North Carolina Newspapers

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flumbtT ot Volume 2$. j
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lVnnH Cajoumuh is puM'wbed every Friday
,ine it aVJ per aJiHUKiot t J 50 if
I) ttiKi three !MMi-owerww wm Hwrw
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.ot It tb Editor ainrcuon, uimi an m.-rut
mill, if tbe ubschber i worth the ubrription
ill foiluro to oonfy the Editor of a wih to dwcon:
e, tt least oHt stormi before tlio cud of ilm year
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yT AditrtwmenU coi-pieuoui,ly and
tci t $1 squire--(of 3 W ems, or Jfietn. inn
ih'isricd type) forth Brat martion, nd 23ceatr
.',h contmuMceT Tourt and Judicial advertiae-
. i innidriii ii aw nnirafrnnioni.
i $ en-- higher 'hn ,n" rtU A
una of 3!$, per cent fr.ra tterefuUr icr '
aide to yeartf dirtiiH. U-'AdverliseuienU
..l.i: a.,. " mi.i.4 li tnmrhmA' with 1m nuin
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Uim ddrewerto the Editor' ou Iudm mw(
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Journal of Hanking :
iJoarw! willcontura
A new edition of "A Short Ilmtory of rpfr
ip tad Bikinj in th United Btttw," by Win.
Goofe, with coricctioni and iddiliow, bringing Uie
rtie do to Uie preeut Hoe.
Ii on Baiikiug. Curnncy, Exchange, and
w ......
'red, io which efforu will be uiulo to place
Mitubjecu ih the clctret light powible.
;, A actniinonthly review ot the timet, embracing
most iinprtant crenia, specially iboae tih'chal
ibe L'eiioral uperaf iom of buiibna.
:b. hiicb miKcllioeooa manor aa ui, wiiiib h
m ... t :i-
i idd a Ihe nitetU of Ibe work, uben it
a object, which w that of aow inf b 5'
ot uuf pper monfj aud banKinj afrfern, and the
ct it hu on tbe uiorali aud liappincM of the difler.
: eUaxt of the community.
B'f.u.'uriial will taeapecially intended for Fartueri
Mccliaoica. but it m Imped it will ajot prove umue-
U) iltrcUauU and other productive membcra of to-
It will be published. occe every two wecka, web
iber will contain pajea ocIito, Ooublo
with the leava Hitched and cut, thin uniting
iJvautagea of iUa upt'n
tLctt with a form con-
ixtA kit kiadinj .
ill be fair and the type good. The
J rr. .
,ic will be
Fur una copy, one dollar and fifty cent a jea .
Kor four copina, five dollafi, or one dullir and ttfon-
'a un copiei, 'Ten dol!ai,"rjr one do!tir .?
h all cr- pu!iMCfiptiou$ muU be fid i tdvunct.
ot th a
Xorth Carolina Tt inperance Union.
hllE State Temperince Society of N. C. st it an
nual meeting. diivcteO H fcxeculive i Nnmuiee io
, . , ... i i . . i . i .., .
Ic OH'Uurn Hit I lit) enauiuiiirni, i tun put, vi
i, ruii: d. oM toltiff It ocxfTempernce;---
a oWii-nee to their wtahe,4 ind'aapwwt With the I
ptXilOceoi aucd a puwicaiiuii, iur vuuminm iintf
-rminii, if ciniAh-nt eneouragetiHMit can so oo-
,cd, to mik' tiie tint iminber of auch a publication,
be rliid tt, NORTH t.'AKOI.IN TUMI'Ev
.TK I'NION. on the firal of January next.
I d leading ul j' Ct ij the Louiii will be, the niaae.
tioo of lfuirance twincisli-i. e nil en-
Lnif in m ni in in page, a Ml! record ol tbe pro-
t the I e per net rvim.- in our own and in
ijt'i Undi ot iu efluct ('n iiJividui! and com-
1111111 -aitd of igiml artH-K-a m uelcnce ot ita pus
, and in reply to Uio varioy objection urged
inil it. .
