North Carolina Newspapers

    jubmissfion to British insolence on the part of this
country eventually, we hall be agreeablo appris
ed. Thing certainly look like it now. . If New
York bad been as jealous of her rights, she
ihould li or half aa much ao, is England ia arro.
gnnt and insulting in her pretensions, this fellow
McLeod would have bad hia trial a' the earlieat day,
,j if convicted he would be hung war or no
rcire note, it 'i' No proscription for
opinion aaka " aaid the. Federal party before the
election. The offices were to be fitted wit b
competent men without regard Jo their political
opinions. Let the reader look at the long list of
rtmoealt in another column. Any comment on
ibeiD it iumowmtyT':' . ". "' ' " N
C-Tho Jlartfort (Conn.) Tiroes, states that
Mr. Ewing, the New Secretary of the Treasury,
has been largely concerned with" Nicholas Bid
jl, in some of his- extensive speculation!. ' It is
unfortunate for the country, aa that paper-says,
lint a man connected with the great humbug fi
nancier Nicholaa Biddle should be placed at the
j-i.-' . w
bead of tbe public Treasury. It gives poor pro
niiteof success or proper management.
' . i
JLwtker Member of Congriu appointed to Of-
(ct.Hon. Levi Lincoln Member of Congress
from Massachusetts (aa been appointed by tbt Pree-
jdeot Collector for the port of Boston
Ma. Van Bemxa. The ex-President, accompanied
6 Mr. Forsyth, late Secretary of State, wu received
bj PH irietwil in rousueipaia bqsj new sore wun ui
luiL'uxoed re peel, ionstaeraws preparauooa naa neon
unite in Mew York city fur hia reception, and notwitb
standing it rained bftvily, sn immense crowd was wail-
ing to welcune him en lending. He gues to reside at
Kkideruook. , . r ,
CO " It was the remitk of a Roman Consul, tint a
mast striking contrast wss" observable to the eonduct of
cindidatee for offices of power sad trust, before and af
ter obtaining them the t eeldodi carry Ing out ia the Ut
ter case the pledges and promises made ia lbs former."
See, for illustration, the conduct of Gen. Herri.
mo in appointing members of Congress to office, after
sniemnlv coodemaing and protesting sgaintt the prac
tice. 1 See next, the long list of proscription in remo
nU from office for ooini h sake. See next, the admi
rsbls fulfilment of all tbe divers M promises" made by
ths party before tbe election.
The population of tbS twv Canadas is upwards ofk
1,?K)A0. Lower Canada is set down at 800,000, and
Upper Canada at over 400,000.
A pmmuinf appnimltmenLTho Ilsrtfbrd (fionn.)
Tines ssyes " We have beet informed tbatflbere are
jndfmente agsinst Curtis, the new Wbif collector of
Nw York, te the amount of more thsa one hundred
th'vuind dollsrs. A marvellous proper man to be a
Wbif Collector! '
United States Banks notes ara depreciated to 14
1 14) per cent, discount ; the stoel ia going down
duly in character, and ia considered next to
VOITBLBsa. .. . - "
Mr.' CiirTTT.tbe d'iriguisbed writsf oa Plead
ing sud other points ol hisj died In London,
io bis Min year. m ."
' mnm ' , . . '
PrOteripKon prperibod,''rYm. Pipckneva erJ-
l)Uirnur, in warn pnacv pf w. uwM, tsjuww, m
. . - m t
Tlie Goeevnor of Maryland baa issued bis proclama
tion appointing lbs ITU) day of May for tbt Coo gree
ts if election farthrt twirrM,ter&:'
ThMwrmoos 'tsswvntw nut frnn lilinmt
took refuge in Missouri, have established n city in
that State. The call it Nauvo, fend report alresv
dy'i poUtioS oN ren thonsamt1
Cotton, nngod in ths Now Orleans market at
last dates from 9 I2 1 rjJ 1, 4
.. i ' igggaggg
0W are requested t announce David
Kums, ss a Candidatt for the Office of County
Court Clerk.'
VTe am' requested to announce K. R. Buck-
aAB, aa n candidate for the office of County
Court Clerk.
