North Carolina Newspapers

    feeling of tfu nt :; . 1 i I v" jt
neccHSiri'y j;rn ,M" if a I III
loot Conflict. It is in like, nnm r, c' ir tl.ut t!,e
evil origitintes in Ilia ownership s . 1 i.ia.iniHt ration
by the government of the land lying; in the new
State, ami eojwtiiuting larger prtii or their
Territory. If, to thee e'inaiileration it be ad.lrd
that the etuetion, growing mil i4 Una great rub.
ject must extend to md embrace, and iofUierice in
their beatings, every oilier question (r public po.
. . a .a .
Iiey, inusiraieo oy ine amewiment for dim ri
lmliDjr.Jlli . pweed of the calea of the UoA
mongjhn M:ates, which in it consequence, take
fi the wiinte eirr J or txir legislation, and that it
ntust enter into and iiiiljtenoe all nor political otrug.
glea etpeciaUy thai in which aO other ar eoncen
lted--th Presidential elect inn some cowro
lien mat ba formed a 1 be distract in iufiuenra.
Ih agitation and danger which must grow out of
Ibis great question, w net speedily nettled.
If something b not don, it m not difficult to
aee that the denger from these cause and that from
occupancy must run together, and that their eon
lined forcea will ba altogether irresistible. Tha
occupants on the public Undo lying within the
Kites are voter?, with a weight , at tha polls equal
to tha moat wealthy, and, of course, aa eoual
infl irnra over tha o lee I ion of President and Vice
Freedom, members of Conrreas. and Slate &.
emments. I hasard little in asserting that, if they
bars not already from their numbers, a decided in
fluenee over all the eleninn in many of the new
Plates they will ia a very short period, from, their
, ...,., .iri-im mm mmm IO nrreOI
the evil. That influence would bo felt here, and
momenta would ba made to satisfy the demands
of so aumeroua and powerful a class, till with their
growing influence lb proposioo IHild be boUly
made n give, a has keen stated, the lend without
purchase, to which, fntrn the necessity of the rase,
the Government will he com polled to jwld in
order i avoid the danger nf being eeized and kept
ii iijith uciipcw m ns uinnnriiy.
Ag aim thie, tha only giound that can bo oVviwit.
a tr as I can see, is tha I hate proposed 1 in
opns 01 iner ioa to ma- Mate m part with
ownership and administration, the Mot of the evil
uo fair and rquiuMe conditions, wiih tha beet
possible provisions that ran be devised to aneure
the faithful periormanre of ti e cnnptct. . If that,
with the f rovfoiittn auinet the danger from occu
rincy, cannot prevent Ike lost of the public I mda,
knew not what can. I have as atrong confidence
as the nat'Jra of the sut.j-et will admit, ihst it will
when perfected in its dels. Is by the wisdom of :he
- Senate, pmve ell sufficient, not only in brrvenl the
foe ol the pub'm d-imain, bit tu arrrwt the maay
and gr..ei. g a vim, )i eWh I have al!o.led, as in.
eidcui to tho eyatein as it no ciUe. Dot, if ia
thai it is psHtoiu I sii..uii err, ih ell the caution
I have taken to come tu a correct conclusion, I
feel a wired I cannot, ia asserting that the danger
would be far leas, under the amendment I wtend lo
prop, than it would bo sSould ibe system eon
tiiMie as it now ataiuU and that if tha public do
nisin ts lobe tost, it ia lr bnlti-r it (tiould be under
the former than tha letter It would be with far
less intermediate haaird, ami, in the end, with h-s
VHilt'iice and sme-k tu our (tnlitieal fabric. In the
oon cast we cNildW nuntug but the ue of the
hud, which I ahall preeroMy show j far lem limn
usually estimaied, while in tlie oioer no ous cao
estimate what the l mav n4 be.
Uarirg now, irest, shown la the tatiWartino of
the Seuaia. that nutlimg ?fc?)rtof dif-"irij of thej
(tuhlie lanJ on jitst.rq ii'aliie, en i lib-rnTTiertr',
,- esnremedv the eil. ano-gmrrj agntwt-. -4
gr Incident l lb systeio, eiior tiisiing eirctm
sisnres, it m.ty remains to Cotwid what would be
tbt eflvcis of the me4ure on tho revenue, com-
ered wuVlhe. IWiMtf
10 rnve;a I he twdiv t vmio that ,rrici
-it will sear a mgWy adaualeoM wMipanMiev
would yield NHre, end that wlien hmst teeVd,
no, when the Tresrurr will rrewi repletiishirr,
every solid ohj ction to its adoption would, I trust,
be removeo. "
-...-rj't ww get-et-d prenlenl mistake as t)
ftueiwaid'iiw piHiilai-isVis't fiaV jsii
itHimaied. Thv are estimated aa if evyaere
a-fiWSJ .23 miJ J.MMiwJlbiW.tlkJcja.d.
account that wily a small qnutiiy to ild be sold
aiuiually at tbet p-ice, aii tbat by far the I tester
poiUno of ton incooia from the sate can nuly be
received lUVuugh a rig series .f yrara, ejtrmlmg
) lo a Vf T remote wrfo. f" Tr '" "8 w ,
tbeir true value, wa must noTTjTjijrt that tune" has
the saieecflnct on tsiue, hitii dUtaace lu on
msjOitlkld ami tbal, tne larjjrei unjis mi me
urn versa dwindle to a point.
