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SALISBURY, N. C, JUNE 10, 1842.
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the amount produced. Steam it the never tiring
agont man but the guaiding spirit. ... Mr. Watson,
the intelligent proprietor, has our best thanks fur
his patient explanations, and our best wishes fur
the success which his skill, ingenuity, and inter,
prise so eminently deserve. ,
an opon, manly, and bonest course, must in the end
triumph over bit enemies, and build for himself a
good name which will endure long after his tradu
" What are you doing thore all alono in that
large house V said a gentleman loan Irishman,
the sole occupant of a dilapidated building. Sure,
and it's an officer I am, your honor," said Pat
" An officer how so t" Why you toe, the oth
ers are all gone, and I'm leltenant,? . .
A Poier. As a teacher of the young idea H
was employed tho other day, in his " delightful
task" of loa ruing a sharp urchin to cypher on a
slato, the precocious pupil put' the following ques
tion to his instructor, Whore dit a' the figures
gang till when they're rubb't cot 1
In walking with a lady in public, her opinion of
you will not be enhanced if your countenance wears
a perpetual smirk or grin, or ir you keep riancmg
around dor like a monkey. A consequential strut,
or mincing gait, might be avoided with advantage.
Hear loth Sides." Why, it's good to get
drunk once in at while." aaid a rummer, " for it
cleans a lellow out."
" That's a fact, it does," replied a Washington!,
an ; " it cleans 4iim out of bouse, home, money
and friends." ' ',
Ingenious Defence. k. soldier on trial for ha
bitual drunkenness was addressed by tho President
" Prisoner, you have heard the prosecution fur
habitual drunkenness, what have you to say in
your defence 1" " Nothing, please your honor, but
habitual fhirst.n
4 . ,
Holding the word of promise lo the tar and
breaking it to the hope." This saying was trs-
kingly verified during our last court, in the ease of
juror who bad absented bimsell curing an inele
mcot dav Dlcadins that, and the distance hn had
. ... r-,,nnrf MrhMk-ty rid, a an extenuation. -And to the very last,
,nRi cover a - .Z. 7 Ilu I "4n lA th MniM . valid one. The Judi?e
- - w
' aaid M Mr., in consideration of the very incle
tnent stale of the weather tho great distance you
! Jive from the seat of justice your former puttctu.
ality as juror and the fact that Ibis is tho first
case under the new rule la id down Jbytha Xourt
7 vrj eay, ait ttiefcniiinKS being duly considered, we
line-you only 83 !" Up to the time oi uttering tne
'Vords M five dollars," two to one would have been
bet upon the release of the juror all laughed as
they were pronounced, except the absentee ; who,
wo, are sure, although disappointed at lbe time,
waVafter a little reflection, convinced of the jusS
ncss oi tho uue. Marlborough Gazette.
cers are forgotton.
Stand on a funeral mound,
, Far, lr from all that love thee,
With a barren beath around
And a cy press bower abovo thee : ,
And think, while the sad wind IVets,
And the night in cold gloom closes,
Of spring, and spring's sweet violets,
Of summer, and summer's roses. '
Watch in the' deepest cell
Of the foemaa's dungeon tower,
Till Hope's mont cherished spell .
Hath lost its vhecriu? power :
And singfWhile tho galling chain
0 On every stiff limb freezes
Of the huntsman hurrying o'er .the plain
Or the breath of the mountain breezes.
Talk of the minstrel's lute,
The warrior's higll endeavor,. jj
When the honied lips are mnto,
And the strong arm ernshed forever :
Look back to the summer tun,.
From the midst of dark December
Then say to the worn and weary one
" 'Tis pleasant to remember ! '
s in la a a' &a lao
from the Pittsburg Advocate. '
There are comparatively lew, even of the inhab.
iunti ofrituburg, who have any idea of theextent
and variety of the varioua manufactures which are
carried on among us. In pursuance of dotermtea.
i- a -I.. i a eou Id to render these belter
. ' . Uit the other dav. by way of
commnceroVnt, to tle Gunpowder Manufactory bf
Mi. Andrew , Watsoir, and the Mowing it t faint
account of what e saw. rV? , .
