North Carolina Newspapers

    The Frenchman " I find,' he nays, do Eng.'
tian innguo vary tuif, and l nm hard to un rtaiid
It. De meaning ob do word is so acuttored. it is
not easy for lo gader them, all at the name lime lo
-. cnuso dot wot fits de Lost, to right pluce. Dero is
look out which is U put out your head and Jo
e j and look out which is to haul in vour head
nod not to we, junf contrairn. To duy steward
, took hold of d Bky li-jht and oai.l, lookout woll
iput my up head for to 'look out,' nnd tie .hut
UoWii do mMi upon it and ff-iv mo a cut all ovor
Jt.y face with pains of glass, and said, dat is not
wtiy y, lot;V ooj' yon should Lave took vour
liea-J in.
JlicttHre Ccurhty.Qiw of cur frkn-J relate
the following dialogue as having occurred between
m English llmliop and a Noblouion, Loth remarka
ble for their formal courtesy. 7r t ,
. l6nd morning to your lordship." '
" I salute your reverence yourj to the alioc tie,
my Lord Risinp."
' Yours to the bottom ,f yfmr feet, my Jinrd."
"Tom to tbo centre of the enrin, "Cishop,"
exclaimed his lordship, a little ijuickly. .
" Your smart, ray i.ord, even lo tuo antipodes,"
Tcplitd the Bishop in haste. .
"Yours to the bottom of hr-JT blustered nut
tie excited nobleman, r.'theYuuemtrtcoutdy.
" l tiere s- leave yot my Lord," remarked the
Bbfiep, mildly, as he passed on
An lilitrnfrt member of the Central Cturl, being
tery desirous of making a fifteen e one occaioo
when a bill i'ur organizing ihetnili'ii was before
me iiooe, arose end delivered himself of the fol
lowing ;
" Air. Ppcnkcr, 1 don't know nothing about thir
wrgamamg uie tmiishy. I go Tor retrenchment,
Mr. Speaker, ami I consider drums and life enuugh,
ir, for. the milwhy without rgn, Mr. Speaker I"
And down sat the worihv in u.o of great
excitement. , ' . "
Contcieniicmt. .An English pjper trcntions that
a magistrate al Chelienhaui.on taking his seat one
morning, not Ion j since, gravely announced that his
lining room chimney had caught fire trow not bar
ing been regularly swept, and he had in consequence
fcntenced biimeif lo pay half a crown which he
Unlol over In the clerk. This remind oof
circumntance which was relateJ to us as rnvinj
, ore irrod in tho U'tsl not Ion j sinc'n. A judge, one
day during the aesswaof his court, attar the re
journment for ilin.V l4 saltan place, marched
boldly up t a distinguUheil lawyer, who had treated
liim souiewhal caalierly during a short lime pie
viuus, and without ceremouy culfcd. his ear and
pulled his fmse. Oa the meeting of the court in
the afternoon, he announced in the course'of Lusi
nes,lhathe had committed a breach of the peace
which ouwht riol to go unpunished otherwise tho
person of no individual wisild be safe." 11 there
' lore, fined himself two dollars. ' ;
' A regtlalte iriscxi.-.Tom what kind of ,c,Mlur ?ur lUe f nunu
' waistcoat is that you have un H
"Why, it's a cloth waistcoat, to lo sure."
. "Didn't it come from old Three Jueedlti, the
' tauVar: '.: V "
- "Yes." ". 1 '; - "
J - Well fhen it' a vegetable waistcoat P
- A whstr " ;" v; ';;':
a-Il. -A -lrgffaJ wa'irtcoat I It' made of cab
U is astoniuing , even in the spring tide of sue
" cess, bow the must trivial circuunianeo will damp
' the eoursgo of the bracst, and check tho most
i!c spernte in, ibnir career -
. A Cfinrher. A distijiguifieXlprwr Tn one
.f the Northern Colleges, celebiatrd for hydraulic
' and hydrostatic phimsnphy, a well as Puty 0I,F
npo: a time, in tho,customary thapil (ft;votio:ir,
'w wmd up his prayer, which, indeed nf a potitmn,
was iovarmbty an argument, in the following strain,
: 'after hatnd assured himself of thecorrcclnesanl his
T JHitiiin t 'ro-rra as tkS t nuiy trxm to IkfC,
O iJiJ.UU Mtertlrlrsi trut V ;
Aoi The Suflsln Advertiser soyitlmta
riMti who ha eulTered from duns makes the follow
. ing proprition thflti in rdor la save time andjeo;, t,, ni, three copies , lor i.
KUIlnceiry JrWlClT Will aiunu 0110 i.'mr scn years u.riji.).
, day lor a week at a certain crner of tho town, li I' It IS I A fa.
where all who feel anxious to harrass qui'-l by j prt0 copii sot the Satut.!y f mnrr.,l nt!,-y's l.-i.
asking impertinent juelious may have the nppor j ! fkk, one year, w ill be ernt fSr n.
tunilv of Jieariu- alwsvs, iirovnied that Ihe re Five copies of th Saienlay v'.ner, ail G-idcj 1
inain'der tir"hiy kall uot bo disturbed by op Ld,'e B-k, one j oar. ,:l no iont t ttk .
rIicatiWof any kind. ' , .. ; AdJre-., . M ...AKIN a,
a j Th'e wi'.h who-n we exehanpe. v. ill add lo their
The ring waa formerly worn ou the fourth ll.iger : many oblia'uuia by co;.jin it.e txc, tr re!- rrn.s to
. i f Ihe left hand, from a opposition that a pirttcu it m their lnmn.
