North Carolina Newspapers

    hi could say waa, that the Committee sat twice
Jk, and were busily engag! with ihe subject
that hd been rfc"d ,0 ,n8m ... -Mf.
A"" WM 10 her ' '"r 09 l"1'1 un'
derstood thai the Committer did not iutebd to re.
rrt this Session. .,.' ,
The House resumed the call for pntitione and
,fter many had been presented.
The Houie a!jouruud. . . . '
oa&sbbwm. re. o.:
Friday, January 38, 18M.
We have crowded ourself out of elbow rooui at
most, to make way for the report of Congressional
proceeding up'lo the latest date received. These
re, or ought to bo, in (he present condition of the
country, of more interest to the public than any
thine de, end therefore we give them the prece-
dence over other things. Iol the people watch
the movement of ihe woig majority the "ecom
my" and "refirm" party, and observe (he acta of
t(ie Damir.ratic minority, and jo. Jge lor themselves
which of these two are carrying out their profea
iotn in good futh. The whig who go for addi
ti.nial Tanfl lx, for running th nation deeper
and deeper in debt evert day, for Urikrupt lawa
to benefit speculating debtor, and defraud honeat
s irJilor, for robbery bill to bribe the States
with the public money and tax the people to fill an
empty' Tream yj cr the Democrats who oppose
all iheo ech'n n, and gv for rttrttckmtHi and re.
form iu earneit.
We give a long report of the proceeding in the
House of Representatives on the 15th, from which
i' will be seen what deperate effort were made by
a whig minority to prevent the report of a bill
lor the icneal of the IJmkrupt law. 1 lie same
inran were ued on Monday lo delay the passage
of the Bill. During these two day, the House, i
u stated, presented a scene of uproar and confuaioi
that would hnvo ducraced a decent crowd in i
cmirtyard.-and all ix-caioned hy the fiction cllorl
of minority to defeat the rciioii of the niHjoriiy, in
l;ie repeal ol an odi.m law, which has met wild
the most universal reprobation of any one evcrp
(h I by Congre. l'nn ia Federal .whig ubmi
ohNi to ihe will of the people.
Although the House has paed the Treasury
Note bill bt-inj; unfile probably to resist the
earnest prayer of Mr. Fillmore in behalf ol the
W,Vniit Treasury, and more particularly, the
;.rH;i.j call of ilivir own empty pockets the
l'ii iimjoriiy in the Senate refined to Ivt the
nio millions cut fl by it from the loan, slip
through iheir finders, and have according amend,
ed it in such a manner that its passage mul be
' lu Ix-couie of the " finance? of luMVirable mi m-l-r?
Mr. Mir.liall mid be had not the fir red
t-iit in hi porkct, and a gool many others il is
prvMiinitile, are in the lame fix. One rapiial
thrgtw tins, the " tnforim is' am paymylor liicir
JliciiJli.lheonvi!tv ia Jhat ihevwe wrt
j t) il uly enough yet for their doings.
The Iitnkrupt Isivc.
I'll- II Mie of Representatives have pnasi'd a
loll I ir the repeal of the Bankrupt law. The vote
mi itx pnMipe stood 420 yeaa, to 01 nar.
It i i lie gHiieral impression however, thai the Bill
not p:is the i;-'fiip, as Mr. Clay and moat of
(Ik other Federal Senators are again! the re.
