North Carolina Newspapers

: i
CRAY'S or Harris Ointment, Beck witn's Pille,
tUEit' PtIU and Bitter, Ilouck's Purm, and
Bernard"- retterfy for Bowel Complsint, (of Sale
.V; c a & c. K. wheeler.
inrWitTohce, '-Mi'-ClmMr
Jvet received ana kx mm, at Im awe-
burr Dm Store .
&libury, Not. IM, 1840. -: r
- v Cotton Yarns. "
,mtIE BubriberVJ' fmlln.Lvjnfflnn Cot
ton Factory, would inform the wtbUeiKitfhfy
just received and no ofitr fir Mkwbolele
Ml retail. Mm Cotton isrus oi snta factory, eon
ststin of various number. The superior auali
' lia aud character of the Yarns of thia Factory aw
ao well tested awl known need no reeom
mendatinn from ua TLoee wishing to pW
chaw will please rite us s calL
April 24, 1840. . it.
t i mra tmn
HE ha to lust received
largo and frtik supply of the celebrated New Li
im SlaaW iiardrn Herds of all kind.
Those wishing Seeds lor tht next year, would do
well to call or vend enoo. aa they o line but
cakes." C. B. At C. K. WHEELER.
November II, 1840. r
hiesf jpasaaa.
CfnHE Subscribers reepeclfullir talons lb etti
A viu of Salisbury aud wrraundint eovBtry, Ibai
they bate commenced lb above; boaiaest in all Ma
various branches, m tha Sana formerly occupied
by Mr. John 1. Shaver, oo the South-east Street,
wbero they VMI corntantiy keep oa nana a va
nety vehicles, such as-- , ' f
They will warrant their workmanship not to bit
aurptiwrd by any io thia lectina of country, as they
"lave on Kan J large supply" the leal materials;
aid, also, in their employ first rata workmen.
Order for Work trout a dialanca. addressed to
the subscribers will be punctually tttoaded to.
N. B. All ktud of repairing doa oa the abort
est notice, DANIEL SHAVER,
Salisbury, Jan. 92, 1811. rr
l'J.'SH-11-A. i-'.Jt.-l IStU. M1JJ
To Travellers.
' pllE travelling community are respectfully iulorin
s. rd that the Subscriber ia now running, bit line di-.
reel fma KaUigh by way of Pittaboro' an Aaliburo' to
Salutary. Is email Northern made Ceachee of the firat
order; leafinf Kaleigboa Mundaya ami Thuraday at
10 A. at, arrivint in MalMbury arxt daya at 10 V. M.
Lcwrinr Haliabor aa TueatUjftiiMi Friday av2 A. fLr
arrivinf ia Raeigb neat dava at 10 P. M.
Hi horee are good, and driver particularly careful
and accommodating. JOEL 11. LEAN.
Feb. 12, 1830. tt
N. B. Beau aecured at th Manaiou. Hotel.
Froipectns for Kendall's Expoltur.
--iiyKEI)ALL propoaea to etallih aaeoii.
muat hly uern parjutile r the above name, to
be devoted to the followiiig 'ujectrve .
1. The ancurity of the right of aullrage, by aa-
ditKwal law to puoiali bribery and liaud.
2. An eiptwure of abueea aud corruption io
Uoeriiiiieiil, wherever known to eaiau
9. Aa eipomiiou of the principles of modern
Banking, aud it ebVct upon lubor, trade, ntorala,
nd Govtrnineitl. embracing the nature and woa .
of money, and a history of the origin and progreae
of paper nxniey io it variou ioru. .
To theae will be added all the topic common in the
newapapera of th day, with a aumtnary of newa care
fully compiled, (urmuij au accurate hiatory ot pnaung
evenu. ' ' '
Avoiding all perauual altercation, tht paper, wbile
it will not conceal ita preference for men, will con hoe
itaelt chiefly to Ui elncuiauoii of lacta and principle,
leaving the ruder portions of political eouiroveny to
younger hernia.
Toe Eipoaitor will be printed in tbe neatest manner
upon a royal abeet, folded in octavo form, each number
making wateen ptgea, with an index at th end of
each volume embracing one year. It will thua torn a
book containing a bwory of tbe time with much more
useful and entertaining matter, j
PRlCK On Dullar ptr ennuaa, fid in uJvanct.