l ir nerve in that put communicate 'tli th!. i i iisi l ( I CS
heart. ' "
. ...... . or "ini:
... 1
-ill law
. ..
v-. GeuiletiXMHif tho Jury," ida Western law j
Mt, " would Tiu set a - rat trap to cat
( (,ir r
. WiuU'you nvke fools of ynunelvc by viMieavur
ing to spoar w Unljalo with u kni:ting needle I ( r
-oitd vim nttempt to empty out the Mi.u:ipt
with 9 gmiid f No, geiitfeiucn, I know you v.oulJ
not ; then how can you ho guilty f tho abiurditv
i f fmding iny client guilty of fctfln-rdaugjittr Hi
laMn tbo lifer of a woman "
.1 1
A nnn .in tins vtc,.ty once s.-i.t n buret
- ".'i". 1 ' "
never seeu-any fruit of thehiml. In a few
he received a letter in which his frend cvpre-jie.l
great rere.t Ihnt 011 nceountof the length nf Jhe
' voyage, tho fruit wero j.iur1 whou thrty nrrived and
he wiMlwiserpeutly obli.l t'i throw then. n..iiy.
Ala Temperance ce'el.r ition nt St. I.mi:h oh tho
A'h inalnnl. Wm fiillowmir suhtimetit. anmi'i' otliCH.
ivasdrunkt ,
- Tl -'
" Ihe Jlcformel Drimbte.-h i U'e
a the only messengers lUut luve
wc!ci;i:e lb
from the Spirit land. '
.Vicful Dogi Mr. Keinl.iil, in tins account n
his Sauta Fe jK.xpeditiun, speaks T soma rciuntk
n hie dogs used by tlio Mexicans to guard their sheep.
!d any; "There were very few men rlong. with
this Immense herd cf sheep; but tu th ir
were a large number if tmbic dogs, who spiieim .!
' to l peculiarly gifted with tho liicultv o!" keeping toMil.i.r. There wns n-i runnine ,.
larking nor luting, in their sys'tim ol liieiicd ; hntj
on the contrary, they would uaik g' utly up in nnv
ebeep that happened to stray from the told, t ke i
r.arclully by tho car, and lead if hick to tbo (lock.
Not the letrst lev did I ho sheep mnnilctt nt the
OlIt r-
upprouch of the si j .ign j unij tW was no uvwmi
ty for it. Tiny ap,-eiir-d to nm-to'Le a crusof'
the Newfoundland ami St. Bernard specif s, or very
large size, and wit i frank, open couiilmmueei, i,d
Irom what I could irfrii,exiMBii'l sngncious."
A fellow in Louisiana, ho had liccomn im-xtri-cably
involved, wished to tube the bemtlil of tho
bankrupt law. If therefore, drew up Ins petition
and in die schedulo ol ellL-cU he gnve up a luilo
two week's old pig, ami a Iwrnd half full of whw
key, as his only available Hj.-uits. Tho petition
was accepted, hut when the assignee went to our
bankrupt Iriend, neither whiskey nor pig was l bo
found, and after eoimiderable humming nm) huwmg,
the poor fallow at lost delivered hmnelfa billows s
"If you must know'the truth. Air, AHsiiniHO. win.
(the pig is dead.aud 1 have drank nil ihe whiskey'. "
A'. Y.Sun. .
the family ssiwHiri:K
The publi hers oUhis old CHtabliabed And uniuAtn&lIu
popular FAiuily JourtuL would lieeni it
sav a word in Cummcndstion of it past or prem rn excel.
" biw BscimnrM. iia unrivullid and increstfinir
circuUtwn, ovcr 33,000,) U it best nbimMmr r
ret the future, however, s determination to bi nanT
will call Rn incrwiMd tipi m.'imre nd rteewed sttrac.
tioiis i tbe coming yer, ItvV.'. hot tl.e li t vt nhieh
will bo sn improvement in the quality id Urn Mutt, and
addition ot popular cor.tnliuior, embracing, we lully
believe, the Lent list to any omtilsr in the world.
The Courier is independent in lUehn meter, lesriere.'
ly puwuins s strnielit t .mard cnune. rut um
the best interests ot tho pub.ic. It is sinctlj neutral in
politics snd Tdtgion. It will o.aintain inghtoneot
morals, snd not sn srticle will appear in its pajjes winch
hou!d not find s plsce at every fireside. It has more
than dotiblo lite number ot comwnt readers, to that of
any gUier paper published in the cuunirr, euibrac'ini:
tho best fomiltes ot our Republic '
. Etcry one rlmuld be prmiu to patronise the Philadel
phia Ka'.urdsv Courier, as bv ita unbrnio n uii. ,.,
ffinal American J'afcs, Ly such natie writers an iirn
Caroline Lee Ilentx, Mrs. &L Leon Loud, Tbe lnly" -of
Maryland," Trofessor Inrahaine, T. M. Arthur, Fii '
Uws tMirwick, Miss Lerlie. and
justly earned, tho title of the itmeriroii family Aeir.
I'orfiRii nml Am-s.
; Dotcrmiood U Fpsre no expense in making the ,St
Jirday Uunera perfect model of a Umv. ri l l:,.l .
or t.JZ-:.r:.2.i ""J' 10 ' are
U lbs Mapaxine's'anirpapers of "i"nteret, publitticd in
Unjlaad aud on the Comment, the news snd em of
which are immeduitcly traniderrod to its c ilmurus Hum
giving to emigrants, ss well ss otbera,s correct snd
connected sceount of whatevor occurs of mien-;!, ci
ther st beme or sbroad.