r eal, and Hiey have the control of that bmly. ', ,-
Il was the boafl uf many Whig papers that this
hw waa the grrateai and liesl nwasure of ihe Kx
tia .""ewiion.' What will they now ay when one
branch of Congr is in fnvr of its repeal, by a
larjje majority, evin before il ge into oirationt
Mr. Clay w.d hi Federal aocialea may for
ilie present, defeat the repeal, Itul they ca7li1o-(e
f-r it long. The voice of tin? eople ha fe'toe
lonh in haid and Mem cunilemnatpm of its diihin
el principle, and from e cry pan of iheeounlry
it is proclaimed llmt thu nltoimnnlile Ijw thttll bt
Grn. Harrison. and the Vnitt d Stairs Hank
Ti e Federal Whiga, denounce their Preidenl
J hn Tyler, and abuse him with the moM hitter
and rancorous ferocity fur relning to perjure him
self, n. lor nih n Ins cnnwieiH'e in reining tlie
Bank Bilk 1 1. id tlen. Il.irri-.on lived, thpy ay,
we should n'iw he blee l nli another B ddle
Hank. But what right have they to any sny such
tiling what right to derlure ihnl Hiir'rixon wootd
have sanctified the Bills they pvd? Nrnie
whatever. Hi votes whilu in (Vugreaa, and his
declarations at other time, are Bltouether miflleipnt
lo 'itily tlm iMiichiKion t:ml he woolil fol huvn
sinciioned any such Bank ai they proposed, and
n'tenipted lo force on lb" Prewdciit and the c(Min
Oil one ncniinn he v'nreawj himrlf in a le'ter
'o hi constituent in litis strong language :
" I believe that ill" charter iven to the Bank
nflhe Uniiod Stiitea i vneonttiMioual it not In;
lg one of thom; meavnrea nrrrtixirg lo carry nay
of Die expresHly granted powers into effect J and
my vote in CoimreM will show that I will lake
'my ronmitutionnl mean lo rceol-f Hi charter"
How darn the Whigs say that Gen. Harrison
.vptild, in hi hint day, have violated all the
r'eed principles of his whole life, and disrejterd
d his demn oath to support the Conntutinn, by
Approving what he believed lo lie tinronitilu.
'insa r ( j, , slandor on the fame of the dead
" '"id-;nt. j
Why turn him out i 1
The Editor ofthe Raleigh Register in his paper
of the 11th instant, seems lo be actually aatomsbed
at the presumptuous intention of the Democrats to
oppose I ha re elect ion of M r. M orohoad. He is in
a quandary to find out why 11 ia that ho eelf
tykid IJomocratie parly wish to deprive him
'(Gov. Morehead) of his cluce," and "why he
should not be allowed the privilege of re-electbn
guaranteed to him by the Constitution." Impel
is we should be gratified to know, il it was quite
convenient for any body lu inform iim, what Consti
tution it ia that has guarantee 1 to Mr. Morehead
the privilege of re e loci ion. Wa can find oo such
guarantee in the Constitution of North Carolina;
that Instrument saya, the Governor shall hold hie
oflict for the terra of two years, and until another
hall be elected, but it gives oo guarantee for the
"re-election of the same mart thai we are able lo
discover. That is led to the people. This pnvi.
lege, therefore, which the Register speaks of, must
be in the new Constitution which Mr. Clay and the
Whigs are preparing for I lie country, in place of the
old one they are anxious in part lu abolish.
Again the E litur says " lo deprive him of
Au office." Why, truly, after the two veers ex
pire, it will no longer be Ail office j it will then be
Mr. Henry's office. Wa self-sly led Democrats1
are Dot about to turn Mr. Morehead out of the
office before bis time expires wo aure the Re
gisier that, lo our knowledge, there ia no such
luteulion, we only aim lo prevent bis getting into
it agum that is all. Tliese whig folks have aomo
curious notioos about offices. When, by hook or
by crook, they once get into one, they seem lo
ibink they have a tested tight in it, and are
mortally opposed lo being lurued out. .This ii
anti-republican, and moreover unphiloaophical.
They ought to lake the thing more coolly. There
is nothing like miking a virtue of necessity, to
save appearances. Let Gov. Morehead consider
the example and conduct of other great men who
have gone before bun. Lai him recollect the
Roman Emperor who threw aside the Imperial
purple, and devoted his time in tbe cultivation of
cabbages, and many instances equally illustrious,
of volunlaiy and involuntary retiracy from tbe
cares of State. If his Excellency should have do
la(e for horticulture, why let him agaiu enter the
arena of tbe County Courts a theatre after all, in
the opinion of many, more suited' to bis genius,
llian the chair of the State."""
- Ouo thing, we think, is pretty certain, be wil
hsve to quit the Governor's office nAen$ tolen.
The Federal Whigs in motion.
The Federal Whigs of North Carolina have ta
ken the alarm at the Democratic Convention which
lately met in Raleigh, and they propose lo hold
one of their own likewise.
li the Convention which met in Raleigh under
such unfavorable circumstances, hae given a scare
to tlie Whigitery as is very evident, what will be
come of tbtir feelings when they see lite great
Con eniioo, which is to be held in Salisbury on
Ibe 20th Msy neiil
The Whigs propose to hold their Convention oo
the 4:h April. The anniverssry of Gen Ham-
denrer - Gen. Harmon after occupying the Presi
dential chair pat one month lo half an hour, de.
parted this life of care and trouble on the 4ih April.
