North Carolina Newspapers

&or tie:il lie p.irlim-iif .
kl( tmim MURX IT KINIWllM CtHl.vt.
'TUiy made a funeral oration at the grave, aft'.-r which
lliey piaved, then t iremg lim ftttj of tn diceaied
toward Heaven, they uid, ?Go iu ptacc'" - H"'
knit .tiMi'niiki. ; ,.; :
(Jo thim in peace we my not irj thee linger
' Amid lite'iuiii'liglit the gtaxn of eartit.
Where every joy it touched by sorrow's finger, v
And tenr sncceed Uie brightest hour f mirtli:
Tlune upward gaite is filed upon that dwelling
Where m and sorrow never rwre re known,
Ami serspln,' lip Ihe loud Iforwnrji Nwcllmg,
Have caught the uiukic of celestial tone.
" Go thon in peace thy home on eariN now leaving
In the looc chamber of lha dead u dwell i
Thou hut no portion in the sorrow tn-ev injf
The hMrti1, wliixie th-puwh t'r but (pftily tell ;
:A rth of light snd gbuness active thee,
The hopo f Jxraut m fruition thine.
And thuu w ill gX' upun the beams of jrloty
Around the throi,e of Iitrsel'i Old that bmn.
" Uj Ih'jU In poCo-hy rc the toved on mi weeping
. Aruuiid the spot where im thy form is lain,
Thcie if no cause of gm;f thtt thou art sleeping,
Free from esch trial and untouched by psmj .
Thv pttth has been through many scene of sorrow,
Thy weary form hta needed this repose ;
Cilrn be thy rest until the eternal morrow
lu light and glory on thy dwelling throw. i
' tin thou in pescetemptslioii cannot sever
The lie.thal now unites thee toothy God;
The voico of sin if unbelief can never , , ' ,
renter the preeintls of thy low abode : "
We leave Umtc here with mingled joy end ssdneiw,
Our been ire wck our faith m low and dim.
Yet to the Iord we turn, with clwstened gltMliiew,
- -- And yield out ftiefid otirbrolhef tip b Htm."
Tlii deadly serpent it eo denominated, from it
hcitui in the bamt ofexpsndirur. when irritated,
hood over the bee, similar in apearanca to the
cowl of it monk. Thoe are also two large livid
co'it resembling pair of uniform lenses, conoec
ted by an arch, alike corr.pleximied, which correct'
"lr represunte a pair of spectacles." The bite .of
, ihi snake occasions dfeath io somewhat biM tlmn
very ctjwfltow rit-nwat Mrrt )f lmli-OTi w'V'g
the lamy ecaaon iielreiiilv ant to ateal into hou-
. era to allelic r iuelf agatiiat the inclemency of llmt
dcmructive elelpeot. Dfoviiiir a danpcroiw inmate
among farmliea, who are ootawar-, until it i roves
too late, mat win ueaaiy reptile ia iiviiil', unooeer
vtd, in the uiidm ol'tliem. 1'bero is, however, one
vi(ilunt little eiiwiny to thia snake, which i ever in
piirnuit of him, andTtKit it the rooogoWBT
anake- weaacl. Thie creature it about the nze of
u ferrety partakea largely of the odour of inuek
and is capable of being domesticated, so as to be
- comoaa lamiliar as aiiouse cat. Wheat i.Coi
- bra de Capetlo" peceifes this weasel, be ceils
himself up. etmltinK tfl the same litnt a most fee-
tid eflluvium, the natural effitct "of terror and alarm.
The rt""Sose tunft. tuuod hit enemy backwards
and forwards, it eyet being fixed innJnsely on its
victim, and when the critical opportunity oilers if'
self, effect V suiWerv epring epo - his- ely-4e,-j
" semng tiim behind 11'? occiput, ' atw paimog i
fftlt through the epine.. Should the weiwel be
.' bitten, it immediafvly acarnporsoiTiutS the garden,
'"' "or some woodar tjhandj-snd edieate opow
"peculiar liorb," whrchroves' aii aiitidolie agtinr
' nm - innom" of the erK.'nt.,, Thoro art few Kim
iliosin India thut are without these ' little useful
fli.iinnln 'vhmh run nliotit the hmiM. and are ex-
.. h..rSTlirttarat
: ly destructive to rjtt, mice, and other, quadrued
v,,f,t, Te;rowi;tHbe----1
"caste" of imiive-ii tertrifi M Sampe Wallers,"
jir.auttk.fl-jcaldici'i tUH!SOmert are in tne nanoi
pents.which thtv cuny Willi tiieiu iu filthy urn
rlruetedJbasLoti ."irhii.i dansCHttlitTiiaSt'cK'
AbiHit three years wce. one of Vim vagabond Ira
lernity 'hilsj .amusing Ii snmll assemblags of spec
lalor by Iho exhibition offiis feafs wilnliflargc
' Cfi"a do Capeljos," during the net jil charming
"ihoTii; with()rrtihstwiT
' snakes contrived to teiice him on the wrist. The :
mwr itinerant" immediately felt conscious of hit
linrriblo fato brandy was copiously ndministered
to him, but without producing any tnlutary effect.
