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Unj i.b.,.l la iwgo.,ato tfce ka, ha teen Ir utcl
v..l, M!rn, vv; ,o !frU.!.k.,i, but too true i ami
to be ameuted tint it i. trao. Cut win are re
V"'U"'T Ho party of which ho 14 a,,
tuember are U.)l. tt 0 had no teucy m tho ea
sares which hate K1 to present exhausted ;
.............. vt tm uua.ur. v.i i;w contrary.
u ui in uui ijit 10 n' n, v avv
irieCungeral ihocxua session; arid.ra.sod Ihihi,
mid lure coMinufcJ ever unco to raise our warning
Voice' We oppjsed the Withdrawn!
Irom the trcuwi-v of tho revenue from liie lands
tesisted the creation of thb debt i we called on
llW40 iu power to rcircaco and ecouoiiiUM" times
W all iu vain. " The last thins; they thougnt of
v- tie waj .,d means. : h a n't a laat ul iho
extra sc.iu, as it is tiuw the list a u,n. He
topped uul to'mqiire thi Strang coure
was the clleci 0! negligence or design an the part
of tiwSc in power dengue! to force this their
-javuni measure of policy througn ; and whether
.-i;. n.ilil.....! I.i. .. !. 1 .. . .
.. i-.-.nw imcii'b-wiiu 1111CU4 to vote tor it, 011
viae ground or 1 1.0 exigency ol the treasury, are
itot, without njtonJm , bat coiiMimaiatidif that
-r ..- l .'1 . 1 .l. . ... ..
j .u iii:u ho arc Doiiaa to ri'imve
,,iaa treasury, Waliaul inquiriu'r iutu the (act. Lv
Whuiiu or in hl mauiier in cinbarrcititii'bt was
uauacti. 1 ni may do aau;H?d ; bat mih-Iv, when to iho ij'iesiioii ol roii.uJy, if t'u ro bs a
ijliStteucc of omiiui, tiiow win Htv tKt:huMv,
who liav caused tho iniwhiel, and not 'thus who
ttave warred aaiubl it, and opposed the uwarr
iuu wa 10 u, oujjai to ywld. it ia ))0 fi,
On their part, nfteir they have doao the miwht , t..
wi 10 remcay , uult-na we shall areo to j.a .
Viem in a measure aa bad, to say the least, n tn.
.disease. Uut aduit that aumciliin sliou!,) bo done, and
1Ut ejeeiJily, to rejtenish the treasury and revive
tubliecmlu; and that a lull share ol tho nMti
ibiliiy is 00 us j bow does a hajijwu that this
inipernu H.cessity aiwuld attach to this jnrncular
toeasure, uuJ noud other ? Why not v.,i0 l'..r the
measure moted by the Senator fri Virginia to
50 back tu the Compromise Act aa it stood in th
Ifear 1811, wheu au teuths of the duty abou- JU
. yf cein. sun reuiainej tu ajioa oil; and which
would afford a preat. r revenue to the,'
protection by duties varying from SO to 40 Prr
cent tj tho Manufacturers T J'be olectiv.ii, 11
oems, to it; was, that it proposed to .ubjecl .oa
n1 to10 o moderate amount of duty, and thai
jMjjuiouut-ui W4, plia. -without undertaking
"tTueiiy or at&nn wlicihur the ol'iectiom to tjxm.
jIiomj arttclua are u great as has been a!!ej.!d, tin
would venture to say I hit theie were inauv con
Uleratioaa which OiaLe ti.cin pocnliarly fit kuli, is
of retenoe. "In the first place, duly imposed on
them actad as a bounty tu no one. Whatever iim
people injjjfil pay fi,r coasuium thoin would gu
Viclittively in'o ttie treasury, and not into the
'pockets of monopolist. Jn the reit place, they
era objects of general usu over lliu.wh-ilti couo.
try, and by every cla-s, which would jnake a dut
03 them fall on ull, according to the extent of iheir
consumption; and, finally, they are received 11
oxebane to a great extent, for domestic manuAtc
urcs, and a duty on them would have the eH.t of
"throwing some portion of th burden ol' supjKirti.ig
the Government. on that privileged interest. And
yet, with all these co:iidttratiMis in their lavor aa
tit ejects ot .taxation, it seems that the objection
oeuy measure including them is au great, that
this oJioiii, unequal, unimt, oppressive, auti te
fubUcin, and uQconsittuuoiial oieaiiire.ot' oar op
. yooeuls, is to be preferred to it, however unubjec .
. tiuiiah'e to the measure including tltuui ujtl.t Le
ta o'.bcr iv cts.V- , ; . - ,; . "
Cut thi afjynlBi1jji(Miuii yiinmas'it i"l 1
1 itibsfitutd P.r" litis Liil. , The Seuutor ItooiM i
Tvland Mr. olerrickl pronud use. L ! 21 ocr
T-i.t. m i:nnort. l.l.lm.f t.i tmor ..i '1 wi vi'
, v'-'- j-----. ' . - t ' I
. I I . , . ' . T "
or uomo vaiuauoii a uieaiure iuui wouiu give
much more revenue titanjthia bill, whiUt it wuld
" ; " leave the distribution , act unc'i.turbed. Aad ri,
. Ivith all .their profession of att icbmeut tu thai a. t,
00 the part of the pohticjl friends of the mover,
, .-aud all tho anxiety felt for lUeaiatb of the treasury
by uie supporters 01 1111s i?iu, 11 received, a yery
' eerti ts
Ab'Mher, and the last, was moved as a substitute
!iy lii a Senator from Araaaa, Mr. Sevier, which
propeied to unp iee a duty of z't per ceut. on the
torein coat, with the adilwu U'lU per cent, for
tie Liu. ni valuation, mi all articles which paid a
, tiuiy, be lore 'M:': Jane lut, bbove 2) per'cent.--
loaki.ill.o c ity on tuern abuul equai ao per
. cent., a'ld tu Lave tliO daUcs M or below 2D per
per ce:it., o ihey then s'.ood ; whicaj would have
yielded uioic taif ;rae taaa lliva bill, an 1 QorJed,
; uitii Ins cash dutiei, a protwiion of Bu'i.ii ai nor
cc'1 on tUa proitiUiJ airtc!e. Tm. lou, lad. :
un j that, oa uu objec'iia . V iji.! aai:W:s average
. a J Valorem duty oti all urii'a.. '1'lii.ra arts cr strong fij-stion?, "on. r.-venua prin.'.ipf,
. ulic:i ilia ria of daiy i ui'i, to sjc'ii an av.-ist
- di')'; bat, with a Lw mie, u has many uul fai
aJvfu'.ir.a ; aud, among oti.e.sits simplicity :io
,i'ppaitiu!ity, ant. iss suj 14; rciu.ico u oppo5
' t i an increase, by ealiatin every internal aunst
il. Hal a co iclusiva anawtr Uiil bo ioumj lu the
k objecliun in t.'.e fact, dial the uKi.iure uiovei by
the Senator trorn Ark?naa did urt subject ull.irti
cies to one umlLiii avorjge ad talorem duty, an
etippvMid. , 0a ilie cJiilrary , it provided for sovra!