when removed to the
disUiioe of the atars an the great.-at value, when
it caa bo realisx-d at remote periods, dimin
Um almost Ia iwithme. Il is IN enOsrOiience ofl
Ibis dkaWeue bwnoea pretcut and luturo value,
that e sum paid down ia worth twice aa much us
an equal sum to bo paid suteeo ycara hence, eau
mated at f pr ce il, mmple interest, and four
limes aa much as like sum lo bo paid at tha end
f ikirtv.iwn VMM. I do Mit take fractions nf
tears into the eUtiuiite. Tho prniid is (Wiliar
to all who are in tho habit of calculating the no
Mil aalua of arHillilirS fut fitven numlr tf
traara. and ia SS BDIlllCablO In rrDllUr nilUl Hi
eames fiom Und. or any other source, e it ia froia
tImi tm mubIIs called an annuity. On the same
f rineinle, discounts Bre inade on paymenl in ad
vance. Buf" weare in the daily hawl of oer
looking fhio phrm and fatntliar ptinoipV, known to
every busiuoe man io th mauageuivift of his own
affaire, in nelimatiiig tne value of tbo public do.
main. Ioeoneeo'ieuceof ul oversight, tlie 160,.
)00 000 of acres lying in Ibe new cnates have beea
etimaied to bo w -rth tjWI.UUO.OtK), at tl Tmr
era urn nearly eight limea greater than its
Teal talut," Bujijwtng ihar il wulu gie an annuel
income averaging' i,500,0t)0 annuallv, and ad.
milting avery acr wijl bewddat 91 23-a sup
. f witHin far greater. than will ever be realised.
Tbe Committee oo Public Lands, at the last sea
ion, assuming them d.ita, proved inconlcstibly
that the true present value did not exceed twenty,
nix and a half of doltar. - They ehowrd,
in the first place, that permanent income lorever
of 12,1400,000 would bo, worth hot fiaction more
tlisu forty mm nullum of dollara in hand, a that
. aim. at six nor rent, would five an eqiml incoino.
They next showed, that to derive an income of
3,500,000 from Hie huudied and sixty millions of
acres in the ueo Slate, would exhaust every acre
ioeiehl vesrsl snd that, of course, instead of
being a permmeiil ineoiie, it would bo one only
far that neriml. which would retloPO Its Value to
bout thirtv liMir million f doltara, which would
be ita present value, if there 1,0 'Pen,
tendine its sales and mansiruiiitnt. That is, huw
'aver, far from being the case. v App!)tng the same
ule of ealrulatimi lo incident
to tiieir nmnafemeiit. inclu.lmwht would ba
aaved br tho Uovemment. if the Von should be
made, ascertained tu be about "eMO.WO snnu illy,
they find the present value ol lb ) luuuMo ba the
ftm stated (120,000,000.) lhe sult.ssuming
lbs data lo ba coirert, ia inconirovertiUe t "
that turn would comtitutt tbe cnUro amount of the
y l; t'.c rr ;-:
mm i.ui B(;i,a mst t
siJa of t'iO c!.4ii.!.i r.
J cUr-yd i tl
a ,..,-r
1 lP"e lospply the same Brinclb! Ui t
w M0 PfeetM vsiue, emler th operatkei ot
Hie whole of the lands in iirtioo wld be so J, t
i... i- ... - - " r-
i same
com, su'ject to the graduating pitKrem-whh is much
more probable than thai the wbol would be sold
'this years st the present price of (1 23 per acre. I
oeat sssume that equal qnamitie would be sold durieir
escb period of graduation. 1 ant aasurae that the
orttoa n.4 yet off.-red for sale, and which, aecordina
to th. soteadrneet, would aot be suljt to rrdu tUm,
Hd ,m I1'"14 ,he report of lb. Committee
ZJ 'L1 !L'r,.nt. ' !
-v,v-, wvuw jmm sb average revenue do
t what the
.j..w,.cree are estimated te yield. Itiaproba.
Z tal " M y ld. ea they WiU, fur
U100 A lheWth.,
the laads that have sees offered, and which have not
FJfV mitt 01 OMrm b" M then
et tl V will, wiU that which will be mid on the Bret
teduetioa to tl. iversge t 12,. I have slae astima.
ted the whole period including that which is now m
progrss towards tea vesr,and the first period of re.
duetioo, as one period of COecn .ears, and that the
enure amounv sold daring the entire period, will onlv
enoel the average id the other periods of graduation,
(ovayeers;) an estimate greatly aoder the train.
Oe these data I have based the calculationa which
hsve beea made, with great care, and I flod tbe preeent
vslus of w hods would be more thaa a third mora
noder the proposed amendment, tliaa aoder the exist
wig system i and that the eicem would bo sufficient to
ysy the 33 per cent, proposed to be allowed to ibe new
(Male foe their exponas and trouble, leaving the 63 to
be received by the Government, euual to the entire
N present value of the lands, under the existing system.
Uocb is the vast difcreoee betweed receiving s smaller
amount dv annual psyments, during half of a long
perind and a much larger one in like meaner during
ww, u, uiv nine. .
