T i ' v. i ; , i ! IV. ' n i M u" - ' I AT U'lLiir-m't Retail, at HEELERS'. O'l Y'S r HtrriWaOini.nonr.B'kwWeril!. M .Fi" P ii .Hitter, 11 nick' Panacea, anH -B.-tuaJ' a4t,lif R.ii-I ti;mimit, f r Sale by . C. B. Ai C. K. WHEELER. FRESH TEAS, ''Tinea, Siris, Tolacco, and CipnYs, !sf.rved ami t sale, at the calm irv Dniir Stre. fMury, No. 20, lO. k ", ELK Col lot ;Var. . nH HaWribers, A.feiiia f the Lampion Col 1 Ion factory, would mf rfn fl.e oublio that itiey fate received and now rflnrJor eata, wlvolesule ...... .- f.!ii. ervl retail, the Winn inroe w iw r actor , cuo eisiioir of yarinwa number -The ' Jnerior quttli fir aid chwrt"rof thf Tarrw of this Factory arr ' writ teswtd and known e, tv.ned no recom rneniur-w town u Tho wUhtn to por vbate will pi?ase srite tw a call. ' C."B & C.K. WHEELER, Agfa. April 24. 1649. . FROtfPECTUS V ' Ot TBI . . " M2CKLILBUKG JLTFERSOMAN. it m proposed to tafeblirh, ui the To a of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, N, C, weekly miaapaper, un der tl above title, w be dmJ and pubt!.cu by the jbsmbet. Toe. publication of the iliruiwa Jkrrteauau will etmimeiwe by the let uf January Mat, or aa seo. m materials s.u be procured. U will tie pnuled with ealirvtv new tad lair lype, mi paper of the beat, quality; aud aXuded hi saUtnbcia at 20d ib idvawe, ion the h , ipv vf lb tint aumbry) of J it uot until in si"eee. Toe pratci.t ta me ft nt e&rt that l is beta tuada W) . -UbUsb. an orgau at l.us biriit plu:e trf AnHrwun itv ileoeiMlenc. tunuvk wha lha duclrinaa U Ui Ueico craicpartTaUtlTptanlclandtfclenJtl -i in which lU (raal btwciu4mI LibartT tMlity - LADIES AND -f nOlSE-HEErEBS, 5 haw Juat rorivl . -tx frttk wipiilv if ih wkhrtlMt r Ammm Sinker? fnrdrn irCJ, of all kimta. Tboac wiahinc t-d fur ih iiet yuar, would do Will to Call or apod a nmi, a iiiv ff" liko akoa." c fi. & C. K. WHEELER. NoembT 13. l40. F . !)IL(J. B. nOUMAS I V I N ti nm-.f lt Ollie t 2od r t nfin.u-.i bv f)r. Ah-I SiP'tli,) war! f'r"tli: IM rVl''I to tir publtc " F'JH SUiK.' 'I 'HE ui.i!er-iiieI, hm AJminiMratur if lha lale lf' t. Ai!tiii, t tiers lor salf the valuable lietuiit!tt(( Hi (Iip I'.buIb tif the rteceaaed... A ctm -uler itiie Kriiin ui ttit uileciuu Mat ii'o ov Ir. Au-tut" luii.ll Mitti much care, and (irmcip II C4Nimia A Gutd, !ilcer. Vejtptr, etui Lrad Ortt, iu llieir n u-i u .tural combiuatiiMia.iKiected truni (lie uiueral ri Kiixit nl iiio oioiUry ; bftde a uura lier vb'i.msl i.uiii Europe. t?rienlifii gentleairt), or literary tfiHliiuliuiia druntijj to purchase till ' hule, nr mty (tarl uf the Cabinet, ran Lave farther iblortuauou ou application ty lettei. to Iho uiKier airjtwd. " :'. . - 'i -i'ne culletton will b s!d aa eooa a a reaaofia- We price may Jw rttererf Xtif it. ' " ' 'T -C II. WHEELER. Admr. f aliburj;t N..C Pe 4, 164t. it whida to AiaJwUcra, Ue f Ua, au4 ihrir iu-iiaa cwapautato paruad then ail,oa the SUUi May, liio, aoald tai t all Imum aa wialruik;ux advusate. Ua success recta abieflr w lh lbs Republican party of Meek 4 lenburjf a.ul ki llirm, end the sVpublicaua ot ihe sue routuliop country, toe appeal i aw ouvae iot ranwtv The JETTuaoswa will aoMuur aa na pmuwat iw. those tau.OMrkj ot toe JteeoolMaa pany, Uiodoeuiae et tori, ta Um Kentucky and Vvf mia JieouiuUms- twlienng, aa the andersujned does, that tLe authura of lhn paiwfa, wbe sure a cooapicuoua part hi tramiu; , uur ayatein ot Guveruioftot, were beet nualiued to band J.. n uj posterity a correct ezpoaition of lie true apuit the bent judges ot wtit powera were delegated by, and what rtser4 to, the Kutea. . '' It will oppose aa daugeroua to our fire institurueia, ttie spirit 1 wrniaW, which baa been eteaiUuly, but muiy lncrmmujf ui lha touuiry frma lac ftmodUo 4 uur GuvtruuiCKl, The nxxt odiuua feature iu tine y.tem is, Ui&t tt ruU the Marr, intfertwytiWy, to co riehllie raw: It elotlios a few' wealthy imlmduaia with power nof only to control the waea of the iabur mg dm a, ant also at their pica curs to taflale or aupreaa lite wnmettm and aaMoesa or Ujs whole couoirj ' ctUjtf a e.