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! umber ot Volume 21. j
Wholc JYumbcr 1,085.
Timi or Til
pUBUSHEl) WEEKI.Y:n::::::::CHA8. P. FISH E It,
' dt'or Af rrupritlor.
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paper aill M diaootitiniiod until ll arrearages are pid,
If ihe sub-crihcj ii worm the subscription ; and the fail
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j on k ihtii tot-fur the end of ihe year subscribed fur,
wilf be cxinlord s new ga;.'e:nenl.
Advrrutrmmtt conpicuouiilv nd correctly In
sertwl at 41 Pr "quire- -of :34tl esu, or Jiftrm hit
ot this oxti'i typvf) tt thu lii st insertion, eud ' cent
ft.r I'll') conttuunftce. - Court end Judicial advortise
uviu Pt cent, higher tUn the tbov rale. A da.
ducti u of !Mj jwr cut. from the regular prices will
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ti'nt in tM' publication, must be marked with lite num
ber uf WM-rli'MHi d.-eiro., or they will be continued till
forM, sod cHared scrmdingly.
To sr-tur aUeniim, ill let'ers addressed to the Edi
tor on susuie, muit it free of toting. .
Salisbury VemaVa Academy.
fp'IR seiond session of thi Institution will cum
mettce tin Monday, March, StQ.h, Mill urvlei
the cam oi Mis Baker, assisted hy her sister
M M.ryL. Baker. Terms, H, 10, 13 50 for
ibe diifrwtl cUnn, Music imi the Piitnosud Gui
tar. $ii each. Drawing end painting 910.
Pupva cbard from the luoe of entrance, Vol
do V'ouliott made afterwarr fjflilierice.-
8uli4Uifv, March 26, 141. 6w
rJ V INO removed his Oflke to 2nd
Door of Mr. Coa'a brick ro ,
(fu.K occopieil ly Dr. Ashyi Smith,) ihiii y
(((("i" Mic'url Kr-iod'a store, f liiely tenders hs
pridoMifial eervices to th riblic.
Saii-bory, Aui-uit 21, 1"40. r
Docta Killian & Powc,
U AVIVG awciatid thoiuseKca tiyrtW, t'ihe
jiuctice of Medf.ii-e, rwpncttully offer their r
10 all Xtut varioua Branches of tkoir pmfr iwiua In
Tlia" MiC-T'TBcirttBtt-T iir Mrr Weart knr
- tlav- .
(Mfsti iri, N. CTiniiary flTlUt ' t.
j flAVJXU UciM himaVli pmwaaeatly 10
i-Ja - proft'1umil ik-rrices to its trorns and Hie
tdimitTrmtrTi tii all the Tirlrm brancwof b Bm
tM.rd.ur b--..w Uuff'of tUe "AN M-era Carolmnit.
juiy a. 414a iy,
TiitcVtnia"iiiiii, are iv.w prejMf1
Id &irfu!i dealt rs tih Cotton Yarn
ot a Miuerior qnaluy ou tavirtbt frrn.a.
8qU.S..ry, D-c, H, 1"40. r
'IVIE firm of t Bmceni A M. W, AleaooVr,
baa ihia day dissolve I by mutual Consent. All
pen me having clai i.e at iiiit said Coinjiaoy, will
preut thm 10 A. Ueuceui, wiw la tuny euinur
Uud lt aeitle trie saiue.
' , A. BENCENI. e
Mirch.mi. "
n IE'S.ilKr.ilw retwwtfully ioform th cm
i 1, i, ,.f ilislwrv tod eurrHj'idine ciHMilry, thut
tt'f v bavn commenced (he abuve buirvs in all Us
vnn mis braiwVa. i ihe 81n f.irmeriy oreoptw
bv Mr. John I. Shaver, on the 8.itb eaal Sireol
wt. re 1'ioy wilt eoiianily krep oo hand
ridiy of vehicles, such as
- ST, -m
IL ir '-l-ft
They will warrant their workmanship not to lie
S'lrrmeJ hvunv hi this sectinn of C"iiulry, " th'V
on li.,od a'lurno upity of the lst materialnj
.li, 111 their employ fiM mte workmen.
V 'u'.M rihers will also keep comtlanlly on himd,
H .rui i ev.ry tlescripli they have a
fmi rate llnrnras maker.