. There are but two of the data oa ahich the ealcnla
twa m based, which ma be supposed to hsve any ma
terial effect oa the result, which esa possibly prove to
mw vrrr mimaiea , w one, mat ail ttis isnds will be
sold during the period of gtaduation, which, however,
w quite as probable, to my the least, as that all Will be
mid in eighty years at tl 25 1 sud the other, that equal
quantities would bo aohi during web step of tho reduc
tion. It is not imJtroptHlo this may not prove to be the
esse, ami that larger quantities would ba Sold towards
ine utter stages ot the gradustton, at low pricea, thaa
during th earlier stag, at higber prices, which a fleet
b2 T'uil The otherNsupposition that equal earns
wouugio received at each period, would, probably, be
much loo low ; and the truth may probably prove to be
between them but eves on f hat assumption, the pre
' sent vslue, ander tha measure propow, would greatly
exceed that ander the present system ; so much so as
to be quite sufficient lo cover the 13 percent proposed
to be sllowed to the Stales for tbeit trouble, above the
expense of managing the lands, including tha savins,
to the Guvernmeat by the cession.- 1 bars s emmet!
that eddiiMteal eHowaace, because irssrly eorres.
ponds to that propoeed to be givea in Uit, bill for die
Uihution, (introduced by the aalhor of the scheme.) to
the new Hutsa, above that allowed to the old. I refer
, to the bill that psased both 1 locoes, and wa vetoed by
the President That allowed U per cent which, for
the sake of facility in calculating, 1 bava anlareed to
13 percent V
J have, I trust, now aoccessfully met tha only two
ohjettiuoe which can, ia my opinion, be nrgad with acy
plauMbildy a;aint the measure I intend to prepare, by
provin nut only tost there would be reasonable assu
rance that the Ule Would ahwe by Ibe terms of tha
cession, but that it was the only measure which coald
as devised to prevent the almost certain lost of the
public domain, ander the operation of the system, aa it
Bow rones, and uiat, tetrad of a Um, were would be
so, I hsve eVa.ltifflisV . I htve sncceeded in doiog
1100, TO DS ITOIHIJ vmnmmim v-m mrr,-,
Itui I eannot be uniorant that there are members from I
the new State who prefer supporting ma am to me
measure I intend to propose ; not tbst they think it
better, but becanse they believe it hssthe best pruspoot
Mi -taowinir. la- tkm a mien uutB are whsuissb. .at. m
not peiaHm tint either ess pas tbe pnecsA session.
It is now but a few weeks to it termination, and it is
iaiposuble, in the midst ef tbe crowd of ether business,
Ihst any MiporUat measure, not iodispeambte, can get
through, especially a system of pre-emption and gredo
ation which has beea ss long straggling, unsuccessful.
. to nam both Houses. But if U eaaaot pee nam,
-ferrwsrtis piuspeef tkM sf tomU ae mvst ewe
yeers, sgsiost tne opposnion ot tne oomine, wuew.
anuld not vUh the aid of tha present tad late Admin-
, With thio prospect, I put h to my friends from the
new Hutes, 1 taere not osnger m pruesing uiesw mv
lated measarea, whkb cannot eetue tne vnoa ana
UnM.Mi. n nest ions of tho Bublic lande, sad which, at
mmm hm mimed en r moods only interesting to
-tlrJSS Hiateavthat-tney-wux Joaa. no oaiy B.jsvarit
me. an re, bil causa the pimsgo ot ooaoxtous m mem
of all tsxMMrea, that ef distrisuliuat I ask them, caa
yoa hope to oppose suecssstaiiv n mossara m parusi
h. Mmtina. and wbwa. so far tram aepmliag to the
reason or sympathy of Iwo-thirda of the States, secures
but e reluctant vote from any of them; more from
piriy fm;iiesnd aseoewtions, than toy conviction ot
it ittotue or expediency t Lot me tell my friends, that
ii niiTsla w to oontiaue betweea that bill end the
scheme of distribution, it io, on their part, a eeeverate
one. IXjVat m certaia; and there is e way lo avoid
It, (if it be nut already too late,) but to enlarge the h
aoeto raise it above mere focal or pecuman eonsid.
i.iraia. ta the broad ind sl.vsisd around of a final
sottluinent of this deep and agitating question, on Just
a:id mtiaiietory principles, and thereby arrest the
ennntleas evils rushisf ihroucb that channel on the
coootry. Jt is only thus that an antagonist of sufficient
rivh enuUI be reared an aninst the dasferous and
enminiiiur schema of disUibution. A measure aaduc-
lina ui man of the (States. enfurtuiMtely overwhelmed
by debt, could only bo successfully opposed by one
which would make a power ul appeal to truth, justice,
and patriotism. A strong aa may be th appeal to th
aeeessit v of embsrrassei Stale, e still stronger may ba
aiade to tbe higher end more commanding considera
tions ot duty aad patriot ism. Such aa issue, I believe,
the measure I propose would tender to tne cooaury. i
solemnly believe H to be founded on truth, and ens
tamed bv iustide. and biffh constderatiees of policy
and all it Heeds to ensure H success, ifl mwUke not, is
the earned snd datermmed support of tbo siatee wbica
dence sod equality, uoaor ana snoe, numi w
this proud OepuUlM of States, are involved.