-Mnlef esuavajnince, ahieh it ler.iiiuatea in p.t;ua Jry'iuio, and tuooiteo tn aiural dfjjradjimi uf its victima, 'I'lua'ajatem uuMt ce thoroughly rtform td beCtf e caa hope lu ace settled prupprray' auiile -alike upao ail oar citiios. .To aid id. prudacinjr th.s ft form, wiJI be oua f the uiera ohjecta or the Jurra eoaiaa. Ji will war against jtnJ prt-legr, of purlMir itguiattn, BDo.tr haler hm Kratiled If our Lejiialurea;aud, Uirfe.twts, wtUtffpUMtiita ciiar- , teimg ul a L'mUC buteeBauk, Utcrual luigroveu.tata by-iiie Jittiel Goteniment, a retual ot Die Taritt, Svs em. and Ibe os federal echeme of the Cfneral (iuteraineot asMitning to pay to tiretgn money elian- ere tbe raw kunJnd mtMut of ioUmt, burrowed ty ' a few Slates 6 local purposes. - "" k.v As a question ot ettai luiporunce la the South, and one which, trots ramus caaoea, ta every day aMUuiiog a more raoutentoua and aotul aspect, the Jtrruuto Mas viU keep.ita rrauera regularly aud accurately ad -fated ou the aoaject of uithera AWI'iiuiBim. It aiuat be evident to all candid onaervna, that the part na preaaea of the ouih uavo kdhurta eeeo toneileut ISSJl Largest Eubscrlptioa iu the World!. , THE PIIILAUKU'IUA'-" SATURDAY COURIER.,: THE COURIER is on oi firm and independent a Va- na at any paper kwued, at home or abroad, and its am nU niaita will an alwwa einoloved to make It equal, t a FA 41 1 LV NtttiSI'AI'UK, Iu anv j.iurnl pun li.!.id hua PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. The Courier ta as indeiHualcnt pttpr, fcarlwatly Pf' ruiua a atraiyht-ftirward cour.e.aud aupportuig the heat uitcretttot tug. ruuuu. Tln annnivid Painilv I'ancr ie strictlv (tt" NEU TRAL JA POLITICS ANORFJJUlONtJ&inAl the uucoutprouiiyiatf sjinfnt of all QUACKERV. j hiitemtaiptaniffb TONE OF JJOULS,n4jt: an aiticle will eppnr in ita pages, which should not Aud plac" at eVery firexide. The uuparslleUrd patrouaire, from every eectioa of the ctwntrv. is the Ix-at evidence of it epiuoval. It I , iua apiken and will e-mlimie lu apeak for ilst lt It lit suibiaowover a4,0U auoacnorra, txirmmng f,um tht Uktt fe lie Ocmm, ami eaubiiuug all luler CfU and clKwwot the reoublic. Each uuuiBcr u the j Courier couUiua aa uiuch uwrtcr a would . Hi! a 19mo, Voliiiuc, PROVPFXni'S ' . " ar Tm " ' ,"' Western Carolina Temperance A llocate, A monthly paper sVaord la tkf Tmfttnutt Rrfarm, i JauW al Athrtillr, N. C, and sdilrd - , BY D. R. M'ANALLY. ' ; A TBMaauANci ToiiTsarioM that waa held al thia place early in Heptt mlier, resolved on puiiliahing a pa per of the above title and character; and appointed Dr. J..hn Dichaoa and 1). R. M'Anally w conduct it iroju lha many prewlng enjragemenia, Dr. Dickson already baa, be deema it impracticable tor hi to be recogniwd aa one of the editora, though he will heerlully ue all hia inrlueiica ollierwise. to Drotnule lU imereft; the eubacriber therefore, proceeds to iaaue Una I'roauectua in hie owa name, with a hope that he will be aided in the undertaking, by all the friandeof tha Temperaoca cauae throuhiul the country, and that lha paper way soon have aa eateoaive circulaium. ' rrienu oi; Ttwaerafcer teuari to you we n.ake a nmkt eameat appealwhile ibiHinanda upon tliou sanda of dollars ar ennaHy expeuded at ttieai, at circuses, at tt race track, at grocer, while no pema are eparvd, the luxury of retirement and ease ttregune, and no labor deemed too severe Ui advenes the uiler eau uf political aspirants, asn yoa dot do sMncthitif! in a cause that must be dear to every true patriot, philan Recollect thero are hut lew, The eutt of which aloue would bo tbe price of the pa I per lor a Me year. Tins general cUtmcter of tbe Courier is ' I"'-' ' . Vajuta, RAaaamaa, aaaiia, iiooRApHiaa, Together with articlee oo apusi isjsj auujaii.