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SALISBURY, N. C, JULY 15, 1842.
J Whole Number 1,120.
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Ii a a 03 ia il a. a a m $ ft a
r.jHincss connected father with pleasure than
pntit lufd kept mo roaming fir some monlha among
the Wejt India Islands, that land of magnificence
ani!iconifurl : tod I'mn all that I !al lizard
there, and more particularly from what came under
my oSvn observation, I can truly affirm that to
Europeans in geiwral it is a land replete with nov
rlty and interest, nud to waiters both of fiction and
truth, a fluid in which they may reap an abundant
harvest of reputation, lit length found myself at
.Jtarbadoe, w ithout Bny listed resolution eil Xf tu
return or proceea tanner on in my wanderings.
In such h wavering and unsettled tte of mind, n
J,!tlo matter will soinetiuies turn the scale. 1 had
-Tnnrir4 a letter 1o gcnttdnian of the I.lund, with
wuouil formed a nuM agreeable acquaintanceahip;
a:.d in copse ipience of the description Ite gavo me
of'tho exist of South America, I was induced to
f irm the resoluti'Hi of visiting M feast d part of that
count r before I houblthink of bending my course
Ii lmCward. .ling tarnished by him with letters
in iHte or two 'individual who might be of service
lo me, I lO'k n passngo in A ship bound to Dem
erars, and after a voyage in uo degree remarkable
I r shortness or novelty, I Inndcd there in safety
l i't not T " U I raw. tftifTw..-
i- to ny, that having Viewed all I conndcrid wor
I v of Lutiig noticed, I set i ll acr.Nw t)i country lo
.!, V.v r one of the, lultertj carried with me to a
.B-ffon. wJmm attatttioa.tad kuowlecgal
'f j,i ui oHsured I .lioubjclitnin much inrntmalion.
.. (. .' . I ...U.J .1.. .1...
i.;,d 'cfiMidermj that I ' tew prcviusly an u'.tt-r
't'irr ' retfived with t degn-e of trnith
ml LhuIiu m I could scarctlv have anticip.itrd.
T!pC't:itr- uf"rath r plantation, on which I had been
s t kindly iiivitt d tn 'ake up my resilience for tome
t-rne,ud where I lad resolved to spend a few
wteks tK-xainining the lca! sciwry and cunoai
t'r?, 1.ry Tipnrt 1ho banks of a rrwrtt comet down
tm'ii. I he nruntaiiil of Uuimia. Mr. Ilcinvault (the
,.fnnrirt,r. althoiich the superintendence ol his
i.i !..ini no inconsiderable portion tf it to mv
" noiunenU Accoiiianic4 by couple of servants,
nnd t'asar, t shrewd and active negro who hM
the posU f '"' ( P ronar;e not only useful, bu!
even receriafj to those who reside on colouiar
estates distant front any town, at mtny ol tin
ilolitacits of the luble aro furnished by him.) we
mnda frcrjucot f xcorsro.s the couutry, and
committed occasionally tnu mvw araorg ino qunu.
ruptdsouJ ft athi-red tribet with wbicli that region
u'touudsr . At other timet we manned a couple (
'canoestnd descending tho river, we employed
.,,.r.lvM in fishing excursions, or in takin" a hoi
at such birds aa utiiorlunalely for thomsrlves cmiik
wilun rarne of our pieces. Tlmso who arc nc
'quaiiitcd with tho cewral appearance and Inposra
i.hy of the northern enntt of N'Uth America, know
well that Iroro the flatness o tlwcountry as n
approachet the sea, mwy rivor of conwdcrabh
mifiuukle divide themM'lves into numerous st renins
or canal, bt'fore niiiRhiB heir waters with thnw
of the ocean. The dclins or islnnds formed by thew
stream ore sonietinHt ft great extent, cnni-tiip,
li!;e mst of the coast, of mnml.y or savannah l.inil,
;irily bare, "and partly overrun by lull ree.l uml
raws or other apatie plants. In iho tlmk niirl
i.lm..-t imervious recesses of ihcse, r'pti1rs
aii(iis kinds oen find a n treat, from which ihcy
occasionally env-rge in search of ihcir prey. The
.iiciisn are in ninny plat es frequented bv nqmt r
.1 IS r- l" I
t,:rds nf the nmsl vari gnicu ituu neiiutiiui piiimnjir,
m;d the wnlert nflnrd scverol kind of fish, whii h
from lln'ir delicacy and flivor, amply trpay the
-h'iiir t'iipl.iypd in tuktng Hit'tin
1 hnd been inlormed, both by Mr. Urinvsull nml
( ;i ir, I liut scrpeuH of vrt'l M. had Ix-en (
qurnily Kren by them rnwmnj the lagoons Jrom