Having now proaeotad my views of tbe intendment
1 intend to offer, with motion to trik out the emend
meot of tlie Booster from Kentucky, and mem mioe,
i awslude with a few remarks ia reference to tbe
iesdinr tesluree of bis amendment, the distrihutiiwi of
the proceeds Ot 10 puwic moos sarong un
It ia not ry intention to enter on the dsienssion of a
mMuita which I cannot but retard aa palpaply nncon-
slitutionai, aa wll aa aangerous and corrspling iniu
tendency. I do not deem it necesmJli es I arjrsd
fullv on the subject at tha last session.
I LtLA .i ihia to make a few remarks, in order to show
that, viewed under every possible aspect, it must be re-
girded se either foolish, idle, or unjust,
i, ..tmiitoJ m all aides that the Treasury ia
tern mod, and that no part of the revenue esn be with
drawn without making a corresponding deficit, whicb
....... k. unniiMi b team on the neople, in one form
or another, sad that tbe withdrawal of th jwmat
from tbe kind would cause s deficit so to supplied,
of not less, probsbly. thse 15,000,000 snnoslly. The
whole procces, llien, would consist in giving to thoowo.
pie of the oevewl Bute their proportional sUmtf tho
; five millmna of th reveaoe from the Und be col.
tected back from the people of th Uaitod Ststeo,
In the ships of a tsx oo importa, or some oOier oubject,
the mme imouot. Now, sir, I oak. is it nut clear, if B
Mute should receive by hs distributive stiare less sura
thsn tbe people of Ihst State would heveto psj in tax
aa to itrjirtiy the defldtv It would bei on Unit pjrti m
t m
-;:-Kt c c "
-lumij receite tlie mm a
! S w.h !J it n,n j,p , '-,.
""t tf.ey pxid itiald of s
A id it Biore. wou!J it iml
r o . i. , v r . t i ....
iieriwije. f :eina sm. f... ..k ,.;i,,.
"'"J nive any clinrete be a.lonH 1' Cut two
I,;""" '" I he one. (list th8utee. wl.icb
wonid receive more from tlie dietril uruw llisa their poo
D WrtiUil haiA l wlm.- a t .a . - '
, --m.-m w.-, v v wutll Ul nictHH I1D lliasifufflit SB .
"J'.t01 ,n? '? PrPrp, act on the princi-
ik.t . pmuoenng Ui weal j and lb other
Inst a mamma of ii, ki.i.. .k. '
their debts, or te anmwl in &.ii i ' i V
mk.A: .i ' cvirmir ifn preier
..... ineresponaibuitf f unnS btthsG.-ncrsI Gov-
k k T ,4um,n " Ihemselves, without reirsrdine
whether their people wihiU eoutril.ute more or lem than
t!!7"?, T'T: Tbe' 'v,,u, r use. iet
the peoole should sea tha , ....... J t
. inwii uioir
raosfer the task to the General Government, because
they can take from the people ihroucb the tax on im
ports, without being detected m to Ue aimwnt
I take the opportunity before I sit down, to tender
my think, to the honorahle jnd high minded sogjre
twos Of the Senator from Minvon IMr. l.inr.) coeeid
ering tha interior quarter V the Union man which
be cornea toast apart the proceeds of th Isnds aea
periusnent fund for the navy.1
fUr. Linn, ia aa aodihla mim ti. .... ..j ,k.
defences o the country. . J
I would rejoice to see such a dispositioa of it. and
i T.' . 5? to that effect
wmy. Kiaui7 receive k as a modifiestioa of my
aiwendroent, and would regard te aa a grt imnrova
msnt Thanavy,h-,taaarrhtarmordefeiio,
sod eqoailv important to every seefioo-lhe North and
South, tbe East sad West, inland and mabrwrd. . When
j ma at the condition of ear country, and the world,
II feel that too earnest and too early attention cannot
be bestowed oa tbe arm of defence ea wh
try must mamly rely, not only for snstsininf Ha just
weight and influence in Ibe scales of nation, hot aim
for protection. "
Friday, Febnmrjr 1, 1841,
iso ewf for aease lane -Tho Whie leaders
era at Wsshinirton are beirinnine to show ihmr hmU.
ad make such development aa should arouse snd
lane every Southern man, no matter to what party ee
Claim to belong.
Already, even before the new Administration h In.
vested with power, yea, even before the sew President
reachee Washington' Webster, Clsy, and Joha Q. Ade
ems are nnfoldiog the policy, which, wiih the tone of
"iHaan pursuea oy uoa. IJsm-1
mai-aad that pclicy is a A a Trr. sn4 incressed
axpeaditUTea, uxea, sad ettravagance. F Uie pur-
pom or creating i necessity for texctioe, they prooose r
to give a way to the Hutes, the wtude proceeds of ' the I
public lands, my 4 or ft millions annually, sad thea
make ap thni amount, which must necessarily be raised
for the public expendilurea, by foxes, taxes on tha iwn.
pis. After this step M ooce taken, then comes a Na- i
tioual debt, a Natiunal Baak.ia mereass of the Army,
Thee scheme hss saToJ ft ..'T-Sav
inm. mat alraadr n naabar of the Southern Wbixe .
