North Carolina Newspapers

J .
Farewell. Oxford without bead!
Orfari. Kircwcii. doke witrewt "' ' 1
7 y litlury nf England,
The moral of th late proceedtuu in Ihe French !
CliBOihe- of Ifc-puiie concerning the Duke of Ne
mours' I), na'ioi Bill-, lies deeper tlmn the simple
'itin l economy'." II w not nierelythut the peo-
pie do not like tr(py wi hnily for a royal limuly,
but they cannot.' France it altered, film ia
m longer the France that worshipped the rising
(tar at veramlle. mid fluttered her chivalry Ml
' Fohtainbteau; They fcity that she is growing pfos-Xru-nius
slid j-arfjful in proportion ; that h:r iiinu-
Ucturing industry w rHpiilly welling into impur.
tance; and l!:it ht r f-tes and sjieCiacIes are being
enperVded hv the labors uf the steam engine, the.
spiiininVjiiuiy mid the furnace.. Alt Ibis Iruej
and this hi the very reason by site, cannot, annra
. to expend rge sum far the eupport if nuuier
. ,uu Block of-miiicii. She ia finding out better
modes for the mventinent of capital.
The trrtrtttutionH. nf France are essentially pop.
ulur; all but one orUie Orleans dynasty, which is
fat ileweiihii( mlu fye unpoptilurity tint cngulpb
ed Charles X. The fWl of the law of prunogen.
Mure, and lite hrognliortW" hereditary titles, hve
woraedl miraculous change, in France. . By the
farmer rrnjjiMire,, the country) no longer burthened
vi!h large inheritance jrr a fesr bauds, a popubj
' tion fif younger ii billeted upon Me produce is
broken &HitoWinifedttMorM0ffcmrty. 'IV re
, ' raorw small farms and yiiHtyerdsui f ranee than
in jtv other pirrrof hnr pe of wmilar extent, i e in
(rt raHfc ermeeqiieficenl Oiei quel pertiiiof family
eaiean.img wrviving children.' By be tatter
. roaun, the dawling ninutiiiii,( of ariiHoctncy
have beeu blotted out. awl there la no Miliar ur
(rut or wMidcr fit dukes, or princes, or nmrqnW
Tb whay the people, therefore, are
rlvcd a' nearly m owibielo nne e'eiir .ihjl.Aj
. i j r...
. no roan if( jn' fir a np(!raiiim or a ti'irtior
nHther deceraiiime ror title brinjj diatinction.-
There U tut liMhjier lofty order of ptrpi-Wal pr.
teti-aoiijreediiij the upjier, airland overnhadowitip
. itl ifi(r cf pit-li-t4lHtft- )lti'ud below.
Tliia eij(ht,haa boen plucfced up and caM Uxirj Ihe
earth to work ont il oajn aalvation with Its own
harr. Unrnnittt theitun and twarthy' crowd it ha
' then, reniam frf eMmw'irtiximl pimp and prince'
' .ly pride J The nigeaot has 'vanished-"-the' htirri
rlear-iind the Biijteraiition ha pad awa
. . je"hrfhrt'l'nie3'the" oriental hwury "if tdie
and psmnrnMl ej.ite, , .
. " Welt ha Da LnmenniaaDolied the taw of f?crii-
--WffliliiJ'fStrlyl aft rVitn, iha labor'! the Ti.Wif:
jf " . itanee of mau. ''He who doea not JalMir ha nnbiv
a- r me fiirrhia'gSiiihiagaudfcriiie aoiloflife. "fhey
- - treof ljnj(oijithkwiriH
i n, VouMe. The sub division of the laiid give every
man something, but pn must aet bimseit rn earnest
in v.k5 it more, andjft maka it ownj-h. jTH"il,! unoeraand wa. tolerabljKplenly in these
BroffN."of induatrv ia 4 a revefati. Trom ttiH pSfW. Wal, H I " neverrmjnd the- Black--
cluU'l It il( the progreasof necesmly. - So long
r. .'..., ' ' ,. . . c .
m ihe law of primngeRitiireniiaied there wa over
much Wealth nnrl overmuch poverty aide by jiHe
gord plenry and squalid want. Now there i,.or
ousht to bo.iieitner; and tlio rww cnndifinn of
intuit fWrces ItKiae wlio hitherto folded themselves
up in secure taaVi.' to "ti actlvrly for their maim
eWMr, id come itjtvn iiUu. the luiuiita t( traTic,
and ind,a!', by th.iSl'Ximiilef liecoiniiion rights
l.f lha ople. Tho rtoce U covered wlth ateam
ing brow nobody idle new'clinnnels of em
uloviueiit ardail.vjipeji!,devi'tt
that he ha srtmethiiig In falvr for, and something
,; J pre?ervhe r kpo hfttr .SoyjrtqtiandiprMig for
Vhows and prrrewion and ti this industrious e'u.
