North Carolina Newspapers

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pil!lEH; or f mr Mmiliu to work nt the Salisbury
Ficuiry non but tlnwa who can come well re-
uuiDonaoa lor inuuirv, and ohrtetv. nerd apply.
LTiror:TAT ivot:u!
iow iitiicoiii or UBLIOATION.
Arls Manufactures and Minet,
- KB PtACTKEfl. '
By Andrsw Ua, M. ., F. R. 8. M. G. S JIJ. A. S.
Land., Mem. Apad. N'. 8. I'hilad., S. Ph. Soc X
Germ, llano., Mulii, djc. dj-c. Jc
rMII3 it unquestionably the moat popular work of the
M. kind ever published, tud book most admirably
adapted to tbo wants of all clasae of the community.
The following are the .mporUnt object which the
lctrncd author endeavor to iccoroplikh : ....
1st, To instruct the Manuisclurer, Metallurgist and
Tradesman in the principle of their respective pro
cesses, ao aa to render ihcm, in reality, the masters of
their business; and, to emancipate them from a ttate
of bijndge to such aa are too common governed by
blind prejudice and a vicious routine.
2ndly. To afford Merchant, Brokers, Drysaltery
DrugigsU, and cflicor of the Revenue, characteristic
ilercnption of tho commodities which pas through
their hand.
- 3rdly. Uy exhibiting tomeof the finest development
of Chemistry and Physics, lo lay open so excellent
, practical scliool to Student cf these kindred sciences.
4thly. To teach Cepitaliate, who may be desirous of
P3ing weir lunca yi romo productive branch ol indu.
try, In select, judiciously, among plawiblc claimants,
5ibiy.v To i noble gentlemen oi the Law to beccine
- well acquainted with the natureofthose patent schemes,
.which are'eo apt to give rite to litigation.
Gthlv. To present to legislators such a clear exposi
tion of the staple manufactures, as may dissuade them
from enacting laws which obstruct industry, or cherish
one branch of it to tbo injury of many otbertv-
And laMly, to give the general reader, intent chiefly
1 on Intellectual Cultivation, view of many of the Ho
mes acbiovmrnts oi Science, in "eflectuig those, cfaud.
iriuaiiifiiiiunua vi niaiier ki wmcn ureal wiiaia and
t the United Stale owe their permanent wealth, rank
andpower among the nations of lb earth.
The! latest statistic of every important object ol
Manufacture are given from the best, and usuUy from
official authority a( thqjwd of each article.
The work will bo printed from the 2d London Ed
linn, which sells for $12 a copy, ll will he put on good
paper, in new brevHr type, and will n.ake about 1400
wvo. page. ItVill tie inued iij twcniy-oue semi
. monthly numbers, in covers, at 23 cents each, payable
on delivery. -. -
0O" To any person sending us Cve dollar at -one in advance, we will forward the number by mail,
twt paid, as soon a they come from Die pre.
To suitable agents this aflorda a rare opportunity, as
. we , can,,tQ. tlioa term extremely
favorable. In every manufacturing town, and emy
village throughot the United htatef and Canada sub
ecribcr may be obtained with tlio greatmt facility.
AddreVn. poet paid, D. Applclon &l Co., tOO Broad
way. New York. ii
To every editor wli5 givee this advenisoment en
tire 12 insertions, we will forward, to order, one copy
of the whole work, provided the paper cnntaininir thiv
notice be sent to.the NewYork Watchman, N. York.
v March lUll'i
r"jpiIE patrons of this work are rep:clfnlly informed,
fl- thit thi uo fei4ij'i'l h e purchaod the entire
siock a iid right ol Mr. Si', in this work, and
will contirmo its puUliolion every fortmjilil till cotminter
i letel. Edit'irs will ploitse notice ttio cliine 10 the
- edvor:ifmeivU. TI lerina will be adhered lo m all
rM-pecla, as advertised. !'! aditr the ulci iberi",
ri-iid, ' D. APl'LKTON & CO ,
tfK), Hromlway, X. Y.
or tub
Bacon, 6 a C
IJeof, ' J a 4
Brandy, (peach) ' 30 a 35
Do (apple) !t
Dale Rope,
Cotton, (clean)
Co flee,
Do Oil,
10 121
18 a 20
18 a 25
10 al2j
30 a 35
' 14 a 18
4 60 a 95 00
:iT a 371
Rico, (quart)
.Sunr, (brown)
Do (loan
pall, (bu.)