ajparate clashes one at -3, anjtber ai i.'d, al Iwlow-which, experience would aee-n to
t .vor.t.i a mode prel'crab'a ta all t'i:ier of m
ems d iltCi. Cat give to the ofcj jctiot it creaUjt
. 'sireagt'a, aud bow uicomid-'raOla 1 it, compircd loj
the eirahe'.m:nj oLjectiaiis 10 ti.ii hot. j
I (said Mr. Calhoun) voteJr lor oich of thee
measure oot that 1 was prepared to adopt them,
as they were moved; hut because I regard. d theiu
' as i&tendcd for revenue aud not prntecio.i, and be
'lnvej ihein tots suicoptibie ol b.-mj nnig-th-i
- tot
tiu iroijiury, and uUj id extricating; the coaoiry
' froru exiling d-iTualt-a so fur as 11 c iu!d bj el tail fiscal ac.n.n of the Oovotui-joi
,wih jut llau aarificaaf pr niet;!e ; but the m
,t!.cy wcio reined Mii4io4 me liiat there was t.j
, ' prospect tf doiuj anythu j winch would a com
vita niy tie ws; . ...
Aiwllier reasnd aa4gneJ for votin for this
-was i:ie uii.ressau cj.iaiinm 01 iti - manu.aciuros.
. . 1 ai: . ..1.1.
; .. , Aluultiu. it to bojrfce, to iho -exte t a'l- gBi, he
wculd u if the other;s of the co nuij iit-,
' , were Us em'xirrasscd ; an I if it ia just, etpmi.
"afe, cunslilutional, or cwi-iitei, with ot.,U piW(
;iples, to relieve them by the iacrilio of the'
, "oihsrs 1 ...
tgt.a Ih.l Kii' I 1 i" 1 In mint Ine cx.gjnVI'U ui
Another and a hnal reason remains tj bi stated ! P'J' 10 V V 'ir"vu'' ,f"':'' '"'!
' that it would u.pand liio distnbdtiun act. He ,r'J,T I'!'! ul'1 """" 'it. 1 ,1 .-i
1 1 . , Bat let all tin pi.. u.l let us prncced to the h'g
jdu'owiuoged Hs loice. JW one morn .ir.a.gly Dlol(,,-ww. .. i, ,IW Mr. P.) Mr. V-n ll .reo
- objected to that uiMotrttitutiertal aud dangeroai was r.i e eetei by m.. v.,.e ol" Virg iua, without wIioho
neasuro than he did j or placed a higher dsiHoatc vts bo eeuid no nan.' b -en re-elected, and it
' 'ou tbe imprtancetir txpungii g it trom ti.e t ii a iuanif t tu ro. m a no judicially, that he
Vjak t it, a bad lithe measure is, he was in wt idewd m Virginia iiisjnriiy to Irani, ilia
.'(.rtparod to say that tt was worse thau lino, .tr' 10 n"1'0" 9 """ l""""i hat was t be don-.:
atrt nd ol it by suUt'tiutifis this fn its place.' Ri, W;uV v" 1 U!J ' Amrfa t"''1
.1 , . . 1 ,, . ub.nrt to be ru! d ay mmoritr, carry in ' tlnnr p. ml
, euppoee ther t be equally obpictiouublo, Hefe u'tj w J, t , , . ,
fo Ihje differeacfl betweetj them S it would be far "U the Conitnutieii and Lairs ifjjidcd no rf
easier t . ir,rtll( ,.' '.,-, fV.
this. There ,v , ,t.. ....Tris.,,, ... the ev ,.- i
th- Mre.gin ,, .he ,.flf..,i would be ,!,.., ,
Mi lav..r of this me.iMi.e mm.. .red with ilio-e .1
favor of d.str.buii.Hv. : .,il th., whole of our mirtv
a-e umodon. ..gamat tr th t0t .!, T
measure, hut utimr-unaielv divided
lo a coitMii ra-
eXlHu' it r.iu!;l w IU. 1:1 I. TTtrii-i- t. ihn in
stronger. According t,i U4 o,.iiii..ii tho rPeal i.f
th d.t-trihition u:.'( by tlie.ntxt imgt vv.i:i the
w.i le ve:m, id our p m and the Ei-cutiv; )c
partfiictit aimmt it vi m certain as u uio 1 au
future event j ei he was ready to nuke con t.lcra
bla sacntice lor iwirtcdian; riddi co I'ro n
odious iin-asnc, hut iiotin ir ,ke as jirea! at vutjiijj
for tliii bill.
No one could more sincerely deplore that -unv
poftion of our poluiial l'rieiei hhoiilii-brim; iU. ih
selves t sujijHirt 11 iHeaKari tu ml.icli i- na mt
strongly oppiod, and wlncii t.e aiDcoruiy believed
lo l dtrac'tly hostile to 'tho pritwiplea of the parly
and our free and popular t.m'itai.-tis. Hj .Wned
not but that llu-y had roinu to a nroj j; cim lui(m;
but be did hopu that tliy would retain tne Ktmnjr
rcpugt,anco 4hoy express to a measure, which they
think themselves under tirtuiOstancos coinpolled
to support, and will rally at uu early peno i not
only in civoporatioti with ihe r.-ai ul the uriy. to
Ika the country fr.iirt .t blighting ell. cts, tml will
laka Iho leaJ t;i iU oveiiliiuw.
frma tU Rickmoad Enquirer, Sipl. 1.
