The '??. K AT SAI.t:--....,.. t'"'!. .. ... ii jm (v, (ocx..) 11 r.wr, J'. ti Ho CoUoli, (yilll) 10.11, i-i'i. 7 haio ;.( -; J 1 , UU 14 " h a 10 Iron, 4 J i-ini, 1 4') '.tllluS.-'S, IJ.I a .'!." .i'N 1 l a 1. ; .'. Ii a, Ha -.I a A,!!, (bu ) 5,il Va 1 Dn( nek) SlUO Fl-mr: 1 2 9 )M ftf Htnet, f?tc III I T HO J' iifiirs:: . 3j tfj 4l . - D 1 laeod, tii 1 1 sim. Iff O.I, 10'J iWrm-a.T, 30 a AT FAYETTE vTLLB, .NuVKVCnil 7, lt0. j Feillier, , 2T UT ( JUtd. tt l ! .-. , Jlr iru!v ()')' - 4"t a & Do (Ji!) l v.msx, li.t W, t! ill; it'll, ' Coli'tHs . ..., - Mnia'H, :;( a 37 j NailN , ' (Ha7 f?tr7Xirtitictn HT" Do (k). i.'p)i Sdifritrwn VJ IV Do (lump) DJ i,Da (liM) J.1S( Tolwcco, (leu) 4 a 4 J Vl..t, '. H Vw,li ' " 15 SO Cl-lle. KlKXStttJ, AT CHKRAW.VS.C. NOVRMKHK 3. 110. R'f, (atte) liacnn, ' ' ihtlrr, -X J5.-j;jt . . . Come, 4fl iKMr, flfi0af H Vo'Kaatiwri-, - 10 a 45 I'll Uimlm! ' 4 a 5 , 10 a t2 :i 75 WJaif,!- Crn, (Hcarfl(') )- AT CAMDFIN, Cn -fa7 1 10 I1? a -J.5 li 25 Huron, Hutter i . tt4iwax( Jl.pi mff, Kilt Cirie, Femhi-o, ala!-4 Itrd, Oat, , 10a II lit 10 ll t'Uai mill H priiiraa41t-Jllftil4 . at' aw n,"",:''-"j"'" ,, - . ..... . . 6T - , .. NORTIlKlt.N-tifl. 'iHfWo', ArrHcaTuwty ainfTriddyaat Hii'ht,andPepirJ 31 a 4? , 9 a lit iv W Kt 11 7 a 20 a 150 40i0 n lit-a')V!5 1 -A . NOVU1.1M0. V ft a I) , 5.riO V 10 a IS .-45a. , A4.Va.00 1 utMiayH ami r (uinyii at 1 1 clock, a. nc ' x'.i ji;tjjm'ii;.--r-t-'r-:s- Arrive .Vmnlyv U'eilnewlaya, and Saliinlaya at 7 V o'ducL a. huhJ Djite iuudayn, Tg(d, and v 1'lHl tya a'. 1 III. f ' ; .,,.. WKS'i f.R.N- tin. AthemUe,e.: Arrive Suri'liyaj Tasdaya, aod.Fridaya ai H oclnck p. nrM ami D :pua )rlllllyJnUlMjJl1Jui ,u inyr at t oxlncrrav hi. L . ' Y WESTliltN-ii' HWrndlt: Arrivna', .y a id 'f hinWlayii l4 o'clock (i. in., and ' IkyjfU Vulnadkya ald 4liTrilaya M tf a. in. , qi::itw maii,: Arrivi Tulati,ThHraIBy, and Sutunlaya at 4 p. m., ami iA'ptiruMundiiyii, W'eitmsJny, &. Frjitaveat 4 a. in. ny.Fxisl;ia.Jttml .LufWit aeit daya at 6 , i .'. : w.-. ... m. .. .-. FA V B rTBTf Lta- Crthip t -Arrive uhday an.1.Tliuradaya at 4 p. Hi., and Depart . ' ' lu'Xt diiya at 8 a. m. Tim niaila km pimle ' up at leaat jifltm tninuln be- luru Uu'ir di pirlurr, llMi-lur all iu-( muat bo deli' verid 1 nri irpvio in lo II :.i FinSr - Tt AiVr' Ninv i:STAnt4SlI.lIlMV iiirii IN MOt'KSYU.LE,J)AVIF. COUNTY, N. C. TIIOMTOSTEF INFORMS the public lhatJie ha rcumviMl fniiii .hi tanner awmt, to TtiaT new " 'WilKf inii'j on 4he mihiic ; former awmt, to TtiaT new birildinya on 4he nuhlic Fquare, ut lb To 11 of MiHikAillii, wln-ra M will eon-' tiu ia to keep a lUlUtiJi UF fc.N TKIM'AINjutNT. Hi lljii-e it roomy au.l ctHiimuduu aiuched tc which are i.ctinf irlnbla tlBcr for gentlemen V the : Btr, alt conveumul to the lMirt llouao. The nubcri bnr pU-Jra hi nice 1 1' u the ntuat dilinl exeilum-t, to tfivu vatkalautitMi loauch aa may rail nit din, . Hit Ta ble, fl'ir and Hlable tio pruvaied iu I ha boat manner ; that the coiritry will atfurd, and lua aeivaut are faith ful and prompt. - ' ' Fev 11, lf. -' -r it'" r , 1 'Illin ir.reHniif commanily are reifectfully inlorm d ! the Mlcrilf.r u now funmug bat liaadi- t ...! ir.ui, I. . I . . . li him y of INluW aatf Ashboro' U ' Hrok,.,!Sr f the" f.r.t quality, md attended by ,wd hern mailij ( iachi" of tlfO firsl fgn,i f,, .i.e.,) hfKlti ri . .j. , . -. at. ms!: J.'