North Carolina Newspapers

Friday, July 8, 1812.
Democratic Republican Nomination,
. rot oovmroa,
1,01718 D. II E IV It Y,
0 Cumkriani.
That lla Whig n Congress are now using eve
xy ertionlo lay upon them the following taxes i
Oj coarse cotton shirting oC 30 inches wide 100
tier cent. -
On the same of a little finer quality 73 per cent.'
On coarM clicoi 140 per cent.
On flinnoli 87 per cont. ,.;.
Oa cut nails 3 conla per pound.
Oil wrought nails 4 cents per pound.
On Salt 1 0 cents per bualiel of 60 pounds.
On iron lj cents per lb.
On brown sugar 2 cents per pound.
Oa lump sugar 0 cents per pound.
And on almost every thing elso of common con
sumption under the' suni are these Whigs now lay
ing like heavy taxes. ; i '
Farmers of North Carolina ! will you elect for
rmir Governor John M. Morehead who ta one of
die party in favor of theso taxes or will fou elocl
iTiat firm and u'ueompromisirg Domocrat, Louis D.
Henry, who is utterly .opposed to these,, and aH
o'.hcr rehemes for loading the people with unjust
anrbppreM(ve taxation T;,i
hnpeuclm'nt of the President of tht Uuited
John j(. Botts.'lhe member of Congress Irom
the Riehmoud Va. District, has wnltca letter
to a Whig 'CoenrtiiitCB in the City of Now York?
in wliirli he compares Mr. Tyler to Judas Lcariot
undta Pciiedicr jAnulddinnnllX-rPTo,1
'CvptachmttU btfrfrc'CowrcSs. -vThis loo Appears
in MJone iq all seriounuess'and is responded b
,iU Tinjts willt decided approbation., Thexriroo
Jrf wdithjbc'Presidoofui tT ie impeached fc. hte
Tioes "cf The' ji.k and thrfTarilhwis I . ,
W caly hopo '.this teckless, and politically
inainhwi msaBytts, tll bringf rwsrd his articles
vt Impeachment, .that Ufti! length to.wWhlhe.
iLniutfjnndTarifntes ifb williog w gQin-nhe
prrseoulion of Jtff LTyler for daring to oppoew their
tdo cthemes fur plundering the people, may be
rlearly seen. We ctcll these tyrannical parti
mr; th y ro pushing their denunciations
I j.nrit the wemul mao ol tbetr choice a little too
1 r.: -lUe luudeiMa Whigs in the country are re
'if i at. ro action in spproatidajjt
TT"i t self of Flr Tyler -- begin already
?vwhim t-i St'ii itsolf. 1 iT '-"i'
", imifif&iVtif the (State Deltt.
W in. LVir Johnson, a 'hig member fmm Ms
rMr.d,'tf about to bring aJtill before Congress for
a inning the Stat dt bit amounting to about "two
I.iin4ffil tml(ion0f dollar- Whenever Ihe Dom.
-witg 'piiffyjcTmriyej. thjfeigpojt.llhftricdei.l
VhlfSi(retpfer, they have always denied It most
U0iiuin.1y, now,liie thing is openly avowed, and
N'dtib Csrolis,"wha do ot owe one dollar of Slate
IV., willing blaxed to payan'y part of the debts
if Mary bind aud other states that tiavs run them'
tclvcstoihe .verge 'of baiiktuptcy by a course
dcadlonc-rfein 'U eatravagance T ff not, there h
uo cilser way to nvof it butrlo nntte as one man
andouijVhiggcry out ai poner, wilh fll its ijo
- That this iniquitous eclwmoii about to be pushed
forward l.y the Whigs'every where is beyond oouM
In reuiisylvatilajud ificw here they are already
I jetting op incmoriatoprayingand urging CongreM
o swume all the State debts.' riot a single u nig
jhper in North Carolina bas yet uttered awurd
agviul Ibia scheme, ana as soon as tne eiectioiis
are over, we may look to tee them come out for it.
r-nouia me nest -gi.niiu vu uom u'ui; vi
ii-1 - - 1. . .1... j;- ii.
prt in feivoring the measure as another means of
creating a neecsnty for a bigh.Tanff, and ;tion.