. rsrtkular care w taken to the earliest aili i
ces in relcrcnco to tbe prices ol alt hunliiot Cram, I'tu
vie; on, Produce, 6iC,the ststeof Mucks, Banks, Money
and Land', and out extenaive srrsngementa will here
whatsoever. ' . . : . .
Tb general character of the Courier is well known.
Iu columns contsiti s great variety of
an! articles in Literature, Science., the ArU, Meclun ci,
Agriculture, KdocAtkm, Muw, ew lleiltb, Amuac
nient, ana in Tact, io every depirtmntur,iially diacuwod
m a Universal Family Ccwsp:pcr, Irom a:li writers s
Mrs. H. C. lh!1,
Charles Uickens, (Bjx"
Prolesaor I rg rs lis me,
T. .S. Artfmr,
J. Sherida a K uow les,
Mrs. M. leon Loud,
Mn Elbe A Band,
George 1. Morns,
Sim. Ciore,
Mi?s He-t'-wick.
rMI. S Fl"UW
- -
IjcuU (i. V. raittn,
l.ydia it. Sig.iuini:)-," '
lion, liohert T. Conrad,
'i'tioa. Campbell,
Miss Mi'.furd,
I'roii'r Wines,
K. L. Bulwer,
Jnwph C Neal,
The (J. Hpcar.
I'-mju. Marryatt, IL U.
Robert Morns,
.Mrs.C. II. VV
A. Grcrn, Jr ,
John .Neal,
l'ounte ol 'Blersili'.m.
it. rennbiiuth,
'. TO-AGF..NT.S-TERMS. - '
" The ternnof tin- (.'ourn-r ii'- tr ( r annum, invaMe
in adranc, but whru ni y one vv.ll.i.fl.ciatu (o irncuri
ten naw pu'jcrih'r, :l senu ux ijf.), pit' manry and
puttegt rrt wu will rrceipt fr lir raeh V;ii
r one copy mree
' Western Cnroliwr Temperance Jttucutt,
t - i.r.. in tl,i- I t-mnrrn nrt lit farm
1 rf m"i7f'i " 1
I'Milkrd fit AiltiitUe, A. f,'., and t Jilt d
BY 1. 11 M'ANALLY.
A TsvipeswB l'ovrMi" tht vc In' id ui ih -t
place early in .Si ;l :i,itn r, revilved ii pii.'lifliin,' a pt
1, -r .if thr uhove li''." n.i.1 i'hareir, ami appointed It.
.! .hn I)ic!oii nnl " R M'Anatly ' eoii.luet i'. From
many ir.-.-if,;T i ii 'iiir.'iiiriiis, I'r.- I'n ksn .
. he 1 e.'iim it i.nurin'.lieahl
lor t t -Ti in ue r.'Lu ruiM'u
r, 1, onf. ()f the cil.'ois, 1 in m "la In? will diwrloily use all
of." J-; , H llM Wl ' . tlM
1 , urrih. r t tieri to"'. prutifW tu 1 i.'i Uni- 1
1 m iwutt!, nu,,.0i A ,, ,. c.a 1 ... v.iii be uiocu m
, ,! c und. riakiii.'. ly nil the ir;. ii.'h ot I r.jur uiie
tmw throughout the coun'ry. at"! 'h- i jr m.y
soon have an pxt.Miivi; em ioatioii
I'rienJt'of the Ttmpitiit.rr '..!.. .' ! y i 'ii .ve nke
a ni.wt earneht ap'"il aIi-.I- 'I. i -mh.- n;i-.i Umsi
wnds of dollars are annuilly exj. in.e.l :ii liieait s, at
tireiiiic?. at the race luck, hi j;r.rnf, uliu no panw
re spired, the luMiry ot iuulhh i
ifhd no labor dee-ti.H to. ie t
.'111 l
h r; liuiie,:
ml! r-
.tiii'.;' :u
'. IH . 1.'; .1-
lil'i! I"W
' in irt
IjI veil
i ma ui iiinkii..i ,
: S caiue that nm t ii" !' i:r
on i" t
'. ery 1 1 'i
1 , 1, -, ..,,1 1, n. I,-:'. ' I,
,. rl MeTe me
'.e ,-',";tii r:i r
i, V..
' i i ' i, .
I.l" t, Ki d It .
hi'..' I.
h l! V. I'.X'
, vi-rv li.w. aueli iniiei. in .
(The Western pr! ol'.SntihC
' ..f Vir;jinin, m l ' ic K i '.'
I Inrly, ne. ;l a por,.lic;i.l "I ti.i
' now 'o4V i 'bother thev hh.i.,
Th'o very low pi n.e nl w :
j I'oi.veiitir.n, will iua!:e it m ei
' eiltserii.tio;! In; had, bue.,'1; the
; the
lb 't a very iTe
'itiuii (.f it can bo
' -1
! T.e U'.ifrr i (Worn Wrrjure .1,eorf will
I Phhsl.-d on a medium : !.. , I. m q'mu U,m eu h
IllUllU'r li1.l"g "'.'lit p.ii ei-, iillil ttiilhu ftir;nhi-l oj
the vcty low priee of I'-firi t 'ri-t- a copy. U'l'.ero sin
g!e eoiiies aro taken, tie- ,r.yiiiei-t' mtist -K ii.juo mvs
nabiy upon the reception ot tin. iM numh.'r. 'e;
fj- I'm-tuiaaters, eilituiHor mihliNiera of sper'smi
a'l MiniH'erscf the Gospel, aru autborufl agents..
T 1 S' II a ii ' Yt" l .
j. A -ir n
Brandy, (peach)
J)( (n.iplc)
Butter, s
Bale Bope,
Cotton, (clean)
1U a I2khte,
14 s '0
IS a 25
Kicc. (Hiiartl
JO a li fcuar, (brown)
s ao
Kla 1'.!
