North Carolina Newspapers

    QLofoiiim lUatclimnn
Campaign Rates.
, I 1 . .r A mswW a? at a-i 4
Tke waiou.ha m
K4,t l sny ad Jress, in clubs or singly, froas
lliirtiiM -VoT,,lUer neEt for"
tuU w arfca.-jcireuUte (he documents
,odow toar clubs. j , .
til- Jitinr of citizens called to be field
a i --- a i
.t !t fert Mouse, Saturday last, was
pretty wlell attended was prenUei over
Lr ilajJ W. M. Uobhins, and widwcaw.
iltar oflaspcrWef. The w rubers -of it,
iiiout exceptwn, secured telwM were
-liens as 1ne , th welcar of ih
Towt."! Afurdtte "tfelibcrariou tte west
ing proceeded i '! Wlot r candidate for
Jnleiidatrtaird O""" wijie" re"
uhtd as Wlowib
' for Iniettieinl,
T.G;iiAix;inxN ,
I j For Cetnmissioners.
! jVortfc nwj-JoLu I. Saaver, Jliu
I'Vstcr. V
i Eusl HW-Jolin II. Yerble, John A.
.SW Murphy,
McCubbins. I
': UVfMran--Tho8. K. Brown,
Itruner. !
J. 'We Mass' Heeling. lliio Bible mass
m ettur held at i fine iiamist cburch on
SuhiUv aficrufwirij under the auspices of
. B. .
a v! i a
tey Mice county Diuie
Society t was
; ' ! ; For School Committee,
'Ti.lm 1, Shaver. !Ur. J.J. Sutnmcrell and
ai'.icakyj I
i Front tlte Greensboro' Patriot.
The fyjiifeiiUon aiweiubled in the Vjgxmi
: J Schick, and was called toorder by D.M. Uar-
i iiigit.1 Ilou. Tho. C r uller appointed tewpo
AryWirniaii.L '! . .
1 Jbuderton. Iondon and other appointed Sec
. rot arte. : I
Air. Fuller addressed the Convention.
' On aiod'oa, a committee of two wan ajtpoint
ed on jicriiiaiit'tit nr:nlitka.
j UI1 of counlie railed. . ,
AliaJT,(.jr,.'leavelJ, (rritvci,' iatw,
jl'ulk and Traimvlvatiia tutl rermUed.
j On BibUoif tlie i'reM ereiviied to neatii in
jllir ( viiytiUiw. I .
J I jgltty'Hix i-oiiiitie rejreteJ, m motion,
jj Ion. Hainuel Oarjr, of Ohio, vu invited to a
iiM'At upon the jdatAjriu.
i KaitHoui utiaiaini'tfwJy elected to a neat
. iimiii the )latforin.
tJtu. (lintHiaa called addressed the
: 'uventon mi farf wnttinj; all the oppoi
hi IttAicnliMm.
t. VaMA van called on, made a fw re-;-
inarktt, deeliouig to niaka a ieech at thi vtage
, of the (iruceedinga.
Coiriinittee m jtermanent orrnication.
lt.i lMlriet. ilajor T.Sjmrrow and Col. Dill
!.jirler, :' 'i :..
2d, H. II. Ilauliton, L. W. IIuniphrevH.
"rd. J. Knghhart, A. IV. McKeathan."
Iih. W. K. fot, II. I. Williams.
J. M. Worth, Y.i'. Ilobbiiif.
W. J. YhUk, I. b T. McCaok v.
It. 1'. Arinlitdd, John S. llcndeifuin.
1). Coleman. WirftarTate.
Moved theConveiitioiJ take urecow till 3 p. in.
j ''
i WltUNaiAV Kvenimj, 3 i: m. Vinvriilioo
1 rf-nuHinblvd. U-i:irton trut.iiKiit organizulioii
For l'rivident, llun. John Kt-rr, of Canwell.
11 Vic rident T. J. JarvU, of Tyrcll.
I'd. Wfli. )tobiton, of Wayne.
.'M. Ir. C. K Murphy, of Sampaon.
Iih. Cpt.; J(ogtjr Oregory, if tiranville.
riili. Col. Jno. A-'ilnir, of Oiiilford.
'lh. Col. John. 2i Krown, of Mecklenburg.
.Till. W. V. LiJic, Yadkin. J. J. Iwih,of linrke.
i Wbenee cocae that firtu reliance, that abso
lute, d(Mibtuig faith in the eilicacr of Ilestet
tera Stomach Ditteri as a remiedjr for iodigea
iion. hillioua d'uwrders intermittent and remit
tent fevers, which aotorioualjf prevail in all
parts oUbe L; iiited. Mate 7 lam confidence
as been growing A twenty years, and it ia still
xtediag. It L not the resuU of credulity ; it
kM uoi been engendered by auy Iiuman device,
aui is the KnUneoua and natural comeuetioe
if experience. ' What people aee dailv going on
nder their own eyes they eatmt ouertioo.
When families in uiiheallhy dbitricUtLatreoort
to thw wholertome fivegetablo'r touic, an a pre-
L.? .S r r l ...
Tcnuve, eacape penouicaj leverR, imi unmr ini-
meuiate neighboriL who tiegteut thin icecaution.
are pro.tratefl by the diiteaie, Low i it possible
that the phenomenoli kuouju be viutoot its lea
HOn? In like inauiier' wliea it Li &en that ob
stinate canen of dyspepsia, or liver coniplaint,of
conntipation, of uervon weatnea, aiHl of geu-
erni debility, vicld la tuo operation of tue fa-
moiiH remedy, liow can eccn incredulity lUelf
withhold its eodorketaeMt ? Kse-witnewes of
the salutary euectAof tie bitter are to be found
in every civilized settlement on Uiia continent.
