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From Me lh$ion Miiceltany.
I jiad just turned over in my berth, in hopes to
....,., vurv oleasant dream, the thread of which
lad been broken by some noise on oeck, end was
shout closing my ennses to-external objects when
"... nf -Sail ho!" caused me to jump up, end haste on deck. 1 met Mr. Tompkins in the
rmgwav, coming down to call me. " here Is
,;,, sir 'P f
" On tlie leo Learn."
A hipT' ' . ,
No. sir, I bolieve a schooner, lut 1 can t make
"StcwRrd, hand up my , .
The day had scarcely dawned, and by the grey
tod uncertain lighf, unassisted by th gluss, I could
wily makeout an object ; but the moment 1 put
my telescopa to ber, I saw she was a schedrier,
., ,Lin mams, standinirio tlie westward; with
fiuara nil set. We were heading south, che
Uulcri.Vith liglil airra" H eastward wmj-n
wily expecting he Trade wind. Ai, the, do
... nrfect v.and w were eerretvea oy
, his eouare sail came in and ho lmuled
! ,.s wind with such cele'rity, that 1 did not herniate
i ) prwiounce mm siutit m p., w.v. -
a... tvnoovmoi icrms in imw
Call all bauds, M r. Tofnpkuu i h ist our col
" Afe.aye, sif..
Tk Mranfor showed Portuguese coUVs in aeply
H ours.' This did not relieve the anaiety which
had ieizd on mc Ilia itionkent I hau, lair view oi
(Wtliat ration waa still actively en
uagtdirtthe tUve Uade, and fe wre just. iaj M'
S . . B- I . . .1 - ,.s If..
Track of Oistwsra iwwia veeseis 10 we "
n, on4 the Cp9 de VerdTWa, otto where they
. r.n touch M ictrCin no rciw, ur trcw,
sJing of oolyea-mcns beslddf officers, eook, and
stcwanl, were soon mustered aft.-
w"!ljirefle70trrw-lKd lvMto elate
my intcntions,witrKgrd to that vessel to leeward,
winch 1 -suspect o-to a rogue. We will prepare
fir as stout resistance as poesible.i Mon
rjf, I ghall atijlscciy your aciirie which of you
1 can'rcally depend upon, and there will be nothing
l-t ; and, if a rogve.vrm take it lor granted,
that if we givowp like towards, we shall Lave our
. ' . . ..ik. .I.".. !. a lu. r4.rfi.lN nlirltiRf
-e resist r ndl. if he&oards us, kt 6s mako up
nor minds to toiler lives as dearly ns possible ;
tmd remember, men, one mao; a good
cause is sblt W beat off a d. taeri.aged in robbc
rj and murdetV Tly gaw a simultaneous shoiii
of approbation, and cut lot ward again, a,i'arcni!y
in jJud spirils. :
It was now broa (favligbt, and re could plainly
Pfrceivaatlnt tlw s'ranger gwned to wunlward
oiizh.he drwpl UKrn a lijtle, renaering.n
mitwliat diMibjruJ whether ho v.asmuch suprrnw
hoi in sailing. Ojt "bonny baik was reputed 0
first raiKtsaitor on tho wind, when in her beet trim;
I' tt she was pretty deeply laden with a lujl cargoJ
4cottn bakfjooil'i 'd ftbut one hundred thou-1
.... . 1 II L I
inu itniiars in snecieann 11 coum w m u.r..u ,
that no could sail Willi a clipportchmiei on the !
wri'l, or in any other way. Our ship's armament j
ro!imtcd of two six pounders, teve muskets, and
1... 1 ..r 1 mm H. 1. A. ....I .imr. i r i
I '-o of piniuls; my private armament cunsislei 01 a
fiod rifle, a large ducking gun, a double barrel
1 Muuton,a pir of duelling pistols, and a patent
. "-till capublo of discharging six balls iu as many
' :.".'; and 1 iicciuintod mysell 0 good shot wild
' 0! thi-m.
