North Carolina Newspapers

    ... .,,. H,ri isaon-be. expenditure Jm future time
" ,,l lor terity. It amounted l 174,006 fir
').:,;), and averaged above half a million a year
ji,r each of llie three preceding year. la 182 1
was but 1171,153. ' -
IS. Pensions, except iMwie to invalid, wis the
,u 1 it,;m noted by .Mr. P.. I;.r, deduction. They
ere -ratiiitie from the Treasury, and not an ex
tohsm ."f Government. They amounted in 1539
to ' a3,t)33,7i. being near three times what they
were in 1-21- They bad been au enormous dram
upon the Treasury for the lawl seven years, amouot
ii,jr in to 64 S.OflOjUfMl -uWipieiiily aver
afHijt about half thai turn. . " -
18. Purchase of iatnU from I't liant was anoth
er largo itemto be deducted, ami winch had vast
ly increased of !ile. Jul 624,. this hand of expen.
ililor only amounted to $ l.'.),. 7 ; m 13- it was
1,703,123 ; In HMO was a high as thne oul
In 13T. $2,4 j4,0lM ;nnd it- J.jt wa,
" 4.03,5IS. Thuse were heavy, exiieiidtturcs, in
curred for the, great object of relieving the States
from (lie incumbrance or an Indian population ; but
thu"h heavy it is not "money gone from the Tree-
aurv tievur to return lo it. It all returns, and with
profit in i iho rale of the lands acquired j yet the vafct
tiling paxi Oil whs msau, is cireu biiim ui as a ru
inous extravagance, for which ie Goths--hou'd
bg dri ven from the Capitol! ;
17. Removal of Indiana and their wars was
another item rwarly connected with the last, and
, subject to the same remarks. It had grown up of
. hue, and was directed to the good ol the States.
In lS24it was ""iiqtlung J .in 1M it was $1,75,
!U4. lii1 the three proceeding years it was re
spectively in round numbers, 8I,MW,000, 6,500,.
000, and ft5,00U,O00. This is one of the largest
fed era i, m isi: cm ?;e.vtati( .v r.xrovn.
We are oit in the b,t f troubling readers
with any notice i.f ihe slung matter conumed in
the Federal organ here. We are wilting to l1 its
fcwertiwn pass f.r what.the-y w;!l bring, wi'h tile
P-'I';- - The hut number, however, of that sheet,
contains a Inter over ihe i. -nature-of the 1 1, hi,
Henry Clay, the content- of wlicIS rerpitre same
Dot ice. It seems that the 1 cdcral set here, una
We to find any thin that ihey could either contra
diet or disprove in what Mr. Fivhef did say in hi
remark at the Republican meeting on the Gth iuM.,
If th'-ro are any wild think tTut llie con'eM i;.
going on in this eimntry t a mere tfu;i!'- tu de.
cide which shall occupy the chair,
Martin Van Cjrcn.or Wm. II. ilirmon, they art
far from seeing the real state of altairs, or viewing
ihi struggle in its proper light.
Never, since the I'.iuiuLtiuo of rmr (lovernmcnt,
ha there been a moie important in the af
fUir of this imlioo than is now present never hm
the coateat beteeu the two politic d ortit?!i,
which have aUni Khhkl in dir-.;i ojimwiiion of
Lave tfken op their old trade of last Milliliter, and . principle unJ ficy, been iue clearly narrowed
re-sort li contempUhle murtprtttntaliom, id -order iJ..??t,ct.tte. carc:ifnit poiuis of doc.
la citfadt aomething lhat'Ke Jii mit jag.' j tnae.than at prevent. It u 'tme when every mad
, From Mr. C'siyVi k-tter, it would apppr tliat lie j s'"',u' J,Wk to pnnciple, reno:ei of nil patiiuli-
was iiiinrined by Mr, l. C Jiies,lhat ,MrFlr JC-w nle
had aiKrttd m his renia. kit, that bt- (Mr. Cla;
,; had been oppiwed to the noininntkm of Jeo. H irri-
(itn. Ilarrismh iHyvlirtty ul J&t'me. tnsiiN
worth and uhiliiytxight certamlv to lie apprecia.
tc-J nf liiglily, wlu-re he is best known at hniiif
aniong.-l his neighburs, and in Thu ttate w here lie
lives. The following otlicial rvturnstiow Imw tiin.
Harrison stixid at home tu hm younger dayx, when,
if he was ever fit at all, he niust have bc-on more
cotiiHileiit than at present, to till ollice. If the
enthusiastic feeling in favor of the oh) General
prevails at the West, as the' Federal papers Mate,
why, ijit re has been a wonderful change, Oint's all
From the niiie of tie P'frrnt T 'e!- Mr. KU
eanil.'r, t'(,e lanjiorri, ir la H liifr'r, were
due'i-ul nine, as ilvt I ;ii-!;.i 1 ; I.-ti
Htld gf
La., he-
"an'u T. 'Jt
Dr. TaTiaU-fo arid ibany p!ti. '
Alemiiv-ler x -cunsiJi red 4'i-pt--
. Jtr.l.
