North Carolina Newspapers

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jk a 1 c i p b a ki.
- ' T II E " 0 W. '-; y '
QT alt lJ U39iic crext jrljii, wl i
teen, ihe cow of
flit wirt ' T h-r H carry our birdeus.
w4 pU t!u earl jJ pUaHi tUo l w.H gt
Jlwh for fib I .if welt SeJ; b il 'Kc ivr Will firuiih
- .m wlti, t iti'-'r, cha-Jii, imJinsai, carry burdens, j
XiHlux j.'. iu;'i, a i.l !.n HlrU'ii m. Il M iiol
- rtrtJl' mirprwiwf -that the pi.iitry in many
' fJri of iTirupe fsteem the cuw so btlily. Tuy
4!t1irtoth5ir friendly cottars, and give her
wir:i b'J il ona earner, whil ho.t fcoJiiig the
Umily. '" We hive bflen wonhjred how it could
lii p3;ij'8 f if? thv purer clae of that country
1i lif witbnit jjhi futhf.ilcow. I ideed, we hare
b'lM M'isJ ourw'v if Die produce of lh( cow i
t.ot the n import iiu put of our living.' So far
at we are crur.rnd, we would Ng cutly prefer nil
the (jntdrupad tribe being aonihl ld, before we
- wajUgiy1! i uptiicu the best firiimd of tbo brute
face to inan.
1 : There w targ9 ia tlio fact, thit the
nglofcj kv done w much to improve their breod
.f caute, aaJ ill t I! animal bring an bih a
rire, when we refWl cpon their u,e to families,
ud toevnn iiiiivid iii!. Webave great desire lo
?e t ho co :.U iinnved in thi country than
any irtbrr alin li a'riiuj at we have wowd to
le. In impwffnVnt ol raille, however, the peo
ple of the t.iifd S'atft have done but tittle. We
I ave im;nrtcd oai? noWe creature, and me fair
, one hjve b-en prolud-d tier-; bui we ask where
the people arc, in thi country, that bavu mudid
pmjterly the wience of bleeding and rearing -fine
If wa ever rightly appreciate the cow, we will
unJcrtl .ud the w crh of breeding cattle, one rimpe
f t. milk, oiii;her for b-f, an-1 al a third for oxen.
W will lcart4 the rnitk cow mot have liht fire
q ikr ei. and b-'ioki, ttiin nrikeltcute bead, son,
silky coal, wide hips, and thin thilia: wliilo the
mimal for Ix-rf, hm a nort thick head and
V T7e tacenlentttlly hirJol a drjll ayje htu ye
f,..i .... k...... I I
l),jriimng with all premising rig narolei, jt it
nly iKH-en.iry to utatA at ones, that Cidouel Sen
ior was at one tiine a l.nslaior in a certain I'gula
nve hall. Ho bid buu an Iiriun aent among
the Oi4iW, an I wb'inover he Uvik the fl wr he wa
etcmlingly fanjji farcin ikinR trope and eimile
of bufliloet, wjIvbk, panther, bear, f.xei, ai l all
other vonicioM anim iN. In thii w ty, be fiot In
be 'iiie a Hot hliinolf, a id hi opp mcnUall ilir iuk
in terror fra n hit roar. B it on one ocenvion a
young lawyer, new upon the Hkm-, but who knew
the roariig Cnloaol of old, got Op and replied to
bim afwllo.w '
, ' Mr. Speaker,' iv tba (eoilem in iinagina lie i
gnitig to fn;ht"0 u down here with a menagerie of
wild beattv 1 Though tba gentleman it to amiou .
to lot ut know tbrtt' he wa born in tbe wood, can "
he a uteri that he wu uever acarod by on owl?
The honornble member may p illy recognwe e
rcininiKcnce which may be related thut;
"A certain valiint geiitloinao w.w once be
nighted, even in bit native wood, aud, calling aloud
for awottHnce from hi dilemma, ho hvard a oejHil.
chral voice exclaim in antwer, Hoolooko'
Soovko art you t The genitomun tnttanlly re
plied, ai the lop ul hi voice,-' I am Colonel Dvid
Crockott, Juhu Casoir, Alextnder, NajoWn,Slen.