Do (lostA It;;"
Silt, (bu.) 1 00 a ii .
Uo (ck)- 3 00 a &a"
Hour, if J 00 s 4 60
pttcl, (blister) m 10
feathers, SJ.VsH0
Fuixreed, jsbO
up law ' aj MjT,
to Od,
W)aM j Whiskey,
Beet, (scarce)
(li Flour.
' 7 iUO
7a 8
10 a It
Cab Pea liter,'.'
J'.4 a 15 ,Urd, (scarce)
Beeswax, -
Balo ICupC, , "j
Corn (scarce)
20 a
7 a v-:
-wit, (neck)
8 75
1)0 (bushel) ';&? ft
AUGUST 81. 18J2
Bctt,--,' la 0
Bacon, , ' , Mia 0
87 a 40
10 a I V!
'M a 40
4.') a Wl
in aii
Beeswax, ""
i Begging,
(lisle Hope,
f Coffee, .
f Mi
lis lb ,
or tub
Cougreeslonal Globe and Appendix.
IllESsE works have now becu published by us lor
ten coiiieculive ainaions of iXmrcas. lXsnnicn
cing with the acai.un ot llVM. 'lhe have had autb
wine citculatioii, snd have been so universally appruv. ri
and nought alter by the public, that w deem it oeces
iary uniy iu this 1'roH.xliui to aay that they will be
Ci.litlimi'd at tho next newioo oftUmirri. and In auii.
j succinctly, their contents, tbe loun iu which they will
h (united, snd tbo prices lor the in. '
j The Congreraional G-ibe is msdo up of the daily
ptKn ntn; of thu two llouaca of Congica. The
the resolutions cfleru'. or notmoe u.a.U sre
I ijv tfi. ii the tiiover'a Own wonts: ami tbe veas and
iii.ii. i on sunu, bihi m j"- i mm, io iv:.'uiy, vnil give thi brir-f procw
lufporunt quealioiiii. it $ twu-&iil!ni,t ; a favor which they will he haimv
.miiiuor C0i.Uil.ilig 10 royal eri n , tUJtabo j 1 A
it is printed as list a lbs Imaineas done j ' j j (J.
invi on ii;l the
midil ivaci"
quario ixge'
III CoiiuriMt lurniatrca mailer enouuh tit a number
usually oi:e nuiuuer, but suo elmn-a tuo numbers, s
wees. We have invariably printed -nora numbers The pecistor will l puhliahcd weekly, at Three
thin there were weeks in a teuton. The approaching Do! lam por annum, and prcportionably fiirMiurtfr pc
teMion of Congrcas, it n expected, will coutioue 7XHid.!H jia)ble invariably in advuncc ; or Five Di.liars
monilia , it yo, rubccrihera may expect bt'een HO and ' two aiihacriptiony, or lor two jesrs. It m proposed
40 numbern, which, together, wiil'rnake between OtiO ,u 'Stue the fir!-t nunitier early in June,
and 000 royal qharto isgts. j. I'm-ioiAMem wru autlmrized to remit pubceriptiunji.
Tho Appcnuix is msdo up of the Tsraios-vi's sn- lttTM and mimuniciit;niis to the Ilikra imjt.1 be
ntittl iiHMdi'e. the reixirta i.l ll orincinal officers ol P1 P:d ur tree. Address
the tioveriiiiiciii 1hatt.rc0114w.r1j it, ami ail the long
----- - r- - .
tpetbeaul incmberH of tunreik', writ'en out or re-1
vief li) ttiomsclvus. It i printed in ih same form sa
the CongrcnaMial G.obe, and uMially make about the,
Mine nuinuer ot pai. Ilrrt-lotoie, on accouul of the 1
ll arxchea oeing ro I 'liin.rooa ami m .ong, we havi
not compittid tho .. ontlix until one or lw6 moiilhi'
alter tie ctote d ihc -Kjn ; but, 111 hit ire, we lutend
10 print the fp-jernea'af f. tl ai 11. f lio 1 1 Iki ueiared,
ami ol eha'l cmiinitlc the wurk tvlthui a few
days after ihn aiJj'uiriimiaiit.
Lucll o) tliesv u ks is complete in 1 "-' ,l w
nccesnary fur eu ty srtlcr:her 'iu !eires a tul!
RiTvetrrbtiitvAeuj:'r 'of I'otmrw, to have
liotij beeauj-, thin, il thertT riiiuIT"rrry"BfrtBfyetril:
in ilissjllujwm ol It speech, or ny denial 01 its cor
tclnea,aa p;itiii'i'd 111 the t oiigri-raKii'.al Glolie, the
-maucr mat tnui,
at length, col recti 11 t) the mnnbt'i hnr.felb
... . ISI.-
I iiuvr, mcip is no tonne immic ' - .
(and App.-n.hx; from which a penin cm obtam a'lull
' ai. ....
history of the pn-e.-e.imgi ol Congress. t.Airs r"
Kt . tni'i U.Ju , ..1 U. m- 1 1 . rli r.,r. " his-
I imv, has bee,, hi,;, .1(,i lor '" r I'- ll Joorn .l. ' "" l"Pance. ,
: co-' about hve lin.w - ,1!':dl ,,,r a ,'C,B"0" ( . fn obeilience to llieir wiaber.and impressed with tbo
1 re Moel Uh.oe a:nl Ai-i ':. ,nd '"u "J conum as iyorUnce 0 c, iLpublication, tho Committee have
; ..a. au..-" "'a!!-r. C'081 P"tliw' currenSdc-tVrrnined, if suiTicient cncoursgement csn b..- ob.
