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m ii .3 d la u Ui ah bv w a
Dandy in DiJtcultirs.-X Dandy wai last
evening enjoying a fashionable (otiuge dont5l.
Charles sireul, when suddenly, and a he
conceived, rather rudely stopped by watchman.
(In was d rested out In Till the paraphernalia of Ins
orddr patent poluted boots, jellow kids, gold
Leaded cane, and wstch chain, which insinuated
itkclt gracefully round his neck, like a bou con
xi.ip run nil lipnr. .- - r
What's the n,ii.taw,'VoHp T. said the dandy
seeming t'J regnrd thu -watchman as il lucre were
poilutKiu in hi very truck. ' jf
. llavfl vou L'ota cWrl" aia ihe watchman.
" ' " Ate I a col law !" Vys4h daffdy drawing his
cys-glass from hi vest rwcKi-t, 'tirid sTiif ve utjj iho
watchman as hir;i.y a- a naturalist would a glt
i.( waleMhruuKh a, nugiiitytnt;- filas, count
i.-i .' the aniinttculn it 'fonimHwi " hiy, certainly,
I've i coJ-Uw, aiW a shirt Why, deni we, du
r.,i ii,i,.U 1 i-cjajliiJkW'altJUyiau
AtfiauX. , .
' "Oli, I dati't care Ncb-i.s 11.4'lle (a United
Htat Saiik notf) whil vou wear, but twless you
Imve )i.r owner' name on yoor collar, J mul lake
you up f r i.d.iii.ii of he late l" law. I had
Icgul ndlico ittuit thft 'wrOi bad, ad I'm purfes.
-M.4Mtly. wko-uied 4iuciudi:L lupi'ifti ell o
.lln r Ul.i :-nli of lle n,cit.
Confound jot'," sni'Ilirt) ilnmly, " you are in .
k'lfli-rabH itip riiiHrit and wulgaw.'"
, A i-r.llnm.l.i .ll.n UDIt "IIIW Ul lic l"
rccd:n(.', miif ii.fvrnmd the wutchumn that U lok.
bn crruriO' Oii if w m me og nroiiincwpii"s:"i"
Me i. fet uctfd wanstdLVur b.tewlhoJinjl.
k inlwiJi-iL E? rt2W2aiiS? TsUPO1?? Wjjirrangq.
"ilte'rKTir.e JiTuiy .t r.iitcd lo fWi, oal.
in j waicUii bi, j.ciitlfe.1, aiid 'heeluin he had
lull iu, un ;!i!' inut bo a. .
V Titette f "U"! Ne. i noticing -.
Cv itti of Mf. It?. n, ipi'lie -irr, avs : -
" lln rUuyh wc anrnH.1, w a P'i'i
tiTm. Trj fii! lime tcfursj ho f xpir'elfTTiW"
' ntinJ ui warning nmid .ihe scenes he had
..(.., .. xriftl Ni ho would sinil a snatch of
' !!cJ forth the !""' impic pi -
anon hwM!d reeito a Ktinn bf gnakspeare-but
1. . . .'-J. . . V.. i,i mi alritmr lO de it!) ',
lie mill ji w-n'i -- ."v - - p. -
Htidwhtni llillnrtW.wa n doced aW-l to cha,
the etrs Vm l wd,will U ctl iher.and be
died with 4 nllody unoii' I'l-
A gsitleiuan, relalir.RJf ,nihl, tit , a,olli-e.
. room rh.O'ord, ih.H l.-, l n coll. L ,
bid put tul hii hg in er.lint keiinrl. lira
pons inioejiately ct ft f tho diicn-r'a pr!.
ment but refurne.l Ii nayed sayiiiM o o h lltmg
haa Implied. W sayT, i-plied lha nenllenian,
"hfiw cn a inan'ssv a kennel withom pwMito
UaviJ lIuaiQ observed, that a!! tho dcvo1 fu r
I. lii.l' ivnr mi l with wcro rnPhnchoWv. - Oil
this ll.ww rffma.ked that this mtf very
probably to tw fii '.hn lira plcj it is moa lik.-lv
i hut he saw vrry fhwV lnmda and acqua"uitanf.
liriiig ol another irt ; a'l, wn.nillv, llm i-i-lit i
hi ; w.mlil make a d.fout man look melancholy l
any lime.