The Pitfsburg Powder Mill are tituatod on the
north bank of the MonSngahela, about two and a
h.!f miles from the city. For the purpose of les-
nening the disaster attending explosion, the build
? . i tnf nf irrnnnthttnd each" 0
the many processes lo which the material is aft.
rt before it is turned oul itthe form with brch
the worlJ is bit too ftirnnar, H. pcrformod 1rf
vparate building; These buildings axe of tdno,
uod are connected together by a raiiwav ,
n,.i i lrfin at the becinninc Good Ciunpow-
jkMuck irVatsookefenmrerrwd
cUrcoal.ind for the purpose of having good char
coal, young and sound wood it required, the water
mip'.e being the most' desirable. Of tbeso Mr.!
Uaion haa large plnntntiona whicji? yield what
ood he requires, besides furjiishing a cdnsidera.ble
wmoer w youn ircr w . v... --
ul purpow. 1 here -are amo on ib pmnwi,
t.i,ims of sycamore tur hoop polct, which, yield
j,AK) per year, per quarter acre. Fonf tit plan
mionswe went to the afcam engine. And here
a. r fir ii which habit hat mado a second
L.u. tt, nndermakcrMiB!iCCted-a
"""t ."-iir . . . . .
Pi upon lm..fl The sticcoasof individ
uals in lil'o, is, under Uod, greatly owing to their
own resources. , Money, or tho expectation ol in
4tMtataKiAa kaia mmwl mnrw mnfl lKrn I fid tffanl fkT if
rZea: Teh,heyrgmcntorclynp,hoirown
lumi U IIHV ... - .1 ml.
. .. . f nJ.a .Urn Imil.p. t
The tmoho uom mo irc uu "
i3ttisy?d juidrjmd jornft. JI0& jBrandaUcft
.PPwed tafe ditiance.'- In directly the Spnofite
Predion, the' iMm carried a considerable dit
unce uader'grouad to the engine, which U dutant
efforts to be frugal and industrious, and you have
furnished llicm with productive cnpital4Ui6h-eth
er? cannot wrest fiom them, and which they them
selves .will not be disposed to alienate. This it
peculiarly the ease in this country, where a man is
. the artirker of his own fortune, whore the road to
ealtlond honor is open to otl, Bnd where, lhaic
-- - . . - , i .l i woniiu Him uuuur nvra iu mi, nu iriiciu.tuw
from the plBM.wrf. tM Gov
-1iilttt.nTfiWderftnd(Jr20C8,Ittonie 1 00 feet. 1. . .. , .... .!.
The engine 'liat 6 boilcn attached to it,'ach HO
iMhcs in diameter, and 2a;M 8 incnet iooSlna
The wood is converfci ioto'charcoal by bring
irntin large can iron'retorrt, anJ. the gasjhat
i' cvold is conveyod by pipoa into he fire und r
f t retort by which ono. third f the fuel winch
ouM otherwStebw nceewry, is pivtd. ,Tbe
rvmlianeoua acid which tho wood tonfaina, and
biek tliit process evolves, ii is irmjiurj-ow ctr.
WtUooto distil into vii'iepir; as sooo at hia ar.
rmsemetite f.r thai purpose can bee(Tuetod.
. We followed the charcoal into the compounding
home. Here, after Uavint been Cruthed between
r H?n. it is placed" in a large hollow .cast iron
. . ... I, i ii
:i"be, in which are eonacraiie nuuiwr i uu
hnn lull : Wm elobct are made to revolve rap.
i 'v i).iVfa it in an impalpable
iwocr. It lAtben put wiim me ouior mtiwiuKm,
n the orouortion of 1 of charcoal, 1 0 ol eulphur
nd;i.rhii.. into mixinf barrel," which is
- made to revolve 30 lim PV :'
Frirn the mixing barrel it tkoit to tlo " mill
wlwre 4 large follort of cast iron weigh
ts 2")0 lbs. each,' of tho ehapo of rpilltone, placed
' end, chaso ench other round a cast iron circle
'filing 70,000 lbe. Under these roller it i
"ulicd for about five hourt, and then it is takon
v i!ii pn-w room." In the press room it is put
,a 'aycra between cloths and boards alternately,
snd subjected t llio immense pressure of a hy.