lor, formerly ut NiclMilue county, Kmiucky, Bow a
candidate to represent Calloway county in the
lower branch of th? next General Awnihly in
MiMouri, and I am loiin oo--hoa Aoo
tooka-htihihakakuh.'' irturued the
dmtanl a ranger; and, Mr. Speaker, the valiant
Colonul wa loft by the owl to find hi own w ;y out
of the -Wood, which I .presume be did, a be airs
among us at prernt
Tba epeecb wa inlerrnptej tbroughnnt with
uproarious laugbier, which echoed again and again
in f ioleut gut for aome axnnenf after the juvenile
member eat down. At length, to the enrpriae of
eveiy body, Colonel Sieulor tlow y uroe with
wiitician, and replied :
Mr. Speaker, the gentlem in inquire if it i.
poMiblo for me In ho reared by an owl t 1 confeu
1 put .'" Saw Qdtaiu Picayune.
best au
neck, heavy q lartera, r jund. Jiajrrel aud hort lg; The Crewot City av there i uo danger of a
but the ox U liMiucr iu the limb, body and indeed j famine Congrett ba given o niany proeitioM,
iu alt it prowition. When brei-ding domestic , to the Bankrupt bill to the people,
animal it reduced to a science, 'he diflrreul breed '
m the milker, bc f an J ox, will be discussed with " You are the most handsome lady 1 ever aaw,"
. . ' '.. . . l .LL--I.I
a.i4 il i" only when it hs slippai tnroun ius uwa
dfaowe Ihouwnds, h;4 MJ)0 fcUO, lf mere
chalice, hoM o k
The editor ol a very clevut paper l Bichmnnd.
Indiana-the " PjIU liuin" after enumerating tht
uurpiirt ofii flly roq iosi from ae m;ioy di(T;r-
cut persous topublUb this, tbt, or tb otbor tuny,
" Now we propose to each of those who have
tho made request of u. or.thow who have a ue
niro to reform our sheet, that they furnish an arti
tie, iu brief, of they think we ahoold publish,
and we will give Ih-ro a place in our next psper.
tt each of our auhscriber turn editor, and we
will be a " looker on io Venice.; All who are anx
ious to fi,"ire as editors, l.t tliero forthwith betake
themselves to a tripod, an I lot ua have Immediate
ly tbo rowlt oftheir r flection. Come all ye dull
6odiiiii friend aud foe, hand in your qaota of ed
iiorial and we have no doubt you will make pa.
per interesting, (for it novelty if nothing else) "to
a mnprity ol your readers."
' Tbo tbeet so filled, would be well worthy a pe
rusal ; and wj are of opinion that after playing ed
itor a while themselves, these fault finding reader
would willingly leeign their pUce. The circum
stance remind us f a fcgeudary story, we have
somewhere read, of a discontented iarmer,
tor a deal of grumbling, finally prevailed upon ths
great Disposer of the etemeut to rei;'0 into his
bandthe distribution of a duo quota of rain and
sunshine forth proper perfection of his crops, and
lo suit his geueral coiivenience. But before many
months had elapsed, tba poor fellow, haring mean
while eustained much lot and been at great troub
le and concern, buni'ily iioploreii that thi ought
gain go on a before. Tliua it i with man M is
easior lo criticise than to perlorie. Kjcj" He
Sptlling. 'Jjogan bad occasion one day to write
a letter in presence of a school compaumn, who, in
lookiug over it, expresead bis aurprise at lite sin
gulurity ot the orthography. It is strange Lo
gun," said he, " that you cannot manage le spell
eveu tbe slmrlest word correctly." " Siiell," cried
ihe Liiiii, with a look of well le.gned pettishuess,
" iuan,whi aro you baveriu' about! louk ot that !
holding up the stump of a quill to him ; ' would
ony man thai ken onythi.i nbout spelling ever
attempt to scli wi' a jwn IiUb thai 1"
r. I ,1 Pl.t. 1 -
the greatest gravity, and tbe particular structure said a getitleman to one of the fair,
" I wish that 1 could My as much for you," re
plied the lady.
u You could, madam, if you paid at regit d
to truth as I have."
ore-ten will be cotisiderrd so, but the proper man
exeraetit Vf eoUje in csch state of Uuir growth
will be Icmked upon as a mflTtr of morn importance
than Ihe attention now gi-on to the racer iu each
yvar ol In row:h.
