senate otu the 3tf tilAmotp tw fguoJ Oddet. oui
Congresstoftal h'ad, wilt p'aco our readers in pps:
Sevionoi the liit in which this question ia'viewud
ut Washington and Tu Maine. ; , ;
" f ine present seioa of Congress, make or accept a
lislinct and ritifct ry proposition tor the- immediate
aijiiinent of the R'xW'hry Question, it will bo the do-
- tyotthe-Gewertif IR.VciJmeut take Military pcaudj.lora, we are told fgyjifl?:;
rmatlbe di-mnlul torrttwy-t art4rtrt-thTTtf me"ot a
sovereign Male, we call upon the nations. I (iovernment
to ftjll'il its coostitetiooal obligation toestablixh tlie linj; declare J K) tJrrhftlrueTiiiiii!ary :
nnd to protect tins State id extending fier jujisdiciioe
-wTOW-inwiwsTTinirijoj Hr.t.ilfOIJ.r. .
- f:TltTfte of . a
irreJeemabitT ipeVyCUXCtflcyi attribute all the pe.
i iniiry euilwr t.n-'inehls (f tlio country to llie po
ll y pursued by the Genern! Government, and to the
v l 'f : . ... u -L . ... ' C ... I. n ..
j rruwvry eiiH, wntiu, ub jn, is iiui nouwii
. 1 1 our law. ', the cryf " hard time " is
mainly reli-d iirn by,,e rvfcrji!islA-laivaL Z ' T
tlio lepuU'icuu liceaien of this country
IH.DU Ilip.iBti- ut lvuiuij itiiu
f upport of a man for the PreriJency Vjxmi whtwe
political Jtaroae-a they have again and again pass
iiIonilemnaiiNi. 'Weehouid relax greatly (d our
admiration of our Ifoasted1 aystern of . republican
government, if "we could btlieve that ttje). pQoptit
had created in the General Government "an agent
that can, at its wilr and plen.urc, blight and de
,ifoy the indomitable spirit of cnterprize. and. in
Wintry of the hardy yehmanry of this land ( an
agm thai can ruin the currency, destroy our ere
dit, and depreciate the value of all descriptions of
property and produce ia this vat empire nf Inex
.liiMuVawiMjreesWe-askfTan -rt- he posaible
that the mere act of the -General Government col.
jeeting, and diabtuSug iameJisiteJj,,. 40,0OO,Ott0i
' where there ia a circulation of $500,000,000. pro
dure uch direful consequence lo Ihe.cnrrency,
trade, tod labor of lbe caudtry4-N- intelligent,
reflecting man will'an"swer yea. The evil lie
i flnt wnraehfheaWe ofcollecting
and disbursing the revenues of Government, as in
the corrupt and corrupting hanking ayaietTt'ith
which the labor and eftergie of our citiwms art
preed (o the earth, and tHe productions oCtheir
inil'imj I'TUtllTPl VkhilesST
As a happy illustration of our views on this tub-
ixt, we call the reader' Bttention lo the following
' rOfc tUE tSTKtlS CROt.lfH5.
' SlissRs Editoss : In the address put forth by "lbe tlft
jaity ut tit ferwsnGftnd Jorjr,and which -was ooddntJt,
drawn up by one of the Federal Lawyers, we see the
Mlowmg words: " We cannot ahnt our eye to ths
net, that a heavy pressure now exists iq this commn
"ty. thir citiaent are vexed and hirrasacd. with debt,
rad is dull and languishing, our products for market
are etremely low, money ta sesree," etc, end then
ic idiire nes on to attribute the whole ol ihcse evi
in tlie C.-o ral Goverament. I propose, Messrs. E li
lljn m a short manner, to examine tlie. truth and
mrnhlcness of these chsrgee against the General Go
vsraraenl. , . -. '
Ti Grst diarge K that our e'Hixens ire liarnseed
-n aeai. Worn I would respectfully aa, now is in
'xn-rrnment to blame lor tliis I Jli Government
wee oar crUxens to to in debt Those who srs
wert in ot tbeii own . free will, wilbont
noWg, or compylwn on the part of Ibe.uovern
' V hTt tient mfatfi (jjg Government be eondemhed
ywie.the people have gooe ia deMI lbe
e rrticulona sa it hj illibertL
'. The ofr r Large VAlm-We-- dnii,'
fiVe low." Now, 1 am greatlyst a "i.. tu
i,,, ( .. . ,, . - -
. . , ... rJ ,
torn. h.o ei,i knows that Rood prtce. tew dat
Z.LL i,'.. , "V" ,roilu''-t U-JuU'i:d t..:L,, !luUlltumilIgule wue of Treasury
Z7 r tlW,f' 0 0 w a"1" J" ii W' i ftiMw ww Ijn-i tu-o up an i-mil vith i nays -m
need or our proJucu, they won't buy Uiem.ot oar, j to, Uim il-orm? twtituia dav, ihe Stnles were
we can t sell tueui, and ihey bacomtt m tru mi wii twm-ti :n tlm ntati ol peiums. Mr. Oaten, ui
!', , . . . .a',.;ifrntoil a.pniiuua ufaug Cngraw ui pat
Government U jower In lure f,re."n oatm .t w.imiiur rite ww.a ardent spirit m tlMt Army
lo buy trow u ; and U, being llie case, I n.ouW like,airt .t!. ,u U Cmmi. Mr. AdauuiauJ
-iJbiafcjtaitatitefWcril iMymmTi3iiSmmi,'iim
' e,i? ,bow ! . ' I fit Mi
1 he. nett ajiwdemeaaor .charned an Ike fenaiaaiimt ' earmaaM! of? ttu
h Uut . 0 acaroe." Tkat watey a. ae, II 'JS "iZU -,aa.
