North Carolina Newspapers

    cfaf ol"orvn from tho list of (loveruor
Morehead'a appointments in tho lute Raleigh pa
ners, that ho Ins taken tho fioU! in Iho Eastern
pirt of the State.: We had hope'l to see him up
this way before Mr. Henry leaves lite Went, bui
it seems wa shill not. From the vaunting brag
gart twin of tho Federal organs, any one who did
not know them would Dave supposed that ho
Excellency intended to sieze the earliest opportunity
to moot and demolish Mr". Henry, but he lakes "iho
opposite direction. Mr. Henry m in the West
he goes to the East. Has the Register any moro
Kit to expend on tho subject T .
fllr, Jienchtr.U is reportod, we hear, in Chat
hjrtn, Jlul..PT.M!S!l.ML.K"cllef is about
to resign nnd givo rdaco to Mr. Waddle, of Pitts
boro', and that Mr. Waddle has alresdy declared
himself a candidate, and is dumping U about tho
County. This may not be so, hut such is tho
word brought up l.nro. If it be so, then it is pretty
certain that Mr. Renchcr has been forced olT, for
wo understand that not long since the Chatham
Whig? were talking of calling a meeting to request
J. im to resign; they are tired ol him it aecmcth.
His Mr. Renchijr joined tho Corporal's guard "
loo! or what u the matter T Ah wo have it
' he is against Siting away the public money, and
ho objicta to the National debt and the now taxes.
W'e hazard a guess under the circumstances,
that ncirlier'Mr. Rencher nor Mr Miicm ll will
long continue fitvorjtes with tho Whiggeryv
. CrtT The North Carolina Dinks resumed specie
paj inonta on tho 2J instant, as they had previously
resolved to do.' ';:'..'','
The Governor in the field sure.tqpugf
(extract of a letter from a corrcspohdent who
weiiltpf hearJ Governor at -' "--or the
, or ho funciu that he
land Him. ,- ,x ,'' k,-' ' ':
You see that His Kwcllency has obeyedhe orders
of lite Federal Whig Convention, and Ukip the stump
'.in jrxl ctrneat, but trom present signs Ogle's apeech
mm N.o imu in num., ,4V ii)wivwa'a at lull
. u ishte, hot as yet, has not mentioned amp and tamlles
i ni:e, nor said a word about Mr. Van Darca'sor Tyler's
.'.i-li-rap. Ilo touches lightly on lufr'lloaset,' sad
i iickrn co.ip-1, and toats that ho has 'only spout ijii
'ilmtuaiM rfo,1r. for, nw farnitre ioie ho l as Iwort
(.if.srnor, which he can rhike out withi'sijoy ''"V
lev left f-iur oPTjve 6u;an'tdu!Ur4-wiJ,thii iiJ tur-'
niUire -yhtjalie rilircd (pp office. 11. very -tfiach
approves ytllan.e'buyiti.r l-'c-to(?ejc to snpjj'y
Ilo thiuks Ui.Sut oniSt-bjr &H mcamtV brosecnto
. ' f , m , k 1
10 work c,f drainin? tnemss they'riisy be waated 6v I
j-ijtenty somd loot fii Sue IjunerraJ, years hence, He
i! A not appear to like Tf ler any way d can be p xed,
hut aays Air. Cglfl was a woruleftulnms. Ife Ihinka
Badgur is the nfxl grestitnan in the Slate to
himself, and declsres that he did moss for the Navy by
his order to hye tho sailors ihatrd than John Branch
aceomplu.'.ed in bia whole Ifte.
" lie sa'ys the Corporal's gmrd ought to quit Con-(,'i-sa
and ga to Tea, and bt;irs Tylrrwlir gxr with
''en.- y , ' ' ji 1
"Ik i tioi pi'-acd witli tho reauit of the clectioj.s
, juVitimia.andt-aysthaUhe old State, like old Ritchie,
- m it Uouqe. lie gave u aa nui opinion uiai iwni
,'! ',, . - Visi !
litwtjioii iroin urn f m wpmiv. . -r : r
iiea." tn tU hihe.t teftwof Mrr4eef
jJ'sf'n'li "' .MJ '1C" fift-Wl jutlge of whd wcuj.1 .
trMj? a ewt Prcautedt. lie gdwU lie, himcU
q'u!l tqh'iiisvit od ofoiiers,! thjuis he will reeotn-
"iw goi:s KiCJitiaysiw iaj?s ueu,imrjpy!.c
i!vnnn linda aro'o Vitlf 4mt n6bodr. Will buv theoi.
-fcXf "aa'ontlul ma" f,.'SwTlI,BTtoW''r thar.c.erai.d creditoTtl
im. f.,'. iii.iw.ii.t aasiii'tc1' 'hir iupl. wul4t Imv "tTwrl'tie rHbrtft"w,',
" tn'stfe'king ol flie ne'ifujnitura in the Palace, ho , Hrinltnt, That the reauit of the la
IlO It Wlilinj to CtVO
'va liSii- m re pleai-d With the French Itedntenil
l .!any oih artirl" ; it sa real luxury to aJrVpon
i' ili.'.t erif rn.-at advantage or r imich lli OstMU ia
thit s maltf.ore White sleeping oh Ihpm.
d HdllireateJsUi five Louis 1). Henry faI when h-
' leets hiio, and tiecUn thai (ft.a:Tworte humboggi,T
ii.)o hiniH. IKssya the ruiyfo .be ladies k.n
mire Ih'i.rv' rmtory lltTie if altcfeihertod ruVlr
shil tluuka rniiii!atc fur GoSerWroucht tomske gfn.
t. c civ' ches iucii as tie maao nii v..
Cue nl.tht jVhigi. sal.rJTiira whltlie thought pf,
tie !..! thitTtie. ci ypmgouioi tne eann in ro it
iiiiiiitemf Ila answreil ttsat it wss a aure aign oi ynr
. . t. fill . 1 !