"We have sees so soas 7 public receptions in fair
catker m this city, that they have beeomwratber Urns
aftiira, But we yesierda beheld, tor thS arst lime, a
rsctption in astona and ancb a storm I
M As lite shouu ot the multitude sad ike mnste of lbs
sieds mingled with tbe peal of lbs artillery, roes abets
tbt roar of the tempest, the seen waa truly one of
rrtadeur. From lbs Battery, where tbe procession
was formed, to tbe Park, every window sad every fa
vorable jioaitton wu occupied by spectators. The pro
acsuon, which wu very large, proceeded through
Braedwsy. ifleecker street down the Bowery, snd
firauirb Cbatbam street, to Tammany Hall, where Ut
Van Bursa waa addressed bv tbe Hon. Robert II. Mor-
's, sod made a feelina and appropriaU reply. He wu
srideoUy much affected by iie warmth with which ho
" received, despite the inclemency of tbe weather.
Wa doubt whether snv receetion which coo Id have
ks riven to Mr. Van Bursa, en a fair da v. would
iwvs been mors gratifying to his feelingsjhsa this. It
traiv an assurance, on the part or bis mends, tnat
bey were Willing to atand by him in storm ss well u
. 1 . i , . i , II , J . : tl
' "Nuns. Atiu ins people wui mm or u wen ss
IC7 ao water. Cmat Britain nis
"P as soon aa she pleases," Sew .York Sun.
( II. Clsv's speech in ths Senate on the
lutiou for the dismissal of Blsir and Rives.
Tuomsa lfsM. la be Nsvv Aireut fur' the nortof
lluladeiphie, in place of M iclwel W. Ash.
Robert C Wetmore, to kv Navy Agent for the port
r New York, in place of John R. Livingston, jr. re
uiued. Evsna. (brother of Senator Evans,) to be clerk
the Socraul CTumiilni'ler'a Offica. in nliice of JoilO
''via. rrmnvnl.
bWaard Peyton to be Postmaster st Richmond, Vir-
C'nia, in place of Claiborne W. Uooch, removed.
John p. Montgomery, (President of tbj i'hiUdelphia
Tippecanoe Olub,) to be Postmaster at I'liiladelplua, in
is Place of James Pure, removed.
Ja-nc Rees, to be Pneiniaslcr at Genes, New York,
iii ths )'Uce of G. J. Orosvenor, removed. .
harlus L. Turter, to be I'oetntatter at Hartford, Con
ni cticuL in olace Ot Gideon Wells.
i .1 . . . : ... . .
"wuei ii. jenks, loos roslinastnr at NantucKoi,
"mschusstts, in the place Geoiue W. Ewer,
Nathani. I F. Williams, Colloctor of the Customs,
'Wtiuioro, Msryland, in tlie place of Win. Frick, re-
tvi l incoln, jo be ClecjiirjufjIijiCuiitaoia Ibr ilia
"ncror Raton and Ci
.'iiarlctiowii, in Uio p'.sce ol
John Eaches, to be Collector of Customs at Alexsn
oris, D. C. in the place of U.jnrge Brent, removed.
Willism Coed, to be Collector jf the Curiums at St.
Mary's, Maryland, in piste ot Jimee W. Roach, re
moved. Robert V. Alston, to be Collector of the Customs at
St Marks, Florida, in place of John F. Kacklor, re
moved. .
Arnold Naodafn, to be Collector of the Cu-tome at
Delaware, in place of Henry Wbitely, removed.
William Fkvd, to be Surveyor of the Customs at
Town Creek, Maryland, in place or James R. Thorn p.
son, removed.
John llogan, to be Register of the Land Office at
Dnon, Illinois, in plsceof Ssmirnl Hecklofon, removed.
Duniel O. Oamssy, to be Receiver ot the Land Of
fice at Dixon, Illinois in place of John Dement, re.
moved.! I '- '
John Chambers, to be Governor of the Territory of
Iowa, in idsce of Robert I .ocas '
Otho 11. W. Htull,to be Secretary for said Territory,
in place of J. McCants.
, Thomas B. Johnaon, to be Marshal for said Territory,
in piece of Frsncis Gebon. '
Charles Hopkins, to be Solicitor of tbe General Land
Office, in place of William WaM, removed.
' H. O. Rouke, Keeper of Tho.s's Point, Light
housu, ia plsee f 8sppinfton, removed.
Willism Shaw, Keeper of Lirht-bouke at Lazaretto
Point, removed. :
Eugene l!cDonnell,clerk in the General Land Office,
removed. ' .
- Thomas G. Brnliord, clerk in the Treasury Depart
ment, reiwoseot. ; ' N.