"raulic premi. This is dono to condense the pow
,tef in'o a solid substance. The cakos or slabs
;"! IIipo takm to snoiher building and passed
'armiiih a nsir of eoarscrv crooved rollers, which
Wit tin intn (mutt IlimTlS, Til III U fifjl
i ' "Ci-i of grniiiing. Thcon lumpi am placed
'i nholvni in n rnom hi-atcd by stram for the pur.
w or being dried, wheo they are again passeo
iiroujh vtriout rollors, until tho dusirod grsin"
" n'ltaiiieil. from the rollers tho gunpowder, as
It may now be termed, pnstVs thrtMigh a hopper
a revolving wiro cylinder, tho different do
Rrfes of fmriwrs in tho length of which, streeu it
a mnny kinds of powder ; the finest, which in
" p U'lM, is luknn bnck to lo ro woruna.
"1P rrmaindor is plnciMl in Imrrels, nbout 250
P;irh, which are nvxle rapidly to revolve for
' P'lrjKwo ,,f glming" it. Hut ono operation
' f n.aiuH, nnd that is tho final Jryinp, which is
r 'cM in tlin mniiiior we have lieforo descnl)eil.
,' """n taken in tho packing house, and from
' f Ii tlm imghtine," which is a firo proof
Hiding nt , ,2 dmtunco from ha rest of the
works, . -7- -
e ennnot in n newspaper article give a minute
'""unit of t!ie maniifnluro, but wo trust aufficiciit
u in. , ,0 -yB retjnri Bome notion of
' were struck in our wnlkt through this
' ""ilf'ictnrv villi 1 Via Tkih wmlm.ii omnlnviut.
'''i Mmpa'ed with tin extent of thfl works and
Everett hat well said, that 44 the times, and univer
sal experience, abundantly admonish, that however
the children of wedth mat indulge io indolence
' ar.u ditsipition while their meant last the great
ma?s,of Americans must and ought to depeua not
apoa tlwir own fortunes, but their usefulness. For
tuno. it at best procarious f patrimonial dependence
is uncertain, and rolianco on the friendship or
charity of the world, or npou office, is frail and de.
basin?. ik'If.doDonaence it tho onlv sure stay
We aro ever willing to bain those thathelp thorn'
selves. Productive ttbor is tho legitimate source
of wealth, individual and to the nation, in proper,
tioti to the measure of intelligence and scientific
knowledge which cuides and directs iMwperations.
Ilenge it is or primary importance that pur youtn
should bo rfleciually .imbued with that kind of
knowledge which will instruct them la the princi
pics of ihcir busines, rendor .it honorable, and
make therft independent in their" mindt and their
fortuues." J- .
At the last meeting of the Royal Geographical
Society, in a communication from Sir Jamce Al
exander, on bis late travels in. tho Rocky Moun
tains, a reference was made to a singular race of
Indians livini lar in the interior, who were de
scribed of a fair complexion, 'wBawinjf a eupcrior
knowledge of the arts, and speaking a! language of!
themselves, who was cotwtderefl tmgnt re ine
.'lost WeUh colony, who, if they still existed, it
must be in a parallel of 43 degrees latitude. A
colony, it is known, left Wales under Prince Ma
doc in 1169, who, tired of tho wars in their own
emmtrv. wt "'I n tlisrnTrr f""1
Some of theso returned to Wales, and gave fa
From the Elevator.
fav raortxnoa 1. a WAaPER
la England, where the coal is all dug from deep
underground mines, a peculiar gas often collects in
such quantities aa to be very tangerous, because it
is not onryjntlammable, but when mixed witb tne
oxygen gas of the common air will explode violent
ly wnen a name cornea near it, , I his is called tire
damp by tho minerswho have creut reason to
droad it, aa (hoy require the light of lamp to pursue
their arduous toil. We shall furnish upon another
occasion a description 01 Davy t tatoty lamp, which
ta lustly esteemed one of tho most triumphant ap
plications or scientific knowledge lo practical pur
poses in the whole range bf the history of the arts.
1 be chemical name of this tras, is carburetted
hydrogen-; thowin that it is composed of two in.
flammable substances, carbon, or charcoal, and
hydrogen gas. It is not found in coal mines alone,
bu occurs when vegetable matter decays undor
peculiar, circumstances, especially when leaves and
attcka accumulate And rot in a muddy pool. . The
following grapmo accounUa Irom-tbepoB of -fwosev
u Liockwood, prime actor in tbe scene be to woll
describes, that we leave the mode of collecting and
experimenting upon this curious compound o be
gathered from hit own word. Ex.
1 he student! at West Town Boarding School,
Cheater couoty, Pa for want of a better place,
bathe in a mill pond of very limited extent., Ches
ter Creek, a mere brook, enters at the northern
extremity. The banks on all tides are covered
with timber, from which an abundance of leaves
and decayed wood find their way. iilQjand.
