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with Side arms, tor ine pwrj.u ...
and Court martial j-.and, on 1 burn
dav, the 13:h rf October, at 1 clock, i
." M., with your respective ,
' armed ar.d equipped as the law directs,.
f..r Ueview aud Inspectioa.
Cy order f
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I! E n:E
AVIXO soli tbe old establishment which they tor-
merlv oecunied. have eommenced business in twi
V:ips ooeof which was foriufrly occupted by John Shu-
V'T, dec d.. On i low er CD-I oi atci r-.rrn, uu uir
1 r by' John llieiick, dec' on. MiiiL.ttrecJt near'y
i-'jiosite tbe old Jsil, wLere they intend carrying on the
WacL'sm ith big Basin rsjt
-"wvtnos tranche, and not to bo surpiieil by J
ny in the .Nuto. ' Therw'U lys be prepared to j
Kwe a team of hones ia one lKur. -
Tbe 1-ope, by strict sfn'ion to business snd by do. j
l-j trj.'k gnod. chesp, nest, snd quick, la merit tbe i
wrxiie 01 tht;r tiu lricr:ds tad the pulilic in general.
, - . 1. wj, JIAMES BAWVEIIS.
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1 Hhosc. inJMoeksvilla, Hav.s Counttf,
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iditlVi jr..!?.""''.
iVhcTwjf! prove satadaetorr to all who way Uvr j
i.!m with their costom. - .!
IJia Stables will e ibundantly fusnished with every j
' t'ling eeceswry ia Ciesineiif Provender ; bis liar wviij
fiipfi.iCJ rr s vsr-ey 01 i.qoora,
ilischsrges will bo nimlerate. All riotcu-i ti I i!i,sr
ericr'f conduct will be stncilv probibiied. !l m.d 1
trvnie. IlK.BIltCKHK.kl.
'Marrhll, la4i ' ' j
r IViL; S j!-frr.ber having dt-temnncd on rf:movin? to
-! the rr-itb. utiles to of bin vahisbie I'lm- !
i::. ji lr:nii a'thiii three mite of iialn-burv. on il.e
.' in 'r. mil... .hi. in
' gt n. Sa cm sn-l Rile tz. &e. ; -it is tl.c ue.iy
inl ll'il':... II .:;iif'iler. fjm . 1.1I f ! i r--
w 1 .wncr !'.y well known. The track c-rint s ,
1 "'.i. I. is cleared and under cultivation, ar..! '
' 1 n i t it lirrt rste meadow land, it m wstere.l hv
1 v, ( ,,.() nd to brioches winch mn Ihre.nh
r" 1, n excellent orcbsrd, uf a grea.
'" ' -! very choice 1 - .
i':! IV.irh and I'ltrrry Trrn.
Ti -r-- -. i lfelling Ilooreon the trncl, the one !
1 the r s . 1- f-:i csh'ulated for a liotife id entertain- I
" 1 '"01 a iir.-e two story budding, very o n ,
c:in at, Iminu .l iir,-iurt out houses convetin-tiilv I
6rrp.-r , t-J sup,.'.,. .! with sn excellent spring ot
.L-r. The i.tlur d-AcIlmg house is near the meadow
rr' -ii 1 nnd a Cm r it- ;.rin7,fmin which it 1 hiippli.'d
."t-er.snd a Isre tntn wliich mskes it convrnieot
1 -f tiv-!:ijj swiy hv. 'p prt perty 1 pica-
ir 'laieo, ami lemirkiuiy health.
I.;' 'jhsenb-'r bein.' anxiout to sell will pive
, I
a baf-1
.'vi.i. t'.,o wiihi.i' fur further information can be grat
' cV.Un on the premise?, on the subscriber.
:. I(Hle, Knw-an Co., N. C.,
-v"fi:trl, Ir i
. S . ..
m b n api lama ciffc . a i uu iaii ii i "
L..Vn kvA -
As tho mm wa n.v.pectiiWy cmcieiJ, a uia was
hired for Hie purpo;, ami 1m wNa persuaded that
it was men-lv a i excursion of pleasure on whiclil
ho was coin". In the course of the jountey, bow
ever, somrtlmin occurred to r use lite suspicions of
the lunatic with rt-puct to his detnuOtml ; but he
siid nothing on tho subiect, made no resistance,
and seemed (o enj ty his jiunt. Whoa they arrived
nl I.mirnitir. it wits too tiitii Id nrocced tn the Asv.
lum, and they took upHhuir quartors t'ir tiro niiit j
at an inn. Very early in iho (noniin, the lmmtic !
got up, and resrche.l tho pockets of the ofljee
where lie : jna ine inigisintes order lor hitown
detention, which of course led him completely into
the secret. With that canning whichjifudmcn not
unfreq'iently dnj! iy, ho made ihA?at of his
to the Asylui'n, saw one of ihoRe)ers, told him
thit ho had got a sad nvid Um)vi down nt Linens
tor, wh m he should lng up in the course of the
hv. niMinir,
Ilo s i er) ffil )w, and ha- pot ver.y trA
way. Fvir urna-ir, I should moi wundt-r if he was
to sny the niadinaii, and I hat he was hnniit"
me ; Ixlt vou must tuke c.iru ol lum anu nut uulicve
lt Km savs."