- ami 4i cropsh-t, Uiat t happened just su befure t!ie t
, ial'ar. ' - , . J ' I
. . . i . - , . i i, ' i .
, He apntCir e'Or nonrnu inn on tunuvsruu awt cioalndcd about run-down by congratulating
country en the Urn wo nave been arm are
n iw enjoying since the wjjf came intoTxiwcr.
W hn I lii Kxcrllencj JoitK luaf (Sir, inu vi nigi em.pea
and humAIV t a ffrebt rate, and then all moved over
k. Ejffjtr'i Tavern whiro
hBrni of '5 M Na.h " ptov'ide!, B
the Governor had
end the head knocked
Vou iiay jurw the .ret- ,
Yours in haste,
a: p.
"f'J' The v!pHTtiohmei't bit', fixing toe rn'i" l
nrieittnttonjU 50,lP,iai nn d the !I. u-; i
R' iireaciitit'ivts in Cni;is.'
"a-r.ii-.Wft1 Mr. -1 ierry. the PcpnMicm Old:
dale for next (Joveraor m Ins admirable peech 'deliver-'
i :l in Salisbury, stated a rscr nna prnveu n rrem tin ,
Jinia!. whii it slMmtd be.h. ld op t. Crn tha people. .
sVit sliovra what the leadinjAVWtg would do it (l.-y j
e ii j ret full way. , j
'I here h i 1 ir;;e debt due the State Item many of i.s
."n'. rnine for lor.n mitdo ot I.e I ilerary and In- j
1 rival riti'r.rrtvemcni 11 'fit, M much the Ingest amount I
'"in tho sale of the t:herokeo laindH. t,.
It r,;;( ars a lew iln)" M'er (lovernorMori-bead j
' 't into o'lhrP, Mr. Jnme .tlorel.ead ctme fiirwar!
"iih a hi'.l to lorce tho cnlleciwn, without mercy cr
" 'ny. ol ; ih. money, and - fl'l into 'hr
Ik,,!-. V,.,., Pn iho pwople and force l he money out
"I liiem : nut that the Ktate need it. but to bur UP
Hink aim k Willi to infst In the IVmk which at thai
I'M" would not even pay their own note in lawful
iMniiev. Via. Ink im Id rrtiren nrrti the real Ti!"
' - j-
""linn mat. of the mountains, to cnrirli Ihe I'ank ttock-
hoMeri Thin is
''e iVnrckcad ToUeij.
Let the people well consider on this policy and who
"' re that wih to carry it info eflbct.. . - ,
4 Voter.
In accordance with a refutation of tho IVmn. -tlm many a ml great nromiwi made by them in the year
crati meeting k'U iiiFali.buij on lU 25:1, ofi":' ""' ' ' -
Wrch last, tho lull wu, naii.ed
BKonitite.d l)i.lo..nnu ... . . ', .. . I ''.
' crsvn. i
, , - ... e, u, -,L i..U lll0 ,mity f)
Itouun in I f . ...
u..ui. Ill l u LIIIIWliI 1,11 til l,o ...!.. ... 11.1
on the 2'Jih of .May
.i iw Htm in ,?uii:jury
y"7ff of Delegates.
i Ch,? W?V 11 Kerr irc"l'l BtehlorrAdam lWmnn,
Jan. C ftlcUnn.nah, y, Philip Uico, Win. Gray, Jacob
l.yerly tr.,Jolm FraJy.Capt. Adam Trexler, Solomon
JlalUbco. L.,cm.itb, Kichard Lowiy, JuJin Shaver.
-u.,n.eriii, iq , u nry Lenis, Ureun W. Jied
I.J 1 1 . n It... L . . . I I . ....
avio i raiey, ivault Unix, Bam'b Linn. Eh liokt
nouser .Henry UiUtr, A. J. Kelly, John Cougbs.hHitJl
.Mm, Heorge Voglcr, Jolin L. Ilenderon, Ch'srles.
r iwier, nm. rv Aiacay, A. Henderson, Nathan Brown,
Henry W. Cor.8or. fcenj. p. Fraley, Henry Smith,
Jfcpct Jorrencc, John D. Griihain, Obndiih M. Smilh,
John Leazor Jr.Capt.'l hos. 8. Atwell, Dr. A. T. i'owo,
H"Kh l'arku, Lcotmtd Ovcrcadi Jr., IliirtonCrairo, Ali.
chaol. Kiircwall, J.t 1, VVIntintm, Caleb Klutis,
Lawrence JL JJrmfle, tJrecn Mnrftan, Jnmcs Itoneman,
Jacob Miller, &q., -Abratn Ixnu, lliol H. Lur.key,
thas. .FT Fuller, Jacob Kibeliff D.vid Correll.-lUnry
I rexler, John ittoMuelv. John ( Cmii
JJrowii,(ieo.McConiiauj;tiey,JuaSSJoop, Mic'L Fillwur.
. .... . '
rnvot'RATic meeting im davi
Pursuant In previous notice. I larce meeting "-of
tho Republicans of Davie County,' was hufd at ifie
ii . , .., in-,.". ..j... -i -
Ct-urt llotife in MotksvillcTon Saturday the 7th
of May, for the purposo of sippn'ntinjr Dtlegnt'cs to
represent the County in tho Democratic Conveii
lion, ti k held in nlisbnrv on the 20ih of Mdv
The metJin was orennized by jipMntiiia A. G.
Cartkr, Chainqan, nnd MiijVoA Lorlet
sistant Chairmen J pA-i pte and Juhn Clement
were requested to act hs Secretaries,
Tfm oliject of tho mcuting was briefly explained
by Die Cfliurnian in a low perHjient and npproijri
ate remark. ..,. ,
"; Oti motfirof Winiarri urton'it was thert car
ried.'tbat the Chairman do appoint a Committee
of five to draft and submit a' set of 'resolutions
expressive of the sense of this meeting.
a. Whereupon tho Chairnmn named Thoe. Chesh
inr, Ksa. J. A. Cretneo;, John" IV. Kliie. William
Puriorrand Mvij. N. j H id, to cuustituto anftj
Commi'tee.., , '-.