!..' . tii giatiiaiiJii'iaiiaaiiiilaiui iitaaaaaaai talmbiiry, in uiall Xvihn 10 A. M., an i vini: in NtWIvrr' neirt day at 10 1. M ljeavinif SalUory ouTuiayanl FfnSayn alS A. M., arriving in Hiih next ilavaat 10 1. il. 1 1 1 lior so are nud, and drtyurs jin icularly jrarpjul - anT-niui iiiinpiniinj. .. , fui.u aj.u..l.i. Feb li lst!l. v . U N. B. Seataaeciired nf the Mansion Hotel, in rVf'. jttl rre ntej li.mi J!l!'.t Tlh Va'uJ I'lillailel- pfua, ari extoiiaive ai-wittment of CMi3.i mmm;. WvtfOi . . .... 1 osijjng or pry (iomUj Hardware, Tinware cry.tlilOt. LIUE-S. Drug and . diciima, Pye-Stulbt, Pa una and Oil, Hoot and Shoe;, ftiJdlery, Ac, cVc. In short, their Stock c.Hiyriw alncnii every article iicod sj by the drwrf, .lccAenhior the VtsatonaMr-t of the town or country, '. N. H ; They I atll low for cash, or lo punctual daalirr on tune ; or in exchange for country Projjiioe. Omcord, Jan. 17th, 1-40. , tl MAI CIILF.SS SANATIVE "piII-S ..valuahlo M lodici.rn. ia for aleJiy.ll ' ."r- - :. " ;-,nrivr,iit Jiiiicdut" . . w. n. iu RAOE Vl.runry'21. lai. p. ; IlL.lMiS, ; , Of rrrry rfri-rpft'oi fnr talr, tt thi ()$rr. c :'" i:t. o. n. dowlas ; f V I N; r..n',n"l hi Oilier to , C,.--jt 1 iixr 'f Mr. (' mi lirn:k row, itWmcily ,c:tifii(r t by Dr. Ashbel Smith.) warty Michael Lrowu'a store, (x-liliily tender his acrvice l the public. , , . '".iUAmti, Auguaf ?l, 1140. F fiDR.'JAMES(:;WOMACK' t 5 ' IIAVLVU located himself permanently in .l 4 ii.o. Town of WAUMil RY, lender hi irdfiiwiiHUl f -rvii'en to lis ci'ir.-ns ant) the aii)9ctutemffyr-n H the rsrtmi hrwuctirr of'tlls pru-" liu,- 4r can tv rvmoat hi,tihce, on main street me (ir be!ow Kieolhceot the Wewtiru Carmimail." J.ilvS. 1710. ly - DH. LE KILLIAN UK.srKCTFUI.I.Yiiili!jh prtfiioiialiirvice tp tli i itizi'u) p( Hilikbury, aixi tlie urruuiKiiriv coiunry. Iliit otIa ii in Mr. VV a.( nt i ItntK-bxild- 111?, nearly ojiftomie J. & V. Mutphy a t ire." Halitnfy, IS. ('..Aitkin !W, 1S0, ff. TO WATCH & CLOCK REPAIRERS. 1UJL 8ul:nU'T h IhIik In em. v f . Km S i t aiam wom ana )ooo . t, . 1 iiiiiusii iuu nauiia ihttu buiiiv. ' DAVID L I-oril Siilinhurv, N; CV, Octolier 30, 1 40. if. jYotlcc. 3fPMK SuWriher having removed !n ihecoii! baa apMriiiled Col, A. W.llratidon hia Agent, fur m-Uwg hia buinea in the Towitof alalHiry'. Col. H. may be fumid at all tmu a nl the Rowan lliilrj, where all perauua imlni.u d t. me a us invi- lud to call and make sflilfim'iil itntmuliatelv. WM. I). CRAWFORD. . N. R. Notbiri't. but rnv- ticnliur ciii'umntncfa conTd induce me lo make ttna urgent call iiM.n my Irii'iMM lor ' aetlleiiaKirt. . n.U. C Suli ibury, Aug! 2n, 1&40. ' v Splendid Mock of Fresh Giocerie$.-&c k2 'f it 'KltlilTv :r'aii1l,'l'li' imiTQr MIV. UOUU CUE 1 NDCNCTiS to )ia iwiomcr, frieni! and he public kl gi(t.eral, he la now receiving from the C'lurlf nlou market, a large and fresh aup ply of ar'irlc in his lina of busiiiu onmng which- w ill lie fobud, J1U kimU of It inet and Lujuvri : Sugar, Cvffte, and Molasses, Wholesale nr.Retail ; Oivngt , and everyolher article in the grocc. ry line ever brought to this market. Mr. JL mviteaall wwhing articles in his line :to jive lu;u a tall. -4 -V . V ---tlibuy, Oct. 0, 1-Wv r. ,1 r,.,..