i VESTEHW CAROLINIAN. Friday, Way 87, 1 8 19. Democrats RepuVUtm Nomination, . , roi OOVBBSOB, LOUIS p. HENRY, Of Cumberland. J -THE GREAT COIUVENTION." Tbi Convention which met in this place on the 20ih instant may in truth be called "the great Contention "for in. point of numbers no assem blaze of the kind ever held in North Carolina can be compared with it. It looked rather like a pats meting, to use a Whig phraae, than any thing else. When at fOVclock tbe Convention waa aurhmoned to the grove, whertf a atand and acuta had been pre pared, the crowd was to great, and luch anxiety wm rrianiTeateCj, to hear the speeches, that it waa entirely of the question to think ol consuming time by gmnft through the alow formality or call ini over the humea antl location of Delegate pres ent. Ai food a the Convention was organized by the appointment of the officers and committee, the speaking began, and waa kept op with a short luleroal-et noon, duriag the day, and resumed at night. There were many able and eloquent speech m delivered and it was cheering to witness the1 .pint in which they were recoived. The speakers; by'llieir Stirling appeals infused tho fire of patri otism into the bosoms of their hearers and the hearers in turn reflected it back on the speakers by their enthusiastic applause. Although we were not able to get ths names of all the Delegates, we hazard nothing in saying that. there a-ere more than 400, who added to the visitors would swell the aoemblage o considerably over 2,000 men. W have not been able lo ascertain all the Counties represented There wee perhaps sot more than Mi. .This, however, it is very evident, was not oing to any want of zeal in tbe Counties from which no Delegates appeared, but to the hardness of ).c times brought on the country by Whig misrule. ; I'.ui it matters nothing since wo bavs assurances from every quarter that the fire of the 20th of Mar, j 173, is blazing forth, n on the 4th of August wit, the State will be illumined with its glorious light from the Atlantic shore to the Tennessee line. . In truth we had a cheering and enthusiastic t me of it. Nothing marred tho high enjoyment f,f ihn anultilada hut the inaliilitv of our able and ) anient standard bcrerMr,JIsnry, to. jnalrtLe 7tfarspccb, he not having yet Stiulcieiitty w. 1 I I . I , 1 1 ! mm A mtwt- cnereu nis neaun to unuergn iov imiguv nUmrnt of such an effort. Tbs aniiety.l the Convention and the people to sen and hear him 3 very great, and wo have no doubt Mr. Henry would hav made the attempt but for tho counsel This physicians and f friends, who seeing his ndition sbsolutcly interdicted it. Though una ,lc ii 4roru5unco a long speech he appeared in tho Convention, and took a proper occasion to make a hart address evjplnijnmfJthii statejr biahealtb, received with spplsuvo and" as a sutii cicnt spdfogy' fbf not speaking at length. Oa'the morning of tho 21st the Convention met at 9 o'clock. ( After receiving the reports of Com itiiiees, 'adopting a series of very, bold and strong Resolutions, and bearing letters from absent friends nd distinguished members of tho Democratic par ly read, the speaking eras resumed, and continued with extraordinary animation, until 1 o'clock. First one and then another was called op, all generally responding faS!!Ort bat eloquent speeches which were most attentively listened to and received with tnthuwaatie approbation.. Finally the Convention adjourned a the best possible atate of feeling, muny with their slock of information enlarged, and ill ih a fresh and more determined impulse, to kills without lack of seal or energy in the holy riuse of equal rights and liberty. , Governor Morehead in the Field. From the accounts in the papers, and what