. r-.n-eeiliiiga bring o-mtlod. e ar crablod to pnnt i . . - h1 fr(,t number ot sueh a publication,
ihe Conrefaional Globe and Arix itdix at the low rale ,
, : . , " ---------
110 .v prupred, by having a large quantity of type, and
k.- ,....v the Cmigre-ionsl matter thai we act up M ,
tin iiaily and semt-weikly Globes, Manning for Hie
. ..rreMaal Ulub. and AViemnx. If v. Had to ret!
ui nialUT t.urtsa-oly l..r these works we Could not ; "
I atiord lo limit thorn for uoubiu the price now charged.
l 'lill llOie IS) r-AOS IO H.IOI I.IO 1. wivrnsslsi liu
.n,t it..' ,......!. ....1 .1- A .J e.rh ...
" .. . , J. :,.r:,7 :i: IVr ";;7J
, nave on lunu
1 iiitiu ..,..,. ..,.. .; r,I
the l 'mi"rwiioal Globe auff Apnennrx ,r the Kxtra
tivwi 41, ninth make togeUiLi i.t-., tnL, ihousaml iyal
quart j pages. Tiny givs tlie fullest injury ..I tin
ires? tnai l.s ever U-'es pubhrlied. We now ri
i t'lein fur ijl each ; (hut is, $1 far the!
t GloN-. and l tor the Appendix. We prvpe to let
) iiiic;ibtra the Congressional Globe and Appendix
.ir"tie niiAt s.'wuoii, have them for W cent each.
I In y nill be neceaiiiry to imnerMaml lolly the pt
J,r,, H l'..i. BIf .uunn Thn linn.,rlnl inatlnr
! .i..,1i st ti. last, will ho kmitPht no st ihn nexi
?o,,on, hi consequence of Ihe universal dissatisfaction
i vineed in Ihe late electitxis with the vast and novel
I V 't.'in of piliey ulnrli ihn MiHeri h.ivo introtlueiil,
nnd which wis forced ll.r.ui!;h Congress without en
I s.u.t.1!.' pu'i'ir. npmiiii, -nr even allowing tne fill i!h-
,j ciiriion uiiiial 111 regard to Mihjrcl ol or.lmaiy intt-roi.
i Tim r.i-rts ol H. m I liinue and ApfU'Irli"
i u:e nut in trie e i.-t degree atlected by the party l.-.n -i
of tht Kiitoc. They ere given pnct-i iy as wrillrn
: not !iy lh'r Reporters and the nie'ubera theein h. -.
; .. il lie1 !m!i! urc subject to Ihe revwica and eorr.r-
T'loiret Iheutakers, as they piw in review in our dnily
sheet, in e i;u .my imsiin.lei'ittiiiiliiig t tiii.-rcpreciitu-tloil
ol thr i reiimrks should oreur.
l.i"! (.ULiiMi"nion3 in II Ireely, bul t!rs w
1 onl) s)u th" I Isiiy, Senn-weeklv, and W eekly (ilnU-s
' I lie )t! filoli.' IS fcltl, Ihn Hi'ini-tteekly i) KM
' wr m mini :t, in mfsttftre. Tho W reklv is printm!
i in ..h Kiuie form as thr7!. Globe tuiJ Ap
I j k-1 1 ; i r , mt a counlcto li.dex made tu it ut the end el i
i each cur.
i IVrt'-o Cnngresslonsl Globe oml Appendix for tin
In t le-ion, $1.
1 I'.ir tie Coiigrvntiional f.'V.); fir the next ne'-ien,
; .jil per ropy.
I I' t llu Appendix lor the next f.v-mii. -1 per e ty.
."u 'upies ot either of the nUn'i wmk ill h- w nt
r t.ii-ive copies fur sjcllf, and k) o:i in prop, lit ion
j lur a jreulur number.
'n jiiietitra loay be transmitted by mm!, jmfuigr piii.7,
' ai our lik. By a ruic nf tho IV t Oi'iici: llepsrlmeut,
; o tuniters ato permitted tu liauk It titr.i eontaiiiiiin
I uu't:'.')' lur kubecriplioii. .
. Tie imtcs l any bank, current where a rubfc-ribcr
I reM.'N, will bo received by us nt pnr.
' To in.nte all the number', the suleieriptiom. ,.ipu!.I
I I.e m N'i'jihiiigt. n by Ihe J'l'li IWeiuber next, Hi
taSje'-t, thfingli it is piohablo Ihnt wo shall print
ciii 'ijjh Surplus copies (o fill eveiy hulwriptinn that
miiy bo paid before the 1st day ol January next. .
Vo attention will bo paid lo. any order unles the
I ei'iu y cc inqiauii-s it. BLAIR Ji R1VKH.
' VB.!nneten City, October IIL
cut on.
tbe aest ot
u.,JUn.. f . Nniftaoaocr. to
be call' u
- '!eyir rATOIk Tney believe um
-J-" ItipUn will be
J .rParfcstioD JTSaeii ircadt establWi n
Vf4,ffcrenl fro... IbM of m Ppersi t flglUf
0 a In Iir.-l.inntnn. It WU1 not B'VS iununirv
'r..enmDrchenvo.aaaat..C- .
rrl:r:MiaB in both lionet w V t:
.1'" m.,,ent or renvsrks ss wil . fcclM will slbo
-Tucidiuoo. Bulking or '"""iruch sxtrac
i extracts there-
i..rtl. Uiue to """"Jlt-ntiof.