Vo (uck)
75 a 80
IX) a $1
Steel, (blwtcr)
Do (catt
41 a 7
8 a 10
CO a G2
8a 9
15 a 18
4 a 4.1
10 12J
19 a 20
1 25 1 50
375 a $400
10 a
ja a 30
Beef, (scarce) 3
Bagging, ,
Bale Rope,
Corn, (scarce)
121 15
20 a 25
10 a 121
121 a 15
50 a (J2i
JUNE 11, 1641 .f -
37 (JO -7a
35 a 40
37a 40
10 a 14
2 73
87 a )1
Urd, (ecorce)
Rice, (100 lbs)
Salt, (sack)
'Do (bushel)
tax '
JUNE 8, 1842
Butler, "
Bugging,' '
Rale Rope,
4 a 6
Oa 0
15 a la
18 a 20
Cotton, '
Feathers, .
LI, .
Oats, ,
4a 8
37 a 40
10 a 12
33 a 40
45 a 00
, of .Ttti
CoDgresaional Qlobc'and Apicndlx.
'IIIESE worka Lave now been published by ua for
A. ten consecutive session of Con j; res. Commen
cing with the session of lo32-3. The have had such
wide cumulation, and have been so universally approvtd
and sought after by tho public, that we deem it neces
arynly in thi l'roecuis to uy ihat they will be
continued at the peat session of Congress, and to stale,
sureincdv; their cot.tenU, the form m which ihcy will "
be printed, and die price tor tbein. .
The Congressional lilobe la made tip of the daily ,
proceeding of the two House of Congieta. Thojf
speeches of the member are abridged, or condensed, to
bung them into a reasonable, or readable length. All
the resolution offered, or motion made, are given at
length, in the mover' own worse); and the yeas and
nays on all the important questions. It is printed with
rmall typebrevier and nonpareil on a double royal
sheet, in quarto form, each number containing 16 royal
quarto page. It i printed aa fast a the busiueae done
in Congrrsa lurnisiie matter enough for a number
usually 00 a number, but aometime two Ditmbers, a
week. We have invariably printed more number
Uiao there were week in seion. ' The approaching
'eeeion of CuiWiesV-Jt-ia-xpetWill smilmua I
moniha , if so, subscriber may expect between 30 and
40 number, which, together, will make between 500
ad OiO royal quarto page. I-
1'he Appendix u nude tip of tho ParsiDEKT'a an
nual ruetwage, the report of the principal officers of
the Oovernmeut that accompany it, and all the long
r)cechos uf member of Congress, written out or re
vised by themselves, h is printed in tho same form aa
the CongreasKMisI Globe, and usually makes about the
rame number oi psgeav Heretofore, on account of the
itt specchea being to numerous and so long, we hate
not completed the Appendix until one or two month
a Her the close of jhe session; but, in future, we intend
to print Jhe speeches aa ft aa ihey ahsil be piepared,
and of course shall complete the work within a few
dats after the rejournment '
bach oi tiietie works u couipklo in itacif; but ll is
crnarv fr evert subscriber who desires a full
knowledge of the proceedings of Congn-w, to have
Iota ; because, tln-, it IhtHo should be any ambiguity..
iu the eyiHiiwis of tlie speech, or sny denial of its cor
rrclnekfi, as publuhed in tlio Congressional (J lobe, tlio
reader may rolurn to tho Appendix to see the tpocch
at iPngth. coirwKKl by the member Lmwlt.
Non, ibere u no murce but the Congressional Glulc
and Appi ndix, trout winch a person can obum a lull
f Si;bscrilera propose to publuh, at the scat ol
A Government, a Weekly Newnpspcr, to bo calh d
TUB M'liC fATOR." They belitva that such a
MiUito'ion v ill not be superfluous. I in pkn will be
diirerenUrtmi 'that of ti c paper' already ertablUirei! In
Wathiue.lon. 11 nul i.'
Ui Lue.nA a xomorchensivo
of tho nroccedmoi in both Ilouwsol (.mtrc, with
mth comment or remarks as will conlrilate to their
elucidation, btrikinwor in'eresting spcerht's will Im
be mserltd, Irom tune to I m e, or mcli extract there
from a may be most wcrtliy ol attention. ;
Tho editorial (l"prmeiit i!' diecma the qnci-tiors ,
of tul:
13 IS IT KD flTiTUU.
'I'lIE Undersigned have taken out a Patent for an
1 improvement made by themselves in the important
art of
Finishing Leather.
This improvement consist in a new mixture, of their
invention, which in spplicj lo the leather, and whieh
uvea (he expense of tallow end the labor 01 whitening.
The do not oiler it lo the public without hiving them
selves tfHrtually tested it, nor on their own recommen
dation alone, but ask attention lo the certificatea giveu
below by highly respectable and experienced Tanners
who have exa.uined the invention, and being aiinfled
of it usefulness-, have purchased right: and also to
the certificates of the Boot and dhoe-mskers who bear
testimony to the quality and uniah uf the leather.