has come to our ears in other ways, we hava reason to believe that Ilia Excellency, Governor Morehead, i doing his own and the Whig cause but poor nervbe in the Eat. The Washington Republican ay he is making no impression, and does not even excite common interest b? his addresses. TKis" is not strange ; the day fordolivering Oglo'e speech gone by, and wo all kno that hia elegant ora (inn in 1810 were made up of choice extracts in !?) ibis adm ied nroduction. Van Curen's Frencn liptlstcad gold plateau gold spoons dish-rags Mil some other things were inexhaustible themes f'f his el.iquence then but they will hardly answer fie purpooe now j to be sure, he might skin their President Capt Tylor, asatl the Clay Whig speech makers big and little do, but clobody would mind llmt. It aeeina His Excellenoy; liks the rest of the W hig orators now a day a Jus no taste for talking federal politic this vCTTpwit confines hinwelf to the aTiirs if his own ddimnistration " with allusions ''' Mr. llonry's'ps-'l political opinions, cVc. This d a fur as it goes we want to hear of the Midoiful things he has doni for the State besides Gilding an Ice hnusn and lion coop, but we want to hrar omthing moroj which we snap ct '! ' r.ien1lnniv uitl lit) a lilllo about BS DOSaiblo. 7 1 ., f ..... 7 -T-- , " he can divert the minds of tho pooplo to othor "utters ! wo want linear what he lias to say JbMit tho nromitr thnt HH made, as well as the tylmr orators, two yesri ago. The pooplo have M forgotten tktm yet,nd when Gov. Morehead cnmft up this way, ha must not expect ta amuse liii hearers by any ruse to draw their attention off (mm thnse. The people will demand to know what 1'Vclloncy has to say of the proupmtf and better time, that were to como with tho terg tkc hon of Gen." Harrison j what ho lm$ lo ay of the , domglof the Extra Session ;-w hat ol the Tar.( tax-tha Bankrupt Law-tho llribery Kill-Mr. Clay's attack on our sabred Constitution inn,M. 4sing to abolish (ha Veto powor-lha new fjajional uaw oi I wenty million contracted by ths Whigs their f.r-t year-al this and much morn. Gov. Morehead canrfot float with tho current of popular excitementhe cannot be borne along by wild enthusiasm this time he has to meet tho issues, Clay Rank TarifT-Do-bt--extraagant expen. dititrcs, and all the profligate schemes of Wliiggwy. We want to aee how he will do thii. CO" We begin on the first page of to day's pa. per the publication of tho highly ititcreslitu? and very alio letters "received by the Committee of invaation of the late Convention, from distinguish ed gentlemen of the Democratic; party. They will attract the eye of the reader and most richly repay an earnest consideration, cominff as thev da from men of eminent ability, and containing their ' viows briefly and calmly expressed on the present , condition of the country and of public affairs, they cannot be otherwise than doeply iqtercstina. W commend them to the earnest end sober attention of all reflecting men. , We shall continue and con. elude the publication of them next week. , PROMISE toniranlei ttith PRACTICE. The Promise. The Federal Whig leaders in 1840 told the people that Mr. Van Bureo'a administration was - entirely too outrageously extravagant that 22 millions was greatly too much to be spent in one -l year, and solemnly plddged themselves that if the v Whigs were put into power ihey would forthwith commence a speedy retrenchment, and soon reduce the expenditures down to the economical standard of 14 or 15 millions a year. This va$ tie prom, ite. The Practice. Waltei Fobwabd, the Whig Secretary of tbe Treasury of th United States, in report to Con. gress of date the Oth instant, estimates that tbe ordinary expenses of the 'Government for 1842 1843-1944 will be as follows t ' For 1842. VttfiM&S fi5-nesrly 34 millions of dolls. im. 32.IN8.054 95-more than 32 millions. 