North Carolina Newspapers

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J.j J. BltUNEH,
Editor and Proprietor.
17 1872.
NO. 35. WHOLE NO. 825
A. M. Sullivax.
J. P; Govr an.
x-e kvi.1 in aJvauce $2.50
li MXT!8, i - "
5 ' Cop'm ti one aJJres
aTinasraia Orataized Air
IsySlNLbJS, have )at optned
1 I " B T T I i r
- - MifiinnJtuiij - ,
il mnuno: fA STOCK ofi GOODS,
m i ' i ii ii i rv 'r - i sis
III JV). i ZZl2
entirely , new knd fresh 1 in the
,iry , 1 - formerly occupied as tfie Hardware Store,
HEAD & FOOT STOMAS, ftnd neit doorto BfnRljam & Co., to
the inspection of whicli ithey
dially iuvite the public Their
... ! -.. it. es Jt . ,
I nH tli tubli(f.anl in1Jii! methcwl -wouTd
Liuj, to their attentijn bi extended lncilith
.1.k.irrtii1u in Vita linw of Ill-UK. i
k. .ill...! I I I T" UlTlllttllUn ' ' '
I.. ..,.,' Jirnr?d to' furn'Uh all kiiidn of
I ,,, stonfl. from the ehapetIJcad Stonen,
thfr ctli'-Ht lnouuincntu; Thoe prelenng
rc (1 viry-costly work not on hand, can
nrfoinniodatcd on nhort tiuio, strictly in ac
' ,,i.,rwi with gncducationi, drafts, and the
nrtiH f the cntrrt. SathTsictfon . jrnaran-
ltd. He Will not:) bo undersold, North or
Onirii vo ided. AUurt'HK,
i JOHN Ii; JiUlS. Salwburr
iniisie Ifock
. i - i i
wns carefully selected by fhe senior m;m-
ber the firm in pereou,
rates ti-Iuch will enable
low, (orCASUls
and bought at
hem to sell as
is well supplied with
a large and elegant assortment of
Pictorial or
THE undersigned having associated them
selves ia buiiine&j under the firm nama of
HAVE opened in R. J. Holmes' new build
ing, next door to the Hardware Store,
where they will be pleased to meet old and
new friend. They have a magnificent room
the largest and best in town and
jy, Zjargo s Splendid
C COMPRISING a general assortment. Uird
J ware executed, and will Knarrantne a
ood bargains aa can be old bv anv Uoe in
the Sath. They will deal heavily ift Grqeerie
and countrv Pioduce, buying and sellif g, and
invite all who wish either to bay or el to call
on themr A. II. SULL1 VA5 iso.
,Jau.24th. 1872. lur .
!-1 ii
Studwell1 Brothers
17 5IURRAY Street,
.Manufacturers and Jobbers of
irv nil liiio,includ-
inifhe ity, for 1 Gobd of same qnaMty.
Their Stock Is general, embracing
all the various brunches of
Dry Goods,
Groceries, Crockery Ware, Boots and
Si' ; 3
Shoes, Sole Leather, Calf- and
i fi hiding Skins, Grain and
f - y
Grass, Scythes, Cap, Letter
! y and! Note Plipcr,
and a beautiful assortment of
i . ' I- .
lvea comilte Ftock
ilii-ir tionnliir (irantte Slate Juils.
iWtfct maiket rate"
J.'K. MOOSE, Salesman.
fob 2
T-i ' i ri r I 1 bring ' wilh. ihem
Familv Groceries. :'i,-y ,
, ireputation ot the
: I hcv feel a?surod ofi their ability to
irive entire satisfaction, rtnd eppecially in
Vinl(I friend and customer? to call an'
tlieif acriHamtances.
suitable for all kinds of
m And Commission Merchants,
Salisbury, March 1st, 1872.
Keep constantlv on hand a larrc and choice
stock ot ir: A tun a Li jur.ucn.:i iior.
comprising Dry Goods, Groceries, ares, etc
M which they wouia especially nu-niioa
Sugar and Coffee of all grades.