At 4 o'clock it was nearly calm, the cIibw nb mt
' o na'.cs un tho luo quarter, awl heading directly
Mr. Toii.pkibs was a aix fixttf r, n real down-eat
Ji kee, who had Ix en mute of the Ark, lor all I
1 -new, and i.o as equal to any man ill that op unci
'v; a'lhough he might have been tuken lr twenty
'Mrs t.fairo. if sicn coiiiB aloft, there weio WMiple
"li 'had known linn al least that time ns chief
ni,e He alwav oln vcd ordera promptly, never
' -iled.'to lime nn answer ready, nml rx ieted from
uiiiler lam the same prompt BliuslriRI otieuienr.e
''tlm paul talus superior ofliecr. Tho second
Mr. Turner, wns a young man of good rdu
' htokiug lorwnrd lo promotion and promts
'o do honor to liiintiell as u commander, after
1 " '' years' moie cxH5rience. My crew wero all
1 ":'ve oung men, nod the eook (or Doctor as he
Vi called) mis n real SjM'rltneii of n first rate run
' 'y Virginia Hlave ; he could cook as well ns lie
' "U fiddle, and on n Saturday niht lie would
""'i-e all hands, by a tain ol a 'possum hunt, or a
""'r drive. Having now desenbed our crew, our
ssrl, nml nil we knew of llio stranger, I will has
'' " to out llm nntietit re.uler in ryoiseumiio nl the
' ""'s for which ho is anxiously looking. My or
''rrs wrre as follow, and Ihey wrrc obeyed in as
,,l"t lime as I shall write them : " Mr. Torpp
'''s. l w l (hp small arms, one half and f ur luck-
hot in each look to the flints j also load tho great
(tuns with round canister."
" Aye, aye, sir."
' Doctor put two Iron holts in tho lire, and keep
them red hut, and fill your coppers with boilino
" Mr. Tumor, muster all the hats and pea jack
ets, and stick one on each handspike, near about
the posts it will make him think ttiat we are well
manned ; and trace uo all tho norts. sir. and nut a
I03 of wood out of each and give thorn a dab of
omen paint. Mr. lompkim, send old Crown. to
the helm, and Inll him to " iteer imall.' "
v " Aye, aye, sir."
I bese arranpemcnts bcinff completed, I went
aown oeiiiw, and loaded my arms ; and on exnmtn
ing the " Doctor," found that he was quite fami
uur wun me instrument or death, the Mln ; l. ae-
cordingly gave him my flixk and btig of balU, and
other materials, telling him I should call on him
to load for mo when the time came.
" Oh, nebcr fear, mania, gib us breeze, and him
not catch us so easy," grinning from car to ear,
and whetting his long knife on a alone.
1 put a bill and tour slugs into my double barrel,
and a half handful of buckshot into my dur.kcr,"
and a quantum tvfficit of balls into t'10 pistol. 1
had scarcely made ihcsearrangomcnls when Tomp
kin called. . .
' He's sweeping his bow oil, sir, and I, reckon
he's going to slap lon Tom into u.'! ?:
1 tumped on deck, and it was now dead calm : it
was too evident this was his intention.
Down flat upon deck, every soul ol you,"
shouted I. All obeyed except Tompkins, who
coolly looked through the glass, j
" There she flashes, sir," and in another instant
a heavy shot whistled through our main top gallant
' " lie shoots well, that's a fact," said Tompkins.
I looked as the smoke curled lazily away, and
saw that he ha J not the same flag flying. "Tomp
kins, what s that at her peak T
" It looks, sir, like a red shirt with the Doctor's
head iu it, and a couple of bones rigged acrots his
chin." '
Sure enough, it was a red flog with a black
Death's head and marrow-bones painted on it. 1
cannot say tliul I fell relieved at thesf symptoms;
yet n.y mind was made up that ve were lott, and it
remained only for us to die game. Wore seemed
nothing short of Providence to save us j if it re
mained calm, he would bore through with his
long gun ; if it breezed up, lie could ouisail us.