Two ol' her children m? i.iu-4 i;t h'-r !-. A
nmiiy"us lime rVad bodn davo Ut t;iM the
Steaiibat Hotel.
- Ttm number of tmmk Lca he tAen pLar
to day i about fifty, and maoy are MiH in a 4ia
gerous and dying ewditii.
As soon a pmrntile we Mtl pi.Ui-h a t- cl liw
aoa as Minister to Colombia. tMr,tiis w tuA on-
ly a rvtrttd, but a ajar iJatcmrnt. - Mr. Fisher
We. em-ciallv rf the old State Riuhla Renubiu
.... , - . - -p , ..
ciin party, h arc now cailed upon to take part in
a contest, from" w hich we have, I' r mime tiine.ntaod I
l. I I I .r i
;iwii-j utTf var?ies w prej4ce, ani ex.
lSrAnd.Tmaily; Mr.Tli noted tho julri of $232,
369 for iniicelluneou objects,; not reduceable to a
precise. head, wUicb swelled the list of expendi.
lures, without belonging to the exjicitsea of the
J9, Jh Exploring Expedition was the last of
the rtems. is was of recent origin, amounting to
t three piecedinif years.
These are. the eighteen heads of extraordinary
inent'umed it as a rejwt which had been frequent- amine ilispaMiooa'ely the eottree which cur princi-
ly charged aid oevor detiied, that Mr. Clay was ! P,ei rcpiire us to lake. NVver has there been a
opposed to the appointment of (Jen. 1 1 rrnson. hen the truth of uur motto, prinfijAt not
That lhia was what Mr. F. eaid, we can prow byiw," ought to be more clearly impreyscJ on tlie
"a crowd of witnesses, and for confirmation of our J mind of eyery true Republican. Within a few
statement, we refer the reader to ihe publication in 'years, various causes have operated in some tnea
this paperjf a pumbcr of gemkmcn bebmging t 4r Jo break d iwntlm old pxity lines, -and we
the Central Committee of Vigilance for Kiwan Co. I have beo asmxiauej, .r a sbart time, m action
ii we cm noi anow tnai ttie lessons ol experience t ' re now opposoj tu oi in principle.
d. feat
.. C7 -- C7
since he was so Iwdly walen in the contest lor. Humes of the killed, wouodrd, od ibww iirg, .
Governor of that Slate, aiid aftorwards the Verv w hose Wm baie mil bero irA.
.hindmost of all, and botrrmi-am in his own, Meanwhile Wf the luaolje .f w ls4
r. e .i t ' i . .u i i filMids and riatrt a M-w Urs,w lme
County for the Legislature, asthe tclurns bebw : ,,'.,, jt'. ... . t..
' " . . v -(? rbatl be itble to c our cJiie sb xne r5'r.
exhibit : ' -rTntriWTaaneTK
-tMttninirii9 pJT rR clw for Qwrnw rj Oho, m Bj ,,Uch shallered, Uc area in cyirJsv.
m 120: " . " .," ' ' or !c ' i ami aorroonded hx the teiiiti;ike fe'sase". I'm
iJm' l - ; ; - "KS iwotHHleo, te dy,g. Oar
It . lla,rim; - " ( 4,niU ;tr.;esareftntrm)p. tt tire eW ansi siesuute.
V)1fe.W R, luri of. Elcclum r 'jteprtrtnMi''- ircigbborii pW m- mt
'jhtmitta euunty, (Ilanuoa'i prwut rtWnua Tg fe"" 'e U la
ii 1"H1. ' . ,. r r! th atroeta attd in wigang 1r frarn thm imm.
Itat id T. Dniwy, "i 2,33!) elected. , From an iwrtimate ade, Aim m aa4. sleslrw
Alex. DtiDcan,
JIhi BtiioytiP,
1)3 n'l. , IIhwps,
. W. 11. llarrimn.
'l.-'-.'-'iol.-cted. .
- 1 ,Tt N t elected.