Ortler for work Irom a ilitinre addreited to
Ihu ssWrioera will be punctuailv attetidt-d to.
N. B. All kind of reivsirinir done on ihe aWt
notice. DANIEL SlllVKR,
FalinlHiry, Jam 22, 1841. TP
Pll.lil AND PIliEMX
- HITTERS, ao' celebrated and so much uwil bv
the afflict! in every part of the c oimtry, is now re
ecived and for sale by the suhwrfln-M.
CRr-SS ii, UiKJER, Affenls.
Menxra. Sraiwa L -'JiKKLS, ill toncord, N. C, ar
nlh'iliii j
" tlxttacl nf m Lt Iter rum Chunn.
I was poking Mimul the deserted town the day
alter e were assigned to our avei localitHia,
when 111 a Mieet anything but a principal one, and
at a indw of a house anything but an inlehor
one, I saw, or tlioulil I saw, a pair ol eyes peep
1 m Iroiu ovtr a scrben, ano a pair of binds rest
inu upon ihe, lop ihereol. '1 he house had its ga
tile eud to Ihe Mreci 111 which 1 was and the win-do-
was the first round ihe corner. I caught
lit vnMoo a I paused 1 I returned, and the eyes
and hands were stilr there. Somehow or oilier I
concluded Hint IHey belonged Urn feoiule; but at
itwarleuil pMiiil they niijjht not, it would
have been unsatisfactory to go away wondering.
I therefore lot ked over niy shoulder, and, no be
iiiy in sight, 1 very quietly siippt-d rtnind lo the
door, ami not Hooking U im ceoaary to watt till tt
wss tipentd, (I had no very distinct, idea how 1
was In eajiress my wish ou ihe subject lor there
was neither knocker nor ueil,) I apidied my shoul
der daei-ut'ly to it, and it yielded to the persua
mii. I had hardly g t inside the lliVkhold when
Ihe vye rind lisiids 1 had seen made their appear
aiice, in coiiiwny witt) Ihe rest of the proprietor,
ihe whole figure in a stale ol evident trepidation.
I believe you know 1 do not speak Chinese, so I
nude no attempt to evpUin iny If by words. I
dr pjied 00 o y knees, and would have fussed the
young lady's loot, but she drew back, and I, there
lore kissed the ground two or three times alter
which I placed myself on one knee, aod onclu
dmg t list t'bioee- have hearts as well a other
people, mid, probably, in Ihe rime place, 1 pressed
iniii with intense earoesiiiess ami looked, 1 am not
eiacily sore bow I looked but 1 ioti saw a woumii
is a woiriau all over Ihe world, for her little eyes
sporkletl, and her little hands put back a little veil
that Waa worked in goid thread, and ber little feet
pattered toward' tne a p or two ; I cannot any
my god'less walked, and altogether she appeared as
much impressed with my appearance as a mndeat
mm sMpi reasouaUy . efcU-l , sieyer was. so
surprised tu my lite at ibe ease with which 1 re
assuied ber, fir, belweeo oumlvee, I expected,
being of China, the precious porcelain would break
lo ptecos from very fright. I had otily knell two
or three minutes, stru k my left side three or four
gentle slaps, and clasped my hands, just, by the
be as you squeege a lemon, whtn, 1 saw 1 was
anything but a mtmater in ber eyes. I woujd have
giveo all possible promutMia end pnie mottey, just
to have been able lo say word or two in Chinese,
but it was out uf I bo qoeeiMW. I had therefor
hut tine resource ; I spoke English, and told her,
of course, she had nothing to tear, that no man
living should harm ber, and ibal I conanlered ahe
h a cetevul of toe &rV water, and aaaouuk.
