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SALISBURY, N. C, JUNE 24, 1842.
j Whole Number 1,123.
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S1H9 CD W Hi Hi A 51 23 3 M
Col, Ethan A Ufa was a man destined to strike
the world as something uncommon, and in a high
interesting. lie was but partially educated
and but obscurely brought up yet no man waa
ever more at ease in the polished rank tban he.
2i0 that be at all conformed to their artificial rales
nd tie etinuotte : but na nia observed me aic
tales pf natural good sens and Rood humor. IIis
bearing was in total defiance oMiishion. and he
.Jnoked and acted as if he thought ' tif, wouiJ be
condescension thus to trammel liunself. I is well
v kuowaJoal Jo. earjy Jife, injla ownjewintry, h
acquired an influence over his follow men, and )es)
.ihem to. some of thoost daring achievements.
' I Jo teemed to have "possessed all the ctorpenta of a-i
hero--! devoted jrauiousm, a regime uu oaring
mind, and an excellent judgment,
Mil" conduct as a partisan officer is well known
in this couotry, and was of great service to the
' cause of liberty during fne. revolutionary struggle.
Us vti taken prisom-'i jJ carried to Englind
- mhereliis cxcellentien?, lii shrewdness ana wit,
' Introduced Mm into the court rcgiotn. : A Iriend of)
our earlier life, who was well acquainted with this
part of the history of this singular nan, used to
,. take great delight in tri "-" us somo anecdotes of
. . - i it'- i
UOI. Alien, wnue a prisoner in ijonaea. , 'issirs
before mentioned the firmans with which he re.
vied the attenistJ pniaJmn fiqralhc J; 9,"t l
r his country-ami thecautc rattre with winch hi
-ir rtjlir4 to a irohtcman; "who "u wrcomwiwied by
r 'tit ii try to- make- hint formal ofcra to juiw tlic
i" llrifuix qause in America, i no incijfiit is
' -striking one, nd it will k:ar a trpeiition.
s" Toe commiwiimer, amortgst the tempting lar
' ppsm's. rrorosed that if ha vrould cre the causi
of tlie king, he miinl bsve a lee simple in half the
State of Vermont, "lama plain man." said Cut
'ST Alien uf reply, and 1 have read but few books,
kit I have area in print somewherrra circumstance
thatWabl' reiniiidi me br'thd nroposai of your
Jordship j it i ol a certain, charaelef that took
certain other" character into an exceeding hich
mountain, and allowed him alt the kingdoms of the
' ajith and the lorj, tUrwof, and told him that If
. lifweuld (all down and worship mm, litis would be
bis and tlsraical, pdded he,, M dMtt't era a foot
Ilia interview with the King et Wimlnor i
' rDCOtioncjl as highly interesting. lit Majesty
x askc4 Ibfl Stool hearttd mouniaineer, if they hail
anf newspapers in America." Dut very lew, and
'these are but liuW read,", waa the answer. M flow
' - flien," sskedl the.Kih da thl common people
. tnow of these grievances cj which they compla
and of which we have just hern sdUkinj V " .
m tthat,"aaid ha;I can tll your Majesty, that
7 ; prqpnpl aopio who have lelt tiw spirit ol iiocr
iv ,1110 Oi -tf "W . crrrewsion is rmrriew oy n.
luJiof the air, and iie breer of heaven.' " That
ws too fifffttativcaan ansvrer from M matter of fact
rnsn,' to a plain que1i6fl,n, Vi4ncd the King,
" Well, tg be plain," answered the rebellious sub
lect, among our people Hie Tale or wrong is car
ricd from man to man, and from neighborhood to
. ticighborhood Vita the Speed of electricity; my
t countrymen fcfl nothing clue o ot tho aun
dance of the heart the mouth speaketh. I will
add, with great respect to your Majesty, that such
a people cannot be put down with the sword.
, The King made a long pause, as if strongly im
prewW witrrthe troth trf hie remarks. At leu-jib,
changing the suhjoet, he asked Coir Allen if he
knew IV. Franklin ani being answered in the
aQirmative," inquired concerning his experiment
with electricity, atsd exprcswej a curiosity to expe
rience an eject rio sliftra. The llriijth woveiyign
?cmo! to take pleasure in the conversation wliirh
ha ke4 up for more than nn hour, and at length
made Col. Allen promise to visit him with his emin 1
"yman, I)r. Fnnklm, ot hu pain: IrwLondon.