The kr.nrr f cniir-tf. urnmi-pi! . oin'li!inrr ami
the lunilic natk,H Wk to Ihe inn. ht-ro he found
the nviT-cr still asleep. 11.) awolie lum and thty
;at down , i,rcak . t.-uthi r.
ou au a ery ay ,.iow ,0 iM yRi i(1
all fl-y. 1 b had B g.j ,0I r waik ,bl4 nior,
lmJred !" wid the emn. ,. , ,houW ,llic ,
have a walk alter hreuklast ; perhaps vou will l-o
with me ?" b
I iio lunatic a'ntc.'i . nnd d
riLTiki tin..
act out, the overseer laJ the way low am ..'.
Asjlum, inirnding to drlivtr Ins clinrije-; but it
never orcurred to examine his orders were
sale. When thry got in sijjht o! ihe Acylum, the
lunatic excla.nfd,
What n line liou'S this h !" '
Ves.M said the overseer ; ' 1 should like to sc-c
t!ie inside ol it.'' j
S should I," observed the lunatic. :
Hell," slid the other, "I dire say tlie.v will ;
let us look through ; however, I'll ask.-' j
Tiiev weiitiole dm)r; the overseer rang the .
bell; nt.d the ki'fper, whom the lurntic had pre j
vinjilv s-en, mad.! Ins appca'ancc with two or ;
three assistants. . ( !
. The overseer then ban to fumble in his pockety
for'h- tTder.when the lunatic produced it, and j
p,ve :t to tV ke.-i-er sayng, " tats is the man I
T7.': . r ,' '. '
.' ii'i, uittt j''u if u'it hi i.'Hil .ri
l i::i." 'I':.- i. ,'i iniiii.'dmtely lai I hnnds upon the
or nver.-M'cr, who vnctferatt-d lojdly tint the
otl.'T h ii a m i liniri and ho the Lii'iwr l.nt .-iq
this nlilv m-t-itie.l tr, rriiihrm l)... u..mi l.
I!d bv ti.e did n'.t at ail nromre i.,l
- 'I. I'lV,!"!!' i
;l.ara:;-:n. It. wM t.,!., !uvlv. ao-1 b-rm"
t.r run f, u,: .1 -:,;., ,..3W(OOU, WJ,
I . I "I ..ii.., till "(1,1VC:I t(fll
f L-uiiy put upon rir:i, nn.I his head have:! imih
tf.'ii-s...JIMtf.wiletbulo.4tie wed de,f
. - S' - tiv
r.JTI'J V h io!- f 1 I . . I . ; . . I - - . t
ion, p me recKotn.w. niul ft .
OJt o'J bis io-iiiiev li.i'iieu .r I Tt.n ihl i' i"!
wre i.l ciJrs, t.t n little soipris-.-d on fuivn- t'. ;
w-mOTTOoroT'TWrro the '
lurmltc 1.1 d hi ol Iren.v h.i I
murdered the ovor
nnd they nsked lum
with great teinliti m
nhnt Lc ii-hl i!-nr with
" Pone with
liiui," .1nl the iiwdinan. " hv I i.-ft ),,.. I,,,.
caster Asylum, raving mad;" which, uvk-e.1, was ! h'J,"irei1 M" l!,r' '"lM.'cF.vr.fci!
nt very fir lr-im !ie truth; fir Iho wits of t!ie wti'' P'ed ' tescntmeiit t-f the I-mim-p
or ov'ers;er were well nijh overset bv his un-x , "' ,l,e ClW"lry. "erc bsvt by ihe savages, anl t,.:
H.T-d deientio 1 and s-ibservient treatment ; further ! a0,(, raa,sncre 'yi P '',,",n. m'rebe.1 .(., the biy,
inquiry wis f irtuwttli unilc, uj n wai ascertained '
Itiit the tnin n nctinllv in ti e iisvhim. A ma
J?"""'" onler wa.S l-rorufcd for Ins l.h-r:.ti..ti r
a 1 1 he returned home
wi'u a landki-ri-I'
til'.- covering w
hief lied
r lund Ins hrsd, in lieu
lure iisd boiiiwe,l Ujxxi 1!.