(r Lottcra to the subscribers should be addreesed,
CA111 Unipe, Kowan County, N. (J.
March4,W42. . At '
At the request of Messrs. Rons Id eV Miller, and for
our own eauaiaclion, we nave particularly examined
their improved plan of finishing leather, and pronounce
it altogether beyond our expectation for value; and we
cheAlully recommend il to the Tanner of the Country
aa a great saving of labor and expense, and as giving a
tine glose and high finitb to the leather. Being satis
fied of this, we have purchased for ourselvea the right
to use their patent.
f Tanner. Salisbory 5
; ' WW. 8. COWAN,
Tanner. Rowan Count. .
' We have manufketured considerable quantity cf
leather finished on the improved plan, lately invented
by Messrs. Ronald At Miller, and we consider it of the
best quality, both for beauty of finish, and lasting pro.
party. , J AS. V. GLOVER.
Boot and (Shoe maker, Salisbury.
f pilE Subscribe; ha opened Public
House, in Mockavillo, Davie County,
where be ie prepared to accommodate
Boarder and Traveller in stvle which
be hopes will prove satisfactory lo all who may favor
him with their custom.
His Sublea will be abundantly furnished with every
thing neccsaery in the line of Provender ; hi Bar well
supplied with a variety of liquors.
discharge will be moderate. AH riotous and di-
orderly conduct
try me.
be eUictlr prohibited. Call and
A laree variety ol Garden Meedai
fur Hale at the Nalbbury llrus
More, by , C. B. WHEELER.
February 18, 1842. r
'rilERC may be had at C Fisher' Foundry, on
I South Yadkin River, Mill Iron of a I moat all de
scription used in this country 7
07an ad '
Saw Mill Irons, Gudgeoes sll sorts, Wheel of all
size., 4 c When not on hand, they n ay bo made lo
order at a short notice.
December 31, 111. ' Tr.
or TUB
.Vorlh c9rolina.TiHiperance Union.
'I'HK Male Tcinpeiaoce Society of N. C. at
nual iiiettiii;, directed its Executive Coimni
bato. 'e Register of iK oaleos which contained a his-
Uiry, lios been uspeudel tor three or tour years. It
cost about bteeamrs aa much lor a stioii an the Con
grersional Globe aud Appemiix, ai.d did not contain an
equal amouut ol matter, a great poll ion ot the current
iiTucCidiugs .being ouutlLd. We aie euaLltd 10 tnut
,Ve the d' hateTa ,1 Te , ,he "2 regional Globe and Appendi. .1 the low rate
- am) eati-ljctorr uinii7arv i T V'0!""' "y nving rge quantity 01 ly pe. and ; ,alIlcj ,0.iwue the first numlK-r of such a publication,
Yr T fr" - -:?- wrnrhe-ii;trt!Mf
the daily and semi-v. vekly GioUs, standing tor tho . ra.NCE LMO.S, on the first ol January next.
Cwgrcsaional Globe and Appj m.ix. ir we had to set Tfc ,,.,UI ,llljw:t f the L-n,()I) ml ,bew
i i J - - - "-
atford to print Uhmii lor double ttiu price now chargtd.
CoiiijiJete Inih xcs to both the ( ongiewionai Globe
its an-
oimiuttcc to
take meaaurr lor the eatabliahmeitt, at thi place, ot a
Journal, devoted to tho caune ot Temperance. 1
In obedience lo their wudics, and impressed with the
importance t tttch a publication, the Committee have
determined, if milficient tnceuragoii.tiil can be ob
of tho dsrjrith bpii.t and witli Hirnras, and m a men-. " "it r"" '' -
,.e Ikb it i hoped, will prove acceptable to ,.,. ' sion.indwnl tuall nrriU-r f.ih.-rn.
ZUlz tailf! A t-inoliarilv with don.Lt.c pol,:i , W e l.svo on hand or 4M(t surplus copie.of
Ie. bt a at the cspitol, and the y urn . GIoIk- and Apa i.d.x lor the l.xlra
cf one ol ihem abroad, ol similar, at an inter- 'Sw " ' ne U-iua ml royal
V"3 v . .a fiiihitn net iron I Kill ir'l'A thfl flllliaJ Ii.kfi.tb ii l-.,ii.
I - ' l'N'U Hill lifsal I'll f I'M'n lilthl'vhf (I W f ITlW
oktuic p rulol European hialory, havegh
-1 ..i.i fnantsL'C lor tho taak pronoMd.
timis Irom mttil'f CI t lOiirccs will alj be furnished, and
it tl.all be their effort to present to their readers that at-
. .M i. rmi ulni-h tLemiaitimikirtanitiuiic
lrsciivr " - 7 ,. ' ' l ,i, .vt
un-atil to pall up-t. trie public mmd. KvenUareconfrtant- i 1118
Ivncturriiigat home &. abroad, beyond thevphcreofmere ' w" n
I'ernMial ami pity polii.c. atteulioil lo v. Iiicli cannot
t iA .. I i,...tnii..'nn. kitd nfumrttr. iinlniri.