W TIIHltE hot KOVin CUliOK 01 tm MOON!
ketotulionary Muctment l-ii hig Insanity:
,u Wu msy rely on the Whigs, (-0 c!le.l.) lor dc
struyinj iheinselve withimt UUr au. It is tmti a no
cond tiiUMti. not imp.owd, of ine conduct of tho Te
demlirfa in 171K"
Such are the remarkable words addressed 10 us on
tlie Vd ol'.., by one of the first lunula in this conntrv
a man, who though doMiiLruiahed a lU'Hiblican in v
the lists ot 'ifi, wan niTt a warm tnend ot lb Jackson
AJminiiitrttiioii Bit liie opinion which he has ex-
prejwU boa, ij Bufficieutiv niilicalive of bis opposition
to ih Fe-rl Winy a. ilm word are prophetic of
their down; I I'h. y nr.- uenroyins themselves "
Without the aid ot the l) inncrsta Such uifn ta Jnlm
Qaiucy Viic, J .!,ti Aliaor Uotts, and John Hampden
1 if inii:i, on !unr f ninciiotis men, are enough to da
str.y any ptnv. We av,-J, II. FieasanU; fvr. his
coiuiiiiiineiiioii in yesierJay's Whig-, is a revelation
tli'it is calcui il' to a'artie every coittiiderate msa who
villus oruer, rei.-cu t.,e vmce ot th.e people, obeys
our iuntnutioud, and uel'-sti tlie reu!uiioinry spirit "of
Uiiutoiy or t.ieconsiiracy of Catiline. W'e have linked
lo tins revelation witn aisroiiitliiaent. tven tlie start
lit'g phenomens ol le,is. rum Kareely surprine us
uiore. What iui.Ih.'m rul-esoaieol the leauers of the
Whl? PirtV. it ConlrtiU 111. ir I l.i.l !r
j 1 ieiaiiu no ciml,eru. trieud tliadvijH dial! Hal
Uie fcjitor of he i injj rcie ut turn ctiv nt connJ.
w wi v evviNiriii ? iut it tiic oi' re
tniiunotHMi o tuts reo ulioiiiiry pl 4. produces r. -h
as exciimoxii. u must iiiu!!ihl wujiiU iUc!l t.oin one
extremity or tlie State to the ut!-r, vvhut must wo
think ut aien, who were capable of entering mlj tucn
sa stroctons plot ! tiappy are we lo learn, that name
of the cooler arl bolter Whij; spirit ol tins city !
ready denouuee tlie ubule eonception a U.-uilntion-ary
inoveiuenl L t the author and puuiisher of this
inaaifikto be nuri'd, lhal tlie people will not le t tins
Uiatlti rel Uial tiiey will never cease to call for all
the details for the sul.iors of the plot tor uie roil of
the Leoiuli and the Ccthegi, and lor tne nains of eve
ry conspirator, who was to kipnap tlieCtntf Magistrate
of tli Kepublic, snd to subvert the constituted au
thoritieaot tli-ciuntry. .Notlimj must now be kept
back from the aoxuais curiosity of the People -snd the
Wins leader wilt owe it to themselves to xpoe the
sntuoTs, and o denounce the detigru We have do
rootn tuts ui jromj lor as tail exmiu mm we wouij i
sire tn make from yesterday's VI1i3 VVeaiusi lay
over (lie coou. deinU fur aniHher opportunity.
W'llia'uol. Plewiria' addreised to "Alexmler
ll-uely, hi , ' written on 1 1 'Jotli Aui'ul, IMA and
mnj liiui Ui pu'aluMi )u Uie Wiin;, ih correspuiuleuco
Wliicli loltoS 1'
I he lt lett-r is ss follows:
litctiis- Aa. 11 W13.
To J Jim H. Pleasants, Ehj , Beaver Dam :
UEsa jia : 1 nave h ard it ermlUeiiily statcVthat a
plan wss in agitn'inn 1:1 WO, to !dact Vsu Dircn if
he had been elected 'Ibal you were privy to it, and
could tell all about it, I denied IU and do nut buheve
it: Certainly, iu the y rf presentil. 1 siiou'd like
to k
tiU'-d ot and, Ait coarse, lo be rxtggera'irtj. vvuuld
you object to di.lor.!ng particulars, either lo me or
thriHign the Whig ! L l me near lr.,111 yoj. AaJrcsa 1
A B , Richmond.
- Vourlriend, A. B.
1. A , Can't ynu gul -VjWt aodarcJ !
Then follows U) r.-ply ot air. P;oasnU lo A. B.
datoil from "Ijoow.Und. Aun A 1st!" occupying
more lUo lciuinu ot Hie K. W.i g. Mr. p. ouu-t,
tlul in November, 11,1, when eVery came
rVitlglit Willi the r.-'.urna ot the P.-eedc.'.ai Elect
snd before tlie fin-il returns frani .Nrw Voik iui be.-.i
rccehtsJ. t: .taig oi Richn'i. apprehni-d fir
vateni' fonr iiuar test loe day tuU t u,v ajm i-l them.
t'Ois Mimwl n cand Oy lie: L j .1 ,.i . a tuf
Uin IiOC roeouU:j.;!ii, iueJ tVom tie cly Ae.v
V4s,4Miwr t-nay after t'te e! c'.:o.i : 1 la.: .v-..-.