bewii termeot with tser radiant beaut 1 the wHImmM
savages. All thi. 1 hav no doubt, ah fully com
preuewiled. la return, she I 4d me, in Chinese
llhal all her family had di d in terror, eie supposed,
(or thai, on coming home Tuts ooe evening from a
tea 4rty, ah. fiund. tha .house ttuutit j. ah, .waa
prepariug i fotluw ; and had gut nearly out oi the
wstero gatwneu tier heart iaiM her al ihe
sitfh' of nm of "or rnenVoJ he "refurtved. Site
a' Jed, that there was not a stMil in lb house but
herself. mod that H had been very fnghteoed, but
ah ra pot friiibnMxl any ,linger. . Jla v you fr
is-en Im Mottte ii PiirtUi t Ol" course you ha
Very well, then yon know how I got all this. Th
bous) was a very neat ad ir, indeed 11 looked like
largo tyi tbet wer five or siv, aartioenis
k-adiug from on aouiner, sod upst-irs, wot etact
ly what v. mean by op tair, bu? et above the
other (the asMnt was a li'lbt more lhau a ge,i,t!e
p!aue) a msn.T . oietj My link friend refreshed,
nie wiin a luscious liquor, whieb sbw gve m iu a
sm4lt gUss globe, covered with 61. agree work, and
' atandmg ou a carved ivory stem, in shape u ua
lik our modern chaiupagn glasses. I think it
mutt have beeu decidedly inioiicaiing In iheSecls
for, tliuugh I took but lw glasses, I felt an all
- ovarivhJK very anon after. I might hav gone
lo sleep, but lh eurHisilv of my fair hostess kept
'me awake; and, finding that 1 was a very harm
I- s thing lo play with, he pull me about almoet
' as much a if 1 had been one of their own puzzles.
I think I remained Dearly lw hours wit bar ran
Backing, in a quiet way, every thing in ihe h-Mse,
winch ait allowed me to do, seeing th pleasure
'id novelty av roe. Thi whtde affur aptwared
tu me when 1 relumed home lik a dream. If
woo-eo a I over lh world ar not riddles, what are
they t The giH mad m understand, a perfect
ly a if she had been brought up in lh finishing
academy near London, l ha i I waa m4 to tell a soul
of her riistence. She s'mwed m pn.visoms.
dried fruits, and cake, and wines, that would Jul
her ten )ai; and, seeing that I understood I was
tu be mum, which lnade her do by pretending to
sew my lips tnge'her, at which she laughed hearli
ly undclapjied her hands, al invited nte tocall again
to which I said vea, bv sliiiping belund screen,
springing forward, and selling ber fool, which,
Til. .) 'I
me to examine, ami, 1 can cmuueimy wt,
. f l!J I.. ...... .. ..
n.nrel.ka imall haf of wamu than anytning
le. 1 intend to keep my promise ; a-id, if I am
not found out," I .1 :i't thmk alt wtlj be, while
thinas stand they do at present. 1 have hardly
Hue lo add that I am, "my dear -, your
, very sincerely."
Awrriri Oriilor. The last number of the
L 't ou H i ir'erly Review eiiut uiiB an article on
American oiatots. The hihet raok-iii Ainer
iraii oritorv are.astigi'ed t.. Patrick Hmtry, John
diui., Fisher A me, J dm Q'ltncy Adsjis,
Quinrv. Willia-n Wirt, J.iMph 8t.ry, John Rn
dolph. John 1-. tJalhoon Henry t'la, Edward
Kv-iett, and Diinel Welister. Aimmg these,
Honrv is aloeil I clai -. the first rank, who, the
nrurle say a puwu-sse ihe unlstrn genius of rato
t, a much, p-rh ipn. as any othr modern, dead
or living, with Iho exception of Chatham and
Antnlolt nfR'H'tr Sherman The following is
ndntod of Rmf'-r Mmot Sherinnn:
Th- R. v. Mr. B .au exceedimily dull and pr tsy
rle.evmnn, was rngaged by a nrihlmring con
h fur them : hoi thr v dieJi
lurked lh church doors, and had no service at
all. The reverend gentleman, however, waa not
to be "done" in Una manner- He remained in
the town, and every Sunday, twice a tiay, presented
himself al the church door in full canonicals, and
demanded ailniitMinn. At the c'oso of the term
for which he was engitged, he employed Mr. Slier
man, lo bring a suit against the parish lor bia
salnry. Thaddeus llett the lawyer for Ihe parish,
when the case was brought on for trial, turned to
Mr. Slieiman nd said-" Brother Bheiman i not
this rather a singular principle a man wishing'to
be paid for nor preaching P '" Brother Betts,"
was the laconic reply, M if you had ever Acara n v
cli:nit you would not think so !
' " SONG. '
' ' 1'.' , tt hbs. amuse.
If thou bart crushed a flower.