William M. Gouge, clerk in the Trsasury DepsrU
ment, removed.
John F. Hartley, clerk in the Treasury Department,
removed. . '
Frederick L Grammar, clerk it tbe Post Office De
partment, remotfd.
Thomas B. Reily, clerk in the Post Office Depart-
merit, removed.
, Thomas J. Williams, clerk ra tbe Post Office De
partment, rtnvmri,
Philip Harvey, clerk in tbe Post Office Department
Patrick Sweny, clerk in the Post Office Department,
Jacob A. Binder, employed on tbe new building for
iiiv uciiciii ron viuce, in piace oi Viiaries L. ioii
man, dismissed.
Corrnpondeneo of tkt Sotonnoh Georgian.)
Br. Acocerisa, 27lh March", 1911. (
Our latest mUlligence from Tampa iatothe 21st,
insuot, at Which date, Uen. Atraistesd bad shipped by
tlie steamer James Adams and aschooner, between 200
and 300 Indians or all sorts- about 100 remained at
Tampa. CoL Worth would be in next day with Wild
Cat sod a few others. About 00 were at Sarasota, and
a frw more at Fort Cross
Thus after all tbe reports, our Indian aepociatiotis
would appear to have advanced next to nothing, airce
the month commenced, so far aa coocerna the surren
deror tbe eoemyv inasmuch as there were aa many
thee at the posta. vers iiearlv. u there have been since.
Wild Oat's surrender tuny be trumpeted as an impor
tant affj'ir, He is oolv the lesder of seven warriors.
s Corporal's guard ; and as the account says, be hss
brought in i low si nis people. We may suppose tney
eras raw.
Were ws not (the English exceoted) the most sulli
bis people on tbe earth and moreover prone to ideas
of aristocracy, we should bunels leas in Indian affairs.
Before tbe war, s man named Philip waa considered
the bead of a email squad Ot Indians living sear Mus
atitto when tbe war commenced be wss termed King
Philip not from any accession of d.gnitt or power,
but " after some dog in tlielsnd Sang," or rather New
England history namely King Philip of Mount Hope.
By ODcne chance Philip wu one day, or ret her one nicbt.
captured as be wu reposing quietly in, the anus of
jaorpnena, ana a is squaw, i b newspapers announ
ced ths important capture of King, Philip; "presently
ho wu sbipped'-tbo Sops runs of King Philip wss
papers mwuiicou uis eia or ivmg nnnpf iwm
n respect to hie brevet rank he wu buried ss a Kingi
jSkal nejtctl
any thing bimssir, and by another man a wile,) hence
his renown. " Wild Cat" has buret from every men's
tongue tne tnsunt De Heard ot any.depredatjoa. wiihm
w owes in snon ne Decerns uie raw neaa sou nioouy
hones of East Florida.'
Tbt best, romaowi do get iip-lurnel Lastaprijig
Wild lal s mstner, made a prisoner, wss sent to bl
Augustine. "There must be many Wild. Cats," said
she sneenngly, when she heard ot his varied exploits;
raed twhes a,iiestiened hoassily-efea 4i- bis Bjeteo
greatoeea, by letaung that tliey were living in puses
.and quietness, hereon having seven warriors about him,
when ho wu invited to the Camp ut a Creek, named
(Short Grass, who had 90 warriors, and who displayed
his women gsyly arrayed, and a deal of plunder, which
badbeeu taken by marauding in tbe neighborhood of
this city. Enticed by such favorsbln appearances,
Wild Cat consented to join ths banditti of Short Grass,
in the subsequent expeditions, ,
Those who cry "what's in a name," don't know
what they are talking about Pour Short Grass, the
real head and front of the offending, has scarceiy got
his name in print Who'd think ot sounding too glory
. of a fellow named Short Grass t W bo'd care two strews
whether fibort Grass surrendered or not t No, no,
Wild Cat (Coe-e-coocue,) the son of King Philip
that's the man for a newspaper paragraph; but Short
Grass, who ths d -I is be 1
Gen. Armistead and bwoffiosrs are doing every thing
which they think is for the best, snd ws bops all will
be for tbe best, but depend upon it, Noah in getting
two of every beast after its sort on board the ark, bad
as easy Job compared to embarking these wild Indians
of FklTfcls. - . "
. ST. AUGUSTINE, March 20.
