North Carolina Newspapers

ISuvnibcr $ o? YoVump
SALISBURY, IV. .C, JULY 8, 1842.
Whole JYumbcr 1,125.
Editor and Proprietor,
Westcbn Carolimak in published every Friday
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cccpt at the Editor's discretion, until til arrearages
arc pud,' if the subscriber is worth tho subscription;
mid" the failure to notify the Editor of a wish to ducon
tuiuc, at least one month before the end of the year
A.tbscnbcd fur, will bo considered t new engagement.
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I r cadi continuance. Court and Judicial advertise
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. Letters addressed to the Editor on business mu(
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The SUcprs (From tne Geriha'..)-'Tu9 in
Mnt slept, restmg.on tho. chock pfhod man.
Tlie to dista it points 'of 1ifs were thus, brought
: gather.' Tii'alair golden hair, of the grandson,
iiimjjied with, t! ytl very locks -of Iho grandsiro.
lliewo'extrenio link rf mortality were united.
Tin bud U beautiful ! tut the tfaflassjvHnTred
FtalU. is venerable, or it has borne blossoms, and f jrth its aweot fruits, tod atellered beneath
!:s leaves the melodious choir ef singin birds..
T!iero is n sweet smile4ipun the lips filtlieocta-.
j pun the li
siwiiaii I - Hor tioUlo una pure must that, long
ijiu iiave ocen, wnicn siju nvurnjiin un mo mn
'. imico its kind audgeulle reflection. , Ilow God
lilio must have bJeaJiis career, wlicn through all
T:rgfipf and-oTrew4f a mortal-Woriliia holy,
i inocfuj Liugh of IrUancy rests upon thy Jips, and
t'.o lu'-t linjit of lifaCis irod.Uwfn fearlessly , calmly
a-id hopefully V.J 'C "V "7
hut can tlf grntjiy sj'cct, smue .signity t
Ijes it show thai 1:0, . Jjiinks'of . her who has long
since dciceiide'd tbo gruvc that the days ot bis
" voathliavecttirticJ i hfm,'and yhat he greets her
w ith the love T.i Or irit, that the day
im come IwcU 4ojjjll thoughts , when his wife pre
3nteJ lam with' iJRr "first" born and called it by his
namo? Or is it jn.KJie thinks ol the time, when !
' is son first returned frotn the biule rioi.1, crowned
v .'hi'w laurel-f victory t t
liut now approaches that soft' with his spouse, j
ii: wishes to know if his father would remain W)2 '
: in tte-ginlWitbjIuajirnyjfindc
:.t i!Uvereif slevuio Uaicalh a Jbfly "ralm tce.- f
Tin. Ihu ilu liiid burned down tho evening lmM
irtn.f the et iwtUgTn tha-i w air irre14
" . . .. .. .
1 1 ami lendil,and braueh, into a -aweet evening
.ug..,;AU. things awcineJlu sleep, and the gray
i: -liredWn nmi his grandchild slumhored sweetly.
' " t'Kill I wah'o thpuil" saiJ th? sou genllyto
: "Mouse. . v . . t
" Ohi no-rdlieir.lcep. M heavcnlike,y shpJYe I
i lied ; x'bu may ltko lha boy out of his arms
ue seoins. Id proas loo heavily -on the cheek of his
. jramliiiUiefel jl-'..X. a.., jai.: -
Oii!4-thpy rcit Whether so deliCiously," an
.vrred tits sun.riA the armsot the gramiiather
tia b"y is Scure'4rtiaf a if he leant on tin bosom
. f Alia; aiiito Lorn 'could-wo inere tecurely trust
him!V-. W.'-
Tho 4pqusa IsngWrd 'with a mother s joy, nd
i,ith de'arlt'd. , Then, came two" Empires the
(.-) iw't-pl aver the chHJ with the sweet blood, and
t',0 other pprwohed a tfttilreart ol the old man.
Tbey -infcerlcd their soft tot and as they did
they flapped wifli theioutsprea wings like
a diltgojit servant who jafts his sleeping roaster,
aW briiigs a cool,airitliero all else is heated.