The root insy not be blighted,
If thou hist quenched a lampk -
Once more it may be lighted ;
But on the harp or on the lute,
The string which time bust broken,
Slisll never in sweet sound Saia ,
Give to the touch a token I
If thou brut kneed a bird,
Whose voice of song could cheer thee,
Still, still he may be won
From the skies to wsrble near thee ;
But if upon the troubled sea
Thou hsst thrown a gem unheeded,
Hope not Uiat wind or wave shall bring
The treasure back when needed.
If thou hast braised a vine.
The summer's breath is besting, 1
And its clutters yet mat grow, 1
Through thj leaves their bloom rtliog;
But if thou hast a cup o'erthrowa
With a brighr draft filled oh! never
Shall earth give back that lavished wealth
To cool thy parched lip's fever !
The heart is like that cop.
If thou wU) the love it bore thee,
And like that jewel gone,
Which the deep will not restore thee;
And like tiial suing of barpor lute
Whence the aweel sound is scattered ;
"" Gently, oh f gently touch the chorda
Too soou forever shattered !
Mr. Jefferson, while a minister in Franco, wrote
to his fiieitd in this country, CoL E- Carrington
" Were it left me to decide, whether w should hav
a Government without newspnpera, or newspaper
without a Government. I should not hesitate a
moment to chouse lb latter."
People are seldom perfect. When they think
they have cured au imperfectiur,lha evil principle
will show itsell so mew he's rle ; lik a hi man in
a tight pair of brtwe'tes do sooner has he mended
tb rip in lb eg than they break out behind.
having a dispute with aooiher man, reierrsd the
qotsHioa 10 debate lo th decision of a half willed
creator who was lingering on the premise.
M Which of in i right f" said a to th simpleton.
YwmTrTOiha riitrwr?
M Aod why i Mr. B. ia lb right T demanded
I ih'6t her disiiu ianl . ' "
" BorauM he let me lick the lai
replied Ui arbiter, verv hooeatly.
Befor we laugh at 'he poor fellow, lei n ciam
in our own conduct, and we may discover that w
hav snmotime decided, quest ions on preclielf th
aam ground, slf ough hav not possesW th
booesty of th ignore mun, and would, perhaps, h
unwilling to confess our weakness even to ounelvee.
V e shall find on iamination, that w hav fre
quently decided in favor of those who 11 us lick
the Isss-M stopple.
" D omnibus Rrh$ tt ewieasiasi iu." Th
sbov arrsp, from th riel store re n f tir
respectahln coolemporary, tb editor of lit ! tot
gomery 4dvrtiier, reminds ih of an anecdote, that
some few yearssince, occurred at th Miwtg. me'ry
Kr. A Case waa pending, in which a young as
prant and Mr. T , (an Irishman, who had
raised himself, by his own -eiorie na, from th
, by 1
1 of
humble Mutton of (ou rosy man carpeitser, lo on
of lh moat successful lawyer at that bar,) wer
opposite councils. Tit young gentleman opened
the rase, in a very eloquent manner, .hot could not
fo bear the temptation of showing off hit latin to
the jury, who wer unlettered farmer. After h
had concluded, Mr. T edified ihem with a
proportional amount of JWiA which, he re
marked they iMidmbt"unlertitod as well at they
did his Inand s latin. Atotosw ntaeon.
Francis 1. of France wat lh first monarch wh
introduced ladies at his court.. II- said.'in a style
of true gallantry that a drawing-room without
lacw was like th year without spring ; or rather
like the sprmg without flowers.
Foteoell being one day asked, by a lord in
waiting, at Versailles, what difference there was
between a clock and a woman, instantly replied
A cluck serve to piinl out th hours, and a
woman to malt u forget them "
Massachusetla, a lar back as ltMl, waa really
ludicrous. Her is the law t
" It is ordered hy thi mart, and th authority
thereof, that for th yearl ehonainf of Assistant,
the Freemen shall new lediaa Cora and Bean.
Th Indian corn to manifest election, tha heana
contrary. Ami if any fretian shall pot in mora
than one Indian corn or bean, f w the ehoic or
refusal of anv public officer, he shall forfeit for
every ucli oftenc, tn pounds."
1 -Montesquieu
tavs, in sneaking of a certain tri
bunal, " They, her take the voice of lh majority,
hut they aay Ihey have learned by experience that
it would bo much better lo lake that of lh su'aor
ify. since there are but few upright spirits, and a
lfreat manv false ones ;" a monarchical dortrio
embraced by tome of the little preset of Ihe day
The French hsv no neuter tender, but pas
over th feminine to lh masculine when a neutral I
object i spoken of. A Strang inconsistency to
,1111s from the letst important to most so.