. no i.Und to anothrr. and tni by great exertion,
:nd in t without ilidkullv, they had suereednl n
u-Mni)!!! a few. I confess 1 had lieeti for mnne
tiii. anxious to di.-ci.vrr one of ihcnu reptiles ; not
that I tti-hrdo close rmmeclion with at thr front
i'. Tin! hltle I had seen of them hnil given me no
:urn.i,,ii t t lt-sii. nud this feelins was imirh
l.rijhtei.pd by dm numcr-Mi stories I hnd heard u
Hi' ir ii .ii'i.l iMiuers of ilestriir.lion nnd ileilutitiu
I luitl no ol jeeiiniis, however, to view ono at u
ihsi.mro, " dinggiiig", t' trciiililnig length
!"iig." Eat in all our exrursinns nothing of this
l.u.d wai In lf sren, nnd I had begun to conceive
s'line iient siHpicioiiM that Mr. Ileinvault nnd (''
"nr luid a htile exaggerated the nuinher and ki.c
ot iho reptiles they had teen and destroyed. Bm
an adventure- soon after lielel me, which niude me
tmialy change my opinion of their veracity, and
convinced nio that their account rather fell short
of than exceeded tho truth. Occasionally, when
prcKviog business detained Mr. Ilcinvault at hi
plantation, or callod nun to n uistanco, and when 1
f 'lxidtimc hang heavy upon my hands, Cajsar was
always willing to volunteer his sor vices at my
guide and assistant in any ramble which I wished
to undertake j and a clever and activa fellow I
indeed found him, lie wat a capital shot, and
unequalled in the success with which he contrived
to hook his fish when not one would look at the
bait belonging to another.
One day, about two or three weeks aflcr'my
- arrival, Mr. Ileinvault informed mo that he was
under the necessity ot going to a plantation distant
about ten miles, and a tho way lay partly through
the woods, and trackless savannahs, be wss obliged
to take i'lcwr with him, he being the onlv one on
the estate who ha J a thorough knowledge of tho
way, and who, from hit dexterity and address,
proved a useful and agreeable attendant, lie ad'
ded, that ho should be back early the afternoon!
and that if I wUhcd to take a stroll, or go on the
water, any oi iito rest oi ma people should be at
my disposal. After Mr. IK-invaull had rode away,
I at rolled about tho plantation an hour or two,
looking nt every thing to amuse myself but get
ting terribly wearied with 'doing nothing, I told
one of the coplo to get the liues ready, for it was
my intuition to go out a fishing for somo time, tho
day being rather warm tnd sultry fur enjoying i
shooting excursion. These being soon ready, 1
like we sent for my gun, and declining the oiler
he made to attend we I pu-hedoul into the stream,
and dropped slowly down tho river. The current
being very slow, 1 was a long whilo iu reaching
I he place whcie the river branches oil into a num
ber of streams. I guidsd my canoe into one ol
those in which 1 had formerly been alone with
saying this, Cicsar re appeared, himself Armed
with the club one of those who followed him
carrying a woapon of the tamo kind, while the
other wot armed with a weapon similar to a bill
I I. Tl.:. SI. 11..:... i. . il ' i
iiuun. .in. 'ii. iviuvauil luiu mo,' was io cieur
a road among the reeds, if the -animal should have
retreated among theint tho club being reckoned
Ihe best instrument for a close encounter. We
were soon sealed in tho canoes, and glided down
the stream at lust at a couple of pairs of brawnv
arm could urge us. In a abort time we reached
the spot where my adventure hud happened. The
small part of the bank not covered with reeds,
boro. from itt smguino hue, evident prooLlh Jt the
wound the animal had received could not have
been slight. Exactly opposite this, the reeds were
crushed end broken, ami a sort of passage was
formed among them to wide, that a man could
with littlo dilliculty enter. Mr. Ilcinvault com.
manded a halt, to tee that the arms were in proper
order. All being right, we listened attentively i"
order to hear if there was any noise which might
direct us to our enemy. aminu- however, wail
heard. One of the negroes entered first, clearing
with hit bill hook whatever obstructed our way.