ail which clmn -d wiUi the urnaU.i c..i....cai.e, iml
hu v..u :.J iK n ei 1 i i V U." t! : sin in -.t
tt N. Yora utd I .'i d.sipp nut -J t..e sa::,'-ii.i.' cilca
lataiiis n idi o.m :.r v.lj 111 Uie vV aa uaUy. " a
uol ao'iultd ll at IV ny l.a:i:i, an-w vote s llop'-l
iuT rtiier than cuutLieutiy .! Cf I, w-eiM lull ) l.-.r
laad, and the v a : Virantia va jirei iy,tiificieu..y
in to ri-n lur it u- Xt vvriiu laai iu iu l v jI d 1 r
.ir. Van Buren. Ine c mj qu:nc. wia almost in-vi-tiale(Uial
it thexe three great .... 1 im .J iu In
liV, I sVlMgS u'CTe doK.i. J, -cm .'. r. Vu.i B ir- u
re-eiected. -Huwi a csUrffouli' lle;n. when Ilia htg
part srero wmitI up t-4f!e liigUit pitch of coali.ieuee
in vicUiry, and cx'iHttiou 1.1 (!; . ' u uu
ttiey sntlCipit-l trim it t ii. m. ' S eo-i.ilry, Would
bava tieea a,n.iei f
ilo uda.i, during the 'J 1 tin ir o.r eu-p -iwo I liavo
inentlOfH'd, tho exc;te::'iit in R:e 1 .v is . iy
gruat Slid Wi ou; 1 n.reat.ed by Uie prevar':.!, 1
twy, the ii iivi-r-!! ion it ih.1 vVtiig juriy "I i'ot
place, that tnVe '- ' beer imij il.-ir votn.g m Vir
ginia to lii'tra eie:i', o ..vHcieut 11 t 1 c. .unties of
l'ig. Shetiaad mi, Uo'-auga. u, md Al i.liii, sloae,
te euuntertiataaae:atiy uni'iniy :.v air. Van
ttarn e"ild fiar
coaviCt.:i was '. i.i li-aiid ,, it ;a uol now reie-
tnt t) eiiipnra ; n n c .i;'i l ul 1: provailfd, lunen..
!y and iluccr :'y."
, i" vutni-; " 1 Wlut pfoof is tliere of u !
wit- proot. ttm tliero a .n nureof it on tun tide,
ihsaoa the ei-i-j s vVe uvve -jen the c.atg..s
maoe oil a-" pro.'.il, l-ial u.u Wui ; pipe U;';r . I
llino rsjrt' d lo tint tileat corr-iption an 1
iu im','. Ana ai k cavj in ,-ye j otk. IU1
Ixii M. M
'"oi'i, liicn one 0: l.'ia Khte of t.ll l',li;'i 1.1
IN. Yuri, t hi i tud out llie o'ii'T Civ v e
i,..e l.isi j :ne ot t!. .' larg' ounu i-ip. u iej m t'iu iaiu
l'realeotnl election, 1. iv e not inen drwn I mm tin
unibrtuiMiie .i'i:e )ul tha ten iliouMiid ui.iiM
which a e. ru.n wi'nr m Aioany carried a way fin n '.: ;
City to Si eur.- ine .v C"i4 IM nel.eotn Uuio tiiu tn-n
(A this lititnl.nii ( Did in ) i-i;1. t.iouainl !.: ! .1 r ,
given to ijieiit .vor h 1 1 tiring on pvisoiis trom I'nu .i:.-.-
' eir-. 1 ' - 1 .1 ... - . r V..i .rll
ou net Vie wxjplo fc Mie viArtws ktto 11 6;
I1.111.U, sb a care Wis drenenU'd when iiibin.w.on to tlu
wrong was a tuctt roliiinuinhtneiit uf tree UoverumorM
nid virtual slavery ! Such were the queetions ajifoi III
I ...III inn.m nl .1.11.. . l. .1 I I
. ....(...... v. aw.iw mwiii uu ffniiiiui f n
vjl uiii.uiiii in IIIV IMI 1201101111114 HM il
co.irse which ou'hl U be taken, ll Mr. Vj"-'
been elected by the aid of Virginia, aiivTi.
nude lo appear, that Ins majority in II'
Irauduleiil. They were ot iinioii that jL ,
legal redress whatever, and that tho returns "ufi i
Kidoutial Coiiimiasioners, weie hnal .nil coiiclm-f
could not be lixiked behind. a sj a;
" In ihu elite ol feeling, three lud.vidutts w I
pened to be together, 'iiiterchained opinion, ty
eiit.iti concurrence ol sentiment among tin.
t u U tfliiy nrnin.od toe lieadsol a plan tor r.
trie wroiiiof Die couniry by securing the
Mr. Van Buren, previous to bis inaugural toil
tlniig-. were to precede (uttnio it in operation.
eiecuon oi air. fan uuren. J, That he uui
have b. na returnDil lh .itn .J Vinnnia. ',
a. Piool, carrying oiitive aiid ualoubtcd cenaiuty
wit it, that but majority in Virginia was Iraudujeut.
'I'tl.tWI nrsiliriiinaiitd aunnela inaa.l S ...s s. '
t hese preliminaries ascertained, twentv peraons. men
who could depend on one another, were to be admitted
oito the association under the pledge ot secrecy sdd
bdeiity Pen of the number were to proceed lo
W ashingtoB in a taut steamboat, giving out that their
oejeci was a jaum or amusement, to wilaese the a p.
proac nig iiniuguratioiu lt was imairiued that tliua
wouid be luthdi!icuny in finding an opportunity juf r. vanuuieuoo ooari) Dy stratagem or
force, snd this doue. Uie boat was to run with all jts
patch for Albemarle Bound, previously agreed upon as
the dekliaatioii. There the ten were lo be iuet by
themtaMciates, and Mr. Van Buren to be escorted by
Uie Asruole into the apper disUicu ot KortJi Carut:n..
Cornwall!' f must rebellious p,vple in America," and
whom wo new to be bow as .launch Whigs as their
fathers Weie ill 172IU. Arrived there, a loaiiifeelo ws
to be publiahod, addressed to the American people,
declaring the motive snd object uf the act, and the
vicinage assembled snd uppealed to. Mr. Van Uureo
uimscit was tu tie treats with the ijrestest pMsibie re
spectand courtesy compatible with sale custody Tne
manifests was lo demand a new election and tho re
sloration of the nghu ot tip nisjonly. I'he next
Northern msil brought confirmation ol a greai Whig
victoy, and of course the plan of abduction ami nil
thougnta of it were aoaudoii.-d. Whether it would
have been exveuted if the events had tallen out, tho
anticipation of which led to its conception, is beyond
my power to tyuow. Arlicre it would hunt been ; for,
although it ass embraced in pi as. on, thsl ptssion wss
not likely U cool by witnessing auccewful frauJ m the
enjoyment of its spoils" .
Mi. 1'. sayn, that abduction is not tlie remedy against
Mr. Tyh-r, but impeachment is; and bo calls upou the
House of lieprescnuttt es, at their next session, to im-
psadi him ; and if that fails through the votes ot I tt. - a. .
ubJuc .'io.-i, of, perhdj aasatnutu-u resorted to. i
r .i- t- -i. is i
a ium i 'ifr i ufit .iiirii" i iJt. -
. . ... ..... . .. t- f tt
. i xiiiiuu oi H1I5 :,eci, i- tne snecn oi ir.
