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iaii.l pain in the Hiile.i
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Ukyii for rlteUJJiatJMi the Ktoniach ix atlcc ted
with Iom of apatite and td-k nes,.
general riotUive, Sometimes lterniiting with lajc.
1 1 he head is troubled
with pain, and dull, bea
vv nsntion, fousidera
l)le losri of memory, c-
uinpanied with psiinful
eiUiUioniolhavinsr t-ft undone sometbini? w hich
ought to iaTe been done. Often coinplaining-bf
weknen debility, and low spirits. Sometimes
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jail nd ice , tiveness,iek
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eaneHoftbe xkin, iiuj.nrlty of the hlood, nu lanr
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Mwiaor athrf niaHu, aii.l tho Tital orgnn wanted
ytd IhO point of' rpnir.
Ta are a (Senile Purantlve well naa
TaiU, KiaHetinK, ulo, tho xrulinr wirit of ac-iiii'
a pFT.el nm lit in rclwvin,; Ct-rt ction or Inllaui
of tha l.ivr. nrtl nil the V'imwul Oi -iih.
V PE.MAI.tu COMPLAINT., ln"ynffor
hi. iu:irrid of "rtiiRk, at tlie diwnf wciitcutliood orut
h tnra e lifu, iic '1 imits'iupin havp im c:.:.
Varlidamlaaitrr mid Chroalr Ith. ujnn
Umw aal JiMit, U mIu or I ndUrnlion,
Hllkaaa, RvMiiitiut and I iilermi ti t-nl
var, llarara jaf llif ItUod. I.lvr. Kid.
atya aud Klntlder, (,i m Itinera V.e H-v-, n;..-t
uceuWul. Ha-h IllfM'u-ioa mo t:iii( ly V itlnlod
Uiaad. hnli lairi-kirnilly pio.lmMl hy ilorai.t inint
tha Dia-eatUvjOrtLiiut.
1la la lhri'llou!di,roii)ili, T!jjlituct cf the
'WMt, rHxlm-, i,jur KranatMint of Hit- .st,.nnuh.
04 Tat lo tho Muiith. Uiliom MtJii rnl;ttlatim of
Bart. IcSaaimitioa of tho l.uujrs. Pain in the re
tina ib n.Jay M a hunJnnJothcr r&inful aymp
Wma, am the of!prui of lrtpvpi.i.
Tber MTiconte the ."tomuoh and stimulate tli torpid
Litr aoa OoweU, !i1ch ruicitr thciu of unniuaUud
tlnar Wolnt lie tUtwl of nil Immiritlo. aud lu
'rttaj Ufa nJ rtar to tho w hole jtem.
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huw, Watefc, Sp..!-. VhuPirm, Fu.tnlea, Boll. Car-
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laa. Itrh.iH-urfa, i.. idoraiion. .,fH,e Jfkibl riL LI
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mltia buhtlna; through the ekio in Plmjilea, Krnp
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aD4.1(i.. in tho Tei'ns; It wften it is (bul.
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Pfcffl ii! FANCY
vnaromta tUntchm
i . a a :
July 7 tf. Salisbtirv.
i) Constitutional Amendments, I and strike nnt the words "and five commis
Pikssed in the Home of Representatives oners" in said section; alao add to said
January 17, 1872. section the following: -The General As-
fheGejifral Assembly of North Carolina do e , . , , ,
enict (Utiee-tiftl of all the members of each , Amend section two of the seventh article.
House concurring.) Dy striking out the word "commissioners"
That the -Constitution of this State be altered aui in l'u thereof inserting the words
as follow, to wit: j connty authorities established and authorized
A mend section six, of the first article, by j by law;" and iu the same section strike out
striking out the first clause thereof, down to and the words, "the Register of Deeds shall be
including the word"" but f this being the clause :
relating to tlie fctate debt.