; I 10 eiUU'i"". I '' '' I I . .... ,,.M.a f ihe uiuwrail diallrlHm
ai in'en -is. JuUicioi; eeieciions irom lorri-n jouinaif, - - -
Xh aro roacitrHble in al..n;no,.,cu.monti .. -.i.ced in the la.c elects w.tu the east s.d mvel
c laS i:..J,li,(p,1pu!ar .Uei.tmn iu th.a country lt.. m "tern of v.l,.eh the power mtre, uc.-d,
hcu si i.uji ii i iy I . , ..-,: i..., i:d which was forced Ihrouuu Uncus wiUuitt c.
jn! !irecii'U loo e.eiuivir vi...... u. - n r n .
-lug ointitM t ..., i tinp public oDinion. or even alluwuur tne full dis-
Ihcmforfl each; thai is, i?l lor (he Coiifrefnooal
Globe, and $1 tor the Apptudix. e propose to lit
subscriber tor the (ilobe sod Appcutiix
next bcfiioii, have then, toi til cet.t eatli.
cce.-ary lo uiiilirsUiul luily tl:e pn
Ci ociiij;. ol loe in xt ;-rno'i. I tie m:pi rtuiit n utu rs
d.ciiM(.d at the laM, will be biought up at tlio m xt
d exU.H,ve -pi.Vl.iea e.xklid beyond the ro,,nes, ' f"" 10 jet t. rt ...U rest.
ocverC.i r!c. o- hiiownciwouv. Nor will l.t-ra-i I he roports rf tnc Umgrional (.lobe and Arii.d.x
and general rti-icwn te neglected, .bong- Kepi j ' '' leg,.-e by tho pany hiae
mtcrttl the enquiring renu
ubord ...arc to 'the paramounl endsot a political journal. ' ' "f o ffen paciK.-ly avntten
, . .Z r, k oftheulcfil-rstofurmsir'nt by the Re.rt.-r ami the iueu.U-r ll.emteUes.
a Siiinli'd punrr, lor which. uy jj-'"
!,ar luc.l.iPL are found a: the test l t.on inn.i in
u.fu ... I.. r.ii.r iMiht tvihlt If ill bti.l ricp
TTTU.OUV - , - - - ., flf ,.., r..llir... ....IJ .......
ll i iif.fiicf.1 -ik iii'ie nil I it .a ' -- - - -
I. I-UIHI-III ili-.ii - f,l
A d the whole ore fubjret to the rcvinon iud corrtc-
I ti6n ol the speakers, as ll.ey pa.a in review lit our daily 1 , promptly. As
T. ' sheet, in caw any iiilsiindemiiridipj or uiirrcprrsrntni nW"T?xrati'fairni
C .1 u........l ......... - 1 . ' " .
miuation or. lempe.snce principles, ne hill en
I desvor to pia M nt in its pages, a lull record of the pro
' gr hi of the Ten perance cause in our own and in
1 Ii reign lands ol its ( fleet epon UnJiwduaU and com-
muiuUes and original article iu of its pii'n
1 ciples, and in reply to the venous objections urged
, ag it, ..
j While, however, l''C promo' ion of Temperance will
' be the first and leading object of our Journal, it is our
! intuition, that it pagea shall be enlivened by a general
' summary of the mott important events of the day, and
i by particular attention to the inter of Af iieullure.
j In carry ing out this object, the Committee look with
coiifinenee tu the inendsof Teiupeiauce, particularly
i in North Carolina, lor aid and auppoti. A new mi-
pn!-e ha Uen given to Ihe eause in this Slate. Were
j this the 'proper occsfm, we could telle Isle of what
has been psnsug under our own eyee, which would
end a thrill of joy through every benevolent heart.
The reformation ot the inebriate has commenced, and
I u till going oo with a power and auccese, winch the
I must Ntnguine never dsrod to anticipator- Give us but
tho mesns ot, and we trust that an in-
! rluet
Hi lie,
I happiness and prosperity through all future generation.
I'ermit ns, theu, must earnestly to appeal to everv
friend of Temperance, Morality, and good order, to aid
the object i to commence with the
Y "anted, a number of hand to work at
V V iho niiiiing business 8t Conrad'a Hill, in
Uav.dnon County. Tho usual wngea will be giv
en, and the hand will bo paiJ off weekly, or
monthly, aa they may wmh.Good board may be
had near the mine on reasonable torma.
