North Carolina Newspapers

    lridiy, July 29, 1813,
Democratic Republican Jfomlnathn,
worn not utoi, .
LOllS D . El U IV U V, -
. Of Cumberland,
JlcpuUican Cnniidntet,
Kowau and Davie,
Davidaoit Connir.
Aart.-VM. IL HOI.T. '
JJ a Arary responsibility rats on North
Lurulina I
Tiie Whigs" have now ben mef arid ivjr
thrown, defeated and utterly routed in every South
ern Siato except North Carolina. Our baule
com? on ina few days, and here ton, we trust
with atron confidence, they will meet the sum
file; for we cannot believe lhal. the Freemen of
. North Carolina will be alone Iwhiod thmr country
men in Ibi graat struggle (or priucipltf. Surely
when tho awakened thousiuds of every other Sum
tiro luiiufesimg tht!irM;in4;ao3viUijilIorif. .Whig
misrule nod Whig dacepiion, ouV) rA-ouio3 ill not
f irg"l and forgive the violation of sdnum prouiies
it'uJ jd'dgc byhicb they weretJeceivetl, nor,
tamely sQbmiUo uaj'ist a' fiih t.ixc,
corrupt BiUkrupt1;iw, profligate waste ol the
YtMxcrmnvtji and M 4Ja4olfuVMaclt oL-lhe.
liihd and' rcckleV tn:ij.rU7al Wiishiugto I. If
they do tliuijwbmit to wfia their fellow country-in-)iii'frthratcf
hive dtuiinced and condemn'
d, lhm iudectl wiU iticyVvell deierve the reproach,
iiamn .f ,i -rera :-r-(KfU nn'v liorlh ('.irolinu
witlvbittcrruih lyalli i Ui( Van Wink c, lor
; W will bo elu.i.hWBii on inj:!uriouly, foigeili.l
lTeTeT7prTM'i'.ir i.lgoutli, fiu ilier U-f
aiiicr Siate-t nrrp mi I roiMuei ing. Hut we to)k (
for lieiier thiL'i. Notlii i x wanting but energy
.l,iti:irW'flia i.;lor. U..u yourelvc'lii'ii,
Iriend ib!.ty ai ! Iv ! K'!i' vigilant,
ti '.iivjjTHil untiri-i. "N.w - the tima to wrem j
ihuir iltg'itten w.'r fr )tn the bauJiof tho party
'vhoMrfi Uiiii eti'fe iHit4 to beik down tha do ,
a of our t iT d Ciwiiiutinti : now is th'liiic
H:tfuilv J.-r1t HToppreiv "d pluudeniig I
Ai t ij mx iii Coiijcreaa are fiaiiijj
yo--.uliiCOIuJ'ii'yBrlhrow the about j
Is "V.'.'Oit'ftit la, a:id ail it aicin'! vtle ;
iviil 'ii" -when iln yoke iaatrongty and
'cur?!v fint ii 'r-it'oirn.k. ItaJly then Fr
Men, e:i'l"!iu ;r-lvea iforSfiy to enjoy the
1 f.iiTvi!.'f";"4 "f irrftilnsat iMvauMi.!ut.
- r
ll: I'.'Oi an! aroduj to appointment
, . .. i... i ... 1
. h4i Up.,,,, jilaJa v 44. U aussif-ibl.tgtt -uf j
" ; ; , . .,,. .,!
TitVMlt "o l' ;. pt-rs uis, in wun viti
liio iiile J'tX.l, i--" Pri"k""r.'
..eo,f.c.." 4ipvke bar 'near four hours; iii
tiisi I .a."' Jt" lf "M 1'vderal alSiir. ll.a bU--of
the iia;--V tiic.UBfij jponnimjig la Iii nu
' ad,T.;rtitra,i '0.' The whole speech wa inoder
r.tu in toiie, ui'.d with Uu? quolif.catinn of being
moia ili-:ice!iy wofdeiUnd les violent, very much
iclnitj w Jiifwy h: tienrd fiotn any of the Whig
oratoriSif the day. It coiitniued imthirg more
tiliovbirt the Whig newstmpei ore fegularly
dealiitg BuWie Governor l. ll art anrt-doto pret ;
; ty wH, pinj (fiusfttd the compntiy ilh never d ,
tlurma tho mui ?a ofbis ruu.:irki. j 1 bei. usly tliro 11 .