'Ihr TiuUnPtrnfion Strain Py'itg Daniel
t'l.n d, win. tta executed, was fund "I horse", and
r.miilered n good j'iih: oT them. A Capttm m
Hie Navy vi:!i whim JiJo'l nrii;rly lived, "hlnin
r t perminm t rco Inm in Nc ite out) dny ll
wrk. .1 fimiing tin. wit' in hii r.etf, the ' bon
liommin " of Ihe saibr pievailH, iti.ii he r-iiid-"
Well, (Imiil, ihere i no ue no in nl udio:: 1 '
).nr unh ippv sitoa'i .n. Have ymi niiy idfi
lneli horno will in the Herliv t" tiond' r. ply
. m . til. il
va- " All I-ur I 1 mu Hie) wouui 101 mc un
II. iln. tun ,r I. -! :i,i:w Iii.i- nil' ! I CnUliI l!;e;i
li.o happy"
.1 in lo Mit l :ul&j. Tin: cuUifig iXliarinl
ir..:...r pi,-! w,:li ti.r cl.i I f a Mla-rioua and
t-ui'y pri.c m. l ti ' l'il!oMirf Hindu llie fame
T.dM attained mme i-pei-dily, easily, nnd rsently :
llrmg the iron In a ln t, nml then, fixing H
m a vi.e, apply lb' e eiinion mw. which,
l''iU turui'd in ll c ii!j;e or mjurrd in nnv retipect,
" ill ili.u!.- u as i-anlv us il it i ri; n cuirut !
if;hihl r,.ri 1 jtp,iirVrr. I Jem wifi remark.
1 'U up o it .- no-li i i 1! i-iiricpoiiil'mrr sui : "
t-i.: ..!.! . o,iH uiun.g lor a wl.iln and lli'-i. un1
H"i a litib while longer to collider nf excuses
ti'iil nt I -...t it );rorts il,-.ipt'ratr, nnd one docs lull
v r.'e m nil. ,l ilns rate I linvonervcd utliois,
fi'.l Im-.e Iren so reived imwlf.'
"You're rntiiled to the fl mr, as the-member
'I (' ingre-s tenmrked, when ho knocked down at.
ep.i ,---l.
from ihe A QrUan$ Picayune.
Fine Pkrate in tfan& l ens. We delight in ole
gant modes of expfeeaidn, and our object here is lo
rescue Iroin their base-bcrn condition a few of tho cur
rent phrases ofi the dsy, by pressing them up lor ap
pearance in Clascal society.
Does your mother know you're'oiiiT -
O, co soliciiudo niaicriial be ,
Aware ot ibsuut innocence tVom homo !
CWe her a lirk back r
B.: to curtain stroke upon the boat,
- I'ropclling bcr prabwiso the olbor way.
Coahead , i . . H
To the high summit of thy wisl.cp, on! ' '
Roping in
Decoying the unwary into snares
And easing ilicin ot surplus capiu.1,
A nice man for a small lea' party '-
A Kprcimi.'n exceedingly tclcc',
To tip admired by very ancient dames
While iippni? an exotic beverage.
'Your cske'i all dough
Tbeweut-I)readf yobr long and ardent Lcpe,.
Dcar isir, contiuues still a liitlo soil.
Thero' where you put your fiot in it ; ;
llubold! all, Dial's where the great work was
lost ! ; - .
When into it your dexter pedal went!
You csti't come it, Judge
- (), all m vin, lnou minister ol law !
Scest thou these moving ftngora! Whal tay
, lliey' ' -
Ik's done brown . "
Foil of nice touches, and complete in all :
"Well done" from Nature's oven, sc him
No go it,
Alas! most imp-jtont and lulT.o oil !
All around my list
AU.ut the beaver covering of my bend,
Id end lets twining nicely circuinvolvcdj
Snick in the mud
, sl Euibetlded Ian in soft alluvial soil.
' Quicb bfe (Spanish o! " Who know.")-
Who holds the inlormaliuii may unfold. '
Sich getlin' up stairs
A inorremarkblo aceiifion of
yf The Ktepe conducting to the placo above.
' Nut hard to lake
liy no means uncongemal to lbs taste. .
Running a saw
tliil I not dVm the true,
.Your every look, your tone, would plainly show.
That you were reeding me with speech ueli'sive.
Oh, lfuli !
Waste not unmeaningly your powe9 of voice.
Borne little labor you appear to Uve,
In your enthusiasm thrown away;
'WhoVstraid at fire!
Who is ihtro hero dares not confront the (lame 1
That's theiieiiinipr!
Ik-hold Ihe instrument tor driving naii6l
Saw mv leg off!
O! amputate my limb unmcnti-viable !
Fork over the tin
'I'riMrure thrce-prongM instrument ami pss
OcM Jnis.tlie necessary ere.
TakejnV hatw ' " , , ?
.ir. p!eaw! appropnato my c'.J Cuvprau.
Go il, boots I . - j.
" Onafdr1hf gobiTotTToatrrcf 'Temg". on !
Running accounts . ,
Ab-piaitlaling bills 'feUei tb'-'.
In a bid fix
t'linlliifid m a p-awiii.n incooveii.cnt.