-....---.; ' " &cctmd and Last Call. K. ROFF.CIIK now give noiice, that anrh notea and acCiaiuia aa were dtw him previous oi the in! Superior Court, it not paid luiiiwilmti ly TT.lo. Ct Hilonl thi m,V ' L l'" dopt tl,ia cuurar. Sulibhury, Ov t. , 1940. tf. Ull, .1M III rt II. If llnnl: It, nil. r j mivwhiihi' punrreiiar lie ailTT carfiiia ou an KitabliahiiieHt of the above kind iu finj,rm. North Orolir.a, a few door maith of 'ilie Mini. i 11 ... .... I n . .1 .It i . UNDER fi 1 - A .Zjii&M&t&V 1iV iKwimH, be fcel no hcNitnliou in anuring Unite may wjjl) .lo paUoui-biitsiimt-tlirir rork "hall bo done in Ihe very hcstalvle. alrnm. ami on hall bo doiie in Ihe very best alyle,trong,ud ou accoinmndiit ing term . ' , Baikuiid other article sent from a distance to be IxmiuiI, will m promptly attended to and far Hilly returned when done. 'J'he public aie reijuest. ed to give tun a trial. ' ' , ., iT Onlera left at tho Western Carolinian Of. rice will bo ititctunlly forwarded fur completion. Charliflte, Feb.7,'l40. ' - r I7TL rr''B Si. Wr.ber having purchasotf tl..K r;i r ,'1KU,MMl"'ell, n"'d 'I le j f t -i forlhe accmnmodationnf TravelWraand njt jw n now jiiMiig hit UIBtr tucep. tion. Hta TABLH, willalwav be fuiaialied With the best the market can afford; hi - It A R with, a giaal aupply of clioice Liuimr; hi w f.hich aro m nimiwi ra . n'., i:...i '. ..i. aril'. man .! ur xtti in nne onilT ; llltl ln Sta- :mf'mmtnmim-miiiKKiiii 7" He liti(icai by iitrict attention to the buine, in per. on, u give aaiisiaciioa to all who .may favor l. in, w.tii their patron And he'only ask a cull ami trmt - . - AMDRKW CAi.m-t.KI-t:tf. TO Tllll V1!W1IC. r P HR Stiihsrrilier tak.-s thia niathod of iiilhrmins the TublicrOiat he still coniinite to cany un iu bu- to cny un iue bu. ines of W w . S. d v - ' -ini i, pri aril fill itm 1 1 II 1 1 1 It Hahsbury, near lh M t;iiarlvHMi rCi wht re . ha la i " "l mini- Mry, H'veo l.i!n .)uth u - " - - - i "..., .i,u IS I ,.iin ' V.ih'n s" ordira Tor MlU,iiUiKt- Ttj-ihe-t ' . ivi , heal grit, ami on the shortest n..ttw, , . ..: t tteoruia Ms. R.t mt th. ' I tr..t.L f!iT Rale, at the lowest prices. WINDOW SILLS, DOOR KI1J.S, DOOR STKPS, xROCtill BLTLD1XU ROCKS, TO.UB 8TtXNCt, V tiOLD URINDLRS, c. Ac Ac.,' , J. IMULSIIOUSER," Stone-Cnuwx iisDiirr.tfci, aiti,ism. tf. . X. tt N Orders for any of the ahoy wronyl.l ni. ciea, uiwic.; lo maai Niiisbury, w.UlK! puuctoa,i!y au coded to. j.. a - MOFFAT'S, LIFE TILLS yTi WiSr - tIll - 4di JIVTXrr PILLS AND PHOXIX av 1,1 11 EUS. SH ce ehrtted. anil ma mnrli ,.m.. I, . . the allUled in. every (wrt of the country, i. 0w pa ceived and for .ale by tljrrto ;, - CRES4t IKi;;i'.R. Arrnt. - Messrs. paia St bHAaaXt, ill I'oncnrJ, N. C,ar alo Asenl ft the ainc. . P. 3. eeadvortisfaieiitVApri t,K it i-4' S A LIB HUH Y Female ' Academy. rpHE Exercies of thii itwtiiutioh were resumed Mmi hiv, Noveinlief Sml. umlwr the chnr(ie olSit4-.ll KU. Trm a aa h.