I-t the people of North Carolina beware then
and act in time. Ihcy havobecn deceived once
by the" cunning arts and promises of Whiggery ;
ill (hey bo deceived in like manner again 7
The United Slates Ranlt and Mr. City. In
l1-!! when a Bill wa before Congress to re-char-
"r the first United States Bank, Mr. Clay took
Ml and prominent stand aninat it. He opposed
Mich an Institution on tho ground thai it was
unconstitutional, and dangerous to liberty.
Mr. Clay was then fiesh from the people he
ii.fn was a Democrat, but after his visit to Europe,
' came back ntt only a Bank man, but a Tariff,
itc and Federalist or Whig.
t an it U poskible that any man of intelligence
' w n riiHisly Ik-lievrs that tho cnpla of ' the
I HiT'l States will ever okcl Henry Clay their
I'n-M b ui 1 Vim when tlieir ey es ste opened lo
'Vn Imrn'.iug nnd deception of Whigpery prnc
t " .1 iii tlm list Presidential contest, srd they are
;Kf the ects end schemes of Fcdnralisin cli--puisrd,
idoy mI place this man in power, whom
'W have so rlten reiectcd nnd defeated under
circumstances much moro favorable lor his clova
ti iii ? Tho uullcilj;cd green-horns ntny think so,
Iml imone -.ho looks earrfully at the signs of tho
limes con believe it. No, Harry of tho West "
ill never bo. President over this Republic. 'Fho
'iv (if his public lifo arc numbered.
Governor MorchcaA-..hard at it.
His Excellency Governor' Mordiead u now in
the upper Counties laboring hard to regain hit Iwi
popularity. We have conversed with one of his
political friends who heard him at Kerner's Cross
roads in Stokes County. There were about 150
persons present, ond friond Blum of the Salom Ga
sette eays a smart sprinkling" of these 'were
" loco focos." His Excellency did not consume
much timo on Federal politics ; poor Ogle wa
wholly negloctedand not a word was breathed
about the "good limes" promised in 1840.... He
dwelt very extensively on all the, fino thingi
lie has doue for the State since he was elected.
The "Swamp Lands' seemed to be the topic on
people present that he had marched about in these
Swamps, for days at a time, half leg deep in mud,
scratched by tlio bamboos, and bit by the gallinip
pcrs all lor tlio good of the peoplo. He spoke
four hourt on a dead stretch to these' 150 men
what patient hearers they, were, to be sure I aud
then niarchod o(T to Salem, not to make another
speech, but to" tarry for the night, and refresh
himself for next day.". Ho was eicorted, says the
Gazette, by Lawyers Bayden and Lillington and a
gentleman by the name of Withers, a Doctor,
who it seems is also an Orator. As soon as the
Sulem Hand heard of his arrival, they inarched
down with fiddle, trumpet, drum and fronch horn,
and discharged a fliwrisb of music aC himT IoTthci' management will not save tbem, The people
took it in good part, but declined making a speech.
Lawyers Hoyden and Lillington and Doctor With.
.cts however, paid the "Salem Band" for their
muie in good Whig stuff of 1840, to thoir hearte'
content. His Excellency next morning travellod
19 I
for Surry, whore he no doubt labored hard in his '
vocation, but bis eflorts in Surry as in Stoke nei-
tljer converted Democrat, nor quieted the concern
ot tne nnigs. nio tucl is, though tbe organs or
Whiggery may puff and blow as much as they
please about it, His Excellency is not helping
himsclf.muclHnr the West, but doubtless feel aw
'ful apprehensions about the 4th of August, and is
trying hard to save his kinking cause. No c (Torts
of his however can prevail to keep up the " delu
; sion; tbe violated promises the broken pledges
the "reckless legislation pfjhc party in power
.thoir uiiof incompetency to control the Government,
and their outrageous acts, are bearing him and the
n hig party in North Carolina, u tbey have ever
1 "where ele, down dowiu -Tbey haw been trkd
t by tbe people, end railed they have been weighed '
and found wsnting, and now their days arenum-
bcred their hour is. near at hand. Let them
prepare to die ia peace 7
"A Regulator." The chiof argument of ihe j
Bank men in favor of a great National monopoly !