Ho wot followed by Mr. Ilcinvault and tne, with
our guns i while- Cicsar and hit fellow servant
brought up the rear. The rcedt were in general
nearly double our height, end at the tame time
pretty close. However, we easily made our way
through them, partly assisted by the track which
the serpent had evidently made.
We had penetrated. I should suppose, nbout
thirty yurds, when Ihe fellow w'.io was in advance
Launch of Ais first Si. We spent the evening
therelore no sensible man should pay any. thing -without
taking the opinion of tvtlte tndifferev
ptnons upon the ntontt of ihe case."
(.'msar, and where our sport had been very good, i gave the alarm that we were close upon the ani
'I'l . m In ui . mm I nnl .Lnu. -.l.a ... I M. 1 1 ......... ..I . l I I..... I...l.:...l .J
The stream In general w as not above eighteen or
twenty feet wide. 1 " paddled my light canoe "
up and down thi, trying to get a shot at some of
the bcuuiiful birds which often frequent these la
goons. But the birds weru scarce and shy. Fa
tigued with this unsuccessful sport, 1 set the linos,
and paddled about for some tune, 1 drew them up;
but whether ihey had not been bailed as well as
CiCMr uicd to do it, or whether tho fish were at
shy a the birds, I cannot tell ; but after a few
trials I got tired o, this sport likewise Thinking
I would lie moru success!-! riewhere I proceeded
tib nit a quarter of a nnlo farther lown, and set the
lines. By this timo the day had become exceed
ingly sultry and oppressive. . Seeing there was no
pr Mpcct tf a shot, 1 took oil my stockings and
shoes, and bathed my X'-ct in tho water, and, work,
ing my canoe to the other side, 1 laid my gun
ready loaded lor a shot upon the benches, and
si retched myself alongside of it, waiting till it was
time lo draw Ihe lines which 1 had set. In this
piMition 1 fell asleep, overcome, at 1 suppose by
the heal of tho day, mid Iho fatigue 1 baa under
1 know not how long I may iiavo slept ; but 1
mat. Mr. Ilcinvault ordered him behind, and,
udvanciiig alomi wiih me, -we saw thn ugh the
rcedt purl of the body of the monster coiled up and
part of it stretched out j but owing to their thick
ness itt head was invisible. Disiuibcd, nnd op.
parcntly irritated by our approach, it appenred i
from it movements, about to turn and assail u. j
We had our gun ready, nr.d just as wo caught a ;
glimpse of his head, wo fired, both of us almofl at
the same moment. From tbo obstructions of the
reed, all our shot could not have taken effect ; but
what did take cOuct, seemed to bo sufficient ; tor j!
fell, hissing, and rolling itscla. into a variety ol
contortions. Even yet it wal dangerous to op-
roach it. Bui fiemr, who seemed to possess a
greofdeut of coolness and audacity, motioning his
master nnd mo not to fire again in the direction i f
the animal, forced a way through the reeds at
one aide, and, making a kind of circuit, camo in
before it, and succeeded in hitting it a violent
blow, which completely stunned it ; and a lew
repetitions of this gave us tho victory. We could
now examine the creature with safo y. We found
with our kind, agreeablo companion, Mr. Rhodes.
-As a specimen of our countrymen, Mr. llhoHcs issn
interesting objuct to every American who visits Con
etantinonle. He. a self made nan. snd llioiiL'h now
nasuing in tho sunshine or wealth and my d tavor, re
taint t delightful and unaflecled simplicity, which re-
t minds us o much ot limne, thut it is t pleasure to be
with him. It is singular how much energy ot mind
will tccomplish. Mr. Rhodes ws b rn and lived in
Uliode Island until he wss fourteen yeirsof sge, tnd
had on'y the advantage of a country education, under
.e master wlio had kept the saiiio village school (or
twenty-eight vesrm without addiim or chsnsminr any ol
his ideas j bul his niipH had t natural ta-rto lor mulho.
mattes and mechanics, snd overcaino all obstacles, lie
is now that most respectable ol bein a scientific me
chsmc. Mr. Rhodes accompanird Mr. J-ickfurd from
New York io Constant inople, and cnasd with him
in the service of the Sultan. Rut Mr. Kcklord had not
cotiiplutud one vessel when ho suddenly died, and the
wiioitt ouaineas uevolvcd upon .Mr. Khoilcs, who deter
- mined to go away m soon as ihe vessel was finished,
but he rec-ived such o.Ters as induced In'm to rcmam.
