North Carolina Newspapers

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mm- ui 1 1 nvrt T( riiF. nirr.iiTm bv thk rmn-mnmn, to MoniBrrt a nr To the h-atics, as rkseivcb tu the at km HMrBcTivsiv, o to tmr n-:nn.K. A n-n.J'm nt to tie CAiUtitio, ArtUh X-
ISvunV-er 2 of Volume
SALISBUUY, It a, NOVE3IBER 13, 1810.
J Whole Number, I fill),
-pflttJSHEl) VVKr.K.y:::!!:K!t!CUA8. P.--FISHER,
tldi'.vr nud Pmjritiot.- - ' '.
T!w Wemsi (,aki-',?uas if jjiiWithed t very Friday,
ti2 pr annum, HI sUvjiiuo, or uj .J0, it' nut paid m
tdfo uwfitli Iroui ill tune uf tmtMcrmiiig. (Jr- No
u,ner will lx discontinued until ill arre iu gea are paid,
g die subscriber isVwoUit the aubsenpuun ; snd Die tail
(u poiiiy the Editor of a wih least
" tfvs miA'TU betnre the nd et the year subscribed fur,
Dill be coiwidsred a new engagement " '
i (T A'i'"rlnt:n,t eotbicaouly and correctly in
' ert,d at $1 pr pire--of 31(1 or jiftetn linn
- this 'l tyi") for the fir: im-ertion.arul 25 cent
j 44di cuniiuuiweo, .-Court and I Judicial had vert ine.
' .mts V!5 per I'cnt. higher Hiaa the shove rates, , A de
(diteliua 5;,J P" cent, tho fftfulur pi Ices will
ni!!'! ""y 'ieriiTa. AuvvrttMnicnt
tut in Sir pulilicti4ri, mua lrHr(ttd i-uh the iinnv
t;r'(yrnci'rtiin rtcirireii; or ihpy-.witt tw'cominuot'tltl
(jrhi'f, and ftMrjf" BfC'irrtmg'ly. '
To M-cnt" Heiltii, all letter adilrwwrd, to tlie RJi
i"Sr"o tatei Hrbe. free of IWse. ., . -
nAVINU ntmoTed hi; Ofllre to Cml
' lOOr"f Mri Cnvnn' lirirk row.
(fffiw'rly wctiiili-d hy f. AtshM 8ui!l,) wmly
,ii.i MioJi K'l UrDwiiV Ktri, Hitpy Inntlitrs hit
pr it'ifHiiniiil wrvicf to ih fwililiR.
.rin'islniry, August 2t 1S40 . ' ' -t
'?Cl'I ' HAVING Incah-d bimHi' pernwiwot-j in
mijHci iil cuuu(rv' iu ail bio suniiriiielififui Ins yrih I,
Midi. H" nu'b rmmd f hi Otlicw, on main su tVt J
J.,l:), l?l.-:' - . ,.;...;,.,,: ll T
I I KS I i wTF J -IY oliorsn.s prufticpal fry'tut to j
llilie cit'r.-nl ttishury,in lli.i tnirrf,Uiidnig
eim,ry, HwoJi.'' ii. in Mr, Vtet!s-.i)cv hrick-buiid.
itiT, m arie npwwile J & W. "iKiv' y'ij at jro. ' ."
' .Wnlisb-irv.iN. CAnnrt !K1, IS)!), " ' if.
Arriral and departure qi the flails
, - AT ASt FBI) -
: : sui3i:!j::y. n. c.
Arviu' daily, nt 1 1 o'etock, a. ill , sntt th'parts duily at
:i: ; :.: 7 h'cIik'juju. -4 V--..i-r.v'
Tur!ir ) and Vri.!y t.t 14 iiiifht, sad Dep"r',
"Tue'yVStiJ r tidaysat l'u'Uil,t.,'Bk. !
r.eduds,s, ..sT.Sat.Mdsy. at ;j
Vi:."Tl- R-.. 'AiletiUr. Af.t .
