? 1 I -i . "V i : 1 . t r H- 1 T ;1 I 1 i ' i 1 limn lie LiiicoIh,m U,,u!,Ucuh. LOUIS D HENRY IN ASI1VILU! - As was to bo expected, the 'address of Mr. Hen sy in Ashviilo, did not please, the Highland Met. senger. This 1461m of the beM evidence of it. excellence, mid without any other, ta u would he conclusive; for, wo recollect ho Iipafiinal y that paper spoke of lb great Pjieech of Jtid;s Saunders h this p'aco ia 194SI. a speech aliu.i tnivsrjnlly commended by the Whigs themselves, as far surpassing in matter and inamier.tho frothy, picayune etlort of Ilia narrow minded opponent. But we have other and imlubitablt evidence, in toe following account furnished us4y a gentleman 9f the highest respectability s " TPo tht Editor oflkt Lincoln Ibpuhli.ani As I happened to be present when Lui D. ... IIiHiry thw Damncratic Candidate for Governor, t addressed the people of Buncombe County, at the Courthouse of Ashrillo on Wednesday m, and ! you iji your readers feel rfeairous , . f learning how the speech was received- whal ts eflucts were, &c, I take decision to transmit to yot what I connive to Us i just, trua and im fjirtiftl outline, tliereot I f - There vVs, d ey respectable audience both a tf.ird mjiTibcrnd standing. Those assembled were "Vqiy attentive; and though many of them were tnosa" who have heretofore ranged themselves under t!ie banner of " Tippecanoe and Tytor too" they oad credit to themselves and the county of 'viiiV'l IIUJ ."IirV3V VJ ltn bUUI ll'UW 11U . iier in which, tl.cy amended to tho speaker. There . was little or no interruption ; and ao lar ns I have teen able to ascertain the 'seiitimfltita an J foetinas of the largor part, of l!e assn'blso,'lhe sjteech will not 1m fos-gorscn. It is destined 10 be remem berc J. talked about, reflected oq, end, fib, forcibly were its propositi nr proved, that I am convinced, . it will bo by many, believed and acted on. Indeed 1 have heard some of the Whig party of standing and influence, dei-laroiiiey were dono with VVhit' 4$ery, and its advocates. , !tou nydefenaupon it sir, iNr. Henry has not visited tht mountains for nothing , end if you ask tnc for the proof f 'thisssortion, 1 give it to you in tho ('.tciteincpt juid trepidation in the- tears nha exertion, tiaJo,by tho" of the Whigjeadeys , fhoe opinion "truh cannot rcaeti) to c.wnteract the eflac;, nnd render bortive, the attorn so ric ccssfullv uwde. to exftoso the hle promises here tofore nu I) by tlieinselve4ther Jnabilit yto;,,,,,eM h" enn from behind the mask ? covsm the f ountiy and tlitf maoifest signs of ruin uad defeat wtiich uttend every where. Mr. ll-nry isni very able debater. Dignified without liauhtiucs, acute withouteraOinrM, witty nnd when ncciisto'i demands it sarcamic, without scurrility, M vjHMit without beini; pimpmis, he necessarily injures attention and commands the rrmenibnnco .of his hearers, ile is gentlemanly, vou know fu!l of humor in public ep;sking, he lias a manner peculiar to hinwolfvery droll, he tuake a crowd hug) in spite of itsell and at times, very tljoieffl , though di&jreut from Judge Js'sundrri Some of tho Whigs are trying o misrepresent ills arguments, anJ ti destroy thoir effect; they v-ere very busy tho evening alter his speech. httll, I tetl vu, vt mv eowrt on eftffSfoeom' purio the coming flection with that of 140, or I tun wo.'iilly d reived. , Yours, Ac. mr. waiGnrs spEr.cn. Ila slid thut Mt. CIn lisd, upon a Mte occasion, declared that the real uetioa wa, wlicther liiu indebted Siaiesrstinuld be compnlled r lax thum eives to pay their own debts, or wliether the General Governmsnt should exercise its more nniJ niwer of inJirect taxatioii to pay them. He then quoted the Constitution to shew that it gave no power to this it avernment to iaio taxes to pav tue .dahtftJftf..le.. .a'es. jtKownieh an the Cniifd State " cm! J n. h,i coat.trued ranir.TneSgpy,,,,,1.11 ratetsiates. Mr VV . said Ibat a distinction hud ' boert Sought to h". uiado fiutweeri the inoney derived Xiom the mi it's XlIie publiaJandSi.andathei.mwei lands were ccJ"Hl to the tinted Pistes lor no valoi- , " Lie i toiwiileiration, tint they were giten for the specific purpose of paying the debt ot the lief o Julian, and thai debt having been l'ul!v piid, ihe' I mil mou.iI us e.xiM lered as held merely in IroM' fir