Amend section two of the second article by
striking out the word M annually," apd inserting
Iie wora annually, a inserting i tjele.ttlld iu ylva thereof insert the following :
J the word biennul ly ; being ; ..The COQnt authol hit6 e8,blished and au
d the sessions of the General As- . j v..', . ,, j.t-.k.
in lieu thereof.
aemblv- 1 I
Amend section five of the second article, by
strikine out all that precedes the word, "the
: i el- J . j .1.
said Senate districts," and by striking out the
phrase "a aforesaid or" in said section the
parts so strickeo oat having reference to the
State cenaus.
Add a new section to the second article to be
styled '' section 30," 'and to read as follows :
" The members of the general Assembly shall
each receive three hundred dollars as a com
pensation for jtheir-aervices during their terra,
subject lo siicl regulations in regard to time of
payment and reduction for non-attendance an
may be1 prescribed by law ; but thev mav have
... ;,l-l..Ln,i Jh tul ,.o'i .
together in special scfion, and mileage shall be j An,ud -ectious eight and nine bf the
ten cents per mile for each session." seventh article, by striking outth.- words "or
Amend section one of the third article by ' townships" where they occur in said sections,
striking out the words " four years," where they J Strike out section thret of the ninth article,
occur first in said section, and inserting, in lieu , and in lieu thereof insert the fullowitig : "The
thereof, the words " two years," being in refer- ; General Assembly shall make suitable pro
ence to the, terms of executive officers. j vision by law for the uiaiuageineut and regu-
Strike out the words " Superintendeht of Pub- ; latiou of the public schools, and for j erfect
Hc Works,? wherever they occur in the Consti- ; iutr ilie system of fre piiblic instruction."
tution, thus abolishing that eflice. j X,lnlie out lection tiveW the ninth article,
Amend section six of the third article, by !in)i iu iieu tlK.reuf, iufcert the following:
striking oiitl the word "annually" nud m- -The General Assembly shall have power to
sertiugy in lien thereof, the word "bieuuial- : ,(Jvide for the election! of Trustees of the
ly." sojas to conform to the provisions re
specting the sessions of the General Assetn-
bly. . ' ; !
Strike out sections two and three of the
fourth article, being the provisions which re
fer: to the nppoiutment and duties of the
Code Cbmmissfioners.
,.:.if f.v. r a .i
uvui UHLUiis siiiiii uoi ayiyiy iu me justices
during their present term of office, unless
by; death, resignation, oroiherwise, the num
ber j of Associate Justices shall be reduced
tO tWO." ; "
Alter section twelve of (he fourth article
soithat said 1 section shall read as follows:
"The State: shall be divided into nine judi
cial districts, jfur each of which a judge shall
be chosen; and in each district a Superior
Cojitt shall be jield at least twice in each
year, to eoutraye for such time in each coun
ty It; spectlveTy gas may be prescribed by law.
Tle General Ajssein bly shall lay off said dis
tricts it due time, so that th said nine
ju4ges may be chosen aud begin their olh'ei
alierm!at the first general eiectiom. for mem
bers of the General Assembly which shall
occur after the ratification of this section."
The Geueral' Assembly may reduce or in
crease thenumber of Districts to take effect
at the end of "each judicial tnn.
piriKeou sect.ou tun ten oi ineonrin
aiticle which fixes the present judicial dis- ,
tnets. i l J I
m Amend sec urn fourteen of the fourth ar-:
ticbiiby strikiug out all after the word,
'ofhee' apd inserting, in lieu of the part so
stricken out, the following: "Th Gwieral
Assemoiysnau prescnoe a proper system ot
"""l "" J""s; u.a-
.1.1 . . .... .... .11 t.,1 . 1 .IT.. .1... ..1. ! .....
also exchabge districts with each other, as
may be provided bylaw"
ftrike out section fifteen of the fourth ar
ticle, and jusert in lieu thereof, the follow
ing: !The (General Assembly shall have no
power to deprive the judicial department of
any power ; or ? jurisdiction which rightfully
pertains trr it as a coordinate department;
but the General Assembly shall allot and j
ii . ..f .i,:, . . i :
uismuuie vi ai uuuiuu ui tins imvitrr auu iu-
portion ot this power and i
risdiction, (which does not pertain to the Su
preme courts among the other courts pre
scribed in this constitution or which may be
established by law, in such manner as it
may deem best, provide also a proper ststem
of appeals, and regulate by law when
necessary the piethods of proceeding, in the
exercise of their powers, cf all the courts
below the Supreme Court, so far as fehe same
may be done without couliict with other pro-
e . . i;
visions oi tins cousinuiiou.