, Imn'lhorf time thq Cfmitnilleo reported W
foliw ' olutiooF, which were unaniniously
aiiopteff .tjs . .
C irAefeei.' dorinc the late Prei(If ntial camnaifn
J 't)ie Flileral U hijr party, lor the jorpe. of securing !
fj the election of their candidate, denounced too Iniie-
ujr Mtvi.i,J!ixfi.mi.iovi ..vyy, vi
eient measure, tur tho safe k'epini; smt ditburaemont f
.... hi. i.miii wing .119 mur uiiuiia HU1IKUJ
ci in punic rwenue ever. ycviaed deeiafi-d hf sd 0e extravagant smj rrupt in trie ex-
tremo -charged m with twin; iho aollior Sifd caiie
of the tjierrdefanged stne M the currency, and made
the most profuoc proiiiises, that if Hie rlestum of.4hyr
.caiididato could be secured and the Federal Vliig oar
IJ 'in.u inw HVU ui inn iiahiiin, u flt wlw wo
nvlli,ln .ml irmuri'ii, ihiL nf hi i mil iiin I Tawl.i in niiiiil.l
'J I'iti'u ai ifio iHjau ui iiiR naimn, loai yii uis vn
bo reujedleJ, lioj unilorui eurrenry would be re
stored,, the expenditure of the Govcrninent would be
curtsiled, commerce would rcfiime its usual acuity,
exchangea be Cfualized, end That the citiions n't the
Union would behold a prosperity herctoloro unparilleU
ed : ' And wherea, these promiaea have only been
followed by an open and proftigite disregard and vio
lalti)ii every profeanbn and pledge, then n.n-t tolemn
ly nnde to a confiding nation; and jurtod ot t!:at
wwMinr and reform promitiett, tlia orrcrM atr:):,'-iti.
ikjo i.f III? Federal Whip naitv. baa rhewn itell more
.cxtrkralnt'Bnd Porwi4 loan a'nywhich has exieled
since the feondation of Uiia Government; tlmt it it
mwilestly cvid- n', that ro far from the en rencv of the
country Lemg improved, it ia now pi a more drr-rccd
'h price of lahorsnd produce Jvu'Jxtu .gteioly re-
.fneed ; -Ihil commerce ia InVieM ;- lint a rr.iional
t-rlItihWa7e.Tln.T '? h..u.'!) increasing ; That
.we r ihw thresttned wtirr the .nnpiU!ori ot n dc-
J liiaifltivi nun vicuii vi iiiim vjini'Fnmt.'m
'.helmed unit di
late Presidential
election which cikIH in tho defect ol the Democratic
parly, cannot be attributed to the uii!gunu'nefs of their
nrmcyh1, but delorive proim.irs made If the
Knolorn, Tlyit iho defeitof the Pcmoeratic patty
at that tioici dots. hot increnne our attachment for the
enure, and our real tor lU ruccc,
ifi'ili, 11iat tlie Inncpciideht Trearorv elab'
IMied iitnhr ihe sdndnist ration of Mr. Wo I.uren, was
the moFt ruilnhle yHten rvr drvi.sed Ovr the sale
keeping and ih?buri'ir.rnt nl'tlie public revenue, guard
ing alike against tlip prrnlatinn of ageniN and execu
tive in tar ereece, sjavoij a ihr.'ct tendency to reform
the ciirr'iicy, n ?tram e.rC'S-I.e iciiaTtutums, and !!(
we reward it hurried and'orcelpitaie r'peal, a a
uieaaure Wajtonly detluclie, injiinou alike. to-1 e
interea cf the country, end hcitile to the principles
o: iho tJnnktiiiiiiMu
tir'tiiiid. That fli" j rnl Cmgreifr which haa so
l.a.'ti'y repealed the fy!rtn f:lhlNied by a preceding
Conere, cannot hind it ooeeiir, but that what
ever vu-hi It m;,y etablwh, is end slieuld ke liable to
amendment r(I repeal. '
Httiitvnl, Tlia"t the am'ih n nehililnge of the Extra
StMniou of Coegree durinjr the lart two years was
Mni'Mled lor and unm-cesiry, incurring s great amount
Of xpeTiditure,,'hnrin s desire to faiten on this
Country a syrlrm. to which the judgmotit of tho peo
ple was proven lo be opposed, end which his since
boon i(riially coinleiuiiCii. .
AennVraVThst we entprtain the mot uncompro
nui inlii fjiRty tnjd'iSstionai Bank ; lhat'we conaidt-r
riteli ail niftitu'ioa as.not .comibg within the pr.inia of
the I'ooiitiili'oti ; ss being defective and corrupt in its
vvfiein, and lending lo fct two much power in the
lin-d ot the fi'W and we wil! always oppose tho e
hin nt ot nch a rornoration, and if establithed
w::l i'orajei mimi'iaie reeal. '
AVofi(f,''f,it t 'so control ot ihe puVir domain is
properly m the hsnils ot Conirenly fir tho ue and or Hie tiei'i-ral Ituvprnettil ; prl tht the jet
fr ill dittnliutiiio ot the puiilic tinJ.-T n a ilirect im
poiiu):in the nation, ereiung a dcCctency in the
1'uVic Trec-'ury, wh cli cm only he rahey d by an
naeq'iat.and bi'irthensi'me tr.rit', en tea, cotloc, sail,
treri and other s'riieWrt' ttsiwnl eer, !niptret.