Thence the great quantity of gas, that every per
son wading in the pood must have noticed. .t
1 nrsi viattedjho place lo the year ana on
noticing the gas, determined to collect some for the'
purpose of examination. Taking a apparatus a
belLgbiaa furnished witrraratopockTl taper, and
as companion an assistant leachcnn tho school,
we proceeded to the pond, readily filled the recciv
era, and fired the gas i&wing from the stop cock.
e next proposed to burn the bubbles at they
gat ascended up in large quantities, attoruing an
admirably tucccsstul experiment. No a toner was
the lighted taper brought near the surface of tho
water, than we found ourselves cnvolopcd in flames.
To retreat wai of course tho first imuluse.
,? Fire and water though usually antagonist elo
monts, in this instance formed an alliance to friend,
ly, that to our amareincnt as well as our conster
nation we were pursued to the vory banks. We
however escaped with but a slight scorching.. We
toon found means, however to repeat tho experi
ment with perfect impunity. This was dono by
selecting a position where the water. was three or
four feet deep, lying upon our backs with our legs
extended ; and allowing no part of our persons lo
touch the bottom except the feet, over which tbe
gat might Iw inflamed, and would continue to burn
as long as the leaves were stirred bcnoalh.
In this way we could cause the flame to follow
ut several rods. Ry raising the feel at pleasure it
would expire. 1
Witli ibis experience, we determined to repeat
the experiment iu the presence of the scholars
Their next visit to the pond was tVferred till eve
ning, that darkness might render tho phenomena
moro imposing. Tho boye were simply informed
that " Master Moses was going to set tho pond
afire," and thai their assistance would be necessa
ry to tho (satisfactory performance of the expert
ment. The usual preparation for bathing betnj
mane, tuiy of the lest timid entered the water,
with the injunction to atep as lightly as pjbl
till the pond was discovered lo be on firowhen all
would be at liberty to proceed at would besl suit
their inclinations. W e toon canw to a favoraulu
spot, and the gns beginning to como up freely, a
lighted Upcr was brought near tho surface, when
ftibonl ll.tinu played upon our
not do. 1'hen, a wistful look wns thrown up m the
other that was equally impracticable. Ilia reso
lution was then taken, nndvas a dernier rosort, no
atruek boldly down the current, inakins for tho
recumbent trunk of a tree which the flood had de.
posited on the very brow of the; fall; wliejo it lay
athwart the stream. Tho oflort was successful
the barrier to hit imponding descent wat gained,
and throwing hit paws over the log, he drew him
sell partially across it, and peered down the anyaa
he had ttrurrelod to tiard to avoid.
n r...T 1 ! . ... f l 'j...-. 1 itrt-.l t -J
ruor launiui, litnoving oruio 1 11c usu nuwju
barrier between him and tho lean he dreaded
but to no purpose, 2-Aid could not be afforded.
There were no tneane of retelling him, when, to
put an end to hit suspense, a rifle was brought and
a ball driven through the creature's head I A,
death spring raised him over ihe (alien tree, and
the poor brute wat loat amid the confuiion of the
descending waters. llocheeter .dtocu.
Pitt, tall and slender, bad an air, M once melan
choly and sarcastic. Ilia delivery wat cold, his
intonation monotodout, his'action scarcely percep
tible; at the same time the lucidnose and fluency
of hit thoughts, the I031C of bit arguioenU, sud
denly irradiated witb flashes of eloquence, render
ed hit talent something far above the ordinary lino.
I frequently law Fjfl: walking across St. James's
Park, from his homo to the palace. On this park,
George the Third arrived from Windsor, after,
drinking beer out of a pewter pot with Ihe farmers
of tho neighborhood i he dVove through the mean
courts of thit mean habitation in a grey chariot,
followed by a few of the horse guards. This was
the matter oi ihe Kings of Euroite, at fivo'qr fcix
merchants of the city are masters of India? Pitt,
dressed in black, with ft Heel hilled tword by. his
edon you to solicit jho honor of your acquaint
ance." Vtfei Vr, lalpy vaiaiogue.
There is nothing more beneficial to tho reflecting
mind than tho perusal of an old newspaper.