In tlimn-ro'ig biix
r.xfM-cUng invitation lo retire.
D-xie gone
I'll sec vou in the fill
!,en sutunm llings about the FcaVtering lesves,
Pt!".eu,iincc uio?c J. iiJfe tc bciw.:
Keep a Miifupr hp
y-t nol tl.e up;er n.iruer oi jour nm-j.ii
Be from at f.nn tet (!i.-p-ition b-nf.
There ;-we know there .re Uioso wW tar,; we ar
liMimuih I'ivcn to free and C 1 oquial ex predion.
ICw t .cv l,n-c .a oPiMrtun,.v l sUmg how we can
lle.n-!., 'wl.enwepi-aie.ontheorrofiile.
lVvi Swi't pr.!-ofd to tax female beauty, nm!
leiwe -vci I-.
l!iP MX W'Otil
: to rtc I
I L-e ciu-ed
n ,iwn c arms. Ho said
itllv j.dii', ami very pro
ujT.h'e hear, 'in ;..!.er ; bu. a, most of our
T .! r it,.. 1 . ruif.iJ P I III
vtees ure compound,
.) nUn h th.-ir punishment.
Rick A drunken chap hereaway cot long
f.xt.iM cold, K..t up m tho, and, as ho
supiK..1, emW-r on lh- hearth, lie gallicrcd
.ome lue! toother, nod tried ...citato (lime with
In breath nnd helltiwii. but in vmn. Hi wile heard
him makiiii a tuss am! rather than lie disturbed in
her rrt, " '.1 un to make the fire ..r, when slio
( ,...! that her husband had been try ing to blow fnir
or live f tr.iijii
.tfli..- mo-jiibeains into 0 blaze!
A eenilennn
lid b.-uuldr'-Kcs to a termagant
wi,iw a . '.'H. . .."
(. .1 . .1.. I .. . .I.n.l I, A .....I 1
repln-.l,- lh" ninlcii will be equal for the lady has
lilUtl lur r.iifi
Why is a ilvin; man like a p.'rm psajir.g in'o Wis-
..m .11 Inn Hnrv I
, ,. , , , r ,
WtUwm Vf .-Ilie f,ishi(iaM' Imurs r.f tjii
prc.Miil nines acre ncativ censured by I.1111. "
III!. hill J 111. Illltl III P3 ' t'l i' '"1
!inr with me 'it le t lli. eyetueg.
" I Ulllst ilo- llie honor," unid tin' preuuvr. " for I am on-gi-ed
to mp with tin- bi.-!io;i of Iiine.dn ut m'-if."
I'idicnnnt. The -iI!i ntii s of the cliotter ( 11
r.nla nt'eru-'i n, inili.-r iiM.inisltei! n loul'er who
r.-. lving on 11 barrow w ith his t ico np-.vard.-i
the loot ol xirrrt Finding Inmsell urenched
vtt1. w.-lrr 11I a smph; i'n,h, ho to Un f.-f-t.
iu-1 is 11r.11 r o. unu rxcm.mru. "
(half Show nie the racca! !" 'ii. Inquirer.
Horltculltirists say that the best way In kill weriN
. . . . .1 1 ii.. .1.
nu nparn::us l.ers 1.1 10 waier litem i.neriuiy won
berfi.r pork brine, pr any sail brine. The-soil
llilN the weeds whih.' it nourishes Urn n-ipnr.igm.
ui.,i l i h nisriilmo nlunt. nnd prown the bctmr
for hnvin" fhIi.
... ........ ...r-T.. ..- it.-. ..... 1 ....I. . ....... .... ..... .. . , , , 1
A rrjuion ft going to Church, Burger, thatier-1
man poet, satirizes the sleepers at church ui an epigram
which we have not seen translated. Hero i a version
ot it:
"All the night long I have not slept a wink,
Op Sunday morning said a languid fnir;
'Ti hard ; but I will creep to church I Ihink,
And pywibly may doze a liitlo there-.
A Mailey"$ Memory. Authors generally seem
to think that the monkey race aro not capable o!