in tu n A o iho IflJiuui. Wi- ni ter hod the l.romr
ofle vlugrti- Uxtttileocy lfr a ad fell a little
1 iriu to . bow he would come im Iu tie' W bi'
gloricn'ion ijhi greatness. II: p;.w:h was not
iu tl.o Mai pfnvokni-f.ati I t.n. fore we ran jode '
inn irt al!v ,is in'isxasibla uielei the circuuistance ;
we K-lc.ied to him wtt-h r-mplary iittenli. n, but
r ulH miiat -tay, party puj nine usde, that the;
1 ll'.rt, fr al.i.iit , by ro means eqo.i.led our expi c ,
tnti'itix, allhoiijtli 1!" V had been legntaled with due
till .wai.c'?f..f Whig .h,ter. Wu. looked f.r ;
t .metlong n-" a ;d b .11 at b ast, hut 111 triiih it
wis nil etaM..n. boti.!.i.g, and quibble from U'gm
ir,gt. en I. N 't one Miiglu M iot ul lie! great
pies'ion-i a; ;...!. met in a sp.rit ol alrait forward,
I'mi.'v l.ii r.ii- . ; the whole discuion wasa tight
1 'g " men in buekrain" n display of skill el
t mt hind w nil 1 em.H happily exprtswd in the
loioiioj ih" ilesil noind ihu slump -
luecuu'tiing I'lloMol ttie upei ml plurtJer lo nuou wioh
ii nd deceit e by draw n.g oil' attention from tin ;
frgn nciit, nt'd '" ring over the strong proof not j
tii.! clear, ii .,lis't:si:d manner of the elatesmnn ,
" i idi .o hi l. iv h i iiiti'liigeiit "ople to discus .
ri the language of sober truth, great mailers ol
N I'emal inli rc si.
We vli'ill i j.ietend to enter upon a lengthy ;
i -Mew i I 11m IWeeltriieyV s'ech, lor aeveral
i-'ioius. lb- y ill siillice here: we lirorj the '
gri-it.'r part '
ts'iem e , w 11 ll
i', and thts vvns enough in ltd eon ;
l.eTtig at the farther labor of ie
eolleeiirg hi.' I M'
aliog iteveti it wecould by any
possibility Col.VCiu.'l
ily leitieu Irr 0110 hall i f a
f ur hours :iik.
Hi- tirt.1 s.o j.vt va a L'ai'r.I Stain Bank. !
Oi this nn were n ,d to hear hint decide. lit j
c .ttimitted. i!e declared that " B ink orpn Hank" ,
wi l bo liie gi-. ii'. isne 111 tha nevt Presidential j
mu'st 1 V. :i,fi rejoiced at it I.-t this mit1 ion
cpaiO wiliout coccculiucnj. Jct'oicf tl.C pCopl.', Mit
U null weaik: " Aicjou forcs-'ullshingagreai
Nationul Regulator id 41) ti.illion capital m.otbei
JJiddla It.i lik. la corrupt tlio niuraU of I lie country
to buy un tho members n( Congress nnd the pre. J
lo encuurago speculation' war against tliO Go'
veruuiont set ilio law at defi.uice control ami
crush Clio Smo Dank at iu jit mid plcusuic, a
Mr. tddla kaid luo old United States liauk coulj
do, 0 jiij thu cuuniry with millions f in " promis -a
t.i pay, and then explode a the laal ono did.
scattering wida ruin arid desolation among the
helpless and swindled victims of ii dishonesty l"
let this cou.o fairly before the ticoule and have
no fear lr the answer at the ballot box. But nv.
tbo least aniiiiirig pad of Guv. M'a. whole at'ilf.
(anecd itvs not excepted) wi bit atlcuipt to show
lliul thrt Itytheia of Ilia Kepubtuao paty, with
JlL:ron at bead, wtru b II actually t.k
muni U.Kia tint Gov. M. know that an hou It Ci it.
Wanhititoi., tJii'I'-r ecubar cir uuistaiice tinned j
the uui.k charter, bo baa again ami ag'tmrxprcwed
lim stronj; conduimmtiuu ol tim ilk j:in, and
lua opp'mitiiHi to ' pu-r eiinuiiMi" (ioveroor
Morehead njcrttd that the country wa ntter t
. priwjiurou ua durirg the rxi.tmu-o of the tao
United Stdtea IS.inka. Tina i not the fact. Tl
feiy reverw U kiiutvn to bo trui in can be bIiuwo
from the' record. ) .
ilu next descended to ihc Bfate I'"iuk, ntid
clvirgud with rnn exultali n that they bad bt en
charleied by i,nu i-u'y aa I'liich ntt the oilier ; I otj
lie never otieo uitiiiioiitid who have had tho eutire
colit i ol ot ull tha luijk4 in (he fruutrj, or aliolifin
- the coi.trol now. Who are tho I'ut-idtrita I)ircc
' lor, inunnyei a 1 Nuiu out ot ten, Wln. ' Oov.
M. know this. It I4 nut uho grunted tlitin ciiar
tm but whu managea them, and more, wbu ow
goea lor wtnkmg at., their abuses coiituviiig iu
their diahuneat piuclicea and muting them exdu
ife and unjiial privilege at t e expuiwe of the
peoplu who iy Ihu tax ? Tina i the puiut. Tlio
neiiiocruiK uie lor rualncli.ig i'ur lorcin them to
mete out to oilitti Iho auine measure ihey lerjuirt
to pay their own proimet, beloio they emi uiuke
their ilcuou pny theira ; the Federal Whig are
for painpetiug and foateriui; them at the expense
of tiie a i l til, tlicy wvuld allow tlieui, a the
pmry virtexl irrwrr taBl I'ijisletnTe,t0!njTmid wren
Alboy please, uud pay when they please.