The Wood sprung forjh the breath became weak
rIL'J slnml Tik-eper and deeper, tintil it ended
in tho long, long sleep ofda'n.; Then flew away
.im i mmires satite5'e licarl'a Wood ol both.
t .1 J Lim .iWitid.'lftM.f1flft
v ben. lucn. ina;'m biiic ii'". cyvua nivw,
. . . 7 . L I...
tiKv lound kickea iu eacn oiuer s urin-, mo -".
Wof ferandslre and grandson i-and huh? thought
- ' T - m I ..I.I
I'.cv. as they wept, tnai. uie young aim mo ..iu
vti-fo then rifcting m the bosom of Alia, where I
line are safety , seconty and cposo to oe louim.
If there is an$ man who may rat his bread at '
m.-c with God.' it is the man who has brought!
at hrcad out of tho earth by his own honest in .
.rrTi rnnliivrfid hv no fraud, it is wot With ,
1 1. -ars it is stuincd with no bluod.--l-(fiu.
I Si.Lr'niliuriptionof Hunting. Going to i
ii, v Uihr the other day, he ax U mo to taKQ u ,
, rt n lilllilllll' ilh him
d Mugid tho horses, llwy brought .mo one lo
...n I.,,., rl of oiio that they told me
u. iii Mich riii'i' irim, ""' B"
. . ' ...a.. i.i ..e. nm iiiiai .in
,n :, r..ulkMmo cutter, ho I got alott, ami
d fiiv-i-l! ulhwurt ship
ii nd mude ns much
i, ;hu best on 'em j and to the winuwaru oi a
i pit, we c'ied a hare nl anchor; end s vc
... nod Ix.rc away, and just as 1 had ovtrta
- r, !! hor' i nine plump ashore upon a nek
l-aii k'i biol.e, she pitched mo over the
.M .ra .n: . n l upwards nod uiiliipped my
" . . i s
r, aii'i
h in- mo if I ever sail on mini pn-
i Iii -!i i iiiM's ph sician havini; informed I
., i . .. .ui,,.. ' l,v inches," he thankmt !
w,.. iml -(! tall hy
I.'l'il.l', Uolil.ivill.
foot uud a halt I
oor rn i that win t wo
irk both way,
el, .
,,r kii.I when he sent it hack again at
lit ad.
'n as badly cut with a knife, bv a
n Wk.burg, a f. v oays since. Tins
-. (II.,
'! "otittug Capri is wrong.
Whence are your glorious goings forth',
Ye children of the sky, . . t
In whose bright silouco seems the power.
Qfsll eternity) ,, ,
For time hath let Ins shadow fall
O'er nuny sa ancient light : "
But ye walk above in tlie brightness still
Oh, glorious stars ot night!
The vestal lamp in Grecian fario
I lath faded long ago; r
On Persia's hill the worshipped flame ,
Hath lost its ancient glow : ,
And long llio heaven-sent fire is gone, '
With Salem's temple bright ;
But ye watch o'er wandering Israel yet,
Oh, changeless stars of night!
Long have you looked upon the earth,'
u or vale and mountain brosv :
Ye saw the ancient cities rise, "r
And gild their ruins now : .,. ?i
'e beam upor. the cottage home, ,t
TIlA riiuiiiiiM.V n-tli r,f mif.l.f '"' V-J
And shed your light alike on all,
, Uh, priceless stars of night I
But where are they who learned from you
The fates of coming lime, f
Ere yet the pyramids arose
Amid their deserts climol
Y'ct s till in wijds and deserts tar, , - . -
Ye bless the watcher's sight; . f ,
. . , And shut where bark fiatri never bocnj a
Oh, lovely stars of night ! -
Much have ye seen of human tears,
. . Ot huinao hope and love :
And fearful deeds oi darkness too,
Ye witnesses abotte !
' , Say, will that black'ning record liyo
. " Forever in your eight ;
. Watching for judgment on this caith,
Oh, sleepier stars of night ! l5jfi
ct glorioui was tlie song that rose
' With the fresh niofniflg's dawn ;
, Aod still amid our euuimcr sky -
Its echo lingers on r
v Though ye have shone en many a grave,
Since Edeu's enrly blight ; i.
7;- Ye tell of nope and jjloiy still, ,
Oh, deathless stars ot night !