SVfcils, however, the promo'.ion of Temperanee will
the Cr.t nd trading object of oonoamai, it ia our
oueo, that its pagia ahall be enlivened by e general
Moary of ibs moat impnrunt etvnts of th day. and
urucular attention to the intereat of Agriculture,
la carrjung out thta object, the Committee look with
tMencato Uie fiitodaol I cinperance, panicumny
North Carolina, tor aid sod support. A new nn-
watabeencivrtitatbveaiMtia this oiale. nere
ttit urowr uccaamn. we eouhl tells tale of what
'been pataihg uodor our own eves, which would
wiainrni t jny mrqpgn erjr woitv.v.. ...
ret irmalHA of IliS inewiaie na nnwwni
till going on with a power and suceras, winch th
'A Mniraina never anUcipale. Give ua but
B?aiia of conimuoieitHifn and w truat an in-
f will m tbrth I row the Cipitol ot Xh old ftortu
KtoiUrirmoUjWttdary, that will tell upon it
niaanand pnmoanti tlirouuh all luiurs gcneraiiona.
rermii oa, then, mnat erneiy io appeal w nnj
ad iTemwraiice. Morality, and rood eruer, m ain
vnmnlm. At tiie ohiect m to commence with the
w year. 4, Inn on the part ol ita irtenu my oe nui.
t every individual then, who tet'ia an tmereat in our
fiMible, st pm't lor Mm number of eopioa, which they
Nm can be circulated in their vicinity, and forward
:ceL rtd B7PfV lemwriHC CieiT, wcninw re-
m think the damand of their ntighbrnid may
'. In this wav onlv. cn we bops lor aucces in
V eflbrt
At a meeting of the "Executive Co i mittee of the N.
Timucranca Socmiv. the LllowiSff reaolutioO Wat
p'PW: Wbareia. amnfrements hY been mad to
ftmmeace the publication of a Temperance Journal iu
P'cyot Kaloigh,oil tiie Ural weoa Ol Jiouary m-ai,
Mjed oaa t smsaaa Kubacribera can be obtained.
Krulml. That it be moat earneatlt recommended to
M of 4h Officera ftf the Htata Tenrance Society,
w the member of the la'.e Srat tonventton, ana
J wiio are tria.llriothe csuac imniediatcly altir
reteint of thia raaolntimi. to become roaponaible for
pa 10 to SO Hubocnbern, to that the publication may
rueiie tt Uie time coutemulated.
order of ih Rtie.uiivA Committee of tho North
liaa State Temmmkea tv. . ' ,
'fbe'Trtrth Carolina Temperance Union will be pub.
KN WeLIii k iomIiu... .KmI I mm 9(1 ha 11 inpiia.t
',,""'r',,M, 'ftjf n' Pr annum, pavable IN
N reiuitundas, mutt We directed, pnatpaid or free, to
S I Irwr"t lh Society, Jw Buowb, ruieigh,
1 All th aewsoapert ia the fiute are reapeclfully ra
P'M to itrrCuis Pojtjecttw nre m nro fowrtferm
'Ti midnight ; mond the la ran which o'er
The" chamber nheda ih Imiely beaio, '
la widely rpread the varied loro
Which Iced in youtli ilie foveriah drcaiOj" .
, The dream, tbe hiret, Ibe wi'Jdoiiro,
. Delirium, yet divine- to know I
Around to roam, above aepire, '
And drink the broatli ot heaven below I
. From ocean, earth, the atari and aky,
To lift mvrteriiiua Nature' pall, , '
. And bare before the kindling eye,
Iii man, the darken mitt of all.
N Alna, what boota the midnight oil 4
The m An ot ie trogjlin( mind? ' ,
t Oh. vain the hope and tain the to.l
SVbirh only leaf ua doubly blind! .