No aecounu wil be kept, and th paper will not be
tent until the money be actually received,
Bik note will be Uken at iheirapeci value. -
To thoee wbo collect and forward ten dollar, an ad-
duiouel copy will be aent gratia.
PukUnaster are permuted by (aw to forward ub
amotion money in letter written by themaelve.
All letter to Ui Editor muat be tree or poatpa id.
teT A to the poatae on thia paper will be but on
cent to one and a ball' each number, it in the power
of every maa to procure all tbe important news, and a
aet deal of other useful matter, at not eicecding One
DoUt and Ttr(e-ix Ven$t.
Washington City, D. C, Jan. 12, 141.
Clock and Watch nrpairlng-.
L-j,. 7"
golin -CT. Voglor
WOl' LD reepectfjily annouweto ibe ijtiieiie
wfaliabury and surrounding Country, that
he hat Commenced th above buxiuee in Ibia place.
Hi shop in three doors from the Court house, di
rectly opposite F. R. Roueche' Coflee lloww. on
the North east square, where he is prepared to
execute all work in hi line with neatness nod dee.
fetch. From a long expeiience in hie business,
be leek confident in giving entire satisfaction to
all those, who may favor him with their cutorn.
N. B. All work from a distance punctually
attended to, and forwarded according to order. -Salisbury,
April 16, 1841. rr
K4U , aaaM ivsTOMias. '
Tit HE Subscriber take pleasure in informing his
A frieuti and csetomer. that he has just return
ed from Charleston with a large euppty-of Grace
ries of every description, aud venture to say, that
be has aa great an assortment a any of the North
ern Cities, which he wnl sell low for cash or on a
short credit to punctual dealers.
Th Subscriber's rummoers will remember that
be published a notice iu the paper of this place,
requesting hi custoim rs who were indebted iu call
and settle, and those who have not done it, may
rest assured, il it is uot done before our neil Court,
may expect to find them in the hands of an officer
for collection. F. R. ROUECHE.
Laxfcst Subscription In the World !!
Valuable Lands for Sale.
8 MIE Suhsrrnrr vmhing to remove to M
7 ktllE Suhsrrnrr wishing to remove to
eipui itexi fail, oflers the following valuable
' ilkotatints tor sale on fair ted reasonable trut
k One Tract, ly wg about five mile East of Bali.
' iry. adoiniag Mrs.'a Mill lands, coa-
Uinuoxg about .. ....
11:m ji'.ce it called the Iluklsbeueer tract, i well
l,n(.fovel, and first rate taod, good bouse, and
eut houses, Lrtii CkC.""?1 " : '
Auoiber Trad, called the Trailer pl'ce, king
; iu Crane Creek be ow Mrs, Barruiger s aaill tract.
ha oa H aa eictlteut grist and Sour mill, and wool
racing oiuie, abd a good dwelling house", aud
eut thsjsest. aud the tana U fae llrtt.r,lrr!
Abw, ay plaaiaia where I heecoofsimrtgnO
t.Aere e fir t .ld.!6H iit'Doftand in good
roodiltoo, sa exteUeut leelluig bouse, and guod
cut buuacs' a large barn, fee. .
Also, oo tract adjowing tbe above, ail woid
. land, ana the greater part of it oicellent soil.
- Psrsoos wishuig le buy, will always ftnd aw hi
Rowaa County, April 9, 1841. it
THE COURIER is oa aa firm and independent a ba
ne as asy paper issued, at home or abroad, and its am
nio means will be alwava anDlovad ia nalrn it miuI.
a Family newspafer, to any "journal pub
lished. It is a PERMANENT STABLlSHME."fr.
Ill Courier i an independent paper, fearleaslv our-
ening straight.fbrward course, and supporting the beat
interest or i tiK ruouu
Thia tpprol Family Paper ia slrictlv (Kr NEU
tbiieomprouniing opponent of all QUACKERY.
It maintains a niga TUAfc ur UUKL, and not
an article will appear in Us pages, which should not
nod blae at everv fireside. .
tbeconritry, uio aeet evidence or its approval, it
nas njnsen ana win continue w spess ror iiscil lis
listewbtscee over 34,000 e6cri6er, txttniing
ftm lk4 Lmkri I Us Ocean, and combining all int v
est and classes of lbs republic.' Each number o1 the
Conner eontsms as much matter aa would
riMIE SubacrilHi uasaa istorsvest neitial 8piJlttot
t Mills, by which, a mill Mill do much better than
witb the usual form ot Spiudlss. It is so constructed
aa to keep truoi assfiaf ur billing the aeJ ia any man
ner. Tbe runner at sovconAued by the ttpindl m el
way to preserve us balance, tod at course tcere is ao
rubouif of tbe siona. f
1 iiuuk, by mis improved Spindle, tht mm water
will deal least o-Uiird mors swsiasss, and ths nu-a
ot wperior quality. . .