A . . ' m . . '
have taken tne eierm, ana are nyiogoo. Among ,,
vmt. wa notice Mr.' Kivee. of Virnms. htelf distin- f
ished by Mr. Vvebstersstdnveroritie tJonserva-2"
uv Omuibw( together wiln
llouse, and in tact all bis " Umsorvsiive corps." . home snd travel to avoid their irouaiesome smtica
Tbcy come out and my openly and at once, ;tlwtthefj tions, but'lbov hsve anceasingly snnojed him with
will aot go for those Wesssnrea, lit. Woe ton, who' ly long epistles setting forth their vssl clsims.
WMaiaooa- tho most efficient of Harnsua s supporters:
has huldl and withoat reserve, declared his opposition,
and taken a bold stand against all these mrjernct rr
tkaneof the Geuripa Whig membiirt re inoticaeo-'-nji . the prscf ire the epotie-nafmf gentry,-who
ap, and ret use to cell tbe rights of lbs South. . Thus it 1 arsyewed such disinterested patriotism m denouncing
n, that what was to often predicted before tbe e'ection, : th corrupt a of the ouce holders before tho electMo.
is bow' already eomragtomsiali. Aiiuoi ctGiih,Jit pfrcioos set of csoting bypocritei t
lately atado a opeech in the llouse on nsae of the i t--.m nrnwwwm r.
wptca. He deelarea himself in fkvur of aa issue of (. y, sd ia the Globe'i Analysts of proceedings
Ire aulliou of Jfeasury Nouj. and elamed of th , HnaM j RepreaeBtativm on the Treasury Note
"scheme of a biia Tariff in disguuw,r evideat m a . . . ,., ... , '
smenainem propusN y r." - -
lav a tai on Wrrwina.-nlkvin.l otb9rsrticter497ih4- last momhrtbw eketeh, below-of Jsr.-H'Me'-r-
J he Mr. R.rn.rd. nf.Vew Vork. to
Ue believed that eomiag evcaia cast tnoir onaoowa
mfara, aad be thought beeoaU see in Ibwawvementj
of tbe high Tariff men of the North, a deigaNto build ;
ap the maanisatunng mmohmu h ine ssennos or wo
righu of tho South. . Ilia friend permit b)oi to
give hie honest opiniont, for honest bs would be, in
spits of any man, at aoy partyj; - , -'
nr. Aiaira tne proceoasa m argue - mi im i
toraiiUttf Usssrs. Bsmsrd, Evaao, Dull aim oibera,
(Whip) to avail tho exaeaditaroa of GMMrameol.
were to furnish a pretext for a high Tariff. Tbe ob
iect of those gentlemen won to make lbs expenditures
. . . l. .1. .
of Uovernmeot as aign aa poswoie, w. tuom migm
a alauaihie nretextfbr B hiirh TBriff."
- cl . . . - . . .. ,....,
Tbt m a brief extract rrora wnat at. Atrora mm or
his Whig associates, their schemes dad H" I M
eours of hi remarks, he charactorUd Mr. Clay's
plaa for a dietnbutioa of tha public lonJi as Heny o
gitdtd sott A plan to abstract some millions thus
ins revenuea secret puijiag or 100 wires j ui ta
riff man before Uen. tlsmeoa aam into power.
Wa will next week publish a sketch ol hw renuraa,
klr Alford h one of too member froui Georgia who
knrf. 1 kit he waa the first of anv ia bis Slste, to tske
so "Old Tin." - Wbetbor this bs so, wa are act roferm
ed,but eeruia it ns that he at about to be one ot w
first to drop bun. '
The Bttentioa of tha reader . will be arrested by the
oahis oronaaition to cede the pubis) U ads, on certaia
etmditiona, to tbe new Butee in which tbsy lis. This
Speech, like every court ot .toe gros mine r-
duosd it, wUl ba bund very able and highly ratereeting.
Tbe oubject ia one ef touch jntormt and importance
Mark the AirrroW-yVbila the Whig Igiala.
turmof tbo Whig ftnUW of Massachusetts sod Indiana
are making reports and passing resolutwod in favor ol
amalgamation, tbe Demuatl Aasamb'y of tbe noble
Deaiocratia Bute of New lltmpehiro, is boldly throw,
lag itaeir into the Waacb fur the defence ot tfouthorn
rigbta aad Soathera instUotioaa. Aa ab!a report with
trong reeuluiioee m regard to the right ol n State to
demand, and tha duty of tha Suieapoa which the de
Inaad ia mad, to eurrender fugitive from justice, had
se.a totely adopted in the Legislature of una maie,
(New IlampshireO the Republic no eosUining, the
Whigs opposing them. Tula action wss induced by j
the two ease ot klsioe and Oaorgia, and Virginia and ,
Now York, It powerfully maintain the righta of;
Georgia and Virginia, and eoademna the courea of
Maine ond New York. The South cannot but aeknowl
edge, with cordial Ming, thia voluotaTy exp'omiog
from tho noble and independent "grsBit 8ute,",in
bold condemnation of tho incsodiaries, and ia defunct
tt Prjsthern Righta, and the Constitutiwi..
C'J.CiiU.J OF 1,). i
Tbe C !!u of f'.irth Cf!iiis t'.o'vs srie extrsor
diiinry fucts en k con-parative viow, in relation to the
lt and ftin.a prcce J ing elections. '
' It is will known that iii slection between Cen.