1,1117 clocted,
l.4")tt oi $ lectoil.
tion of" property. a tuootm t- lX9JSte d-4Eir.
f Tie HaV Vt'J..t. d tw eetfyt
how nmny i.t taki-s la niakt a f!ocei, accord-
" v '-. ,, - , y'; : "ina to tlie teeliriica'itica of ajamrv; ta ibere
KT A W extern Harrison p.or wuta.ns the follow. " . .,,. vr.tihdV ; ruZiAJMU kmi
4 hundred or a liundrr-4 'd fi'y pervows, who had :
ing ot-jeciiun to Mr. Van lluren;
"March 2tHh, lM-.Mr. Van Ruren voted to strike
out triu " no military apiropriation bill, Ihe sect
mtke lioeu w legates to the ctiVr-royal Cv.rrnftoo at
ma. to ... . . . - - . i
lost wiaormj, we might suppoM tliat llitfwgoal ! the tiaie b3ua. when parties man rally im-t" writ: For ihe continuation of tlie Cumberland R.W, 'J!,""nre ' r?fP2f , ,
at sustained last summer, would have tanght the the old dioctijtheatAj areagaia form. SWOJIWI? -Alark this! oppoaaau of the ifi9f tl
nrnvivnint Svliiri .An nriTinimtit ff.xm lliaa Atirnnc . i ' - J
.JL'?J: aho. Ing under the old banners of emul rights,
'! . I 1 Vitf 7 . ... pohertuch fools as they think them, to be deceived !,rare ai.J no elusive or oaiti. frl r,n
,.r ilia fvuilh am Vnt. It ui annurtenarit tn lh ; . ... ' . . . i"Bi,lU wo eic.usive or paiual tavwra, on
....... ' 'r " . . ' OV ttteir low Irickerv atlfl nuarcnrMeiitatinn. intii ! -, . - . . .
pure haseof the Indian lauds ; and, al.housh large, -.'belief of any (liing they may - choose to a j-.- C"" ""'!. tor protcc iu-.,:
I yet the .ales of the lands v .It far mora than renn- ruy m deny 1Wie of oi.joctiuns urged by Mr. 1 iJwfe4 n.Uttlm, oa t he " utlr. 1 he j
' tlllfSe it. ' ' PuUr s.m.. l.,.4 u.l4 ..i lt.'.-.1 r' tVpii.l.Mltilt FtjwtLVn ru .rVre,l.;,. mill lw i
I ' f I I .1 1- .. -- :-r . I ' . . . . ' . ! . . - i .-
vcnciai, quo uicy resori o puuui evasion, to 'come between w-3 two great parties lr acen-1
oivrn me puoiic mtiKi irorrr tacts wnicu tttey oan . jtUere are bJt two candid ilex, and we are
not im-et.-. W hat miseraUe end sneaking conduot 1 w efcoosa' 11 wen. W This being
so, tiw iinaiiou is Wougbl horae la us, wlnjther
we iha'i lay asle cur oU prj uficea saiiwt Van
-fer-aa t at'I ""y Ici'geMHoim?H"tif tlie"OpfKii-
tinn say fur which orlieiie they did not ote, to
-whlth lliey now etifiel;-and lor which thrjaifl fefl'
Salisbury, l riilaj, H 9!, 1810.
'-A'itfc- Rrghtt Rrpvhiican Tided.
;taSaJaS r- Adn.imslral.on irrnow that the whole is eiototled.
i . - j I . 4 '
uuiunuee, or ronucui: ikcejjc-nt; 10 uie wm'j
I iii'iii AxistKni : . " "
Ik7" " Tke ;xicy m,lhiri the Onfral frrtsnn
nk mi fiitiiir nunKATiON or llllorln TO
SlKET Tlltl rUni.H' KVK, ithilroccuuym An pre-
We this week publish a hih! interrrtit r .trn.aUr.DZiSUllfUiiA
c'iporiaul documenlon ihesjltjcrtit tii Puotie l.t. . ntnv iifok-smns a be e-ri soaod ItentihlKraa d.ic.
'pcnditiires a subject that ought tibe invest igatcd trine --c, bJker 4 shallatluw the Apposition
expeiHliluroiMiid Mr. B,,aml the amount expended ! Jialous care by W-ty man. Jh, otlicial ,J 'Jcli we have Jieij'i&wj
sidiciiK-iii gi,c'ii, i one uiai . was maue oy Hie v-, u ' ' iw mna m i if aitfriijn pariy a
crctary of the Treasury in tittiCT tojaire(.i4n.ft)r.th3lfa
rrmrt nf the Senate." Itia a Tull exhibit of the ex- i a oiaerent mfimfftMtLMJMt.
IZuitiM&WiigK auJiiwwnmeeetng vw-UMfa'asswnanlW - Vt'k'ial tiiyilfHff
with the year 1621, during Mr. Monroe' adniinis j which, in its prmatM aad p!icy, we have always
tration, and carried down to the present year- been directly opposed.