io snow now uovernmenl m tu blame tor low pram ?
.11- ... . a
think mi one will doubt ; tut I uulci-l-tie pa -
. Oor'"nent J luaiutp mu. tiim !e-ni.tim axppnenee, wiucb waa not ahort,
"vpniwent can walie maavy ws-ily by - ii mm iuoa. that- M0ooi. t titer a ik-termined
, rt ..! Ir-n the peonfe by tujrb tax; tan Hm imnrmrjmnm. tb .rct ,h buamea. uf ConEr.
via not nowrthe ca for 0..: tuxes ksve been iwiweai, '.,muitt ww-litwi t6rth.eluM- ( Ae
t4 are atill going dowa. lipw, then. Xiownuwni en 'th. of (t ,".tiean booadarr, the
t- to blame for Uie ecarwty t money ! ,Tbe cuarjr- rirlua,l4BW-tllIlwrt ut jj--,,,. frqnl reeoiiec
e(woleoae, made eilher ttirough iuoraiioe, et a lie- )t) Umiium (wiiMi uitbUovernuienl loi lie
'gu V u P?n PBOple- " . ' i h4tUTOBU- Ifwing .tutetury. or Oovern.
But althouebj cannot eee, nor can anv baW eW imm -teaiitM a. the Untum Uurno.wit counter
, , ace, how Oovernwent can make aiowy eiUieraeeme er jprum wriei..y, auewer ha been recve4.
. Plenty, we may aUNwe and kaw lit there n HU wvw , Mr fron tn- eumianaicatioa
,er o(T thai can ande done rt. TliCTe mmmtimr t ttto fltrtliJimtteri wliteh wat ain lh tnlv oa
Ti. . 7 -v " " u-mrwmw laati, mim lie a.4 net itn Uie temper die
hat it already greater tUantiie,i, - "WuvwriiiMtur inr.ttnt an amwnr inubt be ahort I v
leae chocked, will toua be greater than ti IWu. tit onewtJ. VV.i il orTwcted aiiwer tu our counter
w tb power, anu not the UiMernnieql, tbat bw bniusht pne.'ia-recsttmli.wR will ,Uy liKit oa thia uuea
the preaeura on the Oouutry, and thatia rmuie mmam -Mai. W, mll tbea lie inlonoed wiietlter the Dritwh
ecarce, VVbat power m th ?-Jt it drmwmfti arrenmterttaacreWio ilia m4naitioat.tfd iedutppned
. w' l- Bn",(. 'y"" - -eaaee kb.,M1irj mnxaulv. iir Wlleuier ahe- rct'iMea, and in
ot tbe prensnre and d.fliculuoi Uiat now aet Uie. im-nv. veenMll mww wriu we hive ta dk tie waa
country from one end to the other ; -iM Uw peep aMl4Uinrtbt vm ftm Sumf the loth af May ae the
""T rely-on it, they never will eee better tiatea, ami! ny aTwiMurrawtit; Uat lie tlMMirht' that- in all human
thia Baiikiaff aj--teni ie brought to ea id or ffTWtiXeeji,j? itiwn o ttw Brttub Uovernmeut would
, changed tor the better. . The Banka tu Xtim Kute have anaine' MOfw.tbe lirat i4" hum. tihould lite ane
for aome time paat been woping war ?iit nVpeopte, ' mth-- uirenml laaa, wnich llivmi forhid, we cn pnt
nd they are every dy jrroauij woreo. -3ht 'ttr imtl: ea,ttire Ma'bepaaeaa". aa we may
wilt break np IhoiManda, M now eertami but ttl lbey .uiiiiiiS(sit tbcthe iwiHeetion of the country.
are aciiinj tlieir own doom, a they tow otiiew, ia
equally certain. It w time that Ilia people eftwokl b-
rm to tutderxund tbte Bankinj eyiaein ; ead wimn thw
do understand it, thsy will aee that itieaet tiie (mvem-
nient, but these beartiea and te iwrtiWMon. iiat
tooiiej pieniy or ecarce, ai uieir win ann aww-
", . X A r AliJil.U.
'-if -X.
. .
. 7u "J. -i, .
