North Carolina Newspapers

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i'..;U,-n I irl:!.!.., ( ,.,. railed on to notice the I
(nMI'H'l'll IiI'himO:! mi J.0 1.1 South Carolina illl'illjr llll
course ,f ihis diseussi.w,. Every one wlm ha lis
timed to whu h it li ' -n sill, must have LM;n lruc-k
nil the IkiIJ assertions oft'in .Seuutor olhors
wholuvo taken tin' n.imu tide, in rolttroiieo to her
dojiros ioj nml dilli jul ies. h Im lieen'so'emidy
asserted that m one rimld Venture to say i:at ahV
has realized nay of t'.ie anticipated inkae-tago
from rcduciion i.i t!(o duties. I proiioso tontiswcf.
these bold and (led unai iry assertions, xjui I .Vive
.otherVof like kind, hv npiwaling. to fact.' resting
' ntwici;u ocuments. tor tins purpose 1 have
eelerted th anno peiiod of twenty one vcar, fiom
1819 to 1911, divided t it.i the same itivwion of
oven tears each, and have fanned tali!4nirkoi)
and tiii! aggregate exports tor each division.. Jlef.
crease tii it will kIhiw f!ie Bgjyrco'ata imports
in value from the Sia,e lu'W io Rrst perind,.r,rorh
1619 to la.'d Inclusive, urns fcS5,5 ISX-Trend. that
from t',ij m-xt, tern mating with, 1833, under the
operation of thii two hijh inrifls of 1334 atnd lfl;2$.
thn aaorerr if evniorts ileer.iifal In i.V2 (VIA .11 tt.
V ' "S - -r,. -. -. r-j---.
showing a fnllinjvftfif a million and a Vflilfs under-
t...l. I . .. i. '. .
mgu uuuns. i uming., men, pcrvi oh renuc;
lion,, the period deincit-d bv iiTUrmcn tso dias.
tlrou to the State, we slmll (in t-inta.l of a deerfMse,
tiieag;:re.iie exports it tiioprwti sveUjiii to 4?t.
:i:t4.vj.i i. nn RA.inqii.i ,f A'. tlTfi liai jkfa
proved ,1 i'ni j'p. I will t!i,.i.V the .S;crcMry o
rca.l it: 1
i'ultiratiiui of Ct.tlon i i Ji.-'oi. Smco the
piiblicitiimi of tba It'Iiur on iiii Hilj"rt, U'ldr'"wi1
liv the IJ jinJi iy C.'!ii i"r t ' n hurc to I lie In.
dun t!ovcnimiit, vfi ' he h'.-irril, llirKih lh
.mcdiomof letters reccivuil hv tl;o tivcrlnnd
tii.if1, lnt tin eAirti of tin A-'.'ictn idantcm who
v-nt to t!-.jfti-.T'..'m if Indu Imvo s fur vi.
ti'dy ftih-d. iMleeJjs firn n-cu) learn tlier
li;H ho'-ri vrry jr'rat 'JiujjV'i-tio I 1 i HvyiH'UKjut
oii'alm'wf eyftrJpiii'-ijtin -' ! . Jr opera
lions. l.woui'Bsi hi ii4 v.. ...; j-lfW of iho
KnU I-ilin Wurtpiiny t.:uJ .t.inii'nlil .it wn quiio
en0i;ii Jo fPtid1""'1 tjfln'iiii, and x all furtiier
ctird ii'.mut thoni whs 'ii'iitiJ ttiitiLectiMiry ; fur o:i
'. at ' . 1.1
lucic.otnvU9 .'ft-UjP'iyi'vCvit' 05ni itmi no
tltlvcti'tri re-jpeiting Milium bad Mwjjit piven ; !"
tlmy wece rtosoliITcly Iwuig tlu-ir lunO lur two or
thrud ntonthji, uiiti inntruriyfn tiHil'i bo received
from ilia Government. Th?n, iiKtr'rtJ of IfHiit"
wtii'O Imrd pti-:d,r!.!t furiiisli v ii'iin it-':'.f a'unn.t
n ol'iu nupplui 0-ir i- a ti.u p. ovi- i. m.roiin! ry,
in I, w'n'ii ii.i-vl-i lm c :i luniki mint of in s'ijili'
of food ao.l cldthio:' from in own resources, in
pro)ro:n tuuui, vVno i tun price of our ntnjile
luli, our labor is'Hlmot .'Xchisivcly dincled tu
tiimr productiim, and thnn we freely anj libprn!y
inrt wiih ll.eir proc'i'di in exchnngo for Itorsci,
itvil-H, caW,, ayd provinom of all di:crip fron tlio'Mfeir. and clothing nud ail tlie
jii o lurst-i of iho arm wfth ilw North and E.wt ; hut
whioi priro fit 1 1 and procure conmiwo grwuiny .
ruuro on our own mvrm, '.' Uh our , own,
uppiics from witHin. t
With thes-3 'M-oat a'Jvnnt,i'"". it is not wonderful
tint iu all ilia trrent at riffle that woliavi hid for
tlio cotto-i mulujf, (thoy- bva been many mid
jriwa-lwo ever cumiLJdLgLcgMil"t " '
TiK-iduoko that'roiit dtaplo article cottto711ie
first in tint whole circlo oljcoutoiurco t he rnjajl
to mtriordinury vibraii'trt of prici" from the
r,oi4fi to whicli'I hae alludi'd. At ou tnn
i ;L ", j r 334,53-1, benj ni-increaiw of 3,3T5,()5J, coin .lliijl iavjatid oFa trlUtf;
' iy:- ' t . fiarod to tin ffociiiiinj; vt. hjglr'iuife'Mccedjjily well adapted for
' ! V ,1'Theflaci o1!-Jjj,(.jmf.ortH milj qtorfibing; 'iiAiiptn, but whhb Corn
; x. both inrlhe fa.niil':.vlliiurii4 tjm .viod of Mj'ifdj almwirto lm verv uiihivonbl
V -
faiider that ot redueitan. n plant, which has a iarCtto tootWt Ihrivoa a
badly in th BtitI black rhI iq h i:h tbo nino
cottoiiji grown, an cavMsWotiJdliriya, n artilt ,
clav in thia ("Miiitrv. Aa.a matter ol':'.uiw,l,i,'ir
ti?, and trcovi
' . Bui it hWl)taw'tfemp!5i t- etjilaiiwlii flU
increase ofexporta oh ll gfiiund 5bat Hjjaro piir
tion ara the jro"lorli"of Georgia, dra'n.o thn pprt
of ('imrlcHort h liie raikoad to llatyofrt'jonie
l' Augusta. It is jrtib ibis that t!n' n rent
er aioiwiol irmtt (joorjiii duiiiijj thl -t-'periad,
compared with tha pieeeilinj, from that caui, fcyj
nothinjf lika aulTuiirit to account f.r tho irtcrea-4,
as wtwIJ le manife-it -by lurnn jj to l:n rxportsand
-iinpurtiof Uaoriti lor lis s.imo period. 1 find
on examining them, tjiaj they havo followed, the
time laws i-i the two p'ruVU, ttw r.vporh remain
-ri-ur about a!utinarv liurinL' tlif! period ol'hitli du
lif., and the iiijpoit wjularly 'faiiitijtoli, and b"th.