I . - k. mit wortlil 9T7
. " flJ hs tnOKt worm y,, Ihe nnertlotiS
1 . J19 rtkfrtfW'ffiU fairnci, sud in a man
to . - "? the die XaOT :,! .-r-ntab o to the
. J V will .
of one of llni roH "Slu,".. J-'wn, t an inter
eoting perwd ol CuroycaD ijibtory, havegiven them some
sligbt s'vsulages lor n tttk proponed. Coinuiunica
tios from iiiteilijent sources will also be furnivhed, and
it shall be their ctKiU to preaent to their readers that st
trsctivevarietr, without wb'ch the most important t pics
are rV 10 P1" "P"0 public mind. Cveuta are cnntsnt
jccurrinjit borne & sbrosd, beyond the sphere of mere
personal and parly politics, attention lo which cannot
tail to elucidate political questions, snd promote nation
al interests. Judiciou selections from foreign journal,
i which are so accessible in VVsahingion, continental ss
well as Engluh, (popular attention in this country oe
ing directed loo exclumvcly to tbe latter,) cannot but
interest the enquiring reader, whoso liberal curiosity
snd t'Apansire -jriiipaiiura enlcfiU Jicyond the COnflnCS,
however ample, ot his own country. Nor will litera
ture and general criticism be neglected, though kept
subordinate to the paramount ends of a political journal.
In a word, it is trie design of-tlie sutacribrra to lurnish
a tpmtrd paper, lor which,
h, they are persuaded, pctu
he leal of Govcjmcril.
her lucilities are found st the !
Without spiMsliug to their past position and eaor-
lioiiF, tbi y willcoiiunl tbeuiselvea here with declaring
ihit their tp.niuiis are thoroughly and unchangeably
Democratic, yet, they would tain hope, not illiberal or '
uncharitable. They will discuas questions and judge
men with freedom, yet widi that moderation which,
gives additiuiial strength to firmne, and that r"ur..
which ta the bi-it proof and pledge of sinccriV " 1
They are fully sensible of the d- "d J'cuUies
which murt ever attend a n.el undertaking ol this
nature. But one man may mccct-d, where n"tn?' ''
tailed ; and when ono iff Jit h Pved abortive, a se
cond msy triumph over every obstacle. It tj" wen
.aid, by a m and . grenl man,
i. .itoMi.-i if ever" .""I
I rxirt of their fiM .W'Vf. J.enH.ilf
.1,. to expff.-..u l.. ,i.;. a......: . "
to acknowl-
Washington, I). C.
June n.ici;.
l South 1
nnv lie i.1.1 '' 1 .hut u i nci'Iry,
Yadkin hn r, Mill Irons of alnn-t nil
-r ,10"', 1 ' - '77
Saw Mill ln, (iudgenea all rt's, WLro's 'I oil
iw, A c When not 011 hand, tin y n ay bo madu lo
1 riW-r ht a .'.' It notire.
tr 1HU
.Yotth Carolina Tanpcrancc Vnio.
, ..
TliK Mnte TnpeTaVawy
- nnal meeting, dir-"1" J;,"." . . .
mMWirr, sJT-tlsa- iMalihshment, st this place, ol s
, ... viiiiTIl tTAROLLN'A TK.MI'L-
, f)1, ,nll.-.l me imuiiii ..iuv..,i..r.
. 1 1K.'. on the lirat ol Jsnuary next
' . h
1 "p " 0(1 J ' .,i... u. j
minal.on ot 1 entrance Pr,e ., de tte A
the di.'we-
hal en-
aor lo pri'Hiil i psges, a 11111 recoro 01 itc i-i-
.11 1 f . 1
of the 'IV . poramc cause in or own and 111
' ?r'CT
f.riin landa ot its elterl upon inuivaiuai anu tom-
. , -,,.i'- , A,.f..rr nf 11. nrm.
muniti--an.l ..ngunl in defence oj its pnn-
w, and ,. upiy t.. tm-mnous ofjecnons urgeu
,r li! mist
I While, however, the rromoyon ol I empcrance wi;s
Iw the ni- .. londing object of tor Journal, it is our
intention, that its pne u k enlivened by a general '
Mioin.aiy ..I ihe in. 1-1 important vrnl rr day, snd
by pirt.. iilnr atter.t'on to the interest of Agriculture.
In carrung otit this object, tho Committee look ib tu the iucn lsuf Tempeiaucc, particularly .
in Ni.itli Carolina, for aid and support. A new iin
imiIm" b heon eiven to the cause in this Suite; Wero
l"l li'" Pr"ler OCCaSllin, COUIU ICII B IS.O 01 Wliai
' " hecn psssm.f under our own eyes, which would
i- ml a thrill of joy througli evory tnevolenl heart.
. 'I'l sAf.r.niAii a.t I in 1 1 n K ft I 1lHi rYtmrnMAiJ mtA
I IT I I IIIH .! IIIVWI mv " llllllHVHt
is Mill going on with a piwer and auccesa, which the
nejsl Kant'iime never dnrrd to an'icipste. Give us but
tl.e tiieat.i nf cooimunirnlinn, and we trii't that an in-'
v. ill ro firth triim the Capilnl ol the old North
Si. ne, to i!.-. riiiiotesl beuin.ury, Ihnt will tell upon its
lm;ijiiiiessand proji-rity through all future generation.
IVrmi' ny, then, nil vt mniott'v t i sppt-al to every
.Vieii'l of Temprtance, Merility, ni"l gil onltr, to aid
us ;in;ii.l'v. As the object n to commence wilh tho
new year, .'?(iy on the purt ot it Iriemls may be l'tlal.