Arrives Jjnn iiyn, TiirMlnys, and Friiys al S ocbic p..
hi, s-hlt l).'nru Muiidnyi Tliiirsuays, uihI Ssiturutij
-;-lij.'.,Iiii,k..a.-ui. j!.-.- r-
A'rivt' m iid '!iiV at -1 o'clock 0. in., and
'""""" carrrrtCv .siaii.;
Aw nTlietr,i,Thiirtii, od !aliir.lsis at 4 . m.,
luu 1). y trx AKmihys, V. oniiclaj, & KriiU'y al 4 . jiu
.r:iy-iFiia at i .pja.j ..a.iwj )"ji.irlg nt'?:'. d.iys at 0
.... a. hi. - .
. -". FAY;CTTi:VII.!.t;-r.i. Cur.'m:1
Arrive. ;?iinhiyi,,f)J Tlmrwliy nt i jk 10, an J IV'purts
l.r xt l (1 s in, : . ' : "c
Tha lui.h. arc miie itttal st .(ifjtn minntr lie-
1 fHr.iticw Jepsnurt', UtfHttire all letters must t iloli
eril !wviiMM in limt nine Iu en hv the HrM owil.
V " ' " a.' 1 t v iv l 1 "
..i v.V.-.-.,- I 1, ... Wl.. .....
: Oct.Vr MX
im s's-1.
V T'.ie itiarkfl-.'
iD'j!tV, tSOVEMltR F5, l"4D
t IU Jfuii,
h 10
M a 6:
1) s 20
4J s S
10 a K'J
Jiran 'y, (peach)
B-wwax, !
Biiiit;, " '
-.Uj.i. Uyyj, . '
tuliofl, oilcan)
Via '
M a .'I")
UatH, -
JO a w;
IS Sii'ii'uik, "
1 5tt jHicts ((piart)
10 4 Ul! -iihiJr, (iiriiHi
- .- -1,. .
h a
-i i'lHIl,.: -
lif, 1 1 a IS
JW, ifl ." ,-Ml
f '.lWs, - - '--'
I'lusewi, , 0 I a 7 J
Do(Hick) ip.J7oa JJ.IIM
it.l, (b.Wr "1 10 a '..
I'aiiow.; 'x '
SO a
Eraody, (peach)
lh ' lapple),
4. a 00
:na 4 j
tf a 10
.MolsMses, .
S5 a 37J
H a 10
.aliii, v-
til a 7
" 1 Whiter,1 ". " ' " Ia'ZV
STtTTTto-snTtT Vt
lUls Ki-, i H s 10
HVR-e, . ;, I I
Vwilun, 7 a 9
i'-vUuo Bj(,jinjf, ai s 2-
Off, m a 3tl-
tanillc", i 17
lxeed, ftl t $1
. Uo (rk ) i 50 a 2 H7J
tJnar, (brown) t)J 1'4
K (..miii) ... 16
: D,.(loaf.y. '13aJ
TofiaMo.-Xat) '"
Wheat, H
VVbii-ke, 3. '
WoU. , . . 15 a 0
AT CilF.RAW, S. OCT..C7. 110.
wr, (scarce)
'-.ITe. '
4 s B iFhHir,' '
H a tlj Featiu rs, - -13
s Si jisrd, (ware-)
!!) a '2-1 j.MoU,
s Hhiis
40 a -
11 a l .'i
a M
40 a .0l
it a Vi
10 a 14
Ilia l-.'i Kice, (1W 1W)
1 Su-'ar,
a-p ! j "vdlj -jk)
Corn, (.tcarce) " fsl a Ovi' (busbi !) p7J a 1
AT CAMDF.N, S. C-, NOV. 4, 1'
0 a 10
;h c
V4 a M
11 a 11
Cotton, .
('.irn, "
1 loor,
lrd,'" .
(' '
aVi "t
'S7 s 40
Da I'.'