. that at intervals ewrep ith mournful ci.trnc.-
,-'Am-4ULp-rU f notaliii!" evraor ! : ;:y lio-v ' over the btiv, ro utVn-d by Ihe spirits s.f im t
miny of our. most in:pnrtnt dtsenvenes owe th-:ir ' h.sp!es tamtlies; nr wi'l rVnoewraats1 ern'-eti-ttunre
le cnnncn. F.very bo-Jv knows the am-c' tin ir superstition eoit-' t. ir-t- rror w.iiiitt. W4;i.i
, dote about ir I ic Newton and the ajiple, Dr. ' my 11 heard A. Hit.
" Ji'iiner and the milk mai-l, John Ilunynn and I'er
km, A;r., tVii" lint cverv budv diH-s not know (he ' i
1 . j. . . . ... ... 1 IVf'l.t'f'vrt' rn ivTvi? r-wvv vi-Tim n- '
niiKcuinT or cir 1 eier juntop, wn- KHjiio ine rmitnm i
Of ureal pit bv ch-ince. I proceed thereto to ro-1
, 1 eter Iu I been q with one of .
'" ' tho day previous lo the catastrophe I ;
;'a; iidw narrating, reluting to Ihe wage. There are ,
to way I dei udi.ig into coal pits IV oisl ;
wiy u to oe w.Mi-Ki down Hi a iiacntne ; but tin y
t., whom Uu; e l and o.nrancc are matters of cm
loin, content t le-ns. Ives in defending by granng
a mp;, which coinmunie.iii-w in u ri.unieririiii -
pally. The weight of the indniduil thus. carrier
iuM warils wilhoul di-l k:iii"H. Sir V -ter. on ihe
r, on me
i!sv III
q ieslion, ndoptel the hitler e. !ient, n-
ii'o ti ill iii it-r o n:iil:i. .i rie oi mm norror, Wl:"n
r eaching t ie e.r"ii.iiv oi mi journ-v, lie Inure! th n
bis feet laiM to t "i-'.ii :Uo ground. instanilv
I.l I.l.. ii. i .
t nut
wliotii Ir; h
screaiiicl a-el haw 'i il lill h'- vv s huirc; but
the operatives Ii . I -oj eiri.ed to their dinner
length Ins ir-"i.h utlH him; ho let g-i Ins hoiil,
(.!..( i,ti; to ihixri'it t-i iiiicii m th iitthitho-iiMlile
a e. -, no I foo'i i .n il jet h id h -euhii a Inil hour
fcreiiiiin.., ill .oi threi. iii -oes Irom the ground.
II -re a i- ii c'lin- i! discovery whirl. iii.-t:li i! Sir
P.-l-!r oi i
I .ii-' i I r
.Ir- I I
tl ).
,hm ,i, ii, it he leit tiall an-ry wilh
' I, IV. i,;
1 1 1 1 r i
h-i:n ii t c i ; ii !
tn l.i-l re.i.
-il s ini') hull
iliahl.) i'MM;r .
r Hit Ti.e 1'iiil.idelpiiia Htpres tates th il
n L'enll 'in i'i .0 I'o.l i.l. lihia who had Ins juickei
piek'dM H e I'. '.f I lliire, proeiired n suia'l snajl
p uo inriie, ho ..towed away, head upwards
in Iho pock"! ol Ins lung titled blue, mid th
provide.!, ui nt l:,i tiie Mi-eue of Ins former mis
venture In hike o l n letter., Wlido NtRiiding in
. , . ,: .... . r..,. . ..'..,.1.. ii ..
Ilie crown, vmumg ui wiru, lie n;ii u "inouie, n
the -fishermen cull i'. mid knew thereby I hut some
light fingered gentleman had mistaken Ihe youni;
reptile for ri p'irliot wallet. Our InenJ enjoy ed h
ri'iiet laugh io himself, nnd wittered the hTvmess to
I'reLntry a Htroailu c!tnnfliced, a hH
til exclanuiiuo, and lite tuitd ol ine rier
tsntly withdrawn, tio turilu keeping a Ua
.... Wf. Ji
bi ttii(;cr. "3 'tiii one rtan p.rke
UjiJ fair friend turning n-ii ariii-i
- '
aony - tlie winpiier hld oti.Mf. a fe'i't dog
i'n'mn ill h rwiil m. mnmait ituviiivilhii flwr. nJ
tho poor detected rasoat, tus -yes ttreamirg wrh !
tears, begged tor rnercy. He was ordered to clear
nut with his booty, which he sj?edi!y did, and in,
doubt ho wo as anxious to g"t rid of Ins priz? as
he had been, ia Uie.&(st (dace, to obum it.
