ram .. ... . i ' f WESTERN CAROLINIAN. 3iaX53SWM, SI. 0.! Friday, April 3, 1849. Democratic Republican Nomination, FOE OOVBBSoa, ' LOUIS D. II GNRYi Of Cumberland, Mr. Claif i Legacg. V , Mr. Clay; h abort time before taking his leave of Congress, nnuounced hi last legacy to the pso pie of the United State. -1 his legacy consist ia n series of Resolution marking out bis policy (or ihe future Government ol the country. Under it, lie proposes to indense tho expenditure from what they were the last year of .Mr. Van Buren's ad ministration, say 22J millions, up to 20 millions per annum. In 1840,. Mr. Clay and hie co work ers told the people that an annual expenditure of 33 millions was entirely too extravagant, and that the expense of Government ought to bo reduced to some 14 or 15 million a year. Now however, that the party have succeeded in riding into power on this bobby and others, Mr. Clay proclaims that the expenses ought to be raised up to SO million!, and hii follower with one voice, say - Amen to it. - But this is not allhe not only propose to raise the expanse of Guvermnvnt to the scale of 20 millions, but lie is for doubling the taxes on Iho country fur raising the Tariff up ti 30 per ceni not only in violation of the compromise act, but in direct violation of his own, and his party' most solemn pledge to the American people in 1840. To enforce thee odious propositions and scheme I c lias m ide n long s tp!iitical ecb, and all Ihe Fedoral papen in North Carolina are praising it, nnJ strongly recommending it to Ihe people. And hers again, wa call upsn the people lo mark the fict, that many if hot ell the Federal Whig papers in thcFouth have come-out in favor- ot a Pro'idire Tariff, nod so strongly that some of the miti- Par ill Republican portion of ho parly have ("Kidcmoed their course, and denounced it as i.j.poted to the vital interests of tho 8 .nth. From UiwsaignA.aadj)thcrfpo afett-aawHH--ta i:e Se'Jhero people begin lo see Ihe frame of ,iV i 'hat has been ployed upon them under .... Whig, and they time only lo see it, to give'Clay Whiggefry end all lis s hemes of Bank Tariff, Distribution, Ate, a final death blow ia the next elections. .Vr. llcnvj used vp. iii una lmi written lo ihe Eliior of ihe Ra lh Register from Uuncombe, Ihul Mr. Henry I iHii t,trd ttt when be mado his speech there, i " 1 i . ... -. . I y lawyer Clmgmaa who repliej lo linn oti-nana, proved all Ins facts faUe, and all his arguments fal licioos. What merciless t of followsthese Whig Anywhere and make a speech, but straightway he is j.miiiC"ljupooand entiely vtrdtipby some little gi nn' or other some jouwj D -mcmihetsen, or Jupiter Ksyner or he i urgvf.td to tultification by Mr. Clingman, liy nothing about Orator Brum rel anJ such like formidable geniuxe. But Vccording to the EuncotDbe letter writer, Mr. Clmman muit beatniW wonderful young man, f.r he has actually j roven what no man before had t'.ie impudene lo uikI rlako 10 prove : he ha pro ven that H Ihe Whig (as they call IhemeWes) hare redeemed all their promieJ' Redeemed their pramitn have they ! Did . Ihey in 1940 fromisc to d-mble tho taxes did ihey promise to create a Natiooal dabt of Twenty mllion during the firm year of their power did Ihey promise to ruse the expense of the Government from 22 millions to nearly thirt did they promiae to pas trjrnkniit Law did they promise to giveaway a J milliime a year of the public money did ihey onuse lo uive Mrs. Harrison f .'3.0UO : All lM tliev have done, but did they promi$e it to the peo- ! Tuey promised belter times lliey navo !e worse-: the v promised economy they have run Into jrodigl exUavagaoce : they promised to i:iuke plenty or money high wage lo tho labor er high prices lo the former where are they 1 These are fuels that no honest jnnn.ubig or Dtmoaat will aeiiy.