North Carolina Newspapers

"f "T
tiove pvWi ofreai Ul, t'cr d..)!.irat'y ta
les tug one or two of ii a in ,;o, di4 beat out the
trioof the others with an axe, v.'..Lch ba lad
errted with him f.r the burDose.
Hivtnj di-apatchsd but victim, th wretch piled
their bndiea iq the oud.Ile of th fl r, covered
sen wita rew, which hud been previounly pro
'cured Uy bta, awomplicea, and bating act fire to
bean audj Ihh hoaae, returned bona well ploeeud
wiun in aeeorniioo he had wrought.
We are eorry to amy, that the circumstance of
Ki tragical eyynt are greatly aggravated by the
7- W, that th tw bo) a were Mc children if tkt
-murdertr, and that a tu promoted to tha hellish
Wtd, by the desire to rid himself of the liability of
providing ft their support
It eronrtd in evidence, thai one of the fcoyt, (a
Jiille folio v about lour yMr old,) alarmed at the
. c&urder of bia mother and grandmother, might the
mourner around hie lex, end implored him in
yrteoue accent to prrt hi life. . He had ocareely
- uttered the request, when hia head waa eevcred
from hi tody by a etnab blow.
Wr regret toateto tlwt the murderer baa awl
Jwn apprehended. Hie accomplice arc in JaiU-
,., jsanetwff ro.j Reporter. u ' . .,; ,
.i. jjiijj i'ijijuj .j.avqweMRN
touted by the General AaremMy of Jftrtk Cure.
' ,. limt, at the Seetian ef 1840-41.
1. To prevent tlia catting of timber ia the Rivera of
cneroae county. , . ;,"-
It To e-cure title, and grant juried ictioa to the Uai-
ted State over a tract of land oa Body'a Island, for the
piirpu of er!tinff a Liiit-lIouM.
3: Tu give kjnir time to register Grant of Land,
4.0 , in tin State. Allowh 2 years.
4 To repeal ao much of the Act of 1829, aatboriaing
mejuMtcoeoi irenni to purcnase lanu and erect a
Poor House, aa eoaipele and land lo lia witbia 10
luilreot tiiaJCaviIR V ' V '
5. To etiauge lite time of holding the County Court
ol Candi-n. ' 1 N
6. To amend the Act of 1814, providing for the elec
tion ot a HutfMiratc lor the Iowa ot Wilmington and
t other pttrroee v
" Tw rnfotote iHe' time of rioldmgth ftoperinr
Court of hiawo. Directs the next term of aaid Court
to one week earlier, and bold two weeia if
Dec asary. . . x
- 8. T amend an Act entitled aa Act concerning the
'i U Govt fiiuM ol and Tublie Buildmga, Hrevide
Vt the ticmitMteiit ut an Agent to take cam of ibe
fublie HuilUHiira au4 public erounJa 10 tne nty ot
lil.-itb. . .
a. To abnttth the Fair bvkl at or near UuH Hill,
in k.cluikud enunry.. ' .
' 10. To autln k- A. R. ft. Ilanter of Cherokee coat.
ty U rniof hia bridge. , . v
)l. To eptdite lfl pmeeaa. , '
IZ To compel at ilitw UOcera to bold their comma
hia 3 year.' . -
13. Aii)kiainff the Governor to appoint an Agent
in the'cuuuUee ut Macoa and Cherwkee.
11 Cnncoiiiitg Juror hi Yanty county. Allow
; T-Vn-T.tii per day and two c nta oiileajre to aaid Jumra.
15. 1'roviilini? for the election of Declora of Pre
d. nt and Vice Pret.dent of the United (tale. The
f iectwo hrreattrr ta be brld uo tlie firat lionday ia
iNoveuiber, inl8d pt, n aecuod Tburaday a hereto.
aVe directed, ia the jrov which tbey are now directed
tube brld. , ,
18 Kepealinff ihe Act relating to" Public Road In
Buncombe county. V a
17 A mend in; the Remwd fttatnte, entitled "An
Act concerning Hu fmert. Proidea that horeafter
th - CiMiitty Cunrtt may orderthe anoka of the Regtater
tu t- kept at aapeeifted place; and may also compel
. th-- Ueiater tu atteiMl M bimaelf or depute, eae day in
( tijteK at tli (wrt HOiwe, for the transaction of
pu"lic b)isine, and lor failure thereof incurs a penally.
IH Tu lay ot and-rtablib a Count by Ihe aauie
of Stanly. F.rpcU a.iid County out of the Suuthern
ptwn of MoutxMry, the nrera Vadkin and Peiiee
ut ing tlie b'lv'Mtitig iiue of aaid buuly and Uontgamerj
-iCwuiiliea. m
10. To make Electiona uniform throughoot tlie
SS'ite, &.c. Directa that berrafler, the electiona for
Membera ot tlie General AmeeitHy, Repreaentatieea ia
mCanrw "thaM DaitedMtateav'' Gotefnof'eftaw
tSt;e, SifnlN, t'lerku ot the Coanty and Huperior
Hri'rhitll he betd m alMhe-eourrtiee et ihe-Mtot,
itu the lit .Thursday in Aupurt. la the eeeeral yean
which aaid electiona are now directed by. law to be
hnld, onder the aarne prmiiuuM aa heretofore.