Tha nature of iho Turkish Creed is a little
kuown to Uie neoilo generally, as the Turkish
character. Some of its poiuts are curious euouzh
The Turks insist upon the unity of God. They
believe that the Saviiur was the Sun of the Virgin
Mary and was concivcd by tho " Ranali which
is the breath of tht spirit of (lod. Thoy bolteve
that he was a great rronhet that he had the now
cr of performing miracles that be loretold the
coming of Mauoinet, who is also no more than a
prophet. They btliove Christ shall come and judge
the world that he ahull reign Tyrty ; years in
Damascus, during which time Anti Christ shall
arise, nitor whose destruction Christ shall asccuJ
iu'a heaven, and then tho day of Judgment shall
ho held. Thry beliv! thai the Gospel w. is stilt
by JYkus, bs the law was scut to Moses, and the
Psatnw t Dvid. .
Tliev believe all the prophets of the Old Testa
ment they belr?vo inrparadiscj miicll, but nnr in
'. I I . r. i... . I .... I. ...... . ..i
purgatory, iinteau oi tnis tiicy navo a place caned
" Artf," to be inhabited by those who have led an
insignificant life, in winch tho good and ev.l are
equally balanced. The paradise of Muliomet is
sensual -lovti) garuenii, iuir iruiis, iresn iouimhihh,
..Jl'jtwinjuf ver milli and .iue,.ahe soiigof tbv
IJouris -every thing is addressed to the senses.
So it is with their Hell the wicked are to drink
.scalding water, and lo ;ai the, hitler Jruit UXetM.l
ttill, lor awhile they have hope, if their faith be
pr of against torment, after all their sins lie washed
away in tho waters ol Satzaboul, they are admitted
into Paradiie. Hut to'those who nave no laith. tlie
fires of hell are eternal. The Turkish belief in
fuislisin i- well known; it is this, in connection
Mith- the reward oi Paradise, to ihor who die ml
battle, which makes the Ottoman soldier a for
niidabb fuc London Quarterly.
" Well, how do you like your hushaud I
said a
fenml" friend to a newly married lady.
" Oil, he's a duck of a man,'' reidied s-io who
was e'J lying the honeymoon.
"A duck, oli I" kjiJ the querist, "ah! then 1
havo been uustuken in my ojuuiou of Ins species ;
I always believed lum lo be a goose !
Goo for llim.-M on- of our fasl.ionhle water
ing places, recently, happened a self important
foreigner, who, oiion hearing llio dinner bell ring
past three o'clock, exclaimed" Is it possible you
ilino ul tlnseaily hour io this country I Why I
h ive u 't been used O dimng till 7 or & o'clock in
' Our fcrond tollr fidks dine hero very late also,"
was the reply ot a Yankee present.
ll'ipiU lletort. Napoleon's hat onco fell off at
u icvicw, whi ii a young lieutenant ftoppe.l lorward.
picked it up, and returned it to him. " Thank
ymj rni'toin." said lb'? Kniwiror. " l.i what regi
meni, sire 1 retorted the Sub, quick as lightning.
Napoleon smiled, passed on, and forthwith had tho
lucky youth pwmotcil to tho step of Ins ambition.
Old Maiih.A nprightly,writer expresses his
opinion ol old maids in tho following innniipr, and
we c moot but admit that thero is much justice in
his remarks:
"I am mc ined lo believe that many of tho
satirical aspersions cast upon old maids, tell more
to their credit limn is generally imagined. Is a
woman remarkably neat in her person 1 "Kho
will certainly ho an old maid." I she particular
ly reserved towards tho other sex T " Sho has all
Hie Mjueamishiiess of an old maid." Is she
hi bar expenses, and exact in her domestic con
cerns T " Sho is cut out' lor an old maid." Ami
if she is kindly humane to tho animals about her,
nothing can save her from tho appellation of " an
old maid." In short, I havo always found, thut
neatness, modosty, economy, and humanity, are llio
never tailing characteristics of that terrible crea
ture, " uti old maid 1"
Ann Kose has married Joseph Sweet in Phila
delphia. Joe thought that " A Rose by my other
muno would smell as fc? wed." . . "
The Melon SredYThe Mills Foint Herald
gives a sketch of great interest relative' to a law
ycrol this city. It is a column lonir. and wo must
condense it. , It relates, that at a restaurant in this night ,waa assembled a party of young
reoies, i me invitation of one of- their number
who had lust taken out license to nrnctice law in
Louisiana , The host alter drinking much wine,
got boisterous, and looked nround, anxious to find
somebody to insult, lie at last discovered a Hparn
old man in a corner, at whom he commenced firing
melon seeds Irom between the thumb and. finger.