i 'itimnt lately ftoo ri'jjmarly niereamnjj lliroutlm't
that. of tho rei?ueti'ii ; wi'h this ddlerence, -that
Georgia tas iiicrefjwj in M!i even' mora rapidly
than "roliin, jtroWfJv becaUM of her inerrmied
ppul ilion. lint he that a it niny, it cleat Iv show
that the prejf tticrea? of Clrolina i uH awing to
itiiyc-xne to wh:c!i i U attetnjited t' a'tribute it.
Iat as gre-xl u- the impulsa i, winch has leen
(irnl soil wliich apoeared he-it tvlahtel t the
lutea l Hjijon, when iiititriicj!ons ;wero rec iveo,
ths'y wero takco &l duce to. Broach, and them
- J glacftd under tho direction of a y.'iit!eman who fi'lt
li-f iiurni in ion iii;iiiuruui wuh.uj" ujkmi iuki
to choows soil and situaiiotrfor them. ' lie allotted
(,'ioui what was coiwiderert very pnod cntlna lanil
tlmt ia.Jatid of a BtrfW nndtepeiiiiiii qtiatity,'
tho fljoaih ut the
former ei;ertnien had
6 toin Artiencnii
WHS TU H N C A lib fi I S I N
JFWajr, my, 13, 1813.
Democratic Republican Nomination,
wiih us for Calhoun u;iJ U::fjrm: the ccnicat na
I I l, ......, U,.M tw. .... ... '
UU WUllll, UUI lll-J tn.uijr mil wvi vuliUl,
Ujvtu survey rt.o co.rr.try. nr.n cii-.e tuo-mano,, , . ., b,
"' I! ' . .l "l.:.!!.- 4 I... !,.. M
n-!ri:t'M-!lllV UUIUVtlti;!, WHIT ut l,JJr wirr
' -i . .. l .i...... ; :i.I.'..s U'
erf.p if wiilicuUiUt has Pilled, with tliBt-Mjufoii'
of a very sinalJ.Datcli tyliich the hu,d-iil5a;tiou a
lace oriighaii ioijvwhicjj tit)l t.ij r.tfiis of tho '
cotton, were abla to punyirate, and on which Ilia
plants were exceedii)(!y .luxuriant, and covei d
with I irga poil of cotton, from the stroujj hlact
s til, it was not supposed that they would b"iahle to
pick. a pmind per ncro of good coltn. k llo far,
therefore, tha culiivatiou of Anieri.qjncotton in
Upper lotlia baa, made jjoo progre'nor'tlo xs
t iiajjino that it is very hkoly to hereafter.
J'rum all we hav read upon the buIi)"ci of Indian
cotton cultivati'ip, it eeems to ui, thit the bet
chance of succass is to bo found on a careful and
discriminating (jrowth of native varieties, and a
c'arelul gathering" and clhantng of the prod iee,
This was one of the objrscts," to arTs, which tha
ittetili'm of the Americaoi plinter.rwa to fn dl
reeled; hut, h;!wrto, wa find very little ha Leen
done. At the date of .tha latent 'advices from
(o through these raat vibrations. , We tru willing j
to'hol i H on t!aieoimuion, asi teei c iuiioaui
ciin, with justice fiom litis Goyerumeiit. We
dread not the ioni4itiort of IIinilosaii j but your
uaepjal, uunoust'itutiohal, and oppresaiva legislaiiim
-JOutt leaitioci which pushet the expenditures o!
the Uowrnment toltjo most extravagant exssat,
and wb:olvlac$''tha burden of suppnrtinfithe
Govnriimeni.alniost exclusively on the exchanges
f)f our'proiiWi wltK tha rest of tho world. . Every
dollar of tatrimoosfld on-our exchanftea in tha
shapii of duties, iWipatrs In that exient our capacijy
I'Unecl the f4ver fompeti'liaii to Which we are
'1 A- . 1 t .... i...-rJ - .".r lu'l.1. nrn-
exoosca tiiij ii nuiinr out n'i
J&iiju dutiJa, lona cohtinued, can prevent us rrom.
ih'ei .fiiiir tt sU-cessf3'Jy. " It is that which 0 1iave
' roa oovicaaoa,
LOUIS u. is v.