1844, . 320i f)9. - Ti i the fulfillment of Whig promise. With these lacta before the eyes of tbe country, can we wonder that 19 out of 20 States bave already kicked Vhiggery to ths doga'f! Can wewoo der that the hnoMt (wopU of the land are every Hr anMiKiag and turning against the de ceivers! "". J PREDICTION." We predict that John Cataline Culhoun will be nominated for the Presidency by tbe Loco Foco Convention which moots at Salisbury, this day. We should like to see the first meeting between -bim and Mr. As the latter thou)jht all NufliKW Wars Traitors and deserving of death, he would wan la Gallows as high as Human prepared for Mordrca'. for this Prince of Nullifiers." The above extract is from the leading Federal journal in the State of the 20th instant. We say nothing about tht middle name applied to Mr. , CalholllJLilJ?orthjyo the decepcyj'l party and particularly of this 1 alitor who has growu ex. cocdiiig witty of late, though it would take the acumen of a Whig to discover the wit of this. As to the " prediction "the result proves that the Editor of the rteghwf totongt'TO ' the stliool of "false prophets " for Mr. Calhoun was not nominated, nor was any thiug of tlie sorj attempted. It is however true, that nine-tenths nay nine teen twentieths ot all who were here are decidedly and strongly in fkvoi of Mr. Calhoun for the next Presidency ; but Solomon tells us that thero is " a time for all things," and in our humble view, if the Federal Wbigs who met in Raleigh on the 4tb of April bad been Solomons they would not have done one thing they there did do. , As the Editor 61 the Register will certainly be surprised that no nomination was-made, we will, io ail candor, tell bim the reason why ; it is this, The Federal Whig Convention of the 4th of April presented to the Democratic Republicans of North Carolina several important issues upon which they wish to conduct the present contest. Among these issues are, the Distribution Law the Bankrupt Bill a United Slates Bank a National Debt extravagant expenditures a Protective Ttiriff Henry Clay and high taxes. The Republicans hsve met them on these issues and we do not desire to mako nny now ones at present. It would in fact be uncourtfous in tbe Iemocrata when their oppo nents have designated the points ol contest, to come forward nnd thrust new ones into tho Scld. It ia true, we believe that 'Mr. Calhoun's name would give great strength to cur cause in tho Stuto and especially in the West, but we aro atrong enough without this to beat tho Federal Whigs in August, and then when the proper time comes, wo will beat Henry Clay the great Hank and TaniT champion, with Mr. Calhoun or some one eUr. No the Federal Whigs havo made tho issues, and we in tend to beat thenron ground of their own cliowing. Mdrm and Resolutions of the Democralie Convention. Tho Address and Rcsolutiona of last week's Convention will be published as soon as they are handed over to us by the Committee of Publication. Our Democratic frieuds iu ihe Counties around will do well to let us know forthwith whnt number ol copies they will want respectively, so that we may provide accordingly, and forward to their directions. 