- Ullhn fYo Owners 6f MUU. eaccesMoov being defloaaced as aa aUrsaist. Wad oar bsmble a4 I ;. . 4" w la aasist ta awakeaine lew People of ihe t'outh. ta , t r-V Courier wiuseiied theruuaicof the most ppu- laae vigilaace aod a sbsar tbeir real danger. Jar Airs. Btlladx, and SuPes, as sunn aa tin ? are no-' H"el aa hat aa the pus.neee ot the, two J Uuea amra I vviniea purrioa r a HE SuWiMm m mrmi fnnt rjHnJtf for ' - ili. la, by Mrtnea, 'a rant mil do wucb teller thau itb lite uu l turin of Spindles, It is eo cotirtrucled aa to kf ptu'uiJa!iri m killmg the ui. al in any maik MOLkeplfjj lhe(Siutloaa ah wy.iuuBti'i& U'Uu(iuatorfuur-ttC'r'Ikw -r-tnll.,T(j"r53-i.op".ov: spttwie. UitMie5Iej will uu at leant uiie-l.urd uxxe uusine. aud llw meal of aa gL-riuf ttsli ty . j - Any persim wuMi.g to use ma of tha Spindtss, - iuy uij'.niu one or iiwre, by uiakiog applicatiuti, (vito iu a tii) Iu tht SnWiiwrl iliiekuville. ! fTrrnlriirtijenpft 4 iMt -las -Patent audiutlie tosdy br ft.iku &nmtn .so sar-say vWwt -dttf BpHtdtef ' is n.oetriiil operalioii: U4. Yst . IkeJIy, I line; Fi ler, JoMpii jlill and tMiu'L Ftmtervf Davw County; Ui, itii.i iJ l.-iu a i il lMv.d J. Kaunuur ot lncolo, Clmrie iiiuiittt-oi Hwsu; Audimn .Vluore of David. y pieaeu wiin iu perijruiance. i . ; i L 11 GILBERT. OvUAerii5,lC4 ,. tf naicu ... rTUJESl'BiClUBER living near fjexington, David son C.Hinty,Ukt!s ibiauielhud to.iblurni the Pub, lie thM he wul enier tiib Cciotracl ith any Perwn, or : , either mi IXivalwtn-, Rwan,or CaWrua tons, 4hmj, wl k buHius, boturna), or arty ihr kiid M bji!.inv irclrl ul tirick, tii auudihetn aachuap,a durable, aud la aa guoxl style ss a try workmen in Uur ' c.o ury He tll alwvniuuld awl burn the Stick, it wanted. . '" l IruW tHt t.i hmg X;-rielice In it'LlMNi AND LVL(j BRICK, -- t n tHtt-liB toe share id public petrunaee. - - . t mw,, r . r j.mi1iiii wisumir ww(sum ia b r i.u,f. j) IM-.tit?' iu Hie retiisle Acnflrntv aod tueaea , ;.ir. t C.tik'a lyicea SaJiburv, aa specuuena ot i -a. -: , ? . -- , . . ' ' .,B.. T.-kK 'a lulling work' done, will plea.ie lsarr " wuil at the .Ske f Ui IV cetera Carolinian, and it s lnlT Vt jmt;tualiy alttuded to. . - . . - . . . v "-r '-.',. EO LIEUT COX. Dwi.!i.Artril 11139. -r ; if . . . .... 1 . '. . itjlicc. Tiisn Up tnd CSommltted "; the Jul of Surry County, in ii r1 ' ,i f "i airi it"j, in Ihroinet. and chrirtianl verv few, such papere fa all the Huuthern country. Tlia Western part of rxbrlh Cartlinn, the V eatern purt well known, la coluiuua couiama great Iff Virginia, and tht &rtp.r1 d"" lariy, neeu a perwuicai ui mis atuu, uu it .v. now to uy whether tUy shall have it Tha very low price at which it wae fixed by the Convention, will make it necessary, that a very la rye fubscriptivo be M. before tht publicalioa of it can be juatincd. ;; . . ' ' ' ' . TERMS. A; Th ir(era Carolina Trmorrsace Aisoftt will be published to medium sheet, in ftnerto torm, each number making eight pages, and will be fumifhed at ihe very low price of tPy Venl$ I cpy. Where sin gle copies are taken, the payment must be made inva riably upon the reception qf the tirt number, y 00" Postmasters, editora-or pubhaheraof paper, and all Ministera of tha Gpel, are adtliuriwd ajfen'a. : ' Scienae, Fine Arts, Alechanics, Agriculture,. Alaaulacturea, Fureinn News, New PubiicaUona, Murality, Medicine, I'be Silk Culture, Tentperauce, Family Circle, Self-Educated Men, Health, Commerce," Literature, , .