SOLE and
Finer and more Ornamental Types for ckrel.
The scene when the rtiMilt of the sixth
ballet was announced to Mr. Greeler. is
thus described : 41 At five ruinates of three
o'clock the Hon. llenj. Wood entered the
Tribune counting: room. His fine face
was flashed with excitement. He passvd
behind the counter, and inquired for Dr.
Greeley. In breathless words he an
nounced the nomination to Sain Sinclair.
Before Mr. Wood conld be .nshered into
Dr. Greeley's presence, Tom Me Walters,
one of the Tribune's .ld office bovs, ran
lightly np the stairs into Dr. Grrelry'
office. The "Doctor had begnn a freh
editorial article. I lit gold pen was dan
cing over a broad sheet of foolscap with
lightning rapidity, lorn him a
dispatch. Dr. Greeley took hi pen cro?-
ways between Ins teeth, turned partly
aronnd in his easy chair, bent toward the
light, and read the following through bis
gold-bo wed glasses : ,
Cincinnati, May 3.
Horace Greeley, Tribune, N. Y.
You 7ere nominated on the Rixth ballot.
D. II. Wm. t Assox Stager.
Dr. Greeley threw the dispatch in his
waste basket and drew ff hip glaees.
Theshrewed boy Tom ftVnfd the dispatch
out of the waste basket and shoved it into
his vest pocket as a souvenir. In a se
cond Mr. Sinclair and ihc Hon. Ilmjiniin
Wood were in the room tbaking hands
with the noble vi loran, and warmly con
gratulating him. Dr. (jm-i ley aro?e. Ilia
face was wreathed in eni'lrs. He was
pleased, and honestly expressed his plea
sure, liut when the mail clerka, the re
porter?, the pressmen, ill compositors,
the ofhoe boys, the pterpoty pcrs, and
other employe of the Tribune rushed up
the stairs and over helmid htm with
genuine expressions of pleasure, the heart
of the good philoff pher waj touched with
honest pride. His countenance reminded
one of a summer morn in June. He re
peatedly shook hands, and thanked all
for their kind wi-hes
The Court sustained the conslitituonali
ty of section 31 of the common school
laws of: the State, and held that the or
ganization of separate i schools for the
eolored-childien is not iri conflict with the
provisions of the ; fourteenth amendment
of the Coustitntiou of the Unitnd States.
Business & Professional
LIQUORS, of all
kinds always on hand, of choice quality.
Especial attention given to consign
ments and prompt returns made.
to maintain the
Murphy Hoirse,
i . , 1 -
ii the ' Storc-JInn; of . I. II. Verl.le, on
iiii-tt tnft. if selling a well assorted stock
f Kuiiiih(riccri(.'s, consisting of
. I- i r
"T 1 F y
Coffee, Sugar, Teas, Molasses,
intend j
putation ot the -1)1.1
which h well known thrpiighout Western
North Carolina. All they ask is an ex
amination of thHr stock and the prices.
No trouble to sKbw goo), so come right
along. Their irjolto, j
Small profits, rchdy pay and
Visiting,-Party and Wedding Cards ;
College and School
itii a goodj stocky low prices, tair
deal inland projnpt attention, they will
endeavor to-meril their isharo of the pub
lic natronasre Thev are in the market
ComfectionarieS, Vegetables, Vutfc, for all kinda of produce and solicit calls
r.r .t, - ji tromsDoui eeuersana Buyers.
t0r&rr?iy !r rate far cif and country!; H. &t A. ffiUnrHT.
He mritcs all to call and examvjei
lin tHMuh. which, though not as larsrc in
hmntitii an'maV he found elsewhere, are not,
j;itYyr in ipiaiity, and will he sold low. j
t YiU-W, '72.! , 24::hn
Salisbury, March 23, iS72. 27: ly
'!'! " !
1S72 i
Circulars of all kinds ;
Tobacco Notices and
for all purposes ;
.': i . !
; - 0-
White Goods, Embroidries, &c.