ail anrat,.Urt.jM imenl-of subioHHWOH l.'ewt
fy loHenBrau(f royalqiiarleringspxiiire. Fmiice
will limea irnat Heal of poetry by all this; her im
aeination may no but as hor revenue come in t but
wihd natiotiaailvantagemmthnfla
in eiuirrani ano ivnes i
.lts JuUpp.'A'4if'
-eie-4 ihtoa-, or, uiuk-ri.uiuuj. W MJUitJffr
' perete gninu to overturn them. . He cannot iNeya It
bit IhniilV al ihe cost of million against (heir etui-
eent fatal Hie we:iittjii'r trie peojte grow ny tneir
labor, tholeiw ini:Iinalioo they will exhibit, to en
- "dure such attempts upon their purse He is Ihe
richest mini in LQrope, and France has already
, dene more llnhi eobah f..r hi children.- - Aft
. the reverses ol lor:une he bus ecn, and Ihe met
" N tied eVpertrnce tiehaa had tt (ha world,, it is
"strange thai lie should tAke up with avarice, thai
-M- u g.sid old "Kuntlcmativice,", and -almve all, so
openly and ou so expo.-J a podustat, tliat nil the
wot Id ran me him with gleaming eyes and wrin'
kled finger counting his rouleniis. Hi subject
have outlived the cnwarrantablentemands of h
igiairt; ihcy Invo even eutlivcd Ihe euioiion of in
diimtior. le ram)ol even get up a Miisntinn in
the cujifueion of lii-.h he rniglit carry hi point,
They reject his bill Calmly, and Ihn work ot the
nation goc An juat a if nothing reimrk ibl ImJ
hapienr(f. ' These sign are otninous, and if he
ha Hit crorige to mterpn t lliem, he will retreat
fiom t'.ie jwTl ion heTias Jaken up. If not, .Tie "is to maintain hit own safety as Ihe
T)uke to aet 'his bill. 4 Wh it then will become
mbMrtomlJfWwcl'Qto4 '-miilMim.immmXMMe4u
' bead! " Farewell, duke without a duchy
. ... - .. .. "
iTTi .1 t....... .l. 1.1.-
Tetherly, of Charleston, N( H.aa indicted for
atealinj horse,, the property of Juaiah WmMltnan
of Nottingham. "Onr being Hk if guiliy, or
not guilty," h said" they mijht i-t kim down as
. guil'Ji h,be wwit into jhf t'lfn Imlge.forhe
j ! ; nlg'r, nmt tinUmrH't -fifty there ,t ir mm to tip nn;
? I ' or it1iore lo eat, m look IhoJieiiHt put of pity,
rode him "lip the country, where there was tray
; ' rruNigh, and Add him to 1 mnn whi would fed him
, ' sveUv noi aJUrvatuiA t(v'. Ha thmtgM
eom about -ridid -ibo. horse btn-k lo k owner,
JwUbeiadc travejled a hard thatJie.wntiW rathnr
' go to Ihe Slate Prison for a dozen year than ride
him ejrain diaen mite - The Court sentenced
bun to three years bard hbor 111 tle c'.aia Prison.
m . . a) .K i - ', -V '
A Lost wealth ,roay IteregNtncd by.a courae eyn I
dustry the wrecK n ncaim epairea oy teruer,
nee firgoiron knowledge restored, by atudy
lieasted (riendslupanrihed into forgivene eveo
forfeited repututioo won back : by iMinitenco ami
srirtoe. But who ever again ookej oc-n hia varr
cished honor-recalled liis alighted years, and stamp
d thero with wisdom or rtlueed from HsavcnN
retord thu fearful blot of a wasted life., - .
V There ia notlnng which keen'y ,wmmdj a lit
fje) mind, a t witnci the objects of ii je.Hiy
3almly pursuing their own concern, without the
pM notiro of it puoY poying , '
-- - ' Mn. -- i..'-u-r.
. ' ' '- ' .
YANK II U MOB. ' ( r
The fiillowitijT very hMinorowa police report,
w Wh larJ in a lut wnbrf the Sii Iii -
IJuJtt'tin, Will he found very a miming ;
I'olict Office, A'op. 7. Abijah llemingway wa
brought up from a black hole this mormnar h '
glance at his face and appearance wit oiiricient to
deaignate, beyond doubt, to what genua of the ape
ilea hKi he iieliMiired. The alircwd twinkle of a
amall grey ee the cotlon band i win handkerchief,
curiouiy twntted uboul hia loo)?, lythe nock the
drilled trowmr, iiieetiii( a' mid h p with a pair of
mlHtmiial bine wnollon K;kuijiH-tlirt road airiped
Valencia veat, with the itnpea running dinotiaiiy
ocro- the cheat and mitiii; in an acute angle at
the wamtbatid the fhock of eoarae hair which
bung about the forehead like a bundle of buck,
wheat over a pumpkin ell Jbetrayed an unalloyed
Yankee of the greenest kiml-i-to"uMe bia own ex-,
preanifin, "juat picked olT tb buah." Having la
keo hia aeatie rroaaed hie lege, put hi elbow up-.