Calhoun on the subject'. t the Taritf. 'IV ujbii ,
cation oi it, tiinnshas in an opportunity, whi.ii ne
liavo limjj desireJ, lo spy k a Word or p.v i concern
tug rs ajl.ior. i
From l ie earliest period in which we took an
lulcrest 111 politics, we nave ;cuod tne coo.r,e ol
dr. Cal otiu witii deep Und uuatwled alteiil.ou
We s w in ni.n a mall ol unjity jeniui, on . inai,
bol l, unono ierable. vet somewhat erratic. We
atw lint ho was a man exerting, and destined loi
exert, a powerlal inllucnce over tne destinies of bis
country. H j'acciiud to be swayed by few or none j
ol the uillieuces of toe ti.i.e nis leehngi were his
ownlus opinions itero his 00 wiiii.aU regard '
to the dictatiou of pi.-i.cs-loarlcss uf tivals sj
penor to sellih navtives-tno master ol circum .
I .. l. T;. ..........., I
.w.. V.1 U.IVI Ul l l'I U 1IIU.VM1.I.13. I
worst e rie ni ics were compelled to coii.os 1' "H
an litle.lect an once aca:e and coiiijretie..s.le.
Compact, logical, a'lacious, and danng, it peuotra
lua uio most aostreso satjecis, rasjieu inu inoi
liyiaiiStoppcd ut no ;onci uaion, Uowover u..uu n,
. t I , V. . .. - .1. .. , 1 mi S t,. . 1. -. - 1 . f 1 r '
JiMiied- lo tins, wis an .iiaiiriinV.e'cnergy u cuir
acler, clear aims, strong pjfpo7e, a ill as hrm
as tiia rovk N..r i..i ia iro:i reunites o r.
la'.ion alula a parttcla ii..iii lim .ol.ia.i.n
geiiCMsity ot hissciti:u.::iU. He was lull .el4.wt
- tliffaTTn'ftuCTiTi !(l..llt.j a,. ,i,eil over 1.1 tho ucto.l 1-V., he mils
looking to 11.0 go el, 11 .1 iiU '- V '! J district, t!lt. M,t.w maw f tt,e manoI..cturer., Pro
geucroaity of his seiitituonta. He was lull o Jei
but 01 the wi- cnuiiir... uoi 01 u., or ..1 icu
men. b-t "I a:', men. H.s sympathies, 111 spiio ol
cei tain ut-ueorab: intlietiCLH ot edacatio.i, attaeted
(iiemselvc to tin; i;.u!l.Hu!tf, und i:nj.ellcd liliu per . Uioagii ui-cniou.-!) , to a career ot
I Ilia vvui-jj'. ooiie.iCciiC ;. 1 iiroua uie whole ol t.i
;pili e;ai lit-.' a:id t.J In. lived in t:.e stormiest
; 11111 ! lie !i u bec:i, direct, learless and lliv iu
tiU.e. A1 1 i.'tiuiier, ii an actor, and as a 111 ti,
h-j-n ts p.-jtfcJawoil i.4i...l; w.jithy ol' eooiidencu
; ii. I cut'i 11. '.lu'. Mr. Culiiuun appeared at liril view
Mjuieaot.- ti.utic. i. tjjtuiujr luore iiu UP
l'i:Cu-u it iraiied to tlie 01
11. s 0 ' 1 oil 1 1 all ii art, latcatisa he lias liuve.
e.l a '
at a u .ie
.1 li n. .11;. in tne id il uf Ow tiijf, on
t 011 !i!i w iv ," he has prcsenieil iiiinv..i,
i.un iii .liier Ins etiaractot nor ir.i.'
a ere iiderto-af, 1.1 11 : range and ecceiitr.c anpect.
Hal 11.1.0 li:iS el ti.jt matter right ; ut.u tho more
cuoeiy hi-. career liscruiiio'.d, .uu more oov meed i
will un inue,eiiJeiii iiupjiiur become, that
iiu i.u' ot; hauii giiiiiod ny a lar reacting sagucity
. . I . r .1 ..1 ..I .1 .1 . t.'.ld .... Ilia uiur.l il..rriiu.-li4
' l a 1 1 : 11., ill, r it -lun liia'lriuu ol uu 1 icatloil.
1 11 tiui ui-; u i.u iiju 111 kji.iic .i-uia vuiimi v.. him
1 , . 0 , 1 . ,
! .... .......... ..1. . 11 ll ..1 .1 it.rf.lpii.v miitliaiiiiiit i.i:! 1 r: v
... . . . . 1 1 . ..a ti ...i.i . ........ 1 1. . ii..;
!' ... ...... , .
; ay l.e; re oiinux', ol .Ma.iiwi 1 III lJ5,iimi uu in
11. 1. 0 Lining destructive and dauguru-.H to tliu L 1.10:1,
ii very ifeguatd ol iu liilegmy an,
but appropriate and rightful remedy f..r Uie ale.i 'i
ol a tyrannic il and eviciing I e-: nai (
I ne lap.d .strides wl.;cii ce.i' 1..I1 niu:i n.u icdci.;i,
mau", aio lo i.iitu.-l t.. ; nation ri! j f.1
v iUi iiupo: U. .
to') e.- iiiin in i.i
lie; iJjv. lie H il-t t.i.; iii.ii Ur llio linn'-. I'll'
all ins f c.ij.liy liir.t;. u'proai-ned a pi-iiml
a ien .i ; i .oi l aii oi 'cot ii'.'iiiuies .ire n c. -ary
lis a Iv.i.i.- .iiu
r p .to .1 1 n -j iir.Miii rnjji
I ) 1 th ) ii'ie-li'ini ol I
j and linpii: .vu le 1 1 .1
1 en f : '-..i ,' ari l ul li ;
1 J
1 ii-: ,.l ..'10 I1.1lt.m1 ul u
; .ro r.:;j f.j.- a ta I.