.: Oloriom, if True. Intelligence has been received
hers that 400 Indians, men, women and children, among
litem 60 warriors, had been ahipd for the West, by
Gen. A am lead. Also, that lloapitsbka has gone io to
. CoL Worth, at Fort Cumminr, with !N0 ot hia people,
.and signified bis willingness to emigrate. This chief
. was supposed to be tbe last wbo would give up. Sun
Joner ia still out but hopes are entertained, that the
surrender of tlospitahka will bring him in. Us wu
one of the principals at the Caloosabatcbie massacre,
and baa co-operated with Sam Junes in retaining, until
lately, undisturbed possession of the-Everglades,
. -Cou'.WS. llanmt. This distinguished officer,
1 with tur coOitmnd, arnml hers on Sunday list in hi
Wm. Gaston, from Key Biscsyne. He msde but a
abort stay with us, bsviog left for Pilaika and the in
terior on Tuesday. He has a furlough ut six woo lbs,
which time be will spend in pstt with bis family io
Missouri. Ws also lesrn that he intends visiting
Washington where he will, uo doubt, render esseulial
aervwe to Floiida,in correcting whatever of error may
have obtained currency, in regard to the proper mode
of removing the ludisns. '
Our citiaons, in testimony of their high spprobalion
of the recent enterprise of Col, H. in the Everglades,
and bia subsequent treatment f the captured enemy,
tendered him a public dinner, which he declined.
Tub YuLi'HTSKaa We learn that all the volun
teers in service are to be peremptorily mustered out,
without beiug now paid for their time.
The same spirit of patriotism winch hss msde us
deprecate the waste of public mouuy in the Indian con
let, impels us to protect against tins premature meas
ure, lor it will be known to every Imlian Irom this to
(lis Evergisdes in less than s week, and unco intimi
dation is the "ivly argument that thcue people can un
derstand, ia po.ible that many may bresk off their ne
gotiations with Gen. Armititesd, and spread themselves
sgain through the settlements. On whose head will
rest the hves that are endsn ered !
A subject so momentous required doep consideration,
ws defer our lull remarks till next week.
Janu. EsuuaaimaTha-Steuner Ja.uea.A WPW
i the Government service, srn.ed st Una port on Mon- -JJ I-SHAVER, Ranger
day afternoon, having on board ouo hundred and flvs , liry, Aprd V, 14L. .il
Indians, emigrating to Arksnsas. Major Bnlloap, who
has been charged with the duty of tniiieJortmk' these
Indishs to their new home, wss on bard, scckd
panied by Left. Hrajue, Mr.Cspers, l)ihuriiig Agent,
Dr. Randall, and Mr. Cloud of the PayiuaMer's Do-psrtmeot
1 he party ot Indians on hoard the Adams was msde
upot' fraifmentsof different tribes. Tallahassee. Mick-
ssnkies, Seminoles, tie. Aaionir them were thirty
wsmors, the remainder were women snd children.
The Spaniwb Indians captured by Col. Ilaruey. were
also on board.
From a conversation had with die offioera. we lurn.
ed that a briir had sailed from Tampa, havinir oa board
one hundred and ten, embracing Echo EmaiMs, Chief
ni the 1 sllahassees, with ninety of bis people; and
slso tlist one hundred and fifty were in wit Gen. r-
mistead at the time the Adams departed. The aopect
ot affairs in the Esst is tavorsbln to a close ot the war.
Wild Cat has rone in to Col. Wort L. at Fort Cum-
mings, also Cos-tus-ts-nug-gee, one of the moat war
like chiefs, who promised to go out and bring in all ot
his party. .
Tbe Tallahaases were all in excent TioertsiL an! a
little party fiesded by blin comprising oolv about fortv,
among whom were but eighteen warriors. Tiger bud
been frequently in at Tamps of late, and said he wae
tired of righting and wauled "to be. friends with tbe
white folks." Journal.
Bainir informm b Utji Hicm Amn VV.l,i..iTinn
lb( the dangerous illnwss ot the President, ws detained
our paper of to-dsy from press until after liio arrival of
(he Northern mail, somelimo later than ths usual hour
of publication, that wo might be enabled to lay before
our readers further intelligence. -
By the msil we received tbe following Circular, an
nouncing, as win te seen, toe death or tbe President on
the morning of Sunday, tne 4th ustant, just one mouth
aiier nia inauguration.