-reWlore-SX 10 or 412 i)0 dr th iliirriMit eUawe. Mu-iC on the PmnoHiij (iuilar, 925 ach. Huliibiiry, Nov, 6..1S40.: ' 4w ROWAN HOTEL. ill H AVISO fMiirhaiied thai well known and fon .1,1.1. ..A ,uililii lu.u. (Uii.iwn liv the nam ..f StHiijihior'n Ilfiicl,)tituatnd in ilw. Ttiwn f-4N j I ' I .. 3 ,-4. ... - rf.; - t ,- . A l.-.ri.U- Ci'iiraiiv,iii in wiine la now open lor mo ikkx two of TrnprUert and lioardrrg. Hi Table and Bar wilt lie ipl'd with the liol lie,mnrkri and aurroundnig tou(iiryaf!iird. A Dm BUbI apacioua and houiituiij PI'"e; ;wnri cram, i.iiproveiKicr.aiii.-iiueaoy iminiui ami , .altwitive Oailera. . i ; 1 l,e undor-ixneil p eoVo himself that no eimr. j v ii., ua in- ,mr, .n ,, ,u i .willMnuii'XJ iu nn wmt iiinv inr nun wimi mu. V ' JAMF.S L. COWAN. SnlinWry, Spt. 11, 1810. if. ROUUCE COMMISSION BUSINESS. F. .Sukkribcr. offcn tit vrvirt. in ih ron. MmJm f Canary Produce. . . lie will ri ri t .111 nr.a i.i.L,ullJ.;rJ-- Pnaluce, free of Sunnge, for communion t.f 2 per cent., where tlie articW are without liinit .) when limited, rt rekjioiiuhle aloragi will bn charged, I He iVill ship Cofton, or mher I'niituce to New I York or Clirlontou.'iakiiig Ubrnii cath ailmrtru for a cuiiimiftsiiifi of ij per COM. oii the caah ad- vaiw eil, . i lie keeps constantly on hand a very large stuck of ' Groccrios, Within mixed Mock vf other Goods, All which he will a.-ll at Ihe lowest price, Whole. L.i-... if 1 e u 1 1 1 rt ' auic ur ncmu, uir cuaii or niouitei'. .... . . r . The niibacriljcr flatter himself that hiaenionaivo aeqiiKintanee in the upier and adjoning Counties of North Carolina, will enuble him 10 receive a tide ral imirtamgo. " P. M ALLOY. Clieraw, S. C, Spt. 18, l?4i. X 8ji Tithcrubiic.T - r - ' - rPIIE im leraigned roseclfiillv. inform ihe Pub lie, thut they arc aliil engiiged in carrying on fetrflfirWtarifT"iri'"lT;)Hii comity, near China i ,..-n.i"jy -i Li-xra-.. 'Tifcf3?.S; ' Mfyw s i"-1""1' ."i .4jU.tuBti"l" aoinh ef-W1iitny TTeyTrimeF tiieiiMWlvea that, with their rung exjienerrre at the UitaiiKisa, and unvoting to it their unremitting per aoual attention, togollier with their him PnJiCVVtv went in iftrnr aystem uf TanniigT'to biatflo to mamtliicturo' Jajlier of a aujienor quality, and. on -I. . ...... I .. P-'-ThejnniirTiaVe'ofiTiaiid ' very 'large 'and au- ja i ... ..... ....... "I....... I permr alor.k of leather, ot all kin la, which they ar deiroii. of avlhng un moderate term for cash, 1JT 1J. JlM...l..mUl.jl.aL. .Ji.' WVM' "T -7-". """" v-J J green Hull s taken in exchmu tor Leather. Alo, ill l ndejoiirhonTi(!tiriir,"l1ucksiinn Bultowa worth from eight to twenty djllata va rying according to aize. . 