North Carolina Newspapers

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4 Tvs-t Iir4-M44ex
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brandy, (pcac)i)
Batter, . .
. Ueeewoji,
Bale Hop.,
Cotton, (clean)
" Flour,
:ij 4 Lard,
1U a 12J
19 a an
IS a
10 a 12.
14 a IS
4S0ifi OH
00 a a"i
ja W)
ft Oil, OJiifl
I rnn,
Pork, ' ,
Rice, (onorl) .
Sueur, (brown)
i Do (loa,)
Sail, (bu.)
I),. (-ek)
Steel, (biivter)
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ha 10
CO a (i'-'J
Hi 9
l.i a IS
4 a 4
10 a 121
1 25 a IM
a 75 a t(MI
10 a
'.'5 a :w
AT ClIERAW, SC.) APWL; l?4i "
a.Ffc'ur, tA6W),
fc -Feather, . 4048
I.) a u lUiruvyjrcei , 7 a gs
7n l...u .
Beef, (cat0
Jfacon, ' -Butter,
Aila Hope,
Corn, (.scarce) -DltalW
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,10 a isj
42 a 15
v.... i a a.
37 a 40
V'Tlfw 'J J ft 1U
Sugar, 4 .V. 10 a 12
Do (bu,hcl) S7J ft1
Bale Rope,
ATCAMDE.V, S C, APRIL 27 1? 12. v
4a5 ...Cotlon,!' Oafl
a 10
-'4V 7X a 10 Coin, v 1 fcr
. VJi is. 4'irtnr, . j rdo
Graml'Sired hy the.
f 77tc Champion of ' America,rr-
l ini) r 5f the inafrh race,
The North against the S-vUth, .,
- ji -
. -
thoroughbred horse LA I'll, br. d1y Col. Wade
A Ihmplon, of South L'ru!in.' mU make hid fourth
nndlaet ?i'fiwin, winch 11 mm cwBHimM iuti will end
the IhI Juh,at t:jp rollowm' lncr, vm t JnvobCole-,
rrmn'a.CshiimiacminljI'.'overy Moiii.ay inii'l'umloy j at -Sakbtiury,
Weilncaoay and TliUriy j tifJ at Jxmp
ton, Dnvul-on county, Fridny and iSulurtiay Hu will
be rcculnrly at hia ftamla, bublic linya aifd liiti -vatrr
excepted. He will bo let to marei at tli tetlowtnr rc-
(iiiod pneca : $12 tlx aeatmo, to bediwlmrcd hy ten
if paid before tbe,' aeaeoti expires, and $15 10 injure,
payablo aa toon la the mare waffci'itaint'd to bo in .foal,
or lite property qliang"n ownrrv, and filly cents to the
groom; ,"(fp" Care will he taken to prevent aecideula,
but, in no instance, will 1 bo renponsiblo for anv that
may oceuf. " ... ; II. V. LONG.
j.Kaliaburr, NC,lhreh 13, l&fci . i. j
' A 1' V
ctfttifr tlwtX,.4T art tired bftx, and that he
waa foaled in the iipiang 6f 1S3X ' U,a Z'A by Go-
1 mi
JIILKE i larjje quintity o'f Plonk, Scantling,
X and other building uiatenala on band for $ale at
the Willi! of Charle Fisiier, 00 toitlli Yadkin Uiver,
lonncily Peurson'a AliUa. '
. , AliO ' .
'Aqimntity ol choieo curled Maple Tlankauitable
for making liiHiMC-fiirnilure of vanoua.kinda.
Any quantity of sawed Shinjjlea curt be
a very abort notice. ;The liinjilea are alwaya made
out of heart pme, or yello poplar, of a regular aize,
.t.4 kkhii... it.. ...k..t:.. kul fan nit nni!ff nil thn rOllf
juM hi tlioy lull from llm mbw Pricff per 1.0(H) at
Ti - i:'t i ii'ii I liUMV HaMUIs. Aid '
Dcccuilier !31t lSil. Tf.
i-nj, . 1 4 iu a uoipiiin. in nam roeationtaa, ey ir Archy ; tis g. cam
MideasejC . Kit l Young llitUjry, aim lf -Wir ArCny,oiHof Col. Sinjfle
OaM. v .J,"45a50 tou'no'jjebrtted'beiierr.liy tlie Importad Bedford fiul of
- - - - - - . - '.I': 14.1' iliniclHTtiiiH, wtnM'.uiiiii jn.
; .-A
Congressional Globe and . Appprfdtxi
riipa; tiwimm fvipn, oy 4 iwiij(ri-iiyti nuroi Letter
; by impoten Dwlfbrd, &c. IIicDln'stfua waa pot oy the
-iitipdrted Duzz4rdtitl,iiftlielam of &r "Archy. " U
rpiinsE worta hive now been published fiy'i,. f, ' . "e h?-T' w,,hol wh,,f'- l,and' '
X fen consecutive ieafion'of Cotij-r.. Cvm.nen. lncl,M W,'h b0n,' nd1;'P,,l'c!1'nAt
, . rinj w.tUH.iacw.onoflia-i-a. vThS hae hid audi carf ',, be wo? J?" ub; ,k,",,1 "'fl"" nnlo
WLreci.cul.Uou.anithavebcwuoivexaalljapiV.d .."n8 Sit. laylora Filly I)a.y and Lapt.
and eo.1-1.1 atterby the pul.he.Shit we deeui it nee-oa Uiiimifm.mnrr.