Strike ' sectious sixteen,, seven
teen, nineteen,; twenty-five and thirty-three
of the fourth article.
Amend sectiou twentv-six of the fourth
article by striking out all that part which be
gins with, nnd irtllows the word "but" in
said section, and. ,in lieu of the part so
stricken oiut, ihserting the following :
'The judicial officers and the tderks of any
courts winch; ;tnay be establish d by law,
shall be chosen by- the vote of the qualified
electors, amt lor such term as maybe pre
scribed by law. The voters of each pre
cinct, establ slied as is elsewhere provided
for in this constitution, shall elect two jus
tices; ot the peace for such term as may be
fixed by law, whose jurisdiction shall extend
throughout their! respective counties. TImj
General Assembly may provide for the eiec
tionf more than two justices of the peace
in those precliiets which contain cities or
towns or in which other special reasons ren
der it expedient. The chief magistrates of
cities and incorporated towns shall have
the judicial powers of justices of the peace."
Atnehd section thirty of the fourth article
by sinking oiit the word "township" and
inseftihg, In lieu thereof, the word "pre
ciiicjs;" also jp the last sentence of the same
section, strfkeout the words -the commis
sioners of (the county may appoint to such
office for the Unexpired term," aud in lieu
i hereof' insert; '"an appointment to fill such
vacancy for the unexpired tenn shall be
mad; as may be prescribed by law."
Ainend sectionsCone and seven of the fi th
articile by striking out the words "commis
sioners of the Several counties" where they
occur iu saw sections, aijjJ in huu thereof iu
sertibgthe wiirds "colntv authoriiies es
tablished and .authorized by law."
relating to taxation to pay the St te debt and
omoc o jccu'iu lour tu me nun article.
interest. i ;; .
Amend section six of th fifth article by
insetting after the word "instrument" in
said sectiou the words "or auy other per
sonal property,"
Insert toe word "and" before the word
'3uryeyot' 'iif section one of the th article,
Aiiei; becuouiour 01 uie louriu aruc.e. so time to time, as may be! necessary aud ex
that said section shall readas follows : "The j,edient, for the maintenance aud uutuage
judicial, powr of the State shall be vested iu Ilielll 0f sajj Uuiveisity"
ae;ourtifor the trial of impeachments. .1 Sn- Strike out sectiou thirteen, fourteen and
preine Court, Superior courts, such inferior ' fiftt!en (flne artj,.. relating to the
Courts as may be established by law, and University of North Carolina. Amend sec
cohrts of Justices of the Peace." j tiotl ten of the eieventh articie by striking
Alter section eight of the fourth article, out tw words the charge of the State."
sothat! said! sectiou shall read as follows : ' ad iu ljeU tlt.m,f, DaeT lhe words "by the
"The Supreme Court shall consist of Chief State. an,i those wk j0 ,1t own ,,r,11t.rty
Justice! and two Associate Justices; Piovi- exemption prescribed in this Constitution, or
ex officio clerk of the board of commission
Strike out section three of the seventh ar-
tho.ized by law shall sie that the respective
counties are divided intj a suitable number
"f sub-divisions, as coulpact and convenient
in shape as possible, aud marked out bj de
finite boundaries, which niy he altered when
necessary. Said sub-divisions shall be kuowa
by tine name of precincts. They shall have
lio corporate powers, The township gov
ernments are abolished The boundaries of
the pr cincts shall be the same which here
tofore defined the townships until they shall
be altered." j
Strike out sections fotir, fire, six, tn and
', . . . ,
the township system
eleven of the seventh article, which relate to
University of North Carolina, in whom.
chosen, shall be vt-stedj all the privileges,
rights, franchises aud endowments hereto
fore in any wis? granted jto, or conferred up
ou. the Board of Trustees of said Universi
ty; ai.d the General Assembly may make
SlK'll lirnvisiiifi';. l;ivi"S ;inil rffrula ti.ina from
, ,
being minors, whose preuts do uot own
property-over and ahove he same, shall be
cared for at the charge of the State.