Let ro rj mdiviilcil thru, who In Uau intrriat In our
j.iut'ii, a,!. I rvi ry Tempi ranee S.riety, heeome fe-
cr,, lo-ihir. f I nvre fr vi" eii'iitier i l nnne w riirli lliey
.'ippor'.! tsn tie eir.oiat. il iiiiiifir viciniiy. Hii.l lurivaril
thoir iiaini immedinlely, fur 11'. -!'. "t W eopii, as
they may th;nk t!if demnu.l ct their neihborii.Ksl may
j itilv. hi this sy only, can we hope tor succors in
i e.r . tVo'tv - ' '
At a meeting of the K.cutive Co mittee ol' the N.
('. Teinpenure Soi iCty, Ihe ToT'otting renilu'iuft -was
i.l ..ted : Where-,., airunjenieru bate been made t'i
e 'lriMieni-e the miblicaticn of a TemHiiice Junrmtl in
t:; Ciy ol Heigh, nn the tirst week of'J intnry next,
p. ' I led cm; tiioi.hv.mi uh-cril" rs cull he obtained.
."( ai.ft'j', That it he me ' earmMly reminmen.l.'il to
.in !l of the OiUrer of the Suite Teinperunee Siriety,
no. i to the nieiulM-rs if tin; l'o Mate Ciiiiv. ntu n, and
to nuy v.lm are Ineu.lly to the caiHe, imuieilmtely niter
llu re. eipt ot this revilntiuli, to I'lfi'im' re-oniilile for
from 1(1 t'i'i) Sut-er.lifr'!, s tint the publics' :im may
eummenre tit the lime couleiiipl .ted.
By ori'er of thi Exeentive Committee ni' II. e North
Carolina State Tetoprrniice h'.i-ii ty.
T i: R M K :
. i
The North Carolina Tempmanci) Ctiien wiil l e pub-
lit hril weekly tm n ineiltnin fhv:, (any IS I by 1 mehes,
nt One Dnllur and Filly Cen'. per annum, livable l.S
AOVANt'E. loiters eoiiiaiiiing SubscnlHrs names
ami reiiini'ii.cej, ioum ho uireeu.u, i.ip.i;u or I rep, tu
the. Tie.iiiurrr of tho Society, Jamij Buown, Raleigh,
N.irthf aulm..
All tho wwiqiapers in the Stato are resnoctfully re.
i'lekted to give this l'xo?pectu one or Iwo insertions.
HARRIS. Agent. j
.11 '
"Tz si 11 asai
UNDER thi title. Ihe 8ubbiber,
in lbs CUV ef Charlestons W
rfvottd to UTERATURK. H K
aTrr 1 1 an lot. AG lUC U LT U R E, 1
'lopoee puWuc-j
11 I'APU.l,
t, the AK.j
maw imnart inatruciion or auu
a ttotfl, 10 si-
:,J Kini'.eiiifff..
.,-h .ia. nm'paaioo OT calling ol our
-.. In
i -I .-: Tkm fl.lrnrn U,J
11 tcs si 1.1 ronKKii, . . ... - k-vi
neutral ground j yet sufficient attention v Jl
both, m enable tlie resde lesrn bo f
rclitous snd politics! eorwiiion 01 yie c
A oaner devoted to the purposes ah v.: bss .
long been a dfittratum at thu Sooth; and it, is Mi
meet this, that 7'Ae ticor is now propovd to be
iia-ued. The Eubscribeis are aware iheir pwi
may appear too confident, after tbe repeated L me -of,
KouUiern periodicals; but they beg leave to aay.
so e wiplete arc tbe arrangement they have mado -.
cawnsive the corroapondence tney nsvs secur- u-1 ,j
valuable ihe aid, both ot Northern nu miiiem 1
they have enliated that with the kindly tee!mg f.(
liberal patronage of tho Bouth, tbey have no h ur
the resnlt ' - 'A
Tna Literary Depitrtmtut of the Cniconx j
supplied with articles ot rare and substantial if I
with reviews and critiques of all the uew wrfka 01Y
day, and with original tales skclcbea, wiks ot net v
biographic and poetry from the pen of several ot 1 ,
moat gifled authors, both of ibe NorlU and W. ulh.
The Scientific and MecUnical Department will 1 .
enriched with essays and illutratH:s rYoiii individual
high in public entiinatmn, as thoroughly practical tun
which, together, with the Agricultural coiumunicatii
already secured to the paper from varioua portiw s
the country, will form a compendium of useful in -lion
invaluable to tbe artisan and planter. ,
In Ibis Department of General Intelligence, (
subacribera believe tlie Chiooba will take s 1
which will not be surrit by any Journal ol ,
Union. Ar-one ot the aubaenber will makej i,
coiinUnt business to visit every aectioo of our country 4
ami through means of so extcumve acquaintance
T) possestied 1 1 the cities ol our sea-board and til
West, weekly ccrrescon'lence will be Citab'idu
With Boston, New-York, rliiudplpnui, Ualtimore,Wsi
infton, Cincinnati and ft ew -Orleans, tbrouch wk
...fill t.-: 1 1.. .1. i. .
win oe ouvaioro, not viii in esrtiesi iniormaiion B
regard tn all foreign and ilomestie matters of impot.
tance. Prices current of Southern products snd n.
. nctary affairs ol moment in the different (States, bet
1 also tho opinions of judicious men in r gard to Com.