retaining lasting imprnuniii, but their memory i
remarkable ton icioui wheii striking events call It
into action. A nionltey wuich was permitted to
run free, bad frequently apcu tho man servants in
the great country kitchen, with it hug fire place,
take down the powder 'horn lliat stood on tho
chimney piece, and Hi row a few grains into the
fire, to make Jemima and the est of tao maid
jump and acreaih, which jhey always did on such
occasion very .prettily - l ug wetdied hh upmir
(unity, and when all was still, and lie had got Ihe
kitchen entirety lo iiiinaoit, no ciaumttrcu up, got
possession of the well lilb-d powder liorn, porched
bimnelf gingerly on one sido ot mo norizouiui
wheels placed lo support, the saucepans, rijflit over
thu waning uslies of on nhnost extinct wnodliro,
screwed oil the top ot the horn, and reversed a
over Ihe grate. The ex pi of ion sent bun hull' way
up the Chimney I I'efure be was blown up, ho was
a snug trim, well conditioned monkey, as you would
wish lo see in a summer flay itn came down o
fllack, carbonoled nigger, in miniature, in nnovi-
lancho of burning aooi. The thumb;. with whicli
ho pitched upon the hot he in tho fnidst of lle
general flare-up, orouscd him lo a sense nf his
condition Ila was missing for days. . Hunger at
Inst drove, him forth, and he sneaked into the house
close sinned, and look ins . scared and devilish.-'
II recovered with - care, but.Mike somo other
personages, ho never got over his sudden elevation
and fall, but became a $adltr, if not truer monkey .
If ever Vz forgot himself nnd was imuu.osome,
you hnd onlv to lake down Iho powder hurt in his
presence, and he was oil to his hole like a shot,
screaming and cluttering Iih jaws like a pair ot
custanets. '''J'
Tho word bother wsrusc'd by a sergeant, who being
cxDosed lo the volubility of two Irishmen, one at nr-h
ear. cried. ' Don't both ear me.". Hence tho verb
bother. -y; " '
A Rradv Ifet orf. A drunkck lawyer " "goiriilnld I
1 church wa olwerved liy tho inimMer, wno ao
ressing him-elf Iq him, said i f " I will bear wit
no againit that sinner at of judgment."
The lawyer shaking bi bead with drunken gravi
ty, replied: 'I have ftmclised twenty years nt
the ba,r, and have alwys iouud thai the 'rcatBst
rascal is the first lo turu istato's evideuco."
The Dog J5utinci-The cPy authorities or
Pittsburg, Fa , oiler p. reward if one dollar lor
every dog killed, and the tradh has been enrned u
6 linsklvin those dull (ime, tlsit tbev hate used
"L1. ? t!i.e.cjijduggJtKl the. p)p!oi.tOririiiii; j
in llirir ii in, (rnm lhf- rriunirv. ' i
' o " " i
I Mince Pica and Dreams. n .ld lady who was
apt to be troubled in her drcanui,ndrniher'fipi'r
: rtitiou withal, mrornied tho' pnrsn-'of ike
' tint on n night previous she dreamed ehew hor
' grandfather who had been dea l fur ten years. The
I "(Hi nntv hnlfa mince nie!" " Well" sas be.
" il vnu had devoured the other half, you might
fUuUWy-ha.vew.-eu. jwirraudmolber P- r-
A Iawcr u'lo wai tomelinioi frfgoiful. having
I - - .er , the bar
, "H.nn 17 PJ "'i.. ' -
and he bear, .he character nf bmnjf . mo! cm,
sumn.nto niul impudent scoundrel hero some
body wtnsvcred hnn that the prisoner was his
i client, when hn immi-dialely added, ".But what
rf itd nooJ man ever lived who was not ca
I imm.micj t,y many of his coicmporariesl"
rnphnsant.K firt rate appetite nnd notliir
.. .. . .1. .... it.. ......
! V as Arable.- Piety to cat anJ no an-
peine 1 tajvu.
l n..f,ll.llr.rl .ti.-l.l lllllWI l.A (Vlillt l:il;e '
, & (, (lfl.s and nian insan,. w,,cn ,.r
; , A filli(lirii.r reeptelaU'c :
; a ,,-, M.,.,2 , ., while n
u a pitcc
! ,
, ' . '
; Lore The silken tto w h.c . binds two w ..ling ,
j nearly in cotn-Kisi-a 1req.nm.1j 01 i.u.i..i
' eclu?ivc!v.
A loafer the oilier day wjis rejjing in the Old
1 ibis phrase : " t.'olu lU bec tiiuu Uug-.
! ltllllfW I. lllimi siii-j I it - . w
should be " If J."
Punauiiliti.X Coiiiinitlco (ifeiglil gentlemen ;
! iii'tiotnti-d to in-i-l at twelve o'clock. Seven ol ,
; in witn itp'iloies lor being a ipiaitcr m an nour;
1 behii.d the tunc. " Tho lime," said be, ' passed ,
- jl(a, Wlt;1(,ul lllV lllsf -wnri, 0, (t. :l(j ,
; j.c,,' f j,a M-ingso late," ice. A Quaker present ',
r 1
!.id " I'liend, I nm not sure that we should iidmil"
i thy apology. It were mailer uf u-gret that ill m
- sliiml.Ul have wasted thine qinuteVof an hour ;
i lur there nre seven liesnirs 'In ---!!', .whu-e tune;
, Ihuu hiit nl eoUMiine.l, ninonnliiio m d.e w hole to
: two hour, and otic eolith of it only was tltim wen ,
,V f Au.aj.c, sin(.,. ,r(Cr jn K,.w York,
wh(i )( nlu.lliv,.v rxmrnned the niaml mem o t
. ,np ( mlri amies Jank, und bad made up his mind
,)n( t nH fml commrncr, fKculatm; in the1
.itoeli. He would ngrce lo deliver so many shares
, uf it nt such a tunc nt a prico es than w hen he i
1 ... .1 1 i .. ...1 1... ...... - ,1... t
j matL- ine oitrgaiti. win 11 u.u umw in. in- ...u
stock would nol be worth the contracting price.