1') a .Mi
' 1 a W
TU1 813ttHCttlBBas
II WISH pirrhH tbVl well known nd
ptl)liln-(l ullic house, (known bv the namr
of Slaiij-liier's Jl.rfol,) ailuated in the Town of 8.
hsbury, N. C, informs hi friends snd the public
peiiersllvMhat th snme is now o)n for tlw rfce
lion of Traveller ami fi,tirdml
I His Table and Bar will lie imfuedLwitli tlw
lost (he nmrkftl nod Mirrotiodnig country nflijrds.
, giablCSI ifj'Hcious and honntifully ipplid
with jtrain, aitd prnvfndr, atltfideii by fuitliful and
:'atlttiti Ostlers. " i
' Thi) umlersiiim'd pWg' himlf that wt'swr
Jion oil hij Hirt shall. to wanting. In vito gomrl
,sdtifartum lo nil whoWv fnvor him ith a call."
'. V'-V-'V. JAMRd L. COWAN.
.afiM,.iry, fVpt. II, 1R0.' tf. r
Look Up!
3 jliJH sobscrilior, wi'gliinn remova to the wast,
jiflr-fiw 8nlcor rent his HOUSE and LOT,
m Sulwliury nihiHlcd ihi main street north-east ol
Iliu I'.Kiiltii.uio ' In addition to a K'xkJ Dwelling
limit, there are two well arranged Shbjs on llie
Ijt a Hlit'-ksiinth and a Wood tilmp, ani both in repsir; uUo, a good Ktichen, StsUea and a
line liniden. '. ' , ' V
nii '3uiTiai-rif J Tie vHlTt m- i ri 3 TrartiTof-'VaTuaUa
i.f l.uvnl s ( reek, adjoining I obius Millar and lA
t Trifxler, contaiiiing , ,
ton, mid oilier, containing ' .
luo'.hof'iraci adjnninj tho OTJ.abfica mentioned,
r Jt;dntaininx 77 Acrcs. -
Another Iraevlving about 2i miles from Salisbu
ry, adjoining .Martin Ktutts and others, containing
- v
A -id last tm' BK"T, a first rate trark.lyin on the
waters of Crane t'rVek,lMut '2J miles east Trom
Salisbury, ronlniiMii .
323 Acm,
O i which
there is an excellent '
,buih w uj r.iMir auU iUiirt into..
Persons wihioii to purchase ywlimbl property
..otlhe abiuie ileacr lpliuui wim Id jlu waJL ii call. 00
Ultrtt Nov. 6 1840. . , Fy
i receiving
A tnrge'iS.ixik ol
r. .!, .nil MftMnA
- 4i?i -PALT8,Oih,
JIruiKTi Xjlaii'
It i ' i '! 4.
vRsMj Spier t, Pto
coa, Clgari,
funrs, Tobac li.ijs
P.Me Boards, WR1TINO
PAPtR, Atso, a large supply of " - !, r
Ulnfeij aad;8plrita,Xr6 AJicnl use,)
tn roil the urussure of lb times, bv
Hiinlajrv, Jun 19, 1S40. ' .' .' .if.
Cotton Vnrnw."
IHF, Subscribers, Airema for the Lexington Cot-
ion Faetory, would mfiirin low publiu that they
have jost received and now idTIir for ante, wholesale
and rnlsil, the Cotton Yams of snid Factory, eon
siitm of vari.Mis nutiibers.Tha sperirtr quali
ties ami ehsraeler of Hie Yarns of this Factory are
ao well tented and known as loneed no recom-
from us Those wtahln to pur
chase will pleaae glie na scaU. - r
... c. b. sv Clw W HEELER, Agta.. -.-
April 24, IS40. - tf.