Xolicc-io Shipper and Uie Travelling
For Clerks, Magistrates
and Solicitors ;
MIUMS and Gold and Silver Zledds
were awarded to Chales M. Stieff
for the best Pianos in competition
with all the leading manufactur
ers of the country.
CfSce and TJew Warerooia?,
No. 9 North liberty St., BALTIMORE, MJ.
The StielT Pianos contain all the latest -improvement
to he found in a Tirst-claNS Piano,
with additional improvements of hi wn in
vention, not to be found in other intruiaeiits.
The tone, touch a: d fiiii.-h of their instru
ments cannot he excelled by any manufactured.
A large assortment of secor.d-hantl Tianos
always on band, from ioto 0.
Parlor and Church Organs, some twenty dif
ferent styles on hand from 50 and upwards.
Seud tor Illustrated Catalogue, containing
names of over twelve hundred Sniuherners
(five hundred of which are Virginians, two
hundred North Carolinians, one hundred and
fifty East TeniiBsseans. and others thnmpbout
the South), who have bought the Stitil' Piano
since the close of the war.
J. ALLEN 11UOWN, A?ent,
22:40t Salisbnrv, N- C.
like wild fi:e. T he
i i i n'
rousi'iv aroused
trated to the remotest streets ar d alleys
shouting out llu ir extras with the nonii
nttionof Hor-ice Greeley. Crowds sur
rounded the bulletins, and hearty cheers
rent the air. Men stopped each other on
the streets, and expressed their pleasure
at Dr. Greeley's nomination. Everybody
even Uie bootblacks spoke of him as
Horace," " Good old Horace," " Honest
old Horace." All acted as though their
warmest personal friend lud received the
nomination. In some instances woiking
men through threw their h its in the air on
n-cciving the news, and rolled out lusty
cheers. Irishmen, German, colored men,
Americans, all hailed the nomination with
iovftil eati.-fiction. The feelinff anions
the Democracy was ontspoKen. I ney
faiily gloried in the nomination. Many
well" known ward leadeis expiessed their
intention of sending delegates to the
Democratic State Convention instructed
to vote only for national delegates pledged
to sustainDr. Greeley's nomination. All
referred to Mr Greeley's undoubted hon
esty. " He won't steal, and that is enough
for me," shouted an ex State Senator,
"and he's the only man that has been
nominated for years, by either party, who
can't be induced to steal." This was the
Ben Butler brings in, on the 3d instant
this bill :
That nil legal aud political disabilities
imposed by the third section of the four
teenth article of the Constitution of the
United States are hereby removed from
all persons whomsoever, except Senators
and Representatives of the Thirty-sixth
and Thirty-seventh Cougrcsses, o facers
of the judicial, military, and naval service
of the United States, head of the de
partments, aud foreign minister of the
Uuitcd Sjatta. . ' t
This is, of conrse, election clap-trap,
never meant to be passod, and put forth
onlv to have it appear that Grant, through
one of his chief fuglemen, is, really in fa
vor of !' amnesty so far as it is safe." Ham-
buc as it is, however, it will do for a text
The Supreme Court of the U. States
has oyer and over agtirt of late decided
that all the amnesty proclamations arc
valid and cannot be robbed of their effect.
Thus,: by the Lincoln and Johnson proc
lamations restoration of ajl rights of pro
perty was, among other things, promised
all taking and keeping the oath of alle
giance to the United States Congress,
by the Drake amendment, sought to re
pudiate this pledge by declaring that a
,' t I 1 '! t
nmoh siiounl not be evidence in the
courts any further than to show the party
pleading it was "disloyal," amt the. Su
pi erne Court decided this uncons titctional
and ordered the, property in all such cases
to be 'restored. If a pardon thus restored
riirhta of property it of co:trsu restored all
The news spread the other rights promised at the same time,
and of course made the: person pardoned
as mach of a citizen of the Uui'.cd Slates
as he ever was ; as fully, entitled to vote,
h dd :oflice, and si on, as anybody else.