Wheo we Mci-m the cow lis we shoilil, we will Talcing Phgir " Please, ir, I don't think
have Iter quarter, in p of coinfoit, next to the i Mr. Doseui takes his physic reg'lsr," said a doC'
0'iidy dwelliog ; aud we will learn that even cur tor' boy to his employer. " Why so I"" Cauo
ryinj m at It jst ss servieeabla to the cow os tjiej. he's get ing welleo precious fa;.n
horse. The i'fiuf ihit we do not put a proper c -r
ti jiale oi iIh-co, r-q'iin-s n - other nrjpiwcnt than n ex.-hsntre paper, under the head of " Good
Ihe ict, that uo mm fanner perhaps in fifty has ' Advic,"advi-s young men to " wrap themselves
eMi a cmiiluriabTe slwlter or wholesome winter jm their own virtue." Many of them would freeze
i -
Hope Deftrrcd.U Go to b;d, sir, in tbe closet
ihers," said an enraged father to a jo, who hud
given Lim just cause of oflence ; were it not ibal
ibese geutUtmen are prescui, 1 would give jou a
sound whipping, but you shall have it belore break
fast to morrow, certain." The little rebel weut lo
his crib with a heavy bean, and the enjoyments of
the party continued until a late hour. Jut when
tbe party was about to break up, the closet door
was quietly pulled back, and the young offender
put out his head, requesting that the sentence
might bn put in-exccution. " Father, would ye
just gte me my licks this ot&ht, for I canua eleep
without them ?"
or t
works have oow.Aeea pnllihed by us for
. ten eoast'cutiv eionef Ctfre. Coujmen
oing with Hie session of 13 &-1 Tbe bs had such
wide eimoUtion, snd have been so universilly spprov d
sad sought titer by the public, tbst w d em it neces-
urj only in thi l5roirtn to ssy that they will be
continued st th neat scswn of Coiitieiw, snd lo staU,
saruinctly, their contents, the form m which ibey Will
be printed, and Die price tor Uiem. '
Th Cwieressional Globe is made up of th daily
procctNhnfs of too two Houses of Coupons. The
vpeecues of the member ar abridged, or iowleiwcd, to
brio- them into a reasonable, or readable kof th. All
tb rraoluiions offered, or moiions msde, sr given at
hracth, io th mover own word ; nd the sua
an ill lb loiBortant oaestinos. It k Printed with
small type brevier and nonpareil on a double roysl
tlieet, in quarto form, each nomber containing 10 roysl
quarto pages. 11 m printed u list a the Dusiiiesa ooo
U Voufres lurniMies uiauer enoun wr nuniro-
usually one nuuiber, but aonieuuiea two uuuiaers, a
week. We have invariably printed more number
than there were week in a session. Tb apnroacbinf .
eawoa of Cooeress, it is expected, will con turn 7
monthr, if so, subscribers may expect between 30 and
40 numbers, which, lopetber, will rotk between 600
and VUO roysl quarto page.
i n Appendix nvue up or me i ibuiht o
nnal mestsee, the reports of the prioctpsl officers of
tbe Government that ceompsny it, and all th long
peecbet of member of Congress, written out or re
vised b) Ihemsulvei. It ts printed in th sam lorm'a
tbe Cougreaiioiial Globe, od usually mskes about the
same number of pce. . Heretofore, cm secouut of the
act speeches being' o numerous snd so loaf. hn
not completed the Appendix until one or two month
after the close of ibe session ; but, in future, we iutend
to print the speeches sa fst s they thsll be ptcpared,
and of coure shall complete the work withm a few
data after tlie ejouriuuent
- Each of these works is complete m itself j but it is
necensry for every subscriber who desire a full
knowleibj of tbe proceedings of Coogrers, to have
both ; because, then, if there should be auy nubiguity
in ihe synopsis of the speech, or any deaisl of its cor
r ctnews as published in tbe Confressiuttsl Globe, the
resder may return to the Appendix to se the speech
at length, cot reeled by the member binwclt
Now, there is no source but tbe Congreionl Globe
snd Appendix, from which a person eta obtain a mil
history of tbe proceedings of Congress, tiaue snd '
KBsToa'a Register of Ik-bates, which contained a his
tory, ba beea suspended, for three or tour yesrs. It
cost about fits time much tor a sion tm tb i3oo
greasaonal Glob and Appendii, snd did not contain so
equsl sinounl of matter, s grest purtioo ot tbe current
proceeding bein(f omitted. We sre euibled to print
the Cungrtasionel Globe tbd Appeudis st the iiw rate
now proponed, by basing a large quantity ot' type, and
keeping the Congreaaional matter that we cl up U4
the daily snd semi-weekly Glubcs, sumliug tor tbe
Congressional Globe and Apindix. It' we bad to ct
up-tlie matter purpely tor tbe works, w could not
ttord lo print them tor double tbe price now chuged.