A.- 1 j.-.. ;v
LN Foil MS the public tliate has rsniwed from his
inner stand, to his aew bioWinga en the public
sriiara. ill the Town ol Mis:kville, where tie will on
" His ll.mae is roomy sud coniimsliotis rattached to
rti'u-h are aix comfortable Olhces fiif ssntletnen of lite
ptft n wmnient to the Owir 1 1 btnx. ,. '1'hs aulsMirt.
bee pledfes hiiittwlf " llio uhwI diligent tseiuins tu
give saliatactioo In such as may call on bun. Hia Ta
ble, liar tod Htsbles are prm wled ill die bo.-t nianiwr
Uml tha Muntry will sdbrd, ami bis asims af Caith-
Feb. 14. lt'J. ' " -
. i ii,i.:i..l
, a VE jut reCeivsl from rvew Kirs anu rnnauei-
uhia. kll fAteuV'S aseof tmenl of
, coMiivriso ir
Dry Good, ll-irdware. Tinware, Cruck''
ery.GRtX'HHlKS, )rnganl Me
"' dicmea, P)'rt-?lulN, Points and
till. Boots sou nmie,
ridddli-ry,a.c.,';. . umsiTrrr&rirrv
, s,rt their SUirk coin,riiis almost every srt!elr, 0 incm-s liih, yelli-w complei
need, d b the I'-rmrr, c-it-, or the tmkmM , jg ch . ,Vl((n Du, ,t, T
of the to'-ve or ensntry- ;
M. B. .Tbev will sell I
' v 7:: ' 'i 7,"ii .7;,
,ty fof cash, or to punctual
:iu cuusv, PnalucA
,Mleren time; " " aiciiiiij
IM, JhH. Ii Ji. lf -
Attn i,i:i.Hf
.MffLssH"'.' .Chr-i T
Female Academy.
'T'llI' Eiarciies of this inwlHiiiiwn-wcrfl returned
on Monday; Novetnber 2nd, under lha crMrgo
of Mis BVKKIt. Terics as heretofore 9 mli
at tlH 50 for the ddfrrent clflsc. Music on to
Puma and (t urtar, 85 each; - 4 r -7 " -
U.I. ok...'.. a lain . . - - N
5$ fill K Subscriber wishes in em.
ploy a Watch and Clock Ra
pnirnr, to whom he will gise con
stant wotk and good wages.
None but lb use of sober and
inductions habila need apply.
'.igatwbury.N. C.,Ocioor SJ,40. tf..
miwAm iiwwiisiiiW' If S.jisiijfcwiagl03gkgl
T -WILL sell, as, TmsKui.At JohaIUrd, Xtn-
Mttrrnt LAK Ifctvlrirwlihm one mfleiof thtr
..r v-Aiu-iL,: im IMafis44-
Tller1 10 Afrinr t;34iattit'THif'
,.-t4.. "-" - - '.,
sbmii '15 Acrns is first!adow, and a irood
flnsb branch -r4Mmij; through it Tb-reinunIJ
of the tract is woodland. Any pert on wishing to
purchase, will please call on me, and in case of my
absence, on my sou C. F. Fwber. : -"-, -
Salisbury, Sept. 1!, 1840. ' v ' If. " ;
SflHIE SuWrilicr liaving removed lohe country,
has appointed Coli A. W, Brandon fcis Agent,
for aetlting bis buaioesa in the Town of Salisbury,
Col. R. may be at all times at tip Rowan
Hotel, where all persons indebted to meSare invi
ted to catl and make sHtlemoul iiumedis
N. B. Nothing biit my peculiar circumsiances
Cpuld induce nie lmftkfl Uua urjjtut call ipo tny
Crieod bif acttlouiorit . V.U.
. Salisbury, Aug. 2S, 1840.'-'.,; ; . " t
HaokM indcry.
I N FOR MS the public that he still carries on an
-Establishment of the above kind in ChabloTtb,
North Carolina, a few doors south of tha Mint.
llayiotf..M jte ftoncelvea, a thorough lno ledge of.
bi UiiHiiewa, be u:uls ua basiUtion in assuring those
who mav wish to patronise him, thai their work
fWLbfi duneio ihj.vettt.liiia , and on.'
accommoaniing lerms -:- . ..
R.Hikf and other articles nt from a distance to
be bound, will be promptly attended to and care
fully jcturaed when dwie. ,The public araequesl-
ed to give me a trial.
tire will be punctually lurwardeJ for completion.