-Tbcn M vhni nrt of hoc s: pociu even a great orator like LawyerXlingman a i make it appear that Ihey have redeemed all i i:ii ptomiscs, ii more than wo could u'n Icrtake lo TS. hi FHeral Cnnnrrtteitt rr!eemlr 1 e election for Governor and. member of the IL-laliire is iust over in Connecticut, nd the U"'plj!icns have swept the State Iroin one end lo thi other. Federal Whiggery ha lieen routed, I nre. f,K.t and dri"tons. W ben the strong holds .f IVJi talism are thus captured by Democracy; how can wc doubt the result of Ihe elecli-Mis in Ausiist next in old North Cnrolina l Who cm il.'iilit hut iliat she too will come out of the coolest t'lluenied and disenthralled from the misrulof tliose who have ho grossly deceived tho people T Election have b 'en hold in some 1 8 or "0 States t-ince the Extra fcresmnn of Congress met, and of t!iee, all with the exception of oiie or I wo, have thrown ofl the I'edi-ral yoke and hoisted the Item ratic banner of Equal RiffArs no Rink monop olics iiuTarifTiiixes. . Arc the Freemen of North Carolina loss patriotic less duvnled to tht Consti tulion less jealous of their right and libortin tl.an thejr brethren ol other Suites T Or will they I liier lo open their eyes to li deceptions and fa'i-isof Fcd-ralMm T Wc know they have been in times pat second to none lo devotion to liberty and we believe they ,ro unchanged in "principle yet. Let them then come lo the rescue, and show those who prevailed in the 14 eoote.t by "delu ion " that they r not to bo gutcd and deceive.! a second time. Democratic Victory in Keio Orleans. The Democrat, of New Orleans have elected the.. Candidate for Mayor, Dennis Prieur, Eq., by a rnaiority of J3 vole, over hi Whig competitor, th incumbent of the office during the last term. 1 his City ha beea considered oue of ih mast impregnable point, of Federal strength, and the re ult of tin election .i a great jmocratic triumph. Another tiaoryTit Democracy or BalUmor have elected their Mayor by nearly 2,000 votes .u..a aL. L I . r ' - m un mgnest oppoiution candidate. Welldoncl for Democratic Baltimore A Democratic Mayor ha been elected in Pert ' land, Maine, another Republican gain and victory. '. .&- It i stated that the late gloriou Democratic victory in Connecticut was gained on 11)0 open issue of no protection. This ia csuse for fresh congratulation to the South, that in the very midst of the manufactories of New England under ihe overshadowing influence of the Protectionist them, elves, the broad banner ot Free Trade and no protection, wave in triumph. - It is another ver ideation of the wi) remark of Mr. Jefferson, that " the Northern Democracy are the natural allies or Ihe South." The Town election in New York have cone almost universally in favor of the Democrats. Federalism seems fitted to defeat everywhere. Congreu.r-Ti t Senate ha been engaged (or -some lirre in an interesting discuHnion on the Loan Hill the House occupied with ihe General Appic pnation bill, rl . . " t Tlic Veto Power. II wo-ild bo difTicalt'lo ssy whether the Whig papers of the United State, or those of England are most clamorous for a change of our Constitution. 1 he London Times has recently made a most fu nous assault oo Ihkt part of it w hich gives the Tresideiit, as ihe immediate Representative of the people, the power to veto a bill. Mr. Clay and ..the Whig irt this country have done the same. Wiih1 these olijector it avails nothing that Ihe wise Irs mors ol our Government thought it neces ary to placn this important check in the Constitu lion t it avail nothing that it ha worked well in our political system l'r mora than half a century ; all is less than nothing because Mr. Tyler has intarpoaed thi conservative poer to crush another monster of corruption another DidJIe Rank for ewindling tho people. The " monoy chiogors" and Bunk brokers have been foiled by the Veto power, therefore they cry down with it; Clay ays down with' it the Awrtcan Whigs re- yond the wir, r miui the cry of down with it. But will tho