-. v liornetitic Intelligence, " EJucstion, Anioeements, Facetia, Huuioioua Poelicul Articles, The Drama, ' . City Matters, Amusing .Miscellany, - . The Markets, The .Wital World, , Correct Prices Current, Lifct or insolvent Banks, Discount aud Exchange, Letters troui Curope, - Uislury, i The Claries, , Philosophy, And all other matters dincusmed in aliiiiveraal Family Journal furoishin altnellier aa vast, and; we believet a interealms a variety ui ran be bund in any olArr Journal, suibraciug subjccia for . rarmers, ' Mechanics, Tradesmen, Artisans, MercUauts, Men ol Leisure,.. Teachers, JSltuleiitsr t iid exrrj ti;t of our C'otiulrf. SO'PLETIET TO THE -LOBI Propttlv$ for (he Congrfuional UluU and Apndix. These works will be pubUlied by us, during the ap preaching sestnon ot Cotigres 1 by have hail such a Wkle circulation in the Liuited Sialea, aud their uaetut neas aud cheapueas sre so universally eckuuu Icued, that we deem it unneceassry in give a dels lies' account of what the future numbers will cnulaiiu 8ice it to say, that they will be uj valuable, to all who I eel aa in terest in tbe proceedings ot Cirem. No other pub lication gives them so lull, nor itatl 'en vlieap.- ll is,lu deed, the cheapest publicatMa in Ibu Uiu'iet Sutus pt'rbapa in the world, tlur pilMi al the watot Uu- verim.eriL enables ua to priut Uwiu at sh low a rate. The COVRIER may always be DEPENDED UllvVaara compelled to puUu the procemgsof Cou ON, as natmng tiriportent is permitted to ape a no. , jn ,1 w, Uti:jf ,n- tivMt ff. tioe ie it columns It will always rAUllt LLLi quirea, cMti.ralively, but a eumll exp. ut-' 10 Change rULULL.ITS AV&EML!t. Uhem to tlie fortu of the Cotigreun.l GioOc and Ap- Our arrangements enable ua to draw frne the whole pendix. It rt were nut for tnest cin.aiiiftaures, we rtne of the current Literatnre of Europe, and our Cor- could not publish llirui for fur tunes Uie sum cliaritd. , respondent al btxne emtirce nuny oi t!,e ti rilra in soma parte of the United Mates, the while paper, ! of the cuutry. , A series of POPULAR TALES, of upon which these'worka are printed, would sell bf aa ' a tibial led uitereat and value, will foiluw in conitaot , much aa we charts for the pubhcatiima . : . I ' m.- i .... i . . . . il.. .!.;i. llw 'rrMHni uiwc vm WIIU ,'l l" lnl'J l - - - '" To ' TraxcWcta. 11I1B travelling comuiutiity are respectfully Irtfcrrn. ed that Ihe SuUsnbor fa now runnins Lis ln rcct from Raleigh, bv way of Pitfrboro' and At-hborq' T!' ' Snltabury, in small Northern luode Coaches of in order: leaviug Ual;igh on ftlnudnya and Thurwbj., 10 A. Ijeavi arrivmir His horses are good, and drivers rmrticularl carnfdl ami accomrortilating. JOEL McLEAN, Fen. ; v.. . u ; N.,R Beats secured at tha Mansion Hotel. ir; lesviuR ivawnfn on amuniiya anu I lilirwtn,, 4( . M., arriving in Snlubury next days at 10 V..M ving Salinhurv on Tuewlaysand Fridays at 2 A. M vMie in Ra'eigh next days at 10 P. M. 'T mm CABINET WORK. THE 8ubcriber inturmi the public that ha continues tht CaMnrKHaklns HtlNilHNft, IN THE VILLAGE OP ; LEXINGTON, NORTH. CAROLINA; He ie prepared to execute all descriptions of work in his lineof buaiwesioa vnry superior slvle.au r. garda workmanship and .materials, and certainly on totrrr rem man i anoraea ty any other eatah. Iiahment of lha kind in this region of country. Orders from a dislnnce thankfully received and promptly and faithfully executed. ' ' , Produce, Scagtlmg and Plank lake in txchanpe for work. . . NATHAN PARKS. Lexinsion, F b. 7, 1940. j. V HBvta pupaib or mi BKruauc? , P R OP OS. 7 hS far a Hrwtpaprr in tht Ci cf Rutrigk, to be uUti THE SOUTHERN TIS; To be Xdited by Uc:iry I. Toolr. Proposal! ot this' sort utial!y ahmint! in protuiaof; -few Will be made iu thia case, bat they w.l' all be re deemed. .. '" , .. t Tlia design of the proposed d.iT.