Complete lnd'Xea io both tbe Congressional Giol
and the Appendix are print! at tti- dote of each ses
sion, and sent to tit u wcriters tbr-them.--
We hsve on bsnd 3,tHX) or 4,000 mrplus copies of
the Congressionsl Gljbe snd Appendix lor tba Kxtra
Sereion, which mak toyelhcr near one Ihoussud roysl
quarto page. Tbey giv the fullest history .of Con- -gress
Uiat has ever been publikbed. W now sell
tliemforf;! etch: thai i, fl lor ihe Congressional
Globe, srni f 1 lor la App'miix. VV tropuee lo let
Mibscribem tor tbe Congressional Giohe and Appendix '
lor tbe nxt ion, have them tor OU cent each.
They will be necessary to underslsnd fully th pro
ceedings id the it xt tewion. The important metiers
discussed si Ihe Iti, Mill berbrijught up si ihe uext
session, in coriMqiii"oce of the universal diKstisfaclioo
evinced in lb- Isle electiotis with the vast srd novel
systeuiof ikiIicv which the povrera lute introduced.
aod wliich wet forced through Congrrsi without can-
su'tmg public upinion, or even allowing in full !uv
ts puMUIu'd on a m.'iiuiii 4ii:"t. i quirt" form,
norutr snaking psires. sod ' will tm furnisflicd it v
tile serf kW price of lfly Cent$ a cup?. Where elV '
ele cdpiessre tnken, the pnvment mut ho xnng jtQ.
riably upon the reception of the flr-1 number,
KJ" I'oKtinseters, editor o? pnblihersnf papers, s.;
stl Minuders of the Gjitp""!, sre authorised sgent. ,
Largest EuJjwriptloa la the WqvU
Dry ia Cisrrk. The Rev. Doctors U. and M.
were col.eauen in the old Church of fidinburgh.
oe.iuwUy,.whep,.,!WBAp luruttoeach,
be had got himseU very much wetted by a heavy
rain,, and.. a standing betoro. the., aeaauia . room.
cuaaion uusl in rcjsrd to subjects ol oniiesry inU-rsvt.
The reports of the Congrtuioaai Globe snd Appendix
sre uot in the least degrue Dec ltd by the parly bias
f the Editor. They are given precisely a written
oel by Hie Reporter end Mi loembera ttiemselvet.
Ai.d the whole aro subjfct in tbe rev won and coerce-
Ae-tbert) W nrtlrtng hke taking tune by tW Me-r Ihrrl n'rititg. An Irtshmtrr vrrote n foHrrw
lock, we will g.i:i remind our reader of Ihe pro- ' to his friend, during ihn rebellion ol '0.
prieiy of havi u as inu.h moild and leaves bai led ! ,.j0 gjvc yott .omB of.theetiiteofthecoun-fro.iilhw"wodiaio-t!Bir.cW
yaidaawiJltotv-,-. .!
. .. 1 ' J - - "7- - . ' .
w- w - - r- iiii:hi ft mil nriun): mi a bwtitu iti tout nanu uno i i ll . - " w 'j
rtaii will auf;; sh m..l be so spreid, os .that j .0 jn ,,e fiIrier."
1'ie edjes should be higher than the centre, in or; I
Cer thai, bv f Huj ta the yard a basin like form,
tire, drying his clothe, when Dr. H. cauie in,
whom he requested would thut day lake his place,
us he had esc sited th answer. "Oil, by no
' - . ' p -r i
la the Courier is inserted tbe umnc of Ihe nmst popu
lar Air i, Hi I lade, and bungs, ss auuu m liiey are im
potiedi so thai coantry leaders may hsve llic bwst
populsr uiaaie fair ihe voice, ihe puo, the gu.tai or ;
other iiulruiueiita, a ttwt a fObli,li-tl, whioh if .paid , ,
lor artwralelv would cost umra tluii th Lttcaol uib
ui rivCTis inry pnm .r-rrr-wnT jcri;ti9o; pie eni'sn'' iaoeinvii'fto ae lawaw ..