1 03r The Vglailajiire of Connecticut now in Scsmon. has resolved to offer its mediation macule tho difficulties between Ihe two pnrtics in Rhode Island- i is to bo hoped that body may succeed in prevailing on the belligerents to lay aside their blo7dy iiuenls, puFuinbelrfnandswordr and listen to reason like sensible people aa they ouRht to be, especially as their dillerence may bo settled quito at satisfactorily before cutting ona another's throats, as it possibly could be after performing that unnecessary operation, and probably with no less comfort to the subject on both sides. - Hon. John M, Nitet has been elected bv the Legislature of Connecticut! United Siatos Senator from that State for si years from the 4ih of March next. . , . OCT Wa ate indebted to Mr. Calhoun of the Senate, and Messrs. Rencher and Caldwell oT the UouHe of Representatives for various interesting docuoients and speeches in the course of the pre sent session oi Congress. 03" The Editors of the " lliithland Mcucntrrr " stated after Mr. IlonryV speech at Ashvillo, among other things, that Mr, II. had made ue of some ex. prcasionsso indelicate and vulgar as to have driven the ladies who wore present troro the Iioue, and ths Editors further " positively refuie" lo invert in their piper the obnoxious remarks. Tho Federal prints irom me negisier down to the lowea' in the State, bave been, raising their " decency rmnde in horror they are shocked at Mr. Henry's indelicacy, and dyina wiin curiosity to know what it was he asid. Now it strikes us that the Messenser has got ioto something of a quandary about this matter. JS"v"cril gentlemen ot the Whig partv of high respectability who were present, say that they not only did not bear ths shock ing expressions alluded to, but that they did not see i single lady present at any .time while Mr. Henry was speaking and Mr. II. himself declares .that he saw no lady in the-1 loom!. So much for the contradiction. winch makea it Incumbent on the Editors of tho Mes senger lo show proof en both counts, as to the ladies present, sod ss to the expressions used, or stand con. victed of tbe no very reputable coinage andpropigatiori ot what might be ailed bjrhsrd name. We pause to hear from our modest Buncombe errteraswrat iesr Extract 6fm Letter to the Editor : I " Mr. UxjibV has done hinwelf no good in tho Mountains, buton the contrary, barm. His failure to speak at Bitrke and Rutherford, after making bis appointment, on the pretoxt ol ill health, when ho losked as Well as usual, has produced great mur muring and dissatisfaction. Especially, as hiaj fusal tu speak; is attributed by most persona to the fesr of being replied to. My word for it, Henry will never meet Morehead, if he can avoid it. lie has no notion of venturing his arguments, where a reply may bo expected." Tie foregoing from the Raleigh Register is a specimen of tbe "extracts of letters" weekly pa- rsded in tbe columns of that paper. If the Editor believes them he is as grossly imposed upon and humbugged as thousands were by the Whig prom iaes in 1840. His correspondents are nlavinir ihe Whignms on bim strong. ,Whw lukJ himself perfectly ridiculous in this part of the Slate. If the Whiggery were pleased at the " harm" that Mr. Henry " has done himself in the mountains1 there would be a very comfortable state of general gratification on all aides at his visit to the West, for there is no mistake about li e fact that the Dcrn. ocrats are not only satisfied, but highly gratified at the impression Mr. Ileory has made every Where, Thsy will be delighted to have the same .tort of " harm " done to their cause all over the Slate. The next sentence in this pretty little " extract" is fair and decent : " His failure to sjak, on the pretext of -ill bealih, when he looked as Well as usual."