I is, Ibal it may reufe ".the currency and ei-
rTrs, TJT rttT f Do., has fled again,.nd hi. army at
United Slates Bank has hud the wholesome effect Chepatcket, his late head quarters, hss dispersed,
ef opening the eyes of many who were deceived by Some accounts state that one or two men have been
Ibis fallacy. Among others, tbe Bostoa Courier, killed ; though the better opinion is, that the war
an acknowledged' Federal paper, and ono of the hu beeB Nodle. f" n regards men, Ut that
oldestand abksat of idai'psrry id the country, bas a ouad rePuUi' principle has bsea woundcil.
tho booosty to. renounce the idenufLaNatiooalL--- - .
o .. . -. 1 w - r'f m r
. hu ivwui stiniiiiigui maae in rauaaeipuia
prove, that the cireency and the exchanae.Pcan
be restored without Ihe agency of exebefuer or
an other wnct,. but . little c4d faAiA kn.
ti. ,rr ik. i-.i n..i.. '
Joit M. Mo.cncAo is fori
The Tarifl taxes i owns Totton Foctoryr""'"'
He t for : ,
Tds Bankrupt Law;
The e Nrtmirar Debt; " " T
Giving away the proceed of the public Jands wden 1
tiie Treasury has not a six-pence in it, and mnncy '
haa lo ba borrowed lo carry on tho Govemaient
from day Ic day; j
For breaking down the Constitution by " restrict j
ing that is, abolishing the Veto Poicer; j
And for all the other ruiiiou and destructive acts
of tho Whig Congress in tho Extra Session.
On the other hand : j
Loi'ts DfeHcs.jr is deckjediy opposed to litem
in letter and spirit. !
He is for :
Free trsde and equal right" ;
Againsl Tarifl taxes and exclusive monopoly privi
leges ;
Against the Bankrupt Law, and a National Debt ;!
Against Ihe bribcrv Distribution Bill; -Opposed
to abolishing ll Veto Power ;
Opposed to the now Whig "Pension ytcm" of
giving away tho p iblic money to Mrs. Harrison
or any body else.
In a word :
Henry is the man for tho People.
Morchtad is tbe man for Ihe inonopoluts.
OCT W. hero is the great Whig banner that float
cd in our streets over I lie psrade of July 4th, 1940,
with its motto of rrotfxrity to the farmer and '
low the " rcry election" of Gen. Harrison, as Mr.
Cloy promised in his Hanover speech T Shall we
seo it again spiead abroad on tho 4th of August
next 1
Let it by all means lie displayed to remind tho
peoplo of Rowan of the hard hints of that year,
that Whig prosperity " has relieved of tho
honest nnd fnithful porfonnnnce of Whig promises,
and to stimulate thoin to renewed exertiou and fresh
zeal for the party which has done so much lo re
lieve tlm distresses f the country, and bring
" prosperity," in plenty of money, and high prices,
to tho " Farmers and Mechanics."
Iron Coffins are now mado in Pittsburg at
cheaper rnto than woorlcfl'ones.
OCT The Hon. Sampel L. Soutiia.d hie Pre
sident pro tern, ot llie Senate, died at Fredericks
burg, Va., on the 20th ultimo ; and the Hon. IF.
S'. Hastings, member in the House of Representa
tive from Mnvhu?cttS died on the same dnv.
fT" Bra isn goodd.'fr.lmt HlJfist a letter,"
the old adar;o. H.iuta mould, since U .was
boldly announced in the MYettern Carolinian"
that there had been great changes in Rowan coun.
ty agaiiul the W big. Rut the time having arrived
tor bringing out the candidates, lo I and behold,
the Loco have been unable to find men, so ambi
tious of the distinction of being beaton, as to start
in Uio race. Raleigh Register. 1 . .
The " Brag" of the Register ha barked up the
wrong tree this time at least, and the bark will end
in a bowl about the 4th of August next. He will
then find out to his satisfaction, one way if not
another, whether there have been any changes such
as we announced, or not. The Federal Whig
managers of Rowan and Davie are very careful of
ibe-inter eats outdo, pepphu they , spare neither
time, nor labor in attending to all public matters for
them, and in this' way save the people a world of
trouble. Four or hve weeks since, by a sort of
caucus called for the occasion, thev appointed
Whig candidates, and the people have now only to
go to the polls and vote for them that is all.