,,rv0.,ly i. tt..TWiti.i to y tht they w,n be ls? -M -'yl't
ci.'tmiicid et the next aewion ot Congrcw, ai.u to aute. '?m'Le " 1 . ' bw,t,n' 6'"'
.occineUy. their contents, the Ibnn m wuwli ihey un !flCH nird thafleston I.e. waa b-aun by Ui.
be pruned, end tatf mice, for them. " . ,'"'1Per ,n' t,,e .ke Club Pgrae, 8 mile heat ; be1Dff
Tl.eCtm-re.glonJlti:obe la ma le tip or the dally "7 ,,nuch m,1" l,e WM ;?',hJrwl! hre' ''
rroceedmir. cf tW to l!,w,ca of Congioa. The ,4 y'U' ' . oeJsey Club 1W. 4 mi e
pceciieaot the nieaibers are abridged, or comlen!, to . '.. ; , -"
lrin2 tliem into a rensmab!-. ef readable lcnt!i. All 'V' hc" J T0?" 1 ,e .?w,;.,n nqienw hvill be au 1n.rrove11.ent in tli quality of Hie paper, and
the rsolutiona oilvn'tf, c r inotioea made, nre given jit
ieoftli, in the mover'i o;i word; and tlio ja and
nayion ail the ynMii.itis. It i printed with
ma II type brevier and iioiiiireil on' a double royal
khrt, id quarto !'. rui, each tiumUr cuntamir 10 royul
ijilnrtfl pupej. It 1 printed ns t;i.-t a. the inisincf s dune
mi i'angrewi luruisJjeH.nistler ctiooh lor a ninnbt-r
wttJy-trr- WHwi- ttrt- rn el 1 mi'-tt-lwniivt
ucelk. U'e have iii'!y 'printed iivre, numbers
tluiu tliere were week m a tcion. The epproaehtn
M?Mion of Congress, it is expected, will continue 7
moiiilid, if ao, fculwcr.iK'r may exei httvw.-en IkJ ar.h
10 nuinber,' which, '"pettier, will iruke betweeh OtHl
and 0W) fnyal quarto page?.
- The Appendix i raada op of the Prmidlvi'ii an
nn! mujpe, tha report of te principaruineera of
Goi'crtiuit'iit trial acmmpany 11, ami ail Hie Ij-
Jechc of meiiibera ii t,oiifc.'ry, written out or ro-
vijed bv Ihemnelvea. u m iiniitcii in iiw u-iiortl'irm a-
ii'jn acverar iermp hi rovance 01 ine win, juti ue
. (lire ho reached tlu juJcen atarol ; ami g ttmp entan
k'd Rinoiipst liie csirinpca, allied an injury which
occuuoiiod- hia withdrawal from the Turf
LATH wan a raceiii-jse ot the first clat, which Imj
evinced in Ins trials with finy Mun.i, Charlotte Runt
and K;!'y llo'h, and in point of blod he w interior to
n ine, wMMlier imwrted br natitcV llis constitution ia
'Tyir-tfTrm-TTerf -ben- nt hr4M1.4M- twp im4.
1 11.0 coier, hirju, ud action, pea kTorjbeinielvea. In a
word, Lath uniie. i,- luinfe'tai many claims to public
patn'tiae, na anv voung Staliion'that 1 know.
WiilwiKHl Jan. 2v 1-39.
rtoni'the above Certificate nf Gol. Iliimpton,
!io bed and hud LATH traiued tur the 'Iluri, i!
v. ill be ..ecu ibot he cotisidere'l'"'1 " Rnc 1iire
vt tire first claai, nut only ffum the races he has
Laborers Wanted.
ft ST anted, number of bnmls In work nt
V w the imiiiiia business at (Junrad'a Hill, in
Dnvidsoti County. The usual wages will be ftiv-.
en, nod the hand will be ptd ntl weekly, or
monihlv, as tliev ,,0.V Good board uiay'le
had near the mine un reaaonalile term. . -;.
Januarj 14. 1842., t; ' tr. 1
oricc. .
W ITU THK (..UiOHI ClHl I'LATlod IN TUR woni.D ! !
The publikheraot thiaold eatablialnnl and univemHy
pouiuatl'uiily Journal, .would.deem itaupprotratory lo
aiy a woni in toiiitnendatiouof it past or prertefrt exeoU
lence and usefiiliieaa, lt unrivalled ami increasing
circulntion, (over 35,000.) i tt b 8t ricominondation,,
For il future, however, a detenu inn lion to be riaar
iii tho vanof the American Newspaper Weekly Preaa,
will call loiiucreaed expendilureaand renewed Urac
tiona for the coming yeor, 1S42, r.ot the Ichb of which
addition' of popular contribuior?-, rnibracing, ue fully
believe, the b i list lo any aimilar Journal in the world.
The Courier in independent in its character, trariesa
ly. punning a etraight lorv-arii cnur?c, and fupporling
the best lu'lrresta of the pub'ic. It iVelnetlv neutnilin
politic and relipion It will maintain a high tone of
1110 Ia, and not nn article v. ill appear 111 it papra wluaji
Uhould not find a place at every fireside. It ha more
ftran'm,ii!jth',rfnmtif,wveWiHt madwii,,,lu tfiat of'
any other piper publinnrj in ine country, cmbracni,
the besl luinii,es ot our liepubl.c. '
m 'THE!
or THK
riMlE ' Underai'gned have' taken out a Patint for an
1 improvement made by themaclvca in the important
"t0 Finishing Lcatlicr.
Thia improvement eonaiita in flew mixture, of llicir
Invention, which i- applied to the leather, and which
aavca the expend of Ullow and the labor o. whitening.