Jscksoo and Mr. Adams was one of great interest, oc
eaeioilliig deep and enteral much so aa to
hsve called to the polls an unusually huge cumber of
The whole number of vntM elte ah ihtt ..n
(in 1829) by the people ol North Carotins, wss 51.773
Tbe whole number of votes given 4 ysarsslu rwsrtls
"w acamu sua usy, wss about . . SO.tKKI
' The whole nuo.berol tutes firf, and sgsirurt ratifying
tbe COmtitution ws ........ 49241
nna uie wbols number of vobee given in 184JI
Wa . V ,.... 81,181
Or 2880 mbre than in the eiriled rnnlro Lt.un
Jackson and Adams in 1S2H. I
How shsll we account for this oxtrsordinary Increase
oT vote. 1 It ie answered perhaps, that since
1828, our pcpulmtto has increased, tnd that this In-
creaaa ivr the additional voters. Lst s exsmiue
B-ures sno sre ir this esa b sa i
ehow sn incresse of only-I4J4 whkh, seeording
n vtnsiw or 10.MJ comptred wrtb tbst of 1840
mim or voter to white population in lf30, would
iye only 1.649 voteo-thi taken from the
hefore orated, yut leavea 28,737 vote to b accounted
for. -
Bui I take another view of this matter. .
' itopuls ' ntkt0t tinf w 1 u '
poShlho? th" ?0tIn 1 10 "C rf hlU
.i f" Co",i, h' ntio wa even still greater thaa
tlitf, fur iruunce, in Buncombe, it was as u tsmpor.
m or aeout 1 to every 44 -aad in lbs ease of
BuncomDe we note snot her remarkable fact ft ia, that
he gave 603 vote mm ia November than ia A afreet,
bowing a dear increase in 3 months Iron 1.196 sati-B
to lner This i equsl to the work ot the pipe
kyjr " ia other parte of the country.
' We submit these remsrks and csleutstioos whh no
otner vmw, use for the purpose of directing the atten
tinn of candid and honest men of all parties lo the sub.
ject. It is andennble that there wa to muck voting
. Ihc lsst election. No argument is needed to con
vince any reasoning msq -of the alarming ind destruc
ttve tendency of ruih practices All who sre not
thoroughly pmstttuted to the base aubwrvioocn ot
psrty, must se that it is i great evil reoniruig cor
reetion. ' ;
II fraud snifvillsn msv ha enent. aiut.xl.mJ anJ
with impunity practised lo obuin. power, instead of
wi-I go-vrueg uy tne will of (n intellisent tusjority,
Jfl M eheslcd hy perjury, and tha greatest scoundrel,
becomea the r ret teat mi ia the Miinn. Nnm that
the exciting contest ie over, H is proper that the evils
is violence snnuui be coesiderad by I
eo o ail part
v-, ju-iuro sgsinJi id tuiura,
Prttirml Amajemeiiea. A report in fsvorof sbn.
ishing all law which forbid lb mUrmarrisge of blacks
and whites, bss lately been mads in tbe MasMchusetU
legislature. The Committee are clesr fW giving eve
ry man snd wnmsn in ihst Commonwealth tbe privi
lege of indulging their respective tastes ia eolors, with
out let or bindianuc Very well: " Je twit." 4.
Afore AsWgemerum.- A resolution favorable to a re
peal of the law prohibiting the intermarriafre of blacks
and whites, bss passed the House of Kr preventatives ot
tbe Whiff etilatnr of Indiana Wbiir. mA
Ahohtfon are not joined together here, and in JJasm-
causuiia I
Msri Csrertoa &sWd.-The EJitnr offer this
establishment for mle to " any gentlemsn of tho Dc-
mocritie Itepabliesn party who is competent, and will-
jog to ouatain the great principles lor which that party
mm ' i '
ie.i. i i- ....
- was. put uiaoe eeture -to It mi Jlnril nit
mm n mmmmm m mwm vnr ..
rt; - L . L. . mnm u. IhImsjImjI tli.mMttM Im
vywnrggw r m....-
emwdo Gen. Hmimi residence; daily since tbe
eIeption. w
old gentleinsa aolusftv bss been forced to quit his
fine qualifications, snd rreat sccomplwbmeol, and that
too without parioz the postaee, thereby rmpusinr on
him a heavy Usui atleajt almtulrerfdolUraa tuoolh.
'" ' wo",w' " " 7
marks. From thio it will bo seea that he is in favor of
tb Trsaaury Note Bill, (for a aew issue of five mil
lions.) is opposed to tbe Whig proposition for a tax on
wines and silks lo aa increass nf the reveaee, by aa
increase of the Tariff to sir. Clay'a bribery distribu
tion system, for giving awsy tha public lands to the
the Bute to an extra session cXCoagrem, in short, to
Kthe whole policy of the Whig party, sa developed by
Webster, Clay, Adam sod other, af Ibe Imdere in
Mr. Wise regretted that, on this fccaii-m, he felt
Onropelied to take the floor, being myieal!y unfit to
talk for two or three ben's 00 the bill under ennstaVr
lion. If bis frienda had chosen to vote in silence,
without condemning the vote which he intended to
giro, be Would gladly have mid nothing, lie would,
too, much rather hsve preferred, before the dsbsto amse
aa this question, that his friends should have met to
gether as brothers, and reconciled their dilfawweee;
and regretted exceedingly to differ from sn of them.