JO. To incorpiaTate the Iowa of flemlerwa, in the
counijy (it Granrilre. '.. ' '
" 21. Tor the " rVIiwf of the Wilmington and Raleiirh
Rail-nd Company. Directa tba Treaanrer to enuoree
-the BW 4" Momfmuf M 4WWWC,aml p loJ.'u
the Mate hr lira () nieut of the aauie, onder certain
2i loetilarfrethe tnnrtaof the town of W erfeefturn',
ia Anaoa county. Corporate limit horeafter in extend
4 mile each war frurn the Court llmee.
21 To aluca apart ot Iredell lo Wilkaa county.
JUuDm a tewaue t ws4 ia lrani-4 vaea-
Si.' Omcerninc the cllect)oo of finee and cuta fnxn
free negriiee and fr-e pemma of color.
" 25. To irke th.- Totaty Otart ot Chemlee jur'wlio
Ilea over the State Road ia aaid eoaota.
' 'M. ' Tn mialtiie Kei aH Ktatuteaconcerninr Pilota
and 1 4Humieaiiineia vt NaiftH 4 Cepe Fear River.
, 7. To amend the Act layuig od a Road (row Borae
"yille w t, Tmaeatee fine. ;v
' .21 To Uy ofl' a new County by the name of Cloave-
Und. Lrecu Count out ot part of Lincoln aoJ
Rirthert. rr,
; 29. D.rixting the eonreya'nee of the Commroa ad
joining the bwn nf Murphe) inClienikee to the chair
nana of the Couiy tourt, upja the payiueal of SO
cento per acre.
.3(1. Tu regulate the Jury ia the county of Burke.
. 31. To amend the Act concerning the Election of
Grnir I'roruit'i Cr imire rrrtun rrtnrm
' A' 'Tu !itv rJf new (nfinttr h Hia mLtna at. . ruJ.Caa deck i!oa4.atnki
well LrftU tu tttiity out at parte of Burke am)
. 31 'o amend the law concerning the foe of Coro
ners. Allows t) i lia- each inquest, and authorise the
Coon'v Court lu make aiWauce for burial expense.
&L To lay off a r.d d.. o lite Blue Ridge from the
Yancy I Jne to Turkey Core Crock. Apprrjpriater
(Jll ll, notviiletl the citivna of Burke and Vancy will
veiiml ajUU in labor or nnney oa said road, and the
a)l,(HKI tu or paid when th Commissioners certify lo
tlie Treai-trvr, that tairh expenditure he been aaade.
35. tiivinj to Cbcrukv County a tSupermr Court of
Law aud Lquity
rj, To fepm an
CiMitmittee ot Finance tw the county ot Richmond,
37. l o amend aa Act passed at the laat General As
e,iibly, entiikd Aa Act to prevent obstructing tlie
pikpa;e of Fih up the Pedes and main Yadkin rirera."
IH UiviBif lo liie cuaiily of llendursua a Supers
Cimi-i ut a and luity. .
39 l o reneal, in part, the Act enliilod a Act eoa
c "iii.j U.ils ttmlk, and l'ronitmory Notes,' Fixe
in r t ; ot'ila uaea at 3 instead of tt per cent.
4' r raiie the inn of holding the Court of
aii- H urler teakmii of UitcUn county. Di-
cie timt they be held ou lb firat Monday ia Jane
ox Ueceiuber. - ,
41. To protect the intereat tif Ieaom Exdmpt
f-oia ei-cut M-.ii or lieu of any debt until the end of
yrat, the crop or yummy of grain that tb Leasee
a.res to py hia landlord
41 To r ueal an Act of 1S31,
I, giving exclusive ju
i at Moure.
I "twihciiiai to the Superior Cuurts of Moure.
. k it For the better regulatma o the Cot
i ! of Cuniberland. Auflii rita a majority tA
'" 'Juiftieesot the ONintv to elect ai.nually fix
County Court
f t the acting
.. .11., iv... . .
I themetve a Xprcitt Jutiicr. alto ia to receive S
h -yper day. every ilev that he may attend and bnld Ihe
, ft fbuurt d Pleas and Quarter rvMunna, ty be paid by the
i nly Tru-te.
. k'4, Toapiend the Reviaed .Statute ntitlwt an An
ng tne ayattiirtfrt ,rt Ouird.auiv and U
oiatiijemcrit ol Un iua, and ttmir Lu Ja crania
onuet to the Kuper r (VKirta of Law and Couria ot
I'leaa and Quarter teeawne to commit tlie tuition and
cnatorif of the Orphaoa to one, and the charge of tba
LaUta to another person. .
ii. Providing (or reatriig to tlie riglita of citixen
aliip, peraona cooictul of iotamoua criuea. - -
48. An Act aupplemenury to aa Act ptased in 1839,
chapter 30, entitled an Act to amend the liMpectioa
lawa. InflicU a fine of $100 on any Inapector that in
apecu aaw-mitl lumber by any rule or rulea diiiorent
frfmi lltnaa Drerihid lia the liutaeelioa Uwa.