Mr. Tompkins, keep ao eye to him, and lot me
know of any movement. Mr. Turner, bend on the
weather studding sails, all ready to run out ; per
haps we cart outsail him off the wind when the
breezo conies."
This order was scarcely obeyed, when Tomp
kins reported, tkey aro Kitting a tackle oat the
fuieyard and another in the main rmgin," ir, to
hoist out their launch to' board us, by heavens."
I lika thai Mr. Jompkin. for the rasrallr can
lain and half his crew will come in her, certain oft
an tasv nrev : but if mv aim don't fail me. few of!
that bout s crew will return, be thev more or less
, Mr. Turner, hoist m two guns up on the poop
deck, at once, for if we want the in at all, it will bu
jYCr tho sicru. Are you ef )tf shotfMrTouip
vkinsT " Whee I was vouffcrr. ir. I was called n lectio
.the best shot in Kennebuuk, and 1 guess I could
letch a turkey at a hundred yards now, with a
straight riflo.
.." j'ben. airJu you luka. charge of the aelve
muskets, and lei Jim load for you as fast you fire,
while the IKjctor art J I mil keep iny own tools'
The pirate's launch was now manned, and pull
-ling lei otters fir us lustily, while a group of men j
were collected forward and in the stern sheets of i
her, perhaps twenty or twenty five altogether,!
scarcely a milo astern, and as we were almost
entirely becalmed, gained rapidly on us. There j
was no orcsuiion lo call ihc people aft to givo my
orders, for t fiey wejo co llected round the capstan
wiih anxious faces and blanched cheeks.
" If they fticceed in getting alongside, boys,"
said I. " wo will retreat with our arms la the cab -
in, and let tht-m board us, an I through the win
dows and cabin door we irniy clear the decks ; if
nor I shall reserve my hist pistol for fie powder :
mngnzine, w hich is nt linnd, and we will all go ;
together, and disspooint Ihe rascils. Hut i trust;
it will not he- necC'iviry to coma to that. Nail
down the fore scuttle,' Mr. Turner; if they get:
alongside, miud every one retreat to the cabin, or j
die like a dog on deck, if he please."
" There they shout, sir, and pull shead, as if of '
(era whale," said tho mute, " and here cotm n
little brecz", too, perhaps it will strike us before
the villinns get near enough." '
"Th nre in rane Of rille, Fir." i
" No,"ir, wail ut.i'.l they get near enough lo be
tiro of the leader within an hundred jaids. i
Thero alio breez-s, think God I "Good full,"!
I'.rown, nod nothing ofl. We have breeze bclorel
llm .chon.ier.lml it is verv li.'ht vet. and i le
l .onrh -.ins hist. Now. Duclor. stand bv. mind
' O J
U ram the bell homobe cool, never ,, lne
jmlehes. St:,l by T dr i, lim lit llm grmip n.
tho bow while I lako the stem nro you ready
" Yes,"
" Fire !" nml down went tho ranoal at tho tiller,
and one at tho bow. !
" Load her quick Doctor, and let me givo them
Joe Mantnn : tn the meantime, firo away Tomp
kins, as hut ns y ni please, only take good aim be
" Cool ns n curumher, sir."
My douhlo barreled gun !rojiied one onr in the
wiifr, and caused (ime confusion in the uller pnrl
of the Imaf. " I'm it into them, sir. we have not
lo-t a ball yrt. Give me llm rill, Doctor?"
v... c, i, ,n..i,. I c.ii ilw. I.mi fr lnek
This discharge c iiiscd them, with tho increahcd
breezrs to lay on tho oars an instant, and ihen pull
round (or tlio schooner; they had only six on r j
nut. "Three .-brers, mv lads, mid as Ion? as!
you can reach them. There, tho schooner begins
in leel the breeze. Mr. Turner, run up tho wrath
cr studding anils, keep her oil two points, for he
must pick up his boat. There she breezes, thank
Heaven 1 Steady, Drown, steady."