Ji'tflrrd, Tint we mot eai;ieslly o;tkicie mid de.
prejale.iiny nnd nil alteration or innovations vvhiiU vtr
III lie CiHislilirion et til" L nit 'd fc'iale. ,
,f.ii tl. That t' e rertilu'ion iulrmlured itilo the
Sotale toy tin; i Ion. (7ry, of Keni.iiky, for Ih ;
piirpiwe of afMilishinir the Veto p.iw.-r, are dangerous
and incite, tending to in ti.e Impils of a purtv (is)
much power ; taking from the Executive an rlticieiit
check, end destroying altogether thai lnhtiice, o vviie
ly pry v tiled in tho Constitution..
lii tolled, that c view vv,im, ami utterly
condemn all HltU'!ts made hy U.c l-Vi'eril W'liig-parly
ui ConJ.refs to establish I 'system ol Frolectiviv
Tasill'; that it -impose the intetrsi t the S.mth, an.
is iotendrd lot1 tlw efclusive ht'iii'litof Northern man
ul'acturers, and tun -mienUm-tf tho'pepio fibouh he
dir.'CtiHl la tho conPlileralJoii qflliitqneftion.
Rnolvnt, That ttiela'a niovaof Johu. 1. Adams in
pn'srntmj.' s pejiliohfor jh j,diohiUou ol thu Union,
deserved tho n-vora censure of his party."" wr
Itrtolttil, That, (be rxlrnvagant ei nr e puraned by
the Whiff Federal pirtneinie their sccision "pow
er, have b'OU- inconsistent witi iho tifiio.lntcresls'tif
tho great body of ihe peopky sit- in otter violation of
o i.iii mrj approval to tl
Uo n
i in t i iii
j. mi D. ll' iirt, tor tlw tiilite ol
; ..1lf, t.,lv.ri:or , ,an , rvury w rilcllatP ,
r.trn .1 . 1 '
fulfill tho Uxi'cutive fonctioiiH, and lUt wo will make
usu d all means bonnrahie to secure lna eleciion.
llrtntvul. That we approve of the Convention to be
held in SulnLury, on tho With of May, and that .ihi-
ineetuij do preeed to apiiint Deh-guU's to reprcsvnl
Ihe Ccuijy uf Davie in thai Convention. .
Tho following persons were then appointed as Dele
gates: .
Sam'L Vsneaton, A. G. Carter, Enq., Godfrey Click,
B. Lllia, Jacob Booe. Caleb Kurluw. L, II. Austin.
Jacob feller, William Booe, Nathan Milhnin, Garland
Aniiermm, l'q.,'Artliur ISeely, Arthur Rniwhawi Hen
ry Koller, Fq., Martin Booe, John Clement, Nelnoo
Anilemon, Daniel DwiinrinK. L. It. Rose. Hniirv Clem
ent, Beal ljitns Kr, Damn CVimilzer, Geori; Coon,
Vi iJJianf li(in, n tln ltoso,U urge Sheekt Miebael
iIICK, .scoe William, Eq., Charles May, Aahley
DwiOTina, JtidiaM Anderson. Jnmea Gla-ock. Jna.
M. llellard, Thos. B; Owen John Hoke. Daniel W.
Cain, Abel Anderaon, Georpe Coon, Sam'l. Kok, Jacob
KlireU Knin'l Pain A I..,. ...I T..I... s ! IV V...
Jor, And. Sutzer, Jtob't. Re, Lawrence lludton, John
...w.. VH hi, 4Kiiii.'UU jatiwi. l-juill I .f.",
Mieek, Jolm Kich Sep., YYro. March Mert., J. W, Nay
1017 vviiumn ii. Wilson laaacm. Rich, William
Wjatt, II. F. VVildon. Milton Hobbn. Joa. Rich. Deal
liami Jr.,M. D. Armricid, Geo, Wilson, M. G Rich.
ards, Nathan Honline, Dcntxn liams, John W, Klha,
Jacob Sain, John tack, Rich d. iNail, Moacs Linn,
sirGaiiiiiT, John Sain, M. A. Lack, Joa. Hjmfrt, Wil
linm Uurton, Juhn Turner. Nail. Vinjiht win
cr, George Sain, Tborqna thetihire, Sam'l.CaiA; John
ian, i.cvi Kmith. Iianicl Click, W illianetoft tlarris.
i'ihkbton Nail; William Smith, .Wiley Bailey,, I fonry
Click, Mnj. N. F. Hall, Burgess Gamer,, Will ia.i
Jcnea,JohD Cody. lues. Iludsim, Sanil. Smith,' Jno,
v;iicH, Eliiab. Uflcr,, U. W. I5. -nt, Tbos UiUin
It..... f n...jA - " - i.1' . .. .
Fiochvlkck, Nicrjjeg Click Sen., John Smith, izariah
Tstiirn, V ilton Lesch, I; wis Carter, J. A.'umww
SL Lcger Hck.TJath't. Cnor. Allen StnUertAVitlwrnJ
i k'D.j.f'l;.!. I. W.-..I. H.I.. v,.-
mo.:j9 Mbuoiuv jivn dr., iiuu. oiiiiui, wuioivr,
dock l.oacli Jr., linocb Cope, V. U. Kngixlale, I'.
1 lanston, Silaa Kmberaoo, Rich'd. Vaneaton, John Call,
Nathan Henjjne, Alex. Wyatt, W m. Williamson,
Frederic Cose, Jag. Ca vender. Win. Crouae, CapL
Wyatt, II. Armaworthy, Thoe. llcndsix. Win. Stoker,
Jno. Hulen; it. D Fickler, Jofiah DsnX-l.'Wm. Wiatt,
II. Iflc-tWm.tltulen, 1'aul Coon, Thos. Buger, Billy
J. Haden, Joel'l'lckler, Robt. Stolier, Ezrs Totum, C.
Bctson, Michael Click Son., Jeute Deaumaii, Jno. Hu
len, Win, Ginis, J.' A. Stoker, Williamson Harris Jr.,
Arthur Hylert, M. Click, Jr. ' " C'r;
...On mot Inn, , "Tl
' lleinltff That the thanks of this meeting J re
Jorneil to M r. I niter, for the sblc address just dohvered.
r.V-Ooinotion. . . " J t
Ketolr'd, I rrat there prnceeuiugs be ptiblislied. in, too.