What learn we troin the paatf tbe aatno
Dull courae of glory, guilt and plowo I
1 atked the future and tltere came
' No voice from it unfitlwnied Wo.nb,
The aim wa ailent, and tiie wave,
'i be air replied bat with a breath ;
Dot earth wa kind, and from the grave
Aw ae the eternal enawer Dtatk I
And th wa all ; w need no auge
To toacb ot Nature' only truth.
Oh, fboUl o'er Wiadoni'a idle paco
To waate ilie boo r of golden Youth.
la Kcimce do we wildly aaek,
The languid pulie, the loveiiah cheek,
The piril droopioj oo the wing.
Even dow my wandering eyea larref
Tbo gliae to youthful gline to dear ,
What deepening tracka of alow decay
Exliaut-ti'd thought hs graven here !
To ilttnk, u but to learn to groan,
To ncorn wliat all hevido adore ;
To feci amid the world alone
An alien on a de&ert alinre ;
To Inoae the only tiea that teem,
I o idler gaziv-in mercy given ;
To find love, faith aid hope a dream,
And turn to dark dcapair Irorp Hcareo.
.w..---,-: -
M I H ( U 1, Li O 3 S .
" By conceriation, I do not simply mesn the iu
lsrchaug ol word, but the whole process by which
we reveal our tbodht snd fueling. A pressure
of the hand may touch ths spring which makes
the folding duor of the eh fly back ; a jetting
uir of expression oa the face mny te tho mirror
of the inner man-"
Men lliiuk to have avdace by murb. fraa. uo
bounded duxfourse, with other; an I when they
havn done, they find it uthorwise, and sometimes
littto with other, and much with himaolf.
"Learn all you can; you wilt live to see its
talue." '
''NatuWr lk a great- post, can produce ths
greatest effect with Ibe fewest means.'
lappan, ol ISotiin, who ha recently trsvelled ir
Kum'pe, gives the following description of the pro
ce of Heading grape, raitidious wine drinker
.wilt hoi fancy t'te fid :
Wu pawd thrMigh the fioeat countries in Eu
rope, in vint.ige tune i and having witnesaed th
treading ol grnes, it may intereat you to knowlhe
priice. O.i an appointed day all the inhahitanta
of a Iiainlot aeemulu early - in the morning, end
with carta containing baakets, tubs, and casks, pro.
, coed to gather grujiea, sound, and In every eUge
ot. decay, io Urge nibt, rce,mbling in aixe and
cleauiioes, the tub in wh't-h boa are scalded and
dressed m America. When the tube dre u(B
& ciently filled with grape, apider' weba, and fliea,
a lad jump into it aod drawing up hi pantaloons
Io In middls, commence ; with hi bare feet and
at other with barnyard ahora, to jump upon the
grapes, and force the juice through the bole in
the contra of tbe b-iti.nn of tho tub, into a large
tunntil, which is inaerted ia acaak. When the
cuak Is filled, it rolled away and carted to the
Tillage, from whence it goes Io the wine merchant,
and h mamifarhired, that ia, adulterated, "and
-sonl to msrkei.'? Nothing, can, be .more - filthy
unJ nauxeating, thuii-the dirty slovenly way iris
insdu, unless it may be the water back of Albany,
ol which. Mr.. Dolcvan proved , they tnado strong
boer. Cou'd wine drinkern, who so much extol
Ihe eockrnach flavor of their wine in our country,
they would loathe what they, call, the pure juice of
the grap. It i well known fact, I hut no pure
wine it exported from wine countries.