But we have heard in Rowan and Davie that
there are some, not as thankful as they might be lo
the Whig managers (or their services in appointing
the candidatos, snd these discontented men have
even gone so far as to insinuate that it was all a
trick' of the leaders about Salisbury to fix the
matter their own way.
Be this aa it may however, we suspect that all
have taken Ihe matter in their own hands i they
have already atarted two candidates of their own
sort plain, honest Farsurs and they will have
the full number soon, then Jet the Caucus can
didatos look ouf.'- , f
. (KT The Register baa not heard tho last nor
tbe worst of these, "change" yet. Let him be
patient if he can, and ho will hear enough yet, and
what he will think more than enough Tor Whiggory.
Another Veto. ), " '.
Mr. Tyler has again had the honesty and bold.
oe' to check ttie detigns of the Federal Whig
majority in Congress by another. Veto. On Wed
neaday the 20th ult.,, be returned the "Little
Tariff " Bill, as it . is called, with his objections,
strongly and ably expressed. The Whiggery were
of course thrown into a most violent rage at this
repetition of audacity agauist their sovereign will
They pour torrent of furious invective on the
devoted head of their Prcaidcnt, and -threaten
terrible things. , Tbe Veto has again defeated a
Whig scheme, and preserved the Compromise
Act. Mr. Clay will be more furious than ever
against it. ' J
We wiirglve the Message next week and have
more to say about it.
T. r ., - lh. 90lK ., . ...
. ... . ... . ,tnmt ,,m R. ... .
i IIDnDTInvupun m i r
i- . . ..
B AccrJing to the bill passed by Congress lh.
GMe to ;n,',Ied h ber of repre.en
mm mm 10 e.acn P""7
luron. e give, also, tbe number of repre-enta.
1 I . at aval Ufdlh AftrK nntV K aV I ha lrmm n.l
' iiM aarKitf-K nnrK nntar
I llfe vhvu nvn hum
I will be seen :
iiv irqi nnu bUI11
New Bill
"10 '
... A
Now has.
' i "
New llimp-iliire,
Kliode Ulind, y
(Jonnecticutt, '
Vermont,.,.. ...
1 " !
in l,,e tN'ew EncUnd, or detern Sutes,
New York, 84
New Jersey, ft
Pennsylvania, 24
Delaware, 1
in the Middle Sutes,
Msryland, 0
Virginis, .ri
Not lh Carotins, t)
South Carotins, 7
Georgia, 8
Alabama, 7
Mississippi, 4
Louisiana, 4
11 less.
8 .
; "0 70
I in the Southern States, 10 loss.
I Tennessee, 11 13
Kentucky, 10 13
1 Ohio, ill 10
Indians, 10 7
j ' Illinois, 7 3
Missouri,' 5 2
Alksnsas, 1
Michigan, 3 1
i us f,a
1 no
9 giin to the Western
Eastern Huiie to li-o 81 Hid ;W
Middle io do (14 75 -
Southern dn do ' AO 70
Western do do (58 0j
?3 242
2 J3
. General loss, 19
The following Stales lose :
New Hampshire,
New Jersey,
North Csrolins,
1 Connecticut,
1 Now York,
1 Pennsylvania,
2 Virginia,
4 ' Fouth Carolina,
1 Tennessee,
3 In
The following States gain :
19 gain.
Net loss.
The following States remain ss they were :
Rhode istanu, I'etswsre, Arkansas.
Dinner to Mr. Calhoun Tl Democrat f I
thiscounty, aided by those of the adjoining counties, I
have tendered to tins uuliiimiuticd atule-tnaii a
public entnrtuinment to be given him on bis return I on
from Wailungton City, alter the adjournment ol the
present Session of Congress, which, it Oi'Iorils us
pleasure to state, he has accepted. Tlio day on Ices,
which the lestival will take place will bo made
public, aa soon aside time of adjournment is escor
tained. Our citizans iu this section of the State
are making every eflorl to render the enlertiauinrnl
worthy of the great Senator ond Statesman, and of
the cause which lie so ablv espouse. M.nv nilmr
dislinguitihed Democrat will, it i understood and
believed, honor ihe festive occasion with tdnirnre,
aence. It is to be. we Irani, a trolv DtmnrrditAxa
fcttivallhts people of both parties nio to be
invited. H'lirreUyii fiV. C.) Ri dotIh: - ' - or
....... . I
Old Liro.-We undorstand ih. IVm,,.i.
nf T.innnln have out llin fcilluwinn l.rlf f, ili
Legislature t senate, Ikomai Ward, lUn, Com
, acre. HWry W. MonLy,
ia,..d0. ir.Munrf,ia,.-ilefAe.W
' . f ' . g
mons, .