Western Carolminn, smt that t lie thank of tlie iueel
ing be returned u the OfliQers. . '
The meeting then adjourned. ,
, Assistant Chairinca.
JollH Cl.tMET,
John Hoke,
' . Frnm the South Carotiniaii. 1 r
Wo lay before our readers to-day', Mr; CALiiotN'a
able and inftmctivc Speech on Mr. Clay' Resolution",
in rt ;atifn lo tho Protective Policy, the Compromise,
etc., and leel augured that it itt wholly unnecewary lo
rcconimend it to their earnest attention. It, la on a
rfti'jocl becoming daily more important to their intere; is,
and more worthy of tin ir aennu ci nsnleration, nnd is
t fraoght with ip'ormntinn strongly deeK-p'ng the dan-
Ctr wi!h which thos3 iiilreu are a -im ii'iifc-'t. hv
isri.i cm uik's, oin! ilia iit-ti ai'.y ot a-'uin
preparing, tor a united and determined reistucco ol
them. I he falue and treacherous policy by wliicli
' """r ,"",irau .Bre . s nj'IL
(...toiuite, at Ifie f ery uooieiil tliat ho i preparing to vi
oiaiol'itrsU: very .pros isiu-4t, H4r ridt Uttjsicoc'
Bigncd for tie bciii fit of the ;5o!itii.uiu r valuilca.
far, the advantageof it have been wholly ciilbc aiuc
uttcrlv nP nought, and i.reparo to renew upon na the
vue jk.em oi legiamtivc rotiwry nowationt to termiu
ate. And have they the blind hnlih ud Ijmiiiku
thai the Sooth will tamely nuiiiiiit to 'ihs 'tint tl. r
complying with all our obligation, SmJ rubiiiitiiiig to
all tlw burlhenaiil Iho' Cvmurou:el we wiil .riinl
tiiLin to violate tlieirs, deprive uaot'aliita benefit, ami
force ujwjii ui now burthena, as uncoiutliiinnuial, op
ptcraive.nnd tyrannical an tlioso about to tiTininato !
K'an outrage go limber than tins, and is it not an insult
lo the .Southern people, to presume tliuf upon their aub
mirsnjn to It I Coma whit may, South' Carolina will
res st tt, at all hazirdr Paw the oneonstitntional law
they may, Lul it will'benolaw in ttootfr Carolina, and
sous deciared; so. 1 ho rcsisbince gdiierally, too, will
be a very different matter to what It waa in '3i "I he
ui aia'i.c misconceptions and miicuhiuf horror of Nul
lification have )a.-tHl away, and we shall have Willi u-
no only the entire SSoulii, but t.ic great body ol the De
mocracy ol the NoiUi cvui inany of iln.iw.i'1 die man
ulaCturing tuleml, who aterapiuiy dn-eovering, under
l tie vast light npiead betoiu them in too niirfot
Mr. Calooix, tlia the jiettuiiej devotion ol l lie J'ro
tcctiomvts to ti.cir inurti, i.- all moro party juggling,
dcaigned lor the bcin fii ul crtupt iiudiuy politiciiuie;
and that, their oca , am..unij teal protection, m ir. c
trade and s ouud currency. I he ovin.-fici.ii cilttta ol
the former, to thorn, are atrikingiy iiianiieetod in the
S'pi.i ii iv c tpvv publiah, ss have been Jhoae of the lat
ter, in former ones; and ainoi glhe evidence gradual,
ly developing of their attention lo thoo tb'iHjrF, w the
following extract ot a letter dated April 2J, to a gentle
man of this city, from an intelligent ManufucluroV in
Newark, N. J. one who vtss a.Whig and Tariff man
fourteen months a'o, and dn'larcn in former letters,!
that his eyes wi re opened by me .Speeches ut Ir.,
mrv,pd hn ii nntv Eit:?tl".'d. that thu best nr.'ctuu
lor linn, omMliooianufacturers generally, is free trade
and a sound currency. ,
" The prvasure of the times is equal to thst of '.'1?
here, with thr rhffercr.ce, thit money can now he nb-
I iLne-I at some pi ice, si.d then it could not ; bin m lar
n tales pi. it is equally iliiH. l:jt has l;eco:n of
the ptiiinna inadn by our JiVIng Jriecdp in 'PI
' tyiiere is that mpHiUjlted Driwjierily, lint j(8 lojol;ov
i iheilr nccewion toier! They hayo overturned nr. I
overturned everything, until i In -ro is noimng s'slil-or
I de.-i'iihle l.-tt. . For a long tunc they contended, that it
' vva f r the waul i t a Cniicd Mates IJauli. Jlut they
haie been driven from this, ss tune hie served lode-
j veiopo I'm.' aho .liinlions ol the bulking system. They i
I hnvo now got tip a new hubby, and are tHn:g it w ilhl
whin and spue. Thu crv i-inw,that we can never
have pro"jnnnis times, without a taritl' tor protection, j
They havo tornied, and are tonnmg, societies c.llnl
Home l.engoeg which have for their object, reciprocal
commerce J bill tfto ulUmare olject islo run
llasav Cut intrflbo FrCsid-acy. .If the .Souilidyi e
not wake in time, the wliylf ccunlrf wyd bo aaddlo l
with a heavy burden, iu ibo.shjpe ot a, high tarilT, in
ofilor to bcneitt tlia tew'wl the degradation ot the many. 4
Jobji U, Cai.hoi;i has dono uuich, very miich, to show r
the ruinoii reanits that wouiii lasion up.on us, snouni
such a'policy be ajopted rtThe Dcnjocracy pf th- North
areunitcd, to a very great cat eat, in jppobirig the niea
" ,
mires of Iho Home Leaguers, But yet we lin'l irmre
I'ght and truth, lor tho fact cannot bo dinjiiinod, that '
some ol our leuihti i: . i,i UiO l-'cuiocfalio ranks, have
gone alter tho iool
" It ih iritpided here, that tho South ia oallinjl for a
tar ill'. 'I liia would ho p.i.-.iotijj Htrnnge, the beinjj tlin
irronl Coiinimer of tho tinmufactiiroii ot'tha Nortl) and
UiL,and the proiluce ol the Wi ' , and ytt lint bhn
ahould consent to burden all hi:t own proihictioni",
which ro to the market o tho world, cannot be credit,
ed. But our Whig pti;ua at tho Morlh n.urt it, And
quote extrscts from Southern papeni to j ' vtf it Voor
papers ought to take hold of the wubjee-, ui 'sweat, for
it is certsin that l! . whols Tar.lT war bus got to bi
fonght over sg in.'' ; .