-ts soihtt, froin.that of any now publihed in Una City: tuabv ,: ningioore literary Mucellany with Poiitus, Lta a) cutinry aith the party Pr.s. lu main character, . howeverV,wi!l behpulnrcaf ind ru doctrines uf tha Jtf. frrinim scliool. - - . . The or cumber will aa tnraed ahnat tha 4:k af March urxt, it a sudicient nun ber of sutwnberan obtained to Juify the ep-tai iakn.g. , Aa it cannot bs rejrdel aa j cectlycertain thatauib a ill be thecana, no subscriber is tapected to pay until lie receives U psiier. , - . T-- . V rite iize will be ahma ih nine with the RaleigS : Register," tad it will he publa!ied Iwicee Week da. ring the aeswinrs of the Cttwrsl Asaeuibty, end weekly at all tiller Uiui ,TV price iil b Four Dollara per aiiimtA, . .j ,i : y .'"'.,,,: ; .- 1 . Every pi m ntowhwthiiprt;lifiit,willplfleie," asatun esall itavu stihrcri't 1 tio tuiy bv supposed to be dcsiKjiia to ( parotiiie Ui underukin;', transmit their nnies to tht EJiUir, at. Washington, Nortli Car. oiina.' -, . .. '-,' , ,.. prpcdinp of tin? io lluavaa ul Uintraaa, and ,ri-MoffaVVVrnVlf ViW speCTrs tflfie DieiuNrs cuisieajroV-the yeas and ' . ,yb .. ays on all important subjects are given. - ii is pub- , .".l"','' "' aVo '.' ' ' ' .' ' ' '.' " ' )ioed aa feat ae tha bus.neee of the two J touea afluret ' ' "''l!. ourtioa uf lb oolomns of the JavraaaoalaJi t bohj an enuntrv rei.lers ma lata lite most ruaitt-r emxich fe a number. Each number ailt .coo- ill be devoted U political bisfusin, the great ibte-: , Bnoulat suoaie Car Uie aca.tU biauo lus autlar or '' 'ie ti roviA quano pi sea. of enull ivpe. j. Wa t of MtWfl. iMftatiat. AfnculiuTt, and tht 3fe nrT instruments, as snow ss puhMied, wlucn if paid expw t to puti:..-h thrw nmubers lor every two wvekf . caeiwe Arts, shall not be wglecu Wiwticuuw.- ,,,,1,, woutj more ihaa the price of sub., pf tfie setwiou. ' -, ; v V, scripuno. inwrr ,i..i, iraivncul le to ae louoa . i ne Ajprnut cmuios rtic speerneaor tbu nenititTl ifl no other Journal of tbe kind. ,v 4 ,;. . f at toll lengtn, wnth-n.out I'ltuiMhes; at 4 is priui. i . "... .-. .. ,"' " , , in the earee.jt'irui 'be ('rerHiaf tilnlie.', Il ta " -t- ..ii. ',i,o"i - " " ' lruW hU ahila,t-thes cB-V-r"red N '.. : .. . . . . i vane. .. ' . v - , .... , .. ae,oa.uwaHeteU.aaa. Wr IndUlualeV. espapat crajia, rTr-.i---..7. ".rTr-v, LlZ-uZ, i .Ws' a t.r. ami di. wu onrioual Uu be, or .uy ueioal .ot ita r-r aeleeuous na these subject, and a doa qnaauty ot light reviitit , the Editor bene to fender bis shusl areeahla ana prufitabia to elfclasaea in Sociay. - Irder 1 the paper, addressed, posfasr swm. ie tne '--WtW of if XltraoulniXTlirtotte, -SiZf -mM -b. A.,y p. PIKEXIXniTTKHS. fVAsnVPIfialaf rf4sjsrxjtajj trM tncsm.;: y . . Wben intfivi.ivrtU b la utscj 1 . . . J as . ... ..at teC.ttMP. It rnftlf rata PPIiLdwi .f. . in ra.t'o:(i. i. a ll.na ano snVacriptioiiS. . JUa. . iiAJirlU..- t , , I ln!exea lu both sre sent to aiibcril or, t v,m Wepare4(.aAr U U age and uM-oaut.) ht (.15. - - - - TLKAiiv . " . Tea OulNre atli pmcare tlia aUth copy gratia ', , For one copy of the Concessional Clube ." . ' Thre eopws for 4- eVdlsra. . '- For copy ol the Appetutta , - ! f . r s"i at one Hue wtil be received tot 3 Jew ' Six bbpieaof either of the above Work wilt be teo-i. Our Ineuds, the fimastern, will pies obJigw by ; Hr twelve copies tor t HI, ami a propwtioui nuuit Protfecttaxiiiair- xarpoW1tcr;"r a .MOS KKDALLpneslo-eVKbli-hasemi UHUiUily ifpaper uuier iba abn i,a1H, vo be Otvoied t.i the Mu an.g objects, ti : ,t " . I. The urny-of rh rtgni-of autfrwg- 4yd -uitK.oal lawbto puuieU briber and fuoo. "' ' 2. A a eyposare of abuaea and conupriofta ta Goveroineni, wtierever kmiwaO exist. , . . . 