the Statf!4. Mr. V richt sliewed ihe Wl.iev of t ilia arguni' 14 now, fiom the fact that a very 'n.i!l fraction)!' l!i" Unds now held by the United S'ate4, und rerniiiung unsold, are tbe lands that were ccdel by the .Sti:rs; that more than nine tenths, und probably tii;i:teer'.weutieths of the whole of ihe public Iuod4no held by l lie Government, wern A!o d. clanu anv peraon who slmll assume lo ex jtttreh itfd by llteL'mied 8lste from Finned and ercme anv soon ofiico not being duly tlected mere f!pain, and paid Csmit ni ihe 1'ublic Treanury nfito aecorJiog to the Uws of Ihe .Slate, guilty of Ihe United St ites. He said it bad been otniduaively ; Tskasox, and puundiabie with imprisonmeni lor aiewu that fie public Jals, alone, never woyldjlit'-! All olFmces under this Act ere t i be tried bare pi I tt.e deb! I it Ihis arguneiit, he nniii, before the Supreme Judicial Court unit.' . Im I mnrly b-en aban lon-.-ri, and the folluwin8 clan-, ICewtIitioris were reported in connexion wl'h the in the C.ntitiiH' n wa4 r.-iz-d on to support the i.11!!, rquestinC tlie (;ovHrnor to uue 1.14 PmcI.i najfs of di.tnba'ion : .j ' j mamxi esliortiu? tho pecplo " lo (?iv6 no aid or " The Constitution of t!ie UmtcJ P'atci, article ; countenance to those who, in viol.ition of.t!e law. 1, section s:''f-ie Ci) igrea4 sha'l hive poer may iiiem;t to s t up a government in oop-nty,, 1 10 Uy and collui t tivs-'.d i'ies, imp4, and excises, to trii exis'iug g nornmeiil of the Stat", nod call rf(iy llif debt, and proud for the commit tie- ling unon them to support ths conttitnlel ajihori fence, and general irrlf,:re of the I'ni'cd .Sntes.'" j ties fr the preservation of ihe public peace, n.id Mr. V. contended, that ir this clause c inferred , entioo of th laws on whic'i the -cur oon C ...re-4 any other pow..-r than the pver to "T of del,-,n A,0 hu f'.xo-l 'di.oe(e o" fhe ternary w other pr.IWrtV,'l,!,":-v dopt such measures 4 in .u opmi m, beioiiu tutus I'nited S.MeMopiv the debts and m,v ,H! ' l-'s:,-r... .rrov,de for the r ,.n,m detHreaud fieneril wcllsre. 1 " i"1- ,ho "n' Vnn' " ..... H imi4im t'ui!friian ftrirl lliaf list )ia uii.i itt liorxliu nil limit or rovr.-.o .0. II, rr,nte.,Jed th it ,t w. i-t'jiolble to separate iih e;i;!ira:i o of !io ,ji,t ! 1 tver to a to in-tke it n;vy lo lio: I ci'U hi-i it;, n i l nA to ths" v'htr pro;r!y," toch as the public I. mS.Ii igs, shi; ! r, 1- llafidt!i:it fr. Clay Im I, lately, wli -Hip; 4 in J parent, i!i;" n'.nV p jfii ins of iho pr iht'v h b1 imx'U ouUi.' i lo UK noVa.td r noir-.i e.j r.Sd.lrcn ; bot,fcav Mr. Wng'ii, h? li.rgot th it I'.i Government, eh.eh" reprc!iiis his aupposaj paru'tt, s.) f.ir from havinj i;icoi;i nr e.t ito to .pare, is n i ri extreme want, and wholly umble to Mipport ivlt. Mr. Wrignt askeJ tiie Se-iaior if he woild pre.!!! tueficls to th J Stsse., they le.illv ere ? Wiel'd b: tell thO'n Ihst while he wil jiv tliem one dollar frons the Tre.isurv, it mui tc; paid b .rli Mt'i tiie cot of colleen in adkd to it ? He then went oa to -how i!.c mMr.i! tonderirv of th' policy of dist.'ibiltioiii thai il cnMii co itlict between the Stat and tha Goner d Government. He ak"d if ths pphcy, once adopti"!, was litmtA.i 1 1 the l.i, i l r. enue ? I In arncd not, lincanse t.i constitutional pnerof ('ougress over tint Snd over n't oile r portions of tli-; puli'ic reeuuo m th? ianic. ' . ' He then s'nted- th ,t the evcess -s of revenue eeruniulsted fro n l-:io to 1 :)', prod in d an np;e tie fur distribution i i ttnoiher lorin, that although rnnrmou und extravagaot' sppr..;ria'ioos, were, luiide, still jti'T- were ' millions in the Trc'a iry, "ti'.H'vpeodeitf and hal ihbn a dtst r t Im' i i of the otrol.is revenue M wis resolved iioiu. II! t!lii argued to shew tlint thi 4 nppetito increi'"!, an ' next year, 1838, when the bill nrovuii'tj! lor t'.w" Ulcfencesof the co.inlrv cum iut, , cUuse wis Mi'A to it providing lor a :coni distribution ol all niomtj over five millions which xliould Iw in tlm Treatur) nn the lt of J inu iry, 1833, wholly without repaid, (us before,) 10 tho approprintums which might be HiiMiiding and unexpended on that day, which it well Lii'i n, would exewd ten million, f How often hmo t'.:- win;? p;rly aliU'Wid us because we nejlrted the de.leiicea of the coiintry T Tins ihsws how