Thev do not offer it to the publiq without hasmg them
ielvcJctrerlually teated iu nor omheirown recommen
dation alone, but aak attention to the certificate given
below by highly respectable end experienced J""8
who bave examined (lie invention, and being aatwfled
of ita ua.ifulnca, havo purchaaed righU:T-('d to
the certilicalea of tho Bool and cJhoe-niakera who bear
tcsliinonx to the quality and of 'j'j
Lcttera to the aubscribcra afiould be addrewed,
CViina (.Voce, Rowan County, (J. .
March 4, 18 12.
At the request of McWa. Ronald & ftliller, and for
our own aatudaction, we have particularly examined
their improved plan ol Bniidiin leather, ami pronounce
it altogether beyond our expectation lor value; and we
chcerlully recommend it lo the Tamiera ol the Country
a great aaving of labor and expemw, and aa giving a
fine gloaa and high fiuish to the leather. Being aatia-"
Bed ot tliia, we have purchaaed for ourselvea the right
to ue their itent, "
Tanner. 8libury.
Wil. P. COWAN,
- Tannera, Rowan County.
"IVe havn manufactured a considerable quantity of
leather linwhed ou the improved pirn, lately invented
by Mewra. Ronald &, Miller, and wo conaider it of the
bent miality, both lor beauty of finiu, and lasting pro
perty. JX8.-D. GLOVER,
-J V -WM, LAMDKTII. ;.' .,
. Boot and Shoe-makcrii, Saliabury.
Arts, Manufactura and Mines,
0 raACTICKH. .
By Asdbkw Ubb, M. D., F. II S. M. O. 8. M. A
Lpnd., Mem. Acad. N. 8. Phila4., 8. Ph. S0. jy
' ' Utrm. Mana-, JM, 4 4 4'c ' v, ' 1 '
t-Jr,.f .van fjffyjm, Vf,T"flfA
A large variety Gartlrit frieedi
lur sale a 1 me amury urup
itoiT, by
February 19,.1642.
' PIlE tiuCMber haa opened a PuiC
Houne, in Mockatiillo, Davie fMmty,
t if'K wlu?ni ho in prepared to accommodate
the CoiiTCksi'inal Ciobe, and usually make uliout the nlion. ,1 a having run publicly, (nil IVom, priv.iie
Mrhe nuuioer et page. i)ereio!"te, on account ot ihe
ff ifpe'ettu's iii:g f t n:i.nero:is unu to loop, we Live
riot CiMi'pleted tl e App.Moix until ouo or to i:iui:' j
t'er the c!'j of tho ai.-ssum ; but, in luturu, we inti ni
1 to print the hp relies s I t. iliev i-hflll be piepard,
' Sfwluf C'Wf!iaaiti;l coinple'e .he worn MviUim a f ",v
alijt after ihe H-jourttment.
jEif li of t7ie- e vt'ork it comFltie in itself; but it i
- kim'I'-di'fcvCT'thtf proeeetlmpi nttft, hr hire
i WtiY f,Tuff,
"T..-':,"ij"Ui.hoit'' 1 f t:e
ii.-il i;t. r- r
1, :i (1 .!,., ,;
oiv reluru lo u.e App;-;;J.x to :.-e i.-.w .-,
trniH lie un rr)iT!i! with lior.fs i icti aie uo on
to- Tu:l, at (1 riiiiuiiig with ci-i.o'i.eiable tuccex.
I: vv,:i hUo ! observed by fin. rertilii ulf, ihn' lie
(-rir.xiui red LatU of il.e nir't blond, 1,01 to Le
?ur hsm.iI by imy hor-, uiiporje 1 r n-iuve.
1 coiider n eulinily ui.:. tr.v.ii) to otien ;,t to
p:i!tij;Ln LATH, either mr lo-. ti;. i u.auce.. on
iff! T 1 I or a lo om b. oi.d, h lite, hi every p"c.,
tr"TM wire blimii, iutl lull
Every one ahould be proud to patronise the Plniadel.
pliia Saturday tJourier, t y its unbroken genes ot ori
ginal Amrricitn Talm, l uch native writers aa Mr.
Caroline Lee Hentz, Mr.-. St. -on Lmd, "The Iidy
of Maryland," l'rotesir I. .'rah me, T: S. Arthur, Ksq.,
MlM Silpwiek, Mits 1 -ue, and .many others, it has
juully earned the title ot 1 e .Jmeriati family .Vein
fcptr. Foreun Lilera(i;rtr nail .ev.
:i n.'tik.ti Hie ut
Uiiivi tal I'arnilv
Uuard'era and Travellers in a atyle which
him with iheir cutitqia, .
Ilia Stable will be abundantly furninliwi with ererv
thing necessary in iho line of Provender ; hi. Bur ell
lafrtitied with a variety of liquors. r
iiilehargHa will be moderate. ' All riototu and dis
orderly coukairt will be strictly prohibited. .Cull and
fry me. tl ii. BIKCKllKAU.
March 11, 1IX - r
1MIIS ii unquetJtionably the most popular work of ihe
kind -ever published, and a book most admirably
adapted to the waula of ail chuaea of the community
The following are iho important objecte whictu',
learned author endeavor to accomplish : ,.
1st. Tg iiiiiructllio ManiilacturcrJllclal!urgistai4
Tradeaman in the principle, of their respective pro. ,
ceaara, ro aa to. render them, in reality, the maatora of
their bofineaa; and, to emancipate them from a atato
of bondage to auch aMfe too commonly governed by
blind prejudico and a vicioua routine. 1
2ndly. Ttf afford Merchant, Brokers, Dryaalterg
DrugigatN and olBcere of the Revenue, characteristic
description of the coimnodilie which paaa tlin.ujti
their hand. , ,
3rdly. By exhibiting aotnc ol the fineat develupmpnt,
of Chemiatry and Phyaica, to lay epen an excellent
practical achool to Studenta of tlieao kindred aciencej.