Of Cumhrrknd. ', ; -
' 'Vic next V residency. ; -.'..--
From present s,is". it appears that it will not
bo poHsibJti to represa th'e great sutsiaij anl grow.
in interest which is every whoreafready manifjt.
ucftiof by politicians, but by tho' great mass of the
PetinlS on the fuhjoct orhe next Prenidency. The
declarable conditioaif ths country jnd tho gloomy
prosfjtctsjipfore us under tho administration ol tho
party gow in p iwcr, have had tlu? clDct ol iuduciifg
an anticipation of the future in hs natural d ;siro
that is felt by all to acertirwhc of ojr ah o
S'.alesiuaois to be plced alIho hond 'of tho now
tri unphaiit nainocratio party m the ,fixt contest
i , i.. ...i,.L li'luirtu. a.H nomlt.1l' vichts.
it -- - .- fH'ir - vtiinvi.i,iir iikwi j - -j-- - a
to fiur. Let. tho planers avoid banks, keep witftTi gc ircely a ... thatl r not 1ear tho
dob,, and have t mA currency and '' , lifyL who i, to lJo our nextfCandida.e for
,.a mnif liit sliihnnrn tn nnninfllttlnn. Come 1 ""I
President ?" Thero is unq isstioaohTy great and
unfhial anxiety Mia Country ori this important
ahject, which is rJsaitvf increasing ; nn afixiety
tfiat will req lire'iHdoTo tfrf l-ns..t? b atisll'id.
It Is vary cideiit that tlift 'rnoveinputstof tli
Fera jiV aii;' n l' imjoet hivef In st reat
1gref, given an impulse I this reeling. ' here is
iTnod deal of i tlouv iu lhir f nk Th ileaderr
and they mav bid dnfianco to eomietitlon, C6me
from whit q iarter-iThiayi ana lood lpm&rtr who
'confid.Miceto'-pisiiertty groaftr. IlJliey have
ever yet exurienccd. a V; -. V,
From lae fyuth Carolinian.
tt, x A n tings, & c.
U'o jires Is regrit,'" eo that-a Mee'ting has
hem fluid id Ph trleVdu, to pr' ivnl.. manures aid
r. ' !... ..A,. 1 a PIKIU UCI "1 1 ''
2 . ' . & WhiTm this State lA,ht f .rwar i ,a theirX .
IIU.UMI UJV!lvllll.;V.IIIII a-J"ii-" H," -..'ip... j " 7 ' , t JJ . ;
UoMVO'ition n u neign ineiron canoi"iii"R'i
ono su ofi(a il 'faateJ here Oil evaryarti r ' MSe
in tbo papers, to the same edact. Cm it b pom
bit that tho- eorsucd in the measures do n' ,
sceth" (.' .ui'ifimwipresty otth'n. a-wl Wv much , e tf (;;,, a cornea fk:ra u i- a
TtvcTtia nrr e1w'4ra.Jo.4.unu,.,e!.y in it Oomw j;roa(., ,., 2i-t f Noveu.bsr,) th.-v wrra .inning
v CarotU-ta, h!;e a'l the M Sjiate, is st.fil-rmg no- up hou,u ;or giving wtn, cotton ; h,n, ,.-.v
4'fgrwtpecua:srycmVirfsnieiiia)ii-.t,1ioever;,o,10 RftM, mill,r 0' bsuic!es reves-, iv
in i-onsequea!..,.,.! ieducU--M.f bit in ;:ie f xpuriEUCcd iu such a cuotry a India, th-v made
ifir. Her tiair-nic' i lr on the ai.iiu eeueriil I t, liu,-w,- :u -r
The Democratic Victory in Virginia,
The triumph of the Democratic party in tlitt old
Hopuhlicau Statu of Virginia has been most (jorj,
ous and complete. Clay Federalism i, gner
routed uud overwhelmed beyond all hope of a rally
hereafter, Hint uot without tore icasoo may (h4
llankau-l Tarirt' partisans of true Whiggery 0o
execrato ' Virginia abstractions.' The Federal
organs inougm 10 gnu uiu poopi nna play ik.
i . .. .. !. ..i 1.1 HI I... .1
IIU IIUU gnuiu u, iw .vujr ucuiagoutt Hpjlcul, t.
thoir pockets oil tlio iiuestion of thajaud unmCf,'
they thought tin) brihe of Mr. Clay could do U,,
work i " money or iiu m was ttio iswa 'tbi.,".'
imdo, and ujion wmcti lliey ruliid carry
auio, uul tney nave noeii aeie ,ieo most (ff'ialK-'
aiiJ tho Old Dimimoii, t.le native S;at of Mr
Clay, has no rocorded her unqnahiied andrroi
coiidomnaiion of all Insi acliouwafor subverthi rtij,
Constitution, lor plundering tho Sautli by anotl),.,.
TariH, amlxing on tha peoplo thal'ederal policy
of a National debt and high taxes. Vt will Kjf(l
tho returns next week wjiuhu received in full.
Lynchourg Republican speak its follows of id,
triumjih : . -
f Tim Republican are very naturally elaiJ at
tlieir success in uus our;. . i noy rejoice t(Hl
their own bdoved Virgiuiiti atfll true m heml
and to tha country, i'ney r j itce that her vote,
aro to intelligent to ba . tiumhugjcd, and io
honest to ba' bribed by tha leader of Feditmlm,,,
I'ut the will enjoy tneir victory witn 'becoaiin
moderaMn. ' Tha result is exceedingly gralifym
to fha pemocraey of the while coiinfry but lbv
will iMJt be so extravagant' inr the tleiiHuitratiotM ',,(
joyta Vera thftr tiapoiienta afteMhe Presidenlinl
election."3They WiTi uot cujcbrale their victory
with '4nSri(s and illiimuiitiona:'' nor will iW
cvinco ttietriy in uny othefhan a ratidnii ml "
nct. W 4 " .
- We cw r.ot but regard. the resuit as a great moral
as well a nullum Wiica iriumpn. Our id.
vertuies-k tad cauva upwlod to ,4he wornt
pasosaus of iho. hum m ho ir. l iu-y hopad tu giin
ihe4uyYijjl iuujrtng tha voter oftiii eou.iirr
wmwe inai, mjw jwrai wwiio sutler strf,uij
bjilliS ref ill pf mo i)eniie.ruUq .Senme to recent
rjtu tdiie's oK olihrt iWrilwitori frnd.