&me weeks after that, he was reminded of his
promise by the nohlem in abovo mentioned, and an
hour fixed for theAime bred philosopher of Amen
ta to explain the rnWorice of a new discovery in
the science to the toy ol family. They attended
accordingly, and wild an apparatus chiefly of M
wn invention, Dr. Franklin cxhibitod many of
hose Bimplo and amusing experiments, for which
e was so. noted, and at which tho royal children,
vcnt,wof a largo growth, wero much delighted.
In this playful wav. Dr. Franklin look occasion
Io convey instructions aa to tho properties of iIiik'
'onishing fluid. While llio loyal habitation was
thus in a most unkinily uproar, the Premier was
announced as in waiting. The King seemed for a
mnment disturbed. I forgot my appointment
h the ininistnr," eail ho, " hut no mnttrr, I will
Cfchrw Uisincss for once, nnd let North ace how
are cmployrd." Accordingly the minister was
"shored in i;i.i.. "... .1 .-.
'eluded that he should have a Allen
.iTT1 a ,l10 n,' ,0 "member how he had
us across tho waters, and to give him a
- 111,8 r!mr?" 5 whether it was designed on the
hint of bis friend or not, was not ascertained, but
tho charge waa so powerful on the nerves of his
lordship, as to mako him rio o in it,. knn..
at which all, especially the princesses, were almoit
convulsed with mirth. " ;
Some i of Col. Allen's happy retorts at the clubs
iiu nwnionauio parties are still remembered ni;d
oftoii repeated. On one occasion he was chal-
Innnftft I r m iUM.f I . t. i . i
r u i j w"m u7 ,,w oeauuiui uutchess
of Rutland, who seems to' have been particularly
pleased with his independent manner, you must
qualify your glass will, t0a " obsnrved the Indv.
I be V armounter. very unaiTcctedlv nbvrvnA it..t
he was not used to that sort of corcinonv. and was
atraid he rnijfht give offence. If, howaver.llie
lady would he so good as 16 suggest a subject, he
would endeavor to give a sentiment. ."O.m"
said she never mind the subject any thing will do,
ii j treason in it. tcii," M savij
" rnay uo ior a truth ir not lor a toast,"
and fixed his eyes adoringly an the far-famed court
. beauty, he proceeded :
"If any thing could make a double traitor out
of a good patriot, it would bo the witchcraft of such
eyes as your ladyship's." -
The blunt sincerity with which this was spoluJn,
together with its exact fitness to the occasion' and
the person, caused it to he long hailed in .the bean
mondo, as an excollent good thing t and although
it had the effect of heightening for it moment that
beauty to which it waa offered as a tribute, it ia
said the fair Dutchess often afterwards boasted of
the compliment as far bevond all this emntv linmnnn
Vhe had received from the glittering coxcombry of
Bhoceo Jonos, the some whajcelct rated financier,
once fought a duel in Khode Island, and the Go
veroor issued a proclamation for his apprehmuiqtr
. ooocco,-navtng retreated to Virginia, issued I
couutcr proclamation for the apprehension of the
Governor, and concluded it by saying that the next
time be bed occasion to fight a duel, it should Dot
be in tho Governor's bilk trifling Slate le uWJ
. i' ' r ' " f
sav that the neonlo
of Rhode IsUnd have no reasooto complain of their
oia manor; becaiDe under itfAcy have bun gov
jtrnti nil. We oo not inquire whether the prfb
pie have been governed well ax not: Are they
permitted to rottrn thtrnttlca. is the auestion.
11 their existing inititudons deprive' them of this
w ,
Pv-w.U is their duty to amubs jt. The right of
aeil-goverameot was Hie huge on which the Revo
lution of 70 turned, and it is the birth right ol the.
Majority of the people o each of tho y ailed States.
TUmry Oie. A Frencaa'who wasexhib
itintvsrjoua sac rod relies and other curiosities,
produced a aword, which' he assured his suitors
was do sword dat ualsam had wei be would kill
vr rw,,nji?jianifiBa4ii-
word, but only w ii ieJTon,
Her weH die 1 "
.id ver one he wfthed for."