- a av. iL. T f T IT ft . i
ZKZ Z , . (H. i. r-wTO
A7i . . . r
cuts ioantv ana iiistriet. i mm iii tir tfnni .niirihi
.1... i. I I- Li . I . 1 . I ' . Ji
. -j ,-....,,
didates in this County .-Uwt fiakerf
wanly. bf Nurtb Crohn., Trum- SmZZZZ
liartford. CtnnecticuL Twnnder If be assa me sx" e
. - - - ar
Kowan ta Federilmtn by eucuXaed other mratw1 ij
other members of Congress, and tint iarje eatcheaanv
aooo 1 eapected, printed in Ihith,epTely to ajwrnae
TIarnaon, lkir whil The Fedoral hsad-.cs tiunk
lbe people. On the first paje.of the pampol-Hsentase,
ia a large horse in Uie style of UA. iativwr jatrinipiawmavswtt rhrtificaiiia,JwiH!b eery aaooa
Sarpeiton, wtb hiph heart, iwwed tuwk.anakcKtatL"hKm 1 tlaatasatlfeBMsbfl'' PTKttt tfw tin. Kaf rtia al.nis slu
Bj hisside,eUodsa man in boots to bw knew, an.
r T . : . , " " i..'i4.iinotrT ttw laws i! natioiiSfcWe had
hand. ?-Ibis, J presume, e mended btr Iha-Oawaiwl VTCM'toviwjMtua. wiwt ubosmow tbey were intended
btmaelt. vost sijcU a picture may be atuek dwim
- Ifaamt .wiwtlttrMI' nit "tl-Kinl It. H n.ntl.t.. ti.... 1. '
, m. w.muinf m .ur riortiwnitrn?ilier tor gnti warlike prepara'Lions, hut
country. . r,.., ., - - weitiW U& to-tua mouth of the Columbis, that im-
. I, would ask you, Mwrr Jilitnr. jarkethea tiiese i rMtaMnVrrt.cBir ferrifory which my triend and
members of Congrosa, and otb-rsof the same panrarho Kadtanfriarr UmnatBrnprirely and persevertnirly
t M - ...ill ...... I L . 1 I i.
nave sucn norroroi wwonmi; uncie rvu) nvatev fw ,mgm
that the people are s childish a te ae caught with -msrr mrwtreiM. Uirnud to tbe warlike preparations
ptcturc or.a inaa hidding a horse,! .-J ahould like itfyt.wtBrtiiisMriV Woait aia point to the Italia,
know whether the man holding he horse is a aw-; tsas-i.rtie iirvlircriwttcillivot nommnnitinn
rect tifceiieas or tjonerai i.Leo. K w an
aef hie" is called the aara! CWer Cmtulidalc, fiir to are
he looks like a hard looking oil roarirr-eiul if 4t were tI! rWoiitt(d' oropartiig for a stale of 1km
notfor his cpauletta, nd ooe would take him to we ulttnv, .-.. ' ' '
I Gf-peraL , . '. .: v' ' Ty...j $n awlmMt iatiuiei ihaiwaf-cea oluudoruu
gnua iwr,D f "
Ifta." Ibts beautilut aeutenee stmet m-nth jreat
-.foroa whew myywcatrgtiTtne fietureon tiw urst page j Hnnyttitmr nattrm stamlj wear. If we
r aud then on itbe last ' . 'gngatgaKjaaiast,, Taw jawai ssassa wrtmtNwr-i
UUvum. wdiiacut-aJ ll- -warL S.-. H i,i.ii.ii, nncli n-ftws U Weni ilt Ut
T jn yon my iur w uie isiier. i no yxcuire on .ne
last page a og camaano a amrrei tij in ro rutin,
;1'5SiSli'flawa-r ;jwaa.,iimiv tf 'vMii't-h
nreora ncro mnwii, mi .c w-isc m wi uan. .i it
-r'sksa k traaa taswas fatal eirk m that atah'iA "' -
i A i I ! UMlutnurt. .. .r- ---1
menlsl coat, nor hepaulett.; be is tare-b ami
fcJOKI H II HO UW wn iiMaiiMe r,VMJ 11 mmwn
cidr." or something still atmo?nr.
To conclude, Messrs. Editors, this picture afturr
plainly s'iows wUt these llarriHNiites tiunk ot the ua-
i r- instead or giving rgumenis, iact,snl
i im t im nf luui
send out pictures of horses, log cabins, and cater bar
rels, sod hope, by these eieaiie, to caama the rntnmBmH,mvmiluim genwral pln. m di
rni biiii ranjr tituit, rt'i titiv wi u uiu wtUi
worn out uui wan.. Jh -
ment m 0Tet,that titers.
in aa they aa to think.
Uiey 'i'I find, alter the excitement
pie ar riot an easily taken in as
.ssd mat uieomy way ia euaviace iree men, a u. treat
tnemancn,noiaacuuareak '-"rZ
iUr UUM AA.-
' mi , c ..: : 1. : i .
vl llf proc.!, w umn.iK.ii imiuimm
ceivcn too late for tins week a paper,.