.11c wa conveyed to ail adjoining outhouse, whore
in less than twenty minutes he expired under the
" uiost agoMzing convulsion.
; r,,nrrriJiii or Trimfri. The word "con
versation " i a liivurtte one Tor till' pages. '
have books entitled "Conversations with, the
Dead,"" Convensif ions with this Young," tod
even Conversation among the Tonibs," tVc., but
. never huvarwe;Di with "Convertiioiis wiili
, Tramster " on i title page, although we have often
heard them, and believed that a most inmruclive
vulumo might ho easily concocled out of them, by
.anjtJiterary. genllenian of elegant Jwisnre. A a
tamplo of the real thing I might collect, as he
naunters through our eireet,on a morning ramble,
trtuljuin-)a. whiiili ..tiKik plactu ytwtoidsV4Mui
the UAiW-tftJase.beiweona Jowmhait and Wttewnv
of one horse mil two oxen t ' Gel off, you that
fnrbard. -Ye darned old fool, ye d jn't pull a pound j
and you two behind, tfiati what airve doom, on
- git al.T idt in you oil uu--what in naterJbe.
je'staring arter-Why, don't )ou go alung to
gellier kicder thi way. Dim ye, dou'l you sup
f pose I know as much as all tew on ye, and so git
opp. What the use of your standing there fling
ing your toils tibout ; Jou don't reckon there's the
bout ia aeu a initriiiiia ai mi; r.mti cnyun v
free i Calvin's Calccliism spring to it pry, and
-t tho Dontoo folks tee what ye can do on a pinch j
;r v .i.uii. dum bie.if vou stwll come to B'tn
totw tin, fsshiona agin, I lull e oow W hoy,
well I vow, if wliilo I'm stopping to talk to ye, if,
"tnat ciHjotlirieFolnTt'rse i I lonwii ttfl tolniJ
lo chuw that 'ere straw I" Won .Post. j
Lan"" iMrrert. If a man according to
law, give to another atj ornrtgo; instead of saving,
"I giv you that orange," winch ono would think
w.(uld bo-hat is culled nl U'gal phraseology, ' an
absolnttf eonveyauce of alt right and title therein,"
the phraso would run thus " I give you til and mil"
gular my tat and intorcst, right, title, and claim,
and ad vantage of, and in, lhat trange with all the
riud, akin, juice, polH and pips, and all right and
dvanige thorein, wuht'ull power to Ute, cut, suck,
or otherwise eat ibe san.e, or giyo the same away
. i folly nnd edectually a I, the said At B., am mw
entilled to bitecut, tuck, or olherwite eut or give
the n.nui away, wiili or without it rind, sitiii, juice,
,u!p, and pips,aniiuig herutofoit r betcalu-r, or
in any other deed or doi-ds, iusiruineiit or iiwuu.
siieuH, of what nature or what kind never", lo the
contrary "ny vise,ii'jtwitbilanlin" with much
utoruoi flit' anie.cfiuct. Such ia tfifi language f
bwy:rs; ami it is, very gravely held by, the inot
learned men among them, lhat by the omission of
any nl' tbn woroV, the,, right to the eaid orange
would not a to the person for whose use the
name is intended.
Tli" Thrf. JJlii kjounj Three jolly hua-
iiuiJh, out in the country, by the r:arn- of '4'ira
WahVui, Jkj Hrown and Bit! Walker eat late one
evening, dunking at a villtrgo tavern, until being
pretty well corned, they agreed thai each one, otr
returning home hnuld do the first thing hi wife
told him, in default of which .he eboutd the next
morning pay the bill.' They ;tlieti separated (ur
the mjjlit, engaging Jo mt agin next morning
and gave an honeat account of their proceeding m
home, eo lur an ihc.j related to (he payinem ol the
bill. ....
The next morning Walker aifd Rrowo were
arlyet their pottti: but it waa aorno time before
W Hlnon made ins aitiMiarance. Walker began first.