VI. To amend aa Act pa we J at the laal aeaaloa of .
tho Ueneral Aaaerobly entitled an Act to authorise tne
making a Turnpike Riad ia tlaywond county. Tba
eapital atork ot aaid Company to be fl,000, iaetaad of
giOUa The Road to coameooe at John & Alluno'a ,
and roa th moat praclioaUe route tbrvagh Caabar'a Val-
key, to Uia tSouth Caroliaa line
48. Hakinc aa anpropriatwa mr oompieung we
Capitol or the State. Tba approprwlione are aa fue
Iowa: i2,UU(J for completing the two room aeeignea
lor the Supreme Court and Library ; and the two
rooma demned for the Door-keepew and e furniew
mg with proper caaea and Oniah tne Ulnce aeeignea wr
the Comptroller J frtftl.OOU, with intereat front the 16th
day ut November, 184U, lo be paid to the Band of tho
Bute or norm uaroiina, to pay op uie ououa aiaen ny
the chairman of the CotHiaiwionora tor r building tba
Capitol ; 9J74 40 to pay the eoletaadiog acaounta
for articlea tiirniahed and labor doe on tba Capitol ,
49. To aothonxe the laying off and aatabliahing
Turnpike Road from Laxloo Lyncba,ia Rotberlbrd,
Said Road 10 commence at Lax ton Lyach'a thence
along or near the Hula Road, crowing the Blue Ridga
at the Hickory Not Gap, to tlie widow Hail'a,
50. In favor ol Poor Debtora. Exempta fmm Exe
cution to every person having a family, one Cow aad
calf, two barrela of Corn, fitly bounue of Bacon, or
Pork, or fifty pounde of Beef, or one barrel of I'lab.
Thie Act tn uke effect after the firat day of aext March.
61. To prevent free peraona of color from carrying
aWerma. 1
OX To amend the Revised Statute entitled aa Act
lor preventing of frauda and fraudulent cooveyancea,
and to reoeal the third aeclioo thenx. .
S3. For tba aaUbliabment and better regulation of
Cuuiinoa He bonis, ProvHlea that the oeU aaoaal H
CiHne of the Literary fund (exclueive of moueya err
ama- front the ante ol awama landa) ahall annually be
ettVibuied ainona? the aeveral counuea of thia State, In
the ratio of their ml population, lo bo aacertained
by tha Cenaaa aext precedina? each diaUibution, The
Uurwol Pleaa and QuarUr fWaamaauf tho coanltea
whwb voted for acauula under the pruviawoe of toe Act
of 1830, al the firat tern wlncb ahall be held alter tba
lt day of Jaaoary in each and every year, or at tba
eocceeding term of aaid Court, a majority of tba Jua
ticea of the Peace being preeent, ahall appoint not leaa
thaajbe nor mora I ha a lea aaperintendeata of common
icbouia, Tho ehere xlt tba Literary Food to which
aaeh county may be entitled ia to ba paid to tho chair
maa 01 the Board or He per in la ad eu la, aad a tore tuca
diauibalioa ia It ba had, the payateota which may hate
beta made to tba eoantiee aoder tba Act of ItfSS, ia
to ba deducted from the chare of aaaj eouoly, aad the
exceea oalt paid over. Each couaty, by a levy of a
lax, ia to raw oae-belf of the eatuaeud amount to be
received by aaid count far that year from tha Literary
Fund. Tba board at eu pens lend en la are reouired,
wtthia three aioathe after tbeir appomiroent, to lay off
their countiee into ecbool dtatricta, ia auch wtia and
a xe aa tbey may think aioat eondociva to the conveai
eaeoef the lnhatoetor aaid eouney, with power to
liter tha boundariaa of aaid diatricta. Ua the oral
Monday alter ibe expiration of one month after the
m id achool dwtricU ahall have bene hud ofl, the free wl.ite
mea ot the aeveral achonl diatricta, who are entitled to
vote for Mem be re ot tlie General Aeeembiy, ahall vote
by ballot for (Area mea to ba entitled the "School
Committee,'" and whenever tha diatricta fail to make
an election, the board of aupermleodeoU ahall appoint
the "acltool eouimittaa," who ahall continue in office till
othtr are choaea at tlie next annual election. The
aclxol coiiiniilU-ea are to contract with a Bailable
teacher for tbeir respective diatricta for each a time aa
the moneyf to which amid diatricta may ba entitled, will
permit - Any branch of- Enelmh duoalioo may he
tao'ht in aaid ecboole; and all whita childrea under,
tweuty-ouu yeara ahall be permitted to attend Ibe
the aclHX.1 of tbeir district aa ecbolara, Tha chnimran
of tlin board of auperintendenta to gwo bond aad ae
curity fur the faithful application of lha runde which
may come lo bie-handa, in aucb penally aa the Court of
flea and Quarter Heaaiooa may preacriber Provided,
however, that when the chairuiaa ia repaired la give
k.,.1 mm k. Iw. Mttuwert trt peTaiM fmm tmw
myfmm, H.ynn j. --.7 ""
ceuL of the muoeya which ahall paaa thraiirb but hand.