Aran 4, 144L (
An all-wise Providence having suddenly removed
from this life. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON. 1st
President of the United States, we have thought it our
duty in the recess of Congress, and in the absence of
the vice President from the seat ot Government, to
make Ihissfllicling berievement known to the country,
by this declaration, under our hands.
He died at the President's House, in thia city, this
fourth day of April, Anno Domini, 1941, at thirty min
utes before one o'clock in the morning!
The People of the United States, overwhelmed, like
ourselves, by an event so unexpected and so melancholy,
win aerive consolation trora knowing that bia death
was calm and resigned, as his lite hss been patriotic,
useful and distinguished ; and that tlie last utterance
ot bia lips expressed a fervent desire for the perpetuity
of tlie Constitution, and (he preservation of ita true
principles. In deslb u in life, the happiness of bis
country wss uppermost in Ins thoughts.
Secretary of Stott.
Secretory of ike Tremturu.
Secretory nf Wor.
Attorney Uenerol.
.Poilmotlor Oeneral.
Io this County, on the 6th inrtsnVby Jeremiah M
Brown, Eq., 'Mr. HARRIS A. BROWN to Miss MA
RY, da ul' titer of Mr, George Simthdesl. '
In this Counts, on the '25th ult. bv the Reir. Rsmuel
Rothrock, Mr. CHARLES KLUTTS to Mass CHRIS
TINA, daughter of Mr. Jscob Wslton.
In Iredell.Co!uitvr on Sunday evenmr, the 8th tilt
of eoasumption. altar three v ears' nrotrscted illnea.
Mm. NANCY liAUPTtl.N. ia the fiftr-revinth mr
sr her aire.
I , n ,
been a member or the Presbyterisb Church, at Fourth
Creek. or thirty years. Rut a wise Providence, was
pteased to Yomovs her- frvHo-her fsmily, end eerrt the
messenger of death to mow the decayed blosanm down,
In ner isat and dying suomerits, when stroyglrap with
death, before the golden chain had wound np its last
link, she expressed a gresr desire to go snd be with her
seviour, where tbe Vugs ot redeeming love shall never
end, and alien sweet, sntlieins of praweauaU 4uier
M From life to destfy oh ! sudden change !
A creature now of dearth,
Then where no mortal thought can range,
A thing ol heavenly birth.
"How often thus, In one sboHyesr,
Hopes, like the new blown rbse,
At morn as beautiful snd gsy,
Lies withered ere it close.
" But human love survives the tomb
Fond hearts will meet again,
Where sweetest joys perennial bloom
Unmixed with aught of pain. ;
. " Then let us yield thy spirit op
With resignation's smile ;,
And, acquiescing, driuk the cup,
- Though litter tor a while."
Commuatcnffd. I,
A. II.
T,HE Subscriber resnectfullv informs his old
friends and the public generally, that be bus
opened a shop to Salisbury in the above business,
in t room directly opposite est s brick building,
in the house bf Dr. Burns, formerly owned by J no.
I. Shaver, and just below J. dt W. Murphy.
addition to th above, the Subscriber will
carry on the Sileer Smith Busintu in all ths va-
neties common in country towns: sucfvss making
Spoons, &c, and repairing Silver Ware.
Ho begs to sssuro the public that u punctual
attention fi business, and skilful work will entitle
him to patronego nnd support, he wilt merit it.
Salisbury, April 9, 1941. 9. '
Com and OaVa -tot 9ae.
.piIE SUBSCRIBER has within two mi lee of Salis--1
bury, a large quantity of CORN and OATS for
Sale ; also, some cattle and hops.
April 2, 1841.. f tr
Negroes for Sale.
SEVERAL valuable
mora SI ihia Olfim.
Negroes for Sale. En
Salisbury, April 9.
... . .
GEORGE 8 LOOP brings before mo a horns Uken
up by him on the lSlh day of last.nvrfith j -said
horse is of s dark bay color, about fourteen bands high.
judged to be shout six yesrs old, shod before, snd wu
Vst ot Letters,
REMAINING in the Post-Office at Salisbury, N.
C , March 31st, IMl.
Jscob Arnhart, Miss Nancy Agner, Rev. James M.
A. Adams, Abraham Arey.
Jesse R. Brown, John Bsrringer, John Birns, Jr.,
John Bargor, William Bost, John Bears, Oston Brad
ahaw A, lwis B jnr.l. Dr. Borchell, John B. Boger,
John B tJ, Kinchin Bledsoe, Moses Brown 3, Jaeob
Brown, f r.. Adnv Brown. Misa CatliarmnJioletvBais
nabas Bowers.