The first one hit him on the left ear. Tho second
struck his band, and tho third rebounded from hi
breast. i ' v
" You ere a bad shot." said the old man. risin-r
" I will give you a few lesjons," and he handed
his card. The parties met with pistols next morn
ing on the Shell Road, near the halfway" houo.
The Creole fired first, and missed. v
' Monsieur," said the stranger, " you aro too
hasty and you bear too hard on th trigger, but it
is my (urn, I advise you to stand coot and firm,
the least variation might cost you your life. Vou
aimed at my eje yesterday, but hit my ear it
was well you missed." " l)e raised the pistol, and
muttering "Monsieur' fight"' ear," be tircd--the
lower lappel of the right ear was' shot away.
" One losson 'at a ' time," said the unknown, " is
enough ; tiere,sir, is your first melon eeed;Adiea,
you shall hear of me again." i. "
Twelve mouths -had passed tho occurrence
above related was almost forgotten by tho actors
when one evening at the Theatre I Orleans, the
Creole fell a slight tap on the shoulder ; he turned,
and the mysterious stranger bfthe restaurant stoo l
by his side. " Monsieur,'' whispered ho, " I owe
you another Icssgsare you at leisure tomorrow
morning ? ' " ,
" A totre tenict, Monsieur." ' ft
They met again, and the Creole missod. Suid
the old man " you have tint improved much since
your ta-st lesson. Yurrecoad shot at the restau
rant struck my hand, therefore this goes on tin
samo'""sriot,'and''"at"'Ihd'"'firii5gor'llioiistol,'ihe Creole's left hand huiiK in shreds to Ins urm.
" The next time we meet, Monsieur, your breast
shall be tho taiget," cxcluunnd tho unknown, as
he banded over the second melon wi-d carelully
wrapped in a piece of par. Au rteoir."
( Iho Creole recovered but lost his hurits, and.
was a changed man. . .. .
A low weeks ago, the Creole received a smiill !
package from Havana, accompanied by a letter
from a hotel kecfier thcro, suiting that tho said
package was ordered to be scut to Ins address by a
foreign gwitlenun who had tliere died,
lie opened the bix, and found therein, a sniiill
I purse containing one mrlon Kid The vru.i.NoLft
WAS 0 5MRE ! I
Tho writer ol the sketch says the nbovc i no j
fiction, and that tho p.inripil actor even uov re-j
sidns-in Now Orlt''w, n ln,-tV.HH4 .rfecnrtttj
ni'-mlier of the bar; nnd ofion relates I lie nliove'
sketch of bin adventure to his fiiends, to show how ;
dearly he paid lor liio exren of one inlit ul the
restaurant. Crtuent Cityr j
"Some people," said the Itaicon, at a Confer
enco meeting, " say and maintain tlmt there it no
soul. Now, 1 sa, there is one. There can he
no doubt about it. 1 am as ccitnin of it hs 1 am
that 1 have jostieeeived a load often from Chun
: al.j i w.ii alli Phn - nnv ,.il..r man."
A Victim of Superstition A lady arrived in
llioier.Utuly, briiot outah. er-vaut-wHii h-r.
On did day alter her arrival, tho latter broke a I
looking gluss. She became much alarmed at the I
I trilling circuniblaiicc, covered over the glasswiihaj
liaiidkerqhiel, and turneil it to the wall that nho i
might not see it. She expressed her conviction '
tlmt it foreboded a life of trouble and misfortune,;
ami could no! dismiss tne subject from Ii r mind. i
tiliv 4id k!io should
never prosper
in the worlil i
ai'aiii. iiaunteU by tins idea, site becamo mi!, i
In'tainn hii!.