M Vou nee when 1 entered my boue, the candle -
out, and a the fire ijave but a glirhmering of
lijjht, I canie ixsar walking iccidenily into a pot of
batter thdt be eakea were to be made .of thi morn
ingV My wife, who waa dreadfully out of humor ,
at Hitting up o long, eaid to tlie aarciiMienlly,
Do mil your foot in the batter f " Juit aa vou
ay Mnggy," Muid 1, "and without the lunM hexiia
t on I net my foot into the pot of butter, and lliAl
went to bed." ' y
Next Joe Brown told his storv. " My wi!e hid
already retired to rrirt in our usual sleeping room, N
which adjoins the kitchen, and the door of which
was aiar, not being able ( navigate pertettly well
you know, 1 made a dreadful clattering among the
household furniture, and my wife in no very plea.
aontJurw iawleAwt, Do brmkike porridgi pot .
Jot !" No sooner said than done. 1 eeized hold ;
of .the hail of the pot, and striking it against the
chimney jam, broke It to a hundred pieces. Alter
ihifiFp;t,J erjr$i. preet aodfii eWttta
lure all nightTor my (tains. " r
It was now Tim Watson's turn to give an ac
count orhimelf J which ho did, with a very long
face, is. follows s My wife gave me the most un
lucky command in the world, for as I was blunder-
jug up ataifs mill dark, the cried ut, Doltrruk
your rotten wck, do iim" 1 II be cursed it I
do, Kate, said I, as 1 gathered myselt up; "I'll s-xin-er
pay the bill." And a landlord, here's the cash
tor you. I hi u the last time 1 11 ever risk live
, Aquatic Scenery. During the hardest of the
storm the day before yesterday, we took a lounge
duwuiu th. Uio4it4
the brink of a deep gulley that emptied its torrent
of water into the bayou, our attention was attrac
ted to the bottom oftfjfe gulley, where a drunken
loafer" waa stemming the torrent, holding on to a
root ast wiclioredln tb bank- Th'i66Fle11'rw7
not knowing any one was near him, was combating
his fate manfully, and in calculating his chances of
ecaie, give utterance to the following :
Ilayu't this a oiful'sitivafion to be placed in,
nohow f If I wnsa tteamlioat, a rail, or a wood
pile, I'd bo tatter worth fifty centt on the dollar .
than I'll ever he. agin. ; Unless I'm a. gone case
now, thr haynr no truth in frenofegy.-1 -have 7
weighed all lite chances now. like a ginerat, and .
find only two lhat bears in my favor; the firs! is a ' .
etuhK bow Id era wf into7 and (5 ecind a special
mtfrporsitioo of Trovidencef and the beet Chancer
of the two iiio liin if I -,oply bad the change, I'd ',
give a premium for the skunk hole -thein'a my 1
siilimcil,7lTt $8uttf Mi niintniKi1iifl!3rA!t
water snake, fof about .two months, perhaps J
wmiM'nt mount the firnt atump tirthnr aide tlie Bio,
and flap my wings and ciow over everlastih life, -
din. on this root: there hayn t 00 skunk holt in
these ere oiggms Mh8J.leXJiJ!lHl,fiJ?".!!!
a feet, "aiiJu my"noe was as long as- Kingdom
come, it would'ut stick out much longer. , Oh Jor-
.1, ... ,k.. ..I........ f l.n. .. I.....
to mo for tits codinT bat a pity lis tome phi.
had foresight etHHigli lo buili a house over this gut.
ter, with a steam engine to keep out the water 1
It they d done it hi time, they might have bad the .
Ironor and gratification of saving the life of a feller .
being ) but it's all day with Vou, Jerry, and a big
harbor to cast anchor in. It's too bad to go off in
this orful manner, when they "knows I oilers bnted
water ever since I was big enough to know 'iwaut
whiskey. I feel the root given wav, and since 1
don't know a prayer, here's a bit of Watt 'a Doxol-
oger 10 prove i uieu a cnriHiinn ;
" On the bank whore urooiied the willow,
Ioug time i;;o."