YneaMi 0,,r 2-. " '
They shall
From tkt Xtw Far HeraM xfra, of .llardk JB.
ftrna Mfff Imipr from rkifia-f!Miire mtnmar
of Me ForeiiTa TrmdtWmr ht, Jdsliwl
- -tk;. -l.-.h lJ,.!n..i,. '.1,i,.,i
off the Hook, from Canton, with wwi&x.texsln
n.,; r..l f 'i.ii .rJ',.":-: ;; -
.,i- ...... ...
ti,;. o .t. hitrlinaa innri.Be. -Tmm
can trade et.ll eont.aued alhe latest dal 3W
.1. I iL.. ..i a ,i
Y- "LL..
'' 'IL k. iT: V-JSZxLi 9tZ:.
Cbae, (Urn the Commi.KHier.) w. drmmeri u.
'under the flvgsof ether aa'KiM. a tin ba h.amru.
done, and urging tbe utmost de'pttca to kwKng Mt?
easels taken up t freiifhl tu AVbainpoa, ss th;r! m
srest dan-rer thnT thrf WftlM fr1 f'"" " r
in a wek " It was the ireneral eimum an enur;
toppage to the Creiyqrde wi'ul use pleer.- km? Win tti. mntuumsw- the pnttuna e the (lav
r Atler tlie bsttle b 'tween thediuw- .wl the Hntw, fMlwll. aMi; tu.tlirw 'hsewtid'otr the Adrninia
at the BffuMhe troops of Uie Uttot w -nf in loa .llliDin. mlu,. i..t ies as won. no.
and wok away aH tbe U-ttrf. r-- .Ti.ea....-- ae
"Aimtni had died u but wu.. hs unwMma..iii"- , ., .
UnXi I n' e..eM a. P-k.a, uii . .oui, '', W"u' J?
the bttlel and for lb PrpjJ otjirMuruij K erJ- .i..-li uaae-w ttw-rssniirrrauiranr fact uws
,f the Etnncn tor future operation. '.. ; Jcbarw-tun, w ttaa. uaiy ohjee f ihe- Whigs.Hf.
f V - . - T !tari;, wwui tu. iie!r tl lurt thardid not dare to
' - . r ' T"!,. "V f.!. ! vote n-rilrrt'. til. On llur liuai iBMtire iW tlie hill
. .1 . vi ttnn j r T u. iur . . ' win ...n. 1
. .. . .'. . r nl. .S . i.n.r MMMtttv
fuiitii.n ini n.iiowiiiM cji.i--.t w. . .-.....i
J L .. .1.. M ...... r. I '.mail ,d" lliat ertw
nvnivru dy ton - j
" I f,-JMwe.' Caierila. Feb. 1 4. 140.
" V'On the Wth orthi mtifh, 1 hli ttufcirarr ui ih mapmivvlo hike tlie
. ...n, n ihe UiuGrande with 2,tHI0 : bill .U .T Cmimttew ;. but tti tt'bigti, ttwaigh
: mer) and len piece of artillery ; leaviM-l.ntIO m-n Ur Hmxmm naL laweaiiwueted, and tl,ey bad
Id coverTampio, and 1,000 mnreto garti U- fttin uny. aiinsr tfw paaaa of ihe bill .A
- tamora. 1 r-com.nend this ns to I apread n, '.eoutiiutaJ m .euussmw tin ttmw in - mg cabin
the country ad.o.mng Texas, en ' your .de. in or ctv,. 'till Ci' at latriu he a at-
, der that emigration may he s-ended. IhnkT itetnp!,.. rtwaeYtte ir-wt the-IhIL The Whig
I m? eomrmnd and that of Gee, CanM,?-,. are n , eaaaartrfto.iaa.-u thmr,ohi trmka, which wa.
metered 4 503 " M itam.fs and Tamwro WMt fhemfaf lorce til Commit.
are wrongly ti.riod; and we are ,,t pre. t!l.r-nnt.rf a rriumm. Th.. game waa
p arrd to receive, but actually amend 10 r. m put- ietrewA ta wih. mij.l, and tlie Hoase sat Ml
' L,,,t 4lhbwmieofoory." ; -m ;riattlrdirv th. uptraJIcltai:
. . " '. . ' ' ' '
rcrr tg a; e a a to n al.. ' ;
i j i- :irlJiUui..iu--t-mnnMroT nniiiwu pray.
, U4j. tw iBMira ihuiuusi oaukrupl law were pre. ;
mit ma .twmi to t:,. Jiicj.rv Cuuiuutt. The
ml--t.Mtiumai !erm. .-r,i .t.,!,!,,-. ni,i.,uuL
uie mies, were nut recuivt!. '
iireh.Jl, Tint Uuauiiilion tor the ad-
iHHtriim m iliv IMU Mar couimir up,
, .fmwim urn miiH,
) jh Uiutauwu to mlil lbe !AmaUW fn
:41t. UieitHjt, itt,iie wa uppmi to acting on thie
.inirwuw. iwiHminent at the prerent time. He waa
tone e' UMet wrta'aiziiuiall' doaired peace peace with
iall aatew; tauiiat 'qimKtP oaNiwa,that te preserve
;gaaa- la -Pw To Ota vorl4 that' we were pre
; ir ti-n-ne wiwiVee.V Ana he waa also of opinion
'imtiiarraaaimwrin wtueli ie bail Hniiaiulonwi I ha mih.