Tb accompanying remarks ; of" r Be iitog. wiii 4e. TkS-Ji WiQti 4orly- aaU - f iin Cfwceal their-
7 lounrJ useful and conclusive in explaining the tabu- j f ederal principles by raising a hue and cry against
la r statement. We earnestly commend the whole the .Idmirrrstration, its extravagance and other
to Ihe attention of the reader, ' It is'clear.'satis bojliears, sot up to divert attention from them-
j ''Etcforxyand 'doemva completoly overt nrmngi byawlyens bnl he thing a?I' diiwpyclr-yty -ettami.
aplaiu statcmcm, which .plain men may understand, . nation. It is a tict, that speaks louder than words,
all the false charges of profligate expenditure con-: thai they have never yet ina Iu any avowal of prin
stantly ningbytho KedcralUta agaiut tho Admin- ciple; and why ! The reason is clear. Hecause
. istratiou. 5i Wisit humbugvii irkiggoritm so their asiortintiiit of a party hare no principles,
goes another Federal Whig humbug by ihe board, upon which they agree, except the ooe principle
At this rale, these trading politician wili be en of getting into oOice without regard to the means
tircly it of capital before bwg, for, take away ; This i not (lie ctto with the other psrty
- iheir bog-bears of Van fturen's extravagance his.Tba KfpuMican Convention which mat at Ildlti
standing nmfjke and -bow. m.4Mrtlv-4b.-itt
jMnMtttfitwtisxpillWl wBiy g-wtn-leo: jC'eciieii, i nfiineuis and proclaiming -the Kepubhcan doc-
is more thau we ran'imagin. .it will, however, trtnes of '99 as theirs, J-jctrinei upon which, in
li.-ike bjit liiiie, doTirence iu the eaJ, they csn still the coming contest, Ihey would-stand or fall.
asrrt as boldly ever, which, is all they do liny. These are facts w hich every Republican ought to
-drrwrFruu or fnNe. is niaflvr ot no" ciH.-oJeMhuu wcieh well Lc;.ie he a!ii(iiiis Fis nriircinies for
', full of.cmiitiiieiH," wbka i".ef r.cA lite Ilr. M
CONGRESS. .. j rii?on Hill," and a ytty good lkii 4" IIatfioav ,
From some reanon or other, our Washington papers' w it was, being a pull ban, haixw aad sr,i.
fiir tlia last week have not reached here regularly j the This Iwll was afiilfroML. F.a'uixJwt ta roil lfcrmigU
Ht mail brrkijrtit a, hondlo, tint the late hour only ad- the eastern porlHm d" Ihe L'smou; but awsiuckiiy
nuts a brief police -of Lhc Congnsioiial proccedinj;!!, (i,r f,.,i0ml whiggery and ftmnwas of its sVus. Vm. .
The Amalo hsa been engaged, cluuflylu tho d;rmiB s,0,,pwl ,'a,t ball ty 4 iJli er
cz: bfVy,eof;i
lWto 83, Mr. Uall'a pag law, denominated a p.n ng trundled a-aWl ditsr, inilitrd and Lh
to secure the Irecdoni of olocttona." This Federal t- J,ke pwdlgioiie uuiiiuug, tbe H'iaa CH pr.
tempt to resive tlia arineirfa of the odious snd ihniei- ved deficient iq siamiiw, and snd4m?y roraes!.,. .
table Alien and tSmlitvm liaws.-lna thus .mtt witttl strike lei'iMted AiVumrm,ibrw iifiS9 ilt.
bnhi!' ami iliJ at '"UyHii umWniaflrTtt
nltra-Fcdi'ralii'U went in its fuvor amonurt othiir.w .i.n. i,i...;,.. ;..-;.-' -' f
oe the Mnes Iieberry, lwit W il muin, and Sua j lk. -s ., ,v U.l -u T- J-
from N. CSIsde, and Trnman Hmith. the AM lh" ''i ':--Tlr,L,-T
-fata, yltnAVtHP,tunHlieiywT" QiilgiuTuTrsT" , tttitl;ttotm of Are '11. W are iHW
The Silo-Treasurj lull is now before the I louse, and - ' W pwnj.iajciiaifaav r-j-we-alull
ailkuttuiib4sitiv-sJk tXattuutmmminig--
iieral wang, ot the AUiniiiitratioij)rtyMitig afraiiJ
' l!LwMJ&miwxz OSKI'4-
All-OJ.MMfcM DY TIILI.U.binK.NT, . ' MUued as much rt " as iW i."'. r '
JJf and tnththt admce amlconmlif the Senate. opfHmi.m m iheir owaKwtw'u ;tt-y flsc
. John M. Niles, (of Connocticut) to bo Postmasv tually. 'IVy bare ogs M ciJcr, i4 dr mat
ter jenerat, in the place of A mos Kentlull, resigned. ' ters if that ami, and now I r-y dauU tv-le ti nibi
- ...1.-J.JB mi swi ,.l ,i ' siisaa- iisxi0hA.' a t.& t
jiaai luiuiniixu iu 1 isx. inf iums ir tisx n t..i"s
1 I f T. nv 1 fiA a W xt iniiuriir
I ""Vom & Aafcac! tM;M.) free TreJir. fra oauce T " ' ,w
Fntnax EvEMNorMay S--GoWl? f4 1he regular Ueak 0Viu"-YrW.. '
About one o'clock on Thursday, tho 7lh instant,! ' , .