oo hi knee, and dropped hi ouder jaw into the
palm of bia right baud, exhibiting in the nianu a-
,re an enormoua md of pigtail, wtnen ne coo
titiued lo roll and twiit about ia hi mouth, while
hi Ince exhibited the moat ludicrom contortion.
The witiMtanea having been called up, ttaied lhat,
as they eaioe down Kecond eireel last nigbt, about
eleven oVIock, they beard a vcice which appeared
to proceed partly from under ground, calling out
for help. ; They' proceeded to the spot whence the
no: an aeenied lo proceed, when Iheji'diHCoveTBrhthe ,
prisoner in a newly dug collar Iran, with a aegar
in his oHiuth. fie had st ated lijinself on lha cor
ner atone" of the new edifice, and was smoking
vrv deliberatelyrfeverynowand then calling out,-
Vhy the blaze don't yoo coma and help a fel
low out, aome o yet If t hie is ihe way you treat
stranger nut here, I guess I'll get hum as -anon
aa powuhl Kut if any on you ever cum to Saeo,
I kalkilaie yoii II git jease. t
. r. . :. I 1.1 -a- L. . .1 A11 ,,,.1 .
td tie watchman, aupwoning him either lo be drunk
or crazy, lodged him in tiie calaboote. ' At this
htage of the evidnee ,Mr. Jl emrningway, who bad
Been lor some lime very oogeiy, urae urn u
" Voii be darned I hadn't drunk a drop of nothing
to aiVuK on, seoce I left dairaeider barrel in saco L"
Hr wto ordered to ait flow r " Am t I gotrg to1.
luivea Miance lo aay nothin I" " Presently ; keep
quiet.? The other leitiniony having been go e
. . .'i. . l j i . u m - t) .......
inrougn wiuituuriiig vincii snr. n ugjr nr..
up hi the confab. In honor addrewied him wilt)
Well, Mr, Ahviah nfttnmingway, now we'll hear
what jrou've got o sajf'for yourself." "-Wal, I
Uil 1 dew think lhene"re follora Ihiil been jobber.
ing to you are the nreateat w no bad word, sir.
virtve wiwernvrnv t yrre"iri- Ttere mo ywi nrnw1
froin.Li? -VVv iow, Squire, if yxm wont qnili'-
wheel about, I'll tell you te whole conaarn. You
I hain't been here but aoprifew diva, and I
do i't kere how Boon I git away. .1 had a few notions
to dispose on, and I, thought rhnuld find a pretty
good market here amongst I he lilnckfoet Indians,
Icet Indiana. , Where did you comerVomT" 'Now,
Squire, don t keen puttin on me so, you apile my '
story Wat, aa 1 was sayin", there s a .feller -that
I got acquainted with, invited me td go to the
tlieatre. 71 didn ( know exactly what he meant,
but 1 kinder thought I'd go, any how ; amf went .
according. Sich, Squire, you bainl no idea!"
" Well, wall, never mind ell that answer my (yf-'
lion ; where did you come from T who are ydut
. . , . . , ...... a v. am-M- raw u -. . ...
wnai are ynu aoing nere t - leu me at once.
Now don't, Squire I What'a- Ike use of getii
in n passion, ami putting mo out so olleo J Wal,
F w a"s any tti rweiiT" To ;ibi"herre7and Squire'
S :u cau.i guoaa jabat ,fieithea4.hWw'Nlt ':-
there jest about half dreised, and the way the
jtUdLhtakeJiPt L''g j'nd. twked aro' ..flyf Qua4.waa,
nQ.btiainesa lo nobody, now 1 tell you, I I'hon Ihere '
wa feller come out in hia night cap and a calico "
gowu:j)ut he stomjied and Lollercd aa if he got :
reaHCdup lo kill, inspickand fcpiin new broadcloth.
toim-win ana pneino th-roir u.aii,'iia nsenr
mniiM'iil, if vou please , ill you give me some
account of -yrtursolf V - W'at, Squire, 1 kalkilaiauJ:
I will. ; You know, then, that by the by, Squire,
do you tnnw where Portland is, way down in Ihe
sitaio of Maine T"" wYe, well. go on.". " Why,
I diJn'l come from ihere ! But there 'a a place in
Ine Mine Sta'e' called Keuncbunk ;, I pnoee you
nM w ; wt at w wf nmt w r- 1 ee, Yea,
thausjuj w rttvi t v ;e TjJi3-
pra yen mi. 1 011 say yuti came Iroin Kennebuuk 1
u"No, -I don'l, Squire, execjl v. , If you must know
all abobt it,' I'll tell, you.- My name is Abijah
Humminguay, son of old deacon Ezra, Hemming
wny.of 8e.o, Maine,' -Tliey cull me, principally.