Though a silent preacher, it it 'ono which conveys
a moral more palpablo and .forcible than the most
oliiborato discourse. At the eye runt Iowa Ut dU
minutive nod old fashioned columns, and poruuea its
quaint advertisements and bygone paragraphs, que -lions
force thomselvet on tho mind where are now
the busy multitudes whose namos appear on these
pages 1 were it the puffing auctioneer, the pushing
tradesman, the bustling morcnaui, ine calculating
lawyer, who each occupies a space in Hut chroni
cle of departed time T Aras! their namos are now .
only to bo read on the sculptured marble which
covert their asbesl They have passed away liko
Ihcij forefathers, and are no more seen 1 From
these considerations the mind naturally, turns lo
Ihe period when we, who now enjoy our little apaco
of existence In this chequered scene, shall fiavo
gone down into tho dust, and shall furnish the tame '
moral to our chiWren that our fathera do to us T I ha
sun will then shine aa, bright, the flowers wilj bloom
at lair, the f.icerof nature will be as pleasing aa
ever, while, we are-reposing in our narrow coll,
heelofcs.of every thing that once chatmcd and
delightoa ual ' . i ,".
Mr.- Adam Mott gives the following statement In
the Mafno Farmer F . l,
" A friond of mine, who residot in'' Industry, iff
this State, told mo that hit wifo was aick of what
tbe Voclort called, the Consumption, she was
visited by four physicians, who gave her over.
She was very sick was unablo to ait up had a
very severe cough, and grew no better, M but re
titer worne ' she tailed very fast. She recollected
that she had before received bonofit from tho use
of St. John's wort; her husband procured aotne of
it, it wat steeped, and she made it a constant drink
for four or five days there appeared to. bo. but
little alteration; buUafler this she grew bet to f
very fast ; her health was so much improved that
order : ho had no regular hours for his jncals, or. ifti he course of sis or etihtweekt she was able to
for sleep. Over head and ears in dout, ho paid 1 resume her customary occupations She commen.
nobody, and never would take trOubla to cast up ced weaving, nnd wove about 40 yards of cloth.
During this time the made constant use of St.
John's wort tea What hat been dono may again
be dono. It helped her: it may help othartj!
side, and his hat under his arm, ascended," taking!
two or three s!eps at a lime. '' In his passagef hor
only, met with three or' lour emigrants whojiad
nothing to do ; casting on'ut a disdainful look, he
turned up his tiosc, and his pale face, and passed
on ,
At home, this great financier kepi no sort of
a bill. A valet chamhre mans his bouse. Ill
dressed, without pleasure, fithoui passion, greedy
of power, .and honor, be would nut be anything
mnra ikl'n Witliam - 1
mora than WiHis:n Pitt.
-frthonromftrJu Lord .Liverpool
took me' to dine at his country' house. As we
crossed Putney Ileal h, he showed- me the small
house, where the ton of Lord Chatham, the states
man wh5 bad Europe in his pay, arid "distributed
t The tea ma-fiw made as you would make pep. -
pcrmint or any herb tea to drink by merely
steeping the berb in wator. -The hord rrtay bo
gathered any' time after it is largo enough bttft
the best lime for pothering it is during the seventh .
month A supply may now doubtless bo found in
with his own hand all the treasures of tho world, ! almost every hay mew where there is any hay. I
died in puvertyCiarautria-ii. much approvo of this simple remedy.
A Ludicrous Mistake. Passengers by railroail I l) tho Srnato a day or two ago,
should be careful and got into the right cars. A Mr. Buchanan said that while he was ambassador
ludicrous mistake occurred at the depot in litis 1 at St. Putorsburp, his despatches from Washington
town week. by s neelcct oLsuclLcaulioiVA licnt by mail were regularly opened by every Kit"
gentleman and bis wife wishing to go- west took frnpeon Government ih rough whoso territory they
scan in separate ears, ioe gentleman naving wanca passed so that when they rcachod him the eaHo
unlit tho train wis. about starting, to transact some
business. Before be had proceeded far, he found
I hinnclfjninuaA wife, aiidiui inquiry wsiTitiiiiiedtseni
that he had placed her in ono ot liia cart of the
Eastern train, and thai the distance between them
was increasing at rapidly at the wings of steam
could accomplish U. lie got otat the W. Srtrinj
field depot, and the JaajLwLi,w?of.iiira, la. wa
trudgidg'TaggSge""iB hand, back to Springfield
Springfield Gazette. t
on-Ihe sal -wfbrnrraHMffixodTooKeirfiko a turlicy
4 . V- 1?... f - . .1 , . ' ,
uuuiiu. i'J mitoireaii AiuTrniiniiin l.iihih-ti
clpalcTiesby mail.