Charlotte, Feb. 7, IS40,
Splendid Stock of Fresh Kroceriei, fcrV., '
ivrt F.f EIVSD AT TH
mu, ttoiriCiirA
4 NNOUNCESto htcisioiDers, frieiMls and the
public in general, mm ne s now receiving
from the Charleston market, a Urge and frash sup?
ply of article in his line of busine as among
which will be foued, - r ,-5 s tb?
Jill kinds of Vrcsh Crntknt ; -Jltl
kinds of Wine nnd l.iawort .
' Sugar i .Coffee, and ' jlolasxet; 4 '
- ' ' - - - . f I , . 1 T -- '
- msesaie or kpisii j
OrungfS 7 ''id every oilier article lit the groce
ry Jmeer brought lo.ttiis irkct, . -
Mc. R. invites all wishing articles in bis line to f
give hian call. . " . '.
Salisbury, Oct 9, tSIO. tf' ' I
Second and lMt Call
JR. ROC EC1I E now gives rmtice, that such
A' A n, ,. i,r ari-riiinf n were rf.m t.itn hirt'.u.a
, ...1. j mm a.'u..-.' -.t-.i. ...... j... -
ot the last Superior Court, if not paid immediately,
-..11 1. .... .... r... .11......... v- -
win in- ,-,1, ,-,f viifT.ii-nit i.nrwijf .COIlip 18
bun to adopt this course. . '
, Snl.slHiry, 0:t. 9. 1? 0. v, A ;,tf.!.Ji
I?OR SAIJ1 A Mil.tary C"U o
Diisiif Si good SS
I ew, FsuletUH Kwild, (adter in'it.) BelC S&ii,
tapsnd Festher. (KT Apply at tin mice.
' .Salulmry, N. C, October 9, lt0.
Taken Up,
AND Committed to the Jail of
Cowan county, oil tlie 3rd of No-
veiidier, J li. a oero man by the
nan of JOHN FEARS, claiming
Tumir, If t7 tHrfrre. faitr iotiTTf-fr-f
lertrd, wilh a scar !
The owner is re-1
quested to prove prr.oerty, pa charirea, and take
M ' r(iii--u rt t .,t., away. . . . VJU LOI.LRIM, Ja.U.
, Nov. 6, i
Pfrrti-.s dntifi f'ft $ih, nt fa j fMfrr.
; : . To Tvaccrs.
f I! E travelling comiuuniiy are respectfully Inform--
d that the iubcriler i Das' rtinwnij his line di
rect trisii Ualsib by war of T ttuboro' auvi A.liSc(.i' to
SalrtlMiry, in atnnli Nurtberfl made CVn h" ol'tliefirt
ord'.-r; leaving; Kaieijfh 00 Mondays and Thurxdavs al
10 A. M., smvintf In Snlisbury next days st 10 l'. M.
Leaving tUlirtiurT 011 TueAtnysand Fridays A, M.,
airiviii ta RtUiyb next data at 10 V. M.
His horses sre good, and drivars particularly onrelul
and sccorniiK bl 1115. , . JOKL McLEAN.
Fsb. Ii, is:w. It
N, B. Heat jeenred at 'be Manakia Hotel,
THE Subscriber informs the
public that he continues the
, Cabinrt-.tlasihiff ,
' ., lltlkilltllM, . .
Ho" is piepared to execute all descriptions ol work
in his liUa ol buMiiessina very superior aiyte.ns re
tard worK'iUDiliip and uiaterials, and cartninly on
luirer ttrstXtban is atlordinl by any other estate
lisbrnenl of tKe kind in this ley ion o( country, ' -
Orders from1 distance thankfutly rscaived and
promptly and fuWutly executed..- i "
Produce, ScantlHig and Plank taken in exchange
for work, NATHAN PARKS.
Mwasr. now u.
cied and tof sale by the HunwcftiMm.
Messrs. Spstsos & 8, ta tsicutd, i..C.,re
ilso-Aden's tor the same.- -V-
P. a 8eeadvertiemeuV'--Apfir4;l!).
fPIIl3 ii.valuuble Medicine is for ante by the
-subscriber, ut liiiijdi--fi!r. MoatiwiiiVV cu., .