The thousand upon thwandM who own their
restoratKMi to Ltealtu and fitrenxtli, or their pre
servation from tictnenH, to iu extrrordinary
medical proertiea, are enthusiastic in its prawe.
The multitudes wlto recommend it in a neigh
borly way to their frteudi and acqiiaintancea, as
well a4 Ikofle vho make public their estimate
of its virtneis are always ready to state their
reason Utt the-faitu; that n i in them. Thev
ItHve all either felt or witiied U beneficent
ojwfTaiiona. ' j
S. E. Corner Fourth and Walnut Streets.
ORGANIZED 1850. , CHARTER Perpetual.
Assetts, $3,638,864.88.
GEORGE HILL, President, JWIN S. WILSOX, Secretary.
Issues all -forms pf Life and Endowment Policies,
TlUEi AMERICAN hax leen in active operation for nearly a anartct'nf a ecu turn, has been
X goveriu'1 and eoiitrulltd by eentlenieu diatinguir-bed for their btaduesa experience' and
commercial probity, and ha bweii eminently pqeeesufnl. -' ; r.
1 -it ba met Us obligations vritBsitrnui i romptnenH, and in a most nigral fptnr. . .
f- Atnonr it injuring loufnibers, the Company has the honor or numbering many of the most
eminent and leading men, in all professions andaclasxea, throughout North Carolina.
. Reliable Aeeut wanted, wLo should apply by letter oi in person to
... 7 I UEV. L. F.WAT. GenVAjrent.
, '!,! ! " t Sutwville, N. C.
Or to Col. St. Clair Dkaeikg, Supt Agent. Wilmington, N. C. Lmay.i::W:ly
our many friemb tbat we are now
in n t ript of a verv TsiluLle and
ecled stock, of new !
e now
ell e
Piano Tories Mow & Reaper.
no.kuir them in a--, 'Z
Bnrnett' Plavoring- extracts. The
uieiicity of theie extract consist in their
ptrfcet purity and; great strength. , They are
warranted free froih "poisonous oila and acids.
Joseph Burnett &' Co Boston, Manufacturers
and l'roprietors. For sale by all grocers and
druggists, j
I nature Gives us Teeth, but she does
not preserve anlTpurify thein. That mustbe
done with fragrant; Sozodout. 1 The dental hone
and its enamel casing are made invulnerable to
all destructive influence by the daily, use of this
beneficent preparation. j
! What every XZorseman wants A
good cheap and reliable Liniiftent. Huch an ar
ticle is Dr. Tobias' Horse Linoment. 1'inl bottles
jit one dollar. For Lameness, L'uts, Galls, Collie,
Sprains, &c.. warranted tatted than anv other.
Sold by the Druggists. Depot 10 l'ark Place,
pew lora i - j i
! Dipsomania 1a an insane thirst for intoxi
cating liqilors. llabitual drain-drinking pro
duces it. Yet each AlcohoHe Bitter vender re
commends that a dram of his rum and root
juice be taken thrice a day, to prevent sickness !
For all bodily ailment.-, and as a protection
pgainst the causes jbf disease, jtltc that all suf
ficient antidote, Dr. W ai.kk& s lNEoan Bit
teio the pure essence of r;re medical herbs
unpolluted by distilled poison.
Svaptlia is Opium purified of its sickening
jind poisonous nilonerties, discovered hv Dr.
District Convention.
The District j Convention of the Demo
cratic Conservative Party of the 7lh Con
greesional District will meet at Wilkes
boro' on Thursday tue 23 J day of May,
1872. I
By order iof the Committee."
ij jIjRF. Armtikld, Clim'n.
Charlotte j Stntesville, Salem, Greens
boro and Raleigh papers please copy.
By a yottf of forty-two to ten, says the"
AVahingtouj iWrW, the Senate decided
that Abbott! was not entitled to the va
cant seat from North Carolina, and then,
this c4rjet-baggr being disposed ol, Gen.
Ransom was admitted. This is a very
tardy act of justice, and the cisc should
not be suffered to drop out of sight. It
ia indeed a piost flagitious proceeding. It
is now laortHlniu u V'ar that North Cars
oliua has been denied her rightful repre
sentation ort the floor of the senate, and
thia, notoriously, because she did not elect
a republican. There is nothing new what
ever about Abbott's case. It was a uaked
and well Understood fraud at the very
begir.niug rsay on the 4ih of March,
1S61 when, after having received only
one-third of the Vote's cast by the Legis
lature, ! he had the assurance to present
hiiuself t the bar of the sen ile, anil claim
In this city, at St. John's Ev. Lutheran
Church, on'the 2.5th ult.. bv Rev. J. O.
Neikkku, 3lr. Davul R. Julian, aud Mis?
Bet tie Culverhouse.
Summer Goods.
direet from tho Eastern Cities. sleetd with
great cate by an old experienced bayer.
Our, Stock Consists of
Dry Goodfi Groceries. Hals, Cap and Strate
UooiU. liooti ami Shoe. Sole ami I -per
Isuthrr. i'aiwfs. Oil, nml Dye
Stuff". Xotion of all Kind.
And the very bett FULL ataudard
. OUR expeuses are light h we do all onr
own work, and we rnu afford t sell GimmI
cheap, aud we are deteriniuei to do it. Call
and see us at the old aud well kuowu staud
Xo. lMURPIIY'S Granite Itov,
CF" We buy all kinds of Country Pro
duce, ami are Agents for th best French
Jlurr Mill Stone.
J. Sam'l Mt-'CuBmx8, T. l. Bealu
John D. Gakkii.l, 1). R. Julias.
March. 29, 1872. lin-i.