. The Picayune us that a lover once found his
heart beating so violently for his lady leve, that he
became reduces to a conviction that Vulcan had
established a blacksmith's shop in his breast, ma
king an sovijof his heart, ...
Cure for Fovnicri forir-;Xeki A Jwge
letlle (water and boil. Lead tho horse to the
r kettle, it be be able to walk ; if not take the water
' to the atabte. Commence with a awab and wash
. the fetlocks before, then the fetlocks behind, then !
w ish tho legs in the same manner, then the ahoul
ders and body, rub tho horse dry, and ho will be
well in a lew hours. There is no danger of scald
ing the horse if tho above directions bo pursued.
This remedy is on the authority of one of tho beet
farmers in this place, snd is worth to every farmer
double the price of his subscription to this paper.
Bott in arses. vpply spirits of turpentine to
the hollow ot the breat, warm it in with a
shovel, it will rout them immediately.
For Cioii. Put intoa hotllo three gills of spir
i:s,say whiskey; .spoonful gunpowder ; lopooMiili
cayenne pepper, or 2 of black, add if convenient
wild turnip grated ; turn it down and move it live
ty. If it is. an obstinate case, repeat the do?p,
and he is well in cither wind, bloat or gripe colic
in short metre.
Tie Worms When tho horse Ioes his appc-
tile, and his coal loo',s bad, ho probably lias worms.
Give on ounce of lino aloes in a half pint of m hi-.
key. Miss one day, and give iialf this quantity
and he w ill cat like an Indian.
An 'Echani niner contains a notice of the ,10 oar,hw0rm gnaws the hcai t that poverty des
marriacool Mr. Gallop to Miss Moon. Uecxpeer, ,. hatit pnI ukes its portion. Earth baa
this is the only example ofa man G illoping to the re,urned 0 eimhlho ppint j, far ,h-
A efnihmm describing the intellectual charac
ter of mioiher, said bis mind had (he dyspepsia ;
the ideas went through it without digestion.
It is said thnt the temperance men nre getting
so strict thai they will not write wilh blue ink.
f " -
Tim rentilo in lnniian form should he avoiiled ;
care miy rul out the slime 'of a snnil, hut not tiio
slime ol" a slanderer
. lis who can taV mlvico is sometimes superior
to him who can givo it.
Mr. Hallle, of the Caddo Gazette, battles man
TuJIyi He has won upon our good opinion mighti
ly, for ho is evidently a mnn of wit and talent. Ilo
gives some advice to candid ates for office, which
may answer very well for people in this region :
" When you get in a house, make yourself por.
fectly " at home." Tell the " oi l mnn " that he
lias a better crop than most of his neighbors.
Flutter the madamo extol her buttor, inquiro
into the process by which she "makes such exqui
site butter, bring in your saddlo blanket, and
spread it on the floorend lay down on H,-gct
tho children around you, and it might be more
'irrntifvinir to them, sweet little souls get thorn on
vou. itivo them your watch to play w'th, and if
they happen to orenK 11, wnicn 111 an primmm
they do) laugh until you ff lit your sides, kiss the
oany, ana men, u you happen to hav a clean
wipe about you, wipe its. none; and, on your
oopnrturo, give the children a' dollar apiece to buy
canay.;' :. .- .
From'(ne Dublin Unittrtity Magazine 4 ;
songI , V "
lev a. p. a. imris.
Oh ask me not I To days' long' gone
Those pleasure sounds belong :
i Some memory wakes with every tone, 1
I dard not sing that song.
I learns J It first in boyhood's hours
In youth's exulting Msy ;
And sung it oft a midst tho flowers
.H That strew lifo's early way. .
When those days fled and manhood's prime
Brought care and striro along: -..- :
Still in repose of even-tiirjj, " '
I've southed me with tkat song.
Tear , tlat now no man can hoar. ' ,
To limits thst have fl'l v. ' v
I'va sung that song, to thoso moat dear,
Deep loved and earty dead.
Boyhopd's glad sports yorilli's ranislicd dream
And manhood's calmer hours
Come with each aote on memory's stream,
A wreath ol withered flowers.
And one, who heeds my voice no more ..
i,"" To hnn Uiose notes belong! .