C'U.'v . e v. n
;, ... r 1 ; .1 i . 1 in 1
, I n: ii vv ineli
ill our eitlkulti'-.s tlie;,
in ironn .uul c. .in c. iv
tielti c li Kniey ; .! v ui n
oi i ..I ll i .il.lied I 1 ui n
i n,.'... ta i p 1'nni), 1.1 oi.r 11 .
tili'..i: riiiilier-, -i'i Air. t .'ui.l' .'I'!
a i'l c .i ti ie'. 1 , ; lie li' ten I .r
.1.1 !il n,e 1 ,.y ' our Col;
c.i 1 I t i'.oii ol A nii.'i v.i:i aoCi''
1- .1' 1 111, leipri:: 1. .
1! Hi ly ",111.1 .1,
t re i.i-k. ll'J I i
'i.ii'i',!., and ul loi
V, v'te pro'iun-il
. 1 '.a are el anil
t m'i a. 1 '.Hi' ' 1.1:.; line. in.
le iv in.; hn con i.s aro cl.'ar
Ii.ll.ii : . ie
, a lu i l
I JU-i'-r K.'
; U; M i, ii iiiin.ner, i meio poliin:i.;n i
!' run -..oliiiiniit and nl'oiui; ho light
g'.ori ...ui I,, niiidj-ii i. 'in tlm gieat
'spe..c lonoor outji.:.:lol " l-i en trade ; luw duiic
no d ht ; w piiitim Iro n hank ; cr.on.niiy ; ro
in ii. nini..ii, and n'uet adnereiic
1 1 '.ha luiiblitu
ll iving s.i; 1 thus much, !'.' vvoiiM bo itllo to con
eeal thai Mr. Calhoun has our pi. teienee lis n can
di tt. t lor tho l'lOMtluncy. Wu beliey linn tho be.-t
ina i trd'Ti tl." public. Ha hai a deep lodgment in
1 .
in" 'Ulitioia u.VLnnu nf no facliona. We
? a 1 . . " w " -
"Hlt " oi,., 't0W(irda other candidates, and
1 1 "'"j-'V'f herrfully by the decisioti of a Na
tional tiCentioi, m Vet foremoBt of all, we are
4 Calhoun.
Thor were but I o transparencies -Mrn M w
. - 1.' : li,.l,.,tl!,,a. on llin "X,U 01 ","
fl'Te,ir q iU ,. sfe,t we otiv ana r
rr,oh,ri.y r''Zl ,
oA!r,'coned,,lWi.:inry Clay." The
fioiis on - if"'.iv..
i tan'l .eoiniiiimlv called the
Co'iiprniniaVAcf; tv ' Jrii, Avery one known the
1 la H . 7 . J . . .. ...
, jjiory ii wi supjiox-s; iu comer on its Oislinguuhed
("oUjoj-. , He liiMijtff Mien vaunted of it in the
senate, and claewVere declaring that uo man in
Cong re would ever daro inlrine or violate ii ;
ann, even uown iu mis very session ol L-ongrcsf, in
his speech on his reaidutions, he talked of its being
observed in the approaching adjustment of the
tar ill. It is uoionoua tliut this.ict was neither
obwrved, nor pretended lo be ob.iervod, by Mr.
Clay a parly, in the late legislation of Congress;
that it was repudiated, by every project of taxation
brought forward by the Federalists ; that, iu the
big tariff bill, pewted by Colore and vetoed by
the President, every principle it guarantied was
put aside; that all Mr. Clay's persond and polni
cal friends, from Hie Nort'i and (he West, whilst
denouncing and repudiating tins act,' voted in solid
plinlaiix in the Senate and the lloUH) Tur this Lit!,"'
which i-ruihed it. '
And, to t!ie tar.lf bill which feially pas.d, (the
wiuie, with the exception of the diMribution i luusr,
J I ... .1!. .
nnd the tax .m lea i!d collee,) tru- tenipnntrv op no
sitioii Iro n jut friends was oit Iro n any regard to
the act of i8Xi, or any abhorrence of the protective
features it emit mini, hut was solely ontlm gri"-J
lhal il did not provide for the disinljii'- '
lland money lolhe 8-ates. We now- eve!
1 - ' .1 1.
in the North, Mr. Clay's nnwo conncciea ..
tariff act passed ; and his elevation looked to as Hie
grand conwmina'.iou of this utfarious protective
tarill p..licy. , ., '
N iW, we wish these thin-s t f -WrveJ and
Jawti ..I u II i
..,.J ,a i.u " !-". aim
. ' . - MlntalVil !.( Ksl raturi smaart
,.! f the South ' As little as Mr. Clay ! may be j
esteemed in o'.her re p. t.-. ... ..o, , vou r.npu j
. a. . in sav riii tfiflissrru 'ith hii nrlt..iap Ira :
r- " "w j
I irH'i' . iiiifia f.. . l.risai (s.saL 11 . . t
. r.-..v..,. ...... .nun u,
o't little ijom, but ot great ii.tljeixe on uiori
I UlOrl
H r,,h- hi!ow statesman, but a great pirty
u'r i 'J ieer silly aud desperate his mea
jsares may lie, he 'ol-frale 07 hesitation in tho
' l'lh vers. All the transaction
o! Coires on the subject of the urif ilistincly
j!rt",,' Cljt w a "'",,d "n1 d,,'herale ,bao
' d"Ume:it 1 I the eel ol 133 by Mr Clay. O.i 1 his
' afc"u"' he withdrew frdm tho Senate, lhal he
"'" openly talsify his prolessi.. us by, his 0ien
I5.v his distribution, and hi free
11,1 al his extra ssion ot Congrcsn, and ex r iv a.
8"l apj.ropruii o-. he paved the way, bv empty
ire ur,or Hie overthrow o: the tct it
l":i:) 011 ' a "-" ' '-.-ctivt p.Iicy ; md.
then, sletyity a-s-W. h-lt t e; nei-;a n.n.V.n t.
Iu, tr.- -mi obed,r..t 'oli'TT-..
i- 111 ...a IIW.-Hbt'-M'HI-'Oi"
It. k.
latuer of the protective pmry.
: 1 IU
matt larill ad r n.t ray in trie u"-.
the v.iui.te l laitii aud honor t'tiev
i:i.;;utu :) th.r pn .n. tuous h i ' 1
Hoi lim- act of tho ilo
i W :e r.: u w.ii' in
Ci.y'sjH.p.ilitn.v i.i t' SiMiU was m-ntorious
a.. ! patrioUC, wai ler :i. of re-Hob iili ,n
too strong, f't " faUtii. m a'jiu Ion uent ! l oey
1. 1 ji pr.e.-i .!. -the Norl. nisactsi They.
hisiiegaiive tiyprocrixy tne orin r"-.".