)Pw 'J mil
a&4 by the Firit Sfica1 Talent, to be eqaal
and In maoy repei i, !
Superior to any SSanniac tared
: i ii
Tltey rombi me Immense Poirer, Equality
&Keetess ana lirilUancy of Tune,
j Elasikitjf of Touch, and
I - GVraf Durability.
Bigelow, Professor? of Iiutan1, Detroit Medical
Cdlege. A nWt perfect amslvne and soothing like the fpurioua Tichborne, to be light
opiate. John Farr, Chemist Kew York. fuj htir to tiis high tmst. It was qnitt
Socretaritti PJ F. DuflV, of Oiiilford.
heri of Caldwell.
II. II. liomlon. jr. of Chatham.
W. W.Oalth.
lr. II. E.;T. Manning, Halifax.
Natt Atkiiiwon, bf Buneoiube.
The rules of the last House of Representa
tive to govern tli Convention.
tinv.jN'ane moved that acoinnitUec of eight,
irie from each Coitgressionil District, to pre
pare and present to' the ni.xt meeting of the
t'onvfiition. a platform for the Convention.
Amended by increasing the number to two
from each Congressional District.
llesolved to vote in Convention according to
strength iu the House of Representatives.
; Resolved to ballot for Governor,
j.. Nominations jst. A. S. Merriiuon.
2id. D. M. Barf inger.
"nl. Jas. M. 1-aCh.
'nnvt ntion tKtk a recess of 10 niiuutes.
Hon. A. 8. Meirimou was nominated ou the
U ihnllot for Governor.
Whole n urn berj of votes 10S. Merrinion 70,
Iach 26, Barringer I'J.
On motion, the noniiiiatioti of A. S. Merri
nion was made unanimous.
tnimotiou, the Convention adioumcd until
to-morrow at 1) aj m.
'.Cbiumitiee onj Platform. 1st District. T.
Sparrow, T- J. Jarvis.
L'ud. 1 W. Iliinipkrey, Jno. II. llorton.
jnl. A. A. McCoy, T. C. Fuller,
ih. D. M. Barriiiiger, Jno. Manning.
, th. John II. l)illatd, .VM. Sales.'
' V tyH ' Johnj T. Jloke, J, F. Brown.
'.. Col, 11 F. Armfield.
8ljr. C ACilly, Tt L. Clingnian.
The Sunday School Convention of the N. C.
(rvnee will hold its Rnrraal Session atSalis
hury, May 9th tit the M. E. Church.
Tbt buitiness session of this body will lie held
Ton Thursday ami Fridav, the 9lh and 10th inst.
jThe pnlirc isintitiHl to attend.
' On Thitrsilay night there will be public wor-
'P at " l o'eloelc. On Friday night there will
'h a, Mimical Entertainment given by the Meth
shst Sunday School, and three short addresses,
j 'ri' UU will ring at 7 o'clock, and the excreis
I will begin at7j o'clock. The entertainment is
! frc--Il are invile.1 to attend.
On Saturday tnirning the Sabbath Sohools of
difterent denominations in the Citr. will
"wrt t their rjpeitive churches to form and
arch to the Methodist church ; at 19 o'clocfc
una a ItrhcmiHiJm nn.l n...rl. i .l. T..... ii. n
Carbolic Salve, recommended by the
leading l'hysiciana and thej President of the
Now York Board fef Ilealtli, as the most won
derful Healing compound ever known. Gives
instant relief to bilrjis, cures jill- kinds of sores,
cuts and wounds; land a mosj; invaluable salve
("or all purjMises. Sbld everywhere at 25 cents.
John F. Henry, sole Proprieties College Place,
New York, i
Christadoro's XZair JDye is the safest
and best. It corrects the bad effects of inferior
dves. while the black or brown tints St nrotluces
are identical to nature. Factory 08 Maiden
Lane, New York.j j
"T Pratt'S Astral OiL-Safest and best il
luminating Oil ever made. jDoea not take fire
or explode, if the lamp is upset or broken.
Over 150,000 families continue to use it, and no
accidents of anv description Jinveoccurred from
it. Oil House of Charles Pratt established 1770,
New York. t j
! The Purest and Sweetest Cod Liver Oil in
the world is Hazzard & Caswell's, made on the
sea-shore, from freih selected livers, by Caswell,
Hazard & Co., New York. Ii is absolutely pure
Hud sweet. Patients who have once taken it
prefer it to all others. Physicians have decided
it superior to any of the other oils in the mar
ket. : i .
i Jouvin's Inodorous Kid Glove
stores soiled glove equal toj new. For sale by
Druggists and Faocv (mkhIs Dealers. Priced
cents per bottle, J?. C. Wells & Co., New York.
1 XUsley's Philotoken is an established,
Warranted remedy ftr Painful Menstruation;
and equally efficient Ah a Nervous Antidote in
all cases of Nervous Incitement, Stomach and
Sleeplessness in ihale or female. Sold every
where for ?1.00 -lHttIe. -Morgan & RLsley,
Pruggist, New 'lrk, General Agents.
! A laallifal Ajfpe land a Beautiful,
Clear Complexion is the desKire of evervbodv.
This elfi-ct is produced by using G. XV. Laird's
'jBlooin of Youth," a harmiess beautifier of the
skin. Will remove all Discoloration, Tan,
Freckles and Sunburns. The use of this de
lightful toilet preparation cannot be detected.
For sale by all the Druggist! and Fani?y Goods
Dealers, Depot, o Gold St Ccw York.