The Federal Whig parly afer being in the Extra
fiwion jyl. one tnmnib. fjtlit atumdfxjind fell in
piecet, and now the N on h Carolina branch of the
"party prnpom to meet on (lie annieertury ol Gen.
1,1 .ii nil n. ! HUH 11 Lllllfllllllllll I ill!
narriaons oruia. e miua me time is
chosen tn make a die. of il, give their cause a
aplendid burial, and so wind up the life, adventures,
and death of Federal Wbigism in North Carolina.
Wonder if they will have crape and lid gloves to
parade in on the occaeion. They surely will not
fail to have a few log cabins, and a canoe or two to
grace their Convention ; above all, they should by
no mean neglect to provide a barrel or so of sour
cider, to keep their spirits up, by pouring cider
down; lor il Ihe signs of lbs tunes aie lo be at all
relied on, they will need some Aara jlrmk or other
lo clieor them oo tbe melancholy occamun.
Trial of Diddle and Company. -
Proemttlings have been instituted against the
"great financier" and his accomplices, and their
trial waa progressing before Recorder Vaux ol
Philadelphia at the latent accounts. The wiinessei
prove lh abninction of large amount of money,
without the aut horny of the Board, in sums as high
a 920,000 at a time. In the course of the inves
ligation, ihe Recorder remarked, thai he meant
tcailei"ily lo do hia doty in this, precisely as in
every other case lhal w is brought before him of a
like criminal nature. The idea of treating great
swindlers lo the same measure of jus: ice as petty
rogues, was so novel and stranje withal, that it
HKtiNiiched ihe spectators in the c airt so far out of
their propriety, a to induce an expression of ap
plans!, which wiie however, promptly cheeked by
the Recorder. If they Ho gel Ihe simple justice
ihey deserve, nobody doubts what it will he.
OCT Il is said thai the Binkrupt law if it ia ni
repealed, will enubln certain rls of the New
York rnerchaiila tn clieal their EnliHh creditor
out of some million; and a New York whig paper
chargi a that the-e Knglifh creditor have raiaed a
large fund lo buy up Whig members of Congress In
vote for a repeil, paying them at the round rato of
9100,000 a piece. This pnper na mo Ihe whole
Kentucky delegation in the llnue, except one man
who voted against the bill at the Extra Sesaion, aa
having been bought over in thia way. Thia
Whig "gamut Whig he it observed.
Specie in the vntfta Mates.
n.. .1.. i,. r ih. Ili.iii.l m nrrmint i
' 1 ' . i ii ,
kept al the Custom Hounes of every dollar ol -
rie that goes out of the connliy, and of every dol
lar that comes in. Frnm these books it is aacer.
I,r 1 jr. .i. . , ...
tained and commun.cateo io, ,.,
present lime, there are upwards ol till million ot
dollar nf specie in the Fnited Slate. Tn thia
must be added what our own mines hjive produced
wiihin tbe part 8 or 10 years. Yes, ninety mill
iona of gold and aitver yet the Bank men tell us,
that if we discard bank notes, there will not be hard
money enough to answer the purpose of circulation.
Now, what becomes of this objection when it is
met by tbe plain fact that there is actually, at this
time, more specie in the country, than there are
ban'i notes iu circulation, and if the shin plastei
bank note were all committed to. the Barnes to
morrow, rtal money would be m;re abundant in
one month lhan it now is. B ink notes unquestion
bly banish specie from currency, and as long as
notea are taken as money, the people need not ei
peel to handle silver and gold except by forcing it
from tbe banks, since these are kept back, and tbe
paper ia thrust into circulation.
But aay the S ink people, it will never do in the
world to substitute gold and silver for notes, as
gold and silver are too heavy to carry. Commend
us lo such burdens I Alaa, we wish all our friends
(ourself too) had but as much of the precious
weighty stuff as we could manage to move under
Too heavy to carry I One pound of gold (12 oz.)
is worth upwards of $230., ten pounds ol gold is
worth upwards of 2600. We have strong doubts
whether there are many of us who would have
more than ten poud$at the metal to carry about
at any one time. For our . bumble self, we can
manage to carry all we ean get without any incon
venience at all, and we more than suspect that
this ia pretty much the case with a very large ma
jority of men.