: " r-
JlUg- fiais' re fn't'. it-far as lliey ro 1 f vit hutjcoliiiid iitUjtjVgeit mm to tb axpen r.-.enf i;
. 13 tiffiTei. VlfTo i I (ir .jrisar '!tirfrrrm-;a44t,'to bo tWd,, uii!4 the
,-,w-!-'4niWii in-it'i-.'-!---s
i i ''( Itj-aUSsoMi by e..i,. .frury ie w o has -u 1 t. l.o mu-h t-'nr.'-e "i.l mv gi-i r
kcafon the i-.i.-ki-.I' ni.i Ii a.-.h-.; -. t'r t'v.rn imn Vf,m w;.i,-, ...u.-n ,.
. 'mp
' : I ..
- . . -.p
, . , - .... .
. -'--ir-
eaases alrdv exnlfiiiefl, wiri the addition of bv
it il peculiar 'to hcr-cli'. iii.irt croos tr im b ul set
'sohs for tun lat tiv-i yar-; ft ilesiru. tie ii-., n
f he heart of her c limerciatctpitol, which desiiroy
. tJ large portion of that city ; a heajry .loss esti
mated fcl &Ihu' imlli-ni-r;f (, from tt
losofvticof t!e L'.'iiied .St.uos 11 nils ol Perm i
VMll I i 4 U
Snftes which has (.oo cnluirass Iki
:oatir.erce- - H it, in th- 'oi-i-t of uh it 'ii.'ue',
' - st.uuls rrfTcwiib a '.iii 1 ii i'-':ey andiiiii ii;-ji.ii
.'s ed J sti lus hkcSy t rido out th-s :u as
aiy other S'.Uf.. CI r:'!- !." g'e mifa'.e, i!
4tcy sapse1ie t ' i-nrartt "-! I'ont-l as -eontVini
ihCca.Me i l"oi.-r ilifUcilii-- wi'h !. :
ed thit tho jr'iiviiii; crop w "old l-' i',rrlv i ver
iw'l.jri- flicir ;'ios were rcsijv. i V I" lliec'.iie im-'i-tioir-.l,
on r.UHj.ictorv evperiiefnis bad lieea nndii
as to tU-J cao.ihditv of tin' iiii'ive cii'to'i t i gland
iVii!.' Home trials w-'f nb.ut to !. ma l- wi'h
l. hand ji i, wiin ii, one wno h suj-pnse. oiilit In
nave Wen t tie first stop ta.ieo, net are inenfrms a
tiie-cn-uactor vf thw s?taie,-and safety of the 8...ith J mfe m ,,", hl.y h,,rstiia fratesfi.vo Thtj,caeJ JV ut-tU piosciit year, ViiotW
MV"UT " n?ml ,,t " 'I :J T .! !mi o' iTinlF-witl, toe nnberv a.t h'.ne baai an I hia'dens on jjrievoas VJ
duties of me ti'uen, to stwtam his Oo-rinii"ut, . t ? i .r -i,,.i5l.. I , c . , r
mvolvin, in relating with f.r-un r, s. ll.
th-sn iiK.eii -ii?S ca'ctila'ed to ir..n.ic t-hn ne; tis Wiflfi-ld a wh n!t M'.Qi irt Liy
iw.m, noiv nenjig Is rween ..or i..vernment an 1 1 p.;,..!, , ,. tt ... ,fttidi ui we' rec iliect
1,-t-.i. nil for tho !'-.-.i'!o.i ..f winch a Mi. ' . i . i... ia.:,.! ,!. i,".-.
,r i lo Ifcive r.tur oynrtwji, jfv. ..... -
ihii a large expenduwo on a raiir iiJ pr rX.l)S0 ,,, eciig mae.,ii.-ry.' which mav
lich has been f.uyid miffinctieahle : -o,d th"5 ' -' .piY,. uu. O i the whole, we t'eur fne pr-w
nged statu of Hie wrree.-v in t!,. ..irr..undii' ; ;tKrt ( reirw rv Urmt o.hiIv i4" wip-rior cot
rercuior mv Ittrfft itoepli
i hi Irn-ii i.l'a is iml ut presont very Ililienni'. In
ir U t the dilfi tulties prieiileil liy I'io
;i ilnt ul th-: people, im I by olher cs,in,-. ere ii en
iTl'v and perseverjii-e, on the pari of im .-i" u of
'f l.-tdi n (J-'iveriitirmt enirus'eil wi'h ilie -n .'tol
...f I',,-!','is alrwi'ot'-lv ie irv ; aid
mi itv i i 1 1 1-1 r
, ..!,, f.i,!, rt hooor t t;,, or ,ho dntv I dKrcV-d bWk atn. ;. 4 iH'lha el,s.-t J
of itv cttm-m, fr th-lifer to le' miki-u upii war J a.Vtrllo th,1 ! nnnsirati.n are b?i'i mrla by
upon Iexic-i, whito th" I t n r is at i -a :n with it ; ' ,r(,in"ta Niiumal Debt and High Tax s. it i
-proh.,,,: peute, a,J a ile-,.- ..r Pe and j ., ' ftpabneaosssmuid
.r.-.i-...'idr Ii il i..i p...... i - " ..
Z- 'S t'nn t t
pnweiitjag p-actloi
lor a orii in ol our (
! fr ir, it must b;i e.
t-ie sitri" ; !: I is the
!.n fneisure
i for all ol thern to do
a i w n th it would not
b?tn to lw aro ased to cito t. ii.waj w,i!e ftut
the friends of Mr. Biehananin Pj) isyfrviia, hsvp
. 'p.. -1
nien'neiM IIMU 113, I I sitl ii-iTr" 'Tio yorei
(jrsf cHoic-
i uTtor everv' ikd r 1 u:i ,, f
dijtriiuli' UWj tuVyvNj'teiiinjKtlle'l U pj
hffW 4mit Isriiinx how comir,
cUr inajo. o y- ' FO lUJf itytii Idem, ua aW
billot t.T? is i:i -tyFlQktiiivj. .
Tfl, .ii.l-.-ri.i i i ,. . , 111 " , ... .