unfair they are. How d.x; the Tr siry or tint country now nnwtr tlie calls ukhi it ' nked Mr. Wright; by Treasury notes promote to pay ( whieh promiaes, he waa told, were selling in the market for less tliao money, and yet they were ured to l ick up and keep for tho States 1230,000 per month, beinir the probable amount of the sules of the I mil. VJrA Caroiiu;i. i . ' ' frowi tils North Carolina Standard., ' The R;gitor of April 8th cont.iini the following article 1 wiioa ric;it now; " The Fayettevilla Observer suye it is authorized bv the correspondent distinctly to reaffirm thn truth of bis former atntement, as a matter vithi kit linowltigt. and $uteeptible of proof that Mr. Hsy- I wood did prepare the Questions that were sent to tho li inks by a tUoinnuttee of the lust LegivlaturJI Mr. II. sr.uet nbw admit the charge, or call br proof. There nct middle ground." , The reader wilt notice that the Regi'ter tries to fling his ehillenge to Mr. IlaywmHJ, probably supposing ha would not nonce au anonymous as. siuit upon Lim. ""'l he StandarJ when this counter, fettej statement was first made by the RegUter, inct it with w pledge to prove It was f.ilse, the endorser would produce the principal's name, or assumo the respdnbijity himself, Wo stated eipresidy that Mr U, had not authorized us to coiiTradict it, but thai with hi leave or without it, wc hnd s right to do jit, since it wms attempted to i'hc it egoimit the Democratic candidatej yet tbe negister,it will br seen, passeo our ib illenge. To prevent any sc ipe we have now asked from Mr. Haywood himselt a reply to this tutsehood, r'"1 hora !e,,er 10 l5efure )'ou c'"mlt - 1 7"ur pnocipai, mr. wp.irr, win jou iei .1.4 I n,m8 co""e' " ,n y0'1 Pr",OTl d"" hereaOer Sir i You ask me whether I preparc the questions that were put to' our Banks by the Com imtteeofthe Legislnturf) of 1810 I answer that I pm not, and that I had no agency in it dinfrtlg nor Mindly. This Accu4ation again me is falte out end out, and if the persona who fihricstol it will exhibit their " proof," under real names of common repectabihty, they will find roe ready and ablo to refute it and expose tho calumny no matter by whom originated nir by whom it is ro.ilFir.ijeJ nor ly wh-tm it may have been circuited. Your, A;c. WM. H. HAYWOOD, Jr. Raleigh, 9th April, 1942. ! Tho Register we. thiak will agree with u that the anonym. os character of his friend should no longer be preserved. He has made his charge and procjeve'red in it. Ho has stated it upon kit own inmrJedgr, a the Rergeiter says, for we never saw it in the Observer. Mr. Haywood rjrtainlv knows, and he aver that this charge is falso. It wtli mrt ot huln now and shoot Dojjoned arrows at M'. Haywood, hnd call this proof. Naw we happen to know th'e por attemp- on the part of tiie Register, to implies' Mr. Hay wood, inot ooly without foundation, but lliai the Chairman of the Committee wss competent to too duties of hi station ; nnd that which the Reamer j ch irjfce to Mr. Hayivoid, was, no doubt, the t production of the Chairman himself. R It O D E IS LAN D. The General Assembly of Uli hIc Island. in Sal. jMJilI,AJy2fpJo clariTXJllTiJ. ayO-oiJ ttlLHariLLr..otucr '. lucetinua, for the choice of town, county or 8'sic i(fn:ers, except at the times and in the manner nre4eribed by law ; lad subjeciing lj a fine of $500 lo 1000 aq1 fmprueoiimeut tor six m nitlH, any pirsoi whoshall act as moderator; warden orrlerk, in any uch meetings. Also aubjoding any pr i who hall signify that be will accept any eierutire, legislative, judicial, or ininistcnal office, by virtue of any such pre'endod elec ion, to a tine of two i!iumnd dollars and imptieonnvnt for one rear. thonz-vf M dra oa the (.eneral I reiry for -m- tfiim4 a iij.ay be reomred for these nurpos-si." Th4. provisions are directed at tho IriiM.N of w'hi is called tie " Piop'e's ConCi'uiio i.' Tii-y hv provoked a m st deier aimjd und uawaverieg rests. HOC". .''li 'rnv: : ic KxpriMS of V " T.'us l-iw, so lnrbi'oHlv i i'rolu:"!. j il st rar.idlv hurried throuj'i tha leii ilni. ire, r m never li- e il'oree.J ; hul its aiiiit r may 11 lop I an style of so N'oem o.jrlvr no I ei u " wp Imvs luisdsy Uiu'ile.l s ioli a torch in Rho ll I ! i. I, as shall uev er b I'Xiindiiishe.i !'' And aa'u, ''Oir oppt tents talk".! .f grant ingtothrt I'-oiilo all iney aske l, as if the I' -op'.e were suppliants for th.