The fir-a ship launched by the Aincricn architect
prentee a scene ot ccneral iitLrei!U The Sultan,
who lakes particular pmte in bis navy, came uown to
the slup-ysrd and had his silken tent spread ; while
uia vauiain-l'achs, sttenilcd by two or three hundred
men provided with rope, niado ready lo drw tlie ves
sel, a io l urk, into tne Water.
What are you guing to uo t" said Mr. Uliodcsv
" To help sou.! answered tho Turk.
"But I do not want sny help,"Mid Mr. Rhodes with
surpnao. i htTf five or six men"
'i'he Turk started Mr. Rhodes gave his orders the
supporior. were'etit twsy,aiid-m sn instaut the noble
vessel tracked tlie waves with fue. The Sulttn rprang
up, clappeu I m hand snd cried, " MudwlUh "won
derful I It was a miracle. Kucb a thin, was nevur
brtoro sec,n in Turkey. 'I'hii will pive mme idea of
A Difference The Rev. It." C. Shimeale, of
Now York, predicts that the end of Ihe world wilt
be in tho year Tho Key. Mr. Mille,1 snyt
in 1S43 biflerence between these philosopher,
twenty five yer or nearly one generation. K
mislako in the figures etrmo where.
IrrlvrniraTIToTJtlie NevTOrleam Picayune, is
giving some account of what be taw and Buffered
in his lute expedition towards Santa Fe, which re
sulted in imprisonment at Mexico. After noticing
ocfc- of small whito horset in the Prairies, he adds
ihe following j
" Msny stories tro told of a large white horse that
i i .. . .. ....
in uecn seen ollen in uio vicinity of the throes rim-
oem inu near uie iced uivcr. tie lius never been Known
to gallop, but paces even (aster than an borae that baa
ocen sent out alter bim can run ; and an game ami un
tiring is tbo IVAire Steed of th Prairie," for ho it
well known to trappers and traders by that name, that
be has tired down no lets than three race nags sent out
exprefsly to caach bim with a Mexican rider. Tho lat
tor bad nothing but a tana or lariat with bim, a long
rope made ciiiier of hortc-hlir or 1mm p, tnd which the
Mexican, throw with great dexterity ; but although bo .
look t fresh horse titer tiruif one down bo"was never
near enough the noble animal to throw a tUpuoose over
Ins head, or even to drive bnu into a cautsr. He haa
teen known to pace a mile in less than two minute
and can keep up this rate .hour after hour, or untd be
has tited down whatever mty be in chase. Large
sums hfve been offered to calch him, tnd ihe tllempt
has Ircquuntly been made f but be still roams his native
prairies in Ircedoni. s luary and alone. One of the
hunters evcu went so tar at lo tell me Dial be was too
I IirtillU tO ho awsAssa in nmnrunif aifh'tKA l.n mnsaisi aars
now unit. , -urk, know ot the reduction ol manual I r , "
labour. Tlie next dy. Mr. Rh-.les was very busy in ! rfT ,r?' ,,M 0,fl'' b6.t,er e'on1ll"in
the .hip )Brd ; had otf hi. Coat, sleeve were rolled j J ' " "'5 M Prt could not miko
tnd hia Urt ill besmeared wubnaini: amancameto ' to believe at that t,rac.
iuiiu; man taiu? w
n im ivnn ihe ( nnl'im I'uciia n-antMl him in a freai
hurry. Ue iintnetli.tely stepped into a boat and waa j .4 Modern llercvht. Mons. Taul, now per
removed off to the pshce. J forming at the Arch ttrect theatre, Philadelphia,
see vu ' " '"el ""' M3"nfrT" ' i oxhib,", mm oihtng Icat. of strength.. The
4utIhavoBocoalo.,.-idMr.UlKsJet. of .he Time say t S ; '
'I cannot help thut, his subiuno higlinrss waits," j Among tim exploits, he plsccd Lis body in a posi
replied the Toctis.
So pour Mr, Rhodes was ushered into the myal pre--sence
in the. n.ost uncouril arrny His first slsm
was acco i ponied by an apology loi his ilrefa. " I do
not want jour clothes, but pu," said ihe Sultan. From
that dsy Isvors have tallen ibick.uKn our countryman.