(ttr The Niw Yoik Miiaog, tor January,
appears in a new and beautiful dress, and is alio
geiber a capital oumber. It ia the beginning of
the twentieth volume and promisee richly for the
year. This number contains a fine engraving
M The Village School in Repose, and an excel
lently written illustration of it. I he Mirror is
"a weekly Gazelle of the Belle Letlres, and fine
arts; embelliahed monthly with cosily and. mag
nificent quarto steel engravings, and wood cut
pictures of tbe fashions, and weekly with the most
popular and beautiful music of the day, arranged
for the. Piano, Guitar, and Harp." Terms
15 per annum in advance. We can' recommend it
for what it profeaees lo be, the most elegant
- Parlor Journal " in the country.
The Mirror is printed and publixhed by Dan el
Fsnshaw. No " 148, Nass-iti Sireet. Edited by
beti. O. r. Morris.
OtT A certain Mr. Arnold of Teoneasee, mem
ber in the House of Representatives, lately under,
look to assail the intelligence of ihe enlightened
Democratic State of New Hampshire, and got for
his pains, from Mr. Burke of thai Stale, one ol tbe
most excoriating laahings in the way of a reply
that ever lell to the lot of an honorable ignoramus
on the Boor of the House. This Mr. Arnold is
msn of wonderful parts and vast " larnid," and hae
been doing some " tall " quoting it eeema this
Session, as well as a little extensive speechifying
The Charleston Mercury notices his erudition
Jilr. Jlrnold auotine Vulrnn I
?Jt w Mkefri J Mrv Aaaote of Tennessee,
the other daft in on of bw AniiTvLaa orttionc, M by
Vulcan, or some Other sncient pkihtopker, that men
should have gliae windows in their bnwinu,'' 4c. The
Vulcsn here spokea-oflivcd long before the Isnding of
Pilgrim's Progress at Plymouth rock in Virginia or
tbe coming of the Juggernauts from France, upon the
He was on
1 to the IVrimlflie artunL
though Tie invented wooden legs, haying had one of!
Kev. Or. J u niter, on account ol a quarrel between him
snd Colonel Mara of the Olmpic militia, about ono
Madam Venus, the inventor ot hom-comba, Je then
became a Stoic on the lalind of Imon, where he
composed thunderbolt, standing oo one loot gander
tubioo, and waa for a long time at the head of a very
respectable Iron Factory. Our recollection of hit
works is lather runty, but Mr. Abnolo m evidently
Iresh from their perusal.
The Committee on apportionment have fixed on
61,000 as the ratio of congressional representation.
This will reduce the number of members for Norh
Tarolina to 9. South Carolina to 6. Tennesaee
toll. Tbe whole reduction in the House is IS
We will give a full table hereafter.
.In easy question in Arithmetic.
By the lime ihe Whigs shall have been in power
one year, they will have contracted a National debt
seventeen millions of dollars ; they will have
increaaed the taxes twenty millions; they will
hsve increaaed ibe expenses of llieT Government
from 21 to 39 million ; now,
Query. At this rate, what will the National
hi the taxes and Ihe expenditures be at the
end of four yeara I
The people are about lo " pay for the whiile."
" The Scarlet Fever," says the Oxford Mer
cuty, "is raging with great malignity in Milton,
M. C, and lloydlon, Va. A great number of
children have fallen victims to the disease, and all
ages have fell its attacks."
We are requested to make known that there ia
to be a Public Meeting at Thompson' Store (for
merly Frederic Thompwai',) iu Davidson County,
on the first Saturday in February, which is Ihe
5th day of the month. It is understood that ihe
acts of the Exlri Session are to be discussed.