great bUdy of Ihe American people who h ;rw p and lived so JoDgundcr tho guardian protection of this most sacred Instru menl will they unrte with these Vandals in th,eir work of desecration and destruction.! W have no fears of it. The pepjareyci'whqteluug -the'alarm' at the design of the Revolutionists even in blue-light Connecticut the scales are falling from their eyes, and the doom i upon their do. icert-erii-tbey are doomed The May Conrrnlion.e rejoice to ce from the procrcdiug of popular meetings in various parte of the Stale, that out friend are aroused to the im portonce of the Convention to be held in Ihie place next month No Western couuty should be un represented, end it is now full lime Ihst all had ta ken ateps to ensure a representation. Such as have not jet appointed delegates ought to do so without further delsy, and urge their attendance. Wc hope that our Eastern brethren wil) show their devotion to the good cause of Democracy by their piegruce with us. We assure them that it will aflbrd lU Republican of Ibe West infinite pleasure to eu'jt them and exchange encouragement for ihe approaching great contest before us, , Will ihey not Ihen come up, and join u in rounsel and reso. Imioo that the old North State ny one again be freed frvro ihe misrule and lain! of Federalism, and take her place in ihe rank of her redeemed Sister? ' . The Corretpandenet letveenGotern More ' Itai of thi .State, und Governor MeSutt of Mit litt'tppi'Oar notice wa atlrncted lo (hi aubjocf jsome weeks ago by seeing the;reiort of a Commit tee of lb Legislator of Mississippi on the official papers suhinit't-d to them. This report is written m ith soino ability and pnwnt Governor Morehead n l only in the wrong eery clear!, but rather in a ridiculous) attitude. . Although no political friend of (iovernor Morehead, we fell mortified al the by no Infiiin ffr-.btnMn figurfl.hc haa nmdc in thi af- fair, iuanmuh ne he ia Ihe i.xocutive oi mo oiate, Land his official nets must therefore necesiarily af fect tn some extent the character of tho Slate. Iu order then thnt justice inTflit lie done lo Governor . VW t.t (M. . . Moiehead, nnd lo the Slate, we requested in no improper manner, that tho Governor a organ at Raleigh would procure a copy of Ihe corrcsp nd ence and ublish It. This hi '"' been dmie, but instead uf giving the North Carolina public the correspondence, the Editor of the Whig organ pre ents them with a speech of Mr. Ives, a member lift he Mississippi Legislature, spreading soft son p on G.rvernor Morehead, and making hiniout quite manof talent and learning, fit to bo a President for the Whiga next I, mo they gain the ascendancy. We look upon all this as dodging tho nffiir. If everv thing is right about it, why not at once come out with tho correspondence mid let us ee and . .11. ... ... t 1. . L- kliow all about IhO wnoio niunvr i ii cainioi on innr,. fir if it is not noon hr(h comins from Raleigh, copies of it. will bo obtained from S "lit, , made pmlrw. yon ........... f , may a wdl bring i out at otjee and lei Ihe wt M w e how His Excellency has used up lU Mi..is;p l-i Governor, and what talenlt and learning" be haa displayed. 6Vco Federal Victory. This i something ao me now a days that we mention it as a piece of real nm for tho public. A Federal victory! tho W hig have elected their Candidate for Mayor in Mobile afler desperate aliunde, by 8 votes ma jority, being a falling off ia the Wbig tote of only about four hundred unco ih Presidential election. What would a few mare such tfctoriet lease Whiggery the same election the Dem ocrat elected seven out of ten of the Council, and ten out of fourteen Aldermen. . at . , , . . A Wew "rleane pipor (tales that t&00Q. AAA f. fa a. . 