A a Indian complained to a retailer that (he prion
of his Jiqaot was too iiigli. The latter tn pwificj'
iionjaid )il,jt co uc4 t keep' -ho)rshcaT
of tirandy as to keep a cw. The Indian replied :
" May-bo he drink as much, water, but ho 00 cot
so much bay." - -
, The Pittsburg Chroniclo has perpetrated the
best thing wo have seen for a long lime. Hear
him :
'Dr. Ezray Dliss, Jr., hat etcapeJ from tho
custody of the Shentr of Johnson county, Iowa.
We presumo he may bo styled unheardof Bliss .'"
Deacon of the Old School. In the days of
Raillie Nichol Jarvie't father, tbe office of deacon
wat esteemed no mean distinction. Two worthy
incumbents, not fur from tho banks of Ayr, hap
pened to be invested with the above named dignity
on the same day. Tho more youthful of tho two
(lew bome to tell his young wife what an important
prop of the civic edifice he had boon allowed to be
come; and searching the "but and the ban" in
vain, rao out to the byre, where, meeting tho cow,
ho could no longer contain his joy, but, 111 1I10 full
noss of his heart, clasped her round tlilTKSik, and
it is cve.i sail kiased her, exclaiming, "Oh,
Crummic, Crummic, yo 're aae langtr a common
cow now ye 'or the IX-acoti's cow !'' Tho elder
civic dignitary was a sedate, pious pers'in, and felt
Election Anecdote. At one of the late Election
an old i:ian, with a purple and orange favor on his
coat, joined the crowd mounted on a d nkcy, pro.
luscly decorated witn blue nuoans. " tioiio ! mas
tor, why you are for both aides." " Oli no !"
" Why you wear the colora of h;ith parties."
" Why, you. see, I dunner like coercion ; sol gu
wi' my party, and let my ns go wi' his'11."
An ablo and impartial Loudon journal, of f)
moc ratio principles, takes the following view ol the
present position of the United States :
The pr -sent position of rhe United States is aa
anomaly in the history of nations. Very poor
lands have very poor exchequers ; very indolent
people amass little national wealth; but, rich 11
natural treasures, potent in the energies of their
people, the United States are tho first mlton, with
means unlimited, utterly destitute ol national cred
it. After the war of independence, the Union
made gigantic and successful elFtrts to earn the
endowment. ol an untarnished nime in money mat.
tcrs. Of late year, however, the doctrine t!ul
rather " blate in allowing to his wifo that he was ,m0 veneration, nr even one set of administrators of
uplifted about this world' honors. As hs thought, ! .muhc nllairs cannot bind another, has mado such
however, it wat too good a piece of news to allow j progress among the separate States, an I has been
her to remain any time ignorant of, he lifted the
latch of his own door, nnn stretching hjslioa.iLiit-.iaggrogt-H clean gone. In tho city of Lmdon,
"Wards, iveiiy I said he, in a voice that mado
Nelly all ears and oyes, "Gifl ony body comes
spierin" for ' the Deacon," I'm just owre the gato
,at John Tamsnn's !"-Ayre Advertiser.
vorable account of a new country, to which they
induced many others oljheir own countrymen to
go; but tho expedition hat never but onco nocii
imce heard rf. Iu 1610, a Welsh clergyman
having been taken prisoner by a tribe of Indians,
was doomed to death ; wheii lie solicited timo to
pray, which he did in his on language. Thit
nltracted the "notice of one ol ihe Indian, who ro. his language, intcrfcrfd and taved hit
life, and took bim to tho descendants of his own
countrymen, pn his return Irom whom he testified
the circumstances on oath before a Court tt Vir
ninia. A vounif Welsh centlcman at New York
had started thence tart August, for the purpose of
endeavoring to' reach this lost tribe, Ins intended
roiito being to Santa Fc, AfC, from whence he mm thn Itnckv Mountains by the hrtt
caravan. Ho lint hoi slnco been heard of, but the
result of his inouirv is looked forward to with
considerable interest. Examiner. - 1 ?'