.lid acl of 1-Jd be itirows 10 Ih'-iii
r.i-- ::-..ih.d
lrl.:,cjli rv t the oon ptutiuer ai.a
. . . , 1 A.,j ,ll(iH tttB to calece,
, - , ..... ,,,,, Joncy ! !
to lift him f the pfviJoncy ! ! Can human con
to() ,teusitv thaSJcll t-xpecta.
? .. . colj(l aBV ja',f,caiion ti
lion imply T II mire could b-j aay jd-flihcaiion lo
Mr. Clay for fj!silyn. In public pr.Hsssiom o
pron.isus and l.-ir.ivii.g lha polsev of I ha act of
1: I v. 1 .1! II,
,1, . i Liret to W" loejium;u m
u.e peaee uf the cnn . t v, a-.d" me- perpetuity of our.
: ,r.not i;.i. r.i.n ..i -.'i would he n fi iding cor
,npt i.. ,., and luii;- .ycophaula whom, ncithr
r as .11 1,1,- ..ppre-,i.Vn hhakitijj from hi
oii'it he p-iuioi...n i v embrat-H and crush. I lio
-r-1 ut ii.-.......- which surrenders principles, is
1. "l t.
IV 111,'. I
I.- C'liiipated lo tne
l.-l utninly wliicu
it vicious agcril, hy
t .'ten on the c.nimry
wiiose a l oineitralloii an inn is uo ie-a huiod
and Irr 1:1 our Oovcrn nent, aecnrd:ng t r their
long r:i'.i.-rla.m:d and proclaimed opinions, is to be
11 .1 . 1 . 1.
Ulllllllll it'll.
"Tiirill!" " ll.-nry Clay !" Let ih- v) trans
naretici'-s niis 0.1 1 . :U S ium, aiii l liuug over
' Uvery Whij fn. 1!, l.-e'.ir.i ory ot Whig prut
tallies the Vinmin a
1 ' -
i lil'iooi, iieacnery,
and oppression ; and wuu.i the wine a el .ulrioimii
-, 1 . i.: .1. 1. 11
' ato highest, e them drmk I r
. ..
I it.i.'r Ull.l no
I ! TI' . no
01.'" --viioie.
s'rover id I he cumpmttilMj ol
slia.i.e 1:
d the cumpiDttilMj
, i!i,nii.i.r ; infituy is'frut
Trouble ta
Cifnp .' (lan-ira! )l in.liy of
J a-.'i! orator, tvhn in t.n- cam
t.! -1 1 he Patrick lltfnrv of
.ll ', 1 lli'l'lg ."!
plgil "f 1 3 1 l
1 vie, 1, in. l.ii.' 1 He' stj np in iieieueooi 1 in
- l-t-r iV -:; :st I"- Iff "'"' -
111 iv.-n ,t . ol lie (lis pinv 111 tin- L.'gishiluio
, m ,... II ,, .lr.;.si;i! I '. pe-ipln of Chilli
e its- -i i.-.v ih-.s li.i-e. AiiU .1- --il -l ''d el. Tlie
Iver.i .er s i;
; l iieu a..u ma.., "I liio Clay
,1 l,re ne:rn'; mi hot that Ihey
nil t
IV , t
irnV 11 I .re ti.i ;i- i : "V'S CbH 'J J
.vim.' Ine. Ill
UicU-i 0! in I
n:r.i'i worn tllig'iteil lo
n r.ti leaden e,fi,i; I hy
li ' .r t i.j
.011 : w 10
.,e.j'VH.i:cl-w:!'i nil ili' t -' 1 r.'l 1 I
'in,.!!! i ..icln .1 In-' viti,i..i'.: vviii; 1 .
i,,j tnun K.'fs ag-t n-l tno . oii-p.r-n
.IIJ.lliA I- -I Ll ' I. '.!Mil"l"'. 1 1
l i... 1..1- i;ing and vj ivern r r
bu--;' K'ji' iico i.
i,'-i il
: I I-I'.'l
I llMll,
Crncral lUmnon't i Mr. Clrj. Too
and rr,.,ir.:;-..,,r. Arena savs. oii'i ..I lie: rn'li.M
! c.u.iuncu ever U--towed uu Mr. Cl.ty, ci ne from
; ,;u(1(.M Hani-on, v .:-'! h.ivo ..Ite.i ilillired
. , i., ,1. . 1. mud him risfttt
' m ui 1 ni 111 -iiiiMi, u'jv " r-' 1 r
; ' vVe . tMV(J , u,,j i,tiii r eouipliiiniut lo Mr.
! ,., , ihr tame tourer, winch tho reader will
penapa cnosi ler eipially fid
lu a loiter to Cut.
llrent, 01 Washington City, HI tw. ueiieiai
Harrison said: ' I 11 S KIMLIVED NOTH
lti CUT UNtiliNKROUa liU'.A I'MIiN V
nion Ma. cLvY, in It IS t URN fob YEARS
(OP DfiVOTED fEaVrck' rwhlafr;,
Jooehl to gt M' Clay tlx bewiit ut
Harrisoii's coMplimeaU.LynMurg Rtpubl
Good, Decidedly Coot, L'AThe 0HC
pnsoed bciwecii a Muiu street uercb-o .
lurnier, a lew dass since both Whirt,
rurmtr. ilow alttiids the Whi tl.
Jay i J ' '
Merchant. PROMISING, r, VtR
minsj, indeed, sir.
All SI'lLLTumfWa,' iausu.
.U. O yes, never knew it MUIIF. iw
'. Will it ver set t DO isOV
more than MEKELY promisiug I ..
il. Oil I whV-(lM-UlV-VOU I'K
is (Ik id) have'nt iheMt Locos trouglil
moat insuueraiiie stand I noihing, s
but a most devoted. and determined stroj
part oi every true patriot to drive the
lives Ironi power, will ever restore the
prosperity, bring plenty of good currem
credit and Hade, and secure tne fanner
cr a jusi tewaid, give .