- ...
(at react a. sirixu:.
fhcre is no work, nor tevK, n-ir knmrWge, aor
k isilom, in the grave, wtutlicr ih .i r- 'A.
The pale, the cold, "d iW'i5 tutAn '
Which the melenr beaui ot a tUrless night
Hlicds on a lonely and aca-pirt isle,
le the dswnui; ot morn's 'jixluiiWed 3:'it,
U the flame ol hjjlit so Ccklo and o '
'J'hat fliU lound out lcps till U.e:r sirth is f--.e.,
0 mn ! hold tho! on in coureje of soul
't'hrou jh the stormy studes i4 thy worJJiy vT i
And the bil'ows ol cloud that r.ti:in Hiee rod
Shall sleep iu tho liht ot -on,lr "is dav.
Where earth and jeaven Ji!l leave tbec lfe
To the universe of deuiiny.
This world is the nurse o! at! vfC tnov.
This world is the nmthir ot all e l.L
And the coming ol do ith is s feirt-i! blow
To brain uneueoinpsssoJvit'n biwj o." ttoe!.
When all that wo knuw,'ir let I, -,
Siiall pass like an unreal nytery.
The secret things ol the cvc are ther-.
Where all bol this trsnie nmt surt-'y b,
Thnngb the Cne-wrouplit.ryr nd th wouirow car
liwffcr Will live to iii-ai or sw.
All that is reil and all tht u y'ranirr,
In the buuutllo realm ot un'..;ilm? cutn"-
Who telleth a tile ol iinspcakinj d.-lh!
, VYJi t littcUi the veil ot w m m!
V. rl""-- ..,.(. bemt'.
1 lie widivwinuing csvt-s or im . k
Clr unitth llic hopes ot w!it bH tie
With the tcsrs and th- ime fr tbi we i
This strange, wild and et unacrounte i l. r trn i
( mie s(t jlt over the tioutitu! tr '
, Uoul nf Mcll's at We-l "w-jj.rjli, and .
wa, distitictly heard bv i pirtj on M wdnv rr. .ro !
m at- t W1, j,, davliht when tin- u -j.r '
ruck u?i and af!cr lM ,,,, wrn.l
from , iCr immediately under u,e b-t,c rc
about in Ihe air for little, lur.e. it ti:ia!!v a eir-d 1
l0 sepira,ean(l flv ofTm d.flerent direction. ihei
cajenc8 dlej , ,h(. di-' c... At nr ti
11,I1ji tu ufe ,,e remark of a geit'cmaa prr.'
1 w er like Ihe Mrs cf a b n. . thv
; Ihe hum-mag uf aibee.i.i -j mu s-.d
1 irmi, anu iitianv, a inv were 1 -wti' He
in nir, .ti like the wc.lirmsot 'Hi- V. Jisj
' ''ri
.N. O. P:t ijwi?;.
: c.can byr wttn-sfto the fjre2oin( fd, ssf
' "i ufm nvo easitins h-.trd tiff rytmomt au.Jr
tir o-.UM!f each time, bb it daybreak,
t a milo from tb
lav. uillMllllfcl.j
Virc, on a UiUm excur. e.
lf saiulc woin. ifccse otyrua,!.
ii a kit rift si I I, u . .t 1 , -v... . . . i 1
ous sounds.
yue ol ti: n rotates to Hie exttfkOMi !
- d the
IVisCl-ro'jt i tribe o!' Irulun the '
"' W'tch, many yjM 330, it is snJ, deliberately J
, ciiu.. wa:i;rs..a' iuft.,Uiy ajjd dni;iaa.i.:
. .-! ves, to c ' ''r-rapturc an 1 torture, w-ien atiicked j
: l.y a (ormidaVe ihmuij. ,f1)., The e i as '
hi tier le.'etu.a .vc.i au'tu -one ,ie;l a, ,,1,.,. .
history can we.l te, to tn- d itil, lhnB, .j
a lew rxli ah,.t th'j betel n u- ke;,t bv 'Ir. M;
! Uea, and were ail drowned men. soxin r.A.
; children. J'lie traJiii hi ad', ttut t .c 11: U
went .down to toe water 1 J: ,irg a :rj .1 .iiij
;ii;, and sin-rig a-eiitbu.i :s ir- skid d
hiMt Io Commit Sfl"ini'::oU! T- :"jr.. ?
1 n ib ormt as-rt mi iH?unx'y thai ... -. 1
....... . v-. 1 , ... 1 ..