''' S
An honert man need not fool lbe assaults of his
Talent will bo appreciated, induitry will
ho rrwardrd, and he who pursues, in tny calling,
unprotected bodies, and cast a gloomy light upon
the surrounding forest, disclosing here and there
amid tho thick uudorbush the pale faces of their
shouting companions who remained upon the bank.
In the hurry, the injunction to atep lightly . was
forgotten, and the genera) stir of tho leave which
took placo extricated tho gas in such abundanco
that tho flames roue several feet above our bends.
As they sops rated from me I raised my feet from
the bottom, and found it much moro difficult to
suppress my laughter than to extinguish the flames.
. Alas t Poor Dog Tlierfl wat a dog cataslrp.
nhe at the Uprer Fills, on Wcdumduy, lhal wil
bear a passing remark. It seema a fmo water dog
wat playing about the Railroad bridge, wlion some
thing wat thrown into thQ river. -Tho dog, truo to
his instinct, plunscd in for its recovtry, regardless
olthe strength ot tho current ihnt? was carrying
tho object of his pursuit to the boetling brow ot the
catarnct.-N'o sooner did ho strike tho water, than
hit ' half reasoning ' powere told .him that, the
dread plunge wat impending. Heroically he alrug
sled lo.slcm the current, but in vain. Then ho
I vefred momentarily toward one shore that would
"T3" mail ptrmaneiU Marking Ink. Take 61
so fully embraced by many, that the faith in tho
in New York itself, there are doubtless many men
whoso word is their bond ; but President Tyler, in
a message which he has just sent to Congress, do
clues that the Union cannot obtain credit 011 any
terms without giving some 3cun;Y 11 r'" 'irrr
rongrr authori2'd I isiis to the extent of $17,.
I rt i rv ia . 1. f,. I ,.. . t
cents worth of lunar-calic, and, having put it in M".5 u "r; '".a).,.i ,ne government
an ounce vial filled with vinegar, cork u tight and ' f"""1 f-'' f,r ,e,rm TK "K)T
hang in the sun. In u couple8 ol days it will be fil j "."S ' ,B : "P'J; f h
frJM - ' askel to be allowed to pledge the land fund, tho
To make the preparation lor tho l.ove, take J'rc't which Coos.e. has ,ju, enacted .hall
lump of pearlush the' six. of u cliesnut, and j b9 J'nbu.od among t he several State.. 1 n? K.
illlBJ, SWJT wix. ll'irj tlivifj S U
in a
t tain uinlnk
ill at mm wbk i, , - . f t mv HilA . A .1 . . .
is lobe written ! ".ency o. w,. m; ,no ino m.i.tary wt,.
upon is to be wet with the preparation, and dried i mj"5 '"r. ,n" J' 10
and glazed wilh.a worm flit.ron; .mmoJiatcIv al- "f ,r.,;r,,n8 ,h '"J he will
tor which it is ready for marking. , f" "T 1 J '5 ' .'. ' d' Cm-
A tittle vinWar. in which a rusty nail has re- ' Mr' fyler, like r Robert WI, haa . t.n.l .
n nvirk on linen V .'.. . . - ...r.
iv lay 8 diii, ine unites tu u.e very restrictive Unit
were to bo gradually reduced uotil thev stood t
maiiind for a few days, makes
nhich i1' not easily obliteraird
cominonly called iron-mould.
forming what is
A hobloman, who had a splendid library, nnd(
wanlud a copy of a very rare and magnificent Itonk
was informed that it had been bought by a trades,
man of Paria. "Then," said ho, " tho book will
be mino ; for 1 will make an ofTer which no trader
man can refute." He waa introduced to tho pos
sessor, who was M. Rononard. When ho tnw his
library', and discovered hi tatto and learning, he
dropped tho idea of bribciv, and taid, " Sir. 1 call.
v;0 per cent, ad valoiem in Septctnhcr, 1? 12. Mr.
Tyler proposes to restore I ho restrictive tarill;
cutting ofl all chanco of increased import-rcvenuw.
Tlie result ol that enlightened Hilicy is foreshad
owed in tho pat. In :ho thirty years ending
IP.10, tho import tra.w from the chief country of
F.uropo had dccreancd ; and for forty years, all tho
principal exports of natural produco; remained sta.
lionary, with one exception the export of cotton
to F.ngland. The restrictive system has effictu.
laltv rcMrirteJ the growth of the national wealth.
- -it
'" r
..... , . , -, . '

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