A I 1. n.l VI V.;"ljr'jr A I VTIH'tl H t. ,
r ' . T - -,..
f a St i:e coujinrann-MT.iijp antr'nins imr m
ll.'herto, wi; ln-l.i-i e Uie (I .vernormt iiif-hn iruo
t.r t n n -xl 1'rasi.lattjy . .tlolw .s,.,l0, tA GovTrinof tl.aSialo in .T
,;..,.-,....';; ,v' mVititanliii Mii ;v:r,) to I -,r- !nv0 ,gl f'f,h M5 K'',l?f Hho UvfaE.-Ttvo-etn!.i!:wi
.t-.,.',.,,,rof,:,..rc.i V?., - ,v. ;.' " r.,e 1-;.-
f i m jT -m u ; cua -r -
OiJt! ih.jut ns i f th'J
nv ia....i '
it irr. ill I to .liuOM. naS mvH flSr r-n r,jf nrts y - - PSIV. -
i opinion, mid doiiblless so far ai thi.' goes, ft a a i in t, yp-r fyU, B tutn by t I
i " -l,uooeiTBWaareTUTni k:fl
iVWi .MiiKitii,- i;,ri,icu titikOweftfLlSi d
,-. '4 i ... .i .... ., i ...r . . .... ..... i - ,i-.... m i. i. . ,- . -T '
"i ' '"v " " iwior-i i 1-3 who-... ),.,,,.. i, t ii i.. .iiu i....i,,i r iu iua riui;e in Ann I. I.,..
' . ' - ' - - " : ' : . - - -t. r.... - . . - - '
l-f C 't i r. U.l I: -.'t:i s l ) -eri
ly ii)ie;''' ! I -is !i" South, in In-; t'r,..'.i:
criihti'd" "! iLui ir-t-irl-rarice f l( irr havo n ri 'i
.'tolo-criri-'ia .f.e .fr..,.l jjlTtirs o,ih' ' Pr evitenn nt popular f-eii'e?, If we may
V x H, ii i .-n it th.- Ilfi'; Tniid"."Xortiiern' Ah i rP'n'yeTsr'. meat lh.liHrit-ee-
o io.i,-:, an i-jni r j it to i! in ours .' : t il l tint l no li-Mi.teracvsof Hie 3 milk, with a-nall
v vi itsr: v open t i - n i or to it befnr-) the who'.-
all n itions nr
Iv .
f- -ty, . . T ... v.'".iw' io,v,.t.,ji, j,u. 'i iL; u... .. na;- r-1' y wpts ww wwwy.-rimitii w
nswssitsaat . i.sars rf. ssj-fsur. isssw.tiwrt.,Ws -: -r-vj 1 watstro sesTajtaaa i
rlostana greataiid sieeessfn! nv M to dr.vH . , JTft,((.... U ,n',1( ,,,i.v-l, have m m.o , ; or ihv
"rl en, innei.., -s,ivnrti; .;..r,!.;n ,1,,-cnm,,,,, ,..;. f ,. (;hl .r. nr
n-un.t m,.ch,;K.:. r.....f to th-..;.,; ;, n, ,,fV w . ,.,.,,,.,,,) .:ir::,., ,;,r !h .,.,-, ,
not mio r..h,g,.,j:J ,,, im, k. J, to I,. ure.l by vf (J,,,,) :iln, ii , ! ..-.!, :!,.-
i"," "u"-"- " ' ' - - r " "r : ton ituc.ticri i'or i!4 in ir'.ci ii;av h
; , ,, . j. , i ,iiniH nn :,'ie J.uro.- e in as ;
ibiuii! the daitj-. I nk bsr s-rvie w..ul.l tncl. i... . ... .... .
r . ut.- pr.UL-. u'n im- nre.-:i' ri .a' n n-.v n
i.-ime n,arkin no io i; . loose ii,.. t .h i.jii '
lo Pl'Po'il.:il u.'l (.r l!ti ...,..o.,,, i.T tin .,.!
iA3i.flhSO-VJ. Ttllli r.3r-l---iTif.SKl - ...iJti.u,, ...,4... ....... I 11 wnl' uu Jtn . no. I1.. I. . . . . . . .
-Tr. c-'-"8 i -i- o,.,,, ; : i:.,,.n!v. ,,. sncMnr'i: , : : : i! -1 tr,n it.-
'lS-Tr ! r l-e nthuG .v-ratn mt fro-n its f.fU.n s.o : Pl ' -ru'r'-",R W I r
i v-..v-i- ,Tr-iMi ( - S ' ' J " ? '"ssriHvaawwawrait'istt siaiayasMa.' m. -wjasswHfMilif tyw -s--Wn''aPT-WsW w, JtiMMLAsauii.
, ..'M- in .ii toi .nu in-line iroin j i.nce, s;,a J4;t
. i -. . . . . .
1 1' i, are a-mi Tx-i'ir. .1 Iroru lh-i rt'.vfu fii'.'M'oo .-.!... .1 . .1. . e i -. . .-. ... - a--iJeJ anl ut utoriivctv in.roM!l u,n k.-. to I he rt.qoir!,or,f;lud liy
ITJiS- I le.-al ''cmidui't Hot sJllv aln. I'm Hh rV,.i
p"rin on ii I ,i.o;.-;rri 1 1. 1 oore ace some uiidoiriiicillv. who.
io rx-i-jK .1 iroru inn i'.v'ol In', -" t oo (,.
Ol'-n-.l Unto
, is
! lae
O, ,:f.'
.-ill Hio (j'
iV.'i' fiil...; hi
rvr i:o;n.r-
have aKar!y p--..t-- .:nn, -..hit 1
I ... iv; mirk". T . w.i .1
re; orte ! I r r .,-.'... ru . i 1 - 1
i.i re thant-ts rt:i'tK t of ) -i-tr,
l.-'n :n rai,-e r . par-. I i " h it u
ii .,n:. : la.- ioiiinrf ii, (iv lar ih"
le.n are fine aiel iijUt itiiatks, wi.ica would require
lilt a s..i .11 q-u;.ti-.y i'i to i r : v n.-iiep il 'o rr.nrui
i ,, -r. Hi-i, : n.-t n ire i:t l'i- -..-!e. I v.- .! ! S'lp
; ","i It.iii j!.iii H i!cs ; !k it li ee ry
yani of cot on goo-N connsUji J in liie . i.,in wa
m..e at lioiif, t w.m.ii ji ::: i
I he qu inlit 'd rutl-in a i.oU m.. i.
in Ni,iMiiartir)... '., :, ck i
wiili the rei'idoe, which is live or six Ij
an! nowf;ii'ls im market i Ivoti ? !.
t i it we are sofa niinji'." .1.1 ns'-to n--dull-
s i,n all we cotiiiiuii to !,- hifl.
ah mat v.p i ai. dnoli or, ! r .n f.