1 di jecteil, and went lo bed on Weduosday, t.vo da)s j
I alter the accident, noorlv and miserable, retiring 1
! earlier than usual, on a croon! of her illness.
Tlio next day she was worse, and hor unstress de- J
sin J her to get up. On l'riduy,ono ol the mo-l ex-1
penoncod medical gcntlunieii of tho place was cal
led in. Ho louud her Iree Irom bodily pain, but '
sulk-ring under a perfect prostration ot streugth and i
spirits. ti-- Cinliiiued o sink until I'i o'clock
i in-xt day, when she expired a victim l the abi.ird ,
I supers.lit.on ol Iho dreadtul consequence, of j
breakl"S a looking glass!-A. . blandurJ.
" What are you crying for ?" nsked Trap of n
miser, who had witnessed an execution lately.
" That's one nf my suiptndtJ debts," rrplied
the man. " I hat lellow you
broke, owed mc liliy dollars."
seo with his neck
L,A, U", Law. Tom strikes Dick with a com '
Ktalk, on winch Dick brings an action ugainM Tom, '
whose offence is set forth b Dick's attorney in.
the following langu-igc : " And thut, whereas the
v i'il Thomas at Mid town, on tho yrar and dav 1
last aforesaid, in, and upon the body of Iho said ,
Richard, aguinst the peace of this Slate, then and j
tin re being, did make u most violent assault, an I
uiilicted a grout many and divers blows, kicks, !
culls, thumps, ciutusioiis, guslics, wounds, hurts,!
cuts, damages, and injuries, in und iip'm tlie head, i
neck, breast, stomach, hips, knees, shins and heels, i
of tho said Kirhard with divers sticks, slavr, j
stones, g'ins, swords, dirks, bowie-kliiveg.dny.Ti, !
pistols, cutlasses, bluilgeons, hlimderbues, und I
boarding pikes, then and thero held in the hands,
paws, list, claws, teeth and clutclirs, of linn, thej
said Thomas." i
" Words Fitly Spitlcrn." Nothing could rlloc- j
tunlly redeem Iho nntion, nothing could ever restore I
tho polmy days ol her past prosperity, but patient ,
Inbor, general habits of couniny. nnd l ie retrenrii
mcnt ol individual cxponditurcs.
It is a saying of Dr. Southey's that livo ns
long as you may the first twenty years tiro tho
longost half of your lilo. They apiwar so whilo
thsy aro passing they soom to havo been so when
we look back to them, and they take op more room
in our memory than all the yearo that succeed j
A Norman Pilot and hi family The "Ex
cursions in Norms'idy" give, the following vivid
description of a bold and fearless Norman Pilot:
" In Iho night of the 314 or August, 1777, in a
most tremendous storm, a vossol attempted to run
into the harbour of Dieppe. U iUssard, the IMot,
who was nuyer missing whim the tempest raged,
was on the pier, and seeing that the Captain of the
ship inado suveral false manus ivres, he called to'
hi ul will) his speaking truinict, directing him
what to do, and- strove by his gestures to render
himself, intelligible. Owing to tho storm and
darkness bit c(lorta proved unavailing, and iho
ship struck about thrity fathoms above the pier.
Everv bodv excentin? Uousssrd trave up the crow
for lost. Determined to aave them, he was going
to tiO; a Irpe around his body and carry it to the
ship ; but bis wife 'and children and bis friends
surroundAd him and besought him by all that is
sacred, not to rush uselessly into utter 'destruction.
Uoussard listened only to 1 he voice of humanity,
und he at length, prevailed opon them to take boinA
his wife and children. V'"r-v-4'
Having tied one end of Iho ropo To his boiK-.nud
fastened the other to the piert he plunged mto tb
sea. rl wsmty tilings did the wavrs hurl him back
upon the beach, and fa'afton did he plunge tigaiu
into the raging billows. A fresh wave flung him
towards tho ship, and ho disappeared beneath bet.