Mr. MlBfltw's Saaiklag Synp It relieves
the little Btifferer j'froin pain cures Wind Colic,
liegnlates the Sioinach ami Bowels, Corrects
Acidity, and during the process of teething it is
Invaluable. Perfectly safe in all cases, as mil
lions of mothers pan testifv.! j
i li
! Clkiigymejt, Bankers, Book-keepers, Editors
anp rll others that lead sedentrry lives, "will
find mtieli relief from tire frequent Headaches,
Nervousness, Tud Constipation engendered
irom want ol exefcise, by taking Simmon's Liv
?r Regulator. H is a harmless vegetable cora
ihiuihI ; if can dd no injury f and numbers who
have tried it will confidently assert that it ia the
best remedy that can ba used.
easy ta .Have adjudicated bis case in a
week after ;lhc senate then met, even if
business was delayed. That body sat for
months, and had plenty of leisure in the
spring of 1861 to acton a question which
was indisputably of the privilege.
Yt-t they permitted all that session to
pass without action, and they have al
lowed nearly five mouths of the session
to pass without According representation
to North Carolina. This business of dis
honestly denying a scat to a democratic
state, aud hunting up a pretext for fraudu
lently appropriating it to an impudent
paitaiari of their faction, is but a part ol
a general system of morality of which the
country is ; weary, and deserves, as it has
receivrd, almost universal condemnation.
It is, however, cause for congratulation
that the Old North Stale has had justice
dune her at last, and that the geuth-mau
For the Carolina Watchman.
In the late struggle for national life North
Carolina went in with her whole heart and soul
and lost her all. Thousands of her best and
bravest sons have each found a soldier's grave.
Her wealth is gone, her slaves are gone and her
government is lorn down.
Seeing this state of affairs, hundreds of her
citizens, especially her young men are daily
leaving for Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and oth
er South-western Slates. This is the saddest
scene of all. To see tlnwe whom North Caroli
na sheltered and prelected in her prosperity for
sake her in her adversity. Let this at once be
stopped, j Let every one do what he can to bring
our dear old State out of this condition. Let us
le united and work together. I t every one con
tribute what lie can to Agricultural and Lit era
ry paers. If this is done we may soon see N
Carolina wealthy again. She will then lie the
same hospitable State, ever ready to regard
the sufferers eall, and to sustain good society.
The darkest hour of the night always precede
the dawn. Let us then hope that that'dark hour
is past, and that there awaits ns in the future, a
bright, rcsplenuaiit dawn, the past ten years
have been a dark hour indeed, but we must re
member the words of 1 oper :
' If the morning of life has its mantle of gray
Its noon will be brighter and brighter,
If March has its storms, ther'll be sunshine in
And light out of darkness is lighter."
rrl flit . . A
inen, young men, i call upon yon in tne
name ot all you hold sacred, not to leave your
native State. Texan soil mav be fertile, and her
people kind, but that should not Induce you to
leave the home of your boy-hood, around wind
spot so mtuiv hallowed memories cluster, a gen
erous people aud good land, to launch off' in the
world in search of better.
North Carolina is rich in minerals, her soil is
fertile, and her people as industrious, generous,
i . ..i'.:. i: : .i i i 'i-i i.
iiiu liin-uuuuii ii .1 ll in 1 1 IV noiiu. 1 1ICII
not desert her in this hour of need.
Accident at the DepoL Yesterday af
ternoon, whiU a dray belonging to Mr
Allen Crns was receiviirg a load of ice
from a car, an engine and train of box
cars came into tho yard and rati ovr the
horses, killing one instantly and breaking
the back of the other, winch will die. J h
wagon and ic wore entirely destroyed ;
several ot the cars were injured and en
gine thrown from tht track. No one,
i however, was hurt, the driver jumping off
Auction and Commission
Staple, Dry Goods,
Shoes, Hats, Confectioneries, Croclery
and Glass Ware, ami Produce
SHALL keep a snpplv of provisions as good
as the market can afford, aud at prices to suit
the times :
Beef, Pork, Fresh and Salt Fish, Butter. Eggs,
Chickens, Cabbage, Bacon, Lard, Salt.
Flour and Meal, Sugar, Coffee, Molasses.
Syrnp and a variety of such Goods,
Generally kept in a Family Grocery, constant
ly ou baud.
Will buy all kind of Country produce at mar
ket prices.
Cash paid for Rags and Bones. Gkh1s of
any kind bought or sold at Auction or on com
mission and prompt returns made. Give me
atrial; one door above It. A. Caldwell's Law
office on Inniss street. S. AW TERKELL.
The fanners are especially invited tocallam;
examine, the latest improved cultivator, or
Dealers, Teachers and others
deiridg to porcha a first-class instrument are
invited to eraauo these Piano be for matin
he ir selection eUewbertw
Together with all modern iiuproveuieuls. The
most thoroughly seasoned timber the market af
fords is selected, regard leu of cost, as w feel
; j)
asaured it will be the cheapest In tha end.
The great. iucntAJte ia the sal of oar instrn
meats, has enabled as to reduce oir prices for
First Class Piano, from tea to twrst jr-Cve pr
cent, less than any pother bonse (offering the
same clam of iuslruweLU) in the United States.
While we act npoa themaxiai of "quick salen
and small profits". we make it, at th tarns
time, a special ljeet to furnish oar coftomer
with Instruments ia no way inferior to the beet
in the market.
Many families hare had a le ice to t btin a
Piano, but Coutd not afford to pay rLe dealer a
profit of from $100 to $30. neitLerdotL'y wUb
to purchase a cheap tuada instrument, that
would cost more to' keep ia repair than it i
worth, hence a largo class of our music loving
people have been obliged to do without.
We can furnUh New Seven-Octave Piano
Fortes from 275 to 950 dollars. Second
baud Pianos trom 40 to 230 dollars.
IV Parlies ordering by mail may rtlr nisui
the best selections. !