Any perMiM adbibf to nee en of the Spindles,
- may obtain on ar wnte, ay making applKatioa, (with
in a short tune) to tne uuscrissr si Mwcksvilln, Da.w
L'a N. C I Unk tn prubibt east wUl net rireed
f3U tor tb Patent as Bpiftdle ready for nse.
Tbr totioning peinons bar a Pstent Mill Hpindl
in auceewiui oprtum : km v. t . asily, Tbca. r.
nr. jomdu nan ana rssiu i. rosier of imvk t.ountt
iiiftli Il.rksua srvl Uavid J. Ranwnur of lrtcoln
thrl-liriiMh ot Bowan ; AOdiaon Moore ot lHvw).
suu, and Willism Lkis ot Surry, all ofwbouyn kigh
if picscu w:in it. prrioriuauce.
Octohrr 'JX
THE Subscriber resnertfuliv antiounce l4h,
'l " ...V.L..
cilixen ot LotK'ora ana surrounoiiig country, inai
be has oiiened a Grocery Store in the town of
Concord, where he will keep constantly on baud a
large supply ol Groceries,
WINES aud LIQUORS, imported and domettic;
Sugar, ConVe, Bread, Crncknrs, Cheese, Lemons,
French Prunes, Cake., Rauius, Caudles of all
kinds. Toys, prime chewing and smoking Totwci'O,
Spauiab Segara of tne best qunlity , Garden Seed of
all kinds, ludigo, Copperas, Madder, Gioger,
Spice, Pertper, A linondsr-Cloves, Chmmiihnii Eug-
l lish Wiilnuta, Maccarom, Vermaaelli, SarUinea
! Herrings, esseiice of Ctimamon, Cloves, Pepper,
mint, and a variety ol other article too tedious to
' The Subscriber hopei by strict attention Io bu.
einess to merit a liberal share of public petrofai(e.
March 12, 1841. rr
a 19mo Volume,
The eost of which aloos would be tbe price of the pa
nee mr . atbsea ysafc ?, tb xsaersi cbarscter f tbe:
Coanef is sell kaowa. , L column couuin a great
variety of u
taua, BABaATtvna, assavs, siosaApniEs, sec.
or THS
Western Carolina Temperanee Advocate,
A monthly fftt dttoted to tkt Ttmrrmnt Hi form,
Publitkti cl AArMe, N. V., and tdiUd
THE Subscriber respectfully informs his old
friend and the public generally, bat he baa
opened I shop in 8,iliburjri'l thrnbovr buineer
in a room directly opposite West' brick building,
in the house of Dr. Burn, formerly owned by J no.
I. Shaver, and just below J. & W. Murphy.
In addition to the above, the Subscriber will
carry on the Silver Smith Busintw in all the va
rietiei common in country town; uch as making
Spnona, cVc, and repairing Silver Ware.
He begs to assure the public that if punctual
attention to business, and- skilful work will entitle
him to patronage and support, he will merit it.
' Salisbury, April 0, 1841.
Tiro aimHCuiumi,
HAVINa purchased llwl weltliiiowri and long
establialied public house, (known by tbe name
of Slaughter's Hotel,) situated in the town ol oa
isbury, N. C, informs hi friends and the publio
generally, that the same is now open fur the recep
tion of Truvrllrri and Boarder
His Table and Bar will be supplied with the
best the market and surrounding country afliirda.
Hi Stables spacious and bountifully supplied
with grain, and provender, attended by faithful and
attentive Ostlers.
The undersigned pledges himself that no exer
tion on his part shall be wanting, to give general
satisfaction to all who mav favor him with a call.""
Salisbury. Sept. 11, 1840. tf.
FJAGUE & GIFFORD having purchased
the Hotel, formerly Davis', will continue the
Establishment on the same liberal c;le aa hen-lo
fore, and will exert themselves U make il n desi
rable residence for
aa their table will alwa)s be supnlied with tbe best
the market afliirda, and their Bar witlf the best
Liquor, and their Stables with attentive Ostlers
ami abundant provrnder.