Long Mi jo (iyr shnrtiiesa I've got asmier earning
her four petica a week in the cotton' factory j and
I've got a 0mimUi in Ltiwetl, aiwl another in these,
parts tnewhcrethnt I expect baa turned Mor.
inon 5 and I've come ouUicre to see about her, and
! try to git her backhand went tike ft darned fool to
the theatre, and in trying to gtt tew the tavern
where I put up, I felP slarij into the mud, and if
theae ere darned crittersaayI warnt aa sober a a
doacoii.'they I won't ay IlieyKe, but if they don'l
stretch the tnckcring oat of be truth, Fll be gosh
darned lew blate. , Thai's what I've aot,tuy.
uf; ,'i "fc mo nn't." Go way, air, and
oMrtirraytpt tike darned
I HnitM jmii viuniiiii up nij tjutHinr cf mill irow-".
1 sera. "lioawav.iur. inawiv. S.r mo rrv 'snake.
'l "at, rguojs I will. -Gnnd day, Souire j if.yoa
i.-w. .......V ...... ..... .-r jj. , HIMIi
With a whole kin I" Ari4- Alnj.ih Hitrininwnv
stalked out of llie ofTwe. -k
tt is slid a man will live one hundred vesra
hisown new sjiaper. Try it
"A tatch waa Union In lha pit ot the Djiera in
wc shall itiHtantlv ascertain where it is. The
thief, terntv'd at this, vodeavrired to escape, and
by hia agilnliou discovered himself. "
"v. - -7. - :';
Rare, -wfusct of Cvnjygnl' AJtcHorv'l a
Case, before a New Vork Court, a Woman, a wit-
ne, swore that she had nrtcr 11. tifht of ,hrr
hatband for twtlte hirnr togtthrr, at ang one
time, either dnj or night, during a peruid of JSfy
jreor:.: :ir r A .t
' TIaeVri SomcWy deacril tinder to he a thin
rag, such aa the modern female dress, intended to
Mich tparki, raise asirr. and Ifghl up wuitchtt, ,
Jlmutifu!.-k deaf and dumb person being ?
Pari f fb toaer enmplatrrf'irt tf.VfOflffurr Tt i?
. .... . . . - ' . . pany, take this method to intnrm those interexted. ilia t
mi," It is just seven ; irr rfew minute, my watch th8f Uin6 lw , npo Z
wilt. strike, ihawmaNajrrmand by thaXfwaiy w yncMjrfJand. beJoMring4 aaw Casaaana. sttua.
asked what waa hia idea of f5trgivene!, took the
pencil and wrote" it ia the odor which flowera
v'iclit when trampk-d on." . ,
. .j-?1 . , ..... - ".. ' '
'. '-' . . ,' v.'- V
r I)It.(J. 15. DOKJLAS
A rA if AS removed hm Ofi"e to 1
. ..Jl te Olhe How of the Ma".'""
Hotel, lately occupied by lr. H. Austin.
Hit. tr.A.MIEIS KILMAtf,
RF-SI'ECTFULtY oiler his profesiooal service to !
the citisen of HdialHiry, nd the eurron ruling
county. Ilia office u, Mr. Wef new brick-build-inp,
nearly oppueite J. A. W,'Morphy'tore. .
Salisbury, N. C. Augurt ).
sr.. r.. ? 2 isiiw --o -,
HAS Located lnmJf at Col.' Uavia
Ramaev's. Oaklev Grove, Iredell coon-
tv. N. C. and respectfuIlK lenders bis
serv ice to Ibe public- in thearioua da
part menla of bi profession.
January 1U. ie4U. . . I
JL IJITTtRSreo celebrated, and so mucli used by
the afflicted ut every part of the country, is now re.
ceived and for sale by the Subscriber. .
0KES 6i BtXiEtt, Agents.
Mesar. Spaiaue ti SaAaixt, ia Concord, N. C.,r
also Ageuu for the ssmc.' ' i
P. 8.; Bee advertweinent April , . m
PAlft of YOUNG well broke
TKU lor Bale by
v'! JOHN
Salisbury, Dw. 13, 1939.-
THE Subscriber informs the
public that be continues the
! lluines, .
lie i prepared to execute all descriptioria of work
in hia Iiim of buatneaa in-a veryjHruoratyle.aire
garia workmanship and materiala, aiiTcertainly on
lover termi than is afforded by any other estab
lishment of Ihe kind in this legion of country.