! moreinl pronpeet., and matters of sn economical, civil,
!oii'i viiucai cuaracier. ior, since ( L
, . A little lolly WsuU then. ' . 1
la relished by tho wisest men, ' ' j
, do they intend to cxt-ludo ihee lighter artieles 0? ii
formatnn, familiarly uigiialed tlie chit chat of.tha
day. which, while they may servo to aoiuw a weary
IisUcfh hour, have st the wme time the higher cPc'tol
acqiamiitig us with the character Snd Customa c our
IVorlliern and Western neighls.r, nd connecting rrart
closely the bonds of unity between us. . .' ' .
t Keeling n.-nrrd tlffn.of their ability t- r, t;,
wi-lics oi the Soulhern eomniuiiity, sni to establish a
paper 011 the ni app.ovul, useful and p. pul,r n'art
and hereby p.cdSing themwlves that no . -xertion Lf
be wanting on their part, not only most fully torcuW
but cyni to execid the promwa they n.ike, tin t re?
spccthilly svslieic the wtronageof the good pco-lc of
fcouth Carolina and her sitter States, " . .
1 he Cuiron v v. ill be primed on an imperial 'shiclrif
chc very lt p.;, - B:,j and shaU 1 embellebrd
with portroiUoi r-,rit. . t.uuhed men, and view. d.
Blllioui. D.ivahta , . r . -J
"v ur.i r.umtKr.K
' Xtr.C:. ..A
July lr4R.I2, '
now 11 tii
1 f rni
U ni.:T..?.Aftir.orrN'-- H
tftmuusv a rtia as. r3MiUaVJiUAaru
' ' ' r-jAmcVii. -1
7 Aanstw Car, D , t. R. S. M. (.'. S. il.
l Los"., Mem. Acad. Ar. S. rkilud., X
. . . , - , - I ,
. x t ,
'IMIIS is nnqtii:tiouab!y the mo?t popular work of the
1. kmd frverf ublished, snd a book nioti s.l nitbly
adapted to the tints ol all classes ot Iho c. ;,'i nni'y.
The following ar-4he unporla'nt nhjscta which ti
learned author endeavors to sccompk-h : ... (
A 1st. To instruct tha Jlsnufarturer, .VetallurgUt a.
Tradesman in th pnnciplo cf ibeir respective pre
ccsics, so ss la render tbeiu, in reality, the n asters il
their busiucs sml, to cmauc.pato them :r. X tMt
ft bondage to ucn's osc too commonly gutned'
; blind nmuJAti and a Vicious rouum , - . J
. SndiVr To afford WerchanLi, Brokers, J'n!:ert,
DrugigMs, and ntficers of tho Revenue, rhsrarleristij
descriptn)ns cl the commoditH's which pifj ihreng
i their bauds. . . .
I 3rdly. By exbibiling some of the f ne t develop -rent
j of Cbftoitstry and Physics, tu Uy open a.i excelic:
nraetical Kliool to Student t.f liie kindred rcienrcs
- 4thly. To teach Capitihtts, who may be desimui
placing their funds in some prot'ucltve branch of iiei.
try, to select, judkiuosly, tniong plausih! claiinaii
Sthly.. To eniblo gentlemen ot the I aw tabecor
wrllacnuair.trd With the nature oTtlinsp in lent (rhptni i
j which are so spl te1 give ne ta litigation. .
I (Hilly- To preseni to legisislora such p clear cxpf f
tion or tho staple manubictures, ss may dmunde IN
Irom enaenn ' whtro ptwtnicl indtHrj, orchci
ono branch of il In the injury ot jnany others.
And lastly, lo give the general reader, Intent chl'
en Intellectual Cultivation, views of manv ol (It '
hies acliicviiieiita o' rSc.euce, in tltecting tlKe rr
tran.-lormatiotia ot matter to which Great Britain (
the United. St ilea owe their pcrmaucnl wcslth, n
and power among tho nations ol th" Carth.
Tho latest statiriics of every important Ct
Maiiul.i. tore aro given from tho best,snd umallj fi1
official authority at th ewl rd each article. .
I ii n work will be printed from tho 'iu Ixriilun '
hihii.'arrfcB milla Lr l? a Utjiy, fl wlil k pill f.n:
pamv, iu new brevier type, sud vl!l make Itieitt L
va pages. Il will be imned in twepty-ens ei
monthly numlH'rs, in covers, si 5 cents each) pay'
! on deliverv. -. - -
To anv pcrsim 'Fendina' ns Eve' d.'lari xt o
Trnie 'in advance, we will forward the numbers bj i
: iosi pud. as soon a they come IrrqiMbe press.
1 To suitable sgents Una s'.sjWl re opportuai'.y, i
j wo ran put the work to theni oa term extremr!
lavorali'e. In every minufaetiiring towo, snd eve
j village ihrnuglient the t-nvied Mates snd Canid
i M'ubers limy be obtained vvilh ihn greatest facih;
I Add re, p.t paid, I). Applvton' & Co., 2l0 Bro.
! way, New York. . . ,
To every editor wlii gives thi advertisement t
tire 12 iriscrtionti, we nl t.rwanl, U order, one ee
of the whole work, pro: i.ltil the paper containing i
nu'i. e le sent lo ihe New Vork Wutchmaa, M. Jot
Mireh 11. Irli
OF AKf, MAKirACTl'RKS di mNa
rpiIK patwn of this work are respectfully iufarn
L it. .I ili mi Inrsiisned have' rwrchased the ct.
'.Minck and right of Mr, c-VMe:tt.Ml in this work,i
will continue its puhlmnt'oii every fortnight lill
All, mi".""- -
;.iii l.Mii.js will oI,.inii notice the chane ia
advcrtiscmeniA, The terms will be adhered lo i
rospecu as sdve rtised. Please address the sntwci
pvt!, . An-LiyroN t ca,

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