January 14, 1842. . -
i3MM?tl - YOU SiWiEt.
''PHERE i large quantity of Plank, Scantling
X and other building material on band for Bale al
the Millaof Charlea Fisher, on South Yadkin Kiver,
formerly Pearaon'a Mill.
A quantity of choke curled Maple Plank, uitaMo
for making house-furniiure of varioua kinda. . .
Any quantity of aw d Shingle can be furoithcd at
a or abort notice. These Shingle are alwaye made
out of heart pine, or yellow poplar, ol a regulr aixe,
and require no jointing, but can be nailed on the roor
just aa they fall from the aw Price $3 per 1JJ00 at
December 31, 1841.
at run
The publisher of thi old establkhcd and universally
popular Family Journal, would deoroitsuperogaUjry to
ssr a word in commendation of Ua past or prevent excel
lence and uselulnes. ll uonvslled and increasing
circulation, (over 35,000.) ia iu beat recommendation..
For the future, however, a determiuaUon to be riaar
in Ihe n ol Uie American Newspaper Weekly Prew,
will call tor increased expenditure end renewed altrac
lions fbr the coming year, 1842, not the least ot w hich
will be an improvement in the quality of tho paper, and
addition of popular contributor, embracing, we tolly ;
believe, the best lit to any milr Journal in tho world.
The Courier i independent in iu character, fearles.
ly pursuing a atraight forward court, and supporting,
the beat iiiteresUof the public. It is atrictly neutral in
politic and religion. t will mamUina h.ghtoneof
moral, and not an article will appear in iu page which
should not find place at every fireside. It has more '
titan dimkieAIie number of constant reader, to thai of
any other paper published in the country, embracing
the best families ot our Republic.
Every one should be proud to patron iso the Philadel
phia Saturday Conner, aa by iu unbroken scries ot ori
ginal Aaverkeii 7'ates, by sue native writer as Mrs.
Caroline Lee llentx, Mrs. St. Leon Loud, "The Lady '
of Mary laiid," Professor Ingrahsme.T. a Arthur, Ksq.,
Misa Sedgwick, Miaa Leslie, cd many otiieis, it ba ,
juatly earucd the title of the Amrrfcan Frtti7y tttti.
paper. r )
Foreisn Literature and lXewt,
Determined to spare no expense In making the Sat- -orday
Courier a perfect model of a Universal Family
Newspaper, of equal interest to all cfasses and peison
of every nation, we have made arrangements to receive '
all the Megsxinee and pspera of interest, published in
England and on ihe Connor nt, the jiews and genu of
which sre imiued.alely trsmdened to Us coldbiua, thu
giving io emigrsnU, an well s otters, a jorrect aud
coiinvcicd axcuuhLor .baievei occurs cnuterest. ci.
ther at home or abroad. t - ' f'
Part'ieulsr care is taken to procure tl.e earliest advK
cea in reference to the prices all kinds of Grain, Pro
viaion, Produce, &.C ,U.e stateof Stock, Batiks, illney
ti na ti ndrtid rcr extensive arrargeirn'titrwilMjeTCi
alter rc.ider our i'ricii Lvrrtnt of inestimable intereat
lo tlio traveller, tho farmer, and all Iuhim t 'classes 1
Tl.a general character of the Crurirr iswcll known.
Iu column contain a great variety of
and articles in literature, Science, the Art Mechanics,
TlgwIulfuYeTFuiaS; H iisic7KCrs;irttiTtTrAniai
nwnt, ana in fact, in every department usually diteussed
in a Univer&U Family ScwrllPcri f,um ,ucu wrHers aa
Mra.C. Ixe llentx. Mr. S. C. Hall, :
Charlea Dickens, (.Uox,) Proleiwor Dpngiiatri, -.
I'tnl.,.- l,.n..l,....o M M'MirK.irl. .
.H.wnM IHII,UV . . - . - - , "
Miss Mien o. KBrtd
Gcorjc P. Morris,
F Lexington most cordially invite the Temperance
Societies of Davidton and the neighboring Coun
tiea to unite with them in celebrating tl.e 4lh ol July
next, at Lexington, on total abstinence principle,
They wish all true Waahingtonian to regard tin a a
special invitation, and the public at large are also n
quested to attend.
They hope all the Societies within convenient dia
tanco will be present either in mass, or by delegation,
bringing with them their badges and banner.
Uy order of the Society.
J. L CLEMMONS, Preaident.
II. Rovtuuf ills, Recording Secretary.
Lexington, N. C, June 24, 1843. 2t
pilE Subscriber having determined on removing to
X the South, wishes to dispose of hi valuable Plan.