Order from V distance thankfully received and
Produce, Scantling and Plank taken in exchange
for work: NATHAN C. PARKS,
Lexington Feb. 7, 141). , 9
NOtifc, Pjopoaal wl be received mini the
15th of April next, for. building two BRICK
BUILDINGS.' for the use of the Poor of Rowan
feet in Ihe clear ; the other to be fitly "two feet long
by eighteen in the clear, one etory high.' For fur
ther particular of plan and conditions," apply to
Uamel H. Creaa and Jobn Uoughenour, contractor
for the Board ot Wardena of the Poor.
- Salisbury, March 0, 1840 30 4 w
for sale,;:
(f)f SACKS of Liverpool Salt 5 ' '
Sugar, Codec, and Molasses;; "
- 6 boxes of Sherry and Madeira AVitie;
' 1,000 lbs. fine and common chewing Tobacco;
- 4,dozen grass Scythes ; : -. . -Hot.
Anker Botlirig Clotba aiid Screen Wire,
Salisbury, March 19, 1840. . "
Poeket-Book Found,
t- fo't ,wo v"'eJs aince, between
tfge Road, a POCKE I -BOOK, containing some
valuable papers., The owner can have it (on an.
pliertiion tot be subscriber) by de?rrbmn t heaame,
and paviiftr, lor thu advertiHement. -
' . . uii 1 1 111 n-roini
Mrckyille, Feb. 7. 1840. -r r v'
rpHRSwWetWf tepsWlaiitlrtm'haTid,'i geticr-
V 1 anHH-iiiiuiji ui
lor Gentbiinen' wer, such CT$rih(alo6nt, and
rrsri, 01 goou - . - , ,
well mad and fashionable, He is also ore pared to cut.
and. mae clothing injhe twtt fathwnable and iuruLU
aiyks a s4 wr ssMtoi to ai- Hrln, keeps-a' good
sortmeut of Cloths, Cassinwrciand Vestin" ol the first
qualities, Selected by himself in (he New Vork Market,
all of which lie will anil low for Cash. . - r'
N. R . He still continue io.tooh the art of Cutting
garments on the rriont pnmved plauof the best Tailors
ill iNew luraand ruilailelplna. V' -
ftT" Cutting for customers done on the shortest no
tice, end ordeas Irom a distsnee attended to with Ce.
spalh; (Cr nil shop wilfbe found in Mr. Cowan'
I k. . . M 1 . I) L' . f o Ktn.iuu
To tho Public.
rpHE Subscriber takes thi method of informingthe
A public, that he still continue to carry on the bu
siness of - . - '-..., n -'-
, . I'll HilUTiJlUitllJ,
s ususl. at 111 Granite Unary.' seven miles Smith of
PWLlf.'S-W V.MrJwton,.toaUv.berAba, ia.
suie taupuiy u .oroers , mr jhh-M "I-1 1 lb
bust grit, ana on tho honest notioe. . . x . .
-- .' -als- ; '. ' '- ' :.',
for Sale, it the West prices, 'J yl-f - 4
I GOLD GRINDERS, 4c. Ac &c ' 7 7
J. HOUL8HOUSER, Stone-Cutter.
Ss!iriry.'Ct&5th.l ' , i if -
N. B. Order for sny of the sbnve wrouirhtBrti.
clcs, directed to me at Salisbury, will be punctually at-
nded Us.
npIIE PuWriber, in" conformity o reeent liurtructmrta
saw CewiBanvftrna.
ted in Davulsnn Conaty, will be prosecuted acoordinir
1 1-.. -t .i f - - . . O
JOHN WARD, Agent '
Davidson, April 18, 183a ..
- " ' '. '- LANDS:'- ' ' : .'
Tract, No 1 conuining 88 acres, lying on tbe ronr
milebranch. ' -
2 eontiimng 90 aerea, lying on the wa
ters of the Flat Swamp. , s- -
3 csitatine 8.HII0 acres, Ivin? on Lick
; creek, Fist Kwamp,od YsHkio River.
4 conUiniag l.fBO, lying on Flat Swamp
conuinipg HH7, lying on IJck creek.
,7 containing 1.412. lying oa FlstSwmap.
f-contining m lying on Lick creek.
0 containing 601 r Iving on Lick creek.
IO-7 containing fm acres, lying on Lick
9 J
k una 1 ii nwanip,. ,
i W- etining, IJXL, lying en Lick trcek.
, 1 eontaiaing Ifill, located on fmir mile
branch sad Jacob creek, adjoiuing tiie Lead mine, -
Salisbury Female Academy
TM1E Troste'ea of the Salisbury Female Academy
- inform the Public, that this 'institution is now
under the care of Miss EA J. Bakeh, a young,
lady in whone literary qualifications and capacity
for such a situation Ihey have perfect confidence j
and who ha hitherto laughl Music in this and oth
er neminane wnn enure saiiBiatnuu.
