North Carolina Newspapers

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Ida), September 10, IS 12.
. o ti Subscribers of At I Festers Giroluuam.
number wiU clott far the present the pub
.: i of the V cstern Carutmuo. aud lioallv. Mir
i .i.oa with the Fre.
' 'ml' I va because Iba Proprietor of ibe cstub
, a, and assumed lb editorial control of tbe
y 'iniaa, now mora tlao four yeara ag, ii was
lith any iuteuilvn wba'cver of adopuug the
I profession permanently, or indeed ol con
" it it more ihaoa taelve toontb, our from
jducemeist otber Uua ibe tangle uue of giving
. ;id to I hut particular crista to iba support of cher
J principles. Circuntstaiicet howrter, rrow-
, out of tba aiala cf political aflaira aiuce csit
kava cuoapucd to bob! us n, contrary to our
rest ana inclination, up to tba present time,
id circuiuatxucea have ceased to otrie.
" 'fit- beiu so, we fcrl at bbcrty without seeming
o aaudou tba post assumed as explained, to re
turn L other pursuits, and no longer neglect pri-
VfllA .nateMf fl h ff nwitiirA nor lwi. I .. .
- I , " Mt.a.w.a
elsewhere. 1. , :- TI-'Z '"
Tbia much, in explanation, is dua bub to our
itlf aod for tba sam'acisoa of tba friends wbw
we know to feel ioteieaied ia the prosperity of tbe
Ipi.irr, as well as ia Iba sua as of tbe principles
w . ...... a
mca H nas aiwsys aurocjieu.
VVa bad expected ia withdrawing, to kae the
iroiintaa in ab!e and experticed luodn, but find
it inKMMiUe ta complete, jusi now, tha arrange
jcttk P' c i"iry for its uuurterwptedcoiUmaiH.
, vrti.;.!ated, and bu' sSw ic,t
.ot I o prt!fod of or-lfCied rrj -nrin? our at
t iiij,;i,'irata aaeaeroeu ais coii.rii
licb ill p!r be psjr iu the Um! iH an eo.tir,
.. ,-ViierieacMl ai-i erfri way C"m;ie'cui.
ih. oar fneola mky be aurJ. Uf-re j
, p .'ucA contoat of ino.-S it't h,U in !
j t atr.iiie Western Caruhuiau U be 10 tb
J ;-nn at.h tba old color, st her .at head-, I.
'.J u'i'l f tbe diredian of ooe better liG d ib -n ;
to conJuotUi bey may U- scored io.,;
... . U. iinwi an sfliLirtiah i
,. pr-crou. M H b Uo for er. snd
.irtr piospecw abead tuan aYproiou. period
.iaurkoolee. '
1 a annooins ttia ur.n.nat.n of .he relation!.,;.
. u- hrtttteu a, we Iwve now onI t
a -----
I'-niliin ,"t miayjB irinii mime piospeii'j
j To oar brethren of the fraterniiy in tie State
ol tucht s Oman who have-oltserved tot-
.(irtoisconJu-t of cruiicmeu IjwarJs us and
"em a.-r jJ3, j'jjj Jt run parliug our b'g
hbxaiitM, aoM --4e lor their wa-4
are vod success uidividgilly. I
, - TU U hirot" New YotKI tbe" other day, gave
I great !.nctr t i Lirl Asbburtoo. tbe Bntis lpe
iul : ter, previous to bis departure fir EnglauJ.
' i:' j tccision, af scene was enacted, tha) Oiot
.uii i Bil l disgraceful ever' witnessed in this
.rti,, f. Tlie prttcuUrsara,detai!ed in aa ex
tract , 'i ii. iy be lound id soother column. .
it t i l.'.at tbe usual toaat proposed on ail pub
be .wi-'rsi. iViiisW i lis Uiutt4
1 --.. always gufw aaa asaik of respect,
t i i pirticulir iixumbeot at tiw t:. bit lu
: i iii (uvernmeiit, was received by this
; ; fi.' riojus excepting a tty lew with
. i :'..'uce, and marked disrespect, while
; y iilicrsrarJs, al law reading of the one
l: 'i f.'
.i.i y ic . u am
cd-' 7e ,Qs of gjaj"
u-noiig ibeoj roVi to bis feel, and it waj
f I.,, tilt V'jJ cheers and great enlbusaam.
has a drop of true American blood in
, I s I art. but feels it tail with tudignatua at this
s if uit o t,nr Kepu'aiiCao instituTioas I .