' Give me a rainy day for clone and continuous
thought. Il invest you wiihqutrtness you are her
riieficallv scaled. It blanks your windows. In the
intervals of application you look through them, but
cj s nnr thiighl find any thing to detain it. Tour
uhjeel seemtdiuWd through the overcharged air,
and you gace and gaze with intent abstraction, till
your flow of thought becomes at permanently so.
ber and steady as Ihe day itself. A day that soli
cits, not tickles ihe sense pliiys no fantastic
tricks bul stands over you with a vast, gray, mo
tionless, thought moulded aapect of an Egyptian
8phynt. What preceptrens what a muse
what n foster-mother of studimi thnnght, to politi
cal economists and dorp divines. Tbey should
mark il white in their calenders. Our rain, of
wvtlt rtn vrwit IWM If tllflt tr1tnvfrhW--flrlT
maguL $uimtmr high tide," Tbco tatori the
mine ooighty uicunibeoej , with luog, patient-
01 like draught. Theu ara.aJI lojarithinetio t
blej calculated and corrected tbeo is the circle
iquared luto are tba urt priuciplea of trade and
exchange proved then art cloadi of raetuphyaio,
generated then ia logic chopped the it black
letter rd, and the " Kef oil of Islam" attempted
then do thoy that write faiatoriet of the world, and
they that read then, make largo advance into
Tia to rainy day wa owe the conception of
moat good and great thinking, say inge aod doings.
A man it commonly alone, wbeobe is groat loner
when be diacovers invent, create alone, when
is spirit plumes henelf, cherub-like sod soars 6u
the wings ol tat aspirationa alooe, whoo be com
ounce with God. Therefore, accept the early and
tbe latter raid, as binds aignala to retire and be
UiignUuJe of the Lilti. Lake Superior M 400
miles long, 60 wide, 000 feet deep, aod contains
33,000 square miles. It is 590 feet above the level
of tide water. . ..
Lake Michigan is 220 miles long, 70 miles wide,
1,000 feet deep, and 078 feet above tide water.
It contain 22,000 aquare milos. v
Lake Huron is 240 mile kmc, 86, miles wide,
1,000 feet doepj and contains 20,000 equaire milui.
it fs 271 feet above tide water.
Green Bay is 100 miles long, 10 miles wide, and
contains 2,000 square mile.
.Lake Erie is 240 miles long, 40 miles wide, 840
feet deep, and contain V.000 sq'iare mile. It w
503 feet above tide water.
Lake Ontario ta 180 miles long, 03 miles wido
500 feet deep, and.coutaioi 600 square mile, tt
is 282 feet above tide water.
Lake S . Clair 120 mile long, 14 mile wide,
20 feet deep, and eontaius.000 square miles. Jt ia
570 feet above tide water. -: 1
American Lakes are computed to contain 1,700
cubic miles of water more than one half the froth
water on the globe
There Is a short didactic sentence of four word,
which, if followed in prsc ice, would effect a reform
in society, more emeosive and important than the
great temperance reform. I know it sounds harsh
ly you may call it vulgar 1 do not mean to of.
r A . ".1. "ri' T.1 -
woo oy uueruig a truiu coaraoiy. i 11 morciy
quotauoo Mind your ea hunaeu."
IVe seldom pre-nme to dictate to ladies, much
more srrwirria a jLmsIui of. tiwlt dress. Cut
now and tbeo we find eorne wholesome adrtcw,
some ktud suggestion, which, if received in s friend.
ly .pint, would save.'marty i if4tircTrwr
untimely grave. Dr Graon is lecturing on Physio!
ogy in. New Turk, snd we commend a sentence
from htm to the terious, sober consideration of the
other ses Philadelphia Aawriraau
i An idulfmao,
inches of air in a breath' but a great diflerenceis
fouiid eren when' id hie ordinary dress then he
tioIy. takes.Mi 32 iocl.e- If, lbn, in a man, ithe
-eiparrfton of Irirchwir.ll tost and tesftaasw "owt"
fifth less, what must be the effect or tbe lacings and
padding now so generally employed by female.