Water imWr. ve.-e-tmr. m l.v ,
tntive furnMts-J to pi-., bv ;. r-,.
position, but tv mean wiioMy piiysi-a'. a i.! sii.-li
we shall first rounder. " J
Tin: first U et nt water nnr.o a a-sl i-n-u, m
to v. ee'.Uii.n 1-, to ..w:. -0 and !i id in.- rsiii.
nnd c-m-K.-uentlv tn l ivor ihe hh ,.ih h f .s
the mtriKluciioa' uf air, n el tho oe-d -j-r:n.-:ji J
Fhe is.1U4V.1f cmtrcving t. the ss-J ic
firi l m ......1 1... .. ;'.. .v..
nrxt ul.mvi.t reirnre.! tiv if. uttven. hir that
ti.fsvl nhvavs hofl. in s euti mi. la s -eater r lm
!.-g"e. and wlii'-h i, u I h.:vc atreadr oeri- J,
III': priueqeil a;' nt m geitinitsiioa.
I h- t'nr-l o!'n: pt-ror ued dv .tcr ( tb-;'. o!
.i . . i i. . . . ... . .
n. initio me nriu ire n-i-r.i-o to lee i. c! ,
nrnus ul trie j'l ,' in a
3IB tl!,r tu
j. ! iom nnd i.iuri'htn"tit. ' '
II k.nis of w iter tir- ikH eqiaily t.iiu'' fir
1 I hi purpoe ; rsm witr, wlne'i tli ri. n.i
Contain tno mo'-l air ol nut, i aio ti.e r-,. )..
s.!pji!)inn th wants of pUi-.'i. tieiiWMi;. .-.'-ak
Hi'', th io stii-i-u winch have their n-.- in "r.iei'e
r pf.n.itive ea
.irpuui ui."!;.. n, is, are tav in'm- ir,
it is ii. e-.-viry tlui i;"i ,.Ki'i
is .re- tr.nii ineialiic sal's . r nth"
I'et i'.i hi ;
tl nv Ihroti-
an l llut the should have truv-r' il,
os -il in agneiiil-ir-., a siiiiuf-n s; n i.i m . ;
rouie I'lipregnate I with .1 d J" t . s;j,,e nir.
Streams tniv iiot h" j ure, and y-.t n:iv ,
Mervicenhle for watering i I u!, eeiai!y i'".-,
carry, rtr h"W tn olt.tion, cert un vilts I nor.
(ilnuis, nnd sou.'; vegetable ur am n I s-ilisti-i-se
When plains have yielded to wa'er li tn.n
siiluhlo porUnns, the subsequent decoinp w'in nt
llieir itisolublo fibres liirmitie new soiuMc pn.
ilucls, which s--rve lor iioorishiucnt ; wster i .
Il.eso as fast as they arc formed, iimi ir.i - !ir
(hem to Iho plan's with which it come in c: Mr'..
la Ihi .miw-r dea.J p?:m wpp!y 1 t I v
''a. -5e c-Jit'-i tb 6r
foai A iwieatJy cw bUaci W ind U. ChaptaT
At ihe crtds uf lirf fcrenl oVbr on
pavts et'lM rrjrt( ie Swwtc, Mr. CAtnurs
mtic i&e Ibfiwu,; impressive r-sw id llw char
acter of lw bdi, aal too CJei of its ea
actaMttS. ; r I
Mr. CJboaa aaii la Hi it due Umm and
tho be rrpsesewaeC, itul fee sbotiU gm kis pti
ja oa una UU, and Use mscoa th it were alleged
f pme. Ta hr mm kits, and tU UuM
ih'W, v.4 b VM t as btief s pos Ms.