" Steady, sir " . . .
"Keep her straight, 'for your life ! Steward, give
llie lads a glass of grog nl once."
Hy this- time the schooner had picked op her
boat and hoistod her on board, we had gained a
imio or two, and we were now going eight or nine
knots with a free wind.
" Watch her close, Tompkins, let me know if
she gains on us." , j
Aye, aye, sir." .. -j.
" Mr. Turner, we are a little) by the stern j car
ry every thing portable chock f.
rwa'd carpen
ter's chest, harness cask, n't those two after casks
forward be livolyi sir. Swab those guns out,
Doctor, we'll have another dab at them yet, I lo ir;
for no sail like a witch."X
" Yes, sir, nun going to Alnca for ivory and
gold and duit dat's what dey call nigga trading.'
"She gains, sir, but slowly ho hasn't got the
best 01 the breeze yet, perhaps, v
"So that will do Mr. Turner; now get o'small
pull 01 your weathor top sail and top gallant braces,
wen, sir, well alll"
. " They are hoisting that d a rrei miare il,
sir, ana sue springs to it like a tiger.
" Mr. Turner, slack a little ol your topmast and
top gallant backstays to the windward carefully,
air, not so much and then send all chuck lora:d
every pound will help." .
" Four bells, sir, hold the reel." - . .
" No never mind the bells, nor the reel Tomp
kins 1 what use is it to us now 1 Keep your eye
on tho schooner, ond let 111 know when the six
poundors will tell on him ; Wo may shout awny his
topmast by good luck."
" Aye, aye, sir." -V ;
Tompkins was so mechanically correct in every
thing that ho would, no. doubt have brought his
quadrant on deck and observed lor the suit, if
it had been noon, and I not inicrlercd. Ila was as
cool as possible, and bis conduct seemed to put
nerve into the men.
" lie guns lust, sir ; t can see the red cap on
the rascal at the holm let me give hima shot, sir?"
" Well, sir, fire away if you think vou can
reach hun. Doctor, brinir vour loffircrhead. and
when I give word, touch her quick. 80, lilt her
breach a leetlo mite, Tom, so, so, miul by gftre
if to her!" and away went our little shot and
struck the water about two thirds of the way to the
Load up again, Tompkins, and leave out the
canister, una the shot wiM go utraihter; aim
higher than before, say lor the royal, now give
it to mini'
" Plump iuto bis square eajl, 1 sir ;" but forty
thousand such would'nt hit him hard. Oh, if we
only could borrow his long Tpm for an hour or
two I I he Sarpmt is sure oi ts or would lire it
At this crisis the chase was only a mile or 11
milo and a half astern, and eodll easily have bored
us through ; but I presuino he-Wa afraid to yaw
his vessel er.ough to bring ttieun to bear, and it
would, 110 doubt, kill his wiad in a considerable
drgree im as he wasus .perceptible, he
calculated to be alongsidu of us long before night.
Load up, again, sir, and I will try my luck, for
must be a mere chance shot that does hi 01 any
"All ready, sir."
'Stand by, Doctor, and when I give the word,
louch her quick l'tre.''- -
The shot struck the water just under her bow.
" Now for tho other gun ; 1 !ihII do better.
Ready ! Fire ! 1 1 is topmast totters! it fulls, by
heavens!" ... -
A spontaneous cheer from our crew seemed to
assure us of safety. " Give me the glass, boy.
TJiey are cutting the wreck, j way as .fiat as oosai-
ble, 9 ill determined to overhaul us. Ket-p nil loo
points, round in the weather braces a lull, run nut
that lower studding sail, be handy lads. Watch
the rascals, Tompkins, with tho gla?s, ind let me
know if we gain on him."
" Aye, aye, sir."