There was not a medical man who was not a daily
witness of the consequences. .We look for tbe
bright and beautiful beings we have known in our'
youth, and where ire tj ey t Alas ! they have tia
toned to the dictates of fsshinn, and lifo has been
literally crowdvd oat of the room. We look on an
emaciated form! the light garland seem a burdeni
on her brow) the bounding step is gone, the bright
color laded, snd a look of decay baa taken its place ;
and that a lift, the morning of which began so
brightly, is ending in sadness and gloom. Thia
was no fancy sketch, he saaursd them. Beyond
all doubt, corsets were exerting a destructive influ
ence on the health and lives of our fsmihe aod
at range it was that the philanthropist of th eg ex
hibited so much apathy in regard Io it : they do not
carry their philanthropy into a lady's boudoir. In
bia opinion, alcohol wa not more dertntctm to met,
than cortttt were tottomen.
Do you want to see the men against whom yoa
have most reason to guard. yourself! Tour look
ing glass will give you' a very fair likeness of his
face. .
A London newspaper has tbe following adter
linemen! t
" Sfcrp Mr. Gardner, discoverer of a system
for producing sound and refreshing sleep at will.
Mr. G's system supersedes Ihe use of all hypnotic
medicines, and has nothing to do witn animal mag-
netism or any thing injurious it is also a system
of prevention ss well as ol cure, aod has of late
been much retorted to in cases of indisposition
with success, even when narcotics had failed tg
produce sleep 216, Picadilly , Oct. 1841. Testi
monial went free. bee the Times, Sept. 13."
A man up town has got cider so bard that be
splits wood with it."
NotiM.-ne. rh only thing hard cider has split
up is the late whig party JV. Y. Avrvnx.
" Mr. Tyler ha turned traitor to bis party,"
any the Whig. Indeed I We thought if the Whiga
aucceeded, we were to have a " President of the
jieople, not of a party " Bridgeport Parmer.
Remember that most of the matchless efFusiona
of Burns were comreivetl while be wit toiling after
th yJcAt.
, From tho Albany Argt.
We propose to giv) a brief hwtory of the bond
questioo in Miaaiaiippi, for lbs purpoaH of shtwioj
that tbe indignation and epithet of tho Pedoral
nreaaas ahould ha directod a.ninirt a rlaia of to
corporaieJ " awindlor, who have Uruihd Ihel' of the CoiteJ Stales gnaranlocd tix
e. -..fill:: :..: uj .k.: .J.... 1 iiavimuil. ., . 1 -' " '. Sz .,- ii , f
and who now, bv the aid of a venal prena, hope to)
transfer, tbe odium of their own miadooda, to the
honetf and most wronsed iHioole ol Miaaiaaioni. I
la aa evil hour, aud under he seductive ioui
rwvw va wirwvuitawiwaeui s awais hwihikoi a aitv fWji I
lature of )lisiasiDi nasaed taws for issuing seven.
. tr milium. .H a h.lf f n. . ...7. ,..!. he holders St K SXtrlKHI of tbt IjnfldS, MVS.
atockaa a basis for baiikinir. Of thi. amount.
two millions wss oo account of.tho Planter's Bank,
which the people do not object to paying, and the
residue, fifteen millions and a half, was for tlw e
lablietinwot of the Union Bank of Miasiaaippi'.
The sum actually sold by the Union Bank is only
five milliooe of dollars; arid this is tbe sum wbi b
lh ttnli.lwuu i.... ... r......t.nii. imm.