: ... 1 '. 1' a' sn
(ir'tiit llrimm -i.icl '.i.iii i:n:i"!
efln ji'-iri-eiv b-i ilono'e.l !',;
t-r o' u i
.V n.ateri i
I'.loh 1 1- I -. V
i f lull
' !. it, nk'-t :('::; i to I
I h to u ,:.u, f (. ''
herirtoiufe : " !: ::. . ; :'.:r '
oi ior e riitf iotii others, shall In
ii; i.i
'i tiit w o v.yrjfTy tin".. ; tof. kh lieyond
a.:.!: : :. lo
; t., ;
i !.i' i.'o:,"
"I - ippn'i.
nt to l.reh
. Ii '.i'l to l '
jnYrrrH h.iv.
or-ive lo l-
ii it he
, ih i' tii" n .;.
it :n--vf-r
x'n; ,
!l '1
1 1 HI It i. IS i.VCr t)TI
e ,rr;a-,in ; '.r V-,
ii illieiiiiit to!.' t::o ck'tiv.nds of t'.r.t ,m ,
mar kef. . .. .
I'at I am not igtiornn' iii.-t
: :;.: t1:" e.-foo I '- l ....
rula-iry, and c-i;iiic-tv ! r pr
Nenrty, if tint iilt.n ;l.i r, i:e
..nia.-o nio j; in rap.ioi.i in . n o.'i.i-.
;o,ik lii :t too in thf r--r'!'s the e,. p i,n: s
wi.'-ie l ihor :i L.i'tii:;.'. We in v h ive r.-
every wiierc in a Iv-ll in , si !f;rees iirl' r.-.i, ly; .
on earii -.i.!.' cf tin! e(..i it or ii- -! exti-i: I-i.o ai-.o io
I If ;:!'-he. Nu mil-, ihc tar Hist tit nil V.V.t. r,.
.Asia, ii'e to ihe o!h ol even to loo 4')'h O.-i r. e
4l I .nii.ii... a 'irt'o- portion ot leanijs.-, mi i u(
l.i'.r I , ,l'i l a ,ll "'. - o ' ton oi I i oi..i..(,f
" , e i "
-;r i
''.'h II
1 :
i i'l-,.r;
a i :
r - ;
!i:.!t X
M-. ll l.-l
f,! of t(i4 faili.-r nf onr cuuntrv,
h -i-t friemls'im w:tn ail nilion).
; it i .e.., A-;t! n ine," is i.l .riv iijsj;
-r cilije ii li.ive !i ',. u .r,, f,v lii.-e
, ihj i- ! i t i.'ir uu I j,-ir c in itrv, rn I our
.11-1 "l -O' d tili'in ielves II.D l f:i; 4 ,,f
i'i,Ms I tf ,i irif ii,.,. wn ill : i:iConi-ei.!
wo i i;4rl l,.r us ana our mo-resi- ; ,( 1 1 I, f i
s.. .,v y ,.rv ,r,..rlv f-ol an ini-r.'l i a (h
J.iro u.i h ap'pci.iss, lm, us t, .-j :; in Ui: ;, ii.i.itl
i, v.. ' . ir o v i ,j.,try, i) ir o v i ,. ,i i
. id Ij-s ir .i ,, 1 1 null "i, . ,, , , ,r. ,,i.i ,.. .
-er p:.-l :,- j ' . :.'h! i'id j.f..v. f. :t 1,.- t
rv -S i.ii i (.' ii , r." 1 1, ii ivr
a it !-:-it '!-' r in .r"..o
i'. ier I, I I o . i ,,, j J, .,. .
in ' ih- fnl i ij is'tcp i.n tn Mr.
lli.-en, iv. ill as s firs! i-iiol ;p, p;i fer Ins
m. h il l i nni intv of -J ben know irtu avll
y -ri:-r,!t .,t w-. -II W-to vw lsiojt j lrUl' at Jifi'rf."
'jo-hc-M ens'in in I'm mi idjof tlm!Miu!i of j "40 . V '
ii.iiici p "o i!e, r-.tK-rially hare irj (ha H titlar:!"i i-t
t us jjr - it a i J iHref;-i:-rd man, I s I.e. willn, 4 (. r:'t
tlie c i-i!-;.t nn his 1a ?i ' It n t r.:,i'or. lb- (.' i
s'itili 1.1 ii'il la' U ivnrnm.-i', n il Mr. V n,
Ui it I:.,' Ui u er icy of the con itry an tn enter 0:1
ih'.'n i 10 it.js: I'r th-r I'f.tsid 'ri.'V. IIi!orv will
d 1 in o j isiice. Wlm 1 thtj piasiu is ,ad pnj i.'ice
of piriv 110. oonlv shsil ims a'4V .aft 1 b) tifj oileiL.
1 1 n w it
o ..lo and a
: "fit a: :
u !'U:; 1 ,.
reira.e 1. 1 :
ga, raw hi :.
I,i I.i? mi; i
do) t. e. 1 1-1
. - - . I II
1 irn
ii' pi'i-hj
; ": I'1
i 1 It a.
e, mid I
: . :r .