11 ' (T They invite all poraona ihine to purchate Leaihor,Nto pall and esaiuine tueir stock lielore purchuaing cUcwhcrc. ' H. & W. C. MILLER." ' Rowan Co.; Aug. 7, 140. ' tf. iriiUESirB'tiMUDr.Rhymg ocar Lexington, David ' L . aoo County, lake tint method lo inlorm the l'uu- tpersim, cither in tiea, who wiah hi buiidinu ented . lie thai he will enter into contract with any Person, or n I'avwuon, Kowan, or Cabarrue Coun. houeea, factori. or anr other kind ol erected of Br rt- k, to build them aciieao. aa uummo, aoo iu aa good atyic at any workman iu thi I Country. . , , . , Hew ill al o, moih'J au l burn the Brick, if wanted. , He trusli thai bis long exricnae in i MOULIHXG AND LAYiXU BRICK, - -4 will entitle hun to a ahare of public 'palnaiage. lie wmiia retef (jeiitleineii wislnnir Work ilisn in lilt Ummxtl Itmrnmf.'Wftit 9iWfkSlttoVirWii1i flip ncwl1, ; lire proof Clerk ji office in Salisbury, as tpecimeu of uia woia. X. IK TiHe wishing work dime, will.jjciisa.ka.i.4- wtHrfr-tntorrrrjfrDrlie M c. raaxuiuual4d--rt ilrit1;iT..r.;;.T.. TT- -Tr. " TTi .' ROBERT Cti.V. Davidson, April H, lH)t tf . Taken Up aud Committed, TO the Ji r nm 140. m wgro boyAvl,.. ! hi name w I OM, and thnf be MmM lo Henry Strickland, .who i I L 3. .n ,1 ... t.. . lives ci'ni'jju'-iu in uru ouirfn Said boy i a very likjely iimlutlu, fjve ; inches hieh bed on whi-n rnmiiiillcd ' I Kmitucky jenn oat and iaita and tow shirt, j ! The owner ia requested to come forwaid, irove ' property, ear charjtt, ami take him tav. w WOMACKJailor. p October 17 140. Allien Up, t I ' AND Commi.ted to Urn J,il of :. . , : Baii3ft.tMai.tyaal3r4J4. Hpi,TstrnYw WMtitetftf w"1.1rrWlirrr tetuber, H40. a egro man by the fr j s;:CLPI L'RIXti, NTOXrU;UTTiXU, EX iiatne of JOHN SEARS, chiimirtg (iRAVIXU, aU and he assirre tlsiee. wh mat favor himself to tie free. Said Johnis - Sl lUi tn i;..L- hi..l. .-.., , whh a scar 1 hm fcft eWkTr a bur,.. - Tl. owner fa quoted to rove rr'y, p-v rhar M ttSmt. ' P S him away. V NOAH ROCER 1 S, Jailor. I?aliibury, Nov. 8, lflO. ' r 0T 3HE aiibscribPr hltinP fiimlihr-d b Adminiatrk-- inr of the I'-eiuie f J'pli t.'owan, tl.-c'd , i!l ol!( r fur .Silis at the Ih"? r-xi(lw of aaid J. Cowhii, on tlm fiih Ihv of Jmmury, 14KU me p".tm Jraiertyj)i;lwa' f rein, c-wiing f boitu' .Moil, Winiifti, nnJ C'tiildicii n . j HOUSES, CATTLtf, HOGP j COTTON, -CORN, HYK. OATS, FODDER, HAY, VARMixb tools, noivnnou) "NImcitcji en Fuuxif uri:, With various other article too tpdimis to mehtion. A cmJtt of ni nihnitu will lw allowsd, Mn givini; bond and approved uMpurity fur the purchase 0,Oi,y auina under five sdillor, caah. , -.All peraona induUted toaaidtute.are reuMlcd ti make immediate payment, ua, the credi(or of the estate will noi admit no longeK indidgi'iice. And all nernv Imvins claiina acaHH the aaina re renijetpdto present them for aolllemrnl payment within legal time, or thi uotite will bo i&'dMLMSDhnt.r(icov(ry ; JOHN F. COWAN, Adrnr. 1N(ivemlxr 0. 1640. 04t(t dmimsUaior's 5 oVitc. UIUfer-iined having ohlained, at the Nor.s n. ..c i40.-r Rowan C.Mmty Court, Let icrs of Adminii'tratiim on the Iiato of Bmijimin nMlpt M mfll0M lf)(ifiblw ,0 ,he iu ,e f)fWBrd all(1 maUe ,,me(tate pay- mi.'iii, aa the r.tiaie muitt do cloaca ; ana 11100 having claiina aaint aaid Estate, to present thern wiihm the liihit of the law, leuatly authenticated, or thi notice Vil! bo plead a a liar to their re covery. ' C'. K WHEELER, Admr. Si.lwbnry.'Noy. 13, 140. ' p' -r-t r a flow for 'Tw - 'tl - jtiin - rl Itlw Courlhimaev In addition to a koikI ..Periling, linoke, there n re two well Vranend Shopa on ihe Lot a Blackmnith and Wood Shop, an I both in good repair ; nlao, a good Ki'tf:hen, Stuhlea and a hue (Jardeii. ' He aiao olTcn the following Tract of VatuliTihT Land for sale, lo wit : a tract Iviim on hoih aidea of Royal's Creek, adjoining Tobia Miller and Lo- vi I rexler, containing 33 iiBJMI3o .1 . . r 1 1 . h 1 1 n 'I ... 