He b 1 witi preittism tint it was ap
mrttrt a Ut'i tKwtinsj of the pirty in power were
hmc3 cbrreJ mrfetf .fHtuig bow they should i
v jtc oa t4is but Bu ' ""gat be permitted to ! b,, t require still higlier. It is, indeed, in in
icKfic, fce wj1J say Oat, it they bad sun cause niX,in f the fystem, as he La proved, woeo the
f. m-xti&stt-in, ( tary cerUialy auid, they had Vet'ied hH was before the Senae, that every duty
s'ul jrester ! eautiAUiw. If of tbr Cisor I iped bad but the effect of requiring a still
ri arira was tot by its fmmj ; another, tfajgher. The cry eter bai been " luoro, more,
sasH resier an I impurtsat faunt9 woolJ are.' The more it has beu. supported, the more
U ae a U,if ararrjre oi not dtxit e. For J rt rcq Jir-1 to be supported. -
fcw prz, h rrgaraed In bill (now, as h feared, , Those, then, of oar political friends who inteud
oa lUt se os rsp) a measure more ) (J , j, bill, deceive tUemselvw, in aupjio
tTwsy K aowrtt.K, a:ii tws tor reveaoe, ! t an, unjwgjng a provwiooil or temporary
Ui&aaay w!udlfcJer been submitted 'ej burdeo. t ut4Sy to put oo me burden, but it
cmsso-Tiioi oc tbe Staa-. I' w tie same, with- J u pr(J8 bar(j t, a 06 -as wo bve had
-.t nnutM a!ieritjo,wprtng toe ortiuwioa of; . nonrtenet, Tbe ex geucy under which
liw- tfats oa tea al cud, "btca recemty psed
l .a bn. 1 ooeer the seto it the Eiecutive.1
r-, be 84-1 J;a ly suuwn. sm, all taings t
s4Vred, ite saw oax-rxi ever latrjduced im the
S.:e. WLal a &wr wwwwfd 'wss, trf ahow
i!sst te ttvfca pei.-J was more fr protection, t
and K-seswte, tiaai vty pricsdi. ;g measure,!
b Kryti- til seioeJ. j
Auct.Tu-Jtionof ii Mil wui soow inai u.crj
ws s&: j cf-iixta covuctiiMa wits one tnat '
i-S is osr i-t i biy proteti duties.
Ii tiyr iai'.et rtitr.,- tvHi may oe p raced lutea, silks,
.r--ci :.:ch, t't-ntH not an.c!cs manufactured
in ii fju!'r, are suij -ct to as bigk duUea as
thri if, ia c--rr 10 gire fue boae aoaatt
ueturrrs u' cxt-i sud woollens the etc lust re
01 --xy, i!" powiirfe, of the aaarket. Ta this
stay be li-'r-J, taat there is not a .raw snate
ri! .circciy, en mhirJi the BunuCicturea epo
rale. s aa u.t?rul waicb is accessary te tbe
process of u;J'r'.arw;, which is eot admitted
doiy free, or mbyxl ti a very tiht oee. Cut nis
is ant aS. Ift at tie artacle tor wbicll the es
port of eacstic ieaayictare are exchanged
-r n txi h-bt; and the two
rrT1 t
tttri, arc axSaHi4 duty it is that, as
!e tk! eaeJ, acbicil cukes iiM sna:n c fwretjce
ocd tkJ. Oa Ua efUr
ba-oJ, iil IV articles t wntc'i tbe agr-.cyltaral
prad.i of taa cosk try, tocudiog provisions cf
v yrrts-a, as.1 t great stsptes of tne
ecssory, ars aias-is xCiHvciy excoaagea, art
subject ft itfewfi"tes : soca as srmes, sitits, worst
, - .. - . l.,J,.
- t - - -
bent. The biJ,lo a&orf-ss Irsroed tnruughout
ita lac prfurM art aad skill, to exempt, as tar as
U3uxi.iaJurx it ate . atl burdens
10 f&eea; awl weii vay -Kir p;iucai opponents
o,k. . . . ll bmit .Mtr i-k 1 r aal d
rts-ir tieaU jiwSi laetr many aeieats,
rlih! at bc-.miidBiz bsvrite IUfttre OOC,
aWs- ad i-rvcrs. i-stuptusaase io heir entire sys
tta ,4 mi to te cunvunuwated; and
uu. m t ;v, by siJ lron our ranks. . Who
co.1 tue Uljcf, b it a sew djjs since, that
k i u er-rt jjI-I shortly oc-ur f
It r-: r;-a H tt at IS stated, thst this bill is
wf.ii NU-is I'Sixe ioegretest amuuat of
pr '-:; , -t i esit ut rticnue, 10 proMiioa
ti'STifi ti tv. dutsr pruoint J, wa.cU ail of
t'-ve. wf . t its aotaors cuOil-c-imtMBe j ana
;t .:: ue tie teist i wnt revenue tw
- :i rx ennkn n cotiun r. In thai
n t'. is-rr n no ''trr eii --f psed to be
(mnafeo ;o It i bOv. bt t- 1 1 6
-, iii t I;t6. ior ItiU
1-.': ; tir
cvst r I'uuir.iMttf lreaecsur.!. ... . ,...s,.. i... i..
I c U, let J; ! i
l-il iar soort, m eotrw
tne err ia Ihu on s
ul f W. UH.e m asyingtaat, U
te di es it iasi-soo !epr.jected articles were
r i ,. : ros"" .. . yieu e mint
l;r- rs..:j; wi imtsicn k'j.ariMMl
. -----
ei.v tne fx eo3rs, N w,l. pat three atjdeptrt frai ,hem, eithont falal cons-q icoc-s to
ia ti-' .th rxketsol u mettKsetirers unless j b,,, .- - . s ... .