The purchaser iherrfor." would pay the loss, and
' not take tho stock. Then be would nmke a sale
lie I
'. 'n anoiltc, md again p-kct his ffcmturq
this way he went on while Hie Hank was .-
duwii,Riid tK-fure it was wilirely flal bo hsd, it i
eid, n auo lus cool $30,000 ! Timt tlluw, aif.ii
these (Iuns, m lu ad ol Diddle u being 'cln a
a suiutuer's iiKiriimg."
IP 4) Ji ilf llli'Ji
t'rotn the 0'6'.
' Another and another it ill succeeds ; and the
last is bigger than the former." 1
Three tanil bills already occupy tho House of
Representatives, uui a fourth hos just appeared in
tho Snna'tn. It coinos from thu OoiniiMltne on
Manufactures, the nvmburs of which are chiuflv
iiianulactiirers j and, having the dish in their own
handn thoy have .cut and curved fur lhein-elve in
high objocr, it is Hie'same with all Ihe
oilier tariir bills iiaiuulft the transfer of money,
by law, from the packou of the people lo Ihe puck
els ol tho -'maiiulactan r; but tho mode ef oiicra-
linir is new. and besrwuks lalcnt in the modern wt f
legislative ifcprcileuim. CumulativO nnd compuuud
rid valorem duties dre'neseiscd!! arbitrary.sialri.
lory valuations, whi'eh laka amaximuiB of doubfe
or nuarduple.iho ral vahie ojho bctt article df the j
class, und then wa!to it a mimmuin forsho wlmlet
class. upon init lacnuous viiiniiun,uuijrcoii,j
crally of 25 per Ceut. isTirst imposed, with I cu-j
mulatmn ol w per ccul.r more lor, articles aoove
that clas, and a further duty of 10 per cent, more
if th article is imported in a foreign ship, and a
further duty of 10 per ci. more if tho article
cmncMlown beyond tin? t'npo of Wood llojio. The,
following extracts liumitbo bill will lUustraVlbis
MlMlUllif-llf 1 & " -
8r.r. 1. MAKmcTCUEi or corro-f shall be
valued us follows, Ihut t lo soy : IllencbodTund
unblencncd cottoflolhs JTiall be vaiued al twenty-
four cents per square.' vurd colored and stn'ined
cotton clotbs. iif not more than ono eolor.nor more j
Hum two shades of that color, and'.not exceeding
twenty sf veil inches in-width, at eighteen cents
per running yard, or yard in length j. exceeding and not ciwodtng-tlnrty.pine incites
in width, at "twenty-eight cent per running ysrd
prints of more than one color (generally blocked or
fancy prints.) not exceeding twirtjn-even inches iu
widtU, at twenty-four couls per running yard;
exceeding twenty seven and not ejceediiigjliirly
"nine inches in. widlhTaY "thirty fine ceiiPs per run-
mnovard : exceodmi? thiriv nmo inches- irt widtli
l ihtrtv-five cetits per square -yard : Provided,
Thai any goods of thokmd . ove i-tiumenitod,
ihocoat or valuo wticrool at inn place of export,
with an addition of iirouty pel" ccnl., nhall exceed
forty cent per si'iare rnrtl, shall lt vnhied nt Ihe
coi or aluo nt inn place ui-cxpon, v.)n an uuoi
lion of twenty per cent."' . "
I'.very houno keeper m Wosliington city know
that ihe above valuation tf cottons h double, triple,
end ;uadrufile tli8"vloo-i-Ua,tu say ruibing ot
the wliolosiilo:pMtcj in llin Jmpdrnirg fiiios, ou
can r- t" tin. itry g'ioioio injisuinioii cuv.
and purcTiu-e from tnu retail merchant tho articles
ubove itMHiiioned, lor tlie'onc half or the One third
of ivitai Itit;)- urd vuHkmJ at. Tnufl, by giving a
lalse valuation to Ihe article, and by hqlp Ol c.umu-
. lative .lutit , whal is ..ultusibly n duty of 25 per
cei.i. become, iu rculiiyadtiiy of 50, Of 10H, or
loll pur ci;nt. '
" I'nird MASuAtrr;ni4. or kool ahull bo
vnlnrd ar followr,-rnrrs-'rerioyjr'M ttrd and ftr!it?d
cloths, known by Urn name uf Kendall cottons and
r .. t.:i; 1 ,,.!i .h nt.u, v,i,.r:a .