000 was furnished to Mexico by Etlaod to aid mat uovernment in Ihe invasion of Texas, upon the condition that Abolition should be inscribed oo tho Mexican banner! The Democratic Victories. . Democracy has been everywhere triumpliant in tho late elections, and its victorious banner now wave throughout the land, more universally, than too coon-nkiii flag of 1840 floated over tho tri umphal parade of Whiggery in thai memorable year of pur humiliation a a people. In view of thi alate of things, ibe question must present itself to every reasoning mind what ha operated to edi ct the extraordinary revolutu n in public opinion that ha so completely overwhelmed Ihe Whig party within one jear ailor.the day of their proud eat exaltation 1 Are the people so loose in their attachment to principle as to be swsyed by trifling causes, or by the breath of excitement and p&ssiuu from one extreme to another within the short spare of a twelve month T' No, every body know that there ia no excitement now that there has been no attempt lo gel up any i the Democratic party have made no inflammatory appeals to the passiona of Ihe people; but this great revolution ha been accomplished by the powerful influence of sober reason and calm reflection, working silently but surely on the intelligence of the people ; and so far from proving Ibe contrary, its very suddeiiues is the atrongeet evidence of popular adherence lo cardinal principle. - It goes to ai.ow that though under the effect, of excitement and trickery Ihe people may be temporarily deluded aW led astray, returning reason and it fleet ion will invariably bring them back lo the right fold again. In Ihe corneal of 1840 the W'hitfS raited an excitement to divert attention from their anti republican prin ciplcs; they deceived the people by misrepresent tattoos and homed promise; they raised a clam. orous cry for " change," and finally succeeded in getting into power; its soon a they look the reins of Government, they began to throw off the mask, and show, their real cuuracter una true principles by a aerie of odious act and roea sure ; then the eyes of the people were opened ; lhy saw I hat ihey bad bean impnaed upon by designing men snd deceived into an abandonment of prineipb. and lhy have everywhere hastened lo atone fur their error by returning to the support of the true faith which alone can preserve, as ihey now see, their rights and liberties. This is the kauser of 'th& DeiviewtreVirtOTreV wlchhavo wept every thing before lliem, and from present signs, the indignation of a betrayed people will hardly leave to Federalism a skulking place from Maine to Jjootsinna Another Candidate for the Pretideney in the ftld- perhapt. The Raleigh R. ginter haa favored the public with a speech delivered in the MisxiwupiH Legislature in February laat, by a Senator in lhat body, Mr. Ives, on the subject of iho correspon dence between Governors Morehead and McNutt, heretofore ulludrd t, in which the orator rather boast of a personal acquaintance with Governor Morehead, and make Hi Excellency out quite an extraordinary man. Mr. Ives says: "sucii a man as Governor Morearad is not born once in a century !n Nor tteiet neither, friend Ives." Yes sir, cooiioue Mr. I., with all hi talent and learning he would ornament Ihe Presidential chair, nor ia it unlikely that he may one day be called upon yet, to preside over the destinies or this great Republic, ihoi!d tie Whig party again get the aecendanty." ' t , Should the Whig party ever again get ihe ascendancy, and should Governor Morehead be made President, he will prove himself a very ungrateful man if he doe not reward friend ve with one ol the beat and lattest office in his gift for being tbersf to discover before hand hi fitness for the Presidency, and hi great talent, and learning. .... We vonture to suspect, however, that (li Excclie-icy boina, lho who are c quainted with him know, mndet unaesuming ninn, would very willingly compromise the matter, and on condition of beii.g elected Governor, relit qoish all right, tide and claim whatsoever that he mav have in prospective, on the Presidentml Chair" now, henceforth, and forever. Trriai Blockade of Mexico The Pre.ident of Texas has issued his Procla iiaiion, dx-luriiig the ports of Mexico to lie in a state of blorkidc. We hopo the blockade may bo as absoluto by sea as il is on pnper! ' " ' MR. HENRY'S APPOINTMENTS. i is D. Ilcaav, the Dcmocrslic candidate for Gov ernor, will sd.lreea the people, At Chsrlotlc, on Tuesday, (court week) li e 20Ui ol A At I jncnhiuin, on Saturday the 30th of Apt il. At Uuthcrlbrdion, on Wednetxisy Court week tho 4ib of Msv. . . - At .