- Now this is exactly the thins for some of the dirty sheet's," or for somo of the tools of the party to circulate, bu, really we thought the Editor of the Register had more liberality or at least more Kgardjbj,wmbte paltry, contemptible insinuation of this sort which he would be very simple, to believe : "pretext of ill-health "when tbo Editor cannot but know from Ihe statement of his own party papers that Mr. Henry was violently ill at Rutherford, and he is moreover doubtless aware of that geal'eman'a physical "inability from a severe injury received some time ago. Hut the secret is, it seems, he waa afraid of " being replied to "afraid of getting "used up" again by lawyer Clingman the young Buncombe thuiiderer, or by Ihe renowned General EJney, of course. They arc certainly dangerous .men such orators and such singe ra. .V , . This correspondent's" word for i Henry wlil never meet Morehead, if he can avoid it." We are afraid not indeed, from tho way bo avoids the Governor. Mr. Henry made his appointments in the West, long ago ; Hta Excellency has been in this part of the State since, returned to Raleigh and was so anxious to meet our candidate, and so duter mined Mr. H. shoutd not "aVoW him, that he nial es hit appointments some three hundred miles or farther right (IT in ihe .u', while Mr. Ileory is avoiding him here in the MVsf acvortling to previous appointments. The Governor timk a wide circuit to " head " him perhaps eh f Well, Mr. Henry i gone Wn that way lately to " avoid " His Excellency, and wo hope the Governor will not now, conclude to come westward after him, pe dally as ho has an appointment m FuyHt'-villo shortly, and it is possible he map catch Mr. Henry ilw rn if hn keeps a sharp look out. Thero has been dreadful times in Georgia On the 2d of May, commenced the week's session of Sumpter County Superior Court. On that night did Court House was forcibly entered, and every paper i" the olRro of the Superior Court Cb.rk carried off and burnt. Next day a mob gathered and prevented the Sherifl from making any sales of property. The Deputy Shorlfl was mznd and carried oil to a swamp. . The Jud'c ntftlresswd tho mob but it had no cllecl ; no sales were periniitou. A'orf Carolinian. ' i :. il..l At. Tula. ha baiiI tin luill r.nt I, IR iuillt.iv.1 inn. ..... mjivk "" w " aign a Tariff Bill that shall impos a duty above 20 per cent. I can scarcoly believe it, but it h has aid soj and intends to oppose any such bill, it pi'l be wiUi th" Hi I jtfiiritrnn. Kitchir. Cnlhotlfl. VlTW Ui wviiviiisni ' 4c. On this account It is probable that the Army and . . 1 . 1 ). u . . 1 1 I... Liit .mar till Ilia Ta. ftaVy Appropriation 1,10a win v ' - - riff Bill is psssed, and then, it the latter should be vo- toed, Mr. Tyler mut tlmi mom ) w Py ny vuu Navy where he cn. Whif pi.pn. What hutnbnggery I If Mr. Tylor won't sign a high i.r.fT hill the whnra in Conirre will pass noappropria- 1:11 u i... 1. anil ihai iln Air. Ttlerl What .turn Bin , w.jjL-jL"-y-y. .-....; poor tooli BVe, worse tnail ll : ltnn norr, mu. I . 1 1 Kim Tul.i. infn iKni, niraaitrf. peCt tntIS 10 UOIW UCTH i'li. iji .Vorl Carolinian. mOCfE0ING3 OF THU DEflOCi RATIO STATE CO.N'VENTIO.V. . Friday Shy ZiMhimir Agreeably to adjournment from Rnloigli, the Delegates to the Democratic Sute Convention met iii uMuuv.iy mis any. sue l reminni ana otnor oflkiiM ol' the Raleigh Convention not being in at tenriauce, tbe Convention was called to order by iho lion. Charles Fisher of Salisbury whorcupon hn tl.iu;i.... .... edt Hon. iW W. CoSoaof Lincoln. Pre. dnnli Dr. P.., f M-ti-..i-..: r-..i .... .. .,.. , .vb.u...FU., vui. Oeobob IJowk of Ashe, WiiTKR I. Lkakb, l.ifq. ol Uichmond, and Gabbikl Holhiss, Esq. of new iianovor, Vice Presidents! and Vvncan K. I kiiivaboi vumuorianu, una Uiaulks t. I ishkb oi uowan, Secretaries. On taking tho Chair, the President addressed the Convention in a brief, but nerthumt nnit fi.rri. ble manner. . On nwition ol Mr. Fisher, it was Retailed. That a t'omm iiM f f... I ..!.. ed ti take into consideration the proceedings of the Kaloigh Convention and what business will pro. . , . ' ..fj-v I U, lire I n.lu ri . i . f, . ,!.!.. r ,. ikwv mo vunvenuon, anu make ineir vll ivniurruw. i IlL ..... . nereupoo ine rrcsidcnt appointed tho ib ow. ing gentlemen lo constitute this Committee i Mr. t wher ol Rowan, Mr. Leak of Richmond, Dr. 11. ill os uvidson, Mr. Hoke of Lincoln, and Mr. marsnmi oi Anson. , The Convention was then addressed in an able and happy maimer, Cumberl .nd, i which a recess Fridas. 