1. lir t l al",n'"R ""g". " R1 ton. nnil othern, coiiluiniinr X lull, uiiij ouirrn, coinuiiililg y Another tract adjoining the one shore. moiinjnned, Containing 77 Acres." CJ - Another tract, Ivniff iilxiwl 2J milea from .Siilihii.. 7)7adf anliig ra'rtmKTuit, and other, continuing 04141 iKDiliSSo And I a?t and, a firat rate truck, lying on I ha wntersi of Crane ('rick, about 2 inilca eus: from Salisbury, containing -TLJ&.I. On which there i an excellent GRIST MILL AND S.VWJIILL -rtvirgTiTia'rer cookIhiiI ue. rerMi wislun to purchase valualde iiroiierlv 01 llie Hinvve ni fxTipuoii, WonlJ do well to call og . . r ' trrmined to tell. JOHJ'IIIELICK. Salwhuiy, Nov. 6, 1840. .'VoxOvfWfcwoi WUs. rtflTSutif1TM''niiiVaiT'iiVrJ.V nr?ipTndlr for I .Mil Ik, by which, a mill will do much butter than w ith the usuul forui of Spindlua. It m so coosirucled as lo ke.'p from Arnliag or killing the ineal in any man ner. The runner ia ao confined by the Spindle a al ways lo prceerVe ita balanco, and of course liicie ia no rubbinjf of he etoneaT I think, by tliu improved Spindle, tlx. aame wajer will do at leant one-third' more buamuas, and tliu meal of auperior quality. v ' Any person wishing to one on of these Spindle, uiay obtain one or more, by making applicalimi, (with in !hiirt time) to the-Hubscriifttr al Mock'ville, Daie Co. X. C. I think the pmbshle Post will not exceed fiM for the Parent and Spirfitte feady far ine. Tin) folhrwiiig.perwMia have my Patent Mill Spindle in (uccitwlnl oration: Col. W. F. Kellv, Thos. Fos ter, J.wetHi Hall and tym'l. Fotrpif Du'vie T"ouiiiv : Udlirelh Dickson ami David J. Raimmur of Lincoln; Cliarle Gnililh of Rowan ; Addison .Moore of David son, and William Dim nf Surry, all of whom are high ly pleaded With it performance. - . . ' - - L. M. flJLDERT-- f tkuiberS.'i.lSoU ' . . . it . . tr i ' FOB Salo7 IWILL aell, a Trustee of. John B ard, Jr., a , 1 U ACT of LAND, lying within one mile of the I Inwrwuf &tlinbury,coiitaiiiiiig fromTSOlnSOO acrea. tTtrcie ia 40 Acre cleared Laud un it, of which j shout 15 Acre ia Crut rate mewdiiw. ami 1 ftN! l.hiofH rol.M.iiif ioroiili II.. I Itri n.initiii(l,.. ; lll lhe tract h ltnd. Any rum wiai.ii.g to dlliie wl, witm f, j,, , o s 1 ' M n p r,.hM,. . ; f, , .-; " - . ... .. - CH AR LIS FlSiiEU. Sli!mry, Sept. 11, 1H40. tl. SVouo" YngYaNiwg. i r"UE Subscriber living aeven milea -r-uh of Rlir- bury, intends keeptnir constantly on htiui. JUar- I blc and Uranite Slab exp;rsly for I TOMB STONES, ithatheen execute any order in tiiat Line, on the 5 ; him with their work, that onlosa.well -done accord in tr i "'"-"'""' " iy. r, I.. I.. m ..... v tKy fut i ENOCH E. rif . 1 .Art if... 1 it r v. Hl'i' ,.. Srf l'.,.', nrf.nly. (nV.ww, will t).),wio.x4 iIib maiM n'"rl.i ni ;u.' J: viz,. I -JM-l,)nffl,...iJiuuiaWii.:li;Tiii UM,mo remove to the weal, ((f . wlUk or retMaJU)tlv lU,1Ti'ar,"ffvfwl'5nnTn Htri't north. IMtMt III it., ih. I.V....U f !....AVl,V..,i .... ;. .1 ... .1... 