The people, without distinction of party, are in
vited lo attend, and hear what the Demociirts have
to sty against, and the Whiga in lavor of these
acts. If the weather should prove favorable, it
is snppoycd the meeting will be numerourly at
tended. jt wuy ,,, from n, riiwing, tint the Conn of
Errors ot the Slate ol New York, do not bold the dnc
trine that the Slates mnut pay their bond, whether
! ,hoy wm chci(ed ol)l of ,hpn r nu t) lo
three of the grave jurists of New York maintain, in
' re(Trd to the lll.noi. b.m.1. the d.ictrine ol rtpudiatu,.
as it is asaerted by MMsnsippi and Arkansas:
f o rf lMhMi ra ,h, Su of ,lljnoj(, fce
Court of Errors have affirmed the act ol the Chancellor
granting injnnction and ppinting a receiver offS3
Illinois State bonds bold by Mr. Dulafield. ' Tbe votosl
stood in u 8. I
Petitions on the labiect of remidiatin? the Stale debt
were referred to a committee of the House of Represen
tatives of the State of Pennsylvania on Wednesday.
The committee waa instructed lo reoorl against it, and
to give unqualified ansursncea to the crudilora of Ihe
State every where, that Ilia lutb ol Pennsylvania would
most solemnly be preserved. They rep. r led scoording
ly, snd tho report was sdoptod uoinuiay by ihe
House I
from the Cincinnati Enquirrr, Jan. 11.
OT, dw.
The Miami Exporting Company Bunk, yesterday
refused payment of iu paper, and closed its doois
before the uaual time of closing buaiuesa of the day.
This morning the paper of that and the Cincinnati
Bank waa refused in m uket. The former remain
-ed closed, and a run was "omuwnced upon the lat
ter, when a notice was posted upon ihe door in the
following words t " This "bank lias susmnded for
twenty days " An effort was simultaneously niado
to clone the doors of the bank, but the crowd, which
bad become by this lime large, prevented and
rushed in, demanding redemption of ibeir paper.
Tbe persons in the bunk, fearing for their own
personal salety, and finding it impossible lo with
stand- the run, run themselves, leaving the premises
altogether io possession of ihe crowd, which waa
conatauilv increasing both in numbers and excite
menu . The furniture, counters, Axe of the concern
were now laid hold of, and thrown into the street,
where ihey were mostly broken up. We aaw one
individual with Ihe top of a' book case on hii
shoulder and a couple of chairs io his hand, mov
ing off. Bding asked if he had got enough to make
hi in whole, he replied " yes, he snppo.-d so." Pa.
pers, vouchers, blanks, books, die, were lorn in
pieces, and trampled under font, with a degree of
excitement and indiscretion which nothing but a
aenae of deep wrong could have caused. At Ihit
moment, (half pant nine,) an effort is being made
lo break into the vault or sale. The crowd is
large, and under great excitement. The sheriff,
Mr.oAvery, went into the midst, and made an
effort to be heard, but he waa picked up and carried
into Ihe atreet. I'ho Miami Exporting Company
Bank, standing only two door above, is b irred and
bolted, and some wag has written over the door
u poor old cow." L -ogee, upon the opjiosila cor
ner, has shut up, from apprehension, as many say,
of violence others, from inability lo pay. The
Exchange Bank is open, and paying.
10 o'clock. The crowd having completely rid
dled Ihe Cincinnati Bank, broke in Ihe doors of the
Miami E porting Company, and look it through a
aimilar process. The mas of excited people has
been stesdily increasing. Main street, from Third
balf way up lo Fourth is literally blocked up, ami
there are many at Ihe corner of T.itrd. The Mi
ami Exporting Company's concern, we persume,
had little of value let! in it by the managers, lis
books and other valuables had m wt likely been
removed ; ol specie sod other bank piper, there
was probably neccaaion for removal. . We saw
blank checks, 6tc. thrown out, an I sent flying
through the air ; bat they were all blank bubbles
The Exchange Bank is still open, and piying.
We learn lhal demand have been made ot Mr.
' Bates at this bank for the redemption of West Un
i ai paper, which have been complied with per force.
The police snd constables have made some efforts
to quell the disorder, but whether any persons have
been arrested, we are unable io aay. We hear no
sympathy express-d in behalf of ihe auflererj
rainonr trirfiitanrfem'wmTh
. C unpletely outraged by Ihe fraud and plunder of
wonhlene banks, that even violence and riot is
looked up n s the leer evil. This is truly a de
plorable state of things.
12 o'clock. An effort has been made to disperse
the crowd hy reading the riot act, and oihnrwuw
inducing them to disperse. So great waa Ihe
" " T 'T.X
pelted tn leave the ground, having been somewhat
roughly handled. A portion of the Cilitena'
Guards, a military company, having paraded, were
led with a few firemen, to Ihe place, and took
possetaion of I lie buildings after so ee resistance.