Mieet, in case, sny nwumlwstandinj or tnifrepreseota-' in no other journal of the kind.
tw of their remark slwiutdoccur. r '
i Aiis r'Mirnirfir 1 --., It.IalA Cs. i V .....
. i' 1 i i Vii vviniirtinti w iniHinuiv 11 1 fill'- III i5W
none uf t'ne hqiui manure may wi washed a-av.
, ' , , , . . , , i Orleans, on being questioned as to his pclificnl
... T . t itu al.irli rn idn tiv Iwenlv head " . i
mu - .-. - 4
it c it'ie, ftout the iieriod of commencing fodJenrg !
principles, replies that he is in favor of all the great
question of Ihe day.
to t..- full, until the tim uf carting manure in the
'!';', would be yuflicicot to convert a buudred
X.s'.i U . lif maicriala spoken of into cflective fo d
-Xfr-piaor:, whtch-w!d be a good dressing frr at
l.-ast twenty acres of corn land, if then we are
correct to our opiuioi'.trd we believe wo are, sure
ly Ihe labor uf g itberiig aud transportation shou'd
rot be coiwitiered in tlie light of an insuperable oh
j vtrm to its performsm e, a every Iweu'y leidof
manure thus rrodV-ed would edd at least 50 per
cert, to the p'ojuctiv power ot soil, ana con-a'-Qu-
nth so uiucn muro to tlie income ol tbe far
mer., Without manuring, Ihe inott fertile lands, ! eoly acquitted or Ihe charge lor which he waaar
by niinuous cr.p;iing, will loee their fruilfulnes. ralgoed befire Judge Bialin, upon lieing informed
Anuring. The IWoo Journal closes some just
reflections upon the injudicious course of certain
newnpapers by "the rehjsrkT'Such conduct aiif
result in ihe diatMction nf the Whig party P - Mg
conscience I" exclaimed a rogue io the city of Hous
ton in' his lawyer, who advised him lo tasvawev,
" Ain't I in Ttx$ ahead) fn J
Eloquence of lie Bar.K St. Louis psper tells
the story of a Trunin!, who having been dnexpecl-
Living Without I! rain. As the late Professor
ti. was walking near bdiitlturg, lie mot one ol
those buings usually called fool. "Pray," t
tbe Piofr:sr.r, acc-tiug hint, " how long can a
per m live wittioul brains?" 1 diona ken," re
plied the tellow, scratching hrtlieadi "how long
bate you lived youctol, sir 1"
A Curiosit . The greatest curiosity ia the
world ta no exhibiting in tins town, in I lie person
(,t James asbburn, ibe wonderful dwarf, decided.
ly the small! man in creation ! Ha is in bia 17. b
year, weighs but 23 lb, and is only 36 inche ia
height ! II i in good health, ha hoe aparkling
eyes, is active, intelligent, its short a perfect man
in miniature. He is said to have been born in
Vermont, and ceased growing at n early period
without any assignable cause. Mum. Spy.
en i.'iii UU r i,; trie uusoanamaii; it iinim,
there1 .r , Ls th- I'.i Jy of all to increase tbetr n a
ru: pJes t y ;! practicable means, . nd we need
pot atid, tin' th.s is one of the cheapest plans by
whirl; th e i l can be obtsined, n well as being
er-rPK.Mhii to every one. . An enterprising farmer
"cno.trfrvnih a yt4f rxrtf e earl aHd one-hand,
have his cow yar l bedded in the wy we propw
in two weeks, snd Mirely the labor and time could
oot be Utter appropriated. So make your arrange
inent forthwith and go lo work without farther
doiar. Amtrttvn t'ornur.
A tTtriimsfnri is mentjooext in Parker' Treati
on SSiilt K jeraon ho kept sisteen farming Lor.
uu, niade the following experiment ilh seven of
them which bad heen aei-ulomel I i Ink all with
their f"r!. l-ooi of rck salt were laid tn their
mangers, and those lurrp previously weighed, were
examined week V, lo uncertain what quantity bad
teen conmmed and it wa repeatedly found thai
w r.enever these hon were-fd on old hay and corn,
that he wa at liberty lo go. turned to the Jury, and
with much fueling observed :
" Gentlemen of the Jury : I ihcnk you from the
boitom of my hearl for the decision juM rendered
you wil bo ever remembered in my praytre ; to
yon, worthy and, I must iy, rule friend, (addret.