. . . . . A
What w;i our North Canlm Whijs eay ti.j
t. Ibis thanicfully oianifesl preference so unbhhhmg
: t
f ly shown by their New York brethren f -r Ruyal j
f y ? Qicea Victoria basno subjects m L-,:i-J nr
mora luyallbaa Ibi.-sa American, bo dishonor t
' l!iir name. be rile traitors, wo i'.J t omorrow, it
Ibey coulJ, exchange our (otnu .' ni of Ivpul
Eights for King, L f Jv and Com mm. Sue the
extract giving particulars.
l uVoie J-Vacr ia iYim (hloms. The New Or 1
leans papers state that a number of c-ncs of Lvt-r f
lu j occurred in the City the laat week in Audits', j
and there wsf every ream ta s'tpp-Ho that the j
diicase was ab.Hit to prrva;! epidemic l!v.
if' Missouri,-' Thia State is Democratic la the 1
coro- At the lata c'fflions tlie whole lK-m- cratu- j
ucl'-gition to Congmv, five member, i-lectcd 1
without opposition. Tbo Legislature is nearly
fiur to one I'ouvicratic.
vWo observe from the Highland Mesmmger that j
tl.o Somlct fever Las been raging to some rx'rnt '
i'l Bunco nlo I
The amount of Treasury iwea outstanding on
Jl 1st of.SepUinber was 81772.000.
, I'licie U a story going the rounds of tha papers
tbbl Mr. Clay laHy sent to Syracuse to buy a f a
barrel of salt for bis borne consunption, where
upcm tlia patriotic boilers assembled toeethcr and
rsolved to nko him a presci.i of thirty barrels,
; 3 It paid fcr by donations of 25 cents, exactly
nl ..... nfl aVl
iuium irva
The satt
sha I not
ht MtX ij gneLt C tLsa
; - j ion vuieu wnn mo opposuo party, iu um c uvs.
Congress. f '6'1840, ihey hd goiie lor GMrl llrriMi am
boilers ol Syracuse -l'l Tyler. But they bad do. s upon ihedietiuc
poil far dtU ol uickle i doUul MaU of opposition to a N iliooal bank e'ud a uigl
11 that 0,1 mt. iu ..f ' w.m. ,ptecuv6 taiitf on Iba part of thoee genllensii, am
b:ber sveu ihi quantity oTmIi o"
. . - kk"bur " '"""ber of our Ileouhl,ra
daring oarnrt C 7 ,0nM' 0f
I'roper uutico will Olj , , !
fuoJcd tit ;,i. - r T.wiU bo w
t .... tll nujm
The Dinner r m . .Boyaot &hcco. Wo
hiul expected to receive cenaitil Uel'ura vliis lime
an accuuut f tbe prucetdtogi at the Siiocco An
ne r. Tbe Uai North Curolmiau Rives lb stati
went of the Trboro' Press, the iitor of which
was prescut, that there were from 700 lo
persoiu ia atleudauce ; but none of tbe pai ticulurt.
DiCTi'ix bx ip Ann, VUxvi Arri-Bta, ajio
Misia." Wo have b;tore taken occaaion to re
commend ibis work, Ibe Prospectus of which may
be found oa iliu upjili; pmo. to llie favorable "J
tics ol tbe pubiir. Ii u all Umt it professes to be ;
a ihom ts'.uaUe ivicctific, aud useful publicaiiun,
a&rded ut a very c itaji rate. Tti: umouiit ol
aubscrijitiou could not be better &ppruriuiod by any
nun who deaires to uv iiilurmed 0,1 (be uselul nub
jecta to wbicb ii is devoted. It a not like ir.aiiy
of tbe things now issued Imui the Nurtberu prtas,
were humbug aud.traab, but lully vibat tho 1'iot
pectus prouit'f.
QT'' reter tbe readers to an article on the
0puaite page, cMd.,Ui, oue 0( U10,t curiou
A Ll 1.. .....
e.pmof me n . -, wo mtaii tue extrncU
kow a letter u,A editor m Vir
uu""i ne iMiitct 01 J.5M,'i tbe
JlI- . . '""Piracy lti;tt was entered into ut
1:1m iiiur, iu hit O'J ... .,
- , . ... '"ireu trom Wash
I'lgioo iu casj lie hJ been elected. iL.A
Ijt.y 01 coa Kimj -- - i..,..,. H the folly 0f tms
uin in revealing it no v. 1 tw
show t.) wuat a Kngili of reeklesi ouiragrf"iu!.SL
' "mad Wh'ij; partisans w re reudy ti go lor tbe ac
couiutisbmeut of taoir revolutionary designs. It
is well tr ibe t jjls tsm tlwir ocli' ines were not
car no 1 ou', or tney wo jid I smco have s wuug
as in h ai inev bad 'ell d'.-LTved. I
Condition of the Government,
Tue t'lmrlestoii Mercury urnkei the fllawin
brief saiuuuog ui of abat the predominance of
Whig policy iu t!i gi" ral L-gislatututias brought
t!i'.- C'Xiuirv to. I't rcasMiable menask theciiaclvts
.t ibis is ahatwss promised when Whig.,erv was
... ..
brekui" p'er. i n- cicury sajs
urcbemCiiuwasooriiB.uouol mS IC,
I :ur)couuii among tiuttf itnuLAtc .t i,
.m.w!:.. ai-ui, ahic'i may tw s.ated t!:u ;
Tr.-aur n-.ii.-s t ntati ,J.n ' ifarcli I, lill. At .1(10.(10!)
llctl (A Ilutr.U C'vjl'Jiiij.i i:id old dtli',,
Vsr ut-,. KCl;cctjnt Kattf I,.t
O.ijv. iCO
" " " HI
"April, l-ij, is;:
Treamrj rotes ouiolsajm ,
AcIuhI debt, Au"ui, lill.