Rhode liland. The news, tboucli full of bubble
and bluster, the gleam of arms and clatter of
rhetoric, is on Ide whole indicative of Quiet settle
men! of the quarrel. TLo Legiilature bnve re
moved from Newport to Providence the millilia
of the Siota have been called out and Martial Law
' proclaimed but then Ihe General Assembly have
also passed a law for calling a Convention to frame
a Constitution, which contains two provisions that
ought to, and we believe will, satisfy the great ledy
of the suffrage party. The lirst proVttion. is Uiat
tbedclestttes 'sllU chownbythotownsKoord
, ing to their populatioiuwl ihesecond is thai all naJ
r. r . . . . "
tive mala citizensot the United states, of lena see
.T ....... . ' " ' I
and who 'lara resided w the State. three jrearsTex-
CPt Indiansnvic... pfupersaud tool.) shall be a J
Delegates of ilia Convention. Tim
Providence Exjreu, Ihe tJuOrsgo organ, speaks ot
,u-.. i . . .r ;T ..m i- i;.r.f..... !
Ibis law
cstlv deorecates all violence. The LJ
and earnci
will find Ihe news in all its horror, in our extracts
r, .h p,niHnr ckrn.irU !i'kn.r..,. u..
w i
" y- - , ""'to
North Easter Boundary Question. letter
from Wsithiogton, published in tho New York
express, says -
Commissioners from Maine and Massachusetts
will to day receive the project for the settlement of
the North Easter Boundary Question. What the
terms proposed' will be the Commissioners them-
selves have not conjectured. Ihe terms will be alness, faiUAIIy discharged the duties of that hond.
secret lo all but the parties concerned until some rable station. .
thing definite be agreed upon.
from lAe Providence Evening Chronicle, of June 25.
.RHO DB.L3.L.AJ4 D. 1
It is Impossible to convey to the distant readej
the precise sfate of affuir to day, and what course
thing may take Uelore night. All is excitement,
still tbe authorities are moving with energy and
decision, and a system soeras to pervade, all their
movemenis. The community place full reliance in
Ihe skill and wisdorn o those to whom are entrust-
ed Ihe management of the arduous and responsible
i . .. r
autie devolving upon tnem.
The past night passed off otiic'-y in the ity a
strong guard were on duty and vidcttea were sta'
locod on the outskirts.
, 1 bo General Assembly ai!journoda V Jiewport
resterdsyrtffuerTulTiis city, this day, at JO
o'clock, A. M. : 1 j 1 1
The General Assombry ' have utboruxd the
Governor to declare Mamal Iaw, when in hi
opinion, necessary. .' v '
Business is partially sii.penr!od, and (he alarming
state of things absorbs all thought and action. "
The enemy to Ihe number of 700 ire entrenching
inviiisuiTca vii iiwu, iicj'aivuci. - i ney
! have about 10 cannon and plenty of arms and
; ammunition. Mr. Dorr is expected to reach the
j encampment-t Hie-dayT' h Is " plan ""61 ""ope r at musi
whether offensive or defensive, lias not been devel
oped. Neither aro we advisod of Ida course our
.St4!o aulboi4s intend to ponnie; irnd -v. tint (itJlis;
:i . : :.. l. . . .1: i i i
ii any, arc uiaiuriug in uiuer in umtoage mm.
We have all confidence in their ability and deter
mination lo sustain the honor and dignity of ihe
13 O'clock.
Mr. Dorr arrived at tiie encampment, at ( lie-
pntchct, this morning at 2 o'clock.
Fevernl families are leafing the city, it is our
opinion the city is ttie safest place for sM?urity.