;i ;
I 111
:, -.V
I r.
a. U
11 nfloo ..('
;.i 1, 01 11
in a u:- il
1 . 01 ne o iir'is I 11$ w.lf sM'id on tha
pie oj Instorv insglon i-u rivalry ivitli his Ityuh f j ajisktWv
Ii" ao pee I'lC.'sors ht
n i.t reit (ii -hujM
Mr aer en nnra 11 nv mi in n I In 1 1 I 1 it in t tj.ii
' ' HID unf.-r tha lead of Mr. Via -Jr-n. Wijit
A! travi-. N' fin I the to!!a i aa pinjraph 10 . the p-.pln inw luve I j tl 1 is to l.g'iT, iml f,r iEx(
-'H l.rur? , i..,j m ,-- ,v nisi : ,.,i
Ai-ie Y rl; wit'irrf of Co rri;n bribing in.'
tV. r.'.i,'..i.a o- iyie '-rmhj-uii .ll' . l .
V.. , Hire, h .,iVr...,mg i.e.- h-.,ii,,e I.V it' K-f"4 n.iprincinleiLireverJ.eM Vy
r mi, d .1V.01 uav of X.ojv Orleans a i.i f,.. b-e-'s ot11 i;'"'"''''. and pl'ic'tllioinni tH Livening pf
r- 'o.i-.iiioi, Hiliiif iht if A'c.i, ol .iJoii tha! m 1 10 11 il only c.niirirolieo'l I'utAtisia twr.r:'rf
H'a have caliA! sWIjIdFiiJi'rarbrMa at it iki.
rn mai pg'jiie irciifresporMtciire r.inl pper 1
; ihe subfet, hul,t!ca!Lha'fren eyad.d on
ivo4j!! l (b it itBty uafttoT, J.injj.V ' ' .
tsT..;-. :.' c r.-.T--,
j. . o. lit i-i, 01 j,u iiunet i i:j)oru:,rt o
n oljijni I li atlenijbn ol ihe people of orilA'sroJins--WV
hati btlora dujig l;y aif , luctsof li,y -!btfire
our lerfjt-rs, and lirl'jtiusrij'ge wiilJiaef
innt vcrn-.r . .M jahecj ItaV actiU-Pri4rfv a
1 ous r.vairy .vitii los Kyuli f di,,,. ibe law, and rrfUii.g 10 ,rrpr..f r n?
im noria! m-na.rv : -there- j fMr ilom hgU f-g ,1 dm ,i,d, a man . ayirf
.x' -var in th- pjs: .. is a Iwh-oaa Grand J.j(ys .awt'.try.iie has (wed a'
5 K
jr iK gr haJitaoii V
thi P iV!cirLi:s : tnry muit a rest ln peyers
of ton G iv, riTnierit fr.i'n the hatrisV.f n inriy i'i0
I ' I
II, I- eo i i riiuitJ"
r.rn a It"! - e...o,.' i.
' i'i.i ). V 'I nuts."
ljelSh.'u uU Ualv 1..- Iu ....
H'U i I ie ..' 1". -' r 11
rm". -t;itj .
cessful rival in the t ,1:
lost c shall have ;it !
we will not lie He' .
revolution ri 1'! on
would become of or
1.. 1 -
rat rce
I,, ,,li
lo o -
t 'il 11'. I '
HO. I W J!',
Ir- i- ui;-
h- t I
I 1
-t.'ii ,' .
. 1- ii - i
! -J J ' ' f
I. ' r
10;.'. I I. all' l.lke-l
'I silCiii'Nil.r ( 1. 1.11
..M-. I
.'. I . a- in : '
Ir. -n ii I.-or Fi.oii.ii i-spi-r (to.
..1 : till iirtii : i, i'-il ;'.:
io : tl: i. '. 1 i " ri in fit ii i-
1 1.1, 1.1
liJivei .,..-a.i jo.j
u ..I : ', o. .:
), 1 1 i.iiv in I;..!.:
f.r v. i.'.-e !! : r. U',
-1" p inl l-'-r in inlv 11. .-.1
1 ur i J is o v i -s
1 a 'u .in" Ute t . a i .. . !
.ii h i i'-n 'I ', i..i.
I,,. v o. i y i' !, !.:'!'
' nr. at 1' s Irto ' ' '
.' i ' :, ..' v I (: I 0 1
; 1 is eoiiiau iM .!
oi l'i Hipef j if 0(fi a
I i! i.iri'i 'o.ii, 1 o.;er
H II Hi. pre
I'tvori.ble i- 0
I I.e.
el I
ot!,.-r nud great nil' ittit ige
A :.,i.
r laii . ;ii ,.u,
.-ill I..H -i ,1 i.i.,.
"v.y lit.ii, ..uuii.. rapidly- ;i;iiui j uul u alacu
bercyn l ie I, noire t ni. rne, I'.eighkeeiHie
!.ia- 00' s fi::t, the like of wh .- i . riv -
.. Hceil . ' . vt.-r.-l viz. that the iiimi.tier of Co, 1
r. .. sVo 11 J is writing hum , that Mr.
. oii;.")st loan t ne 1) mnt r ac "
MM- AJ'. ll.i'l.liU
in I-i
e ei-itl:
-bul.jLlu wi.ailW4-i'r tte.f f-if
' H Ji.1.1-. the np:j :-i-i lint Mi.
I !.- the I'tM i! S,,r, lH!, bj-jirer
': r "''''est fir e.) rftjrij n;;i.
groiinU evr-rv
f - - . - 1 i-i - ,, ... ,,. , vi''.j.i.i
'. l'i o I . . "''' I 1 1 hi" 1 lii-o r ll I ir 1 ,r- "' l'r,nTI fro S'e-ttt Sillei'C ...MUM.
.'ii.. I' , . I .Our a ,, .. I ,. . ... " . ' .V - - . II '
1.1 , . . , .... , . . : I . kT. ,. . ,,, i-i. 1 . . 1 1 . f iff J-1,1. tl. . 1 . I i.J II .. A... . ' i . .t j . . - .
II. ill
I...1II.. I, il".
j'.l I i.i!
lam lira -irt". w.ili lijs " ii,eiirher . I
M .'ro. i linl opinion, hut ivi
.'1 i.i a ,r a sae.ik nf it rj iuu,-'i iv,;,,
- r on. -- ', I' i.
i'. w.iere
c niiras rr 1' nt a.-is 1? s I tu
in we li.i I .1 gieatur 1110, a
vT pi - tHirnesf that th
' 1. 1 1 : I i
(1 "'rttti'i lcrr
r'.-'.t r.l'Ull!