Alter section seven of j the fourteenth ar
ticle so that said section shall read as fol
follows: "No perso'j wlni shall hold any of
fice or place of trust or piojht under the United
ttates. or any department thereof, or under
any other State or govei nluieiit, shall hold or
exercise-any other ol'iceijr place of trust or
profit under the autlioi ityjof this State, or be
eligible to a seat in eitjher house of tlie
General Assembly : 1't orlcd, Tliat nothmg
herein c.mtained t-hall extend- to ollicers in
the militia. Justice of thj Peace, Commis
sioners for Special Purposes."
I Add another section to he fourtheeuth ar
ticle to be styled section; S." and to read as
follows: "County ollicers, justices of the
peace ami other ollicers whose offices are
abolished or changed iu any way by the al-
i teratiou of the constitution, shall continue to
exercise their fuuetious until anv provisions
nwMy to be niaJt. by law in tder to give
full effect to the alterations, so far as relates
tu salJ offiperg sljaU haVe J,.en
Kp.,lUmber thesection4 iu those articles
. .... an 04.(,:lin ia. , .,r;4,ir(.n
witllollt llm insertionof another in its stead;
aud give to any new set:
tiotl that number
wn-.h by this method wou
1 have been given
to the sectiou for fchich it is subMited, aud
the alteration shall be embodied into the
constitution, and the several sections num
bered consecutively. !
Tho incident we are about to relate oc-
a : n
c. . A J i , ... -i
State, and as we abide bevond striking
distance of the parties arid their immedi
ate friends, we shail-be a little more frc
in our description of the circumstances
than we otherwise should be. .
Nathaniel Ella, or, ' Ujncle Nat,' as he
was generally called, was the corpulent,
rubicund and jolly old .landlord of the
i hotel in 'lie flourishing village of Dover,
at the head of the PiscaUoua, and was
extensively fond of a bit f fun withal.
He was also the owner o a large farm in
New Durham, about tw enty miles distant,
tho overseer of which was one Caleb
Ivicker, or 4 B ss Kale,' a,s termed by the
numerous hands under his control, aud
sufficiently waggish for all practical pur
poses of fun and frolic, Lltiltbr4ike a wise
and prudent man, had j a wife ; -Mid so
had 'Uncle Nat.' wb was accustomed to
visit his farm ivery mo.ith or two, to see
how matters went on. .n the. occasion
of one of these visits, th : following dia
logue occurred between
Uncle Nat and
Mistress Kicker:
' Mr. Ella,' said the e?od lady, 1 why
have voti never brought Vour wife lo see
Well.' said Uncle Nat,4 to tell you
the fact, it requires the greateat t iFort to
make her htar anything that is said to
her; and she is consequently very reluc
tant to miii"le in the society of strangers.'
4 Never mind that,' replied the impor
tunate Mrs Bicker, I have a good strong
voice, and if anybody c tij make her hear,
I can.' j
If you ihink so, and Will risk if,' said
Uncle Nat. 4 she shall ucbompany me on
my next visit to the farni;' and this hav
ing been agreed on, Uncle Nat left for
the field, to acquaint Boss Kale with
what had passed, a::d with tho plan
of future operations, touching lhe prom
ised visit of his wife.
It was finally settled between the
iciclcd icttgs that the fact their wives could
both hear as well as anybody, should be
kept a profound secret, until disclosed by
a personal iuterview of the ladies thein
selves. The next time Uncle Nat was about to
4 visit the farm,' he suggested to his wife
that a ride into the country would be of ser
vice to her ; that Mrs. Bicker, who had
never seen her, was very anxious to re
crive a from her, and proposed that
she sirooid .,' z :
Dtie read i v .r.An. j .t
c, F "J wat wet-
ompany inm on that occ4t-
were soon
Would be Under th.