Slock on Hie market,
10, fyl
Tot! prcicnt debt,
" In addition to this the
Whigs would have crested
d-tiiey would hse penua-
a Bank, in uinch they failed
nently gnen awsy tl.o public lauds, in whim iticy
tailed and tiiey macitd a tarilf, wlueh il is acknowi.
cd-cd by badness men, will ork inj iry to
trade a:id u!l prove utterly iiudciuato w ibe support
o! iha Uoveruiucnt."
tw" Wc give to-day tho adiiiirubleand uuuiiswor
able remarks of Mr. Calhoun at the close of the
great Tarill debutu iu the Senata. t'oi t'loquenre,
lorce, aud povteilul demoiistratiou oi oufject,
they could scaror surpassed.
iijtrrwr's LUdton. After detaining our publi
catHiu lor the lait t-'tjf weeks a day later Han tlic
Usual lime U issuing, u aiu at last compelled to
lrae cur readers unmio'ineifof the tiuiil rcult, as
I'.n'rc aio two (.'nui.ties Nasb and .rccu, yet !o
U: heard frvr.i, - 'l l.e news from these may possi
bly teach Itateigli by the timeol tiro 'meeting ol
the I. -jislaturc.
Vj F-ir souh- aw-iunt ol the present condition
i-l iho " ;.ri.,'trou and hapjiy uple" nl (jueeu
Victor. a, as Mr. Webster rails them, see tue ex
tracts vi I - lei-u Inti-iligeiic'i viiic!l we ;ive this
Tb" (.Va'C i f t'n- l'-Jtli nistatit, which we have
r'.ci'ivr.i m our paper is ijiiin,' to pn-fs", an
n the ib'.ith of Mis. LtriTIi TvLta (wile
cf l'ie PfM .'en; if i !: UuUbd Slates) on tno eve
Ling vi. l'.iiiil iv, t'io IO1I1.
I.iH -!i!n!ric:, tlie Smti.(I British Minister,
I Hit. b ili j. ir! ire :r nn New York City on Sntur -
d-iy, t '. i ) I mil it.t.
sio.n's of Tin: tim:;.s.
Tim follow h-.; important d r.hiiaiion of Mr. Cor
r' " Cincinnati signil'u-.ii.t f what thousands
nov" Wl" t'X,r,'!, ''' lr Vlll,' :t ibe polls :
r-rum llie .iumiuri Krxuler.
At a Democratic merlin in Cincinnitti, on the
l'Jili iiisiiuil, iidjourued from Heily's II ill to (ho
in.. r !iit place, to u.xominoilala Ilio imini'iis" crowd
in attendance, Mr- Corry, formerly 11 Harrison
Whig, took the stand, and spoke at grent length,
mid w-,lh great enthusiasm, of the mad and reckless
coursn of the party with winch ho had formerly
acted, in all its icccnt nicasjicg. Tlio Cincinnati
Kiiqutrer snys:
Mr. Curry aid tliat ho had been requested by
nnmcrciM young men of tli nty, on tins occasion,
dioo tlwUr aod hii position. They had IitoU
voted with the oppoiiitK party. Iu llif c uvx
nr4M.lfW. fl. tiff flu lh. n.rl lA II1.1.M iimiiIImiiimii. J.IIH
r - 1 - '
AlNn the distinct understanding that tuoie uieanur.-s
le rttorrca iu au early occasion, ujion
iJenoral tlarrisnn. in a imuuc inuwii. Had
. . . ' r .. .....
vr.rioK me esianiisumem 01 a oiaucn 01 ine.iaie
I, ..ied bialea Bank in Ciiiciiinaii, us llio fruitful
' if immense loss and uibory. These wero
' . .... .... .t. ' . .j
w .'npresii'Mis unur which ui"y uai gone -.u
ijs'iujfiuaitiparly in 184'J, and previously. What
n my now see 1 Repuaied attempis by thai
Jit? to gut up a National bank aain, and a dis
utiCt IVOwai oi a inauou.u oaua nnu a mjjn tariu
canfijatu the porson of Mr. Clay. Her. , tlictij
uiiou this dereliction from tho ofl-rcpeated upiiitous
ol ilarrtiou and Tyler upon tins attempt to re
live a repudiate.! system, be und Ins Iricmls keitt
steadily onward, cousutenl in their course, uhliooli
it led them to disavow aua aeuouncc, u no now
did, tba objects of the party with wtacb tbey had
acted.' ' .