-ir nitis at inn ton' ut t u Gencrul As-en ily. No, wo will never agsm ol-j.-c' oiKS"lvc t j bo iusulitrd by pctiiioiung for our rights." IV it a 'otter from Pmvi leue-, lo tha Iiiors itf the N-w York Evening PoM, speaks in much siroaer terms. It says, if ft single person, aetmi: under the new, Cotis'liulion, is imprisoneil, ' we shail open the prison doors forthwith. U ol.ttve iwu thousand men, at least, pledgmf to ifi fend, a' all hiiiirdr, the lives, -fmrsnua, and pro, mti k i,i i -it r cst.did id s. Two thmiMmtfiMMi in !Siniihh"lM an I Cuuilxjrland are teady for every emergency ." Tlie Governor 6f Ihe State seems t-inppieh.-od serious results, for' he usued i.rtters In the Imlcpe., lie ii Clikrlwr 'oirrpaiiit;s,'lo-rei(Kljiniiii'th,iieiy o the Adjutant tieoersl, the number of n,en fit for L'u'y and ti e qustmiy of arms and au.wunitioii ou h Hid, The friehdsjof tbe tfw institution Oil the i'ii-r Hi.l- are rapidly furnishing themse ves with arms, RHODE. ISLAND., We have it from very Bn"l authority that the President's Cabinet Council have held a consultation on the Rhodo blind controversy, and rosolved to sunuort thn corporators under tho charter, as tlie sovereign, power of the Stat", and to employ tlie power "f the Federal Administration to put down the tiniitu'it:n e-tablishiid by the people. t How the NiHioi,:il Evecniive is to interloro, we have not learned 1 but doubtles the irreat extmunder o the Constitution, who uudertiHik lo make way with the rights ol New York in the McLeod case, will de- visa some mode of helping the Rhode Island are toe racy to usurp the State's rights. Globe. , The (.vnchhurs. Va , Republican in copying from thn N. Y, Era an nrlicle resecting .vjr. CALitorx preface it with the following remarks. JOHN C. CALHOUN. ' " Justice snd Truth are tardy in their coarse, but their steps sre ever onward. The trite sayings which are found in every language under the sun, and which are usually cal ed proverbs, are the results of human expert enee j and manifest the goodness of that Great Deiuit who presides over ihe affairs of this world Injustice is often triumphant, vice has Its hour of revelry, and falsehood, for ft time, puts on toe apparel ot truth; but never was there yet an instance .in the annals of mankind when honesty had not its reward, oner or later. As one of the many examples of this truth, we rscorj the history of John C. Calhoun of South Carolina. Endowe j wit 1 extraordinary talents, even when a youth, h led the Republican party in tbe House f Re,ire4e .tiivns, during the eventful period of our last war witn England. Honor and pow r came to hi n unsought J -and in a fear years he pissed from lh department of was (so much indebted to ni n) into second office in the gift of tho people. Tins oiHce was .conferred on him by the vo uniary suriraesnf both the great parties of th" country. Hi talents and private worth gave turn the station without an effort. Ho never acknowledged his abilities, :,tid no man was found n nan is yet knon wh aevefl ventured to cast a aiain on the untv of hi private character. Thus st. xid Mr. C dhonn until 1931, when he was called upon to res st 1 he alsitninable Tariff that was grinding his S-.ne an 1 the wliole South, into dust and aslies. He obeyed Ihe call and from mat iliy tneaun ot Ms life bgan to decline. Diflrtring vuih the Kepuolian party (though agreeing villi the great Ao.ilo of Liberty, Tho. Jetlerio,) on the rights an I re neJies of the Spates, , he lost the conuteiiaoco an I eoondence of that I party ; while tne FeJera.iin. his bitter opponent Iduriiir ihe war, l H4wf their blood hounds against I him. Ailed tutu onbiinsik-s, this bold and I patriotic nun, stood ulmost alone and single handed ;to stem lb " torrent .f party prejudice. Y'et ho shrunk not j hut bore m nielt .14 becoming a mao, a Republican an I a S'ates nan. He overthrew th infauvMi and nppr'4-ive I a nil arrested the wild schemes ot ilin Federal parly vindicated the riifhts of tli Stutes, n 1 reinstated tho Constitu lion A pause occurred in iho public sentiment, and lliouijhtl'jl men tw.au to mouire whether great injustica had not bwen d) ie him. The FederaK piny saw this, and anx.ous lor his destruction, (for