The Etaliilim-iii will be under the exclusive
managenieiit of T. A. Hague, formerly of the
Salisbury IL l'l, North Carolina, and his long
exHTieiice, will enable him to give general satis
Camden, 8. C, Jan., 29, 111. m
IJkMrr of Mr. Cowsn's brick fuv,
(formerly occupiel by Dr. Ahll Smith,) is-srly
opposite Michael Brown's store, politely lenders his
professional services to the nublr...
.SBlisburyAugust .VIul Jf
TsupsBAScs I!) that was held at this
place early iu JSepieinbL-r, resojked on publwtiing a
per or tne above luie and character, and appouilei!
John Dickson aud D. RM'Aually to conduct it From
tbe many premg engagements, Dr. Dicksoo already
has, he deems rt MipfsetiesMetur biat 4 be rueenistd
as one of the euitma, ibouh be will choertully use sit
bis inlWnce utljtiwlne, to promote its iniereat; "tbe
suttacriber iheretbre, proceeds to Meue this Pnwpeelus
in hit own name, with a hops thai be will be aided in
the undertaking, by ail the fnemta of the Temperance
ctiwe thruugtjut'tte country, and that the" paper may
WJJ" M V ' H4W.IW1I I i 1 1 1 1 J . t t,1 -
THS Subscriber hiving jj.
nosed of his Mtnhhl.n.u...
X Hliaver& I Imlen,hia remain- .
' a ing oa hand 2 fin Ikrouchca.
?(Vry,"lk,1 "W.I8dL'
' y. e,oC (arriagea. one of
them a eery fine article, mads
in a superior maimers also a '
number of second-hind Baroucbca, Cariiago and Gir
tit of which b will tell very low, and on a longeron'
for a mwd bond. . ''- ;!. -
Itereooest stt those having opew sccnuDtsatandihir"
on hit bonks to can and teute ueinwiuiout further de
lay, by note or otherwise. JOHN, I. KHAVER. 1
Balisbury, fsb. it, tw4t. . ; tr
MoffaCa Vegetable Uto VVWa
BnassasnnMn ' '.
1MIE high celebrity which these excellent M. ,
A- dicine have acquired, in curing almost every
disease to which the human frame ia liable, ia a
matter familiar' with almost every intelligent par.
son. They became known by their fruits their
good work have testified for them thr did not
thrive by tbe faith of the credulous, , ', '
Io cases of Costieiiess, Dyspepsia, Bilious iud
Liver Aflections, Asthma, Piles, Setilod Pains,
Rheumstism, Fevers and Agues, Obstinate Head,
aches, Impure state of the Fluids, Unhealthy Ap.
pearance of the Skin, Nervous Debililyl tTis Sick,
nets incident to Female in Delicate Health; every
kind of Weakness oi the Digestive Organs, and ir,
all general Derangements of Health, these MEDI.
LTNES. have invariably, proved a usiiain and
sieedy remedy. ' They restore vigorous health to
the most exhsusted cins(iiutions. A single trial
will place the LIFE PILLS and PHOENIX BIT.
TERS beyond the reach of competition, in the es.
ti mat ion of every patient.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail,.! W M,
B. MOFFAT'S Medical Oll.ce, 375 Broadway,
New York. - r
N: B." None are genuine1 ante they have the""
fao aimile of John Mtlat' aignature. , i '
(KrThe LIFE PILLS are sold 'in boxes-,'
Price 25 cents, SO cents, and i each, according
to the sise ; snd the Piueuix Bitlurs iu bottles, at
II or 'i each, with full directions. v .
-These Valuable Medicines ere for sale by
CRESS 6i B(X5ER, of Salhburj.
SPRINGS it SHANKLE, Concord, .V. C.
interetiiug litt'e pamphlet, eotiilefhc .AOFFAVS
MEDICAL MANUAL, designed as a Demostic
Guide to Health coniaiiiing accurate information
concerning the mt prevalent diseases," and 'the
most approved remedies by WM. B-MOFFAT."
Apply to the Agents.
Salisbury, N. C, October 16, 1810.
Together with article on
ti:.... r;.. ....