-'helby. Cleveland County, on Tuesday I ourt wet k iho lOtli ot Msy. The Stcamthip.e. find a baro stalerfienl with m explanation, in a Baltimore paicr, tht the Mixsniirt " m Kut from ibe oyster bank by ,he nid ot tho Mississippi. I ney ern n iitne inH.t.ed tom-ke ' t.v.tery of it-no eco .b. damage ,s give,, and but a very unt ot one id the ace i.lcnt itsi-ll. They ore ristt to le nsjinmrd' of it mliiu down oyster bank4!. I a poor bnsineo lr steam Inpatea, and wear not a little sunpicioun that thu nils ortune grew out ol iho raring epirit with which Ihe two vraael lell New York, and which had been o srdul. uly stirred up by the petty jnaUxy and rivHliy X Nw Yu,k and Phi adelphia. CI a. Mercury. ' .DEATH OP BISHOP ENOLAND. Thia eminent Divine, long tlm head or the Cath ohc Church iu thi. part of the Doino, expired yea terday tnoruing, in ihe (Olh year f hia sge. His illoesa bad been loaa and KailMtil evvn l ilia lima of the duatb of the late Mavor, we beard it (aid bis recovery w.a hopeless. Bui he prerved hi fac ultic to the last, and on his death bed, lt none ol that gEal m toe ciuo of his church which hut mi distinguished bis life. To the Caicholic Chu urili l.is death will be deep and hnUua 3J.cti.ii. liishoo bfioiABD will be mcerely lamented by all our eft t-ns. He was a man ol rare taleul ol variou learning, ehxjupnt, public apinted, om equally capable ol adorning ihe walk ol private and meeting theemcrgencieeol public duly. When uch men die Ihey leave a wide gap in society, and wa wait long before we ceo their place worthily filled. Bishop Ekinb haa resided among us for more i ban twenty year, and duririg.ltiat time be haa conciliated an esteem so generate hutjhat cbm must bo amall indeed, which will not sympathize wiih hi more immediate Iriend. in Itilf melancholy bereavemenl Lharlc tton Xcrcurv. o) thelZUtin. ttant. - ' ' ' &JRmttnteoredl Canoliin. On Tbursdajf last, a wsggoner by Hit name of Cooraci Etxtot a, of Lincoln County, was aiueu oy iigntmng arwut 10 mile west of VYVelboro,. He was overtaken by a atorm anfffirove his horse near Nn old store Id protect them from the rain, and wis standing bv their side, when a tree was struck in about 20 yard and a portion of the subtle fluid struck bun . proHocinj death ui about L minute - On the 'next itj, ririracx I'oBTta was crushed todeath by accidcbtally fslling on tlie cog-wbeel V tb mill just completed by W. B. Mc(ikle. Mr. Porter was a steady and re speclsble msn, s mi son by profession, and was engaged in working on tho mill. Anson County, N. C, April 12, 19 12. REPUBLICAN MEETINQ IN ASHE, On Ssfurdsy, April 9th, 1S44, a portion of the eiti tens of Ashe, aambled to the Court-house in Jafliir. son, when oa motion, CVI Geo, Uower waa appointed to preside, snd Geo. 11, ilsnuiloo w.i requested to act Secretary. , . , ., .,XhecAj(MJt -c4 4lr-inmmg having been duly exv pinned ay the uuairman iu a lorcibie and explicit manner, on motion, the following gentlemen, to wit: Geo Phillips, K. Murclnson, W. T. Rosa, P. Laruest, and Lewi Walter were appointed a CommiU e, to dealt resolution expressive ot the sentiments of the meeting on the suojecu undor conaiderntion, who, 1 hiving retired for a sliorl time, rrturned, and throujh their Churmm, Cot. Goo. Phillips, repotted tha (id lowing preamble and resolutions, which, having heeo read and duly considered, wee