the attention ol the citizens of Natchez was altrac- . LQWIIR MISSISSIPPI CIVHR.
ted by en unusual and continuous roaring of thun. ! St'osmer Bwljnginn, srrsvod JasfagM, ia-u a
der to the southward, at which point hung masses ripe of 14 feet tn il.e AHnss tjW, dar eg V "I
of black clouds, some of them "stationary, and oth. hours preciviinj i,er deiailor fnm Twrt and
.... . . . J ' 4U-. .1 - ... 1 . I 4 - I
era whirling along with unucr-currunts, but all dri
Vma a little east ol' north. 'As there .was crideut
that thp rtvnr. in nin i.'.hf fcu-.,iv .1 . P .m
.. -
.SVa', ur fou-u.-i and iaiie IIEXRY MILIAR. !
-Jl.S.-i; A..11.KML.NT, UlloRGK I. '
t'.wimnn.i-COUtPllII.IP IIKDRICK.
i-- .1. . n .t .i ji....4-.ij.-i . .. 1.
in ureif ,n-. 1 or milium, mi meir iiewnp'iprrs um iiiuni-encc- oi oiu irrpinccs cgainst a man wuo, 1 jpiaytf ratt'p-T than -11
.. ' . ' "-'---' " 1 - ' r71-1 I'iuiseil con-
,. tiic.r pack of travelling, office Wiling sjicech ma-: strained to support at heartily as he ever, Under
1 JUL'? ."alL?.'"?
B.r.-.T-v,iT,"i.n'.:J.''."i.-.".i. i...u : 1..1..J I &LLU.N
"n JUL '.'JL-zdM-A-XAJiilalp-Xjr-Uuti'i-u
Ml WHITi: MEX'..
1 r f i a . . -
what will they do for a bobby-wberw wilt thev : " , ' ,ttJ -rn mai.ers nave
find a subject through which to expend thdr ,li bw .c,"Kk,' ."".Nl cunning smart
g ,..t slant, on Van Buren ! The standing armv 10 f u,u cUrZ Gea Harrison'.
..., .1.. ..hiU ia ,u el.,l.t. k, ", n? '' " h-J " M A-njwg that
1 " i.n i-.,t,'l t,i a.i'l I., Li,.l.. I.C... J ..
ta J ,. . !i-.. ,1 ,
-td :;f.-ri.i..:.a-;- .1.- - i nnu nvrr rernnd um ux fact if f, m rajr
JlmA. Uiu are ovofRu-d ; H ia IV
cieaid .'uo particular alarm. - - : Ihiiis from the Kaft to tcnivvlsea wittsaai la sani
flte dinner lad Is in lha lara-o hotels hud rutii, a f'e. The U. II. ston-xxj at IV. Vaaut's aCacSaikn.
little before tw.o o'clock, and most of our citiii"ns took k m-grucn snd tuirk,nd tv.watjt lira tit i&reve-
liiere wis scarcelv s dry k r-a t"se r :at.a.
Mards, tho rain was precipitated in tremendous .tgy n.- . , tv. , ' - .,.u..
till .!! "Btn tier ii.tP
Utile Dctore two o clock, and most of ur citizens looK 1118 negroes ana utorMndt.
were bitting at their tables, when, suddenly; tho f rt ' ree dry
atmrwphcre was darkened, so as to require the ,Jrf 'VV'
htmg ot Whronrtfff
tnimit the tornado, in all t .wtalh, was upon us. I; vMtl l- MUXK,(
The strongest buildings shook as if IiwkpiI with m' 'j R i nd '1 pjiCiwdfr, m, lha, teA. JaWJVasWa-a-aiy-;
rdrc" fiiiibrP'" 'f ' -- ; -'- ; . -
luru'froio distant ruins, all shot through tho air as
The underiigned, tncmlrrs of the Central Com-
n.iitee of Vigilance for Rowan County, have seen J
in the list Watchman, published in this nlacc, a J
li'shly perveit(,d statenicut of a portion of Mr.)
I bliei'a remarks at '.lie Republican meeting held J
'n .Wednesday of our luil Court. We fiml in tliat '
"4-artrirgTnnmg-W--t;ei rath r aihamed -of"- tdiakmg
that at grnwo enji!e.
if tlirfiwn frinu yiiinKtv rulnimll.-- TIia . a, .una.
nhere soon became lighter and then sueli A,, . r . At her refitlerice, ia Canrru CVear.esi the lk
pt ere soon Mm lighter, and men suctt ftn aw- r reddenly, Mrs. MELLKIATSltUXR.
lul sci-ne of rmn as perhaps never before-met the -ai;od Wl yoira. - -
eye of man Uxame oianilest. ,.The irreatcr nartof '
(lis ruin was eflocted in ihn nl.nrl tti-..i.i i.f rVnm '
LaliJLnsiiallie. Il 'tt- Ileory.Cky to Ilanul- $
fit' CTirt. Wejt, giving them all that they can
' ..!, . . T ii t,,.t I .f lir ' -
It even honest man woo reallv ilesrcs to know . . ., .