We have tbe pleasure of a personal acquaintance
witb Mr. Curry, and can assure our readers that
ha ia ooe of tbe ablest aud most eloquent young
men in Uaio. Tbe acquisition of such men will
give new strength to lbs Democrats ol tin est.
. From t At Charleston herenrs.
The pitiful lusult oilered to the President of the
United titutes, and ibiouga him to the whole coun
try, by the Whig leaders at the Dinner giveu to
Lord Asbburton, s justly and strouyly rcprobnted,
aud there is every appear i)cS that ilio people ol
iNew lork will take measures toslmw that they
have uu sympathy with mi contemptible an cxbiU
lion ol olitiCal spite. In proof of this we take
the following from uie Herald of Monday :
A private meeting was held "U Saturday night,
at the bouse of Major Hopkins, tin groat bead
quarters in times past of tho Democracy1 w hence
emanated soma of the purest and brightest lights
ot tbe areat Ucpublican party. Wnat wus Unoc
al ttis spoiilaueous assemblage, and what is til bo
done herealtvr, may be gleaned Iroin the following
resolutions, lormnig as ihey do, an irrcsistibio up
peal to the American character : A
Kesolvtd, Ttul tlie mtolerablu a iifenpnrallelcd
msuli which was so outrageously otlered to our
muutry and form of Uovernmenl, at the Dinner
given to Lord Asbburton, the British Plempoteu
liay, ut ilio Astor House, on tbe 1st instant, when
tareVuU-toif'l of "Tho President of the Cui'ed
v a ted by gross acts of contuneiy, timtf ifisrra
" 1 he Uueeu otLngland was received with en
tliusiasuc cbeefs, uiiu every demougtraiiou of- pro
louud respect appeals to llie pridii and patriotism
of American Republicans, without distinction of
party, to rescue our city aud the country nl large,
from ibe scorching stigma and degradation which
has thus beeu inflicted upon us, by tne iulernal
euumies of repuoticainsiu and uuiutural syc phaiits
of monarchy, in the eves ol llie world.
Resolved, That we therefore call aud organize
a public procession of cuiz-nis for this purpoao, to
terminate in a public meeting iu the Turk, exores
B w -uumeuts ana leeimgs demanded by
itao occasion
fieSlelfThSfhliInp'TI n n nhu .ifi.iiirn In
r0 drfB,uul0 Umua Hall, al i.b crnnr of
Aih'n aud Houston streets, on Munrf.iy evening
a F .
. tue dih tnst. at sevoii o ciockt lor tne purp m
01 areu'i' uiHin the necesarv arranireVneots lor
-arry. ug mis OwiermiuatiJii into lull aud emp.itttic
I. ll'-TJl.
n Wbltf paners of New York aitemnt In
jcuso me act as an mauverteocc. .-I'ho Herald
count accords wun other s.atemeats.aud is bey ond
douut true. It is as billows :
The tacis are thaw : When that toast "Tho
t resident'of Ttrc ttedTftMfeS.'""wai invHiT
Te-i A, Jay, hi, mado uu attemot to aru
jtueliugs ol f- -..1Iluail m favor ol lli oul
. toast was repeated with a peculrl uisulliii
ecu'mHji iiisullini
?ulha' ? ' Dcpiyn
V ,c0 1 ui who also relu.
Wun, tho tirst
sed to call Ionn
response, out snowed by bis manner, that he
wished the compoiiV not to respond lo it. The
second Vice pronounced the toast in a respectful
tone of vuic. ami n...n -io-.. . ..
if -.,1 j,lh ... ., ,r , .
Mw- wwmi. , biiu mo uiuucrs ui iuo sfart-piirj
rose lo thoir fwt, so url .Mayor Morris, and one or
two other of the guests ; aud it is eur impression
tbut Lord Ashburton rose also, but soemg none uf
the officers of tlia meeiing, or """'i.iitoo rise,
l" -ll ut tluivn. b-J 5 Vury rauCB wia.
Mr. Marun, ilio well kuown, imorteroi illustrated
K:igiili work, (niinstlt an Cngltsbmau) rose to
ins let 1 at tho ceuue of tbe Ictt tng ol 1110 table,
and remained standiug till l ho music struck up,
" looking for the cuo," as ho hi insert say-, to be
given by tho Vice Presidents." At last lie sat
Uowu 111 ainarement, asking the person next to
linn, what 111 the name ot wonder it all mean:.