0 iu mw,
Foreign News,
Sim Publics twos,
Tbe Nilk Culture,
Family Circle,
Half-relocated Men,
or a
to aa kJiTtTLU
Health, Commerce,
Domestic Iotelligeoce,
Amusements, Facet ia,
Humorous Poetiesl Arltcles,
Tbe Drama,
City Matters,
Amusing Miscellany,
The Markets,
The Musical World,
Correct Price Current,
List ot ln 4 vest Banks, Discount and Excbang,
lxtirrs rnxn Lurops, li istory;
Tbe Classics, Philcsophy,
And all etnr matters discusssed in a Universal Family
Journal turnsmiog altogether as vast, and, we believe,
as interretuv a variety aa can 6 found in any other
JournmL, embrscmg subjects for
Faftnert, Mechanics,
Tradesmen, Artisaus,
Merrhaiits, Men of leisure,
Teachers,: StudeutM,
Iud) errry ClaMsjofour Couutry.
The COVklRK msjr siwaya be DEPENDED UP
ON, as nothing imsorunt is permitted to escape a no
tice in tt column It will always f'AlTHt'VLLY
Our arr naemenUi enable us to tlr w from the whole
range of the current Litwature of Eun pe, ami nur (xjr
respondents at home embrace nisny of tlie best Writers
of the county. A series of POPULAR TALES, of
unequalled interest tod value, will foUuw in constant
most earnest aiptsl while thousands upon thou
sand of dollars ars annually eipended at theatres, at
circuses, at th race track, at groceries, while no'ptin
er suareo, ui luxury ot letiremunt and ease foregone,
and no labor deemed too severe to advance tbe inter
est of political aspirant, can you out do something in
a cause lb. I must be dear to every true pa'.riol, phi lan
inropisi, ana cnrisiiaa I tiecoiirci Uier are but few.
very few, such papers in all the Southern country.
The Western part of Nortli Carolina, lb Western part
of Virginia, and tbe E tern part of Tenneshee particu
larly, need a periodical ol this kind, and it is foi you
now to say whether they shall have it
Ths very low pi ice at which it waa fiaed by the
Convention, will make it necessary, tint a very large
subscription be US, before the publicalioa of it can be
justified. '' '
The HVer Caroline Temperance Ak'sorsfe will
be published oo I medium aheet, in quarto form, each
number making eight pages, ami will be furnished it
lb vsry low pries of fiftf Oats a copy. Where si
! gls copies ar Ukeii, the payment most be inede inv
I riabiy upon the reception of tbe first number.
03" Postmasters, editor or publisher of paper, end
all Ministers of th Gospel, tr tuihnrised sgent.
HAVING Iocs ted bimseirpermsnently in
the Town of SALISBI'RV, tenders his
professKmsl scTT.ce to its eminent snd the :
adjacent country, in all the various brsocbesof bw pre-
rpHEia-iCRIBER living near Leiington, IW-
aun County, take tbi method tu "tnlbroi ths Pub
lie that he will enter into contract with any Person, or
persona, either in Davidson, Rowan, or Cabarrus Coun
ties, who wish bouses, factories, or any other kind c4
build inif erected of Brick, to build them aa cheap, a
durable, and in a good style aa any workman ra this
He will aim, mould and burn ths Brick, if wastes)..
II trust that In long eaperieuee in
will entitle hnn to a shse H public pstroisige.
He would refer a-enlleinen washing work done in hit
Line of Business, lo the Pemale Acsdemv and the new
fire proof Clerk's o&ce in Salisbury, as specimen ot
bis smik. .
JLB Those wishing work dune, will please Irav
word at the" office of the Western Carolinian, and it
JstiaH punetusilv tHrnded to.-
Davidson, April 1", 1H.KI. It,
JulyS, IWk
l)octs. Killiati & Powe,
f pHE EXTR. STANDARD intended lo aceom
X muLte ibos of our hilluwitueo who dru s
cheap puMicatiua, cot.Uming sound political dortrmes,
and tlie nw ot the Oay ; aud wdl be f-uulished seme
Tbe hditor wdl endeavor to make thia publication
acceptable to ut puMic ; wepeenlly that portion wbo
are friendly to Democratic Republic principles.
The price will be l per year, psyaMa m all rates
n witaue. A the frice it low, Uw terms mibt be
complied with ao paper will b aeni to tny one with
out the snsHiul of warn Botxta in eaVsaee. and all pa
pers will be disconunued il tu end of lb tear. uiiIm
the advance for the second year is sent by lb time tbe
rt espires.