The cunning policy of the Northern. Wlii iliJ Tt
nrT paper, and the mfch(evfiiia eili-ct of the reckleaaly
blhid or treacjioroua Houthem Whig paputs liidi have
declared in talor af prptectioii, is strikingly nmniiiled
JnIholatter pafjyrnjili of lha bue' cxUatA-Thro
are but two or hrve of the latter-plups only two ;1
one of them verj obscure, and tt"Jli lUis hut their
TarirTsriiclcauve the purpose of our ttfiDii Nortlmrn
enemies, as well us ten times tho tiuihbor. And is not.
most extraordinary, that a paper of Georgia 6t North
Carolina should bbTound advocating, at thij . -ljtejlayt
tho edibus principles of the prulectivepu!icy,o'uottnic.
tivo to Southern interests) Are tbcir'editorsNordiern
tnen,or have autweribers been ofl'dred to" them hrotigb
the influence ot Northern inch, to aicrificotlic inlerca
,cf the conniry in whioh Jhty live 1 v Ij W vdry easy t
ecu now inoae lor whom purpnca uioir wri'jngaara
used seamat us, nisy end nionf-y. to somo nmuhbor, to
suuctriue tor
ecrtlje for wpios Of Uieir papers, provide
da course. 4t ousVorthern BsnklniAw
n.ies do'trt thg fe loo MC known, to need
, n i 7.. . 2 .I i . .,
p'root But
guard, nd uot be either prt rhacd
at jjullptl la.ltiia.iL'ilv. S5 ll 'mni? .A IImiii hliiil!ir ltill..p
. 4heuibelvef that they caiffrftoioto Soulhfr,!
by adVhdating tjieNjjrtJieni foteciiv Policy, we fef'.'r
them to tho Speech ws (taw (Iti'ulish, aoi oihers which'
have preceded it, from tboagii'5 murce, lor a rcli"
from such strange delusion; ami if they an rtad anJ
rosiat theii devllopcuiehts, they riuat indeed be MJoir
"ed U tbeir. idola." " :
; S p.- T- ; -"' ."'
Our rcadprs will find on our hrat pige, (ho Cwt p-irt f
. of the lion. John 13. Caliiouu's aptrech, on the question f
of tho adoptwn of Mr. Ciay.'s TaritfreiHflulions. .This i
spuectt is auch as might oo exptxUd liuui.a man oft
Air, vis. clear bead, aounu juuguient, long exptrience, I
ana extensive inlormation,' llaopuiiuawith piaio, aim
jpie, well anihenticateti liicu, that. Anuot be dii-paied,
t ami nun icao to, conciuaiop wnicii none sui im; minu . ui, .-r before named were ciiosen, excepting a tew of
tan tail lo sec. W e recommend n fo tlw careful peiu. ,il0 Keprtseiitaftve; .i d thera were ho pppwil ion
sal ot our friends, and In coiioecl.oit With it, wo mvits I candidates' i he public mind i becoming more cflm ;
(heir- attemioii al-o to an .extract 4rHi1 the Now York nmi ,t n me better opinion that the Gnernment -will
llorald upou the same aubjoH aud leading o the mine.! goquietl. into iM3raUm on the day appointed in tho
daxlusiuiis, which they jurti Dud on tho rtond p ig.) tohpuiuiiou, and thai ail existing diUicultiol will be letl
We are jrlad tu perceive that tiie g.jjaiilic lowers ot j u a ,ibqiknt adjiwtmelit. I leturu you, in DohSlt of
Mr. Giloouu's mmd are bcfciniung lo rctaino that hold ' many irimma of emial riyht, our bent thanks fur tho
they once tore bad opon -the pubhc mind ot the pca-Uuurojt you have mmilested in behalf of the people'
pie of this country, awMlftt the clouds which prejudice, : Cau; in iihodc Island.
exct'ed by tu$ bvatot party contests, threw srutnid hihi j Yours, truly. v
are r piniy begmumgidiippearii!g. "A large portion i ' ,
of tlie public press ot tho United SStnlea is dnily paying 1 ' , '' ''S1 ... ., ,, ' ,
ju-t tr.tM.ies to the! vast iutollectual lowers and the 1 . 1 Frovidcnce Ilemld ol Tuesday afwrnoon says,
incorruptible integrity the man. One thing we be-i'" lrt,Pt:- - 0,,r P1'?'" ' Juing to proas, w9l
lievu to be ccriaim that there is no mau in tiro Uenub-! In,'n l,,e standing army reului.on are laid on tho
he who appesrs to fuse studied so closely and to have
becoma o intimatctf acquainted vv nh the workings of
iu polit cal machinery in all n pin and in all its ope-
ration. Jolm C. Cattoun Btanus,.in our judgment, thq
first man lit the land, lor sound, folid, poliucal timiking,
for shrewd, penetrating aigacily, for proiound and ex -
tewuv matier-ot-lact knovvledgj-, to an unvield -
u g ndhcsioii u principle, in ooiilu-uiaLiiiclion to' into
, ren. with s suiril Uial duremrda sll.oeraooal l'.;clin.
aitJ a uru'liess mni cis uic sot era aim mu m oi ;!.