'p I .......... ............. ; 1., .iiR . V.' Ill U'J, II ,Wl,0i.H U IKIUI Q taaaaa PHILLIPS. tf. ; November Ist,! v. f or Tilt ' ' ' MECKLENBURG JIEFFERSOXIA .,...T- ;.- i, mom - ,ti i . I is nfopowd (o eit)lit4i, in ilie T. MtK-kleiihurir Cm inly. N. C. nei-LIu i. . ..lriti.r Tl... .AI ii,,.. ,.r ii. ' lh Jnv.a-NuaM will coinmonce by the a of J,,, next, or k aoon aa maieriala can b procured, It ?i lie prmti'd with entirely new and fair type, on pm,t the bent njtiiitv. and aftirik'd to .dvanenjon Uia rowipl of tlw firm nijoitnr,) or to'J H'.'i (iiu ill auvHiicu, .... , . , .v . . The preaout m the first effort that Las been mmlc tl' establish an .organ at thn birth place of Ainuncan dotnduiice, throoffh winch the doctrine ol ihe cratic party could b fn ely (H-otnolgnted and Oetendud. 111 wlricb the great principle of Dheriy ami $qxnZ for which the AUraniffi, the Polkt, and llisir ,.r . coinpatriob" periled ttmir all, on 1 tie SOth' May; could find at all time in uiiahr.uking advueut, y icceas reU chiefly with the Uepiibhean party of Slifi fenhnrjf .iixl to them, and tho Rpulilicaiia ut tlif m. ' rounding country the appeal ia now made lr pi,, , The Jreausi will amiume u ita puhticul foj ffiiwe ioujiiijiria o-lhe-IL:publ'i pifiy, ihe rfnetti, 'aol forth in the Kentucky and Virginia Jtesolutioi, believing, aa the underiygned doea, lliat the auOwiftof lhei paper, who bore a coinpicnoii (tart iu ifi our ayKleiy of (Jovernuiunf, wern beat qnalifud to Uil down lo vterrty a correct rxpoiiiniif it tnic Diiil-! the b"t jmlgua of what power were delegwoj tw,, what reaerted to, the Mtalca. ; ., It will rinrkMl1. as ilmiiri.ntiiri In mir f..... I 1 - r. ' ..itiiuniin ithe spirit of montipolt,1 which has been 8t-.f.aMtv, ,1 g'Buuy increasing iu uiO'toiiiiiry troin the fu of xwir (Jovermiieut. Tliu mont odinua fraUire m tim Vitein ixthat it rob the masy, iwi;wTCiiWy1. nr. rich Hie raw: It clothe a tew wt-aiu.y nulnali,, with power not only to control the wagea u tbu law ing oiun'vbut also at their pleasure tuoiitute or ik tho coinnicrco and buaiiietM of the wbnh: cuiiiry.-t(.' citiag a a-rit of extra viigance, which u.ter.iminienin pecuniary roin, and tdn 'ntton the nmral ytraiutuM ita victims, ''tun lystern must be iWoha''j, nforn. ca ueioru wu can nope lit w.neuji'tt pru-p. dly alike upon all Hr- eitiaen. To aid yr urwlueu Iki' j J5y '.eAul ud .tliJLJlHMLl'iiitoiiLai'heiiia of j (ioverniucnt taiuining lo )?ay to tiireign moiicy chaa. gera uie (too numirta mining of aniutn, imrrwwt-ti u; a ew...Suitoa lor locar-purpoitti.. . , Aa a quesiion of vital. luipurtanmi to the Sotilh, ar-J one wliiri,,tj'oni rarioua cmisen, i evtry day aasunnnir a iuoio niniiionbiua and awful fffpt'ci, tlio Ji.nuiw w will tacp ita reader regular! and accuiairl; ai. visisl mi the Kubjttct of -4ortheraAhnliiioniia, h must be evident to all candid observe, that the girt . aan prcaaj a nf tfaq- HntnlT1iaVeTriIbMfiBeeo tw aiKat upon Oils snhjnct. Wc shall, thertlore, ulmul liir ui being donnunccd aa an alurimal, louJ our. vLuuibie aal to ani.t iu