1W copies wil be sent to on address, for so
year, or to different ludividualt, on the payment of tin
duilmi in advaoc.
A Mcisr aasabrr will a issned In s few day.
wasas M w Maw,
In th Courier w mtrrted tbemunc of the most popu
lar Airs, Bill suV, and Songs, as sonn as they are im
ported; mi ihat coonlry .resiler may bavs theiKt
pnpuiar music for lite voice, the pi no, llie guitar or
cither instruinenuv a nun aa published, which" if paid '
tor separitelj would c4 more ths n the price of sub
scription. This perfected amusement it lo be tound
u no other jourmtl of the kmd.
Q- The price ol the COURIER is only fJ, in ad
vanca. Wbnn indiviilual irh to subscribe to "the Courier,
a sure uay ia to euclnse the money ui a letter, and di
rect it to u. Th PiMimasters will probably politely
remit, for we wish then in all cases, if it meet their
plessure, to act a our amenta.
Administrator's Notice.
'PHE uiulersigned having oblamed, at the Nov
Term, 140, of Rowan County Court, Lei
lera of Administration on the Estate of Berijnmin
Austin, dee'd., notifies all persona indebted to the
SHine, io cume forward and make immedicte pay
nwnt, a the Estate must "be""cloeed ;"ani? those
having claims agtiaxt said Ettate, to preweiil tliem
wiihiu the limit of the law, legally sutbeiniciied,
or thia notice will lie plead aa a bar lo their re
coverv. N C. K- WHEELER, Adinr.
Salisbury, Nov. 13, 1640- r
lu a Uf
14 a 31
n A VIVO associated themselves together, in the
prtctice of Medicine, respectfully otfer Uieir ser
vices, in all the various branches of their proreasina to
the public. CO" Their Otncc m in Mr. West's brick
build in.
Salisbury, N. C, January fl, Nl. tf.
YOU HL,li.
'pHE undersigned, at Administrator of the late
I Duct. Austin, ollert for sale the valuable
belonging lo Ibe Estate of the deceased. A Coo-Klt-mble
portiou of the collection was made by Dr.
Austin himself with much care, ami principally
coriKiMi i Gold, Silver, Copir, and Lead Ore,
in their various u iturul comhiuutious, selected from
I he mineral regiHi of thia count r y ; betides a num
ber obiaineJ from Euru. Scientific gentlemen,
or literary instnuinm. desiring lo purchase the
whole, or any part of the Cabinet, csu have farther
iiifurmation uu applicutiun by loiter to the uuder,7
The collection will be .ld si soon at a reasona
ble price msy be offered for il.
C. K. WHEELER. Admr.
Ssliabury, N. C, Dee. 4. 1S40. tf.
Beef, .
Brandy, (peach)
Ho (le)
UsiS Koos,
Cotmn, (clean)
Flour, tl 23 a 44 M
Feaihers, - 5T a 37i
Flsiseed, 60 a
Do Oil, 100
Clubs of ten wHI bo furnished with ten paper for
on year, (provided the money be sent us tree ot post-
Soould ibe subscription justify lb uadertakms-. tha : are and disLount.) for t-15.
first number will be issosd about th 1st of Mty next. ! Ten Dollars will procure the sixth copy gratia '
Raleigh, March 3, 184 L Three copies IU five dollar.
1 ' 1 1 . ' S3 at one time will be received for 3 years.
MATCHLESS SANATIVE. j Our friends, th Postmasters, will please oblig by
rPIHS invaluable Medicine I he sale by the nmM,t arrearage and new mbscriotmn.
subscriber, at Milledgeville, Mootgnmery eo,. t . -- ' v .- .
ji.e - w.- e. bi'rage Waukg V Sac Were.
February 21, 184". , , ... '
TO Tlili WttlalC.
rIIE Subscriber takes this method of informing the
A. Public, that he alill contmuea to carry on the bu
sines of
mmmJ liW4M
usual, at hi Granite Uuary, seven miles South of
Salixbury, near the -Id Chsrle-UMi roa.1, uht re ho is
able to supply all orders for MILL-STONES of the
beat grit, and on the shortest notice.
or Sale, at the lowest prices,
GOLD GRINDERS, fee. 6U. 4-u.
J. HOUIIlOUSER,Stone-Ciitter.
Salisbury, Oct.' fi'th,lSI0. , tf.