3 o'ctaclr P M The Convention asain assenihled and was ablv v . . and eloquemly addressed by tho Hon. llt-dford urown. Mr. Henry, the Democratic Candidal fnr fin. vernor. who had been orevented .d,iii . ' i - most etiihuHiastic. On motion, the Convention then adjourncf to meet at 7 o'clock m the evenina. : . - . t Friday evening. 7 o'coclr. JThejConveiiiion met4iursuant to adjournments Measrs. Reid, ol Cumberland. Craiffe.ef Rowsu. and McRae,uf Cumberland, successively addressed the body in nappy and appropriate efforts. On motion, the Convention then adjourned to inA.I tt, Q ..'..I..-!- . Saturday morning, 0 o'clock. Oo motion it was onlercd UiatUie lottera To1 read to the Convention, which was accordingly! done. 7 y (ter the reading or the letters, Mr. C rishcr from the Committee ol rive to whom had been referred the proceedings of the Convention held at Raleiah, submitted a report, and by instruction of the Cotnmitieo offered for the consideration of this , . Convention ihe Retolved, That this Convention re-affirm all ths ' proceedinirs of the Democratio Republican Stats veniion, ncm ai iwieign on uie cia oi januar) and in a more especisl manner declares its c prooniion oi mo nominiiiioirof our sole ana aisl'ii iiuiolied fellow citizou, Louis D. Hbnbv of Favaltc- - ville, as the Democralie Candidate tor Governor of . Jmm Carojina... j, ,. .-.- This Resolution was recciyeds with great ap plauxe, and unanimoutlg adopted.' . Mr. Fisher further. offered, by instruclion of the Committee, a series of atrong resolutions declara- 4ory flf .tbeiMipiesalw Dera can party of North Carolina i and also an Address prepared by tho Committee appointed on the 8ih of January, drawn in conformity with the princi ples set forth in tbe Resolutions. The Resolutions were read, received with warm approbation, aid unanimously adopted. ' On motion it was then Retolved, That a Committee of Three be appointed by the President to superintend the publication of Ihe addresaand proceedings of this Convention, with power ot correction and revision, and tlint they make arrange, ments to supply all the Counties of the State with a : :.'.L. .1 - ! - ma n j cujmw oi mo saiuo as iiit-j uwy can lor. la conformity with this resolution, the Presidont appointed Mossrs. Hoke, Fisher, and Wheeler, to conatitutd the Committee. " The Address and Resolutions were then handed , over to tho Committee to be published us soon as possible. In answer to loud calls, the Convention was now eddreswd in able and animated airaina by Messrs. Leake of Richmond, Wheeler of Lincoln; Biggs of Martin, and McCallum of Montgomery. Mr. Wheeler then mentioned to the Convention that he sa w prfsanr7)r. CrwJt of South Carolina, a gentleman of tho Democratic Republican party of reputation, and hoped that he would be called on In address tbik body. A " The Presidnnt requested that Dr. Crouko would addross the Convention. , In nccorthince with this request and repeated call, Dr. Crooko rose and in i briof but ablolman- lier I'oiliplieit. On inttio!i of the Hon. Bedford Brown, it was R. tnlvrd. That the thanks of this Convention be ten drrinl to the President, Vico 1'ronidenta, and Secreta ries for the able and satisfactory manner in which they hive rtisctnrgeii