ing himself to hi couiuieL) 1 wish it was in my
power to double your fee ; ihe feeling I entertain
fi.r you cannot be cipreed by words; you are
inded, the criminal' Lent fictor : to you, your hon.
or, (addretsi'iK the Jadg-t, who could scat rely sup.
pren smile,) t amevi rli'itngly waebn-d t hut elf-
Proipcctus for Kendall'i Expositor,
a MOS KENDALL propones tu establish a semi
monthly newspaper under the above name, to
be devoted lo the following obiecls, via t
1.. The security of the right of suffrage, by ad
ditional lawtlo punish bribery and fisud.
aw A l
i. An .rapovure ot aooe a no rornimnxit in
I Government, wherever known to exist.
3. An exposition of the principle of modern
Dunking, and its effects upon labor, trade, morala.
and Government, embracing ihe nature and usea
nf money, and a hitlnry of the origin and progreas
of paper money in its various lonns.
To these will b added all the topics common in the
nanspiprnnr th day, with anmnnry of pgwa can
I can say to you i, I prnina you, upon my honor,'
pow that I am tree, that 1 will never he guilty of
tUaling agmn as long as I live."
A culprit being asked w hat he had to say why
sentence of death should not be recorded agmiist
nun, replied : " He had nothing lo ssy, as too
much had been aid about il already."
Mr. Trollope tells a good story of a French
woman who got on board a steamboat and took her
they comninnd m!v Iro n 2 iu 3 ounces per dy,lplac bcude Ihe flify valve; which place the
but that when they acre fed with nrip hay, they j could not he prevail-don lo leave. She counted
took d ounces per duy. This should convince ut
o! t ie .' di-n -v "f permittinf our cattle Ihe frne
Ve "f all at ell limes, snd it cannot bi given in to
corivemaoi a (Win as ro k-salt, it being much more
palaijhle than the article in a refined slate, and by
far cheaper. A good lump should always be kept
in tx by the ode of every animsl, without fear
-that it will ever be taken in exec Farmrri'
Cm-bind. ''-Vs,
on a blow up as certain, but believed that she,
s'anding ao near the sorfy valve, could not bo
injurxd! i ,
t i
Be Patient to tie La$t. One of the Director
of the Bank al Bennington, po.uli.hei a card in Ihe
Rutland II raid, in which he aayt u eve'ry bill hold
er will be paid aa isoon at we can collect our debts."
iHfcnwVl thl!
lully compiled, forming sa accurate biatory ot pasama
Avoiding U personal sltoreations, this psper, while
it will nm cneesl its preference for men, will confine
itaell chiefly to the elucidation of facta and principled.
leaving the ruder portions of political controveray to
younger ntnoa.
The Exiioaitor will be printed in Ihe nestent manner
upia s roysl sheet, tolded in octavo form, each number
making sixteen page, with sn index tt the end ot
each volume embracing on year. It will thus form s
book containing a history of the time wnh much ne ire
useful snd entertaining matter.
PRICE On Dollar ptr entitim, Mid ' miptnet,
No accounts will be kept, and the papxr will uot be
sent until tn money tie actually recoiled.
Bank note will he taken at thnir i-pecie value.
- To thwe who collect tod f irwaru ten dollars, tn ad
ditional copy will be teht gratis.
Povtmaoter are pormitled by law lo forward aub-
scrintiou money in letters written by themselve.
All letters to the Editor must be free or poiiaid.
(r As to. the postage on this paper will be but one
cent to on sod half each number, it is in th piwer
of every man lo procure sll the important news, snd a
v sat deal of other useful matter, at oot ticeedins One
li If . fl aXTVi Mm . 07
uuuar an i ainy-ru svnin. '
Wghi;gl CSTy 04 Owtnbtfr 10, ItflJ.
TIIECOOrUER is on a firm sod independent 1 .
si as any paper watted, at bome. or abroad, and ii tin.
plo means will be slwsys empkiyed to mike it ciiuL
a a FAMILY NEWdHAt'cUt, to any journal puf.