They bsd advanced opinions, not only for themselves,
but for tbeir party i end bad taken noon IhetneelveeVi
advance opinion, on this que ion from which ho Was
obliged to disssnt. Whether they would bs tbe opus
Ions of the eomiag Admjnntrstion, remained ta be aeon.
But be notified gentlemen that, aa far aa hi voice waa
beard ia the I loom, m Ih forum, on tb floor of Cou
rt whatever be had any influence hs dwcleimed
m . . 1 . . . : . . : .
nawmfm mm mwm mtij ..... ...
epeskiag for 4he oowing Adinimsvotioo.
bia fr leads nod difiered from bim, they mo
n. ii some m ,
most not com
eaoecialtv moot they not complain when no two of
them hod agreed with each other for, ii what ihey
Hid waa true, we should indeed bsvo n mntly policy.
- Mr. W. mid, from th sigaaof the times bow before
bia, be intsoded to vote fie; tha bill ander considera
tion, to which he intended lo ofler aa amandiMent. lie
had heretofore voted against tbo issue of Treasury
notes, bee oss it wss too easy a mesne- fhr raising
funds to carry on the Government, and bee us it wot
B public dabt lie couecded the eonetiiutwnsl power,
'bat thought it ought to be used only in esses of great
emergency. To be candid and plain, ba would vote
for tbe bill for tho reasons, first, no a friend of the co
ming Administration, to provide it with the mean to
carry an tne uovernmeni sner ine am 01 luerco; eoc
eodl. because it waa the best mesne to prevent a called
aossion of Congrem; thirdly, to prevent during the
tear 18 tl. tha premature revision of the aompromiM
act or Tariff j and at the mme time to prevent tho seW
are of the procoode of the mle of tM public lands
for distribution,
Mr. W. noticed letter published recently in the
Richmond Enquirer, euder date ol Washington, Jan
ry 14, 1941, in which it was intimated thst Mr.
Wise waa drnwITected towards the coming Adntinis-
Iratiou, which assertion Mr. W. pronounced an iota
mo Blander, whether coming frma friend or foe.
After soeakinf of the various nnrtics which bst
united to defeat tho Present Administration, Mr. W
avowed himself a plain Republican of the Madisoa
snhoot, and warned bia friends in the ITmsr that hr.
wdulJ go wih ihom aa far ta ho cdukl, Bui fohl itteia
' 1
1 i.l' li.e Iti'pi
i! 't ill .( tiC'm
-. v. , (uni'ral I Urr.Mii
i: i'v; il It' ' i t !-!, tl" cutt y
i r tiie el n t-l to m ini I'l tti.
em waa ut a party triunjih, Lut a flfim.!
triumph, and il wne the duty id the l'rulrM ittt lo
be the President of tbe nation tr.rt not of s p. i).
.We find in the Nstional In:rll;ffenrer i;f (hf 4 h
inst., the fc.llowing Tsrd tn m Mr. Wje. jirg,' i Jj
part to the speech k ched sbove:
To Ih ttlilon eflht Uttktmmd W kig'.
I hsve to my lo the Editors of the Rid icoM Vhi.
in reepofiae 10 tneir rilitnrial a IVbiufliV 'i f'-sili'fl
with my name snd based apoo srt cl.n m iltc tiiiAf 1
fhorsdsv, ni in the Enquirer of 8tuniay, tlwl sift
now eogneed in writing out my remsrks on the Tir
sury mite bill, delivered in Committee of the Whole
on theststeof the Union, on ihe27iliL fiSih -and Oiii
'"""sry : tbsfl shall repit the eiscl words
u"rred, se nmly ss tbr y can h recllected-iheri
repoiter's note o the third day's cnntinoation
WTW s,ecri snd tbe speerh ebell tie puhlirhed s
m"m wnusn ana osn oaa space in the lulrfli.
When published. It will snruk fnr ttmrnU m-A .V
whether 1 hsve departed in Uie ban fmm the initio,
I bave heretofore oecupied,.Bd whether now I do mt
tsn upon tb only ground hlrh csn be oecspicd bt
the RtfmUicm.iirm lAt migfmfw in Virginia,
sad throughout the Union. , '
On the subject of ixvribMti ,ndd dutiti rmm
uHltmd ioMir-in wy cfpusition to ihe-proahsrtiiai
mier Ie rotaf tk Tariff fur ih repose iTri6tt
lisg fa reseane frtm Ike Public Linda, or lnpw '
en rmsra TVratirry eg dittribulitig th rvsenne ro
m i-. T w rr'ex' f rettiny M
Tsnjf I preeame I will nor bud - mm " of my
- warmest politksl friend," easing my rood eSesria
sns at feast, to difler fmm me And as this cf posit Kiej
ofaiine to them measure bat keen backed snd concnr
dJ,no?, " Prh end rotes, made and ro-
wmea inw esy, or nenstor Rives, who has just taken
"i wij. ",,wpcd " b ,ul,"'y " of the Wbi.a '
of the Virginia Legislature, and of til the Whigpresers
u a '"'-roorsslve ceiallyw hre 1 will eol
"Tl0 d"!, ff" kin of hi warmest rol.ii.