Even now mine eyes are running o'er
flow can 1 sing that son; ! '
Male Home Happtt.h is aduty devolving
upon every member of a family to eqdoavor to
make-all belonging to it hwppy. 1 Jbia may with a
very tittle pleVmnt exertion be done.' Let every
one contribute something towards improving the
grounds belonging to their house. If the house is
old and uncomfortable, let each exert himself to
render it hotter and more ideasanU If it is cood
and pleasant, let each strive further to adorn it.
Let flowering shrubs and trees be planted, and
vine and woodbines Iwmfied around the wiridows
and doors; add interesting volumes to the familv
library ; lit.Ie articles ef furniture to replace those
wnica are last wearing out ; wail upon, and and
cipaia the wants of each; and ever have a plea
sant smile for all and each. -
Make home happy I Parents ought to teach this
lesson in the nursery, and by the fire-side ; give it
the weight or their precept and example. If they
would, ours would be a happy and more virtuous
country. Drunkenness, profanity, and other dis
gusting vices, would die away ; tbey could not live
m ins iniiuence or a lovely and refined home.
, Does any one think, I am poor and have to work
hard to get enough to sustain life, and cannot find
rune to spend in making our house more attractive,
Think again 1 Is there oof some time every day
whicii you srHjnd ia.idlM&-orrwkwg,-r
Kfeaes,wuiB cnljtlii be spent about your home?
Flowers are God's smiles," said Willrrorce. and
they are as beautiful riesidetrrecotmgeastheparacrV
and may be enjoyed by the inhabitants of one as
well as the other. There are but few homes in
our country which might not bi mado more beau
tiful and attractive, not to strangers only but to
inmates. Let every one study then and work, to
make whatever place "they m iy bo in, so attrac
tive, that tho hearts of the absent ones bhall go
Lack to il as the Dove did lathe ark bf Noah. '
i v',
It is generally agreed now, that Eq. at the enI
of a man's name, in many instances, is hko the
" quirk " in a hog's tail more for ornament
than use.
Tray, can you tell mo (he way to tho peni
tentiary f " asked a stranger. " Yes, sir pick
the first man's pocket that you meet."
Poterta We always say, "You need not be
ashamed uf poverty it is no disgrace," and
I moat truly have wo spoken poverty is no dis-
' grace ; but why do we, who preach, treat it as if
it were a pestilence I shrink from it proclaim
it ;nsult it chastise it betray it loath it
abandon it? We shame to greet that "shabby
looking" man, or bow to that ill-dressed woman,"
bocause we have not industry to separate the chad
from tho wheat because wo are too ptone to
honor the garments woven by men's hands, rather
than the creature stamped in tiod's own image
b cause we want moral courago to Walk erect in
. tho right path, unless it bo the chosen highway of
j the great powerful. The gravo is the poor man's
I only sanctuary, he can lay him down there, and
1 nAittir TmI nur Innr IIim rKitlnoaa nr Inn urnrlji
i . -
reach of pivcrty.
" Do you ever play cards 1" inquired George
III. of llorne Tooke. "Please your Majesty,"
was the reply, " I am so little aeouamted with
court cards, as not to know a king from a inure."
1 Mutual A fiction.- The pursuits nnd the after.
tmns wnicn iwo ncans ro.ess in common, are
i like objects placed between two mirrors, which
1 each rellects to, and receives back from tho other,
in endless variety and multiplied beauty.
j T,ord I.acon said that he who vvUhcd to live
long, should change tho position of his body nt
j least every half hour.
Bore. One who incessantly talks about himself
when you only wish to talk about yourself.
Egotism. The more any one speaks of himself,
tho less he likes to henr another talked of.
lltpy's IVnfiafor. V"hctIior Mr. has
found out tho laws which rcgulato storms on the
great scale or not, he line hit upon n littlo matter
by which wo think he will make the laws of tho
wind oh a small scalo serve the public, and fill his
pockets. It is that thing so long sought in vain,
a remedy for smoky chimneys, and a general ven
tilator. It consists of nothing hut a metallic cone
placed on the top of tho fluo horizontally, with n
rt vein to keep the point of the eono to the breeze.
1 he direction winch tho wind gets by passing over
the cone, produces a vacuum at tho large end which
is the outlet, and to creates a draft. The effect is
altogether surprising. Sumo places which were
odious wi'h foul air have boon rendered perfectly
'sweet by tUis single apparatus, aud chimneys
which were given over by all tho doctors as incu
rable, have been brought to regular acfton. our.