'Hie HrilMry Distribution Uilt.l i alleiupting
loj is'ry ll.ii uJious L'idV uiensuiu of the l'U;i
Sfkiiiii, juv. M. hluu.lered excvediiijjlyi I to
. declareu th..t the l.eoerul liovcriimcnt only held
liiu public Un. Is by a Ceed ol trust several of
,tue iiuiL lhal 4boy.were cetletl for (he purpose,
ol paying oil i tie Natioiiul debt and on the di
akargo of Iho debt, reverted back righllully lo
the h ales. Now d.s not Gov. Morehead know
-ertictly ihnt only n small portion of tho public
lands was obtained by cession Iroin the Stale
dues liu not know that the greater part was actually
juieluted by the Goveiiinieni 1 This at orxe
destiny s Ins argument.
The 7ur.jf.-Wf l.,,vi; rtvor listened to a more i ding debt or Treasury notes, have exceeded tweu
labored .i)..rt to luio.bu- triau tho part of His j ly six million of dollars. Mid fjr IS II, mora than
Exftdk'nry' ;t'e(i on thu Tarill. Ha enme 1 twenty five million, whilst they Into not paid a
out .iMjwhai more Uoiily and openly, than the 10 the officer and soldiers of tiie Army anil
little le-auura of i's'j ro.iiitics buto ventured, im'Naiynr day l.ib rers I'jr ilie last ml months.
retaliatory dutn's for piott-ciiou ; jor 'although they j They hove given Mrs. Harrison twenty live thoii
sustain tho pany iliut go for I'roicetniu in is . cam! il.iliirs, and sjient three thousand eight hundred
brr.adesi wim, not n.any of lli"in liare to cwne out , dollars in too burial of the old Goueral, whilht liny
betore the nm.jiIo, and acktm ledge the doctrine;
Uiry iimisi that a TantFlor revenue only is desired
l y W Inggery, lail Gov. M. i",i int! ' v a Keeled a
Tanifot tftiiltj'.ory d r:., high i-.iouh to pro -
lrii. ILL
Irtaliufactnn r
hibif lie fureigu article
.djpjT.Utt t!.e do i.t-sty;
, llo 1111, le.j inal tne seller and ii"t
Ihe enn-omer psy the tanll tax, and proceeded to
make 1 hi plum lo l.n own apparent satisfaction by neni.y ihip'.cd and they have not supplied the,
illustraiions as I line nnd deceptive .n his vvlu-le , ouiissiou. They have violated the Comproiniso
argument as I i!lac;ir.H. Any man of e.unr..n 1 Act of 1933. Pavd a Tanll raising Hie laxj
inti licence ran ee by a mmnci.t' refl-tctiou that ! .'1:1 or 4;) per reid. whilst rvery pJmocrat save
the Tanll t i.x 1:1 i't b; paid by the consumer. If o;;- voted igniust it. lo fine, their policy is sti icily
ihe tlo: 011 a loreign isucle, tiy c'lon clolli, is ihit of :!ie old 1'edoral ;)irty, wtiiiout thoiVinesty
;'." i.eK.cuni, doi s not ih? t'oii-igu d.-al-T udd ti to lo acknowledge it. A llink, a National Iebt,nrd
hi 1 T'f w!i"ii he sells ! II. g.ts bis oil pri'-e .high Tax-f. Ii North Carolina alone to be the
nnd 'Jo per cent into ti.e biirgam. Now who p'lys i!"j''.. c.!' sucli nusconiliict, whilst every oilier Stit';
loe -" -r iiil do'y T Not the foreign il( a'. r, loi . is rpciiiiig its ryrs to iho dcce' lion T
he gets the siina: y i r e!o:h l.e did 1 fore , To the Pulls then, Freemen. Vindicate your
tho ta was laid, nnd ll.e ." per cent beside. ! selves 1111, 1 tour cu try , nnd place thu good old
Cl.'Uily tin 11, I'tis la-; coim s not tioni him, but out Soiro melei old banieir. I I the nam? of a
of Y pak'l ( I' ih- ArriiTiran w l.o but s the clo'li. artvd put no', I in v. lie you lo Re; ion.
Wdl it i.ct inlylorees ml. pay the tu of 'Jo ' MAf'ON".
per cc it s I he,iuiit ;i tii.i.Hporlcd cloth,) -
but t (rcc.i us- t i piv tho t.x 11 len time (.'" h'"1 nearly lorgotteu to menti.m 0
the an-o-it to ll. - in thi C"ui.t ry . c remark uf Gov. Moreliuad 111
who miU Ihe s.i'iiib kind ol cl.'h nud will of 1 speech iho oilier .lav. Ho said : ,
C-ur e raise i i tiieir price t i ihe rt.nlud of the
dutb's for pro-:ivtiou a System to plunder the
firmer ami na cliifiie I jr tie: lieu "fit of a small
cla r, of iiia:u::.K hirers. Ii..ter-..r M ii. l.eid is n
Taiid in.iii in lis fill s us:. Tu- re can If ' n
wui-" in the land.
T'r f.,)..c or..;.-, vol' tl.W ',.; "Ii I'.v-el
lenet arl nothing in exienuati. t,,.lald
pled' .' and lalse prmrise, ,.f Wbigcery cxei-pt
... :, . ,-M?"f'. , ii .
too ii!! idea Vie ire.tctiei v ot II r. Inr. II.'