TheSrrttrtlrV of the emmtiee Hr which a meiority of the
voter, under the pmviaioo pt toe Act 01 were
for " No tSchnot," ahall give notice by advertisement ia
every election precinct, wbeo they advertise the next
election lor membereof Congreaa, that an election will
be held to ascertain tha voice of tho people opoa tha
xnbject of common aclioola. "Tlii Act ahall not be aa
coustnied as to preveol any county which has levied
and collected a tax egreeabiy tu the provuioneof the
nh atctidfl-oj1 the'-Awnf IrSH frorrdrewwg irwaao
Literary Puml. at any tnoe before the let day of
lenihe'r uexU the amount to which aaid eouoly ftiay be
enuiied. I be tawcheraof any comraoo achonl shall be
exempt from performing military duty, Working on the
roads, or eervingua the jnrj,bilt engaged ia leaching
in said acbooll, U".."I
5i Fixini? the time for noidintr the Hunenor Court
of Law and Equity m the heeewtb Jadiewi tkrewrt.
55. To enable tha Coniiaismooere of Raleigh to
appoint TruateM ol tba Kci HoaptiaJ Fund and to
erect such Trustees into a body corporate aad for
other purpose.
50. eiippreinentai lo Aa Act Meted at IIM pre-
sent eeestort of Ihe General Assembly entitled Aa
Act to Uy off and county by the uaiue
of C lea vela nd. ' ;
57. To autboriie tha making a Turnpike Road
in the county ot llerideraun. Capital Stock 12,
000; lha Road tocoaimonca al one ewitable place
on tha B inr.otnl Turnpike Rood between Green
River and lha South Carolina Itue, rwuMng tbonca
In lha Booth Carolina una at or near where tho
64. To amend the Revtaed Etatale entitled an
Act to drainlhe Saanp Landa of in"! Sut and
lo create a fund for Common Schoula.'
59. To regulate the measurement of Ton and
square limber and saw-null luhiber.
60. To amend lha 59th Chapter nf the Revised
Statute entitled Insolvent IXblor.
61. To repeal a pari of lha 18 h Section of ihe
Reviaej Statutes entitled an Act concerning ibe
Supreme t 'ourt. Take tb duties' of Marshal front
lha SberifT of Wake County, and give the Judges
gppmiuLiioL-gupxflxufl Court pweLia-Jppvinl ihcir oa-
62. Relating to Vagrant.
6.1. To provide lor the election of certain Mill,
lia Oilicera of the 5th Division of North Caruliua
Miiuia. .- ,: v. ' '. :
64. Ti alitor the lime of holding; the Superior
Court of Law and Equity, and the Court of Plea
and Q i irler Seewon fiir Ihe County of Carteret.
C5. Altering ihe mode of drawing Juror lor
the Superior Court of Rutherford County.
66. Concerning ibe Superior Court of the
Counlie of ii)de, Nutthamptuu and Davie.
67. To altar the time of holding tba Superior
Court of Law and Kquiij for Ihe countiee of Ca
ber rua and Mecklenburg. Tb Superior Court of
Cabarrua lo be held oa Ibe 3rd Monday in Febru
ary and Auguat; io Mecklenburg lliu 4tb Munday '
in rebruary and August. . .
69. Concerning Jurors in' Burke county.
69. Supplemental to ao Act paaat d at the pre
aetri aaesion of the General Assembly authorising
lit Governor lo appttint an Agent to collect Ibe
Cherokee It-Wide. Instructa the Treasurer to take
t rareipt from asid Agent, giving the nemee and
amount of the obligor un aaid Boiid.
t To amend tha" If" .1 fl! spkr of IW He-I
...... i '.Am. r... I tie I f
Viae j niaiutee eniuif i en nn m pi .!
cnlli-ction and mana; roetit if a re, cm tor thia
State. Reqmree SieriGi when they make their
returns nf Taxe enllerted. to include laXM
ler ted on unlisted property. ,
71. To purchase a l.ihrary. . Keenaeta
knmial annrnnriatinn nf .100. "
12. To author ihe mnkiny of a I ompian
Road from Gatea to rhe Chowan Rjver and to in I
enVporate a Company of thai purpose, ;CPJ''
Block 14.000. . ".
78. Tn amend lha Revised Ft attiten entitled an
Am rnncnrninw last Wills and Teataowmta. K
Quires thai after tha 4th July next that Willa ba-
outmth ins Perownal Estate tn ae exeruieu wim me
same formalities a are required in tna axecuuon
nf Wille nf Real F.Htate.
74. To miftilata the limo of hnMirig tlta courw
f " J. mm A
nf Rutherford and Cleaveland counties.
. 75. To nmtaet ehnrcheo. k .
70 i o nreveni me irarraoonmion m mn"
..... .. -i . -t.i
upon Rail-roada, Steam Boat, or Stag foachea
ithoul written nermiaaion from their " owners.
Penalty tSOOl ' M '. ,. . T
77. To amend aa Act entitled an Act to toenr
Borate tha 14 net h Carolina Central Rail mad Ofll
nanv. Rnaeam tha eaniral nf t2.0O0.0A0, and
erantatham. a ennilal of tl. 000.000. for tho mir
e " . r- . . m.
oneo of rnaetmaT a communication dv nan man
front soma point at BeanfrtW harbor. to the Wil
paington and Raleigh Rail road.
x 74. To re neal an Actaentitled an Act lo raaeal
in part, lha 18th section of an Act paused in 1624,
authorixine tho making Turnpika Road in the
county of Buncombe.