me omiea or tneir reicttve olneeg. The President then delivered a closing address to the Convention! ' On motion of Mr Craie, it was Agreed. That, having finished tho deliberations Air which it assembled, this Convention do , now adjourn tine die. Do Tell Ut. We have an almost irrepressible eoriowity to know what language was ued by Mr. Ih'iirv al Ashvillo, to t rn the stomachs of the Highland Mtuengvr. Ds tell us, most dainty brother. ' If you jnn't speak it out, just whisper it in our enr, or wntn it down on a scrap of paper and hand ti to uh. We are so anxious losne ii. Lincoln Republican. llanl.ruptcy.U will on rcmombered thai Judge Hells recently decirfod in the matter of Kasson, that the jewelrv of a binkrupt's wife, if belonging to her before her in:fmge do not vest in the Hiiunee. but rna if held by her. On the other hand, ihe last nuinlM i I ihe Law Reporter, (for . May,) contains ihonriinttl oiuton of Judge Siory, in which h aiv a n the "object at length, and -rukaalrMngJilhJ:lLlJliiliJjln, 'he haband1ecomes entitled to all tho p-rH.MmiTjiiirriy"berongmgTd-ht wifo st the time ot her marriage, unless his oy the Hon. Kobt. Strange of h)..Win. n-. Jh,. n n...i.i o.7.r .7 Mid Col. M. Hoke of Lincoln, after .',.,'. TjZ SS wmZ 7 Z -1 " u -'V. WH' ffai taken Until 3 o'clock. P. M. I Ch&rL J.mmi. Wm. Mnrtr... 1-1 c....i. i ' ITt?"'1 rCe TorDei; W,Norto, Alexander N 'joi: the C&nvenuon and apologise for bis inability lo W. Murdock, Jas. Thompson, Geoigo Thompson, Jss! address tbe body at leuglh iu consequence of debili. Fleming, Kose McUlellaml, (ieorga T. MoClolland, tyfromroceut sovere illness.! Ilia reception wna John Crawlbrd, Wm. Mean. Koas Mnvennnn. Janim TnA i 1nnvpnlinn awukt miet-A'.m a . l ri,. I? v I r "";-:,"u'"S "ujownimuoi. flppie sj ioa7J Whiskey, 25 to 371. Bacon, : I L ? !,h8 m,uee , ,nv,la,i"" good supply on hand, dull, at 5 to 51. Lard, dull at Ker. ilS'fi' 5 - k's quLtion,., to7.- . w .uii.iiNH I li,vfc fiiil. riflm.nn .1 nil I. V il i I- YJon-l viiptiul rilit is etclui'ud by somo cxjinj or iin-' phel trust, and Ins auditor may take it in exocu. tioti or satisfaction of their debts so that, ordiuari. ly, tbu wifo's jewelry must pnss to creditors, incase 0f the bankruptcy of ll.o, iiusoand-AVw IVrt Keening Pof. DEMOCRATIC MEETING IN IUEDELL Without previous notice a roenectshla nortinn nf ihn I'vuwcnuic pnnv, assemoiea in ine uiurl llousa hi . .. . i .. .j-. - 1 2". WZA!iV.J:. " " H v""r-' nompn rc.iue.i- fu io sci ss oocretary. me following rusolutions be. ing submitted by John F. A. Mellon, Esn , on motion. were unanimously adopted, viz : . R,oM, That we do Most cordially approve of ths nomination or Lam D, IIknkv tor next Governor of the Mtate, because ha is of the Jcrl'ursonian afhool, and M unyielding advocate ol the rights of tho Slates and ol Pople. Retained, That wa 'do most uncomnromiainirlv on ,!f?. m '1c"",bf' '',0, M. Morehead, Lecsute '. " ? ,ne ? 1 "" M,a. Ad,,M l.ool, and fur.' liter, bccauM tie prach(M doiiiiogue like, one due- wino. and practices another, Retohed. That we will u Unnlufil. Tli.t urn aiill iiu. .11 I.. .1.1.1- I I . (tie means to elevate Louis iJ. Ilnry to the Gubcrna- "'--- "... lUHUauiDauu IIUIIurB. turiai susir oi cue buuo. ReutwJ. Timi ih. f,.it,i i.- Delegates to attend Die Convention in Salisbury, on 'he 2lih of May vis: Capt. Montgomery, Win. Mc luy VVni- Kobert llobbins, Wm. V. Cow- "" nousciaw, jscoo rarkor, John Curry. Kr"'1 WJ R-u.wn, Jolm Crudy, Wm. McCrudv. Wm. C. l.int-v. Il,. ai. r'.J . . 