Com. . - ... '
Two citizens, courtinythe daughter of Themis
tocles ha preferred the worthy man to the rich
oiio and assigned this reason i "I had ra her she
should have a man without monoy, than money
without a miin."
Or as Culwer says " The mate ior beauty
i should be a man. not a money cheat."
''"'"'"' ' ' . f ,
Poverty. IC S not poverty as much m pretence
that harrtwes a ruined man ;rtho straglo between
a proud mind and au empty purse, the keeping up
a bollow'show that'tnust soon come t an end.
'ilave tho eooage 'to apucarepoor, auid "deprive
. poverty o its sliarpesfating. V -! 1
A Beautiful Extract However dark and dis
consulate the path of life may any man
(here is an hour of dnen and undisturbed renose at
hand ehen ttle body may sink into a dreamless
slumber. Lot not the imagination be startled, it
this resting place instead of being a bed of dowo,
aliall bs a bed of gravel, or the rocky bed ot the
tomb. No tn itter where the poor remains of a
man may bo, tho reposed is deep and undisturbed ;
the sorrowful bosom heaves no more ; the tears are
dried up in their fountains ; the aching head is at
res, and the stormy waves of earthly tribulation
roll unheeded over the place of graves. Let ar
mies engage in fearful conflict over the very busom
of tho dead, not one of the sleepers heed the spirit
stirring triumph, or respond to the rending shouts
of -victory How quiet thorn eountless millions
slumber in the arms of their mother earth I The
"voico "ofttiunder' shall not awaken them; the loud
cry of the elements the winds the waves nor
even tho giant tread of the earthquake, ahull bo
able to cause an inquietude in the 'chamber of
deith. They shall rear and pass away; the last
great battle shall bo fought, and then a silver voice
at first but just heard, shall rise to a tempest, and
penetrate the voiceless grave. Sr or the trumpet
sha I sound, and tho doad shall hear his voice.
"Mop.. . , .
A Qualer Answer Marsha does thee love
rne?" asked a quiiker youth of one at whose shrine
his heart's holiest feelings had been offered up.
" Whyi Scth," answered she, " we are command
ed to love one another, are we not 1"
, j Ay , Martha, but does thee regard me with that
feeling the world calls lovt f ,
" I hardly know what lo-tefl thee, Setb, 1
one. 1 nave tried to bestow my love on ail ; but 1
may have eometime thought, perhaps, that' thec
was getting rather more than thy share.
The Mormon prophet, Joo Smith, and hie prin
cipal counsellors have taken the benefit of the
Dankrurrt Law. vyonderjf, by. tho. operation ,0
this law he lias got a clear quittance of his debts
to the 1) I T We suppose that Whig legislation is
supreme in " themdiggins. jario.(Afa.) cr
aid. ,
An individual who, among the panic strtckon,
went into ono ol the banks to" draw the specie for
605 of noted, had his wntch, worth $200, taken
from hia pricket. Proving that the drawing of
specie is not always a profitable operation.
Sub Marine Experiments.-' Captain Taylor is
at Buffalo, stirring up the waters, Ono of Tay,
lor's rockets was attached to a large yawl, and a
most magnificent explosion shortly after took place,
throwing up a largo body of water, and tearing the
boat into a thousand splinters, mmy of which were
thrown from twenty to sixty feet into the air. This
futty established the efficiency with which these
rocket might be used in blowing up hostilo vessels
in case of war.
Solomon's Temple. A loiter from the frontiers
of Syria, datod March tho 5th, says :
"An American missionary at Jerusalem has
been exploring tho vaults under the Moq'io of
Omar. Ho was let down by a rope at mi inight
through a well 60 feet deep, and then waded up to
the neck in water to tho dry ground, lie is of
opinion that they are not Ronmn, but are the ori
ginit cryjils oTfcolomona lomple.
A Sign.OM of our sturdy canal navigators
and a tealous whig, just beforn the Presidontial
jlnciinn, Inunrhrd a new boat and failed it " Hard
That of course was to help Whiggery.