.Li r ii e . 'twt-o .U, aiii fims iihl ., n, dniU made bv
the tru'h, examine thi doctiiueut carefully for him- . . 3
, i -,. . . .. ., , ,s.sja ti, ntv -.mrX levr, M 94 v nine aUotb- '
seii, and -judge with what justice the Fedcralisu, - . .u,lu ,
, i I, .i i ... i er rtnrv whicn tri-jv have (Uru J tt, .? over the .
have ramd all the cuiuor agiiust the Admiwstra- , , '
, ,i . . -Kiium of tie ct prwf!?d aaio tai eld General : i
ti in prolhnate extravagance, uphold, how out , , . .
e . ,, ., , , , !'ey now v that ihe. la A l m-14 pwr '
of iLcir own uioulhs they hall b ewdemncd. , , , , . . 1
.... , , . , w-te ril0. tjt!t 'hCXittt'AU tUt H.t, e hB.iiru.
I hry have chargvd llie ex!wnditure of 37 rpiluoti . ' !
I'ltirrrgale amount of last year, on the Adiuni- t , , , ' . .
iiio i u in im, irii-ji.i..-u iii ma euun tpacu oi irom m - w '
-lb;siia v?, '''"'''aJil'bJLktiieaiy V-t C Q tl O Hi
tornado lasted nearly half an hour. For about live
minutes it was more like the explosive force of gun
p twder than any thing clsu it could have been com
pited to. ' Hundreds of rooms were burst open as
if barrels of j?unpodei bad leu ignitnd in each.
As far as glasses or tlia naked eye can reach,
ths first traces of the toriiudo are to be frorti
ilm Nlchea Uuirdown the river about, ten' miles,
bearing considerably went of ,aotitl. Sweeping
-emstliwNateheie twhtnd, it ei-osthe-potnt be-1-iW
tbt plantation of U ivid Ilarland, lis., opposilo
f OU are hereby comm.! ad to pnJ tt t Court
lar.imn. iv h- m.,: iIia HK.K.L 1 1,.-. I. ..r n.t r 1 iH, o .ininiKMis oi i . hi. I, mire. m iiu i ... ... . . . . ..- .
panic makers, when thev see bv the official state- ' PJ". romrr,itfug an assault, dri-j uh lfCo.cord... It the, struck ihe N.tchea bh.rTinn.rmU 4!,
ue.1.1 tbat,of tb. 37 miil'ions, only 13 went for tbe!'" ' " ' ,r,J tnd' ; o'?- h near the ; indgc, IS IWiny muster.
, ... , . , .. .. .. . er lutie .cfetrra n.4 rrtwra of this aurt: Lr mann-m called the liners, which it but alii-liilv I F- aVdor of the Csj.' a
T "r"1-' m r Nhe Gen. voted rtl, free .h;,.'' f' mred,lrcpl the mansion late of Charles R, !"" , .!!X IL WlKST.O,
batirrce was ur appropriations, voted lor vy u,eft " Green,, called tho " Ilellevito," ami the an-i ' ""st""?. way ai, iii'i.
K-lfaame Fclcral Whigs. whoarc now dcimiiuins .'"7 "J""'? "t?.- W ; cmut forest in' whicU il was mooomod, into a
TPT il. Ttrjr.,r.iu- rJ il.o A ,t . ..-... ' m..l "u Costs ol ctMirt . 1 Iii w as in I !k? O.'iio J "2is mass of ruins. - .' ' U '
t in C. Jiiimsiif thin pIacefcfroin wiiich the foliow. j
ing is an extract :
, . M.W'aniMTvi, May 12th. HI1, j
"I)Ka Sia; I'treceivH yoar faior, !tmg that Mr 1
I varies lolier, the nittmVr ofC'tHigreioruui your
ir;ct,i a public addrras .winch he made lo sume of Ins i
inw it uenl, asserted that f had opposed the sppiir.t
incut nt tier.cral llarrism, aMiniver to Colombo, W-,
- inn.. rit'hia-TOrTTTeajilti
'.-.iisj, w0M y u. irtim or lot aasen-on. , f .h--- : u would be HUJiat?.-n !-aL-i , U then struci the crty ihriwgh ,l w W Hth 4
, rroiu tlioaluye extract, M r-Jones seems lo have f tr y - if , ,11" li..n.irrnf t- IUPra,MIj rw f larriwm sjymisjM fliij aejra4iat'iMisr.'4(i -.of uue mile, and iiwliidoil -iwe-ewiire-rirer ami the
- written a letter to Mr. Cl.iv. iiiformini him lliatL- Ij - , - Jum at (hjt tiiiie. AVL W
fii .j, Fede, Mrtv atteimiIe(J teJ ! bia approbaJ I-f
' !: I : . ' - I ' ! l a i a it siM aw uil lll-p IWtlf,
sctuM of Ifrtomal Im-1 ,uu. ruwinjeo ; of dwellnig,. .torealeiuinoiu.flat.lKMt.;
fn other uui-T-wert-T--- r1 mv",, wn ' . """..""o w" i w..a Inioel entire fiom the Vadulta ferrv to the
With a full know led-n. oT all these facts, thev men' Dm 'o lo P""1 mem lor any ciiortioes. .iHMisaippt uotton rresa. A lew rragnienis of
have vet had the uubtusbW clTroitt-rv'io cUim -"" by AW -iA ur',: oweuuigs aii.i remain, out uiey can scarcely bo
. . .... z.".