J - iecaaaiiKaaeatrtheaaverot States, had encooraced a
mitmmHm..valA wnbwl hr M eheiny.. It was
!! wretr-uaMl wroament. stul ueteneeleas.and
.. . ' ,
i pnua, -imny laisssimi i a ut br an mtmnv. and . it
aurtwtssnteet. Tim Hensttk nome days since.
.... - . ;T T" ' T.
iwnv iwwiiimis iif 'i mmm niiniwi n mat nnainr 1
"' IUt nlK.Mul' k. t U. ....
(-r AV,Trtaisaa,1Blemivtlaaiahe pneseesed relauveto
nrtiLw :.mi,: t. .,hh,na nlra. ,1..
otawmi auaU .eibaMum troatwn -The reply to
; taat maMtass ts tior yer been receiveaV but- every
f Jstwrrrttt I'tewn.u.xi. r. v. Th.t.lowii,i
' avlme-; Inar. 1 tie. ilmiti. (ivirniaenl are uot onlv cow.
ittiieitruiiei j! wnU wlneh iimly swroachingope-
r ,m, .nn . ...
swtofw (wraKemujw tat.-i'Vol only' to the
id 01 iimi wnnnniiic rtvfir. -mt to the; Uermudaa,
juuilirntiKin y, n.,..
m u twjtnxntlfiSiSar Tl.e miserabia
twiwet d'-iinJiriirrTiku revenue.
j-siii m aiM 1. -j-'..
wish to
. jjtrreBWiaa. TTw-rieraVm
ITii itortfrefrrUiui(ta asr
An....-wr-titw fj'M
"-Xni 'UiT Ifinas lltillsi
iVerttt, rtoojtt, fhi,
' ' 1 ' l".t.i , P
.II liiwiua.tirv:K.-
tTwnan.oet: tfirrrmmeinsjuome.- All ths aih.
.... , " lww
!,.. WWBL aeneeleel aio.. Al
Till in1 (CuiaTm-JW fwaarilnti.
nC (rtsntressv rvwolutiaiw rnaiiinn-r the
Ireada eTtbB W'-htiwiu tNavr- Deprtments to submit
pataw liar ttjte (psiBraJiaud permanent defence of Ui
cra.a3rfclii- 'tmni tins nliainbi r. I )m oTTneae'
1'! fa iiiiwiI rrssf-wuwerwl tbi resolution ;1he other
ea icnwawnugiii. Wlawntttrr eame ia we shall see
sviasuiMe -fws4 ' unl- laaiuaiient delenee of thS conn-
tn'rtlt nwsuiumx iiniwnaintfewnu may require
UwjtssfrsKtxsn;: anftHrna not for adjourning.
idtsaasNuc low oiswMaaft nfi adjoanwmnt, unUl
or eveo
i wrottmtjsaTiieTBjopaaL.
' lii -the- ttMoIutina
1 tat .B,-, !-, tkrkammm JS. 17. -tm
'j Urfttn rasMC, JSlur asne unimpnrUiirl buin
tmm was
it - j tmmmm. Illw iw tkm- of Mrr IHt was tikrn
be iawH tamyewtwwasi. asattnsssif the Uuaaa oa it to the
li n.
arsiT ' Kmunsnu.'
3m iAt.,.f!twiii U Alter the-reenitioo and refr
sve.4' art?" inuwh-.S ritiosiW memorial, the
UU: 9ereaTititrttjijrifi ttr the nrmiuMsaiiea nfthe
- j fJiiniawnaaii.lUaa.ibi. ate-ef ilbwv bairatia, and
ansrj Btn:iuaHi tt.e!liriii H.n,ann
... ..i ;j
T- T.I?- J - ptpw.
- .iarf saal.tbantDsaiaiUeed hiectiaua area further
ihlj.we e tlwntr aw iuetu. thereon, Mr.
! Mel: ct.raiww-.iaamrt the llw,4,gr4MJ.and
tspe vrtUtw--mr-'-ariverti,w!,t: ?
Tnrc..tTmi'rJet.-m.,ut.rliii4W Din was
.abucii-isp .tr Peatoa rnsjaed tarfrike-uut tUIKt,
put " 'Uwiil the hwar ot adJaurniiH-nt.
' TXi m ipatiflTref ffee Vrwertcan 5lir(rnin.n
. . w "iitmis March aD?lH 110.
ui. use Is mi a nine uf rrrit Uuu
.mms inxntfrrsmit' lierm I im- attetm't' ol tile
fv , ... - i . -- ....