(W.: it wer, so4 ae be btae..l,l
w -S- r n . r -r.e cv.) .t sMHi.d ...,mt:ate
i w! a:-.M.: d v.. pr.sltin: uJory ,
t i r ,:,,! t. c ersi unp-vcrtabineot o(,
:: ."V2.-.3 . ;
lis cr p- It. al fronts wno are sbmt (unfor
t s'ey. ise tesc-) i- site Ins btll their ?
" -. '. Jf t cjs: u b t timg es it is a
m-re rr iue4ure, lot. iuiid .n suect pre-
-r:i e;g--o.:.e . and thu it rft be repealed, or 1
eirniy VI. 1 1 a .oft ti ne after we get iiuto:
.ser IVv .! t.itn n ; nui wtu 11 t -
rrir b-
tin t rcr-ty which they plead in excuse
U,t :Vir vts will be !m than is now I whether they shsil live or sTarre depends on tho
Iji3-) tri'.f iimi .tt t-e eMmiltctuiT rs 4I : ehinga of 10 or three rotes 111 this or the other
T tc:rr sbte te b-4r a rvductioo ol lb bijb ' lljucanj that, loo, depending, pcrbips, 00 no .
r?;i-awtiofcitnd,as it iss'lcged, loajva; higher consiJcratioa tba-i the calculation of politi-tf'-M,
tisaa lie are if-v 10 i!. withvuit ibeie I Ifjcal chances ! Tbal any portion of our poHilalion
t-sev . Sey wi'l be w.'fo'ty mistaken. We have should bs in so low and dependent a condition.
ht J gd dslof exfwr;ersc
rl set bt -4 d j irs is r- ; n
rea-s t ie occessily
J c .i:i ; t ieo, U.I the re.cre to increase!
th- ir-c -t .f riismg luo.a sfdl hjher This j
t :: - t i;:-:..-i sn9 sr.k;ij rvid-nce of the j for 0110, would infinitely rather see the portion of
:i :. y-t'-tz ' amclcso-i wtnrh it iioposes int the Luion where Lis lot is cast, impoverished by
l.!--t t-i". lory, is that of coarse cottons ' ils exactions, but at ill retaining its erect and inde
r- n ? -- ih-tn ! pr cent, mi some dcrenp -l pendent sptrii, than wallowing in alt tbe wealth it
ti-.-s; aal t'y are loo very article so jean b-jslpw.
laxorclbf i'taiilt of 1-si.rt, ander iTiulmmum Tue pWtioo of our party who Use uofbrtunate-du-v,
te i t:.c itor rfro u Kentucky, Mrly separated from as oa this measure, rest their
Cmirrdee o kindly brigbl lo bis recolleclioo j support on di&rcot grounds. They plead, ia lh
t 1 ttse e.iM a h.s reowtks. W were Ibeii Md first p!e, the comlitioa of the treasury as a justt
(a, e are uf this bill) that u was a mere ficatioft; cf the trote. That jj is bad; thai the
,.rtil mc.ire to protect aa infant manofae- demands on it re urgent and great, and its mesne,
i ire, . vcht m a f- w snra, would protect Used bv of meeting them small ; that the publ.o credit' ia
i:s o o i.:s;fc energy ; and yet no w; after wore prorrned ; tnd that the agent, who has beta idly
f ; ..- v;' . ,
":. " 1 - ' ' '-v '
ttipn q uner uf a century, the mmulacturers of
ioe ssim article come and ask a (till higher dutr,
iaprop.mioB,thsa lUt iny tbeo cm. Asmi
aaotlierfivoreJ article it tout peri d, was lollud
irou s to protect which ajajwt thi foreign, a duty
of ?a3 per t mi was laid on the iro.wrtod ; and '
now, its manuhcturers come aam, alter o great
alpseoflime,aod A duty of W per ton;
which is ait ad valorem duty on the present eust
jnter than the rite per cecf. in 1910 bmng not
!e tbau 103 per cm. Uo would add another
item that ot cotton bajning and bale ropej ou
hich the rate cent, is micii higher, a no
proposed by this bill, ibnn under the i-mlls of 1 til
or 11$ ; although we bad lUea tho same asw.-.auc
as to it, as we hsee now as to this bill that it a
provisional, and that the home market would aooo
Unuih a eheapce and better article. In fact, tho
whole bill, Uko in conneaioo with the dedaraUooa
. its advjcates that the inaouficturct mu-it g
down unless these datie are i-npwud lorms a
T . - . . l i a-.. ..r -ii
rolume of csidtsnee inai mo wnore . w
proter.tioa, from 1S1 to tuisday, have beea
I tt,r, an'ortunately, suppose they are compelled to-
rule for it, will be as great ny, grewicr
repeahog of reducing the dutire it i njses, ner.