"4.;rfeTaruoI''aTV,St cciil.' q-iare vard; manufaciurer. foreign mstermls are imm.ri.ed
known os kersevs, ol which wool aimll bo tho only c- (l"dcs. eM.ple, three millions ol
material, ut one dollar and twenty cent, per square j dnllors wortii per annum,) and on- these foreign
vard ; all other milled nnd .ulled chuhs, including I nialerial domestic ina.mlactures are established. .
nil varieties ol cas,.m-res, and of broad, leaver, ; Jfno people aro taxed one, 10,, lour, and
nil..!, and fell cloths, c ml.ngs, and a I other cl .K.s ' ''undrt-J per cent, to protect iheso mauu!uc
not otherwise s.KCilied, o: which wool .hull be tim ur" " w'"S afhniga materials, which tn.y
only material, .bill be vu.uedat ihree dollars per Sl rcu of duty ; and this 1 called protecting.
Hmmro yard: Proved, Thai . tiy goons ol the t mec industry I It is plundering the American
kind above enumcutou, tl.e cos. or viiue of w Inch P"Pj ! trin-wrtng prooerly by law ! Il is
ui ihe place ot cxaort witt. an audition of tweutv ! WS tan-s o! class! It w voting money
ir cent, ahall exce.-.i lojr d'diur per rqume yar.i, ''" P of aevootoon millions of pBoplo(
Iluil! be valued at lie. W or value .1 Ine place ol 10 P" " "'t0 ,h8 r fo H'ouand manu-
:,.., mill ai.autii.ou ct twenty H!r cn. ; all lu!urcrsto pvo ll.e.n mcomos of ton. ol
coat:.. ..I moimlr shall uluod at ' hundreds ol ihousa.Hl. per annum; while
one dollar and fitly rents per wja ire yard." ! , ,abor. the price ol produce, and the
. . . , . , vaiue ol: properly, are sinking lower and lower
T icarbiliiv va'ur.ti'Ki r.ere placed upn wckjI- . ,Vl ... , , .
, , ev. rv day. I his 1 Wbiggcrv ; reuera W hig-
-us is e.iuai y ouiMg-oui Willi itiat upon coii iiu. ' ' ,
, . . , , . ui rv aa mueli worse Ihuu Hie oid I coera lit-.n of
li i!not..ri.uthal (' valuation, 111 manv iiimjiicl, - '
, , ' , ' , , , , , ; . ; 17'JJ was. as the cuousUw campaign 1. lilU was
wi! b" douh w or reb .1 w 11.11 t o.ijht to ti " ; buii .. r "
. ' , . ....,..,,.,, .... ,.. i i'x r u.i .meaner lluiu tne I cdcrel campit-'tu ot
j-ctwg.lhe labor mi! er-wt wi: tlie t 1 feOfj
c.liuap-jr ki..d M i..i ..ouo.e,irirL;U.i-l:it-l...xlii,:!. " ""' . ,. .. , ,, . ,. ,
' ' ; ,, . ., , , v wish toia 1 nub ic j lenlion lo ms salyjct
ii iiml ny Itiose who arc a'lie 1 1 1 orcl.a-J tho wi . .... ,,
' ' . ! 10 the-o lour tatii'i now on 1110 unvil n ll.o to
let art.vle. ! H.mj,.- ot Congies-. Tbev will all p:iis all four
:tl. M.iMi Ain iii- w i.Mrnt:.-l,K, ,jj9j: n -l n. f.-ur w -pa'raifl bill, but mixed up
b oiees, silo.-, unit sup,, is. Men pom,!-, bitm-s, j ro..,j UJ ,,,.,1, conglomerated into one
and siipK-r, shall bu valued at I., doliur, per pair; , (. ter(l;;(,lt.l)U, lliavSB1Kl nl drivtS1 ,,rou ,,,
toots and lio-.teen, ut mix l-..l.urr ,'1"1"1'1"' ,.e,j,tr. omnipotent argument f ihe
double hi.led pul.1,,.1 or w. -.!-, l two. dolla.s per, -j-,. ul, pasj, hj, U,0My )e wors,
p-.l. ; Inrnts h.iotees, al (bill.i.-s ami t.llv o( t M ft . M
CJli'.s per pair: Mto.s or hlipn-is 01 ,. o, 01 any
maicnnl miTsd witii rik, nt one dollar and twenty
live cents per pair ; of all o'ui. r materm!--, nt one
dollar wr pmr ; cliildrrn's bn.n.i uu.l b.Hitees ol
mIL, or of uoy nun- rial u.ii i i!h f-.illi, 11! .-i.e
dollar anil til ly ceni per pair ; of till i-ilier nialcn-ul-i,
and children' shoes ol an kinds, al sity five
TTsrilO'.Ti i 5, pjilii.-i, hlnv
nm! i-lij-pers, lor men, wouie.i e: 11, paiiitii
ly nmniiucturcd, sliml be i.iiin.U at ll w!rll i;i;:ii
utdcmrcd J shoes ma. Iu wli. lK of 1. 1.0.1 iiibbcr, al
sixty -five cents per p iir."