00,1 .WWr'wn' Wn- Jers, .Alexander, l.. :.I n . . ' ... : ' ' j,..,. AlOJIBIWlflr. Knh, Hflr Inmna V I Clark, Wm. McEwen, Christonhcr Ikrnn.mr' h.nmi Oarringer, John M. Lackey, Joseph Byera, Tlioiiia oyora, was. .nyers, oiimn uyers, John Uoll, Moses rVe' nnau nooewn, Jaines Uoteman, Capt. Mc. " V" ""-.""'V' ! v'. ."f"" oimuia ioua r. a. bio ion. win. Htavenson, Wm. 1U McClelland, and Eluha Perkins. KeioiDeJ, That the Editors of ths Westnm r.mli. ni'an, Mortti Carditis Bundard and Mecklenburg Jet Itrsonisn be requested to give the above proceedings one insertion. ' Un motion. The meeting (hen adjourned.-. wm. p. cowAV.ni-m James Tjiompson, Bcc'y. TA Fatiettevillt Market. ThoVe has been hut liti! ' produce in, the preseqt week, and prices remain about"' the same Cotton, 6 to7j. Dumestio Liquors tnfuir demand at pricea quoted ; aay, Peach Brandy, 37J to MARRIED, InlhiToWn. on" the riOth instaiit, by Jeremiah Mf Brown, raq., vatut Wood, Typographer, of this place, to aitss jiiorgsret i. Jonnton, ot Iredell. DIED, In this Towrvoo tho M instaut. Laura Miliatl. iufantdaugbtcr..o( Col,. Jejemiah Jl. Brown, aged one,. luonui ana six uijs. (n Ibis Coonlr, oo Ihe lAth instant, after a short ill. ness, Mr. George Matter, aged about 05 years. He had been for a great number of vears a worthy and consistent member of the Presbyterian Church.' and by his daily walk and conversation manifested the sin. cerity of his profession. The deceased was a kind and affectionate husband and father, and a good neighbor, and has left a widow, and several children, by whom, as well as hisscquainlances,the momorrof his Worth will long be cherished. CommanicsfrA- CaHdidalMw for Sheriff. CO Col. B. W.' Lono i a candidate for re-election to the office of Sheriff of Kowaa County. OCT liczasiAH Toaaaa, Ekq., is a candidate lor the olficeartllterilf of Rowan County. CO" We are requested to announce Mr. & B. Ror& estm, aa a Candidate for Sheriff cXDatidmm County at the next election, ' SVato ol NotUi CatoVma, DAVIDSON COlWTy. 4. INEQUITY. ' - Dauiel Delap, ". ) Tliomsa Stuart, William Stuart, Sarah Stuart, Daniol Stuart, Peggy Stuart, and Levins Stuart. It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court tint Daniel Stuart, Peggy Stuart, and Lsvina Stuart, Do- fendants in this ease lire beyond tbe limits oi this Slate, , It is, therefore, ordered that publication be made for six ' successive weeks is ths Western Carolinian for said ' Defendants to appear and answer at the next term of Dim Conru to be held for the County of Oividia at the Court-House in Lexington, on tho Ut Monday aflor the 4th Monday in September i text, or Judgment pro cou tbsso will be entered as to them. Witness, W. Womsek, Clerk anJ MssUr of said Court at Office the 1st Monday alter th) 4th Monuay in March, IS 12. W. WOM.VCK, C. M. 11 May 27, IS -8. Printef's R ?! 5a Tc Estate must jo 8cUcd ,fi persrms indebled lo the Rstale of Andrew Hol- houscr St.. dce'd.. aro uolified to make iuiineJiate" payment, thoso that fait may And their notes and ac count! io tho hands of an officer for eollecrioa ; and those having claims against said Katata o present' them legally aotlwnlicalU within the lime pratcrd! by law, or utis notice will bo plead aa a bar to their rccaVery. A. ROSEMAN, Adtu'r. Howaa Co., N. C, May 27, 184i 3t The Pulpit Of the Presbyterian Church in Salisbury, during tho absence of tho Pastor, will be supplied oo tho 3J Sabbath in May by Re. E. F. Rockwell. 1th d da by " Wm. A. Hall, fi h do. do. by J. D. Hall. 1st do. in June by " J. M. II. Adams. . i 2d do. do. by ' I M. Wilson. FOR THiTsun SALE. : I J OtKIUIUK 01 1 pneheapterms, 'iCIorc ar 1 pair of excel- -J ble niM tCll fers for sale a fine new I'i.tgO and lont servjcea llenetv- JOHN I. SHAVER. April W, 1945. tf - - ..n iviit sratan luvblUUTi lawttU Jics S a if .. -,' J i ... . A) ' f ' ' ' , ! ' ". - ". . T J . 1 . . .,.. I

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