3. An expoeHmti of the) pmssiplea of aWerw , liaokuig, aud ita efjecta npraj Ub, trad, inorale, and fioveipituueebracing ba tiature. and ataea .' of nirney, aruj a hh4orj cf tbo origin and progreaa f paper HMuicy ia its Taxi4w Cro a. . , 'r . I'm ittese.will be added all Ute topacs eomaida ia tne -ors.njrs of the day, with a tntninsry of aewa.earw luiiy cooipded, lutanog aa accurate) bkiry ol peaauig . eveobi, - - " t ' " - Avuilipg ell perannal s'terratifvr.a, this paper, while -it will nor conceal its preierences ft men, will ton hoe dsHt ehiefly to tite ehKidBiMl of tacts aud principles, lesvifif the ruder purtaa sf pehtital cootroversy to. you tr hands. ., , ? . V . . -v. Tbe E post tor will be printed ja Ihe neatest manner uptia a ro)ai sheet, folded ia tc'tevo tniia,eck number D.iiip; aixieen pt'cs, with sa wdex at lL end of tc:i voiuaie cninncms et c yetr, . it ibua turra a burik cniitainipg a a;cry of tuH ttuue'with u tC Di'T u'ufol and eotertamng ugrt rtv. - - ' .i PBICK Vu' lMtir pit eaaam, W i s rssc. . 'u accoents will be kept, anf tha- rpet''n'.l bet be ten! entii the mnocr be sc'ualiy reci.l . L,-iliik notra will he taken at their apwte Ib. , To thiKsr bo ooiiecl suJ kit a aru imrtliira, aa ad- . ditional copy will he arrit gratia. ,. ". ; , .Pm-tmister art porunned by law to forward sub scrimioo cwonvj fa Jm r written ty themaeives; AM letler to tt. rHloc tnw ae free er nsSpHhl, tCT" As to the post na this p'pr will be b hv one ' Temtttfrtgaritaraife amUvewuWrtpiiooa ...J.lct uf coptca ior a larger uui. - g ;T IIG- M A.UKET.S, AT SALISBURY, IARCH ttiiC Bacon, ' '. i 4 a 10 Heel. 3ia4A i Brandy, (peach) 4a i DO (ajpie) U)a25 ; Butter; , ' r luelij 'Beeswax,. . IS a iBipjing, ' Baia K pa, " i Cotton, (clean , Wa Cora, 25 a Coffee, ' 14 13 Floor, jH.23atMJ Featliers, , a FlnxMWd, , Vlt Do Oil, iotr Iron, 'U UriL. , klolaases, Nails, ' . Hats, IS a 25 lit ice, (quart) . It) a 12LSujrar, (bniwu) ' 00, of FsirbeUi Dn4rict, 8. and left his owi.er , .o-V Ii" i i ireh, or firet i,f Apnl, 140 Tite uer is reqiirtel o cnuie forward, prove property, pay cuargea,ieiKi isae ptm away. vv X . " A. M. KERR, Jailor, Rockf-rd, Purrv Co.. N. t. - - ' J inuar 22, IS41. 01 - , - , 'I i-- J IlEINU diruso embarking in.solu-r Umi , ' new, I ou ofjor lLa eiallihiiieul uf the U y.. 4 tsui; s Asvi:Kir.a lr hw. , I .' 1 d,t im) kiioa uf 4 to re eJi-iUe siluatj.irf'foj prrix fl dewriai. nfriti'kiiit; In tne printing Lu- t ' iiesa, tbtn M iliit'ijy'oii, Nfiili Cartilin'u ' T' rma acc'Hiiiuouatiiig. Apjilicaima rvit V F C HILL. 41 a 7 eato.L S0 a tJJi 8a V a 2i 41 a : 124 10a 1-1 19 a 20 Payments nit-y be transmitted hf inaiL, eor?eeaidV at oar rink. The notes of any lncirp.Hied Jimk in the United State., current in Uie ecUon of country wnere a MiDvcritmr restisea, win be reccivitt. . , To instirr all U,e nmnkers, Ihe subriplaws sbould be here by the 14d of December bt at, at UrtJ.eM. . Tbe Deiaoeralic papers itb ab'th wu eithtnue.' ! will glear give ttna Prwp-ctue a few mwrgona. w; .o aHeanen ami e pxtie re any eravr, wnlttt 4 lAe ei'mt) ccvmjiiiii it, , : , ' " BLAIR 4 RIVEi ' VaJnngoq Cit), No. 20, 14.1. -x - Du (hie,) Salt, (bu ) 1 25, 1 M Do(ck) i373a A4IKI' sul, (biira lu a IhTtcaat Tallow, 'J r- 121 a' r"nilE Suhacriher takes this method fit infi-fmtno flit ,523 a .10 F . ulIic- continurt to carry utt & tu-. Whisk 30 1 AT FAYRTTEiILI.E, FEnr.UARY 26l;H. tli a 40 9 a 111 3fauiy, (peach) 10 (apjltl 4-1 a 5( 40a 46 Bicon, 8 a Id Beeswax, V Bolter, S 15 a 16 BlUpe. 8al'f OA, 1-24 a 1-U' tuoo, 9 a jt. j C.itaon Bagiog. 