tney even vet feared him more than any ottier ' man,) s-aried ine ow ry in aisumon, in me nopes I or overthrowing Jum witn tbeir clamour. Mr. ! Botts vs -li.l for the bo -nevei ; and the most suuuino hope eru cnUrlnined frooi Ihe corrs- pondeoco itft Mr. tSecretarv Upshur. Vain hopes! Insie.i ) i sustaining ihe cause of falsehood and misrepresentation, tlie result has been tho entire and triumphant vm tcation oAMr. Calhoun nnd Ins friends ..suns' i.m cliure of disunion. His I i!Ti'i Vr'i'y V,,, "''d '"'y'1' 'nemies are forced o tCMiseq'iMiieesT N Tiie peVple are always just to tlie iiooest a 10 uirii;iit 1 he Kepulilican press hesitate ar first, until, dabauched by the inloxica-an-everv-ji-'4i'-ia 4he Union, seeing iho injustice timvuf the houf, thav throw ofT all restraint and Tjfe n .ed afiic'e Tro o flfe New Era, (Sew j York.) winch we c .p from ihe Globe, is but one ;.iin. minv such'.t he found in every Stale j Km,. pio-r 11 re,; u.) the cliMmgtiiahef Sena- I tor r. o Sjm Ciiro.iM We ak the reader's ! attroti si to it. I' s:'.'! riat every man no , i-kn J i-ui - mu-i lx done; and this great maa 111s o n received jujiieo fram his party nor J .tus 0 .unsr . No 1:1 n is tn ire hated by Mr. Clay ; and his iiiv r did ns and none more deserving of the c 1 iti i u-e 11 1 1 rej ir.: .,i in.- ueponucan psriy. it est populace of l.urope (we speaK it mora in tor-e-ls ii 4 ' ; li that ne will yet rise higher row than auger) abetting every manner of fraud, 1 1 t ieir r vj ird. " J .sti.ee sod truth are tarly in were but ao successful. This must be said, how i t ir co ir.', ha; t.iu.i s up are ever onward.' j ever, in mitigation, that the financial erobirrass 1 1 -o;i'iei-iio-i Mtr th' -jlijot we cannot hut I ments under which tbe country was laboring, and .-!! the read r's atte ti 1 1 als i to an article in an- which were the eytweqjences of aWmos system 6s ntner coin. nu of this piper, which refers to the paper and Cedtt, then developing Us bitter fruits, distinguish -d Senator from . York, Mr. Wright, disposod our pwple to any change., They were I'ne p irirait drawn is true to the original. Ail told that a Whig triampu would at once restore ho hiio fti.it. ot every part,, will recounts the prosperity, elevate wages, repair tho finances, and, I imn ot the pi tore. e .lo not b-lievo thai any r Hj'li rv to in iiii .ill bito ir i. ir. iwii mer iiiiu . : be'ter men Wrigut. loan John C. Cjihoun aaJ Silas - . MDNSY MARKET. ; . , Onr IJink' t dottij; liitle oi no a"t business, sn I iiio.m-v n.is levoine ir o.-ly w iree, aud limes j verv ti jT. Vi-iiia Hio'i .oles coMlmne at a ' discouoi .1 '0!4 lo 5 o- reent. tvdow North Car o't'is ft litis X..I-J. ii i" n.r pros(wcT or improvo- j OI"llt. I OrV-ni'e in N. Y i-k. 4 pr cent.premi no. Hal'i 0 .re; none. I " I'nil i.!.)oitii4. none. " Peiershurg 4 io 3 discount, ' Syrif ll'U p.T i'mih. ptemij'ii n.i North Car' otina II ink N ties. I Utink S ck, V r'eir . '. 93ioI00. I x " il.mk of thoSiato 100 to 107. j P. n"R...I II ..ids, wilii ffio Slate's j g ia m eu " ' 01. It h r.iuiiifll i'iai I'm lliiik of hs Siio Ins pio;t.)i f to our oe.tef North (.'anlnia Hoiks, the 1st il f ly is i'i..tu fir re-uming. which we are j glad '-!', as ft. 's .il w.ng thn North Caro'.i'lt , Hank in ' ieir true o in, which believe tlvy . are a n;ly sol" lo .i i I with g'ol fail'i lo the coot iiiiniiy. Wr 1 1 ni doubt but the rnsu-np Jtio t will la..-' : ,i-u, ss i.e. other R.ioks cannot I refuse to icee - i i ras i table a pr'oposiiion, ! wit ion' an 'le-'" i en'n,i"ss, wheh we are snr I I ll-j do nut a id ipsi-iri g tun nneh like lite hi'.ks -I -mr j i- r- o! Virginia. .V. (j4 Stand-'arl- - Or I'li' Tiili issw -Siirssvs, tint I'.itor W. G a l ter, Jr.. IJ. S fa.nil lor the A lalaehicola I) sit.:t . Isie ., a. in-- S. Joseph Tunes, and H.eotk r in i-. !. It 'jir(.-.-i',i ii'iies ol tne IVrriiorv a. f. . i .. us I ' i irijujii tn 'Texas, wiMi 70 ui groes uciou.it loi-iu Union Biuk, and f 15, 000 of Vnolt SauCi munoy, i.les uivcrs unknown smoutits collected for individuals in hu otlicml c oacitv. Us was occompauied by hi lather, the Rev. P. W, Cautter, an eloriuent Ckvuu of fjrty years' standing. , ' , ' A SOLEMN ANNIVERSARY This dav. we beliove. nreciiely a twelvu month ago, the remains of (Jeueral Harrison were carried to the house appoints ! tor an me living, 11 m a mournful, yet imp mng spectacle. 