Tenia of TuitioiuFot beginners, per session
of five months, - , - 9 U
or the Rudiments, with Grammar, Geo-.
arranhv. and History, ! . - 5 ou .
The aliove, with the higher branches in the
i literary department, !. i ,
usic, on thePiaiio and Guitar, 23 ?
Painting, J 1U UU
Ornamental Needlework, and the making Wai ,
Flowera will also be taught, if desired, at 5 each..
N. B. The French Language ia also taught, to
those who desire it, by a gentleman who ia a na-
live of France. By Order of the Trusteea.
- T. L. COWAN, Cliairman.
February 28, 1840. - 1 27 V
Grandiired fty the AMERICAN ECLIPSE,
the CkammoH of Amcnca rrmaef of t Aa
. m , . n .1 . r . ......
; trrear mate nace,in jroria again (
, lAr South $ 2 0,000 andcf '
BRED by Col. WadV Hampton of South Caro.
lina, will make hia soCond Season at Saliibury,
which commenced on Me ultimo, and vill end r
on the 20th of Jane next, a25 the beason, and
940 to insure, the money to tie paid aa soon aa the
Mare ia ascertained to be in fuel, or the property
. . .. ll r sf'
changes owners; and fifty centsvto the groom,-
(Or Mare lent from a diatanceVill be well at-
tended to, and fed with grain al 3(rcenl per day.
U lliuvn iiiai wivu ft, hiii. n ifjitiiBitmi
gratia but in no inatance will 1 be resnnnsiUe Tor
. I . 11 til t IXTrfl
acciiieoia or escape. ; . vuiiu.
Salisbury, N. C, March 13, 1840. V28 r
I Certify that LATH a bred bv me,nnd
that be wa loaiea in me spring ci iva. tie was
got by Godolphin, bia dam Pocahontas, by Sir
Atchy t nta granoaam ioung lottery, also by tixts
Archy, out ot vol. Hingleton celebralBd Lottery,
by imported Bedford out of the imported mare An.
vUlimi-iGWpbiii, waa g ot by lidipse; hi lam"
Sylph, by Ilaephestton out of Lottery by.impqrted
nefliora, vc. liaBpnestioo waa got by the import
ed uuzzarq put ot the dam of air Archy.. :
it iii : - e. . - ... . ar
un.ui ui'.e onw, wimout wnno. ia hands a
idcea high, Vith good bone and capital action." At
Kl, .f f'Co.
tunianwodOcat., beating Mr. Taylor1, filly, .
Diiiay, and Captain Spann'a coll, Convention, nine
other paying torleit. iwo week allerwarda he
won the jockey club purse, three mile heat,' at
Augusta, beating Kite and distancing Black Bird
At Charleston, he waa beateo by Clodhopper foa
the jockey club purse, three mile beats ; being very
mucu amiss, ne was urdwn aiicr me oral liebU
At 4 year old, he, won the jockey club purse, four
mile heals, at Camdon, beating Sir Kenneth and
Dorabella at three beats; losing the first in conse
quence of bolting-when several Icngtha in advance
of-the field, just before be reached the Judges'
aland awMfrg mmg ewtatigtcrf mngat tea rri'af
ges, he sustained an injury which occasioned hi
withdrawal from the turf. . ' :',..
he evinced-10 his trial with BHTiJaria, Charlotte
Russe, and Kitty Heth, and rtiTWrTit of blood he ia
inferior lo none, whether imported or native. His
cwietitiiticwmboWft) havthg bevJT'tjeerrSicr
and hi temrrjgo(id.H!Sj:o
speak for themselves. In a word. Lath uniTes" in
TjimslTa" man'jLnia topublic patronagea aoy
ypiing.piNinon inai 1 Know.
-y ----- WADE HAMPTON-
T WillwoOdrJar. ti, 1 83th
From the above certificate of Col. Hampton,
who bred and had Lath trained for the Turf, it will
be seen that he considered him a race horse of the
titf?9t&mJbm hm -meo.V
tioned as having run publicly, but from private tri
als he has made with horse which are now on the
Turf, and running with considerable succes. It
will also be observed by hia certificate, thai he
considered Lath of the purest blood not to be
upasaed by any horse, imported or native, . , '
; I 'contlder it entirely unneceaaary to attempt to 4
ruingisB ijam, eiiuer lor ni penornmncea ou tho".