'. Permit mo to interrupt you-l di
you to recapiiulaie the different promts '
pariyI merely wished to ask your f
whether, if we sh ould beat the Locos'". ,
aain, as bad as we did in 1440, we wH
likely to become any ilnng more than it i
party, lor I can assure you, I begirt to
doubts about it.
M. Did yo i eoe the Ciaarvs Uie other, I
F Well, I didu'i money are plaguy th
get now a d..ys, not aulu lauding our pan pi
tu '' ; I
M. (Moving.) You're not coinff put ol j
yet (ionig) I'd see you again. ,
J . 1 1 o a bye atauder-1 I am dctormiotJ
rub these chap Imle wuU iha.r uuiutuaJ c-l
ising lor ny ooar ebout tired of A
l.anrutilt Emit. ' -"V,l
The lotal number of persona enrolled as mr.K-
rf Iffale College is about 7i)U0; the wholo nnmt'l
oi grauuaies o.vw, ! whom 2,710 stilt wrv...
which is a largo proportion, and argues that u
whole scholar's life is favorable U longevity. Tt
i . - "i
several iioraries aoiffaer bU.UUd volumes, OJ
tveuuesuay evening Jr. Uicksno of South Carold
addressed the I'm lteta Kiim, on the lendeat
ol knowledge to promote bumaji hapiucts." out'
a theme - f " 4j f
m . " "
lt-i.i this p!a. on Weuesdaj last k mj
a.t.kin Pocket Cook, wi-h a feather tr'
u m
sewed on to fleo tt With. 1
i.,,.,i,,. i. :, ,, t ,v
i. . .ui ia uuiiuir j i j;,
drsw 11 .,.oetiia in ltjjrjt4;ue one day after dale, w
-" uonsrs ua 11, Also, one note on J , j
, slker lor ten dollars: sn sciunt 00 Wni. Jous 1
lorty-ihree dollar.: Also, a bilf of gucls bought I
LMrs. M,wis for me, si J. & W. Jlurphy'.
;e.ght dollars: Alio, about fifty or liny tvo
.money : there was a . tea snd a three ik! u i.,
. .,v.. . . - s money, aiu, t Uiic6,lhe tQiiuimler u
: m bills mi Sunth Carolina Uauks.
I All per'amsV iwt.hel not to for sny cf the
above nolea.' I Will i,e the abov. r. u.,.l i,.:,..
tan wrro w.i
dehi' .ho lijeki.lik n,i .1
,al the Wstcb' .i-;
, 1 l.M 14 kUDII!
xor ,aro!rfiun"Ou'ic.' -
fvpteinber' 11, lsM' 7 ! , 'r ., t m
TUKI,KNTlNK.A;i1rnu - n
J)y ftofi. j-sieia l!icnV , AVy
jii,.v 1 L.i.'a .vvi.hi. snu
.iM'IRn&lor o;e. ical parw'v.
t tVi- fwV. i:;- "'V, y
Y' tfWt.ACt A, tSmtfTw
! ' " . " . .... a a" I . I Ml
V,Jriiieeli'-ingaBUwking;io V'r 1
iyJtihtiaC.tfpiuiili Cigars,. .y, X.-f
lil'erlume. lkttsWA i'aanuf. I " I
lmi. -H Fsdct aud coin tn on Snap, (ilw I
Ware! Peters' Pills, InstrumerU, liiiclics, Tsper snl
many other articles, just received tor ne at jytsii
; Salmbury, S.-Pt tf. IsU ' tf ' ft (
Y ttcaasVVca s oVice. r
?p:iH Pr.'.byier)' orCoiiCorl and adjouroej
la meet al Prospect Churcb, on TufJay, the
23lh f October, at lOn'clt, A. M. i -
- ..iiiit'v I'liovTia i
Bir.inii.i a ivo.vii,'
!" - - -.. .fJj,-.'.,-,frtffd! CUrU,
"(WThe Cliatlgtt paper will pleasa copy, j
i lilli: Svuod of ..otth I'srohoa will meet oa In . ay
m va ',' " '. .
bel .fe the tmrth Sabbath of ik -Member, ai I.u
trier's Chvpel, sitnifed of! th? Con -rrd Ko4, ten toil
from Saiubury. 1 he 'iM;ning seunon wui oc cai
cred at 10 o'clock, A. M. '
JOHN U, SCI!W:K,i5ectir.
8a!iSory.Sept.9, l:U. t - , '.. '
n .a
ftv CW..
E'ho iSubssribcrl'vt''
1 rnAKES tins rn. of HiUa-iiiing lit frimirfs and tf ) V
i I public, tlist lie hss purchased the t5mit!i Ft. j ,;,
irnrmeriy owocu iy air. r reinns oiow.j, . .ui- n
lef alHbiiry.-.hicli be intends hereafter lo carry a
I a manner altogether new in tl.ia part ol the cou'
' He is inH twily s S.oiih, in tli cominon onderlai.
! of the i,ai, bal b i n actual Ifon King, beuig'
sml nrepired lo put iron into any .ntf or inn 1 ,
. 1 ' 11 III..'.,... li.mii. . I
whatever. ai ui o. aiuiiw
! Mill-Spindk s, the Casting 1
.. or Gudgeons, tjv,
I done al llw .t.-. nr,t try tifff ntf Jj!y?ri. i'
Tm sIiki pr-psred . lor the buildiej and repairing
I I'm ton 'Junior Thra Jiers, or Indeed any sine ol Mi
c:,nie w.rk, Uiat ho may be called oponto HO.
ii.. . ...... ..ii. i u .. .ui i. trial.
1 . . ' . - .- w, ii. W1LUAMS0.V. Juire. Menleniber 9. 1(S4' tf
I Oil Tr!
f rs for ri-ihi
'K -S-lS1-- on cheap tcrnv
on cheap term-'
i-Hfi - Host inr
a line new
iiira iixtw Wlu I F ' v js
lent m. r icta V ' - 1,1 11
JOHN I. SUA vcu.
Apul av!,19W.
r pi I IS establishment is now in. complete npcritloi
JL ri... 1 nsnv ire msnulictuncg ' .
Cotton 1 nru, Mating, Shirting
and Owaburg. of a superior quality
which they offer lo' the publnf at ,p"Kt"! Aierclisnt. snd other. bo wdl exaiiiine qua.
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