"' , !r ' ' .V
c.iili b ice, eredit, better times, an I gcncial pns.
' ' H J -''
.ciitv I i Ij'IoiV ill'! " very vlecliou ' ot den.
Il.irris.a-, hid net e mie to pa-s : and Mr. Cut.
I,iidens oronuse of 100 mil'iors of d lairs to ihe
,1 ' .., , ! v 1, . .1
coiiiitrv in the s ono event. ...r. I y h r ba t 11.
mor,. I 1 do with th-'se liiaii Mr. M'Tvlnid. Mr.'
Tyl"i veliaid the Eia't 110 I TardT I'o'.U, 11:1 1
tipproved every oilier Wing measure ol ri li f,
fill ho imist Irnr a I the n'.iisn b 'causu the
Wb'gery have not rtihcud tl.eir promises nnd
pledges that "ere never intended t" he redeemed.
Gov. M. after leaving FiuVial pnltof cau.u' to'
Slate niiitte's ; he gave a iiiovnij; afei.imt r.f'lifs
great I ibors 111 Ihe Swamp I. im!s ; he h is worked
there 1! not exactly " like a itegro," nt le.isr nn
til be miaht easily hove Is-eu mistaken for a imi.
l.ilto. Himself and Gov.. Piidjcy, it reeni once
ran snirc risk of npprehcnsioti us runaway s, on
this account, before they cnuhl get out of the
ftvtui-r. Tli":e tne.s '1 iv.jV. say arc the C:-est
in 'Jut tJiato b"jor.( coinpanarin,'deli;btfiflly aim-,
ih d, conibiiung ull odvunta je t!,at airy nnu c u
U Hire, and ba lia no sort of duuU, it they aro on' -held
hi g enougb, Hill, at aome future ijy briu,
iho Stutea great deal iX money.- A to the la
llouao and chicken coop maUara, l.o aayi thry were
ahwlulnly needed, (lie houc to kqep butter and niill
700I, a well aa for the sake of the Ice itjolf, ate'
the coop for the (owl of tha palace."
Hi Excellency touched on many other matter
liich mibl b noticed, but wa bnve nlrcndy jjimk'
t4ca aa fir as na iutemJ.'d on atartiii", and 11101
slop abort. Oint filing only we have to oay in
coocluwon, j hi party are a well miifi'J with
riwu! t(f ,U ,iWt hefe ra ,fae rJuiI)0CMUi
why Uilh aides are pleased; thing that does not
hpen ever dy uurfer like cireunmtarjecs,
lid it name ntxli
It ia taid tho overthrow of W'bicgery in
Lnuiaiaot aud North Carolina, will have tho tilect
to duUud the party, aud scatter thorn bko aheep
without a shepherd. Mr. Clay will give up all
hopes fr the l'n:idenry, and the leader will look
out for a new name. The name " Whig im
entirely aud dceperat'dy "used up," as the party
latoly Jai.ning t, and what there, i left of the
Wingory will d.-cp it ntver more to be resumed.
Tu find another name begins now to bo a rraitcr of
seriuu impiiry union j them. They buve of (ate
been trying to cull themselve lhmocritti, but tin
will tint lake. It is iuipoib!o it conjecture th'ur
iMXt fancy, fir there 1 bo tcllinj what men in
distrci will do.' - "
. ro THE c.voi.inia;i.
Tho fjunh of Aujjiwt u at band a day that i
looked lo with ;reai iulereat, and on which every
It u ican i expccteito du hi duty
Alioudy have twenty Stale voted ainco the
Whijjs cumo into power, and in each have limy
been defeated, wui the exception of AIuasa'chus'iis
and Kentucky. Virginia, Georgia, South Caro
liua, Alabuino, Miasisaippi, and last Louisl iin, have
each apoken iu tho language of condemnation.
11 ill the freemen vf Sorlh Carolina nrjiarnfr
from our irtr Suites of the South, and stand urW
ut the alius uf the inemyt Will you, can you,
ck!C your cyt a to the present aspect ofur afTiir T
The Whig have poasoaaiiio of bath branciie of
Conr csh. They have been sixteen month in
power, u::d bad Cutijren in actual mushuii, ..t great
i.Xrense, lor more than twelve m uiihs and not yet !
inlj .urticd. And pray w hat kave th.-y done f Tney
bave, by ai strict pay-vte( pased-a .nkrupt
Law, discharging the debt of the far.uer as well
a Iho iiterciuinl. They have retusod it repeal,
though called for by the voice uf the nation. They
huve pussed a bill furthe distribution of the sales ol
the public lands, whilst borrowing and taxing to
supply the deficiency. They have made the most
extravagant appropriation, lor tho year 111,
' ihuir exteuditure for ordiuaiy purposes, not itieiu
; hive relused lo repay to (ieneral Jacks.m a llne
; of erne thousand lor avi:ig New OrTudnTr"Sii ilie
i'no W.higi in the Senate, have been willing t:!
- pay Mas iclo'clis and the hens ol Gctierd llo:l'
lor their cowar'
ice diuiig the l ite war.
iccjue uit nws lor liio coliecuori ol tbe levcnue I
have ceased 0:1 th- uOih Jane, nr. I y ct a inonlh has .