necessity ot elevating her voice to the
highest pitch, in order to converse with
her. Mr.. Ela regretted the misfortune,
but, though, as she had a pretty strong
voice, she would be able to make ber
friend hear her. In a few hours afier,
Uncle Nat aud bis lady drove up to the
door of his country j mansion, and IIoss
Kicker, who had beei previously inform
d of the time of Utcie Nat's iuteiided
arrival, was already in waiting to belp
enjoy the luu that was to come of a meet
ing of the Deaf W ires ! Mrs. tickcr not
expecting them at the time, happened to
be engaged with Ler domestic- duties in
the kitchen; but, observing her visitors
through the window, she new to the glass
to adjust her cap and put herself in the
best trim to receive them, that the moment
would allow. In the m antinie, Bos Kale
lud ushered Uncle Nat and libs lady into
the parlor, by way of the front door, soon
after which, Mrs. 11. appeared in the
presence of her guests.
1 Mrs. Kicker, I will make you ac
quainted with Mrs. Ela, roared Uncle Nat,
iu a voice of thunder.
1 How do you do, madam ?' screamed
Mrs. Kicker to Mrs. Ela, with her mouth
close to the car of the latter.
4 Very wd!, I thank you, replied Mrs.
E. iu a tone of corresponding elevation.
4 How did you leave your family V con
tinued Mrs. It. in a voice quite up to the
pitch oi her first effort.
4 All very well, I thank you how's
jonr family ?' returned Mrs. E. in a key
which tailed into requisition all the power
of her lungs.
In the meantime, Undo Nat and Boss
Kale, who were convulsed beyond the
power of eudurauce, had quietly stolen
out of the door, and remained under the
window, listening to the boisterous con
versation of their deaf wives, which was
continued on the sanio elevated letter of
the staff for some time, when Mrs. 1
iiie same i.uger l.nekey she had observed
from the first, thus addressed her lady
hat on earth are yoa hallooing to
mc for I a nt deaf ?'
A nt you, indeed? said Mrs. E. but I, f.. I I
a a . b -
sure I'm not deaf?'
r; .,a,a,.;ui,u1,.,ulglulucluriin
Each, then, came gradually" down to
her ordinary key, when a burst of laugh
ter from Uncle Nat and Boss Kale, at the
window, revealed the whole trick, and
even the ladies themselves were compell
ed to join in the merriment they had
afforded lhe outsiders, by the ludicrous
character of their interview.
Once upon a time a bird sat upon the
bough of a tree in a fairy wood and sang.
She hud nothing to do but to sing aud
plume herself. She was fresh from the
nest, and her feathers were pure white, with
out spot or blemish. She was a beautiful
bird, and so happy ! Her songs went up
to heaven, and the angels hoard them.
She hardly knew why she sang, but yet
she loved to sing, and all her song was :
"How blight it is ! How' sweet it is to
live! How glad I am to b a bird, nnd
live and sing and rly with my free wings
in this fairy woodland !" Among all the
birds she w as the fairest, and down at the
inform l,er th.t Mr,. 1 ti' k,r w..,,7m? : u? P""C "","" M'mt frth "
foott the tree, for honrs and hours, sat j rcnth heaven now. She called aadly,
Plebethe peasant, with a rough little ''Come to me, rora tell me of Vanus. Is
trap, that he had made, trying to lure 1,e ded Tell mc, tell me?' And one
her into it. It was a miserable liule j out of pity stopped; aside. He hsd scorn
thing, with nothing bat a heart for (,f ucr 'oi,ed feel and tained wings, but
bait ; and Puella the bird chirped scorn- j k could not be cru5' t0 bird
fully when she looked at it, and saw the ! " )'oa rcnlly want to know about
brown peasant hands that had arranged Vanus?' he asked. 'Well, anus is at
it, and heard d'wn iu the meadow the the palace, alive and well, aud to-day he
lowing f PlubVs one cow, standing at brought Eagletta. AN e have been to the
the gate of his little brown cottage. I mountain top to psy her price to old
Once she came down to the very edge 1 K,,,S KaS,e- on Dl,-1,t hcr herscreim
of tho bnuffh. aud talked to him. for the
, i .i c . i t i .r
O l '
Dll'iH HI ine lairy woou n.tu i:ic power oi
speech. She said to the other birds that j
it was only to drive him away. But per-!