Ib fore Jorry got to the conclusion, he was
washed- into the bayou, within a few feet of a large
Hat that bad just started for the steamboat ; his eye
caught the pruect ot deliverance, and he changed
the burden of hi dirge into a thiilling'cry of
" Heave to ! paMUier overboard and unking, with
a belt of specie ! the iun what savti me makes hit
fortune ! " Jerry was lishe.1 ashoro by a daikey ; ;
and to show his gratitude,mviied Qtinnhey u to go
to the doggery and liquor." I'tta Slur. '
India Jiigglrrt A man who in 1S'!S seated
hininelf in the air, willimil any apparent support,
excited as much intercut and curiosity as the auto,
maton chest player who n'ttonislied all Europe ia
few year ago, drawing were all the
India ,mpert, and various conjecture formed rim -eciing
tho aeciet of hi art, but no very satisfac-
tgry discovery was made of the meant by which
he elli-eifd an apparent impossibility. The bodiet
of tho Madras j.iglwi are, so light and supnb, a
to resemble linw of verpenti rather than men. ' An
artwt uf this kind will place a ladder upright on
the ground, and Wind himseir in and out through
the rung until he reaches t ie top, decimtiing-m
the same manner, keeinnir trie fodder, 'which hat
u.inVi whaieverf tn a--peryndinitnf "WlTKinT
Some ofthe nuwt accoiuplifbed lumbieta will spiing
over an enormous elephant, r five i-amels pled
abreast ; and in roie-lAUt'ihg they are not lo bo
utrlone by ariy of the wondewof thi' Sadd'ei' ' Vcllt
Swallowing the sword is a common operation, even
by thiwe who are not considered the moft expert ;
tndthey have 'varimw other rxploii -with naked
weapons, of a amxt frightful uaiuttv A woman
(liir femiilot aro quite rqual In men in thi kind of
fcatt) will dip the point of a sword in fotne black :
pigment ; the hilt is llten'fixol firmly in the ground,
and after a few whirls in Ute aii, the artist lakes
off portion of the pigment with her ryelicl. ,A
sword and fHir dug ire rt are pleed in the ground,
with tin) dges and points upwards, at eurb a die
tanco from each other a to admit of a man's heed .
between them, the opfrutor thru plant a mimelar
firmly in the ground, sits down Unhid it, and at a
bound throws hi to1 If over the acinx-tar, pitching
bis head exactly iu I he cen're between I he daggers,
and turning over clears 1bcru ami the sword.
Walking over the naked. eUe "f S
to be (M-rfWily e-y j and mum. of thi-e people '
stitk a sword in th. gr'Uiid,,aitd itep upon the
point in crowing over it.N A mare agreeable riw
ply of the lighiii"s and activity which would en
able Uie performers to tread over flowers without
lndin" them. t ahown uixjO a piece of trim linen
cloth itrefchediiul rfightry in the hands of four per.
mnis, which is travemeil without rullliug it or forc
ing it frwn the gra-pof the holder I he lining
of heavy weigh; with the eyelid ia another very
in moos exhibition. Some of the optiwl decep
timis are exceedingly curious ana inquirers ere un
linn dav uuzxled to iruess how idnnts and llower
can be instantaneously produced from seeds.
F.Tari'trtition. S there be an? one manner
ism that is universal among mankind, it is that of
coloring too highly the things we describe. We
cannot be content with t simple relation of truth
we must exaggerate we must overdraw we must
hsve "a little toe much red in the brush." Who
ever heard of a dark oiglnV that waWt pitch
dark t of a stout man that was not strong as a
lior for of a miry road that waa not up to the
kseal" I would walk fifty miles on foot" to
see that man who never caricatures the subject on
which he speak J but where is such a one 10, be
found ? From " rosy morn to dewy eve," in our
common Conversation, we rue constantly outraging
the truth. If somewhat wakeful in the night, we
have scarcely had a wink of sleep ;" if our sleeves
get a little damp in a shower, we are " at wet at if
dragged through a brook j" if a breexe Wow up
while we are in the clmpt tlie channel," tne
wave are sure to " run mountains high j" and if a
man grow rich, we all say that " he rolls in money."
No later than yesterday, a friend of mine, who
wouto hrkv from wilful ' mWepresenlation, told
me hastily, as lie passed, that the newspaper bad
" nothing in it but advert women!," and that he had
sent off, by the Shrewsbury eoach.'a codhVh as
ig Isli Jackaxr-TC
in describiitg common things, most likely proceed
from the love of the ronrvellous, which mirt ol
mankind entertain. We wish to affect the minds
of others? what it the use of telling tale that
will excite no wonder t of inaking a complaint that
calls forth no eynithy 1 ot of representing a deed
of injustice that will rouse' 00 indigmitiou ! . We,
wish to iiwke one Dicture stnkint:, and thus, Tike
the painter, are induced to pat " a little tod touch
color in the brush." But, it it U thus to things
4mtHrA mtcljcm iU&iMM-Mtb
blmtlimg misrepresontaiions are made. Every
newsnaper hat its " Barraiiit," its "Great Sa-
vma," and its Immeose Sacrifices."; M Fish nil
alive " 1 not too stroug a terra for the miserably
tainted,' scaly fry , offered for sale. The Irish cloth
of the mercer is "fine at cambric," the stale meat
of the butcher " aweet at a nut " and (he cheese-
mwieer hard, toogh, lean cheeaell aa fat atiiUb
ter." , 1 hese are general remarks ; how far the;
afreet youT To this inquiry may be added anoth
er. How far da tbey effect Ephrairn Holding t 1
am sadly afraid tfmt we both aro culpable' Not
that 1 plead guilty myself, or tax you with wilful
misrepresentation, fur the purpose of forwarding
any individual interest, but that foci that we are
both amenable to the chaige of tjwakmg lightly
and tUonghtIey thai we botb, by putting occa
simullff. ft. little too much red jo the, brush,'
loave Kiipressioo. not warranted by. ihe kcl w
relate.-firaim I hUing'i Domestic Jdreaet.