The Kul'an once propedto make him, instead ot mas
ter ol the arsenal, construct r L'eneral ol tho empire
the highert dignity he could U rtow upon him in his
lino oi butincts A rach
the honor intended him.
that a good part ol our thot had lodged about its'
head and neck, and would probably have proved 1
was roused from my slumber by a curious sensa-1 fatal to it, even if we had It-it it to its fate. 1'
lim, aa if some animal were licking my finit. In 'conlrs it was not w ithout a shudder that I handled i
llUkt si-. Ulf ,! VL lUllftimi.iMiy ftlter SIIU 4mnn - .n.Vf;;ii now coii . uao J
twakiog from tleep, 1 cast my cyct downward, 'escaped from furnishing it w,ih a meal. ,
sml ixit.ri nil my dying day, shall I forget ihe j We set ourselves to work.-and not wlihoolf
thrill of horror that as"d through , my Iramo on difficulty did wo succeed in dragging tho hugoi
perceiving the neck, aud head of a rnorudioua aer ?.HM4a-4lie-lgof iheAtreaOriUid in cniLail; ,j.
pent covering my toot with salive, preparatory, ot ; tog u in one ot the canoes, to which it formed a ,
immediately fla-hed ujion my mind, to commcne j pretty -lair loading. It was not far Iroin sunset
ing tho process of swallowing it. 1 hud faced j when the expedition landed n the hank near Mr. '
dealli in man)' shape on the ocean nn the bat-1 einvauli hoOie. Ho soon got sufficient bwis
tie field ; but never till tbat moment had I concciv j mnce in conveying the circae up, and in deMiting
ed he could approach me in a guiso so .terrible. ' it in a place ot safety. On measuring it, we lound ,
For a moment, and but a moment, I was facinated. u to bo nearly 40 feet in longih, nnd ol proportional ;
Dut rrcullrctiou of my state toon came to my aid. thickness. Mr. Ilcinvault informed me thai it wax'
and I quickly withdrew my foot froni the monstcrha largest he had seen kilted, although he hnd
' I cannot accent, it." was Mr. Rhodes' reptr.
" Hut the Sultan wishes lo honor yon."
" I know that," continued Mr Rhrnles ; " hut now 1
a pi a private man. and can mind iny own business
the shalt ot envv, and I m no more sate,
tion to as to form a cariiage for a cannouof SOU lbs.,
the weight ot whicishe sustained . wnh perfect ease.
He then formed a platform, on which were placed
1)00 lbs. .weight, which he lilted by the strength of
his hack. 1 lo tautened next a bandage around bis loins
and atrotti his back add shoulders, and then two horset
were harnessed to him while he stretched bimselt flat
od his stomach on t platform, tnd they were unable to
ntove from hi position. On the contrary he moved
was mmii to inlorm him of ,lol,8 on bHy snd.drsgged the horses slier! Then.
'"o norscs were studied io a rope thirty-six strand
but their strength could not break it. The ame rojie
was oroxen with perfect ease by this modera Hercules,
lie also picked up two atout men and swimgjhcm.
around till ihey became dizzy and reolcd as drunkjn -men,
when ho pm them, down j", -- --'- -
A Curious Case of Conu:ienet The Newark
s"!o fW-,n'17l,iISlll't Su?jhSi,'r Advertiser lolls of rather a curious case of '
MiMtbi honor," said the p.rPWM.tirrnmj wfitw. Cl.lljciencll, r.r,t ,,....
"ivhlch w iiV all iTio whilo glarlng upon me with its
basilisk eyes, and at the same moment I instinc
tively graipt'd my gun, which was lying loaded
Jjesute-uKS--.XSta-JSpUlo- ptaret4y- -dtsturbed-by
my motion, (I conceive it had previously, from my
incrtm ), taken me (or a dead carcase,) drew its
. head below the level Of iho canoe, I had just suffi
cient time to raiso myscll half up, pointing the !
muzzle ol my pieco in tho direction ol the serpent,
when it neck and head ngain appeared, moving
backwards mid fortvaids, as if in search of the ob
ject it had lost. Tho inu.-le of my gun wa3 with
in a urd or two of it; my finger was on the trig
grr: 1 fiied, and it received iho shot in it head.
Rearms: up part ot its body into the air with a hor
rible hi, which inndo my blood run cold and, by
riions, displaying to my sight a great part I
ottcn seen others under circumstances which con
vinced him that they must havo been of a tar
greater size.