Ution, lying within throe mile of Salisbury, on the
Stage road leading to Mr. Locke' bridge and to Lex
ington, Salem and Raleigh, &e. ; it ia the me formerly
owned by William II. Slaughter, Esq , and it ia pre
turned generally well known. The track contains
some of which i cleared and under cuJlirilion, aiu
about ten of it first rate meadow land, it ia watered by
Crane Creek and two brinchce which run through
the land, an excellent orchard, consisting of a great
variety of very choice
Apple, reach and Cbrrrjr Trcct,
There are two d wolling Houses on the tract, the one
on the road ia well calculated for a house of entertain,
ment, it being large two etory building, very con
venient, having all nccctsary out bouses conveniently
arranged, and supplied with an excellent spring of
water. The other dwelling house i near the meadow
ground and first rate spring, from which it i supplied
with water, and a large barn which mikea it convenient
for packing away hay. The above property it pica
aotly aituatod, and remarkably health.
. The eubscYitier being anxious to tell will give a bar
gain, those wishing for further information can be grat
iflod by calling on the premiset, on the aubscriber.'
Walnut Ridge, Rowan Co., N. C, ( ,
; -r- April 21), 1312.. , ' u
fer for tale
lent ervicca
Ilurcti. i '
xApr,l 22,1912:
j S crinmi-ii .
' I f a Duvicta oi
T .' ' r ' on cheapterm,
-v 12 pir ol excel-
bie match
Stale o5 NotlU CatoVma,
i.v Qrrr.
'Daniel Delan,
T. S. Arthur.
J. Sheridan Knowles,
Mrs. M.t lon Loud,
ffcuglare Jcirold,
m. rl Uurton,
Lieut G. W. Patten,
'I ho. Campbell,
M: Mitford,
i l'rutesxir Winct,
h. L. II ilw er,
Joseph C. Neat,
Tho. (i. Spear,
Mrs. -Gore,
Juteph R. Chaudler,
Mihs Leslie, tt
l'rofexr J. Frct
Lydia 11. Sigourney,
lion. Robert T. Conrad,
Robert Morriw,
Mra C II. W. Etliog,
A. Green, Jr.,
J.ihn Neal,
Coutiies tl Rlcnington,
Lucy Seymour.
Cspt. Mart, U, R. N.
Ii. l enii Smith,
The terms of the Courier are .'-! per annum, paytklo
in advance, but when any one will officiato to procure
ten new subscribcra, and tend us &l.r), par mimty and
.CO will go forth Irom the Capitol of the old North ' fMtnjre fret, we will receipt tor one for each. Seven
e, to its remotest boundary, that will tell upon its j,"" fof U. three copies lor or 0110 copy three
years lor ijuj.
L l It 11 1 f i .
Two copies oi the Saturday Conner.snd GoJey's La-
li.-uii. Illi-V Wl
ihtt ilu-ir i.oin.oiiH sro tl.orouptil bud iiijcliant;t'ftbl
Deinotra ie, ei. Ihey v.ould Ijiii l"'pe, not iliilral or
uncUritable. 'I he will ilis-cufs qu. atiot.a anil jui';e
men wiih freedom, yet uh thut inmleraiioii
L'.ve aodiiMiHl strength to limine, snd ll.ut candor
They sro fuiiy ae.isibluof Hie iloubtannd diflicullies inuM ever attend a novel undertaking ol tin
nature. Rut una i"" may succeed, where soother ha
lailed; andfwbca otic elMll naa prove su.iu.vr,
We n.ake a daily analysis ol the doing in Congress,
and give our opinioua 1.1 it Ireelv, but this is pubiirhvd
otily in the Ihiiy, SMiii-wckly, aud Wetkly Globea.
The Daily Glulio is (lit; the Seu.i-wtf kly Globe $1
per annum, in mtrunrt. The N eekly (ilolie is printed
m tlio ww1 liinn s Ihe t'-nrtprewmnal (ihibo snd An.
perulix, and a euii.;.letu index u.aile to it at tlig end of
rre onjeci 10 commence wun the jv-4 tl)(l, ono et, wlU wol ,;,r
timmrTwrt ot rrrtnrndrmsT bo tatatrr K-iSit,'js.riiiif-tWFinrwl- r:,Uv
1 -1 .n.i.j,.i...i ii..,. i.n r.w,i. . ' ' - " " ' v'
,n . v..j ....... .u.. ....... ..1 ijifiv f j.,g yt.,r, will tie sent t (am
inrrn, aoil AVirv IpmiMTanrn rwir.itiiA r... I . '
sponsible, (, onre tor the number of copies, which they
Tlima Stuart, William' Stuart, Sarah Stuart, Dsniol J'
Stuart, I'e-gyJSiuart, and Levin. Stuart . '
It apjicaring to the fallsfaction of J?ieCourt that
Daniel Stuart, Peggy SturtkfaLenn Stuart, Dc-t
fendanta in this esse beyond tie limits of thi Sutc,
It is, therefore, ordered that publication be made for six
successitw weeka la the Western Carolinian 4br and
DefeiHlauU to appear 'and answer at !( next leraor
ihie Court, to be ueld for tl.e County of Dividson at the
Cuurt-Houae in Lexmgtun,cn the 1st Mondsy tfUrtfie
4th N.onJay in Septeuttrr next, or Judjuient pro con
loan will be entered a totlteni. . . :
ViInerV. yVoraaek, CleTlranJ Master of saidComt '
at the 1st Monday after the 4 h Montay in "
" Vaa- ' iV. WOMACt,a M. E.