adopted without o; po sition. , . Where, it is the right and privilege of freemen peaceably to isenible, and freely express their opin ions on matte n of policy, and wheresa, tha affair of this nation, are, we believe, badly: conducted st present, snd our foreign relations in a condition not the most desirable, truggle for the Presidency, and since tbst time, tub filled That we believe all such promises were msde tor political effect, and without any intention or expee Utioo of .the consummation thereof. Retolved, That although w disa.iprove of msnr pf the otbcial seta ot President lyler, yet we accord to him our ihinks lor hi msnly firmnes snd sterl.ng IB- . . u. ., n..,w k.iu ik. i. l'.iH Wi.MiuMr..MiHKri liieli'iloti she w rnrrtinon t lioet :sjf PorrTotwreo."--5'- i p :r r 1 1 in wtriinn . hid .vwv mi. " a . vi repeal of the Distribution law atltia preseul session. Retolved, That we most cordially detest the dis graceful attempts of those persona in and out of Con gres who si OBnecessarily clofffing or trying; lo clog th wheel ot Giwernmeot by 1telflli opiwritron W the wUat UiiUJiy JlxidiBg Ca I. .. . . I Il UDn.JrSMtonst djiwdutinil pjeuiions, or jwiuimi juai- lying the conduct ot urnisn sggressors uii mo rij-nis snd property ol American citixens. RrtrJvtd, That we will pivooor eordiil support to Louis D Henry, Esq , at the m-xt election (of Governor of North Cirol.ii. ' ' Refined, Thst we pprnve of the adjourned Pcmo critic WUte Convention, to be held al baln-bury on th SUth of Msy nex'.and thai the Chairman ol thi moot ing sppoint s delegstionof twenty-five persons to rep resent the eouaty of Ashe in said Convention, tnd Ihst the Chairman intbr .: such delegate re not present of their nomination ; whereupon Col. Thos. Clair. David Miller, Jordan Couucil. John Dixon, Bjdent Bsird, Adun Elfod, Richard Gentrey, Samuel Sapp, Thomis Sutherland, reward King, Junes Wsg;, Main'l. Plum mer, Toimiis Below, James KmitB, James Stiirgili, T. Witcber, Col A. Gentrey, Col. F. B. PsrK (ieo. W. Ree;es M Poe, Gea Piulhw?, John tJamWI, James Dickson, 8r., Jsines ToJd, lwis Wallers were ap. pointed said delegates. Remitted, Thai this meeting "sppoint a Central Com inutee ot Vigilance and correspondence for Ashe coun ty, whose duty it shall be to correspond snd co-operst with their Dmoerstic fellow citizens in different psrta of the County, tn selecting candidatea for ihe legists lure and otlier.pohtical purpose ; whereupon Gea H. INmilton. R Murehison, Wsslungton T. K, Joseph Burkel, Vjeorie PlallipN Allred Ross, Jimes Smith, George Bower, iwi Witters, snd P. Earnest wer ppoiutod to constitute said Committee. Rttolvrd, That the Central Committee sppoint a Commitieeol' Yigilsnce in each Cptio's district in the County, to curry out the object above mentioned. On motion, JfetoeerfrThrt the Chatrmsn, Geo. Bower, and Secretary, G-- II. Hamilton of tht meeting, be added to the deieifStion to tlie Salisbory Convantionr tietoivfil, Ttiat when this me ting adjourn, it slull adjourn b re- usenible at this place oil Tueadiy ot May court next, srd that ihe several Committees ol Vigi lance in the County, then and there report to the Cen Inl Committee bv delegates, or otherwise, the deeires oftnBiT rwp'Tiivt dtsiriets m r-lsttuti u candntntci O lr WW T1III7 VH MC l-VUlli.lv.. . Retolvtd, That the proceedings of tliir mating be iinod by Um Chsiruiaii, and connle rtfiirni;d by the Secretary, and forwarded to tho Wnuicrn Carolinian and Raleigh Standard, with a request that the same be published On motion the meeting adjourned, Ei. BOWER, Chairman. G9. II. Hatm-TOii, Secrewry. DEMOCRATIC MEETING IN ANSON. A respeclsble prtion of the Dnmocrat of Anson County mot in Wadcsborooyh.on Tuesday the 1 Jih ot April, tor the purpose of sppointing Dvleiratcs to the (Salisbury Convention. On motion of Hampton B. Hammond, liq., John M. Ingram waa appointed Chair man, whe explained tbe object of the