.n ii t bm io iimtoae theou lastoad of
btnng lew dependent, the operators, wfi
tJw boumies it gran is, will be more numerous, ani
mHe ovfiknt ; and, if to refuse te impose toese
DOm Wrvi subjeet iliera to atarration, aa we ate
, tl) j ( ,,1 or reouce tbem lienl er would
mw certainly be f Jlowed (and that, to a greater
extent) try tne ante ellect. tio could tell toots
who were about to take the fatal aiep, tnat tney
were about to do wail could, not be undooe abort
of the extreme medicine of the Coostitauoa ; oo
less ihe excess to wutch it is prop wed 14 pmb the
system should bnng aa empty treasury into coo.
fLct wnti protection, or the great advance of iox!
Itgcace sliould teach tbe tnauy thst the whole
scheme, with all its phosil!o catch phraes, is but
a device ot the ft: w to lire on the produce of their
laMV,-' ' ) ';'-t-- t
Sucb, at least, was his conception ; and, ha be
lieved be might say that of the nuay friends aro-tod
bins, and who, wita buo, are opioaed to tins bill.
A n.l nrliAl rn I K mi Ji. K . r-V. mm k .! I n..l I ..a
, w iw h Mf , ? w tr olJ b fJ frielldj
and .Jncttn ia its parage would seitk, .be
question. They say the country mx. i repaa ;
and that its business and prosperity cannot be re .
sired till rt is attnned. Tfnt may be admittel.
Cut will the passage of this till rc'.ilo the quesnua.
a! cive repose I Tii r reverse. Ii w;!l.
f .g.u, Tha prioctpiee
lUToIved ia the controversy are so dnectlv hostile.
that the qoestioa can never, be settled tilt one or
tlhri ffiher sfiail parmsnsnlly arsvatU 'fbeio m-
(and, io the nature coining, there can oe) bo
com prom wo oetwern uioe woo msu inai ine puw
er of levying duties was gi tree only fur toe purpose
flar ltessfiss' StaehgMKjeA as "ft-fosss - sBsrint'Sjfss aaf faeft A seMasn
r "
everrtiod only for that purpjsc; and Iiktw who mid
that, ia laying duties lor the van's of the Govern
aebt, they may, at the same time, be laid for the -purpose
of taking money from cue portion of the
community, lo give to another. ' Tba great strug
gle between these conlLctiug "principles now is,
which shall gain the persnatumt ascendancy.. This
btU, it it should pass, would, at Icat for the pre.
snt, give it lo tbe side ul w wnpiiy, and ainst"
the side of eqial rights ; and il that srxaJancy '
should become peruanM if its pvse siiould
tttk' the qot .stMMi, as its awiroctles fond.y hope, in
rain will be our victories at tins and the extra
f prpoLtr lostttumms. Too popular par.
ty, of whtch we are meiouVn.irust go down ; aai
sir nnoicent. wit a incur n-ilievnrf inrn r
O.twrnrt to whicii it mmmI uecrily Wad. will :
ity - rure rigidly eukrcei, and eqMlity between
eiin-n and nt.Z'ii, tUieaod Siaie.anl oua portion
of trte enwry and f .ether, are essential elements of
our system ol O ireiameot, and of the party to
which ve profess lo lr?longj and do syeee of
policy can ) aJeittteo,
Mi,,ln k, .tat.iterf. l..nh
Already, if e nay judge fro.nthe doclsrationi
pf lh(! ,liUs aTassectahett, If. Cnoate.l
tluj ajfllC1M this rorasure, me patective .
cf whcl thll b,ll carries so far, has made
fearful changes tor Ihe w.e in a large po-ttoo of
i!h; popjlitioa of our coaotry. According .0 their
rrrnsei. 1st ions, the operauves engaged ta omuu
fastares which hate been forced into existence by ,
the tys'em, depend for their bread co tbe passage
of this bill. I such t state ot dependence ou tne
movement of this Uorer.nent cmisutcrit srith the
iboU and independent spirit of free iien? Can .
rt?il?tifn he relied nt to wnt-h nrrr and centrol :
j n, movemeuts or resist its encroachiuems, when
n usrubject. Tef5ted lus commiscra'.ioa. , If such ara the .
i-smgs cf the system if it can so bumble.
m o sltort a time, Iho once proud, , hardy,
an J tndependeni yeomanry of New Kiiirland. be
"1 -, ' .
. 1 1
v .. I.

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