Turf or as to bia blood, aioce in every respect ho is
ao'wcll attested. 'But will remark, that Lath
baa not only descended from pure blood, bot .hss "
come from stock both aire and grand-sire, dam and
grand-dam, that are of Ihe running blood. . For
instance, bia aire, Godolphin, made hia four miles
ia 7 minutes arid 50 Kcouda; Jiia irrand-irerlhe-
J American Eclipse, ao well known at Ihe north and
soutn, mac-e nia time in me great match re, the .
ntMlh against the aoulh, laO.000 aside, in 7 min
utea antf 87 eeeoodsf which Eclipse Won wiih con.
aiderable eclat;This Tace gained him the' iiiemnT
rablc "name of the champion of the north; li s '
dam sired by the renowned Sic Archy,'whose re-
nutation as a racer, &c, statida unquestioned, both
in England and America ,Tle grand dam of Lath,"
Old Lottery )tred by the great ami I hern Imoteur
of horses, Cof. R. Singleton of South Carolioa, has .
produced morefine race horses than ny other
mare in ihe Union. Thua, it will be seen that
there it united, iri Lath two of the best stud in the.
tmtth; llatnpttat'a and Stngtctuii'ij'TroSsc'd Willi .
Gen. Coles' of Ihe north. t " . u , . iC ,
.. The public ia now presented with such anoppnr-
tnnity of improvinst the blood of that. tobUs..aoe
usoful 'animat, the Horse, aa rarely occurs in this '
section of country. And the public can have in
addition, in a shnrtJiine, the opporlomTy-of judg
ing more satisfactorily of Lath's blood, &c, by
his colts of last Spring's get, as it is expected there
will be many of them dropped bv mares in fhi
section in a few days. As a sure foal-getter Lath
stand almost unrivalled, aa ia proven by hi last
Spring' services so few of the large number of
mares put to him not proving in foal. 1 L
; . ' ' R. W. L.
N. B. Mnrca sent from a distance wilt alwav
find Lath kt home, a he will not be removed from
hia stable in Salisbury, under any circumstances,
during the Season. . , , March 13, I40. '
rIHS invaluable Medicine ii for sate by tiie Jlilledgeville, Mnnt.mnierv c.,
N.C. . . W. E. El RAGE.
Febtuaiv II, ISiO. ' ' r
Great Western Stage Line,
TjHE aliove line i now in full nper-itirn,aid ar-
rive at, and departairoip Sutixbury as follows:
. Leaves Salisbvry on Mnndiiys, Thiirwliivs, and
Sttiurdaya, al 6 o'clock, A. M. ; and arrive at
Ashville next day at 8 o'clock, P. t' "
Returning, leave Ashville on M.mhUvs, Tliur.
UIJV, Bill! uniuiunjv, m v vipKi ! IVI.' anO af.
nvea at Salwbury next day at n o'clock, P. M. -
a. BFNcrsi,
R. w.,LO;.
N. B. Paengcra reaving Raleigh, N. Ciw
itHBiivioc, i oinicoacuf win iiiiu ny ueiay wnatevi
.:n f ,:n c.j , '"
on una rouio. , .- n. ot iv. vi, i ivi
.t ... . k n ik ...
Salisbury, N. C, Jan. 3, 1840. tf
M.-aiisu. iswiiii 1 i a .. i. , , mtm
tw '."' !- -irf :' e
:w .is. iii ii k a.s, aw4aiiiurr.
INFORMS the'public that he atill csrries on an' "
, Eitublishmeni of the above kind In C'HARi.urrr
Nirth Carolina, a few door south of ihe Min
Having, a he conceives, a thorough knowledge 0f
ills uubmic-ib, na iccib iiu iiraiwiiuB hi assuring lhsje :
who may wish lo patronise him, llmt their, work '
almll be done in the very best style, strong, and oq '
accommodating terms (, - w ".,'.' ? i '
Books and other article sent from a distance to , ;
be bound, will be promptly attended to and care. .
fully returned when done.-. The public are request.
td to give me a trial. V" . ,'. A . e ' , ' - a
OCT Order left ai the Wesfbrn Carolinian Of. -
" mv
lice will be runctmilly forwarded (br completion.
Charlotte, Feb." 7,1 8407 1 . "7" .-r
An Impostor !