''s 1 I I'll:'
Ii. k I
Fori t .' 1
, '11 111 !
I V,s tro-.oi. of 71
l oin- .i:'.; 1 .,rt Miiuiili
Stua nh i' t'roi id 11
10 ;
la- 1.1.
i-.i!- r .,'.1 iirc .-i
' .11 1 e f-ve I I I',!.
1,1 riii .1,. ii'io ,f oiiii,ere !
0 ui rl!tii-;te, and ereiiter Ian.
r 1 i I por r t I'csnu i til ri ihn t'.'Clhniiit ?
i 'i; ex.)?: i -i, :.; in -ri'liilic iilfiirs his mug
i 1 ' -.1 ih.fity ackiinwledofd talent for ad
ii.ii.ii'r.i'iv.! iIi'i'U Ins (hiriioh iicpi-inii.-i-ice
ii rh th.- C",.; i'i 1:) an! fit of : r m erv his
Rii nan ,i-.'n(i;i :-i v of 10 uiui'fs ins n.s j:,i,.i; prj.
1 1' r ae:.T whteh 11 it even i'i lire t tktof n hi
I-, i,:.-d, or I'ne biuer ii-iliiuty of ii;iriv
s,i.-it has tier .'f!, all Mi lfim 111 ctjqtiee
ti'.n Willi his pr.'!niir is lo n in . '..ileamqii
The Governor ana Council la 1 w,-e -.h-ci I rl r, I'"' " '! 111 ' " t relorm tho
re. aii ihe arminf lhsle lan -d lo ('. In le ; ,; o"rum"iu, and hrin it back to where Jcllerson
p.--l"'i Vo 11'' l ie W' f, ,, : (i ii. We irily b 'jii've tliit.almuM Mr. Cut.-
k ' ii 1 ram A.inlerv. I hi
Ua o'e J.,,
,vo ro n 110.
no t r .,1 11
poiU.- Iki-Vol i nia, r will ho
t a t ficrfvl bu-'lie.j.
u 1 i
-, itl Ne ar
', is 1.
en 11
in .1 hi.'itrv '' tin d-liic
,ev 1 f inii.'po-a'u n tu lii go-fti iiiititteia Artillan company liavecldsii tn give ii ih'-ir
e ivnrl I. I!.ii 1 s is rot e". He i.nvfj an Jaun's. oa iha-nifMi'id'tfAt lhc- nro nroiiertv of the
.-j,v. ... .... tj .
r- 1
nfar'h who rm so W1:II War ffte 1 nrl.itnee; of
r .fils, as the .-'outhern plantri.s, wlim, 0111 ,f iji ht.
; hiii'Vi'm is a little cunmnmty d I'ich', uiiteh,.
I'M oe i 1 .a 1. p. Oj,;aj ndjoniny, not s.f ihe S ltp.:. If,is tfeey alien", Ihel
antii nre ihoir own jiropenym two Siaie. ,ov.
In,a IisMir doubt timt thoy belunjr to the Jsiatift
lino if ro, 1)4 will like Ihem
hniiii'tie rfeoiaiM'd lha canldatu, of Iho Jern-ieralir.
Repnhltenff psrjy, h v. i! b supported in North
Carolina wiih mare 0 ifhuram Ihsis 1 im .tl.n.
jv. ... -
I ii'kwnwiis in th
Thoustiids wiq rolusi;
- .--t". ." .til .ir;tl.
lay oflusMlio.6,t ( pulirrily
ised In iiu' fur Mr. W Ihiren
4inil40f, viW qm,t jhe Ffi-rsJ Nmicr niV.Valr
- - . tr t
I f ji. J-. 'hitcktllMticcttAir officii
j infi i '.t ive heir irom Iho Jgij LoagrfMnsnl
DistrsVt iljs. tiie ultHr F'etk'ra! W..- nro najlteO,
"g harsh louder ..KssiiKt ihtjoueiv nn'o,r, Mr. '
' MncMil. So lir ni we can aear'sm ihe abJt.
Jlifc J.t.5s ..bccuthai he hi haiL IhcjiniwtiJiir.iiWf
. ellro ,tory lo come out agtiinxt tmi a-1 gileg'
lain Jjiiti i:ny, cijl agaimt tie nee- tiw
ah ii 1 1 r-p il o r the peooio'hy Mr. Chi, A-tsi.iV ,
.m l I n.iin.nv. Ami!, fh.s it (iMiy aufocitm'i i
or. -ifT-.";:
' hi.: ;-.-y j e leie uiilcore bun srelijfst'
it. il M:; M.icheU has u'ry uo'.lotl of taking' a ;
slan. I i.r tlie rights id'-tGo I;mi'Uj, hi ahould TICTcr '
I: ive nei i -jil:- i inn Wblj; noitiins'i iu. IK ken
wm-e tm.;ii;;h tn k.uw ih if Im be a tWhig h
uiu"i g for sijuuiideriiig tlin puhlie money, .vul
; i'h'ii t o uses to fid iha void ' rested by etrai
onnea I Hf -fnust either gofor. giving
I ihe proce'etls of t,tt pnliiic lands for new hi"''""
; .oi e sr iM Jyiajmn il de,l for gagying tin) Ih-n
jerali, j..,j Inr llei-ry ( lay, or ho may ri"8
he ahiwil, Vullifrri, cursed ami lenniiiireil L)r every
ailm Fed. r il Wing in the llhh (kingreMi"nJ'
Disirin. IF' iiiuhI ei'lier do thoir bidding i"
nil for Wiiiueiy lo:rnteH, ho liberty oi cM
srietico, or Im is no Irno Whig, and miMt rX'-
n-ei 1 norm ut ferocious and vim h-tive tcrerw" "
RcminlH'r, Mr. Muc h II to k""i Uar id'tho "Cor
par 11V Guard ",Giliner, and iheimni"!!'1
icorj,e I'n.ilii niey aru uosuih.l.le a-sod""' f''
g.iou W his.
I. ..,

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