v im-www IT (araar ww mmw aawajMWll W fararavw
and ought not Io be paid by a tax on the people j
hut that it ought to be paid bv Ihe . Union Ikuk
and by the president, directore and coupsny cu
iostitulion, who have had Ihe avails of the stock
and applied them to their own use. L
The Constitution of Mississippi, as if designed
to prouct the people against the profligate and
iocenstdecateact f ita represenlatifes, has en-
grafted upon il the following clause i
No law shall ever be pa:d, to raia a loan of
money, upon ihe credit of ibe Siate, or Io pledge
the faith of tbe State, for the payment or redemp-
tioo of any loan or debt, aoiess such 4oan be pro-
posed iq tbe Senate or House of Represenutifws,
and be agreed to by a majority of the membere o
each House, ami entered oo their iouriials, with
ihe yeas and nays taken thereon, and be referad
to the e.t autceedrng legislature, nod publiahed
for thres booths previous to Ibe next general
election, in three newspapera of thia Stale, "and
unjeaa majority of each branch of the gilature
so elected, alter such publication, shall agree to,
"Ind p" jiTauTawTinil ISTaWTtsaTIni yeas and
oava shall be taken and entered oo tbe journals of
"escb House." ' ' . -
, In 1837 the Union Bank bill passed, and thia
bill. was approved by a subsequent legislature on
the 6tb of Feb., 1838.
This law previded'for a bank with a capital of
fifteen million five hundted-thousand dollars, ths
capital to be raised by meat of a loan " to be
obtained by Ilie directore of the institution." Tbe
hares were one hundred dollars each, and books
ef subsenptton were to be openad 'fterjlweqty
; ' days notice in all the newspaper of the State,
. " and tbe said books ut subscription shall be kept
open for tbe space of forty dsye io each year, uo- ten sjoculatiooa, and these stock tacUiuee wer
III tbe full am- unf of 180,000 share shall bare required aearry them our - Too stock was) swat -been
subscribed for." out to the United State. Bank agency io London.
In order to facilitate the Union Bank in pro
curing a loan ol pntxw and a half, it wa
proTided in tmt tci inai im !aiinoi me ow
and interest, and that State bond ahould be issued,
and signed by Ihe Guverooi to the order of th
bank. It also provided that the capital and loter
' est of tbe State bonds should be paid by the bank
a they 41 duo, and to occurs ut payment r sub
scriber to the bank stock were to giv mortgage.
The bonds and mortgages for fifteen millions, sub
bribed by tbe stockholders, were to be depoerted
u The offici of raid iristitolion, e securiiy for
interest of eaid bond granted by the Slate." Af
ter the slock of the bank was Subscribed io the
manner nefore provided, and a president elected,
notice waa to be served Inn Ihe Governor, ' who
will thereupon execute to the bank from time to
lime, bonds io amount proportioned I the soma
subscribed and aecured lo the satisfaction of the
directore, as required by the charter." The pro
fits were to remain in bank, until tbe first bonds
became due ia iwel years. ; . .
The foregoing ia a enmmary of Ihe leading
provisions of the bank mil passed in 1837, and
approved by a subsequent legislature oa Ihe 6th of
February, 183. . . .
Ten days aftdr this approval, being oo tbe If ih
of Feb-, 1838, the legislature passed aa act sup
plementary io ths Union Bank act, the first seen si
of which waa ia ihe following word. . '
That ae eooo aa the books .of subscription for
stock, io the said Misaissippi Union Bank, are
opened, the Governor te hereby authorized and
required to subscribe, in behalf ot the State, fifty
thousand share ol the stock of the original capital
of lb eaid bank, aa already provided for in the
aid charter, and that Ihe dividends and profits
which may accrue and be declared by the Bank,
on the said slock subscribed for in behalf of the
Slat, shall be held ly eaid banks, subject lo the
control of the State Legislature, fur Ihe purpose
of Internal Improvement, and tbe promotion of
Thia act consists of seventeen sections. It re
peale such part of the original charter as gave Ibe
Stat one tenth of tbe profit of th bank and a
credit of r-200,000. And it also provided
Thai the President aod Directors of tbeM
aiesippi Union Bank, or Ih managers thereof,
shall have ample power to appoint three eammt
ionere to negotiate and sell the State bonds, pro
vided for in th fifth section of the act incorporating
the subscribers lo Ih Mississippi Union Bank, io
any market within tbe United States, or in any
foreign market, under such rule and regnlaiionf
a may be adopted by aaid President aod Directors
or managers not inconsistent with the previsions
of th charter of said bank, provided, said bonds
hall not b sold under their par value.