meeting in a brief eddrcss, wheroupoo on motion of Clement -Msrshalh Esq., Norfleel D. floggan wia requeated to ct as Secretary. ' On motion of S. V. Cole, the Chairman appointed a Committee consisting of Clement Marshall, II. B. Hammond, W rn. A. Morns, Esqrs , Col. W. P. Johnson, Dr. McCsskill, and 8. W. Cole, Esq., to draft resolu lions expressive ol the ense ol the meeting,' ho after retiring a short limo, reported the billowing preamble and rduii"n. f f . I . . . . . Iu. . .nrl. .nnM , Whereas during the l4 rtesi'ential esmpnijrn, the Whic in order to secure tho vote or our ci'tlzrnr, promised that il 1'iey should succeed in tlm election tf llrr to snd Tyler, the expenses of the Government, which they allegrd wee yniieceiarily large, Wiould. b greatly leurnchsd i tbit the liuai cos ol the coun rJry khoulil ha pluccd upon a aund loondatiui, ard in nouriwiing cunuiiioii; that we should hive uniform currency ; ihsl er,hfinjjpJmuld be eqiialixeo J that Miifirfence idinald he VMtmrcd , thnt Isbor slmulJ com insud a hijjhor price; that the farmer should rrccfte for his produce a lair value; that money should be come plont ; tttst com marc thou Id return her w4V d acUvity, and knally that Uia rittMiiaof the Uuitil .State should behold a prosperity hitherto unparslloleeV and whereas, lha.Whigsdid mrootd in iltainmu; lb' power of Hia (Juvaxnmej.t and wbereea, the fu c) 'loo. Harrison was by frocJsmation, to cuSveno so EtlrqrJit iixin' uf the Conijrs of tii United Staler, for the purpose, as in atd l'roclsmation avowed, of re,. pionouiing an ctny.ad Trsstjiry, to tsk into their special cara, tjie flpsnces of the cuuntry ; and Viheici" wpw' wj uflpsncesot urn country and hw- Y' U'a 'm.iS"'. -b!e rn th 14 of Wav, t snd did contiqua lieiv .iuun tn.ul aomeiiuia ia JO, t ! tcrob-; X- -. - -k A- j.eres, the regular Rpwicsj of Qcruvesa, dj3 , ssst-fNoi oo Ui 1st Mmnisy ia beceinber, il, co pored of a fcijorit of Wbigs, boUi li tbs Kf nnio i4 House of Kcpreaeountcs, wOich aaid Cun. , i. aldV . i Seon sod whereas, It is manifest ji, r Vnxsj- ' can people, that so fur fiorrt U.e eapeosiai i lio v vernment baviog ben retteiieb-d they are grentfj iocrtsscd J (list io far from lb Has rices btirg Uittcterf,X theytare In mora disordered ctulktion ; tfist tho Mice ol Hot snd projjuco srs gresily reductd; Ihst ctm. tuv w is IsnguitXtng ; tlul sll confident in the itsduu ciimmunilv W deoroyed; tbst nuKiey u scarce; ihnt the monetary traumctK nofthe country tngr. at!y dis ordered ; that the National debt is vsntly urCTeesed to it we are premised 'o ssddled with a aewtsntf; that tliey have given away aha publio bnds; lhat the char- " scter and creditor tfie ftuvemmont are gone lhat in hen of the prorperity proclauned, we srs overshadowed with a cloud of dUtreas. ; , Therefore Utiolteii.Thtt we fKild tba Whig justly V.v responsible lathe people for the present diMmrou condition of the countrr. " . . Retolved, Thst we believe" if the Democrst had been allowed to retain their puwer, the country would have long since been restored to a eouMl and healthy cmditwo ; ihst Ihe energreaol our citien'i would hate been awakened1; that the vast resources of our country would havo b-ca developedand then indued should we hive beheld the prosperity snd happineasorour pvo)ia. Heohd, That wo are highly pleased with the nom. inition of I-oui D. Henry, aijd w:il uto all honorable oiesns to secu'e lii Election. Rettlved, ThamoapproveofllieSaliihury Conven tion, and that the t htirmsn appoint Delepsteslo repre sent th Democrats of this County ia so id Convention. Whereupon the Chairman appointed the fbilowmg persofcs, Joseph '.Medlay, Ym., Clement Marstiall liq , Wm. Hamilton, Eq., Col. Win. P. Juiinaon, Doct. Wc (iski'.l, Damol Gould, Col Allen 'f'ye, sVspt. AI. I) Watkins, Jmes U 'ferry, Thus tiritBu, Hmj., K. W. Cole, John W. Ingrain, David t-'arrx-ottr, Joel Tyson, Doct C. Watkins, George