The same rein.uli npp'i '" :.ll (lie nitii!' i-i
ti.. clauo. 1'vcry po son lint li.'.s cv.-r 1.o ;m; .1
shoe, knows lliat Un h lal'i' .1- t:?-'v
I. il! ; mud-- so o.v i iirj-o- -. 111 ouier lo .K-oli,.-tiiii
t,.X on llie lo.Ligu nilii'I , nnd to loul if- t!..
I mill to too iJuini'iiio iiianulucuin-r.
""nil. Kt-ady male clothing. lUerenats r.n.l
pIio.i ciuaks hhoil In: valued nt lorty d-.H.ti each :
I I. 1.1k at nvty dollars raco ; (rock coats nt Unity
dollars e.u-li ; ilrens coal ol" all putierus ill tlur'v
mx unllars each : rouiKiubont-, or snort 1 1.' et-, at
twelve dollars each ; uniform eoalx, mi I ail eo.its
not otherwise spi-r.ifieJ, lit forty dollars each ;
brocade, on.bro.tlered, figured silk, or satin 11. e'
Mlk velvet VO.-.IS, at mno dollars caeti, i oiln-i
vets nt five dollars each ; drawers and undcrhhir-.-ol
every m tenul, except silk, 01 niaierial.t uiiXi.-o
with silk, hhull be valued ol right dollars pi 1
(Joi-rii cotton shirts, made nf plain white et..ii
. .
lining, at nine dollars per oVa-n dickies or (also
Im-imiiiis, and collon whirls with linen boams, e
wrtNl bamlr, at eighteen dtilars pcrdoteo) Jinel .
and ail siiirts not otherwise specified, at tliirty -ilollars
per duzeu ; shut collar! at three dollars pej
(liiz-iii, till Other ariiclcs ot clothing lor men, wo
limn, or children, inauufaciured iu whole or in .
part, shall' be valued at d.iublo ' tho value declared
hy this bill to on the valuo uf tho material of
which li.ey may be made ; and if made of diflor
cut tin termls, as if made entirely uf the must
costly material in the same.n
We npieal lo every man, or boy, tlmt has ever
iMiught it coat, a cloak, a waistcoat, a ahirt, or even
"a dickey," or "Inlsu busoin," lo say if ihrau
valuations are nut downright pluiiJur-iiig. Thir
ly six dollars lor n coat iweivu dollars lor a
..ti.i.lul. ...I ii.i, fl..ltria llir iii'frulidMfi! il.iu iIia
miniinuiii I tin I hat a mechanic or filmier hIi'i
should buy h coat ut fifieeu dollars, a rouiuiuLmit
nt threo doll rs, or u pair ut overulU at two do),
lur?, to work' in, nmsl pay the same lux on it that
Ihe ilundy pays on his luxurious apparel. .
- "231. Coal, salt, and lime Coal, and"a!l
prt-jiirati inf thereof, ahull bs valued at eigt.t dollar-.and
nxiy four cents per chaldron of thirty sis
.Jtuslicls ; 'salt nt forty cents per bushel mf fifty
uoundj ; luuu at ;e dollar uud seventy live cents
cask.iot exceeding lorty gallnn in capacity."
Furjy cents a Duahul for salt I which salt it
oroved, bv the cintmrliuui-o books, to cust a fol
lows ; Liverpool, iificep cciits , Turk's Islauu, nine
cuiHk; St. Ubcs, mi cents; Alcditoratiean, fiVa
confs, from tt.e Aifritttic, three c(Jiit -jet all put
up tW forty venuT a bushel ol fitly -six pounds,
which is nbout two peck nnd t? bill,) and ilien'
forty per cent mbfo uKn it if it comes hi a foreign f'
vest-el." ; Thus tho actual -duty on Salt would be
from one bundled to two hundred cr cent.', with
the further rmschjetor fixing Ihe pice by law;
for, when the law values tho bushel in the seaport
ut ;forty cents, that must become the standard '
price ol the salt per US to which the duty being
udded, - will knock up the imjioitation of foreign
sjilt, end thro . 0).o ieoiie, tied, neck and heel,
into the ndor hand of the homo monopolisers.'