Now, mark mo difl'arcnce, aud then say, if the
insult was uniutenlioiial r otherwise. When the
toast of tbe Queen of Ureal Britain ".was given,
Mr. Ogdou.tnc iirst Vice President and" Chairman
01 mo iouimiiicu 01 Arrangemeuif, together with 1
several id Hint tuuia Committee, wero tiiu very !
first lo spring to their lot t, nnd give Itic " hipbif, !
hurraii.-ami cull out lot llireo clieeri, i:u! unet
iiieinU:r cnud out " O1.0 more !"
T:io Plebeian of MouJav inaltas llm f..!!.iu-in.. I
Matt-incut :
1 In justice to the l.nml. ollicers wim were pro
iscntauneoWr to Lord Ashbttrion. ii
' ... .1, .. .. ...... !... II. . ... - ... i
... 3.1.11,, nn., 1, 11-. 11 mo n-a-ai iu mo 1 reMuuiii 01 tno ,
I'uiivil Slates was proposed, each ro-io Ironi his
seal 10 drink 11. 1'he ouitniius silence ol our owu
countrymen, lo tlinr shame Jbe it spoken, astouieiied !
ami embarrassed tho loieigii gctitleiiicu. 1'hey
cooij not for tho tnnmei.t .renlize that (lion, pro
leasing to bo Americans and Republicans, could be
guilty ol so gruss aa eulrago upon decency and
I propriety, as lo insult, es'ecially ou na oceasiou
1 of this kind, niul before ftrungt-is, the Chu-I Ma-
Uistrato of tlie Union. Wo lnvo good authontv
lor stating, tliul eiicn ol t'io British ol'iceji prun.-m
has expressed Ins iiiortuicntton that r mitr.eoii
a prncrduto snmild nave occurred at a tuliu wnero
tbey were invited guest?.
J'uicr Mmrif. One of tho best il!uslritifr. i-i
tne virtues ot u paper currency, is Ilio lul.otvn.
Ironi th St. Loo is Mound.
It ceouis tliul a party ol- gentlemen wero lelliiig
their "experience," Into standing in front of the
Cas Light Oilice, when a well known genius ram
along, and, breaking into " tlio party," loll ln
story something 111 tins wise : '
" Hold your liorsfs'aays he, ''and if you lvuiil
to (par tlio greatest sn.ivmg story that you evei
did hear, just keep cm!. I never" have, it. at; inv
lile, hud much money on hand at any one tilisu;
but a short ttmo bdoro the suspension f.apycie
pavmonts bv bm6rs, Rank' of Dubuque, I had
iOUnrker bills' and when 1 neatd the nnws
her failure, I thought she would ria avain, " I
held on to llu money Alter a fow weeks, I w
H was goinn lo rum,' an I dfterminod t'l got f 1 1
.fit; siil to.k ittu broker's nml rxcbansed'ii
fur Cciro, at Unity per ce.u discount, nu i
fioke l on as pi, iuj; pretty , ilnr for a simve j but
id.' i.i-xf tiling I h-ard wu" 'bat the Cairo Uauk
had blown upland I a broker mstatitor,
and oil comet twenty live per cent m ire, and then
I had the product of my speculations in the State ,
Bank iiflllinms money. Next thing away goes
the State Baok busted all lo pieces and bang
me if! didn't lose thirty per rnnt more in obtain
uitf Sbiwimetown moi'ov t and thou I thought l
was safe, with wliat little money I had got but
alas I for nil worldly all lirs 1 - down goes the
Slmw:eeiown Bank refund to resume panick
raised ; and to prnveut the brokers from shaving
mo again, I went to a private individual, and gnve
him nil the Khawrmctown imwy I had fyr twenty
il . it In ra in Ohio mdnev 5 and on offering to piss it,
I was told that it was counterfoil". And now,
whether "viui buiiero it or not, I lull you, anntle-
men, it is a lact, there ia the whu'.e remains of
Ait it).
. f m is ' 1 !!
Upon this ho product two triti do lar bills on ,
Ilia lniinn
Hank of Painesville. aud exclttiimng
'Yen, them two cursed counterfeit notes on tho
from the AVie York Journal cf Comment. ,
, ,,.,.,,, n. v j i vH'ii pikim FURUl'E.'
By tho sleamcr Calud mm at B ston, we hove
Kniclitb paix-rs to August 19ili, inclusive. Tbe I
C. reached Boston at ii o'clock, A. M., yesterday
mornici". (
The cotton will be seen had been ,
animated, ut.d the sates lar-je. tor a,lew days
previous lo the departure ol ibe steamer, tbe pre
valence of turn nut end riots among tbe inanulaC
luiers, had checked opeiatio'is to oma extent,
it.mi.fh ihn sales contiuued laraer than an overage.
At Havre to the lOih, tbe cotton market bad boeij !
in oiuur iiui-i" - '
nonce nothing remarkable. No time for details.