4thly. To teach Capiulmta,' who may be deairou of
plaaing their fund in aomo proddctivo branch of indu(.
try, to select, judiciously, among plauaible claimant.
. 5thly. To enable goiltleineu of the Law to become
well acquainted with the nature of thoec putcut'iclicinei,
which are oo apt to give rise to litigation.
tithly. To preicnt to lejialatora auch a clear expai..
lion of tho staple manulacturca, as may. diaauade them '
from enacun laws which obstruct iuduatry, or cherish
one branch of it to (he injury of many others.
And lastly, to give the general reader, intent chiefly
on Intellectual fcultivation, view of many ot tho Do
bleat schievroenU of Science, in cflecting tboe grind
tranalormationa ot matter to which Great Britaiu and
tho Unitc4tlee ewe their permanent wealth, rank
ind power among the nations of In- earth. . ,
The latest aUtictica of every important object, ' of '
Manuticuire are given from tho beat, and usually (sm
official authority at the end ol each article.
'"Tfi Worn will be ptuUed fiuHilhe W-Londi fj..-.,
tion, which aqlla for 12 copy. It will be.pulcB,(rd
paper, in ncw brtwr tyie. and will make about 1Hh
va' pageav It will Ui issued m twenfyone aetni-.
monthly numbersJn covcrfcat 25 cents each, payib:
on deliver as .
OOii To any perann sending tia five dollars atine
time in ailvsjice, we will forward the numbers by cml,
poat paid, as ra;u as they co:ne trout the pivM.
"Vro nilable sjeut this atlHrds a rare opportuni'y, aa
we can. pnf the work 'to tin in on terms etremriy.
lawifable. In every: iM inUf.icturiior town.'ajid errv .
vil!ajp?lhr?iUjfhoiit the United hutcsand Canada mlj.
ICr.lxrk rnnyje obtained uith'(ftc'VVea'Ut fciii!y.
Addras.Vp- fvd). La R'.y t;u:a,e.iand,' 12k TiiIkhi
street, .w4'k. ; .-O-- '
T'OtTyeditor Wio gives tliia advj 'Mijement civ, m
tire 12 j(ertHMi;ti-w l,iiariii to order, ot o y ''""
oflm.whoe wwk,.proji.!i 4 ilic pam-r coiilaitiinjtlii
nn' 1 inl Ui flic INew Yotk V'aLLL'mau, N. Vtrk.
' VarcH 11, 1S12. '.'
rm ' " ' 111 1 . '
1,'. O rnoneii lo !jre no expense
ur.l.iv oiin T iv er!..'ti misJul of
N":vi!ip'r. " ('(in. I ml. ri .1 lo nil .- avil peifoe
(III ry ' . m, v. ' I
,i ll..' ..IS '..! lies J '
Kir'.'.nin iind on Ihr V :iinirnt. the ncwn and L'cms of
oi l I' hll'i.l. e ... 1.1 rei e ve
.aiief.s ol inti rit. p;ii)iiiied in
... a
t-IICRE mty be hid at C. I'n-lier's Po'indry, 011
.i n il Yadkin finer, MJI Iron of al.iuvt ali do
s"ri;iuns ued in Ibis country, '
r-""- ft rm
.S3W M:ll Jrorir, luiJpi'oc ail ortiv. Iicl if ail
.' h.
-.'" 4 . . .
i- .'".. TT7 w -
I flKRF.RTaUtVE NOri('F.,ThntotiiheGrrt
rl.iy ol February next, I shall bold a Court at rr
' liou-e in F jetfov iliej for the purpoae ul receivmj;
; potitioui under '- An act to eMnbl sh a uniform
1 tern of ilimkrupicy itinniiiho'it liie L'uited fciaUK,''
ai.d til I Ihe Mtil C'ltirt witl'bo kepi pen rierv
idiiy in surcc-som (Sunday cxcrito'.) mitil ciIiJa
r.1 nt.. .... . 1 .
1 syiiii m giirn.ninu ryiiirur
ni,v i
Lor-- r-.
r, .c tr .rn tcek bi tll ife, I , r;n."' i re D..10, ni.d
t. l.ti.i.L i...'.' nil,1 i . .iiuud.....l'.n
I. kuli ;,, hM -nr (i "I I pl'llo lollll 1. 10UI I ' ll' 1 H
T "to' V tv o 5TI "('iiri!;lii' f It'.i'Tf'-iri'," "il,e
.wTf iLo-moL-i .vii. -j oi com-ie, r,rVfftrT1orrffi.'THTfie ,e.Tr,.,.re., racTTCe
"pi "p-iitisi un .-Joti.!!, iv uuu ami v, iii 1 iiiin
u'eJind :i" -ti.i:i, whi'ii I'Al-p-'1 won wild r. n
ni'ei.!i!e eel ii. Tint rie- i; .ine ; nmi ii, ii,.-i .
rihle l.iine : tin ( ol li e .Y .Mt,. Ill
. . mi .... .. l...l krtu ... k.. ,,l w Kiril.Mlllu cuillirvi v
- . HI ... . Tf HUH Il.fl U I liailU. till II W VU IIKJ'I U IU " .
......... 1 . .... .... 1 .1 T ' . - 1 .. .i... r .,..!. ... 1... 1 ... 1 , .
Kivmg in t'lnigrBaik, as "u". mi ! V I l.l.lA jIS'J.'i llAlUilSlPenl. ,nooiimi mi nciwam. wuniaicljff .itaminit an.lti- -
iCem. cU'J ir
1'ief iiilioim! or abranj.
iKcemher 31. I5TL
1 a
yejis. It
' atlifMcn rectwf by the twisifl'er hiin-.