But whether a constitutional amendment
adopted after the date of the paidon nrglit
not djspardon. him to the extent of taking
right to hold ot;ice was a qu
maintained, and we denoane repudiation la
every form and g.tW.
r.iguin A speedy return to rpecia payments
l demanded alike bv lhhipht cooidralicwa
of commercial morality and honest goTenuDenl.
imn vi mnember with fnuitod th
heroism wd acriua of the soldiers and sailors
of the Republic, and no act of oars nhtll erer
detract froia their jimlr earned f- rue Xoll
reward of their rwtriotinm.
1 en h n e are opposed to all further grants
of land to railroads or other rorr-oratiooA. Thm
public dumain Would be held bmctwA La kn.l
set tier.
MeTenth We hold that It u tie doty of ike
(TOTeraoietit, in its intercourse with fbreien a-
" i ui.itbi i ite inrnuknip 01 peace, VT
treatinz with all on fair and eaual imn
din jr. it aliks dilonorabl either to demajwl
what t not richt nr to submit to what is wrocg.
Twelhh 1'or the promoUoa and nirriM
thee Tiul principle, and the rapport of tha
candidate nominated by this coot en lion, wa In
vite and cordially welcome the co-operation of
H Patriotic cuiaens without regard to prtTiooi
political affiliation.
w hfde city was tho-
The nnweboys pene
jreneral sentiment.
I'll I-WEEKLY LINE Micccn Rich
mftd, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New
. York, and Boston, and all points
1 North and East, Ycst
- rtwd North icest:
j c -
.Leaves U'ulnnOnd on Tuesdays, Thursdays
ml SAturilaya, at ,1 V, M., crunwting with
ti.e tpletidid Steamer
State of Virginia
For Oie
Above-Named Points,
uching at tlite river landinirs, and arrbine
in Ualtiinore h the following morning in
tin... tu connect with trains North and West.
I Jiroiigh tickets and Baggage checked to
n luiuts
Bonnot Silks, Sans, Velvets and Crapes,
Flowrrs, Feathers, Ornaments, Frams, if.
And in connecting Warerooms
white hoods, iimi, nmmmn,
&c., &c. y
Ncs. 237 and ;239 Baltimore street,
(Baltimore, Aid. '
These Gomls are manufactured by us or
bought forCash dlrectl from the. European
and American Manufacturers, embracing all
i the latest novelties, unfcp.ialletV in variety
and cheapness in liny inajket. .
Orders filled with care, promptness and
despatch. ! 23:2m:p
Or anything else required in the J. A. CLODFELTER k CO.
Jiiatiufucturers ami Dcalca in Furniture,
Printing Line.
Carolina iDntch
Invite attention to their
stock of Cottage Beadstcads,
ll Cottage Chamber Suit?,paint
cd Chamber Suits. French
Suits, Walnut and painted Cane St at Chairs
Koekmg -hairs ol all tieserijujons. r..ieniou
Dining Tahlcs taMcsof all kinds Wardrobes.
Rurcaus, Washstaiuls, "What-Nots, ilattrei-ses.
Sofas, Reception Chairs and Parlor Sets. Also,
Knwtin Wimlow Shades, a novelty for complete
ness, hcauty. cheapness and durability. Alo.
many other articles whit h we nre prepared to
sell as cheap or cheaper than any House in the
western part of the State
The Southern oHesayu: All are able
and patriotic m n.andent it Ud to the respect
and confience of the people. Maj Hughes
comes from the extreme east as Judge
Merrimon docs fiom the extreme west.
The Maior lv bis kindness aud efficiency
made hosts of fi lends in the army. A
delegate from Iredell told us that he could
command 300 more totes than any other
man. Judge Sliipp fought lha battle for
us in '70 and has the confidence of all
parlies in ike State. Major Uraham is
well known as a foldicr and statesman
and Is one of the most promising young
men in the State. Mr. Womack is the
most popular man in his influential county
Mini is mist hichly tpoken of by the
u-embers of the last Legislature. Mr.
Meiidcnhall is a man of spotless character,
ot fine culture and great intluence in his
important seciion of the State. Gen.