" Tl.ut cmntigt oilier charges which bad been!
1 1
shaking lair's with vagrmne-r tu lie streets!! j
K ih -tj;h, and leu without gloves r.n." '
'i'l.i w ill do it li rah'y iii. h substitute for the dish '
rag pascages of Hi lltcollcncy's ,-peeche in 1 ? 10. 1
. '""""" z.uir. 11 inooennic cn ineuMi
ft. . n .i r ... i .1. o . .!.- r. i
ll.slillil. Air. le'iiloo e-il nl nn nrriMitnm Inr
Mr V"Mou c',lir'1 "i ,'";'"'
, 'lil'' lo '" " ' ' '"r repeal o tno Hank
; rnpt nc!. .Mr. Uernen the I'i deral Son.ilor liom
taken . n leave an dec di d i , U.o negaUvc Yeas
, Jl, Nays 21. A nii'jonty ef two thirds being
ii'ipiircd to grant h uve under ll.e rulu nfiho Pen
Ni a 1 edcral 11111101 it v in that body t'elcat
any attempt lo reach tins infamous mcusure.' 1
f" We were, rtmdir.;: la:t S.tutd..y t.siking on '
"' 'l.ig cavalcade Inch went out with 11
carnage and lout lo escort Guv. Morehead int..
I',',VI - "iii;!nl along t!ie ctrrcts, Ah " i-lid an
,'!,d firmer .near its is thij the 'poor inin'.i '
'.'i .V c used to hear n iniifh of two years ago ?
T'" "n" changed the f",' rabin hauling of lcldu
; I,'""'1 I"' have got to that splendid four bursa
carriage. This is the log cabin " Governor, ha !
( I'retly line doings for plain folks."
I OCT We liavo received from a correspondent an
account of the escnrthig of Gov. Morehead ini
' Mo.-kevlllo ly j "t'o.'prjl Guird" cf goon
K bijrsier, but tfi..
c-crii.m is pcrfl-ul tf.iu.ii'ii..-M vf 4.o tlovntv. tJAy tl.u -,;i,d
little eort. aud . llo -f ' ll"1' ro" "nd ,,,l!,:r, ""'i
excoriutuig mi l!iu 1
were hardly enough r.f ttiem to l)'tr it
vetu uitly, wo luivo coiiciudud to wuhholJ tho . c
. 1
Diction, purticoUily as thorn i not mu':!i biirm in ,y w,ic tncinH that har.nvn:y betv crn tiifl I'.xecu- -llto
autjecta, if we. recognize Ihein rightly Irom the ! i,Vi, Ui;d Lepifkitivc depurtineui, rMMitinl I
account. ' fruvrniinent hurl the tvellare of the pcofU
The Louisiana election.
Tho triumph of tho Republican parly iu fjuiii
iiim b aoaled the doiv.ii of W'jiggery in iho Soiitn.
Tin State wii boxt tu Kentucky, Mr. L'luyV
atrong hold, and at llii crMis of hi fni'.urirs, in
view of I l.o diaHalcroua r ault therf, bo miiy ex
cliiin u wo o:uld bavs apured a bsUcr"
1'vory exertiuu baa been ni.idc, but all iJl out
du ; even Ilia hi;;h duty on Vtigar could i.ot at'
them. -Lot tho co;iIj of North Curohua bear iiu(
Lounuma is Ihonmalily " redeemed, reeuera-'
tod, ond disenthralled v fr .10 (.lay and .WbiRory.
OT Gov, Morehend not only ma lo no qunta
lions, but did nut even once allude to hi favotito
document of Iwu vear ami Ogle's Sitvech. Ve
bate ingraliiudu. Such unceremonious lii;hting of I
11 r- a : . 11 11 t. .1 I
an old friend is inexcusable. Ho might at least
have mentioned this once bicM eleDmed text
- 0 - - i 1
booKol naifgery, one lou tu wiucJj he is uuuor
such strung obligation, in 'ejnis of Lifctiniinr; ro
ajiect and coo si Jem! 1 on.
Cruel dchy vf Justice. 'We nnny and iho
navy appropriation bills remain, in the hun li ot
Congress, nut yet passed. The oppression of ims
deliy is cruel, iiijho f xfreuirt Thorn w pnb:tlily
well nigh a inillioii of dollars now due ra claimant
iu and bIh.uI our vj,. rhadiaipjmiurnicnt atid
vexatioii ex:cnd tJ nl! classo of lliucouimun.ty, -Iho
.ibro'iers, Iho luu'rebant, tin ntcctiaiu, and
tho day lub irer. Great number of w'.n have
been disHiisiCd l'ro, noces ty, and wittimn ilieoi
riy too. In llrooklyn, e aro told, thcrf aro
casvs where meciiuiiic have been diKcbaitjed from
Hi- n ivy vard, who,' lor too wirir of Ihoir pay,
havu lhn U ialile lo meet their ren'. and th'ur
furniture Las been ,cik l by tiieir-1 .11 ilord nnd.