The breeze was uow fresh, well on the quarter,
and we were sure lo gain 01 him until his topmast
could bo replaced, which, with a lure .and active
; crew, bent on revenge, would cost him but an hour s
i work.
" She drops', sir, she drops ! I can just see that
j nigger's head on tho (1 ig ; hull an hour ug I could
1 sec the marrow bones.
j " Very well, sir, let. tho ponple now get 'a bite of
dinner, lor we shall have more work to do jet, to
got clear of hun, if we do at all."
" I don't know more wo can do sir, unless
we grease the bottom," suid Tompkins with a
" We have yet one principal resort, my dear sir,
'' go at it the moment we get something to
orlt m " Ca" Pn us-
Tompkins cut n new quid of tobacco, of which
ho hud made uncommonly Ireo use that morning.
d by that only did he show any sijjnsoi anxiety.
" 'tt vour dinners, Mr. Tompkins and Mr. Tur
l'rr ' H''1 K" I0'" lo ''Ml w',,,e lh,! lel'ow is
dogging ui. bendjHO up a bit uf biscuit and a glass
win " , ,( "
' Aye, aye, air.
, a now ocl',ck' and ",e "f,,"o,,0r
""IT"'4 " l" I " m
a t.. .
i"P"' WB ' .rug.i...8
It inn minutes
ell hands were again on deck, ant.,.
t"mpln' nmP ''rU 1
iiislv W.HClllllk'
I'll me r
" Consarn me, if I know what the old man i
gnins at ; we'vo rlono all human uotur can do, and
he's nut given to praying."
" How long, Tompkins, will il lake to catch us,
when ho makes all sail again, at the rate hu gained
before 1"
"Three or four hours, jr. Ho will be along
side before sun-set, ( reckon."
Ry ,two o'clock his topsail and topgallant were
' ngain set ; and in twenty minutes more his stuo-
ding sails, royal and ringtail
una it was evident
! he began to pair
" : lour miles astern.
space, though now more than
Mr. Tompkins, wo will now try our Iu.m
resort. . .
" Ay, nye, sir.
" l5'cak "P0" hatclirs
saw tho rails nml
bulwurks oil abrcusl them, and tumblo up those
hales as fast ns possible."
Tins idea had evidently never entered into the
head of any of tho crow or i ffiecrs ; and tho hnu
faces with which they hud seen the piraio gam on
us, were instantly changed to faces fell of hoe.
In ten minutca'fho cook and second male hud auw
i d off tho rails and bulwarks, the hatch" wero oil,
and tho bales coming up faster, than ony ever I
lore came out of her, and overboard.
Look well to your trim, Mr. Tempkini; do
not lake too ninny from one sid. Send hoy Jim
on the poop to keep an account of tho number as
they pa by. Over wili then, boys, ynu are now
working for yuur lives." I'ut 110 encourAgciiinm
was necessary, for tho men stripped to their trous
ers only, worked liko tigers.
'Mr, Tompkins, cut awav this stern boat;
, every littlo helps lut hor jjn, sir, at once that's
it. These largo bales will oblige hi 111 to steer
wild or to run against them. ,
We continued this work for nearly an hour
- before we began perceptibly to gain on the schoon
er. Dut by four o'cloc ; he had dropped more than
half a mile ; yet, to make sure, we did not abate
our exertions until altr five o clock, when lour
h..,t,t r . n,,M. ,.h Kl... hl hMii ihrnwn an
over. Duritu the operation I could hardly refrain
c 1 u 1.. .1 . 1 . .. 1 . .. I
from laughing kt tho remarks wiucli escaped fio.u
tlm men. aftcfe bosun to uain. '
" Huzxa, bojs !" said one, " over with them, the
iniilirwriira are rir.h." V u , M
"Watch there-watchj" cried another, as he M
rolled a balo over ; " them will do for him to buy
iiiiifforn with"
I tin ,n.v 'd woman had a balo of that," said
the doctor.