Levenlhorpe, :h christian soldier and
Cent leman, has ach i:acter too high to
be assailed even by 11 idical indignity.
Mr. Separk is a mccli:iHic of Il.'leigli. a
loble repnsentative of his use and inlln
enlial class. With men of such weight
and character, coming from all parts f
the Slate, we may cnnnueiu.T i i :i .-i
the beastly ignorance
the unparalleled thievery of
corrupt party the world ever
our standard bearer, the Ealeig
a way ; his
tion with some, and now n:i this
also the Supreme CM,:t speaks.
A sold 11 n slave in Arkansas, guaran
teeing thai the negro was sound and a
slave'- fir life. Under; the thirteenth
amendment Cuff was emancipated, and
doubtless went to making laws. A then
sues I for the purchase money, and R j
says he does not owe it as thr warranty
failed by reason of the emancipation of
the black. The cae capie p befnr- the
Supreme Cnrt, and on the 22d ult. it was
decirli d filial H did owe the money and
must p:ry it, the court saying :
Tlie thirteenth amendment of the Con
stitiilioi) does not a fleet the question ; the
conlrnct being valid when made was en
forcible in h 11 the courts, and subsequent
legislation either by statute or constitu
tional provisions could T not render it in
valid. Now, for " contract" let ns have 4 par
don,' and see how it will read. The
pardon being valid when granted wss
enforceable in J1 llie courts, and subst
oucnt lerisl.ition, either bv statute or con
stitutional amendment, could not render
it invalid. Here, ihen, wc reach the
inutility of suing humbly to Congn ss for
a permission to hold office, when any so
called disqualified person has only to go
to tlie courts a remedy if any inttifcrcnce
is attempted w it It him for holJing or cxer-
ci?tug any office to which he may nive
beeit elected, men bcrship of C"iiress, of
course, always excepted. A". 1. vrld.
Krom the Hil'uboro Recorder.
The State ticket prmenled tv the con-emtlro
party sniu tu finj-rale, altltough JuJe Merri
mou was not our first choice. Wf thonjht Ui
nomination for (iorernor due a car-worn aol-
illAS" lhtf tlffllbt t Ii w a
...... -..v.. ...v vin-uaiMincei we yieia oar
preterencc anU Ki.all do all that we can, in an
honorable way, to elect Jude Merrimon, who
oppo-ed eee.ion and war, aud to defeat Toi
1 Caldwell, ho cUrm.rcd for scceion and
when the war came manne.1 to keep hu pre-oos
canu oat of it. We can cxctie the ab!eU-di4
man lio hirkctl the war if be oped inaugu
rating iu but for (Jov. CaHwell, even were he as
raiiijunt and blatant a conservative a he is a
wooUlrcd radical, we could not and would not
go for him. Judpe Merrimon holding ihtofSc
he did during the war, conld not he expected to
pitch into the fil.t, hut where was Tod Ii. Cald
well, vhothreateiM-d to Itave ibe Siat if ah
did not secede?
For Lieutenant Goectnor. Maj. John I Inches,
of Craven, nominated. He was an old line
DoniftTst, made a gooJ soldier, we learn, and
in every way is a wcrlhy and highly estecsied
Maj. John W. Craham, of this town, was
nominated for Trcruurcr. No U-ttcrK.-le.-Uon
could have been made. He fought through the
For Attorney General. Jude Wm. M.Shipp
wa nominated. A good man anJ vtry po; Hilar.
Already the Attorney Gerural.
For Sccret.iry of St'ate, A. Worn .-rk, of Ik;n't know him. Hear b ia all
For Auditor, (icn. John C. Ieventhc rpe, of
Caldwell. He wa-Colonel of tl.o 1 1th N. C.
regiment an elder in the l'rebyterian church,
u :.hiier tbal wa Itelored by every man and of
ficer in his regiment and hi Ixidy a mapof
wound that j-oinU to ibe hii4ory of every en
gnpement he was evr in.
For S:iKrinieni r.t of Publii Instruction,
Nereu Mcndi:iili.i!l,ol Grct-uiorn. The very
1-tJ.l -ileriioii that cordd have made if the
St;Ce had been -craped with a tooth cr.mb.