20 4 2- Corn: 40 a 60 Candtea, Hae.l, re deal of ihfr u. til! matter, at But exceeaiuf Oat v V, Uur and 7ary-tx 3rwfa Winiurioo City. I). C , Jan. 12, WL' ; ' " aiVfJ.'lVt?.' V X N'H ti.ix-r. 140, a iirgm n an, ahof every iian to pncuraat(.the hi prttii newa,and a- . V" lit ita'r ll it t tzj zj T ,v r. ..i d -4. ...... ... -iiTJfc t..'ii.Lc.JJvU.l.a5 't I'D vaar. ef a -e. j. Ii w 5 (, et 1) of 1 0 inefce hi yb his eor pit I H U t !U'e e.iow, his le I tip j-.iut. fie esyt. ta--.. i' lii'. lnruiip.Mir tuut r, !. C-mui.i.T. .', a U.u j' ana C'f l aud paiilalmMia hr aia-i na. An. -i pe c.iu.t eeav -wan iiimv, srhicb l n-lH'li aoru. a .til s-itne ilher old rhrfhiiigL. , ChH atODuer my he behmln Mner Knifhl . -f .V -. ...1 I 1 1 j i U f ... J I... 1 . . aii a.i 7f THE HALfRl RY MANFFAC TL'RINUCOMPANY having com. iwored oooraf too, are now prepared to lurnuh deaths with Cut too Yarn ' uf superior (J'tali'y lavon. tile ir:.. , 1. , . J. RHOUEM JBEQW NE, Ani . V .Saliabory.-D-c.ll, 140.! - ,'"... i is iss u 'i e --n t "i r ' " i exaj p asiisi n' i i Taien Up aod Committed, ' TO tht) 'Jail of Ivido County, on ilia 14th rnet., b wgm bur, who ' savs bie Mint ia TOMjiDfcs that he brUiifS 19 Hecry Strickland, who lives near fyruigfvelJ in tba State of Said boy i a tery ft'tely oiulatto, five itirhet hi;;h bad iMflien duiitntiu-d Kentucky jeana dial and tiia ail low aliirU The o w t mr is requited to cfiie loraaid, pror" ri'rny, pay charges, and take him aa'av. W. MOM. UK, Jailor. Of.-her 17. ie40... " r Georgia. Nft s!ver. Vcrr Hac Were. 17 1 10 a 1 15 FSW " 1 30 a $r srrivTaTr; . 27a 30 4ia7 lard, . Mnlasnes, ' v. Nails, ' Salt, (boahel) w 73 Do (k) $250a rJTl Sugar, urou) , 12 -ltot (lump) " 1(1 IM (ioal,) Hi 20 Tofmcco, (IVat) '4U 0 Wheat, KV Whiker, ,'.Vt "13 a 50" AT CftFJIAW.a Cv, FKCRU.ARY 24, 11. Beef, (scarce) HiMtu Kotler, Boeswax, BafTgiog, lb!i Ri pe, CIT.-e, fiiiMH ", : Corn, (scarce) 3a5 H a 10 15 a 20 Fwathera, lUrd, (xearce) .. 20 a 2 HHolaiwee, r, ' 2,"a'J9 'hua, 10 a -2jliee,(100bs) 121 a IV SuL'ar, 8 a 10 Mult, (ck) . 4'la W f)u (butl.el) 4045 lis 12 S-ta&O Kla40 ,"). 10 a 12 iJ75 ltl. AT CAMDEN, S. CH FERRUARY 21..1M1 T O T II I a r V Xj lal C e W O W UW,lM 1 aa usual, at bit Granite Quary, seven miles Sofith of ' NilBUury, near the M Charleston road, ahrre be ie able to aupply all order f MILL-S I ONES uf the best grit, and on Uie ihortest notice. - ' ' " . auw ' .,' ' "'" V,.- " fir Sale, at tlie lowest prK;e - ' WINDOW SIL1J.DOOR KILLS. DOOR 8TEPi ROUGH Blj1U)0 ROi KS, TOilB STONES,"" V-V , , GOLD GKINDEKS, ic. Ac ikq. , f. J .' J. Jlbui.siloUSii suMia-Cutter. 'SalUbitry;Oct,j:h, KM.- , N. B. "Orders fur artr of tho above wrnimhi .n. eles, directed to me al SalislMirv. wtlt he f.ttnrf!t. It. mt veuufeiTto. . . . v . J-. 'I'll!! hih celebrity win- It ihcso Vxrelfent JI- Hll'lfisat l.silM Ut'n.tttA III flirt. a. 1 A'asa.a.ew iltm-.fHj ti wlnrh iliw tniK!.in frame k IIhM", is a 4n.;ier faiioUur vith dlui kl every ii.te!lieiii p:' si'ti." 'J hey br-came knoon by iheir IVutta neil ijixil "--rka Intw tKt'li 'i lr ih' tn thev did not ' i . icr-.-a..f tv.rie, r;.--,.: itiZ IL ur Ai'it., .Ixiimi), I'll. .- Sett!ed Paiiai. " !' i i.iii IVvirvKt.d Ai-'i'w, Olwtrinto ll-'ai. u I.-, I i.j oil. ;l.' J V r 1 ', 's L':.h''.-.llhy Ap. p- fai,.;ii 1 1 Uio i , .e.- ilvK-hM ihr Sicki' 4-tff'ti lit i .. . . . l 1 Lltr'.b 1-1 M.1 k mm-,. iiTi r- rl IJ.-ret-eii.eti'j of ilealth, these MEDL L'I.J;i Imve . ii.vsnn'iiy fnvtid a tertiiui ati inily ntne,ly. vTVj rrNlore Vfgormi health ta tha h.i.al exhausted c.