jk "feaKolfce, cocoa. Gunpowder, goifiee, and
imperial Was thull be valued .at seventy two cents
per pound ; ult other green ttas, at fifty ceiu per
p-iutid all ulack teas, at lorty ceni per puuit
coflee at nine ceiila per pouRd ; burnt or ground, -at V
twe ve ecu's pur pound, Cocoa at eigni ceuis
miund." ; ' J-i 11
Green lea atTilly cent TJUhd 1 Ulack lea at .
firty,t:ents "a p7uiidl Jav7" Mocha, and Weal,"
India co("ue, yll ralcd.'olue I Twenty per veulum added fof a foreign vessel, ' or earning'
from beyond tho Capo wi -sJood Hope,' W.e 'lur
boar comment upon thu moruiuy ol thus injiiosi-
lions thcBcanriar-of-thtTamoafanndingnu "oil
uutiorsn value, articlec sa dMloreut in quality, and
a various in price I T' ...
"Wo caaso our tsxtracls. Wo only givn & fm
by way of example. . Wo ' hopo Oino oraclical
tarj will lak'e-up the wbulo bilif'Uy it enen to tho -
j je re, una cnoruiiiio nU iniquities.
. ITliij 19 iho foiirtli bill now oa hand to ejtaLhfU
protective tariu
iq too shameless inieuttop ot.
fajso valuations, it heals? ihoin all. In other re
spects, ir is tike them oil. It Tiolua on lo the-laml
revenue, while violating lha cinidition on-which
Ihe land bill was passed, and, winlo pillaging tln
jieopio by a plundering lax 011 tho necessaries uf
life on Ita, coin-, .alt, sugar, shoes, coals, shirts,
Mud hats to make good llie"aniouu'!' by tho
ianJ. Ii Wj wy tUMig-w-Jiwh- llia puophj emit .
sinne, and exempts from tax everything that tbo
. nia.iuiucturer u-e. 1 lie lurmerjs sacxiacufl to Uio
, . ,.,.,.....0 ,..,... ,,, ,... .v .lk...orj ...j
yliuvci lliroiili Hie Motive. 1 ho l"i fii'i v lie looked
lor .-1 .11.
1 mil won
No iVh.iio on ito.iis will be ali
uac.i :
d lie I it.. 1 t ) tli- piU'.deii-r.
l he
6,-ei.hcs, b.r uti-J
ril iec!n-i w
ng'll.lM a
l:'h liccido
land 1.1
"n;- i l- r a lew davs longer; but the
I. u- t:-.-:i,j i:ie loiii'het!. an.) practical vi'.-w ta
hen, and tin iniqj.;v .-t too Hung uisji!ii rd, Ihut
niuoi. ui tho ...i,i -nil lie t i .pfwil on, slid nil lii-ru?-su.ti
hil.'iici.-.i. And iut ,i i:u rruiedv lor ull this
uliic.': 1: is i,:c clian.'" r;..'. ta ! !': i- the 1
:i .! un1 coons Iron, Ihe high place into w l:.ei.
ti e, ii.:..; 4 limb. d-dn ing iheu. back tn ti.r.r li( e
an.i, lii.d risto.i:) to power t!i'.- in.-n wli
.'j;i.-!a'c l -r llie inaiu wi.iihO -ol.rv Ii i l'.-n- :.
ii iv.-ti pro;.er lv to tile country , iui.i wli.eli t-J Uk
it ng--.i .. . s-'oii as they arc restored. I e!i-ia!,sti.
ha n :. t---.'ii tried three lnin, and w or0
every ti '. TllO second Adams na wor-- th;.:i
:li-- .: : and (ho coousku.s of ihe pr.-j-rnt ,jj y ar
woise ll:ail all. l'.-ltu .1 1 ower uiotiu was ttio
, ol j -ct -f the old IVduralists : u.o present Fednnl
villus go tor ihe saiim power, und fir iduii'ltr
..tided to i plunder hy mean of lariil-t, bank,
ui ..I; -polies corporations, und leoislt,nve irjimleis
-a 11; a J tVoiii loe niuny lo the tew. f t )4 ,r'
ll.u-iu tn Iwee.i iho pooii.-.i.ois, T j.llileji, nnd 1..1
t.ouiii Laok,wlucll makes Wtuyery tt 14)
nuif't wo-'-yc than F.-dera'i-.nt of lt(ii,
'A I'.if s' '-e n..::,i,hr . .... 1...,. v ,,, .
t '
4 .
i i
.t 4'.
: t,
.... - -
' . ' ' ' I
. - .--"' i f-;
- ,-

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