The number of Military by evening will probably
muster in this city, about twenty tivo hundred,
with muskets, 'pistols, aod various other warlike
instruments. They arc composed of merchant,
farmors, mechanics, laborers, cVc , dtc. j
Tho following communication signed by Djtee
J. Pearce and othera in Newport, who have taken
nti activo pari in favor of the suflVoo cause, will
bo found iu the Newport Mercury of to day.
" We were at the time, opposeJ to the hostile
movements recently mado in tins State, and some
of ua labored hard lo prevent them. We arc now
opposed to every movement of the kind, and are
v. tiling to do all that now will be required of u to
suppress them.
" Tbe late Act of the Legislature, pro. !ing for
calling a Convention of the people of tho State,
meets in most of it provisions our cordial appro,
bation, and taken as a whole, will receive our s ip.
port we bono our political ft tends will give it
" We who wcro members of tho Legislator un
der the Peoples' Constitution, lung since relin
quished all idea of ever again taking mr srn's
Hherriu. Wilms 01 us navu mado public uvowals
of our determination upon this subject ; and all of
us believe, that under existing circumstances, it
would bo bad policy, if not the height of folly for
that body to attempt Beam to organue."
It w. ill Iw. I.v l-r.MsUmi.;n...
another column, that Martial Liw das
been de.j
clnrcd in (do Citv nnd Slate.
From t; Providence Exprrss (Sufiaje Organ) of.
From ChriHttehit. From the latest account re
ceived up to last evening, wo learn that the armed
men who hud quartered at Woonmcket, had ovac.
uated that place, and joined the forcea encamped
at Chcpatchet, the whulo number of which encamp,
ed, composed entirely of Rhode Island men, with
out a single man from any other Slate, was esti
mated at abnul seven hundred, and waa rapidly
augmenting. Great excitement prevailed in both
these villages, and in the intervening and surround
ing country, secular business was entirely suspend
ed, and persons ol' the most pacific habits bad a
sumed tbe arms and habiliments of war. Tbe
warlike mustering of soMiors, the gleam of arms,
and the notes ot martial music, had effected the
peaceable citizens of those regions with deep soli
eitude and apprehension for their own immediate
safety, and for the direful consequences which my
enwie. , ";'
it was staieu mai uov. vorr was ai iwvucii
Thursday evening, and that he has since arrived
ai or in trie vicinity oi tne -encampment, nut, ni.
though it is improbable ho i present with the for
yet it i not certain, so lur as we can learn.
nor are we in any way mnae acquainted witti m
intentions or with the intended movements or the
srmcd forces collected at that place. Wagon,
loads of muskets have been carried from'Woon.
socket, and WHgon loads of .provisious from this
place to the Chepatchct camp.
Un tlio other hand, Uov. King lias issued urdora
the military throughout the State, to be ready
march at a moment's warninr.anda luree force
w"'l be soon arrayed lo defeud the city if attacked.
to march to Chepatchct h n offensive attitude.
fha nnif iin t.f riilf.efimnmftitv i tuvMi.linrlu A',
reu' m,,n won"'0 ,,u ?umna la
suspense and apprehension, oiany are
loaving the city and many inure are aending away
VLT'l?,' fT'VW'
f"U cauM of ih slate of things,
t we j,avo ,m6 fof rurlher remarks.
We regret to announce the doath of this dis
tmguislicd geotlomsn. He died Sunday morning
Usi, at tbe residence or James V. Harrow, h(i..
of Fredericksburg. His remains were cenveyed
to Naihington city for burial, where the usunl
ceremonies in the performance of that last sad
office were to lake place yesterday. - '
Tbe National Intelligencer, noticing tho event.
. L i.r '
. , Z i r V ' ,
n a , ,he rel,,,. of Son, Husband and
r lDor n 8
ll M.P km m itifin h Attar .ninvl
' - .--,
tliM l.nrH. .anm.llnn ' nil. km aluliliaa ra Iwiat
.b..-. , - -
whJ elele;-,,'" J
IUIIOW vulsella UGCUETOICiy ID CHU mill.
1 " l'" w, wr D0U"W M "T. . Y,
H must bave beeiw generally ibouehl lo ba much
e,der y1n (,or 1u .t?u"t7) did ! ,,ai,
T .P"10"0". ' "7. repuiauott
br'"g " t)w puUic council l was chosen
be Chief Justice of his own State as
United Stataa in tda vr 1821 r and in tli
162a he was appointed bV President Monroololhe
highly responsible post ol Siicrefary of Uie Nary,
tne duties of which office, be discharged with- pre.
eminont ability up to the close of (ho administra.
lion of Mr. Adam. Iu the yesr 1833 he sg iin
took his scat aa a Senator from bis native Si.ite,
and ever since, tin lo Ihe moment of his last ill.