N.C. .' ' ' tV. K, Bl;R.HE. I
February 21, 1840. V ' r
Tbero is in the Maryland AgrieuUural Report,
a record of an experiment ol this kind, conclusive
in ravor of the cooked tuod ; though from son it
cause, the gain in either citee was nut auiib as eiight
to hike ptaco whtii hogs are will fcd. This ue.
Stxx wi prubabiy xtwuig ia the toed, tutit is wail
known that some breeds Inks on liesb with nuire
than double the idpitiity of 01 hers. , We give, in a
.l A ,L. .1.-"IJ" i -"T.-.
011 ins nrsi asy 01 iuceinuer, lour snoms 01 ine
antnit hreeit and lioMrtv of the aame atKa. wiim mm.
weighing 183 poumb, were put iiy theuisolves, ami
Mwere led on one gallon ol shelled Indutu eora,
weighing seven pounds, tu each lor esvry 'i hours,
:,aud ss much wates aa they wauled.!! - Fhis-sas a
J full supply, and though iiot always all conaUmed,
wua geucndly an. " For llielwopia vviio weighi
gnihjir wdu..l7&.uuudarjses
. jiKii.111 curu iiwiaJ, uy iitesoure ien pints, were nimii
- into gisid musb or basty pudding, and divided be
tweeo then, lr every 24 hours," I lius, these
.taa, had .exact! .ball, the amount. of jswti- gjvfiu
them that the urst received. Tna cooking was
en poooda, or lou putts, whea made into pudding
weighed an avaragvof tbrv pouinln, atid ne-a
aured three gallons."., Tho evening leud of mush
was usually warm, that of the morning cold. Be
tween the two pigs fed it) cooked food, there was
a diflerence of tuuo pounds, and a lula the allow
. aura of fifteen pouuda to the amallest, wis as much
as bo could eat, the other was alwitye greedy and
shsrp eel. - ,.. ' , - .. -- - - -j
; Bulnre being killed, 00 the 4th of January, they
were all again weighed; and those that had bwuu
fed on the euro, wore louud to hate gmned, 004
rive WHinda, and the other twenty, on the same dsi
ly allowance of seven pounds escb. Ot t lie pair
M on cooked food, or musb, and I lie daily alhm-
auce of which waa 8 ptantd. of meal -each, the
greedy oua bad gained twenty three iNMinds, and
llie other. tniy-.ste. This 11 no great gain, tu
be sure, but taken in c-otinectto with ether expert-
nieuls oi .the kind, it gives ri.t( imitoiitnl
quest si, whether, when so much corn- is sunui.lly
Lliudto. bog,if a aavHig ef one ball can be made
by cooking it, ia it out well worthy the attention
ot farmers to adiip yuch;a"triode-iind proviufl a
projier apparstus t CMpatur,. y . , ..t
The inijHirlaiK-e of furniahing aali to do'nesiie
animals, duos out appear to bo suflicienlly unden
.Mood. , 1'hough all are aware of the avidity with
s-hirrh at.imiiis cat it wh?n Riven thrn. there arc-
many wbu scarcely an it thtur auimala lirinigli the
season. -u tt is evuieni that animals should
have it nt at) tunes at their command. , 'Fhey will
ventinl to their-health and eomlori. The rj-nnti-ty
albeJ in ipain lor 1,000 .bee,!, is 2-1 q.miulii,
pr.ibsbly wir lh amounl tho sttmu iM'i.ln-r o-i
TaMj get in this country j and ibis qii-mhiy It r-m
sudied by them in aUmt five months, lls-y '-Hing
little in the wuilr,c while journeying to and from
. tltoir nsMint-iiil paaturCS. L (Tit Soniinerville allow,
ed a ton of anil to a tli(siand sheep, and lound
they co!iuu'd the most in the spring and full, and
at theae seasons it was probably most im ful to
i n m as a security ag-jint dmeu Of iu val-
" ue for aiiiniiils in a medicinal pMirt of view, the
following (act, slated by the celobrsled Cuiseu,
"TiTuJTtiff (frenrd rlrreH :
" Before I eommenced ny entt'e s.i!t, my
farrier's bill avenged t i pinjnds p-r siinu.n (or
" more th n 250 dollar.) and sior-e, ( hivo never
paid, in any onn year, over five shillings."