Vanaw UTitim 'A'lliifdjuiinedh the ante.' anlothera
. .
triun vnt-ai lUTli
itiwwrtetond 110 fur the bill, aud
fj 'jgr HlnuM' iiwtub. T'ltnday lait. with at dntor
lilting of twrnty nine ,lttr when weiriej, t
hausiaJ, and' duusied,"tln y ad mrw d, V it U the
UiiderstaiNliiig that tlio bill should ba ojHwed td
tlie next day. The neat day did nt tueod the
matter, and it w.ia not till a WJbwirJEyida)
night that the bill was passed. -
Most of tlie di.usiofta during this long aessioti
n utted tu all) thing else but the Treasury note bill.
The scenes which look lce, were jueily des
cribed by Mr. 1'ickena, as, scenes of cuetfusiun and
'dlarrace.',,' -r" ; r ' '
Not even the imminent danger oi a foreign war,
which becactrf appareut upon the communication
to the N.mat by the recent correpaidetice be
I ween Mr, Fo and Mr. Fooyth. could arrrl the
facliuuacuurse of the Whig iu tbe II tune. They
Mill continued tlieir clamor .about he abuea ut
the Adiuiuistralion, and true tu their vocation, cu
deavored to place their own country in lbe wrong
aa to tbe controversy with Great Britiaiw k It was
said that " this btilligen-nt cirrojoodtoc was g
. up Ly the Administration to direct the alteiiti ol
the peole from their corrupt ions," that a. war
, about llie saw-logs would Imb unneceswiry and ab,
surd, uVc. It was remarked, that tkewe eeclies
were exact copies of the federal apeectiea of the
British party iu 1813. v - . . ) i
DrtrtetiQt ire in Arte Prlnn$.K fin rAe
- out on the night of the lSih.wliichdeat niyeat pmper
: ty em ma ted at between f 10(1,000 and 9300 000.
, It eommt-nced in tbe Store of Messrs. Daid Felt,
J Co., stationers, iu (he acouid story, and 10 leas
jtnan two noura, me whole range 01 ui.e ijpr ttory
building, from the store of Messrs.. TuoJ eV Bsr.
; nets tu the-corner ol Customhouse struct, presotit.
; fa Complote tnasa cT ruins. ' "
- Biwats-Marcl 21T 1
" The LiM Coje. Al U ppenimi of the City
Court, this morning, the Attorney General stated
that, on reduction, he had eoneludrd net lo prose
cute the iudiotuient against Mr. Brecbenridge any
fBrtherand therefore en'ered a noil rrnnjtit.
which terminate .all further proceedings jn tlie
case. The same dipciijpw waa anado of llie In
idict.nenl against the liav. Sir. Cross, the. aasociate
editor of he Rev. Or. urcckenbridgc, in ttte pubtt'
the.Court of Oyer and Terminer, of Jame Wood.
Baruh Ann I'eake, last Autumn, was closed laat
night ar 10 o'clock, the Jury bringing in a verdict
ot not viltt, m the ground of tntnmtf.
;s- ue tnat was trtnioMea aoimiwIiat
asiine rare wnumit argumew ana tmuer nvreiy a
i .. . . . . . ... . --a,
fiwmMow tue-voon axtne instance tT aiessra.
Johnaonanj ISrooke ot) lbe part of tlie Common
weallh. ', - j ... ; '., :. if"1
The 8yiilne In fnntnin tlin ormint nf incant'lv
Lwat regarded strm diaeuaaioti
aide5 theVvidenc. Z flawed by a
brief efiarge fronijudge King, after Which the iq
rv retired for t few minutes. and returned with ver
.dict as eirert above,. Wood remaina thn (into.
dy of lht eourl under Mm act cf AtsemUy Tron
ding for such cases, and sv ill be immediately re.
moved I rorn' prison In a lunatic asylum. lhert to be
confined ae Inrig a hie- crmditron hisy aeern ro're
euire. Pkilitdelphin Penntyhitniart, . : ' -'
, Profitable Voye. The Inquire, publuJicdw
. NamuAet. etaie. that one c4" the hale ship
:,Vhirh TtceDlly. arrived atihat place fwryi the P'
' cilic, is estimated to have cleared mora lhao a dol
lar an hour,' beside iutereat on eost, cVc, from the
" time she tailod, until the hour of her arrival. .'
-FtrrffiKiThe Savannah Geortrian. of the 29th
ult., haa the fulfowing item : -fc - - r ,
Indian jlimfrr,7-Ereqr 'rekvtwtig'ta
"'blftod.' 'Caplain 'Brooks, of the (Jeneral- Clinclk
inToj:ia-tt, thai a-mw time tnreek7ffio Rev. Mr.
, MeRea, of the Mt'llxKlist rpiropal Chorch, wn
killed while ridinj his circuit by ludhtia. within
. tnree miiri 14 wicam
. W4liwrirts3tiru,6iirTO
i" Ci.t....l 1 - . ... - . .
.t,, wikui'jav evening, nnnging intelligence of llie
aptur and rletTncrwm-of I rf&KU'm''
nurnetf, the mules, killed, an I the sergeant tu corn
mand of the train mertallv wounded. - -
JV Tear of the Worll The first diy of llie year
I 1840 of the Chrinlinn era, was the'25th of iha
month Tebet, in the year of Iho world ftflOl, .
eordinir to lbe Jewish account : the commence.