79. To aecurfi the Btate aaairtst any and every
liability incurred for lha . Raleigh nd Gaston
Rail-road Company, and for Ihe relief of the tame.
Grants lha romoany tha faith of tho 8iate for
$300,000, tho President and Director ol the com
pany giving bond pays bin to tba Public Treeau
rorj aaid bonde to bear intereat at tha rate of 6
per cent, per annum, whiet interest ia tn ba paid
aemi-anmmllf, tn wit, op tht Brst- Monday in J.n
yary, and the Brat Monday in July. Th prinei.
pal sum secured by aaid bnnda lo ba p yable one
tenth pari on the flrst Monday in January in eyery
year, eommencinr with the yedr 1845, and endinf
with lha year 154. Said bonds are to be eianed
by the President and Director onder lha- seal cf
lha corporation, and made for any anm hr aom
not nnder one thousand dollar. Said bonds to be
Ira referable by the bolder of tho eame, and in
every such transfer, tba outatandine bond tn he
surrendered lo and cancelled by tho Public Tree
surer, and a new bond for the same amount to be
ieeued to the entitled to Ihe name t iVori.
sled, That before ant of the id bonds are deliv-
ered to the company, the stockholder id the ame,
holding at least ihree rbarrth of it etnek, nr on
failure of any of the etookholder 4 sufRcienl
number of other solvent persons, who may subscribe
in such aums aa they may think pmoer, ao aa lo
ammml h all lo ihe sum of 9500.000, ahall enter
into hood, payable to the State of North Carolina.
covenanting end binding each one of the obligors
therein, severally, to pay and satisfy tn Ihe aaurf
state, a part, proportionate to Ihe number of aha re
of each one , stock, end to the soma an subscribed,
in aey na or damage that coma to the Stale in
raoeeqiieom of the endorsement by Ihe Btate. of
the Bonde. lor 9500,000 under the Act ot liafl.
Any Stockholder residing nut of ihe State, and
not owninr sofRcient real estate within lha limit
of the Slate lo .satisfy tho ammnit of the. Bond
hereby directed to be taken. W ehalT be required
to give good end sulnciettt security, wilbin ihe
limits nf thia Stale. , The Company are lo accept
the benefit of this Act within twr month from
the 15th day of Jan., 4941, nr it is lo be vnid and
nf none eflcct. The fJnwnany am In execute and
deliver In the Governor e Deed nf Mortgage, on
vering for the Ose and benefit of the State, all the
estate ,real and persnnal belonging to the said
Sutr ;fjr (rje peyn
"'"as -a "a ' .j L J' " af" if. ll.. I
oi l tie Honoa autnortxeo to e leawi- - m. inurv
of the Company to pay the intercut on these
Bunds, lha Governor ia lo apply to the Superior
Court nf Wake county, for aequeetration of the
receipt! for transportation oa said Road. Secure
Ihe Rjtil-rod arid eaginee and other apparatus
Dnceary to ilo use, and all the lamia and houses
4 and ether tialntwa aajoaging sWihCnniaaay from
execution at the rnatancanf enycredrti
private "Acts.
1. For Ibe mnra eonvwniant admioiaf ration
iustice in the County of Burke. ' -
2T Fur the rnore convenient ad mi mat ration of
Justice in the counties of .Warren and Franklin.
Direct the Court. when it drawa a Jury for the.
neal Court, in the same manner to draw five Jus.
ticee, to hold aatd Court. ' ',.
3. To fix the location of the Town of Ilender-
sonville in Henderson. Gives the power to ibe
qualified voter of the (louse of Comraoo iu said
County.' .
4. To incorporate Orr leidge ia the county of
Beaufort. ,
0. To irvorpomie ihe Tnnteee of Hopewell
Academy near Stantonaburg, in Edgecombe county.
9. To incbrpnraie a Light Artillery Company in
the Iowa of Newborn..
7. To incorporate Ibe Greeuaboru' Guards ia
44ia awwatywf ajrwlfordr1
I 6. in favtir of the Prioct' Ann and Kempvi!le
Canal Companie.,-
I 9. To incorporate the Ti uatee of the Athet ille
Female Academy io the county ol Buncombe
I 10. To incorporate the Concord Manuracturing
i Company. Tim capital of aaid Company ahall
consist of not less than 930,000 and not more than
9100,000. - In case of fairuie of ami Conrnany,
Ihe private or individual profierly of the Stockhol
dera to the amount of atock severally owned and
held by Ibeei at the lime of atwb failures, become
t f .-'fo Incorporate tbe RaleifhMechintc'i A
auculHm. . . ''
12. To incorporate the Little River Mannfactu
ting Company in tbe county of Cumberland. .
" 13. To eataWiah 4 Female Literary Inalitution
in the county nf Robeson. ,
14. Tu moorpiirata the liglil lulantry Company
in the town of E 'mton.