Where ciiMhi have Hfcet shed. trsihs with
a constant sipdy d" salt io-tbem,vboold lie k'-pt
for their uie. Where they irut m as'led in the
fields, IroMhs ali'iutd bo pt.lj ed, n l .ti( supplmil
ne'i'ieiiily. There will, in evjc-"! trimL-, .(,
ways lie more ur leu bus I'm. in r.iiii, bill I,
should rft prevent a supply v li ha bite n fiund (i "
exeellent prsctieo wbrre slicep h.un cooie tu ij. i
iroojhs, to put a little Inr on tho botiniu,
sprinkle salt Ujmn it. In ill's wsy a srt.Mil j ru, 1
id' thelit is lukPHwiih the salt.snd m tiut n, :
found condurivu Iu lu nllb, but in ihn w, ,'
user the ine, serves to prevent Iliu attytks if ll 'i
Ktru ovis, r beep fly.-i.
; ; Apotngut eddrtiml (o Mr. Wtbtcr.S.h9
u)hhi a tune then was -a man who hud an unruly
bull, thatvwas terribly destructive tu tbu coin
patehns of his iKMgblwri. .. D whsl they would,
this bull tore down (lis fences, and luid lb graiw
rie.a about him, as if he was. merely thruwin up
so niuctt dust. On several fccaaitnis they huii at.
tcntHed tu f.islen bun, sod by putting a baiter
about his'tu'ck, rocj uS'on bis foi l, ami a b"rl
nj.ii bis honie, hiptd tu luke away his power id"
evil, ami prevent -bis further raingcs. Hut tlur
bull burst his U tiers as so inuuy aiibrs id' miniv,
and tesd the sticks IVum bu bead, with as
ease as a boy would tuss up a cent. Despairing
to restrain the ferocity ol the bull, a geucrul cm
cil was bebt to devise the means of putting an end
tn his devastations. ! h had come to tie suspected,
that (he owner had iraiund him to his tricks, and
as mote tu be bluiued thun the duiiib uiiretmuii
iiid cnimal. tftrangit as it 11 my seem, tbi ie i 10
some tneii who were in favor f giving full phiy tu
the bull, but the property of these, it muni be th.
served, had not been touched, and inileeiL w ii
01 nisi i 1110 wijinisirs. incre were timers,
nTnrmjlTtm-a statureh ml tiitrepid eld 43a;it!ii(i
froiu iho reti!to-iiillennuls, who were far run.
close tho.iuutter si vnee. v Hui-tlm most singular
proposal of all, was that ( a grave and iinnmiuiit
bull ahould have prelty much his own way, only
-that hostrnuld teTcqnratnd to tic s 1 paper 'ujiuo"his ,
hom,!. giviiig notics every lime be mieiidtd to
limke nu assault, and to promise that on no occa
sion, would he do more than a certain "amount
if damage. The looide, however, were too know.
ing to trust to the tender mercies ( f the bull ; and
tin sugcstioo of the s iao man tr'2 the wn -was
dismissed, as somo said, though, we can liar" 1'"'
pose iu the nnO.1 ol riuicuie7"hie8, anagToans".
The moral of this story, my deur Beoalor is
hat the people of the L'uiied Biates hove no fmih
in so rnYeiious sou lerocious nesai as a omihiihu
Bank, enpeouilly a ben it ia in the hands of grsp.
ing aHd unpriiK-.tpbid owner a, and that they believe
that aHit'.le paper billet posted on its (ohead,
sbowmg what it is drtitig-, and that tittle tif il h.
ita tail, in iie sbaiie ot a luiuialion of dividemfs, ih
.about ai tfli.-iual jecuxity ajriuust . Ua-apriccaaml
terror, as a pu.t of whale oil would bn aninni Iho
restless heaviiig(of the ei.--jV. J. Eee. 'in'.