" Ifw'as" not "uhlin Varieatc3"at ilato dinner,
(hat 1 felt myscll a litile overcome with the usual
exertion I had undergone i n so sultry and opprcs
nve a dav. Hut as Iho evening wore on, 1 com
pletely recovered ; and never do I recollect spend
ing a'inore agreeoblo one. The advcntiiro how
ever nnd the consciousness ol my escape, mu-t
have lecn deeply impressed upon my mind j for'
duriii" some months after, 1 otten started Iroui my 1
sleep with the cold sweat upou my brow, imagining
myself crushed and expiring in tho embraces of a
horrid reptile.
They consulted about and discmccd the subject frr
-throe dsysf st JenU-As the IV-ba jcould. not prevail,
he ventured to tell bis destic highners what Mr.
Khodrs said. The reply wa, " very well," and the
subject was dropiK-d but not the Suttan's nn ra n.b
ftdiitinl favors. Mr. Rhodes t howj-Jme some rich
shawls and splendid jewels- winch had b en Bent ns
presents to him ; an-l ho is pnnided with a princely
cstahlisliment. His luxuriant eastern hallj aro everj.
open to tho manv American traveller who visit the
city; and to nil he flvwi the kindest attention, I
examined 'nmiy of hisiirtwings and models lor stiip
building, and became quite interested in tho science.
Xuttlltrrn ,( ror p Mcttrngtr.
coiiicience. that occurred io that city the jother
uay. j mun aiwut thiriy, called upon a Ti,ttzen,
nd fnjisted upon paying forliatra busher of ap. f
pies, value eighteen peuce, which he had ttolcn
whilo nr apprmitice toil year ago. Some people
"teal thousand of dollars and their conscience doe
net trouble thera in tho leasi.
Consolatory Calculations. gentleman in Dc
ul' !'.'.? ihe Advertiser of that city, who i cu- -
riou in suc.i matters, has demonstrated mat he
niiitically ihoi the irold used in buildini Soloroon'
JiKinpto. utiMsnntmritr tshW'tisTtuiailiiff 7 at
9:u,vuif; to twenty hundred millions of dollars.
I lie sum, now a days, would make a man tolera
Art editfirmit West, in tiv.r.g an account of the
bursting of the biler uid blowing up of a steam- hly comfortable for life.
hint while raring, says Hint "every vi on oonro
wo more or less injured ; olso a Inrge imirilu r ol
catilc nnd hogs and tho Captain of the boat."
Rtliri' A scho ilmater in therotintry
-of Scotland used to tajr
The Into Lord M-
whenever he u a short man. "lliere woe a
wa" tfliuler. the eolncdian fwhn was
us contortions, uispmy ing to m gm a great par . H M Youth." Zenhania ," asked a coun
of its enormous bulk, which naa n.tticrlo cscaHl i u', ',er ,u0 ollu,r ,,' . i. a. ln,crro
mv notice it seemed ready to throw iiself upon
iic, an I to embrace nn: in its monstrous coils..
Uroppiog my gun, by a single stroke ol the paddle,
1 nmdo the ennoe shoot up tho stream out of his
reach. Jubt as I was escaping, 1 could observe
that the iioi bad taken llect, lor blood was begin
nn" to drip ft 'Hi its bead. I'ul the wound ap-
I .!... . !... n...!......! I Il:ill Kllliliia.l Lull
near u ru i w naic iiihw ...i... uumtuu uim. i . ,, . , , ,, ,
r1' ... ... I ............ fmin rnr lii inr" i Pun linnrn lull ol Iho
I'nforluoa'e v, al mv shot was expended otherwise K'"""f, .u .... , i , . . I
would most cer.uilV,al . relpcctful distance, day ot Judgment, ho hanksgiving J.v. -nd the ,
hale given Inn, a salutation of tl.o same kind as I &J ' VT" V v! "' ' '
,, j,U U stowed. All that I have described icll of the day ol Algiers nloro. I
i,i-ed in a lunch shorter timo than I have taken
up in recounting it.