Lmenl.ol,vtbe. yaar aerrHing.til Iho Cuustan.
iiie.piiimoxaccouiii j anu me negmniag nf the year
73.T2, according lo the Alciandriiiu arrnurind
the year 900,000, bf tbe Chinese computation.
In Davie Cmnty,i the 4th instanC Xlra. R.
CllAKL IIU.VI'ER. wHeof Mr. W lluniee. Mrs.
Ifuntur had been a member of ihe I'reKytcrian chorrh
for many year previous to her death, and wa greMly
esteemed for her piety and Jnsny smialile qualities
a Hj .i nrcniisiniaiicea. v . - 1
In Divie County, on the 8th InaUnt. ALKVANDER
SMOOT, E-rj., k mwt worthy and rhypaculile citizen.'
. ' On Saturday morning, the 2th r.f Frhnianr last, of
;rml""nrycwimptionfcMr. HUGH VKJX.'lf. of this
place, aged bottt ihirty year. ..' The recent conned ton
.J deceased wjih Iha puU'icatiua of -the lmel!.
gencer, snable us to tastily fully to his grent moral
- worth. Ilrs nnexeeptionabla deportment, simtsined by
vignrou and well dijciplined mind, had seciued to
-fciw many tWofed fWehdi, and the hive and esteem of
. an ni acquaintances. He wa ettive of Surry coun
ty. North Carotin, and at in early age became propria,
lor of a newspaper in Halibnry. ia the sain Hi. 1.
Havfng resolvad to risk but fortune ia the mih.wet.
nt re-iioma ui i usraKttsa, ang soon alter volunteered
!ia services In th FUwida campaign of M, the ei--
attre of wliu-Ii, estldntierj his disesse. His remains
were int-r'vf with masonic honors, by a larje nnmt
of the fraternitv, of which he was a distinguMhod mt
her. Mrmn ( Muuistippi) Intelligent.
.ue wseaiKHiteii 111 ijUuktun
Tt V I I . I
ManuhVloring Company, are notified that an
I wtnlmeiii of Twenty.ftve dollar on each share
wilt tw pavaiit'i 10 the andefwgned'nn the 11 nf
; May next., II v order f ihe ILreet-wsnf the jTioaJ
w.ii. 11. iiurau; TreaeuTv.r.
-Salishury, NrCr April lfr;l?m:
la ODTQK H L. K .
apiJE Suhscnter, as attorney bo- M u rt ha Thorn,
ton. mW fur aala 777 1 Acre ()f i,, .
ten in cpanan&urg wmrtcl, S. C, en lb wateta
f Bignd Little Buck Creeks j-Also, 100 Acre
in same Piwtrict, in the fork cJ! North and Kajth
Packolot UitwtsPersons wishing to urchaea a
perl or the' whole of these lamia, are invited loex.
mine thwn, and address the Subscriber at Si!i.
uury, - ' - -, -. ... . .- -f t
; ' JAMES P. POXDER, Attorney.
April 10, 1940.' v - . r t 7
.. a-J
0 V ft.?1 X A fPI'E Sohwriber haion han,,
" - tL anil a Klja 1 ... . .
la !w II V O U H VIV.-
3 111 IE S;ilw;riber ofl-r f.r sale 4!3, Atro.ut"
l.nnd, fitualtxl in tjjmrlatiliurg Ihitrict, o. I".,
o liiawi Creek. lter the I4ani ford rn Broud
Uiver, and tlie Pat kolet Iliver ; aud ulo, lai
Acres. or lliereaoou't, in the came -ctKn, betwet-n 1
North and Jswth Pckdel Kiver,..Any ri"to7f"
wilting to urehaae tl whole or any 'art oif thino
Is ml, can raamine lhen, aud addn sa lite fulfil-
her at SufiaUiry. N. C. . ,
JAMF-S P. IlitNiiER.
April 10. l4n.
3!ore GootlThings,
KSrF.Cl Fl'LLY iufrns his cuttoiiiffS ai,d
tint nulrlic generally, thai he is now receiving
and opening, at his establishment in Salisbury, a
.. ... .!
plend.d Akiitmeut ol every tiling uesiruuie 111
hia line of vui. teas among which will be found
Sardine,- ilxraons, J t
Merriags, Pine Appleav I , -
CudbVfc,, 'JRannansst .- .
AUrkAhii, . (.Malaga Uispas,
Cbt-ese, -. " t jU)oales, . (
All kmda of Cracker, sucb Powder and Nat
as boner, swent and gnh liondon, Mustard,
g' Nut,
Aecbow, - -
Riigluh aluLu,
First rait 0stcra,
4icoa .trt
Cmmaiou, Ciovca, PcpBCr,irirs . -
, Niw. II I it 'iil."
and Sptee,
fimoaii Cur' best.