"May 27, lStl-O -lVtntcr's fee jf5 W,
S iVlilHDV V A.CT O ttr .
j Mippoxe can fx' circulated in their vicinity, and forward
! their name immediately, for 10, SO, ot 60 copies, as
I they may think the demand of their neighborhood may
; pwtify. In this way only. Can we I tope lor niecesa m
each year.
T L' R M S ,
For the Congressional Globe and Anindix for the
It has been! Istt F.xtia Scswon, l.
man enter-; .... .. ., ,. ,. .:..
... . . .1 .1 ..... r i- ihwIi.ii lint.. 1 ml - ' - a - " - --v"- ' - -
l.rinC WOtrJ e" aueiuiJ "i 11 ;'. 'j
. 1 1 . . 1
euiid n.ay triumpli over every obstacle. It
sil l, by wie and a i'T at mnn, no l:mi
: alicnip "i 11 " imj'i.ii ii
! removed. 1 he uueiuiers imr .wm. m mj, .
least ; and all thev k of their trunJ is a kind .up
,ort of their fir.t snd feeble Tley venture.
n!, lo expiefna 110(0 inn r'"'"1! n.-in'iiuny or w(
l.ticellv lt.ei.dlv, will give this briil picpu tus an in- ,
a .t .11 I..n,.., I.. a..L.. L
Mitioii; a tnor wrnrinney ni ... '; ",
o 'gc in a suitable J- K M A H I IN,
. The r'prclotor will he published weekly, at Three
DotlaiM per annum, and propnriionably lor horier pe
riKis, payable invariably in advrnre; or Five Dollar
lor two nibseriplioii!", or lor two er. It i propuwrd
to iiue ihe first number early in June.
pohlmaMcr re autliorixed to remit sulfcriptmns.
letters snd oiiuiiiiriiciition to the hditur liiusf be
iikt laid or trie Addreia
J jne 3,1 W.
Washington, f). r.
fl per copy.
For the Appendix lor the next icion, $1 per copy.
Sit ot cither of tl.e above works will 1-c tent
lor $5; twelve copies lor jjflO, and so on 111 proportion
lor a greater number.
' Pnymenta may be Iranemitted by mail, rpnitagr paiil,
at our ri-k. Uy a rule of the 1W Oiriro Drparlnienf,
ihjtitmasterslsie permuted to trunk letters containing
money for subscription.
The note ol any bank, current where a nubscriber
reside, will be received by us at par.
To inmiro all the numbers, the sutw-criptiont tJiould
bo in Wahingti.n by the l.p)ih December next, at
larlhest, ia probable that we shall print
enough surplus copies to fill every fuUcripliiu that
may be paid before Ihe 1st dty of January next
Ao allntlicH teii be paitl to nynrJrr vniii f,
money afcomianir it. BLAIR ii. RIVLS.
Washington Ciy, fXtobcr S. 1 U ,
our ellorU
At a meeting of the Executive Co 1 tniltee of the N.
0. Temperance Society, the following resolution wsa
adopted : Whereas, arrangements hare been made to
commence the publication of a Temperance Journal in
the City ot Usleit'li, on the tirt week of January next,
provt led 01a thovsano Subscribers can be obtained.
llrwlttd. That it be mnnt earnestly recommended lo
eorh of Ihe OlTicers of tho State Temperairce Societyi
and to the members of the late State Convention, and
to any who are friendly to tho cauae, immediately alter
the receipt ot tlua resolution, to become responsible for
from IU to M Subscribers, so that the publication may
commence at the lime contemplated.
I!y order of the Ev-cu'.ivo Committee of tho North
Carolina Mute Temperance Society,
The North Carolina Temperance Union will be 'pub
lished weekly 011 a medium sheet, (say V(l by IH inelie,)
at tln Dollar and ritty Cents per annum, pavabln IN
AUVANCB. Leitere conummg Huhscnbert name
and reinitunces, must bo din-cted, postpaid or free, to
the Treasurer of Ihe Society, Jam as liuown, Raleigh,
All the newspapera in Uie State are respectfully re
quested to give thu Prospectus one or two insertion.