" Ararius, a BiHho'p of Amid, sold hit church
plate, thereby redeeming ven thimsand pritoner
on th Tigris in Mesopotamia."
" Anaxtgnras riphtlv remarked, that love make
- . -"Im ir tvef,"
" Th leaders in Alliens looked beyon and over
iheir own families. Dangerous precedent I lauda
bly avoided by popular elaiesmeu Bine."
M The clearest eyes do not see lb cheek below
. nor the brows above them."
Love ol supremacy, miscalled political glory,
Hods moat, and leaves all dishonest." ,
w Nothing could Jorm a more curious collection
of msinoim, than tnecJolti of prtftrmsnt. Could
the secret history of great men U Irared, it would
appear that merit ia rarely the Cut-step to ad
vaoceioent. It w.mld murh oftener be found Xn be
owing to superfluous qualifications sod even vices.'
Hum aid of the Duke of Biii-hingltom, " that
b was in full pons siii ol two of the inner ort n-
'iv qualities that an atnhasssiior cart posses
English fuiiiiliarity and French levity.'" 1
" Politeness it not alwas a sign of wisdom
but th want of il slwaya leave room for a a
picion of folly, if folly and tmprudenc are th
same. Thia is a high advaiilago on all occasions,
particularly 111 embassies. H ell bred men require
it ibe ill bred catch at il greedily, a fishes are
attracted from Iho mud and netted by In etuu of
flower and shells."
" Religion and Power, lik lh Cariatede in
sculpture, never fine one another ; they sometimes
look ihe same ay, but oftener stand bark lo back."
Conrittenry. -Toe French King interdicted
amusement in the " Champs El," or gardens
.of LuiemlKiurjj.' on Sunday ( himsrlf gave M le
vees " on that day, which wers well attended. , j
" Artaxerve-afler vanquishing lb Pirthiana, at
tacked ihe Rt uaoa in Sjns with tearful success,
and filled all Rome with sham and apprehension.
The Emporor, let timid, and more ten.perat than
bit subjqrtt addressed a letter lothe Per ian mon
arch, exhorting him to cHiaohdate hi own unsta
ble throne by peace aod wisdom, rather than seek
a vain glory at the expense of the blood of his sub
jects, and of the world's repose. The reply of the
'Persian hero wit in the True spirit of "military
despot, and an oriental tuvereign Law ami
princips (lie said) are lor the vulgar ; live right
of Kins ia their mivht. Tell your Emperor such
is my reply to his philosophic letter, and that I
shall oppose my ramp tu his paner, my sword lo his
pen, my blood to '11 ink, and tny aciiou to bu di
M Tb first and last despatch of Alexand r to the
Senate was short but satisfactory, and con luded
with tb simple and modest phrase The coun
tries ctMiqoereJ by Aruxcric bav returned under
tb Roman Emptr."
si Uiiua sutasoca rc !. t. a. rvt,
- asm liters nwe one anivi-nai ciaan, riser
Louder than the kiud ocean-
Lik peal uf echoing thunder J fiyro.
ve had naea oratuig up lor in re or lour davs,
or lour
m order lu get cloar ot lb t end ot votv,
cloar of lb
whet there wat much dinger lo b apprehended,
ibat tlx frigate waa reduced lo her line close
rfd looMMUv That wealhcr b-gan o atun a
very threalenmg aspect, when all at ooce il fell
, rtark :ltav U - e
tups, sent don the top gallant yaitls, and in fact
did everything w could thiitk of to make a wing
ship, for lh ssa was ao heavy that she began to
roll irvtmsiNioualy. -
Suddenly III sky grew black, th thunder
grumbled mi lb disuuc, while Ibe forkod light
ning seemed lo threaten vtry ihiug with irwtant
There was a si.srp stern voir from the qusr
tr deck ; it was lb Captain's. " Hands by th
topsail clw lineal Clew upt Haul up your
bmtlin I Lay abdl I Lav out ! Full away I"
in a fw minute our gallant ship was under her
euurver, and even they were closed-reeled.
The Captain was a daik stern-looking man, who
bad " braved lh batilv and th breetu " lor half
century. He was walking th quarter in a naval
uodrasa, apparently in drp thought, but I could
delect hi weather wis ey directed occasionally
to windward, with an evident degr of alarm.