awakening ihe People of ilia r'li lo due vigil on e and a en. of their real dunetV Wmle a pjrtioii of tliu columna of the Jinirtxln will be devoted to poMkal diBCilnnioii, the tl'f irte renlaof Mornh, Litrraluic, Asrtcultuir, ai turtle. I tfuwie At It, aliall mil be neglectcdr ' M'lth Ihe elwict I sek-oiioiia on tiiese ulij' Ct and a dui;jiiatil.uliij;hi. f Teadrng, Ttie RliloMioifi' io rcndtwTi''!ieet nsreeaUe'--. r nd-pwfiUaW-to-aH f Imwea in -t'la1 le'y. Onlers lor the ptper, a.iritfiil, yottuet uuid, toll t Edi'or of the JuffHimun: Charlotte. X. d,V aill W . promptly complied wuh. j Any person who will procure $ix mihscnVrn, ri'Hc)iinlile lor their lubHcnpiioiiiH shall have immber I itf the uaper gratia. .plr, in receiving and torwr(im win-e ntvvv mw j-dmi atlllHillllllllilt, JOH. wril'lMFtoSr3 November 0, 1S10. JMov$ j . .. x,... : . ... "aTs'd . . PIiaiNIX-lirPJ KUrs. - .. 'pillv high ccbdiiity hich theso excflleiit M.. dicmc have acquired, in curinir almost cT lT-vi4liaeala wrc-4h'tfffi matrer fumiliar with; almost every intelligent ('-. MU lhcy-bacittwiJtwsf-by--tiisir frni's -'Uit-. good worka have lesiih. d fir them Ihey did M ihrivo by tue liiith of the credulous, '. . . In case of CWiveiiena, Pvpi pjiarJiilioiiwl Liver Alli clioiis, As(hmri I'll.-!1,. Scltled Tjiwh IDieuminism, Fevera and AJda, Oiuiiimin Hwid. acho, Imptiro state of ihri I'luids, Unhealthy Ap pearance of the Fkin,' Nervow-Wiiniy,'lTiStiV ncsa jiiridciit to Feiiiah in Pdi We Heahh, etujf kind of Weakness ut the Purest iv Orffsns, il ill geierwl Pernnen'ent of Ilcalth!he.! MFd't- CT.NF.S hiiv.i invariably proved n certain aw secdy rfltueily. Tlty restore vt'irsw lal;k the most exhuuated cousliiu'ion. A siiile trial will plac the. LIFE PILLS and PUEN.X HIT TERS beyoud tiie reach of ctiiipciilion, in Ibe r tiiiHtiMi of every patient. - . " ".' Prepared aiwl sold, w holesale and rel iil, at W V B. iMOFFAT'a Medical OiHce, X3 uuid. New York. '..:. ' ' ' tNJL Whkmwiw Mtih-i ihe ttat the - for aimiln of Jilh.n M.-fl il's signaluie, t , fT The LIFE PILLS are sold t'.i k't fr&mmmf?mi f!-we.h''rertrirf - to the sir-; and the Pha-uis Millers in Mtl , t;l or jt-2 each, wuU-Voll direction"1. Fheae Valuable Medicinca Jtr Jr py . CRESS di r.OC ER, of Suliiburjf. . SPRINGS & SHNKLK,Cmw'..Y-c- FOR o:t atfi rots p'STRirr ritW-Aa inleictinr l amphlol, rntilled MOFIATs MKIUCAL I4KIHI. r!r.icd a IVesislav udo to HomIiIi ciHilumn e accurate iidormals icouuirning the moat prevalent di .... l,mw approved remedme-by W.M. I. MOF FA- Apply to the Agent. .... Si.lisb.iry, N . J?., f )rt..'r J., .1 ? -Jj2, CABINET IVORS. THE Subscriber inform public thai be continue tl CaMnrl-TIaLlnj ' IX THE VILLAGE OF NORTH CAROLINA. LEXINGTON, He i prepared, io eXeculO il oVstrtplionl of ? . in iim line of buinw in a very uperir tyl.1 f-ard workmanship and maieriala. and certainly k! bv anr other " lihment of ilia kind in tin iri'ioil of couulrj. , k Orders from a dillancr tha4 JUully recrt -r. nrojiiptlv and fiithfully rxecutcu. -! PJtKH;.!...Sc,.ntlitiL' and Plank taken f "c' ; NATHAN IMKK. fir worlf. Lemugton, Feb. 7,1?0. t

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