ol:l, uml tUir lauioi' a turned into the street. It
this'thu way in whieh llie .lisireases of tlio'coniniun
punplu aro to bo rolioved f Tins wrong curiaioly
cannot b(1 lid u;ion tho I'resideut S iy whit us
ir.ay .ol John lyter, II is not he w:iu reluoato pay
Iho gillaiil si:liM ol our navy and l.h-rs of qui ! irev2iijjoojaon tL CPcojivry..jliu proper!)'.
army . It ii not be who haTTfi nis d diTyTbut -without cilucl. Tho ijpni t' murderer is in
laborer from service uti? id. " Certuiyly Conr. is
ha iltiac tins. It 11 Cmgraa . wh has r--'-'7
brought ahoit all this sullori ig, by itjTwiirse than
careloind-llbrenco to 11.0 cl .t.r.s' Tne
oppropriatiou bill t r their own pay, J,!ie. r.iMo!ter
could p a iho firi mutter ot the seiiMi, tint
they might pay tiietr (i--o ru.iiiiii's tiaaril out of tho
tuctjreasury. E iMiie pocr laborer, tin- harj
warrior, ion iiiercituni, ana me negoiiHtor, luey
may all wai- mouths, nod ih- inivn!ori .. C ogres
' will not even say " ny to relieve I heir, distress.
The voice of the biliorers who bavo donS our ser
view crie l Heaven against us, nnd'euvor nr,
nation with crime and sua me. Will the people
bear this? We ,ipiort they will, until tliev can
once ni ne gt ut Ih'! bnllnt lix , bul'in longer.
1'oen I i':v uillejlnbil tlio j.rop-r 1 idinaiiou of a
disiio loreJ a id nj ired pe p!e.' 7our i if Cum
inert e.
1'iiis u a i i'her amta;".(h). ntitqK' pnk iVvar
ad nir i ily t.ii mnuMi.-ot of ur-tii:a! nil nr has
b-cii 1 norovud liuo. r Wm- 11 ,wcr.
The. U l!.t.Tiif follow i:i' aro the charges tvhl. li
Mr. Hot is proposes In preier aosinst the 'reiil"nt,
uud wlneli were ii.leodud to Im; rei'l for'iou
in connexion with Ins a, ot which n copy
Inn been lurnish.-d to tti Ke;M,rir lor puleii-aiion.
i-jjrrTiTmi'gd' JTiliir Tt ler'wftK a grii,'iiurjiatio
of power mil violation of law, i.i l.iteiiiptiog lo
iNorcisca e.iiitrMliug leuee over iho ai c Mintiiif:
r . 1
eiiieers ot liiu Lreusury I ' p iriniotil, by firderin- j-
lifter tiiey have been i' j"i:b d ly Iho Seuaio as 1:11 j
tvortl.y intnnipei-nt, and unf.uxltlul, to thu great'
detriment of the public inteiest..-, and h izinl o: ;
lcs t i the ptililic I re r::;y ; l!:.' t i jvcrium-iil liav '
mg in i.eurtty fr ri-- Usthfil -ipplicatum of the
public fun is pa cing I! no-ii ili-ir ba ul.-, nn I he. i
I'.eteby d.'lentmg ti. j' pr ii. i of the Cuustitutiun t
hii.-h r. ipurrs tbe mlvi.-c and consent of tim S.-n j
h:c to nil nonii::uii.ii;s made ly the President. j
3 I. I cbiirge linn w i'h gro-s oHicial miscomJurt, j
111 nlllMl. III llo'. Ill M Spirit nl n 11 n .H luri i l tl i ! 11. t
tional Pd rcisi! or p our by the Semite, in t no re
ii I ir :
, f i re of los nominees to oilice, to remove j
i iiTili-r i f f ii'l;:'ul and tin'ritoMolH suhoi.
ill. rile i bit f I s l.-oili the cns:,.,o hoils" ot I'niis.lel
phi i, w itn no fnuit vv:s (mill save that of a
U!'fiscd political tiietiueiire for aunlhe'e. and who
ii i f -
bad discharged t!i-ir u ities with euMre pVisfiettoii'
lo the Collector ot the Customs, rind 1 1 aliernptlM,;
to suy.-titute In tiieir s'tv.d, (neii batitij no cthe.'i
recoinmen.lalioii I'.ian that of a S'JUji-iteJ :k 'j iics j in lu v iew s. j
J:h. 1 rhargo l.un vt iih ihe hi-h enme nnd mis j
demeanor el endeavoring In excile a disorgnnizuig j
mill revolutionary spirit in i'ic country, by inviting
a disrepard i.t', uud d.i l.i il.rnce to a law of Cm I
gres.s. winch law 1 c has bitnatlf S'vo-d to c f.uih .
fully executed.
o a. I charre bim with the liigh crime and tins
i iitean r in ot;i"e ut tt nii'a.ndi'i to ms
indispensable lo the ,..., ur.-s ol'
involving no co.wiiioiioiul diil'iiulty .u las p:iit-i
dcpnvi.ig Ihe Guvrmm-'nl of ol. Ietti otm:e ..
,. , , . ... . ,
! ;m-..,k. o. eoll-etu.g d.,i,"s f,., our etli
I Sf without the autmirt'y or suoeiieii ol law.