For SnjH-tin!tnd i:t of Public Works J. II.
v;ar, ot Wake. A worthy wording man and
exi f!!i nl nuehiiiic.
M i n of North Carn'ina, we pre-, nt yon a tick
et wnrtliT of ibe hijrhet almirii'n of all hon-
e-t, a id wc call u,-Kn all the honet men of
the Slate to kuUiii it. IH all the liberal Ite-
p'lbliean in the State iniiic iui u in rescuinr
Nrtli Caroiii.a from the hunt's of men who aetK
oflice k r public plunder.
From the Wilaon Lolfer.
V"e, to d.iy, hrit at our mut head some of
the mt lalentiHl und Ut educated men in the
country, a the I K-niocr.iiic-(Vii)ervatire lead
er in the coming trule. The t reenhoro con
vention did nobly, ai l no one. am find fault of
tlie clcctio:i4 made to Gil the State b&cea.
Jn.lje Merrimon icapal!e of filling the execo
live chair, and will not only fill it impartially
to all, but with honor and ir.tegrity to the r"d
old State. Her fair name will no more be g l
inted by ibe hand of the tyrant, or her pc.ple
taxed snd rohl-d to kit o no a wort blows s t of
plundcrn ad venture r.
Mr. Ilt:"be-s i tojo well known in this section,
to need if.mrpent from cn:r feeble pen.
Mr. inpp i noi lorgoin-n in inia necuen, nor
hi glorious ictory over Phillips for Atloroey
(ieneral two rear ao.
Tlie ret of the State ticket areenaallr well
fj'ialifietl lo fill the ropective ofLce- aacooid ba
found in tlie country. ith sorb an array o
talent. hcr.ety, U rijlitne-, iiiltrrity, nobility
and htshsrcial vcrth. ilh every ji lificatioa
nee-e ary f.r the i f North Carolina and
ber H-oplc, what have we to frar? Nothing caa
prevent the victory from following our color ia
the coming camjoicn if we will do Ot.r duty as
men. Ix-t e-ery lK.mirf-rat in ibe State go t
work now, and work dilijrently until thecleie of
tlie poll on the day of the Anr:t election, and
uch a triumph and victor an ha never beew
cfn in North Carolina will penh upon lh
Merrimon and Hughes
the most
raw. Of
Ii Sentinel
says :
Judcc Merrimon
is about 4C years of
id presence and superior capa-
was a ca
Uaves Ihiltunlore, Pier No. !)0 IVgUt Street.
"i Mondays, Wednesdays, ami Fridays at 4
I'M. arriving in Kichinoudat H o'clock the
"win;: inormuir
of Lading
Points. '
Given to all
f"! Richinotjd to Halt
r Xii liichinoiid to
4 00
7 KJ
HI 50
17 25
37 V. in 23 s
Haiti more.
. Ff.ifli Ilicbmo'ii.t tii VMur 'Vrtrlt.
iroin Uiehinon.l to lloatnn. hII rail.
run llichmoud to lhstou, by Sound 14 75
i WM. N. 11UAGG, Supt.
KE miEN tOSTElt, Gen'l Act.,
A o. IK) Light Street, IiaXtimors.
J- L. TAYLOit, Ticket k Freight AKt.
j I Richmond, Va.
11. IIOTCUKiss, Travelling Agt.
- ' ' ' 1 2G:3m.
ill. W.Price. . T.J.Price.
lave leboved
Where they wilj conlinue to Sell Flour.
Meal, Fresh Meats. Bacon, Lard. Butter,
Eggs, Coffee. Teas- Sugar, Salt. Pickles. Mo
lasses, &c together with a large and varied
stock pf household acl table necessities.
Bring your countrt produce to
1. 1PRICE & BRO.
(17:tQ 1 ; j .
"URATES' BLANKS -at (his ojjice
Is a candidate for public favor. Its
circulation is good, and its standing
and patronage improving. It is one
- ii I l-K i -
of the best ' advertising mediums in
; i - 'iv ;
the State, and oilers its facilities on as
- ' H 111 i
liberal terms as any.