Our Pianos are fully warranted for mi years
all parts of the
SOl-TII. It isn
-1 ' . . . . . . i
nun auuiuicu i ma Biai , lias uuiuv inui- , j . . . ,. .
. ... ' , dray just iu time to save himself.
of admission, brings to the discharge of
.11. . .1 11
uie. auties oi ins new position tnose eie- GoV. KM and famiiyare expected
nieiiis ui euuaiaiiiiHi worm, mgn cunrnc- ;
Char. Despatch.
e III n ilav tr twn ll id ll iiiIith tiinil
ter, and commanding abiliiica that will j to be ti,e (jovernor's intention to resume
enable lnm to represent Ins state, so long
debarred from her just rights, worthily
and well, and also to discharge pi a fitting
aud acceptable manner all the responsible
duties that may devolve upon him us a Sen
ator of the United State. Hal. Sentinel.
the editorial harness, and it is more than
likely thai his friends ! will hear from
him. Sen Unci.
meet the SehooU from other places and aft
eierciaca, sinctng and addresses, will man
W llcndersona Grove to spend the day.
r 1 i
ong the many useful inventions produced
i Nineteenth Ccnturv none occupies a more
i . '
py me lneteeniu Century none occupies a more
prominent position than that of the Sewing Ma
chine. The cheerful hum of these tireless little
hclpniiltes of ou if mothers apd wives may. now
be heard in almost every house in the land.
They are made in endless variety and one is al
most at a loss to Choose when there-are so many
of decided merit! One of (he latest and . most
improved is the Emfikk, nianufactured bv the
Empibk SkwisQ MAciuxfc Co.. 294 Bowerv.
! N. Y'., tpettti, noUclet and durable i and we can
Ojpec Superintendent Public Instruction.
Ralkiuii, April loth, 1S72.
To Teachcrt of 'Public and Private School in X.
I beg leave most respectfully to call .your atten
tion to the provisions made lor Normal Instruc
tion by the revised School Law.
If twenty or more Teachers shall organize an
Association, and hold a Teachers' Institute of
four weeks, under efficient and competent in
instruction, at any lime during the year, and re
port to the Superintendent of Public Instruction,
thei Association Will receive fifty dollars from
the Slate Shool funds, and fifty dollars from the
Pea body Fducatioual fund. The Teachers of
Public and Private Schools are thus appealed to
by the State and by the generous offer of Dr.
Sears, the general agent of the. Pea body Educa
tional hind, lo do something tor their profession.
Teaching ij a progressive science. The best
Teacher may be benefitted by an occasional
contact With the thoughts aud modes of others.
Joseph Price, a lad of 17 years of age,
son of lire late Alfred Price, accidentally
fell from a boat at Wilmington ou Friday
evening and was drowned. At last ac
counts the body had not been recovered.
Perscadion. Charles T. Alexander,
of Lincoln, loimerly of Mecklenburg, was
arretted two weeks ago under the villain
ous Kit Klux bill, taken to- Lineolnton
and kept two days and nights in j.iil. What
redress haa he for this unlawful arrest I
South. Home.
Keep the Hair Unblemished. "I
am like au old hemlock withered at the top,"
said a venerable Indian Chief, -pointing to his
thin and bleaching lix.ks. Thousands of men
and women in civilized society, much younger
than the old Sagamore, arc like him, 'withered
at the top,' simply because they-have neglected
to use the means of reserving and beautifying
the hair which science had placed at their dis
posal. If Lyon's Kathaikos be faithfully an-
But there is a much higher advantage to be ! P1'1 ,lcij or lwite a da.vr lo the fibers and the
sought fhan : Individual improvement. There ' MalVt 11 jusf asimpossiblelhat the hair should
is wanting in the State an organized bodv of I decay, wither, fall out or become harsh and fuz
men, cliarged with the dutv of developing in z-v ,,,"t meadow, duly refreshed with night
the public mind a proper estimate of the value '-v lewa nd "'il rains, should become arid
and true theorr iof pnLir education. 1 f the . and barreu of green blades. This matchless pre
Teacherg in tlie'State were organized into active, : paraticu not only ket js the hair alive anl the
working ; Associations, unitetl bv a common in- , kin of the head ir. a healthy and clean condition,
terest, moved bv a common purjW, and aiming hut actually multiplies the filaments and imparts
at a common end, the condition of the State i to them a lustre, flexibility and wavy beauty
would be Changed. As soon as the public mind ! unattainable by any other mode of treatment,
accepts the truth, which must be accepted sooner ! Il doB not. ,ike the metalie and sulphurous hair
or later, that Free Public Schools are better than
known as moM a.m muiji. ii is n very
Mpnlur plow in the Eastern Counties. It has
extra attachments, and can be converted into
a Subsoil plow, a turning plow, and adapted
for ploughing young corn imd cotton at differ
ent ages, ('in plouch out the middle with one
furrow, or two, if you choose. It i adapted to
any kii d of farm work.turningover land, plow
ing in grain, lc.
Also a Good two horse plow, known as
"Tar Heel."
These plows will 1m wild at Manufacturers.
prices, and satisfaction guaranteed. Points and
Burs, will be kept on hand for sale by
I ha 1-. taken tno agiMicv in raiisonrv tor
1 the Sale of these pppular Machines. All in
want of a first ealss S wing Machine, are in
vited to call tit my Store and examine them, or
if desired, will be sent to their residence for
tiial. The "Weed" is uncqu.'ilcd in simplicity
duranilitv, lieuuty ar.d sjm k. it runs easirr
and can do all a.iv other Machine can do No
other Machine can exoell the Weed in anv war
and I am ready to test its merits, with sm
other machine at any time. It is a Shuttle
Machine and makes the Iiock Stich; works
both threads the same, and stich alike on eith
ersiJe. Bead the following home testimonies.