Camillua Cox, Jacob Coltcn, Sam'L II. Culls way,
Thomas B Cowsn, Jn& F. Cowsn, Elizabeth Casper,
John R. Courts, Clerk of Superior Court, Jesse Cook.
" Juiee L Dunn 2, Alexander Dobbins.
John Eagle or Daniel Eddieman, R. Ellis 2. Peter
Eiler, Franklin Elliott
Henry Fight 2, Ford dt. Ellis, SeareUry of Fulton
George Goodman, William Gray, William Gibson.
Miss Msrgaret Howard, Rev. James D. KalL James
IMick, Almao Hall, Obadiah Hampton, Abrem HilL
Tbomu Hague, John Hartman, William Henly, Frank
lin Hage, Josiah Huie, Matthew Howard, Andrew
Iloldshouser, Simeon lleilick, Dsvid F. Humphres.
Capt Jesse A. Ingrain, Barbery Jacobs, Maj. C. II.
P. Jones, Cad water Jones, Jesse Johnson, Roland Jones.
Ruswell A. King 2, Lenard Kinney.
Rev. Andrew. Y. Lockridge, Richard Locke, Mrs..
Nancy Linely.Ssml Luckey, Mrs. Margaret G. Locke,
Rev. J. D. Lumsden.x .
Mrs. Bally Mitchell, Col. John J. Moore, Dr. S.
Mitchell. William March. Daniel R. Murohv. Randolph
McCollum, John MsAtee, Joan McCollock, M. E. Man
ly, John McLeed. .. ,
John G. Nesbit
William T. Outlaw 5. Beotsmin Owens.
Volentine PropaL Nathan L. Phillips, Franklin
Piokston, Henry II. Pence, Jacob Pool 2, Sam'L Phil-
Drik fill f hillips, Ualharine rbips, ur. roll. -Adam
Roseman, John Rossman, Camillo Rice, John
It. Rogers 2.
Allen Stoker 2, Susan Swink, William Sampson,
Tot Stapulton, Sherman, Mrs. Rachel Stewart, Felix
Bowers, John Slave, Ashbel Smith 2, William L Smith,
Stickney & Fogg, Catharine Smoot, Jacob Skiles, Spen-
tf i o. .. n. d s..k.1 w;nk
cur or ucverij ourr, vi. kiwi, i ...m-v. j
Dr. Willism Trent William J. Thompson 2, J. II.
Thompson, George O. Tarrb, David Trexler, Tbomaa
Todd, Jacob I routmaa X, nezeawn league.
Nicholaa Vernon. Tbomu Varker.
George W. Warren, Sam'L G. Wontten 2, Aaron
Wilhelm, John T. Williamson, tewia wiineim, uoog
tio Williams, Tbomu Womaca, James F. Walt
April9,184L -
List of Letters,
ii emai.1iu ra the-rust umce ai voocoru, v,
Jli- AprUS, leHl.,
Miss Msrtha E. Alexander. Crrus W. Alexander.
Dr. John E. Boochell2, George Barnhart, Jaeob
Byarly, Benjamins Brackette, William Blum.
John H. Dry, John Day welt Br John Davis.
Daniel Goodmsn, H 8. Gorman, Jacob Gouger.
John Hsgler, Silu High.
J. M. Kealsr. Hsrria KimbelL
Solomon Mieeaheimer. William Mieenheimer, Da
vid 8. Marton. Misa Jane O. McCeleb.
Henrv Pharr 2. Miss Poll? Presiy. Robert Pbarr,
Daniel Penninger.
Robert A. Rosa, George Reynolds.
Springs tt Sbankle, Jacob Smith, A. J. Bbankle,
Caleb Soaaaman, Stokes Lodge No.
Rer. A. W. Walker, Dr. R. G Weddinjrton.
April 9, 184L &
List of Lottors,
REMAINING laths Post Office at Lexfngtoo,N,
CM April 1,1341.. .
C at B, Bnimmell John L Robert BratUin, Elixa
beth Brsdshaw, Miss Catharine Burcii,
Wm. Dsywalt ' :
George Feeaer.
. . r iit K ... tiiiLiirim.
Volentine Hagey, Volentine liMdceV
pi fid Rearm, ubo M. Kxrtyuii
James Mock, yjdMoiEtt
1." James Paliocr,Z' !"...