As soon as th, pirate discovered that we were
gaming, he gave us nuveriil shots of Ins long Toni,
but the distance x-ss too great, and by sunset he
waa hull down irom the poop ; a tew minutes alter
he hauled 111 his square anU, and rounded to ; and
when last seen, was very busy in picking up the
bale goods, which would, no doubt, come in play,
though not quite o accceptaltleto him as the did
(era would havf own, sweetened with our blood.
At dusk we could nut just discern tho vidian, lying
" S"e all secure in hold, Mr. Tompkins, and put
on the hatches; and as we have a steady trude'
wind, lut tier go til midnight south south wentp
and let all bauds get some rest. I must do the .
same, for 1 am nearly done up." :
The excitoment being over, I was nearly pros j
trate, and alter thanking God with more fervor 1
and sincerity tbuo I ever prayed beforo, I threw j
myself into my berth, but had a levensh and;
dreamy sleep till twelve o'clock, when my iruityj
mulo called me according to orders. I
" Twelve o'clock, sir." i
" How is the wind and weather I
"Fresh trade, 4ir clear and pleasant moon!
just rising going nine, large.
"Take in the lower studding sail, Tompkins,
and haul up south and east, it she'll go it good full."
" Aye, aye, eir."
It is sufficient to inform the patient reader tail
we saw 110 mor- of tho piralu, mid made much
better progress now that our bonny barque wus in
ballast trim only. We finished our. passaao u h-1
. . m , I
out lurtuer noubio. Many were theiok.:scrack-U!"""
k hi 1 . x 1 " . . .. 1
l, II.IIUJ, W. Ull-J IUtIV VH I . , W, ......
day of excitoment. 'J no underwriters not only
paid lor tho cargo thrown overboard nt onne, on
receiving the news but on learning tlio particular, 1
voted a piece of plate for 1110, and u grjtuity hi cash
lor the mates and men of equal value. . I
r ...:... I "Y."': i .t:.;t
in couciuaHHi, . n nicre.y .o ro i.arti, ma.
me aoove lam is iuuiiuuu mi liieiB, uim is mil ejjirc
led lo interest any, except uuuiicul men, being too
lull ol technicalities to mouse me general p a icr,
.iuid . too , uwporicct to cUhii- the notice tf - 1he
Irom jie Aiiii Orlruii .,
f" Leukmd or aldcrti's'
" And hast thou nerve enough !" he said,
That gray old man abovo whotw head
Unnumbered years have roll'd;
" AnU hast tnou nerve to new, he cried,
"Tlio incarnate liend that lleut'eu dulled !
" Art l.iou injeeu so bulu !
" Say, caast thou, with unshrinking gir.e,
'Sustain, rasu youth, tlm withering uiasD
lit that unearthly eye,
" That bUsu where'er il lights, the breath
"That, liko the .Simoon, scuttera death
"On ail that yet can die?
" Direst tnou confront that fearful form,
" Thai rides I ho whiriwinJ and tlie storm
" In w ild, unhly revel ;
" The terrors ol ttiat blasted Drow,
" Arclisngcl's one ?, tho' ruined uow,
' Aye daiest tsiou lace Ui P-v.t .'
" I dare !" the desperate youth replied,
And plsecJ him by the oid man's side
In tierce and Iraiitic glee,
Unblanched his cheek, and firm li s li'iib ;
No psltry jugling liend, but linn,
' l'he Devil I 1 lam would bee !
" Li all his Gordon terrors clad,
V His worst, his telle-.! t-h .pe, tlie lad
llejo ned in reckless tone,
" Have, then, my wish,"' Alb-rtus w
And signed and Khook his hoary hid
iih many a bittei gr-jan.
lie drew tho mystic circle's bound,
With akull and crusHbonea tencml around ;
He triiceu toll many a signal throe,
Hu miuicreil many a bickward prayer,
I hit sounded hku a curne
" The leilest of Apolly oil's race!"
t TUon M his startled pupil's lu e
lie dashed All (LMi'TV rl'RSE )
A Western Locoloco editor says, "that if a mm
owed the Devil ten liars an I should send Urn l'mi
lice ol the L'miisviIIo Journal, His Internal Al.ijM
ly would leturn linn a receipt in fill."