'' j'lyllj ' J' '
1 la" , lown ;toie fifty., milet. from SosiorJ the
members of religiouu society were it tie praelice
oT htdding conference meeting in ibe Church,. at
which tbey ; made a' kind of audible confession,
technically called recounting one s " experience,
was in the habit off inviting his neighbor, Mr. L ,
witMn4 a- metnber,- to- attend t Ingfr-witi t ingi
i one 01 wnicn nr. got up ina tiaieq to
tlie congregatioo t liar lib was a great sinner thai
SLJS ,....,,Jl..ll-
0 BioWiaJlUllVawjtttiuaUCVtiWft
. r..r- r-. p
raved. . Afie this coofession of Mr. D . Mr.
who had by accident been plsced irpoo
the "anxioat scar, wai callod uiion to recount his
experuocf." lie arose, and with most, imper-
birbabltt guiurityaiated, ohairiie.Jiad.icry .little to
say of hiniseif, but the brethren would remember
that be had lived for flve-and-twenty year the
nearest neighbor of Mr. I) .that he knew him
well, more iiilunatoly so lhau any other man and
it gave him great pleasure, because he could do it
with entire sincerity, fe evnfirm ike truth of all
brother D had emfr$md of himtelf. Whee
Mr. L sat down under Ihe visible and audible
imilo of the whole congregation, I lie -parsW not
excepted. Mi, D went up to him and said,
, You am a rascal and a liar, and I'll lick you wheu
you get out of church." 4
Iti Europe, black is generally used, because it
represents darkunm, which death it like unto, ts il
is a privation of life. In China, whMi it used, be.
cause they hope -that iLt dead Are in heaven,
the place of puritv.' In Egypt, yellow i used, be.
cuse it represents the decay ing lives and Oowera,
which" 1hmii etlow-te'they die awayrla
Ethiopia, orowii is used, because 11 denoted the
color of tlie earth from whence we come, and to
which we return. In some parts uf Turkey, blue
1 usud; because ifresembtea the sky. wbere.ihev
ho(o the duad ire gtMie ; but in other pant, purple
and tiolet, because being a mixture of black and
blue, represents, a it were, sorrow uo the one ide.
and hope on Ihe other
naifii.N nr iniMiurnr
Tht harned Dr. Wterhoueriutty denomina-
ted the - American Jenner." while professor of
i Xatuml H.rtorv Ilir.arJ l?n.riv u..n. v,r.
"i igo, made an artificial insect, to the limbs of which
-4weeent4 ememmneaw while be bcblu.ji
1 . )
i bis limid.
lecturing, ami permitting every pupil lu impact it,
j none of whom cmdd tell to whit elnsv of ittsrets it
j belonged, though, lliey all tiehevej it to be a real
I hvm creature, the Doctor tho addrrKd ihem :
" 1 supjHHrt, yomn geml-men, you wish tu be in -
formed of ihe name of this bug ; had you eaamioeJ
il more attentively, you would have a,! perceived
mat 11 was a Hum bog.
" Pa ! what it it, that you and elder B are
drinking V said a litlle bv, Ihe other day to his
t faiheiy " Il u hard cider my mn." " Why la t
Pa, I thought ymi and el .ter B. were officer ofthe
To.tnt.1 . -..i 1:..- 1.1,-
" -
w good."' llo-,h child, you talk enlirxdy loo
much, don't you know it i the only way to dufit
them readfut Loco Focus, ait J tave our beloved
Country V ".' r
Crandtired by the AML1UCAX LCLll'Si;,
the Champion of Amriea-Winner of the
Crwtf Match Knee, the North again
.... . fhf South9 2 0,000 aside ! ' ;
the AM LlllC AX
II RED by Col. Wade Hampton of South Curo-
linn, will make his second Sendon at Saliibury,
which commenced on the 2. 1st ultimo, and will end
on the 20A of June next, at 120 the ; Season, and ,
$30 to insure, the money to be paid as soon is the
Mare it ascertained to be in foal, or tht properly
changes owners; and fifty cent to the groom.