11 waa tun 01 that tragical and .mysterious interest whioh the triumph of death over human greatness always inspires. As we ga.iod upon the solemn pageant the long line of carriages the mustering of troops, with arms reversed and muffled drum; the libit caparisoned steeds, which seemed almost to feel the melancholy duty they were performing j eveiy feeling f political hostility,, all harsh recollections, were merged it) trie sentiment of human sympathy. This was not the triumph for which we fought thia was not a victory at which we could exult I We thought only of t desolate mansion, a solitary wid'jw, a family in mourning. , : Man propos ti, says the proverb, but God disposes. This waa eminently the case here. In the very moment of fruition, in the very heig ht and fulness of possession, the deep laid plana or plots of a great party, were arrosted by the hand of Providence. Nee Devi inter tit, is also one of our maxims. Although wo believe that a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without permisaion from on High, we are not of those who imagine that the Deity is al ways interposing in behalf of huinao pasioos and designs. Yet as the friends of Gen. Harbiso habitually speak of his death as a providential in fliction, and thoir language was echoed Irom count, less pulpits, we insy be pardoned for turmimng th.it the hand of God was in the violation. )jr pur pose or wish is to turn the reflections which the reci collection offhe event suggests, to edifying ac aint. w . ' coi How many incidents have been crowded into a brief space I When we look back, it almost seems a dreara. The Uarrisburg Convention the hard cidef canvasi-he Democratic defeat the Whig inauguration and lastly, in one short mouth there after, that fatal catastrophe which was the "begin ningof the end." The first was a political Pan daiiionium, in which the meaner spirits, by superi or intrigue an management, triumphed over the higher. They were constrained lo sacrifice the leader of thuir choiceftudv boso claims were far paramount, to another less distinguished, however respectable. Tney separated with rankling disap pointment and gloamy forebodings, but witn a res olution to conquer by any and every means, how ever disreputable. They drew courage from 'lea pair. Their long banishment from power their blind unreasoning animosity to Democratic prioci pies, nd administration, gave them strength and j union which mutual harmony and respect could not have imparted. The cohesion of common hate, though temporary, is, while it ndures, a stronger cement than love. Thai was the keystone which bound tosethor the inharmonious materials of wnich the arch waa composed. This made them unite m the enthusiastic support of one whom they had tuflerod to linger for more Than tony"years' iii hopeless obscurity ; anebose pretensions m ny of them had cruelly scufljd, before it bccam-J tijeir poliey to adopt him. The canvass, and the manner in which it was conducted, were something new in.the history of our country. The reason of the people mti not addressed their adgrnent was not sought to ba convinced their hone-rt tecltngs wei n nppenl d to. Son"S. riotous essem bis ires, inflammatorv iisr- angucs, free quarters, gratuitous distribution of hq jors and provision, money iudtraotly umrsslly, nd sometimes directly applied, were tho means adopted to captivate popular support. It was a conspiracy, not only again n free Government, but the di mitv of human nature. Geiitlemen. men of the highest standing, even of religious profession, gUrh shameless proceedings j or rather they did for some high offi-o, we b dievo, played antics for tbe peoplu in the fork of a tree j others addressed them from the chimneys of locomotive log cabins ; Mr. Wcnsrri put on an old Coat and a tarpaulin hat, ani 111 some place of .almost uupronouncsiblo name, though of sound ilitics, not only declared himsolf a Joflsrsnnian Dara'Krat 1 but threatened with the terrors of his right arm every oua win dared question the impudent assertion. These expe. dients, which would havt been insulting to the low- by tbe inn jence of US inert o ime, adJ ft bund rod w.iiimu w mu mvi... v. .u ... ... , . . w u . . cerMtb conditions of tbe publie mind when it is credulous from fair on thpn han I and desire on tbe other. Such was its aWte during this memo rable canvass, which eventuate I in the signal de feat of the Damoeratic party. "Scarcely hsd that taken placewbeu it began lo show symptoms of returning sinity. 