. Tbe Courier 1 n md. pendent paper, tearleasly piny
uing a slraigtit-lbrwsrd course, aud supportwff tbe Vesj.
intereatsiTllG PUBUC
Tbrt approved I'smily Pper la strictly (r KEU.
tbe uncompromising opponent of all QUACKEKV.
maintain a high 10.NE OF &10K4.IJ, and on .
ao article Will appear iu it page, which abould not
find place al every fireaul. ,
' Tbe onpsrslleled patronage, from every section of
the country, 1 Uie test i-vMence ot lis approval. Ii
ba spoken and will continue lo speak for HscIL It
list embiaces over 31,000 taoscruVrs, extending
from th Lakee to tkt Octon, aud Ciaiiuinni", ail uitei.
est and era ot the republic bach nuu.svr 0 iii
Courier contains aa much waller aa would ' ' .
Fill tt I amo, Volume.'
The cost of which alone would be the price of tbe pa
per lor a whole yasr. -The general tlwructer ot tlio
Courier ia well known, lis coluious cuuiaiu a great
variety of . . "
xaua, aaaaanvrj, tout a, xiocsAfwiw. &iy
Together with articles o
Science, Fiu Aits, llealin, Cowmace, -
Domestic Intelligence,
Amuseuienu, Fafrtis,
lluuioiousl'uetical Article
City alaltcrs, - r .-
Aiuuainj Alisccllany,
Tbe Msrkits, . , .
The litf-.ictl World,
Corredr Jriee CuneoL
LitlotliMxJvenlBaiika, Discount and tic lunge.
laitters trom Luropo, uittury,
Th Claxsic, l'hilogpliy,
Aud all other milters discuaveed iu a Uaaveravl Family
Journal turnifbiuj allutrtttK raa vast, and, w behest,
aa inlerealing a sanely s cats esad tm waf otAtrj
Journal, ciiibrsciug subjects tor .
raruici's, .Mechanics, '
Tradesmen, Artisan ,
ItJiTcliaitts. Meii of Leisure,
Teacher Stuileuts,
vud every CLim of our t'oualrr.
The COURIER always be DEPrLN L'Ll) L'P
0., ss uounng tuipurUM as periuiUcd lo eacsp utw
tic- in iu column il will alwaya tAlTtlt'LLLV
Our arrangements enable ua to draw from the whole
rsug ot lb current Literature of Eurvpu,od our Cot
respondent at bom embrace awns uf In twst Writer
of the country. A series of POI'L'LAK TAlia, ,4
unequalled inlcreal and value, will lollvw in cansUnt
Alec bantu,
Foreign News,
Nw I'ublicsiNins
'1 be Silk Culture,
Family C'irvic,
UeltLuucated Men,
We make a daily analvaui o the doings iu Conurea.
and give our opinion in it freely, but th is published
ni in iii.. li.;i. ...a 11 ... li. i:i..i
.1 he. 4 aula Uiobe MliX, the JW-aJiJ titube 82 -1- w-r v.v.'W o mw
i aj .HrwVkllG
III tne same form as the Lunirreaaioiial U lour and An. " " i"".i-iwww
pen4tx, snd a comolet index nude to it st the end of
tsch vear.
I'tr id Coneressionsl Glob sod Appendix for the
Issl Ex'ra SemKin, $1. .
1 or the Congrcsasunsl Glob Tor Ihe next eesstoo, 1
l per copy.
cut mis npprnan hit ine nni mmn, pi per copy.
Hit copieaot either of liie above- works will he sent
for (5 ; twelve copte for $10, tod ao 00 ut proportion
tor s greater no.nber.
Payment may b tracamitted by mail, fotiaet moid.
at our nat By a rut of tU pui Oflka Ivpsrtment,
poetmaster are pormttted to frank letters containing
money for subscriptions.
1 a notes ot any bank, current where a subscriber
resides, will be received by ua at par.
To insure sll tli numbers, th wWcriptam should
be m Waalimgton by the lain December next, at
farthest, though it m probable that w aha 1 1 print
enough surplus copies to All ever subscription thai
may be paid before Ihe 1st dsy of January oral
ivo erreafioa aoui ot said le ay orirr anrs th
monty tccompmnut it.
Washington City, October 25, 1811.
os t
Wetterit Carolina Temperance Advocate,
A atontaf jmoer detnttd I the Ttmrxrnnc Reform.
Pvtbluktd ml AikttiUt, A'. C, end tdittd
A Tivrxsaacx Coavcanoa that wa held at ihia
place early in September, reaolv'cd 00 puliliehing a pa
per of the above title and character, and sDoomiad Dr.