-i .iiu'i..is. A'siPtl' irul il r.We tho Ll r E PI LLS a d PI.'UIMX 1:IT. ' TEltS tejnnd tht : rrs?H cf mnqTrtrfionnn tnref -T tiniathxi of every" pMii-tit. ', 4 Vn-jmred and sold, wUuVsele nnd retaiLat H M. ft. MOFFAT'S-Medical OaiLf, 37 Broadaij, N'-w York. x '" " N. B. Nofia are c'lmin unless (hj havt lU fac simile of John Mi ll a's sig'Miur. OCT The LIFE FILL3 Ad n ivs-' Prtc.; C5 cede, 50 c- U, at:J 2 each, accord ng to i Ik; atae j and iho Piucux I'ttier iu UuUa, at tl or $2 acb, with full U.trctwiia. . . . . These Valuable Me liriiu a sre Cr sa!e ly CRE-" A; UOi'.YM, ff SJiMluri. , SPiUNGS 6i II.NKLE, CWW. N. C. FOR G lATHTors nLiTKIBUTIO.V-.Aa iiiifrrstmp little patrpfilei, eiitrtte-l" MOFFAtU MEDICAL MANlfAlvdoiiprnd aa a Denmetic Clinic In Ilenlth f nttin.jMg accttraip ii.ft.VinatiiHi ciuicermni tho in5t ,pri'vali'ii din-.ses, and ihe ilKial approved rented lit by J. j, MOFFAT," Anplv to the Agents. '; 1 . ' ' liili-hory, N, C.OrtiuVr 16, 1110. ' . 'MHE Subjcnh-r living seven tfiiles smith of Fsli ' I bury, ir.ii rii! kotipmg cofiatatiL'y on Land, He and Grtiite blab, expressly lor J IHUlIjXLLNCis, ' : ' flecf. RiCinv""" Built r, llosswsx, BtfKU'lT, J!ale Ritjie, Coti'-, 5a " 0 a 10 Jfa25 HaV5 21 1 2 10 alt Ita 10 Coiton, Corn, Floor, Feathers, Ijird, Miilsiaws, Oi.u, V Book I Under y. WILL!AI .ilUNTJR, Lk.V!w!er. I S FORMS the puldio thai lie still Carrie. m an Eta hlothmeiit of I lie a bova K ind in' t u aurrrt, Ntiilh Carolina, a few doors south if the Mint. Having as ho conceive a thnroiiKh kntmledrt nf , hia busimiMi, he fels mi hesitation in asmirins Ihtiae alio may wNi lo pairontze him, that their work ahall be done iu the aery best atj lo.atrong, and on aewmfnodating terms. . . n IliMika and other an iclea sen'i from a distance fo ho bound, will be prtmititly attended to and rarefnl. 37 a 45! 'y rtuned when d.mo, The public are retiuum. Ma 12 fed to civa me a trial.." . . . . Si a 10 ott 05O 4. ) a 50 .MATCIILErf ANATiVli. , 'PHIS ii.valiOdn Medirino' is for sale by tlit - sMhriber, at Milledaevrirc,' Mmneomery eo'., N. C . .W. E. HI'RAOE ... Fobmarv 21. 1M0... : . CO" Orders left ut tho W extern Caro' nmn Of. fice will bo putifiunllv forunriled (T.r cni Mioii. Charlotte, Feb. 7. 1810' an that he ran execute any order in that Line, to tfi sburtesl notice, ' ', . ,- " ,. ' , . . ;. . ., . Atf0-. - ... . fje ia reaiTv to execute any work which may be ca licit tor iu S:ULP IL'::iNU. S TONE-LETT ing, lx IiIIAVING, &,v., and he atwurea tli.w who may faror him wiih iheir work, that unlet well dorte accordiDj to cn'.ilrtct. le baa no pay. w A eotMplHe larae D irr Trouirh for sale, cut of Rock. lor ihe purpose t preserving unik couL Apply lo lbs Subsrr.bt r. November lt K'9. .ENOCH E. riHLLiTS.; ' it A dmnft valor 'a K oUtc. 'piIE utidersigimd hav ftijj btalnad, at Turin," 1810, of tjiiw nn County Co IIIiAMCN ' Of eswjr dfurijitmn sr. el thit CriHe. moftat's lifh fills is" hitters. . r-nHK IJLE GIVINQ PILLS AND PlIfENI.Y HITTERS, so celebisu-d, and u much ua d by 141-1 siiiii:irU in every eri 01 tne count r), t now r CCIved add for nalo by Ihn autNrt'hers. ' 'CRESS 4V. IK KrKR, Agenla. , 1 Mttfra. SpaiM.a St, Sniski.k, in Concord, N. C art elw Agents for tho smo- ' v " . P, 8. Sue advwrnrmSnUAivil 4y ':Kl. . tC : : ' V the Nor. 'oiirl. Let ters "I A'diiiiiijlrfttimi mi iIih Eatatn of Berinmiii Austin, uVe'd., not.6 f mII ihtsohs indebird to th saint1, lu couip fniwjrd and luako imnicdiaie pay lin ni, ua ihe Eatu't numl bt -closed ; and tnosl hiivltiit rlntniaaaitM id F.state.tn prosem ihc itluii I no limit nf the law, locally utlioniicaied, or tins iiojice will bo plend aa a bar .10 their ft every. . V. K- WHEELER, Admr. , HaltAhtir)', Nov. 13. 1810. : ' . ' r " . , , .. , i-" f V ) 1 1 1 R E, it Me coiiHlt y. A smart, aclirt , gro WOMAN, accustomed lo hinia work. r Appeal . , THIS 0FFICC A f wv, IksaambarJI. U40. , " s '.-: ,.1,s m a mL i .

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