Albany AS
Che win? aud aotekmg T4:
owark Cider,
Kaence of Ctnnatnca. '
Rurth. ... ' jpt..
Mint, , " t
., ;cioveiv:
Molasses, , 1
Brmri and Losf Surar,
All kinds of Wines, '
All kunhjuf Lh)Uorrw r '
AH of tli bcM quality and
- e
Ran. mis
latest tinjKjrtatsaui; . .
Oranges, -
Together with a great variety of Mber'Grticertee
too tedious to iiietitioo, aal .which ho.wiU vtl
ry luw furcash. ' -. '.,
Mona. Rouecfie felnma fci thaufcs 'fur lbe liberal
rtrrahereuJaieceire.aiidaulicttsitsco(iiiu. ' .
nromr, ibl he ba prtiiiinertily located.
hioMu'.f m a!i'Utry.v He w.ll give Li rwsonat..,.
rwmw w Tnrj Ajunnw urj uuiieb, tu wuicn ae
baa been engaged fur llie lat ten jeara, and. may
be round at all time either al bneatuxnoe, or at
tbe ahop, where) ;ul laJie-greel-plesur in "
wailtog ujvai nil who may give h I call.
f.i B.
4 C- Jv U HULF.U -retutt-heir on- "
gned thanks to their fnendbd cusioorr
specially Physician and Merrhanls fof the
very lit! patrotiage, bestuwed upon tbem llie past
year, and in return fu tlieir lundneaa ami lihersli-
it, are (Ji.'lerraiUHl to sell them UrvftSledicmr,
Paint, de-i lower than any other ahop t Hotlh
Carutina. A3 Phyaiciana and v'hers, who order
or Imy DrngrjLlekint, Painty djT .frtmi them, .
where tlie price r fymlily o not prrfectljr plcaia?,
are at all tituta privileged to return them immcdi
ately at lbe same price T a Ihey hold themeelvea
remonlile, in all casta, in their fiieiidsarid .cus
tonreTt fhnhe" quaW) iuTivery article Ihey aril
Ihem. They will open their aprinir liuaineaa with '
thn Urgi of MrJrrto'w, PmhI
djf,,evcr Lrought into Ibis market! ndjiIIXhose
wl ay" wishr nTvthihJ;"TtriTuTfie, anil have
the cator go-id credit, shall be acconimcMlated,
if atrict atleulioa to tlieir; buiiMHa, gotal physic;
arid low pricee ran do it., 0;ie or UHh of tbem
Kill at aril giv thMrrr
hurtes." 41 heir.aliop will be cpen at all houra for
Uievuxumnwidatiurt f tW-iwk ind
i" p", Tir inn
can-fjU -wide' wt al-ilwrt notrct'. Mediciner n
thrwkaifiriiri CoosuliaiiHi t
and advasa of Dr, Hg Or. Dutiglaas, nnd Dr.
Burn will be given when necessity, eud the med
cat attention of eilher obtained by applying.,.!
their shop. Thf-worthy for, without money, shall
not want for medicine lo relieve "them ofthtir f-
fliciion. rrehruarr tLltf 10 .at
A LARGIJ- AsaorWnl of -
tien 8LEDI3, juat recetveoV
from 'the New Lebanon SHh-
kers, (rala!neaof which can be seen at our satire-)
Also, neat Oval Bote, and.IUnd Swifta fr Ladies,
t at sale by C U. 61 C. K. W HEELER.
Tor wile br ' , Cll'tVC.
Sa!inbury,'Jan.lO, 140.
, . . .aiiiuncr six, s
PAM?nCIGARS.6e Chew iaganl Sl V?
J ling Tobacco, . t , AT - WHKEI.Klis T i
Teb,?!, 18104,,.. rri' -"-
pOOLSCAP, Cetier, and W rapping Paper, and i " M
arwvy-nsei ma w if' f it -a sj Vy , .
-CB.&CK. wiiFfcl.r.n ' . -. .
l ebroaiy s?, I40. .
a.'tTy'ni waul tUellflliV"
I ell Mr. .mt f.M .
I Hi
nPl' A?, Wines,andKp.rie. rn".fir&1 pur fbaeav
; .t sale bTC. Cai U. K..M liKKLJ'.lL
ujinuuiT, I CO. SI, 4 I'J. .
A LARGE Assortment jf Jcbtellerr, Knire.
f Peisctta, Needloa, Thimble, cViJ c'an bo had
very low, ar WbdeswK by calling ofwm . '
C. II. cV C, K. WHEELER. .
February 51, 1 540. .? , - - n
-..' - U - aH3e Roantnitf - omi
s All with I U men and North-
V era matched Ilm-sra, may be " J
lad cheap, by aprdvin to
v; , C",J- C-.iv, nllKELER
QNH HUXWim GALIXSofV!,dor. it
lCM,cdd-preaed Cactor Oilr Apply , .
-i3a-aUiy, Jat8l.l19. - ... U. 4
. A-' - ' a-.
... J .' . . '
.. 1
T . t
. !
- - -'-i
' I
" -A ;
1 1-

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