K. Threadgill, N. I). JW, pan, P. W. Hammond, Jacob W ayuosburg, John ti. McPherson, Tb. J. Is-kturt, 11. II Hammond, Ehi Mile VV. Alash, Eeq , Col. A. Polk, Jan Bi-nion. WuC. A. Morria, Isase Curtc, Allen Carnenter. iKvid Hit. ling-sly, Mnrcus Aubtm, Niihau It Jenkins, Fleet Williama,Tlios. P Dillon, Msj E. P. lUrrsll. I spt. U Ii. Kirby, George Duren, liq , Wm. K. Wh, iMr- ling Rusiiing, Esq, Cle oent Uorminjthuin, Lmiin log - , rsm, John Griffin, Capl. Thos. M. Leo, Col. Jaa. Kst- '" d i IT and lij. Thoa. ft Bailey. On uiotKiori Wm. A. Moriiai, the Chairman wis added to the number. On motion of Col. V. P, Johnson, Urtolfd, Thst the proceeding uf this meeting be publifclied in the Democratic paper of tins (State. JOHN l. hNGUAM.Chsiniian, ' rirt.t!!r D. Buuota, Svc'ty. I ne vfjclunalf aendent to the Kietouri. W find in the Baltimore Suu soino nddiiimial l.tets res pert iog the melancholy ad Uiatressiqg affair on Ibe Potomac, which caused the death ot filtoen of Ibe Missouri' crew i - Tbe ship was undor a heavy head of steam, going at the rat of thirteen ilea an hour, wuen, 'thr.Hin'h aome rareteMneiiii or u.allnniii i : . r r--. . Matthias' Point about hltkrt miles-below Polo. mac creek. Site now lies born d in tha shim), with but a few inche oi water upon one ode, while themta spinel h ing like eighteen or twenty tret off (h other. All on board expressed tbe belief that thergrjOtrhbgTf'in'tiniiCTIiy" an jt lrfrared mat when site t cicaTi she-wrff be" found to be so much injured as to require inuc'i rep nr., " Our informant state that there were twenty-aix persons), including Lieut. Bordiu, in the boat W hich went (.if with the anchor llint litteea, UU the lieuteimut, were drowned ; and ten were picked up by tho boat Trom Ihe ship. Another informant say that :hore were but tilleeu men, inoluding the lieutenant, on board lhat Ihey were proceeding Irom the frigate, but Ihe anchor not having- been properly "cured, and the boat liaUng, it probably slipped off, and with Ihe chain, either capaiaed ihe boat or entangling those on board withig it sight, every person wa instantly killed or aftorward drowned. The body of Lieut. B. ha been found, and was lo be interred yesterday. Sumo other bodie h-ive also been recovered, and two of them re raid to have beep cut almost in twain, while the other aro much mangled. Jhe unexpected and melancholy loaa of hie, together will) the har.ardoue aituation ol ibe noblo ingaie, haa car ried g net unutterable into the hartol ihoea in . oiiimand. The Collector of the Revenue ol'the city of New York, Thomas Lloyd, baa absconded with thirty thousand dollars, ascertained, oi the city' cash in his pocket H'iif Chronicle. The Feytterille Mnkrt. There haa been but, lit tle domgr Uia present week. Cotton remain about th M-iie, say li to 74; Domestic l.iq'urs are coming in pretty tn ely, bul tbe market is not yet supplied ; pri ces remain stout the same. Pescti "Brundv, 40 to iH; Apple, ai to 37i ; Whiskey, lo 'flour, Vtili scarce, in good demand at 0 to 7. Com, scarce, sells at ? to W. Bicon. 3 to .v. 1 jr.!, X t.. R tri.t 1 lo $1 lo. .W(A lMroU,u,irt. t'.tiiiltdnlfxs lor Maerifl. " (Ot'ol. R. W ' lao is s candidate for re-election to tin-office ol' SliiTitl ol Kosnn tMin.ty,, 0 (CT Hi.lsuh I iunkr, lq , m cuMlid.ic fur the oFice rf Sheriff vf Row4n Cmaly. gj- We iro re.iucsted to announce Mr. B. B. Roa mi, as a t'and.da' for SheriU'ol Dutititon L'vunlytl ihe next election R1AKK1LD. In Mocksvjllc, Davie county, oo tbeStd inat., by tho Rev. Mr. Archer, Mr. llr.s.v llowaao to Miss A ax. IIA GalTEB. , . DIED, . In thia Town, on the IjUIi mil, Mr. Jaars P. Guccn, hi toe 4utti year vl'iiis sgo. In this trinity, on the morn in? of the 13:h insl- d Pueuinobis, Mr Wiixum Gisson, in the 01st year (!', his sgo. W.ttWs iTop SsiVo aiCVC. 4 i, f. . '4 i tf : .r , r5r.-ifs "1 "I ,' f - ' I .

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