- VJoULcralit5.i-rcc but the Ccr-rv?.
Nl.Ti).V,Ui".-ier ot Jtekites, Wii.1.11
tery, ha uve-.i o-pei.deii lor three cr t. it
coj! about hve t: ie.f much to" a K--:n a I lit-1
grewiutiai Ui.jl); and Ap;ie.iili.v, o:.d dio iml Ci.iiUu
"1 ! f?r.f rwtfm "wrretjT"
j:u.un.dills ttili o iiiiti.'!. vveore 11 J
the CwigrJcSrtiail ti.ouc aMi A ieu(iijf ai nie iow r.le
now pr-ed, iiy liavmg s .src ijumi.iy ..; ivjie, B'l
kei-pil'g lie t'onfreamaial 10 'i 'nl we el ;i;i I n
th ilniiy and !iii.eeai) li.o.ei., r-m .ug ior iie;
t.' G.obe uJ Ac uon. n v e i.nd lo .- ;
lip't'ie mnttr P'llpil) I"' l..'o ..r, '. 0 toihii r.:.l
aii'x'd lo pfmt l. .tin I T ii' Itiy price le.A cii.rj. .1.
lo.nplctc l.i.l. xe, ;o b. ::i il...' Co.-,"-
rird the Appenutx are riKel tt t upv vjc.'i -
mod, and sen I o s turci ii'r iur 1. .cm.
Va have o:i l .i'ni u,(!'!0 or'l'l i. irp!..n r.r ie? cf
tl.i-t.'onjrevi intii oi.' net Apjc.'iiitt.t lor t;e hx'r.i
heuin, which mak ucr uio thuUiid final
iiiiar'o paje. They give th UHU-M. Irotury of lion-
M evr oven o ii,ovit. i.u-.v toil
Parfienlar eire is taken t prorure the rurlict eilvi-
b'ale.eVc, nwina ilulilnwhich fh 1 !1 inu huv
crieij in coiiecjuViire id a bl 4c at cm aa a olilie
' i lrVer, or m er-cutnr, adm'iuhrtr,iftfl gJiirdW er
4 trustee, or. hile acting in rrjr-rdter,,jiiqjaiTx' - j
! ,:, rrento . lie r''ce:..n kmds of Or,,n I'm-1 VWA Carolina, TcuweruKCC Dwir-.-,-...,:
j and Lind", Bud t.r cjtten.jve orrangetuenis will here raiHC State-Tcmpeiance Society ul J. C"al it an- "rr.1J1t.1i?, t'.eir rei-pT-ctiveTiT'oLVeMt'nce, sai ' "
j attcr render our''riV Cwrreirf ttmimM -mwt -J uluuu, u.rctttii ll.jltJot.rWce (tll(, , racht .th an v,;,jt.
to tho twveiler the tanner, and all butin ctasssa '-takeinea-airra lur the ttau.aiiniei.l, at thw die,I a , .Zi-nti,! '"ftyrir?rr-r"--rrrj.-rt-?'M.- - m .1 . -I
.r Joiir.i.1 ., i.-vnted to ihe ci,.Nol Temoera. ee. l.ltulor 1 I li or their irti.eifTyIJ;tl JfllfTrn-
Mt,ll,,k,JllnU.lAi...U .
pi.tjin n as a racer, ec , KtuiidS. iioip.e-t;oi: c hotii
Kicl'l'l'l IHld Alll. rii'a. I he gii : : (i.'illl fl
I, A i IL O.ii f.iitorv, (! bj Ine j,ieHl .inHherii
AiiT'eur ol hurm, (. ol. R. .Siii.!ct., o'
t.'aiolui.l, wliie.h h.M produced inure t.::c t icj luirs"
II. mi Hoy other .umre 111 the I'uioi,. Tiiui il ;o
I ii i g.v.cril clnrac'erof the (?ourict u we'.! known.
!..- co!jiti:u cujitun a great variety of
TAI.IM, .SAuntllVLH, tMATl"-.-?iTr-rriti.ufc,.
In oiieJieii. e to lie ir u inhec, aud mipreiaeil with tho
;l!Tijir!ai.c. o: null a p'i'jixition, the Cotuuiitlee luve
1 dr.teruiine.i, if'riineient t.iiC!iurCi,.i..nt Can bu ob-
',nr:itf, TWT-1 ti' Vm. Hill anaimi mmut.h.A eu&4XnU
mi i ai-oi ief 10 l,it.Tiiiife,U;ienesiiie .. u,anica, ! t,-, be r:.d iho NORTH CAU' U.LW I Kiil'K
! I ' I .. .. I.f I 1.. . 1. I. A . . . . . . .
I ,ik'ric.i.u;re, iuirsnuii. .uu-uu, ,it, iictiui, iiiiiii-u- it. rs VI . I ,l' ., rri iue lirai oi next.
eirut, r.r j in l.ut, in ev ry department usually discuxed
t n a I. oh' r-eil family .Newspaper, from Mich vvritersoB
!i I. lilt there 1-
ii'i- of the t"nu;
d Wl'il (I'll. Co
ie )ii!)!:'j
i-. 11 j
imileii pi rTIl
l:,' llain .I..!,'- .... I
i' s ol the N .1:1:1.
r lied u rn mo.-;
o! t!.
; etui.'
re tiiil Mi evr u-en
li i'fn lor .i rach ; llui Ik, .l lo" Un.'