This eupplemeotary net, which place lb Slat
as principal for five million, instead of standing as
security, waa never submitted to the people as re
quired try the Constitution. And this act not only
plsces the Stste aa principal, but it alter nearlv
all tbe conditions and terms oo which tbe people
. j t . .... j ' .
igmvu u urcoroe wacurny, a ceniBinea 10 ID
original act referred to them. ' i
On th 16th of May, 1638, Ind aa soon after the
passage of Ihe supplementary bill, probably, aa the
bonds could be obtained from the hands of th
engravers, and executed by th Governor, tw
commissioners appointed also under lh aunnl
tteVtarTr; ae.1, nr itj KJpJjiitetytrtsA, tffjj ytfrOkh
letter to Sir. Diddle, and inform bint (bat (Vf era
authorised Ittdnpova of bond of the Statu of 33iS
iaippi, amnauliiis) to C18.CJ0.CC3, and (hit thtivcr
wa thea in tbe' market rive miflioiui aafltid Mm ft ;
and (Im five rbilliona iaoffered at tba rate of fmr
hilhngs and n parte aieriing loth Sio!!ar, rmn-
bit) in IjoodiHti An agrnemeot wa eamatea Kr
the IStli of August, 1833, stgrrsJ fcy Nk:Ii.U
Biddle, and aa the stuck was purchased on erci.t,"
- By lmg the" bonds eo credit, and c!us.;j
them from duliara to pounds, for which there was
authority ia Ibe laws of MiasisMpm, there woril
te " Iha ,ime w
m9 , . , j. .
' Owbot McNqtt, in bis arum to Copt) G
' " The aaooey paid for tbew Cood did not coin
into the Slate Treasury. Tbe officers of the Go
vernrrmot had no com rot over ita diatrorsemedt.
The Bond wore deposed of jn A02UST183S, bf "
colluloQan4 fraud, in violation of the constitution
snd laws of 4his State. The MUeissippi Union' '
Bank, and ilie Bank of tbe United Stales; werw
iwrtiea to tbie unlawful traiwaction. Vou haveihw
. . .. a -
JrseBet of both of tbesr institattooa, and t
f py menu . ' , ,
When I ascertaiiied in lanoary, lW, th '
ms oo which the k nds had beon sold, I coo)'
municated the same by essageio the legialaturw.
,od denounced the sale as .1 egai. At that time
wily tww millions of dollars bad been psiif lin tbw
5"d.' hy ,h .B"1h U . By
Proclamatioo I subsequently is.ued. the sale ol tho
w!ond, fif nJ do,'u" of t0 ,
wre? u,,h M-aiwiippi. Uown Bank, wa pre.
!en,ed- 1 b!,B,.fl te5"?1 ,a '" ,,te
Wf n'10" f Bonda oeuunded .
bT tnaHitubi Tbee eeciai ve measures pre.
rented ibe illegal Jisposal of ten and a half mil.
,M,M do,u,r 8,' B
ou thai ibe OorernintHit tbie State never bev
coun'eoanced, and caunot be made rnponeiohi for
,h lrduleo acte.of the Mississippi Union Bank.
. All the evil con queues of thia transaction irs
to ba traced directly to Ihe pestilential Influence
wnicn was ainusoa .inreugnujit tne union oy that .
numerous) and- powerful clan of men who rallied
under tbe banner of the Bauk of tbe United 8 tales,
sod, pruaiitutfcd all the functione of legialalioa
build up and sustain a false aud fraudulent system of
credit , , a system by which' merchants havn bea
broken dowu by lhousands,(widowa and erpbam)
have beet) robb4 of their means of abpart, lbs '
currency of the country has been degraded, and
eren MSereigu- and imteeondeat Statee have beeo
bankrupt, and their food nm and plighted, faitl
tarnished. : . , t . -.m .