. . ,' f ..
Ktimn at lirhnnr.e. HMidn. ha Itaa alWaw maintsini-d
a characior, upon w.iose morality and rejpcctnbili'y
calumny hn. never d jrd to breathe, and a ilignrty. ami
we may add, a decency of deportmeut-o unnsual
the) uavs vvincii evcu me, viruienct or iwrty frn
la uMi
. - '.. . .
- Ilv ..ii firniml nl it' liii.linrliji, V. f' .ftj, tl vie
- r ' ... v -ai-V ""'';ju, -"
'beiQu Viir'od 'i I f f fnp(! rli'ja f
1 in u.u hiiiowiuk loner,
r.TA pul TO, IS I'J.
veuru i mi uny io neiir nie rin. ro oi i irncy ngiu.iii
the 17 iiegrnca tuiprisoiieit from tho "Creole."
The Attorney General tnade Ins molum for (leiay
ol trial on the ground that it was impossible In
obtain the i.rressnry evic'eco hero, au l ulU red for
thp perusnf of the rouit n ntnilier of rillidavits f
Ihe cipl iio, mate, mid crew nnd pasvengers. r.f the
Creole, shewing Ihtit siilficimit evidence cooM l,o
procured fnun tlni Cmted t.ilc5,if time wna nl
owe:l After nn cMiinioAiiott cf the trs'miD.i)
fTrred, the court replied, tlmt wtre Ihe ra:itain,
crew, aiiil ntsMSiiger., a ttet louli wi liie aflidiviit,
Hero present t-.lehlilv in tu caae, lliey cli.-ulil
comuder them cs not emit led to Inliel or credn,
and should charjte Hie jury to ti.-ft ellixt ; and that
. . ... ' . . V,
no evidence could be pr. ure-1 to Convict t te Pri
aom-rs at thn bar, for they wero perfectly j jst ili.-i)
in Ihe cnur-e pursued nn mia'd the ( rei I , n.-ul
were now about ta be set lircc,
The Chief Jj'lsee th"'i uil.!reei tie neret.
omethiiiil in Ihis S'l : It ha pleased llixl lo h
vou Iree from iho bunds of t In very ; nciy you
tiercalier live tho live of goid ami f 11 bliiut ul jecls
of her Miijealv's (iovernim i;!. Tliey were (lien
set M lilieiiv bv l'riMil iiiinlioii
'I'ho .choemer " Jafties Paiwer" arrived here
from Ball i more on the 11 ill instant. The meek
of ihe -Clarion remains as first reported the.
boilers and engines have not ns y:-! bt-cn s-ived.
"Mr. "A1I n, Senator from tJhio, demons! rated, tu
his late powerlul speech, that tho enormous amount
l iken liiini Ihe land revenue, ur.d r ih? I le r!is? rt
tiiitiuii net, was as clear a lo-tn n imving (.e.-ph
n if.the property had hten C"ri-iiii,e,l I y lire. ,.
lil.nttd that the dmtriholioti iln! imt g i to the tax'
Ihi lioUtnl, liv a iiiii.ii'. I. lim
miry Dep'irtiiicnl, bow the foimer'iiisiribtr.iui!
(u'uier the depositu net) "t the , .n'ir -'Ins revenue
had Im-cii managed thai, i't-l wei;ly out of twenty- ;
siit, H Ind g'Xio t ill" Ijofliinire", lo hanksj etoi '
roipoiMfioiis nd-to tho neb .i' r, for n
jitlier reason liau that thev were ncii ; licit it u,'.v
now nil n'tiindered without l.uoclilloig l''.e t,i
(Mvcr, or adding liio re nucesa l' the country ; .
mni lint Ihe tintioiml treasury, ti'S'tl i':o-! f tin
Kiale1 tiv nriiries were hiiiikhip;. .Y. I'i.Nr.r i'..a
v- Twenty-si i Livr Ijo1 in D-Un llwlnr.
It h!U acldnin Iven out lot to record (liv the
n.mtfiu Daily M-nl of Salurda).) . tcorc tlie.idla!
calamity then ono which occurred y-tsterday in
our h.irhof ono which ha cnVl in irrnprc-sibh
gloom over Ihe city. Tweniy iltr'e p'rous, most
'of Jham in'llie full vigor anil Imoyutiey of youh.
SVero, hurried into uteri.liy with lemblu uud Icaiiui
About 0 .o'clock, A. M-, the day leing fine,
twenty four of the boya of ihe " Form t'clu ol " on
Thompson's island, obtained, pci mission of the
Sopeiii'iieiioVi't . go on a fishing excursion down
oe outer harbor uiihobchool bout nccoinpunicil
tiy Dim of tho teachers, in whoso judgment nnd
i!icri'liori tliO u.iuobt reli.nien could be placed.
Tory ti ii i ! a lino time of it, and rcninined out until
ib, Hit iln'cloek, whenlhoy started lei homo, in th4
ull of j-ouHifu'l hil iri y. At ahum 4 o'clock,
when between Thompson's Ilund and Fort Indo.
peudenoe, tins bo t was struck by a flaw of wind,
and fudileoly upmt.
The Hf iim: is luprcvented ly tho surviving boys
terrible in tho exireine. Most uf'tlm boys, an4
,!i V iicucr and '.iio bmilmnn, went down iiiiinodi
atcly ; but many ot tho boy clung to thu bo il until,
bi'cuinir weary, thoy nun by ono full oil a:sd lixiii'l
watery grave with thoir companions. ''When
ilireo only rcmuineJ clinging to tho boat, the schr.