Let no man be loo proud to work. I,"t no man
lie usliaim d of a hard list or sunburnt lace. Let
Uim bo ashamed only ol ignorunca and sloth. Let
ii. i man lie ashamed of poverty. Let hun only be
iiliained ol i.ilciieas uiid dishonesty. (-
, - tliil ij harr Cotf! le ice. Ii was esked by ono ot'
To obtain diffrrrnt Floircrt from the S'tw old, what thu woild rested upon! The reply was,
stem Split a small twig of elder bush lengthways ', n,a back ( an immense lurilc." Then the -11
ml having scooped out tho piih, till each of the ' qU8ll0n cnni0 Upf what dots tho turtld stand
compartments with seeds 01 nowcrs 01 iniiorcni
sorts, but which blossom about tho samo time ;
surround thain with mould ; and then tying to
ijeiher ihe iwo halves of the twig, plant tho whole
in a Mit filled with earth properly prepared. The
siems ol the ilifTerout flowers will then be so mcor
Hirated as to exhibit to the eye only 0110 stem
throwing out branches covered with flowers anal
ngotm to the seed which produced them.
Front tkt Knickerbocker.
We chanced lately to encounter the following beau
tiful pssstgo in our note-book, where it stands credited
to Hulwcr: " It cannot be that earth is man's only
abiding-pUcf.v It cannot be tint our lito is a bubble,
cast up oy the 'ocean of eternity, to flint a mo iiont
upon its wives, and sink into noiliinjrno KIbo why
is it that liie high and glorious aspirations which leap
like'angcls Irom temples of our hearts, are lorever
wandering about unsatisfied 1 Why is it that the
rainbow and the cloud come over us with a beauty that
is not ol earth, and then psss o(T and Icavo us to muse
upon thoir faded loveliness 1 Why is it that the atari
which hold their festival around the midnight throne,
are set abovo the grasp of our limited faculties ; forever
mocking us with their unapproachable glory t And fi
nally, why is it that bright forms of human beauty are
presented to our viow, and then taken Irom us; leaving
the thousand streams ot our afli.'ctions to How back in
Alpine torrent upon our hearts I Ws are born for
higher destiny than that ol earth! There is a realm
where tho rainbow never fades; whore tlie stars will,
. . . f ns . . - , ' ... minbcron
ocean ; and where the beautiful beings which here pass
bcre us like shadows will stay fn our presence lor
ever." Now we can only say that if this was written
' Mr, Bulwer, sonjcbody wrote somKlnng very much
1 1 no it 111 (jinn unii vornu, iwL'uij-iifo jeirs a
lllackwood's Magazine. ( , -.r., (
t." It cannot be that for aluJin-placo .
F That for a fleeting span of chequered year.
" Of broken sunshim, cloudiness snd sturmr 1
We tread this sublunary scene and. die;
Like winds that wail amid a dreary wood,
To silence and to notliingnme ; like waves
That murmur on the sua-beacn and dissolve. w ''
Why then from out tho temple of our hearts' ,Y
Do sapiratians spring, that overleap V'
The barriers of our mortal destiny,
Ar.d chain us to the very gatesof Heaven!. . ' V
Why docs the beauty or a vernsl morn,
When Garth, exulting from hef wtntry tomb,
Dreaka tortb, with early flowers and song of birds,
Htriks on our hearts, as ominous, and aay.
Surely min's fate is such I At summer eve,
Why do tho faery, unsubstantial cloud.