Ai H -vro American po' had decliued lo 43l. 33c.
a 45 . i'ic. ' - ,
Anne American, beef brought in tbo Barns.ey
1 1 nop Hi. Am. not k 31. '
IliaiiM . -. , I , ,
- 'P. h,i .i.i..ii.-ii soma donressioa m ma
M iia 1 1" wv . . ,u T 1
funds. Oa Thursday 18th, Consols stood at 81 1
for money, and 01 lorltm account. yn 'mm'ti
puiiueiLi'luntv ! biUs were done f t
Parliament was prorogued on the 12:h by the
Queen in person. .,
1 he weather bad continued fine, and the harvest !
was rapidly progressing. Of lliur from lhe U. ,
Slates 'iiii barrels had arrived. ." " 1
The news from the continent Is important.
A dreadful earthquake had taken place at Mes
sina. At Caledonia JO bouses and a covenant'
were destroy ed
Washmgon Irving had armed at Madrid, and
been received in the most cordial manner. -;
A Liverpool paper announces tbe failure of Mr.'
Baker, an eiteiwive Cora merchant, whose liabili-
ar,nnnfin - - - .... ...
xtrpool, Avs
during the past two years bavo borne tba n.o,t
pressing privations wuh exemplary fortdude, and
uavo suumineu 10 ropeaieu roauciione ot wages,
rVM.lnf ..f"tH--T.4 tnM....J. ..AL .1... .
m.v-'uii. w. .. wuu Piu.fc V II-1UV) wiaQI 1lf J-IVlin
ise that wueni
ievor there should be a revival, better
i should be iriven to ibein. Just."
Jmwjqadiiniissiisnt w-bwnness was
noticed, and they might reasonably have expected
a realization ol their long cherished expectations,
it was proposed by llirec ol the leading niunufuc
tunng firms at Staleybridn, neur Manchester, end
by some employers at Duufermlm,, in Scotland,
J n 1
Whetlnir lhere-w....y onrert between lmx uU
S'ai a uisiimco, wa.iuo wuu eg ns-
certained, but the people; in both cases, became
exasperated, and il is clear, from iho readiness
wuh winch they were joiueil by woik-nen of all
. .'J
Bmk of Uuaugi, art tho whole ruuia nuer ui ij (jnugdu-ror JiJ Jonn n.,snu aou s. -sv-money
peeiilatiori," rushed around the ..rn-r ' Wtnonths snd 13 daya . fi
m I y.,i.i irei whilo Hie wnole comwuy went in this Town, ou me tb layU iu ths year
up Locust strel, wtiiio tne w iu . i j UAa,rie.ving a husband and
rubt over to the routine and liquored. , ncr ge rs. o s
Liverpool, A". 19. A series of alarmina riots "nca wpw mr direct aod invariable efficany iu
broken out in the manufacturing nnd mining ,he P,re,,l"nt ,,ul uiar discas-s, as well u In
. WV..UU. ... 1-1-ID Vha ,,,,.. ...
l l'.m ...l M I'l.. fUVUIW SIN SIL'IIISIW CUSriClOf.
iplions, that the ltmo had on been sm.iuld. wmcu csnmn po ncro enumora--
g, and only wanted cnc.Hirnscmrnt to burst l" ;ll these dses aro -
into an extensive conllairratoiu a..,.. .,i Mmi,, ..i. a. m
I bore bad, a lorlmght previously, a turn- tbe persons eured, tflcy are inJipaUble and conclusive -nl
the colliers iu Siall'rdaaire, and tbey had in atilhonty. . These mesiuniols nia kI.a.iI. I -
--iicd the pus in tho adjoining counties, lor tbo therefoie be kept by every family sad grovrn person in '
purpose ol eompelling llie people employed therein ' ,!" -'n,fl they will be lound to bs not ouly foe
to j oiu tbom. tiomu of itiuiu readily acceded, but tcst wme,p disease, but also its most certain pre.
others resisted, and they Ihcn returned to their owu ' """"'"J urt vstor of sound, cbseiful
homes. "uwu;and ctastie hoallh. They are i singularly milj lna
The turn out weaversand spumfrsappearto havo
adopted a similar course, uil in couseuence ol the
crowded stato ol" tiiu pupulatioa ut tbo manulactu
ling district , they were. tho more fonnidublo in
their irruptuii. Alter numerous meetings at Stu
Icy bridge, Ashton, and .Mutuant, there wasagiftio
nil turn out ol tbe apinneis aud weuteis ul the lor
mer pi ice, in couipliaiico ith Uu domains of an
immeiiso mob. A processiu!i was theulormcJ with
banners, on which were itiscribed-therr dttenuiua.
lion not lo resume l.b.r until their wng's wero
raised lu I'le-saiiiu rate asm 18ol) ami 1810. 1 uev
compelled colliers, calico primers, and otber trades
to j 1111 them, aud went lo Duckmlild, Asnton, Old
1. If. .1.. 1.' u ii . . 1.
...r,:,,..'.!,..., ,U4V119 J,.,f ,' V !. . ,k
"rroumling. towns, slopping tbo milU iu all
I'.otri. ,
siH-akiii;; veiy litilc destrut'tiou nl pr.qierly, and nui
much'r, ttiougl. in. my of the mills have Urn
nttueked riml tlio sliopKei-pors h ive bscti cmnpelleo
to give up tin ir stocks 1 1 pr.ivismns. Ai Haiilax
B.iicknurn, anil Pieston, tlio iniluary hive lire.,
upon Iho mobs, 11 ml several lives have been lost.