The same individual has jut launched another
boat, and having partially, if not quite, recovered
from his political fever, has named it " Harder
Starling Children in the World. The follow
ing extract from the works of n living writer, is
replete with aound philosophy and common scuso
It is well worth tho attention nf parents:
" Many an unwise parent labors hard and lives
sparingly nil his life for the purpose of leaving
enough to givo his children a start in the world, as
it is called. Setting a young man afloat with mon
cy left him by his relatives, is like tying bladders
under tho arms of ono who cannot swim; ten
chances to one he will lose his bladders nnd go to
tho bottom. Tench him to swim and he will nev
er need the bladders. Give your child a sound
education, and you have dono enough for him.
See to it that his morals are pure, his mind culti
vated, And hia wholenalure made subservient to
the laws which eovc.U man, and you have given
what will be of more value than the wealth of the
indies. You havo given him a start which no
misfortuno can deprive him pf. Tho earlier you
tench him to depend upon his own resources the
Frow the N. Y. Sun Ef trat June
From the best information received by the last mail
fro'ii' llsmburg, the lossot the three principal hro offi
ces jn London sre jE3(K),Ot)0 sterling, 2(K),tK)0, "
JC150,(KX) s sum much grcstor than wss at first anti
cipated, but wjnch will be ptiJ in the course of this
week. The iiHKsofthe Hamburg flrs ofone and the'
Prussian firs olflco in Hjmburg, are much heavier than -tbo
above. i
.", . : IRELAND.
A piece of gold, weizbins five ouncos and a half, the
heaviest piece ot unwrought gold yet found In Iruland,
was picked up in the Wicklow mines recently. .. " . -
A baker in Uullast announces that he lias imported a
large quantity o( flour from Ainorica, advertising that
no can sell ix and a halt pounds of the bust bread
ever made ia Ulster, for one shilling." -
Oiie hundred ond I ien prrtons kdlti end mSv
maimed and wounded.'-A ileptarsblo CxUstropho took
sitae, on Munday evening week, on the Versailles and
meuuwr iviuwty, oy wmcn one hundred and twenty
persons wero .killed, or have sines 2iod ot tlioir woundV,
and many maimed and wounded.
In honor of the Kins's fete, the waterworks in iCe
gardens of Versailles were plsyinr on Sunday, which
attracted immense crowds from Psris. The train to
which the dreadtul accident occurred lelt, Versailles for.
Pans at half past five o'clock in tho aftornonr.. and waa
Crowded with ptjsftngers. " There were," ssyr one "
sccount, - seventeen or eigntecn wagons, with two en
gines beforo sod one behind The velocity was ex
cessive."' '.'-" '1V. ,
When between Bollevne and Mruitrm. th '('
of the first machine broke, and, atopping,"tbe secon' J1
nnoTcr i. Killing ino sioxer.ant breaking the hrst"
iiwwuiio m pieces, spin its ure on me ground. Instant
ly six or seyen wagons were broken io piocsa, and tho
icti,iuuuib5 ow me live ure ot tne broken engines,
hurst into flames. It is the eiibtotn on the Ift IUn
Ilailroad for the doors of the wsirous to be cliwe.l. with. .
out any possibility of opening them, except by keys in
tha haitfla r.t fl, M K . '
.... w uiva wwiuiiiuii, , au conuuciors wero
fortbeomiag, and thus the inmstes of throe of the wa
gons were burned." From this aseotinf, it is closr
that, but for the custom of lock ia 7 tho panscairera ia
tbeearnage8,so awfhl B fort of hie would not have"
taken place.
AXorHEn coxsrinACY to Assassinate
Another conspiracy bss been detected to asnainjito
the King of the French. A, number of persons h iva
beca arrested in Paris, amongst others the notorious
tonsidore. Amon the projectiles seizod 1 .
intended for ths destruction of'the king, by being '
thrown into the carriage, and to svaasinsio, of couVs
ss many of bis fcmily as might happen to accompany
him. It is stated that the intormatioa Which loJ to tire
detection of this plot was given by tbo mistress of one
or the con'pirators, who has been since uiurdercd and
kns Iwvlw tKMMt.1, ik. V ' .
aavs wrv sj w 111 wtv l IIIIU UIQ CTVlilUa "
The following l ttor c3nUins an accurate account of
all that bad transpired in Pans, relative to this odious
attempt at assassination: . " ? ' : - 'i.