, 15. Tu incorpbraie Cross Creek Mannfacruring
Company in tlie county of Cumberland. Capital
Stork 940,000 with privilege lo increase it to
9140,000. Private property t the SlocklioLJera
lialua lor ihe tkW of Ihe Corporation.
10. To divide the Alilitut of Aibo county into
liiree itegiinenta.
' 17. To incorporate Ihe Stock boJdera of the
Boarding Houae of the Aheville Ftiutikt Acndc
my. Capital Stock 910,000. J
18. Tu incorporate Ibe Saliabury Manufacturing
Company. Capital ."Hock 9300,000. Hie private
property of ihe ahare holder to the amount of
each one i atock liable for Ihedeblsof Ihe Comitauy.
10 To eomoel Ihe Militia OlHcera of Mecklen-
burg lo drill ibree daya in each and every year.
20. I o appoint Lomraieetotier tor the 1 own of
Kbaaaaville in the county of Duplin. H ,
1. Toinccrporata tlielownofA Seville, in Pu
omlie county. . .
2i. To provide" lor the better government and
. .. ' r -i . . f...i.i.m tn liert
regulation oi um ivaa w mmon -'
23. To rerel an Act entitled an hetJUng
Ihe County Court to pav fc to cerium Utl.ceie
.herein named fur a respect the county ol Kan
dolph. ' . . ei. in
24. Toencourrge tne qeatrucuo'i
he cunty id Ilavwood. r i
' 25. Tu authorize the WeldonTinl Bridge Com. t
pany tn. auharr.lw their 8lotk lo the rort.mouia
and Rinuk Bail road Company end for other
purpose. . . 4 ' , . .
25, To incorporate the Fairfield Academy w tne
county of Orange. r L ...
27. To incorporate tne town oi ' -
in Ihe County of Rutherford, ' '
2. To incorporate the tieaver vreea iu i.'-e-!.;
Ctimnaov in ttia county of Cumberland
Capital 940 000 wn b power tu iiHireaao to 975.00Q.
Private property tiawe tor ina v-wp"7 "
29. To incorporate lha Truatee of the Ubhhi
loatitute Academy. -: - -
80. To anadrpi.rale the Kembrie Turnpike Com
pany in Ihe county of Cbcrok- e. Capital atock
93,000. Road lo commence at Murphy I the
couuty of Cherokee, running the most practicable
rout to Ihe Georgia line al or near Amo Curtia .
SI. Tn incorporate Ihe North Carolina Land
and Mining Company, Capital 91 000,000
Charter for 50 ye.ira. 8tnckholilara liable to the
amount of Stock by them leapeclively owned. ,'
DPuititTiriNa .
v . eVMW ivi'mi
I. In &vor nf T. I West. Allows Vim 959 47
for service aa CJerk of Ihe B ierd of Comniiaaion.
era for rebuilding the Cap tl "t :
2. In favor of Mark II. Hill. Allow him 97 20
for carrying writ of election io supply vacancy of
Hon. Willie P. Mangam resigned. i
3. In favor of C. L. 1 1 in ton, Public Treaturer.
Allows 9355 45 for Treasury Notee counled and
burnt by Committee on Finance.-
4. lu favor of Jaiue Erwin. Directs Ihe Pub
lic Treasurer lo euapend collection of said Krwin'a
note given for Cherokee land, now in litigation,
til Mich suit ere determined. --v ..i- ,
5. In favorof John 8- Reasevurm. .
8. la favor of J. L. Smith, of I lay wood county.
7. Ju favor of John Davia, Sherd! ol Lenoir
county. - '.II-
ft. lu favor of J. C Turrentine, SlierifJ of Or
enge county. ' " , i.
9. Authorizing the removal nf the Map of Ihe
Cherokee lands trim the County of Maa lo the
county of Cherokee.
10. Directing the Slate Librarian lo prepare a
catalogue' of Booka of State Library.
11. la favor ol R. Woodeide, Sher fl of Bruti.
wick. .
12. In favor of Saml Terry, SberifT of Rich
mond. '
13. In favor of Priscilla Goodwin.
14. Iu favor of Ttne. Faieon. and eighteen
clerks of ihe county Courts.
' 15. In favor of Ihe Executor of B. Daniel,
late AiljUiant General of the Htata. Alluwa the
balance nf hia salary from 1st July to 12th Sepiam
bar, 1040, to hut Ktecuior.
16. In favor of W ra. Young, of Macon.
17. la favor of Travis hi in.. re.
18. In favor ot Philip lludnetl, laia Entry Taker
of Caswell.
19. In favor of J. R. Siler and I). R. Lnwry.
20. In larnt -Iaaac-41uuterr a man of color.
Allow hwo-io-jiuau. lulheMiile.tlart,ila
21. In fuvur of R. It. Davia, and oilier Sheriff.
2i. Directing the Secretary of State to depna.
ila, in bound volumes, three cuftie af all Iba due
ument printed by oidi r of the General Ass-rnMy,
in the Library of the Umverniv for safe keepuiir.