Tbo mill.owuers having been compelled to clnce
their esliiblish ineiil, have determined not to ro open
them until quiet shall have been portuctly re.iored.
Hundreds uf thousands of people are therefore with
out bread, suffering Iro n their folly.
Tho ehui'H's huve..'iii-.Mvored lo lukeo'lnnta"!? '
.. aim uiiu i every cuy and low u 14 iDm
At .M inchcstor they wero frequently dispord 1 wm. ly extended country, incluiltng thoueandi from tho
by the uiiltviry, but re usspmbled und suceeoUod in ! eay of .New York snd tiw ni-igniiorbtsjo, tfiit ttiey are
stopping all the Minks ul Matichualt-r and Salloru. ' speedily and povt-ertully ethesctou in, sll bill fus
Thonco they extended ilie.r incurs 011s toc$i.fehlorii ' ,iV?r bpiainu, dispupsia, totUveaess, piles, asthma,""
M.icclesiiel.1, Giossop, Tml is.le, lfe uo., M,d' i orncnitK, cvnsu.npihw, diarriinfi. jaundice, fever and
dleton, Oidii..,.., KW.idal,., Burv, Boltim, Coon,, ! fk"h'' -etality, low Ot appcuu, erup-
t, Ll , ., ' ' . u . llu ,s ul t;"' f rotula, ssll rhuu.M, lepiosy, errsipe-,
Blackburn, Clili.-r , P,-u.ii.m, NV.g,,, and uil u,e ' Us, ,, ullM Uie jMiPlUUoa of Sia lieart, '
surrounding loans Here thu populaiion w gic.u ! ci-.u.i.c i.-MUaehe, mward tovur, adl-ctiona of tba blad.
nr mituulaet -rit's i-xistetl, causing one universal and . der u'uj ki l..uv, uunoatUiy aspect ot theskio, the sick- : "
wide-spread i re. tion, wUiisi n situilar course ! n' J mcioent to toinslet, geucral debility and waste ot
was pursued by lists colli rs lu tiiu Stallor Isblro ! " lli0 rdtary sy.npioius ot a derangement
Potteries and a'. M.i -u.'. , of nj jtomacls aud lols, and impurity of the blood,
Siuca Tuea-I.iv, tho O.I. i.,st., Manchester Utum "',,"K'v?,r c,uw ,rww A,MwttSh M
s,.... , . ... . : areeablo in II. ir mo-Jo o operation, as never to nros
been n complete suite u oiao.gauiitaiiu.,, all bu 1 . t.m, w (4t.ikwl t,t ,nj;t to renJcr
s.ness being at a sta.M still, and tno military bomg 1 perfectly safo even ibr young children; t'.ey never (ail
cotsstauMv eiig ioa .1. ilispoisii.g ri .tous nscni. i- eleause tbo bowels, liver, ou.okr and kidneys of all
hinges. Tiu-ii' h.n, ho'.vexcr, been comparatively o'jsiriictiuns snd impurities, aad lo givo a most clear
of tbe disturbance to extend thnir virws, anl bur
..oi.i.lo are (S.viJed-oue section declaring fur hi-b-er
wauossnd the other for the charter. Iu bia-ord-stlire
the houses of several gontlemen ol propert
have been fired, and laa moo oevejwo
excessively violeut.
Drg fowt'. At Iba ntgodatio dinner !Jr
WeiMtur bis toast t
"Quocn Victoii May aha long continu
reiu over a prosperous aod apf pwope.
Who ever tward ol ktr peop.e being prosperous
and happy SpirU Timtt. .
At AnnCulJ, near this place, on the SA Instaal, by
Uie Kev. Dr. Ineh, Dr. John AyacA, of Cnaraw, .
C., to Miss dsujhlor of Col. rWwrl .Mae
nannrs. of tins County. t . . f
lu Montffoiuery County, bn ihah Instint, ay
Ueton Usrris, Esq , Mr. Kindrwk Crusord to, Mrs,
C'iariry Xoulb, both of Davidson County.