Tricked out In rainbow-uarmnls, glimmer forth,
To mock us with their loveliness, and tell
That earth bath not of thoio I Tho tiny star,
That gem in countless ehjodf the midnight sky,
Why were they placed so far beyond tho grasp
Of sight and conipfchenmon, so beyond
Tho expansion of our finite faculties,
If ono day, liko the isles that sp-ck the main,
These worlds should spread not open to our view
Why do the mountain-steepa then solitudes
Expand 1 or roaring down the dizzy rocks,
The mighty cataracts doscend in loam
Is it to slmw our UHignificance I
To tell us we are nought 1 An 1 Anally,
If born not to beholii supernal thing,
Why have wo glimpses of beatitude
Havn imsgoa ol majesty and beauty
Presented to our gaxe and taken troin us 1"
We must not be understood to hint that Mr Bulwer
pltmri3cd from this poem. It is more probable that
.... .
t0IIie ol,lor "gi'su writer paraptiraseu the line tor his
ntt'n nnrnieaj Bind tKal tUrk A-rAniu rwaanatat ..f the L.n
cuage lias cuuseu ltwm lo be atlruuUiU lo-Uie cminciil
Excellent Adrice. S-t a valuf on tho em illest
morsels ol knowledge. Tlioso IragincuU-are as
tho dust of diamonds
A man may earii that in two minute which
may bo valuable to hi in all ins hl'o.
L'jarn all you Can, and you will live O see its
va !. - - " ' '
Never let slip an opportunity of gaining a now
Romembor thai the beginning,, pi lho, jsubiime
j'scictice are"iifteu sit simple s io seem worthless.
Kndecin tune fur study. 1 he busiest workman
can spare somo momenta.
Whether you work or play, do it in earnest, but
never remain unemployed an instant.
Always have a book within your reach which
y..u may catch up at your odd minutes.
The Spanish proveru mv : A wise man changes
' hi miud, a fiwl never will. r-
i i t .
A Xorcl Poiition. Napoleon romarkeif, that
thoro was but "onu step from the sublime to the '
ridiculous." We thought so yesterday, when at
the close of Mr. Urownson's services, at Uichie
hall, a Mormon ascended the dek and onn, occu-
pied a position which excited th! risible faculties
of some of ihc congregation.
j Ila appeared to be an elderly man, wears a Ion?
' abajJUy beard, Ami has doub'less oltcnb?en seen in
, the streets by our readers, and considered by them
i us a nondescript of whom they cou!d nii!;e nothing.
: Hu said, with rnucli gravity and solemnity, that
'when Jeus went i::to the synagogue, !io upunc.l
, the book ol llm l.i'.v, and read a portion of the
a i.iturc. In imitation ot hun, ho should d like
wise ; an I proceeded to read, n chapter Irom tho
sicml writings. - When he nud gone tiirougli with
this service, ho added, rhat 'when the Saviour had
; tiuished reading, he tat 1:. further unit
, lion ot tins divine example, he would also lako ins
seat. Hut hero the parallel closed as if by special
, interposition ulT'rovi.hnice ; and tin aim;itn tu'jpi
un oa i iur legs, it ) chanced, that a lon-
setieo was pbiced directly in the rear ol this now
light ; and when tho Koverend Mormon was about
'to Ml down with mast hippy comp! ict'licy ou thu
end of the aforesaid bench the legs or supporters
of which wore not so near I ho end ns they snould
luvo been thu bench tipped up, tin preacher
!iji;ed don, and disappeared Itrhmd tho desk
Irmn the wondering ga.'.n of the spectators, and
w as afterwards seen sprawling on the floor i;i most
admired disorder. .Sic transit f;Lria mun li sj
passes away tho glory of tho world.
He rose in tnoch embarrassment, and with cvi
leutly rtb.iteil notions of dig. ii. lijy State Dem.
y No one could tell. Uow similar is the
" Uimiii what is our
based !"
present Hanking syste.n
" Public confidence.''
" What is thero to sustain tbie public confi.
donee I" ,
" Who can tel! ? 'Chicago Demoeraf,
... t
,f 41
: V
4 '
- I
- 1
. !
)M t

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