ndjpwl the npMuitiiienl ot Gm llarritcm as -
.Mtnwter to Cojombt-r, Arc.
" e were present, and heard Mr. Fiher through-!
tut, and we feel no hesitation in aavtnff that be:
carjyig i
inoth' .
lfrA .
whicn .
ira'le no rurh assertion as the one charjed. ' He
Mid, lhat it had Ixen petieraily reported and fre-
Ujy, that he was opposed to the Bpoiutmeut of,
f;en. Harrison ns M mister to Colombia but be did
t hinmelf o.Tr the fneivrtx; fy, Hr mrn'v'rt" ,
"tttiiry as an undi---;iiitcd rcjhirt. ' .i '
l'i cocclusinii, w ij cannot Irjt 'mark thft great
uVegard tl f,iir. tlealing evinced by this attack on
sn uiumTOrtnnt ni-rt of Mr. Fisher's remarks. If
11 a ...
''f. j.ines desired to contradict any thing aaid on
!,: occasion, w hy did he not confine himscIL to
fat VV hy did he not take up some of the char
f' "'id1." agaitiai Gen. thrrison and disprove tnemt,
I ie rciiKDn is obyioCis. "tfv aciaed on t he only point
"here there was room even for misrepresenting,
parades this iifisreiresenlation ofhisowo man. I
', to parry the force of the well authenti-
rwl wily." all the decency,!' and '"talent
cuuiilrv, I tl ail th htm '"Itetmdf
of the
Bine and servituda of. double . Uuic I called shelters.
, I Tin law 4m4 lh Inding-i
.t-i- lutheupnor city, or Natnhey.onlhe
ly a lwuo escaped oiiniHgo or utter ruin.
'ted facta tubniiueJ to the people by Mr: Fisher
" e ho the coj.(e of tins Cotinl t ill not suf.
r theawrdves lo lie thus hooawinCefl, and drawn
fl frnm the true issue now before the country.
A.M'L 1 Fi t V e. ''irvn v mil t-v
Jinn.. ' -'
1 i.nlP sITir. : RICUU, U)WRY,i
in Government, while tbey are the very party V' ,,,rnTf. rcrnor oi tne lerritory,, ru.5bvterian and Mo-hodist churches have their
wb.lwxeW.rW uaiidered million. uhi r(V" h-rPion, when h.s veto would ; , ,0Vve,; thrown down, their roofslroken and walls
millions. ,
"'W'STirTaiTVw c e 'whTtTi ertue Klari ison pa per
w ill publish ihii statement ;-Uhey cannot deny its
correctnes and it airirtls" ain ojiportunity to show play. If they are not afraid ol the light, let
them lay this table nf facts before the people, and
we idiall see its eirct.
ll'm. .V. Pnk-f.'tbs fumer Uinted States Districl
Attumey tor New York, who UR this country, charged
" as a tWfaulter to Government, hss1 rentiy returned
from Europe; - I le asserts his innocence af the charg--
j11 - i - " r."r- j" in iU roof. Parker's great Southern F.xcbange ia
j . .Tbcse.l-cU the Journals of Ohio and Indianaf level with the dust. Gn at dar.ingo has Jbteii done
a?iOV.--they cauuut laa-deiWed.-
i . . -.
The towa of Natchez, MiHpi,i, ,u been secaotly
vimt -id; with l!it most terriSc and dertmclivc storm of!