S. W . TEUKELL, Joint.
Salisui uv, March 5J5, lt72.
Jif't " ll'red $ irifj Machine.
Your Maehy.p Iwing entirely new and un
known in this portion of the affords me
pleasuassto recommend it to the pjblip. I have
had in my room for'i weeks, the Howe. Anier
ican Combination and the "Weed" and gave
them all. a fair, impartial trial 1 now say
unhesitatingly, I prefer the "Weed" to any
other, it runs easier, more siin le in mechan
ism, and durability and can do ail any other
machine can do.
I think its simplicity of const ruction, ease
of management, adaption to every kind of fami
ly sewing combined, render it a first class Ma
chine. Respectfully.
Mrs. X. D. HARRIS.
Descriptive Circulars sent ti
ountry upon upplieatiou.
C. M. Tremaine & Brother,
435 Broome Street, Hew York.
IWviJer Manafctreg Oh. B4KUr. N.
J.; has the feariaje (or cog iU) all laaa
iroi ease, x m u exrlodW all frit.dirt. iU.
Contains many new and valaaVlt) festnrea
which do not exit ia others. Work wB on
smoi4h or stoney land and Is not tkUeto
get tnt l .rder. .
1 ersons iiitndin( to boy mowers anl
l'eiera, this suiuwter. wvnhi b ell to
amine the
before Hirchaia 4mv here.
An agut wanted m every eonrtj in tbe
State. Setod Ux illuatrated dreabara to
C. A. 1IECE.
OenT Stat Agt. lorN.C
Friedborir. KorsTth Co.. N. C
W. 1 K 1ST LEU.
h'aUsbary. N. d
mar. gC. .Tui) Afetitlwr RovaaiJa.
Radway's Beady Eeliel
Cares Ike wors paics ia from
Tfot one br after rewdicg Ibia advert Lm su mt
need any onefit-r with PAIN.
is a cure Ur t try pain, ll w as Lb rt anJ
.Dfy I'aiu Kemetlj that llo tBblly Step It SMMt
enruciatiug paibp, aJtajs InisiratWba, aa4
cures Confer Uti, w hell er of lie latigs, atoav
acb. Bowels ur olh r (laiids or Mgaba hj OM
application, iu fn in i tr to tvtbty B.ikUios.n
uiatler how v ioIeLt or exctueiatirg tie Mia
Rheumatic, Bed riddt n, Ufiim, Crif pWd, Aer
vus, Neuraicit- or i ntrted with dea juoy
suffer. RADWA Y ! BEADY E ELI Er will
afford instant ae.
iKjiumulivi, of lie KiJmtft
Imammitim CJ tht JHoidtT,
Iatmdti vf the lUrel$,
CVvfettioa 0 tat Lea fa.
Sort Throat, Ihflcult htatin0j.
1'dpitaLiru f (It Btmrt,
UyKteric. croup, Jtiplhtita,
Culmrrk, hfnrnm,
Jlcadatke, TvUkacle,
Scvrvlgim. JUnmetitm.
(Jd (tab, Agt CI Hit.
The application of the Tear) Eetirft the
part orjMuta w here lb pain or diCcaUj exkU
w ill afford ease and comfort.
Twenty dn-p In a halfa t ambler of water will
in af- nu-iiiettn ctre cramp, nmsms, mmr
U,mtteU. ktarlbnrm, ck k tad arte, diarrk4.
y-rnfc rf. iir, trikd in tic tiTtU, al D ts
trrmal iims.
Travelers sitould at ays -carry a bottla of
l.'ndways Radr Helier with them. A few
drops in water will prevent ak-kcesaor fairs
rmm change of water. It ia better than Frenck
Brandy or bitters as a stknnlanL
Fever andArne,
Fever aud Agv.e cun-d tor LP.j cis. There U
nvt a remedial ngri.t in this world that will
cure Fi ver and A true and all oOver Malaoooa,
l;i i.u, S. -arlel.Tj plMil, YelUsw a iLotier Tt
er (jkIiiI l l:il0uy' IIJ) so qnicb as
"Bad w.i Beady Beln-1." Fift cevta yr let
( With Carpenter and llurdctt's Xcic
The disagreeable reedy toue entirely oer
come in thi instrument.
The Ttrdirl it Inai'tmeni!
The Crralrvl Sotrruaflhe Irt!!
And cordially incite the pnfeion, dealer
and the mutical tro'rld generally lo examine
this truly Ktndcrfui instrument.
Stmvp ard pure rich Phvwl Increase of
1 lesh and W1 Clear Skin d Beau
tiful Cnnjdexinn secured to all.