, . DIED,
ii.., "I insL. snJ In AoSlst yeaf
ol ber ia. Mrs. Louisa Urown, wilu ut Mr. Jubn ,
i Brown, sna tounh daughter of the hue Mr. John I ooU
' In this Town; on U.e l.'th in.lint, Miss Llmbtlh
Irk I II III lOwlli On HIV aisaifcsfcf -
J. diU 0f Urs. Susan Tbo.ap-on, agud
' "
1(J ,mg -OW0( on the Utb iisunt, JLVa, Infant
.1.. ......i ot (muter carss WUI6II nous out wb,
,nj mother csn bestow. ',..' . ......
i'no deceased was a member o the rMbytenaa
ffiillllt (J0 Mf, utAVM u0 her ..ok
evmce(; t,ai lCr hope was Krirtutal and steadfast.
ijer prolonged and various sfflctioii. winch doubtless
?PPear to her now to have oeen but lor a rn.t.
i,Ve worked out lor ber a tar more weign
oi s'o'-
" Tbe path of sorrow, and tUal p'h alone,
Leads U ibe Isnd where sorrow is unknowai
Ho irsveller ever leached thai blest abode, ,
Who found not thorns and briers in bis road.
I CtxnmuMicetrd.
tha Bth instant. Mrs, ATmAan'na
JCi;Ay, wife ol tho late John Kotcy, aged M years, W
JOll. W. liLLIS,
' , . - aaLisauaT, a. e., ' t
Opes 2nd door of Mr. Voumn's Drkh Ro.
piIRCBor(burlamilieslo work at the Salisbury
actorv none but those who can come well re
i commended for industry, and sobriety, need apply.
Salisbury. Juae 3, 19U tf
An OVevcoai m.
. . . . .
I T somoiime in the latter part of the winter oi .
perion returning, said coat to this Office wUl bo libe.
rally rewarded. . - y- .....
July 5FJ, 16 ; " , .tC
" '
- . - - 1 ' . II. n esriauic mic nils ami
s'Jltr;lix sJlUcra-Tbese superlahva -
family niedivmwe have long since acquired an estab-
hssnarstvl k llm unl isnffai svea la.l I.
on dence. weso ccruncaies now sinount to thousands,
. . Lima . kumlruj. . Ia.a1l u ....!... 1. ....1 .r. .
" ,.w.iw.vtw wnr-wmvTW pn.n.u..r MHIU UI IIIOU..?.
of ,he thy t. curoj(,ad wh'0 .CCoi)psriy
their certifies tea with their names aod places ol rest-.
tmv 'woriw mo uiom iriuuui ana mvetarsie cases ,
0' acroful I ms, iywtpsia, Juttmiict, liilious
Asthma, Uronchitis, Scrqfulus,us u
ft? KhtuiMiUtm,
veil at Mucous
' f...f.:. f .T. . ,r . ... -
auiuHa cosrirertci,- iinnw, nio.
m,c tttti Jlct complaints of all kinds, keadachtt
R'dJitiess, and nervous debility, eruptive diseases, and
- Md - ,.mhf hoi0ort uce tou, bwtl, ;dJ wV,
wara lavcj, nigiii twcsts and general weakness and
loss uf ajip-jtite, the mums, swollvn face lad gums,
'. Toe.' ions of the bUdJer, kidney, spleen and plora, and
tba ickueas incidental to (emalc tcgether with very '
BKrevaoiu in meir operatiou,-and tliougti -perfectly
til'eclual, never occasion even the tempouty nrostra
nun aiiii naust-a, wmcn always touow me Use of coarse,
drastic purges and the dp of calomel. 1'repared whole .
sale and retail by Dr. Wui, B. Moflir, 875 Broadway,
Mew York. For sale by the Agents.
Wiie American Family .Tlediciur.
Ii is Delieved, 1 11 at fur some years past no
mediciue has beeu so extensively adapted in the Intel- :
ligcut ami respectable lamiliesof tlic United KUtes, u
Dr. ilolhi's Lit'u Fills sod fliccuix Bitters wbicb '
have achieved the general good opinion by their intrin
sic virtues alone, aitiiotil tue artifice tl quaskery or
cxtravsgaul pretensi-.-ns. Il is tound by the uuanswer
i ,bla rSUlh0"t "I" practical wepeneuce, that ihoy really
' do all Inst Ihnv nria.u lu tkv ana a rrsfil.l ....
' ,!lin t," P"P"otor has ventiited to claim lor them. He
- r,. ...,..,... ..,
..... .. , . . . ... . . - .
and healtiilul huo lu Ilio coantenauce. They should
oe kept in all families, and by every adult individual
as renovators of health aud preventatives of disease.
I hey am so kept by thoussuds witn acknowledged ad
tauugr, aud uow proofs ot their usefulness and aston
suing t:Hcts even in appareully hopeless 'esses, are
rrivi.rj every day fru Ut and near, rreparad and
-old by Dr. Wm. U. MoTat, 73 Broadway, iN. Y, and
by the Agents, .
Tho above .HcilirillC U for out! at (he Salia
bary Drilg-lore, by
S-'ptcmlicr 2, 12 12. 1 ' v - tf
, i

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