Blows were freely exchanged with the crowd, and
several shots were fired by ihe military. It
stated that one man baa been allot. The alarm ol
fire is now being sounded, we presume to bring the
whole fire corps together.
.Such are the deplorable consequences of the
fraud and wrong that the whole community have
fullered by means or shinpiaater. In the exme
men! of loss and Buffering, the laws are trampled
under foot, property is destroyed and perhaps life
lost. We much tear that the end is not yet.
, We earnestly entreat the good people who mav
have been concerned in these disorderly proceed
ings to desist to regard the laws to respect the
authorise to retire poaoeh!y to their hnmea,
and set their faces, like go-id citizens, against fur
titer irangresHion of order, as well by means nf
the issuing of shinplaster aa Ihe resort to vinlmiee
jn V'teir suppression. What is gained by such pro
ceedings I We implore every reasoning ludivid
ual lo put this question to himself. The property,
books and vouchers of these banks, have, lo a great
extent, been destroyed; il may be utterly impossi
ble, in consequence, for I hem lo pay any portion of
their notes; whereas, something might have been
realized. Bloars, wound, have been inflicted
what has been gained T Admit tint you have been
wronged, dofra'ided, outraged are you redressing
yiairselvest Are' you righting ymir injuries bv
these wean! Are you not rather destroying thp
protection of your own properly the protection
ot the lawa and giving countenance and aup
port lo a spirit that regards neither pio ierty, law,
unr life I
We have penned the above pirngraphs in great
haste. Al thi, (one o'cl-ck) il is ascertained that
one man has had hia leg hj-okeu, and one or two
others slightly wounded no one killed It is
staled that the crowd have poeaetaion ol the hoild
ing. The Exchange Bank has been 'taken po
session of, and completely riddled after ihe fanhiou
of the others. We hsve nt learned whether H
had flopped pnynvni or not. The Mechanic'
and Traders' Bink Mill coniiuoes payment. It i
and to have hot little paper 'out. Attempts are
bi'ing made to get nut a strong force of the mill
lary. and diierse Ihe croud, but such i ihe feel
iug among tho- who compoee the inili'ary, that
we know not how it is lo be done. . Apprehension
are ex pre ed of further violence to-n ght, which
we trust may prove unfounded. At present, how
ever, the multitude appear lo have complete con
trol. iifwsf one. The Office of Lou gen & Co.
has been broken open and gutted. The crowd
has much increased, both in numbers and excite
ment. Wa earnestly hope that he-e this violence mav
be stayed. bother such will be Ihe case or ii
remiin to be seen. An exceedingly angry spirit
baa been caused by the ill advised atbunpl la sup.
nres ibe disturbance or niiiitsrv torce. ino
miliiary, we bear, were compelled to leave tho
ground', and made to take reluge in the Mayor's.
office. We must here close our account of these
unhappy proceedings as Ihe paper mual go to
press. Piay God we may not have worao cocao .
q'lonces lo record lo morrow.
New York and Virginia.'-Governor ikwart
has discharge I h a annual huge cargo of small po
laloaeupon the New York Legislature. In over
hauling it, we find nothing ei special interest, ex. "
cept that he makes Ihe tempting olW, if Virginia '
will repeal her non intercourse law; that he wilt
reaume the diwu-aion of the negro Healing contro.
veray ; as if the Old- Dominion panted any more J
of his slack I Contrary lo his usual garrulity he
dismisses 'the complaiut of his worthy ronlemjio.
rary" of Georgia, on Ibe same score, will a brev
ity almost Contemptuous. Mercurf. '
Iu tills County, oh the '.25th inat, by ('ol. Jeremiah
M. llrown, m.( Mr. RICHARD THOMASON la
Salisbury Male and Female Academy.
'I111E exercise of this Institution will be resumed
J- on lbs second Monday in February, (14th,) ouder
the direction of the subscriber, in the laige room, at
present occupied by the Rev. Jubu D. Hcheck. '
Readinf, Wrilins. Soellin and Arithmetic, 8-1 03
English Grammar, Uegraphy, Hiatory, Natural "
fuilonopriy, ami Astronomy, including uie ,
former branches, . , . 7 tO
Pupils will be charged from the time they enter.