.Paeis, Msy 7.
A rumor prevailed yesierdav that a
nmnior the king has bcVo discovered, to which, how
" uuio creuunce wss aiucnod, the more supecially
last night, and the absence of all allusion whatever to
it by any ol the journals this morning.- I find, how.
ever, upon inquiry, that ths tact is but too true that a
discovery his been made by the police, which leaves no
doubt of the existence el a olot. not onlt. til ' mil 9t Im,
tbo king, bat to involve in the same fate ss many mem.
l .ingi ijc win oij inaiesiy
st tho chosen moment lor the pHttmg,the, atrocuf
plaid of the ConTpirstorsinto execution.
It appears that during the summer months, the king
is in tne habit of driving out iroat Nsuilly in a largo
open caleche, accompanied by the Queen and othor
members of the royal family. Upon such occasions,
tho carriage is onattendod by a military escort, snd the
horse are driven at a merely ordinary pace. These
circumstances seem to have auggested ths idea of an
iniernsi mscnine, ana one has been invented of a aim
pie character, being in form an ordinary sited ball, -calculated
10 burst uporT falling, and shatter every
thing near it with irresistibto lorce. Tiia principal
material ia said to be a fulminating powder, of a very'
poworlul character. Tbe instrumoats for working the "
maicrials, ind some balls, were found upon the premises , :
ailjscent to Considere's wins shop in the Rue Mont-
mitre. This Uontidcre, has boon twice tried for com. .
pltctty in plots to murder tho King snd each time
scquiited. Us wis one ot those tried ia connection
wiUi Qnenisset .
Considers has been srrestcd, with seven others.
This conspiracy will lead in aH probability to wore
stringent laws. The police authorities complain that---tey
havo no prevenuvo power they say that no
matter how strong the moral certainty may be on their -
minds that marked and suspected persons are plsnnin?
wickedness, yet that they canuot.interfbre; and then -when
tho plot comes to liirht neonle aik what tha
police were about! Ol what usa aro they I And what
hu been done with the secret service money, voted far
preventive objects! Upon the other hand, the abuses
to which so dangerous a privilege might give rise
esnnot be lost sight of. I'p to Thursday night tho
loiice f umiiiivu m ignorsnce 01 what was hatching.
The Gaxttte is Tribumux of the 12th confirms
the slleged discovery of tho cwpjejrJonned fnr th
hmTpc of asiijslailing ILo tin?,
iiie inveeiujsiRw wnicn commented fmmedistl
after th discovery of the projectile-, bombs, &c, jn
tho passage Violet snd other otacea. ia atill miratifwl
with activity. The number of arrests to ths present
time amount to about ten. All th nhio-i mA
nave ocen upposiled in the Registrar s office. The
projectiles are made in a perfectly new manner. A
stone bottle, not very thick, serves as the envelope :
this 1 covervd outside with a thick coat ol iuflsminablo
insilor whuh applK'd to tho extremity of those " '
matches called cbeimqaes allemsndes. Inside-a quan
tity of powder snd bullets are strongly prewed togeth
er, to as to produoB a terrible explosion, . if the intlsm
mib'o coating of the bolle should come in Contact
with any rCBinlin body. Numerous witnesses have
been alroaily heard, and they arc soon to be confronted
with the prisoners.
Awful Conflagratum Destruction of oneJiftK of
the Cify of Hamt urgbj Fire The city ot Hamburg,
one ol the" most flourishing on the continent ot l"unpo,
is a heap ol ruins. Her merchants were rejoicing at
the prospects hold out to ihem by the promised im
provements in our commercial tariff: now, iluy aro,
mourning over tlicir richly stored warehouses in ashes,
their houses devoured by the flsmes, and their pros
pects of increasing prosperity scattered to tho four
winds of heaven.
Tho lire, which broke out on Wednesday night, the
4th inst snd which, there is every reason to beliee,
was the work of an incendiary, extended to ftrty two
streets, most of which were reduced to ashes. On a
rough calculation, the loss of property wss from three
to tour millions sterling, but it is believed that the to
tal loss will bo double that amount. No person can
tell bow many lives wero lost, but a great number of
persons must have perished. The canals through tho
City w ere dry, so tint no water could be found. The
I - A
1 ,
' .v.

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