' A gonerat crj of horror proclaimed his destruction
- nut no had only aivea to lay hold ol a sailor wnoin
the sea swept from the dock, and' whom ho con
trived to take senseless to the shore. 'A last at
tempt to reach-the ship proved successful ; ho
climbed her side, and conveved to tho rew then
rope by which they-wcre drawn'asliore.ohe after
.ano her. liut Uoussard had not yet finished Ins
glorious work. Exhausted with his exertions, lie
was conducted by his friends to the nearest house.
A gust of wind wafted to the shore the cry of a
passengor who had been left behind, and Boussard
sum learned that there was another (bllow creature
to save, lie felt his strength renewed, and before
those about him we're aware, he had rushed but ol
tho house, plunged again into llio seaTaud was
battling viih the same dtfliculiies which he had
bolore r-ocouniered, .md which he overcame with
tho like success. :' ' -
The passenger was saved. Eight out of ten
persons owed" their lives "to his courageiius' exer
tions. Louis XVI made him a present of a thou
sand francs and settled on him a pension of threo
hundred, lie was appointed kceper'of the pier
lighthouse an ollico which has ever since been
held y tho iloiisiard, descending Irom father to
soon and not a year lias passed Unmarked by
deeds worthy of the first possessor. Close to the
parapet of tlie pier, of Dieppe is a pole covered
wiih copper, to uliirh is fa-tened a'chain. Here,
in every orm since 1777, whether in the night
or the dav, a Boussard has taken his station, thug-
ing to iho chain,. nnd served as a warning voice
to those whom i!aoi;er and- the tempestuous sea
pursued into the harbor. And though iho waves
broke over him, though Ihey-waahcd him froinl
ins. pusi of nonur, rising irom thmr . txiiom lie
- would agaia giveadwee, wilhiua speaking trumpet, L
in defiarwe ol the sea and - all its fflorts. r ifi
liincsTuis a iTouard risked nis lifu lo'savo the
r lives of others. Napoleou ordered a hous to be 1
built for lum cloc to the spot here the lirst l.ous
said perioriiu'd his heroic nehievemciit. He gave
him the cross of honor. For imre than half a
century, whenever there "has be n a vssol or a
lellow crenture to save, tho people navo asked
" Have we no I'uUNsard here !'
One of tli? gn3 t i m ii irs"m'"Tii c r"iR r TFo 6 Ts'stV
is Hliere, s)K-ikini; ot Kailrustls and StcainboiU, to
Villi ot which lie frequently si(iii(i?i his abliorrence,
he !)'-! tin y aiiiuhilste bolh since snd time,
llio ncswpnrn say, nut to uuntwn a multitude of pat
tcngt r$ it sides.
Sinaring cut of Juii.A Vrm Plan. In a
village down ea-t s mevliore a " Hankrupt" was
imprisoned bir.iuse ho couldn't pay his debts. It
was cujt'iinury -with a ceriaiu clergy mail to visii
the prisoners once or a week and give tlivui i
" " :
nJvk o and instruction. It so happened that on ! """io a young may at tne houso or Iho gentle
the day niter the debtor was imprisoned the clergy !"a" lludud ,l0' 1,0 dl,i not lh,nk her dangerous
man visited the j.ul, and his utiuutiou was arrested i ,'t"CK-t'avo her some medicine, and knows iiothing
hv the vociferous languugo of somo person in on i ",oro m-J"or' J "l"ii did not arc the
ad aning c-etl wnnnx the mot horrid imprecations ' corIMe ".r d,d ,,,e olHCiating clergy as du.
and blasphemies. Tno good man instuiitly homed ) 11,0 ""rl ceremony the coffin remaiiK-d
t-i th scone of confusion, where ho beheld an in i c '. , "! Bre KPnl as., to her being
diMdual n. an .Jd stool in a corner, no- j rca" a., ." .e"a"'",illon he grave is
ping and sa caring wholesale -oralis at , llio walls,
grates, flmr nu J door of the jail, his fellow jjmoii
ers, and every thing nrouti I In n. The minister
npproached llio dobtor nnd s-ud to Iimii " I'ricnd,
it is very wrong to swear us you do ; Why will vou
do it V
" Itecnuso," replied tho prisoner, ' I've under
stood thai" a man ma swear out of j nl in thirty
days, and I Mailt to soe if 1 can't do it m littcen.