. . About the time the legidature was inflsenced to
peso the supplementary bill without submitting il '
to tbe people, Mr. Biddle was going into bie cot-
jsod hypothecated to borrow money, and the Union
IBank of Missiastppi woul into the notion soecnla. ,
lhorthe owltioo With the means lurowiieo tf MkAuUi. a
nirniahesrsWlftdlo, aoti this cotton probably
waa 1'or.wardud to Biddle and Humphrey, at Liv
erpool, so that Mr. Biddls not oolybad an advance, '
on the atock, but Ibe. cotton purchased . with Ibe. '
urns he paid lo tbe Union Bank, en bis contract
wa also mad available Hf bis opsratiooa,
TAttiFF. fallacies.-No, r. -
Among ti nuniaww fclhwies found io tbe ar.
fuots wf Hhose-who advocttontw high presMw
nwirtciiv system, to flrst wIiicb w shall notice, '
is lb allegation that if wo trade with foreign eooo
tries, then we do as a matter of ejure, " npport v
the laborers of those countries, or as it iscouHnaa
ty expreaeed "support loreign labor." 4
If we could support litem wit bout loss to oar.
selves, it would be an act of benevolaoce, and vej
of duty lo do so. Th idoa, however, wmid to ba.
thst it ihe trade ia benefit to them, it .most d"
cuuree b an injury to ua.
In tbe afiatra of private lifo, atea bar to mocj)
venae to adopt suck a notion, and yet it w 09 mora
reasunaMs m rslerwoos to natioo than to t faai
ly or an indtndual. , , ; " , - ;
If natter wishes shoes for but family, aod t
furnish shoemaker with bat it) exchaiur for
ehoes, each giving ao equal qnantiiy of laboi, Uk
act mat ids natter is Msenued by the xchsngw
dos not prove that tbo khoamaker ia iojared, fur il
ha waato th bat for Iu family, b ia squally
benefitted with tit ha tier, and to any that either
supports th ther, in th sens ia which th ai
vocatae f restriction uss the Word "support," 0
unreaaotwb!. "
If a farmer whose land ia of a sjaady soil, tot
changa peache and aweot potatoes for. w beat,
with a larmer who land is ol the Urn sioos aort,
tbey both may be benefiued, and both equally q.
In tike manner, tbe people of ' district aboood
ing io coal, iron or,-f other tatioeral, may mak
ao exchange for agricultural producta with a dia.
tricl which baa no such minerals, and lbs exchange,
may b equally advaotagooo to buh partma.
So eouotriee which oa account of their climate,
cannot produce cotton, rice, sugar, I moos, oranges,
countries to th beoefi: ot both partiea, and it d
prepoatoroua to assert thai on party ia Mccataxijj -supporting
ths other. ,
. If trad is WA IV, indif iduakt will btjua gjco -ral,
th beat mdga for lhsmaalva of th expedi-
ancy of making euch exchange. They will sot
be likely to make them, oolsas tbey ba naturally ,'
advaatageoua. And for a legislator to dwutsi '
whether they shall mak them or not, ia ae aedlaet ,
snd unreaaonabi aa to dietat to each individual
I the kind of food be alia II eat and tb sort of cJotl)i j
iiv nn, rmiaiisiais,
- . s
Another fallacy of those who favor tb ttigut
restrictive system under all cases and circon
lance, 1 found in th supposition, that it ia din-'
advantageous to veto trad with foreigners who
work at lower wage than oar own citasee. .
The low rate at which tho with whom W4 .
trad work, ia so far from be tog a duwdvaotage,
that it ia io troth a great advantage lo iia, and
indeed ia th only on we deriva from foreign trad
wheo w injport an artidle vrhieh tT sTrlgbt Bttt
dnx$t bwiw, , .
v , ,
-"".-' m , ,..J
, .
r J

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