The LMiianm Sueur Crop Tho New Orleans
Be of the lOlh Juno, says t u A species of worm
CaUccJ h loarer, has muiuappearamOQ some-
lna ',Rnr plantations in tbe interior, and done
m,,cn damage to Ihe cropa. I hey lro a hole in
nca" 01 in9 Pian, ",,u ewroJ ncy pass
from ulk ,0 e)tlk,- intil they level whole acre.
urccB .rPlo,? nna ppcsr nuacnoa to nign
Rroun(Js M cane iq. the low landa escape Iheir
"S" Lynchburg Republicag. ......
-- :"- r " - r
' if i . tu. n . i i . n.i
iuunn. iun .-ui ma iuin
5 1 mr u 00 improvement to notice In the
monetary afl.iirs of tho city." The Banks had Mot
made the necessary arrangements to receive eactf
Mteji LrspejrAExcbange- wasexceedingrj-tmset-''
Hod, and the rates siiH leading downwards Sixty
day bills on Near York bad been sold as low st.4
rr3mt.4feoat. xtitoiling luJUbad ssJJ for 0 a
premium. ; ,; .' . , '
Tram tht Raleigh Register.
From 30th July to ljlth Anguet, in Rowan, Davio end
Surry Counties, as msy be desirsd by the Mission trr.
Uie Rev. Mr. lis via
-13th Sundiv after Trinily, Rockingdam county.
I4ih Sunday after Trinity, and three days previous,
St. Matthew's, Hilltboro'.
August 2l)lh, St Alary JOraoaw eouaty. - -
Scuteuiber 1st. Salem L'hiDel Estate ol' Judrra Csmt.
, roo ana air. tSHnnenan,
From 8d to 20th inclusive. St James. SL Stephen's.
Su John's, and church ol the Holy innocent, Cirsu.
villo county, as the Rector, the Rev. Mr. 1'ayrir and
the Rev. Mr. Chapman, may determine.
I8t h Kundiy after Trinity, Emanuel Church, War
renton. 19th Sunday after Trinity, Lmiisbnre,' Fraoklin Co.
20ld Sunday after Trinity, Chapel Hill. ..
In Concord, N. C, on tbe 21st ulL, by the Rev. Jos.
E. Morrison, Mr. WMiam F. Taylor, iormerly ot Pe
tersburg, Va., to Mia Eleanor M. AUemong, of Con
cord. DIED,
In this County, on tbe 29th ult, Mr. Jvi Gheen,
e?ed about Xt yoara, loaving a wife, scial children,
and a large circle ot rslauve to mourn hi lo.-Com.
locksViWo- Mc Academy.
I ypim exercisesof thn M.iclrsviUe M.le AcaJemy will
- he rc-openeJ on Mondny, tho lltb of July, on tho
following terms, f"i. . :)
For I-stm aJ Greek. , . . . $15 00
I Alnbr, liximetry, Surveying, c, . l. (o
'.i!"siMirsmaisr, ucograpny, Arunmct.c, c 10 to
1 I I,
D. CLEGG, Principal.
Mocks ills, July 1, Yl
on chenpterms,
Cloe Car-
2 pair of excel
bl iu a I c It
tuc sun
fcrs for sale
a fi;o new
rinse ami
lent services
April 22, 1942
Candidates lor ShcrUI.
(KT Col. R. VV. lana is s candidate tor rc-c-lcction
to the otMce of Sheriff of Rowan County.
OCT llrxcsuH Tcassa, Eq., w a candidstctor the
office of Sheriff of Rowan County.
(Kjr Wears revested to announce Mr. It. K Ron.
sais, s a Candiduto for Sheriff of Datidrun IVunieat
the n;xt election,
wl i -? fkjSsJyX - ' i
..,5H?v-g&- ,
;'-- '
' ? '
'. '- :
. 'V l
, ,
' "
" Vi .'
' : K i
s .
t 1
i -

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