I'm going to set up alt night nilfl do mi d -Jitf 7
.. ... ., ,i.i- i
riahtiniT Mill. An linnpst liinnrr iv in via nl
an agricultural show dinner, w litre the late I'ukc
"-"" - i
lighting men being toasted outgiving Wellington,
unolln r t'rah.un, a third Lord Hill, and so on,
said, when it ca i.o to Ins turn, I'll gie ye Siun (
dcrs Pirgivie, o' Ciichloiulcaii, for he's had a sair
r.t 1'iiKPlniirh iris in tftn rlirir un l l r .,1 ..I"!
fecht wi tho world a' Ins life an honest mail wr
a big family." Augusta Chronicle. 1
Wrai inif Long Hair. Tho yrcat industry man !
'ifi-leu in the cultiviition of tho hmr crop by tho j
' rising generation," lias culled tori Ii a cuisiderablo
quantity of ridicule Irom our brethren of the press. '
May they not havo been doing liieso young gontlo. j
men injustice hv attributing to vanity what isnctu I
allv h matter of necessity I We have examined u I
' . i ., ,-. i i
hulodm-per than tho surface at tho ruth
. . ...... mA in ii ami bis) ir1innil tl IkftlinL'IS tliitl fliiu
in regard to il, and aie inclined to believe that this
1 ..1 l.K.M U . lutim Bfltkf.l.i.l Kar flinnmns i
redundancy of hair has been adopted by the wear
ers in order to supply a lack in tho weight nf brains L
nnd ballast the head on tho shoulders. Columbia
(."'. C) Chronicle.
A Sultan's Prtient.A splendid Arabian blood
horse was brought here in the bark Eliza, arrived
on Thursday from Zanzibar, Bs a present Irom the
Sultan of Muscat, tn David Pmagree, Ksq. nf this
v-i'v. Two Arabs were liltowio nt over by the!
Sultan to lake charge oi the steed, and they attract
a great deal of notice whenover flicy appeal in too
strcot, on account of tho singular and picturt-squo
-ttylo of their native costume. Salem llrgttter.
Law is like a window of stained glass, giving its
own peculiar tint and hoe to the bright rays of
truth which shine through it.
A gentlmnn in Eaat Tennessee, (Mr. James
Shields,) having seen in tho Advocate an account
of the death of a person from the bite of a rattlo.
snake, sends us two remedies tor (he r-tfrctual euro
of the bite of that venomoos reptile, Which abounds
in our fiinie. uur corresponuont say: "1 was
occasionally with different tribes of Indians ni Mis-
souri dunug tho summers of 1920 and 1821 and
tho romody below was the Universal practice ; and
1 never knew it to be otherwise than to produce a
successful cure in tho ease, unless ho fangs of tho
snake pierced a vein when such occurred it was
beyond tho 'reach of remedy, us the poison went
hvith vho circulation of the brood." Thc following
is tho romody used by tho Indians oi Missouri :
Take of Black Ash leave's, als'o of tho 'Btom of
same; boil lo, a Strong docoatioaVrnuke theetif.'
ferer drink'as mach as the stomach will bear fgr
tea hours; at the sarm timo koep. a poultice of . "
strong tobaccS oniho wound renew tho 'tobacco'
every two liours:i A radical euro wilt be cfll-ctcd
in'ierr hours. 6 If you will 'confine aratitesnako . -(ho
snys) under tho shade of llio black ash 21 hours,, - '
it will die. I noticed that all Iiuiiaus would camo .'
for the night in summer uuuere black seli; and.
would give thelrreason, that wat holy groundthat.- .
nothing evil wpuld eutertlcrc.'?.;JIh 8ecolldxe.,1 .
fnedy Mr. Shiolds'send us as follows: ."tfo suorr as'1
the snake bites, drink one, table ,ipooriful of tpiritt'
of turpentine, and apply the same measure to'tlio'
wound. I would advise all hunteri to carry a vial
of lh,9 turpentine while oi Ihei'r'excursion in tho .