(' !. I charge bi n wnh the huh cf ;ni. ae,:l
ini-denicatior of op., o pr .sUtuli.m ai d pr. il ;.ii:y 1:1.
a willt i"ir'ss in bnt'T aw:v tbe o'Vices I 11 vci.i '
innit, and 'iie pri cinl'ts he pro!. !, to 11. 1 I'.o
s.ippo.t ot on" of tin! pa Mil's tu Co 'yuss to tt Iii
be bus hi retoi'ure bieu Oi pu.i .!.
7 11. I ch-nge hi. ii wuli pr iss ..',.-t ;l muC'-ml t
III b'tviug Ik;"o cudiv o! a hbaineles riio!ici:,
iipiivoealioii, and labvli ' nl Willi bis lain t';,biae
ami Couj'res.s : u.'h a Ins iiruiighl him itito dis
grace uml conleoipt Willi tiie whole American:
peep'.e, whim hits di-.;u 1 died bun Irmii aoniinistcr-'
in,; this (overuiitent uitii udvaiilage, ll nor, ei
ii me.
- '
nj rcted, a ai ihre. ning them w ill. expulsion Irani urnn . V , " " '' TTT.
,i- 1 u . k , ou "ro h'-rebv commam ml to pimi c at tho Court. , l'
t.llice unless h orders were or.eyed. 1 ,1,,,, , ... . , ,., i j
; "our. 111 the Iowa of .Sa!:-b irv, on Satnr.lar, ,
31. I charge bun tv;t!i being guilty of n lnh tbo U Ii ot Aujnsi next, a' lo o'e.loci, A. M,ar:m".i f I ,
nil.-, tlx ill':. Ii, r III lAlNli .... .1 i. I... ...... .Ih. U till IilU.M.llfa t:M I Si m. v.m . I" 1 1..IE I js..... .. . 11
iiii-.,im iiikiii iii 1 ii 11, ii,.' iii'ii ii.i'iiiiitiiii mi m 111 -- ...miii 11 1' 1:1 a in i.iuin fiiin;. . s.
- KtTi. 1 charge him with an arbitrary an-despotic ' nt of hear: em,"i r.yello v poVir, ot r"ii lar i. .
abuse of H e veto-power, 10 ily bis personal and tn;l r, iny Mmu'. b..t ciu r-i tu l.... c too rc '
iMililicul resenliiieiil-. with neb endmii murks i.mH as UievJf..! t." o Ihesiw -Pticeiji er l.ll III a'
ltifiiiiii-titiwt.- ainsl sfntt.ltsil' us ltiii.--i fi.nsn
iit,"'ii auia im wiivi't ie n inv nw itn'Hi (i
.1....1.. ..i .. ' ...r..c .!
'im'iui inn iiuni I'lniuji iiu I l 1 n" liilt resis Ul UO
noplo aud of his duty lo the country.
Olhrl charge vu,'with t ie hih misdemeimnr
el nrraj'in hnnwlf m open hostility lo the legig.
' lit o vi' .1 hI:i.loiif, ;it (i ui '.i';'iu'j; w ...-
I .........t-.t.wl tvmrii'iht li!o'!!,(' 'it..! l!riifio
unit u.iii w j ' . m 1
eM into tliarepme and wliiitn with ll.s r-.-.bT,
ha iioi'ii uiifriy ui'Hiruyea. , j
IO1I1. I charge bun with an obai.donmeiit of u
acltrinw ledgod ciaituutional daty, iu refusing -render
audi aid tu the couliiititd (uulioriiiciT'
Kiiode Island, win: called 011, a ho bad uiiiicI
prev. a ly pru'ii.ijod U In lotier to Go, lung, asj
a sacred cojuii'utioral oMig iu ki utuy upon in,rr.
ll'ii. 1 cluro bim with pursuing aueha Ciririo
of vacillation, vesfcnc&a, ntid folly, u must, if fco
is penrit'ed to reini oi)grai lua bead af iho.
'Juvefuiiis'lit, briaa tbu euti(iy ir:to dhon'r afi3
; 1.. 1. j
di.- 'race, and force tlia jeo(i. iirt a.uto
abj-ct iniioty ai.d diffrcaa at home,
LiU. 1 chmaOliim with bej.-.truiiciiy'unworliiv
and ubfa tu have tho dcblioiea i tl.ia nation in bi
hand, a f'lief Magtstnti', nr.d W1IK bav.jr
iirotiffjit upon the llejue.ejftaiivc of the IVorde tftn'
unperioii iiencnajty o( eeici!n their cnrjiihJ.--tioiuil
prorojjfltna of iirivarcment, rr of ourieU
dermtt ihe lovornti.fnl't h-jr, to bd used a n
iiiiik ana a ioj , i..r 1.1a tTc.t on tUo or.o liD.r J
arid r.i nmJiriiy sju tl.o
u '
T,iC Vjl,,m CmIrit,r t thTli ,,i0j0 J)0 ' f
. . 1. 1
,yl, guen iu ll.e street of that rttv on (ho 4 h i.C
Julv nito.viiiitud ; liorwerc Iberu any accident of
a serious naturo during tbo (Toy end evening.- -
I lit lor 0 eiiy 111 w'nch then: njnst have b- cn on
thai day probably !5.),(U:i, oud nearly nil
of tharr, at some lima of tho rhy nr evening, in iln )
street, we bnrievuis without parallel i.) lliebisi --y
ofthu worM.