which we have ci cr heard. A dutail.STiCcoaat of its
borror will be fUmd in aoo'hrr column.-
""..' "'---
To Ik Mhfai in Ik III Conarmual Ihtlrirl
irfm: Know ye all, tliat I an hereby authorized
says that aiiC-smiuatiuodf bis accounts will prove the ; and ieooeted to inform too. Hut th official pgt!icauon
Gaverntoeut Iq be indeWod to him, ittJ of the other 'o"aHc.niimaieHiiiiheerUf..reonimiitfld t-.tbe "dir-f
w.r. a befttofire bcheved, and demanded an in-1 ''lZT , m (TJ"tyf " L '
. ,4, ... , rsetP'T r the present; anJ tlie et.U!i.!ied ainanulscto-r
testigaunn. V - - - ; !fie"as well a private csitriUutora, sr retfull I
fieVressia.-Capt- 'r li-trgtr. who '" lired j, 1 rt,iieted ru rearter to lorwsrd their ii6ricM)s to
the youtii-esst ertrwiky ol this IVwnlv. was kdled ia lhe new or?n, wIhcIi we doubt not, wdl m due time
lhs town, on the2U intnl,by fslling hoi. bis bors. .' l. M! -dirts 'sheet
lie started Ikmm hte m Ihe evening quite intoxicated, I-'1, -'- , y ,B '0R V
ami before proeee.lmg hr, fell Inn his fcyir.e, ntptnrmj ! . ' lB rtvlqMt " lhe Aoctn.
a b!ood-vew;l. of which be. dieil in lut p.ree re Kir. P.' S- I at rrm to andent.nd, Mr. Ptintor, tliat I
Cape R xwf ntit a habitual inebriate be was su irt "am acting ly nqurtt, and tot as one of the " J6g,CaB
iou-. worth- the Ixtd of an intwest- iw ' ana -iiara ncei no . iaur irK-oa,
dUstriou. '
in? fsmilr.
nlTErvF. will bo euld, at puiuc mica iW 14 Jt
" nay ta Juno next, at r-e li;t-'re:i. v- t A1
evinnrr - nof't.Tit tcawa.i u,e vtmM j.r .--f,r
belonging to tins estate f aaii rt-,J,
Eight Head of norset, Two Male,
Thirty head of Cattl-, aboat CO l.eal of II rs SO
head of Sheep, about tt.-uartd pjud of I.ic.,
three or f ho miiidrei bus-ws t-T lUxa, f .ar ."f.
hwwl-ert lw.h-n rt arh, .ii.-ir. in
to .the Cil'irituTand Maunion House, both being
iinrotifcd, and tlie Uer atorie broken' in. The
house of rtliPrifl l)d ha not a timber atandinj,
and hundreds of oilier dwellings are nearly in tho
aarne situation. Tho Court-Huuw at Vid ilia, jm
rish of Concordia, is utturlv-torn down, nlso the
dwelling houses of Dr. M'Whorteriiitid Messrs.
Dtinlap and Mtacey, E-mjs. Thu paiiah jail is part
ly torn down. , ... . ,. ' , . ' . ".
Rut now the worst runinina to bo told. ParUh
Judge Keeton, of Cmifiordia, was instantly killed
tine at amner at tne no. so ol Mr. 8;acey. Ho
w.ia a noU'o ai.d esteemed inun.l ,u other p-raoa
whs killed in Vidaha, alihough aonic others were
hurt. At. the Natchetejuudiiig, out oflifty or wx
ly flat boats, only six are mrw afloat. TIi.iko bent;
acquainted, suppose is many ns one hundred flat
boat men were drowned in tho river, which awnlled
instantly to the height of six or eight feet, j ' '
- .The ateainhoais, Hinds, Praric.and St. Law.
re nee were destroyed and sunk at the landing, and
Ihe Vid ilia ferry boat on the river more or bus
person! b.uig lost in the two first named boats.
m sa.oneO; Cart, ooe eel of R'ack;! tiuXrt.-vi-ingCtoiisils,
Household-: Ki'.c'ltm Fura.l
sixty acres of Oats, WaiitTiiif miiWlgvfavtrjr
ty'OfwbvriiffiSirScili i"
Also, nt the same limdand flac. ,Tw,!r XetroS
b..'!"ngi)g lo-aaid lalo l h-mu-s-?-'
Tile terme of jrrcJit and 'ciHer ws'l
be made known a tlie dar of ale.' - ' -
Davie County, May ?9, If 13. , -U.
VO'r('l Tlie iStuckbuIdrr. in IW -i-iisr J
' Mariuf.ictnririg Comjfltir, ate jKtf.-J that an
Inst ilment of Twenty Dollars si r.t s-ar
be' payable to the onder-igiurd, c, tVs l-i qCJm "
next. . liy order of tis 1 hrect jrs f t"- Ccwpaa.
! I, . "WM.- II. UORAII, Tresw,''
: Salisburv, May 2nti
Ml Iticd. y 'for Sale, H'im!ita!tcrR(tei!;
10 Kegs Nails, atMted titm,
M ilugkbcsds f ujar, . ' ' -it
!" da. t Jiulaaset,
250 fsttksfislt, . . -u
It) IosCa t-erinaa grass rrt. " " i
d da. jr. E-igtmli Jram -dw, - ' . -
)'J llarreU wiperrina fl-ur, - .
Jaoaes Btincb Baasaa, '
. Ry . i. wVilKi av.
f shtbury, Warch 27, Isio.'
I ' "
-v i .

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