1 1, tt;., Hii.'t 1 f. -r t'.e Ap:.' ; We
fl'if nii'r- I t Lie Cmiprv. (!!otw
t the rea4 acspwii, have- li.o 1 'or ."j.i
'i):-v v.ill i" i.eC'ti'.ry to umii ri o. I I...
r f.t.:; 1 f the liM -e.-:..:i. 1 iio .mpori-.
I r i
o:.J A K .i.ll
'"iicd at the lt-, will be Urou'
-'I'ifi, in Coiifipienee of t."e i:k.. r.-'
i'.rf ! m the late tieCtion miii I,,.
t 1.,
v-.:ii. .
" I'
ll, cr.
tunny id i.ujjrov 1114 tae flood ol lh,r n.r,i; an.luV
f il niiuinl, tin) dor.-:.', n r;ire! oec ir 1.1 liin c
iein. 1 I e(.-U! r . Il "L.
or ine
li :,,!i-J hi t.t l' tni, 1 ni'u IO jir:,i
n jii) r
. -ti in ol 1 'il
1. 1 4 i f 1 t.'i
1 i.-.oii .
a 1.1
irred litre
. ..V r. :
a-e not
. !' l!, IM
.it !vf
, ,:i 1.
, e .
: . 1 1 n
1. 1 t. I1 O'l
t Ul bl ll.e
.- ..! i I.-..- R li-t
I ll-l .11... Ii.ili,
hivf in' f .i'i(:ei:,
IJfe-S wnri. ..t C'ill-
IJ.11.J Hi ,1 1.O.'!.Y, .. I ., trill ttltttil
P.Y 1). It .MW.Wt.U.
.Mr.H.C. I.-e UenlX,
Chirles !)ir.i:ni, (Bur,)
ProtefMir lo.-iriilianic,
f. . Ai'.v.r.
.I. Siit:j 11 Know Sen,
Aim. M. Ia'Oii Loud,
l!i"jp'.it Jerrold,.
Ml:s Se-'eu ivk,
" in. 11 L':toa,
l.ieul. li . l'titlen,
Till '. ( 'i:ni'e.-.i:,
M..n M.uo..!,
1 io!e.-wir Wir.oj,
K. 1,. B i ver,
J.w. pi, (' .f !,
I no-, (j. Si' ar,
1 ' ot. i.i.n lit, II. N.,
!l 1
.Mr.'S. V, llii(!,
ProUsi r iMultsou,
M. MAln.l.ael,
Misa Klien i. Kand,
(ieorife P. Morrifi,
Mr. Gore,'
Jot-eph It f handler.
Misa Leslie,
' l,rc?'itior J. Frot,
Lull II. Sio.iiiioy,
'lion. Robert f. Con-ad,
K..rt M :r!N
.Mrs C. ll. W. Erin-,
A. Grern. Jr.,
Jod.i .N'eal,
Ciiuniess of ijiefs.npton,
Lucy tvymour.. -
I he leading object of the L'nioiv will 'be, tbedi-jc-
, m.nntioti of 1 emptjance principlua. v c shall en
1 1I1 aver to pres nl in ft paper, a full record jl the pro
1 grcM of tnc 'i'e . perance cau.-e 111 om own ami in
j foreign Wnriaot its elfect upon individuals atid inm
; inumliet and origiuaj articles 111 defence ot its pun
, ciplc, and lu reply Ui the variof.s objrcti.jiu, urged
agtiut.1 it. . '
v, hue, however, tnc promotion ot I e in pe ranee will
in, of 1 very" rtn.uf, biodtiw.d H-a-tiirfton. and 1b
. ,r
location and situation fftc.h nitl every psffcel and
porajoi. thereof, te'riiled nnToolli, (or "altirmatti e)
.nii'v t . I I,,- I' I . ,, . I-. J.
1 Act. aud therein iltrlere UiHioelei ll. ''ii a
j to inert I!,. ir(hl)t,i and en;iigeiiieriJ,liSf be deem
co oiiihrupis nurun iue purview or un ICT, and
may "he ao Ui cluJ Ccord(ng.y J,y lcueoJifil .
( ilirJ. t., J ?"
lyia ray opinion, that all jiorMns comir.g within
iTiq purview f.llitfAffl, ihuuj;h (hey m iy been- .
tirely tli i! i:e of t)', (tWV.tKjlleJ lo iti ?-i;e-Ota."
. ' '
I 1... : ii... i.i...( : I r i .1
be the first and ot.ject of our J-mrmtl, it 11 our 4 fiAr", , a 1 1 ? "4 V i '
....... .1... Z. .1.-11 i i i , lI'iAriCl Juiliiea. a diversity of i ninmn. as. I jniu-i
TlWfKRANel: I 'onvem; his that V.'
' '.V Ol ."e;!:,.i,.i r. p'lliv
'I I
i v' Hi" 1- ry ion-
l.e m
r Si1 I tr.e
Ir Voll
nt til's
(1 on pe:ti-!io: it (,.l
I, Stlil ii;i;ioii.i-.J I if
l I'l Ce'Hilii t it. f. n
Jr.. I):, I ;, u,r. ., j
r :i;-;i l-i .- ! i .-;; . i
i , I ,. r.,, ,
i.i'f :'- .'! . r ' ' , IV
i -.! 'in.- I'r '
i.n .',
TO A'ii'.NTS TLR.M'.'.
Toe term - t toe l'..iri t are ,ji2 per annum, payable
in tiilv.iiir.-', I. oi when iiuv otic will oHiciiteto procure
leu new iinici luer-, atnl send us 15, fn tuim'ij anil
,.,. Jrn , ive Mill ri ceipt lor me tor earh. .'even
t .,.; lor Mil, li .'ee.ciiu-uaoaVi, or one copy three
vi jr.-1 r f i. - - -' ', v
- L i IK 5 I 4 V .