4 '
IlfE most sincerely regret, llmt cases of hypocri.
y o ollon occur among the clerical ranks-.
and we hope the M wolf in sheep's clothing," named
in the following letter,;, from Mr; Mayhew, Vilj r.f v '
coiva hi jut desert f ijn)Oijii.4ipore4be"m'
'; ti :i - . 1....1'.'
ejr. X
munity, ra,a oiro aiong, urotner typos, llmt tie v . i
may be held up to universal Contempt, and thu av . t ,
many irom uecoming nis oupes. , r 1 ,
Sih: Although I am tHH pet aonally acqiuiiiite'd "
wit b yojj, I. trutt, wJW perceiyc the ohw of
my letter, you will exausetlio liberty I take in ad-
dressing ynu, It ia possible, you may not be aware. A .
thai a man,,by the name of fcrioa L. renwick, now
ro thw ciiy, (formerly a "Biipltsr preacher, nnd fe4 T
nul tarty known to the C4tiisena ot ftlwiroe County - v
aa the V Reiertnd Impottor ,") ia manufactuhng t i '
of whicb,VJ perceiv yww4 Agii
, hve every ren to bolicvo, air.'ihat Mr. Feo J1
wick ia an unprincipled man, aa he, was, not lonrV .
aince, depoeed4om the miniairyjfor taking on. t 1
warranmoie nueniea wfim memner 01 jiis cnurch ; " ,
I, therefore, a the enemy of knavery, feci autious , .
that he, should beapeedily exposed, let tratny of4' '
my fellow.citbtcna Htiuild be defraud by huooul- w
of their money, if ;iot iheir character.' I d.iem .'-
it tna cotiscieutioua duly pi every roan',' to eipose
villainy and vice wherever and whenever he metis v
it.Itesides, air, wtiK'her consideration should '
prompt me to ronke ki.,.A tot voti the alwive facts:
from a -wasting skeleton Wjerfect henhh m.d
thai, loo, by the simple means of using one vial and i
a half of the MaichlcsV Siinalive, which 1 bought
lor tnw city; ueiievingf that you ill duly appre
ciate the motive which have inddcod me to ad-
you will take the earliest steps to expose to the
twW thslmnotreilwiefe7tbe
aehV-r "-SirT-vgfTrespw'iruny; X '
J."P. MAYflEWr
Dr. David 8. Row lamC Boston, Mai. ' V
T.SvrrJWrJyueillifl.k'axehaJsaJ)( iffjr
i, lyw juui vm, win nana you una leuer, anu, a' j
you oesire, he will give you a more detailed, ae-
count of Fenwick, than it would be possible Or cut
to oo on paper. . -, ; j. p. Jl.,
LOOK OUT ! Look out ! I look" out for an IX
FAMOUS KNAVE,1 by the name of EN03 .
L.FENWK;K.o New York, who waa formerly!
BAPTIST; PREACHER, and better known' to..
the ciiir.en of Monroo County as the REVER
END Impostor,'? the -ouiie villian, wta."r
was dismissed from the pulpit, aomutnne iiice, Cr
improper conduct, is now rerldering himself gill
more infamous, by wickedly aliempiing to imnotf.
not merely Uion the Church, but uimllie WHOLE ,
' A few month ago, thi Scoundrel wrote to lb
subscriber at Boston, and wished lo be appointed
aruueuLjLr iha slo-ol" jlMiobls iiostivt--l-Tlie
General Agent, not .knowing, hia depraved
character, gave him an agency, and Arwatded "
him a quantity tf the medidne. Thia he anea
uliL and icuuuwl the rmmey.aml ordered .su'b.
ar lot, whica waa aeut about one month aince.
To avoJd any aimpicimj a to the rfra of bi ap
plying Cr en agency, or lo conceal bia Cfoeea
Foot," be made a partial KmitlsncVof lira aalea
ot the last tarwdy'Wdaye'a
with Utter Ajonimrn, the General Agent learnt
that this Reverend DeWtver ia now impiously man
uf'ic'uring wilh hisown unholy hand a worihksi
medicine,-r-a Bpuriaus Sanative, which be i en
pioymg swinoung periicra to palm upon tne puunc
rnv-TemanrTJriginal. 7 :
(XT If the people ol America will only bear om
faet in mind, there is nol even a pouibilUn of their
being duped Jy (bis .unpriuciftUd. Uluia ,Tba.-,
tact 1 mi: K3" Pedler or tronfllinr Agew
hat ever been empL'ued in thit country to trll thi
JSanatioermlo Vetree-tr mM any -jwrion te-artf
Hwaaiitwi.jj Again, every Agent of Ihe true
Sanative, ia apjiointed by the General Arent, and
receive the medicine directly from tht Drpodl'
ry in Boston. v " " )
03T Let all who buy the Sanative, (and almott
every body doe buy ii.) remrr.brr the aborfifor"
and they may be rurt of obtaining the Genuine Or
igwal Compound.
OO-N. B Every Agent ol the Mstchhrt 8aa
ative, i rarnetilf desired to give an immediaf
alarm, hy having thia article inserted one jnonm
i i all the papers ,in their Jowns. And that lb
General Agent may be certain that the public are
put pn the Look Out for the Impottor, he will kin
Iv'thank all hia Agent to forward him a copy
e.ich paper advortised in, at toon i po$ible.
General American Agent," Depoailory N". I1-'
Dec. 20, 1830. , Washinglon St., Bw1"
,r--': tr

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