He at length broke the silence which h had
maintained lor a otisiderablo time, with au order
to lh first lieutenant.
M Mr. Slidell, prepar lo send down lh lop tail
yard, and bous th top maft I" '
All on board were astonished al hit order, yet
they set about it with alacrity, and in a few mo
ment mora, all waa a snug as lb g rest est skill
could make her. And it was high lime. The
squall which had been so long brewing, all at once
cam thundering don, with an impetuosity mat 1
never before or since saw equalled. The ship
waa thrown almost on ber beamend; Ihe do-
reeled fore and main sail wer blown into nltandi
from tb '.4lt rotr, with a noise like thunder, and
every thing not se. ured in th strongest pomible
manner was rushing about lit deck in wild con
fusmnr Twss a tretie for Sslvator Rosa ! To
Complete the panic, one of Ihe long una that com
posed Ihe spar deck armament broke trom 11 laa
tMiingt, and at on tremendous roll of lb ship,
burst right through lh bulwark to leward, aud
sunk iu melancholy silence In the h ttom.
But ihe squall waa soon over. A tiht and snug
ship ileticd the comhined fury tf .he elements, and
we rod it out ia cooi-rin safety.
Not o with th poor Westphalia, a merchant
man, that w had sp-en ihe preceding day. She
wst struck by the raging and luriou blast in th
vary art f furling hr nysls. The consequences
wer inevitable. Sha gav on deadly and nek
ning lurch to leeward a hug black mountain,
tonoed by now, cam rolling onit struck her
ah reeled aod plungwd like soma mighty giant of
Ihe dp another, and an ther she givo on
ickcnmg lurch to ltwrt, and disappeared lore veil
PrtjuJict. The following forcible and "beaut i
ful delinea'iimnf prejudice is ascribed by Hugh
Worthiugton, a la E-.tflish diviiw, to tha celebra.
leJ Dr. Price. " Prejmlic may be compared tu a
misty morning in October ; a man go fcrth
lo an eminence and he ases al lh summit ol
1 neighboring hill, t fine picture apparent of gi
gantio tatur for such th impertect medium
through which he ia viewtd would mak it ippsar.
II goea ftrwtrd a few step and Ihe figure advan
ces towards bin;; the siae lessens at they approach ;
they draw aitll nearer and Ihe extraordinary ap
pearand ia gradually bul at hly diminished and
al last they meet, and peihapa lh peron he has
taken for a raonter proves" lo be hi own fat bur."
Jugs. Th jug is th most singular utensil ; a
pail, tumbler, or decanter may be rinsed, and you
may satisfy yourself by optical proof that Ihe thing
is clean ; but the jug ha a little hole in t lit top,:
and lh interim is all darkness. No eye penetrate
it,' no band move over the surface. You can
clean it only by pulling' in wa'er, shaking il up,
and pouring it mil. Il the water comet out clean,
you judge you hav succeeded in purifying the jug
and vice verja. Hence the jug it lik Ihe human
heart. No mortal eve can look into it recesses,
but you ran judge of ila purity or impurity only by
what comet out of It. ,
The mind need not depend on situation, but may
be rerjdared independent of external things. Go
vern the imagination, and we shall bo well where
soever we happuo to he placed."
Vulgar, mind disiik seriout reasoning. If
some nohie truth start up, they applaud for a mo
ment 5 bul th nest withdraw their notic, or scru
ple, not 10 attempt to shin by questioning, or aim
ing lo plac it in some ludicrous poiut of view."
' " When a man despises and detest his fellow
creatures, h necessarily assume that be is much
belter than lh 1 est of Ihe world."
"Anger n a tort of moral epidemic -springing-
from vanity and selhshnes." .
M Sir Thorna Moor waa united to a woman of
th harsiiest tamper and the most sordid iiismiers.
To o(ten th moroHene of her disposition, he
persuaded her to play on th lute, viol, and other
instruments, every day. W heiher it waa she had
no ear for music, she herself never became liar-
moijiou at lb iutrumiil th louchd.