'hsn Oxigram mat, thn yieto ' rious leaders b 'ganat once tn quarrel aliout their princip!eti distention which was niucb ag.jra.va- -led when th-v cimama division of the sp nls those spoils for which, when' out of purer, they had exhibited so stoical a contempt, but which they o fought for with the d "spentinn of that hungsr which ea's througli sto to walls. Dut ihe subj ict grows under our ban Is, and we must re- thttihinst. "T J ai'Rsom, ( Miss.)' March -o. Painful Occurrence Wo Karifroui tha South "rn Journtl, published at M-n'icMlo, in this State, that Mr. Andrew Jackson Htllilay, and Mary Ltiiisa and Licv Arnn.'t.) i.diTghleri of Mrs. J i anna Wilhi ns Arrmgion, of I.awrenco county, were drowned in Pearl river, on the 1 5l h inst. i'ney had gone lo a convivnl parly, snd in return mg, the b int in which ihey had gonn was driven by th current against tree, and broken into pie cs. Mr. H.tlliduy perished in attempting lo res cue Miss Louisa. Mr. Francis J. Lirkm (late nf Ihis city) was of the party, and exerted hi i self to lie ut. n oil to Nive Miss L icy. II i atle.i pled to swim out with her clinging to his waist, ni d sunk eirral limns, when die si parato l fro n h rn, ex claiming " we .ire gone," and suuk. .I -. Iirkin th!u sni.el her ilrs and nitemptnd in v-nu o raise nor, the ireaeheroiis gtnnents giving wa. All nis eilorts proving u iniuliii;;, hu, with o.fTiculty, hnnself reac.hn I the s'lore. Ir. Arrm.'l e. broth, er to ihe sister, was on ihe snore w in i oiinger sister, hiving I 'It lh boat to lighten ii. ft ihor, time Iwfore tho awful catostropho. U) ruilmj m tha water, but soon bncn.n ctullu j and disable J b exertion, and only saved his own life by clinging t, S. Aiav. -. . Frrorn tht Southern Cltronidt. Comjmma, 8. C., April, JJ, Awful Conflagration 1 1 Our town has bten the scene of one ol the most deaolutio futjs that iv has ever been our lot to titness It coiBuienc.d. yesterday morning about X o'clock, atid buraed until day light consuming the most beautiful and business part of Columbia Twenty nint stores hnd dwellings, with numerous outbuildings are in ruins J and tbe building comprise the most valual)l property in town 1 J The loss in building and goois cannot fall mnch short of 1300,000 1 J h is said to have orignated in the blacksmith shop jn th, rear of Mr. Henry Davis carriage sihop, on thV main street, anu extenueu wiin loartul ranidity -to Mr. Dv is' front shop and block of buildiui., owned by bun, comprising A. S. - Johnston's Printing Office, Levi Ilawlny'a Sadlery, I. J) Mordccni'e Auction' Store, and Thomas Raker's Refectory. It also took the adjoining brick lent ment and store owned and occupied by I. D. Mor. decai, together with tha corner block owned by Cub A. II. 1 Vmberton, tho rear of which was occupied by him as Printing Ollice, and the front by A. W. French, as ft Shoe Store, A. Alexander' s Clothing Store, and Mr. Stubtsas ft dwell! ing, and extended down that 'squ ire to Asscni ' bly streot, burning the Blacksmith shop at tho corr.er opposite the Circus, and the i tables known as Roach's. South of Henry Davis', on the same square, it swept all the buildings to the corner 0f Plain at reel, including tbe stores of N. S. Cumnri;i dv Co., Dimet and Anderson, and S. Mampstin together with the4 Saddlery of Chandler dt Hullister' Boot and Shoe shop of H. Drins & Co., snd Cut).' fectimiary of N. Emanuel. By great exertions mi the part of the firemen and others, it was arrested at Mrs. E. Wad Jell's dwelling house; Indeed, her hou?e and the one nn the south west corner of Assembly-street, are thi only ones that are.Jeft on the square. Oar tale of destruction, however, it now but little more than hall told. From the corner store, occupied by Nf 8. Cummings & Co., it crossed over to our beautiful Hrick Range, mil swept that part of the square fronting on tiie Mam street op to the store of A. North & Co, (whick narrowly esc.ped) including Ihe store of James S. Scott, Stevenson & Walker, G. W,. K