Uarsisom aso '1i,k. In one of the lata pub-
,.ie..ilc.!!',.'?C .'.'rri'H.J.j.k't btiiuccpjutcd. tu .
have said that lie and general llarrinoo nlwny
agreed wheil lit CiMigreiw,. i their poIiticHl
iisia.- Col. Millson, iu his ade address before (
Democralic Ass)ciation'lbe other evcniii;?, alludel
10 tbS'TCCwded" fiicls in the case". lt' isn-ifis Iroui
the record, that, during 'hejihorty'riist tiey. etc
in Congress together, Yens and Nsvs were t'lhru
iii tmest"tWlk4S au4Mr tlM -tti-ii-wrnrK,:'
ailiiin to each other FIF FY TV6 tjiV, and Im
ly voted twice alike. Great similiirityof p-.liii-cat
opinions tu be sure real Siame.e lwiin.
TIP-A?il--fYi -
Tbla iaa atrauga uuxiure of discori!an 1 1 i i
rials, intended to pleaae all but dingusiing to tln
majorhy; lor who wonid appruv such miituio
as this!
Tip says he will sij;n a bank charter, if Con
jrea pus the law.
Ty say s a hunk is uneoiiMiitiitiniml.
f Tip is in ravorof s protective tn(J, pnr.iueil uu
til grass grows In th1 at nets ol llo S-nit!.er,i
cities. 1
Ty thinks the tarilT uncoiHiii-itional.
Tip is for internal improvemeiits by tho genen!
. Ty believes such improvements to b an infrHr
ttHi of the Cotintilulinn.
Tip anys it i I he desire, nenreal his heirt ti
see the aurpluareveimx appropriated to tho e"m, 1 1
pation knd deportation of lljves wilh Conaent oi
Iho Stales. '
""Ty the genera! government Ima no ri'.t
tn li.teis re with slavery In the Siaits a! ail.
Tp was iii fsvor ol the proclamation and f .r-o
"Ty thins them both a grot invasion of Ssa!e
rifhta. ; '-. '' ..
Now, at Tip and Ty are swallowed by tho aatrm
arty, in the oumo of hunt cid. r. m whnt do they
dgreo f- Shall we have a Piendeut pulling oni!
way and a Vice President another ?
Tne Cabinet will ho a nice p'uca with two such
i tnoti tn it.
nii;fC14 Wiffp(.iiir hovvcvririn alucli Tip and
Ty both agree. 'Jlity ( FmiI go against the poor
man's right tu via, which makes the o very
acceptable to tha Fd.IumIuIs. -Vcj) Orlfnn .''-1.
. Short Mtirr. K Committee of ft a H ciiierite i
in JackiMm, Mipwijipi, recently invin Thon-i. i
G-Mide, Em-, to a bariiaciie to lie gimn rienr llmt
ptsct. Mr. Ooode replied to their-tuvitatinri m
dlo J '
(ifcHTiajiKH t 1 trii yui agaii, that you ip;
birki'" up the wrung tree.
ass iphm
.' h f a Umtd Stuff Stiwtor.'Th IU;,.
! nere A'l.encan ot the 27lh u'tiino, ann-mrur l!.-)
ih a'li of Jno. f. fpenro, !'.M one of trie V. i'.
uiaUtra.itJla) laiuL Il4tli:ti Lhi -..a
in Worcester county, on 'Fliiir.i'iuy the "i'.M
Mrmlrfr f -Congm frvm Snilk Vftrn'mr, '
(lilhiwiiiJt sre ihe BK-inhem elect in th nek I V
lm.rtfrw-Klals lc K. H'd !., R. 0aine: I; -.
i John I -Snii'txill, F. .W. Pitkeits, ThMnt. 11. ..:-.
. Sampson It, Duller, William Itntlur, Pnftirk f, r,
! wei!, and Jshioe ll-fers. William OiilV'j itl.-.r
i Whig in 'he lir-(',(m ,;,-.'.eF -

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