IN the District Court 'of the United States
for the Cape Fear District of North Carolina.
In the matter of John W. Holm, bankrupt.
Upoii the5 application of the Assignee of John
... " . . , ! . J ill.. . 1
A full assortment of Kosewood, 1'efalie
and.WHlitut Ihirial Caes, wiiicu can ie iur
uisbied at A hours notice.
Be sure to call, rieui I v opposite the Manion
ITotel, next door below te Eipiess othce, t
our stock and hear our prices.
Special orders (made- ironi pno:orapn- iu
our ollice) will be supplied.
3S3: O 3M 1 1 e l s i n a
- . 1 I l. .1 . .i! 1 .A
wun on i tic uencii, a:iu ia o
ing of a modern and commodious house, am
ple out buildings, Cood water, a uue targe
Ao .ml from 8 to SS acre of excellent land,
hnrlw of Salisbury ; all in-
.... -j-.-e. --- -- - .. ,
closed, and ellijrtble for D"ai" ;
tide lawyer
.,. of the most consummate
w- . ... ,
canvassers and dehat. rs in .vum v..-...-na.
1I will enter th campaign with
zeal aud confidence, and w lu revtr he
coes will arouse and lire the people. As
great a is our contempt. """7, ' '
we can but pity him if it should fall to
hi Lt to meet judge Menim ni in debate.
He would be literally flayed hi- polu.
cal epidermis would be irritated beyond
measure. We my warn him for hi good
in the words of Thorn is Campbel,, ulreif.
44 slightly" to suit the occason,
Smeifaneus Smelfon-ucs beware of the day
When our leader rhall meet thee m batl.e array.
The following are the reoluiion in full:
Vr, the Liberal 1U publicans of the I nited
Is'-itrij in national convention, assembled at Cin
cinnati, proclaim the following principles a- e-
nnal to a iut "overnmcnt!
w;iVe ree?niio the emnlity of all men
bclore the law, and hold that it U the duty of
this government, in its dealing with the people
to mctc ov.t justio! to al of whatever na:ivi;y,
. r.lor or nertiaion. rtlisioii or iiolilical.
Second We pledge ourtlvc to maintain the
union of thwe States, emancipation anu enirjin-chi-emcnt,
nnd to oppose any re-oH innp of the
question settled by the 13lh 1 111 and loth
amendments to tlie constitution.
Third We demand the immediate and abso
lute removal of all ui-abililie imposed on ac,., rebellion, n hicb wa finally stiWued
..r. ao lielievinz that uni verbal am
nesty wiil resTilt in the complete pacification of
all Motion of the country.
j.'0,jrth Local self-government, with impar
tial sulTcra-e, will guard tlw right, of all alliens
more eetirelv than any centralized jower
The public wllf ire requires the supremary id
the civil over the military authority, and the
freedom of pcrnn under the pr-.tectum 1 of the
h.ib-a4 rorpn. We demand for the individual
the largest librrtv con-iMent with public order,
fir the States el"f-grnment; and for the na
tion .1 return to the metii-nis 01
constitutional limitation of power.
Fifth The civil servu-c of ihe g .vtrnancnt
his become a mere inatrumei t of parli-an ty
r u.rir and personal ara'.ition, and an object of
onwVBfrir.';itution'.,"an.ii.recds a den.or.l- all conspire to th- mTian 'tun
izitwjn dan -trotis to the p-r et'iitv of rej u di- J)rr,, ,j,e U-st cilizenw of ihc Snte. IJ
can povernment. W o, thcreh r.-, rcrd a uior-
I . rnn t f flia
H reform "I i'e C1" , .1
rrCe-iHe ol n'"n
the onlv
Land Deeds, Trustee Deeds
Commissioners Deeds, Sheriff'
Deeds, Chattle Mortgages, &t.