:-i r. . e
I her te:eiri
m r
I Ad rop;.
.1' H.n.ii, O
1'ive c ;i
I.otvV i! -
oi ihe .Saturday Couri'T.nml Cmley'a
ear, w.ll be spnt tor .
i'l ilm Satur iiy t'ourier, and (io-Jey's
on" year, Will sef f.t H.
M'.'JAiil.S HOI di;n.
I. il, u-e eii-!..ii:ep: tvi'.t q-td tn 1h:r
mtnniKm, thai it pap-ti shall be eul.veiHHl by a geunral -
nitimnary ot ihu tnotf Important events tT the day, and
by particular attention' to ihe interest of Agriculture.
In carrying out thia object, mo Committee look weh
C'nfidcnce tj the .friends of l eiuperance, particularly
in North Carolina, tor aid and support' A new ui
pnhi) haa becn-f ion tn the cause in tins Htaie, Were
lina the proper occasion, we could tell a t iluof what
hi brcti ptiMiiijj flnder our own ey'i, which would
nr4 a thrill of joy tlimugh every beiicvoleoi besri.
I'hn refirmation or the inebriate liw commenced, and
is ttifl guing on with a power and eucress, iiieh'tbc
moat t-anpuinn never darod to anticipate. (Jive d but
the means of communication, and vve trut that an in
rt'ienee will go forth from the Capitol ol the old North
Stjir, to it remotest boundary. tUit will, lull upou ita
happini'M and prospe rityUireugnkll fotiirV g. fit h uh.
Permit us, then, niirft enrncjtly to apjieal to eve.y
fi lend ii Temperance, Morality, and good order, to aid
'lis prinnplttj. Al!:i object1 t'i?7,'iinii life WlttnliO
I in w Vi nr, rf.oy on the arl (f itx tri.Mil iniy he Iklal.
! try ineui!ii.-,l llieii, wiio I'-et, ii.teresl m nnr
.iie,ci',.aii'l every Temperaneo Society, hrpme re.
sponsible, ul once tor liie number el eopies, which ll.ey
support; (an be cm ti ! j t d in the r vicinity, and fbrwaid
pule.l, mi Ihe cmi-ftrtictH n of r,t act, even ia lite
Jincipiuni ntiige of proeeeJitiar ui.rti Mt ; a.rfd am
taaareilmt oilier und iiiore iiiif-irlnlif, ttiUicutiic.
will occul; in the srcjiiel. II. it I a yjjew igijil
in correspondence-with several Dulrict JudeeV
with fhi'tiew of rexouciliiig, ne kr n wc can, lb -licrpinncies
of lliD'Actnnu' xftiimiitg, at least, at
sinnething like n iinJriirnittfr.r.ictiri!. .Irlitilt, '
, hnwrvrr, bold myselin leadlne (rmii l!ic-ct
I HiKfieraiion, according to it spun atukjlw beaf of
jiny obtlitv, wheihcr it lw amensli d r lust. ""' .
The iiecmiry tulea and (i rn Together with
lanfTuf fte,iiail I given in due iioie.
! Aeriiriltn'e'tii iiiy-rtmiriir.m. of tho Aetjl
, H titiMii may be verified Uforo ny Jmige i raJTii
' to e nf I he Peace of this Slate ; )Ui i,ink the f
; iitn.ner is reqiiif.'dttipjMafTn-turf,Til fi:etnr-
nip, ruin r iii p rin far by iiiinriuy, lu dielit
i '"in ell fi Ii" uii'i'j'.r tii nieetlu ililiis Hill! enje.
1 1 it-ill . - ,' f . . -
I Ihe pditioner imnstriiirpiim , in jiie pti:inns'I
I ihe iieii.s reiit. d end il ill Im-hihI Ij4 lo .
; i .
i A'
i ..r lie,' Apr-
... c,
r a ren' r i.
Ti t' 1:1 . I L I rt ll !
.! i!oi. .r- i re a
v. ii t o-' r .( e
il. il. liit ItlMl.
I - it-r-ieit
i ! (mio'ii ai -;. r
,i ;l...t n.ut i
-. ii;. ! rlip.'i '
few, ; i
W-t.-r- ; -i '
.'.- fill, u; I
i, I eej . .
I., iy v ; , ', i
,., i t ry !. .', :
v. .i'ioo, v i I If.
il I i
nt ri .(': ie-i, e, f, . .. i
Jin m n! au '"i.-'i ;
to nd'.anre id-
.ii not .
IV ll-
' ' .. t. I
. I
i. in
. fi o.i
i by f .pyi.i
!! : !'
er';: C
ot t..i
it I ' ( i -m ;
aJoVe, or reterrm;' to i they may t.m.k the demand ol their neighwlrlukid may
i justily. In tins K.iy only, enn we hojio lor auceea in
" , t.or i ill ir I. x"
At n llleliitr of tin; IlxeClllivC Co mittCU Optli5 N.