ml frfortde,1 even st Richmond. 1
heved. Une sentiment I mut sddthsf it i teimllv
wmk in a public man to be deterred from dome; what
he thinks right, eiMrr pg tic sVnuacmion offrieudi
or Ay tkt u delight " oe. '
t 1 shall hold on to the true faith, snd fcy my fruits I
hope to bo koown. But all our friends bed belter
"swnsr to ae tkt t-trht, u fuu,n neo1
uiiie, I sm your obedient servant,
Wlsbm jton, Fcbrosry 2, 1IL
John Qnincy Adsm, Abolition petition-nreM-nter
Genersl. bss made a most iW attack on J!r. Wire
IB eonseenenre of h Opooaitioh te the Tariff profiOi.
tions of the Northern Whirm. am) hi tr
era rlghta. hot the ohl Aholitkiiisl came ofTwrtml l est ,
in ino auair.-it seems, as Mr. Wise will 14 lend
nirjHell to the anptart of the m antes simI policy of..
Til T? 7 rMntUmn lft ' sre determine.)
to kill him off a rpeedily as pesihlc. In poiftimr
their blurKlerbum st him and other Southern men,
they bsd better take care that they sre not kicked over
themselves, while they stnot wide uf tlie n ark aimed at. 1
Ai-Amfgierion.-Tlie !!mie td Reprcetfitstives
r ?'I',M7'Mni W"lettd-be passed a bill pro
bibiting tha intermarriage 4 whits men or women with
negroes or muUttoes, under a pinslty of tr0. The
bill slm provides tv inflictine s heavy p.slty
the clergyman who should aid in it by nisiVv
ing sny such, snd further snnuU the marriage contract
of all rucb persons now existing, v
The Dill tor the establishment of aermewei. r...
rrrtsprisn sgsem. wd the hen,,e on
"FJ" ffTirt mit hi a nl 111 . in
KJmwrrBm. i 'ir otuaie is m w tne-g'e i r. in nr..
to n rk 1" 'it lf'
ml ILi ;:u!-Iii n
wlncll he vm , J i .,
not I t,'. I If a
would he ui.-ruiicl :
sideraiiun of a "Bill te estahlith a ti.iUrm tyateru ot
BsnBWntcgJraaejTs M
lw,Tho.Taasury. Noto-BiM. hvlhe- aohjeet'!of gteetett '--
public interest occupying the attention of tbe Mouse,
at our latest date, '
Important fartign inltlhgrnct.Lna advices from
Europe place us in pomeesioa ot intelligence highly in
teirotiug. ; Tha Briiwb Kjtpeilitiot; .Bgalnat,ChJB
baenccmpTetelyjiKcesjiaj eMM.hJ
mbmhwion of tbe "Celestial " lnpire. Mebewit Alihss
beea prostrated ia rypt- Tha Cotton market in Li- .
erpool remains firm at extreme pricea of the last quo-
111 afaftm , . .-y-.ry-nr-epiff rnmi
John Bull is of course greatly elated at all hi uc-
and may be esprCed lo become more grasping
and iuoulent thio ever. -- -,
CoTTenpondenti ODghtrtti k-ujw thitrwr never"
publish anonymous communiratiun of sny kind sect lo
as wit boot the responsibity of nrue, and especially
for very obvious reasons, do a pot give place to any
notices of manures or deathr, tucli sa several wahsve
lately received in thif way,
It iaetated that the Uoa Jem JL Pyam will not
to a eaaduiste far re-election to Congress. ' . .
STP'IC Ce-mrtnervhip heretofi rs existiag ander firm
ii of A. Beaeeni a R. W. Irtig. m ihw dsy dim
suited by mutual consent. A. PENt.'EM.
' . - B, W. MJ.NU.
, Salisbury, Feb. 4, 1841. . . T7-2w
OT Aft persons that hnv rlaimo against the '
hove concern, sre reoueetcil lo present them to A.
ftenceei fU patmeot, who is fully aothnriani to settle
tbe mme. R. W. LONG.
-rsbruarynVlW. .
TIIK ft iWriVr having di.
'. rosed of hie est a I.l fhuient to
K barer It Hsden, bss rrmaio-
; I Tf rn hr if 2 fir tim;t 1 toy:
9 Carry lie, 1 Bufgy. 1 Fol.
) k, 2 cloee Carriei ee. e of
Juem a very ene aMc'e,
m a superior uRanni r elou a
aumber of second-hand Baroachee, Csniaees sed Gies
II nf which be will sell very low, and on a lorr credit
IVt f..J "V"., , - ,
He requests all thoso having ope acrtant standing
on his bmks to esll and settle thret wiihont r!c
lay, by note or otherwise. JOHN SHAVER.
iiamirv. tea. rz. ltl. rr
fitllB undersigned, aa Administrator of Wiham
Coi, will expos to public mle, oa Friday, the
20 h day of Fobruarv, at his plantation, in Uo
son County, on tho Yadkiu rivi r, mar the D ill
consisting of a woman and her eoveo children.
Term tnadd known oo the dae of ee. -
. A A HON NILLr.R, AdmV,
I Ditiu,ollCl)mtt;X.C.,Feb..MLtl, J(
...... . f-

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