23. In ftvorof W.- G. Lamb. - , -
24. , IX reeling a loan o Ten ThiMiaand D-dlar
nWaheoreay 5ofletrT
fiut.jcart.lbe Preaidual.and Direct um of aid
lnnilintioii giving" good aiiuaullicieiit "Bcirity for
Ilia same, lo be appmved of by Ihe Preaideot and
I director of the Literary FuuJ, the intern! on aaid
loan to be paid annually
25. lo lavorof George E. Badger and David
Swain. Allowa Mr. Badge 9.500, and Mr.
Fwain 9500 with intereat from ihe lime he return
rd aaid sum to the Treasury.
dice. Directj Hie I'uldic Treasurer to proceed
Ollice. Ut recta
J tuathe sptudy collectKHi of all the Bond or Note,
row on bie in ma oince, otner man tlie t.hamfcee
Bonds, and the Bond given by the Juatiee of
Haywood county fur land to that counTy jwuelia-'
sed by ihe State.
27. Relating to Comptroller. Allow him a fee
of ten cent on each and every certificate he may
mireafier make to the Secretary of Slate on pay
mema made mio the public Trrawtry for entnee
of Vacant hrA, the perann claiming ihe Entry
to be respMisible for theseid fee. f. ' '
2. In favor nf John B. lnve nf Haywood
county. Gmota212 cre of Land iq aaid county,
29. Reepectirig the re opeiiHig of Roanoke Inle(
ReqiH-ata our Seaaior and Rireerniaiia in Con.
grwas to use their uJrouet eienitma m pecaring
from the General Government aa aipMpriation la
eflit he rexipeiiiiig ol U.iaiKilte Inlet.
i. In favor of O rge Lmle la Raletirh.Jliti!2?
31. I favor of John I. Brigjof Raleigh.
-32Wwlnr-f K-lwerd Bef Orange.--93.
lo reUlion to the public Domain.
34. lufavorof J. N, Crmhv.
85. For repairing Governor residence end tne
furniture. Grants 93,000 to repair l'ie Governors
house, one 91,000 for the purehaim of any furoi
turn which naay he rwoetiry fe tb same.
88. Io fivor of Dour K'-epara.'VrAllow then
95 ettrx allowance.
37. Relating to the Secre'ary of State.
34. Accenting from Ihe linn. LI war I Stan'y
39. To pay certain contingent expenaes of the
General A eyemhly. Amount 915 69.
. 40. In favor of Alexander and Ben). Morrison.
Fnr distributing ihe Revtaed Statute.
41. In favor of Wm- H'omacli.
4-. Concerning tha Hialun tif Washington.
Granta permisaiim Jo Mr Fraxier of New Yoik to
expcrinaml on Ihe remain of iheHtatua of Wash.
ingtom provided he dona not remove said remain
fmm the city of Rakiigh and shall conduct aaid
experiment at hie nwo expense. .
43. Authorising Private Secretary of ihe Gover
nor to employ a servant for Governor' OlTice.
Limit ihe hire In 9H a year.
44. Tn authoriZ'- the (Joveroor tn employ Cmio
ael lu defend Ihe Idle if Ihe ptirchaaera of lands
in Cherokee county. Limit Ihe pay of counsel fo
9300.1 ' -
45. Directing the Pub'ie Treasurer In borrow
money, A ut hoi i tea him to borrow a sum mil ex
ceeding 90,000 lo defray the expenaea of Ihe
Hima Iroiu.lhia lime t ill t lie lat of November,
1842 ; the money lo be borrowed from the Literary .
and Internal Improvement funds, nr in default
thereof, front any el the Barfl in Ibis State, (
political cat. , in of l!e (irexent year, by me eli c.
lion of Governor, Courieolloi, Senator, n(LRi p.
rettentative in the next Conerea. All the Ktatea
except nine will have elected their Uepreaentiyea in.
the next Ciingrcta tx lore ins nmt day at r..ay next.
Tboae are Rhode ImIuikJ, Alabama, Tennesaea, n
Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and North Carolina,
which elncf in August t Marylnml, October rjj
Misaiaaipin, November lat end 2d. Tim above
gtatea elect 6 members. iraAieT' Rfpubli.
caa. ' "
Csf3.20331faiaVs.K?ftr o.:' "
Friday, Jminary 1841.
The Republican of North Carolina who were
last summer cheated into die aupport nf, Whiggery
by lite cunuirf) proiniae and doceitfut profesaiona'
of Federalinn, must by Ibis lime we think, begin '
lo open their eyes a little, to the true character nf
hard cider " rcforiucra.'' We laat week called the
reader's attention to the demiaiatration of Federal
policy, made by this rcf irm " party of our Legia. ,
rlsture, in fa w of Mr. Clay's plan for Ibe distri
bution of the proceed of Ihe Public Laqd, nti,
the asaumption o( State Debt," a pticy; that
if carried oul, tanet inevltahly impose epue) th
people of North Carolina, a burden of heavy taxa. '
lion, lo pay for the txlravjaganr of other States.