Beinir person illy acquainted with the character of
the Kov. Mr. Crim, and hisqualincaliona as an instrae
tor ot youth. 1 cheerfully recommend biia lo my for
mer pairous sod the public, ss one of the best 'I escb
era.-" -.- JOHN O. SC11ECK,
Psitor ol the Lutheran llhurch.
'Salisbury, N. C, Jaa. 28, 1612. 3w
Temperance Notice.
piIE public are hereby inarmed that Mr. . J,
at. LWry, a delegate of lite Watkington Turn-
ferine Socutu of liuttimort," wilr ctauutt-nce a se
r ot puUlw sudressea, ou the sutijHCt ot 1 eaipvrsove,
at Concord, Caaarrua County, oo tne tti Mouday lu
rebruary next, it being bupermr Court wee.
Mr. Carre; baa boon, lor sometime past, going to and
fro, and up ami dowu on the earth, labor mg in Utal
good causa;" according to the opinions ot sows has
ueeu turning the world uf lite town, and according to
ins opmioiia otoibera, uu been luruiuir the world ruAt.
lide v. 'l'he public sis invited to attendi to hear, au4
to jU'Ige for Ihemaelves.
I'lio member of the Cabarrua Temperance Socie
ty, and Auxiliaries, are requested to stUind.
January 23, 1812.
'HUE Subscriber will sell, at the house of Robert
Jc N. Craiifo, by Virtue of a Deed of Trust, on
Thursday, the l?ih day of February next, stuck of
and beat kind of household and kitchen furniture, ales
7 or 8 BJogroes,
nd a large quantity ol farming tools of first rate kind.
Also, corn and other articles of crop of tbe Isst year,
Afats the half right of a Blacksmith, named Elijah,
and balf tbe, interest in the tools and furniture of a
Blacksmith's sliop, together with an interest in -
an Dnsl' creek, sdjiMwiny Chsmbers Winders, Lewi
Jacobs, sod others. Terms made known on the dim!
STRAYED from the Ruhscriber, shout the list of
September, 1811, Forty head of Sheep- nwstly
wethers, mirked ss follows : some with a slit in each
ear and an nnder-bit out of tbe same, and the others
have a smooth crop in each ear and an under-bit in left
ear. Anv person giving mformstioo concerning them
to Elias Lee, or Jdiu I. Shaver, Salwburr, N. C , will
be liberally rewerdod.
Aabe County, N. C, Jsnoary 21, 112. 3t
11 ESPECTFULLY n.ti-rm the citizens ot Salisbury
I and surrounding countrv. thst be ha
taking in work in bis line of business at his dwelling,
where he will make up work, after it is cut out, at tbe
following prices Jesns coats, snd al kind ol thin
cost,! 60; Cloth coats, & 30; Vest, 75 cents.
ah bums or .country, produce taken in exchange tor
work at the market price.
Salisbury, N. C, January 21, 1911 , . r
lyiLL bcaold in front of the Cnurt.Hnu in
the Town of 8uhburv. on Monda. th. t,u
of February being Monday of Rowan coun
ly'Court, about
:onveyed by Burton Craige lo Sam! Lemly in
I'ruat lor Ibe purps mentioned in the Deed nf
Conveyance. Among ihoin are good hooae-eer-
vauie, lieu nanus and - -
' Terms One fourth of the N-'groee will be eokt
lor negoimbie paper in Bunk with not more lhan
mi ty d.ijg lu run. The balaiav-npon a credit ot
mx month. AULXT W. BRANDON,
Alto, in fuel lor Sa-nl. L-?mlr.
. Decembers,, 1841.
The ( hnaw Uvtnie, .V-clW,arff J.ffnsonUn,
nd OeraiW Patriot, will inert 3 times each.
A ,L ,h," indebted to the Administrator of J isepb
ra. Va,, d-e'd., by note or otherwise, are herebv
requested to come forard ,m1 make payment between
now and K-bruary Cairt, or else they may expect lo
ettle witii an otJicer,as the business of the estate mr
cl,,MMl- . R. LOCKH Agent,
Rowan County-, M. C, Jinnary 14 112. , tl :
A VV.Vf '" S'o .maii and child -,c i. fir
i l rnte i ,k ,! , jj.hkh wt,her: , Apply at this nlice.
il f!"n.v, Y t Jmiiary CI. 143.

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