As 1 went up iho s'.rcam with all the velocity I
could impail to iho cainK', 1 heard iho reeds,
Minong which the nniinal was apparently taking
relii"", crashing under us weight. I never once
inouL-ht of the linen I bad lell j IhU hnrryinir ns
. I .1 . . C . I. - .
gntiug a scnniar concerning uie nainus oi mo
sovereigr ol tho various kingdoms throughout j
iho world, "can you lell mo who is the emperor
of Russia 1" (
" Wigtoiia," was tho reply, j
" And who is tho Oey ol Algiers !" i
" Thunder and Mars," cried iho astonished boy,
i kablV small n-nmnVi hsnnnnina in n.. him in llin
advertise,, that he will keep a Sunday chool twice ,.It.t,, rd,.,lp mamJ ni, UiUa wra,rk, inj
a week Tuesdays and Saturdays. ij.en. turning to a friend at hit elbow, exclaimed, ,
" Hrevity's ihe soul of WiU", Shuter, overhearing '
A gentleman was waked in the niht nnd told the remark, replied with unusual sangfroid, M than
tbnt Ins wife was dead. He turned round, drew j wliut a iifi person your lordship must be."
Iln coverlet closer, pulled down his night cap, nnd j
muttiro I, as he wn.t to sleep ugain, " Ab iiow.( 0(ie of ,h(J 0,j Uwt f Conr)PCticul im.
grieved 1 shall be in the morning. ,Kd , tine upon' ladies for mincing A lass was
1 brought before a magistrate for stepping into a
lFir. Dr. Ilenuicker being i'uv in cohver- i puddlo of water, but got clear by her mother
sUiou w iih l'.rl I'.nushaiii, was ufiked by his lord-i swearing thut her clothes were to narrow tho
ship io define Wit. ' N it," rephe.l tiie len rued could not step over it.
doctor, ' is like wlmt n peniuii would !).', givrti by I "
your l..r.:shri ' t. your numino serKiiu-u good Ot.r frail bodies are tottering habitations ; every
,r "PI1'"-'1- heat ..f the heart is a rap at the door, to tell ut of
'' " i our danger.
Tho Liodun, Li. (Juzeite sas that n Mr. Si en-! .
I l-l us
(Im canoe would go I'nrougli tho water, I
Legislative A'icrtlott; Ono sultry ofternoon, in
iho monih of June, while the congregated wisdom .
ol New llamps'ure were assembled al ihe Capitol,
t...... ......iilut. itf tlm IL.iieA Uyllll Lit. I lii-f'll I
Oil IKIIieSi iiiviiiwv.. x., tiiw ,.ji.c, '
reluctantly tunnnonud to iho aceno of his dunes
from IhO (liiinei table, wiieru ho had been ireely
in.hil"iii!T. st retched hinisell out on one ol the
in killed a large umlit pauitiei, unoisl lliuiy iniies j
IV. in plac.., Wli.t-t trav.-tling in ti.e II I .-.nngs,
in Arkaimas. Tti! pantner riiticavorcd to spring
upon bun fro u a tree by the rou.l sute, but inised
his mark, when Mr. Siuiikoh diviuxintotl, u;;.l with
a bowio knili
1 p.Ilm '.iii adversary alter a hard loughi
was not long iu reaching tho lauding place before I wus qult.Uy enjoying a nap, when one of
ilc," who had sealed himself;
. .'. 1. ........ ...I . .i I
llellivioill ihhiui mi-iiiT ii.uuiiii inu .u- , .. ...,-.,, luniiile "
-- . . . i . ... . inu vf . vi
lin0i I j .mpcd aslioro, nr.d liurrieu up io the Uuuso , Jlcry -verlouk w.rVonts, happvned
-here I found Mr. Ileinvault, who had just arrived. . ,0 r()rcMtl Ul0m,er j this recumbent I
You mav be certain I lost no lime in cmnmunica
t1(l in inm tho almost miraculous escae 1 had
made, and the wouu 1 1 had inflicted on Iho ani ma!.
In nml case." said he. "it cannot escape : wo
must immediately go in search of it ;" and instant
position, and w ithout ceremony baw led out : ," Hal i
lo, mister 1 you man that's napping on the bench j
there, tho Stuto don't pay you iwo dollursa day for
sleeping, lean tell c. So wake up!" Iy the;
ilimu Iho auovo speecu, w iucn was oeim ieu om
.1 I I I. . 1 1
was in a roar me sieeprr aroso inginein u
nut ot Ins wus onu uio epenner oruuieu uio
galleries to bo cleared.