HJar.ia MUiiDi:a and iAi;i;i.;iDr:.
An old, br the ajinoof J jlm Sadbury.bviuj
iixlie c4loru pad of llrTs couiitv. wl.ilst ittiii 1 1
Jhd paajjii of bis houe about dik, on last Tbuf--
day fvonin, had ho .contents of a V1 gun fired
into his breast, causing bit itaiit duat(. TIh m
is good reaiMi tu believo that the act vfas commit,
led by his o:an aon who lived with bimrand wlm
ha lld. ' Tho Corones-s ino'iest dcrlarcd him lo
ibe thft murdtrer. The deceased wa upward i f
erauty year !f end blind. llo possi-ritid cousid.
orabla property, all of which be oiada over to thii
son a fow month ago, to protect it frora tho results
of a luwsuiiho hid b;coiue involved in, and since
(I tiM-ndnation of Iho suit bo bid b'jen trviiitf t
inlomperota niau.-
1 1 .'
W.,I). Ciuwiroao anootuiDca htuMeifaVa V:".i..t."
Li,,, flirl!,0 oaW(jf Commolw of Mxtlj.rint,,
1 , , . ,.
1 aiiutiLitcw for Mheritl.s
UTljol. K. vV, liiw isseanJidate for reflection
to iho officoof ShoriiTof Howajn County.
Tu!r.;,' "iii caodiditelofi'ie"
oSce ot Hierifl of Kowsn iJoaaty.
ut- Wo ere re.picstcd.iu annoiwce Mr. It. 15. lio.
tXT. a a Canduhtu for SUenirof Oapt die Couty ai
Ilia next election t-
I " II I IH SM..BI .. L.
MAltKIKD. '"'
In Kaleili, bv the Ku Ue. Leonids Polk, Ulahoii
t.l Juueaaa, ijon. Lwth Uoyntr, of the House uf
Uepreaontatnrcs, tu Miss tSuttn I'M, diu.htor ol li.t,.
bro tol. U ilium l'olk.
In Uaviu County, on iho 21st isMatit,ly Jcft A '
Clement, E-., MrvfV. W. CumpsH lo Miss t'arak .
.t.,aauj:,terof Msj:JotiaiAe. -
w -s
I DfiSU, '
I ' t'lis Ter, n, on tha 27;li mt mt, Mira infjnt
; daughter of flr. if .trace II., and WargarctU Cjard,a"l
j,"''! tiiontlit,
" ' ' .
I 1.V 0"liU4ivav iLvl& t -
j tw; Jt !f&, IH4. 5
f m
' tSuttit b t S Ia XL O m
lit : .Ion.;'
,. ., w. LONt;, at. Com i:
f.n M Vi;r, A.'j't.
.ioa. w. KisLi,
AVlwynoy il iaw,
S'U.IMBl'Hr, C,
( if? -e 2ii W vf Mr. Votraus Hriik Raw.
An Overcoat iOsl.
I tT cirnctime to the lauer pirt of ll winter m
i lirst ;:irt nf the sprinj, a -rj hue dnrj Overeir.t,
with of Printer's ink on llio right skill. Aiy
pcrsrm rrturnlng eid coat to lh: Oihcs will bo libe
rally rc.vsnhd.
. July SIMS li ..'' tf
A.W pr?on njy!i.-.ff to miT'tiic a v..;in j
lik'dir V rrA ll .1 ti i
Tt'V- f 'n ,''! "n i'p."rtinily of dainj a bv
IVjjj a.'piym;; at this miice. If nn .1 1 p-i-i
v.iel- b-.twecn tins and Mrn.lnv of An
X6 '''' sh will l" p i n it pal.'.c
Jty mlo on that i!iy.
1I '
J ey 21. l-ti;.
1 ill', rTP, i'.ji KJ XJ$t SCfahKIt rf-
. rs f..r s il Y V i-fr 'Sip ' ih friiptei n
I - ary V , X- i ,.
-t . &.7ggi '-' l-.r ex.-ri.
,,i mm i.-. a i.le HI fj c !
p'. 1-V.
eilir.l is a '"TO n 1 .. .v of Plia';. S.-v.i", s
- arid i.:t:r r btuMo i" ,vui' oi hint f S .' .
t-w Mi'.lso! riii'- v -i i-.iih Yal..l' It..
t'.rn'.e;!;.. I'vit-u;;' Mills.
A i''eMtiv ol elio.c. 1 . i.i"' ri'i'i!;. nitsl.
lor on ',01- -i--!"i rT, u o vsru.'i' Ii1 is.
Anv enml.'v ofsa-y il .'.lioi'iVs ci'l ho fiim;shed
n vi v Kiort 11. -t These Mif.ii;k arc alwtvs
'' '
. , . 1 - 1
--!'. . nber oUHll.
UarvS V?OY Svc VCVC.
r . ,T . . '

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