nikeley, J. S.TorntonrSherrnarra's; irathjnv-Anterpa: Frsj&, Benjamin Murdecai, Philip Myers, J.inu I. Gwcey, Alexander Young ic Son, Mrs. J. L Weaver, and Cohen & Ball ; alt of which build ings, including Sherman's hvautif.il bhc't, ..r; row lying in one indiscriminate heap of ruins r Many persons have sifl-red severoly ; heavy loss hu fallen nn A. 8. Jolins'on, Esq-, who did not sara i solitary article from his Priming Oi5ce, and si rut iasare J lir a d .iUr. Col. IVmjerton is al-o a severe sullerer, os bis insurance will scarcely cover half his bass. Mrs F. Uyers is sai to hava lost nearly evi-ry tlnh; si his A. Alexander. We learn that II. Divis had sn insurance on his property to the amount of $13,000 : I. I) Mnr k.. cai 10,0t0rN. S. Cumniings & "Co.; $15,00(1; 7 Cohen & Hell o.0J0; (Vr. l:U has sutf red se. veroly in M of I'irnit.i.e, whicU was.il .1 in-mrod ) 1 lunj As. S sis $10,003. J mil I. Gra-"v tiJ,0j, Lev: Sh-rma i $I0.C0;, li. W. K ck 'iy $100), Stevenson At Walker $o,000. Tne prmeowl . however, "is upon tbe holdings, most of Ihe gM having tj'sen saved. Musars. S i iwdcn 6; ouvi OU itm "Nrirlh tiru, af Milrl nn t Ti f streets, together with the S'orc of Win. lilii. Eat vi Ai Audersuo, md A. NwrtU At Co, escaprJ, wrth oly Iho Injury ineidental to mov.(Jf mcir st'icks of goods, but the liuildins ocejpief y them were in i - uniHiit danger, an I, prot.iily, were saved by the unprccedonted exertims of a wngla inJividual. Dr. Tnomas .Wells, who owned the h lilting occupied by tit.tvensori it Walker ml Esteici of U. Wmideil, was' nliiosuViSd"roT ilrT-1 b ock x'cupicd by N. S. Comings &i Co.,Cha x'r & HolliKter, and U trnet A: Aolefrm, tothitantt a la l'ler t ie fira co i! I hivs baeo cmfined to ens half of th- sqnir ii;nn whici it originated. T.w loss is c.!rttiiilv nMero Oie, filling on u pir Sic:i!aly at s ici a jucioj of p-cumry em'nrrnt ment ; but we hope I 'i a energies of our po.ijile w.il overcniw it, and o-jr town bs epoe.lilf restored la us fiir proportions. Tns Augnst.a Lasurance aal Banking Company will probably sustain tli h' esl loss. A smail proportion was insured in t!.3 Charleston asid Trim Company, and io the A ijjusU Insurance and Trust Company. ' , New OaLEANs, April 7. Liter fro 7Vr4s The eteamahip NVprarw arrive at S o'clock this morning, bringing 11 ju ton pipers of tha SJ and Gal vest oa papars of (L 4th instant. At hasty gl a rice over them a a could find nothing very important relative to tlie war with Mexico. In fact, nothing to corroborate or justify the exaggerated rumors circulated here respecting the immense Mexican invasion. rim uvne. . ' - - ' - . , Governor Romnn has issued his proclamation of fering reward of five hundred dollars for lite apprehension o one Edward Yorke," nccusrd with einbep.litig veuty thousan-I d tllar-, ll' fin Is of life Kxchanio Buik. Alas! but fortune M a capricious j tile 1 A few short weeks sioce, and this same " one E fward- Y'orHn " wss one f Ihe principal men ash controlled the finances nf ihe State, and guided the cornici! uf the of v. Jl is now advertised as a lugitivo from justice ; ib"ig' whatever l ava been In delinquencies, tli-y mu-f have lieen perpetrated previous lo, and not ' ' tho timo we Sieak of. If all men were wha' thev seem, what a milleni im the world Wuu!l lie !-' fl'tira fl'if P.V -tU We.fiesSr l ist, in lh II II ... II t.X ii r ... .. .... ... TV II-... I.. - sflern orio. ih,.r u. ,1,:. r.Un thn severed storm of raia and hail that has boon known for nu ny years In a few minutes after il com nencs-l, tho whulo surface of the earlb was dnlnged water, an I cousid 'rabl.i dimagn has be n don f broken land that had b vn nnw ly pli.ug'i' d. Wtnl" Ihe storm was at its fiercest, ihe hghtnm; pel fit" to the large framed ataiile belonging to ihe I'-isf" Hotel, which was very soon reduced to ashes a total loss. It sn, fttrliin.ii.. f,- t lAii.n ll.n nrnnricf't oflhe II .to!, that the fir- occurred in the ncdst of ...I. i . . .Ill .nfSflf sicii a ram tirwise, tlto entire esiamiu'-" logeiher with a grater partttf the village, tneviiihlv havn been burnt. Highland Mctsrngrr. r:m suu f 's f .r sale' 8CRIBER of .nrlieapie"1)'. ft rar i li'f new r tCC and I a't aer vicca" a.i lr I'si, Apt.ilfi. JOII I. SHAVES. (f ",

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