Sarvnpnrilllan liesolvent
Has made the utot attonishing Ctrrrtt s
quick, io rapid arc the changes ike body
uhdrtijcex, under the influence ot this
truly Wonderful Medicine, that
TIIK CUr AT II LOO D rilliriXa,
Kvwry drop of tic Sarraparilliia km If enl
j couinjuuii thtoecb the Llood, iVKt, triae
m d othe r P.Lid. ar,d j i. i en of tie ryatrna tne
tT otlife, for it repaint the wata ot the body
I wiib new and Mxmd n.ateria), ivrofnla. ypb
j lis, eoiiruuiption, glndalar dieaeet nlctra in
j the iLr n. bih. tiin.oT, i4idc in tie (la4la
! other purti' of the rj li ni, aoie eyea, stsnv
innrous diM-barp fr m the ears, and the wont
lorut of skin Cue uses, rtuptxnj, ft vers, aurwa,
i M-ald I.eiMl, rii g woim, i-alt rLtnni, cry al peine,
ar be, black fpots, the &eb. eancear
, iu the wound., ai d all weakening sod raixftl
discharges, t if tit eats. los ol jeiw ac ail
m.tes ( t lie life Principle, are within the tu
nine t ibis woi der of Modern Chest 1st
rv.and a few dar' use ill crovt to anr Mff
U .-aUer 4 ttieoe lorms ol Cu
. 4 . . .... I son isJiiur it
llio liuraelt uoniuinaiion tinrau - itsi-.u-ut inwoum
It Ce patient, daily beciirg redncedhytbS)
AiU nane indicates, ! iaprBiii.aaioB Gfallonr a-lf bud 1 om jw-ition that la eontinnalrj
Undard itnpruvcB.rnts, con.biued with maay new i prt.gteosiiy, t t e d-in arrrtirgtbeee flilst,
reatarea never betora Introdsred or ttt. uij.tfd In 1 and retuir the same wilh Dew material Wiai
ueea trj;anB, logeiuer -using miMm ice sr fr,.Ut l.r;iLv bhsH. and ILu tbe BaTMpanUiaa
will and docs Mturr a cure it certain; loJ
; VLN, LAitv. (Jen. Cary, met hi
nmim n t iiftiT c.i:.t - . . .
, ,T........... . a.,SUiiry, Way 1st, ! conscientiously rfecommend parties in aearch o.
: Uild we are sorry- to say owiuo- to the ! Mhine to give it an examination before con-
ucieniancy pt the weather there were
hut Jew to hear him. His
Motihl hai e comjiensatcd the most
' ate ladyl fUr; hcr trouble, iwas wor
thy of the attention of anv one. The
Uinpcrance It-form must, ami will
puccecji, it Will never fall while there
Chrjatiiii in the laml. lMav n-
crown khe labors 6f theV(ieneraK
' "f tour through North Carolina.
Wonder if some of those Trinity
Hvs hail iilit better get their lessons
llc t the girls alone.
cludin? to min-Iiase. !
j Agents wanted liberal discounts given.
' ' Ii j mv26:lv-
1 'i i . , :
j (jiuite a novelty in the shape of a new style
Patent Stem Winding W'ath, that is minting
Case or open-faces" combinetfj has been brought
out by Stkwart (Skaiiam;&Co., Jewelers, 6
Whitehall Stree, New York, which they sell
at the wonderful flow price df $12. Read their
advertisement aildpurcha.4 oe If eu want a
II a ' I ti -m .
reauy goon aicn. .hrtuin weekly en-
ta 1.
i N K know that for cleaning paint, windows
hina and glassware; for pplisbing knives, tin
ron, brass and copper wares, and for removing
fitains from marble and porceliin, and rust from
inachinerv, Lnrtjh Morgan's Sons gapofio is
tliebefcttbingin -j ; flnui:23
Private ; Schools better for parents, for Chil
dren, for Teachers and for the State, School
Houses will be found in every neighborhood;
Teaching will become an i:idciidcnt, and hon
ored profession ; intelligence, industry and thrift
will take; the; place of ignorance, pauperism,
and crime ; and new life and energy will be
diffused through every public and private inter
est. TliejTeachers oi the State have it in their
power nOw to render a gieat public service and
arthe same time to "be a help and ornament
unto the profession."
Verv. Repect fully,
i ' SuperintenoYnt Public instruction.
a 'l.'. ' i p
horse, their reliabSlity ft, erer? awy J&6mo M if S Uu l iX'Tr ,T i
1 :. ! Si Mr. E-sM. iAdhcrhoIdtof Gaston, that the
wife of Sam: Mooney (col.) dropped dead
at the dinucr table ou Saturday last. Her
sister came over to attend tho funeral and
dropped dead ion the next night in the
same house.- -South. Home.
dves, drv up the natural moisture cf the scalp,
but supplies nutriment to the roots of the hair
and vigor to the fibers.
Dr-Saok'sCatakiui Ren kdy. $500 reward
for an incurable case. Sold bv druggist, or by
mail, CO cents. Address R. V. Pierce, M. D",
Buhalo, N. Y.
1AM authorized Agent for the Sale of Jamks
C. McAsnnEW's brands of Liquorice Paste.
I have just received lo cax-s of tho Brand "P
T", and expect to keep a good stock of differ
ent brands on hand durii'g the present sea
mu. I willwll Lhuork'c &t N. Y. prices, R. R.
freight added. Tobacco manufacturers will do
well to give ine a call.
I also keep constantly on hand a good
stock of gcreral merchandise, including Staple,
Drv Goods Groceries, Produce, de.
Salisbury, March 27. 1 i:5t.
Salisocky, April JO, lf7
Mr.S. W. Tkufeli.,
Aft " Wear Soring Machine :
T have nsed your Mnehine a suficient length
of tinie to test its merits. I can cheerfully re
commend it to all iu want of a first class ma
chine. It is simple and durable, run easier
than any other, is easy to operate on, aud can
do all any othrr machine can do.
Mrs. M. A. Brisclk.
One entirely new Lhiggy, late style
Coal Box liody.
One double seat Jersey Wagon, nearly
Cne sett HutrtTV Harness. Low for
cash. S. W. TEUKELL.
Apiil 19, lS"i2.
Salisbury. April :V:tf.
WANT Kll A(iK'TS-lM lo yrt m..B'h r.rry
li-r-. at A VrfA'r, t iMriwIure h -eoulnr
Improved 1VT eY m la. r. 1
S W I k Gr 3VXwolxxa.o
T' i Hiailiuir will .'ll- h l.m. tell, tue. m a. cwrS,
l lli. anl rmhr-.i.l r It. a m4l auprrior a aurr. Tr;cr.
nlr f. I'v d ni l war antel fr fiirefr.