--1 P . 1 i nr -
For Sale at t
lis otJtw
v " l .iww. - - -P" m rc 1 w a T T T
W. Holm, bankrupt, it is ordered that a second above property is one 01 meimwi'""""
meeting of the! creditors of said bankrupt be in this part of the country, and will be increaa-
held in Charlotte, on the 2Uth of May 182, at eel in aixk oy tne compieuo.. r-
10 o'cloct a. mnat the office of B. II. Uroadheld, piatect Kail noao iotui " . - j , 11
one of the Registers in Bankruptcy, in said Dis- j tcrested in such property are invited to call
trict, for the purpose named in the 1 wenty-se- I or address tne suDscnoer.!
Tenth Section of the Act of Congress. I Jw. A- v 'r.
,' W. II. SIMPSON, Assignee. I iaiisour7, .
May 1st, 1872. 1234. I April 18, lS72.-31:tf. ! ,
Mixed Schoo's Important Decision.
C01.uiir.ts, ()., May 8.
The Supreme Court to dy, refused to
issue a mandamus against the directors
of the' -sub-school district, in Norwich
Franklin county, lor tne u-
eohred children into tne
Comhto.v of South Carcuxa.
A gentlennn from this unfortuna'e State,
who has j'tftcome from the upper coan
ties, gives us a most deplorable account
i f the slate of things there. Ill New
bciry, I.aurt ns and Union counties, tha
difln ss is ihc greatest. Ir one of them,
there arc five hundred plows i He. In
the first two counties, the prse-utio ia
. i i .1 i : , r t.
eniin ly ejiie in imc iiisiioiit ui " ,
- ww .
ignorant rt.flian, Joe Lrcws. lie aa
publicly ddared that he w ould havt every
white man arreted or nin out of Lau
rens enntv. Throtich his influence, tha
ne gro legislature took away ihe charter
of Laurens C. II., a town of 2000 inhabi
tants. Lrge plantations are entirely
deserted by the whi'es and Iff", at lb
uiTcy of the negroes. Kvery man known
to be a Conservative is marked out for
arrest, lie i lhu kept from voting,
and the ditty marshal gr 8'0frtb
arres. Thus zeal f- r the party, greed ej
, r . .ii.. KUt.
Ui'nev and naireei 01 resp yvyim
dr this ii.frmouii hu klux I?ill, moru
ctimes have been committed than tbu
world has head for bui.dredsof years.
We must co back to the era of the tja'h
and Vandals t find a parallel. Southern
Wastuxoton, May C.
The treasury Dcpattmat has decidei
that after the first of July nett, tea and
c .flee shall be snbj-ct to t o tat whatever,
1 iinrtortcd uirccllv from tne eoon-
tiv of production or whether grown
mission of
there are
. . aw
Ut wh te children, as
va - m 0 .
..roritf. schools m said
for Ihe colored youth.
... I lilelitv cntitute
vaiid claim to public employment, lhat the
oUce of the go.-rnmcrit ceaM, to I a mailer of
artiitnrv favoriii-m and patronage, and that
outdic tatiet tc?me a-ain iu of honor,
lo thi end it i iminratixely recited that no
lreid nt .all eandidate ,r rrX'-
Jsll,We demand a system of rederal tax
ation which shall not nnnernly inuifere
wii'.i the inl.Ktrv of the ionle, and which hi 1
rrotide the means necevsary to pay the expenses
of the general (lovernioent,: ecr.nomu-aliy ad-
!.. i ..,n. the interest on the pahlie
' T.'redailin. annually of lie
principal thvreof, and onj lhat erea.
. nn r m idt honet out
of opinion with reirard
cresiiontl di-tricf, and to the lenin of con- roS(ie in tipw r x provision m th bill
erOT . t.. n r.rcrrujiTe inter fer- I i dntiea
preM l hereon, w bout recently passeti n t
moxntzinzihal 'rce . 0f Cv d Hope, and itn-
ported into the Utiited Su.r. Unt pUcc.
totbepeoedeit.thnre.rf- this side the Cape; lh: being
ence or dictation. j, tu I slU he collected mi the
STenth The pabUc credit must be sacredly J

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