" An t musing account of the ceremonies which
trend thif tnMtirijf of a king oTMoiinmalnpa, show
what natKMial concern way be the sneeze of des
potism. Thoa who ar near his parson whan this
happens, salute him in so kind a tun that person
in the antechamber hear it, and join in the arcla.
mation ; in the adjoining apartments ihey do iho
same, till th ooise reaches the street, and become
propagated, throughout the city; so thai at each
sneem ol his majesty, results a most horrid cry
from th salutation of many thousands of his sub-
A Sailor and a Stragtio Guardian. Th
black sunuchs 111 the service of person of disiinc
I lion ar ihe most intolerable, msoieiit , swaKserinir
luiiMMes you evet saw. iney are alwava band.
pofttery dressed, ad ra the, street they'kwHt the
cauile o (he causeway," aod care no more for an
English khowaga than for a water carrier or don.
ky I oy. To days ago, as Csptain L -was
walk ing slo Iv Towards the Tioiel at Cairo h
was overtaken by ihe carriage of Ablmv P ha,
the gurnvfl.inold fashioned French chariot,
drawn by four horses driven by ari A rah c'hmaTT,
with two or three Arab footmen sucking on behind
and a dom or two running on fnrf on each stoVi
Altogether a very, odd looking turn out. On thi -Weum
It ClidtaiiWdlmWltrf ;1mvarn?i faoV-"
rtvrind warprtHifdfld by "llititck u5uchTwho7""
thinking thai 1 1 in giaour did not move quickly
enough out; of lh wav, gave him a smart cut
across the shoulders with the ktorbudj (a whip
made of hippopotamus bide.) but alas for poor
blarkie I. Ibe Eiijjiahmati' po4eted a weapon of
t!.e Kicr uf whivh ihe oriental hav no idea. The
capiaiu'a fist hit ri(ht and kit on the Nubian'
head and chest in a shower f Mows, from which -he
in vain attenited lo defend himself with hi
whip ; and he received a pretty severe punishment
betoie lh crowd began lo collect, and lb captam
thought it prudent to retreat into the hotel. Hav
ing taken Ihe punishment of the personal, insult
into his own hands, he went to Ihe Consulate, and '
desired that an apology for the national insult
should be demanded from tha Governor hirrsslf;
and, in reply lo the messag of lh consul, bis ex
cellency aid, that if Csp'ain L would com
to the seraglio next day, and point out lb offender,
he should b bastinadoed until th Captain and
any friend h might bring with biui wer satitfied.
Next da), accordingly, th party proceeded lo th
bous of Abba Pacha ; lh servants war paraded
befor Ihem, and th sggrossor identified ; but,
however sevsrely our countryman might have pun
ished him n the spot, and in lh irritation of th
moment, he had loo much good feeling to stand by
and see him beaten during his re. After ihe
first two pr three blows with the stick, his reelings
relented, and he declared himsslf satisfied.
Moor ond Atipntp continent. In the last
century the B.'k of M.w were often attacked,
arid their authenticity impugned, because they
mentiou th eiiunc of vineyards, gripes, and
eenequi,ity of siisj) in fcgypt f for Herodotus
expressly declares ihere were no vineyards ia
Egypt ; ami Plutarch avers that the native of that
tontry abhorred wine, as being the blood tt those
who rebelled gainst the goda. Tbit authority ap.
peered conclusive:, cut merely 10 the sceptics who
impugned ihe varacity of the Pentateuch, but even
lo lh learn d Machae'is, who concluded that th
us uf win wts enjoined in sacr ifice for the pur
nose of makiug a br wd distinction between the re
ligious usages of ihe Israelite and of tha Egypt
ian. Th monuments opened by modem research,
hav decided th controversy in favor of the Jew-
ish Legislator. In th subterranean vaults at
r.llithya, vry p.rt of th procetae connected
with ihe dressing of the vine, is faithfully delinea
ted J the trellice 00 which lh vine were trained,
th car with which they wer watered, the collec
tion of iho fruit, th treading of th win press, .
add ihe slowing ol th win in amphorae, or tun,
ar there, painted tu the life, and additional pro.
cesses of extracting th juic from lh grape, ar
represented, which see in tohtv been p culiar to
the Egyptian people. M. J.'mrxd idds, that tha
remaina of amphurae, or wino vet It, hav briea
found in the ruin of old Eiirrtun ritke. which
ar still encrusted with lh tartar deposited by I ha
I wine, It ia neee-ary to account for lh trror int .
I to which Herodotai hit fallc ; b wrote long
Mf.-.-.:;; e
' fo.' 'h s I

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