(KT Maretsent from a distance will be well at
tended to, and fed with grain at 30 cents per day.
To IhuiM that wish it, a good lot will be furnished .
grntiHi..but iOttauct-witt bo teepwwihle Utt-
accidente or escapes. : - ' R. W, .iiDNG.
Salisbury, K. C, March 13, 1H4U. i!B--r
I Certify lhat LATH was bred by me, am)
that he was foaled in the Spring of 1833. He waa
got ,by Godolphin, his dam Pocahontas, by Sir
Archy j bit grand-dam Young Lottery, also by Sir
Archy, out of Col. SingletoriV celebrated Lottery,
by imported Bedford out of tlie imported mare An-
illina findulnhin was ffot bv Ecliiwe i bis dam
Sylph, by Hicphestion out of Lottery by imported .
Bedford, &C Hiephestion was got by the import
ed Buzzard out of the dam of Sir Archy."
LA HI W a line bey, without white, 15 hand 3
incet high, with' good bone and capital action. At
throe year old, he won the produce, stake at Co.
I. .... .:u k.uia lil.i M. 'I'., !.,.'- nil..
lUIIIUia, IHU UIIIQ IID.I.I WW.,.!.! f.lllll w iiiiv,
Uuisy, and Captain Spami' coli, Convention, nine
other paying forfeit. t wo weeks afterwards ba
won the jockey club purse, three mile heats, at
Augusta, beating Kite auia distancing Black Bird.
At Charleston, he wat beaten by Clodhopper for
the jockey club puree, three mile beats ; being very
much amiss, he was drawn after the firt heat.
At 4 years old, he won the jiickey club purse, four
mile heats, at Camden, beating bir Kenneth and
Dorabella at three heals ; losing the' first in consc.
quence of bolting when several leugilis in advance
1 stand . and getting entangled aiiHmg 4ne carria
ges, he austained an injury which occasioned hie
withdrawal from the turf. . - ;...,
.Latli, W4 a race JJorsaof the, ilrat claM, which -he
evinced in his trials with Bay Maria, Charlotte
Kuase, and Kitty tleth, aud in point of blood he ia
inferior to none, whether imported "or native.' Hit
constitution n robust, he having never been sick,
and his temper goodr-Hi color, form, and action
3peatf for thenrselves. ln a word, Lath unites in
himself at many claims to public patronage at any
young Stullion that Hinow. - " ' .
Willwood,Jau:?2,183a. -" .,",, ;w
From the above certificate of Coj. Hamoton.
wh bred and had Lath Irained for the Turf, it will
be seen that he considered him a race horse of the
first class not only from the races he has men
tioned as hating run piiblicTy", bill "irow prTvale tri., '
als he hat made with horses which are now on th '
Turf, and mnoing: with 4lopsdtrsJlftBuiccti. J"i J
wiU abw be observtd by hit certificate, thai, he
eonsidere4 1 b "
supaiwed by ajiy horse, imported or native,
1 consider if entirely unnecessary to attempt to
eulogise Lath, either for hit performances on the A
TtwCroa tM:tu Jut blood, juice wmwytp&h'
is so well attested. But will "remark, that Lath :
bat uot :only .descended :fron w4bwdi btrt baj-""
Come from stock both aire and graiid-tire, dam and
grand-dam, that are ofthe ruruimj blood. For
j i-c . , '
"" v"'l'wwnuo-Mitiuui nnit;f w
Amer tean tkjhpse. eo'well fctoww tr-tfee 1tmttl tljid "
VwTU, iusde' Bw ;tini. 'iu.' (he greaT7nalcFm
north against the south, 30,000 aside, in 1 inin
tee and 87'tcondtiwtch 19tilipti'Vow!ircoiiJ!!r
tidefabit eclat. ' This race gained luni the memo.
rable name uf the champion of the north
X.'."r ' il-.r.-:"".:.ri'r i-- r- 1-
da mai redBy le"remwiH1BiFXreliy'' w hotereT"
putation is a rarer, cVc, standa unquestioned, both .
in England and America. The grand dam of Lath,
Old Lottery, bred by Ihe great southern aointeur"'
of hones, Col, R. Singleton of South Carulina, hat
produced more fine race -horses than any other
mare in. the Cuion. "Thus, it will be seen thaf
there it uuited in Lath two of the beas studs in the
outb, Hampton' and jjglciou's crossed with i
Cen. Colo' of ibai north. ' . .