Vnloniin Ratia. JiJin Richard.
John Smith, George Smith, Samuel Smallv, Mi
chael Sowers. : "7 '
David Waggoner, Noah Workman, Lemma Vt allser.
April 9, 1S41. ., .- -3t
BY Virtue of a Deed in- TroU to mo executed
by The. Foster, for thn purposes therein
mentioned, I will ofler for uls, on tbe 26th snd 27th
days of April, at Mocksville,
of the uid Thos. Foster in the Town of Mocks
ville, a quantity of store goods, several head of
horses and mules, nousenora ana sucnen lunmurc,
3 nets of blacksmith tools, 3 or 8 waggons, one
Barouche, snd 1 Carry -nil, Vc
on I ha 281 h and 29lh dsTS Of the SSOM
month, nt Fostsr's Mill and Still-bouse, wiU be sold
thn M ill Tract of Land, containing
260 or 70 Acres.
with all the, improvements thereon, consisting of n
dwelling-house and necessary out building, Grist
Mill, with S sets of runners, Saw Mill and an Oil
Mill, all in good repair.
-The Still housovTmet contains about 280 Acres
of land, 6ve Stills 2 boilers, and 75 or 100 stands.
a largo stock of bogs, soma cattle, together wun
overv other article conveyed in said Trust. The
terms of sale will be made known 'op the days
thereof. TH03. I MARTIN, Trustee.
April 9, 184L
Slate ot otW Carolina,
Superior Court of Law, 8pring TrmrMI.
Eiixabeth A. Wilson i
vs. Petition for Divorce.
James Wilson. )
IT appearing to tbe satisfaction of Ihe Court that
the Defendant Jamas Wilson is not an inhabi
taol of this State t It is therefore ordered by the
Court, that publication be made for three months
in the Carolina Watchman and Western Caroli
nian, that the said Jamee Wilson appear at the
next Superior Court of Law, to be held -nt the
Court House in Siateeville, on thn 3rd Monday af
ter the 3rd Monday in August next, then nnd there
to answer, or aaid Petitioo will be heard ei parte,
and judgment ordered accordingly. '
Witness, Sunt R. Bell, Clerk of oor said Gmrt
at Statesville, the 3rd Monday alter the 3rd Mou.
day in February, A. D., 1841.
8R. BELL, Cl'k.
March 26, 1841. 3m Printer's Fee tlO.
aTiIIE Subscriber being about to close business,
requests all persons indebted to him either by
Note or book account, to call and settle between
this and May Court, 1841, or the name will be
f Utced io tUs hands of an officer ibr collection.
Salisbury V. C, April , J941. 41
Vuluable Lands for Srilc.
jnpHE Su'imiriber wishing to rernms to Minsi.
sippi next fall, nffers ihn foliow:ri vrld.ihlo
plantations for salo on f-iir and renannaldo tern. :
One 1 ract, lying about five miles I-.est of Sulie-
bury, adjoining; Mrs. Barrii, gar's Mill iauus, eon
tainining about :
This place is reMed lhn"llolds!)'oisr tract, i well
improved, and first rate land, good house, and
out houses, ban, fVc.
Another rniff, called the Trexmr pi ice, lying
m Crsue Creek4eiow Mrs. Barringer'a mill met,
has on it an excellent grist and Dour mill, and wool
carding nuchme, and a good dwelling house, nnd
out houses, and the land of fine quality.
Also, my plantati on where I live, containing 170
Acres of first rate land, well improved, and in irood
condition, an excellent dwelling house, and good
out houses a barge barn.-dte.
Also, one tract adjoining the above, all wo. d
land, and the greater part of it excellent HI.
Persons wishing to buy, will always find me at
Rowan County, April 9,1841. tt
. The Champion oj Jlmerka,Winner
The 'North against the Month,
20,000 AMDS.
THE thorough bind horse, LATH, bred by Col.
W.J. II . r a .u n
iw iiauipiuu ui ouuio varunui, win mane
bik fourth 8easoo nt Salisbury, which commenced
on tkt 21af ultimo, and will tni on tkt 20rk of June
next, at. 120 tbe Season, and 930 to insure, the
money to be paid as soon as the mare is stcertained
to be iu fuel, or tbe property changes owners, and
fifty cents to tbe groom. K7 Mares sent from n
distance will be well attended to, nnd fed wi'h
grain at B0 cents per day. To those that wish it,
n good lot will be furnished gratis ; but, in no in.
stancerwill I b responsible for accident or
escapes. R. W, LONG.