I haps she wanted to see him a little nearer,
: for Piebe was uot hideous though he was
n peasant. His black hair hung down to
his shoulders in kinks and coils. His
cheeks were as fresh and pink as tin
plucked roses. His ryes wire sloe black,
and the long, curled lashes shaded them
woiuleil'ul! v, and be wore a green jacket
with buttons, and a scarlet
sasii, ana was
trim and daintyis a picture.
She Huttertd down to the
bough and
said :
Plebe! riehe!'
And Pk-be looked up with a little cry,
and with such tenderness iu his black
eyes as could not but soften the heart of
any bird.
'Puella !' he cried 'Puella!' and was
'Don't think I have come down to en
courage you,' said Puclla ; "but really it
is time for me to speak. You arc spread
ing your nets, and laying your traps for
inc. I know it. And to what cud ?
What could you do with mc if you caught
mc V
41 love you very much,' said Plcbe.
She trilled a laugh.
"Anv one who
catche? me will love
i ,,i i . . i
.T.I ...,1.1 -
1 -1 At
ana i a auvise you to uo
4I only want one bird,'
said Plebe,
"and her n'nie is Puella."
'And if you caught mc?'
'I'd take you home said Plebe, 'lo
make it heaveu.'
'Home lo that little brown house there I
asked Puella.
4lt is poor,' said Plebe, 'but oh, so full
of love, las tin ir love. Puclla! I'll feed
w - - - w w
you on it as long as you live.'
But Pucdkiwa. gone. Up at the top
of lhe tree she sang a little triumphant
a ptwa P
ana Wfllt .. L. ..TJ .1 '
i . ... " "" nwwHtini
And soft blue eyes, who spent bis life be
ore me looking-glass. There were di.v
motds in his Jiat, and diamonds on his
Dosom, andagirat diamond
his haor1.
nng upon
j As be came'thr.ngh the fairy wood the
jewels flashed;. H east glances at the
birds, and set ; them all fluttering. He
put op his goldeu eye-glass and inspected
them. ;
The red one is too coarse be said ;
and black ons too plain. How hard it is
to find a handsome bird." Then sudden
ly he cried oat : By Jure, there's a pret
ty bird 1' f
And Puella saw he wB looking at her.
She tossed hr bead; she sang; her
vanity was eicited. This was a prince
the very prince of diamonds. He held
out his fiuger with the diamonds on it,
and threw anotker glance. Then she went
down aud perched upon his fiuger.
'Yon will .be) my bird T he .aid. 'I'll
feed you on diamonds, and build a golden
cage for you. I never saw eo pretty a
bird as you, by 'Jove I nevr did.'
And Paella plumed herself, aud sat still
upon his finger. The whiatled to
his serrants, and they went this way and
that, and came back with the golden
cage, and plenty of diamonds.
For days she dwelt in the golden cage,
and he fed her with sugar, and gave her
all the diamonds she needed. He told
heshe was the'ouly bird worth playing
with, and at that she rejoiced. Ot course
tlie other birds were envious, and turned
tlir backs upon her, aud chattel ed cruel
things about her- and among other things
they said that this prince though he gave
her golden cage; would uot take her to
his castle.
'Why don't ynn hang the cage in the
castle?' she asked Yanus often, after this
chatter reached tier eaia, aud at Uit Va
nus answered :
'Vell, it would not be safe. My moth-
sr U'anr r1 nt o I rt lri r rr V a rrl At t i 1 1
I - " -a a a v w , a AiniviMt no UJ ' J
therCt old King Eagle's daughter, and sh
WOuld wring thclicck of any bird, I fancy.
It' for your sake, Puclla, and the f.tirv
wooJ U freer ih!fo lhr Ca5tle, after all."
j An1 p, t,i(j to ,hink go vhe
aU the song, for .Prince Vanus; none for
I .
another. And hour bv hour he sat
there praising her and listening.