II. C. tbster, dipt. Funis, r, j'it arrived froin
i rinidad, came on nnd re?cncd i hem, and brought-
them up to tho city. ""Thoy were taken to Den,
!...: . .."I..?, :. I .1." ... .
winu nna in mni ueuie win inu uuimni iviiiu
ne-i, nnd sent to tlicir fnY'uds in t!to city. ,Thei
iinue aro.w, W alhice, F. Simomls', arid G.
kyfmui:-r i .'-", ' ""-" : -
' v, v ... w . " ; -
, Th New Vnrk'Auicriciinl Washinglon'corres- '
pendent denounces Ir. .Wiw, audsiya that-with
?c!iracteristic HjrvMaity," on Vlitlay;', ho attempt,
ed I I intcrrupl and arrest the private bill, llii'ii
rcuoV fur,acHoitSnod whith, tut for hhn, would
hmii'bt'en Tiasied ; nnd he cull opon the country
id toko ivnicq ylf ft is that uriiforiuly inijicdcs tho
' U''r' "L0
fk! 'tCrtt F"-" .
4ftamo paper nod us corn . itntsay of -Mr.
.t .jifira. im iiiu sauiv itnTi i, mi ui m i,N J .v vim
hour and ojialf !h a willul attvmpl to exrileanolh.
er ahoUfioitaiot in iho House" ........
Me.l'otut'U Whig teadur, tfi!o Clay branch
of tho party ';nd is tho personage, whoexplaiuerj .
lo lhr? iliiljfirougti tho liiclmond Colliio llouso
lioottsf ifi wjiat manner they would " bead Cupiuiii
Tyler.' ' , ... :
b-Dctween both, it wi l ho easily aeon into. -wbat .
hands tho legislation and "business of iho cotmij"
have f'aUcn. Albany Argtot.' ' ' -
:'. .. from tha Globe. v
'T - I lODE ISLA N iCr ' "'f "
. PaoviBewe, If, I. April 2t, ISli
The election ot Governor, ritb ofliceri, Kcnatcrs
ilj'nrei.toinit.lPil. .'(! - iinilfir llirt an. i.nkttliilnin.
j yyinr-Md on iiouoay, without interruption. All tho
;UDe 1,11 to-morrow. It i thought by many that they
i ,;'.10, P- We learn,, that tot. Jackson
j hss lruai"d b'll lor bnldtug another Convention,
i ' maU-nalfy the right oj .ufrrBge." ome sitcli
n0Vcrt,aU af t'e right ouo lor Ihe adjustment
; ' "lt'"ii dinicultio t ha right of aullrage oughi to ,
, be' "ul W,MJ he, liberally extended In Khode klandf
""l 11 wicvi tu s legitimate way, snd not by
! u,l,,"! v' 1
. -yiii
I VI. M tfn..n.. :n. t.l . ti 1.. 1....." . ... -
; i,.,!-'!!,-.'. ;i ,;.. " ' .tu
I ,." ' ' , ' ' W''"t rr1.?
in V ",m r?a'.' J-w M
; "oon-oin. wipiuis, m iw ueuiauu , mew! a cuosiiior
t weq iote ' Peach llrandy at 8? to 43 Applc .v , t y" ,-',, , -v--1-;'- -
1 tn Ii
LudiJultWtofifwiwTx sells. f uck .J
i ll lo-fl. t lour, not uitich conun " in. aollrSkidiTv ax -. J T
-I rtV ? 4 ...l.'.. i Tl. i. j " - . " '
"fSi vvijul.aiutw2jujjw -ngnigaci isa nsfuiaHi
o-.u o .,7.i jpValJiaffA. lil . .1 :' In :i-l Ham.
H heat sells readily at 1 to I i.U-A'ut'4 Ccro-
... --.., , .
1 -
( aitduialrs for Iicrilf. ,
LyiVI. it. . Iomi ia a randidato lor rc-eloction
to tiio ollif u ot JSlierill ut liowan Couuty. '
luzcauii 1 SMNKft, Jq., ws candidatoVr tbo
olhce ot nerltt of KovVah Couuiy. "
t C We pre requested to announce Mr. B. li. tto.
Lain, a a Candiduie lor Micrill ol Uatiti$a (.'onnieat
.tuu neat i I'.'Uion, .. , , '
' 4 --.
I I J ' ! J7U tu UM Subscriber aru requested locall on
I f m. ', V$ ,'eU 8U1!10 f ? ou "r( Mot.f tho
i. oil) ot Atay, iiMaui; thuiu who faiitu comply will tor-
Ulhy (uvu K.ulu wm , u Cun, .
' u llie t0 Ci.jjoct what is duo inc. v
! -FiUiOllilICK ilOWRY.
i J3.ilbi:ry, Alay 11, 11A 'J
The rulif
Of Ihe Frc.'.iyterian Church in fcfnlivbtirv, during dm
i v absence of the I'ajtor, will be siipphcd ou tho
' ,U SabUlU in Mav be Kev. P I. .-l,ii
do. d.t. by
do. do. by
do. in June by
do. dj. by
Wm. A. Ha!!.
J. D. Hall.
J. A!. II. A Jams.
J MfW,hon.
Stuaarav, iS. C, ApVil V9,
OTTlCais OF 'illi! 64 A RtGIAIitfJT:
rit; luii'liy c.lniiiaudcd to jm-
- iuuu .ii mi v-uuii u,)uso, m tnc j own
4, ol Salisbury, o: Saturday, the 14;li of
tiyf) WT n 10' o'cfc, A. M., anneal
j wm. Mutkets for the pu rpostj, tf Drill
nod Cotirt martial. yf
- .. , i .... ... ....... tt .
Uy order of
!'f W. LONii, C..!. CoaJt.
'I. Wnor, A '. :lt
,' t'ers lor sitlu
i 1 lino ue v
Iriage tui
r, .tilt t- til III' u ol.
mmW ..rhrp,ern,N
lent scrvii en
Ide in n I ( ll
t April 'J J, 1912
U;ks Vov Sac Wove.
. .
... ' . I
i ;
' . '. . I
'r;l . '- -"".'?
v - 11

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