woods." ; We return our thanks VMr. .Shield for
flrwarding to us the above remedies; and if 'they '
should be the means of preventing the- death of any
i-rnun, no win ii.-t.-i more man rnpaiu lor.iiw iroub'O
an ounce'vial tillod with vniejrar, cork it tiahf and
hang it in tho suo. In a couple'of days it ha
fit for "use. . I Sf Z V f?''A'll
I o make tho preparuiignjTo the, above, take a
lump of poarlash toe size o"f a oheBiiut, and dtssoWu "
it in a gill of ram waters "V "' ' - ?;
The part oft the muslin whicir'is to rb8i,fwritfcrl,
upon is to Im wet uiih the' preparation, alid dricd '
and glazed with a warm (hi iroii : iuiuicdiatoJy
after which 'it . isready M nwrking'. , , '; . ;
A little viiiegii' in wliicVa ustyfiaihu'fe,
mained for a low dajs, niskcs a mark oil Illicit
which is nof; easily obliierBtcd running h hat "
commomy raueu iron-inouio. " a' -
Piwt. A-jobe That WoliavoHievcr Teard tofd'
U,u that ot ail honest M Duiciiiniiti Wlin"
was solicited, among other members ol the church,
to subscribo tor putting up a ligiituing rod on jho
building. Tho uniounl of his objection "was. that:
he considered it sacrilegious to interfere 'with hu
man means when divinity chose ( "rattlo down
the stones of a (emjilo ot worship ! . ' .i" ,
Strange Incident. The" Buffalo 'Commercial;
is exciting no Utile attention there.". It seoiris that
sometime Ust surjuner the death ofavourot ladv
was announced, tho notice being furnished by her,
father, a geullrman of great resiiectability. : It has
lately been maue kjiow thai hor hre was insured
lor SI 0,090. Th Company refuses to pay the
amount on the ground that they aro not satisfied as
lo the mode of her deatn. They have sent auts
io procure eviuence, una from the testimony they
have collected it appears tlmt about the timo of Iho
..II.. 1 ..i t. -i .....
1 f T ' V"?1 C"y a called
death would become a subject of investigation.
a ouu aro ijs-uu. IIIO IIlMlirtf P M ton
St. Pierre, in his " Study of Nature," says
" Tho nations that subsist on vegetable diet are of
j all men the handsomest, tho most robust, tho least
expesed lo disease and viotuiU passions, and attain
tl'tn nrpilK.I li.nrrA., I "
... b.w...v. ,v.,0w..v.
" My wife is hard to beat," ns tho gentleman
said who. endeavored to chastise his lady, and
...i.i...,i., r., i i.. ...!.- , . ... ..
ouu.,. Hi. iuuiiu iiiiouo Biiratt in" unucr tho ueu 1
la """vl " utu .
I .. .11 I . .. .-
.u "in 1'arnoior 5a!, --ii you sue a man or wo
ian, with little or nn occasion, ollen linding ,ult
and correcting ono tinotlior in company, you may
l,e sure they aro mail and wife,"
Uathrr Short. It is stated as a fact that Cant.
Tyler had but six and ono fourth cents m Uuclo
Sam's htrong box, last Saturday week.
Srnt'ition. Innumerable facts serve to convince
us that the mind cannot well uttend to two or
sensations at llio sauiu time.
"Hold your tongue," mud a Freiiclimini, " you
talk so that 1 cannot tasto my hieal." I'ho French
",u" 'S"1 1 1"1 nuuiiiioii to soijiius is nut es
Im 0 fu c '
,. . 11 1 "U T
of (Uo Us 0,-i,,ll0
Credulity A lady, soino timo back. m'a visit
to the Uritish Museum, on being told that the ku!l
shown to her was that of " Oliver Croimu'll," ob
served thai that was strange, us sho had noen an
other skull of the usurper in the t)xior I Museum,
winch "was much larger.
" Ye, umdam,".aid the conductor, " but oiir spe
cimen ts that of his sku'l win he was very young.
in lurills limr them lor OUhlii-nllnn. Snulhrrn Ait. . I
tocate, ' r - r ' "iff i ; 1.. 'r '
f'u ,, : ' i
-,T tmiif permanent nwrJtm;M-. Tuko 0" lsj j
cents V orth ol iunar caustic, and,' bavins put it in - . , - I
1 1
' i s
:- ' ' :. - '' - ' '-.
. , '' k ,ti rw T f

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