. Tciper.ii.Cy h'oha'.y, tho following rej!uM'.if was
I r-'iuptrd ; SV herena. arrangnmenis have been ir-ade to
i rouinii the puitlicaiion of a Tem.ieranre J 'Uni il in
J the Ciiy o! Kj!ciiIi, on thefirst weed of Jaiiinry m-xf,
i r rot lied om: Tlliti;AM riitUcribera ran im nlitiuneil.
printed ntl n''' ('p,rJ,week!y, unttf after 'I hat it W iiHxt rarnestiy n eomim.-nded lo
xt eleCih p. at the mm -inii.oi.Iy ln.v price o! of the OITierrs of Ihe Slal 'I 'cm pen. nee Hncietv
I-i. Hint ...tii - mm iu mo infinitum oi i. to is: ii mam . onvention ami
- I'KOl'U.SALii '
or pit.'i.'.i',r tn ihi-1 . i ry nj tin I mmiJ, a nrap HVrA
lij l'i::rr. In br i uUIlt il
Till. VinuiVvilA DiuMOwtHAT, ,
E T v .IfTe printed tm re't rerj,week!y, unttf aft
1 the
'i'l ' I.l
:i lijl'J
I ) :
( I .
on ol ,i i
ii le
Five renin to a unci'' i-nl -e
for I v.o Hollar TV, Ij.N I i rlll'.l I) copies lor 1 ive to nny wno nto Inendly lo tho caune, immediately after
! Dol or-, I'll f for Ten I ..!:..:-, eatable invsri-1 the receipt of ri'mlr.tioii, lo become rcipnosihtp liir
j '); '1' from I to ."1 SubscrdHTi", so llial tli(pinili.stien mav
j Ii will wa.'e sn Vicnniproni?siii! war with all liie commence at thu time coi, tempi ited. '
ci.iioi.t. fdiem. i mv Bdvccatiil atil lujipor'ed by the, !y order of the Executive Committee of th Norih
, - . t ... -
I.-1-. c"r" nl where
md ht i.s ut par.
- : vrri'ier I
Mir'-Cl ij.t.oiK hlieuh'
I leeelt.'i r I J.!, Ii;
re lh
to ri!' i
let l.:iy
VV.- f
-v rt;! i ri
nt J-inuary n
reMd'."1, v io it
l ti m-iiie u o
t.. in .
l.iltt-e.t, i
iiioii'.i fi-.
may be paid U
An v' rntiim will l,i jindlit nui) nnli r I'nUni th
p,'m t, t il. Ill MK &. KIVJ.S.
Wtii rgtcti Ci'y. lMt.r a;,, jwi.
n t!
77,' IV'k'ti CiiXiUnn 7' myrmtrr Aihurii will
t' ' t'jj-"'! or; a. Ii,l i' ,101 nli"l'l, III e,niri lo'el, Hi !i
i.'imUr uiakiiig fi'lii fife.", and wili be fiiriih-he.l nt
the very low price a' fifty Ci'.a copy; Where un
file comes are taken, the payment iiiuat he-MiajteWi-,'iy upon tlie reception ot Ihe firnt number. " -(f
7 PiiHtmaaters, e.lilorsor pb!irhrof iwoeTs, afTd
a!i ."liuihlert of Ihe (ioeiiel. are authi rinei. ii 'renin.
I-'edera. rariy ; ti tut i.iUnni; nill bi ft uoiione, which
Ihe r.enlon- rxeitiona can areon pli-h, to effect the
entire overthrow of the Federal fictun at Ihe iisning
elect ion. 1 110 trlM !i-s briet; puhy and pungent,
but yet courteous and respVctlul; l'i deralifin in all its
esmel.n lornrt und Protean ahapee, will bo handled
Wltl.Olll glow. i a ' ' '
We re-oectMilif ask that a aTenaroua pa'ronaeo msy
be bestowed uiiol our elliHat to nri mote the rnceran of
id., r,i.A i,i mihirk ua srsi rnunei'il. ( InUrs sdilrrtsid '
lo Tiirornif.t.s Fih, will receive prompt t(iciHion. I All the newspapers in iho filnte are rccUectfully re-
Alarcl) l?, ipi a, . I i I 'v-"-" -jit ry i.w unw ot imi inrcruona.
. . . '. ,
('aioliiu Stain Teniiranee Hoci. ly.
" -"-.r TERMS:
Tim Noi'.h Carolina Temjeranea Union will be pub
liJliftd weekly on medium aljel t.aay aJ byjs iucIiob,)
at One Dullaf and lt J Cdht pif annum, pavablu IN
tfpVANCr T.eitra containmg Sulwcribera nnmes
snd'ramttianeftt, iiiiii o directed, postpaid or IrVr, to
the Treainrer of Ihe Hoariy, Jamm llaow, lUleigh,
NorthCaolina. , wt.v '.
iidttpi ir rry I. tier ol the A $1 lie tnu.-t nau.t'
tin- emiiitv m uhieli he rtmnleill ,.
Tin- etii mm, when rereiv il, will bfi referrcl,
f r lienntig,.iiVthejr rcfict.ive Hi:trl: .jrN, in
'he fprifi;' . ,
For I'lHtiipcit, nil within (he Dialricl of AiV
mnrle, will In, liriirrj nl Fdenlnii all il!iin I he
DisMict of Pitinlicrt, viii b i lieard nl N:'l,'"i
aud nil within Urn Dialrirl ij Unpe Fear, nt VV il
minitti'B. Ami publH nii.inn w,li Le ordeieJ a di
rected by Iho Ail. t
The Ilniirint of. Allternmrii' comprise die to
SVofa HiMrieifitf Kdmion nnd iinlilav. ; liie lb
irict of. Pifmlieo compriaea the Districts of Ne
bctn nml (Mloliorough, logether with oil iImI ,iu'
nf the Diatrict nf VVilmiugtrtn which lies J"
iriliwnrd and Lin'w.ird of New River i and
Diaiiici of (June cqmpiwea the retiimii11'1,
pari of il.n Kiniii. ,i .
All (.'oiiiitiu .ivutiona on Iho siflijcct ol P.iinknii'l'
ey, ndilrepeil li me by niail, if nut poat ptul. '''
remain in the office.
for Dintnrl of North Cir.
' Foyrttmlle', January 17, IQ4'v.
V,;: .:.:
'" '-.'c'. - ' ,

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