John Dickaon and D. R M'Anally to conduct iL From
g- tC"wnla, lr, lltkmm aleoady-
has, h dcoina it unprscticable tor Inn lo he recogniaod
a one of the editors, thouirh bo will chmriullv n alt
his influence otherwise, to promote ita in erest; th
obacrtber therefore, proceeds to miw tins Priwpeclu
in hit ewn name, with s hope tlist h will be aided 10
Ihe undertaking, by all the friends ot Ihe Temperance
cause throughout the country, and that tbe psper may
soon hsve an extensive circulation. -
Priendt of the Tfmprrtr.ce Cfauie to you w mike
a most eamert appeal while ihouMnds upon thou
sands of dollsrs r annually expended st thestra, at
circnaes. st ihe race track, st giocnnes, wbilo no ps.ns
are spared, the luxury of retirement and ease foregone,
snd no labor deemed loo tcvere to sdvance the inter
csts of political aspirants, can you not do someihing in
a cause that must be dear to every truo patriot, phi lea
throptst, tnd chri-tisn ! Recollect there are but few
vorv few. such pspe.ii 1 in .11 the Mouther,, coontry.-'
The Weatero pert of North Carohua, the Wester part
of Virginia, and the Mstern part of Tertneaeprtieu.
Isrly, nel a pettodical of tin. kind, aod it w loi sou
now to say whether tbey .hall htV it, '
The very low prir st which it wst fixed by the
Convention, will ii.ako il nectary, ,. very large
snlaxriptmn be bad, before the publication of tt can bo
'J'L'RMS. ,
5 Wjrrn CtttoUm Trrnperonto. ,IVrcr trill
Sure wsy la to eacha tie toonev ui a leiter, and di-
ntl it to us. Tb t'oktrnaiicra will pro!biy politely
refuit, lor we wiab Ui. .0 in all ciKf, it it inert luci
plcikure. to set as cur senU.
Clubs of ten will be (urnuJitd sith ten paper fb
one year, (provided the money ba lent us Irko ot post
age ami u mount,; lor f 10. ,
Tee IJuUare will prutuuu I tie aixtLcnfy gri'la
nrcv Kuuira km a,, aoiiura.
$5 sl on time will be irceited fi.r Syesis. 1
Our triene, lb Puktmastut, cii! ple rIigc by
remitting arrearages sou ucw luUcrtptions.
Bacon, 0 a 19
Beet, 3j-a 4
Brandy, (peecb) 80 a Jb
uo isppie; m a
Bala hope.
Couoo, (clean)
Hour, fl Ml a $5 00
Feathers, 00 a 64
I laxaeed, 60
1)0 Oil, 00
IU a 12;
IS a '
10. m
I 'on.
Kicc, (ijuart)
.tigtr, ;Uiuwn;
.Do (Inat.)
14 a Id
Urn 4,
10 a 14
SOs a3-LS!i,(t,u. s)l2aa$i:
Dc(AvkJ ;i7oas4tW
Sut-l, (biibiti) 10 a
Du (tssi Via 30
ralow, ll'J
l.u.'.ey. S3 a
Brandy, (peach) ft a4t
1A lpp.e) ii a 3J
Bicon, 6-s IU
Ba.,wi, 27 a &
fitter, U s 15
BilwRupe, H a 111
cue..-, itrmr
Cotton, 7 a 10
(Bolton Bagging, UI) a '20
Corn, 45 a 80
Csndlea, 17
Flaaaeed, IlOaUfi
Flour, lijfl25
Kjilau, P5l40
1 4iJ, 7a 6
M';!.... 29 s 'M
Do t,k) sl BO t sjjV,-
CO a
.(-.,-, 1 jrowii) bi s 11
IL. llnmnN
Do (losl.)
Tubuuo, (leaf)
Wheat, -
19 a '.'O
a a 5.
- sJlllO
. . iJO
Beef, (scarce)
Bus Rope,
Corn, (acircc)
6 I Flour. jrv fiJT-'afO
8 a 10 Feather,' -- 4ft s 48
121s20,jrd.(Krce) ' lis U
Hi a
12i 1 isogar.
Molsaara, 4f a M
(lata, ,JUs4(
Rint.flOOM'MaaV x
Ita con,
Rale RnpO,
111 a l-J
a 50 I Du f 'Iir
luii'i.'u ,
,.iVj imt 1.. i.ll
6 a
15 111
It a 'ZS
13 a 10
Flour, 1
Festhera, 1
Oat,. f

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