N. B. Order for any of the above wrought arti
clea, directed to me at Ssliebury, wiltbe-mtttcluallv aU
ended lo. J, Jj, .
State ot Nott CaToa,
Superior tWf tf Luis, Sjtrin Term, 1841.
Elixabeth A Wilson 1 .
. Betitioo fur Divorce.
Junes Wilis. ) ' .". ,
IT spiiearing to tlie sglisfsct'on of the Court dial
the Deiciiifanl JauH-sVilson is nut 'an inhabit
lant of tin Stale i It i therefore ordered by ths
Viniri, inai publication on maun ir inrce monine
in the Carolina WalchniHii and Western Ciroli.
man, thai the said James Wilson. apeir at, lha
next superior Court ol Law, lo Ita held at the
CiMirt H'MiMt in Staiiville,on the 3rd Monday af
ter tlie 3rd Monday iu August neit.then and (here
to sttswer, or said I'eiiiion will be heard ex parte,
and judgment ordered accordingly., ,
Wiiness, Rsm'l. R IMIrOerk of our said C urt
jat Stttesville, the 3id Monday after the 3rd Mow-
MOFFAT'S LIFE PILLS BITTERS, i day" u, February, A. D., 1841.
A- IHTTKKM. io eelehr.iMl snd Jafl IllUrh llsaWt Kaf LaaAaiuaa aa m 15 . At
I (iivj ani.-"j aa vvvij mr en mit ivitiuirva m flUW fC , ,
! a.- .1 I I ) -A
Iwci v vJ IK Miay wj 4ll7 wlliss.1 liwrm, '
CK1XS IKMiEIC, Agents.
I Mews. SraiNut & Shaskl, in Concord, N. C , ars
I aln Agent for th same.
AVsfy ssW etjiiliiuly txtr.utti, ml tkii ofitct
2 .up."ie r.
8a 10
15 a JO
Nails, '
Pork,. .
Hicej (quarll
Ufa lMugar, flwown)
hi I l) (loai.)
25 a, (bu ) si 23 a St J0
14 a 181 Doteebl S3 7i a 4 00
Wuiel. (UsNaiV 10 a '
Do (east ," 2St:w
TaHow, 12
Whiskey. 90a
10 s m
Brandy, (peach)
Do Ctpol)
ssBttlrat J
Bl Rone,
43 a 60
25 ar ;
0 t Ml
Cotton Bagging, 20 t 53
Corn, 53
Candle 17
Flaxseed, 75 a HO
Flour, $5 a 46311
8 H
Nsiln, i
SalUtboshefl 7. i
Do (sk) $IOOsa54
Sugar, Ibrewny CJiW 'J
Do (lorop) " " 18
DloafJ 'iai0 ;
Tobacco, (leaf) 3 a 1
Whsske, V ra- j
Wool, -' lSa'aorl
. .. . i
AT CfUERAW, 8. C, MAY 10, JL ,y S3 a S3 W "
""7 a IfcUiers, T "-- 4045
10 a 13 llird, (scarce) lit I'-'l
2223 Mokntea, 40t60
22 28 hlata. 83 40
lfal'jpice,(100lba), S4a3
Beef, (scarce)
Bsle Rope,
tVnTi.e, -----
Corn, (scarce).
S a IO
a 55
lljtlQjtgar. '
Jdt It.
Bale Rope,
Coffee,, (ack
Do (bushel) . 87J a fl
AT CAMDFJM.& C, MAY, 19, 1841.'
.. 7a8.
13 a In
.18 a 23
14a 16
Corn. '
Lard, ?
Oats, ,
- oo .
, TSl a 43
'lOiU 3
' 43 i
"43 s 50 :
. - V anted, . :..
AS aa Apprentice lo the Printing Bueiness,
Boy from 14 to 18 years of see. Apply at
ihiaOfCce. " k. "--.
Balubury Msrcb 12, 1841. a
&- muss ma am -co
tlEING desirous of embarking in another buK;
nest, I now offer the establisbmenl of the Wit
inoTtiN AnvKMTiaKg for sale.
I dn not know of a mora eligible situttionj'of
pnrtnnt desirous of embarking in the printing busi
ness, than Wilminston, North Carolina.
Terms accoininodatinit. Apiilicstion must be
.... . .
post paid.,
DectmbVr 11, !840:

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