Tlie (tublio is now presented with such in oppor- ;
lunity of huproving the blood of lhat noble and
useful annual, tfiti Florae, as rarely occur! in this "
section of country. , And Ihe poblic can have irr
addition, in 1 short time, the opportunity of judg-
iiig more satisfactorily of Lath bldbd," oic.,' by -his
colts of jast.Spring't get, is it it expected there -will
be many of them, dropped by mares in this
section in t Jew dy, Asa turn wei geiler Lath
stands almost unrivalled; at is proven bv hit last
Springjs services so few pf U10, largejiaiubor of...
uarya put iu nun ima proving iu joat. . .
' , ' R! VV.j V
N. B. Mares sent from a distance wijj alwayi
flnsj Lath at home, as he will not be removed from
bit twble in SlisbtH, ttiider-anr t!iwmstaicet,
during tho 8eas. March 13, 1940.
'WHS SUBdtTUBER living near Lexington, Dvid.
in County, takes this method to inform tha lub-
lie list lie will emer mo toinian
i Pons, either in Davids-m, Rowan, or Cabarrus Coun
lJ huuse rsctorir-s, or any other kind of
! u,lang neat or line K, to tmud them as elieap, a.
durable, ami in M jond etfle at any .workman in Una
country. -i--, - - . -.
lla wdl aiao. mould and burn the Brick, if wanted.
He wiists tint hi kmg expeiieuce in -77
will entitle him to a shire ot public pstronsge.
Ho would refer gentlemen wishing work dune in his
l.lnKT n.i... ,.. il,. V..,,.l ..l.,. ....I .1
1 fire pro, Clark' office ia Salisbury, a specimens of
Hun wot k.- , '.' . .
N. B. TleHe wi-tiiiif work done, will please leave
wmd at the. oftieo of the WestHra Ctmliniae, and it
sliall be pnnctusllv attended to. - -
DsVidmm, April Is. 1KB. . . . ,
1,1 1 " eemtirateii, nm m mucti nted bv . ... " " -
"Uhe ttUicu-d in evry twrt ofthe emntrv.i now ti.
ceued aud fi sale hy the Subscribers
- CIIF4S 4. lit Kit' R, Aj-enta. -Mers.
Srnimt &. ihanklb, in C'(ncird, N. C, are
alw Avnts li the same - . ---
1. S. Set advert isemeat. April I, r a
f ""1 j
"1IK Sntihcrilsir tulo.'H Un tm-ilul ,.r ;.
1'iihlic, thai he ttiil luiitiini,.. tr .,". :
iimsl, at bis Cinimie Unary. ..,. .
Saln-bury, near the . -Id thsrlesom n-.(t r .'
able to supply all ordtrb ;,r MILL-SToM"-! "
- w in re w
betit grit, and on the shortOKt notito.
lot!,-., '
for Sdle. at the lowest prices,
Dlll!l!ll IIITII T1IV1 l)fiPIu n., 1 1-'
'"."o oiu.i
i. HOULKHOUSEK.Sto,,-,,,,,
Suliebury, Oct itb, 1S11J. " """-' "t'u
N. B. Orders for my of the above ,JL.
rp. directed to me at SbIihIhii-v u.ii i.. ...
ended to.
J . J' puactuktl'
Moffat's Ak V &x
'IMIESE nicdicinei ard iodulted for their
iheir mauilest and sensible uctiou in ...r!
the springs and channels ot life, and eudum- u
tided case which have been made public, and bTl
most every species 01 msease to which the htiw
frame is liable, the happy effects of M0FKir2
been gratefully and publicly acknowledged bv it
persons benefitted, and who were previously
quainted with the beautifully pliitosophicil
pics upiJU wuitu urcjr om tuinpouiiilca, arJ tl
which Ihev cousequmtiy tel. '
'Ihe LIFE MtiblCLNLS recommen:? K-
elvos in dtseaset of every descripiioii. Tlwif
operation it lo loosen from (he coats of the Moitt,
aud bowel! the varioat impuritiet and crud,),,,
constantly settling around ifiemj and to Kut
Ibe hardened fiecet which collett in the tiw,,.,
liout ofthe small intVslinea. Other medicine, 1,.
ty paniany cwanse incse, ana itave toch toikf
massot behind to produce habitual eoativ
with all itt train of evils, or sudden diarrba-!i,
its imminent dangers. This fact is well known
all regular anatomists, who examine the ,
bowjls after death s end hence the prefab $
these well informed menagaiiwl quack uici.,.
or medicinea prepared and herulded to Ike p.
oy igiBirom pciow. jtiio stscuuu U.'cl q(
Life Medicines is to cleanse the kidneyi aj lct
bladder, and by this meant, the liver and the ku n
on ,.the gutariiy oi..the .lumary jorgstis. jm
blood, which takes itt red colof f"m Hie
ofthe liver and the iungt before it passe L,uu
by food cowing from clean stomach, courses fn.