Salisbury, N. C, April 0, 1941. 2w.
I certify that LATH wu bred by me, and that
he wu fooled in tlie Spring of 1633. lie waa got
by Gudolphin, hia dam Pocahontaa, by Sir Archy ;
bia grand-dam Young Lottery, also by Sir Archv,
out of Col. Singleton's celebrated Lottery, by
imported Bedford out of the imported mare An.
villina. Godolphin waa got by Eclipse ; his dam
Sylph, by Hzpheation out of Lottery by imported
lied lord, Cf c Hxphestion wss got by the imported
Ruxxard out of the dsm of Sir Archy.
LATH is a fine bay, without wliiie, 15 hands a ,
inches highwtth good buna and CHjHtal aetiotr At
three years old, he win the produce slake at('o
lumbia, two mile beats, beating Mr. Taylor filly,
Daisy and CsiaSpam's ct
herepaying forfeit. Two weeks ailerwsrds ho
AvgMK4mttinv KinraTid-dissric,mck -Bird.'
At Chariest on, he waa beaten, by- .Clodliofuer - fr
the jockey-dub purse, three mile heats beiiig Very'
much amiss, he wss drawn slier the first heat.
At 4 years old, he won the jockey dub purse, fir
mile beats, at Camden, beating Sir Kenneth, and
Dorabella at three heats j losing the first in cotise-
ouence of boiling when several lengths in advance'
of ths field, just before te rearhod the -Jndges-stsnd;
aod getting entangled amongst the carna
ges, he sustained an injury which occasioned hia
withdrawal from the tnrf.
Lath was n race horse ol the first class, which
he evinced in his trials with Bay Maria, Charlotte
Russe, and Kitty lleth,, snd in point of blood he
is inferor to none, whether imported or native.
His constitution is robust, he having never l-en
sick, and hia tempefguod. Hia color, form, and
action apeak for themselves. In n word, Lath
unites in himself as many claims to public patron
age u any young Stallion tbat I know.
WADE tl Ann O.N.
Willwood, Jan. 22, 1839.
From Ihe above certificate of Col. Hampton,
who bred and bad Lath trained for the Turf, it will
be seen that he considered him a race burse of the
first class not only from ths raoea he baa men
tioned aa having run publicly, but from private tri
als he baa made with horses which are now on the
Turf, and runniug with considerable 'success. Il
will also, be observed by his certificate, tbat he
considered Lath of the purest blood oot to be
surpassed by any horse, imported or native.
I cooaidcr il entirely unnecessary to attempt to
eulogise Lath, either for hit performancca on the
I urf or aa to hia blood, since in every mpect he
is so well attested. But will remark, that Lath
hu not only descended from pure blood, but has
come from stock both aire and grand-sire, dam and
grand dam, that are ol the running bl iod. . For
instance, bia aire, uodolphio, made bis four milea
in7jntnu!et gnlSft tccaadi ; hu grtail aire, ihn .
American Ecltpscso well known at the north aitd
sooth, made his time in the great match race, the
north against the south, $.'0,000 aside, in 7 min-.
uteand 37 seconds, which Eclipse won with con
ajderabls rclat. Thia race gained him the memo
rable name of tbe champion of the north. Ilia
dam sired by Ihe renowned Sir Archy, whose re
putation, as a racer, ctc.stsnd unquestioned, both
in Englsnd snd America. The grand dam of Lath,
Old Lottery, bred by Ihe great Southern amateur
of horses, Col R. Singleton of South Carolina, has
produced more fine race horses than any other
mare in the Union. Thus, it will be seen ibat
there aa united in Lath two of the best studs in the
south, Hampton's and Singleton's, crossed with
Gen. Coles' of ihe north.
The .pub' hj is now presented with such an oppor
tunity of improving the .blood of tbat noble and
useful animal, the Horse, as rarely occurs in this
Section of country. And the public can have in
addition io a abort tiine, the opportunity of judg
uj more satisfactorily of Lath's blood, Ace, by
hia colts of last Spring s get, as it is expected there ,
will be many of them dropped by mares in thia
section in a few daya. As a sure foal getter latrt
stands almost unrivalled, as is proven by his last '
Spring Vservicesiole woT TIieTsrge number of
mama put to him not proviog in foal.
R. W. L.
.J: .

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