W wi y 1 1 roil (vr any machine. hlh rife ir lo,
(hat alll lr a jtr-.njrr. m rr lUul r - ! e
.am nor., ll n akr. the F.LASTIO LOCK PT1 Tit.
Ker ecoi d io' caa cut, ani .till Ui rh.ih .an not
It ral'eJ la t wltlu.ut l.a lrr It. W pay nli
I- Sin ..r rn-iTK, and clp d., r a e amlaaloa ftm
hich lake thai amount caa mat. rr elrculart aud
tcimf, pp y lu or aIlriai,
. MAR'IltLA Co.
So. lea aa. u l's .
CUTIO. not be 1m. card or" h heT PrtW
Iravelll a ih'o-h the roan'ry palia'e t wathWaa
Iron ma fc net B.Ur Itw .am oam or WrUa. Oar
ia U e oul (nu uk aud rial y ctuap fcacaia
lurtd "
ru s CLTa a or la4rumeiiU. and oiie thai haa al
ready created a revoliitioa in tl public aiiad in
the decided favor of the geiietal ad4kin of Ileed
Orgaaa. botk for aecular and sored ui u .ir , w tiere
an intrutnent ia required eitker to arrouijaii) lL
voict or to prod act orcbcatral rfiti ta.
With the rooltitndinoai and uiprisirg rem) irt
tiooa Ifaat are contained in thia iiiatrunietit. the ruoat
intricate maaie of th jrreat aaaalera." can be rr u
dered a on a grand orysa : or the moat simple tnu
ic lor the naeiodeoa can be plajed by a child.
All the varinat imiirovenieiits on tht I! unlet t Or
gaa are pntecAd by patent, belong exrluairel.r to
tlie Coinjianyand can he itsed a no other orao.
The present "Dnrdett Organ ba rereited tbe iuoi
cordial and hixlicst eneonium from tbe raakinK
among the firnt of innsieiaBa and orgaaisU.
The Xrtc Y'ri ludrpcntlrmt ay tf the 1ir
1ctt Organ : "'It Is by far the mt perfect reed
instrument we have ever seen."
The CltriCan leader iny : '-We had no idea
tbat a reed instrument could be brought to stu b
perfection " !
The Xte )'ork (tlnierrtr sar-.: 'Its purity
of voicing, ru-hne. of tone, ami wmuli-rlul tr
chestral ciniliiiathns. together with a nuniU-r
of new and original atops, render it an intru
mentofsach perfection n to be Uyuud com
petition "
The press and public everywhere who have
had an opportunity of listening t its lantiful
strains, not only give it their nniyialibYd appro
val. but unhe-itatingly concede tha it fUnds
witlaiut a rival.
Tl c Burdctt Organ ranges iu price from
S135 to S1000.
Wr have also New Cabinet Oigans at
S45, $75, 1100, Sec.
O. .tl. Treinainr ro.,
435 Broom 8t.,Z7ew IT Oil IX
Jair n, i- utt ;! :3
1 w hen this ren -dy ct'Diinerces its Wetkef
1 tiurifiea'ioii, and succeed in diminUliBf tka
: loss o w st s. its rr pairs will be rajid. and ev.
cry day tbe atiect will feel himself grwwiaf
j letter si-d i. the food digeatisf keUar,
japptite in proii.g and flesl ttd wriglt ta
' creasii g. Not only does tbr Fanaptrillian Sav
I solvent ex-el all known remedial agents la tbe
t tire r.ft'hroulc, S-n.fu,.cins,Ci'nstituUomaJ i
i SLin di a-cs ; bnt it is tl e nlr poiUv
; t'rii ary and womb rli-ae, eravel, diabt-tea.
dnpsvistoppaeof water.ini-oi.tiitebceofiarUM.
P.right's iliMafe, Albuminuria, ai d in all cants
where there are bik k-dnst dp aits, r ike VI
ter is thick, loudy. lulled with tubartaaetK
I the white of au egg, or threads hkt white aRk
' or there is a i...r! id. dark. bnUmb sppearaaee.
1 and white UiLe-dust depoaite. aid wbea tiawre
is aprit king, bon.n g set atHn wben paa(
water. a.d pain in the ii:all of the bafc Slb4
along tLe lius.
Perfect PursallTc IMII
perfy-tl tatlea r-alrd avk avert faw.
su(e. rrfulmfj. ymiiij. caa a ad atreeajUaeB.
Kuliii t I'i'la. w-r the t ete of all dka-HaVra tat tko
b. In.r. Loarl. kidija. kladr. Bar Ml
a. I eadac Le. rontii at.oa. Utitte. ladi-
felrta. d eA. WilK-Mlavat IrVrt.'WtJi.
uatKn of the boa t la. -iV tad aU dcaaaf-tnwnnrsl
tl.e internal Visert. rkled to rflert nad
tiierure. I'ntriy trrtUble. eaataiauag n Bate
rof v. mirieral. vr Jelrin ioa dtr.
A trar dsr ef I. 4 a V 't 111 Jt IJ fit tat
x.b-ni trr.Di all tht abe aae1 aWatdret. ."IV.
ool.iUl. MH.I H I kK.CIMM.
!rad "1 i r o.Tiil." prad aaa Wtltr ttatw
to KAl'WiV A (O., MMisVt UM.X T. In
luriott on afxtti (UaLit abl It MM
Juar -?r-j
. i i
deiraile P-rlrk lliti- w ith 7 roe mt i
all m- . am oet riise; Mteatfd in tre
p,.-t .i -.rai.u ni .1 TfWv. l"eroiva wiaaiaf
1. join 1 ae. jU j It at I bit effceav. a
I! I-

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