ly through the veins, renews every part of the ro,
tern, and triumphantly mount the banner of tkik
in ihe blooming cheek. , ;.'.
i.JlpnaiILVlJihIe Life Medicine liaiVbf.
thoroughly lested, and pronounced a soveidn r
medy fof Dyspepnia, Flaiulency, l'a I pi tat ion f t'e
Heart, Lost of Appetite, ilearl-buru and flus.
ache, ilesllesaness, 111 temper, Anxiety, hutgy
bud Melancholy , Cost i venous, Diarrhaa, Chofrn,
Fevers of all kinds, Rhumatisin, Gout, Dwpw!
rill kinds, Gravel,. Worms,'-Asthma and CoflMimp
tion, ScurvyV Ulcers, Inveterate Sorei, Scorl ,
Eruptions -and Bad Complexion, Frupttre t T
plaints,' Sallow, Cloudy, end other disagree? k
Complexion, BaltRlnHirorErysipelat,-Cis.
Colds and Influenza, and various other couipEnis
which afllict the human Irame. Iii Fcvu 11
AotB, particularly,'th Lite MidiclneiTitiv tt
rncd eniineptly,siiccessful; so" inuch 8 that mik
Fever and Ague District, I'hystciuut ilmmi uu.
versally prescribe them. - f
All that Mr. Moflat n quire of hit patienti t to
be particular ie taking the Life Medtcine etrk-rty
WSLM&tM liliing thai he huusdf my
say in their lavor, that he hopes to gain credo. Il
is alone by the results of a fair trial. TV "
at a. domestic guide la faoalih Thi littl snaiti
forbarfijeert fubttwhrrl,'WrThrptirpei'of t?
plaining more fully Mr. Mofiiit's theory ofdix :-
and-will be found iiighty ;intpreting.tO
seeking health. Itireata non prevalent dm!
and tho cause thereof. Price 1'5 cents f-r
by- MrrWoflatV gMTh'prrlenlfTr4;-"
1 bese Vnluable Medicine are for sale rv
- - - CltWS J BOCl'X
Salisbury, N. CL, May 1, 1JU.' . . .
'I1I1E Subscriber living seven miles south c.1' .c
, burv, intends keeuius cnrManllv on l.aiul, ).
ble ind Oriuite Slabs exprcwtly for
so that he can execute any order iu Uist J-iae, oe
shortest not wo,.
, . s . ' Atso ' '
llti ready 1o exrctite Inv wort which mT '
GRAVING, 3lvh ind he twures thoMi who i
liim with tlieir work, that unle.-m well done'
lo-cnutract, be has mrpay.
A complete large Dairy Trough !r sale, cut
for the jmrposrot preserving milk rofd: - A;r : '
Subscriber. " , . '
.November 1st, is?l)j .
,fVo Owners ot MVWs.
'PUB Subscriber bst in vnjtrnvtdp attnl
..L AlilKby which, a mill will da uiuth b-"
with the twoal form of Spimlles. Il '
as to keep from healing 01 killing the meal ins .
ncr, "f he-ronner it an confinid hy the
ways to preserve it balance, sud of coinw t f -rubbing
ofthe stones.. " i
. I thipk,by this bnprnved Spindle, tin "
will rtoat lesl ene-lOfrii inon tm.inej.- .
oTsuaenor lioaTTt JT
Any person wishing to use one oft!'"' ";
may oMain one ot more, by making apph'-"
in 1 short time) te the Sutxicriber at Ah -
-JC it, C I think the probable i 'H -
KVi lor the Paleat and Spiadle retdy for - ,
in suecoirmwrailSr: C,T. lv.'Fi"K
ter, Joseph Hall and cWl. Fiterof I1'11'
(lilhretb Dickson and David J. Rairt' 1,1
Charles Griftiih of Rowan; Addiiwn ,Mi'rf"
sun, and VV illiam ! of Surrn all of 1" ' '
ry ploaset) wuh its pcrfnrmancev - - '
Qi-tnbor 2Ti,
'V? A'ciiU Kenan!-;.
11 UNA WAY ftom the Suhscrrbcr, ou M(-k
I i April. l$n"t h"11 b ' '
FJl'T. I will five the above Reward, noi r
fhf lf-f an;)rtrhenion and delltf W W ,(! , t
sii v-i tgain.4 harboring or employ i"J ,'"
j itttbe penalty of the Itw.;.; TOillA
' Row ft Coontf, June 5, 141 J
. i. for K-l h
. X olM:riber,at Milledgeville,
n.c- - .w. r.. K
Febrnaty VI, mtn. -

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