The report nf prce-diu,! on tbeir passage, wbicti '
we puhliihed, did nnt contain a very important
amenduieni nflcred by Mr. Card well. We Cad H
reported in the laat Standard as follnaaj " " '
- , . i -1 ... i
" Mr. Cardwell offered tba following amendmeal aa '
an additional Rcsululion, to come ia between the first
aaJ second ; ' '
tUmalttd further, Tltat ohuer tha present pec. .'
alary eratwrraaanvrnt ot tlie country, Ihe beat Interesta
of the Union require that oy more revenue should be
collected frnrn the people than m absolutely aeceaanry
to defray the expenditure ot ao economical edmiai.
tratwa of the General f overnjneaL' ' r "
This waa the amendment. ?bal think you of
il RrpoMieaiist Due it c-it a in sound doctrine T V
Should there be more revenue collected from Ihe
people, under the present pecuniary embarraa.
menlaof the country -or, indeed, Sny lirr
than ia absolutely tieceaaary to defray lb eipendu '
lure of aa economical admioist ration of Ihe Gene.
rl Government f Certainly nnt you answer, and
so say we, but n4 an did Ihe Whig reformers of
ine legislature oeciae;iuri I.
J Tim question being taken urnn the amondment
! ii was rejected ; yeaa 47, hay a 64. " , . r
Veda - Mews. Barns? Bmeermen, J. Bamea, E. .
( Barne. Bifgs Boyd, Broken, 0. W. Caldwell. Card,
i well, Chanibeiv, Ittckaoi rjtBn, fjinelt, IVminfeJ
iiramiH,, uu'hif, iiajaiirta, Herring, iicHiaau,
Ihxverton, Jacoli J. & June. H. Jonea.1Cerr. Killiaa.
I. W. UnerMangam, Mawey. J. T. Miller, W. J. T.
Miller, Munday, Morrow, Munroe, Neat, PaUsyxmH.
Powell, Regan, Rand, Reid, oulhvaa, iHinga, F.
Tavlor, Tornlinaon, I.' Walker, J. Walk and Zigtar.
Any. Mean. Allen, 0errirtref Bo II, Buyden,
Brannnck, Browr, Itfimimett, Pryan, Dnrnt, J. P
tldwell. Carson, Clegg, J. W. Covineior.. M. Cot.
.wHrwMasaat'faYWr t'mnttrfa.'-'fJwfr j.' X Cilliaav'"4'
D. A. Grahara. G rami v. Graf. Gevtber. HilL II..IL
4 IhWgiaiam-JWea
Keener, W. jl Um, l.irij, .Mendenhall, tl P. Miller. ,
McUenahan, McLtnghlio, Mclarm, McMillan."
Paine, Patton. Pemberton, Poindekter, Pope, Itoctor,
J S"!Ivr.!!!l,h' iKz 1 M:.?lor. Whhahuran J.jnt
IS - TrX' Wll,''. ivJ""W f WiUm. W'.Uk r ,
VV'idaworth, Ttiompsuo, and Yoang.
Thia wn ibe vole SV which ii was reierled.
,: nmlnient contain nothing which he. petty '
will. admit to be objeciiounlilc, but simply, affit
what every houeet Democratic Kepuhlican most .
aaaeut to at'onrcihaL lha people should ne be
taxed beyond Ihe wanla (or ao economical ad mini.
tratin of Government I yet tbe Federal VYhige
have declared by their vrrfee on Ihi ara-ndireni,
that we ihould it kwtd farther, than is necessary
to furnish revi.oue lo defray the expenses nf an ,
eomumical administiatioa. -'
' What waa the uaceaaing clamor nf Ihe eooV. .
skin orators shout Mast aummer f Waa pot the
whole burden of their enog of the extravagance of .
Ike Administration and the expenditure of the Go
vernment t Tire, they, were lor Harrison and
Relorm," economy and reduction nf expeneeis
nd askad to give lhair aid lo efpict something of
Ibis, we find then voting eruinef resolution at
finning trwry loetrira they were so noisy in
professing. What doe llii mean f Tbey p
fee before the pcojija to be npnoecd tot TarilT,
and in favor of economy and reform, they pt to
the Legialatore and vote for ihe adoption pt e we.
sore-that nwet inevitably entail' the burden and
corse of a Tariff on u again, and enpna a reanlu.
lion, ileclaring that the people shonld not he lased
I for a sorplua revenue This conduct endoubta Uy
hypocrilicnl in their priifiaaimia, and made them
only to deceive; or that their vice on tlie necessity
of economy aitd rt forni have given place lo the
opinion, that extrtivngance and taxation are the true
policieaef Government. In either caee, they are
unfit lo legialate for a Repnhlica'rt people.
The truth is, the Whig went again! thi amend
ment on princple, fur alihmigh faithfully in ac
cordance with their humbugging professson, it is
in direct opKwitimi to the well known doctrine of,
iheir.ptrty. The Republicaoa have always helJ,
and distinctly avowed ill doctrine here set forth,
that no more revenut should be collected from the
people than ia absolutely .nocaaeary to conduct ibe
Government economically, they maintain, that
apart fmm the mirdon of taxation by which it il
obtained, an overflowing Treasury iaa great evil
in a Government of our liirm, leading, m avoidably,
tu cxrravaaatice and corruption. The Wbiga, ali-l
Federaliai. on the other timid, gi for baity taxa
lion by Protective Tariff, In raam a surplus fund,
for lha purposes of Internal Improvement, of B ink
A . .
i .
t 1

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