Those with whom we exchange, will add to their
many obligations by copying the above, or rctvrring to
it in their column. j ,
For publishing in (A City of Richmond, a new ll'erl;. '
. if I'uptr, to ba tutUUd . .
IT will be printed oq cood paper, weekly, unt 1 after
- tho next election, at the uncommonly low price ot.
Twenty Five cents to a single subscriber,' wine copies
for Two JJollsrs, TWENTY-THREE copiea for J-'ive
1X4 a is, FIFTY copies for Ten Dullats, payable invari
ably in advance. v . .
ll will wage an uncompromising war w itb sVi the
ruinous schemes now advocated and supported bf Uie'
Federnl party ; and nothing shall be lett undone, lurh
the most xcaloua eiertionscan accomplish, to (.fleet tho
entire overthrow oi the Federal faction at the ensuing
election. The articles will be brief, pithy and pungent,
but yet courteoua and re pectlul ; Federalism in all Ha
cameleon forma aud Protean shapes, will be handled
w ithout gloves. , .
We respectfully ask ihat generous palronage n ay
be bestowed upon our efh.rta to promote t!ie auccesv of
the cause in which we are engaged. Orders addreesed
lo Thkophui's Fiat, will receive prompt attentitn.
March IB, le-tt.
f pilIS esttUitbmcnt is now In. complete operation.
1 he Company are panutactuiuig t v k t
Co! ton Yam, Sliccting, fihiriirig
and Osnalurg, 0f titptriorualitji, -
which they olfi-r to the publio L the West market
stihtwV MTrtlianu n4 otiuir wo Bill cXiuiiine qusl;
itie atxTcoinpare Jtriees, wtH hnd it to their interest
to p.stcW i. RH4)Dt3 BROWNE, AgX
Saliaburv.JuaJtSlSli r'-i- . -"- U , ,
: .. r. -. , 1-
H VJotirci a. :
I.L these kdrbt '9 the E;tte of 8 ml Miller,
deccssed. ire rttiui frL to come forward and set-
lie th same witliout delsy ; nd 'hose basing claim
against the Estate are rrquetd to present them wru
in ihe time prescribod by la,' duly authenticated, or
this will be plead aa a bar to their re' iy." - '
Jia Of M50NNAL.KY, Adm'f.
Rowan C. June tf,Ul , , J ; St..'
i i. -
V .'K PROSriXTUS u ., t
-ft t OF TM ' ,-t t -
Western Carolina Temperance Advocate,
A twmtlil) paptr ieioltJ to the ' esjawerance. Reform
PuMikri at Athteitle, A. G, and miiltd
' eiiBBejaaasasBi
A TfiMeCRANCB CoxmrioH that wa held at this
place early in September, resolved en publishing a pa
per of the abovo title and character, and appointed Dr.
John Dickson and D. It M'Anally to conduct it. From
tho many prestung engagements. Dr. Dickson already
nas, no uee-L 11 impractical.! lor mm to do recogaiscu
a one of the editor, though be will cheerfully use sll
his inlluence otherwite, to promote iu in' real; tlie
subscriber Iherclore, proceed to issue this Prospectus
111 his own name, w ith a hope that he w ill be anted in
the undeiUking, by all the ir lends of the Temperance
cause throughout the country; and that the paper may
soon have ao extensive circulation.
FrirnJ uf tht Timpcrance Cautt! to you we nml
i most earnest upprnt white thminttit'a iipuii ilicn'
sands of dollars are annually expended at theatres, at
circuses, at the race track, at groceries, while no pains
are soared, the luxury of retirement and ease foregone,
and no labor deomod loo severe lo advance the inter
est of political aspirant, can you not do something in
a cause that must be dear to every true pa: riot, philir
thropist, and christian 1 Recollect there are but fcWj
very fuw, such papers in all the Southern country.
The Western perl of North Carolina, the Western part
of Virginia, aud the Lastern part of Tennessee particu
larly, need a periodical ft tlua kind, and it 1 foi Sci
now to sjy whether they shall ' tve it.
Tho very low price it which it wea fixed by tl.o
Convention, will make il necessary, that a very lar,?)
aiibscription bo had, before the publication of it can w
The IVesfert CamUna Temperance Advocate will
be published 011 a medium sheet, in quarto form, eac.i
number making eight pages, and w ill bo furnished tt
the very low price of Fifty Out a copy. Where sin
gle copiea are taken, ihe payment must bo msdo inva
riably upon the reception ot the first number.
" &r Postmaster, editors or publishers of papers, an!
all Minister of the G.pel, are authorised agents.

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