Iv SU1111110111112 tiesar, he told him to get the guns , ... ... ,-,, ronrlmled. iho House
j - . , ii iihuiiiiii. -- 1 ,
i . .. i r 1...I i.oiiM.-. win. in... - . i . iii.
ready, nno tu mm", muni ......
f oti choose to nssisl us in finishing the adven
turo "you hive begun, onJ to have a second encoun
ter with your novel antagonist, wo shall show you
some ol tho Is-st nnd most dangerous sport our
country affords." T protested that nothing wns
Inrther from my intention than staying behind, and
added, llinl had not my shoi iicon expenueu, we
h.ull not havo parted onto easy terms. "In
general," aid ho, " i it very dangerous to attack
thcnint Closo quaitnrs after being wounded, at they
bec.nmo extremely infuriated j and thero are not
wanting instances in which life has been sacrificed
i,y doin" so. Unt we now lake euch precaution in
approaching them, that it i next to imMaaible
- -I ..i nv acci-Ienl can happen.". Just at he finished
" Several limot wo havo buckled on our armor
and entered the lie d under tho banner of Unity
Clay ; but the campaigns have always been un
successful " liotton Vairitr,
And always will be ; belter go for a better num.
Hay State Democrat.
Dr. Hurney, wiio wrote iho celebrated a'ligrunl
on lnrd XeUiii, mier lai victory ol ihu Nile,
" Honor ret if Mil.;" (U ntitio Xeiw.n.) was.
shoiliy utter on a t ' ins Im Jsmp at In. tx au
liiu't viila, al ,rt- i 1 roai It is usual ai.ti!iv ol
loiiiil, he lorgnt ! I'to a iog.i:ertp into ms .iriuiau
lean, und consi'ipiuiiily hoi row ed one ol Ins l.ird
shlii. l'ieiinily to 'us rettllog tn res. he sal
down lo sni.l , us was Ins roionum practice, uud
was Nlionly alter ul.irn.i il by llr- cup in
tl I'll'-.- ; lie. umue.iiuU .y collected t::e h irnl re.
mains, nnd retunicd ill -in to his lord.-lnp, w all iho
following lines ;
" Take your nigct cap again, my j.xkI lor 1 1 ilo.-ire,
I would not ileum il a ininuU' ;
Whil belongs lo a Nnl sun wiiorci-cr there's fire,
N sure lo bo iibtnntiy in it."
A. Fair Hit Mr. Wie, iu a late speech, con
iiuiiled, thai the chu racier of tho House of Rcprc
sontaiives had deteriorated, and intimated his in
teniii.n to retire at the end of his present terra.
Mr. Sprigg ilcl'ended tho character ot the House,
bm hoped, it' it hail deteriorated, that it would get
iwtier mu r ,vi r. M i
An hriiu'-t man's fice is a letter of recommenda.
tiau wutlen I v (.Jod hiuiJcff.'
The New Orleiins Jcffersonian illustrate tho
incipiniiii' of iho Uanking sysicm thus : " Wlnlt
i he Wing managers oflhe banks in this city were
r -ailing Hieir tony or fifty ihoutand doll.-trs a day
ii rotten commcrciil houses, a solvent democrat
could not borrow a hundred dollars to educate his
children wi'li."
" Hob, I understand you are on cruise affcr Dick
to cowhide him"
o Yet I am off on a ehaling expedition."
s was notorious fur his disregard ot
the laws ol mcuui and tuuin ; even when in com
paralively opulent -circumstances be never paid
anything wiihoul ilie tolurveiuion of John Dooauu
Uich trd Roe. A Irioiiil once endeavored to X'rsn.i.-.'
In in oflhe foily us well as njustice oi this. "Su,"
said L., Willi Joliiiftoniuti grauiy, " wlit-lhor a
man owe auyihmg or nta is matter of opuuuu :
no man cun possibly be u j.idg-j iu Ins own cauc ;
,t S!irrf TrirkeJ.TUe Shr nil ol Xoltaway
county. Vi., n few days ngo, conducted a prisoner
-'.curt ly chained to prion, and intended also to
.lepnMt some money at lb" town in which the prison
stogd. After the first day's j nurney, the Sheriff,
os)ii counting over the ni"iiey in his pocket book,
missed n considerable sum. The next night ho
overhauled his " depositee " agaiif, and again had
a portion ot mem been removed. Uo then gave
the rnscul he had with him a thorough overhaul
ing and in the pocket, which he had made in the
.- el ot his ahoe, waa found the missing money.
Toe scamp had been comlortably at work, picking
ilie Sin ritl'a pocket, whilo oo hi way to ihe peni.
tcnttnry. . -
4 S
i i i
.t I
' s
. mum
-"J ..- --I -. ra i s ii -" - t. L I

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