I But princrs cannot listen to bird for
ever. Time came when he must h-4vc her
for a while. Then il w as hard fni Pucl
la in her cige. Still he returned, aud then
cho was glad again ; and by and by ah-
sat drooping on her perch for boura to
gethcr, and plumed hcraclf aud sang j
whin she heard his step. The fair wood- j
I land was free lo her no more, she had
I only the cage for all his talk, and he nev- j
, er took her to the pal ice.
At last lit was. gone for weeks and
months. i
.... .
1 he summer went and autnmn came.
ami autnmn came.
litr d, and heard no
She? sung, anus
there came no an-
She watched and 'waited,
word of 'Yaiius.
come to Put Ma ;' but
swer. The rain had stained In r fcaihcra;
the dust had soiled bcr feet. The golJru
cage was not a nest, it .had grown to b;
i a ' i a a a
nothing but a cage tt last. And peeping
tHrougn lis dim oars sue saw a gay pro
cession going through the fairy wood,
and knew the livery of lhe servants of
Vanus. She called in bet faint voice, woe
worn and lovelorn.1 with no tones in it to
.Vf,u "sUu- 4-,,e a " 'mnig u,rd-
.I..T ! !! -1. l
'But I was his bird the
atius caret lor, slid 1 ueiia.
'The biid yoting;Princes kep in the
fairy wood are very different from the
birds tbey tike to their palaces,'' answer
ed the man and passed on; and the
drums beat, and the bugela blared and
lights flashed in the windows of the palace
of Irince Vanus. ' And Puclla gave a
v f a !lta II
..-. t.-ir tliA ulnrln tli.l lififl rr1i ri r( ,ful 1 I' r.
. . . . , - ,-
over the fairy wood jso long had broken
at last. lhe ra:n beat upon her. All the
leaves were swept from the trees. She
was without food, without shelter. 1 he
other birds were safe in thnr nests.
Eagletta in her palace cawed with joy
Puella gave faint, woeful cries, and beat
with her wiugs ajahmt those Hele-table
golden bars, until the f-ir pinions were
broken, aud then, hclpl-."? ami breeding,
fell to the bottom of -the cnge.
Then out of lhe storm a voice called
'Puclla,' and a broWn hand lifted her.
'I knew how it would be in a golden cag
lika lhi,' said a Voico
It was Plcbe, win had 1-ng ago coaed
to cat nets with hearts for baits, and wh
lived alone in lhe littlo brown cottage
oatside of the lairy wood.
Pocr little Puella T her wings w e re bro
ken, and her Ufe nearly gone ; her ul
would bo wherever little birds snuN grow.
She; looked at PIcbeilh her dying eyes.
'The bait lhat caught me was a dia
mond,' sh: said. "There was a l.eatt in
your net. There was no heaiiin my cug,
nothing but vaniiy. Ah Piebe, if it weic
uot too late !'
And Plebe carried her tenderly to his
cottsge in the meadew, and held her dy
ing bead against bis!' breast. The atorm
had passed, and a star bad arisen on lhe
horizon '.he star tliat alwsys lit Plebc'a
cottage, but that never fell on the cattle
. . ' . i.i-i.
of Vanus tho star d Honor, its ngu:
22. WHOLE NO. 812
fell over him ami transfigured Lira la bar
PleU she iige4, 'Wby did ytm oot.
tall me you were noble, rorsl f Tbervk
a crown upon your bead. Bat it was on?
MYhata foolish little tbinj; a bird is Y
aid Paella and so died. And Web
made a little bird's grave for ber, and
pUnted over bcr a blue forget-me not. Asd
only Le knows anything more than tho
golJen cage is empty; only be, aad per
hsps the star in who Itgbt PleU rery
otght becomes a king tb wkitr. pM
tar of Honor.
A few weeks sine two rwpectabU
eitirens.of this county took a load U
pples and provisions af liferent Mf
t Soath Carolina for the purpose of sell
ing them. They had beeo in the riltarw
f Abbeville trading, and bad driven
out in the direction of Dsnbary. When
but a short distance, not mora than tkrea
quarters of a mile from the Tillage six
large buck negroes who had spotted tbam
while in town, suddenly stepped oat
before them, with pistols in hind, an!
demanded their money. They refused
to comply, when tbey were seized ky
the negrotf , and their money forced from
thfin. The negroes then disappeared ia
the wood, when these citizens drove
wi:b their wagons, believing that
an effort to rt cover their money
would prove fruitless, and their lives
endangered by back. The arooaoi
of money taken was about twenty-fira
dollars, this being all they bad iu their
pockets st the lime.
Prom a gcutkman new in town, wb
has for several years resided in that see
lion of South Caiolma, wi learn that
such outrages are of frequent occurrence.
It is well that the attention of our people
(many of whom are trading down liter
continually) In called to this matter, and
when they load their wagons fur Sootb
Carolina, at the same time load their
pockets w ilia arras fur their defense. If
ibis be the condition of affairs down
there it is no wonder they have Ka Klsx.
When the civil Lw faibj to protect
peaceablu and inoffeusive citizens, then
ihey may Uo; only protect themselves,
but they would be justifiable in forming
secret societies for this purpose.
The conduct of these black dsvils is
well known to those in authority in that
State aud Ut the Federal authorities as
well. Yet we 4iil to sec sod bear of the
gtett to d for the protection of persoa
j and property of white men that is mads
j when a well merited thraahiag is given
j to some impudent, ihisving negro,
i A. C. dtiten.
Many a man is rich without money.
Thousands of men w ith nothing in their
pocket, and thousands without even a
pocket, arc rich. A man born wilb a good
sound constitution, a good stomach, s
. aouna constitution, a good sLom
j pom i)t.arlf aU(j Rooj iDb ftnd ft
. , . . . , .
'good bead. piece, is rich. Good boi
bones are
belter than Fold: touzh mascles than
silver; and nerves that txtli fire and car
ry energy to every fuuetion are better
( Utl llou,e and U,id
It is better than a
landed state to have the right kind of a
fulicr and mother. Good breeds and bad
breeds ciint among men, as reslly as
among hrds and horaea. Education may
do much to check evil tendencies or to
develop good ones; but it is s great tbiag
to inherit the right proportion of faculties
lo start with. The man is rich who baa
s good disposition who is natsrally kind,
patient, cheerful, hopefal, and who has a
flavor of wit and fun in his composition,
The hardest thing lo get on witb La tVis
lif'- is cne's own self. A cross, selfish
fellow, a dcspouJing and complaining
fellow- a timid and care burdened man
the nrr all born drformed on the inside.
Tlu ir feet do not limp, but their thought)
'pea :.. .1.- : i:-V.
the cares of the day, and makes boose
hold and all other affairs move along more
Spek kindly st Knight, for It may "be
that before the dawn some loved one may
i jm . - . .-i m
w,jjld ai J u wi Lc l0Q Ulc 0 wk faf.
j pVrl)t.p.
j s kY,mir at a limPr it encoursges
i lhe j,lWI,ca.t; cierrs the sorrowtog,
1 Vf.rv r.t,.!- ,- ,1,-n. ib .rrin t
ea,n-st resolves lo do Utter, with lUenrth
to keen them
Kind words arc a balm to the seal.
They oil the. entire machinery of ifetnd
keep it in good running order.
The young tnsn who starts out in life
relying upon others, will rarely accom
plish u-uch. The men who succeed, art
the eelf-rcliant, confident ones, those who
Lave gone fort in tbtir own energies and
bilities, and who have courage to attack
obstacle?, of whatever sharacter, and per
severe in tbir afaaolts until tbey ore
ovcrcoTQf We have a number of s ocb
in mind at present, and not a few of the
opposiir class. It is the sons ol wealthy
- a a a a.
fathers who are generally the most rtiiaat
upon others. Wherever one rich maa's
ti snccda in business, twenty tail. Tke
Urge maiority of our prosperoos tnea of
all pursuits and professions are those wba
have commenced life with but littU ba
yond a stout pair of hand, a clear bead
and a confident enuit. Ily sie lhe ones
rho sabdue thniculuts 'd maitsr aitaa
Vw which to aons "I weallh ad laxnry
appear insuniiouatabie.

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